dobby house elf
I had a friend over, he needed to use the toilet. No was some of you know this 1.5 gal toilet has been trouble for over a month now so I told him to use it but not flush and put the toilet paper in the trash can I herd this loud plunge of liquid poo. it must have taken a good min or two to empty himself into the toilet he put the toilet paper in the trash can but then he did the unthinkable he flushed that liquid poo all over the floor. He had the right idea in no time it soaked the hallway rug, out side the apartment. On Easter he helped me clean up the inside mess, and we left the smelly mess on the hallway carpet out side of the unit. Ah poor landlord he said. I said he has ignored this problem for over a month now.

The landlord was trying to clean up the mess today and I said I sorry my guest was told not to flush the toilet. He growled at me I said when are you going to fix the toilet? He said what TOILET? I said I have been complains about how this toilet does not flush even pee and i printed off all of the maintenance requests I had given him and put a new date on the top one and said you have 72 hours from the phone call I made this morning. He said if the toilet does not flush it is your Problem. I told one and for all he was in violation of my lease for a toilet that does not flush. I went back into the bathroom did my business as normal, he could hear me on the toilet and i flushed a fresh mess into what he was cleaning up. of course my poo and pee ran over and did not go down the toilet. he got a fresh mess where he was cleaning up and the wall crumbled where he was cleaning. now there is a hole in the wall outside of my toilet, he walked off in disgust with poo and pea on his hands. The poo inside the wall made a bigger mess when the wall let go. Thank you wall for storing wet poo, that was now all over my landlord. he said I am not going to fix it. I said fine i have to go the toilet and do business (stay tuned if it gets
posted) unhappy pooping here!

hi its ashley

yesterday i went a softball game. i was there for a while. when i felt the need to go to the bathroom. so i went to the third (middle stall ) and began going pee. then i started pooping. i continued shitting for quite a while. then i heard a mom and her daughter come in the bathroom. the little girl took the stall on my left. the mom stood right outside the door. i began listening carefully. the daughter peed for a while. then she left the stall. when i went to leave my stall i looked in her stall and saw that she peed it was golden yellow. she left the tiolet unflushed. it made me smile and laugh. i encourage all girls of all ages to leave the tiolets unflushed. girls that have younger sisters. here's an example of how to pottie train your younger sister: make sure you have your girlfriend go with you to help pottie train younger sibilings. first of all load up on lots of food and drinks. then go somehere like the grocery store. when your younger sibling says she needs to go pottie you and your girlfriend must go with her. let her go in the stall by her self. have your girlfriend go into the stall next to her. after your girlfriend is done tellher to say to your younger sister dont flush the tiolet. when your younger sister is done tell not to flish the tiolet. applaud her for doing so and leave the bathroom.

Blue Rizla Girl
Has anybody got any stories about peeing not just in unusual places, but in unusual positions? Such as on all fours, hanging upside down, yoga poses or something similar.

I'm a guy, 19, from far east asia. Sorry for not very good english.

Dont usually post here but typicaly i go once every 3,4 days, a little constipation. For me I have "anal fissure" for about 3 years now so there is blood on my turd almost all the time, it is only a little but it to say, a dull throbbing pain now im used to it. I think it is because my poop is big, a little on hard side but mostly it is very fat nearly 3 inches.

Today after coming home from my part time job I needed to go to the toilet. It was 3 and half day since i last went. I had to strain for about 5 minute before the front end would come out of my butthole.

It was firm but not rock hard, but as i felt it knew it would be big and very thick. I had to push vailiantly for about 5 more minutes so my anus would open up wide enough for it to go through. But it kept getting bigger and finally i felt a bit of pain, like dull sensation, and i knew it had teared my fissure again.

It was both pleasant and unpleasant trying to force it out, pleasant from relief but unpleasant because it wont fit through my stretched wide butt already. So as last resort I tried to prised my butthole bigger with my fingers (we use squat-type toilet over here, but advanced toilet with wash).

Then it became even more painful but finally the first part came out, then it grew fatter again in the middle and I was scared. And i kept saying ouch as my anus got stretched out bigger and the rest came out quite suddenly with a pebble at the end. My butthole was red and hurt.

