Wow, I haven't posted in a couple of months. I've got some stories since then. But now I am going to focus on chris's survey and a story which answers it.

1.-gender: Male
2.-age: 16.
3.-size: average-thin. Not really thin, just a little.
4.-Have you ever pooed outside? Yes
5.- If so, where and why? (details)

About two years ago, I had been out with a group of friends, but because I had spent all day out and eaten a big lunch, I began to feel the need to crap. It was about 5:00 in the afternoon, and I began heading home with one of my friends who lived on the way. It was quite a long walk, about 30 to 45 minutes to my house and about 30 to his. I don't recall if I had gone the day before or not, but for the urgency I had at the moment I guess I hadn't. My friend noticed I was a little anxious, and asked me if something was wrong. I have been always somewhat shy about taking a crap with others around, and sometimes even admitting the need, but he was (and still is) one of my closest friends, so I told him.

He said if I didn't mind, I could use the toilet at his house. And although I didn't like the idea, I thought that it was better on the toilet than in my pants. We started walking faster, but on the way to his house I felt my stomach muscles start like, I don't know, pushing involuntarily, so I realized I had little time. I told him this, and fortunately we were just a block away from an abandoned house surrounded by bushes and a big tree, so he suggested going there. We walked fast and we tried to get into the house (it was abandoned and I didn't really care about what I was doing then, I just needed to crap soon, and we figured it would have a bathroom), but we couldn't. There was a path that connected the front garden to the backyard, where I wouldn't be seen, and we both went there.

I really had to go by then, and told him to stand guard while I did my business. He did and so I unbuttoned my pants and squatted, but as I was trying to push my load out I almost fell to the ground. I looked around and found a tire, so I went and sat on it and pushed the first turd out. It came out easilly, but it was really big, and it looked like a fat banana. I was pushing the second one out when my friend turned around and asked me: "What are you going to wipe with?" Though embarrassed that he had looked at me, he made a point. He didn't have any tissues, nor did I, so I asked him to get me some leaves while I finished. He spent about 5 minutes looking for acceptable leaves, as most were dry and would break if I tried wiping with them. I wiped as best I could with the leaves he had brought me and pulled uo my pants. The whole thing took like ten minutes, so it was ok. I told him not to tell anyone, and he told me I he wouldn't. We walked the rest of the way to our respective homes.

6.-Did you bury it? No, I did not.

7.-What did you use to wipe with? Leaves.

I hope you liked it. I'll try to post some more during these days.

The mortified model: I felt so bad for you after reading your story. That must've been so devastating, especially for a model. At least you had an understanding agent. I wish you all the best

Gillian- How are you? Any news from work?

I had another dump with Claire today. This is becoming interesting !!!.

I was having my morning coffee at my desk when Claire came up to me and started having a conversation- we were chatting up about stuff. Well, the conversation died off and Claire said "Ok, I need to use the restroom. I really need to go" I was mildly shocked to hear this, because Claire was an extremely professional woman who you wouldn't think being open about her bodily functions. This is the very reason that I'm attracted to her pooping. It's almost a cognitive dissoncance thing, To share an intimate moment with a woman who dresses up and acts in such a professional manner, when she has her barriers ( and panties !!) down

When I heard that she had to use the restroom, I said that I needed to go too. Both of us left my desk and headed towards the toilet. I entered the middle stall and she entered the left stall. I heard her clothes rustling. I unzipped my black dress pants, lowered my white panties and started peeing. I could hear a Claire pissing as well, her stream lasted longer than mine.

My urge for a shit was now compounded by the anticipation of listening to Claire's shitting. I tried to hold myself and relieve simultaneously with Claire. For about 30 seconds, there was silence in the toilet. I quite desperate to expel my turds, I could almost feel my anus protruding. But I held on and listened intently with my ears closer to Claire's stall. I could literally touch her legs and heels. It was such an intimate moment !

Then, the breakthrough came. I heard a light crackling sound from Claire's stall and I couldn't hold it anymore. It was a very erotic feeling, letting myself all go at once while listening to Claire.. I felt as if my anus was going to explode. I expelled three medium sized turds in quick succession, one after the other -ker-plop-plop-kerplop. It was such a powerfully relieving sensation, to listen to Claire and shit my brains out at the same time. I got caught up in the moment, and let out quite a loud sigh- almost a groan of excitement

"Nobody, are you ok in there" Claire asked. I was still intoxicated from the feeling of relief. I composed myself "yeah I'm ok.. It's so relieving" I stammered.

