To Kata Kay:

The prissy or the preppy? I'd say my partner was some sort of a prissy once. When I first met her I couldn't really visualise her emptying her (small) bottom into the toilet.

In time I fell in love with her and after some of that we became able to use the loo together. This included (and still includes) poo. Her bottom is still small but since she stays on the loo a very long time (so do I), she produces quite prodigious amounts of poo. Sometimes very smelly, sometimes not smelly at all.

She tells me that most women would hold in their poo when in the company of a man. So I'm grateful that she is not that type. Prissy? Maybe in front of others....

And I love her very much.

Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl who is 5' 8"', weighs 88lbs, has blue eyes, and brown hair.

I had my lunch at school and soon felt that I had to go to the toilet. I didn't do a BM for more than a week, so I know I needet much time and privacy.

Entering the girls restroom I made for a stall at the end of the row of 4 and entered, bolted the door, undid my belt and pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet seat. I did a pee then felt the big turd start to slowly come down in my back passage. I bore down and felt my ring expand. It sure was a fat lumpy log! Slowly it emerged as I went NN! NN! UH! to push it out . It really hurt wenn it get out and dropped into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOOSH!"
I got my breath back then wiped myself and pulled up my underpants and had a look down the toilet pan. WOW! A long fat carrot shaped turd lay at the bottom of the pan. I gazed on it for a while them pulled the flush but when the water cleared it was stuck in the pan and a second flush had no effect either.

Uncle Harry
To Hopa

Very interesting story about peeing at the festival. To answer your question, yes, I have peed in front of a lot of people. Check out my post, "Dunes", on page 1598. Other such stories will follow.

Downstairs Office

In my recent note to Mr. Clogs, I wrote about how my wife keeps a Tupperware Cereal-Stor plastic container in her downstairs office in the house, where there is no toilet, so she can pee into it without having to walk upstairs, because of arthritis in both knees. One afternoon, a friend of hers, Celia, who also had arthritis, came over to do some photo editing together on her computer. Neither of them, nor I, had much experience with computer photo editing, so all 3 of us decided to work together. After several hours, my wife had to pee. She showed her the container and explained how she used it to avoid going up and down the steps too often. Celia also had a downstairs office in her house and had a similar problem, but never thought of peeing in a container. She just put up with frequent stair climbing, but thought the container was a pretty nifty idea. So my wife showed her how it works. She isn't pee shy.

The container is about 8" long, 4" wide, and 12" deep. Before I suggested this container, she had tried to use a small plastic paint pail, but that wasn't very satisfactory because it was too wide and she has heavy legs, although she had been able to squeeze the sides together with her legs. She pulled her slacks and underpants down to her ankles and, with one arm grasping a table for support, spread her legs some and then held the container between them with her free hand, a few inches below her pussy. A woman couldn't get it all the way up to the pussy because she couldn't get 4 inches of space between her legs that far up. Then she started to pee and it really poured out because we all had been drinking a lot of tea. When she was done, she put the container on the floor, wiped her pussy with some tissue she kept nearby, through it into the trash can, and pulled up her pants.

Celia now said that she also needed to pee and would like to try out the container. There was still plenty of space in it, since it held several quarts of fluid. She apparently forgot I was there, pulled down her slacks and panties together far enough to expose her vagina, and then, suddenly realizing that there was a man in the room, pulled them back up. Somewhat embarrassed, she said, "Oh. Sorry, Harry. I forgot you were here. I didn't mean to embarrass you. Would you please wait upstairs while I urinate? This is women's stuff and a man shouldn't be watching". My wife now spoke up, and the conversation between them went something like this. "Oh come on, Celia, don't be so shy. It's only Harry.. and besides, he already saw your vagina when you pulled down your pants". "Well", replied Celia, "He only got a quick glimpse.. and I'm not in the habit of peeing in front of another woman's husband, but if you don't mind, I guess it's ok if he stays down here". With that, she once again pulled down her slacks and underpants, picked up the container, and placed it between her legs. "This is weird", she exclaimed. She looked down at the bucket, but seemed to have a hard time getting started. Then a short squirt came out and then a few more. "This is hard to do with a man in the room", she said. Then she tried again and got going full speed. She peed for about 45 seconds, then stopped, wiped her pussy with a tissue, and put down the container. "There. I did it", she said. "This is a really good idea. I'm going to get one of these for my office".

By now, I needed to pee too. I don't have arthritis, so I could have gone upstairs, but Celia said it was alright with her if I just peed in the container. So I unzipped, got out my cock, picked up the container, stuck the hose in, and started peeing, with Celia very deliberately watching me. I think she enjoyed the revenge.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Gillian- I'm sooo happy to hear from you !! all this time I was wondering where you've been and I missed you tons. And what a story too!. It was simply amazing and erotic. I guess you've figured it out, the sensation you get when you hold you turds when you desperately need to go, and pushing it simultaneously with another one. Gillian, I have a question for you. Is there anyone at work who you'd like to share a stall with? how'd you know if she's intersted?

I empathize with your pms situation. It could be rough. have you tried slowing down your workload and just paying attention to the discomfort? ( like not resisting it - I've done this + painkillers kinda eased it)

More work pooping with Claire

Today, we had an early morning group meeting at work. I hate those !. I poured a cup of coffee and went to the meeting.Claire was there as well. Usually, these meetings are brief, but this took a long time.By the time the meeting was done I had a strong urge to take my morning dump, I was even holding some farts during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, I headed directly towards the restroom. On the way, I heard a pair of heels clacking along the corridor and my guess was right. It was Claire. She looked fabulous and sexy, dressed in a beige business skirt and a jacket with a white blouse. Claire is a curvy woman, so the tight skirt enhanced her butt, giving a slight hint of vpl. She saw me and stopped at the door of the restroom and greeted me.

