Upstate Dave
Hopa I enjoyed your post with you and your group of friens together at the lake and all you girls peeing and you and your friend pooping too. As far as the one with your mom again she was wrong in her treating you at your needed time. I over the years when I was a kid through my teens and young adulthood knew many catholics who had strict parents but the girls that I knew were quite wild and we had a lot of fun as far as thier bathroom habbits!

I am going to tell about meeting the girl that I knew that was from New York City that lived next door to me when we had moved from Wilton down to Sand Lake NY. I was between 7 to 8 years old at this time. Now Kathy was the first person I had met that summer when we moved in our new place. I had not met anyone else yet.

I had been playing outside in the side yard and she came walking over to the fence which seperated her yard and ours. She said hello and I looked up and over and saw her standing at the fence. I said hello back to her. She told me her name was Kathy and I told her mine was Dave. Can I come and play with you? Kathy asked me. I said sure back to her.

Now the fence was a barb wire fence so I went over and lifted up the barb wire so Kathy could slip through the fence which she did without tearing her clothes or cutting herself. As we played we talked and that is how I found out that she was from NYC and was up for the summer only. She even told me that she was glad to meet me for she had no one to play with up here. I told her the same thing back to her.

Well she askded me to come over to her house. We can play in her playhouse. I told her ok. Show me the way! I said to her. Kathy laughed and ssaid come on I'll show you. We both slipped through the barbwire fence together and went over into her yard and we headed for a small building that was past the garage bt well away from the the house.

It was a guest cottage that was her playhouse! It had its own basement with heat and the cottage itself had a livingroom and a bedroom in it. I thought it was pretty neat for it was furnished,there was heat,and it had electricity in it too. So Kathy and I played in her playhouse for a couple of hours. Then she told me she had to pee. I thought she would leave and go over to the jouse and use the bathroom in the house for there was none in her playhouse.

Instead Kathy asked me to come with her instead! I did and we went outside and we went around to the back of the cottage and went inside the basement again. Kathy went right over to where there was a small drain grate in the middle of the concrete floor. She told me this is where she always goes when sghe has to pee if she is out in her playhouse. It is a lot better then trying to go in the house to go. I smiled. Kathy told me if I had to go I could use it too.

Kathy had on a summer dress this dayand she went over to the drain and she reached under her dress and pulled down her white panties right down to her ankles. She gathered up her dress to her waist and she squated down right over the drain. I of course stared transfixed watching her do all this. I couldn't believe that again I was going to see a girl pee in front of me! It reminded me of Louise the girl that I played with up in Wilton that we peed together when we played together.

Kathy started to pee. She sent a hard stream of pee downward into the drain. Hers stream did hit part of the drain covers grate which made it splash some wetting the grate and the edges of the concrete floor around the drain. Kathy was really peeing hard! Kathy took a quick look up at me for just a second or two to see if I was watching her. Seeing that I was she looked back down again to watch herself pee.

I would have guessed that she peed for a good twenty seconds before her stream eased up,paused, and she did several short spurts of peee and then she was done. Kathy then stood up bent over and pulled her white panties back up and smoothed her dress out. She stepped away from the drain but looked at it. Her pee that had splashed on to the floor around it flowed into the drain. There was a wet spot left on the concrete even after her pee had gone down the drain.

Kathy then asked me if I needed to go. Don't be shy if you do have to. she said to me. I looked right at her and told her I wasn't. I told her that I had a friend that was a girl where I used to live and we peed in front of each other many times. That made Kathy smile and then she giggled as I stepped over to the drain unzipping my zipper as I stepped over to the drain.

I reached in my open zipper opened the slit in my white briefs with my fingers and got my penis out. Kathy watched me smileing. As I did this I asked her if she had a boy pee in front of her. She laughed and told me yes. She had seen boys pee down her nieghborhood in the city. I then aimed my penis at the drain in the floor and waited for my pee to start. So did Kathy.

It took me several seconds to get going. But wnen I dd start my pee my pee came ouyt so hard I missed the drain and pee on the concrete floor! Kathy giggled hard when I peed on the floor but I shoved my penis down more and I started peeing down therough the metal grate of the drain cover. Kathy mentioned t me saying that wished sometimes she was a boy. I asked her why. She giggled and told me a guy has a thing he can hold and aim it when he pees! I couldn't help but laugh.

Kathy didn't say anything more as I stood there and peed untill after I had finished going. I like her did several finishing spurts of pee and then I slipped my penis back inisde my pants and briefs and zipped up my zipper. As we headed to the door to go back outside Kathy spoke up. Dave there is one thing that I wished I had in this playhouse of mine. What's that Kathy. A real bathroom so I could go poop out here! We both laughed as we were now outside and closed the door.

Instead of going back inside the cottage playhouse Kathy and I went over to the house. We went inside and as soon as we were inside Kathy hollered out; Gramma where are you? From somewher in the house came her grandmothers voice; I'm in the kitchen Kathy. I followed Kathy to the kitchen. She introduced me to her grandmother and she turned out to be very friendly.

Kathy told her grandmother my name and we had been playing together and I lived nextdoor. Like Kathy her grandmother told me it was nice that Kathy had a friend to play with now. I told her I was glad too. Her grandmother asked if we were thirsty and we both were and told her yes at the same time. Her grandmother got out a big pitcher of freshly homemade lemonaid and poured out to big glasses for us.We sat and we talked while she and I drank the lemonaid.

We talked long enough so that both of us wound up drinking two big glasses. Then I heard the bell that my mopm used to call me that supper was ready. I told Kathy I had to go. I thanked her grandmother for the lemonaid and told her it was nice to meet her. She told me it was nice to meet me. Kathy followed me out over to the fence. Before I slipped through it she asked me if I would come back over after I ate. I told her I would. See you n a little while I said to her as I slipped through the fence. See you later Dave Kathy said back to me and she took off running back towards her house and I turned and ran towards my house. I would go back over to Kathys after I ate but will leave that to another post.


I have a question for the lovely female posters. After you have a bowel movement, do you wipe with dry toilet tissue alone or do you use something wet (like a wet wipe or wet cloth or wet piece of toilet paper) in addition to dry toilet tissue? How women wipe their bottoms has always been a point of curiosity for me.

Robyn, Stacey, and you other ladies, thank you in advance!

to peekaboo: i reall enjoyed your story! thats wonderful that u left the stall unflushed! continue to do that on a regular basis. cant wait to read your next post.


Claire N

Some very intereting posts. Your mum really had a big problem. I am glad that my mum would always encourage me to wee behind bushes when ever I neded to go, even if a toilet was not too distant. It has always been second nature to me and something I enjoy. The topic features in the survey I have recently posted.

Uncle Harry

Hi, everyone. It's Uncle Harry again. I haven't posted since January 2008. I've been extremely busy and didn't have much time. I hope I can be more regular this time around. For you newbies, and oldies who may not remember me, check out my first post on page 1354 and 60 or so others on pages 1593-1639.

Upstate Dave: Your post about you, 2 buddies, and 3 girlfriends having to stop by the road for the girls to pee reminds of an incident when I was in college. So here's the story.

Two of my fraternity brothers and I asked 3 nursing students from a nearby hospital to spend the day with us on a picnic. None of them were our girlfriends, just some girls we happened to know because they lived in the house next door to the frat house. So we went on this picnic one Saturday morning on a warm day in May. We went to a large open meadow with picnic baskets, lots of soda and juice drinks, and board games, cards, and a volley ball and net for entertainment. The girls prepared most of the food.

