Kind of glad to see other adults sometimes have accidents too. That's why I'm here. I'm 22, female, in my first big job after college that I just started a month ago for a big company, in a big building, with lots of cubicles and stuff. I end up on the phone a lot and yesterday afternoon after lunch I had been working really hard for a few hours and felt the need to have a bowel movement but kept holding it because I was so busy and had a big deadline. After a while it was getting really bad and hard to hold and I was going to get up but my phone rang and they track answer times and stuff so I answered it and started talking. My need kept getting worse and in a minute or two the turd was pushing out and I was turtleheading there in my chair in my cubicle and I knew it was "touching cotton" and I would have a stain in my panties (pale blue bikini briefs if you're wondering - oh and I was wearing a knee length skirt too). I tried to think of a way to get off of the phone but I didn't know what to do. My body gave another push and the turd was only stopped because of the chair and this push also caused a skirt of pee to wet the crotch of my panties. I was starting to panic. I made up a story about having a meeting and I'd call the person back afterwards, hung up, got control of my body, stood up, and quickly started walking towards the ladies room with my butt cheeks clentched as hard as I could which made it hard to walk normally. With every step it got hard and harder to hold. Halfway there another squirt of pee came out. A dozen feet away another bigger squirt and this time I felt a little dribble down my left thigh. I didn't want to grab myself and make it obvious to anyone watching though. I finally got to the door, hurried inside, and booked it towards the stalls. I didn't notice anyone else in the room, which was good. I got to the stall, pulled the door open, got inside and turned around to latch the door when my body gave another push I couldn't stop. A giant turd just shot out of my butt and into my panties. My whole body went hot and numb and at the same time broke into a cold sweat as the poop piled up in the seat of my panties and bulged out. It felt like forever but probably only took a few seconds. I just stood there finishing, my mind not working, until I realized I had also begun peeing and now had pee pouring down my legs and puddling on the tile floor beneath me. That snapped me out of it. I cursed under my breath, finished latching the door, and slowly pulled my skirt up around my waist. Thankfully the skirt was still dry. But my panties were soaked and really heavy from the giant crap I had just taken in them. It felt like a big stick hot orange under my butt. I slowly peeled my panties down and thankfully all of the poop had been contained in the panties and it was pretty solid so clean up wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I dumped the poop mound into the toilet, sat down, peed just a little bit more, wiped up, slipped out of my panties and wrapped them in a lot of toilet paper. I had no choice - they were ruined and I couldn't wear them any more. I slipped out of the stall, threw away the panties, washed my hands, and hurried back to my desk before anyone could come in and see the puddle of pee that was still on the floor! It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life and I pray nobody I work with ever finds out and that there are no security cameras! I hadn't had an accident in my pants like that since I was a teenager. It is a relief to see that other women my age and older sometimes have accidents, too. Thanks for letting me share.

Hi i just coming from my camp i went for a walk and on my way to the camp i feel a need for a bm.So wen i get to the camp i rush inside and drop my pant and boxer and sit on my chemical potty and i release some dihareafor about 5 min in a row at the end i was feeling some close of my ass so i took tissue and clean my self it took 6 wipe.So after i was done i try to flush the thing but i ran out of water in the toilet so i left it there i will go again tomorow morning to have my bm and i will bring some water to flush my crap in the tank :)

Yesterday on my way to work, I had a strong urge to take a dump so I pulled up next to the park with the doorless stalls in the men's room. I quickly walk in and see that there isn't any paper in either stall. I walk back to my truck and get a roll of paper towels. I figure most folks who saw me walking to the restroom with the roll of paper had a pretty good idea what I was going there for.

I wet a few towels at the sink, then go to the stall. I wipe the seat, undo my jeans and pull them down to my ankles. I hook the waistband of my white briefs and pull them down to my calves. They turn inside out on their journey down, except for the waistband. The black and yellow stripes are still visible. I sit down and immediately drop a good sized load into the bowl. Such a relief. I sit there a little bit longer, waiting for any more movement.

An older guy walks in, Probably about 60+. He's got a white beard and wears glasses. He walks to the next stall and I hear him mumble "damn". Of course there's no paper. As he turns past me to head out, I look at him and say "need some paper?" while I hold the roll of paper towels out to him. He waits a second then smiles and says "thanks" as he reaches for the roll. He takes it and I hear the sounds of someone dropping the seat, pants being lowered, etc.. We chat a bit, asking about the time, the weather, etc.. Someone else comes in and waits for a stall. He's a bit heavy set, hispanic, and probably in his 20's. I have finished up and I'm standing up, wiping with the wet paper towels. I've got my shirt hiked up a bit, to keep it from getting in the way during the clean-up. The hispanic guy isn't saying anything, just watching me finish up as he leans against the wall.