"That meeting went forever", Claire said

" I know, I said. I could sense Claire was in need to go. I entered a stall, Claire entered the one next to me. I laid tp on the seat, unbuckled my black pants and white thong. There was a sound of clothes ruslling from the neighboring stall, the sound of Claire getting her tight skirt and hosiery past her hips. I settled down on the pot, hunched forward ( this position makes me go faster). I was so close to Claire, I could literally touch her pantyhosed legs. Her heels scraped the tiles gently.

I could feel a turd moving along in my anal region, but I held it ( I love the erotic sensation of holding it) All of a sudden, Claire's floodgates opened. A resounding fart "Brrrump" was followed by a series of "kerr- plop" sounding poop, the torrent was conclued by the loud noise of piss hittng the water. Upon hearing this, I let my load loose, almost simultaneously with a noisy fart, it was a one medium sized turd, somewhat firm. I knew I was done, and proceeded to wipe myself. It didn't take much tp. I flushed the toilet and exited the stall. As I exited the stall, I got a glimpse of Claire through the gap in the door frame. She had her tight beige skirt stretched around her knees, white panties and nude pantyhose rolled up around in her thighs. It was a voyeuristic sight, but I also felt a great deal of care towards her ( as you've said, Gillian, it was moving).

I washed my hands and waited until Claire was done. she soon joined me. "That was relieving", she said. I had to compose myself.. "How's yours" she asked

"well, I feel empty, I said with a smile"

"yeah I heard you dropped a log". I was struck by this, my heart skipped a beat when she said that. It's possible that she's been listening to my bm as well.

I don't know how much Claire likes to listen to other people. It'd be beyond amazing to share a stall with Claire. Gillian, as another woman who loves listening to people relieving themselves, what would you suggest that I do? I just don't have the nerve to ask anything.

My friend Connor and I were doing homework at his house Sunday afteroon. After a couple of hours of studying for a history test (both of us feel it's our most worthless class) we decided to go out and walk and just talk and get away from other members of his family that are always around when I'm over there. Well, Connor took me to a train track about a half block away. There's only like one train a day that uses it and it's very late at night so Connor and I just started walking the track west.

It only seemed like a few blocks but we ended up walking at least two miles. The weather was perfect and since we're the best of friends, we had a lot to talk about. We walked so far that my feet were starting to get tired and when I told Connor, he said that he, too, needed to rest and that before long he would need a bathroom. His mom makes a huge Sunday noon dinner and we both took advantage of it. And it was especially taking advantage of him and he said he before long would need to crap. We were in a residential area without any businesses that were open. We talked about him squat crapping but he said that would be gross and he didn't think he had the coordination to do it. I told him I would help him but he didn't want to try. Then to my right I spotted an old gas station. There were weeds growing out of the concrete and the pumps had been removed. It was just a shell and even the garage service doors had been removed. I did notice, however, that a side door (obviously what had been a bathroom) had been taken off but that it looked like the toilet remained. Connor said it was getting tougher to hold his crap and we walked through the weeds down a hill to get to the building. There were vacant lots on both sides of the building and I told Connor crapping without a door might be too much to ask, but he was willing to do it because there weren't any alternatives.

We stumbled down there and he led the way into the bathroom. I showed him there was no water in the stool, no toilet paper and that the sink had been removed. Within seconds he dropped his shorts, pulled down his briefs and was on the stool and dropping about four or five sizeable chunks of crap. I was standing in the doorway to partially shield him and he joked that his johnson, which was resting on the front of the seat, was probably gathering a lot of dust since the winds had blown a lot of dirt and leaves and even some newspaper pages into the bathroom. We talked for a couple more minutes and then he looked into the bowl and found that his crap was harder than he had expected, meaning that he would have less cleaning to do. Of course there was no toilet paper but I had two Kleenexes folded in my back pocket which I lent him. He was right. He was lucky and didn't have much wiping to do. Then we started our walk back, which I'll tell you about in my next posting.


Yes, there are dozens more experiences I can share with you from my janitorial days concerning desperate women. I'll give you another memorable one. One time, I was cleaning, and two (older, once again) ladies came rushing through the door. The older of the two, a lady with gray hair in a nice sweater and tight black jeans spoke for the two: "I hope you don't mind us coming in, but this is a rush job, we've both been traveling for a long distance, and we're ready to BURST!!!" I asked her if they minded if I kept cleaning, and she said no, not at all, they just needed to go NOW!!! With that, they each hurriedly entered two stalls side by side of one another, the locks clicked in the stall doors, there was a quick sound of belt buckles loosening and zippers unzipping, then the sound of both of their pants sliding down. They both settled on their seats quickly, and then they released the flood gates. And I mean THEY RELEASED THEM!!! I could almost FEEL their relief along with them as they both urinated heavily into their toilets-there was A LOT of force behind their streams of piss-it really did sound like Niagra Falls. And as they started, they both began to moan heavily, although the lady that was the spokesperson did it the loudest-"OOOOH!!!, AAAAHH!!!!!, OOOOOHHHHH!!! I didn't think that elderly ladies would be so open with their bodily functions-I thought they'd be MUCH more reserved. But they weren't, and they both pissed a good two minutes solid, before their streams finally tapered off. Then the sound of toilet paper unwinding and wiping before they both pulled up their pants. The odor of urine was heavy in the air. Then they both flushed , and emerged from their stalls, and the spokesperson lady put her hand on my arm and couldn't stop thanking me enough. I told her that I wouldn't have wanted either one of them to have an accident. She said "It would have been, if it hadn't been for you!!! I mean that, I really do." With that, they both washed and dried their hands, thanked me again, and left, feeling MUCH more relieved than when they had come in. As I said, I could literally feel their relief along with them.

i just thought i'd let y'all know that i'm on the toilet as i post this. i just peed. i had my laptop with me. it seemed like a good idea. :) going to wipe now, bye everyone!


I haven't seen this one. Butt it works when other laxitives don't. Just ass a couple teaspoonfuls of Epsom Salts to water, juice or favorite beverage. You should bubble after a few minutes and poop in about twenty or 30 minutes. Very relieving.....very effective.

