Kata Kay
kata kay here again from upstate ny. i notice all the upstaters here we rule the poop world. :p

I think if you pooped in the comfort of your home then its okay to poop it up in the panties... umm i would suggest getting cheap undies to despose of quickly after a panty poop. you call it very strange but i call it trial and error.... i bet you liked it and probably will try it again too :).

I remember a time in high school when i really liked this girl who was quite popular at school but a big 'ol softee once school was out.
even though i hung out with the losers; outside of school ment time with (ms popular) this girl reminded me of the usual barbie girl--5'5 dirty blonde and slender with a nice booty i couldn't take my eyes off (as a 15 yr old. now 21) anywhoo one day we hung out and went for a drive to jumping jacks. she got a chillie burger with friggen chilli fries. lol i dont mess with the chilli its just askin for a serious fart around a hot girl that you'd think has no bodily functions.
After we ate, we went for a walk over to a little league game; the thing is as we were walking i could see a little sweat over ms. populars forehead (i'm very observant), it look as if she was in some kinda discomfort but what gave away the grand prize was that silent but deadly fart she passed while we were walking to the field. i asked if she was alright and she said "my ???? hurts" i offered some of my gingerale and she declined quickly and straight up blerted out "have to fuckin shit"..... (do the people find it weird that i got a stiffy Immediately!)
call me a peeping tom if you'd like but i had to see the phenomena that is a barbie girl pooping.
I then said i had to go to the bathroom too.. but she was too busy holding her ass and power walking to restroom to care what i had to say. AS she ran in the bathroom. i stood outside looking if the coast was clear to head into the ladies room. WITH MY LUCK! no ladies were around in the restroom. I saw her feet in the middle stall and i creeped to the one closest to the exit for quick escape.. in my stall had a little hole where i could catch the action; my heart pounding because it was nothing i've seen in years..probably since kindergarten.

well i watched as she held her stomach and blasted out a series of mega farts that stuck the shit outta the place. a small "kerplunk" with a sprinkle of pee, then she sighed and BOOM!!! her face got red so i knew she was fighting a was on the pot, and a multi series of poops hit the water. plop after plop seem to make my heart race.
Then. the craziest thing happened. she pulled out her phone and started texting!!!! "so this is girls do when in the bathroom" i thought.. if i wasn't in the stall enjoying the show, i'd be waiting outside for atleast 15 minutes "screw that", i thought. i stayed as she texted a couple people then to find out i was one of the people!!! luckily i always keep my phone on silent and saw the text. it said, "I'm freshening up be out in a sec<33" hahaha i thought. shes such a lier but its all good on account she had a rep to uphold. after she started whiping her bum i creeped on out.. AN elderly woman saw me come out the ladies room and quickly came asking questions to me. I came up with some story that the mens room wasn't working and i had to poop. lol i didn't care she said she could smell it and if you gotta go you gotta go.

20 mintues went by and ms barbie finally came out looking sexier than ever to me. heres the twist.... as we were walking back to the little league game, she said i smell like i took a poop! haha i held my tongue and said.. "when ya gotta go ya gotta go." she laughed but was kinda grossed out for some reason; if you ask me that's hypocritical.

we haven't spoken since.. i wonder what shes doing???

has anyone ever caught the prissy or the preppy goin poo?

To John Philip: This story happened to me a few weeks ago. I was already planning to post it, but you post about your dump during break made me remember some stuff about mine, and the experience was similar for me too. Also, good post. Any more stories?

I had just arrived home from school, and was pretty tired, mainly because my last period class was gym. I was also sweaty, and went to the bathroom to shower. However, I felt that fullness in my rectum that told me I should try to crap first. Once undressed completely, I sat down and began pushing. As I felt nothing moving, I thought that maybe the urge wasn't strong enough yet (It was one of those "It can wait, but I can give it a try now" kind of urges). I proceeded to shower, and maybe that helped, because I suddenly felt the urge increase quite a bit, but nothing that could be considered urgent. I finished showering, and dried myself up a bit before sitting again on the toilet.

I felt strange having to crap while still somewhat wet. I began pushing, and felt the head of this turd poke out. Unfortunately, when I stopped pushing, it went back in. I had to push harder this time to get the turd out to the point of no return, when it started moving out easily. It fell and splashed my butt a bit. I saw it, and it was dark brown and hard, though not very long, I'd say about 6 or 7 inches. I still had to go more, so I pushed again. I had to constantly push for this next turd to come out. It was much longer, but lighter in color. I was very tired by now, but I wasn't finished yet. I rested about five minutes, just thinking, and then began pushing again. Two more turds came out, and I was done. I wiped myself really well, because I didn't want to stain my towel while drying up. I flushed the toilet, continued drying up, and washed my hands.

Well, that's all for now. I have another story, but I'll save that for another post. See you all!

JRY and John Philip

Great posts - please keep us updated! Thanks.