I finally get completely clean and drop the rest of the paper in the bowl. I turn and flush. By this time, the hispanic guy is getting in position to swoop in as soon as I'm done. I first pull up my briefs. They are a bit snug, so I position my "junk" off to the left, as I think the majority of guys do. Then up come the jeans. I buckle up as I'm walking out, trying to give my hispanic friend as much opportunity as possible to get on the can. He drops onto the seat pretty quickly. After I wash up, I see that my older stall mate is still on there. He's a bit more shy, though, preferring to keep his pants up around his thighs. I head back out to my vehicle leaving my roll with the guys who will need it more than me.

I've posted before. I'm 27, single, and work in a community bank. These answers are to Claire N's survey questions:
1. Are you comfortable using public toilets?
A) Much more now than like 20 years ago. I had difficulty in grade
school and middle school with the doorless stalls. Especially in
7th grade I was picked on quite a bit. Now the word for it is

2. Have you ever had a problem in using public toilets?
A) The worse accident came when I was in my second or third week of
the 7th grade. Long rows of toilet stalls (I think there were
about 20 in each bathroom) made me nervous and there was often a
line--especially during lunch and passing periods. Well I was
standing in the doorway as this kid in my history class was
sitting and crapping and we were like becoming friends. He
stands up, wipes and then flushes and he pulls his underwear and
jeans up and leaves. There was like a minute left in the passing
period and I quickly walked in, dropped my shorts and underwear
but ended up falling into the bowl because he had lifted the
seat when he left. For several days--actually weeks--after that
the guys called me "Droppin' Drake" and even some girls
snickered when they heard about it. I didn't get to live it down
until I got to high school.

3. Do you go to the toilet in front of a partner?
A) When I was about 8 me and this neighborhood girl were at a
neighborhood carnival and when no one was looking we snuck into
a porta-potty together. She sat down first and I remember being
surprised that sometone that small could pee that much (like for
about three minutes and with such ease!). Then I sat down and
luckily took a pretty good crap. The problem was that I had to
push to get it out and in doing so, I had my penis resting over
the front of the seat, and some urine squirted into my shorts.
She saw it happen and jumped back as far as she could in the
cramped space.

4. Have you ever gone to the toilet outdoors?
A) No, but I remember when my 5-year-old cousin was visiting us and
we were in a wooded area on my grandparent's acreage. TJ pulled
down his shorts, was just a couple inches from a tree trunk and
shot his urine at the trunk. Because he was too close and there
was a wind, some of it blew back on him. The four of us who were
with him thought that was pretty funny, but he went inside

5. How do you feel about going to the toilet outdoors?
A) Me and a girlfriend camped out a couple of times when we were in
college. She wouldn't sit on the campground's toilets (they were
like wooden boxes) because she felt they were too dirty and her
sister had once gotten slivers on her butt. However, both of them
would drop their underwear and squat very professionally to
both pee and crap. A couple of times when I was in college, I
did pee in the parking lot of a bar when I was drunk and waiting
for my girlfriend to pick me up.


After cleaning it all up the lady up stairs had flushed a bath towel

YES A BATH TOWEL SHE WAS ISSUED A 72 HOUR EVICTION WITH CAUSE. She is only 19 and does not know not to flush a bath towel, down her toilet before the toilets were changed. this explanes a lot. i can here her try to fight that in court. I am not going there.

Oh it feels o good to use my TOILET. I got to pull down my pants and sit down and send a poo into a toilet and do the paperwork with out rolling half way across the building and use the toilet that 5 seconds after I sat down only to be yelled at to hurry up or i am going to make a mess out here

Upstate Dave
I'm going to finish up with the girl Kathy today. Summer was comming to its end. Labor Day weekend was here so it was the last wekend Kathy would be here before heading home to New York City. It was Saturday of the holiday weekend and I went over to her house that morning for a last breakfast with Kathy and her grandmother.

I went over at eight thirty which was the trime that we had agreed on. I went to the backdoor off from the kitchen and knocked lightly on the door. Kathys grandmother was in the kitchen and she told me to come in. So I went inside and she said good morning to me. I said good morning back to her.

She asked me if I was hungry and I told her I sure was. She laughed. I noticed Kathy wasn't in the kitchen. I asked her grandmother if Kathy was up. Oh I don't knowif she is she said back to me. Why don't you go check Dave. So I opened the back stairs door and went upstairs. I then walked towards Kathys bedroom whichg the door was slightly open. I walked up to her bedroom door and first peeked in and not being able to see her I gave the door a light knock.

