A.W. thank you for your comments.

Just a couple of days ago, i did something else as daring as my last story, but almost got caught this time.

My mother had asked me to run to the store with her, as she had to buy a few items of clothing. before we left, i made sure to drink plenty of water so that i could pee later. When we had got to the stor, i was getting slightly desperate for a pee, and immediately looked for a changing room to pee in. i was very excited, as i had never tried anything like this before, and i guess that made me more desperate, because i felt my pee hole twinge and i had to grab myself for a bit to maintain composure. i found a pair of jeans (of course, i didn`t realy wantto buy them, but needed a excuse to use the dressing room).

once i entered the room, away from my mom (who was a short distance away, looking at a rack of cloths) i pulled down my jeans and went to the corner of the room. then, i pushed very slightly, and this was all the pressure needed to cause my bladder to burst, and the pee to escape, rather quickly. for a few seconds, i could not control it, though it felt great nontheless, and my panties soon became soaked, and i could very clearly hear the dripping as my pee hit the floor. i then tried to stop, as i heard footsteps just outside the door of the dressing room, and a sec later i heard my mom say "Jayne, what`s that noise?...what are you doing?.....i said, "nothing, just tryin on some jeans"

but then, to my horror, i saw the doornob to the dressing room slowly being tiurned, and my mother opening the door, to peek in. very quickly, i snatched up my jeans to place them in front of me, to hide my wet panties, and (possibly) cover the wet spot on the floor, which was fairly large. plus, i still had to pee.

my heard was beating faster than it ever had. my mother said "so, have you tried them on yet?....i have another pair hear that you might like......"....i said, "that`s ok mom (even though the pair of pants she had 'leggings' were very cute)these (the pants i already had) are fine"......she seemed satisfied with that, as i still had to pee and was begining to dribble....but, she did not notice and thankfully left the room.

i breathed a sigh of relief, my heart still beating like crazy. after a quick ringing of my undies, i put my pants back on and left the dressing room. all in all, i had fun....i`ll definitely have to try this in the future.

hi, this is for lena;

when you wipe, fold about 20-30 sheets in your hand, with your thumb at the very edge of the toilet paper, and your fingers somewhere under the paper, in the midle, and wipe using the area where your fingers are located, under than toilet paper. that way, you should not get any shit on your hands....i hope this helps.

On The John
I was at work today. We have clean restrooms which is pleasant. I felt an urge to go. I had already answered the call to nature once today, but I often poo twice daily. It was not surprising since I have been on a "cleansing ritual." I felt a very sudden urge and left my work area rather abruptly. My need was intense. I felt cramping in my ???? and knew I needed the john, I entered the restroom and soon noticed that I was not alone. There was a lady who was experiencing a good clean out as well. She moaned and produced results regularly.
I sat and produced a normal amount of gas as I began my work. I farted and then felt a good movement on the way. I had reading material handy and that took my mind off my efforts. I felt relaxed as I knew I would be a while and had wipes handy. My boss does not time my bathroom habits which is a bonus.
I could hear my neighbor having a messy shit. Meanwhile I plopped and farted a great deal. I then had cramps and knew a load was on the way. I eat whole foods so I usually have good poos. I farted again and began a huge load. It came in two waves. I had a lot of gas from the whole grains, fruit and fiber supplements. The relief was unreal. I finished and began to wipe. While wiping I felt another one coming down and sat. I passed some more gas and another large bm and was empty. I then used moist wipes to wipe my rear end and vagina. I left my stall lighter than I had been. How do you spell relief.

Today, I had two of my friends over while my parents were at work. While they were here, I had to poop. I told my friends I needed to use the bathroom, and I'd be back. They said okay, and I went to the bathroom. I closed the door, pulled down my jeans and purple panties, and sat on the toilet.

I farted a long, but soft airy fart. Then I did two poops in the toilet, they weren't very long. I leaned forward a little to help push out the next poop. It started coming out, but very slowly, it was big around and stretched my poor butthole. As the poop was on its way out, my friends burst into the bathroom. I was very embarrassed.

I was sitting on the toilet,just wanting to take a poop in peace, and my friends were holding their noses, making faces. They said "Ew... she's doing a poo", "I know it smells. Yuck." I tried to cover my hairy bits, so I at least wouldn't be totally exposed.

I told them to get out and leave me alone, but they wouldn't. About then, my big poop broke off, and made a flump sound in the toilet. My friends giggled about that too. I still felt more in me, so I couldn't even get up and force them out. I let out a few more small poops, like splash splash splash, with some delay between them.

