While at a local race track the other day I saw a boy of about 7 or 8 standing behind a SUV with his back to the main road but facing a the rest of the parking area. He had a ark of pee coming from his front side. He apparently was told just go as the portalet was a little walk from the car. His mom was setting in the back of the SUV watching him do it. I was a little surprised to see him doing it the wide open. any parents do this with their kids?

beach girl
with summer coming, i was wondering if anyone had stories about peeing at the beach.


Just some words of comfort-PLEASE don't feel bad. I hope you've read some of my previous posts from my experiences working in custodial at a large shopping mall-pooped-up panties were a regular thing in the stall sanitary boxes as I made my daily rounds. Is that where you tossed yours? They're the equivalent of garbage bags, and they're very discreet-no need to carry the panties out of the stall for others to see. You did the right thing-discreetly roll them up dispose of them-it was solid poop in a mound, so it was easy to dump into the toilet, although usually when you dump the panties, the shit will smear the front part of the toilet rim, right between the split in the seat. That was always the tell-tale mark that someone had had an accident, I'd see that shit smear there, and knew what to expect in the tampon box. Sometimes there would be some shit smeared on the seat as well, although you could see that the person had done their best to wipe it up. Don't feel bad about any smears or the puddle on the floor, that's what guys like me are there for, it's part of our job. Ask anyone who works in custodial, and they'll tell you the same. Smile, it's OK-I'm sure every lady who's panties I found felt the same way as you. I hope this made you feel better, and may your day be bright.

Upstate Dave
Hello again all. I'm just wondering where was the most odd place or object you have peed in? My post this time does deal with one of the girls that I played with when we were young peed in something that she must have used a lot for she even had a name for it! Let me go on and tell you.

Jeannie S was one of the group that we hung out together. I was down at her house one Saturday which it was one of those rainy summer days which we do get here from time to time. Besides Jeannie S her older sistor Barbie S was there so we were playing a game together. Barbie S won and she left to go do somethng else. We had been playing the game in Jeannie S's bedroom.

Right after her sistor left the room Jeannie S started fooling around with me trying to tickle me while teasing me about her sistor winning the game and I not winning. So I teased her back too telling her she too had not won. I also knew Jeannie was quite ticklish so I started to tickle her back. She started laughing quite hard as I tickled her.

Jeannie laughing kept on trying to tickle me searching for any spot that she could find but was having no luck. I was ticklish only in one spot and I wouldn't tell her. She would have to find it on her own. I told her this as we fooled around. We went on for about the next ten minutes or so with me tickling her off and on and she trying to find that ticklish spot on me.

I had just tickled Jeannie S again and she told me I better stop! I laughed and asked her why. Jeannie told me she would pee all over me if I did. You better let me up! I stopped tickling her but held her down for a moment. You wouldn't pee on me I said to her. Jeannie looked right at me. I wouldn't? she said back to me. You want to find out? I thought real fast and knowing her she would! So I let her up.

Jeannie S ran out of the bedroom but came flying right back into her room. She ran over to her closet real fast. As she bent down she told me her damn sistor Barbie was in the bathroom and the door was locked! Jeannie S frantically searched her closet tossing clothes,boxes, and shoes out of it all over her bedroom floor!

Then she almost yelled out; Found it! She turned around and she had one of those bright orange plastic halloween plastic pumkin candy containers. You know the one that is used for putting your treats in when you trick or treat. Jeannie turned around in front of her closet and sat the plastic pumpkin down on the floor.

Her closet door was open so she would not be seen by anyone else if they were out in the hall if they passed by. Jeannie S reached under her dress and yanked down her white panties letting go of them once she had them pulled down to the point they just fell down around her feet. Jeannie squated right down over the pumkin and moved it into postion under her.

Then Jeannie gathered up the botom of her dress getting it out of the way. She did all of this in seconds. Then as I watched her do this and as soon as she had taken care of her dress Jeannie started peiing into the plastic pumpkin! Boy did she pee too! She had a stream that just gushed out from her. Her stream also was spraying droplets of pee of from it which some went inside the plastic pumpkin,some wetted the outside of it, and even some of her pee droplets missed the pumpkin completely and were hiting the wooden floor around the plastic pumpkin!

Jeannie was looking down but she had her eyes shut so she wasn't seeing that she was wetting the floor with her spraying pee. She let out one long soft sigh. The relief she was feeling was most likely more importent to her! It sure looked like it to me as I watched her. It only took seconds for her pee to cover the botom of the plastic pumpkin so now there was the sound of her pee inside of it splashing.

I now spke up saying to Jeannie S telling her she also was peeing on the floor. I saw her open her eyes and she saw that she was. She tried moving her butt but that didn't help any. Thn she tried slowing her stream down and that didn't work eiether. So she gave up and just let it go. I'll wipe it up after she said back to me. She was silent for a few seconds. Then she told me; See what would have happened if I peed on you Dave? You would have been soaked! No I would hgave drowned! I said back to her. Jeannie giggled a little after I had said that back to her.

Jeannie S went on with her pee for a good twenty seconds more. Then her stream eased right off with her spraying stopping and the splashing of her pee inside the plastic pumkin getting much softer. Then her stream stopped but she dripped pee into the pumpkin for several seconds and then she stopped and was done. The only sound now was a very soft sound of crackling comming from the plastic pumpkin. There must have been a lot of pee foam in it so withe the bubbles popping that was what wwas making the soft crackling sound.

Jeannie reached down still squating over the pumpkin pulled her white pantioes up to her knees. Then she stood up and pulled them up the rest of the way. Then she stepped back and picked the plastic pumplin and walked towards her bedroom window with it. As she did she told me I better dump out my peeumpkin! Peeumpkin? I said back to her. Jeannie S laughed as she now was at her window and was just about to pour her pee out of the open window. Yes peeumpkin she said back to me. That is what I call it Dave. She giggled when she told me this. I even laughed softly now as I watched her dump her pee out of it holding it outside the open window.

Jeannie finished dumping her pee out of the plastic pumpkin and walked back to the closet and set the peeumpkin inside of it in the corner. She then told me she would right back. She left the bedroom and came back in a couple of minutes with some paper towels and wiped up the pee on the floor. She tossed the paper towels in her wastepaper basket. Then she sat back down with me on the bed and started to tickle me again! After a moment or two she said to me to remind her to wash out her peeumkin so it doesn't stink up the closet. Laughing not from her tickling me for she hadn't found the spot yet still I told her I would. Upstate Dave

hi im new here and i want to tell you about a story of mine that happened when i was about 14 (1 year ago). i was due to meet my boyfriend (very cute) at the park. i was a little early and needed the toilet so i made my way to the park ones. theses had reciently been done up so i figuered they would be nice. how ever they were now pay toilets and i had no money so i went into the trees next to the path goin into the park and took a dump in a bush. i started to wipe when my boy friend came round the corner and saw me. **** i was so imbarased i just stayed there still. we broke up instantly and now the word has gone round the school.

p.s i have a short questionairre for boys aged 11-18 please answer.