From inside the room came a very sleepy sounding Who's there? I said back; Just me! Good morning. Can I come in Kathy? Yeah sure Dave she said back to me. So I stepped past the door and went into Kathys bedroom. Kathy was still laying in bed and she was ribbiing her eyes trying to wake up. Hey slepy head breakfast is almost ready. It is? Kathy askked. Yes it is I said back to her.

Kathy pulled the blanket back and she sat up. She was in her pajammas and she then turned and got up off from the bed. She stood there yawning and stretching at first. Then she had a itch ande she slipped her hand inside the backside of her pajamma botoms and scratched her ass for several seconds. Then she pulled her hand out and told me that she had to use the bathroom. Come with me.

So I followed Kathy to the diamond shaped bathroom. Once there Kathy walked over to the toilet and she pulled her pajamma bottoms right down. She had her back facing to me so when her pj botms fell to her feet I was looking at her cute little rearend! Kathy then kicked her feet out of her crumpled pj botoms and walked over to the toilet and sat down on it backwards!

She again stretched and yawned as she sat on the toilet seat. Kathy mumbled to me saying that she would be awake here in a couple of minutes. She asked me what it was like outside. Nice and sunny but just a little cool I said back to Kathy. You may want to put on a pair of jeans today I told her. I think I will she said back to me. Kathy then yawned and stretched again.

As she stretched and yawned she raised her reaend off from the toilet seat and she started to piss! I saw a very yellow colored pee stream shooting down hard splashing loudly in the water in the toilet. There was no hissing sound as she pissed. Her piss stream eased up after she had finished her stretching. Then after a short period her piss stream thinned way down,dribbled which it ran off from both of her reaend cheeks which reall wetted both of them.

Then as I looked her asshole domed out real fast and Kathy started to shit! I saw a blunted end start moving out into sight that was pretty big around. It was a tannish color. It was moving quickly so in several seconds it was already overe four inches and there was crackling sounds now as it grew longer and it also sped up mow too. It now was a good half foot long and the blunt end was no longer n sight for it had passed the edge of the seat and was now on its way going deeper into the toilet bowl.

Again Kathy started to piss a little harder for there was piss dripping off her rearend again and a thin stream going down also. Then her shit fell making a loud splash which some of the water that had splashed came right up and hit right on Kathys asshole for she jerked her ass up real quick and she let out a short loud sqeel from having the cold water score a bullseye on her asshole! I know what that feels like! (I'm sure many of you people know it too!)

Oh that was cold! Kathy said to me. Then I saw another head of a second shit start comming out which moved just as fast as the first one had. Her piss stream had stopped now as her second shit gained in length. It didn't take long for her seocnd one to get as long as her firts one had. Kathy must have knew her second shit was ending or she didn't want to get hit again wth thge cold water so she moved her ass back slightly.

Sure enough her second shit fell and this time there was a flump with a much lighter splash in the water. Then I saw a piss stream that was weak going straight down and that was only for several seconds and then it turned into just drops. Kathy then sat back down on the toilet seat and rolled off some toilet paper off the roll. She wiped off her front first. Then she lifted her reaend up off from the toilet seat and I saw her hand reach under herand wipe her cheeks first wiping the piss of from them. I saw her drop the paper and she then rolled off more. Then she reached back through and gave her rearend a goo wipe dropped that paper into the toilet and then she stood up and flushed the toilet.

She turned around she was smiling. I smiled back at her. We walked out of the bathroom and Kathy told me she was going to get dressed go downstairs and tell grandmother I'm up and be right down. So I went downstairs told grandmother Kathy was up and would be right down. Kathy did come down several minutes later. We had a great big breakfast and after that I helped Kathy pack up for she would be leaving.

The time came soon enough. She was all packed and so was grandmother. Grandmother had pulled the car up to the big front porch and I helped her put the siutcases in the trunk. Kathy stood there watching. Then it was time. She stood there smiling and had tears comming from her eyes. I smiled and told her not to cry. We do have our memories Kathy. Our fun times too. That made her giggle and then laugh. That we did Dave! She said to me. She then gave me a big hug and a hard kiss on my cheek. I hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek. She gt in the car. I said goodbye to grandmother who gave me a big kiss on my cheek. I stood there watching the car pull away. I was waving hard grandmother tooted the horn as she started to go down the road. I still was waving even though they were gone from sight. As I slowly started to walkaway I had a tear in my eye run down my cheek. Summer was over and so was Kathy.

