Although I live in the city, there's a kind of a wooded underdeveloped area a block from my house. It's also a turn-around area for those lost or who missed their exit and need to turnaround from the nearby radial highway. There are some nights when I have a tough time falling asleep because of the stress in my job and I will sometimes go out in my backyard and walk down to this area to check up on my dog and get some fresh air. Friday evening was such a opportunity.

As I was walking along the top of the incline on a path littered with trees, weeds and sometimes old furniture and household appliances people have dumped to save paying the city fee of $50, two motorcycles drove up. Each was driven by a guy in his late teens or early 20s and each had his wife/girlfriend on the back. They stopped by what looked like a bathtub, a couple of sinks and at least one toilet that had been recently dumped on the side of the road. Both girls got off the bikes while the drivers stayed on. Together they struggled to right the toilet which was on its side and it looked like they may be were going to take it home, then I remembered that would be impossible considering they were on bikes.

Luckily it was a clear night and the moon offered some illumination. And because the guys shut their bike motors off, it was interesting to hear the conversation.

Girl A: "I don't want to fall off this M***** F*****!
B: "That would be funny--but just don't pee on the seat
because I've got to use it next and I had twice as much
to drink as you."
A: "I haven't shit since our softball game five days ago so this
should be good."
B: "You'll probably fill the ******* bowl"

While she was sitting down Girl A had her shorts and underwear all the way down to the ground. The fact that she was moving her legs a lot to push it out was evident when her boyfriend quickly moved the front wheel of the bike and threw the headlight onto her, just like the cops do when trying to find a house in the middle of the night. She flipped him off and he almost fell onto the bike laughing. There was some groaning and she delared, "F***, I finally got it out!"

The other three clapped for her and her boyfriend walked over to her and handed her what looked like a couple of receipts he pulled out of his billfold and she hesitated for a moment, then wiped herself.

I'll finish the story about what I saw with my next post.

I saw an interesting thing last week. I went to an art car parade downtown. I had a great seat on the curb and the cars were driving by putting on a great show. A woman next to me was with her daughter and granddaughter. She was sitting next to me and the rest of her family was standing behind her. Suddenly, she got up and left. When she stood, there was a small but distinct wet spot where a woman would pee. Her light green shorts had a three inch spot. There was a drip down the curb and a small spot on the road. In about five minutes, the entire thing evaporated.

I have another story after soo long
for new people im Lissa- 38 years old, mother of 3 (for a living)

This is really embarressing.

Two days ago I went to the superstore, and my list was long.
As I walked around the store looking for items, my stomach was acting up very bad. I knew a rather large poop was coming on, but I didn't want to goto the bathroom there because the line is always so long and I almost end up losing it in my pants everytime.

Not to mention im starting yoga.. that day and was dressed and ready for it.

I collected almost everything when the monster came about. I thought I could casually walk to the washroom. but every step.. I felt like I was going to poop my pants. I walked three isles and took around two brakes, both when I thought alrite im going to lose it now. 10 feet from the bathroom I decided to run (as obvious as it is why im running toward the bathroom) I could sware every person around could tell I needed to poop badly by the way I was running.

When I got to the washroom luck went against me and I ran right into an opening door. My lip got cut open very badly and there was a group of people around me increasing in size. Now I was really despreat. The god damn superstore calls the paramedics and since I could walk I moved into the back. When the paramedics came the first thing I said was CAN I PLEASE USE THE WASHROOM I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER. They allowed me to goto the single "staff" toilet and I finally got my buissnes done

nks to jry for his story, if anyone else OH and the survay answers

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?
Not usually
2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?
As long as I clean well
3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?
Not usually an option for me, im an on the go type person. I seem to poop a lot in public
5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?
1- Probably a bucket
2- Park (more recent on a run)

Uncle Harry
Fraternity House 2

To follow up on my last post, after I finished my bath, I went to bed. I had been having some problem with constipation that day, and during the night, I felt that maybe I could take a dump. So I went into the bathroom, dropped my PJ bottoms, sat down on the toilet, and gave it the old college try. With some effort, I thought I might be getting somewhere. Then, in walks one of the two girls who came in earlier when I was taking a bath, the one with the skirt, who was now wearing a shorty PJ outfit. She said her friend had gone home, but as it was getting late, she decided to stay overnight, as sometimes happened. I don't know if she carried that outfit in her purse whenever she came over or kept one stashed in the house somewhere. My college had no rules about girls visiting in the dorms or frat houses. She said she had to pee desperately and if I didn't get off the toilet in the next 60 seconds, she would have to pee in the bathtub. Well, I was still trying to shit and told her I couldn't get off the toilet just then. "Ok", she said. She turned backside to the rim of the tub, facing me, pulled down her panties again, spread her legs very wide to get some good support on the tub edge, and braced herself with both hands on the tub. Once again, she let go quickly, forcing her labia apart as her pee hissed out and made splattering noises in the tub. She didn't seem to be showing off this time, just taking a routine piss, like this was old stuff. Obviously, though, she had a very full bladder and really couldn't wait. While she was pissing, I finally got a turd moving, followed by a second, both making loud plunks into the water. Whew! Finally, relief. Now I could enjoy my golf game that morning. She smiled knowingly at my obvious relief. I started to wipe my butt with TP, when she began to slow down, stop and start a few times, and then finished with a dripping muff. She asked me to please hand her some toilet paper, so I handed her a large wad. Then she wiped her pussy a few times, rolled up the wad, tossed it several feet toward the waste basket, and made a perfect shot. Michael Jordan couldn't have done better. She stood up and, using the hand-held shower, she washed down the tub. We both washed our hands, left the bathroom together, said good-night, and went to our rooms.