I put it out on toilet paper and take was maybe 11 inches long and almost 3 inches around the diameter of the center very fat portion.

Here you can see it actual size, click to expand to 100% (careful it may gross out). There is some red in the middle that is the streak of blood.


Comparing to tissue paper which is also standard size 4.5 inch by 4.5 inch over here in asia, you can see it is actual size. Measure it with ruler on screen. I don't know how something bigger than a beer can manage come out of my anus. :( But im used to the pain after defecation.

~ fandy

I went on vacation with a few guys last week. it was me, my best friend Skye, and two older guys Zack and Cris. It was a 10 hr drive to the place we were staying. Zack was driving and after about 4 hrs on the road, Skye had to pee really bad. he was grabbing himself and squirming. i had to go pretty bad by then too. zack said we'd stop at the next reststop. but, 20 min later we find the reststop is closed for construction. skye was about to burst. cris offered him a cup to pee in and zack offered to pull over on the mountainous highway, but skye refused. finally about an hour later we stopped at a reststop. we all went to the bathroom and zack and i peed at the urinals next to each other and had a peeing contest (he won for longest pee, but i won for distance). Skye took a stall, b/c he had to poop too by that time. i guess thats why he didn't want the cup.

Ok everyone, this is my first post. I have followed this site for a long time but never posted. I am 38 yrs old and I can relate to so many on here so I thought I would join in. Everyday for me is pretty interesting in the poop department. I like to listen and watch others poop and pee. I am not a bit shy about pooping in front of others either. Today was an ok day. I got up this morning and had my normal cup of coffee and then felt the urge, not strong but none the less the urge. so, I cleaned up around the house a bit and then headed to the toilet. I pulled my nightgown up and sat down. I started to pee a little and then it trickeled off followed by a small fart. Then I felt it trying to push its way thru. I started to push and then my cell phone rang so I hurried up and picked it up, it was my sister. I told her I was trying to poop but had to push. She stayed on the phone with me while I pushed it out. Finally about 15 minutes later I had a nice pile in the toilet. I didn't feel finished but could not get anymore out. I will have to go tonight after dinner cause I have that slight urge but waiting on my sister to come over for dinner and then we will probably buddy dimp afterwards. Hope you enjoyed this post and will post more in days to come.

pissing like a mare in heat.....................

I haven't been in here for a really long time was working down in the gardens digging post holes and helping the person I work with install boards; this on one cold rainy day in Connecticut where I live. I was wearing some old sweat pants, a tee shirt with my one size fits all sports' bra under, and my old hiking boots which I use for work. that and of course my old jacket as it was effin' freezing today with the cold drizzle coming down all afternoon. before going down, I must have drank two huge cups of coffee[ 1 20 oz and the other, 16 oz] and some water with my breakfast/lunch sort of meal. but surprisingly, I did not have to go for at least a good hour, even after drinking yet more water because I got thirsty after working so hard.
anyway, so the pissing bug hits and well, time to go to the little lesbian's room , Ms. Cheryl! and so , carrying my lap bag [ I usually carry my purse as the "lipstick lesbian" I am, but when working , I use that bag. and so, off across the gardens and over that bridge to the little tool shack which has a small, unisex toilet and sink in it. I walked in, shut the door and locked that top latch. struggling to get those strings untied, I then whipped down those black sweats and, my hands now in my half sweaty white panties; I twisted them on down to below my knees. my still- clean mini- pad was still taped inside by the way; as yes, Virginia, it is once again that PMS moon phase of the month- usually around the last quarter to the full moon. [ puts me in a really awesome mood, you know?]
my recently shaved but growing in some, chubby little snatch now exposed, I plopped my fat ass down on that COLD freaking toilet seat, one with the open, church seat , front; opened wide my legs in the usually cheryl style. within seconds, out comes this huge splashy stream of some sassy smellin' yellow piss which made this hissy spray all over in that toilet's water. mind you that this toilet's one of those small round ones where the water fills the entire bowl to under the rim, so it is all hit the target loudly and no miss! LOL
anyway, it felt like my labia just parted like the flood gates opening on the shasta dam, this as this huge splash of piss flew forth from my muffin for about 30 secs. and then slowed down to a trickle. it then just went on and on, this as I played with my chubby little legs and pushed out at least another good five, short blasts of piss splashin' down into that water and even back up under the rim in back and making this " hisssssss....ssssssissss" as it did. well all done, I reached to my right with left hand for the toilet paper, taking off many sheets, bunching that up; then stuffing it ' tween my legs and wiping that little muffie of mine. hygiene is important, you know!
now all done, I stood up and wiped some more front to back and then dropped that wad into that blow full of light yellow piss with a few ribbons of scattered pissin' scuzz. I then slowly pulled first my panties up, then the black sweats which I then tied the strings upon nice and tight. then quickly looking down and seeing that half soaked paper wad, I flushed, washing my hands first and then touching up the lippie sticky before unlocking that door and walking out.