One of the most embarrassing experiences of my life happened when I was ten years old. I was on a school trip to our local amusement park. While waiting on line for a roller coaster, I felt like I had to fart. I decided to let loose since we were outside and it was a cool day, but when I did, diarrhea blasted out of my ass and filled my underpants. I clenched my butt cheeks just in time to stop the flow before my underpants overflowed and it seeped down my legs. Everyone laughed, thinking I'd just farted, but when I started waddling away toward the restrooms, I heard one of the kids yell, "Don just shit his pants!" I carefully got to the men's room, entered a stall and hoped to God the shit had stayed in my underwear. I pulled my jeans down and examined the inside of the seat and crotch and was relieved to see they were unsoiled. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled off my jeans and hung them from the hook on the door. I took off my socks, afraid to get shit on them, and slowly and carefully pulled off my underpants. There was a mound of semi-soft shit in them, with some splatter around it. I was amazed that it had all stayed in the underwear. I sat on the toilet and finished shitting, then wiped my ass, which took about fifteen wipes and three or four flushes. I put my jeans back on (yep, I freeballed it the rest of the day) and waited until it sounded like I was alone in the restroom to leave. I exited the stall and tossed my shit-filled underpants in the garbage, then washed my hands obsessively. I went back to the line for the roller coaster and was greeted by laughs from all the boys and girls who had bothered to wait to see me exit the restroom. I covered myself by telling them that I had ALMOST shit my pants, but when I farted I realized I had to take a dump. They seemed to buy that. But whoa, talk about humiliating.

To Sarah have you been tested for Celiac Disease or IBS-D? You might have those.

If not then it's a way of your body trying to clean itself out before and during your period. I understand it's embarrassing and uncomfortable. When I was a teenager, about 13-15 I used to suffer with diarrhea before and during my period but now it's the polar opposite--I now suffer from constipation. Doesn't being a woman suck sometimes? :(

I would suggest you try Immodium and maybe some protective underwear. I know wearing a diaper isn't ideal but it would protect your clothes from being ruined.

Good luck.

I haven't posted here in quite a while. So I was tested for Celiac Disease and I am not gluten intolerant. I've tried almost everything to get rid of my chronic constipation. I've tried laxatives, dried fruit, licorice, tons of water, lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, diet tea, etc and not much of that has helped. So I complained to my doctor and she said that I need to retrain my bowels again. She recommended Colace which is a stool softener and keep up with the water, fruits, vegetables, healthy eating and exercise.

It's been 4 days since I last been to the doctor and I'm already starting to feel better. I've been eating tons of fruits and vegetables with all my meals, been eating fibre, been drinking up to 3-4 liters of water a day, been trying to cut back to 2 cups of tea a day and trying to take a walk every day. The doctor told me to take 3 Colace tablets each day and to stay away from laxatives, enemas, etc. Well, the healthy diet, the water, the exercise and the stool softeners are definetly helping. My stomach is getting smaller because it's getting rid of all the impacted poop. My clothes feel looser and I feel more healthy so I am happy. It will take a while to retrain my body without laxatives but it sure is much better for you anyway.

So anyone with constipation issues here...DON'T touch laxatives. Go for stool softeners instead. Laxatives are habit forming and you will eventually need stronger ones to take a dump. It's not a nice thing to go through.

Hopefully eventually I will be able to go without the help of pills. Constipation sucks :(

Good stories everybody and now spring is coming there seems to be the out-door temptation again. It is the natural environment and while that fallen tree may be damp at least there will be no possibility of pee on the seat, stalls with broken or missing doors, toilets clogging, or with care taken any other such privacy issue - unless that is you take someone to share the experience with. Just remember to take tissue!

Dan boy:

I hope you knee is better soon but you have just asked about a common problem concerning pain meds, at least the ones that contain opiate derivatives as Vicodin does. I got run over eighteen months ago and one result was that I was given similar pain killers; you are right in that they plug you up good and proper and, since I had a fractured pelvis, constipation was the very last thing I needed. If you ask your doctor, and mention that you are taking Vicodin, I'm sure that he or she will be well aware of this issue and be able to suggest some remedy.
Once you can stop taking them you'll be better soon, and in other ways too, because constipation isn't the only side-affect in my experience. The problem might end quite suddenly - I hadn't really passed much in ten days and tin the space of ten minutes it went from 'no chance' to 'no choice'. I wasn't soft but was certainly one of the largest and welcome shits I've ever had!
Leslie mentioned that coffee helps her, and the strong fresh-brewed stuff does it for me too, but you might need a bit more than that. I hope it all gets sorted soon.

unhappy toileting
my home toilet is still out of order.