We stayed all day, and by mid-afternoon one of the girls, Jill, suddenly got a pained look on her face and announced that she had to pee really bad. That's when we all suddenly realized that none of us had peed all day and we all needed to pee. We asked each other whether anyone needed to poop, but no one did. We also realized... I don't know why we didn't think of this earlier... there were no toilet facilities around and no bushes to pee behind... or in front of either... just open meadow surround by low hills about 100 yards away. So what to do about privacy. Going behind the hills wasn't an option... those areas were too public. We didn't want to end our picnic and go find a gas station. Besides, the girls said they couldn't wait that long. With some hesitation, one of the girls, Judy, rather sheepishly, suggested, well, we're all nursing and pre-medical students, and, well, we see all sorts of bodily functions in the hospital, so maybe we should just, well, forget about modesty and just... pee. This was fine with another girl, Carol, who said she was an outdoor girl, wasn't modest, and didn't care who saw her pee, as long as she could get her bladder emptied... right now. The third girl, however, Jill, the one who was really desperate, said oh no, she couldn't possibly pee with boys around, even if they didn't watch. That wouldn't be decent. The other two girls told her she didn't have much choice: she could either pee or hold it another few hours. This was no choice at all, so she agreed to give it a try if the boys promised not to watch. None of us guys had any problem with lack of privacy.

So we all stepped about 20 yards away from the picnic blanket for sanitary reasons. Judy quickly pulled down her shorts and panties all the way to her ankles, squatted down, held her pants forward and slightly upward to avoid peeing on them, and suddenly let loose a gusher. Carol also pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles, but she just squatted back about half-way, hands on her knees for support, and began to pee forcefully. Jill got behind Judy to try to get some privacy. Even then she reminded us not to look before she, hesitantly, pulled down her pants and squatted behind Judy. At the same time, we guys unzipped, got out our dicks, aimed downwind with the girls to our right, and let go.

We all peed for what seemed like 1-2 minutes. Judy finished first, wiped her pussy with some tissue she had, stood up, pulled up her pants, and stepped away. I don't think she realized it, but this left Jill exposed, who suddenly realized we guys could see her peeing. She looked startled and told us once again not to watch, but seemed to realize it was too late... she was peeing with boys watching. When we were all done, Jill admitted that she had learned something from the experience... she really could pee with guys looking; it was no big deal.

Claire N
It is a while since there has been a survey, so I thought I would make one up. There are not a lot of questions, but they invite answers which are open to expansion. In the questions I make reference to going to the toilet. The answers will need to differentiate between a wee and a poo. I have provided my answers to each question.

1. Are you comfortable using public toilets?

Yes, both for a wee and a poo. I like to go in different places and work is my normal place to poo on week days. I am not in the least bit fussy when it comes to having a wee, but for a poo there needs to be paper and preferably soap, a lock on the door and a seat.

2. Have you ever had a problem about using public toilets.

Yes - for years when it came to a poo. My post on page 1634 provides details and how I eventually overcame it.

3. Do you go to the toilet in front of a partner?

For a wee only. Although I have always pooped in private I'm sure I could, but would rather not.

4. Have you gone to the toilet outdoors?

Yes - countless times for a wee, but very few times for a poo.

5. How do you feel about going to the toilet outdoors?

I really enjoy it. If it is for a wee, and I have been drinking, I am not too inhibited about anyone catching a glimpse from a distance. On the few occasions I have had a poo I have always been 100% certain I have complete privacy. I find having a poo outdoors an exhilarating experience. On page 1707 I posted about my last one, which was out of desperation. I want to repeat the experience out of choice this summer.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: That log was one of the biggest I've ever produced. When it first poked out and wouldn't move I started getting really frustrated. It took so much concentration to keep my butt from closing and pinching it off. Then my butt would have stayed closed and it would have been impossible to get it open again and get that thing moving. When I reached down with the tp I tried pulling on it slightly but it was fairly soft and I was worried it might break the tip off and my butt might close. So I resumed pushing. Once it started moving it was pretty quick. It only took about 10 seconds for the full length to pass through my poor stretched hole. But there was soooo much length. I couldn't believe it when it kept going on in such a long continuous length!

Congrats on the winning streak!

Upstate Dave
Let me continuie with my new friend Kathy the girl that lived next door to me. I ate as fast as I could go at the dinner table. I did announce that I had made a new friend which my mom felt good about that I had. I finished my supper and asked if I could go back over to Kathys house and my mom told me alright just be home at dark. I took off like a shot out the door!

I ran all the way except when I got to the fence and I carefully sliped throughg the fence and then ran the rest of the way up to the side door on the porch of Kathys house. I knocked hard on the door. From inside came Kathys grandmothers voice telling me to come in. I went inside and went right back to the kitchen.

Kathys grandmother was making thier supper and she said hi to me. I said hi back to her. Dave give a yell up the stairs there.Kathy is upstairs. She pointed to a door so I went over and opened it and gave a yell saying that I was there.There was a loud bang like a door being slammed shut and I could hear loud running footsteps getting louder as Kathy was comming towards the stairway. She popped into sight at the top of the stairs and she smiled and said loudly; Hi Dave you did come over! She ran down the stairs and we both sat down at the table together there in the kitchen.

Kathys grandmother was just about done making thier supper and she started getting out the plates and silverware. She placed a plate and silverware down in front of me. I was going to tell her that I had eaten but being polite I didn't.Besides being a guy I could eat a second supper! So I did eat with Kathy and her grandmother. After we had eaten I got a tour of the house.

There was the kitchen of course along with a hudge livingroom,formal dinningroom,her fathers study,a library,her grandmothers bedroom and then we went up the front stairs to the upstairs. Now upstairs were just badrooms which one was her parents,then three guest bedrooms and Kathys. The house had the only bathroom upstairs also. This was the neatest bathroom that I had ever seen too.

It was located in the center of the upstairs. It was in the shape of a diamond! It was old too. The bathtub was a old big clawfoot high sided one. The sink was a free stading pedistial type. The toilet was one that had the tank on the wall with the seat section like the sink a pedistial in its shape. The floo was marble white and black tiles. Then way over head was a lead glass cupalo styled skylight.

I told Kathy that I had never seen a bathroom like this one. Kathy giggled first and then she laughed telling me it was neat but where it was when she was upstairs it was great but now you know why when we were outside playig thats why I peed down in the cellar of the playhouse. That made me smile and laugh right then too.

Kathy stopped laughing and then said to me; Speaking of peeing I have to go right now Dave. Can you shut the door for me? I looked at her for a quick second and I then went right over to the open door and shut it. I turned around and Kathy still wearing the summer dress that she had on earlier had it pulled up and was stepping over to the toilet. There was one difference this time. Kathy was not wearing her white panties she had on before!

I stared right at her cute bare ass as she stepped over to the toilet. She turned around and faced me. Seeing that I was staring at her again she had just a little smile on her face but she did say to me; You like my little rearend Dave? It took me several seconds to answer her back.I then smiled and told her I did. Then Kathy sat down on the black toilet seat but sat way back on it. She also slid her feet around to the sides of the toilet so she was sitting wide open!

It only took Katy a few seconds to start her pee. When she did start a very hard loud hissing stream erupted out from her vagina! Kathy was looking down when she had started but now looked up over at me. I was hoding it for you Dave. I held it even after drinking those glasses of lemoneaid. I even drank a couple of glasses of water too after you left. That was to make sure that I would really have to go! Now Kathys stream got even harder for her streams hissing got louder and her pee splashing in the toilets water got louder also!

She smiled at me as she sat there peeing. I smiled back and I told her thak you. That made her giggle and she told me I was welcome. Then she looked back down to watch herself pee right to when she stopped. Just like down inthe cellar of her playhouse Kathy took a very long pee. This time she came to a dribbling end instead of doing a series of spurts.

Kathy reached over and rolled off a lot of toilet paper from the roll. She tore off a small piece and gave her vagina a very quick wipe. Then she stood up telling me her ass was really wet! Kathy giggled hard after saying ass and she turned around showing me her cute ass again and wiped it down with the rest of the toilet paper she had left. She dropped the toiletpaper in the toilet and reached up still holding er dresss up and pulled the cord and flushed the toilet. Then she let her dress go which it fell covering her over again.

