Just wanted to mention an interesting sighting at the library yesterday. I live in a small town, so the library is small as well. Anyhow, I was sitting at one of the tables reading a book near the restroom doors, and this pregnant woman came walking by me very quickly, holding her stomach. Her face was red with embarrassment, and her mouth ws stretched tight with the gritted teeth showing underneath. She stopped for a moment near the ladies room door, still holding her stomach, with her eyes squeezed shut as though she was in pain, leaning slightly forward. I could tell that she must have got hit with a large gas pain. Then, after a moment, she straightened up and opened her eyes again, and her face became more relaxed. She then hurriedly entered the one-seat ladies room, shut and I assumed locked the door, but maybe not because she was in such a hurry. Another thirty seconds after that, and the muffled sound of a large diarrhea explosion came through the door, followed by a pause, and then another one-she must have really blown up in there. Ladies, DOES being pregnant have an adverse effect on your bowels? I know it affects the bladder, but I'm not sure about the bowels. If anyone could tell me more about this, please post.

I just had the most embarassing moment of my life yesterday.

I was babysitting a 10 year old girl (not exactly babysitting, but you get the picture). I supposed to be there from 9 to 12.

Oh before I forget I'm 18 years old, female, and a senior in high school.

So anyway, the girl has seperation issues, (she freaks out when her parents leave, and then when she has to hang up after they call to check in). I had to go to the bathroom, both 1 and 2 around 9:30, this was the girls bed time so I had planned to go to the bathroom and then send her to bed after her parents called to check in. But the parents called before I could get to the toilet. I ran over to answer the phone. It was all the usual stuff, making sure the girl was behaving. I handed the phone to the girl so she could talk to her parents knowing that she was going to throw a tantrum when she had to hang up. But I was a little more worried this time because I had to go to the bathroom rather badly, and this girl's tantrums usually involved locking herself in the bathroom. (don't tell me I should grab her to stop her from it because I'm too worried about her parents being offended if she were to tell them "maddy grabbed me and hurt me") But anyways, I knew I'd have to think of a better way to calm her down before she hung up. She managed to keep her parents on the phone for an extra 10 more minutes than usual and hung up around 9:45. She stared at me for 2 seconds, then immediately broke into tears and ran to the bathroom and locked herself in. (I think she has some issues). I was growing extremely desperate by this point. I tried reasoning with her but I realized quickly that wouldn't work. I tried to bribe her with candy...didn't work. I told that if she didn't stop, her parents would get her in trouble when they got home...didn't work...made it worse. I knew nothing was working. And I was about to lose my battle. I begged her and told her that I was on the verge of having an accident...didn't work. My bladder was starting to hurt, I knew my panties were in for it. I lasted about five more minutes, and then I felt a squirt, The crotch of my blue jeans turned dark. I was losing the battle. I begged her to let me in, she didn't respond, she just kept bawling her eyes out. I lost, my bladder let go, and i proceeded to flood my pants. It was actually quite relieving before I realized that my bowels had given up too. I started to cry as I involuntarily went to the bathroom right there in my pants. For the first minute, I was too relieved to care, but then it came over me, "I'm a grown woman and I'm having an accident in my pants like a toddler." I started sobbing. I finished my deed and it felt like somebody had stuck a warm cantelope in my panties. The girl was still bawling, but now I was joining her. I was supposed to be taking care of the girl, and there I was, the responsible adult with a load in my underwear. It took her twenty minutes more to get over it. By then I had stopped crying and had accepted the fact that I had totally peed and pooped in my pants. She unlocked the door and opened it, she walked out, and looked at me. She broke into laughter (the evil little thing). I forgot all my ethics, picked her up and carried her into her room, stuck her in bed, and locked the door (they locked from the outside). I went back down the stairs and looked at my watch. It was 12:15, the parents were a little late. But right when I got to the door of the bathroom, the garage to the house opened. I knew then that I was screwed. Realizing there was no way around this, I walked to the garage door to face my destiny. The door opened and the parents walked into the house. They looked at me and asked what happened. I still hadn't changed or cleaned up. I started explaining to them what happened. The mother cut me off, she said to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up, she said she didn't care how or why I had gone to the bathroom on myself. I still didn't know whether she was sympathetic or angry. I walked into the bathroom and started cleaning. My panties were completely ruined. After I had finished cleaning what I could, I asked timidly what I should do with my ruined underwear. It was then that I found out that the mother was showing sympathy. She said to put it in one of the plastic shopping bags under the sink. I did as she said and she said she had some temporary undergarments for me to wear home (that is exactly what she called them). I cracked the door and she stuck a pair of plain white underwear through the door. I put them on and pulled my pee-soaked jeans on back over them. I asked her where to dispose of the soiled panties. She responded that I shouldn't dispose of them because my mom might want to save them (I wasn't thinking logically at that point so I stupidly agreed). She drove me home. I walked into the house and was greeted by my mom. She asked what was in the plastic bag. It was then I realized how stupid I was being. Thank god the girl's mom had come in by that point. She explained to my mom that I had a made a little stinky in my underwear (again: her exact words). My mom giggle and thanked her for helping me. I'll cut the story here because my mom was cool about it, and I had to explain the entire story to her. Needless to say, I was humiliated by the entire incident. I think that has changed my entire view on toilet habits. (and my mom did end up saving the underwear).
I just don't think I've ever been so humiliated in my entire life.

To Gillygwentgirl

In response to your survey:

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?
My poop is hardly ever loose - mybee twice a year. But no.