Upstate Dave
Let me continuie on with my second fort toilet post. I had all the walls up and even the outer door and inside door installed. It was really hot inside. so that wouldn't do. I tore off on the one side wall the top board. That was better. It made the fort cooler and let in light also. Now for the toilet was the last thing I needed to complete.

In the woodshed I found two needed thins for the toiet. One a large old wooden box and a very old blue wooden toilet seat! I dragged the wooden box with the toilet seat inside of it over to my fort. I knocked the bottom out of the wooden box. Now I had to make a hole in the top. I couldn't take the whole top off. I had to mount the toilet seat to it. At least that was what I wanted to do.

As it turned out I couldn't cut a hole out in the top of the wooden box so I did take the whole top off and I cut twopieces of scrap wood and nailed them down on the top off the wooden box. Now I had a opening and a place to mount the toilet seat to it. I was mounting the toilet seta when I all of a sudden had company! It was Barbie S and Diana the girl from across the street.

They had heard me pounding when they had come into the yard and they came down to investigate to see what I was up to. They were outside whe I stepped outside the fort. Barbie S told me look like I had been busy. I told her I have been. Take a look! I said to them both. So both Barbie S and Diana took a look around the outside of the fort first. When they looked at the one outside wall I warned them to be carefull.

They asked me why. I told them both that I had shit over there so don't step in it. Barbie S giggled and so did Diana. Barbie S spotted my shit laying there in the grass but she didn't say anything just then. They came back around to the front of the fort. I opened the front door and they both went inside.When inside both of them saw the unfinished toilet. Both looked at it and laughed. So that's what you were working on Dave! Barbie S said to me. Diana sat right down on the the toilet seat. Hey it feels like the real thing Dave! WE all then laughed.

I opened the door to the second room and we all went inside the large room. Barbie S and Diana told me it was nice. I had done a good job. There is just one thing Dave Barbie S said to me. What's that? I asked. You need a place to sit down. She was right for all there was the dirt floor to sit down on. No problem I said to them. Plenty of scrap wood to make a bench or benches with I told them.

So both of them went outside and went over to the remains of the old small barn and pulled out some boards to use as benches. I cut them to size along with some pieces for legs and the three of us made up the benches. Once that was done we sat for awhile and talked. Then Diana had to leave and she took off. I told Barbie let me finish up with the toilet. So I went and did finish mounting the seat.

Then she and I went inside the barn got a good cold drink of water from the pitcher pump and went back to the fort. Barbie once inside the first small room turned and asked me if the toilet was done. I told her it was. Can I use it she said to me smiling. Go right ahead be the first one! I told her.

Barbie S was wearing a summer dress so she lifted it right up and sat dwn on the toilet seat. She never wore panties unless she absolutly had to! She spreaded her feet wide apart which made her thighs open very wide. Can you see now Dave? Barbie S said to me teasing me. I smiled and told her I could.Giggling and making sure I could see Barbie S moved her feet even further apart giving me even a better view!

Then as I stood in front of her she glanced down and she started to piss! She sent out from her vagina a vey hard loud hissing piss stream that was yellow in color. It angled forward as it flowed and it hit the ground and the front of the wooden box. Barbie S let out a short sigh of relief. She did glance up and told me she didn't think that she had to go that bad. Guess I was wrong. I managed to say back to her that it looked that way. Barbie S then looked back down again to watch herself piss.

Barbie S pissed for a good half minute and then she came to a dribbling stop. She stood right up with droplets of pee still comming off from her. She just stood there and let it drip untill she did stop. Then she let her dress fall and we went inside the other room of the fort and stayed in there for quite awhile. So it turned out to be quite a afternooon and my new fort was a big hit and so was the toilet too!

John Philip
Today's shitting experience:

I was up at 6:30 AM carrying out my normal morning routine. After I had gotten my shower and put my clothes on, I began to feel the urge at approximately 6:55. I went into the bathroom, pulled my jeans to my knees and had a seat on the toilet. A silent fart came first and I pushed hard. The tip poked out, but it felt rather painful as it pressed again my hole (a rough and jagged feeling). I pressed again and the turd reluctantly started out, abrasing my asshole as it oozed on through. I grunted softly as the damn thing slowly made its way down into the bowl. Thankfully it didn't stop halfway but continued until spashing into the water. I exhaled forcefully and pushed again to ensure that I was done. I looked into the bowl and noticed that I had done a light brown, seven inch long turd that tapered at the end. Surprisingly, it looked smooth with no compacted boluses but sure as hell didn't feel that way. Well, anyway I was done and I flushed the crapper, wiped well and got out. Incidentally, I wouldn't have to go again until later this afternoon.

This afternoon's dump;

When I returned home (I usually walk 2 miles from school to my place), I set everything down, and after eating an individual pizza, went to take a crap. I went in, removed my belt entirely this time, dropped trou and sat. No farts, but when I pushed the tip of a turd slid out fairly easily into the bowl. I pushed again and another three inch turd came out with no crackling sounds to speak of. Pushing constantly, a rather thin turd started out, but clung to my ass hair (excuse the TMI!) and a had to shake my white ass around to dislodge it. It detached eventually and I pushed again, passing a small soft fart and bringing forth the tip of another turd. I stopped pushing for a moment and the turd slipped back in. I pushed quite harder and it managed to slide out. I pushed for what I recall was the last time, and emitted a booming fart (shit, it sounded more like a Luger pistol gunshot!) and realized I was finished. I wiped thoroughly as I always do and left.