We then went back downstairs and went outside. We were going over to her playhouse and I told Kathy that I was surprised that she swore! Kathy giggled hard at my comment. Oh I know I did Dave. There is nothing bad about saying ass! I now laughed. Then Kathy told me that she knew that I mst have said swear words too. I laughed more and told her that I have. That made her giggle even more. Then as we got to the playhouse Kathy stopped walking. Looking at me she giggled first then she stopped.

Dave how bout we make a deal just between us two. What's that? I asked her. Lets use the swear words when we go to the bathroom when we are together! Deal? I was laughing but managed to say yes to Kathy despite my hard laughing. Kathy now was also laughing that I had agreed to do this with her but she went on to say to me; You must keep it a secerate! Proise? I smiled now and put up my right hand and told Kathy she didn't have to worry. It is our secrete. We now went inside her playhouse. I stayed untill it did get dark and then I left but before I did I told Kathy I would see her in the morning. I got rewarded by a little kiss on my cheek from her. Then I left.

Cute Linda
Hey!! How goes? No I have not had any lately and I hope never to ahve one. Make me shiver to think about it, besides who would I trust to give it to me?

Did you REALLY go in front of your uncle? Wow you either trust him very much or that was one heck of an emergency you had.

More than happy to hear you were FINALLY about to do you "deed". I know how that's like trust me. Heh I guess you were lucky everyone was out of the house.

Which brings up something I wanna ask all of you here. Any of you have a trusting "open door policy" in your houses? I do, I sit bare tushied on the toidy having my puu. And trust me in my house I make ALL the noise I need to, with no shame.... unless we have guests over. And I ahve no problem doing it as my cousins walk by, or my little cousins walk in and see what all the fuss is about. Heh. Just asking. Will post stories soon. Take care.


Looking for some advice here. For the last week or so, I've had nothing but liquid poops. I don't think it's diarhea exactly because it only happens once or twice a day and I can more or less control it. What do y'all think?

What ever happen to FAT CHICK and FAT WOMAN ???? i love and miss there stories... please write more.....your favorite reader ????....

The other day, i felt my stomach rumbling with the powerful gurgle that could only be the presence of the hershey train coming to town. I quickly ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. After a few stinky farts, a giant log started coming, it kept coming and coming and coming. In fact, I know I had to have been pushing for 1 minute straight, and i still wasn't done. I regained my breath and pushed some more and the log almost doubled in length before it finally broke off. It smelled really bad in the bathroom because the poop was so big that it didn't all fit under the toilet water, and about 6 inches of it were poking out of the water and into the air. The poop was absolutely massive, and i felt for sure that it would render the toilet unoperable, but surprisingly it all went down! I felt awesome, then continued my homework. I absulutely love this sight, and I am looking forward to hearing the stories of all the girls here! Im an 18 year old male, and find it irresistable for a cute girl to take a big stinky poop!

Yesterday I had not taken a dump and it was in the afternoon and I was headed for work so I called into my public toilets to "have a try". Have a try was the operative word....there was a big hard turd in me which I dearly wanted to get out. I went in, sat down and gave a few pushes then push became grunts and loud ones too. Nobody came in sonobody heard me. I would not care if they did. I masaged my stomach, tried adjusting my position on the toilet but all that I could push out was a few pebbles. After quite some minutes of effort I sat there to see if the activity down below increased but no.
After that unsuccessful attempt I took my laxative before bed. Just before first light the sharp poo pains hit..I wish they had have come a few hours later, but no! I did not fancy a long sitting on the toilet but had no alternative. Well I got out of bed and sat....success...big fat turds flew out of my arse without effort and then a heap of soft was a real lot...I must have been backed up....the toilet was full of shit. Just as well I did not have a nurse to offer me a bed pan ...I think I would have filled it several times over. It took three flushed to clear out the shit.
Back to bed and fell straight to sleep but not for long....back to the toilet and another spectacular result...and real fast....I got poo over my fingers wiping my butt...due to the slushy poo and the lack of utility I have in my hands...worst things have happened.
Today I feel great after that dump..on top of the world but right now i am going to have a big bladder is bursting...that will feel good too!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm 20 years old man, when I was 16 years old and study at high school, I was constipated a lot and my mother wanted me to take laxatives to treat my constipation. On that day, I woke up early to prepare to go go school, my mother gave me a strong laxative tablet and forced me take it before I went to school. I knew it has effect in 4 hours and that's mean I will have to go to bathroom at school to poop. Unfortunately, on that day, we had a literature exam and it took 1 hours and a half to do this exam. We don't have permission to go to toilet during the test. After 15 minutes of the exam, I felt a little discomfortable in my ????. It reminded me that I had taken strong laxative and this is the first poop after 3 days constipated. I tried to hold it in and continue to do my exam but after 5 more minutes, it hurt alot so I couldn't hold it anymore, I raised your hand and stood up to talk with our supervisor " I really need to go to toilet, it's emergency" but the supervisor just answered me "No, you have to hold it until the exam finish". Therefore, I had to sit down and tried to hold it but I just suffered 5 more minutes and then I started to pass the gas with the loud sound and the smell covered all of the room. Some female candidates stopped doing their exam and focused on me.I moaned and let one more loud fart, this time the soft stool spurt out from my anus and spread all of my underpants, the third loud fart, the watery stool leak to my heel. I heard a lot of giggle from these female candidates and the supervisor finally let me go to toilet. But it too late, I messed all of the exam room. I felt very embarrassed and the story that I poop at the exam room rumour all the school and everybody call me with the nickname "diarrhea boy".