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?
I'm an RN, we never hardly get to poop when we need to because we are always taking care of others. We all -- about 50+ of us routinly say to each other, "Can you go check on this patient for me? .... because I really have got to have a BM." And usually we get in there and and either can'tgo or just barely do from constipation. Yes, Saturday and Sunday, when I'm off, getting to sit on my toilet at home, drinking coffee, smokng a cigerett, reading, being able to just relax and let it come without pushing, is a pleasant reward.

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place?
Only once, when I had been realy backed up and I took a half of a box of Miralax after I haddn't gone in 8 days and we went camping in Colorado... I didn't stray far from the tent. It was so big, It repealed the grissly bears.

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?
1. Squat toilet in Japan - my BMs are usally very big -- it wouldn' flush.
2. The camping experience I mentioned.
3. At the Rolling Stones concert in Austin. We were right by the stage and my laxaive kicked in majorly. my girlfriends and guy friend surounded me so I could BM into a plastic grocer bag -- thank eavens it was hard and didn't stink at all.

Martin: Thanks, maybe you should try to post some stories.

Stac: Wow, your post reminded me of the story I posted days ago. Cool story. I had another similar experience, but I'll save that story for another time. Keep posting.

John Philip: Thanks, excellent stories. Keep posting. I am glad you liked mine. Do you live alone? I ask because I usually avoid going to the bathroom whenever any member of my family is around (except maybe my younger brother, not because I don't mind but because he's almost always around). If you have read some of my earliest posts, you'll know I am good at holding my crap for long periods of time because I don't like going when others are around, and if I remember correctly my record is also five days.

Up until a year and a half ago, more or less, my dumps almost always consisted of one big turd with cracks (sometimes lumps, if I had held it for too long), or two smooth medium sized ones (these I liked more because they were very easy to push out and was done in less than 3 minutes). That changed because of my diet, though. As I entered high school, I had less time to eat healthy meals and also started to eat a lot more garbage fast food. As a result, my dumps now vary, but many are solid and smooth.

My story for now:

I am studying for my final exams, so I am spending a lot more time at school than at home, mainly because I can concentrate more there. I arrived there at 7:00 am and spent most of my time answering my study guide with a group of friends of mine. I had lunch at around 1:00 pm, so a couple of hours later I got the urge to crap. I would have gone home, but for some reason I felt really tired, so I stayed there until I felt ok. After I arrived home, I checked to see if anyone was there, but fortunately everyone had gone out. I went to my bathroom and pulled my pants and boxers down and sat. As I relaxed, I began peeing. Then, I let the urge get a little stronger before pushing. When it did, I pushed out the first turd. It was a large turd with a light brown color and cracks on its surface. It was a little difficult to push out because it came out rather slowly. I then started thinking about some stuff and let the time pass. I realized that I still had to go and started pushing the other one out. The second one was a little bigger, but softer and easier to push out. I felt done and tore off some toilet paper and wiped well.

After I had flushed the toilet and washed my hands, I went downstairs to study some more, and I realized I had taken 15 minutes to take a crap, which is probably the longest I've taken in quite some time. Probably because of the time I spent thinking.

Anyway, keep the stories coming. I will post if anything interesting comes up during exams.


You have a fellow non wiper. There are times when I do wipe of course for example when my poop is really soft or when I have an accident from holding on too long. I am one of these gals who has a habit of holding till the last minute often my poop is starting to turtlehead as I'm heading for the toilet. If I have regular bm for me REGULAR bm I would have to define as the urge for a poop is very strong to the point of urgency. But I have not yet turtleheaded I just go to the toilet sit and shit. Also a normal bm for is usually well formed firm and consists of 2 or 3 logs. But I often wipe my front, Iam quite hairy and do not drip dry well.If I have to poop outdoors I very rarely wipe back or front. Infact last week I was walking around a friend's property and needed to poo, she and I were out in her back pasture. I had been holding on for a little while so I asked Kerri if she'd mind if I pooped behind that old dead pine tree. I knew if I held on much longer I would be desperate.

She nonchantly said go right ahead, in fact she joined me to have a pee. I found a bare spot, thumbed down my track pants and squatted. Kerri chose a spot about 4' away and unbuttoned her jeans sort of hovered. Then she said something like don't u enjoy doing these girly things. I had to laugh, which encouraged the first log to exit my hole with a rush,this was followed by a second both were about 6" long . Ifelt so much better and lighter,then I had a pee nothing to brag about but it sure made me feel relieved. Kerri was buttoning p her jeans when,when she said I'm sorry I have no paper. I just said don't worry I'll be okay. I know when I have to use a public toilet often I just hover do what I have to then dress and go. Wiping can wait.
I knew I'd finished my bm so I just squatted a little longer to drip dry,all the time Kerri was chatting and looking at me.As I stood to pull up my track pants her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She said Lena I never knew a woman could be so hairy and u have it going up ya to navel.

So then we walked back to her house had a coffee and then I went home.

Lena xxx

John Philip
What up?

To teen girl: Excellent post. Not to pry, but did you get the toilet flushed successfully?(!)

To Dennis: Honestly, I would recommend wiping your ass after taking a dump, and you've peaked my curiousity about your pooping and hygiene methods. You said that you've done this since you were a kid; how old precisely?