3)size (average, fat, thin)?
4)have you ever pooed outside?
5)if so where and why(please give details)?
6)did you bury it?
7)what did you use to wipe your butt with

Uncle Harry
Summer Job in the Swamp

At the end of my junior year of college, I was seriously dating a girl, later my first wife, who lived in that city, and I decided to stay for the summer, rather than go home as I usually did. I got a summer job with the state environmental agency to collect samples of river and pond water for analysis for pollution. We worked in teams of two and my partner turned out to be a college girl from the area named Mary. This was her second year at the job so she was the senior partner. On the first day, I went to the agency garage to pick up our van and gear. Since we would be working in semi-swampy areas, we were required to wear denim work shirts, jeans, high boots with the pants tucked inside, and broad-brimmed hats, to protect us against sun, poison ivy, prickly shrubs, and creepy-crawly critters. We also had to be heavily doused with mosquito repellent. We brought our lunches with us, because there was no time to go hunting for a restaurant in sparsely populated boondocks areas, and who would want us, smelling like sweat and citronella. So off we went, into the wilds of Maryland's eastern shore.

My first thought, with a female partner, was where do we pee and possibly shit. I didn't ask, figuring she would let me know in due time. Lunch time arrived and, since we were carrying and drinking plenty of water, she suddenly announced that she needed to pee and did I need to pee and she'd be surprised if I didn't. She asked if I was pee shy. I told her I wasn't, and she said "Good. Then we don't have to be concerned about privacy". We got out of the van and walked over to a somewhat grassy area with low vegetation. I asked her, "Are you really going to squat down in that stuff?" "No way", she replied. "I'm not going to risk poison ivy on my butt or my pussy. I have a better way". Then she pulled out of her shoulder bag a square, thin, waxed piece of cardboard, folded diagonally, that she said she had devised. She showed me that, when it was part-way open, like butterfly wings, it formed a sort of chute that she could use to pee standing up. (Commercially available stand-to-pee devices were not then available, in the late 1950s. A similar design is now available as the Whizzy. Maybe she should have taken out a patent on it). "I'll show you how it works", she said, and then unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down to just above her knees, followed by her underpants. Spreading her legs as far as she could with pants around her legs, she unfolded the cardboard, put the thing between her legs about 2 inches below her vagina, and spread the "wings" until they were just touching her legs. "watch how this works", she said, and started to pee. Her pee stream went straight down onto the device and then flowed at an angle past her pants and then down to the ground. "Amazing", I said. She finished her pee, tossed the devise aside, wiped her pussy with some tissue, tossed that, and pulled her pants back up.

"Aren't you going to pee?", she asked. I had been so absorbed in watching how she peed that I forgot that I needed to pee. I unzipped, got out my built-in "Whizzy", and let go, while she was standing there watching and talking to me. Well, I spent the rest of the summer watching her pee every lunch break.

John Philip
Upstate Dave: Yeah well I wanted to tell ya that your posts are exceptional. Awesome stuff, most noteably the ones about the girls taking dumps and taking effort to push them out.

I also enjoy reading the posts by Zip (possibly because I am exactly the opposite. You couldn't pay me to use a crowded public shithouse!)

I am 18 years old and completing my final year of high school. I will be quite glad to get the hell out of there. The superficiality of some kids just amazes me. Anyway, I poop right after school and it usually takes about five minutes. Sometimes I have to use the crapper around 7 AM before I leave for school in the morning. This morning I got prepared for school as usual, then went into the bathroom, unbuckled my belt, pulled my jeans to my knees (yeah insignificant information but I've read about "anklers" vs "knees")

Anyway I leaned forward and began pushing almost immediately. I let my usual fart and felt the load move down. The tip come out and I stopped pushing. I felt it slide out rather easily into the toilet bowl. I then pushed for more and felt two more more smaller ones come out. Christ, this whole ordeal took only about five minutes counting the wiping, which for me is a vital part of the process.

However, when I was younger (about 14 or 15 I recall) I used to sit on the toilet for an hour slowly letting out a well formed log. I remeber one really enjoyable one when it get stuck about halfway out and I sat for about three minutes until splashdown (ha!). Unfortunately, I can't do that anymore, mostly because I can no longer hold it in for two days. Times change...

I'm going back to watch the rest of my DVD of The Evil Dead II (a favorite horror film of mine made in '87), so I hope to catch you all later.

TO ANNY: No laxatives, where does it leave me. The comments I have had from several specialists say, in my case laxatives are necessary.
My poo today was a real loooong affair...slow and laborious.
I got up early and headed to work and went to my public toilets....
I dropped my pants and sat....I try and meditate..breathing deeply....over the course of 20 minutes I evacuated quite a bit of all came out very slowly....there was quite a bit of grunting but I did not strain too much.

I was donating plasma today when I started to get really bad stomach cramps. I tried to ignore it but they kept getting worse and I was only about 1/4 of the way finished. Every once in awhile I would fart and that would make me feel better for a few minutes. It just kept getting worse and I was praying I wouldn't have to get someone to disconnect me and I was trying to think up a story about why, other than having to poop, that I needed to stop, but I couldn't come up with anything, which just made things worse. I was almost done and the pain was pretty much constant, but tolerable, so I finished it and then there was a line checking out because a stupid guy couldn't get his finger to scan, but I finally checked out and ran to the bathroom. I was pooping before my ass hit the toilet! Luckily I had some magazines with me, because I can't stand just sitting there, so I read while the mushy poop kept coming out. I messaged hubby to tell him where I was, and of course, the dumb ass had to call me. Luckily, no one else was in there. I have pooped two more painful, crampy shits today. Most days are like that, but I've usually been fine while donating plasma!

Hi, Magda again. I posted some time ago, but it has been many months. I have another story of when I was small (11 or 12) and on a holiday seeing my aunt and uncle in France. We are at a lake one day, and after some time, I start getting very hot in the sun and I tell my aunt and uncle that I am going to go for a walk in the woods that are around the lake. They say okay but to come back in an hour and don't go too far away. I go a little bit into the woods, but then I find a soft spot of grass and decide to sit there are read for some time. The grass is very tall and thick, and I am wearing a green suit, so I am hard to see. After 5 minutes, I hear my aunt's and uncle's voices, and I peer through the grass and see them coming behind some trees in front of me carrying toilet paper and a blanket. My aunt is very private about her toilet needs, unlike my mother and father and siblings, so I was curious and did not tell them I was there. They stop at a big bush and my uncle hands my aunt the toilet paper and then he holds the blanket up. They are both sideways to me, so I am still able to see-the blanket is blocking anyone coming from the beach in the front. My aunt gets behind the blanket and pulls down the black bottoms of her swim suit. She squats facing the bush with her back to the blanket and sideways to me. I think she is very uncomfortable about peeing outside, because she pees 10 small spurts before a small, steady stream comes out. She pees for 10 more seconds maybe before wiping and then getting up. When she is done, my uncle gives her the blanket, then he pulls the end of his penis out from the leg of his trunks and pees straight down on the ground. My aunt, of course, is not watching and has in fact started going back to the beach. My uncle finishes and follows her. This is the only time I have seen either of them peeing, even though I see them many times in my life.
Then after some time, I think thinking it is my time to go back to the beach. I am closing my book when I hear voices. Through the grass, I see some more people coming to the bush. It is a family, a mother and father with two young boys-one is probably 4 and the other is 6 or 7. They come around the bush to where there is a small clear area and they are almost facing me. The dad helps the older boy get his swim suit down and he immediately starts peeing. The boy pees for 15 seconds and then stops and goes and starts playing with some sticks some feet away. While he is peeing, the mom tells the dad that he can go and she will help the small boy. The mom then stands behind the small boy and pulls his suit down and holds his penis to aim and tells him to go. Meanshile, the dad is standing beside them. His suit is strange-it is tight shorts, and in the front, there is a zipper. He has taken down the zipper and pulls out his penis. The minute he takes it out, he starts loudly peeing a yellow stream in the dirt in front of him. Meanwhile the mother is still trying to make the little boy go. She keeps saying to him to hurry, because she has to pee very badly. Finally, when the dad is almost done peeing, the boy pees a little and the mom puts his suit back and runs to play with his brother. While the dad puts his penis back in the suit, the mother takes her red bottoms off and squats with her knees together and feet apart. A few trickles come out, then stop, then another dribble. She says she needed to go so much and now she has held it for so long that it will not come! She is not squatting very low, so she spreads her feet a little so she is lower, then some stronger spurts come out. The dad is watching her while she is trying to pee. Oh, it's coming she says, and then suddenly a huge clear stream comes out from her vagina. It arches in front of her, landing two feet away. She pees loudly like this for almost a minute before stopping. She shakes off and stands up, and the family goes away. That was one of the biggest pees I have seen!

