Sarah from Calgary
Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has been over two years since I last posted anything. For those who remember me, hello! For those who don't yet know me, I am about 5 foot 10 and have a slim build, long brown hair and blue eyes. Also, I am now 33 years old.

I have this problem that hasn't gone away in the past two years, where for the first two or three days before my period, and even the first two or three days after it has started, I will have the worst diarrhea.

This has happened to me since I was about 12 years old and has led to many, many very embarrassing moments. I remember when I was 12 years old, even before my period started I had a vert bad diarrhea accident on a school field trip. I had the worst cramps ever and just as we were reaching our destination, I let out what I thought was a harmless fart to relieve some of the pressure, when I ended up having diarrhea in my panties. I was so mortified! Two days later I got my very first period at school. All I remember was that I bled through my jeans because it was heavy and I didn't have a pad with me.

Well, that was just the beginning. I have had this happen to me at the most inconvenient times, either at school or at work, or when I was traveling.

I am now married to a very wonderful man who has taken things all in stride. He is totally understanding and comforting when I have a diarrhea accident in my pants. Some months are better than others and I don't have an accident. But other times, well, those are the worst. My husband has always been there for me though. There have been times when he has made a trip to the store for me when I was at work, to buy new panties for me, or has gone home and gotten me a change of clothes.

One time before we were married, my then fiance and I were making out at his appartment. We got down to our underwear. I was wearing a white bra and brand new white bikini panties. We were on the floor and going at it pretty good. He had his hands all over me, it felt really good. At one point my stomach made this strange sound. We stopped for a second, chuckled and went back at it.

I started feeling crampy but I ignored it. He had his hands all over my butt, on my legs and on the inside of my thighs. He was kissing my neck and had one of his hands on my butt when I let go this silent fart. The problem was that it was a very wet diarrhea fart. He didn't realize what had happened, he thought it was me getting more turned on and he said, "Oh, Sarah!". I stopped moving and was like, "get up, GET UP!". We stopped, I sat up and clenched my stomach and started messing my panties. I stood up, and rushed to his washroom. I had to stop halfway there and diarrhea erupted into my panties. I was so mortified!!! When I got into the washroom, I didn't know what to do. I just started crying.

After a few minutes, he lightly knocked on the door and asked if I was alright. I asked him to hand me my jeans. I didn't even try to clean myself up. I put my jeans on and the mess in my panties went everywhere. Up my back, up my front and down my legs. I couldn't look him when I was putting my shirt, jacket and shoes on. He stopped me on my way out the door, hugged me and said that everything was okay. My bowels cramped up and I leg go another large amount of diarreha into my pants as he was hugging me. He said I could stay over and clean myself up, but I didn't have any clean clothes to wear and I just wanted to get home. He said that I could borrow some of his, but I just wanted to get home.

On my way home, I had to go another three times. I was a total mess.
My pants and panties were a complete disaster. I still haven't gotten the diarrhea stains out of my panties from that episode. Those are in
my "period panties" pile.

The next day he came over unannounced and asked me to marry him.

For our honeymoon, we went to St. Lucia for a week, which was just amazing, except for one day in particular...

I had on a new two piece bikini that was white with pink and
yellow flowers. We decided to see what one of the other resorts looked
like, that was the same company as ours, so we got on the shuttle and went there for the day. The trip was about half an hour long. I also had a wrap that went around my waist. When we were at the swim up bar, I felt a cramp come on and I let out a little gas. It felt kinda sticky even in the water, so I told my new husband that I was going to the ladies room. As I was hurrying across the water, I could feel a little diarrhea slip into my bikini bottom. I made it out of the pool and onto the pool deck, took a few steps when it happened. I stopped short and my bowels cramped up and a major load of wet diarrhea poured, literally poured into my bikini bottoms. I couldn't believe it! I took a few steps towards the ladies room and went again. This time
the diarrhea poured down my legs and onto the pool deck in front of
everyone. This really nice lady rushed over to me and wrapped a towel
around me and led me to the ladies room. By this time my husband was there and we left pretty much right away. It was awful. On the shuttle ride back, people were giving me these sympathetic looks of pity. I cried. I had to buy a new bikini at our resort because mine was messed so badly.

Well, I will try to keep up on posting here again. I have a number of other stories that I can share, but perhaps at another time.

If there are any women out there who suffer from what my doctor calls, "Pre-menstrual diarrhea", or PMD, please share!

Take care everyone. All your stories are great!

Sarah from Calgary.

Uncle Harry

Glad you're back. Those details you tell about how you piss are really great. I'm wondering something. You always mention that you lock the door. Are you afraid someone might come in and see you pissing? Are you pee shy? Do you ever let anyone watch while you pee and see all those details?

Gillian- I envy you !!, you have the best job !! If you'd read my earlier posts, you'll see that I take great pleasure in listening to ladies poop at work! it's quite a turn on, hearing those prim and popper business women relieve themselves.I've written my adventures in this site.
btw- I'm in US, but which channel exactly do you work for? is it ITV in uk?

There was another "Gillian" who I exchanged adventures with. I haven't seen her in a while in this site.

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while. I was so busy
and nothing interesting happened at work. But, today I had
a buddy dump with my best friend and it really turned me
on !!!