I just took a huge crap a couple of minutes ago. I haven't pooped since Wednesday since that huge turd I did. I sat on the toilet and pushed gently and a big poop came out into the toilet.

It was about 8 to 10 inches long, really fat and had undigested pieces of spinach from Wednesday night's dinner in it :S Weird. My stomach is beginning to feel a lot better these days. Water, a good diet and those stool softeners are like my best friends ;) It's nice not to be bloated for once.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi everyone,
I really must express my thanks to a number of contributers to the site.

Gillian(your experience going to the toilet with Jane was so full of
emotion I couold actually feel the same way as I read and re-
read it. Please tell us if you have been able to go with her
again, also the newsreaders. I don't think I will ever watch
another female newsreader again without thinking of you.

Sarah I have been a constant sufferer from PMD Sarah. It can be
really devastating, ruining any plans I have made without
realising it would be on my red=letter days. I have to
admit I have not been able to find a cure. I get the most
awful ???? cramps a day before and for a couple of days after.
I try to arrange my work around the date but it can be a real
problem. I to would be grateful for any help or advice with
the problem.

Nobody I loved to share my experiences with you and I must tell you
I haven't vanished, my work sometimes takes me away for a
month to six weeks. I will take my lap top in future and
should be able to write here regularly. I would love to here
from you again.

Pat Loved yur janatorial experience where you allowed a desperate
lady to use the toilet whilst you carried on cleaning. She
must have been so grateful, I know I would have been. Are
there any more experiences yu can share here?

This Monday after the usual conference with the head of sales and accounting I had to go straight to the ladies. Ahead of me I could see my area supervisor go in to the ladies, Brenda is mid fifties I guess but a very shapely lady, lovely steel shoulder-length hair. I went into the cubicle next to her and heard her unbuckling the belt on her dark blue trousers, swishing them down and then the unmistakeable slither of her panties as she sat on the pan. Under the partition I could see her bunched trousers and pale blue panties. I am like Nobody and Gillian I simply cannot resist listening as somebody I like goes to the toilet. She started to pee as I did, my bowel was already aching for release but I held myself wondering, hoping Brenda needed to go as well. Her pee tricked to a halt and I heard her ripping toilet tissue from the holder, my heart sank a little as I thought sdhe had finished. There was silence just a slowl dripping tap from one of the wash basins, then I could not hold on any longer. I pooped with a loud explosion just not able to stop myself, ohhh god it smelt to, much like burnt almonds, splattering and plopping into the bowl. Joy of joys though Brenda was suddenly going at the same time, she sounded harder and firmer than me, but she was plopping in short bursts almost like the sound of pebble dashing a ceiling or wall. It gave me an incredibly warm feeling to be so close to her, and to literally hear her little gasps and moans as she opened herself to the toilet. She finished just in front of me and we were wiping almost at the same time. I opened my cubicle door as she was washing her hands. She gave me a warm smile then said, "You sounded as though you really needed to that, Gillian." I answered yes in a voice that I struggled to make sound normal when actually I felt so very, very moved. No pun intended. I hope to go to the toilet with Brenda again, now that I am back in Taunton I hope to be able to write of more experiences soon.

Kata kay
The Mortified Model

omg i feel for you. i modelded for joe boxer and if that happened to me, i'd die. but i love your optomistic outlook.

do models only have liquid shits? after all how much solids can they take in?

Chris: I notice your questionaire is for boys 11 - 19 I hope you will not find me rude but I would like to answer it myself. I can remember experiencing most of it when I was a young girl myself.

1. Female
2. 12 years old (at the time)
3. I was a little on the ???? side then.
4. Yes, I frequently pooped in the park etc.
5. Park, any secluded area. If I wanted to go I always did straight away.
Mum always warned me not to hold myself if I needed to poop.
6. I never bothered to bury it. Just went back to play.
7. I would use some of my school exercise book to wipe my bum. It was
very hard but better than going in dirty knickers after.

I have a son (Stephen) who is away on a school trip at the moment but I
will put your questions to him when I can. I have always told him, as
my mum taught me, never to hold yourself when yu need to go to the

Uncle Harry
To Mr Clogs

To answer your question about containers, my wife has arthritis in both knees and doesn't do stairs any more than she has to. The way our tri-level house is laid out, there are toilets on the upper and ground levels, but not on the lower level, where her office is located. She keeps a Tupperware Cereal Stor down there. It's a plastic container about 8" long, 4" wide, and 12" tall. It fits well between a woman's legs. She pees in it whenever she needs to and brings it upstairs to empty and wash out when she eventually comes up. On a few occasions, her knees were so wobbly she couldn't stand well without holding on to something and I had to hold the "pissoir" for her. These weren't the first times I've had to hold a container between a girl's legs while she pissed into it.