Whats up everyone?

I've been reading lately but havent had alot to add since the gas station run in. I've been working alot lately too and havent had much time to think about anything as well as observe the bathroom incidents from the world around me. But there have been a few things to talk about so here goes.

Last weekend while lying in bed my girlfriend and I were talking about her coworkers and their bathroom habits. The two that she is closest to are really the only two of interest. One is about 5' 2" with short black hair and butterscotch skin. She's had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight and she looks great. My girlfriend hasnt caught her pooping yet but she says her farts stink. The other is a tall white lady in her 30's also with brown hair. My girlfriend thinks she uses the bathroom on the otherside of the building to avoid embarrasment.

Today I was flicking through channels when I came upon the show "All of US" staring Duane marting and Lisaraye Mccoy. I've fantasized about hearing Lisaraye fart and poop, but it seems to be more about the character she plays and not her. Well Another charater on the show who play's Duane Martin's fiance (Lisaraye is his ex wife) starts out a scene in lisaraye's bathroom at her appartment, Duane knocks on the door asking her why she is taking so long. She calls for him to see something because she found a pregnancy test on the sink. Duane answers by telling her, what ever she did in there, he believes her. She insists that he enter and he walks in covering his nose only to find that she didn't poop. The scene ends with some discussion over the pregnancy test.

I was unable to focus on the rest of the show after that, because all I could think about was Elise, or Lisaraye both in character, taking big, loud and smelly shits. Beyond them using the bathroom. Since I'll never know it makes me hope that if I was a fly on the wall that it would be worth while.

John Philip
To Jry: I'd like to hear more of your stories.

Hi again. Anyways I'll describe my pooping experiences today along with some other stuff.

This mornings dump;

Typical morning routine today, having to get up at 6 AM and arrive at school by 7:30. Anyway, my friend gave me a ride to school at 7 so I arrived there in adequate time. The Coffee Bean store I mentioned in my previous post is right next to the school parking lot, and I was feeling the urge so I decided to use their toilet. I went into the place, went into the bathroom, pulled jeans to knees and commenced. Pushing rather weakly, I let several loud, sloppy farts go and felt the first piece moving down. I pressed harder and the head of the first turd poked out, attempted to go back in but with a constant pressure kept on it oozed out of me and splashed into the toilet. The second piece came out quite easily, as I pushed slightly and it quickly descended into the bowl. Pushing again, I ensured my butthole was empty. Looking in the bowl, I noticed I had done two four inch very dark brown turds, both of which looked like they had smooth surfaces. Afterwards, I wiped and left.

This afternoon's dump;

On arrival back at my place I felt the need to take a shit, but had a cup of coffee first. Then I removed my jeans and jacket, went into my bathroom, pulled my boxers to my knees and sat down. Being rather tired from the day, I didn't begin immediately, but stared at the floor for a time before beginning my dump. I pointed my dick down into the bowl and pissed for a while, breaking soft wind and then resuming sitting for the next three minutes or so. When I began to feel the pain in my abdoman become more prominent, I gave a small push and numerous long silent farts hissed into the toilet bowl, the last one being interrupted by a turtlehead poking out. I pushed again but nothing moved, as if "the lights were on but nobody was home" type of concept! Realizing this was going to be far more difficult than this morning's shit, I took a breath and bore down hard enough to finally get the tip to poke out another inch. I continued constantly pushing as the recalcitrant solid turd slowly crackled from my ass into the toilet. When it splashed into the bowl, I relaxed for a second and grunted again. Another poop started out, stopped for a few seconds and then descended into the water. I sighed heavily, but was not through at all. The pain in my abdomen escalated, and I pushed for all I was worth to try and get things going. Another solid turd that burned on the way out crackled loudly, broke off at about three inches and was followed immediately by a similar one. I took a brief rest but STILL didn't feel emptied! I bore down for the last time and some rather loose turds exploded into the bowl beneath me. This happened twice and it literally burned my asshole. When I finally felt like I had thoroughly completed my session, I rested for a moment, wiped and went to work on a school project. Thats all for now..

The last part of this post pertains to films, as I have sifted through my DVD collection to locate some decent, well written films with toilet scenes (dumping scenes to be precise) in them. The first is David Fincher's The Game, which is an intricate thriller starring Michael Douglas. Theere is a scene where the Douglas character is undergoing extreme paranoia, and is in a public bathroom washing his hands when a guy in the stall near him asks if he could help him out and hand him some toilet paper. Then, there is upper angle shot of a person in the stall with his slacks at his ankles. Needless to say, the Michael Douglas character was freaked! I definitely recommend seeing this film.

Another one is the film Hard Rain starring Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman. It is a very well done action picture, but no Christian Slater is not the one we see on the toilet. Instead, there is an overhead shot with a nasty looking, scruffy redneck guy sitting on the toilet, before he has to jump off the crapper and run out with his pants at his feet for a reason that would likely give away a plot point!

Another is the excellent James Cameron film True Lies starring (as I'm sure most of you know) Arnold Schwarzenegger. You'll have to see that one for yourself as I have to go and get some work done. Stay cool!

The most horrible experience I ever had was last year. I was gone for a month visiting close friends in Florida. I had been down there more then two weeks and still hadn't pooped. I was getting a little uncomfortable, but it really got horrible when I got "female cramps," if you know what I mean. This on top of constipation was horrid. I thought I was going to die. After my "visitor left" things were really bad. Every time I went to the bathroom, I had brown stripes in my underwear. I'll deal with it when I get home.

One day I went out shopping with the two of the friends I was visiting, and we were in a store when...yep, a very strong call of nature. But no way in hell was I going to go to the bathroom at the store. I sucked it up and we went home and ate lunch. My friends were going to go out shopping again, but they had known that I wasn't feeling good. (I told them about my period, but not the constipation). So I stayed at the house alone while they went out.