Last night, something very interesting happened that I just had to post about. A friend and I were walking home from a bar, it was after midnight and we were really wasted. Along the way, my friend said she really needed go to the bathroom. I felt I could probably pee as well, so we ducked into the next alley we came to.

We briefly looked around, making sure no one could see us, and then my friend took off her skirt and thong and moved over to a trashcan. Meanwhile, I took off my jeans and panties, just standing near a wall. I peed for a little bit, a very short stream, and threw the tissue in the trash. While I was peeing, my friend gripped the sides of the trashcan for support, positioned her butt over the can and let the floodgates go. She peed a long hard stream for a minute or more, and then a poop emerged, making a funny splat sound as it hit the trash in the can.

For a while, poop after poop came out of her butt. Each one was maybe two inches long and she must have dropped at least ten of them. At the end, she pushed out a longer poop, probably six or seven inches long, and peed a little more. She used all the tissues she had in her bag to wipe, and still wasn't quite clean, so I gave her a few of mine.

After she was done, I looked in the trashcan and saw a bunch of small turds lying on top of the trash. I commented how the next person to use this trashcan will get a nasty surprise. My friend and I just laughed and walked away.

I have a bit of a problem I wanted to get some advice on. I'm a 23 year old female living in the UK, but there's an embarrassing toilet problem I have sometimes. I guess it's best to just start at the beginning...

Friday night, I went out to eat at a mexican restaurant. I absolutely love mexican food, and I eat more than I probably should. This particular night, I had a quesadilla and a burrito. The problem came later that night, like it always does.

All that night, I had terrible gas, I was ripping nasty sounding farts, and my stomach was bloated. Anyway, the next morning I woke up with my usual urge to take my morning dump. I went into the bathroom, which I share with a roommate, and plopped myself down on the toilet.

I let out some more farts, some of them smelled pretty bad. I had a short pee while I was farting, and then the head of my log poked out. I broke off a small log, it splashed into the toilet. The smell was horrendous, even with the fan on, the window open, and the door slightly cracked. I kept unloading logs from my butt, these ones longer than the first. I pushed each one out for about five seconds before they splashed. When I had let out my sixth log, and I still felt a bit more, I heard my roommate say "What the hell did you eat? I could smell that in my room!"

I flushed the toilet to get rid of some smell, but it didn't really help any. I let out two more logs, but these ones took about eight to ten seconds to push out and they made much less sound, more like plops. I began the arduous task of wiping, but I flushed the toilet again first. The smell was still bad, but not quite as bad. I wiped my front one time only, but I had to wipe my butt five times. It took a lot of paper.

So, that's my embarrassing problem... I fumigate the bathroom every time I eat mexican food, but I really really love it. I can't help but eat it, even knowing the consequences. Anybody have any advice? Hopefully besides just not eating mexican food anymore.

Does anyone remember an episode of Sex and the City in which Cynthia Nixon's character has a morning after moment with a guy who we see on the toilet farting up a storm? Anyone remember which season it is from?

petite pooper
Hi, it's me again. I'm a 21 year old female, short brown hair, caramel complexion, about average height and weight for those who care to know. I've posted here before about me and my now ex gf, (I'm a lesbian), and about my poop problems. Lately, well for a while now, nearly for 8 mos to be exact, I have been having trouble passing stools. I see a g.i. doctor regularly for my bowel troubles, and he suggested I get a colonoscopy. I'm nervous, I've never had any type of experience like this before. I do want to start feeling better, and pass stool like normal again. I've had wet mushy stools for months now. I haven't had a firm solid stool in nearly 4 months! I've lost weight, bcuz I don"t like the pressure I feel in my colon and intestines whenever I eat, and I pass gas soo much. I can't wait to get this over with. I think I may have a blockage in my colon somewhere. I hope it's not serious , my father passed away at 40 from colon cancer.

Gyrating girl
I am facinated by your site. Yesterday I have found a way to make a poop more fun. I am a young girl but I find the girls groups of the early sixties very good music. Last evening when I was alone in the house I really needed to poop. I rushed into the living room and turned on some music by the cookies really loud. I could here it in the bathroom real loud, and I left the door open.
I only farted a little but I decided to do something else. I waited for a lively song to come on the I started to push while slightly swaying my hips to the music. "ummph" I grunted. They a bucked my hips a little more and I went Aahh! The substance was coming out and I wanted it to go slowly. My panties were down to my knees and I put them all the way down to my ankles for the finally. I bucked them upwards and pushed. It fell in the water and the song was almost over. That felt so good.

I posted before, probably about 3 months ago. I'm a freshman in high school. These are my answers to Claire N's questions:
1. Are you comfortable using public toilets? I guess I should answer both yes and no. I'm comfortable at my school when the bathrooms are really busy and noisy like during passing periods. I will frequently pee and fart loudly and no one will hear me do it. However, if I'm on a pass during class and I'm the only user or there are very few others in the restroom, I become very conscious of the noise I make. So much so that sometimes I will slide myself forward on the seat so that my pee stream hits and bowl and not the water. That way there's no noise. (It's crazy, I know!).
2. Have you ever had a problem in using public toilets? Yes, there are times when I've been at concerts and basketball games at our muny auditorium and I stand in a long line waiting for a stall to open. When it does, I rush in only to find urine on the toilet seat and no paper in the holder to wipe with. That really sucks. But I sit down anyway and make the best of it because I'm impatient.
3. Do you ever go to the toilet in front of a partner? Not in the last several years, although I know some of my friends will allow their boyfriends to watch them pee and crap. I do remember once when I was about 5, my parents were out of town, and my babysitter took me to the circus. I was on the stool, in the middle of a crap, and she came in and made me step aside while she sat down and she peed like there was no tomorrow. I just couldn't believe how noisy and long her pee was. When she finally got up, moved to the side and wiped, she didn't even thank me.
4. Have you ever gone to the toilet outdoors. Yes, when I was about 8 and riding my bike with friends at the park, I used a toilet there to pee. My mom was driving by on her way back from the store and she saw me come out of the building. She grounded me for a week.
5. How do you feel about going to the toilet outdoors? Now sometimes I will stop and crap in that bathroom on my way to school. Often during the fall and winter the seats are pretty cold. Come to think of it, the seat was pretty cold even this morning. However, I had a nice crap of three pieces, the longest was about 20-inches in length.