Sounds like you had a big one over there, she said with a laughter. I was still dazed from the experience I had. I heard Claire flushing the toilet and pulling tp ( Unfair !. I'm the one who usually has quick dumps, not her !!). I had quite a clean up to do, my turds were quite loose. It took me about seven wipes. By the time I was done, Claire was at the wash basin, finished with washing her hands.

"wow, Nobody, that was loud" She said when I emerged from the stall

"Oh Claire, I had to go so badly ( not a lie :-)). And it was huge too. feels so good now

"Yeah I have quite big ones too. I feel like ten pounds lighter"

"you should've seen mine" I said with a smile

"too bad you flushed it down, Claire replied with laughter and left the restroom

I don't know if Claire likes listening to other women in the restroom, or the habits of bm in general. I don't have the nerve to strike up a conversation about that ( any tips appreciated), but I wonder our interests will develop to a point that both of us can have a buddy dump together in a stall.

Kate: Since your roommate's already smelled your post-Mexican poo, I don't see any reason to be embarrassed about stinking up the bathroom at home. If you enjoy Mexican food, just go ahead and eat it, and dump your load the next morning as usual. I'm sure your roommate does a particularly smelly poo too from time to time; there's no need to be ashamed about it. Be proud of your smell. :-)

But alternatively, you could try courtesy-flushing as soon as your turds drop in the bowl; this helps to limit exposure and minimise the smell.

I'm a guy who has had some experiences.My resent experience was yesterday when I had to pee.I went out to the dumpster behind my apartment compex which is surounded by this little white wooden fence thing.Anyway there was this used toilet setting out in the trash area so I unzipped.I took out my cock and started peeing into this old toilet, probally the last pee it would ever get used for.As the pee slpattered in the used toilet I began waving my cock and the pee hit the top of the toilet.So at that point I was like what the heck and srpayed the side of the green garbage buckets with my golden stream as well.It felt good and I quickly put my cock back in my pants when I was done.The whole experience felt good but I hope that someday I can pee more openly and not hide in a dumpster site.It feels so good to have my cock out of my pants the the nice breeze on it and being able to pee out in the open.

I'm dating a guy, TJ, who works at the same business as me. He works an earlier shift, gets off at mid afternoon and has joined a softball league where he plays two afternoons a week. Yesterday, I stopped off after work at the park to watch him play. The softball complex is part of one of the largest parks (in terms of total acres) in our state.

I peed before I left work and thought I might be able to have my daily crap (usually I have it in the morning right after I arrive at work and I've written about that) but that was not the case. So I made the 10-mile drive out to the park at 4 p.m., found diamond #12, parked and no sooner had I left my car, than the feeling came over me that I was going to have to crap. I saw a small semi-modern looking building about a block into the park and I walked over there with the anticipation of crapping ASAP. I was starting to hurt, and because I had drank about 20 ounces of Dr. Pepper before leaving my desk, it got more urgent. The lettering on the door was faded somewhat, and the door which was bent, creaked quite a bit when I put my weight into it in order to open it. As soon as I did, I saw two really old toilets, doorless which were divided by a solid brick wall made of foundation blocks. It was solid, although it had some really gross pictures drawn with some type of marking pen on its recently painted bright white coating. There was a penis longer than some people's leg on the one stall and in the other there was a girl who was just standing up, raising her shorts, and all I could see was a large amount of pee on her seat. If she had sat in it, I don't think the pee would have been that drippy, if you know what I mean. So she must have been a hover pisser and a bad one at that. On the other side, closest to me, there was also a wet seat, although the pee there was mostly over the back of the seat. I couldn't make a lot of sense out of it other than somebody had probably sat over the front and acted as a human sponge. All I know is that I've never understood hovering and I doubt I ever will. I have always just sat down and made the best of it.