As if on cue, right after they left, I went straight to the bathroom. I decided to push as hard as I could to to get this out of me. It might be my only chance to do this in privacy. I pushed, and I could feel it coming down more, and the next thing I knew, dynamite went off. Thank God I was alone. The poop really hurt coming out, and was rock hard. I came out of the bathroom just in time too, because my friends came back in the house.

Amazed Boy
I just came across this site. I've been reading its old posts for about ten minutes. I was enthralled, and thought I might post something of my own. I'm fairly private with my bathroom habits, but I do have something relevant.

There have now been two instances in which I've been offered a tour of the infamous girls' room. Once, a few months ago when two of my friends with whom I was skipping class saw the hall monitor approach, and tried to drag me with them into the women's washroom. I refused, and pretended to just be out of class to get a drink. Another, today, at the library, when I was with a friend and she said she was going to the washroom. Then she said I should come with. I said no. Twice, actually. And when she came out - here's the funny part - she said there was another woman in there and that she didn't want to go with someone else around. So what am I? =/

My question here, for the girls, is: do you get so lonely when you pee that you need a companion? Personally, as a guy, I can't stand it when people talk to me while I'm in the washroom, regardless of what I'm doing. I think it's awkward. Coming from someone who loves company and conversation that must mean something. In retrospect, I suppose it is a useless frustration. But that it's specific to my gender is something I cannot fathom. Thoughts?

Happy trails.

I suppose it's all down to the situation you're in.
While I don't think many people would dive into the bushes on arrival at the Disney park, but they've needed a pee on the way out and the bathrooms have been closed, it's only natural that they've got to pee SOMEWHERE.
Now maybe if you are with a group that have the car adjacent to yours, you could get away with opening the doors for some privacy, but I think you made the best choice in the situation.

Obviously those other people worked out what you were up to and decided to do the same - maybe they would't if you hadn't, but they may have had some soggy car seats on the way home!

I posted some months ago about being in a similar situation - I'd been to san Francisco but was staying outside the city. I'd had a few beers and had been for a pee as I left the last pub. But the last BART train home was delayed en-route by some incident at a station, and I was becoming desperate to pee again.
By the time I got to my stop, the toilets were locked for the night.
There were some staff on duty, but they refused to unlock the toilets for those who had just got off the train.
I asked for the gents and a large black woman had asked for the Ladies.

So just outside this station was a small parking area, situated under the tracks. It was pretty dark and we both headed there because it was out of general view.
Now we didn't know each other, but she squatted next to a concrete pillar and I stood opposite with my back to her, peeing against the wall.
I've heard some stories about large bladders on here, but even my aching bladder couldn't have emptied out much over 500ml. Because I'd been holding it so long, it was only coming out in a thin stream so it took a relatively long time. Normal for me is about 440ml.
But this woman....she REALLY needed to go. While I had my back to her and couldn't see her whie she was peeing, I could definitely hear her!
Both the hiss from the force of the pee leaving her and the splattering as her pee hit the concrete sidewalk.
She peed for about the same time as me, but when I'd zipped up and turned around, I couldn't believe the size of the lake she'd created!
It must easily have been twice what I'd done, so I commented to her about her really having to go.

So I don't think either of us would have peed with the other present in any other situation, but in this case it was the only thing to do.

Upstate Dave
Reese it matters how bad you have to go at the time would be one good reason why people will go with others right around them. Also some people are comfortible about peeing outside and about themselves being seen by others which they don't think anything about it. Just doing what come natural.

Hopa where I live there is a performing arts center which has many concerts. It is a outdoor amphitheater. When there is a good rock group performing there the crowds are very large so the seats are filled and the lawn is full. There are not all that many bathrooms to use so other spots are used to go pee or poop.

The concerts are held mostly at night too. I and the girl that I was going with at this one time Maryellen I took her out for the whole day. We visited some historica, places first. Then had a picnic lunch. Then in the afternoon we went to the hoarse race track. Then we went into town and had dinner. Then for the final surprise after we ate I pulled out two tickets for the concert which had been sold out. Maryellen was surprised and boy did I get a big hug and several nice kisses as a reward.

I let her drive over to the concert grounds. We parked and headed to the gates. I had a big blanket,a small cooler wich we had beer to drink. It was wrapped up in the big blanket. We were early so the lines were not long at the ticket booths and we went right in after I turned my tickets in. By the way to the upstate New Yorkers the place is SPAC which you all may know. We walked in and got a nice spot dead center on the lawn in the middle section.

Maryellen and I spreaded the blanket out and we both opened a beer and we sat thgere relaxing watching the people that were already there or the people that were comming in. That sometimes is more fun to do then just sit and talk. For at many of the concerts at SPAC frisbees and beach balls make there way around the crowd out on the lawn. If you have one of the frisbees or beachballs come to you you just passed it along to some where else.

Time went by quickly and the lawn and the seats inside filled right up. The sun now also had set so any time soon the concert was going o start. There was a litle time left before it would and Maryellen told me she needed to piss. So we got up and walked back to where there was bathrooms. There was a short line for the womens while there was none for the mens.

I didn't have to go so I stayed with Maryellen in the line for the womens bathroom untill she was about the third one from the doorway. I then stepped aside and waited. She soon was inside and came out a few minutes later. We started back to our spot on the lawn. Good thing we did for the lights on the grounds faded off and on three times which ment the concert was going to start in about five minutes.

We got back to our blanket sat down and in a few minutes the light on the grounds were turned way down and the lights on the stage came up and the announcer came out and introduced the first of the two bands. The Band was Black Oak Arkanssas which I never had heard of. They put on one hell of a show! They were really good. Just to let you know I went and bought there alblum the following Monday after this concert.

Now it was intermission and I had to piss and so did Maryellen again. We got up and started back to the same bathroom building that we walked to before. This time there were real long lines for both of them. Way to long for either of us to wait in. I looked over to where the other bathrooms were across the grounds and the lines were even longer to them.