Gillygwentgirl- I really appreciate your comments dear. I really loved your story with Isha. You're a lucky woman to be asked by another girl to share the stall with. I can imagine how erotic it would've been. I hope there will be more situations like that with isha, and please please do tell me more. Hopefully I'll be able to experience sharing a stall with someone else as well.

Thanks for the tip, hon. I really appreciate your concern. But one thing is that I work at a corporate office and the stalls are always well stocked with toilet paper by custodial staff. So it might sound a bit contrived to ask for paper. Thanks for the inspiration, though. I'll think about it.

Your survey

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose? Not always, but sometimes after a really violent and loose poop there's a stinging sensation at the tip of the anus. Occasionally, it could be a bit painful.

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop? As I've said above, if it's really violent it could give that stinging/itchy sensation in my anus. That's not comfortable.

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible? Mostly, my bm s happen when I go to work. Unless it's a weekend, No.

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place? I don't think I'm that brave !. I hadn't run into any situation like that so far

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop? Once I've pooped outdoor while camping, that's about it. (Unless restrooms with varying degrees of cleanliness count :-) )


Yes, I've had a WHOLE ROW of women using the toilet at one time, with at least two or three of them taking shits-during busy seasons like Christmas or during some big sale at the mall, the ladies would just keep coming into the restroom with me in there-at least one time, I've had them refer to me as "The host" of the restroom-they'd be in the stalls tending to their needs, and it would almost be like a pajama party with the ladies giggling back and forth from their seats with me as the main topic of conversation and the center of their attention. They'd ask me stuff like if I'd been cleaned in a restroom full of women in the past. I told them yes I had, it was a regular part of my job, it had almost become routine for me. I remember that after telling one lady that, she said "Then THIS shouldn't bother you", and she let loose with a LOUD diarrhea explosion, followed by two or three lesser farts, and a couple of "plop-plops" of falling turds. Another lady asked her what she had eaten to get like that, and she said that it was not so much what she had eaten as what she had drank-a couple of Margaritas with here lunch about an hour before. I've had ladies just shyly walk in and ask if they could please use the toilet with a quiet "Thank you" when I told them to go ahead. One time, there was a mother with two pre-teen daughters who knocked on the door and asked if she could PLEASE get in-she wasn't "feeling well"-she had to shit terribly, her hand was on her stomach. I waited outside the restroom due to the presence of the two minor girls-I didn't want to get into any "gray areas", but while I was waiting, another woman went in, and I could see the two girls standing right outside mom's stall door while she emptied her digestive system. When she came out, she couldn't stop thanking me enough, said it had been an ABSOLUTE emergency. She was wearing a little outfit with short legs and suspenders, had she had an accident, I imagine that the shit would have just oozed out of the bottom of the outfit and down her legs. Her stall sure stunk enough when I went back in. The only thing I've never had is a woman having an accident with me right there. I suppose if I would have worked there long enough....anything's possible.

Uncle Harry
Upstate Dave: To answer your question, sure, I've been caught peeing many times and have posted many stories about it. Too many to give specific references. Good question, though. I wonder how many others have been caught. Let's do a survey.

1. What is your sex?

2. Have you ever been caught peeing or pooping? Which or both?

3. By your sex? By the opposite sex? Both?

4. What were the circumstances?

5. How did you feel about it?

Here are my answers:

1. What is your sex? Male.

2. Have you ever been caught peeing or pooping? Which or both? Mostly peeing, occasionally pooping.

3. By your sex? By the opposite sex? Both? Both.

4. What were the circumstances? Usually outdoors or in a public bathroom. Usually a single-use bathroom that wasn't locked or a men's room when women came in to use it because of impossibly l-o-o-o-o-n-g lines for the women's.

5. How did you feel about it? Didn't bother me.

TO passing gas in public:

Take a look at my post on pg 596. The incident was years and years ago... it shouldn't matter to me after all that time... but I *still* feel like hiding under a rock whenever the memory comes back.

Take care!

John Philip
Hey again..

???? I forgot to put my name beside my previous post, but what the hell, it doesn't matter.

chris: Got any stories, dude?

Some Kid: Personally, I'll admit I have enjoyed reading the past stories of women going to the bathroom. Not just as a mindless sexual turn on, but in pleasant surprise as well. It is quite excellent to know that some people are fine with relating stories about this subject. I won't bother to preach to the choir about the fact that we are all human beings and quite obviously have digestive systems. Not to overgeneralize but our society does not seem embrace it in the least (not yet anyways.) That is simply the way I feel about it.