survey response to clair n's
1. Use of public toilets?
I use public toilets do not care if the door or walls are there just as long as there is paper. The job must be done walls or not. I like the larger seats I have to admit that if the toilets are wide open sometimes I am I little pee or poo shy. Some of the toilet I have use are on video surveillance. Talk about under pressure. Then there were the now removed seattle public toilets with a ten min limit on a hard rock like seat. I never knew if someone was going to pry the doors open early or if I would run out of time sitting there. The seats were like cut out of marble with auto flush, auto soap and auto water for washing and auto drying. 9 times out of ten there was pee on the seat. I am disabled and I have to sit to go.
one toilet I had to use had been vandalized all of the guts had been torn out of the tank and the water line even torn off and the door to the toilet was gone to. This toilet was right in the door way. Odd enough the urinal and sink were out of sight. This was a standard house hold toilet with round seat and lid. The contents were very yucky but I had to use it any way. I prefer the older rounded edge seats instead of the flat or molded plastic one for back support. Now I wonder if I was being filmed from a house across the street.

2. Yes I can be hard to go to the toilet when there are no walls, no doors and even no seats. Some people laugh at you if your sitting on the rim of a seat less toilet. You just have to grin and bear it. It does not mater where I am when I use the toilet I always pull my pants down to my ankles. The big mussel in the front can be a little shy and miss the bowel wetting my pants.

3. I have gone to the toilet with a another person and have even had another person using the toilet at the same time I have been sitting there. Once in australia at a footie field (soccer) I found a toilet with a block of wood on the front of the toilet. I at that time looked at it I tried to balance on the block of wood but gave in and sat on the rim of the toilet. It seemed like it took for ever for the poo to creep down into the toilet it slipped in with out a sound. When I finished using it a man that standing was there just looked at me, with a look on his face how could you go to the toilet there.

4. When I was in boy scouts even on a fifty mile hike I never pooped in the woods. But I could pee any where any time. When I was older 25ish
I had to go at the most inconvenient times. I learned to sit on the edge of the car door ledge and I could poo any where much to my surprise I never was caught for my roadside poo complete with paper for the business.

5. How do you feel out going out doors? It takes me longer to do so or it feels like ti. It does not feel right to use a flying toilet like in africa

Charlie B
To "TC Terribly Constipated"

Go to the drugstore and get a Fleet Enema Extra. Come home, get into one of the positions demonstrated on the box, and insert it into your rectum. Squeeze the bottle til the liquid has been squirted up your rectum. Maintain the position for roughly five minutes or until you get an urge to poop. If it takes more than one filling, refill the bottle and repeat the process until the water returns clear from your rectum.

Upstate Dave
Leslie I also have most of the time also have my bowel movement after having my firts cup of coffee after breakfast in the morning. I don't go a second time afterwards. Clair N's survey:

1. I am comfortible with public toilets whether using a urinal or a stall.

2. No problems

3. Yes I have even as a kid and as I grew older I did. (but durring my teens it had stopped untill my late teens I met a girl that we did pee together.) Then the girl that I married before and now we peed together indoors and outdoors.

4. Yes all durring my life I've peed outside. It is much easier to do living in the country then in the city. I am more carefull when ever I had to go when in the city. I do a lot of walking. Alleys make good spots to go in a emergency. This will answer question 5.

I almost forgot that I have to finish up my last post when Kathy and I went swimming so I'll do that now. Kathy and I after a short time had warmed up with the towels wrapped around ourselves. So we took them off and sat there nude letting the sun warm us now. We did talk some while we sat there and I told Kathy we better think about heading home soon. I think it is getting near that time that we should go. Kathy told me that we should.

I told Kathy that I was going to piss before we got ready to go so I just sat there on the grass and opend my thighs wide. I didn't bother reaching down to take a hold of myself. Kathys reaction was she was sitting next to me so she just leaned over placing her elbows on her knees and turned and looked down at me and waited for me to piss.

I started to go after a few short seconds. I started and I had a nice hard stream of piss shoot out from my penis which my stream went right down into the grass about a foot out in front of me. As always Kathy gioggled a little seeing my piss stream comming out from my penis. Then Kathy gout up into a squat and told me she was also going to piss too! So I turned my head to watch her piss.

Kathy too only took a few seconds to start pissing. When she did start she started with a strong stream which hissed very loud and it went downward going at a slight outward angle. Seeing Kathy piss started making my penis to get erect. I could feel it happening. So did Kathy for my piss stream now was rising upward going into a arc through the air with my stream going much further forward frome me. Kathy saw this happening. She giggled hard as she told me that what was happening!