The Mortified Model
Hi everyone. I am a 22 year old female model from ???? Canada. I am about 5 foot 11 and have long brown hair, blue eyes and a nice model's body.

I had a mortifying experience at a modeling show at a mall in downtown ???? a few weeks before Christmas and I just found this website, and the courage to tell my story.

The modeling show that I was part of on this one Saturday afternoon in a mall in downtown ????, was a lingerie show for ???? and I was one of 12 girls modeling that day. I decided to take the bus downton as driving and finding parking can always be a challenge in downtown ????. I was wearing fairly tight jeans and white bikini panties as well as a white bra and a button up dress shirt. I packed up my make-up and modeling gear and went on my way. My stomach was feeling a little off that day so I figured that my period was starting up. Boy, was I wrong.

About half way through the show, I was modeling a pair of white bikini panties with tiny Christmas trees and a matching bra. I was two models away from going up on the run way, when my stomach started acting up. As it got closer to my turn I told the lady running the show that I wasn't feeling well and that I needed to get to the washroom. She told me that I had to take my turn on the runway and that I could go to the ladies room as soon as I was done. I tried telling her that I was getting desperate and that it was an emergency, but she kept telling me that I had to take my turn as it would throw off the entire show. So, I took my turn...

I couldn't walk down the runway with the same speed and stature that I normally do as a model as I was trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched the whole way. I felt a couple wet diarrhea farts leave my body as I got to the end of the runway to do my three point turn. I couldn't turn properly though as the diarrhea started oozing out of my body and into the panties that I was modeling. I tried to make a break for it to get off the runway, but about halfway back I stopped and totally filled the panties that I was modeling. It was so mortifying!!! I could totally feel the diarrhea explode into the panties that I was modeling and expand behind and underneath me as the mess went up my back, and into the crotch of the panties. I took a few steps and my stomach clenched again and another torrent of diarrhea poured into the panties. By this time the diarrhea was pouring out of the leg holes and down my legs and onto the runway. The people in the crowd were absolutely stunned as I stood there and continued having diarrhea attack after attack. I finally made my way off the runway leaving a trail of diarrhea behind me. I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on, crying the entire time. As I pulled my jeans up, the diarrhea spread all up my back and down my legs. I was so sick! The other girls were trying to console me the entire time, but I didn't stop getting dressed. I just wanted to get out of there. The entire time I kept pooping my pants more and more.

I got on the first bus that I could to take me home. I could not stop crying. My modeling agent heard about the incident and has been very good about it. Getting jobs since then has been a little difficult, but I have had a few since my Christmas show accident.

Has anyone ever seen this happen to a model who was modeling underwear? If so, please tell as I am still not completely over this.

Hi i went to my camp this morning to have my daily dump and flush the mess i have done a few day earlierin the week.So when i get to the camp i notice somebody went after me on the chemical toilet probaly it was my girlfriend because it have 2 big log on the top of my tp and it have a tampax in anyway i flush the the crap in the tank with water and i sit myself on the potty and have my dump it took me 15 min before i was done.I whipe my self 3 time and i was clean,i pour water again in the potty and flush my crap down after i clean the potty white some pinsol and i left the camp.When i get to my house i ask my GF if she went to the camp this week and she said yes she said the toilet was full but she need to go pretty bad and she didnt mind the poty was full she have to go i smile at her and i went for my shower,HAS SOON i jump in the shower she then came in the bathroom and tell me that she need to have a crap now so she sat on the toilet and let it go.By the time i was done my shower she was still on the toilet with some dhiarea flowing under her ass .So i massage her t... and she smiled at me and thanks me .done for now i will post more later .

I remeber a story about a movie theater where there was an upper portion where no one sat and the person would always pee in the aisle so she wouldn't miss any of the movie.
Does anyone either no what page it was on or have a simmilar story?

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with the family reunion post for there is more that happened with Jessica. I had slept outside in a big hammock so I waited outside for breakfast to be made. Jessica came out a short time later with a big glass of oj and sat with me in the hammock while we waited for breakfast. She had changed of courseout of her shorts and shirt.

I told her that it looked like you got away with it. Jessica smiled and shook her head yes as she was taking a drink from the glass of her oj. She finished taking her drink and she told me next time if I have to pee that bad I'll just go. No matter where I am! She looked at me and she and I both laughed.

We sat and talked while we waited along with drinking all of the oj in the glasses we had. Jessica took the glasses and went back inside to check on breakfast. She came out several minutes later with breakfast and refilled glasses of more oj and walked over to one of the picnic tables and told me comeon its ready. I got out of the hammock and went over to the picnic table and sat down with her.

We both ate our breakfast quickly for we were hungry. It was good too. Once we were done we both got up and went inside and I told my aunt breakfast was good and I thanked her. She thanked me back and then Jessica and I both went outside. Outside Jessica asked me if I liked t fish. Don't ask a country boy about fishing of course I do! I said tro her. Good thats what we are going to do Dave Jessica said to me. So we walked down to what was there old house now being used a storage building and we got out two fishing poles.

We also had to get bait whic would be worms so she and I both dug in the dirt in the garden and we got plenty of worms for our bait. Now we were all set. So Jessica knew where to go so I followed heracross the field and out to the dirt road. We then walked along the road and went up the hill and started down the other side of the hill untill we came to a trail road and turned on to that road which cut into the woods.

The trail road went downhill and after I would have guessed going a few hundred yards we came out on what I would call a lake. Jessica told me it was a old resivoir. It is still used as a backup she told me. No boats are allowed on it but you can fish here. Since the trail road came right down to the shore it was open and we nad clearence to cast. It was a good spot for that.

Jessica leaned her pole up against one of the trees at the side of the road. I had already started to bait my hook with a worm. I asked her what was she doing. Why arn't you baiting your hook? Jessica laughed. Dave I have to pee first! I then laughed. I expected her to step out of the trail road and duck into the trees but to my surprise Jessica didn't!

Jessica had put on a pink tshirt and jeans when she got changed. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her zipper. She did it so calmly like she was the only one there! I stood there silent staring at her as she now pulled her jeans down to her knees. Jessica was not wearing panties either for she did not pull any down with her jeans! She got down in a high squat. As soon as she did she did start to peee and hard!

Hers stream came out with a wide head and went right into a long twist. It angled slightly forward as it went downward. It hissed loudly too. Along with her stream hissing there was the sound of crackling from her pee hiting the dry leaves in the grass in the old road. Jessica was looking doiwn watching her pee stream. Without looking up she spoke saying to me; Dave you don't know how good this feels right now. Jessica did know I was there! I thought to myself as I stared at her. I didn't say anything back to her.