I looked for toilet paper on the roll and the roll had been totally depleted. I walked into the other stall and saw that it too was gone. There was a large shit protruding out of the bowl by about 2 inches. It might have been even 3 inches because the end was very mushy and unformed. But, guess what, there was no toilet paper. So I went back into the other stall, pulled down my thong, and quickly sat down on the toilet and none too soon because my crap started in like one or two seconds after my butt rested on the seat. It was a wide piece that came out fast but hurt my rectum in doing so. Three or four smaller pieces followed, and although they were softer, they still hurt me as they slid through. The pain got worse on the final one and I remember sliding back on the seat a bit to ease the pain. That proved to be a mistake because as I did, my dress got pushed back on the seat too and the back of it ended up getting into the pee that I had forgotten was plentiful on the back of the seat. I pushed harder and was able to drop one more much smaller piece, but I had to move around more in order to get it to break off and fall. I find it so frustrating to have crap hanging from between my legs but not break off or otherwise drop. And of course, there was no toilet paper for me to pull it with.

At that point a middleschool-aged girl came in, looked at me which I didn't really mind because the bottom of my dress was thoroughly covering me. She had a large coke cup that she was just finishing drinking out of and she moved toward the trashcan to throw it way. I asked her if I could use it and she said yes, although she seemed surprised as to what I was going to use it for. She quickly handed it to me and then dropped her shorts as she sat on the other toilet. After about 2 minutes, she began peeing, although her elimination was interrupted several times. Because my rectum still was hurting, I sat for a couple of minutes and studied the cup. It was one of the larger sizes, like 16 ounces. I pretty carefully tore the cup from top to bottom into four about equal strips and I tore off the bottom circle too. Then I raised my dress with my left hand as I slowly used my right to wipe with using the strips. They actually worked better than I thought, although the slickness of them did feel different but each piece did help clean me up. Because I only had four paper pieces, I found myself wiping slower and more deliberately than I normally do when I have a full roll on the holder. The girl in the other stall quickly got up, and was pulling up her shorts as she started to walk out of the building. Of course, she didn't stop to flush or wash her hands.

When I finally walked the distance to Diamond 12, TJ saw me and waved. I sat on the hard wooden bleachers, getting my hand wet again as I tucked my dress in under me as I sat. I got to thinking how annoying it was to be wearing a wet dress and probably for the balance of the evening.

Gillian - have you had any work dumps or chances to listen to others going. Would love to hear more stories if you do? The last time you posted, you mentioned you were having dinner with friends--did you get to listen to any take a dump afterwards.

Carol - would love to hear about your lunchtime poos with your fellow co-worker.

Nobody - I enjoy your posts.

On the john - I really enjoyed your last post. It sounded like the two of you had really good dumps.

Went back to the beach today for an afternoon walk and dump. Used a men's room with four open stalls just inside the door. Stall one faced a wall. But you had to walk past it to get to the sinks across from stalls two and three, and the urinals across from stall four - sort a handicapped stall, but it just had no wall on the far side of the toilet so it was more or less out in the open.

I was ready to use stall three, but there was a guy standing at the sink washing something. I would have to drop my pants and sit on the toilet just a few feet from where he was standing.

He saw me take out my wipe to clean the toilet seat, but he didn't stop what he was doing. I hesitated for a moment, but thought - what the heck. (Zip, thanks for the encouragement in your posts.)As I sat down I made my usual comment about lack of privacy. He just laughed and said not to worry.

It was a pretty quiet dump. A couple of logs just slipped out. I sat there wiping and he didn't look away, but he was preoccupied with whatever he was washing. All those years I was afraid to dump in public and he didn't even care.

TO KATE: Try charcoal tablets; they absorb a lot of gas but make your
poo black. Also try youghurt before you eat and after.
TO PETITE POOPER: I would totally recommend a colonoscopy. I have a couple of friends who are GI specialist and I know lots of nurses in that field. A lot of my friends and acquaintences have had colonoscopies. The important thing is that if they find polyps they may be removed then and there before they turn to cancer.
When I had my colonoscopy the worst part about it was no food and I was real hungry. The clean out is like a bad case of the runs excepting you are feeling OK.
Many people report improvements in their bowels after a is thought that maybe the releif of knowing all is well has a psychological benefit and/or a good clean out may be the answer to the problem.
hit the laxatives rather than get to that point. I use to have long term constipation where I would go but pass only a very small amount. What use to happen to me was abdominal pains and aches...a swollen stomach but no desire or urge to defecate. In fact I did not want to sit on the toilet...I suppose I felt it a pointless exercise and only end in failure.
Although I constantly have problems I can manage it better now.