Anyway, my experiences for today. Since I cannot stand the bathrooms at school (toilet paper on the floors and piss stains), I decided to get a pass from my teacher and use one of the shitters at the Coffee Bean (once again). So my routine was the usual, going in there, taking off my jacket, taking jeans to knees and having a seat on the commode. I pushed weakly after thirty seconds, breaking several loud farts and feeling the head of the turd poke out. I pushed once again and felt it peek another inch, at which point I grunted to get more momentum into it, and the turd fairly quickly ejected itself into the bowl, splashing my ass with water. I pushed rather hard, expelling a silent fart, followed soon by a soft, four inch turd that crackled softly on the way out. I pushed again and more small turds ejected at a faster speed than before. Then for a while nothing happened, and I sat for a few minutes catching my breath. Afterwards I began pushing again, emitting a "spliick" fart into the bowl. Some loose turds exited in rapid succession then stopped abruptly, at which point I believed I was done. I pressed as hard as possible, and the final turd, a sticky, but solid five incher gradually oozed out of my hole as I consistently pushed. Being through, I wiped my hole and got out. That dump took roughly twenty five minutes, from about 9:35 to about 10 o clock.


Quite a story!!! Don't feel sheepish about the elegant surroundings and taking a shit there, that's the whole function of the room, and besides being in elegant surroundings helps one relax more, and especially in situations like yours, where you hadn't gone in a couple of days, it probally helped you a lot. I think that our bodily functions were designed that way on purpose, it's SUPPOSED to be a relaxing experience-let's face it, taking a shit gives us a break from the pressures of everyday life, since it's a call that CANNOT be ignored, and forces us to stop whatever we're doing-from the Pope to the President, and everyone in between, we've got to do it, and since we must, it doesn't pay to worry about what we might be doing at that moment, so we might as well enjoy it. At least that's my take on the whole thing. Anyone else have any comments on this?

This is the continuation of the story about last Sunday's afternoon walk I took with my friend Connor. I had a big dinner with his family and after studying, we took what was going to be a short break, and ended up walking and talking for two miles on the railroad tracks near his house. We got so into our conversation and before he knew it Connor needed to crap, and because we were in a residential area, there were no businesses with bathrooms. However, we found this old abandoned gas station and he crapped there despite the fact that there was no plumbing in the bathroom except the toilet and the bathroom door had been taken off.

After Connor's crap, we decided to turn back home because his parents were going to start to worry. We had only told them we were going to be gone for a few minutes. Well, after about six blocks of walking I started to feel a pee coming on. I think I had about 36 ounces of soda with my big lunch and as we slogged along on the tracks and talked, the need became more urgent. Because of the height of the tracks and weeds and other bushes on the side of the nearest road, Connor kept showing me places were I could go down and squat pee. But I've never been good at squatting, haven't much seen the need for it, and at places like school, I just sit down on the toilet and my flow starts almost immediately. And when five of six stalls have urine drops on the seat, I do hate the hover pissers. We finally came to a trestle that overlooks the main highway going into our city. There were no houses nearby, the sides made out of iron were black and high enough that motorists would only be able to see our heads. Connor said this would be the ideal place.

Connor joked with me about how I was going to "position" myself. I got down with me knees on one of the wooden ties which seemed kind of gross because it was rotting. I unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them and my panties to just about knee level. Connor said that the 4 p.m. bright sun would probably tan my pale butt. I thought quickly about whether I wanted to sit on the rail facing away from the track or facing into the middle of the track. I slipped a little in the mixture of sand and rock that filled in the ties and decided to seat myself with my legs hanging over the side and down into the dirt pack that held the track up. After slipping a couple of times and getting more teasing from Connor, I braced myself with my hands behind me and slowly placed the tailbone area of my butt onto the track. I spread my legs and had gotten a few drops out when the heat of the sun on the iron made it almost unbearable. Connor grabbed me his wallet which I sat on for comfort (he made me promise not to pee on it because he had $25 in it!) and my more normal pee started as I watched it partially disappear between the sand and dirt and then after about 45 seconds, it started running much faster down the decline. Just to be safe, I looked at both of my shoes and convinced myself that they would not get wet. Because I wasn't that comfortable, I didn't get a full pee in and I could feel the need to go again after about 15 minutes as we continued what was becoming a more tiring walk.

As we got back to town and within two blocks of Connor's house, I told him I wanted to stop at a Wal-Mart because we were cutting thru their parking lot anyway and I didn't want to hold my pee. I went into the three-stall bathroom, and I did something I almost never do, I put one of those toilet seat protectors down before I sat down to finish my pee. I don't know why, but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I readapost a long time ago about a girl who was in a wheelchair that had never felt what it was like to have her bowel movement. Poor girl. Anybody know what happened to her?

passing gas in public
Sometime ago, I had a strong urge to take a dump while standing on the subway. I looked around and there were only 3 other guys standing somewhat near me. My gas ordinarily is quiet and doesn't have much a smell & I thought letting one out might provide some relief, so I did. It was quiet but had a strong smell & just moments after I let if off the subway doors opened and a relatively attractive lady got on. She decided to stand right behind me. I was shocked because the smell was strong and there was plenty of space on the subway. To make things worse, the smell lingered a good 3-5 minutes. I was soooo embarrassed. I hoped she didn't figure out it was me. By the time I got to my stop, the urge to dump was getting stronger again, but I didn't dare pass gas again. I waited until I was outside and a few feet away from everyone before letting more gas out. It too was smelly, but didn't linger, probably because I was outside. I know this is a toilet site, but this is a related topic and wonder if anyone else has any passing gas in public stories to share, particularly if embarassing?