I would have bet that Jessica peed for better then a half minute. Then her stream thinned right down with its hissing stopping. Then she stopped without a drip of pee comming off from her. She grabbed her jeans as she stood up and pulled them up. She zipped them right up and buttoned them. Now I'm ready to go fishing! she said to me. Then she laughed seeing me still staring at her. Come on Dave snap out of it! We have some fishing to do! I still didn't react. Jessica then said to me I bet your worm is nice and big now! That brought me back out of my trance. I laughed for I knew what she ment by that.

So Jessica baited her hook and she and I stepped over to the shore and we casted our lines out. We both then sat down and waited for a hit. Jessica was in a talking mood too sort of. It was more of a teasing kind of talk directed at me about me seeing her pee. Dave you reacted like you had not seen a girl pee before she said to me. Your old enough by now to see a girl pee! She giggled all the time when she said this to me. I told her without looking at her I had seen a girl pee before. In fact many times.

The conversation beween us went on with me telloing her the times I had seen a girl pee and Jessica asked me the girls names. It didn't matter for Jessica didn't know any of them. Then Jessica asked me if had I ever peed in front of any of them in return. I told her that I had. I smiled when I answered her. That made her smile back at me. Jessica then asked me f I would pee in front of her. I told her I would when I have to go. That won't be to long either! I said to her. Jessica giggled hard and we then started to pay more attention to our fishing.

Both of over the next hour or so did catch three fish each but we threw them back even though they were keepers. By this time I did need to pee so I told Jessica. She surprised me by saying that she had to go again also! So lets go together! she said to me. So we set our poles aside and stepped back away from the shore of the resivour and walked up the trail road. Then we stopped together in the middle of the trail road.

We stood there together she unbuttoning her jeans while I pulled down the zipper on mine. As I reached inside my open zipper Jessica pulled her zipper down and was just starting to pull her jeans down. I slipped my now erect penis outside my jeans. Jessica was looking over right at me then and she saw my penis outsiode of my jeans and she stopped pulling her jeans down and just stood there with them at haft mast staring!

I laughed and teased her by saying to her; Now look who is frozen stiff! Jessica laughed realizing she was and she shoved her jeans down to her knees and squated while I aimed my penis downward at the ground. I started peeing first. I had been holding my pee for sometime and I shot out a hard nice stream of pee with a wide head and a long twist. Since I was only holding my penis down aat a slight angle my stream was hitting the leaves and grass in the old tral road about four feet from me.

I teased Jessica. Lie what you see? She giggled watching me pee for a few seconds. Then she started to pee which made her look down to take a look at her stream. Her stream this time just angled outward slightly. It wasn't ay near as hard as her first pee. Still it was nice to watch her go I thought to myself as I was looking over at her now. Jessica now looked back over at me watching me pee. Jessica only too a short pee this time which lasted about 15 seconds. This time she did dribble wetting her crotch but that didn't matter she stood up and pulled her jeqans right up anyway.

She stood there watching me pee which I was still going quite strong. She slowly zipped up her jeans and fumbled with the buton. She was doing the buton by feel for she was looking at something that had more of her interest then the butomn on her jeans! Then my stream started to die out. It thinned down fell comming back towards me. Seeing that I was just about done Jessica did look down and butoned her jeans finially. I stopped my pee then but did do one push making one hard spurt. I was done and i slipped my penis back inside my jeans and zipped them up. We turned around together and went back to our fishing poles and casted them out and sat down to gether again and went back to our fishing. Up state Dave

It's been awhile since my last post but something happened yesterday to me that I had to share. I actually peed and pooped in my pants. A bonafide accident. I have said in the past that I am a rather open person. I love to pee outside and in desperation, I tend to have no problem peeing behind a bush, on the side of the road, etc. In fact, it's a thrill. Yesterday afternoon I was in my backyard re-potting my new plants when my husband popped out and said he was running to do a few errands, he would be back in a few hours. I told him I would see him later and went back to what I was doing. It has been very hot and I had been drinking a lot of water so about an hour later, I needed to pee. I went to the door only to find that he had accidently locked me out when he came out to say goodbye. I walked around the house, through the gate and to the front door hoping he may have left that unlocked or forgot to close the garage door. Nope. So I went back to the yard and just sat down hoping he would be home soon. The time went by and the need got stronger. I walked over to both my neighbor's houses to try to use their phone but no one was home. I again returned to my yard knowing I was in trouble. In a normal situation, I wouldn't care. I would've walked into my yard, found a bush and peed. Not that simple at my home. First of all it was broad day light out. Second of all, I don't have any bushes or trees in my yard. Third, my rear neighbors home is two stories larger than mine so they have a full view of my yard. I had nothing which would provide enough cover for me to pull down my denim capri pants and panties and squat to have what I knew was going to be a long piss. More time went by and I knew I was losing the battle. With no sign of my husband in sight I started to panic. I didn't want my rear neighbors watching me squat for a piss in my yard out in the open. As I walked around to the side of the house one more time looking for any sign of my husband's car, a gas bubble went through my stomach and as I went to pass gas, a small stream of pee escaped. I knew it was over. I stayed on the side of the house and sought what little privacy I could near our air conditioning unit. I squatted down next to it and just as I did, the dam broke. The warm feeling of my pee flooded my bottom area. I knew squatting was the better way to go to try to control the mess, otherwise I would've had a shoe full of piss too. If it hadn't been under such desperate circumstances, I probably would have enjoyed the feeling. The warmth of my pee did feel good. I finished and surveyed the damage. It wasn't too bad but it was obvious. I stayed sitting on the grass so no nosy neighbors could look into my yard and see my obviously wet jeans. Time continued on with no sign of my husband still when the unthinkable happened. I needed to poop. I am not a fast pooper. My trips to the toilet take 15 minutes on average. If I wasn't willing to pull my pants down for a piss in the yard, a poop wasn't going to happen. I refused to poop my pants. I did everything I could to hold it but without success. I knew squatting for that would cause a huge mess so I stood back up and as I did I could feel my poop trying to squeeze out of my bum. My poop is usually one to two very large logs. Though it was coming out without much effort, once it reached the resistance of my panties, it stopped coming out. I didn't like this feeling as all. It was such an intense urge to poop. I decided I didn't care who saw what, I needed to get my pants off and squat to relieve myself. On the side of the house with the a/c unit I was near, we have a cement wall that shields the view of the street out front. My only concern was still the rear neighbors. I looked to their house and it seemed quiet. I still was cautious to remain discreet. I pulled down my piss saturated jeans and my now piss and brown stained panties to my knees. I squatted down next to the a/c unit and the wall. With a little bit of straining, my poop started coming again. Before it did, a nice stream of piss left my vagina and hit the cement wall. I haven't shit outside in probaly 10 years and even so I have only done it maybe twice in my life before yesterday. When I was finished, I had two huge logs and another two small ones on the ground. I have heard that squatting to shit completely empties you and that certainly was the case. I felt great after that poop. I pissed my pants one more time before my husband finally came home after being out for three and a half hours. Turned out he met up with an old friend at the bank and they went out for a drink to catch up. He was horrified when he saw me and I explained what I had been through. It certainly was an experience. I may try the peeing in my panties thing again though. This has all reminded me of an outdoor poop experience when I was a kid but that's another story.