Then, there was a poop, not very big around, but it was long. It kept growing, and it broke off in the toilet. My friends continued to hold their noses and make faces. I reached over to get some paper, and tried to wipe sitting down, but I couldn't really do it very well, I've always wiped standing up. I told my friends to go wait outside, and got up to try to force them out, but they just giggled and went to the toilet.

They laughed, saying "Ew, look at her smelly poops, gross!" and "Yeah, she really had to go bad. Peeeyuu". I just wiped, put the paper in the bowl, and then flushed, leaving the bathroom. We went back to the living room, and watched some more TV. They didn't say anything more about the bathroom incident, but that was all I could think about.

We get along so well, and I thought they were my friends... but friends don't ridicule friends like that. I mean, I suppose if they thought I'd find it funny, that might excuse the initial barging in. But after it became clear I didn't want them there and was embarrassed, they should have left.

I don't know how to feel... I almost think I won't feel better again until I barge in on them on the toilet when they're pooping. But, that doesn't make me any better than them. What do you guys think?

Upstate Dave
I have either worn boxer style briefs or the regular style briefs over the years. Has anu of the guys here noticed that many of the synthetic material boxers made today can make problems when you have to piss/ I sure have. They slide upward very easy so that you get a good wedgie! When you go to get your penis out to piss the slit has been shoved sideways or crumpled right up tight! That makes it very hard to find it or get it open. As a result many times I've almost wet myself.

This post involves one of our trips that my wife and I had taken durring a vacatioin. We were on our way to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. We made a stop at Queechie Gorge on the Vermont and New Hampshire border heading to Mount Washington. It was a very nice summer day and there was many people there that had stopped also.

Now the gorge is deep enough so that para sailers jump from the bridge and sail down into the gorge. THat is quite a sight to see them do it. J and I had parked the car and we walked out on to the bridge to watch the parasailers. If I remember rightly from the bridge to the botom of the gorge is 800 feet. So they sure look small once they land down in the gorge!

There were not many people on the bridge on the side that we were watching from. The other side there was no people at all. We had been watching on the one side for a good half hour or slightly more. I needed to piss now also. I checked looking around first on the side we were on the bridge and there were some people so I looked turning around and checked the oppisite side.. There was no one so I told J that I was going to the otherside of the bridge.

I grabbed her hand and we looked both ways and hurried across the highway to the other side of the bridge. Once across and standing on the sidewalk I turned at a angle with J standing next to me. I yanked my zipper down on my jeans and fished out my penis. J where shge stood next to me blocked me from sight. Being at a angle standing partialy hid me from sight the other way.

I started to piss. My stream arced out and of course it went downward into the gorge. Sice it was such a distance to go down and with the wind in the gorge my stream didn't stay to gether as it went down. It would be a very local golden shower when my piss did reach the botom of the gorge. J watched but she did laugh watching my piss stream breaking apart as it went downward. I was pushing hard so it would't take long for me to get relief that I needed.

I only pissed for about twenty seconds and then I cut my stream off. I had pissed enough so that I was relieved and I hurridly slipped my penis back inside my jeans and zipped my zipper up. We walked down the bridge after that and walked over to the area between the parking area and a overlook of the gorge.

J now had to piss. I kidded her about seeing me go had made her need to go. J is very honest and she told me yes. Now here there was a crowd of people using the trail to go to the overlook or head down to the trail that you could take to go down into the gorge or come up from the gorge. So we walked some of this trail looking for a spot that J could piss in.

We did find a spot that she could use. It was in the trees but the woods was thin and there wasn't any brush growth or bushes to get behind. So we just walked over to the edge of the trees which put us near the first rows of cars that were parked in the parkinglot. I stepped in front of J at this point to block her from sight from the people over on the path. This spot had evidence that it was used for a bathroom for there were tissuies,napkins, and even waded up pieces of toilet paper scattered around on the ground here.

J just popped the snap onher jeans and without pulling down the zipper on them just yanked them down along with her pale yellow panties and sqauted right down. J was squating so low that her cheeks were just above the pineneedles that lay on the ground.She started to piss very hard as I looked down at her. Her stream hissed loudly and she tried to either squeeze a little bit to make its hissing stop or she would push harder but that made its hissing even louder. So she gave up on that.

J always never would just take a partail piss. She would always go untill her bladder would be empty. This time was no exception! She just kept on pissing. Her stream was a light yellow in color. With me standing in front of her the people walking the trail could see her squated down in front of me so they had to know that J was pissing. No comments were heard by us all the time J was pissing.