So Maryellen and I noticed others both girls,guys,men, and women heading over to trees and bushes to use to pee or poop if they had to. Maryellen said to me; Come on lets find a place so we can go. She grabbed my hand and we quickly walked away from the bathroom building and searched for a spot so we could piss.

It only took us several minutes to find a spot to piss. It was a big old tree and there were people not right there but some that were close enough to us we could see them. There were guys and girls together going. Maryellen was wearing a summer dress and she just stood right by the tree reached under it and slipped down a pair of light yellow panties right down to hger knees. She hiked up her dress and squated down into a high squat with her now bare ass up against the tree.

The flood gates opened immeadiatly for from Mayellens came a spraying gushing stream of piss out from it! Maryellen was watching her piss for a few seconds at first. Seeing that she wasn't having her spraying piss wetting her panties she looked up at me. Dave arn't you going to go? I looked at her and told her I was. Then go! she said back to me. So I qickly pulled my zipper down and reached inside of it and pulled out my now fullerect penis.

Maryellen giggled slightly seeing that I was fully erect and I shoved my penis down as far as I could get it to go. By this time that I had doe this Maryellens piss stream had settled down. It had stopped its spraying and it now was a neat stream that twisted and angled a little forward as it went down to the ground. It now was also hissing very loudly.

Since my penis was so hard I only could get out a very thin kind of weak piss stream going. It only was going out just far enough about a foot in front of me and well in front of Maryellen. Seeing my stream Maryellen giggling asked me; Having trouble goping Dave? I gave her a kidding dirty look back and that just made Maryellen giggle more. Maryellen then told me she was almost done.

She was right for a few seconds after telling me her piss stream died right out with its hissing stopping. Maryellen reached down for her panties and pulled them up as she stood up. She then stepped away from the tree and came right over to my left side and she reached down and took my penis in her hand! I let go with mine.

Now for some reason as soon as Maryellen had taken a hold of me I started to piss much harder! I said to Maryellen; It must be a womans touch! She started to laugh and told me; It must be! Now I started laughing with her. Now with her holding me out frtom the bushes came three girls. They saw Maryellen and I standing there of course with her holding my penis and I pissing.

One of the first three girls were heard say; Hey look at that! She's holding him while he is pissing! Then we heard two other giggles from the other two girls. Then from the first one she said to the other two; I;m going to have to try that with Rick! I bet he would like it! That brough laughetr form all three of them which faded as the three girls walked away. Both Maryellen and I took a quick look at each other and we laughed some more together.

By this trime my piss stream was easing off. Several seconds later I stopped . Maryellen started giving my penis its needed shakes. She smiled as she shook it and went passed the needed amounts. I told her to stop playing with it. She laughed. Come on we have to get back I told her. The second band will be starting soon. You can play later I told her. Maryellen smiled gave me a kiss on the cheek and she let go of my penis. I reached down slipped it back inside my jeans and zipped them up. We hurried back to our blanket on the lawn. Fo the lights had given the siganal that the second band was going to start soon. We reached our blanket and sat down again. Just before Kansass came out on the stage. We got comfortible and got ready to enjoy them. I will do a second post for there was more we did after the concert and before we headed home and got home too.

Let me go on with the PAC post which Maryellen and I attended a concert there back in 1970s. Kansass wound up putting on a great show too. They played for a extreamly long time which included a very long encore. After the encore was over Maryellen and I gathered up our belonginns and started te slow walk off of the SPAC grounds. I told Maryellen there was no hurry for I knew that traffic was going to be very slow with everyone leaving.

We took our time getting back to my car. I told Maryellen we should wait for the traffic to clear up before we would take off so we sat in my car with the top down and had the radio on listening to music and we opened another beer to drink while we waited. We sat ther listening to the radio,sipping our beers,talked and watched everyone else leaving.

We sat there long enough and the traffic was starting to move out on the roads surrounding the grounds of SPac. I told Maryellen looks like we can leave now. So we put the blanket in the trunk and the cooler we set on the backseat. Maryellen told me she needed to piss again before we left. I told her I could stop once we are out of here. Besides are you hungry? I asked her. I was. She told me yes. Then I told her there was a good dinner near by and she could piss there if she could hold on. Maryellen said back to me very quickly she couldn't.

Now there were still cars pulling out of the parkinglot I was parked in. That diodn't matter to Maryellen. Her need to piss was just to great. She just opened the door on her side turned sideways on the seat and hiked up her dresses botom slide her panties right down and started to piss hard. She could be easily seen by passing cars that were going behind us for my cars interior lights were on with her door being open.

I knew she was pissing very hard even though I couldn't see her piss stream. The sound of it splashing on the ground in the dirt for a puddle had formed quickly made a loud splashing sound. Her stream was hissing very loudly. What was funny a couple of cars that passed behind my car honked as for someone in the car had seen Maryellen siting there pissing. What she did being honked at made me laugh real hard for she would stick one of her arms up and wave as the car passed by!

Maryellen pissed for a good hal mionute or more. She was right about pissing here. She would have never made it to the diner. As soon as she stopped going she just slid around forward on her seat. She reached over and shut the door on her side. Ok Dave lets go she said to me. She still had her yellow panties down at her knees. I started the car up and pulled out and Maryellen took care of her panties then as I drove down through the parkinglot heading out to the main road.

Once out on the min road I took a different way to the diner avoiding the heavier travelled routes. We got ther in about ten minutes or so and went inside and had a good afetr concert snack having icecream sodas. Once done we went outside and I tossed the keys to Maryellen. She was going to drive home. She loved driving my Mustang convertible. I gave her directions as we left the diner.

I took her the senic back way home. It took longer but Maryellen was really enjoying driving so that's why I took her the way I did. Normally going the interstate way getting back to her house would be 45 minutes. Taking the way that I directed her took almost double the time.

Once we had reached and was comming down her long driveway to her house Maryellen turned off the headlights and put the car in nuetral. We costed the rest of the way to her house. It was late and doing this we didn't want to wake up any of her brothers,her one sistor,her mom or dad who was a doctor. He was my doctor too at this time also.