The Mortified Model
To the girl who replied to my post, thank you so much! Your comments were so nice. THANK YOU!!!

I have been reading through some of the old posts about girls/women having diarrhea accidents in their pants. Although my accident from my Christmas modeling show was devastating, and I still cry from embarrasment from it even today, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that I am not alone here.

To Sarah from Calgary, I noticed that you get diarrhea before and during the first few days of your period. That happens to me too! I know how you feel, because it has caused me to have unfortunate accidents as well. I tend not to wear thongs or tampons because of it, but if I have a modeling show, or a photo shoot, and I am on my period, I have to use a tampon for at least the duration of the show, or the photo shoot. Some months my period is so heavy, and the diarrhea is so bad that I have had to either cancel the show I was supposed to be in, or re-schedule my photo shoot, if that's even an option at the time.

Sarah, have you considered wearing diapers, or long maxi pads all day, every day? I have never tried diapers, nor do I want to. It's bad enough that I pooped in the panties that I was modeling at the Christmas show, but I don't want to be known as the model that wears diapers. Actually, I don't want to be known as the model who poops her pants either.

I don't know how my modeling carrer is going to pan out, especially since the Christmas show episode, but it's good enough money to be helping me through university!

This is my first post, and I think I did something very strange. btw, I'm 23 female, I'll let you all imagine everying else.

I was in my apartment yesterday, (I live alone). I had eaten dinner two hours earlier and was Talking on the phone with my friend in the kitchen. The phone has a problem where it doesn't work more than 5 feet away from the reciever for some strange reason, so I was standing in the corner talking to my friend. I was still in my bathing suit (a bikini) with bootie shorts over the bottome as I had just gone swimming. We were busy talking about guys (what else) when the urge to poop came over me strongly. But I did the weirdest thing, without even giving it a thought, I squatted and pushed and went poop right there in my bathing suit. No I have never before done this and I hadn't had an accident since I was in 3rd grade when I wet my pants. But it was almost an unconcious decision, I just went poop like I would on a toilet except I did it right into my bikini bottoms. It took ten minutes and me saying bye to my friend for me to realize, "I just did a huge poop in my pants" Needless to say, it didn't feel all that bad having the warm lump against my butt, but I had just pooped myself and I went to clean up. It was horrible, and my white bottoms had a big brown stain in them. I wouldn't ever poop my pants purposely like some peolpe do here, but if I had to go badly say in my car, I wouldn't mind pooping myself I don't think.

Has anybody else done this, pooping into your underwear without giving it a second thought, without thinking about the action of pooping, or am I just strange?

Upstate Dave
Mr. Clogs here is the second fort toilet that I had made which did get used even though it wasn't completely finished. The other fort down behind the barn was still there with its toilet but it was buried under more leaves after clearing the leaves the past fall. So I decideded to build another fort.

Our big barn at each end of it there were stone walls that were six feet high at the end closest to the outside wall of the barn. They sloped down to about five feet where the stone walls ended. They ran about ten feet in length. I chose the left side wall to build the fort for that was the side that was out of sight then the right side wall. Having the stone wall and the barn wall that made up two walls already made so I only had to build two walls and a roof.

I got started on a Monday morning with this project. (We were on summer vacation from school now) The other rteason I chose the left side was that the other small barn was close by. This was the barn that had collasped so there was plenty of close by scrap wood to useand I didn't have to drag it far to use it! I also had another source to get wood from. On the back of the house there was a old big woodshed. Most o the wood in it was scrap wood also. That is where I got all my frame pieces from. That is what I got first.

I had a hansaw to cut with and a hammer which in many pieces of the wood I had taken were nails which I took out and reused for my fort. If I had taken any of my fathers new nails I would have really gotten in trouble for using them! By lunch time I had the framing all up for it. I made two rooms. A smaller outer room and a inner larger room. I took a break and had my lunch and ate that outside over by my new fort.

Now after lunch it was time to put the roof on. I rummaged through the remains of the old small barn and found enough wood and old tarpaper to do the roof. That took me a good share of the afternoon to do. Now I had left to do was build the outer two walls. I would do that in the morning. I was done for the day.

I got up early Tuesday morning like I always do. My dad had already left for work and my mom was up but she hadn't left for work yet. I had breakfast with her. She asked me what my plans were for today. I told her I was building something. She told me to have fun and she then got up told me she would see me later and she left to go to work. I finished my breakfast soon after she had left and I ran right over to my project.

I again rummaged through the remains of the fallen small barn. I pulled out what was the wooden sideing of the barns walls. I found enough after a hour or so of digging through the remains. I measured out and cut all the pieces I had pulled out from the old barn. Once that was done I had to take a needed break for I had to piss and shit! I didn't feel like going over to the house to go.

So I just got up from where I had been cutting the peces of wood up for my walls and walked down around the one side of the fort and decideded to go right there by the side wall of the barn. I was going to piss first. I could hold back as far as shiting so I just pulled my zipper down on my jeans and got my penis out and I went and took a very good piss all over the barns wall!