PeeGuy-Hi there. In response to your post, just the other day I posted a story about having to pee twice on a recent road trip. To more specifically answer your question though, the first time I really ever ran off to pee off the side of the road during a car trip was when I was in college. My friends and I were out drinking at a bar one night. The bar closed at 2am and we called our designated driver to come pick us up. While we were waiting for her, I needed to pee. I figured I would hang in there and once she arrived and picked us up, we could stop at a gas station. Eventually the urge became too intense so I noticed a bunch of other girls going pee in an alley by the bar. I went into the alley with one of my roommates and both of us popped a squat and peed. However, we were terribly drunk and as any drinker knows we did the unfortunate. We broke the seal! Our ride finally came about a half hour later. As soon as we got on the back roads and headed back for school, my friend and I already needed to pee. We told our friend Heather (our driver) to please stop at the gas station we knew was coming up a few miles away. Kristin (my roommate) and I were squirming in the backseat
needing to pee so bad. When we finally got to the gas station, it was
closed. Kristin was not big for peeing in public whereas I was ready to jump out and piss on the side of the car. Kristin asked Heather to keep driving and try another place down the road about ten miles. We kept driving. I couldn't make it much longer. I told Heather she was going to have to pull over or her seats would be soaked. She pulled over on the road which was this little 2 lane road. There wasn't really an emergency lane so she just pulled over on the grass. I got out of the car to look for a spot that maybe offered some privacy. There was a (as in 1) tree! I yelled for Kristin to come out and pee. She was afraid to be seen from others on the road behind the little tree. I wasn't getting back in the car before I emptied my bladder. I ran behind the tree and squatted down with my jeans to my ankles and pissed a river. A few cars drove by and I knew since I saw them, they saw me. As I started pulling up my pants, the backdoor of the car opened and Kristin came running out. She had a small wet spot forming on her jeans. The girl who was so worried about being seen by other people pulled down her jeans and squatted right next to the car on the grass. She was already peeing full force by the time she squatted down. A minute or two later, she was pulling her pants up and we both got back into the car. The remaining 20 min ride back to school was uneventful!
As I have mentioned before, my overly Catholic mother was very modest and didn't consider peeing outside a very lady-like thing to do. After being spanked for peeing behind a bush in our yard, I spent a lot of time ashamed about my bodily functions. Now as a married adult who moved out of my parents home almost a decade ago, I look back and hold a lot of resentment toward my mother. I can't resent the religious part of her. She is who she is. I have mostly abandoned the religious beliefs I was raised with. I'm a little bit too much of a free spirit to be the overly modest type. But I'm angry with my mother to this day for refusing to be practical and realistic where certain matters were concerned such as needing to use the restroom. It reminds me of a car trip with her. She had to go out of town for a business conference and I went along. On the way home, I had to pee really bad. There were no exits or rest areas coming up and I was very desperate. I begged my mother to pull over and let me pee behind some bushes that were on the side of the highway. I promised her no one would be able to see what I was doing. I was wearing a skirt and it would cover me as I squatted. She sternly said no, I could wait. A few more miles and I knew I could not. I told her I was afraid I was going to pee in my panties. She told me I was not going to pee in the car like a child. That I was 14 and should have better self control. An exit came up but there was nothing on it. It just led to a another road. I begged my mother again telling her I could not wait and I needed to pee terribly.
My mother took the exit and drove down the other road looking for any kind of gas station or store, anything. When she finally realized I was running out of time, she turned off the main road onto a side road. There were a lot of trees and places I could be well hidden to go relieve myself. She pulled the car over. There wasn't a soul in sight. I got out of the car and started to head for the bushes and shrubs. My mom yelled after me, "where are you going?" I told her I was going to relieve myself behind those bushes. She responded with, "I told you revealing your body parts where others can see them is not acceptable. You will not do such an un-lady-like thing!" I was pissed at this point. "What do you want me to do? You're the one who pulled the car over down this side road!" She told me to stand on the side of the car away from where anyone who passed would notice and I was to pee into my
panties. I was not having this. Not only had I not pissed myself since I was a kid but there was no logical sense to this. There was no one around! There was a ton of woodsy area that would hide me completely. No one would know what I was doing except me and her! Why would I piss my pants when there was another option?! I argued with her and was shocked with one of her responses. She told me she also needed the restroom very badly but would not resort to pulling her pants down out in the open with the chance of being seen. That was dirty and it was something to be ashamed of. She told me she was going to stand over the grass next to the car and pee into her panties. She was wearing a dress and I was wearing a skirt so there wasn't a concern of having evidence of the accident on our pants all day. I told her fine. If she wanted me to pee my pants, she could do it first and we would see how much she liked it. My mom leaned up against the side of the car pressing her
butt to the door. She removed her shoes and pushed them aside. She spread her legs a bit and then stood there. A little time went by before I could hear a hissing sound begin and then a puddle start to form on the ground. My mother's eyes were closed but she was sobbing. The more she peed the more she cried about it. She finished after peeing a short time. Her eyes were red from crying. I looked at her and said, "See. Looks like you don't like it. Why should I do it?" With that, I headed off to the bushes as originally planned. I was halfway there when my mother pulled me by the arm back and slapped me across my face. "Do what I tell you", she said. Now I was crying. Not only did she hit me, she was making me degrade myself. I had no choice. I really had to go and clearly I wasn't going to win. I leaned against the car and spread my legs and let the torent of pee gush out of me. My mother was staring at me the whole time. I thought the drama was over but then she stunned me with, "that's enough" while I was still in midstream. She said she only peed a little for some relief until we could get to a gas station or rest area. She told me I needed to stop urinating. I physically could not. I had held it for so long there was no way I could cut it off. I explained to her I couldn't stop. Smack, again across the face. "I told you to listen to me!" she yelled. As soon as she smacked me again, anything that was left in my bladder came rushing out. She went to the trunk of the car and got out clean panties for us both from our luggage. While she was at the trunk, I squatted down to the ground and pissed what was left in me. She told me to sit on a towel in the car. Once we were both in the car, she told me to remove my panties and replace them with the clean ones. She did the same. I was so angry with her. I got my revenge not long after. The modest one who cut off her stream was now sitting in a traffic jam needing a piss badly. After awhile, she started crying again and I heard that same hissing sound I heard earlier. This time, she pissed all over her dress. The best part was when we got home a few hours later and my dad asked about her wet dress, she told him the story of being stuck in traffic and peeing in her panties earlier in the day as well. My dad replied with, "why didn't you just go urinate in the woods where you wouldn't have needed to wet yourself?" I loved it. Even dad was on my side. I still don't know how those two are married. Dad is the complete opposite, especially where spanking is concerned. When I told him what happened later that night, I heard him confronting my mom about it. I didn't hear much but I distinctly heard dad yelling, "I would have much rather she came home having peed behind a tree than having wet underwear, a sore face, and a low self esteem because her mom is crazy!" Dad came to check on me later that night. He (who also agreed that spanking me over the backyard incident as a kid was wrong) said my mom had always been uptight like that. When they were first married, they went on a camping trip. He said they stayed close enough to the bathrooms at the campsite but one night real late she walked over to the bathrooms and they were closed for cleaning. She came back to the tent and told my dad he was going to have to drive her to a toilet. Dad refused, not wanting to have to pack up the tent and all of their stuff. He told her to just go in the woods. She explained to him she had to poop and he said that was no big deal. He would dig a hole for her in the woods and she could go there. She refused and shit herself instead. Dad said the mess was awful and the smell lasted the rest of the time in the tent.
I was scarred after that experience with mom but my love for pissing outdoors was re-ignited a few years later. Can't wait to write about that for you guys soon. I love re-living all of these crazy but exciting moments peeing in public!

Hey guys, I'm a new poster to this site. I'm a seventeen year old girl, with shoulder length light brown hair. I guess my first story I post here will be one I remember quite well. Friday night, I had my best friend Ashley stay overnight. We ate dinner and were just hanging out in my room, when I felt my daily crap coming on, so I told Ashley I needed to take a crap. We walked into my ensuite bathroom, and she sat on the edge of the bathtub while I pulled down my panties and jeans.

I sat on the toilet and began with a dribbling pee. It grew stronger, lasted a good 20 seconds or so, then it died down. I had a little trouble with my first turd, so I grunted a little, like Nnnnnuuuhhh, and then the turd was working out on it's own. My little brown tail was growing, and some smell was starting to waft through the room. Ploosh! Splash, Splash, Sploosh! The first big turd dropped, and three smaller ones came after. Then I let out two long quiet farts.

The next turd was kind of stubborn too, so I had grunt, Unnnuuh, and a little came out. For a while, it was coming out, but it stopped. I pushed a little more, Nnnhhhh, some more came out and broke off. I thought I was empty then, so I reached over to get some paper, but I farted a quick fart and then another turd, Plop, into the toilet. I tore off some toilet paper, wiped my butt, the paper was really dirty. I tore off more paper, wiped again, less dirty, but still a lot of poop. Wiped a third time, getting cleaner. Fourth wipe, almost clean. Fifth wipe, I wiped my vagina and then my butt again, all clean.

By now, the smell was pretty bad. I stood up, looking at my turds, two sausage shaped turds, and some little turds floating. I was about to flush when Ashley told me to wait. She said that seeing me crap made her need to crap too, since she didn't go this morning. I did spray some air freshner though and sat on the edge of the bathtub.

Ashley sat down on the toilet, and farted a few times, each pretty loud. She did one more fart, but this one quieter, and then the crackling of her turd. It made a Ploosh sound hitting the water, and then there was a Splish and a Plop. Then another turd made a crackling sound as it came out. I'd say about 45 seconds passed, and then Ashley reached over to wipe. She wiped once, not very much poop. Second wipe, it was clean.

She stood up, and I saw she had done two small floater turds, a medium-sized sausage like mine, and a really long banana-shaped turd. She flushed the toilet, closed the lid, and I sprayed a little more air freshner.

