Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Boy the last couple of days I have been taking hudge shits! I have been eating foods with a lot of fiber for one. The other I've been eating foods that bind me up too. In fact the time that I took the first big one was when I was doing a post here! I felt what felt like a pretty good gas pain start up first. Then I felt it knocking at my backdoor! :-) So I got up and went into the bathroom.

I was only in a tshirt and boxers so I pulled my boxers down and sat down on the toilet seat. I had been drinking coffee so I had to piss also. I reached down and pushed my penis down and started to piss hard. My stream hit the side of the bowl so there was only spft splashing form my piss spraying off the side of the bowl.

After several seconds I felt my asshole being opned right up and my piss stream eased off but didn't stop. I could feel my shit moving fast with my asshole changing preasure as my shit came out. It didn;t take long for I felt the end f shit slide outand my piss stream came back strong. I didn't have a splash from my shit going into the water of a flump sound down in the bowl also.

I waited for my piss stream to stop which I did stop pissing a short time later. I rolled off some toilet paper wiped myself and then I stood up. I turned around and took a look down in the toilet. Wow there was hudge long shit in the toilet! It was very fat kind of knobby and boy was it long. It was curved being bent by the curve of the bowl. The back end tip was way up on the backside of the bowl well above the waterline. The fat front end was well above the water on the front side of the bowl.

If this monster was straight it would have been a good 18 incher or more! Since there were two parts of my shit above the water I had the oder of a fresh shit in the air which I could smell. I flushed the toilet and watched what would happen. MY shit bent down more and it tried skidding around in a circle but it only went in a very short semi circle around the bowl. Then it did break and the two big pieces went out of sight. It didn't jam up so I didn't happen to have to plunge this one. I am always happy that I don't have to plunge after taking a big shit. A lot of times I have to with the toilet that we have. Upstate Dave

Carpentos (formerly Carpentarius)
I had a cool experience today. I live in a student hall of residence, and my neighbour is a very hot girl. Since we use the same bathroom (down the corridor), I've always hoped to hear her farting and plopping on the toilet, but no such luck so far.

But today, as I went out of my room at about lunchtime, I passed her in the corridor going towards the bathroom (I needed to piss). She smiled and said hi. I got to the bathroom, went in there and there was a MASSIVE skidmark on the bottom of the toilet bowl, and a strong smell of fresh shit in the air. The toilet had clearly just been flushed, as evidenced from the sound of running water in the cistern. I know the skidmark wasn't mine, since I crapped in a different bathroom this morning. So I knew this HOT girl must have just taken a huge, smelly dump! I was really turned on, and just wished I'd been there a bit earlier so I could have listened near the door.

Dan Boy
Hey y'all. I just had surgery on my knee recently for a partially torn ACL and to have some cartilage fragments removed from a football injury. They gave me some vicodine for the pain. This stuff is really crazy when it comes to moving your bowels. It's like instant butt plug. I was wondering if anyone else ever had any problems pooping while on pain medication and if so was there anything you tried that seemed to relieve the constipation. I've tried prune juice but all that's been doing is giving me really bad gas. Fiber cereal doesn't even do that. I could use some help. :(

Uncle Harry
Random Thoughts on Peeing

No long story here. Just a log I've been keeping of pee thoughts that pop into my head.

Kate Winslet is my favorite actress. Not just because of her talent, of which she has plenty, but because she is so earthy. Various posts on the internet, and a recent issue of Parade magazine (11/30/08), portray her as a woman who doesn't mind being seen naked or sitting on the toilet taking a pee. In the movie Holy Smoke, there is a naked, standing, pee scene. Kate has said she wanted to do it for real, but they had to fake it because her pee kept running down her leg.

I have found that women who spend a lot of time in the outdoors.. camping, hiking, and such.. don't seem to be as concerned about being "caught peeing" as most women are. Most will seek some privacy behind a bush or something, but don't freak out if a man happens to come by and see them peeing. Some, if in company of people they know to some extent, don't even bother to seek privacy if no one objects.