I mean a very good piss all over the barns wall for I moved my penis up and down,along with moving my hips side to side so that I pissed in a very large area on the barns wall. Why not have a little fun while I'm not working! As I was pissing I could feel building pressure that I needed to shit. So I squeezed my piss stream off. I unbuckled my belt and popped the snap on my jeans.

I turned around and yanked my jeans and briefs right down together right down to my knees. I squated right down in a high squat using the barns wall for support. In a few short seconds I started to shit. I felt my anus being stretched open and I could feel my shit comming out from it. I knew it was going to be one of my typicall ones too for my anus was wide open and I could feel my shit passing out from it moving pretty quickly.

I leaned way over to try to see my shit which I managed to do. It was a very fat light brown chunky looking job. It was moving pretty fast. For it grew in length very quickly.It reached about ten inches in length and then it broke and fell to the ground with a soft thud. I could feel more comming out so I wated for it to come into sight. It did in a few seconds. The end was jagged for since iit had broke and it was just as fat and the same color light brown. It reached about seven inches in length and it tapered off down almost to a point.

I knew this for my anus I could feel was closing up and I saw my shit fall so I saw its pointed end as it fell. The second piece fell with a soft thud too on the ground. I reached then for my penis for I could feel that I was going to piss some ore. I did and I also stood up and sent a nice arcing stream through the air landing about six feet away from me in the grass.

I stood there and pissed for only about ten seconds and then I stopped. I pulled up my briefs and then my jeans. I zipped them up and did the snap and buckled my belt. I stepped away but did take a quick look at my two ieces of shit laying there in the dirt and grass. Then I went back to work puting up the side wall of my fort.As I did this I thought to myself why not n the outer smaller room make a toilet! A better one with a real seat on it I thought to myself! So that is what I would do! I planned it in my mind as I put up the ouside wall of the fort. I'll continuie this in another post for there is a lot moreto tell.

TO ANNY: I was not mad etc, just stating my position and laxatives have made me feel very much better. They are not ideal but for me they have been most helpful....I have less bloating, or a lot less bloating and less abdominal pain and discomfort. The main thing is to take them as soon as there is an indication of a problem, being a very hard stool, bloating, missing a day etc. I take a normal dose and find if I get really constipated the laxatives cause pain and I feel unwell but if I take them sooner I have less or no effects at all.
Yesterdays story.....I had to go to a customer in a bad part of town. It is in an office building and a key is necessary to enter the mens` room. As there are many drug users about the lights are utra violet, apparently with ultra violet light the drug users cannot see their veins to shoot up.
Next issue is the cubicles have doors but the doors are mounted to swing open and have to be held shut....this is difficult if one is one the pot...long arms a re needed and I do not fit this requirement.
So I sat there with the door open and it was really liberating...nobody came in thought. I had a reasonable crap but was wearing white undies which absolutely stood out under the lighting...trouble was I had a small skid mark and that stood out too. It stood out like nothing on earth. When I got home I had a look and the skid mark was not that bad.

Wondering Husband
I'm 43 and a married man of over 20 years and to be honest the thought of a woman or a teenage daughter peeing or pooping their panties is quite exciting.In my life i have come across just 'two' sightings.The first occurred just over three years ago when my wife and i were visiting my sister and brother-in-laws and at that time my then 12 year old niece accidently pooped herself riding home on the school bus.My wife and i found out later that this was my niece's 'second' accident of messing her panties because she detested the school's bathrooms. My sister-in-law wasn't happy to say the least and after the girl cleaned up my sister-in-law went into her bedroom and paddle spanked her.
The second sighting occurred just this past October when my 41 year old wife also accidently pooped herself while we were shopping.She had purposely took a mild laxative the night before and had gone to the bathroom once the following morning and felt safe as we went shopping.Then 15 minutes into our shopping she bent over as a cramp hit her so we quickly searched for a bathroom which we found but we also found a mother and two small children as well as another lady waiting to use the facilities.My wife was now desperate as another cramp hit her so she suggested we leave then and there so that's what we did but as we approached our car she was struck with a cramp that produced several greasy and gassy sounds and as she bent over grabbing her stomach she slowly filled the rear of her beige snug shorts with a small golf size load.I helped her to the car and as i laid a blanket over the car seat she again released another load this time a more liquid type as the bottom of her shorts quickly stained.The trip home brought on another release of liquid and solid stinky loads and by the time we arrived home she was crying and very much embarrassed by her predicament.I helped her waddling into the house straight to the bathroom where i had her get into the bathtub where we worked her stained shorts and very stained yellow panty shaper down and off.Both the shorts and the brown stained panty shaper she ended up tossing into the garbage and for the remainder of the day she stayed close to the bathroom.
Now after reading many of the posts here i wonder how often these accidents actually occur.I also wish that my wife has another accident,my wife did say the next day that this was her first panty pooping accident since she had been 11 years old.