Well, I hope you guys liked my story. I'll try and post again tomorrow after the easter dinner settles. I really stuffed myself, eating more than I should have. Easter is one of the three holidays when I totally pig out, Thanksgiving and Christmas being the other two.

Upstate Dave
Sasha I liked your little story about taking such a long pee going on your rug and the floor in your mothers bedroom. Hona I too liked your story about peeing outside for the first time with your friend in the playhouse. In one of my real old posts here I and the girl next door played together in her playhouse which we both would pee in it too. Jane you are quite daring too. I enjoyed your post also. I worked several years in a large retail store and the girls on break would tell about finding pee puddles in the dressingrooms also along with even find pee puddles on the floor under the clothing racks!

Pee guy I have one for you involving a needed stop along the road after being out on a summer night with a group of us. This involved six of us. Three guys and three girls. We had been down in a well know resort area partying drinking and dancing all night. We were going to make one last stop to have a very early morning breakfast in a all night place that we knew.

Before we got to this place all three of the girls needed to pee ver badly. We pulled of the interstate into a rest area at the northern edge of this resort towm. In this reast area there was no bathroom building. Just a very grassy hill above the parking area. Since all three of the girls had to go none of us guys went with them. We stayed down by the car to wait. (Normaly Tony and I would go with our girlfriends to keep them company or pee with them!)

All three of the girls laughing as they climbed the hill sure did scramble up that hillside in a awfull hurry. They had to go that bad! Terry Tonys girlfriend as she scrambled up the hill we all saw her in the dim light had unbuckled her belt and most likly had popped the snap on her blue jeans too. For as she scrambled up the hill her panties had become partially visible to us down at the car!

At the top of the hill where the grass ended there is a chain link fence which you couldn't climb over. So all three girls stopped at the fence. Being there in front of the fence all three of them in the very dim light which we could barely see them got ready to pee. Terry since she had already undid her belt and had popped her snap was the firts one that shoved her jeans way down along with her panties and squated down first. My girlfriend and Martys girlfriend followed Terry by taking care of thier jeans getting them down real fast!

Terry was the first to pee since she was already down squating. In the still night air sound travels much better and us three could tell that Terry was peeing. She had a hissing stream flowing. The hissing all three of us guys could plainly hear. Terry had her jeans slip down as she peed and Martys girlfriend which we heard her say to Terry; Terry the guys are going to see you! We heard Terry say back to her it didn't matter it's nothing that Tony hasn't seen! Terryt was laughing hard as she said this back to Martys girlfriend.

Now by this time my girlfriend and Martys girl friend had started to pee too. Both of them also had hissing streams flowing for we could tell that they were for the hissing now was even louder. The girls weren't talking or laughing now as they peed untill after a short time Terry told the others that she was peeing on her jeans and she could feel her feet were getting wet too! Terry started laughing again.Hearing her say that Tony and I looked at each other and we smiled and laughed. Marty didn't say anything. He seemed to be in a state of disbelief.

Soon the hissing sound had faded away so the girls were endig there peeing or had stopped. Terry tried to get up from her low squat and she didn't make it up from it. Instead she fell on her ass. We saw her do it from down at the car. Terry let out a short scream followed by laughter saying that her ass was wet with pee now! nMy girlfriend and Martys girlfriend started laughing as they pulled up there panties and jeans. Terry asked them to help her up and they both did.

Now the the three of them headed back down the grassy slope and Terry fell down again which she laughed hard as the other two girls helped her up again. As the three girls approached the car us guys got back inside and the three girls got in the backseat. Terrys jeans were wet with her pee and Martys girlfriend told her that she couldn't go inside the diner that way. There was a sweater in the back so Terry wrapped that around her waist which covered up most of the wet area of her jeans. We went on to breakfast at the diner and after breakfast headed back to Tonys camp to go to sleep.

Yesterday I was in the right place at the right time. I had drank the last of our juice and my girlfriend wanted more so I headed to the gas station up the road from our apartment. I pulled into parking and was facing a Brown van. A Slender woman with dark hair possibly in her 40's got out of the driver's seat she had on some painters jeans, and black shirt. I entered the store after her, got the Items I needed but then debated on some snacks when I overheard her ask the clerk why the womens restroom was locked. The manager who was getting deliveries at the time offered her the mens room and said he would just keep an eye out while she used it. Hearing this,I hung out a little longer than I should have but the lady wasnt finished before I got to the cashier... I wished there was a long line or I was getting gas or something (but I had a full tank and nowhere to go) but there was nothing I could do.

Based on the time she was taking I was convinced she was taking a shit, unfortunately I couldnt confirm my suspicions...

Yesterday was odd too, my girlfriend didnt come home and take her usual evening shit... They normally stink...

Oh well...

I enjoyed reading everyone's posts!! Keep it up.

After reading everyone's posting, i wonder if anyone had ever encountered a shy crap. It happens to me very often especially if i have to get up early in the morning. It's the most annoying thing i have about my gut. Usually before school, i would sit on the toilet for a few mins but hardly anything would come out. But once or before i reach school, i will get stomach cramps and i will be forced to use the school toilet if i really can't take the pressure anymore!

I remember one incident where i REALLY had to go. As i've mentioned in my earlier posts, my school toilets have no locks!! I refuse to go alone as the thought of other students busting in the middle of a crap turns me off. So, i got my classmate to go with me, to sort of guard me as i do my crap privately in the stall. I rushed in and took a stall, pushed the door shut (but no lock or latch), dropped my uniform trousers to my mid thighs and let out a huge mushy crap having the consistency of oatmeal. After wiping, i tried to flush but unfortunately, the flush did not work. so i just left without flushing.... btw, i was using the squat pan toilet, very popular in asia, so i manage to get a very good view of my crap before i went back to class. It looked somewhat like a mudcake dropped onto the porcelain. hahaha.... i wonder who or how it was cleaned up.

I wonder if anyone has any tip on avoiding such early morning shy incidents?

Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond but since there has been a few requests I have another story I can share about my mom and her laxative induced "accidents".

I was eleven or twelve and had gone with my mom to do the weekly grocery shopping on a Saturday morning. Whenever we would go to the grocery, I always pushed our cart while my mom got the items from the shelves. We had been at the grocery for almost an hour and were nearly finished with the shopping, our cart was almost full and there were only a few aisles remaining for us to go down. It seemed my mom was starting to hurry more then usual but I didn't really think much about it. She then bent down to get something from the bottom shelf and I saw her press her hand against her butt as she quickly stood back up. She turned around and put the item in the cart then seemed to momentarily "freeze" in that position. I noticed she got a really odd look on her face as I heard some muffled wet farting sounds and she immediately said "we have to leave right now". I said something about the groceries and she said "we're leaving them here. That darn Ex-lax is working and I made a BM in my pants". By then I could smell the distinct odor of poop and I again heard wet farting sounds but this time it was louder and more obvious. She farted two times in quick succession followed by a very noticeable bubbly sound that left no doubt she was filling her underwear with mushy runny poop. She walked quickly to the exit with me following close behind trying to keep up with her. When we got in the car I noticed her face was very red and she commented on how embarrassed she was. She also apologized to me for

For Pee Guy,
I have 2 outdoor pee stories for you. The first one took place while hiking up a mountain with my then boyfriend. We were on a path and the only place I could pee was squatting and hovering my butt over the edge of the path which gave way to a steep drop-off. This was the only way to do it so as not to pee on my feet (the pee ran down the cliff, lol). This was the 2nd outdoor peeing experience. The first one was at the parents house of this same boyfriend. I was staying at their house and they had a very small house with no extra bedrooms. So I slept outside in this tiny one room cottage they had in their yard. It had no bathroom. I woke up one morning and had to pee really badly but since there was no bathroom in the cottage and the only bathroom inside the "real" house was being used, I had to pee outdoors behind the cottage. It was broad daylight so hopefully the neighbors didn't see me!