my mom made my boyfriend and i some chicken with garlic noodles about a week ago and it made us both really sick. the first time we ate it, only i got sick and it was in the middle of the night. my belly is really noisy sometimes so when it was making a shitload of noise, it was a LITTLE louder than normal but nothing too crazy. my boyfriend went to sleep and i started getting sharp pains that were unbearable. i went to the bathroom like four times that night and let out long streams of liquid shit that hurt my gut like no other. then a few days later, my mom brought more of it and my boyfriend was all over it. i told him not to eat it but he didn't listen...he got mud all over my mother's bathroom because he almost shit his pants while working in the yard the next day and the day after that, we were at the petstore with a friend and he came running over looking flushed and sweaty, begging for the bathroom with a hand on his stomach. before i had a chance to say anything he ran out of the store towards the bathroom. my friend and i waited in the parking lot for him, then she left. he told me we had to go home because he had an accident. he shit his pants pretty bad and it reeked!

Hi I Nicole and I'm new here. I'm 25, quite tall, shoulder length brown hair,bright blue eyes, single, live by myself, you know all that stuff. Last night I was sitting at my dining room table grading some papers, (I'm a third grade teacher) when I started getting the urge in my lower abdomen. At first ignored it, but about ten minutes later I started getting a snake head, so I grabed my Cosmo magazine, went to the bathroom, pulled down my sweat pants and sat on the toilet.As soon as I sat, a long turd sliped right out and I peed. after that big pice, I felt cleaned out. So I got up. The piece was about a foot long and coiled around. I whiped and flushed. That was probably the quickest poop I've ever done.


I really enjoyed your story, hope you can tell us more like that?

Who drops the bigger turds out of you two?

Do you always watch each other?

Have you ever admitted to each other that there is a "big one" on the way?

Linda from Aust

Love your "nude a grunting" story

How many other times have you been nude?

How loud are your grunts if you are on your own and did you ever get around to sneaking a look at your flatmate on the pot?

You promised to tell a story about this ages ago.........

Hi Im Jeannette
I am a tall attractive young woman with brown curly hair that goes down to my shoulders. I think that it is great to see that so many people including woman are so free about talking about thier bathroom experiences. I heard about this site from a good friend.
I will tell you about a recent experience that happened to me. Today was a day off from work so I had time to write this. I have had mild short term constipation and I decided that one way to handle it was to have lots of water and vegetables like carrots. Another way was to use a pretty short plaid skirt that I used to wear in high school.
The experiment began a few days ago. At first after I came home from work I was only able to fart and pee on the pot in the skirt which was pleasurable but I wanted to poop. Then a day ago or so as I sat down again I started to push. I could feel a little poop emerging from me. "Ohh God!" I gasped in pleasure. "Here is comes!" I wanted to push the monster out slowly while I strained and pushed. I wanted to feel the pleasure of the hideous beast tearing himself out of me for as long as I could.
"Ummmmph" I grunted as the poop got further down while a clutched my pretty legs and my pretty face grimmaced. "Auugh!! I grunted as the poop was about to splash down into the water. It went "kerplunk" and I sighed in relief. The poop was just one small piece.
Earlier today I had a decent fart and a drop of poop came out. However I just had an even better dump then the one before. I really felt like going this time. Again I sat down with the same school girl skirt on. "Oohh!" The young girl in me gasped again. I sarted to push. However this time the poop was softer and less of a strain to get out. I still wanted to get it out slowly. I alternated between grunting "ummph" and going "aahhh!" Finally it dropped down into the water. I saw that there were two poops.They were about seven inches long with one twice as fat as the other. I hope to do even better someday with somthing as big as a log.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