John Philip
LeAnne: Excellent post. I''m glad to hear you recovered well, but does Thai food usually have that effect? Just curious..

So whats up? This happens to be my third post so I'll talk about my least dull event of the day...

So, our typical school schedule here allows forty minutes for lunch break. I left campus to eat (Mcdonalds food, since there weren't many other options) and decided to kill the remaining 20 or so minutes to use the bathroom at the local Coffee Bean chain. Anyway, I went in there, pulled my jeans to my knees and sat. I stared at the wall for a few minutes, since I wasn't rushed at first, and finally began to push. A silent fart exited my ass and I kept pushing until the tip poked out with a soft crackling sound. I paused for less than a second and it retreated but I renewed the turd head with a more motivated push. I managed to get the turtlehead out after about a minute and a half and kept a constant pressure on it as it roughly (not effortlessly) oozed out. After about three inches it broke off and splashed into the water. I quickly pushed again, passed squeaky gas, and four more inches of the solid turd oozed out. I had to constantly push, since the turd stopped exiting each time I paused to momentarily relax. Soon however, I realized I'd been in here nearly ten minutes and needed to hurry to return to my next class. I concentrated fully on completing my dump and pushed harder than before, immediately expelling a booming fart followed by an explosion of small turds into the bowl. I repeated this process until I felt empty, at least for the time being. My wiping habits some would probably consider strange, but I believe hygiene is mandatory. I took some paper from the toilet roll and moistoned it with water from the sink, which luckily was almost adjacent to the toilet. After wiping several times with the moist two ply, I finished the wiping process with a dry piece of paper. I then flushed, washed my hands and left.

Christ, at least I made it back in time. Thats it for now and I'll hope to get to know some people here (eventually I guess.)

Upstate Dave
I have a post for beacg girl that involves peeing at a beach. I lived for years close to a lake where there was a private beach and two public beaches. One day my best friend Tony came out for a visit. We went down to the lake to the one public beach at the end of the lake. It was early evening and we were standing there where there was a metal fence and we were drinking beer and watching the few people swimming there and we also were talking.

We were there long enough that the few people that were there had left so we were the only ones there now. That would not be for long though. A car pulled up behind us on the road and it parked along side the road. We both heard the engine shut off followed by the door opening and closing.

Then next was a girls voice saying to us; Tony Dave is that you? Tony and I turned around and there was Stephenie! Stephenie was a sistor of one of Tonys old class mates when he went to school when he lived out here with me. We both hadn't seen Stephenie in a good ten years. The last time was when she was nine or ten years old.

Stephenie came running over to us and gave both Tony and I a big tight hard hug. Now Stephenie had grown into a very nice looking girl too. She was wearing her blonde hair straight and long not short when she was younger when we had seen her last. Also she had very nice full breasts which almost hung right out in the skimpy white bikini she had on! Her waist was quite slim and she smiled and spun around for us showing her very nice body which she always did have a nice ass even when she was young and her ass was even nicer now as she spun around and showed off for us!

After she did that she started talking to both of us asking what we were up to,what we were doing as far as school or work, where were we living etc. So Tony and I filled her in and she told us what she had been up to. Durring the conversation seeing that we were drinking beer Stephenie asked if she could have one. Sure we told her. Help yourself Steph! She opened one and she took a long drink from it and we went on talking.

She filled us in on what her brother Warren was now up to. Tony wanted to know this. Warren was in the army Stephenie told Tony. He was also married. That surprised both Tony and me. Warren told us years ago he was going to stay single. Well times do change a person I thought top myself. Stephenie asked if either Tony and I were married. Both of us laughed and told her her no. She laughed hard.

Well we spent more then a half hour talking with Stephenie there at the fence. Stephenie we both noticed was getting a little fidgety as she stood there with us talking. Then from out of the blue Stephenie told us she had to break up our talking. I have to pee real bad boys! Excuse me! she said to Tony and I.

Tony and I watched Stephenie walk down the sandy embankment and she started to wade slowly out into the water of the lake. Tony looked at me very quickly smiling. I couldn't help but to smile back at him for a second. Then we both again looked back at Stephenies wiggling ass as she waded out into deeper water. She stopped to where the water was at mid thigh on her legs and she stood very still but she moved her feet wider apart opening up her thighs as she did this.