John Philip.
I'm unsure how to present this but I discovered this place a while back. Very intriguing. Anyway, if it matters my shitting habits are right after school (approximately 2:30 PM). I usually take no more than five minutes. I haven't have many so called "experiences" as hundreds of thousands of individuals so eloquently write about (yeah, nice line!)

Anyway, I'm simply introducing myself. If anyone here wants to hear about anything else, feel free to say so. I've also been counting the number of film references here, and since I've been collecting DVD's for about eight years (not convincing I'm sure) I thought I'd mention some in my collection that I find noteworthy. Personally, my favorite types of films are ones that are uniquely and/or well written. For starters...

1. Barton Fink. This is a brilliantly written (in my opinion) film by some of my fav writer directors Joel Coen & Ethan Coen. It is a very bizarre film alternating between unique comedy and gruesome violence. The movie is set in the 1940's and concerns a Hollywood screenwriter (John Turturro as Fink) that is hired to write a screenplay about wrestling. I won't give the story away as the character's downward spiral is one of the most amazing parts of it. There is a bathroom scene in which the Turturro character is using a urinal before he meets another key character. Definite recommended viewing (and buying if you like these types of movies) along with Fargo, Raising Arizona, and No Country for Old Men.

2. The Boondock Saints. An exceptional action film starring Willem Dafoe and Norman Reedus. There is a bathroom scene in which the two Irish vigilante brothers (Reedus & Sean Patrick Flanery) besiege the home of a sadistic Russian thug whom they are hunting. As they are gunning down everyone in the house the guy they are after just happens to be in the bathroom taking a dump, though the brothers think he isn't even there. Great action movie to watch with beer and pizza.

3. William Friedkin's The French Connection. A classic and one of my favorite films without a doubt. No need to reveal the awesomely gritty plot but there is a scene where the Geneback "Popeye" character is shaking down a bar and takes an informant into a pay toilet for info. The informant takes a piss in front of Hackman while talking to him. Buy this film (ah Christ at least watch it. You won't regret it!)

4. Lucio Fulci's Contraband. A well done Italian crime film made in 1980. The Blue Underground uncernsored DVD version is available. There is a scene where an Italian guy is pulled off his windowless toilet by the police who are condusting a drug bust on the town.

I'll end here because I'm likely boring some people. If anyone would like to hear about more film material (or toilet stuff for that matter) I'll be glad to talk..

In my last post, I explained how I was introduced to peeing outside from a childhood friend. After my mom caught me in the yard peeing behind a bush when I was about 10, I was spanked and told that was no acceptable. With the exception of one incident which was an absolute emergency, I didn't outdoors pee again for years. In fact, the absolute emergency was an outdoor poop/pee experience, my first and only. I was about 12 and I was staying the night at a friend's house with 4 of our other close friends. Her family had a home on a huge piece of land which they owned some horses and at the very back of their property was a lake. We finished dinner with her family and then decided we were going to sit out by the lake and look at stars, maybe try fishing. Her mom said that was fine but announced that she and her husband were going out to meet some friends for a drink and just to make sure we were careful being left alone. We sat by the lake for hours that night. After a little while being out there, my friend Meg said she was running back to the house to pee. About 6 or 7 min went by and Meg came running back with a look of horror on her face. "Kat" she yelled, "your parents went out and accidently locked the back door. There's no way into the house." Kat wasn't concerned. She said "no big deal, we're fine out here until they get home." Meg said that she had to pee really badly and what was she going to do. Kat and my friend Jess told her to pee by some trees by the lake. Meg said she hadn't peed outdoors but once in her life and that was when she was on a car trip as a kid and pissed on the side of the highway. She was squirming big time. Kat yelled "don't piss your pants, just pee by the tree. I do all the time. I'll pee with you." Kat walked over to the tree and Meg hesitantly followed. Kat pulled down her jeans and panties and squatted down. A few seconds later, a stream of pee came from her and soaked the ground. Seeing Kat pee must have sent Meg over the edge cause she didn't even fight it anymore. Meg pulled down her shorts and panties and took them off completely, throwing them a few feet away. Her clothes hadn't even left her hands yet when a stream of piss came out of Meg and ran down her legs and dripped to the ground. She quickly cut it off and immediately squatted down low to the ground. As soon as she did, a gush of piss came out of her. Kat finished up and walked over to where Meg was peeing. All of us were fixated on Meg's vagina having never seen anyone pee so much with so much force before. She finally finished, got dressed and we all laughed. The night went on with everyone but myself eventually pissing by the trees. I was in a different predicament. I had to poop. Bad! I kept looking over at the house to see any signs that Kat's parents were home. I had never pooped outside before and I didn't exactly want to learn with my friends watching. Finally, I waited too long. "Kat, I have to poop!" I blurted out. Everyone laughed but I was crying. I explained I had never done that before and I was embarassed. Kat and Jess (who were 2 of the coolest girls I had ever known) said it was no big deal. Kat said I could poop in the barn and we could shovel it over to the pile with the horse poop. Kat and Jess walked with me to the barn. I walked to the back corner of the barn, kind of tucked away by a barrel of hay. The girls stayed close by and brushed a horse while I started my experience. I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted down, leaning my back against the barn wall. As I relaxed, a stream of pee flowed out of me. I could feel my poop start to emerge. It was slow, I was nervous with my friends so close by and knew they could see everything if they turned around. To my horror, at that moment Jess said, "Man, I have to crap too!" She came running over to where I was and squatted down right across from me, first removing her pants. My poop came to a standstill. I was so embarassed with the situation. As soon as Jess squatted down, she pissed a very small stream and then right away dropped two logs from her butt. I grunted a little and with that my first poop came out with ease. There was some crackling as the second log came out. Then a few small pieces. Having finished pooping, I peed again and wiped with some old rags Kat was walking over to us. As I got my pants up, Jess was still pooping. When she got up, Kat and I were stunned with the amount that came out of her! It was huge! There were like 5 medium sized logs along with three or four smaller logs. We cleaned up and headed back to the rest of the group.

Has anyone ever been the victim of a laxative-spiking prank? I was once. While in college, some friends of mine and I went on a road trip a few hours away to a cabin in the mountains owned by one of my friend's parents. Five guys and four girls packed into two cars.

Three of the four girls were roommates and they had conspired with the other girl to play a joke on the guys by baking chocolate muffins made with Ex-Lax. I unfortunately was the only one of the guys who had two muffins.

So, about two hours later we're on the road, driving in the middle of nowhere, and I started feeling ill. Pretty soon, my bowels were churning and I felt everything in my intestines rush down to my ass. My butt cheeks clenched up and I groaned. I told the girl driving I needed a bathroom, but there wasn't anything in sight. No exits, no rest stops, not even a porta-potty. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I told her to stop the car.

She pulls over, the group following us pulls over, and I climb over everyone in a frantic rush to get out of the backseat. Finally, I managed to get out of the car, and only then did I realize that we had pulled over where there were no trees, bushes or anything. I looked around, desperate for something to hide behind.

A small squirt came out and I had to clench to stop it. That's when I said, "F*** it!" I tore at my belt and zipper, yanked my jeans and boxers down and squatted. Everything in my digestive tract came gushing out and splattered in the grass. I squatted there with my bare ass hanging out for at least five minutes before I felt it was over. Despite my complete mortification, I asked if someone could hand me some napkins. One of my buddies got out and handed me a box of tissues. I wiped my ass and pulled my pants up and talked the person riding shotgun into letting me sit in front.