Jessica - great story about your accident at work - thanks for sharing - and yes, accidents can happen to adults too. And please share the accident you had as a teenager that you mentioned at the end of your story.

On the john
Here is my most recent experience. I was on a team building trip with colleagues. We were out at a nature preserve with primitive plumbing. I had taken a fiber supplement last night as I often do to keep regular. We were trail hiking and took a break to observe nature-(or the call of nature, in my case.)
I wandered over to the facilities to find a triple seated john which was housed in a wooden enclave. I was really feeling the urge so I went in despite feeling uncertain as to my surroundings. The doors to each john were screen door so anyone passing by to check for vacancy could see in. I went in to the furthest (third) stall and pulled my shorts and panties down. I immediately passed a large amount of gas from the fiber and began to poo. I had taken more than usual and had a large salad plus hummus so I had a good movement. No sooner than I did this, but another woman came in to the cubicle next to mine. She came to my door first and was dressed in running shorts, etc. I supposed she needed anonymity also. She then took the next furthest seat.
She was still breathing heavily from running. She sat as I was passing my next poo with quite a bit of gas. I farted a long one and began plopping. She then strained and said "thank god." She pushed and let out a lot of gas and then quickly began plopping many poos into the water below. I had a cramp and then sent the next wave of loose matter into the great beyond. It was like... ploomp, splash pllllloomp, ploomp....oh,,,plop. speeew.
She returned with a groan and several fart plop farts. It was obvious by this point that we were both having loose and windy poos.
I felt finished and asked her if she was okay. She replied that she should lay off the psyllium for a bit as it was really cleansing her today. I said wow, me too. It feels good to be relieved. She sat a bit and released one more round as did I. I did paper cleaning and then finished with a moist wipe. We finished about the same time. She was really fit and had very tight shorts. I went back to my group and blushed as I had been gone so long. Later. -On the John....

I work part time as a gas pump attendant. I'm in a booth a couple of hundred feet from the store. Well last night I was late and didn't have time to pee before I went on duty and about halfway through my shift I had to pee BAD! The manager is supposed to check in with me but half the time he doesn't, and the intercom has been broken for a long time. It got so bad I knew I was about to pee my pants, but just then a friend stopped for gas and I told him to go tell a manager I had an emergency. Next thing I knew two security guards came running out thinking there was a robbery or something, and I was totally embarrassed to tell them that it was just a pee emergency. I almost didn't make it to the men's room and afterwards the manager really hollered at me. He said if it happens again I'm fired. So from now on I have to remember to pee before going on duty even if I'm late. And also not to drink a liter of Mountain Dew.

Hello everyone! Here's the story- One evening, a friend of my younger brother's that he wrestles with (my brother's a wrestler) came over so that we could take him to go weigh in for a wrestling meet the next day. So, in an effort to make weight, he ran on our treadmill for some time. Anyway, as many wrestlers do to make weight, they must get rid of their water fluids. So, I knew he'd have to be making a stop by the bathroom sometime. When he was finished working out, my dad suggested that he go upstairs to me and my brother's bathroom (we share a connected one) and he weigh himself on the scale. The boy had went into the bathroom with the door to my room already shut. But here's the thing; I hid a camera in the bathroom to catch him in the act. (I was doing this because my brother and I usually like to get a good laugh out of peoples bathroom experiences.) Anyway, I could hear the boy stepping onto the scale and weighing himself. A little while after, I heard him walk to the toilet, not knowing what was going to happen. So, he mounted the toilet and before he began to pee, a tiny little "pffft" fart came out and then he began. If he was just peeing, it sure seemed to take forever, because he was on the pot for some time. Then I heard my dad ask on my brother's side of the bathroom how much he weighed, and without notice, I heard him barge into the restroom, not knowing what was happening inside. The boy said something like "hold on!" not wanting to display his body. My dad then left saying sorry and the boy continued on. I now could hear him straining, knowing now that he must be pooping. He must have been lacking turds to pass because he kept making those "mmmhhhh" sigh sounds. My dad soon asked if he was almost done and he replied "no...yeah...kind of". He continued. Finally with one last breath, I heard a splash in the toilet of what seemed like a small turd. This was followed by about two more and then he finished and wiped. When I showed my brother the tape, we couldn't stop laughing at the straining this kid did. There was one time when he was even using the tactic of taking his hands and pushing on the anal backway. It was quite a pooping experience for him and a good time for us. Well, that's the story.


I posted once a long time ago, because in general, my trips to the toilet are pretty non-eventful. I generally go #2 once every other day, I have a fairly average bladder, whatever. So the only reason I'm posting here is a couple months ago when I got my wisdom teeth taken out.

For one thing, I'm 26, and I think it sucked worse than if I had it done when I was a kid, because I had to take sick days off work instead of missing school. I also had all of them removed at once and not just pulled, but removed oral surgery style. Generally unpleasant. So I was on both oxycoton for pain and antibiotics so that they wouldn't get infected, which is good. In general, I recovered pretty well.

The thing that I didn't take into account was that I'd be more constipated than I ever had been in my life. For quite a while, I didn't really notice or think about it because my mouth hurt so bad. I was eating primarily yogurt, milk, bananas, mac and cheese, and rice. Most fruits/vegs were either citrusy which would sting pretty good, tough/chewy, or seedy... all bad with these big holes in the back of my mouth. So bottom line, 4 or 5 days went by, a week, nothing. I've thought back on it and I didn't even have the slightest urge at all... It was like everything down there came to a sudden complete screeching halt.

So after some celebratory trips to an all you can eat Indian buffet and a family style Moroccan feat, things were getting a little uncomfortable. I started to feel really bloated and I had a lot of trapped gas. I started eating a lot more fibrous foods as my mouth could handle them, tried some reliable Taco Bell, nothing was doing. Finally, on day 15, I went for the 5 star spicy Thai curry.

In retrospect, maybe it was dumb, but really spicy food pretty much guarantees me a night in the bathroom (and cleans out my sinuses too). So I pretty much was terribly constipated but had explosive diarrhea also imminent as my intestines filled up with gas (and even though it probably didn't look that way, I swear I looked pregnant). The pregnant comparison seems a decent one, because after an hour of ghastly cramping when I got back home, I settled down in the bathroom to try and dislodge everything.

I pushed and bore down and pushed... I haven't given birth, but this had to hurt at least somewhat as an actual baby would have. I felt like I was pooping out a nalgene bottle of 99% dry concrete. I'm not going to try and type goofy sound effects, but after about 15 minutes, the bomb finally dropped and I farted for a good 30 seconds straight. Then followed a good 4-5 minutes of gas/diarrhea. When all was said and done, that was a full toilet that took some plunging. I should have weighed myself before and after, but I had to have lost at least 10 lbs. So not sure if there's a point to all that, but that's far and away my most eventful toilet story of my life to date. later


Monday, May 04, 2009

This is the third time of posting this reply and yes I have read the FAQ's with nothing wrong in my eyes

Gillian - Can you keep these great posts coming?