Now where Stephenie stood out in the water was only about ten or so feet in front of us. So we had no problem seeing what about she was going to do! Stephenie stood there and she was splashing her hands lightly in the water for a few seconds and then she stopped. When she stopped splashing the water that is when she started to pee!

For we saw pee first start running down the insides of both of her thighs at first. Then as she peed harder a stream managed to form which ran straight down out of the crotch of her white bikini! It splashed in the lakes water making ripples in the water too. I gave Tony a poke with my elbow. He momentarrily turned and looked at me. He had a big smile that went from ear to ear on his face! That made me laugh a little. We then turned and looked back at Stephenie who was still peeing hard into the lake.

Stephenie went on peeing for a very long time. She wasn't kidding about really having to go so bad I thought to myself as I watched. Then ever so slowly the stream of her pee eased up getting thinner and then it again ran down the insides of her thighs for a short time and then came to a halt. That is when Stephenie squated down into the water to wash her pee off her thighs and got her bikini botom wet with thw ater. Then she stood up and splashed water on herself with her hands for a exrta good measure.

Stephenie then turned around and started wading in back in. Seeing both Tony and I transfixed on her she started laughing real hard as she waded in and came up the sandy embankment. Boy did I piss like a racehoarse! she said to Tony and I I began to luagh after Stephenbie said that to us. Then Stephenie made me laugh harder and Tony laugh hard when she told us our Johnsons liked that too! Stephenie was right fo a did have a full erection in my shorts! I bet Tony had one too.

As it turned out Stephenie stayed talking with us for awhile longer. Then as it got dark later she asked if we wanted to go out. Tony told her yes and Tony and I had our Mustangs parked across the road too. Stephenie went with Tony and I went by myself in my Mustang. We wound up at one of the popular hangout places. I stayed for awhile and then I left Tony and Stephenie there together. I found out later that they both had a very good time together. Upstate Dave

I made a post about Stepenie a old friends sistor peeing at the beach. There was a time when we were younger before Warren my friend Tonys school friend moved and I were hanging out together one day out in the barn at Warrens house one afternoon. Us three guys were fooling around together out in the barn and here is what happened on that day.

Out in Warrens barn there was a rope that you could swing on which you could swing almost from one end of the barn to the other if you got going real hard. Well we got into a conest the three of us to see who could swing the furthest on the rope. We started and we were having a great time doing this.

It was Warrens turn again to take another swing. Warren told Tony to go. Warren told us he had to piss. Tony and I told Warren piss on when you are on the rope! Warren laughed and said that he would. So warren pulled his zipper down and pulled out his johnson and took a runniing strart jumped on the rope and started swinging across the barn on the rope. Warren started pissing to as he swung! That broke up me and tony and warren too for he was laughing hard, [issing hard as he swung through the air on the rope!

Warren swung back and forth several times pissing as he swung back and forth. He swung back and forth with the swings getting shorter while he continuied to piss. He did stop pissing before he did stop swinging and he put his johnson back inside his jeans zipped up and then hopped off of the rope. Who's next? Warren asked Tony and I. I reached for the rope and I waked over to the one end of the barn and I pulled down my zipper and got out my johnson and I took a quick short hard run and hopped up on the rope and started my swing across the barn.

As I swung through the air I pointed my johnson upward and I started to piss just before the rope reached the end of its first swing. As I came back I had a nice high arcing piss stream shooting through the air. I was laughing too. So was Warren and Tony. I didn't piss as long as Warren had. I had made a few swings and my piss came to its end. But I did something that Warren had not done. For I did several hard spurts of piss to finish up my piss. Plus I stayed on the rope untill it had stopped its swinging.

I hopped off frtom the rope put my johnson back inside my jeans and zipped up. Now it was Tonys turn. I walked over to him gave him te rope. He took it and he walked over to the one end of the barn. He pulled down his zipper an pulled out his johnson. He took a very hard running start and hopped up on to the rope. He like I had done held his johnson upward and he started pissing hard when he was halfway across the barn. Since he had gotten the hard fast running start he was swinging through the air very fast and came close enough to the other end wall he pissed all over the barns wall!