I took a quick look at my stream and penis. I laughed but I let it go on not bothering to take a hold of my penis with one of my hands. I went and looked back over at Kathy who was still pissing hard. Since she was pissing hard her piss was not all that long. I saw her stream change to going straight down for several seconds with its loud hiss fade away. Then her stream came to a stop and she did do several short spurts in a row and then she was done.

Kathy then reached down grabbing the towel and took a corner of the towel and wiped herself off with it. Then she stood up and stood there watching me piss. I went on pissing for awhilke longer and then my stream died out and I stopped. I could feel that I still had not completely emptied my bladder so I gave a push to see if I could get more out from my bladder.

I gave a push which made my penis pop up real fast with a spurt of piss come out from it at the same time! Kathy burst into hard laughter seeing this happen. Since she thought this was so funny I did it again for her which resulted me doing the same thing again. Then I did it a third time making only just a little spurt and I was then done. I was completely empty now. I stood up and both Kathy and I got dressed,grabbed the towels and picnic basket, and cooler. We then headed to my house first to drop off the items that belonged there. Then over to Kathys and drop her off and the picnic basket. I had to leave so I told her that I would see her tomorrow. Kathy smiled gave me a liss right in front of her grandmother which made her laugh. I went home. Upstate Dave

I have had two different forms of constipated shits in recent weeks.
The first was over Easter when being a bit constipated I took an osmotic laxative (like epsom salts) and went for a bush walk. Of course the uge hit and I went into the bush and sat on a fallen branch with my bum just hanging over. Always when I poo the hard stuff comes out first and the following poo is softer to runny.
This time I squirted out quite a volumne of yellowish brown poo that was runny and resembled closely pea soup of a thick consistency. But then after the sft stuff, in reverse came this big hard turd...I think my back passage was so lubricated it just slid out and landed on top of the pool of poo.
The next episode occured a few days ago. Once again bunged up I took a different laxative that was a stimulant but not a stool softener.
After breakfast I sat on the toilet ...pushed but realised right away this would be a big hard one. I then rubbed sorbeline into my rectum and pushe and grunted nad out came this fat solid turd....not that long but big around the girth. I knwe there was a lot more inside me but it would not move. Anyway on the way to work I decided to stop of at my public toilet...I went in and took a seat. I was feeling tired and the place is very pleasant and peaceful. Instead of pushing and staining I sat there....relaxed and closed my eyes. There was movement in my bowel...due to the laxative. I went into a meditative state...I breathed deeply in to the pit of my stomach and when I exhaled I would push down a little each time but very gentley. I really relaxed my bum hole...after a few minutes..I was sitting there very comfortably and then, of its own accord a big poo exited my arse to meet the world...I looked down and there was this long log hanging from me....splash it hit the water and then without any effort...plop, plop,plop etc...I did a great poo and felt really better for it.

There have been a lot of great stories lately; however, there are 2 posters that I miss hearing from--Laura (Teacher) and Samantha. If either of you are still reading and have something to post, we would love to hear from you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi, i was on a long walk and had to go to the bathroom. I could not hold my bodywaste any longer. There was a walk-way near by there were bushes and tres where you could not be ssn. There was a cement ditch about two-three inchs deep smooth on the edges goes a long ways. Across the road. Ilooked around there was no one around it was ahot late april afternoon. I had to have my bodywaste bad. Itook my pants down to above my knees nealed under pants spread my legs wide apart onver the smooth edge of the cement ditch. I had my bodywast start of urinr, it poured out as a river at the same- time ,I started to smell my urine was still comming out and i was haveing bobywaste of bowelmovement-stool. Ii was tan brown and some-what wet. Large amonts of bowelmovemen-stool came out of my vagina and rectum at the same time with urine. It took 15 minuts for me to empy my hy waste. No more bodywaste came out. I had package of personal washcloths in my POCKETS. I wiped my vagina and rectum. I was done. Then i had urine comming out. I was on my waste a large pile. Iwiped again and was finished i pulled my pants up and was on my way . If you have to go just go. I saw my bodywaste bowelmovement-stool and urine i did not kn ow how much bodywaste came out of me after 30 minunts to 1 hr. I was empey and on my way.