Todays dump;

Anyway this morning was nothing unusual. I felt the urge after getting dressed and showering. I pulled my jeans to below my jeans, sat on the shitter and began pushing. I emitted a long squeaky fart and felt the tip of the first log poke out. Relieved that it was a solid dump as opposed to diarrhea, I grunted and pushed again. The tip began moving with a soft crackling sound and slowly escaped my ass. After four inches I pinched it off and it splashed into the bowl. I relaxed for a few seconds and then resumed, having to push harder this time because the shit had gone slightly back up my hole. I eventually brought the tip of the second log to the surface and pressed it out in the same manner as the first. It slowly moved out and eventually splashed into the water after five or so inches. Pushing once more, I farted silently and allowed another two inch turd to ooze out, this one happening to come out quicker than the previous two. Being through, I saw that I done two large medium brown turds with a few boluses in them, and a smaller, smooth looking one incher. The duration of this dump was about fifteen minutes, from 6:45 to 7 AM.

This afternoon's dump;

This was similar to this morning's experience except slightly easier. I felt the urge around 3 in the afternoon. I went in, removed my belt, took jeans to knees and had a seat on the pot. I began to push almost immediately, resulting in a loud resonating fart. I kept a constant pressure on my hole, and felt a turd poke its head out and continue moving on through. It broke off at about two inches, followed closely by another two incher of the same type. I pushed rather vigorously because I wanted to get done quickly. Two more turds came out fairly easily but didn't decrease the pain in my lower abdomen. I pushed harder, passing another solid three inch turd that burned on the way out. I continued pushing and released three more small turds that practically shot into the bowl. Finally feeling emptied, I washed up and left.

This week I'm making my annual trek to this part of the state that is very dry. Unfortunately, it means I also get somewhat constipated. I've got to make sure I bring along my chewable fiber pills as well as fiber cereal. Lots of water, too. Several times I've had to strain and pop out little hard turdlets. Not comfortable at all.

At this place, I've got to use public restroom. This is for toilet activities as well as showering. A few times, there has been a particular toilet where the stall can be seen from the outside when the door is open. A few years, the stall latch is broken and the door would swing open. I've taken many a crap in that stall with the door swinging open and anyone walking by the restroom at that time would easily see me on the crapper. I'll see what the stall is like this year.

I also stayed at a friend's house one of the times I was up there and the restroom had these strange saloon-type swinging doors with louvers. We only stayed the night, but I did get to see a few buds on the can. The toilet was next to the swinging doors and the louvers were aimed down, so the guy on the can could be seen clear as day. The sink was right outside the door, so we all got to see each other crapping while we were at the sink.


I'm Randi. I've been on here a few times but I read alot of the stores. I like the women's the best. I'm a male-to-female pre-op
transsexual so I've been in both the men's and women's restrooms.
Here's the answer's to Gillygwentgirl's survey:

1. Does your anus hurt after a loose poop?
Yes it's very painful and sometimes I can
hardly stand it
2. Can you walk after a loose poop?
It's very hard to since it's so painful.
3. Do you hold your poop to poop at home?
No, I go in almost any restoom that I can
get to.
4. If not, do you just take your panties down
in a private place?
I'll do it anywhere if I can.
5. Five oddest places that you've pooped?
1. On top of monkey bars.
2. Under a underpass.
3.Pulling my tank swimsuit down to do it in
a lake.
4. By a walking trail.
5. In a parking garage.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I feel really dumb... I woke up this morning having to poop REALLY bad because I hadn't gone in a few days, but my mom was in the shower with the door locked. I thought I could hold it long enough, but after a few minutes it started poking out so I told my mom to hurry. She got out and I ran into the bathroom, but as soon as I shut the door I lost control and filled my boxers with probably the biggest, smelliest poo I've ever done. My mom didn't find out, but i still felt really embarrassed that I crapped myself so close to the toilet...

Upstate Dave
I have a question to ask for everyone here. Have you ever been cuaght by accident either peeing, pooping, or both? I have many times over my life time. Either peeing or pooping or both.First time I was in my own house in the bathroom and I was peeing and pooping. The two girls next door who were sistors and my oldest sistor watched me through the window watched me pee and poop. I was six years old at that time.

The next time I was older about 11 I again got cuaght by two sistors Brenda and Susan while I was working cleaning up the back yard. This time I was only peeing which I was standing in some bushes peeing. Both of them had snuck up behind me and saw me peeing. Then when I was 13 I was seen by two other sistors when I had stopped with a friend on a bike hike. Both me and my friend were seen by Debbie and her sistor Janice as we stood peeing stadning sending our streams over the handlebars of our bikes into the bushes in front of us!

As it turned out the last two sistors were the duaghters of a teacher I would have in the next school year. Plus Debbie and Janice became good friends and they would always kid me about it later all the time when they would see me in school or I would be at thier house. I would also later take out Janice and another friend of mine took out Debbie. Janice would return the favor and let me watch her pee! Especialy at many of the outdoor drinking parties we went to.