She parked the car and instead of going inside Maryellen wanted to stay outside. We gathered up the blanket and the cooler and went down to the lake which the house bodred on. We stretched out the blanket in the grass of the lawn just a few feet from the waters edge. Once that was done Maryellen asked me if I wanted to go for a dip in the lake. She wanted to so I told her yes.

Since it was late and niether of us had swimsuites on the natural thing to do was go skinny dipping! She had I had done tjis together here at the house a few times before and also otgher spots on the lake when we had used the famils boat. So we both undressed each other quickly and we waded quiettly out into the lake together hoding hands as we waded out into the water.

Just before we were going to dive in Maryellen told me to wait for a moment so we both stood there side by side. In the silence as we stood there together Maryellen started to piss! She turned and looked at me smiling with a big smile. Hers tsream shot down hard into the still water making a loud splash and ripples in the water. Well with her pissing I also too had to piss so I gave a slight push and without holding myslef I started to piss with Maryellen.

I sent a high arcing piss stream through the air thgat reached out by the dock out in front of us. That was agood seven to eight feet away! Seeing my stream going that far Maryellen couldn't help but ti start giggling very softly! My piss sure did splash loudly in the water too! Both of us pissed for a long time. It was a nice relaxing type piss. I'm sure most of you here know what I mean.

When Maryellen ended her piss it was a series of spurts with dribbling between the spurts. With the dribbligng she did wet her asscheeks and inner thighs of both legs. I like her when I reached the end of my piss I let out a series of spurts too that were hard reaching almost out by the dock. I finished going only a second or two after she had. So Holding hands we both jumped forward into the water and took our swim.

When we finished we got out quietly and went back to the blanket and used it to dry ourselves off. Maryellen put only her dress back on I put my jeans and tshirt on. I left my briefs off though. We sat there opened a beer and sat there sipped them talked about the great day we had amoung the other things we talked about too. We also started to fool around a little while we sat there also.

We stayed outside I guessed for around two hours or more. We did finish the beer which we bith had three cans of it each. With our off and on fooling around I had a erection. Maryellen now said come on lets go in. It was in the early morning now past three am. So we gathered up the blanket and the now empty cooler and walked first to my car and put the cooler and blanket in the trunk.

The garage door was down so we didn't want to go in the house that wy for if we did open the garage door the noise it would make would might ake up someone in the house. So we went around the side of the garage and started for the backdoor which was between the kitchen and the family room off the patio. Before we got to the patio and the backdoor Maryellen said to me; Dave your not going to believe this I have to pee again right now!

So she grabbed my hand we crossed the patio and went around the far end of the house. On this end of the house it was the single story end and the rooms were just the family room and dinningroom, and her dads study office room. Maryellen had to go so bad she just pulled the front of her dress right up and since she didn't put her panties on she didn't have to pull them down.

A thin but hard piss stream shot straight down into the grass between her open thighs. Maryellen looked down as I stood there in front of her watching her piss. Her stream was hissing but very softly. In seconds she had pissed in the grass enough that the soil no longer saked her piss up. So now there was soft splashing along with the soft hissing of her piss stream.

Maryellen stod there and just kept on going and going. She even said to me saying; I wonder when I'm going to stop. I smiled and told her I certainly didn't mind at all. You can keep on going for ever! That made her giggle loudly but she stiffled her giggling real fast fearing that she was making to much noise doing it. Shortly after her giggling spell Maryellen did stop goingdoing a drpping stop. She shook herself a few times and then dropped herdress back down. Then we headed back to the patio and we went and slipped inside quietly into the house. There is one more part to this and I'll do another post to finish it. Upstate Dave

John Philip
Jry: Thanks and excellent story. Unfortunately, taking a dump for me these days is not half as enjoyable as it was years ago. Currently, I am pressed for time as far as completing my senior year in high school and having to eat garbage fast food which does absolutely nothing for me. I still recall my old habits, and I'll talk about them for a percentage of this post..

As I probably mentioned before, when I was 15 at my old place I had a guest room that branched off from the house, and I had adequate privacy in there. My old habits usually consisted of having to take a shit at nighttime, around 8 to 9 PM. It was far nicer then, I must admit. I would retire to my room and with nobody to bother me, let my boxers fall to my ankles (had more privacy so I didn't particularly care) and have a seat. I would lean back and peruse Reader's Digest for about 10 minutes before I even got started. Then, anticipating a nice massive log on its way, pushed lazily and let the tip peek out by itself, occasionally accompanied by farts squeaking around the log. Then I would stop pushing and read an article. After 15 minutes about two inches would have made its way out. I could've simply sucked it back in and repeated the process but I didn't think it was necessary to spend TOO long in there, especially since my feet soon became numb. Soo anyway, my feet would be spread out as far as possible and I would hesitantly push again and several more inches of the log would painstakingly crackle out. Then I would readjust myself on the toilet, discard the reading material and devote my attention to my shit! So I would spread my legs as far as possible and looked into the bowl. I would see the 5 inch wide bad boy poking out a mere three or so inches, and then I would bear down and allow to come out halfway, (about 7 inches out) and then intentionally halt its progress. I would then sit in pure nirvana with this big ass poop hanging out of my skinny ass for about five minutes before I finally pushed as hard as I could and let it tediously, but gloriously ooze the rest of the way into the bottom of the bowl! The finished product would be a nice 11 incher of varying brown color (medium brown being the most common produced) stickin' out of the bowl. It wasn't usually smooth, commonly containing boluses, most likely since I used to be able to hold it in for up to three days (my record being five). Sometimes I would even have trouble getting my big turds to move again and I would have to repeatedly grunt and push until it decided to continue. I loved those goddamn times, even though once I clogged my toilet and flooded the entirety of my room! It was a very tactless, humiliating experience and I had to have my dad deal with the mess! Needless to say, he was pissed! I still enjoyed those dumps undeniably. Now I would kill for one of those experiences!