Leslie: Yeah, coffee in the morning always gets my bowels moving. I usually have coffee and cereal when I get up, then go on the internet for a while, and soon I find I'm farting up a storm and ready to go for a massive crap. Unfortunately, it's sometimes liquid, which I hate. :-(

I produced a really big, satisfying solid poo on a public toilet today. It was about eleven a.m. and I'd had my coffee in the morning, but decided to hold my poo in until I went out, as I prefer pooping on public toilets. (I live in student halls of residence where there are girls on the same corridor - see my post below - so I get a little embarrassed about taking a dump.) Anyway, I went into the men's toilets, which were empty and had just been cleaned. I picked a cubicle, flushed to get rid of the bleach, and sat down. My poo took a couple of minutes to come, but I was soon plopping away, dropping large heavy turds. There was a bit of a smell, but it wasn't rancid like diarrhoea. I took my time on the loo, then wiped up. It was a cool experience; I love the feeling of squeezing out a solid shit.

Unfortunately I get a LOT of diarrhoea most of the time - yesterday I crapped three times, and it was runny, messy and smelly every time. I was farting loudly on the toilet as well. I hate diarrhoea. :-(

I love this site, especially reading about hot girls with smelly bowel movements. :-) Deliberate panty-pooping stories are great, or ones about girls who enjoy pooping in public toilets.

I've been wondering if anyone else has the same pattern to their toilet habits as I do: after my coffee, I usually have a bowel movement, reasonably long; then about an hour and a half later, I often have another movement, this time a really long large one. There is no pattern to whether they are soft in terms of leaving a lot on my crack that needs wiping.

I just found this site. I am a 40 year old man who is Terribly Constipated. I have just returned from a trip and I could not poop the five days we were gone. I have taken a laxative now for two days, without results. This is very uncomfortable and I don't know what else to do. I have been on the toilet straining now for an hour. At this point I will do anything to get this poop out of me. Advice please.

Obviously many people on this site enjoy relieving themselves and especially out of desperation. Some people talk about going in their pants but I won't try that. One thing I do, however, is once I get the urge, not just an urge but a strong urge, to have a poop, I go sit on the toilet. I then sit on the toilet for as long as possible just holding it in. When you finally give in, I have found that the pleasure is greater. Some of you should try it.

This is my response to Claire N's survey:
1. Are you comfortable using public toilets? Yes. I prefer a door on the stall, but sometimes I've had to go so bad that I've used an open stall. The worst experience was when I was about 13 and even more self-conscious about my body than now (I'm 16). I rode my bike to the park for an outdoor concert. It was like 95 or 100 degrees outside and because I had just downed a 20-ounce Coke, I had to crap and fast. The bathroom building had just two open stalls that were separated by an old brick wall. I think every gang in the state had graffiti on it. Both of the bowls had pee in them and there was urine on the seat. But I just dropped my shorts and panties, and despite it being so hot and gross, I just made the best of it. It didn't help that a mother came in with a young boy who was probably about 4. At first, he smirked at me sitting there, but then his mom directed him to the other stall. She helped him pull down his shorts, made him lift the seat (the next user thanks him) and tried to help him direct his urine flow into the bowl. Within about two minutes I let go of a violent fart and dropped two pieces about 3-inches long each. Then I had a thunderous blast that included really soft shit that was just short of diarrhea. Others soon came in and the sweat was rolling off me pretty bad as I wrapped it up. There wasn't any toilet paper on the roll but there were a couple of pieces behind the seat on the back of the stool that I used. The humidity was such that they were a little moist, but they did part of the job. Since then, nothing involving public toilets has been as bad.

2. Have you ever had a problem in using public toilets? Occasionally, I will have a hard time getting my pee flow going. This is especially the case if the seat is very large compared to what we have at home. Also, I prefer the white seats compared to the black ones.

3. Do you go to the toilet in front of a partner? Not on a regular basis. Back when we were like 10 or 11 me and a boy from the neighborhood watched each other go to the bathroom when we were out riding our bikes and stopped at a gas station for pop. It was the first time I had seen a boy pee. I remember joking to him that he was getting more on the seat than in the bowl. He seemed to take it personally. Then he wiped the seat off for me before I sat down to pee.

4. Have you ever gone to the toilet outdoors? Yes, on a few occasions when I've been camping with friends and their families. I can't squat worth a damn because I lose my balance. Once I remember sitting on a concrete construction block and peeing into the hollow middle. Another time I was on me knees and carried one of those rubber road work construction cones into the woods with me. I very carefully sat on the tip and peed down into it. I think I was in like 3rd grade at the time.

5. How do you feel about going to the toilet outdoors? I've gotten more experienced with it, but I'm far from boing good at it. Last summer, for example, in a cemented picnic area at a campsite the ground was very dry nearby and the state fire patrol had signs up encouraging campers to put out their cigarettes in a heavy metal container that had a chute that opened on the top. It was like 2-feet high and had a lever on either side that could be pushed so that the cigarette and ashes would fall down inside. Well, my friend Florence dared me to pee into it and to see if I could activate the lever with my thighs. It sat on it, it wasn't that uncomfortable actually and as I widened my legs, I was able to push down the lever and open the chute for my pee. Florence was going to try it later that night, then she chickened out on me.