I had lot to catch up with my best friend, Lindsey, a beautiful brunette of 33 yrs. so we
went shopping and I spent the rest of the day over at her place. I
got up early tried to poop, but didn't produce anything.
stopped at dunkin donuts for breakfast and went to her place.
both of us decided to go out and we went out to a Mexican
restaurant and I had a huge lunch. After that we returned to
her place - we had a lot of catching up to do

By the afternoon, I had quite a big urge to poop. I
literally hadn't gone in a whole day and mind you, I have very
regular bm. My urge was fueled by the breakfast and the huge
lunch I had, and the coffee we were having worsened my urge. I
let out a couple of "silent but deadly"'s throughout the
afternoon and knew the next one would not be just gas. All of
a sudden, Lindsey finished her cup of coffee and said "jeez I
really need to take a crap"

"me too", I said, but she said was halfway on the way to the
toilet. Only if she knew how badly I wanted to go!. I finished
my cup of coffee and walked towards the toilet. Lindsey had
the door ajar, sitting on the pot with her jeans and white

panties bunched up around her ankles. "you can come in hun" said Lindsey.She had her arms on her thighs, and a soft sigh was followed by a "cracklecckch and a plop - she was having a good clean out, and seeing her sitting on the toilet, how this gorgeous woman was expelling turds off her lovely bum gave me quite a turn on. But this had an adverse effect the turn on the knotting in my stomach made my urge to shit even worse, now I was quite desperate.

I told that I was quite desperate now. Luckily, she was reaching for tp. She lifted up her thigh slightly, wiped herself with toilet paper and let it fall into the toilet. The paper wasn't that dirty, it only took her two wipes to get cleaned out.

She stood up and there was a seven inch turd and she was "hun i told you i had to go badly" "oh yeah? I'm about to shit my panties now, girl ! I said". I literally had my skirt hiked all the way to my waist. I quickly sat on the toilet,it was still warm from lindsey's -pulled my panties down and was shitting in no time. I expelled a couple of thick turds, one ker-plop after another. soon i felt done ( readers might know i'm not a profilic pooper). I reached for tp, and Lindsey ripped me a wad. "Wanna clean me up"? I asked, half jokingly, "maybe" she said with a grin- the thought of she wiping my dirty bottom sent shivers down my spine, but i didn't push it, as I was bit scared. In the end, we checked my leavings. There were three six inch turds, quite a dump by my ususal standards, and even Lindsey agreed.

At the end of the day, I hugged her goodbye and thanked her for staying with me in the toilet. she said it wasn't a problem,she'd do the same. That further buzzed me up. It was sad to leave my lovey friend.

Gillian- tell me if anything exciting happens at workplace !!

Uncle Harry
Pisseth Against the Wall

In the King James version of the Bible, in I Sanuel and I and II Kings, there are several references to "men" as those who "pisseth against the wall". People were very blunt in their language in those days, I guess. I learned not long ago that, today, it isn't just men who pisseth on walls.

Last year, spring came late to northeastern Illinois after a rough winter, as it is doing again this year. In early April, we had an unusual warm spell for a few days, so I decided to do some hiking in one of the many parks around here. My wife no longer hikes with me because of arthritis, so I went alone. After a time, I had a sudden, urgent need to piss. I knew the toilet facilities were still closed for the winter and wouldn't open until May. I came across one facing the wide asphalt walking/biking path that had a strip of grass on the back side and figured that would be a good place to take a leak. So I went in back, faced the wall, unzipped, and got out my dick. Because of the curve in the walk ahead of me, I hadn't seen if anyone else was coming, but I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the other end of the building. I figured it was probably another guy who needed to pee, but it wasn't.. it was a woman. So there I was with my dick hanging out and the woman stops short and stares at me. She said she needed to pee really bad and would I mind. Of course, I didn't mind and expected that she would drop her slacks and squat down in the grass, probably facing away from me. Instead, she stood next to me facing the wall, pulled a P-Mate out of her purse, dropped her slacks and panties far enough to expose her vagina, stuck the P-Mate between her legs and proceeded to "pisseth against the wall" just as I started to. Unlike most women I have seen using a P-Mate, and I have seen several, she didn't hold the opening tightly against her vagina, but several inches below, so that she peed straight down into the open end and then her urine flowed out the funnel end. This was probably because she had fat legs and couldn't get it all the way up. I asked her if she wasn't embarrassed to pee with a strange man. She just laughed and said that she was an outdoor lady and was used to such things. My stream splattered against the wall but, since she couldn't get as much pressure as me, her's just barely made it and trickled down. We both finished our pees at about the same time. I put my dick away and zipped up, while she just threw the P-Mate on the ground, (that brand is disposable, although she should have used a trash can), and pulled her slacks and panties back up. We left the back of the building at opposite ends and went our separate ways.

renee, it seems as if your story was cut off, for some reason. great story, anyway...would love to hear the rest.

everyone keep up the good stories.

Gillian - yes, it would be nice to hear about some of your experiences in the office as well as your own bms. Did you hear any of these co-workers take a very gassy dump or totally stink up the bathroom? If so, please share. Also, do you get turned on by the smell or find it to be a turn off?

Ashley - interesting post. Were you chased out of the bathroom by the smelly bm or did you hang around for awhile to take in the aroma?

Upstate Dave
Peekaboo I'm glad you like my posts with my nextdoor nieghbor Kathy. I'll continuie on with another tome with her which happened later that first summer when I had met her.

Summer was passing by quickly. It was now early August and it seemed that Kathy and I had met only a few days ago instead of several weeks ago. We were tired of just playing in her playhouse or making bathroom trips in the bottom of my barn. So this one day we went exploring instead.