On the John,
I eat a lot of whole grains/ healthy foods and often take a fiber supplement. I find that this often reduces anal friction and my bum does not hurt unless I am ill with diarrhea for a day or more. I usually have well formed but very soft poos. I often need to go soon after I have the urge because my movements have a lot of bulk. I do poop when I am away from home and do not feel awkward unless I have a lot of gas. I know that when you have to go you have to go but sometimes I blush. I prefer to use a public restroom rather than a single occupant potty. I think I feel more anonymous. I often go at the mall, shopping center etc. I do not mind to poop outdoors when camping, hiking etc. The last time I was out at the park, I pooped in the restroom with another lady who had been biking. We both spent 20+ plus on the john and chattered a bit. She gave me a run for my money if you know what I mean. I think athletic people eat well and as a result have big movements :-) I keep moist wipes in my bag so I can be clean after a good one. I am rarely constipated and usually poop twice a day. Take care.
1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place?

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my wife and I on my working Saturday trip. After we unloaded the parts for the store in Chattagy we pulled out. Now there was just the Amway stops left. Plus it was time for lunch for us. I had a favorite stop for lunch which was a old fashioned roadside place that served Michigan footlongs and had great fries steak type ones to go with the footlong hotdogs. That what a Michigan is.

We pulled in and got out of the truck. J and I both got a Michigan and the fries. To drink she got a strawberry shake and I got a chocolate shake. We sat down at one of the provided picnic tables and ate lunch. As we ate I told J four stops in Plattsburg,one in Port Kent, and the last stop over in Peru. That is all that was left to do. Then we would be done and then the long drive back down to Albany.

Jtold me she would most likely sleep once we were back on the interstate after we were finished. I told her that would be ok with me. I wouldn't mind. WE finished lunch and got back on the road and drove down into Plattsburg and made the stops there. I also made a fuel stop and filled up te truck before we headed down to Port Kent.

Port Kent is where one of the car ferries comes across Lake Champlain and docks. It is a very small village and you have to go over a very high ridge and come down off from the ridge which is very steep and either go right or left at the very bottom. It can be very slippery durring the winter when there is snow on this road. Durring the rest of the year it is no problem.

The stop here I always liked to do for the husband and wife both had 1964 Chevy Impala convertibles which were fully restored and they were beautifull cars! He evn one time let me drive one which was his! We stopped and the husband was there. I inroduced him to J and he had his convertible out and she saw it and she told him it certainly Ia nice car. He helped with the unloading of his Amway stuff. Then we took off and headed down to Peru for our last stop.

We were over at our last Amway stop in about 25 minutes. I backed in the driveway backing up to the garage that I had a key for to put thier Amway stuff in the garage. J got out with me and she climbed up into the back of the ruck and slid the stuff to the trucks open door and I did the carrying in putting it in the garage. There was a lot for to be off loaded this Saturday. It took us over 15 minutes to get it taken care of.

I came out from the garage after the last tri and I locked the door. J was still in the back of the truck standing there in the open doorway. I have to piss she said to me. I smiled and told her go right ahead. It's a long way to a real bathroom from here! I told J It was too for the rest area on the interstate would be about 50 miles from where we were.

So J yanked her shorts right down to her feet and sat down on the very edge of the edge of the open doorway. She wasn't kidding about needing to piss! For from her vagina out came a arcing piss stream that went almost to the garage door which was about five feet away! Her stream looked more like a guys piss stream then a girls! Her piss splattered on the gravel of the driveway as she pissed and soon there was a very big wet spot in the gravel. J just kept on going and going.

I stood there watching and J pissed more then long enough that I had a erection! Her stream this time slowly eased off which it slowly dropped and came back towards the truck. Just before she did stop pissing her stream did wet her shorts for her stream went right across them wettng them pretty good! She even dribbled a little piss just before she stopped wetting just the edge of the wooden floor of the truck.

J reached over and slipped her now wet shorts right off and then jumped down out of the truck. She went right to the cab and got inside. I closed the door and then got inside the cab. J hung her wet blue shorts up on the hook by her window. She did grab the blanket and covered herself up and she was ready to hit the land of z's now. I pulled out and she was sound asleep in minutes for she didn't wake up when I stopped at the store in Peru to get cigarettes and a soda.

From there I drove to the interstate and got on and headed south to the warehouse and then home.J had cracked her window open when we had pulled out from the Amway stop so that the air comming through the window would dry her shorts. I sipped my soda, listened to the radio and had a cigarette while I drove. Soon I lost the station on the radio and turned it off. It would be awhile before I would receive another station. I had reached the stretch on the interststae where you could get a signal.

I finished my soda after awhile and I was moving right along. Southbound traffic wass very light so I made good time. It didn't seem to take long to et through the long desolate stretch and soon I was going by Noth Hudson,then Scroon Lake exits,Chestertown, and then I would be soon at Warrensburg, and the Lake George area. But I would need to stop at the rest area above Warrensburg. For I needed to piss and also I needed to shit!

I a lot of times stopped to piss at this rest area. It was one without a building. There were many places to go at this one for it was a large rest area as far as the grounds of it. There was a picnic area right by the parking area then a wide grassy area that went down a fairly long slope and then flattened out. Down in the flat area there were groups of trees and then along the back of the rest area a crek flowed and there were trees all along the creek too.

I soon came to this rest area pulled in off the interstate and I parked the truck. J was still sound asleep so I was going to go by myself this time. There were people using the picnic tables but it was not all that crowded either. I calmly walked down the grassy embankment and headed for one of the groups of pine trees off on the left side of the flat grassy area.

I walked up to the group of pine trees and there was no one there so I just stepped over behind them and stepped between a couple of them and quickly undid my belt and snap on my jeans. I pulled my zipper down and I turned around so that my ass would facing outward to the open area of grass and I got down into a high squat. I also reached down and took my penis and aimed it down and waited.