There were many other times that I was seen by others but I leave them fr other posts. I myself have accidently seen friends or even strangers either peeing or pooping by accident myself. These two I'll post about in other posts too. Upstate Dave

Nobody: Oh how I love your stories honey. I can almost feel the emotion between you and Clair. I love the way yu chat on the way to the toilet and also after you have both been. I know this my sound banal and possibly trite, but one way that often leads to deeper contact is simply to ask for toilet tissue. Every girl that has been on the toilet withut any tissue will know what a terrible feeling that brings. I have never found anybody that has refused to come to my help when it has happened to me (sometimes when I just want to see or improve a relationship I will ask for tissue even though I don't need it. I suggest you try that honey and please, please, tell how you get on. I long to hear more of you and Clair and I am sure there are other ladies where you work that, at times, you have listened to and wanted to meet.

There have been quite a few ladies that I have listened to at work, listened to and on occasions actually seen on the toilet. Mostly that happens when they need toilet tissue. Yes I do and have wanted to share a cubicle with another. I have an Indian friend, Isha, that I have worked with for more than a year and recently, after tea break, we went to the ladies together, chatting just as yu and Clair had done. This time Isha needed to poop and she asked me if I had finished on the toilet, when I said yes she asked me to come in with her whilst she continued to poop. It was so sensual for me, Isha is dark haired, a lovely girl and it was lovely to be chatting quite naturally to her, it was so erotic to lokok at her as she wiped her bum after. Quite frankly I hope we can always go together in future, taking turns at sitting unless we are both wanting to go so badly we cannot wait for each other.

Pat: Your lovely story of the two ladies was so sensual and erotic, but more than that I can assure you that they will be forever grateful. Cleaning the rest room may seem menial but it is something all women are so grateful for, that caring and consientious men are prepared to do that work with manners and kindness. Please, please, lets have more of your experiences. Have yu had more than one woman at a time having a poop whilst you cleaned the toilet area. Did any have to ask for toilet tissue? Please just keep yur experiences coming.

Upstate Dave
Uncle Harry thank you for your compliments on my posts. Rebecca I enjoyed your post about the mother duaghter peeing in the cup at the theatre! I had something vert similair happen but not with both the mother and duaghter but a younger sistor who was at the movies with her older brother.

Remember The Night Ofd The Living Dead? The orginal black and white version? A great now classic horror film. Well when it came out a group of us went and saw it in the Proctors Theatre here in downtown Troy NY. The Proctors Theatre would be soon closing after this movie. This theatre is a very old ornate theatre as far as the inside of it.

How bout a tripple decker balcony section,double private box seating down the sides,very comfortible overstuffed seats that did semi recline! Plus the stage was more then wide enough and high enough so that wide sreen movies were shown. Well the group of us went to the mid afternoon show. We got there early and it was a good thing too for after we got our seats on the middle main floor the balconies were already filled and the center section was rapidly filling up.

Now in the row right in front of us was another group of kids that had come to see the movie also. Right in frot of me was a girl that I would find out was 10 years old and I was 12 at this time. Her older brother was sitting to the left of her. My friend Tony knew the brother but not his sistor. Tony did introduce me to the brother.

Feeling left out the sistor turned right around in her seat and introduced herself to me! Her name was Mary. She was on the cute side with very long brown hair. She was slim and she was about a good six inches shorter then I was. She had the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen. We talked back and forth while we waited for the movie to start.

Well I and Mary got teased by her brother and some of the others that were in the group of friends that came with me. They were teasing Mary and I about now being boyfriend girlfriend. I didn't mnd it at all and Mary seemed not to mind it also. She giggled a lot when she was being teased about it.

Now as we all waited some of the talk between some of the others was about sex and Marty and Jackie were talking loud enough so that they were heard by all of us includeing Mary. Hearing the sex talk which includeded a girl stripping Mary giggled real loud. That made one of the other guys make a teasing comment to Mary about since she and I were boyfriend girlfriend now would she strip for me.

Mary came right back and told she would not! The only one I have stripped for was my brother! Tha made eveyone look at her brother not her. Her brother told Mary she should shutup! Well the conversation changed and the talk became something else. There was still time before the movie started and I got up to go out to the lobbhy to get a snack and soda before the movie did start.

Mary quickly asked her brother if she could go out also. He told her yes but get back here quick. So Mary and I headed out to the lobby which I got a large soda,popcorn,while Mary got herself a big box of candy. As we walked away from the snackbar counter Marey told me she had to pee. She told me she didn't know where the bathrooms were here for she didn't come to this theatre.

I told her follow me. The bathroom were down a very narrow hallway which sloped down to where they were located in the basement. We came around the corner and there was long lines for both the mens and womens bathrooms. Look like everone else had the same thing in mind. Take a pee before the movie did start. Mary let out a little groan seeing the long line. Come on lets go back she said to me. I'll have to hold it she said to me.

We walkled back up to the lobby and then back to our seats. With in five minutes the ligts dimmed down and the movie started to loud whistes,clapping and general fooling around. I settled into my seat and got ready to watch the movie. After twenty minutes into the movie I noticed that Mary couldn't sit still. She was really fidgeting around in her seat. I could see her moving back and forth along with rocking back and forth while she sat there.