That made Warren and I laugh and yell; Go Tony go! Tony came back fast and he was pissing hard like I had done. Tony also kept up his long swings as he went. He was pumping the rope to keep his long swings up which Warren and I had not done.Tony took a long piss too. He managed to keep his long swings going as he pissed. Then he did stop and did one long spurt to finish his piss. Warren told Tony good job Tony. I laughed and told him he did a good job too. Tony was putting his johnson back inside his pants as he swung away from us and he was laughing.

That is when from behind us from the direction of the door came laughter! All three of you boys did a good job. Nice johnsons too! There stood Stephenie Warrens younger sistor in the open barn doorway! Warren said to his sistor Stephenie; How long have you been there? She replied long enough to see it all! I could feel my face getting real warm. Tony who was still swinging on the rope fell off from it and went tunbling acros the floor in the hay! That made Stephenie burst into hard laughter.

As Tony got up Stephenie turned and Warren yelled at her I'll get even with you Steph! Stephenie took off running and was out of sight in a instant! Warren was mad and he was also embarrased by his sistor seeing him and us pissing. I had now gotten over my emarrasment. So had Tony. Tony got Warren clamed down. The way Tony did it was he asked Warren how did Stephenie know what a johnson was. Warren told us she must have heard him say it enough times for he always said he had to go relieve his johnson when he had to piss. That made me and Tony laugh. So did Warren after a short time. Warren would get his revenge on his sitor a couple of weeks later. Tony and I would be there to see it happen. Upstate Dave

I hope the other two Stephenie posts are before this final one about her. Read the other two first before this one. One weel later Tony, myself were down at Warrens and Stephenies house. All of us had eaten dinner and us three were now sitting at the dinnig room table doing homework for school which would we would be going to in the morning.

Stephenie was argueing out in the kitchen with her mom about having to do all the dishes. She didn't want to do them. She was being a real brat about it. We could hear her carrying on out in the kitchen she was that loud. Warren shouted out telling her to shutup. We have work we have to get done Steph! Stephenie replied back to her brother telling him to shove it up his butthole! Warren laughed and so did Tony and I. We went on with our home work. Stephenie quieted down and it became quiet for awhile.

The three of us sat there working hard and Stephenie came from the kitchen and she stood there watching us three work for a few minutes. Then she spoke up to her brother. Warren will you do the dishes for me please? Warren didn't look up but told Stephenie; No you have to do them! Don't bug me! Please Warren dragging out the please with a wineing tone in her voice. Warren shot back and told her he had said no! Stephenie stood there and pouted for a long moment.

Then she told Warren she would do anything he asked if he would do the dishes for her. Warren looked up from his homework. He turned and looked at his sistor. Anything? Warren asked her. Anything Stephenie said back to him. A slight smile came to Warrens lips. Tony and I had stopped with our homework and we were watching and listening to those two now.

Ok I'll do the dishes if you pee swinging on the rope out in the barn like we did last week! Warren said to Stephenie. Stephenie replied back to her brother saying; No way! Warren smiled with a bigger smile. That is what it will take for me to do your dishes Steph. Steph was silent,looked down at her squirming one foot which she was kind of shuffling about. Her face turned a little red but she was thinking hard about her brothers terms.

Then after a very long pause Stephenie in a loud whisper told Warren ok she would do it. Stephenie then ran out of the dinning room and ran upstairs. Tony and I looked at Warren. Tony asked Warren if Stephenie would do it. Warren smiled and replied to Tony saying she now had no choice but to do it now. I some how knew that she would do it. We went on with our homework and finished it all after another hour had gone by.

So we all got up and went out to the kitchen. The three of us did the dishes so we would be done much faster. Warren washed I dried and Tony put everything away. It took us about 15 minutes to get everything done. Warren told us to wait in the kitchen. I'll go get Stephenie. Warren left the kitchen and went upstairs while Tony and I waited in the kitchen.

Both Warren and Stephenie came into the kitchen a few minutes later. Warren told Stephenie that every thing was done. Stephenie looked around and saw that we had done it all. OK you lived up to your part of the barginshe said to Warren. I'll live up to my part of it. So Stephenie was the first to go out the door followed by us three boys right behind her.

We all walked right out to the barn and slipped inside the door and Warren closed it behind him for he was the last one in line. Stephenie slowly walked over to the rope and grabbed it and started slwly walking to the one side of the barn with the rope in her hand. Once she had reached the spot where everyone would start to run she stood there holding the rope in her hand.