I started to piss for before I started to shit. I sent a very hard yellow piss stream out and down on to the grass and pineneedles on the ground in front of me. Then I let out a very short soft fart and I felt my anus stretchingopen. So I was starting my shit while I pissed. My shit was comming out fast for I could feel it going fast. Also since it was comming out fast my piss stream was not effected much for it only eased up just a little.

It only took six or seven seconds and I felt my anus close up followed by a soft thud on the ground. Then my anus opened right up again and a second shit started to come out just as fat as the first one had! This time as the seocnd shit came out it did effect my piss stream. It eased right up to just a very weak flow. This time too my second shit was chunky. I could feel my anus moving in and out as the chunks in my shit moved past it.

Again it took only several seconds to have the second shit pass. It fell to the ground and then I did three shorter pieces in a row one right after the other. Then I was done shiting. I still had to piss more so I stood up to finish my piss. I also let go of my penis after I had stood up and I was peeing on some of the lower branches of the pine tree. I had to reach in one of my back jeans pocket to get a napkin out to wipe myself with. Thats why I had let go of myself.

I fished the napkin out from my back pocket. I squated back down taking the napkin in one hand and gave my ass a wipe with it. I also had taken a hold of my penis and held it for I was still pissing but not that hard now for my piss was nearing its end. I checked the napkin which there was a brown smear on it. I folded it over and gave myself a second wipe. I checked and it was clean. I dropped it and I pissed for sevral seconds longer and then I stopped.

I stood up and pulled my boxers and jeans back up. I hadn't given any pushes as for to finish my piss so I did that now. I did severla spurts of piss one right after the other in a row. Now I was done. I slipped my penis back inside my boxers and zipped up my jeans. I stepped back and looked down at my shit laying in the pine needles and grass. I popped the snap and I turned around and started buckling my belt.

Done with my belt I looked up. Standing about six feet away from me were two girls! I would have guessed that they were around 11 or twelve years old! They were staring at me as they stood there like they were frozen solid! I wasn't embarresed at all by them being there. But I did ask them how long had they been standing there. I got no reply from either of the girls for several long seconds.

Then my questioned did get answered by one of the two girls. Her cheeks were turning red as she told me they had come up upon me right when I had started to shit. Now the second girl spoke saying sorry to me with her face getting a darker shade of red then the other girls. I started to walk away and said excuse me so I could step by them. Then one of the two girls told me to wait. I stopped.

Mister do you have any more napkins? I have to piss and shit. Then she asked if I had two napkins. She told me her friend needed one for she had to piss. That made the other girl giggle. I did have more napkins in my pocket and I reached for them in my back pocket. The girl that asked me first stepped over inside of the trees but not as far back as I had been. She was in a real hurry too.

As I started pulling the napkins from my back pocket the girl that had stepped over into the trees had already pulled her shorts and panties down and had already squated down in a very low squat and was pissing very hard! I had the naplkins pulled out now but I had dropped them for I was watching the girl that already had started piss ing was now shiting now two.

The other girl bent down and grabbed the napkins from the gound and she only took a couple of steps away and she started raising the botom of her dress up very fast! She sqauted right down and slipped down a pair of pink panties and she started to piss very hard with a very loud hissing stream. Now I was the one who was frozen. I should have walked away but I didn't. It didn't seem to matter to either girl either. For thier needs were greater then having me being there watching!

The girl that was pissing and shiting had to raise herass up for her shit had gotten long enough that it had reached the ground and was bending int a curve. She must have felt it rubbiung on her so that might have been why she raised er ass up. Her piss stream now had slowed some too. The other girl was stll pissing very hard with its loud hissing. She wasn't looking at me or her friend for she was looking down at herself watching her stream comming out which mow was even making a soft splashing sound for she had soaked the gtround with so much piss it wasn't soaking into the ground any more!

The girl that was shiting and pissing now had taken a shit that was even bigger then te ones that I had done. It fell away followed by some softer mushy pieces and she was done as far as shiting. She kept on pissing for several seconds and came to a dripping stop. She quickly took a napkin and wiped her ass off quickly. She didn't look at the napkin she just tossed it down on her shit and took a second one and wiped her vagina and crotch off.

She then stood up and pulled her panties and shorts up real fast and stepped past her friend and out to where I was standing. She looked at me and laughing lightly she told me it really stinks over there now! Her friend heard here and looked up at us for a short second and she then went back to watching her piss stream. She went on and pissed for just a short time longer. When she stopped she grabbed a napkin and she stood up with her panties still down reached under her dress and wiped herself twice with the napkin. Then she pulled her panties up and she too quickly stepped out from the trees.

Then she spoke up telling the other girl that it did stink back there! Her friend laughed. The other girl told hjer it was so bad she had stopped pising. I had to get out of there! I still have to go more! she then said to her friend. So the girl stepped away got between two other trees and pulled her panties down sqauted and started to piss again in the new spot.

I told her friend it was time for me to leave and I started walking away. From both of the girls they said goodbye and thanked me for the napkins. Then they both laughed and said The show too! I laughed as I walked away back to the truck. I got back in and left the rest area. A hour and fifteen minutes later we were back at te warehouse. J put her now dry shorts back on and we took care of the truck and I put the paperwork on the desk in the office.