We went down the path that went down the hill behind my barn. We had to cross the main highway which we carefully did. Now here there was woods which a creek ran through so that is where we went. We first walked up along te creek exploring stopping to toss stones into the creek, stopping to pick and eat wild blackberries and rasberries. Then we found a spot that jumping from one big rock to the next we crossed over to the otherside of the creek and headed back down along the creek.

We walked further down going past the spot where we had started going up which now was on the other side. It was warm but since we were most of the time in the woods the shade was nice. As we walked I was now looking for a place where we could again cross. Other wise we would have to go all the way back and cross on the rocks again. So far no spot to cross as we went along.

Then we came to a spot where the woods opened up and it was a very nice sunny spot. The creek here was wide but looked shallow and the bottom looked sandy with some gravel. I told Kathy we could get across here if we wade across. Kathy told me lets do it! So both of ustook off our sneakers and socks and waded into the creek.

The water was cool not cold and felt good on my hot sweaty feet. Kathy told me it felt good on her feet. We had waded out abot a third of the way across. The water was up to our knees. I had shorts on while Kathy had one of her summer dresses on so we were still ok not getting our clothes wet. I told Kathy that I hoped that the water wasn't going to get higher otherwise we will get our clothes wet.

We went on wading out further but going slower now. We were close to halfway when Kathy stopped. She was infront of me when she stopped. As I looked at her I saw a piss stream come out from under the bottom of her dress and shoot straight down into the creek with a loud splash! Kathy now giggled very hard. I had to piss! she said to me while she giggled. I see that! I said back to her.

Your not pissing your panties are you Kathy? I asked her. Giggling harder Kathy told me no I don't have any on! Then she grabbed her dress and pulloed it right up to show me she didn't have any panties on! I laughed. Kaqthy was still pissing quite hard when she lifted her dress up. In fact right now was the hardest she was going to piss. There was even some small patches of piss foam on the water in the creek which slowly floated away from where her piss was hitting the water of the creek.

Several seconds later her stream thinned down and she then dribbled and she came to a dripping stop. Kathy shook her litle ass several times then dropped her dress back down. I stepped up along side of her and she told me that felt better then the water on her hot feet. I laughed and told her the amount that she pissed it must have! Now I said it was my turn to piss. Kathy giggled and told me to go ahead.

I pulled my zipper down and pulled out my penis real fast. Doing it so fast Kathy asked me if I had underware on. I smiled and then popped my sna and opened the front of my shorts up to give her my answer. Seeing that I had none on Kathy laughed. So mow I stood there holding my penis with one hand and holding up my shorts with the other hand.

I aimed my penis so that it was pointed upward and I started to piss. I sent a very high arcing stream through the air. My stream reached all the way across the creek and came down in the grass well past the water of the creek. Kathy laughed hard for several secdonds and then she told me that was one good piss I was doing! I smiled and I gave a push sending my piss stream further into the grass. Kathy started laughing hard again telling me at the same time; Showoff!

I pissed hard like this for only a short time. With my hard pushing my bladder emptied real fast. My piss ended by my stream just ending falling making one splashing piss trail all across the water of the creek. That was it. No spurts were needed to finish this piss. I slipped my penis back inside my shorts and zipped them up and did the snap.

Kathy and I waded some more and the water fell further down on our legs. So we knew now that we had gone through the deepest part of the creek. With that we turned around and waded back and got our sneakers and socks. We waded accross the creek sat down on the grass and put our socks and sneakers back on. Then we got up and came out of the woods and we were only a few hundred feet from where we had gone in when we had started.

Then I got a idea. I asked Kathy if she thought she might be able to go swimming. She told me she had a bathingsuite. Well then lets head to your house then and you can get changed. Kathy smiled and she started running. I chased after her. We ran most of the way all the way back including runniung up the path up the hill to my barn! Then we ran over to her house from my yard. It didn't take us long at all!

As we got to Kathys house she told me we should have grndmother make us up a picnic lunch. I told her that was a great idea! So when we were inside Kathys house she asked her grandmother if she would make us a picnic lunch. She agreed to make us one. Kathy and I went upstairs while grandmother made our picnic lunch. I got to see Kathy do a striptease for she changed into her bathingsuite right in front of me in her bedroom!

Kathy put back on her summer dress over her swimsuite and we went back downstairs to the kitchen. Grandmother had made up a big picnic lunch for us and had it in a old style picnic basket for us. We thanked her and we headed over to my house for towels,soda,ice and a small cooler. I put the sodas and ice in the cooler. I carried the cooler and Kathy the picnic basket and we headed down the path behind the barn crossed the highway and headed into the woods fr the creek and our picnic lunch and swim. I leave it right there for now.

I recently discoverd this cite and realized I too enjoyed watching a guy take a dump. Yesterdy at the gym, I went into the stall next to a guy. The lid had puddles of pee all over one side. I sat anyway. (Wish I knew who's) Unfortunately he was quiet and odorless. I'll have to keep trying.

this morning i was coming back from from a bicycle ride with a friend of mine. we both needed to find a bathroom. we stopped at a gas station. there were two stalls in the bathroom. i took the first stall my friend took the second stall. i was feeling constipatesd. i needed to poop. i started grunting and pushing. a little bit came out. my friend was peeing. she peed for quite a while. when she was done she left the tiolet unflushed!~ i was still pooing. i continued pushing and gruting. i felt a huge turd that was trying to make its way out. finally it came out. when i was done i looked at my work. i couldnt beleive it there was a huge chunk of poop curled up. then i saw a really long snake that was just floating. then i saw another gigantic turd about 25 inches long just lying there. i then exited the stall and left the tiolet unflushed. i took a look at my friends work she peed and it was golden yellow. when were both done we washed our hands and exited the bathroom. thats all for now.