I leaned forward in my seat and in a whisper asked Mary if she was alright. She told me no she wasn't. I really have to go bad. I mean bad! I told her just get up and go to the bathrooms Mary you know where it is now. Mary then told me she didn't want to go alone. My brother won't take me. I laready asked him a couple of times already. Look I'll go with you I said to her. Mary gave me a quick smile and she got up and started going quickly down through the row of seats out to the aisle.

Once she was out to the aisle I got up and went out to the aisle and I met Mary out in the hallway that went to the lobby. She was standing there slightly bent over with one of her hands jammed into her dress right at her crotch. Seeing me comming towards her she turned and kind of did a quick shuffling steps as we headed to the lobby. Once we were out in the lobby Mary had taken her hand away and almost ran across the lobby to the hallway that went down to the bathrooms.

Once in the narrow hallway Mary shoved hr hand back into her crotch crumpling up her dress tightly between her clenched thighs. She stood there stiffly for several seconds. Then she must have had the urge to pee lessen for she started walking taking very short steps and not holding her hand with her dress into her crotch as hard as she had been.

WE made the last turn and there was a line at the womens bathroom with about a dozen girls in line. This was almost to much for Mary. She let out a loud groan which made a few of the gilrs turn and look at her. One of them told Mary that she would have to wait and suffer lkike the rest of them were. Mary now in the brighter lights here I saw was having a litle sweat form on the brow of her forehead. She turned around so that she was no longer facing te line of girls and she shoved both of her hands tightly into her crotch!

She let out a soft groan and she bent over at her waist. Her face turned a little red for several seconds as she was fighting for control to keep from peeing herself. She fought for I would have guessed a good half minute. She didn't pee herself there in front of the line of girls. She had managed to fight the urge to go again.

Looking now at me desperatly Mary asked me what was she going to do. I pointed to the mens room door. She told me no way! A guy could be in there! Well I took a sip from my big cup of soda. It was almost empty for I made a loud slurping sound as the last of the soda came up the straw. Mary looked at me. Dave let me use your cup! Mary said to me in a loud whisper hoping that the girls over in the waiting line would not hear her.

They hadn't for they were all either talking or waiting silently to use the bathroom. This time since Mary had fought the urge down to pee she almsot ran all the way up the narrow hallway to the lobby. She did make one stop before we went through the lobby. She only stood stiffly for a few seconds and then she quickly walked across the lobby and back into the other hallway that was in the theatre.

Once in the hallway I pointed to Mary to where there were pleny of empty seats on the rightside so we turned and went down the first aisle and went down and went into the empty seats several rows back from the overhanging balcony. There was no one close by at all and we were far enough down where it would be hard to see at least Mary from the main hallway.

Now Mary had on a dress like I said. She also had on a pair of white tights too. I was sure those tights were not helping Mary for they must have been putting extra preasure on her bladder. We skirted in between the seats and Mary quickly sat down for only a moment. She shoved her hands back into her crotch real tight again and she leand forward in the seat. She again let out a moan.

Then she sat upright after several seconds and rocked some for several seconds. Then she stood up and reached with her two hands under her dress and yanked down the pair of white tights down to her knees. Then she sat back down on the edge of the seat. She pulled the back of her dress out from under her rear end first. I saw then she had on a pir of white panties which she would need to pull them down next if she was going to pee.

Mary lifted her rear end up slightly off from the seat. At the same time she pushed the front of her dress back as she slipped her hands under it as she went to pull her panties down. All of a sudden Mary said shit under her breath! I couldn't tell why she had said it. But in a couple of real short seconds I knew why.

The reason Mary had said shit for she had started to pee as she went to pull her panties down. She did pull them down and told me to put the cup under her! Even though it only took me to move the cup to get it under her I heard the sound of her pee hitting the floor! Once the cup was under hert her pee sure did splash loud in the cup!

I had to look over and down at the same time. I saw her pee stream going into the cup. It was really gushing into it. I also saw on the floor when she had started to pee it was wet and shinny and some of her pee had ran under the seat in front of her. I asked Mary how bad did she wet her panties. She told me as she looked at them. I got them pretty good.

Even with ice in the cup her warm pee melted it quickly. The cup was filling up and I could fee it getting heavier. I told Mary that she must have felt better even though you did have a slight accident. She nodded her head as she did say yes back to me at the same time. She told me that she wouldn't be able to put her panties back on. They were to wet.

Mary kept on peeing hard into the cup. A large cup then was a 20 ounce one. Mary managed to fill it 3/4 of the way up by the time she did sop peeing. I thought she was done when I saw her stop so I pulled the cup away from her. I was wrong for she had only paused and she let out a short hard spurt of pee that splashed on the floor wetting it more. Seeing that I had pulled the cup away and hearing the splash on the floor Mary looked at me and she told me she wasn't done.

Then Mary looked back at the floor and she giggled a little. Oh it won't hurt if I pee on the floor she whispered to me as she giggled. So Mary sent several short spurts of pee out and then she was done. She slid back on the seat which the soft material on the cushion wiped herself off. She turned to me and told me to slide over one seat. So I did.