By the time we arrived at the cabin I was desperate to shit again, and made a break for the only bathroom, which I occupied for a good fifteen minutes. Only later that night did the girls admit to playing a joke on the guys. I think they were even more humiliated about it than I was. They figured we would have made it to a bathroom before it kicked in. The other guys all complained of wet dumps, but nothing like I experienced. I was surprised at how calmly I took it. I was angry at first but then was able to laugh it off, but swore I would get them back for it.

With the help of the other guys, we talked the girls into going skinny dipping in the pool. The moment everyone was naked, all the guys jumped out of the pool, grabbed all the clothes (including the girls'), ran into the cabin and locked all the doors. We left the girls outside for about an hour and a half, and finally let them in after they had all waited naked on the porch for about fifteen minutes. Once let inside, however, they discovered we had hidden all their clothes. It took about another half hour before they found them.

I think that more than made up for me shitting my guts out in front of them.

to Robyn: i really enjoyed your story! in the future try to tell some stories of when u and your friends had to use the bathroom in public. i think that u and your friends should leave the tiolets unflushed so other people can see what u have done! u should try it sometime! cant wait for your next post!


As I've already shared with you in my earlier posts, sometimes my crap is large and quite hard and I have to take some extreme measures to push it out. Other times it's all too easy. I guess I should explain.

Connor and I were in the lunchroom of our high school. He had the full lunch but I wasn't that hungry so I just went up and got an ice cream cone. I poured it myself and while I'd probably never get hired at Dairy Queen, I know I'm getting better at it. Well Connor and I were talking and he reminded me I had drama club right after school and I remembered that I had to get a file folder of play scripts out in the bottom of my locker. I also needed a chance to look them over and could do that when my 6th hour social studies class started to get boring. I was eating my cone pretty regularly in the hallway as I walked to my locker which is on the other side of the building. The halls were crowded during lunch hour and I deliberately avoided some of the people so I wouldn't get bumped and spill my ice cream. Well I finally got to my locker, used my combination and opened it only to find a lot of clothing and books stacked at the bottom. I could see the file folder with the plays at the very bottom.

I continued licking the cone and of course the ice cream started to get a little softer. I tried pulling out the file folder with my right hand while holding the cone in my left. It didn't work and there was an avalanche of papers that came sliding onto the floor at my feet. I thought ****! So I had no alternative but to lay my cone carefully on the floor to the left of my locker while I squatted down and, pulled out my folder and put away the rest of the mess. I think I was squatted down for about 45 seconds to a minute and when I picked up the folder with my right hand and the cone with my left hand, a stange feeling came over my bowels and I knew I was about to lay down a big crap. I took some more licks of my ice cream and had to move faster with it because it was starting to get away from me and run down the cone and onto my jeans from multiple directions. Luckily the closest bathroom was just around the corner and I could hear toilets being flushed and doors banging. I hate busy restrooms--especially over the lunch hour!

Seven of 8 stalls had legs quietly planted below the door. I put the folder under my arm that was also holding my cone as I pushed open the fourth door. The stench was bad and there was a full crap in the bowl. One of those craps that was so big, that part of it was out of the water and that was probably the part giving off the smell. I also noticed some lite-colored blood on one side of the piece as I put the folder on the floor, the cone on top of the folder and placed myself with my underwear still pulled up on the stool. While still seated I reached back and pushed off on the flusher lever; three pushes were needed to finally activate it. While I was seated, I realized I was lucky in that I still had my panties up all the way as I sat on the seat because my bottom did receive quite a splash. I looked down on the floor and saw my cone getting softer and starting to run, so I quickly filled my mouth with it--disposing of it in like two very large bites.

Just before I had done that, the dean of women came through and apparently looked in on each stall. First, she saw I was eating (a real felony, for sure!) and then she saw I was sitting with my panties up (she wrote "lingering" and "loitering" among other things) on the referral and at the end of 7th hour, I was paged to the office. Before that happened and after she left the bathroom, I probably spent no more than 3 or 4 minutes on that stool. I quickly finished my cone, pulled down my underwear and had a large, satisfying crap that was both soft and messy. However, I had cleaned myself and still made it back to my 6th hour class without being written up as being tardy. So I wasn't very happy when I got called to the office and was told I was going to be assigned a Saturday morning school (4 hour detention study hall) for eating in the bathroom and sitting on a toilet without pulling my pants down. Worse yet, they called my mom at work (she's not suppose to receive any incoming calls)and told her I was in trouble.

I don't know the exact cause, but squatting at my locker that day surely activated my bowels, but it was the punishment that I still feel really sucks. It's a good thing I quite smoking a few months ago because they would have written me up for that too. And my mom didn't know I ever smoked.

Alina pooped
Hi,it's Alina again! Yesterday I wrote that I tried to poop, but couldn't. Well, soon after writing I tried again. I sat on the toilet, stretched my anus to make it as big as possible, and started to push with all my force. I was in the toilet for almost 30 minutes, pushing a lot, making the loudest noises (luckily my parents and sister were out of the house), while my huge turd came very slowly and with much pain. Finally it all came out, it the hugest I had ever made, I had to break it because otherwise it would clog the toilet. My anus was very sore and hurting a lot, I hope I never get so constipated again. Hope you liked it, keep the good stories. Alina

im a girl and i love peeing and pooping in werid places. do you have any ideas?
thanks sooo much

Hi guys, how's everything? (Kind of a rhetorical question, since you can't answer me, lol). I have a few stories to share with you, hope you'll enjoy them. The first story took place on Monday, the day after Easter. I woke up a little later than I normally do, so I had to rush a bit to get to school on time.

By the end of the day, I could feel a good crap brewing, but I had to hurry to catch my bus home, and I felt I could hold it anyway, so I ran to the bus. Once I got home, I put away my jacket and backpack, and went straight to my room. I went to the ensuite, pulled down my skirt and panties, and sat on the toilet.

Right away, I started peeing and pushing out the first turd. The first turd broke off, splashed into the bowl, and there was another one, soon to follow. It too broke off with a splash after not too long. By then, my pee was dying off, so I wiped my vagina once. I let off some gas, a few poofy airy farts, and then a braaap type fart. I could feel some more turds wanting out, so I just kept sitting, pushing slightly.

The next turd that came out kept coming for a while. Part of it broke off, and made a plop in the water, but the rest was still coming out of me. Finally, it stopped coming and rested in the water, almost no noise. I felt a big turd poke out, then go back in. I pushed a little bit, it came out again, went back in. I pushed harder, and it came out and stayed out. The turd was coming out slowly, a little bit at a time. Finally, the stubborn turd was out, making a pretty big sploosh in the toilet.

I wiped one time, not too much on the paper, but the second wipe was really dirty. I guess I hit a different part of the mess. Wipe three, almost done. Wipe four, done. I looked at my crap, like I usually do. There was two small turds, and a long turd which kind of looked like an S. But at the back of the bowl, hiding around the bend, was a fat long turd. It was easily an inch thick, bigger than my usual turds are.

My other story happened on Tuesday. I was changing back into my regular clothes after gym class, and I had to crap. The girls' changing room has two stalls with toilets off in one corner, so I went over there. One of the stalls was in use already, and I took the other.

I sat on the toilet, peeing a little bit. My pee died down, and I could feel a turd ready to come out. I pushed a little bit, and I heard a sploosh coming from the other stall. My own turd all of a sudden just shot out, and made a floomp sound as it hit the water. I didn't feel any more turds, so I started wiping. All it took was one wipe this time, a really clean crap. My only turd was like a big stripe down the middle of the toilet.

I had a weird experience today I wanted to share with somebody. I was at a local park, watching some kids play baseball, and just generally enjoying the nice spring day. Well, I felt the urge to pee, so I headed off to find a bathroom. It was a long walk to the bathrooms, so I had to go fairly bad.

I went into the bathroom, and found two stalls, but neither of them had doors. One of the toilets had a sign up saying it was Out of Order, and the other one was taken. The lady seemed to be in her late twenties to early thirties and wasn't even phased by not having a door.