Do you think Jane knows you would like to watch her or will she take her time in letting you watch?

Once she knows and understands it, do you think she will "put on a real show" for you? If she was to do this how long would it take her, 10 mins+ or less on the loo?

Who has got the bigger bum and who would lean over the most?

Robyn - I live in Lancashire, England

Can you describe in detail the last time either of you had trouble in going and what help were you asked to give each other?

Please describe how you both sit on the pot because each of us is different, eg legs open/closed throughout, clothing round ankles or knees and if you are side on watching, do you get both front and back views or not?

Also who has the bigger bottom and can you tell just by looking that the other one is struggling when dropping "a big one".

Please try ang get Ashley to contribute to this board?


To Lena :

I have done a buddy dump few times with my girlfriend.Not really planned, but just happened on those occasions. Whether its me in front or her, we both do end up with the other's poo on our respective pubic areas. The inconvenient part has only been the penis which needs to be adjusted when she is in front of me to allow for maximum back-up space..!! The double dump is always a visual treat and it does stink a lot..but we can take it though..!!!

Otherwise,its always been a very nice experience for the sharing and caring feeling that it involves.Thanks.

Upstate Dave
This post is about a accident that I had seen at one of our family reunions when I was younger. One of my aunts and uncles had built a new house which was a large A frame style. It was nice but there was one thing the place was lacking which had not been done yet. There was no running water. The well had not been dug yet. So they got the water in big water jugs from a nieghbor across the road.

I stayed the weekend so on Sunday morning I voluntered along with one of my aunts daughters to get the water for the day. I took three of the big water jugs while Jessica took three of the smaller jugs. We walked up the road to the nieghbors house and got all the jugs filled. The big ones I had were heavy but I managed carrying them as we started back. Jessica told me hers were heavy too but she was managing to carry them also.

We stopped and rested twice before we reached the path that cut nto a field before the house. We started acrosss the field and we made another stop. That is when Jessica had her accident. I had rested long enough and I turned around to tell Jessica we only had a short distance left to go. She had placed her three small jugs on the ground. She reached down and picked them up.

When she did with the added extra wieght she had tensed up. With her tensing up she started to pee her shorts right there! She had blue shorts which in the crotch of them in the front turned darker blue real fast! Jessica stood there frozen as the wet patch grew real fast in the front of her shorts.

Her piss had soaked them in seconds and now as I looked at her her piss started running out from under the botom of the shorts on both sides and ran down the inside of her thighs. Also now a stream of piss had formed at the crotches center and went straight down into the grass. Jessica now was comming out of her frozen state for she looked down watching her piss run down her legs and her stream that was wetting the ground.

I too was in a frozen state for I didn't believe that she was pissing herself. I came out of my frozen state. I asked Jessica; How come you didn't tell me you had to pee? You could have asked to use the bathroom when we were getting the water. Jessica told me stammering that she thought that she could make it back to go. Then she added by saying that there was no cover here in the field either. If there was I would have just peed here outside.

We stopped talking to each other and I just stood there waiting for Jessica to stop. She did a short time later. Jessica told me after she had finished peeing that she was wet from spilling water on her fro one of the jugs. I told her that my not work. The back of your shorts have to be wet too. Jessica turned around. Sure enough there was a big wet spot on her shorts in the back too. Plus your shirt isn;t wet either I said to her.

Jessica then unscrewed the top off one of the jugs she had and poured some water on her shirt which soaked it and the rest of the dry areas on her shorts. She screwed the cap back on the jug and we walked over to the house and when we were insde of course her mother saw her wet shirt and shorts. Jess did you have a accident? Jessica told her she spilled water on herself. It worked! Her mother believed her. Go get changed her mother said to her. Jessica left the kitchen and I went back outside smiling for Jessicas quick thinking kept her out of trouble.

Hello all from upstate New York. Well spring has sprung with leaves back on the trees and many flowering bushes in bloom. I have been taking my longer walks again in the nicer weather now. We have a nice long paved bike path that is only a hundred feet from my home so I took a walk down it the other morning.

The walking felt good and I enjoyed it very much. I didn't see many others on the bike path for it was a week day. I came to the turn around point which I had walked two miles and started back. On the way back I needed to piss so I stopped on the path. I checked behind me and saw no one and then looked ahead n front of me. I saw no one also.

So I just pulled down my zipper slipped my penis out and started to piss right on the blacktop of the bike path. Oh what relief I felt as I stood there pissing. I had my three cups of morning coffee so that was the reason that I needed to piss! My stream was just cloudy looking no yellow in it. It hit the pavement hard making a splattering pattern on it. It also didn't take long to make a good size puddle on the pavement too.

As I pissed I didn't push so I wasn't forcing the issue. I knew there was no one else around in sight. So I lifted my penis upward which made a trail come out of my puddle and I started making a second puddle. Sometimes you just can't take the "boy" out of a man! :-) I made agood second piss puddle by the time my stream started to ease off. When my stream did ease it made another trail back between my two puddles and a slight piss trail before the first puddle I had made.

Then to make sure I was empty after my stream stopped I did push which made one good hard spurt of piss shoot out amd I was done. I then slipped my penis back inside my jeans zipped up and walked back home leaving my puddles and trails on the bike path. There was no mistaking of what I had done there. Upstate Dave


Deja vu week-

A while ago, I've recounted having a morning bm next to a co worker of mine, Claire. That was an amazingly exciting ( and erotic) experience. I had another chance to take a shit next to her and so was this.

My bm are quite regular and I have a major morning shit at work after a cup of coffee. Yesterday, I was walking to the restroom for my morning bm when I saw Claire a few paces ahead of me, clad in a tight white business skirt and a matching blouse. I was getting excited, because I knew this might be her morning bm time.

She entered the restroom and I was right behind her, she greeted me with a smile and held the door for me. She took the left stall and I took the middle stall. Shortly, I heard her pulling up the skirt and settling down on the toilet. I took my pants and panties off, sat on the toilet and promptly expelled couple of turds, firm and medium sized.I heard Clara peeing. Her stream started out and died off, then I could hear a muffled grunt, a "mhh-uhg" followed by a long, sloppy fart which sounded like prrofslopl. Then I heard loud crackles and plops which went for about a minute. I heard her pulling tp and wiping herself. By then I was done and stared to clean up. My turds were somewhat dry, so the paper didn't come out dirty ( I guess Claire had a lot to clean, it sounded as if she took a quite messy shit). I flushed the toilet,exited the stall then went on to wash my hands. I heard Claire flushing the toilet and she joined me at the wash basin. There was a distinct smell of poop lingering in the toilet. It was bit of an embarrassing moment, because we knew the smell was created by us. I made a playful gesture by wrinkling my nose, Claire laughed and said she had to go badly.

That must have been relieving- I said, and she said yes. "I heard,you had a good dump too", she said. I was surprised by this- was she listening to my bm?

Yeah, I need a one right after my coffee, I said.

me too, said Claire.- She was wiping her hands with a paper towel. " I'll see you in here another time then", she smiled and exited the restroom.