Stand-to-pee devices for women are becoming more common. There are least 8 brands available on the internet. They come basically in two styles: funnel (such as P-Mate) and open channel (such as Whizzy). They also come in permanent/washable and disposable. On-line, they are available from manufacturers and some camping gear sites. I haven't seen any in retail stores, but there is at least one store in Chicago that stocks them. I know all this because I helped my wife find them, at my suggestion, because, due to her knee and back arthritis, she has a problem getting on and off standard-height toilets when out of the house. Handicap stalls are not always available. Unfortunately, they don't help when she has to poop. Even before these devices first became commercially available, I came across several women who devised their own, not always successfully. I'll write some posts on that later. Some women seem able to pee standing even without a device. They just pull up and out on their labia and let go. I've come across some of those also. (See my post on page 1596).

Why do women so often, after sitting down on the toilet, but before peeing, take some toilet paper, roll it up, and hold it in their hand, and then sit there peeing while holding the toilet paper? I have seen women doing this even if they are squatting over the toilet. Do they want to make sure they can stop the pee drips quickly? My wife doesn't even know why; it's just a habit that she learned.

My pee stream sometimes comes out at angle or splits into two streams. I have never figured out why. This can create a mess which the ladies don't appreciate. When I was having a prostate problem, and before my roto-rooter job, I was glad when my pee came out at all, never mind where it went.

Robyn - that was a great story with your sister. It is really cool that you have both a friend and a sister who are so close that you can share the bathroom with.

Nobody - that was a great post about you and your friend.

Ashley - wow, that sounded like some dump you took.

To Sarah:

Why don't you use diapers during those times? Nobody will notice even if you wear jeans, I know this from experience. And even better if you have a skirt or a dress. There are tablets to elimitane the smell too. I do not know how they well work, as I am only bladder incontinent. And yes, I did have my share of bowel accidents as well, fortunately not that many and diapers do work well.

There was a time recently when I was in a meeting and I urgently needed restroom, big time. It was not possible to leave and I started slowly leaking. By the time the meeting was over I already soiled myself, but not completly yet and nobody noticed. By time time I found the restroom it was over, so I changed and went back to work.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all again here from upstate New York. Well spring has changed right into summer type wether here over the past weekend. So many people were outside doing various things. I had done some needed yard work with my wife and then after that was done I took a walk to the local market for my wife.

On my way to the store I always cut through the alley to go to the local market. Up ahead of me in the alley was Susan who is a girl that lives in one of the houses that borders on the alley. She is I'm guessing around 9 years old. She has one of those electric motor driven scooters which she rides up and down the sidewalk and alleys around the nieghborhood.

I had met Susan riding her scooter before and she needed it fixed so I fixed it for her. That is how I knew her name. She saw me and raced up to me and stopped and said hello to me. I said hello to her back. We chatted for a few minutes. Where we were in the alley there was a Jeep Grand Cheerokee parked in front of a garage.. Susan was fidgeting quite badly as we stood there talking.

Then Susan stepped off from her electric scooter and asked me if I would watch it for me. I said I would so I grabbed and held it upright so it wouldn't fall over. Susan started hurridly go around the Jeep saying that she had to pee real bad! Susan went around as far as the other side front corner of the parked Jeep. Even from where I was standing with her scooter I could still see her.

She had on blue shorts and she just yanked them right down along with her white panties ain one quick move. She squated and she started peeing as soon as she had squated down! Boy it was a gusher too! Susan was not at all concerened about me seeing her. The need to pee must have been that great. In seconds her pee had made a hudge wete psot on the pavement which since the pavement was slanted where she was squated peeing it ran under the the parked Jeep and came out from underneath it and started running down the alley!

Susan took a long pee too. I would have easilly guessed she peed for a good half minute just having her pee gush out from her all this time. Her pee ran down the ally to a manhole which was about ten feet from me and went down through the small round holes in the manhole cover. Then before Susans pee had ended her gushing stream thinned which it now hissed for several seconds. Then the hissing stopped as her stream lost more of its force and then she came right to a stop.

Susan stood up for a moment to check the ground for she was looking down. Then she bent over grabbed her panties and shorts and pulled them up quickly. She came around the Jeep and came right over to me and she took a hold of her scooter again. She saw her pee trail now and she looked down the ally loooking at her pee trail seeing how far it had gone. Seeing that it had reached the manhole cover she broke into light laughter.

Then she told me she didn't think she had gone that much. I couldn't help laugh at that. You did Susan I said to her. I guess I did she said back to me. Susan got back on her scooter and she said thanks for watching my scooter and she zipped down the ally before I could say anything else to her. I went on my way to the market. Upstate Dave

After reading through all of the repeat posts, I found another question-and-answer session for me, so I guess I do that first...