Gillian - I loved your story
Could you give more accounts of hearing the TV staff go, and also your own
When you go and just drop one - does it make a loud PLOP ?

Guess what guys? I just found out my sister is coming back home this weekend! She's three years older than I am and she left for college last year. We used to share the room I stay in now, so we'd often share our bathroom experiences. In fact, I remember one particular time she came home for a weekend visit, we had a great bathroom experience together...

Mom and dad had gone to work, so it was just Kyra (that's my sister) and I at home alone. Kyra made us some lunch, I don't remember what she called it, but it tasted awesome. After eating, we were just hanging out in the room, talking and stuff. At some point, Kyra told me she felt her guts working and she needed to take a dump.

We went into the bathroom and Kyra pulled down her pants and panties, sitting down on the toilet. Shortly after she sat down, I heard a plop. Then she grunted a little and I heard the crackle of a turd, then another splash. She continued sitting, then another splash, followed by a bit more grunting and plop again. She said "Sorry about the smell, Unnggh", I told her I didn't care about the smell. There was another splash and she said she felt one more. I told her, "It sounds like you're having a good crap", and she said "Yeah".

She grunted a little more and then a final splop. She stood up and I saw the toilet nearly full of Kyra's poop, all sorts of turds of varying lengths and most of them a dark brown shade. "Wow you really had to go", I commented, "I guess I did, I don't remember eating that much though", was the reply. She sat back down and wiped herself thoroughly. She tears off a large bunch of paper, folds it once, wipes front to back, folds again, wipes again, folds once more and wipes a third time. On a particuarly messy crap, like today, she tears off a second length about as much and wipes three times more. As we left the bathroom, I sprayed some air freshner around.

Maybe an hour later or so, I felt my daily crap coming on, so I told Kyra and we went into the bathroom again. There was still a faint odor of poop in the air. I pulled down my jeans and panties, opening the toilet lid. The bowl had some skid marks left from Kyra's big crap earlier, but I didn't care. After sitting for a bit, pushing slightly, I felt a turd poke out, it crackled a lot and I was letting out some gas along with the turd. Ploop, it rested in the toilet, and it was followed up by another turd, this one felt bigger around. Splash. I felt some more so I gave some pushes, and a knobbly turd came out. Plop, Sploop, Splunk, three smaller turds came out in succession.

I stood up to see what I'd produced, and there was two sausage-like turds, one was a lighter brown and the other kind of dark, like Kyra's turds. My three smaller turds were green, and they were all lying together, like parts of one bigger turd. I wiped four times and flushed the toilet. The flushing must have washed the bowl some, because there were less skid marks then before.

Anyway, this post was really long, sorry about that. That's just one of my favorite memories. I just can't wait until she gets here tomorrow. She arrives on Saturday morning, and will leave again Monday night. Hopefully, I'll have another good story to share with you guys.

I'll now continuie with Kathy and I having our picnic and swim in the creek. We reached the spot that we had wadeded across earlier and we laid out the two big towels on the grass first. We then sat down on them and we opened the picnic basket took out sandwiches that Kathys grandmother had made for us and a cold soda from the cooler.

Kathy and I were hungry so we demolished our sandwiches and drank down the sodas along with the sandwiches. We then had a second sandwich and soda. After that we were both full. Kathy then took her dress off and I took off my shirt. We both took off our sneakers and socks and got u and waded out just a few feet into the creek and we both then sat down in the water.

Being in the warm sun the cool water felt good. Both of us agreed on this. We sat there talking and also I searched the botom for flat stones which I did find some so I started to skip them across the water of the creek. Kathy watched me the first few times and then she tried doing it but without making them skip. I showed her how to do it so she tried again. This time she had the stone skip and she laughed for amking the swtone skip.

So we had a contest to see who could make thier stone skip the most times. Kathy and I wound up with a tie at a dozen skips. We were still sitting in the creek and Kathy asked me if we had killed enough time so that we could go swimming. I thought so I told her. Just before we stood up Kathy farted hard in the water! Besides seeing bubbles from her fart I heard it. Kathy and I laughed. I asked her if she had to shit. Kathy told me she thought she might have to. But come on lets go for a swim. If I have to shit you'll know it! She said to me.

So we got up wadeded out to the deepest spot and we then skipped down into the water and swam around. We alsochased each other,splashed each other and I also had Kathy step on my hands and tossed her over my shoulder into the water. We were having a good time. I would have guessed a good half hour or more had passed by.

I needed to piss now. After all I had the two sodas and had drank them quickly when we had our lunch. I told Kathy I was going to piss. She giggled and told me go ahead. Drop your shorts Dave! she said to me giggling. I looked at her smiling so I popped the snap on them and pulled down my zipper. My shorts slid down over my hips and then my thighs,knees and wound up floating in the water just below my knees.