I don't know if Claire shares my interest in listening to other women relieve themselves in the toilet. maybe she does. anybody suggest a way to trigger a conversation with her about this????

I wouldn't call myself gay, but there's something erotic in listening to a woman taking a shit, especially a prim and proper woman like Claire. After she exited the toilet, I peered into her stall, it smelled of her shit. There was a light brown skidmark at the bottom of the bowl.
Hopefully, I'll run into her in the toilet again. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for having an actual buddy dump with her at work. I'll keep you guys updated.

On the Amazing Race TV show, two contestants lost a chance at winning a million dollars because one of them stopped to pee. She went into a portapotty in China. The contestant drank four bottles of water to help wash down what looked like fried starfish.

If she had peed while running to the finish line, nobody would have noticed; because she was wearing what looked like a dress-like costume.

The contestant from the other team was able to eat the starfish without drinking much water.

today I had a very embarrassing moment. Lately I've been really stressed out and having bad anxiety. When my anxiety acts up, I pee a lot more often and I get diarhea.

I had been at work and the day was almost over. I was getting all my stuff together to leave. I was wearing tight black jeans and a blck shirt. about 10 minutes before leaving, my stomach cramped really bad. My coworker L that I've had a crush on for ages stopped me. He's tall, auburn hair, very muscular. He talked to me for a few minutes and I became desperate for a bathroom. but I didn't want to walk away from him, so I tried to hold out. I failed.

Another severe stomach pain and I lost control and pooped my pants. I could feel the poop squish up around my balls. It was very wet and I know it was soaking through. I was frozen in horror. I can't ever poop without peeing, and my bladder didn't decide to be nice today. I peed my pants. It poured down my leg and formed a puddle at my feet, soaking my favorite pair of Vans. I didn't know what to to except cry. And I cried my eyes out. I wanted to run, but I couldn't. I was frozen. Luckily, L knows about my anxiety and knew I had been stressed and was very sympathetic. He took off his long coat (which came to the floor on me) and covered me. He took me too his apartment which was walking distance from work. My house was quite a bit further. He told me to use his bathroom to strip off, shower and rinse my clothes and he'd do my laundry. He was so nice about it. When I went in the bathroom, he stayed outside the door and told me to call to him when I had my clothes rinsed. His shower curtain was clear, so I was afraid of him seeeing me naked, but at this point it wasn't like I could get much more embarrassed. So I stripped in the shower and liquid poop was everywhere! I cried even more as I turned on the shower and cleaned up. But L was nice through the whole thing, never acting disgusted at all. He even let me wear his bathrobe while my clothes were being washed.

It didn't go any further than his random act of kindness, but I was thankful for that much. ?I just don't know how I'll face him tomorrow.

Johnny Half-Pint
To Hopa:

Been reading back and found your stories. Your experience sounds a bit like mine. Only in my case, it was not my mother but a neighbour who bawled me out for peeing outdoors.

It took me a *very* long time to get used to peeing outdoors after that.

Having said all that, I can feel some pressure in my bladder right now and I have to go for a walk soon anyway, which will involve passing through a park; so maybe I will take a leak there!


I ran in the London Marathon last weekend. I'm 19 years old. I got up early and it was quite a long journey on the train and tube to get to the start. I was wearing my shorts and t-shirt that I was going to run in bcos I didn't want to take any extra kit with me. When I was sitting on the crowded train I was thinking how pale my legs looked and wishing I had something to cover them up. The last part of the journey was a slow train ride. I had drunk a lot of water before I set off because ur supposed to be well hydrated before you run a marathon but the effect was that I needed a pee before the journey was half over. As the stations went by I was getting pretty desperate and I was wondering if I would make it or if I was going to wet myself on a crowded train. Eventually we got to Grenidge and I had managed to hang on just but I was in quite a lot of pain. I wanted to rush off the train and find a loo but I couldn't because of the crowds. By now I was having to keep moving and fidgeting otherwise my wee would have started coming out. When I eventually found the toilets I was gutted to see there was a long queue for them. I was looking around outside the front of the station wondering wot to do wen I saw several guys pissing up against a wall near a portaloo which had a long queue of people waiting to use it. I was short of options so I went up to the wall near the guys dropped my shorts squatted and pissed. It was the most incredible relief though. I think that was the most desperate I had ever been. As the relief subsided though I realised the situation I was in. Naked from the waist down and all these people were queuing and passing by within yards of me and they could see my vagina - not just see my vagina but see it with pee gushing out - normally a private and intimate thing for me. I have only ever had one boy-friend and he is the only person to have seen me naked since I was very young and he never saw me peeing. Then I realised it didn't matter . Nothing bad was going to happen. A few guys were having a good look as they walked past but everyone else just ignored me. It felt quite liberating and exciting to be exposed like that somehow. I peed for quite a long time but I eventually I did finish and got dressed. After that I carried on to the marathon start but there was quite a lot of hanging about before the start time and I knew I would have to pee again because I had been drinking water all the time. The queues for the loos were huge but I didn't even think about joining them. I'd actually seen one or two other girls squatting for a pee in the open in the mean time though not many. When I went though I joined another group of guys pissing by a fence and this time a couple of them cheered and made jokes when they saw what I was going to do. This time I didn't feel shy or embarrassed at all and genuinely enjoyed it. Running the marathon itself was really hard work but I learnt from it to be less shy. I went to work with a short skirt and no tights on the Monday afterwards. I don't care who sees my white legs any more. I've started leaving the door open when I use the loo at home as well. It's taken my mum dad and brothers by surprise a few times.

Karen W.
Was in a local DIY store today,got a shooting stomach pain and went to find the ladies. Just my luck they were out of order, so I went into the mens.
Locked myself in the only cubicle which was clean, slamming my bum on the toilet.
The pain got worse, my stomach was really bloated and hard, (I couldnt remember my last poop)
As the pain worsened, I started to push, then as the poo moved out, the pain moved to my poo hole, it was agony.
I continued to push it felt like it was barely moving.
Then it fell into the toilet, spuudoossshh! It totally soaked my bum!
I rubbed my stomach it was great, as it now felt empty.
I wiped, looked in the bowl, flushed, and watched as the toilet failed to get rid of my massive fat turd.
After the 3 flush, I realised it was just too much for the toilet to handle, I quickly left, and carried on shopping.

This morning I got up early and had bacon, eggs and coffee for breakfast. When I went back to my room and sat at the computer, I was farting up a storm, really good smelly ones. I went to the bathroom and tried to do a poo, but only peed and let out a few rattling farts.

Back in my room, a little later, the coffee kicked in. I let out what I thought was just a fart... unfortunately, it turned out that after my earlier inability to poo, I suddenly had a bit of diarrhoea and skidmarked my boxers. I went straight to the bathroom, pulled my pants straight down to see the damage - luckily it wasn't too bad - then seated myself and took a massive, stinking, runny dump in about three seconds. I cleaned myself up, changed my boxers and went on the computer again. Fun times. :-)

I often have very loose bowel movements in the morning. At some point I might try and shit myself on purpose, though I'm worried about the cleanup. (If anyone here likes having deliberate bowel "accidents", can you give me any advice on cleanup etc?)

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