In the new seat Mary bent over and slipped off her shoes. Then she pulled her tights own and off so she could take her wet panties off. She did this quickly for she didn't want to be seen by anyone whilke she did this. She wasn't being paid any attention to at all. All the attention was to the movie for the dead were just comming alive at this point. Mary got her wet panties off and she left them right on the seat that she had first sat in when she peed.

Now Mary slipped her tights back on and pulled them right up. Then she slipped her shoes back on. She giggled as we got up for she left her wet panties on the seat. I even smiled. For I thought about what the face of one of the ushers would be like if the panties were found by one of them. We went back over to our regular seats. No one questioned us why we had ben gone for so long. The interest in the movie took care of that. The movie was great for it was the only horror picture that I had ever seen with the audience was shocked into silence at the end of it. But also I having Mary peeing durring it too.

Some Kid
I've seen a lot of people on here talking about getting excited/interested when the opposite sex takes a dump? Why do you think this is?? And about guys being so surprised that girls poop... any thoughts?

hi me again. i just wanna say thanks to jry for his story, if anyone else has any then please post them. ty see you

Claire N
A thanks to everyone who responded to my survey. It was interesting reading the comments about using public facilities and going to the toilet in front of a partner and out doors. I do not seem to be out of the ordinary in any way. I do get a bit of a thrill about relieving myself outdoors and am glad I'm far from alone. I like pooping in toilets other than at home, but there are no door less public toilets in the UK. If there were I would poo before leaving home and would feel uncomfortable about having a wee in one.
In response to Gillygwentgirl survey:-

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place?

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?
1- In the woods whilst wild camping (twice). As I had never had a poo outdoors before I had great trepidation, but there was no alternative as I could not hold it for days. It broke the ice and, to my surprise, I enjoyed the experience.
2- In the back garden last year when the water was cut off. It was dark and there was complete privacy behind trees. It seemed the logical thing to do and I enjoyed it.
3- In the woods whilst on a day out last autumn, when I had a bad stomach and there were no toilets for miles . I knew It was likely that I would have to go, but rather than putting me off I actually wanted to go somewhere where there were no toilets. I was well prepared, taking a roll of TP and hand soap with me.
4- Numerous squat toilets when abroad. I have used them out of choice, even on a train, and regard them as a welcome change to the sit down toilets we are so accustomed to. I will use the squat public facilities in preference to the sit down toilet where I am staying.
5- Similar to 4, but the squat long drop kind. I prefer them to the flush squat ones.

Rebecca G
To Maddy: I have a similar story to tell to yours, one which is equally embarrassing and demonstrates that kids in scotland are just as troublesome as those in america. I'm a 19 yr old girl who works in an office in my local town, i'm 5'7 and reasonably attractive. I was looking after my mum's best friend's son who is 8 years old. His mum and dad regularly get me to look after him while they go out. I'd got him to go to bed at the correct time, 9.15, and was sat downstairs watching tv when I felt a strong urge to use the toilet, so I headed upstairs to use the only bathroom in the small apartment they lived in. Just as i was walking along the hallway their son ran past me and into the bathroom and locked the door! It seemed like he'd been waiting for me! I often used the bathroom about an hour after he'd gone to bed. I figured he just needed the toilet so would wait, after 5 mins i called to him and he told me to wait my turn. After 20 mins i was getting desperate, and demanded he unlocked the door - but he didnt much to my dismay. Another 5 mins passed and i couldn't hold it any longer and i started to wet myself, i was wearing grey trousers so it showed up really bad. Before i could regain control I began to poo myself as well, i completely filled my knickers with hot sticky poo and then started to cry. I continued to bang on the door to get him to come out but he wouldn't. Eventually his parents got back and i ran past them saying i was going home. When i got home my Mum had just finished speaking to the boy's parents who said i didn't wait to be paid and that i seemed upset. I explained what had happened to my Mum and she took me upstairs to get out of my soiled clothes. I pulled my trousers down and the smell hit me- it stunk bad!! My mum came in just as i was emptying my load into the toilet, when she saw it she said I was a fool for being outsmarted by an 8 yr old and that i should be ashamed of myself. I got cleaned up and went to bed. The next day the boy's mum came round to pay me but i hid upstairs and listened to my mum explaining the whole story to her about how i had pooed my knickers - they were both laughing about it - i was so embarrassed. Has anyone else got any stories similar to this? Maddy - i hope knowing that other people have been as unfortunate makes you less embarrassed. Rebecca G

Uncle Harry
Upstate Dave: I've been really enjoying your stories recently. All that detail makes them really interesting. Keep them coming.

Fraternity House

My college fraternity was not very large, just about 45 members, and our frat house was not large either. Eight of us lived there, including me. We had two bathrooms. The doors had no workable locks, just old-time key holes to which we had no keys, and were old and warped and always stuck ajar about an inch. One Friday evening, several girls were visiting, as was usual. One of the bathrooms was out of commission and we couldn't get a plumber until Monday. I had no girl visiting that night, and an early tee time on the golf course the next morning, so around 10:30 I decided to take a bath and go to bed. I got undressed and walked naked to the bathroom, forgetting there were girls in the house, ran the water, took a piss while the tub was filling, and finally climbed in. Within a minute, the door swung open and two girls walked in. They seemed a bit startled, not expecting anyone was in there, but didn't leave. "We have to pee", one said. "Do you mind?". "Not as long as you don't pee in the tub", I replied. They both laughed.