I asked Kathy; This what you want to see? She giggled hard and told me yes. Kathy kept on giggling as I stood there. I asked her what was so funny. Kathy got her giggling under control. Dave your balls (followed by giggling) are so small! Kathy had learned from me that was the common name for them so she would say balls now when ever she would see them! They were small and hard from being in the cool water for so long.

I put my hands behind my back and stood there. This brought more giggles from Kathy. Dave arn't you going to hold it while you piss? I told her no which made Kathy giggle even more. Then I started to piss. I was erect so my penis was pointed upwrd. I sent out a very wide headed stream that went into a very long twist. My stream arced and came down in the water about six seven feet from me. It splashed hard in the creeks water making ripples in the water. I let out a short soft sigh of relief which Kathy heard and she giggled just a little.

I stood there watching my piss stream and I thought Kathy was too. I wasn't paying attention to her for she was off to the side of me but behind me slightly. I was enjoying the relief that I was feeling from my pissing. It sure felt good! I went on and took a good piss too. It lasted for a good half minute or more. Then my stream eased off which it fell making a trail across the creeks water to just in front of me. I stopped taking a puase. I gave a push made a spurt come out,pushed agin making another spurt of piss shoot out and then I did a third and final spurt of piss. Now I was done.

I was going to pull my shorts up but from behind me Kathy spoke up. Dave turn around and look! I turned around and there was Kathy standing there naked! She had taken her swimsuit off while I was pissing. She tossed it right at my face which I ducked and it landed in the creek. Kathy widened her stance as she stood there. As I looked at her she started to piss in the creek.

Her stream was thin as it went straight down. It did hiss softly. It splashed softly in the water of the creek too. Kathy stood there and pissed like this for about ten seconds and then her stream died down to a dribble very quickly. Then Kathy took a good hard quick push. Her dribbling piss turned into one hard loud hissing spurt for a few seconds and then it died right back to a dribble.

I was watching of course and I saw the reason why she had given the quick hard push making her piss stream make it spurt hard. For I heard crackling and saw that Kathy was now shitting! She had moved into a high squat when she pushed. I saw already a dark tan very fat shit hanging down under her ass! It was moving right along too. It was kind of a firm soft one. I mean by that it was stetching as it gained in length. I could see it stretching for cracks were visible and the cracks were getting wider comming apart.

Her shit was soon I would say about nine inches long and it broke apart at one of the cracks. That poiece fell into the water making a splash and a flump sound when it hit the water. The remaining part of her shit kept on comming getting longer and it reached almost as long as the first piece and this piece broke at a crack too and flumped into the water sending up a second but bigger splash.

Then Kathy had the last final piece of her shit come out. This piece was the longest and it tapered down to a point which I saw when it fell away from her ass and flumped into the water. Now that she was done shiting Kathy started pissing again. Her three pieces of shit slowly floated away in the water as she pissed. Her stream was not all that strong. It just went straight down without hissing this time. It just splashed in the water making ripples. Kathy pissed for about ten seconds and then came to a dripping stop.

Kathy looked up at me as she stood up from her high squat. I smiled and told her that was a good shit she had taken. Kathy smiled but turned and took a looka t her shit which was a few feet away now. Sh then looked past me. Dave you better get my swimsuite its heading down the creek too! I turned around saw it and moved quickly over to it and grabbed it and came back over by Kathy.

Kathy took it from me but didn't put it back on yet. I need to wipe she said to me. I started to wade back over to the shore but it was hard to do it with my shorts still down on my lower legs. So I went and took them right off and threw them up on shore as I headed towards the shore. I went and got out of the water went to the picnic basket and grabbed a couple of napkins.

I then wadeded back out in the creek and when I reached Kathy she gave me her swimsuit and she took the napkins from me. She squated downin a high squat and wiped her ass wth the napkin. She used both of them. She tossed them in the creek and they like her shit had done slowly floated away. I turned and gave her swimsuit a hard toss towards shjore which it ddi reach it. Kathy laughed after I had done this. We wound up going skinny dipping for awhile untill we were tired,thirsty, and a littel cold. That is when we got out towled ourselves off,grabbed sodas,sat in the sun with the towels wrapped up atround us and got warmed up. I'll leave it here for now. Upstate Dave

I'm a 34 year old professional woman who works in banking. My live-in boyfriend got me started reading one night when I came home from my night class (I'm working on an MBA in banking)and walked up behind him without him knowing I was home.

I get up a 4 a.m. five mornings a week to exercise before I shower and get to the train for my trip to the bank. I either bike or jog through a large city park we have within two blocks of our house. Usually within 30 minutes of my workout I can feel my daily crap coming on. There are two sets of bathrooms in the park and both are about equal in terms of cleanliness (open stalls OK to sit on for a couple of minutes but no longer than that) and wash basins that leak a little but still work. Well yesterday morning I parked by bike and went in to the 4 stall bathroom. Three seats were down, one was up so I selected the latter. I dropped the seat (actually it slipped from my hand and probably startled the squirrels and birds nearby because there was some dew on it)and I seated myself for what is usually a 2 or 3 minute elimination at most. I filled the bowl in like 20 seconds--nice and soft, it dropped out without hesitation. Messy but fast. I grabbed for the toilet paper but the roll had been broken off the wall. I walked into each of the other stalls straddling and they too were out of toilet paper. I got to thinking about my options (without my purse I didn't have any paper with me that I could convert to wiping) when suddenly I heard a vehicle stop out front stood in the doorway and called out "Parks & Rec maintenance" and I answered I'm in here. He said there was no problem but he would clean the mens side first. I told him I needed toilet paper so I heard him push his maintenance cart sideways, squat down and pull a roll out of the side compartment. He offered to throw it to me, but I came out with my shorts partially up, got the roll and thanked him nicely. He stood in the doorway to the building as I went back into the stall and he said he was starting his daily shift 3 hours early because his son had a soccer game that afternoon that he wanted to attend. I thanked him again, wished him well and finished cleaning myself.