She had brown hair, hanging down to mid-back, was wearing a forest green shirt, and had her black jeans and panties bunched around her ankles. She was leaning forward a little bit, but with her butt still fully on the seat. She looked up from her book she was reading and saw that I was waiting. She said she was almost done, and then the toilet would be available. I told her Okay, I would wait.

I had to pee pretty bad by then, but I had no other choice but to wait. It seemed like an eternity passed, although it was really three, four minutes tops. The lady reached over to tear off some paper. She wiped her front once, and back four times, then flushed. She pulled up her panties and jeans, apologizing for the smell. I said I didn't mind, that's what a bathroom is for. There was a definite poop smell still lingering as I sat down on the toilet.

My pee gushed out of me in a big stream. The hissing and tinkling as my pee hit the water were pretty loud. I must have peed for a full minute or two, and the relief was just unbelievable. The lady was drying her hands now and she commented that I really had to go. I blushed a little and said Yeah. She left the bathroom while I flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi Im a 43 year old attractive petite woman from England,Ive got a story to tell, today I didnt go at home, and the first thing I did was call at my auntys, by the time I got there, my poo was pushing hard at my anus to come out, as soon as I saw my aunt, I told her I needed to go up to the toilet,i ran upstairs and pushed the bathroom door open, my uncle was at the sink having a wash, before he had chance to say a thing, my panties were down and I was on the toilet, and my first log was plopping into the water, my uncle looked at me and said, hell Stacey, how about knocking first, sorry I said im desperate, my uncle left me to go in piece, my logs just kept plopping out, after ten minutes of shitting, I got up and started to wipe my butt, anyway the flush would not work, as i opened the door my uncle appeared, he needed to go, sorry I said, ive had to leave my load because it wont flush, he had to sit on top of my poop and do his poop, I had to laugh, just hope it didnt shoot up his ass like it shot from mine

Linda from Australia here again. I'm still on a winning streak with my poos! I haven't had any constipation for the last week. Plus it hasn't been taking me long to do poos either, only 5 or 10 minutes.

To Keith D: That was a BIG poo!! 24 inches long is huge! I bet it hurt coming out. How long did it take for you to squeeze that monster out? When the poo got stuck in your butt, did you think about just breaking it off and trying again later? It sounds like you really had to work hard to get that turd out.

Alina can't poop
Hiya! Just discovered this site. Really cool!! I am Alina, romanian girl, 17 years old, dark blond hair and grey eyes. Today I woke up feeling my belly swollen and hurting. I realised that I had not poop in two days and went to the toilet to poop. I stretched my anus with my hands and pushed with all my strength, but only two small balls came out. After ten minutes I got tired and bored with all the pushing and left. Now that I am writing this I feel hard turd pressure against my anus. I think I will try again. Hope you liked my story. Alina



Thank you for writing back. That was another great, interesting story you wrote. Keep them coming :)

P>Robyn--Welcome. I enjoyed your post about you and your friend, Ashley and hope to hear more stories.

Linda--Glad to hear about your winning streak. That massive load you described sounded like a really healthy dump.

Here we go again...constipation....this morning passed a few very tiny pebbles...yesterday nothing at all. Had a big breakfast with the fellas this morning after gym. Went to a customer and had a big barbeque lunch. After leaving got the urge and called into my public toilet...I sat there only for a few minutes...there was a turd high up that was not going to budge ..had a few grunts etc but nothing.
Later in the day I was talking to a customer and suddenly got the shit pains...more sharp than normal...they subsided and returned...I was by myself then so I went and sat on the pot and heaps of soft but bulky turds came was big. It must have been a huge shit because I had to tighten my belt up one notch.
I cannot figure it out..I have such hard difficult poos...and then when unexpected a soft shit explosion.

I was in the unisex toilet line at Starbucks today,in front of me was a very tall muscular attractive girl. She had long blonde hair, with unusually wide hips.
When it was her turn, she entered the cubicle and let out the loudest most powerful fart and poop sounds I have ever heard. An old lady behind me said, " I guess she hadda go bad there" I just nodded.
A minute later I heard the toilet flush then the hand drier.
As she opened the door, the smell was horrific!
The old lady said to me "good luck in there". I held my nose whilst locking the door. As I approached the toilet I noticed that not all had been flushed away. The inside of the toilet bowl had been pebble dashed.Anyhow I took my pee, flushed, then washed my hands. on exiting I warned the old lady that the toilet appeared messy from the previous user, and a little backed up. The old lady replied, "well at least my granddaughter dident do that at my house!"
As I left the store I saw the muscle girl give me a look as if she was proud of her act.

Question: Which five famous women would any of you like to see pooping on the toilet? In no special order I would pick:
A. Kim Kardashian
B. Venus or Serena Williams
C. Jennifer Lopez
D. Sarah Palin
E. Lisa Raye

Pee guy
I was wondering if any one (ESP. Girls) would post about having to pee like on a car trip. Did you have to ask to pull over to go? If you had to go really bad but never peed outside before did someone help you or tell you to pee? How did you do it? Did you like it of did you not want to have to do it again?

Thanks I really look forward to the great replies.

hi im 15 i had a interesting expierience this morning. i woke up with a blater just acing for its morning pee. it seriously hurt. i layed in bed i herd my mom in the shower. at first i didnt know what to do but then i figured it was just my mom and i could easly just walk in and sit on the toilet. but once i stood up i knew there was no way i could walk very far without peeing on my self. i looked around my room and found my scape goat. i droped my pajama pants to the floor and inched out of them i hobbled over to my through rug spread my legs and nelt down placing my hands on the floor i pointed my butt in the air over the rug and instantly began peeing it felt SOOOOOO good partly because i needed to go so bad and partly cuz it was a new kinda "wrong thing to do" feel good feeling. i peed a steady streem for about 4 min. then it steadly slowed down to a dribble i peed about 7 min total..... i felt so naughty but i loved it i quickly put the rug in the wash. about a hour ago my mom was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and i had to go again so i went in her room and peed on the floor by her bed when she saw she naturaly asumed it was the dog.... anyone else have simalar stories?

Having submitted my first entry here days ago, it reminded me of what got me hooked on peeing in the great outdoors. First time I ever peed outside I was probably 8 years old. My friend growing up had a playhouse in her backyard. It was a good size playhouse, well, for 8 year olds anyway. The first time we were playing in her new playhouse, I told her I had to go pee. She told me her mother didn't like when the kids ran in and out of the house all afternoon so she got used to just peeing in the yard. I told her I didn't understand. I had never even known you could use the bathroom outside before, I wouldn't know how to do that. The playhouse was positioned on the ground, with the dirt as the "floor". She said, "here, let me show you". She backed up to a wall of the playhouse and pulled down her shorts and panties. She proceded to lean her bare butt against the wall and spread her legs and sort of half squat. She peed a decent stream and I watched in amazement as the dirt below soaked up her piss. She pulled up her panties and shorts and said, "Do it kind of like that." I was interested but hesitant. I walked over to where she had relieved herself and pulled down my shorts and panties. I squatted and tried to relax, having never peed in front of a friend before. I really had to go so it wasn't long before the flow started. I peed a good amount and having never done it before, managed to pee all over my feet. My friend and I just laughed. I finished up, pulled up my clothes and delighted in my new "naughty" experience. My friend and I continued to do this everytime we played in her playhouse. One day we were at my house playing in my backyard when we both had to pee. She walked behind a row of bushes and did the deed and I followed and did the same only I wasn't nearly as covered by the bushes as she was. A short while later, my friend went home and my mother called me inside. She had seen everything and was not happy. Having grown up in a strict Catholic home, things like this were not the norm. My mother promptly spanked me and told me never to do that again. It was years before I did...

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