From "brian":

1. do you poop everyday?

Most everyday, it's very rare that I don't. I've been pretty regular for the past few years.

2. does it make a big plop in the toilet?

Sometimes, each and every turd is different and makes a different sound.

3. do you like to listen to friends and other girls poop?

I enjoy it, yes. I like to imagine what the turds of the girl in the next stall look like, it's kinda fun.

Now on to the main substance of the post. Kyra got to the house early on Saturday morning, earlier than we expected. She showed up at about 9:00 in the morning. We talked about stuff as a family, Kyra shared some stories about college life, and we all had a good time. After lunch, there was a movie we wanted to see, so we all went to the theatre.

"Knowing" was a good movie, but by the end of it, I really needed to pee. Apparently, my mom and sister had to go also, as when I mentioned the bathroom, they said that was a good idea. We went and all got in line. I knew from past experiences that this bathroom was a one toilet, one sink style, with a locking door. We got in line behind five other people, I was at the front of our family.

The men's room, by contrast, had only two people waiting, one of which was my dad. The line seemed to take forever to move, by the time I was fourth in line, my dad was already in the bathroom. He got done just as the ladies' room door opened and now I was third in line. I so envied men and their lack of restroom lines right now. I really had to go bad, I couldn't wait that much longer. Finally, the line moved forward twice more and I was next in line.

The next lady went in and out faster, but it still seemed like a really long time. At last, I could pee! I went in, yanked off my jeans and panties, and unleashed a torrent of pee. It was a loud hissing stream that just went on for probably a minute or more. I wiped once, flushed, and went to go wait with my dad. My sister went in next, she took about as long as I did, and came out, then it was my mom's turn. She took quite a bit longer in the bathroom, she was probably pooping. After she was done we went back home.

That's all for now. I told Kyra about this site, and she says she'll post something tomorrow (Monday) sometime before she leaves.

Hey guys and gals,
Had my first buddy dump the other day. My cousin Sarah and I had been out shopping the other dayit was last Saturday.She'd come over to stay on Friday nite, I cooked some really ???? pasta. The next morning we both went to do a little shopping . Neither of us had a had a shit on the Saturday morning. ON the way out of the small mall I felt some huge farts building. When I reached the car I couldn't hold it any longer and told Sarah to hold her her this was gonna stink. I tell you it sounded likw a PIECE OF canvas being ripped and stink phewwwwwwww!!!!! Well I knew for sure that a shit was iminent. Sarah said she had shit on the way and we'd better head home now, we had 35 minute drive home I suggested she go use the public toilets but she prefer to use mine.

On the way home my bowels definitely needed to be emptied ,I jokinly said to her she may have company cos I needed
have a crap and it was urgent. Sarah said why don't we have a buddy dump as we're both about have an accident. I was forced to agree, cos I could feel my turds trying t o poke out.
As we reached the house we both jumped out of the car and walked quickly into the house , Sarah was walking like she was squezzing her butt cheeks I know I was doing my best not shit my pants.
She dropped her skirt on the kitchen floor exposing her thong,her cheeks were clenched that was for sure. I peeled off my spandex pants and full cut briefs.I noticed there was a brown stain in the gusset about 3 inches long. I sat on the toilet first then scooted back so she could have room . To do that I had to spread my legs so her ass would fit between my legs. She backed up to the toilet bowl and lowered her thong which was caked in poo,then she sat her ass on the bowl. She moved her ass up against my pubes. That made her laugh,she said it tickled her ass.I started to have a piss which ended up streaming down the crack of her hairy ass. Then Sarah said here it comes as she leant forward and I could hear this turd crackle , some of which squeezed onto my pubic area. I said Sarah ur shitting onto my pubes, she said that is payback for pissing down the crack of my arse hahahahaha. THa's when I dropped my turds I really needed that shit , I was only moments from shitting my pants.She omg here comes more , soft shit went into the bowl ,onto my pubes and up the crack of her ass.
What a mess we had both made , I had some of her poo on my pubes she had my piss down the crack of her ass , we were both finished. Without even talking we both hopped into the shower together, next time no buddy dumping Sarah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lena xxxxxxxx

To Mistee:

That was a great story about you and your friend. I really enjoyed reading it. You have interesting stories :)

Cute & Shy:

If you're still lurking on here, I haven't forgotten about you. Please come back and write some stories again. It's been a while since you've posted some.