As I took care of the paper work J went into the small bathroom that ws just off from the office leaving the door open and she took a very nice long noisy piss with loud splashing and a loud hiss too. J pissed long enough so that I had the paperwork done and joined her in the bathroom. She finished and she got up from the toilet. She pulled her shorts up and I told her I needed to go which she slipped my erect penis out of my boxers and jeans and she held it while I pissed. It was a short one but she smiled as she held me till I finished. Then she took care of my enis and we left and went out to the car and went home. It was a long day but having her along and seeing the other two girls had made my day on this trip! Upstate Dave

Kata kay
to Remi:

you're a very lucky guy, i'd give for my current g/f to even let my glimps at her on the pot but shes far too insecure and thinks that a man not need see that sight... as weird as it sounds it's more of a turn on to me to see that a female has some male like qualities; that she breaks out the female expectations of being "lady like".
is there anything you did in peticular when it came to persuading her? or was it just within due time she'll become more comfortable?

TO CASEY; Yes, it is very normal for passing a big poo to give a "feel good " sensation. If you look at an anatomy book you will see the anus is very close to the reproductive organs. This must be for a reason and an important one. From one view the locating of the anus near the vagina is very risky from an infection viewpoint. On the other hand the location of the anus/rectum near the reproductive organs is probably designed so as one gets a pleasureable sensation having a BM so the person will be happy to have BM`s and that is to the benefit of health.
Now as to is very effective but can be very constipating if there is insufficient fluid. With my health issues I have metamucil in small quantities and a laxative to push it along.
Your answer to the young man you were keen on was told the truth and made it clear you were having a poo. Sometimes the rush of adrenalin can stimulate the bowels and it was just what you needed.
TO GILLYWENTGIRL: I never have loose BM`s. Most ly I drop my undies as and when the need arises. As a consequence I use public toilets and similar quite a bit. AS to unusual places I have often squatted and dropped a load in the bush and when I use to fish have done a poo in a bucket and threw it over board or hung my arse over the side of the boat. When I do the later it only happens when there is nobody about.

My name is Andrew and I love this site, which I only discovered a few months ago. Gillian and Nobody's delicious accounts of hearing co-workers having a poo are wonderful and I look forward to reading more. I am fortunate that my BMs are almost always enjoyable, and have been since I started drinking two or three mugfuls of cold water every day; before that, things were not always so good, possibly resulting from dehydration caused by too much coffee. Gillian, I hope especially to hear more about your BMs and your experiences at work.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gillygwentgirl again. Hi everyone, just had to tell everyone that yesterday I got held up in traffic on way to work and just got to the ladies in time. I barely got my panties down before I pooped, fortunately in the bowl, but running down the back and sides. I had a bad ???? ache. I hate having to hold myself, Mum always told me never to hold anything in. My anus hurt a bit, tingled and stung, I always seem to get that when I am a little loose, don't know if any other girls get like that. I also find that after a loose poop not to walk too far because that makes my anus very sore to. Yesterday the toilets were pretty busy. Why we all seem to want to poop first thing is beyond me. I have wondered about that for a long time so I am going to ask readers for feedback with a short survey.

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place?

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?

Hey there, just found this site while looking for bathroom wallpaper. A little strange, but whatever. I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm 22 years old, average height, brunette, 125 lbs. One of my girl friends just got married in Italy, (the groom's family is from there.) They had a really beautiful wedding outside of Florence and I was one of the bridesmaids. Well a combination of all that tasty Italian bread and I guess the time change (I'm from Chicago) made me a little, uh, constipated. I had been trying to poop for 3 days, with no avail. It was so weird- I almost had trouble fitting into my bridesmaid's dress from the bloating. Well, the night before the wedding I took some Metamucil that I had packed, along with a bowl of fruit. the next morning, though i was still unsuccessful, I went to the ceremony and was just so happy to see my friend get married in the little church- they looked so happy. They then had a little reception in this beautiful old villa. When the dancing started, I stated feeling a little shifting/rumbling in my intestines, but nothing too major. Just as I was talking to this dashingly cute young Italian guy, it hit me. I had to go... now. I excused myself politely and hobbled my way through the twist and turn of rooms. Finally I made it to this gorgeous marble bathroom with all these mirrors and a window overlooking the gorgeous country. I looked in the mirror and felt kind of guilty for what I was about to do to this beautiful place. I hiked up my pretty dress, pulled down my thong, and sat. I pushed, and slowly, the mass started to crackle its way through. I gasped a little, my hole stretching to the max, my eyes starting to tear up. Seriously, it felt like my whole intestine was pushing itself out. PLOP!! The first one fell. I sighed, then started to push again. The second one, again, my whole freaking bowel going south, but this time it actually felt really good. It some kind of muscle, and it felt like a masage... whoa. is that normal? I had to flush then, so as not to break the toilet with my nine-incher and six incher. I pushed out two more logs, then some smaller stuff. (PLOPPLOPPLOP). And then... i was done. I only had to wipe twice-ish. I got on the scale and I swear I lost 5 lbs. I washed my hands and headed back to the party, feeling a good 20 lbs lighter. Luckily, my man was still there... he said he worried about me! awh! I said I just had to "powder my nose." So, we danced all night and i didn't feel like I had lead in my colon. yay. I reccomend metamucil; the stuff works wonders.

Gyrating girl
I have just typed on the computor when I was actually taking a dump. I had on music from the late sixties.I do not have a lap top to use while on the toilet so I got a potty to sit on.
I strained umph!uuuuUUUUUUUMMMPPHHH! AAAHHH! Out came a big cone shaped piece and a few smaller ones.Then SssSSsSSHhhh. I peed! Thank you all for writing my other post.