As I rode back to our house, I got to thinking about I how I now had a toilet experience that I could post. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Hi everybody. To start with just a few comments on some posts:
Robyn - I love your posts. I would love to hear more about you and Ashley pooping together. You ought to try sharing a stall in public - could be fun.
Nicole - I liked your story. Do you poop at school sometimes or doo you always go in the evening. Tell us more - particularly any poops you do at school.
Kimmy - You are just like me loving to hear other girls poop. Do you poop twice every day? Have you always buddy dumped with your sister - please tell us more.
Upstate Dave - Loved your story about Kathy
Bob - I too have used a German shelf toilet. I agree its nice to see what you have done presented on the shelf but I miss the plops. Also because the poo isnt under water you tend to make the bathroom very smelly!

Nothing much to report. I am off work today and did my poop about 9am at home. Fairly normal big wide long bit. I am having some friends around to dinner tomorrow night and I am hoping that at least one will need to poop. If any decide to sleep over I will catch the morning poop!

I will post soon with more. Keep your post coming everyone. Love Gillie xx

Keith D
Claire N's survey:

1. Are you comfortable using public toilets?

I wasn't until I was in college. I never went near them, even to pee. They just felt so dirty and I don't get strong urges. But once I had to use them, I found them quite comfortable. And it can be interesting when others come in.

2. Have you ever had a problem about using public toilets.

Oops, already answered that I guess.

3. Do you go to the toilet in front of a partner?

Yeah, I had a gf that liked to walk in while I was pooping. She liked to chat, hold hands or just stare lol!

4. Have you gone to the toilet outdoors?

Often, but mostly to poop, not pee. I used to work outdoors a lot where it was a necessity. And I found it much easier and more comfortable to poop from a squatting position. I often hike for exercise and find it really helps relieve constipation.

5. How do you feel about going to the toilet outdoors?

It's great. So much more comfortable going in a low squat and it comes out much more easily when it is a tough one. And the stretching doesn't hurt as much. And it doesn't seem as stinky! I'm very private about it though. I make sure I'm a long way from anyone.

Donnie C.
Sarah, it sounds to me like you may have some form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), that's triggered by the onset of your period. And do you have such intense diarrhea at other times?

I'd suggest talking to your doctor about the possibility. Also, since you're "accident"-prone, you might consider wearing protective underwear during those times. A messy diaper is far less embarrassing than messy clothing...

Johnny Half Pint
I had a really weird dream last night!

I dreamed I was staying at some sort of holiday camp. I went into a toilet in the theatre building there. There was a weird sort of combination cigarette machine / urinal there, where you put your todger through a hole and selected which cigarettes you wanted by directing your piss stream over the appropriate picture! Then when you had finished, you had to insert your money to get your cigarettes, but I had not got enough change. So I went off to get some and when I got back, there was a queue of men, all desperate for a pee and a smoke and annoyed with me for holding them up!

Hi Mistee,

I really enjoyed reading your story. It was very interesting. As always, keep writing more :)

What's the longest that anyone's been constipated for? Personally, I once went ten days without moving my bowels. When I eventually did go, as you can imagine, it was absolutely huge.

Gillian Hi,
You & I share the same interests, I also have lurked here only posting occassionaly. I'm a 47yo Bi female who works in the ???? ,I nearly always do my number 2's at work , normally after lunch. There is a lady that I work with who often coincides with me for a number 2. Look forward to hearing more from you and I will post again soon.
enjoy listening,pooping etc!! at work or in any public toilets etc!!!
XX Carol

The Juiceman
Poor Hopa! Thank you for posting your story. I'm sorry you were so embarrassed by your mother. There's really nothing wrong with peeing outside, through your panties or directly on the ground!

As a child, I envied girls for the way they often wore flouncy skirts and could have accidents without getting their clothes wet and getting in trouble. I always imagined that it was much more embarrassing for a girl to helplessly empty her bladder into her trousers, a telltale stain spreading across her crotch and down her legs and tinkling off her pants cuffs into her shoes, the wet fabric advertising her shame to all, than for a dress- or skirt- wearing girl to squat slightly or spread her legs wide apart and allow a neat stream of piss through her panties to puddle beneath her so she could walk away from the wetness and odor.

However, I've heard the other point of view - that some women find it much more embarrassing to have pee running down their legs and out of the bottom of their skirt, and would rather suffer the, in their view, more discreet indignity of their leakage being safely absorbed by their pants with the only evidence a slight color change rather than a waterfall.

I've seen plenty of commercials for incontinence products where girls and women smugly wet themselves, secure that their clothes will be protected - but I've been told here and other places that this is mostly just in the commercials, that in real life there is great shame in it

Probably it depends on how the person suffering their accident feels about it.