I was wondering how clean people usually have their asses? I usually use baby wipes (and flushable wipes at work) as I don't think I get clean enough with just toilet paper and I like to be extra clean.

Also, does anyone else take fiber supplements? What has been your experience with them? I usually take psyllium powder and that works pretty well as it makes my poop pretty solid and it makes my ass much easier to clean.


can we talk about piles here, and the embarrassment and painful bowel movements?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last year my girlfriend and I were barbecueing together with some friends. We went to a meadow in the countryside one of our friends owned. It was a remarkably warm May day and we had a lot of fun. The food was delicious. After two hours, when everyone had finished eating and chatting, we decided to drive home. It would take us approximately an hour. However after about 20 minutes my girlfriend got more and more unconfortable. We were driving through the woods when a small parking lot on the side of the road appeared. Julia, my girlfriend -22 years old, blonde and slim-, asked me to stop. She said that she had been in need for a bathroom for about two hours and couldn't hold it much longer. There wouldnīt be a proper bathroom for miles - it was pure countryside. We had been together for two years then and she had not even gone once before in the woods. This time however the urge became to strong. She put some napkins into her handbag and asked me to come with her to stand guard. A hardly used path led into the woods. Julia and I had been walking for about 2 minutes when she went away from the path into the underbrush. I followed her. After some yards an old tree came into sight. She stopped next to it and said: "Please stay there and look if somebody is coming. And don't watch!" She had already put her bag onto the ground and was pulling down her yellow shorts and her panties. "Don't watch", she insisted. So I had turn round and look at the path.

Immediately I heard her peeing onto the ground. It went on for about 30 seconds. The sound was really loud - her bladder was fully loaded. When the stream had stopped I heard her farting. It was clear - she was pushing something out. Thatīs when I turned round to have a glimpse on what she was doing there. She was squatting - a thick brown turd hanging out. Luckily she didn't see me as she was concentrating on the ground. The turd fell down and I saw another one emerging. I didn't try my luck and turned round again so she couldn't see me watching and take care of her business in peace. There was another sound when she got rid of the second turd.
This one must have been quite big, too.

Soon afterwards I heard her opening the handbag. She had finished her business and took out the napkins to clean herself. A minute later she smiled and said "Done!". She had pulled her pants up and was heading towards me. Julia was very reliefed after her first shit in the woods and gave me a hug. "Wait a second,, I have to pee, too" I said. I went towards the place where she had squatted. And there they were - two fresh big brown turds next to the tree. The first turd was U-shaped. The second one was right next to it. Some small parts of poop were lying on it. Both were smooth. My girlfriend is a tiny person, and so I was amazed when I saw her pile. She had really needed to defecate. Next to her product were the napkins she had used. I pissed near them and went back to Julia who was waiting. "That must have been urgent" I said. "Yeah" she answered "but now it`s out. Thank you for not watching". We went into the car and drove home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upstate Dave
I like many of the posters here wait till the last ossible second to pee. I have been like this most of my life. I've had many close calls wetting myself becuase of doing this. I do enjoy feeling the urege a lot that I have to go so badly. When I do go the feeling of going is so intense I like that feeling too! Makes for great streams as far as length and highth! :-) Anyone else get the same rush of doing this?

greetings from unhappy toileting.

i have now been joined by my neighbor to the right and up line from my toilet. you know when you have been plunging your toilet against some kind of line clog it has to go some where. right! my neighbor cant do any business on her toilet it is full, and slowly filling mine. i came home to slime poo water all over her floor and mine. i talked to maintenance this building has been here since 1961 the put on the new pressure toilets last year. our maintenance crew does not own a snake that will un block out toilets so our poo business will flush down hill. now we are as a group of units we are going potty on the floor of a number of the units of the building. don't blame us we need all need to go to the toilet and the toilets don't flow out of the building into the sewer. i was just sitting on my toilet and my neighbor comes running over pounding on the door now keep in mind i am about to climb into the shower. i am bear on my toilet with a number 5 poo and the paper work begging me to stop plunging and flushing. yipe i grabbed a towel and found my toilet contents running out of the door next store ouch what a mess. we think that 5 or 6 of can not take a call of nature in our toilets. when will this end. there are laws about sanitation when we rent in washington are there not. after all in the city of seattle by law you do not have to have a toilet in your restaurant, how ever you must post a sign that you don't have a toilet for the customers.