Todays dump was unexceptional but I'll mention it nonetheless.

Around 6 o clock tonight I felt a vague urge, usually a feeling of the turd(s) pressing against the inside of my asshole. I was relaxing, enjoying my weekend and watching DVD's (Beyond Re-Animator at the time, a good gorefest, but I digress) when I decided to try and crap. So I went in the bathroom, pulled my exercise lounge pants (to my knees) and pushed. I emitted a fairly loud fart and pushed for poop, but nothing happened. "What the hell?!" I asked myself, and left. A half our later I tried again. This time, I went in, dropped trou and was able to push a 4 inch dark turd fairly easily into the bowl. I pushed again and several plopped into the bowl at once. I grunted and more small turds rapidly ejected into the toilet. Believing I was finished, I wiped and left.

A mere fifteen minutes later the urge returned. I went to the toilet, and crackled out a five inch dark turd that broke off prematurely. I pushed vigorously and two inches more plopped out. I was beginning to sweat as I was having a bit of trouble. I pushed again and yet another four inch dark turd eeked out, followed by two tinier ones after which I took a break. I noticed I had only pulled my exercise pants to my thighs, so I pulled 'em down further for leverage. I wearily pushed again and a large number of small turds swiftly shot into the bowl. I still didn't feel thoroughly emptied, so I pressed and another turtlehead poked out. Passing a small silent fart, I pushed the final turd into the bowl. I wiped and looked at my production, which was a mix of medium size dark brown turds and a surprisingly large amount of smaller ones. I flushed and was finally done for the night.

Mr Clogs
Uncle Harry: Thank you for your response about the home made toilets for your wife to use. They're rather convenient and fun to use. My great grandmother years ago had a portable toilet in her room after she fell and broke her leg and couldn't get into the bathroom to use the toilet to use.

Upstate Dave: Thanks for response as well, and I enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming.

I got a story to share, I haven't been drinking my dieter's for a week now, I ran out :(, oh well I've been doing ok taking a dump here lately. I've been eating a lot of grits and cream of wheat to help me out in that department which reminds me of a story. On Wednesday after eating my breakfast which consisted of grits with cheese and bacon, I ate my breakfast and worked on some computers that I had to pick up at certain locations. I felt the urge to poop, and I finished up my ticket's and headed to the men's room to handle some business. I got into the stall, lined the toilet seat with toilet paper and the toilet seat liner. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat. I gave a little push and felt the solid turds slowly pushing out of my body. It came out long and really slow, it felt like 18" coming out. After I emptied out my bowels into the toilet I was amazed how firm and wide they were considering I haven't drank the tea in a week. It felt so good all the way to the last drop into the toilet. I wiped with some damp paper towels, not much poop on it so I took only one good wipe. I redressed and wash my hands and left the men's room and worked on some more computers.

Yesterday, I was at work moving computers in the building. To keep it brief, my co-workers went to take a smoke break and I went to take a bathroom break. I have't went to the bathroom since I took a shower to go to work, I peed before taking my shower. Anyways, I went to the bathroom and got some wet paper towels so I can wipe my butt with. I took the last stall which was handicapped, the toilet seat was rather high and rather uncomfortable, I had to poop and haven't pooped all morning. Like Wednesday (I didn't eat breakfast at all) it was hard and firm, nice girth and plenty of turds in the bowl. I wiped with the damp paper towels, washed my hands and went back to work.

I hope you like my stories and take care. Happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

One day i waz in the woods fishing and then at sudden urge i realized i had 2 poop. Well i looked around 2 see if anybody waz there and there waznt so i went 2 go find a tree. I had put down my fishing pole right next 2 the tree. I waz in sitting position on the tree. I probably took biggest crap becuz my ass waz hurting when i got done. I had then wiped with a leaf and waz done. I had then tried 2 find my fishing pole becuz we i got up it waz gone i had been searching 4 five minutes when suddenly i looked up and saw the black end of the pole bout 2 miles away. I then walked and finshed my business.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr Clogs: Yes, I've done that - it was a long time ago though, around 1980.

Story goes that my parents had some time before this acquired a large (UK Gallon) tin of drinking chocolate or the like. When the contents had gone, they stuck a coat of paint on it and used it as a waste bin in the bathroom. I was experimenting with enemas at the time in secret, and improvised a potty by lining the "tin bin" with a plastic food bag.

On reflection it was not a good idea: potties leave visible marks even when they have an inch-wide rim to sit on, but this had far less width.

I gave up when domestic circumstances made it impossible to carry on, and when I finally got the chance to start again, I bought a real china chamber pot from a local junk shop

I admire both your honesty and the fact that you were also brave enough to post about events that, all things considered, probably were two of the worst things that ever happened to you.
Please abandon the pot (and I'm sure you will) but don't worry about the mess you left behind. If they couldn't be organised to have proper urine-testing facilities then it was their problem not yours and I hope that the 'busting' does you no harm in the future; everyone makes the occasional mistake and I don't think it should be held against them evermore. Everyone needs the toilet too and what happens, even without the stress, is not always predictable...

Cat in upstate NY & Kata kay:
Yeah, you are both right, and I discovered it rather suddenly. A while back and a month or so after my gf Ella and I started going out, I gave her a key to my house. That was fine and the first time she used it was a Friday evening. She beat me home (we work far apart) and on the way home there were just two things on my mind and she was only one of them.
She guessed the other faster than I could have ever imagined by giving me a hug and adding, apparently without any embarrassment, "You caught me by surprise and I'm just bursting for a shit."
It caught me unawares but I liked her forthright approach and just said "Me too!". There was no further comment or discussion and we went together as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It was, still is, and when we are out hiking or biking and the need arises we'll find a quiet spot with a good view, or at least one better than the bathroom door... Neither of us fancies the idea of being 'caught' by a stranger, and it has never happened, but I suppose the sense of danger adds to the excitement.
Keep up the great posts everyone.