@Sasha: I really dug your stories about peeing on the carpet and floor! I totally understand the joy of peeing indoors in places you normally shouldn't. I actually use to do something really similar to that when I was younger. Like from when I was about 4 even up to 12ish or so, there was this room in my house that we never really used for anything but storage, so no one really hung out there much. I use to go to this one corner of the room, take my socks and panties off and squat down and pee into the carpet, specifically because I really liked the feeling of the pee soaking into the carpet and spreading out under my feet. I still would do it from time to time oddly enough even up to like 2-3 years from now (I'm 22 now), but I don't really get as much time alone anymore.

Another thing I really miss doing, is around that same time I had this old pair of sweatpants that we're kinda small on me and I never wore out anywhere. If I planned on being by myself for awhile, just hanging around in my room playing video games or whatever I would put them on and put a thick towel under where I was sitting and just pee into them whenever I had to go. When I was all done, I'd just take them off, sort of dry my legs a bit with the dry part of the towel, get dressed in an another pair of jeans or whatever else, throw them in the washing machine and take a shower. There was just something about it that felt really comforting and nice, and I liked the idea of just peeing as soon as I had to wherever I was as opposed to like running to the toilet.

I actually enjoy the feeling of pooping in weird places from time to time, but I never really did it as much because it was always so much harder to clean up and hide. Like I did poop in my sweatpants once or twice whilst I was hanging out in my room. At first I was kind of trying to put it off, like I would pee in my pants and feel that I had to poop but not push it out and then eventually I just figured I'd just let it happen. I peed a bit more and rather then resisiting, just pushed and felt it come out and sort of spread up and around my butt. It actually felt kinda nice as it was happening and I didn't even really mind sitting in it that much. But it was sooooooo hard to clean up. Like I'd have to try and sneak into the bathroom real quick and turn my pants inside out over the toilet to try and get rid of most of it before I would throw it in the wash. And I'd have to clean it up with tissues as it kinda would get in the shower too. That was really the only reason I didn't do it much, just the cleaning up part.

Sorry if that's completely gross to you. I know some people are a lot more squimish about poop stuff than pee stuff.

But anywho, I'd totally love to hear more. Did you ever poop anywhere as well?

@Lottie: Heh, I guess you could try some of the places I talked about. Off hand some other places I liked going: In the sink, in cups, going in the water whilst you're taking a bath, I sorta went through a phase when I was around 10 where I liked peeing and pooping in my hand whilst I was on the toilet. Like I'd sort of cup my hand under myself and just pee or poop into my hand, drop it into the toilet and just wash my hands really well afterwards. That felt pretty nice and was pretty easy to clean up.

Anywho, don't want it to be TLDR. Hope to hear more from ya'll

I have 1 indoor pee story for you. The first one was my house. I was staying at my house and I had a very small house with 2 extra bedrooms. So I Slept in this huge room . I woke up one morning and had to shit really badly but since there was no bathroom in the house and the only bathroom inside the house was being used, I had to shit outdoors behind the garden. It was broad daylight so hopefully the neighbors didn't see me!