This is my first post:

I was at CiCi's Pizza with my friend on Saturday, and we were eating pizza. During the meal, he lifted his butt off the seat slightly, and I heard a fart. I also saw a bulge form in his pants and the front get wet. I could not believe it. My friend was wetting and pooping his pants in public. I did not say anything at the time, but when we left, i mentioned that i saw him use the bathroom in his pants. He just said that he sometimes goes in his pants when he really has to go or does not feel like getting up. He was wearing tighty whities and denim shorts. We are both 14 years old, male.

To Dobby House Elf, do any of the other people in your complex without bathrooms have children?

hi everyone !

iam back! today i went to the park. i went to the bathroom after a while. i took the third middle stall as usual. not too long after i arrived there two girls came in. one girl was next to me. the other was next to her. the girl on my right peed. then i heard them laugh. i guess the other girl was laughing cause the tiolet paper dispencer came open. not too long after that they both exited there stalls and left. the first stall had some tiolet paper in it. so i just flushed it down. then i went into the first regular stall and began getting ready for my bowel movement. i began pushing to get the first turd moving. it came out in chucks. then i had more in me to still let out. so i began to push again. the final movement came out. i looked at my creaation. it wasnt much. i found a brush snd stuck the brush and swirled it around to make the water turn all brown and see some of the poo that was there. i did this to make the creation more impressive. then i exited the stall and left the tiolet unflushed. then later on that evening there were softball games. i decided to do something different. i was gonna go hangout in the bathroom until 7:50pm. at 5pm i went back to the bathroom. i took the third middle stall as usual. i was feeling the need for anotjher bowel movement. i started pushing and graunting. i began pooping a little bit . some came out. then i felt more inside of me. more came out of me however this time it was in pieces. there were 7 or 8 pieces. then i just hungout waiting to hear for more girls to come in and use the bathroom. the fist girl that i heard took the stall on my right. she took a shit very quickly and left the tiolet unflushed. then i heard a young women probably about 25 come in with her younger daughter that was like 2 or 3 years old. they took the stall on my left. the mom had beautiful toe nals were painted white. she had on some design on her sandles. then she kept saying to her daughter" megan stand still or else u will get a spanking". then she flushed the tiolet and let her daughter go to the bathroom. then they left. the next person i heard was a young girl probably about 12 or 13. she took the stall to my left. she was talking to her sister and then there was silence. this told me that she was taking a dump. that made me happy. she was pooping for about 25 mintues. she flushed the tiolet and then left. then a women i would say about 27 years of age took the stall on my left. i could see that she was wearing sandles and her toe nails were painted pink. they were pretty. she also had on some purfume that really smelled Good. i began inhailing the smell. she started pooping. she flushed the tiolet and then left. then i heard a women about 44 years old come in. she took a stall down towards the end. then she started pooping. this went on for quite a while. she had an odor with her bowel movement that she took. it smelled! i stayed in the bathroom until 8:28pm. i left the park then. i hope that u all enjoy this post.


Kimmy, you said that you like to hear others poop. Do you have any stories about taking a dump while listening to a stall neighbor also taking a dump. There have been a lot of stories like that on this site and I think they're among the best.

Nicole, since you're a teacher, did you ever have to take a dump in the middle of the class? If so, did you hold it or have to excuse yourself? Did you ever fart in front of the class and if so did any of your students know?

Me and my friend Chantel went to a concert at our civic convention center. There were like 10,000 seats and it was a sell out. Chantel drove because she's 6 months older than me and she got her license. I always like to pee before I leave home, but Mom was in the shower and I didn't want to wait because I knew there would be a crowd at the CCC.

Well, by the time we got down there and parked and walked like five blocks of the 8 block walk, we could see at the top of the hill the admission lines were forming and I had to pee. I had last peed at school at like 2 p.m. and now it was like 4 hours later. When I'm sitting like in a car or seated my pee doesn't hurt too bad but when I'm standing or walking I feel like I have to go much worse. We had walked about another block when I told Chantel I didn't think I was going to make it to the CCC. I hurt too much and with every step I felt like I was going to burst. We were walking past a high-rise public parking garage when we both heard two guys inside cussing one another out. They were arguing about whether to put the entrance gate down because they were close to being full. Because I thought I remembered the building led to a bank and enclosed mall (my grandma took me down there to pay bills when I was really young) me and Chantel walked up the ramp to where we heard the arguing.