How about it girls/women any accidents to share?

Wondering Husband

Kata kay
Cat in upstate NY

i like your story about the trail. it is quick and to the point. cant wait to hear more posts.

i live upstate too near albany.

anywho as far back as i can remember. i recall being in kindergarten. having a best friend that was a girl at the time was a bit confusing but i saw nothing of it being 5.
The strangest thing is i fully remember that during nap time, she and i would sneak to the bath room and sit in a stall together. she'd poop first then tell me to. lol i even remember her threatening to end our friendship if i didn't poop one day.

i think this triggered a different behavior.. in what some would call "weird" i call very invigorating. a rush of blood i can't understand. no girlfriend could ever understand as to why my blood boils when the thought of a girll poooping hits the brain.

i've actually been reading posts on this site since i was 13. I am now 21 and i have the courage to step anyway. and say i do dig a chick who isn't afraid to say i gotta take a mean one. its actually quite the turn on. shows she has guts. i'd make a website totally dedicated to that.

more stories to come. kata kay.

I just took a huge crap a couple of minutes ago. I haven't pooped since Wednesday since that huge turd I did. I sat on the toilet and pushed gently and a big poop came out into the toilet.

It was about 8 to 10 inches long, really fat and had undigested pieces of spinach from Wednesday night's dinner in it :S Weird. My stomach is beginning to feel a lot better these days. Water, a good diet and those stool softeners are like my best friends ;) It's nice not to be bloated for once.

Upstate Dave
Welcome to another Upstate New Yorker cat in upstate NY. Glad you joined the group and I liked your outdoor pooping story. Amber I hope you do stay away from pot. Just use the "pot" for peeeing and pooping! Mr Clogs I have made homemade toilets which you reminded me of a very good one which I will post about.

My friend Tony and I were into building forts stage in our lives. We were about 12 years old at the time. We built a good one durring the summer where we were just starting to dump leaves down the hill behind our barn. There was a real old stone wall that made the backwall of the fort. We made the other three walls and the roof out of scrap wood from one of the other small barns that had fallen down. This was fine with my parents for less had to be cleaned up.

Total size was four feet wide by twelve feet long four feet high. We even had a tar paper roof on it so it could be used in rainy weather. It did lack one thing which was a bathroom. So we added a little extension to our fort at the one end. Even cut out a circle shaped hole. put a stove pipe collar in the hole and had a stove pipe elbow which would direct everything out and down underneath it.

It worked perfectly as far as peeing in it. Both Tony and I tried it right out as soon as it was finished. Since the stove pipe collar was there the hole opening was only eight inches but with good aiming it was easy to hit the opening. It was noisy though when our pee streams would hit the metal pipe. But it worked for the pee would hit the elbow run out of the slanted part of pipe past the elbow and drain out into the leaves.

We both agreed as far as taking a shit in it we wouldn't use it for that. That rule would be broken but not by Tony or I. We even used it that night by sleeping out in it. Then in the morning as soon as we were up we both used the toilet again just peeing only. As it turned out this was the last fort that Tony and I would make. I saw him less and less as the summer went by. The reason was he later that summer moved back to Troy.

The first girl that would use our fort toilet was Jeannie S. She stopped one day at my house and I told her that there was a new fort down behind the barn. She wanted to see it so she and I walked down to it. From behind the fort and above it you could not see it. It was covered over by leaves.

Where it is it Jeannie S asked me for we wre standing above abnd behind it behind the barn. I told her follow me which she did and we went down the hill came around the one of the fort. Now she could see it. I had the door open to it and I told her take a look inside. Jeannie went inside and she liked . Hey its nice and cool in here she said to me. It was for the stone wall and the earthen bank on the backside kept it cool.

The sleepingbags were still inside of it too and Jeannie asked me if I had been sleeping out in it. I told her I had been off and on. I had gotten insiode with her and I told her that there was even a extra with this fort. What''s that Dave? she asked me. I smiled and told her there even is a bathroom with it too! Jeannie looked around and asked me where it was. I don't see it in here. Come on I'll show you Jeannie.

So I got out first and she followed me out of the fort. I walked over to the far end to the attached bathroom. She came up along side of me and saw it. She saw the stovepipe collar and of course the hole opening. Then she saw the stovepipe underneath and she first laughed. Then she told me that is real neat! I smiled. You want to be the first girl to use it? I asked her. Jeannie smiled and told me she would be glad to be the first girl to use it.

Before Jeannie went to use it I told her to wait just a moment. Go ahead and get ready to go Jeannie but I need to fix the pipe. I waited for Jeannie which she stepped in front of me. She had on a bright pink pair of shorts which she pulled them right downalong with a pink pair of panties. She looked back as she sat down making sure she was iting so that she was postioned right over the hole.

Now I squated down but Jeannies legs were in my way. I asked her could she do something about her legs. Jeannie laughed and told me she could. She lifted up her feet and reached over and took off the pink shorts and panties and laid them down next to her. How's that? she said to me. I said fine. I leaned forward and turned the pipe so the end of it now was facing straight out at the front.