One girl, wearing slacks, said she had to go first before she wet her pants. The toilet was located to the side of the tub and facing it. "Now don't watch", she said with a smile and giggle, knowing very well that I was watching, then quickly pulled her slacks and panties down to her ankles, sat down, and spread her legs about half-way apart. "Don't look", she reminded me, and then quickly let go a heavy, spraying, hissing gusher, still smiling at me. "Boys aren't supposed to watch girls make ciss", she said calmly. "Oh, gee! I didn't know that", I said jokingly, as she continued to piss heavily. After about a minute, she started to slow down, stopped and started a few times, then finished, although pee drops continued to drip from her furry muff. Finally, she took some TP off the roller, wiped her pussy, and pulled up her pants.

"Don't bother to flush", the other girl said. Then she stepped quickly to the toilet as the first girl stepped away. She was wearing a short skirt, which she lifted, pulled down her panties, sat down, bunched her skirt around her waist, spread her legs even further apart than the first girl, and, smiling and sort of giggling at me, started to pee without asking me not to look. She had large labia, which spread apart as her piss came through. After several minutes, she, too, stopped and started a few times, then finished, wiped her pussy, and pulled up her panties. After washing their hands, they both waved good-bye and started to leave. "Show offs", I called after them as they were walking out.

It's been a while since I've posted so I'll re-introduce myself. I'm Jane, I'm a teenage girl with a nice body and short dark hair. My pooping has been pretty normal lately. I usually go twice a day (not scheduled or anything) and shit two logs. I had two incidents though, that I'm going to tell you about.

First, I have a friend... let's call her Sandy. Sandy and I go to the bathroom together all the time because we spend so much time together. We fart in front of each other and make jokes about it and talk about peeing, and poop has come up before but nothing personal about it. We went into the bathroom together the other day, and I peed, and I was kinda listening to her because she'd mentioned earlier she had to take a dump. She always goes really fast. She was out before me. I asked her how the hell she goes so fast, and she was like, "I've always been like that. I just pooped now. Twice! And I still beat you!" It was sort of exciting since I think she's really hot. [:

Second, I have a boyfriend that I'm going to be living with soon. I've been worried lately about bathroom habits. I don't care who sees me and hears me pee, but I'm kinda secretive about poop. Not as much as I used to be, but I still don't like it when other people hear me poop. Especially my boyfriend! We'd never talked about bathroom habits before at all, until the other day. We each had a cigarette, and all of a sudden he's like, "I always have to take a shit when I smoke." I thought I misheard him since it had never come up, so I was like, "What?" He giggled and said, "I think the nicotine relaxes me, because I can't take a shit unless I smoke a cigarette first." A few minutes later he left the house (we were in an old house we'd found that obviously no longer has plumbing) and said "I'll be back." I asked where he was going and he smiled at me and told me he had to take a shit.

Two exciting incidents with really hot people in two days! How lucky am I? [: By the way, I do have a question. Those of you that live with your significant other, how does it go with pooping? It is awkward? Are you open about it? Do you wait until they leave to poop?

Beth, before I started reading this site, I always thought nurses had very regular bms. They know how to eat healthy and also know what foods have fiber and are helpful to avoid constipation. They even provide patients with advice. I never thought about how many times a nurse might need to go, but unfortunately not get the opportunity. Wow, 8 days--I can't imagine going that long without taking a dump. Well, at least the nurses stick together and try to help each other out.

Upstate Dave
Gillywentgirl here is my reply to your survey;

1. Very rarely do I get sore from loose poop. Only if I have a sevear case of bieing loose and go many times in a short time period. This may happenonce or twice a year.

2. I have no discomfort walking.

3. I am cofortible in going almost anywhere. It realy doesn't matter to me. A public toilet,friends house,outdoors or my own home it is all the same to me. When I have to go I go.

4.See above

5.1. 5 lb large peanut butter can
2. off a old railroad bridge
3. from a ladder
4. down into a old well
5. inside a barn

On Friday I went on for my regular morning dump. When I entered the toilet, I saw one stall occupied, a pair of legs with black pair of shoes. Instinctively :-) I took the stall next to her, laid tp on the seat,removed my skirt and panties. The air contained a slight aroma of poop, probably from the other lady in the next stall. I peed and started straining. Not a moment later, I could feel a turd forcing itself off my anus with a soft crackling sound ( oh, such a lovey feeling of relief) it was thick and long, about seven inches in length and two inches at its thickest point. My dumps are usually modest, I was surprised by the length and the girth of this monster. I strained more, but they ended up as gas, a couple of prrrfts. It looked as if I was done.

Meanwhile, the lady in the next stall was pooping a number of sloppy ones, it sounded like "krr-slop-plop". I hunched forwards and listened intently. After that brief session of poop, there was silence. I heard her pulling tp and flushing the toilet, she was done. I peed again, grabbed some tp and wiped myself. Mine was a fairly dry turd, so the cleanup wasn't that bad.