Just wanted to touch base with some of my observations from my custodial days at the mall. As I've said before, I used to have all sorts of women barge in past my "closed" sign, and I remember all the different reactions they would have to being in an emergency situation. You'd think that the older ladies would be much more reserved about this this sort of thing, but it actually turned out that the opposite was true. It would normally be the younger and middle-aged ones that would be the most prudish. They would be all red-faced and embarrassed, and say things like, "I'm sorry, but I have to attend to my needs", or "I can't help it, it's just one of those.....things" They would often flush several times during a performance to hide the sounds of their moving bowels and emptying bladders.
The elderly ladies, on the other hand, would usually rush in with a big smile on their face and such comments as "That's the way it is at my age, you need to know where the toilets are before you leave home" or "I'm sorry, but if I don't get in right now, I'm going to have a mess in my undies" They always referred to their underwear as "their undies" And they weren't afraid to let loose with a loud blasting fart or a really messy BM, and they almost always made audible sighs of relief such as "AAAAAHHHH!!!" or "OOOOOHHHHH!!!"or "GOOD!!!" One old lady told me one time that she was going to be in there a while to to "enjoy her crap", said it was so relaxing just sitting there. Another one told me that going to the toilet was "one of life's little pleasures throughout the day." And these old ladies would almost always come out of the stall with a big grin on their face as if they had enjoyed some devilish amusement, continue to engage me in conversation while they washed and dried their hands. They seemed to regard going to the john as a natural, healthy part of life, and they treated it as such and didn't seem ashamed of their bodily functions in the least. Any older ladies out there who can comment on this?

My family moved to our city last summer from a much smaller community on the west coast. I've written about that in previous postings and the fact that my new high school doesn't offer the paper seat protectors ("ass gaskets" is what my boyfriend calls them) that my old school did. I've also written about how some businesses seem to hassle young people who need to use the toilets and, in general, why I'm having problems going to the bathroom in public places.

Well, Friday right after school I needed to crap. I had been carrying the load around since 2nd hour. There's not enough time for me to go between classes because the lines are too long and with a 25 minute lunch period there's barely time to eat. Also, earlier that day there was some vandalism in two of the girls and one of the boys bathrooms and as a result our principal simply tells the custodians to lock the room for the rest of the day. That really sucks for those of us who have classes nearby and now have to go to another floor and risk tardies and the detentions that are often assigned. So I waited until after 8th hour American history, grabbed my bookbag and pretty much went right straight across the hall to the bathroom. I had held my crap for so long that I was feeling pain and something so simple as a fart or two would likely to have caused me to have crapped my pants.

At first glance, I felt lucky because all 8 stalls had their doors open. I slid my bookbag against the wall and within 30 seconds I expected to be seated popping logs. I could smell it as soon as I opened the door of the first stall: so much shit in the bowl that it was stacked higher than the water level. The left side of the seat was wet and someone had laid a sheet of toilet paper over it to help pick it up, but the water went right through it. The second toilet looked pretty good in the secluded light (when it's cloudy out the bathrooms are not that well lit) but as I turned to pull down my jeans, luckily I saw a three-inch piece of soft shit on the right hand side of the seat. The third stall was easy to decide on because the seat was totally ripped off and was stood up against the partition. The fourth stall had one of the wettest seats I've seen--a hovering pisser didn't balance or aim correctly, but by that point I was so depressed and in too much pain. I quickly grabbed a handful of toilet paper and quickly wiped down the seat and within a few seconds I had dropped my jeans and underwear, was seated and I dropped the first of four logs.

The second became the hardest because it was pretty large and hurting my hole as I pushed it out. I raised myself a couple of inches off the seat and pushed as hard as I could hoping to get more leverage. To my surprise, my left foot slipped sideways (apparently due to some pee on the slick concrete floor) and I fell against the partition--partially smearing some of my crap against the inner left side of the black seat. When I corrected my balance and sat back down, I could see brown on the inside of my left thigh. I cleaned myself, wiped the seat and sat down for a rather quick drop of two more logs. At that point the assistant principal for the sophomore girls walked in, turned off the faint lights and was starting to lock the door when I called out to her. She was rude in telling me I was taking way too long and since it was a nice day out, I should be "waiting to go" until I got home. I told her that I had a 9 block walk home, but she just cut me off and said he was waiting to lock the bathroom up.

About two blocks into my walk I stopped at a gas station, went into the restroom (which by the way was much cleaner), sat down and tried to do a better job of cleaning myself. My underwear already had a couple of brown skidmarks and I sure didn't feel clean about using that dirty toilet at school. After I cleaned myself, I went to the cooler and bought a Dr. Pepper. I nicely told the attendant that I had used the last of their toilet paper, but he made a rude remark about how I should have used the bathroom before leaving school. I just started to cry and walked off.

hey i just wanted to say i really like robyns stories

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