I was halfway up the ramp while she walked faster and was ahead of me. I was so desperate that I was looking at corners and places between two large trucks, etc. where I could simply squat and relieve myself. Although I'm not good at squatting and really hate the hover squatters at school that sprinkle, splash and waterlog the seats for us normal students, I knew a burst was coming. It was getting dark and I knew that would aid what I was planning, but I also realized that in the parking garage I probably could walk right by a doorway with a restroom sign that was faint or faded because I wouldn't see it. I heard Chantel's voice at the top of the ramp, but couldn't make out what she was saying. I heard a male voice, too, but there were sirens as couple of blocks away that were getting louder and I was getting more desperate. Because I was walking uphill, I got a little winded, so I slowed down momentarily and grabbed a chain that was marked "reserved" and extended from two barrells, each was about 2 feet high and painted orange. Not seeing anyone around, I immediately dropped my jeans and panties and at the far end, I sat over the side of the barrell. There was sharp metal that was piercing my butt, but as I put more weight onto my knees and kind of squatted, I could hear tinkles and within seconds I heard what my mom calls really heavy rains--a deluge. The sound of the container filling was very interesting and I could feel my pubic hairs being very close to the top of the filling pee. I don't know if it was the excitement or what, but I unexpectedly farted and what felt like a couple of balls of shit fell out of me and, of course, resulted in a big splash that my whole pubic area got drenched with.

More than once I had to stand and sit touching the barrell ever so gently because my butt was hurting and I wondered if it was like creasing or marking my skin. It sure felt like it. After about 3 minutes I had completely drained myself and I was pulling up my panties and jeans just as Chantel came down the ramp. She said the guy said there was no public restroom there but I showed her the barrell and told her there was. I felt sooo relieved as she offered to go through her purse and try to find me a Kleenex for me to wipe with. However, I just wanted to get out of there and down to the CCC because I knew the crowds would be getting bigger. The lines were so long that it took us a good 30 minutes to get into the CCC and as soon as we left the entry lobby, Chantel said she felt a shit coming on. It had been 5 days since she last shit. I couldn't believe it! Luckily right after they took our tickets, we found a restroom that was busy, but not overly so, if you know what I mean. There was no line stringing way outside into the hallway. That was good because we could hear the sound check for the opening band. A mother came out with her young daughter about 10 and was lecturing the girl about washing her hands good when Chantel went in, dropped her jeans and thong, and within about 5 seconds of being seated, started to groan in pain and then in anticipation as she moved her legs from side to side, got up a couple of times to reposition herself, and finally cursed a couple of times as one very large turd inched its way out and into the water, as well as almost as high as the top of the bowl. As she was describing it to me though the door, she offered to let me in and I took her up on it. As soon as I entered, she got up, stepped to the side, and showed me one gigantic turd that would have torn my ass apart and probably caused me to bleed to death. Just seeing that shit caused me to quit thinking about the bruise I felt was forming on my thigh.

Chantel and I got to our seats just as the opening band was starting. We both went down and peed at intermission. She used the same stall and was surprised that her giant shit had finally been flushed. I was in the next stall thinking about how comfortable it was to sit on a regular toilet and seat for that pee. I was certain my bladder appreciated it.

I see I have a few fans, so I guess I'll answer some "fan mail", lol. The first poster didn't leave their name, but I can still give the answers.

"Who drops the bigger turds out of you two? "

I'd have to say Ashley does bigger turds than me, although I can sometimes make a big turd myself.

"Do you always watch each other?"

Usually we do, unless we're in a public bathroom. It kind of looks weird if two people share the same stall, but at our houses, no one knows or cares that we watch each other. Ashley and I have been friends since a very young age, so we're really comfortable around each other.

"Have you ever admitted to each other that there is a 'big one' on the way?"

Sometimes. Whenever we watch each other go, we always talk about stuff, we'll talk about anything and everything, and sometimes if one of us has a particularly difficult turd, we talk about that.

Lewis asked about wiping habits, specifically using wet wipes or a similar product. I don't use them myself, seeing no need to. Dry toilet paper gets me plenty clean enough.