I've seen the same thing you have in regard to a mother peeing openly alongside her child right in plain view. In my case, it was at a public park in the city, mom and her little boy came up to the restroom door, and it was locked. So she just took the little fellow alongside the building and had him do his thing-his back was towards me. But then, mom pulled down her jogging shorts and underwear to her knees, and squatted down facing me, and opened the flood gates. She was actually at an angle to me, so I could see her somewhat pudgy but athletic white butt, and the strong stream of pee coming out from between her legs. Her little boy must have asked her why she peed like that because I heard her say to him "Because I'm a girl. That's how girls go pee". I was in plain view, not too far away, and she seemed totally oblivious to me. After her stream died down, she squatted just a minute longer, probally to let it drip-dry, then she stood up, pulled up her underwear first ( blue full-cut cotton briefs), adjusted it, then pulled up her shorts. She then made sure her little boy was done, helped him zip up, and they continued on their way as if I didn't even exist.

I have an odd question: Does anyone else here not wipe their ass? Unless I have diarrhea or an especially sticky BM, I rarely wipe my ass after taking a dump. I have no idea why. Even when I was a kid, I simply didn't feel the need to wipe myself unless I could feel poop stuck to my butt. So far I've only met one other person (a woman, oddly) who admitted to me that she usually doesn't wipe her ass after taking a dump. Does anyone else not wipe?

Upstate Dave
Back in the 1980s I worked for a delivery service as a driver and warehouse manager. On Saturdays was my longest route which took me from Albany NY up to Plattsburg over to Lake Placid,Malone,and other stops and back to Plattsburg. I delivered auto parts and Amway products. On some of the Saturday runs my ife would come with me for the ride.

The auto parts stops hardly varied. Most of the time it was always stopping at all of the places sometimes not. The Amway did vary. I was happier when I had less stops for the Amway for it ment a shorter trip overall. Most of the times my Saturday trip would be over 500 miles. It was nice to have J with me to keep me company.

My trip on Saturday would start at 3 am. My first stop that I would make would be for a quick coffee stop in North Huson NY. There was a popular tourist place there called Frontier Town which was a theme place of the old wild west. They had a resturuant that was open by the time I got there and I would stop and get coffee and a pastery. I got to know both the husband and wife owners of the place and since I stopped every Saturday they looked forward to seeing me.

J would sleep untill this stop and she always got decaf coffee or tea. Then we pull out of there and head to my first drop off for auto parts in Port Henry NY which I knew the owner very well who ran the store there. I knew him years before when I and my friend Tony would spend our summers up in the Port Henery area. J would help me unload what needed to be dropped off at his place and it would also be the first bathroom stop for us too many times.

There was a small bathgrooom between the store section and the garage service area which was no longer used as a service area. It now was used to park the owners three fully restored 3 1956 Cadilacs. One was the owners, his dads, and the last one was his ex wifes. I showed J them the first time we had gone together and she liked them.

J and I would go right into the bathroom together. Sometimes she would sit alone on the toilet and piss or sometimes if it was cooler I would sit on the toilet and she would sit on my warm lap and we both would piss together! :-) Or the one other way we pissed was she would sit and go and then when she was done she would hold me as I stood and went! :-) No matter which way we did it I always liked any of them.

Then we would leave go up along Lake Champlain and back to the northway and get back on at Westport and head north up to Plattsburg. In Plattsburg I had anywhere from one to three stops. Most of the time it was one stop as far as the auto parts. Then we would head west out of town to go over to Lake Placid.

There was plenty of time to get there and I knew the good diners to eat at so we would stop at one of them and have our breakfast. Then after breakfast on to Lake Placid for the two stops there. Most of the time on Saturdays both stops there were quick and the owner of the second stop would help unload the truck with me or when J was with me I should say us then.

Then we would leave Lake Placid and go over to Route 30 to head up to Malone. On route 30 we would make another bathroom stop a short distance north from Paul Smiths college. There is a wooded spot which was also a old picnic area that was no loner being used and that is where I would pull off as the stopping place.

J and I would walk into this old picnic area which was well off from the highway. This spot turned out where J would have to shit along with taking a piss too. If she had to shit she would tell me that she had to. This way I knew that she had to and I would let her sit on my knees so she didn't have to sqaut down to go. It was more comfortible to be in a sitting position for her when she did have to shit.

When the weather was real nice J always wore shorts instead of jeans. I sat down on the ground and J would pull her shorts right down and then sit on my knees. I would lean back and wait and watch with her bare ass in front of me. J would start by pissing first which a lot of times she would piss very hard with loud hissing as her piss flowed out from her. When she had to shit too her stream would be short in its time and it would ease right off after only flowing for about ten seconds.

Then as I sat there when she started to shit I would see her anus dome outward and J would take in a sucking sounding inward breath of air and push hard. J most times would have to do this to get started when she had to shit. Then I would see the tip of her shit get poking out and it would move a few inches and then stop as she let her breath back out.

Then she would wait a few seconds and then take another deep breath and push again. Her shit would move some more gaining in length. Sometimes to she would piss a little with her pushing which would send down a stream of piss or she would also other times have it only dribble out wetting her crotch with piss. The size of her shit would vary too. Sometimes they were very fat sometimes they wern't. THis time it was a very fat one!

J let her breath out and her shit stopped its movement. It hung there in the air which now it was over a half foot long. She was dribbling piss again also. Some of it dripped from here crotch along with some of her piss running down her hangng shit dripping off from the end of it down to the ground. Then she sucked i her breath again and gave another good push.