Good luck Hopa, I hope you and your mother work things out in the future.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Multi-drop Pete
To Blue Rizla Girl:
Some unusual positions for girls peeing: firstly, I once saw, by the roadside, a girl aged about 8, with a man (presumably her dad), facing each other, holding hands, toes touching, her pants down and their bottoms stuck out so they were balancing each other with her back nearly horizontal; that sent her stream of pee well away from them.
Secondly, a little girl, about 4, in a public playground (what's Pete doing watching little girls in a playground do I hear you ask? Don't worry, I was minding my own kids at the time!) in a sitting position on the grass, legs straight out, weight on her hands to keep her bottom a couple of inches above the ground.
I've also seen a naked toddler on the beach, too young to have any bladder control, peeing standing up, legs just slightly apart, and I was surprised that she produced a neat stream landing just ahead of her toes. I would have expected a girl's pee to be somewhat messier in that position; how do you think she managed it?

Thanks, Upstate Dave, I haven't seen it done on hands and knees.

As for me, at home I sometimes kneel in front of the toilet so my willy is just over the rim; this avoids the danger of splashing the floor with those little secondary jets that sometimes split off the main stream, but although I normally have a casual attitude to peeing I find this position undignified so I take special care to lock the door. Don't tell anyone, please!
A few days ago driving my multi-drop van I saw a little boy, about 3, peeing by the road, and I had to laugh at the amount of exposure he seemed to need; he had his pants right down to his ankles and his shirt up to his armpits!

Upstate Dave
I saw Kathy the girl next door the next morning. She was already up and met me at the fence which kind of surprised me. I didn't think shge would be up already since it was early in the morning about eight am. She said hi to me as she ducked between the barbwire. I said hi back to her once she had slipped through the fence and was now standing up.

Kathy had on a dark blue shirt with black shorts today instead of a dress. I was wearing a tshirt and jean shorts. Well what do you want to do? I asked Kathy. Without any hesitation Kathy giggled and whispered to me; I have to go to the bathroom! I sthere someplace that we can go where I can go? she asked me. Why not outside? I asked her back. Giggling more she told me she had to piss and shit! I was surprised by her saying it that way but then I remembered about what we agreed to yesterday.

Well you can use one of the bathrooms if you want I said to her. Kathy told me no she didn't want to go inside the house. Instead she wanted to be someplace inside other then the house. I told her ok downstairs in our barn. How bout going there? Kathy giggled again and agreed with that! So we took off running through the yard together heading around the back end of my house.

Once around the back of the house we crossed over the trench that had been dug up for new pipelines for the water from the well house down at the botom of the hill. There were wide planks across the trench and that is what Kathy and I crossed over the trench on. We then ran down to the barn I opened up the door and we slipped inside. I shut the door behind us.

Kathy looked around for this was the first time she had been in our barn. It was all open then for my two sistors hadn't made up the play area down in it. There was a lot more hay on the floor then there was later when we made our play area out of it. So Kathy walked over to the middle of the downstairs area and she stood there for a moment. This is good a place as any she said to me.

Then Kathy then tugged her black shorts right down along with her white panties and squated down. Then I asked Kthy since she was going too shit; What are you going to use to wipe yourself with? Kathy then reached down with her one hand smiling pulled from one of her shorts pockets a wad of toilet paper. Then I surprised Kathy by saying to her that I was going to piss and shit too!

Kathy held back while I popped the snap on my shorts and pulled down the zipper. Like her I yanked them right down along with my white briefs letting them fall down around my sneakers. Now this was thge first time Kathy saw my entire "package" for before she had only seen just my penis. She stared right at my penis and my balls for several long seconds. Then she giggled and I sqauted down to go.

Kathy was the first of us two to start. As I looked over at her some piss dribbled out from her vagina and then turned into a stream of piss. Not at all that hard too. It was very yellow in color and boy did it have a strong piss oder to it! Then there was a long phffffft of a fart from herasshole which made Kathy giggle. Then her piss stream went back to a dribble.

Right then I felt that I was going to piss so I reached down real fast and grabbed my penis and shoved it down. It was erect thats why I shoved it down so I would hit Kathy when I did start to piss. I started to piss hard like I always do sending a light yellopw stream of piss outward and down hiting the hay on the floor hard which moved it making a bare spot.

Now from Kathy I heard the crackling sound when you shit but didn't see anything yet for a few short seonds. Then I saw her shit moving down comming out pretty fast! It was a tan smooth jobbie. It was pretty fat too. It moved gaining in length reaching a good seven to eight inches in length and then it fell down laying in the ay on the floor.

Then Kathys piss stream sprang back to life for several secpnds and then died down to a dribble again. I heard more soft crackling comming from her. She was going to have a second shit come out. I squeezed off my piss stream so I could watch her. The second shit of hers was the same tannish color but was thinner and it came out moving much faster then her first shit had done.

Her second shit reached about six inches in length fell to the floor next to her first bigger shit. Then one right after the other she had three more thin four to five inch pieces of shit come out and made a pile in the hay. That was it Kathy had no more shit come out. Now she just had her piss stream comming out going down and wetting her pile of shit laying there in the hay.

I now relaxed and I went back pissing again. Then I felt my ashole stretching open and I was starting my shit now. Kathy was staring at me and she saw my shit when it had reached long enoough for her to see it. Kathy told me now that she could see it that it was a hudge one. Doesn't that hurt? she asked me. I told her it didn;t. I know if I did one that big it would hurt! Kathy said back to me.