I went to stand up but Jeannie had taken her legs and had them squeezing me hard on the sides of my body. Come on let me go! I said to her. Giggling hard she did let go and I stood up and stepped back. Ok all set now Jeannie. Go ahead and piss. I stood there waiting and Jeannie stopped her giggling. There was silence for several seconds.

Then Jeannie started to piss weakly. Since she was sitting with her thighs open I saw her pee come out. It was just a dribble so it only made a slight noise when it hit down in the elbow of the stove pipe. Changing the pipe so that it was facing tro the front Jeannies pee started to drip off from the end of the pipe down into the leaves.

Jeannie pissed weakly for several seconds then her stream formed and made a loud noise of hitting the metal pipe and at the end of the pipe a good stream poured out and down into the leaves. I told Jeannie what I had done was working. Take a look. Jeannie lifted herself up off from the hole, leaned over and she could see her piss running out fof the pipe now. She started to giggle. She satyed like this watching her piss come out of the pipe untill she stopped.

I told Jeannie there was toilet paper up on the one board above herin the front. She had leaned back now and she looked up and grabbed it. She tore off just a small piece and gave herself a quick wipe. I told her to just toss it outside which she did. Then she picked up her pink panties and put them on and then put her pink shorts back on. She then got up and she and I went back inside the fort.

Friday, May 08, 2009


After all the mess I went though, you not going to believe this. I have loss control of a mussel group in my back. i now can not poo on 7 and 1/2 inch seat. I need the elongated version so the remain mussel group can help me push out my poo. I tried to go and could not so i went to the hospital for some help. As one more blow being disabled and diabetic.
I was told that my bottom is too restricted on a standard round toilet. the ability to push was being confined by my toilet seat and more nerve damage from complications of the medical condition.

the doctor sent me to the bathroom and told me to leave the seat up and sit on the rim. sure enough, I was able to push out big plop, that got me all wet and, that there was no way was going down that toilet, even though it was older and had a large entry to the sewer. it had been 4 days I was going 3 to 4 times per day. This was 12 poops worth all at once. I don't think I have to tell you this trip hurt.

The doctor looked over the poop and told me I need a bigger toilet at home. I said I rent so he wrote a script for the toilet. saying you can't hold it like that until you go boom on a public toilet.

Mr. Clogs
I have a question to all of you, has anyone made or attempted to make a homemade toilet to do your business in? Like to hear from you all. I have an idea to turn an old can of peanuts and turn it into a chamber pot so I can pee in it at night.


I recently got busted for pot. I had to go to a probation office and produce a urine sample. I drove around for 2 hours looking for this stupid place before finaly finding it. Upon finding it I was told the building was being remolded and and the facilities were not done! To my horror they had a screen set up with tables and had cups setting on them. I was told to take a cup and go behind the screen and produce a sample! I asked what do I wipe with and they handed me a paper towel telling me to pee or go to jail. So I took the cup and went behind the screen and undid my jeans and took them down along with my pink panties and proceded to try to pee in this little cup. I froze! No matter how hard I tried just a few droplets trickled out. The Woman told me to hurry so I pushed with all my might to pee. BIG MISTAKE!
The flood gates opened and I completely filled the cup and could not stop the flow as I was still peeing I let out a small fart and the worst thing that could happen happened the crackling and then the thud of a small fat turd hit the floor just as my pee stream tapered off. I panicked and quickly wiped with the paper towel and pulled up my jeans and panties and folded the paper towel and put it in my pocket. I walked over and placed my sample on the table and quickly left with a red face! This was the single most embarassing day of my life! I'll never smoke pot again. I feel sorry for whoever has to clean it up!

I am a 19-year-old girl. I like to pee onto rolls of toilet paper. The paper feels like it's "melting" away, as it gets wet and compresses. I only very rarely do this at home because of having to dispose of the wet roll- but recently in a bathroom at my university, I found a large roll of paper towels, made to fit into a wall dispenser. The bathroom is a single room that locks, so I took the roll of towels and set it horizontally on the floor. I straddled the towels and tried to pee. It took a little concentration, but finally I let my urine go. The paper towels weren't as absorbent as toilet paper, though, and my pee started to roll down the sides, onto the tile floor. Not to worry, I had a whole roll of paper towels... After about half of my pee, I unravelled the paper to see how many layers deep my pee had penetrated. After 40/50 sheets, I gave up trying to get to the last bit of pee, and threw the big lump of paper over the pee spot on the floor. I squatted over them and pissed a little more, and eventually did my last bit of pee into the toilet. I threw the paper towels and the rest of the roll into the trash and left.