By the time I was done, my "neighbor" was washing her hands. It was Alison, a late-fortyish full figured blonde with short hair. My heart skipped a beat, because Alison was another woman I'd have liked to see on toilet. She looked very good in her black A lined skirt and white dress shirt. Alison worked in QC too, we've worked side by side in many projects, but her toilet habits were a bit of a mystery for me. I started to wash my hands and she greeted me with a smile.

"You're here early" I said, because I knew she came to work later than me. She said said that she'd began to commute early to beat the traffic. There was a moment of pause, she wiped her hands with paper towels said "see you around" and left.

In other news- readers here may remember the buddy dump I had with my best friend ( page 1749). Guess what? she's planning visiting me this weekend. I enjoyed buddy dumping with her tremendously and would love to have another one. Let's see how it goes.

TO PAT: As readers know I agree with you, crapping should be enjoyable! Crapping is enjoyable!
As for me got a bit bunged up again....took the laxative a couple of nights ago and got about half of it out. Yesterday, a bit bloated so took two small bottles of prune juice..a few hours later I had a smallish poo that really stank but that was it. Last night took another laxative but a low dose....sat on the pot this morning but it was hard...farted a bit but did not have time at that stage to work on it. Left for work and dropped something off at a customer on the way and called by at my public toilet....I sat and with much loud grunting I evacuated a very large hard did not hurt too much...there was another toilet occupier who sounded like a man but left soon after I arrived and did not hear my grunting and groaning...I use that toilet probably four to five times a week and have never had a women occupier that I know of. There are often men but I think they come from the nearby building works.

Hows it goin'?

To Jry: Whats up? You were inquiring about whether I live alone. I do for the most part, and I usually get myself to school unless my friend Carlson gives me a ride there (he's cool so he usually obliges) and since my parents only visit every one or two weeks, I have the apartment building to myself. As you can likely guess I'm also trying to get a job. I don't need my family members listening in on me either, since I'm a private individual in those matters. Years ago at my old place (mentioned in earlier post) I lived with my entire family so I had to designate my shitting schedule. Now its very different. Anyway catch you later and, for today post..

Saturday's dump:

Last night since it was Friday I was drinking beer (Sapporo and Irish Red, I detest that domestic Coors & Bud crap!) with friends and doing shots of Jagermeister. As you can probably guess, I was pretty badly off after about six cold ones and three straight shots. I managed to walk back to my apartment well enough and crashed. So the next morning, I awoke at 11:30 this morning with a nasty ass headache (the result of a hangover obviously) and immediately felt my shit ready to come out! So, with only boxers on and no time to take a shower, I ran into my bathroom, pulled my boxers to below my knees and prepared myself for what I perceived was going to be one hell of a blowout. I pushed weakily because it increased the pain in my head, and instead of exploding into the bowl, I passed lots of silent farts and felt the tip of a rather thick solid turd poke out. Since I enjoy solid turds as opposed to diarrhea, I decided I would take my time. I rested for a while, and began to push again, bringing the tip forth once again with a soft expulsion of gas. Unfortunately, I was required to push harder to get it moving (which sent a burst of pain through my head) and finally it started slowly oozing out. With constant pressure kept on it, two more inches slid past my hole accompanied by hissing sounds and gas. I ceased pushing for a moment, and the turd predictably stopped coming out. Then I just sat for a few seconds, adjusted myself on the shitter, and commenced pushing again. The turd started moving again, and I kept on pushing as the last five inches oozed slowly out and spashed into the water below. I relaxed for a few moments, and felt I wasn't yet finished. So I pushed once more, emitted a loud "brrrnt" fart and felt the head of another solid poop push on through. Again, I had to push constantly as the two incher slowly came out and splashed into the bowl. Having then completed my dump, I looked into the bowl to see what I had done. The first one was a medium brown five incher with some cracks and air pockets in it. The seond was a similar two inch one on top of it. I flushed and left, even though I kept farting all afternoon resluting in several false alarms. Well, thats it. Later..

Does anybody have any stories of famous people on the pot?

I am from Lancashire, UK, does anybody have any stories of famous UK stars?

Ashley and Robyn where have you gone?

There are stories on here of sisters letting brothers watch or sister-sister, can we have some more please, what was it like were they happy to let you watch?

Can we have some more college or school stories like who is known to spend the longest time on on the pot or who was happy to be watched?

Whilst at college I knew a girl, Lisa from Oxfordshire, who I think enjoyed her reputation for taking root on the pot, she was a big girl, big boobs, big backside and she could eat but she was not fat. It soon got around that when she went you were in for a treat, it was a pity that none of the lads ever saw this. She could spend upto an hour on the pot. A lot of the girls were embarrased but a few were turned on by the show.

They said she could drop about 5 days of eating no problem, there was grunting and red face but no agony from her as it was happening. A lot of girls said, if you could have seen her all you would see is backside and her leaning over her folded arms across her stomach and nothing would happen for 10 minutes but the next 5 minutes you knew the dam would break, this would be repeated about 3 times and what she dropped was massive and there would be more to come because she would lean back for 10 minutes and then take up "her position" again.

Do any girls have any simular stories?

Monday, May 18, 2009

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