Nothing else of any particular note has happened lately, so I guess I'll cut this post short. Maybe next time something interesting will happen, who knows?

Welcome to Jeanette, Nicole & Kimmy. Ladies, I enjoyed your stories. Kimmy, if you ended up having a buddy dump with your sister, would love to hear the story. Robyn, I enjoy your stories too & don't worry about the duplicate post.

Hey everyone, I was at the office this morning when i suddenly had the urge to go. The stomach cramps kept recurring and my office being an airconditioned room, doesn't help things out a bit. I farted a few times (discreetly) before deciding that holding back isn't an option.

I picked my usual stall, the one by the corner. I peed standing up first before i pulled down my pants and sat down. Then i had to ensure that my butt was clear (shirt, tie, etc) then i released my bowels and a whole wave of diarrhoea just dropped down into the bowl followed by a few waves of gas. It was all liquidy and i guess it must've been the spicy dinner i had, cos my butthole had a burning sensation shortly after that. But the ????ache didn't subside so i sat for a while more and waited for another wave. So i sat there, fiddling with my phone (in silent mode) and waited....

While waiting, i heard a guy walk it. He was wearing a very strong perfume which only one person in my office would use!!! My boss.... being a very small organisation, they don't get special toilets and all, so they have to use the same toilet. After he locked his stall, i could immediately hear him pull down his pants and sat down. I heard a few plops followed by a very soft fart. It sounded like "pffftttt" "Pffffttt" then followed by a few more plops. It happened very quickly. After a while, i heard him wipe followed by a flush and then he left. Time must be really money to him..... his poop session actually lasted no more than 3 mins whereas I am still sitting down with my pants to my knees.

Then i heard someone walk

fandy: Maybe you ought to soften up your stools. Try taking more fibre such as prunes or fresh fruits. That ought to ease the pains you get in the toilet.

Upstate Dave: I really enjoyed your stories, so please do update us on more of your adventures especially the one with Kathy.

Ashley: no worries, i'll continue sharing my experiences and i hope you do too!

To all: I love how you guys actually describe the sounds and the movements. keep it up!

Uncle Harry
How I Met My Mother-In-Law

In my junior year of college, I was dating a student nurse, Sue, who later became my first wife. She shared a 3 bedroom apartment with two other student nurses near the hospital and not far from the fraternity house where I lived. The other two girls also had boyfriends, we all got to know each other pretty well, and we guys all had keys to the apartment. There was only one bathroom and we developed an open bathroom policy to keep the traffic moving. No one bothered to close the door when in use, except to poop to confine the stink, or when taking a bath or a shower to keep out drafts. Even then, the door was just swung shut and not latched or even a little ajar. It wasn't unusual for one of the guys to go in and use the toilet when one of the girls was in the tub or for one of the girls to walk in to brush her teeth when a guy was peeing. The only rule was: guys, lift the seat when you pee, clean up any mess you make, and then put the seat back down. Yes, ladies. Ok with us.

One day, I went over to the apartment shortly after Sue got off duty at the hospital. I let myself in with the key and, without announcing myself, I headed for the bathroom for a badly needed pee. I noticed that the door was latched, but thought nothing of it, opened the door and walked in. I was startled to see a middle-aged woman who I didn't know sitting on the toilet, slacks down, legs spread partially apart, pee pouring from her pussy. She was even more startled when I walked in, but may no attempt to cover herself or stop her pee stream. "Who are you?", she asked with a startled expression. "Ugh.. I'm Sue's boyfriend", I stammered. "Well, Sue's boyfriend", she blurted out. "I'm Sue's mother. Do you always walk in on the girls when they're on the toilet?" What a way to meet my girlfriend's mother for the first time.