Cat in upstate NY
I'm new, but I found this sight and I love it. I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 4'11 blonde hair, blue eyes. I am told a have a large ass, and also very busty. I enjoy peeing and pooping outdoors. I was out a couple of weeks ago and had the urge to poop. I was walking in the woods and found that I could not hold it any longer. So, I went over off of the trail a little and found a spot to go. I pulled down my short and panties,I has a couple of farts that were pretty wet sounding and then a bunch of soft poo came out. I knew I was not done, so after a few pushes another a log came out it was smooth and it was about 8 inches long. It sat on top of the soft pile that was quite large. I then wiped my ass and it was pretty messy, it took about 5 wipes and then I was clean. I was walking out and saw a couple go in that same direction that I was taking my shit, I'm sure that they saw it because it wasn't that far off the trail. Well bye for now. I will be back soon.

Upstate Dave
Kate I liked your post with you and your friend going in the alley on your way home. The way you described your friend using the trashcan for a toilet reminded me when my great aunt used one of her trash cans for a toilet in her backyard. She told us about it one day while we were visiting her.

She had been out working in her backyard and she had to pee real bad. She didn't want to go inside. Seeing the row of trash cans along the side of the garage she just walked over to them. She took the lid off of one of them. She was wearing a dress and she just hiked the dress up,pulled her panties down and took a nice long peee into the trash can! She was the last person that at least I thought anywayt that would do this! After she had told us this little story she laughed.

Shakerboy asked me some questions... so I'll go ahead and answer them...

"Can you describe in detail the last time either of you had trouble in going and what help were you asked to give each other? "

I'm very rarely constipated, almost always having my daily shit. Some months ago was the last time I remember missing a day. I hadn't taken a shit in three days at that time, so naturally I was feeling very bloated and in discomfort. When I felt the urge, Ashley and I went into my ensuite bathroom.

I took off my pants, knowing this would be a difficult shit, and sat on the toilet. I could feel a huge turd wanting to come out, but it just wouldn't. I gave a big push, then caught my breath, then pushed again. The turd inched out a little more with each huge push. I think just having Ashley there helped me out.

After a few more pushes, the turd was maybe three inches out, and I gave another big push. The monster broke off, splashing in the toilet, and then I unleashed turd after turd, of a much softer nature. I must have done at least ten soft stringy turds, each one probably six inches long. I felt so much better after that monster was out of me.

Looking in the toilet, I saw my monster turd surrounded by a lot of stringy turds floating in the bowl. I wiped four times, and flushed the hideous beast away. It wouldn't go down, so I flushed again, and it went down that time.

Although, now that I think about it, I don't actually recall Ashley ever being constipated or having a really difficult time. Maybe one of these days, I'll get to help her.

"Please describe how you both sit on the pot because each of us is different, eg legs open/closed throughout, clothing round ankles or knees and if you are side on watching, do you get both front and back views or not?"

When I sit on the toilet, I sit all the way back against the tank. I pull down my pants all the way to my ankles when I'm taking a shit, but if I'm just peeing, I'll keep them at knee level. While peeing, I usually keep my legs closed, but I'll open them during a shit. When I watch Ashley, I usually sit or stand off to one side, so I only get frontal views.

"Also who has the bigger bottom and can you tell just by looking that the other one is struggling when dropping 'a big one'."

I can't really recall offhand who has the bigger butt, but I think I do. I can usually tell if Ashley is having difficulty with her shit, she sometimes grunts, but she always contorts her face when she's struggling.

"Please try ang get Ashley to contribute to this board?"

I can try, no promises though.

Thunder From Down Under - All I'm saying is usually you should avoid stimulant laxatives. If your doctors and specialists say it's all right, then by all means use them. I didn't mean any offense or to sound like a know it all because that wasn't my intention at all :) Sorry if I offended you or made you mad.

It's taking a while for me to re-train my bowels again. It's been a week since going to the doctors and I am doing good with avoiding laxatives. I've tossed out any stimulant laxatives, enemas, suppositories, etc that I had and I am using Colace (ducosate sodium) capsules instead. I am also trying to eat as much fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc as I can manage and to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It's really hard to get my body used to this but I hope soon enough it will be fine to manage enough by itself or at least not be so hard.

Speaking of hard, I had a stomach ache all last night so I ate fruit all day along with a carrot muffin for dinner and drank two litres of water before bed last night along with the 3 Colace capsules. I finally felt a strong urge and went to the toilet right away. Sat, pushed gently without straining and this monster turd came out fairly easily without any pain, just some stretching. It was over within 2 minutes rather than the 20 minutes it usually takes me to poop.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was a monster. It was huge. It was very long, fat, light brown and the point of the turd was sticking out slightly from the hole (pointing up). No wonder my stomach has been so bloated and that it hurt so much last night! I definetly feel much better after taking that monster crap. I kind of feel like I gave birth out of my butt lol.

I hope by the time I turn 23 (June 21) my body will be at least somewhat adjusted and be able to go without much hassle. I realize my body didn't get like this overnight and it won't go away overnight either. But I say battling 22 years of constipation really sucks. I used to have to have suppositories put up my bum as a baby and my mom used to put Colace drops in my bottle to help me go and then as I got older I started using Ex Lax and other harsh things to try to go. I didn't learn about stool softeners until 2 years ago, so now I know and will do my best to fix my mistakes :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

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