Her shit moved again along with a good spurt of piss shooting down to the ground also. Her shit this time didn't move as slow as it had been before. It picked up speed for it was narrowing down so that was why it had sped up. It grew in length several more inches. It narrowed right down to a point and fell way from herasshole hitting the ground with a soft thump and layed over on its side. More piss started flowing for several seconds and then her piss came to a dripping stop.

J then reached over and opened up her pocketbook. She always keeps tissues in it and took out several. I had now had leaned forward and she passed some tissues to me. I wiped her ass while she wiped herself up front. Once done J got up off my knees and pulled her shorts up. I got up also. J did take a quick look at her shit laying there in the pine needles and leaves. Then she asked me if I had to go. I only told her I needed to piss. I didn't have to shit.

This time J reached over to my zipper and she pulled it down for me. She slipped her fingers inside and slipped them through the slit in my boxers and pulled my erect penis out and she held it waiting for me to piss. She always smiled when she felt that my penis was hard and she smiled when she felt that I was erect.

J only had a short wait. I started my piss a few short seconds after she had my penis out of my jeans. Since she was holding my penis pointed upward so my stream shot out in a very nice long arcing stream. It came down in front of us a good seven to eight feet from us. J giggled seeing how far my stream was going she told me that I really had to go. I laughed a little and told her that I did.

I stood there with J holding me and I took a very long piss. I was making sure my bladder would be empty. I just to keep going and going. J waited paitently as I went. After about a half minute had passed my stream started to ease. It fell lower in the air as it came back which it wetted the dry leaves and pine needles on the ground. It had come back to about three feet from me when it stopped. J waited for she knew I would do some pushing. I did a couple of pushes and made two spurts of piss cme out. I told her I was done and she gave me a couple of shakes and then slipped my penis back inside my jeans and boxers. Then she zipped me up. We walked back out to the truck and got in and left. Now up to Malone we went but would make a stop at a store that was halfway to Malone for something cold to drink. I will continuie this. Upstate Dave

Let me go on with my wife and I Saturday work travel post. Rouite 30 is a very straight road and I would travel this section that ran up to Malone going 70 75 miles per hour. Going this speed the store I would stop at was about 15 minutes from where we had made our stop at the old picnic area. Stopping at this store we got out bought snacks and soda to drink. We would snack on what we bought and drink the sodas as we rode up to Malone.

In Malone there was only one stop to make which I didn't have keys for and this auto parts store was open only to noon time. So there was a time deadline for this one stop. I never missed the time deadline all the time I went there on my Saturday trips. Here I always had help unloading from one of the fellows that worked there. So the stops here were always short.

Then back out on the road to my next stop in Chattagy. Most of the time I would not make it before the owner there would leave for lunch so he wouldn't be there when I did pull in. That was alright with me. I could eat lunch in the cab of the truck or go to a resturaunt in the village. This time I stayed at the store and J and I relaxed and waited for the owner to come back from his lunch break which he always took a hour from twelve to 1 pm.

Well on this trip this time I needed to piss after we had been there for 45 minutes. So did J for she told me she had to. Around in back of his store which was a old gas station he had many old Studebakers which he collected and restored. Many of the nes in back were just parts cars and they were parked n neat rows. I told J to follow me so she and I walked around to the back where these cars were.

Both of walked between a row of the old parts cars to piss. I opened one of the doors on one of them to block us from sight and J pulled her shorts right down and sat down on the edge of the door opening of the car. I stood and faced sideways in the aisle between the rows of cars. I got my penis out to piss as J sat in the open car door to piss. She started just before I started.

Naturally I looked over to watch her go. She started with a very hard stream with a wide head on it that twisted and her stream angled outward as it went down to the pavement. Hiting the pavement her piss splashed some and it blackened the pavement as it wetted it. The pavement was also slanted so her piss started running across the pavement and ran across the aisle between the cars and ran under the one across from her. When she first started to piss there was no hissing sound being made but now there was now.

I now felt that I had started my piss so I quickly glanced over to see where my stream was going. It was comming out hard and I was pissing on the side of the car near the back end of it with my piss splashing hard off from the old car wetting both the pavement and the car J was sitting in too. I quickly moved my penis over and stopped pissing on the one car and my stream travled much further and came down on teh pavement a good six feet in front of me now.

I like J's pisss was doing wetted the pavement making it black and my piss too ran over the pavement due to it being slanted and my piss ran under the very back end of the car that I had first pissed on. I now looked back over at J to watch her piss. There was one difference between her piss and mine. I was making a lot of piss foam while she wasn't. My foam travled along over the pavement and ran with it floating on my piss going underneath the car next to me.

Both of us wound up taking a pretty long piss. J did finish hers just before mine came to its end. She didn't bring her pocketbook with her this time so she didn't wipe this time . She sat there waited me to finish which she did stand up after I had stopped and then she pulled her shorts backup. I finished without doing any finishing spurts and I put my penis back in my jeans and zipped them up.

When we walked out from between the cars both of our piss strails had reached long enough so that we saw the two piss trails creeping over the pavement well out in front of one of the cars further down the row of cars. J giggled and said to me she hoped that the fellow that runs the place doesn't drive here around in back when he comes back from lunch. He will know what made the pavement wet! I laughed and told J that he always parks his car in front of the place. As we walked back I checked my watch for the time. Hey he should be comming anytime now! So we hurried around to the front and got back inside the cab of the truck. No sooner then we had done this He pulled in and parked. That was close as I thought to myself as I got out of the truck and went and started pulling out the parts out of the back that I had for him. There is more to tell yet on this trip. So I will add another post.

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