Greetings from unhappy toileting

ok a sign of something, or more bull poo?
I was told that I was getting my toilet changed out for a better fixture before 5pm today. Well 5pm came and went. The toilet is full but our rec room toilets that have been closed for some time have been opened for me and my neighbors. These toilets are at the other end of the building.
responding to upstate dave yes there is a rush running to the other end of the building to go pee. There is a real rush of fear of not making it, and accidents having to wait for the the 2 toilets. The management claims that these toilets that were installed have caused more damages then a years water bill of not changing them. The floor and wall accesses are clogged with poo and stuff al the way to the street. At the root of it all 5 wash cloths. If he had not changed the toilets there would have been enough water to have prevented the whole mess.

yes carl some of us have children that are now with friends and relatives. What a mess who flushed the wash cloths adults or children?
it wont surprise me before were done, management finds a diaper or 2 and yes ladies your pads and tampons have already been found. Is this laziness or rebellion that these gals now live without parents, or I wont have to pay for damages to the toilets and sewer, so I don't care! Shredded clothing and heavy paper like phone book pages or note book paper (you can see the tear out and the spiral tear) have also been found.

Hello one and all!

I haven't posted here in some time, because quite frankly, I haven't had a BM that was particularly special... But I woke up this morning and just felt like I should enter at least one recent toilet job just the same…:

New technologies that assist with maintaining sanitary conditions and good hygiene are, of course, important (now more than ever since the new Swine Flu bug has begun to make its rounds.) But some of that technology left me disappointed after one of my BM sessions.

I was at a mall on Sunday when the urge to go got my attention. It wasn't screaming "URGENT!! URGENT!! URGENT!!" or anything and I probably could have waited until I got home later that afternoon. But I felt like doing the jobbie anyway so I headed to the mens room.

When I got to the stall I closed the door, pulled my pants and Y-fronts to the floor and then sat down to go about my business. No real effort was necessary to get the stuff coming out. All the poop just slid out into the water in 5 or 6 plops and two big "SPLOOOOSHes" and my whole time sit-down time probably didn't exceed 2 minutes - max. I was pretty anxious to see what came out because the two big ones stretched my anus a fair amount. They came out quick but I thought they would be thick, 6 or 7 inchers each.

When I get up to wipe, I *always* turn around to take a look at what I have left in the toilet. What bugs me is that I had absolutely no chance to see anything. I wasn't off the seat for 2 or 3 seconds... in fact, I don't think I had even finished my first wipe - when the toilet flushed taking away everything in one of those loud (but brief) jet flushes.

It REALLY pissed me off because I do like to keep a record of my BM's. I note the time, duration, type (log, rope, pebbles, diarrhoea, et cetera…) - and when I am at home, I take a picture of my poops.

I did get the time and other data though.
Here's a bit of a of my BM data since January 1st of this year.

~135 BMs since Jan 1.
Total Toilet Time for 2009 so far - ~4 3/4 hours
Average Sit-Down Time - ~2 minutes per session
~72% of the time, I have one BM a day
~25% of the time, I have two BM a day
The remaining percentage is split pretty evenly between 0, 3 and 4

I realize this info could be of use for health reasons, but I just record it because it interests me.

Take care!


hi there!Me and my gf were together last weekend we spend our time in the wood so the first morning i woke up around 7h a i notice she was already wake so i call her name and she said she was about going to do her besines in the wood
so i went whit her we left the camp and and went to the outhouse she then open the door and went in she drop her pants and panty right on the floor and sat on the seat and tell me i can watch if i wont.So i look between her leg and she start to pee first and about 30 sec later i hear a crakling sound and she drop 3 footer log and after that she had a loud fart and it start mushy for a good 2 min and she said she was done.She then smile at me and ask if we hade paper to clean her self we only have a roll of sponge towel so she took 2 sheet and clean her self.she ask me if i need to go and i anser yes so i took her place the seat was all warm of her big butt so i start with my pee and i let 4 shot of mushy poop so she ask me if i was ok i said yes but my stomach do not agree with the beer we had tne night before so when i left i took a look down under and i saw houe creation it was big.So later on that day she said to me she still have to go drop some poop so we went again together to the out house and she poop for another 5 min straight then she was done and ask me again for tissue but this time we had none so she took one of her sock and wipe with that and trow it in the hole thats it for now i will post the reste later happy pooping every one :)

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