So one of my good friends directed me to this site and suggested I post a story of what happened to me last weekend. Three of my good friends and I took a road trip to Disney World. We spent all day Saturday at the Magic Kingdom. We stayed right up until they closed. It was very hot in Florida, hotter than the weather I'm used to and I spent the day drinking a lot of water. By the time we were heading out of the park I had to go pee. As we walked through the exit, it looked like the bathrooms were already being cleaned. I figured we would just get the tram back to the car and stop somewhere along the road to the hotel. We waited in line for a tram for a long time. I didn't realize how bad I really had to go until I sat down on the tram. We got back to the car and I was pretty desperate. I told me friends that I had to go pee bad. My friend Julie told me to pee on the side of the car. I have never peed outside before. I was absolutely not going to pee on the side of the car in the middle of the Disney parking lot! I saw the line of traffic waiting to get out of the parking lot and onto the highway and I knew I probably would end up urinating myself in the car. I said I wanted privacy. My friends told me to get in the car. Just sitting in the car hurt. They drove to the back of the parking lot where there was a woodsy area. My friend Sam said she had to pee bad too so she was going to pee in the trees. We both got out of the car. I looked for a spot where no one could see anything. I found a big bush and I walked behind it and pulled my shorts and undies down and squatted down peeing right away. Once I started peeing, Sam walked up to where I was and pulled down her shorts and undies and started to pee as well. I've never seen anyone pee the way she did. She was sort of standing up, bent over at the waist, and stuck her butt out and peed. I could see a lot of her pee splashing onto her shorts. I splashed a lot of pee onto my feet and I had a big problem trying to keep my shorts and undies away from my pee stream. I finished then Sam did. I asked her if she had tissues and she told me to just pull up my pants. Ive never peed and not wiped. I didn't like the feeling. Plus my undies were a little wet from having to go so bad, I think I went in my pants a little. It was a strange experience. When we were coming out of the woods, right in front of the trees next to the parking lot there was a mom who had taken her little girls bottoms off and the little girl stood with her legs spread peeing while her mom squatted down next to her and went pee. I couldn't believe it. The little girl was one thing but this mother was just peeing in full sight of a few cars. How embarassing. I guess we weren't the only ones with the idea of peeing there. Another car was stopped with a boy about 12 or so peeing on one of the trees. Do people easily pee with others watching? I can't imagine my private area being exposed to strangers while peeing.

My husband and I shared a pee on the beach once. We ate at a restaurant on the beach one night and decided to go for a walk by the water. After a few minutes, all of my drinks from dinner caught up with me and I had to go pee. My husband said he had to go too. It was dark out but there were still a few people on the beach. We walked up to the shore where there was some shrubs. Nothing really offered much coverage though. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down on the sand. I made sure my clothes were out of the way and I just sat and peed onto the sand. Meanwhile my husband whipped it out and started watering one of the shrubs nearby. It was so liberating to just pee right where I was sitting.

Has anyone had any experiences peeing in front of a lot of people outdoors at a major event? I remember when I was in college, a group of us went to a festival a few towns over. There were only a few porta-potties scattered throughout the festival. There was an area on the fairgrounds for music performances. There was a stage and a large set of bleechers. A few of my friends and I had to go pee really badly. We saw the line for the porta-pots and it was long. We kept seeing people walk behind the bleechers. We followed and found that there was a large grassy area behind there and there were a lot of people peeing there. You could see the guys were trying to give the girls some space but there were a lot of girlfriend and boyfriends peeing next to each other. There were mom's taking their kids back there to pee. There were old people back there peeing. Now that's a sight. Watching a 75 year old woman pop a squat. My friend said she was going to piss her pants but didn't know if she could pee in front of all of those people. We went to an area where there were mostly women squatting. We walked behind a large group of women who were peeing. Three of us tried to provide cover for my friend Brittany who had to go the worst. She squatted down behind us and did her pee. Those of us keeping guard saw the boys we were with walking up to us. Brit got up mortified. I still had to pee and so did my friend Danielle along with Josh one of the guys with us. Danielle and I squatted down and peed while Josh stood next to us and pissed. It was an interesting experience. Next to us, a group of older ladies came to piss. I watched another older woman rush around from the other side of the bleechers. She must have thought there was an actual bathroom back there because the look on her face when she saw everyone peeing in the grass was shocked. I guess she couldn't bring herself to show herself in front of so many people because she proceeded to walk as far away from most of the people, took her shorts off but then stood and spread her legs and peed right into her panties. She must have had to go bad because her pee gushed out of her like a dam broke. I've never peed in front of so many people. I know plenty of strangers saw what I had going on. My friend Josh did as well as I guess I gave him a free show when I stood up to pull my panties back on. Have you guys had any experiences like this?

Phil J
When I have to poop really bad, I get short of breath and my heart races. Sometimes I even feel heart palpitations in my throat. After I get to the toilet and all the poop comes out, I feel so good like I've slept for days.

Esteban-Good to see that you are much more open with what comes naturally. I've been in the exact same situation as you and did the same.

I remember when I was much younger, I was at a county park with my family for a church picnic or something like that. Being a kid, I was out exploring. I remember seeing a restroom building located up on a bit of a hill, with one side right on the edge. I climbed up the hill side part and came up the side of the building. There were vents in the walls all the way around. I recall looking in one of them and seeing a toilet. There was even someone sitting on it. The vents were right next to the toilet closest to the wall, right at seat level. It was a man's thigh, and I could see that he had kept his pants and underwear up at his thigh level.

I went into the restroom and saw that the stalls had no doors. The guy I saw was finishing his business, wiping while leaning to one side. I washed my hands at the sink in front of his stall, glancing at the mirror to see if he was done. He finally pulled up his tighty whities, jeans and washed up at the sink. I went into his stall and sat down on the warm seat. I was still kinda modest at the time, so I kept my shorts and underwear up high as well. Probably boxers at the time. It was a bit of a thrill to know that someone looking in through the vent could see me, even though that was unlikely.

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