Several seconds later I heard a thud and I looked down. She was right. Laying there on the floor was my shit. It was brown and there were cracks and nubs along its length. It was a good foot long job too. Then I did once very short fat stubby chunk and I was done shitting. I stll was pissing so that was all that was left for me to do was finish pissing.

Kathy now stood up and took some of the toilet paper and she reached behind her and started to wipe her ass with it. She wiped herself pulled the paper out and ooked at it. Tossed it down on her shit and tore off some paper. S gave her ass a second wipe. Looked at the paper again and tossed it down on her shit. Then as she bent over to pull up her white panties and black shorts that is when I stopped pissing.

Kathy pulled her white panties and black shorts up. Then she handed me what was left of the toilet paper and I wiped my ass. I tossed the paper down on my shit. I stood up ad pulled up my white briefs first and then pulled my shorts up and took care of them. We both looked at each other then at each others shit and we laughed. Then we noiticed the stinky oder of our shit. I told Kathy we better bury it over so we both scooped hay with our hands and covered up our piles.

Then Kathy said to me; Come on lets go play. So we hurred over to the door and we went outside. I shut the door and we raced over across the plank on the trench and ran over to the other side of the house. We palyed tag for awhile and then took a break and we went over to Kathys house and played in her playhouse for awhile. Then it was time for lunch wich I was going to go home. Kathy told me she had a fun time and the best part of the fun was when we had shitted togethger. I laughed and agreed with her. Kathy said later and I replied back to her the same. I took off and went home.

Hey everyone... I see the forum has been a bit weird. I'm not sure why my first post got submitted again, but that doesn't really matter. On Saturday, I went over to Ashley's house, and then we went to the mall. We spent a few hours there, even grabbing lunch at the food court. At some point, I had to take my daily crap. I told Ashley I needed the bathroom, and she said she could probably go too, she'd come with me.

The closest ladies room to where we were had a lot of stalls (probably at least ten), but they were all in use, and there were two people in line already. I thought about going to do a different bathroom, but I decided against it. Ashley and I went to go wait next to the sinks with the other two ladies.

A few minutes passed, and my urge was building. A toilet flushed, and a stall opened a little later. The first lady in line took the stall, but I still needed to wait for two more people to be done before I could go. The urge growing stronger all the time, I let off a small fart to ease some pressure. It didn't really help at all, I still needed to go bad.

Flush! Another stall opened and the remaining lady in front of me took it. She must have only had to pee, because she went in, a short delay, and then she flushed and exited the stall. I took her stall right away. I closed the door and quickly pulled down my panties and jeans. I planted my butt on the toilet and let out a turd. It crackled some on its way out and then splash as it hit the water.

I let out another small airy fart and another turd with it. Ploosh! Splish! Plip! I farted again, kind of loud this time, then nothing. I still felt there was a little more, so I waited, pushing slightly. A toilet flushed, and a stall opened. By chance, the stall that was open was right next to mine, so Ashley took it.

My turd came out then, a nice long one that made only a small floomp as it came to rest in the toilet. I looked at my crap, two long turds, and two smaller ones. I reached over to wipe, but felt an empty cardboard holder. I sat back down, Ashley was still peeing, and I waited for her to finish. When she finished, I said kind of quietly, but loud enough she could still hear me, "Hey Ash, pass me some paper, will you?"

She rolled off some paper, I guess she was wiping herself first because after a bit she tore off more paper, and then she passed it under the stall. I said, "thanks", using it to wipe myself. I wiped my vagina, but used the same paper to then wipe my butt. The paper was moderately clean, but I still needed more. I reached down into Ashley's stall and she saw my hand, rolled off more paper, and gave it to me.

I wiped again, cleaner this time. Again, I reached down, she gave me more paper, and I wiped. Feeling clean, I flushed the toilet and exited the stall. Ashley flushed as well, and we washed our hands then left, enjoying the rest of our time at the mall.

your name Jeannette
"Hi! Im Jeannette
I have heard about your site from a friend and I was fascinated about how so many woman are free and uninhibited when they talk about thier bathroom habits. I would like to be more that way myself. I will tell about a recent experience.
I was constipated for a day or so. Then I thought of a way to make a poop more enjoyable. I put on a plaid skirt that I have had since high school because it would give me a feeling of young innocence when I released my load. I also drank alot of water to hasten the porcess. For a few hours I just sat on the toilet a couple of times and only let out farts and peed which was enjoyable but I wanted to poop.
Then early in the morning some luck came. Although I have often felt that I was getting nearer to going during certain times in that time it never happened untill then. With the plaid skirt on and a white shirt I pulled my white panties down to my ankles and made sure my butt was ready. I put my knees together and elbows down on them.
I strained and grunted "uummphphh!! To my delight I felt the first inch of poop start to come out."Ohh God! I gasped. "Here it comes!" I heard a soft crackling sound and it came out further. The crackling sounds of the monster seemed to mock my grunts. However my grunts got more desparate and pleasurable at the same time. I grabbed my legs and spread my skirt further over and it covered most of the pot except my legs. I wanted to strain and grunt for as long as I could.
"Ummphh!!! I went while tightening my knees together and staining my legs and pulling my panties further apart. "
Augh!! I said as the poop was about to exit.
"Kerplunk!! It went and splashed in the water. My whole body collapsed in relaxation."AAhhhh!" I gasped as my head bowed down.
I looked down and found out that my poop was wide but not not very long. However some day I hope to let out longer and harder ones and my grunts would become more like cries. That would make me very happy.

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