Sue apparently heard the conversation and came dashing over. Apparently, she never told her mother that she had a boyfriend and didn't tell me that she was coming for a visit that day. She proceeded to explain everything to her mother while she was still sitting there peeing. She finally stopped, wiped herself, and pulled up her slacks. After that, any time she was there, I noticed that she closed.. and locked.. the door whenever she had to use the bathroom.

i was taking the ACt test school. I have ibs. 3 hours in a room during a high stress test is not good for me. I got horribly sick. I raced to the bathroom at the first break. i was covered in shit. Well, i cleaned up the best i could. my boxers were ruined. i had to throw them out. it took me 14 of the 15 minutes of break to clean and wash my hands. I then had to sprint back to the class to finish the test. During the second to last portion of the test, My stomach felt horrible again, but nothing really happened there. after the test was finished, i was called down to one of the principals offices. turns out someone noticed me sprinting from the bathroom and came in and saw the messy boxers in that trash. he had wanted to see if i was alright. after that i had to walk back into my classroom and wait 10 minutes to be dismissed. when i got home, i noticed that at some point i got crap on the outside of my pants... my pride really hurts right now. this is the first time ive not managed to make it to the bathroom in time since i was in 1st grade. ugh!

Hi Everyone :

I was wondering if any of you has had the opportunity to travel through Eastern Europe, particularly Germany. I have been based in Eastern Germany for a while, and the toilet bowls here are the shelf-type. Also called the German Shelf toilets, they have a kind of dry horizontal shelf that covers about 75% of the inside of the bowl, so the turds first collect on the shelf and later are flushed down the chute at the end of the bowl.

Me and my girlfriend often end up chatting when the other is pooing. On a recent occasion, she sat and discussed somethings as she relieved herself. She deposited a massive load of yellow entwined turds that made a mini hill on the shelf, the pile almost touching her butt when she finished. She raised herself to wipe and there were some stark yellow stains on the paper as completed the wipe. She blushed as we noted the huge load she had dumped.

questions for robyn

1. do you poop everyday?

2. does it make a big plop in the toilet?

3. do you like to listen to friends and other girls poop?

Kimmy I loved your post and look forward to more

Upstate Dave
Blue Rizla Girl I watched a girl that I knew when I was young that she peed on her hands and knees on a old matress out in her barn. That is the most different position I've seen a girl pee.

Uncle Harry
River Pee

It's been a chilly spring, but we had a warm Saturday recently. Feeling hiking-deprived after a long winter, I decided to go hiking in the forest preserve. Since my wife no longer hikes with me because of arthritis in her knees, I called my friend Marty to see if he wanted to go along. He did. As usual, we carried water bottles with us and swigged water along the trail. After a while, we both had to pee, and as we had come to a bend in the river, we decided that would be a good place for "watering". We looked around to see if any one else was there. No one was. So we stepped up to the river's edge, got out our dicks, and started to piss in the water. Just then, two young women came around the bend. They saw us peeing, waved at us and said "Hi, guys" and then walked on. Oh, well. No big deal.

Keith D
To Jeanette: Great stories! Do you get constipated often? I used to get constipated all the time, often for days and spent many long sessions on the toilet trying to get a really hard log out. Although I found the straining to be exhausting, I also really enjoy the feeling of a rock hard monster slowly stretching and passing through.

My name is Gillian. I am a long time lurker but this is my first post. First let me tell you about myself. I am 25 and work in the office for a TV Company in London. I have for many years now loved to see and hear other girls take a poop. The TV company is a very good place to pursue my interest. It is also a breakfast TV company so there is a building full of very hot girls, who start work at 5am. Often too early to have a morning dump before they leave for work, so by the time they have travelled in and had a cup of coffee, the bowels spring into life. I am gay by the way. I work in a very large open plan office, with about 30 or so other people, about 20 of whom are girls. I have made it my business to know when most of them go to the toilet. Some are very regular and others more random. Some are very open and joke about the odd hours we work and how they have to poo at work, others are very discrete. Whichever, I think I have heard most of them go, some of my favourites almost daily. I have countless stories of hearing really nice poos. I have even heard some of the presenters and newsreaders go. I myself usually go at about 7. I quite often co-incide with one of my colleagues, Jane, and now we are quite open about it. If she gets up about then, I sometimes whisper 'going to the loo?' and she says yes and we go in adjacent cubicles and chat. I usually do 1 long wide bit, whereas Jane does more smaller plops. I am plucking up courage to suggest that we go together in the disabled toilet but haven't done it yet. I heard one of the newsreaders go this morning - at about 5.30, she goes on the air at 6. She is a beautiful half Indian girl about 25. Her poo was really nice - 5 plops but I could hear crackling too, and some really lovely pushing noises. If you are interested I will post some of my experiences and keep you upto date with my own BM's. If you watch independent breakfast TV in the UK I will try to answer anything you want. Love this site. Happy pooping. Gillian xxx

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