She looked right at her brother as she stood there. Warren how am I going to do this? I'm not a boy. I don't have a johnson that I can just pull out and hold while I piss! Stephenie said this with aangry tone in her voice. Stephenie was wearing adress at this time. Warren told her just simply take off your underware and then pee while you are swinging. I can't do that! Stephenie said back to her brother. I'll piss on my dress and get it wet!

Warren thought only just for a instant. Then with a bigger smile now on his face he simply told Stephenie take your dress off! Tony and I looked at each other,then Warren and Stephenie last. I thought to myself right then that Stephenie would not do it! Tony had the look on his face that she wouldn't do it either.Stephenie was silent now as she stood there holding on to the rope and she was kicking the hay around with her one foot. She seemed that she was thinking quite hard about the situation that she had gotten herself into.

Tony and I stood there and we both spoke up saying Stephenie didn't have to do this. Warren told us that she had to. A deal is a deal. Stephenie looked at Warren and then me and Tony. Then she walked over to the center of the barn with the rope. She let go of it and she then pulled her dress up over her head and dropped it on the hay on the floor! She was going t do it!

Stephenie stood there only a very short moment staring back at just her brother Warren. What shocked Tony and I was that Stephenie was not wearingpanties for she was standing there in front of us completely naked! (Even back then she had a very cute reaend!) That was what my eyes were drawn to at that moment. Then Stephenie quickly walked back over to the starting point and she turned stood still for a couple of seconds. Now we all got o see the whole front of her!

Then Stephenie took a few running steps jumped on the rope and started swining across the barn.All three of us watched her swing naked across the length of the barn. She swung back and started her second forward swing. She hadn't started to pee yet. As she reached the end of her second forward swing that is when she started to pee! For all three of us saw her pee start running down her legs at first for she wasn't peeing hard at all.

As she swung back the second time she started to pee harder. A stream now had formed and it was shooting out just a little from her vagina wetting the hay on the floor as she swung through the air. Now Warren gave outa loud whistle as Stepehenie started another forward swing and she was pissing! Tony and I just stood there and we just stared as Stephenie swun past us.

Stephenie started swing back again. As she swung by us her piss stream eased right up going back into a dribble which ran down her legs again rewetting both of them. Stephenie swung forward one more time. Then as she came back she just hopped down from the rope and ran over to her dress where it was laying in the hay on the floor. She picked it up quickly and slipped it back over her head and then down her body covering herself up.

She stood there glarung at her brother Warren. Happy now? she said to him. Warren told her he was. Then she looked over at Tony and me just for a quick moment. She gave me and Tony a quick wink! She wasn't nad at us two. Then she ran over to the door and ran outside slamming it shut behind her. As it turned out Tony was in one of Stephenies classes in school. Stephenie told Tony she was only mad at Warren not us two. In fact she told Tony that she would have done it even if it was just us two there! Also too she remebered this when we had gone out that time after she had peed in the lake in front of Tony and I! She asked us two if we remebered her doing her striptease swinging piss in the barn. Who could forget that! We both said to her. That made her laugh hard and so did Tony and I.


I just wanted to add something to my previous post. I'll bet that if you were to talk to the custodian or custodians in the building, they would probally tell you how many pooped-up pairs of panties THEY have found there-probally a lot of them in the very same restroom where you had your accident. That's the way it is with public restrooms, with the high volume of people they handle, it's inevitable that there's going to be more than a few accident cases such as yours. I'd be willing to bet that there's some people right there in your office who have shit their pants at work, and same as you, no one ever found out. That's one thing I remember from my custodial days-people from ALL walks of life would be deperate with the same basic need-the need to relieve themselves. I've seen everything from executive-type ladies in very nice suits (right on the edge of shitting, pissing, or both in a $300+ suit), to ladies in jeans all rushing in to grab a stall or else begging me to give them a few minutes privacy to relieve themselves. I NEVER turned anyone away that was desperate-my feeling was that if I ever caused someone to shit their pants because I held them up, I would wash their panties BY HAND, and help them in whatever way possible. That's how bad I'd feel about it. Once again, I hope I've been able to offer you some encouragement and make you realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS. Take care, Jessica.

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