As I watched her going I did think that if anyone came up to any one of the cars parked behind her would get a view of her ass and piss stream. I laughed a little as I thought that. That made J aske me why I was laughing. I told her and she even laughed a little. J remained squating for just a short time more. Then she had stopped. With one quick motion she yanked up her yellow panties and jeans together and had the zipper pulled up too. She did the snap and we then walked over to the trail and the lookout area.

We stood together gazed at the gorge and I asked her if she wanted to hike down to the bottom of the gorge. She told me no. It looks kind of steep she said back to me. It was but the trail looked to me that it wasn;t a hard trail to hike on. But I didn't press it. WE did have many more miles to cover so we walked back to the car and we continuied on with out trip to Mount Washington.

Dan, those unisex French toilets fascinate me. Tell us more please!!!

Recently I have noticed that sometimes I find more interest and excitement from being outside the bathroom when a woman takes a shit and being able to unravel the surprise when I enter it instead of standing at the sink or sitting on the edge of the bathroom watching her poop from start to finish. I wonder why?

In recent travels I have began to start fantasizing about some of the women I see. A few weeks ago it was the thin black Sales Rep at a Verizon Wireless kiosk in the mall, Then it was a cashier at k-mart. After her, there was the woman working the drive through at dunkin donuts.

I picture all of them at where ever they live, entering their bathrooms wearing Jeans and a sweater, closing the door and taking care of business. After 15 minutes, they flush and come out partially closing the door behind them looking relieved... I enter to find a very heavy poop smell with some poop stains or skidmarks in the toilet... Its the same every time, and I dont know why...

I just found this site and I am so excited I did. For whatever reason, the peeing/pooping bodily function fascinates me. I've always felt I was crazy but after reading some of the other posts, I don't feel that way anymore. I am a twenty-something American girl. I don't consider myself very shy when it comes to peeing. I'm pretty open about that. Pooping is a different story. I've had several memorable peeing incidents outdoors. My four years in college brought about more public peeing than most people experience in a lifetime! I have peed outside a lot in life. Usually out of convenience. If I'm walking through a park and I have to pee, so long as there are plenty of trees/bushes to cover me, I just pee there. I have not had many episodes involving desperation seeing as how I tend to go wherever I am. But recently, I had two very close calls, one of which I absolutely thought I was going to pee my pants. My spouse and I recently took a cross country road trip, looking forward to see what the countryside had to offer. During a rain storm in Arkansas, we got stuck in a traffic jam around 6 in the evening. I felt the need to pee but wasn't immediately concerned. After an hour went by and we hadn't moved much, I knew I was in trouble. Seeing as how we were in standstill traffic and it was pouring raining out, I couldn't just run into the woods like I normally would have. After another hour went by, I was really struggling. I told my husband I was going to pee my pants. Out of options, he reached into the backseat and grabbed a drink cup we had grabbed at lunch earlier in the day and suggested I pee in the cup. This was a first but I had no choice. I dumped the contents of the cup out the window and then moved my seat back as far as I could. I pulled down my shorts and panties and scooted myself to the edge of the seat. Scared I was going to pee all over the car, I had no choice but to go right then or I would've. I held the cup to my area and let go a torent of pee. My husband watched in disbelief. To my horror, the cup was filling up fast and I wasn't done. My husband reached in the back and grabbed his cup and dumped the drink out and traded cups with me. I continued peeing as he poured my pee out the car door. I nearly filled his up too. I felt so much better after that. It's a damn good thing we had those cups cause we sat there another hour before traffic started moving, during that hour my husband too used the cup to pee in. We got a hotel that night and I hoped that I would never go through that again. The next night we were driving through Texas on a very dark stretch of road. We had finished dinner about 2 hours earlier and I needed to pee...bad. There was nothing around. No rest areas, no gas stations. It was awful. My husband didn't really want to pull over on the side of the road as it wasn't a very reliable emergency lane and he was concerned with safety. After awhile though, I was bursting and told him to pull over NOW! There were no trees or bushes like I was hoping for. I opened up the back door of the car and squatted down in between my door and that one. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and peed for what seemes like eternity. Since that trip, there is always a spare cup and napkins kept in my car.
I would love to hear if anyone else has experiences peeing on the side of the road or stuck in traffic. Can't wait to see what everyone has to say.

the Pooper
I had to in a public restroom well anyway the person who was there did not flush my question is why is it that SOME people fail to flush a public toilet after going ?

To Linda from Australia
Do you usually poop in the mourning right when you wake up? Or do you poop a while after?

With some of my previous posts I've tried to describe how, on occasion, I need to take a crap and when I'm out in public I sit down with a real sense of urgency but sometimes I just can't seem to drop thecrap I need to. One such case was Saturday. I left my apartment about 7:30 a.m. because I had a $15 discount coupon for a lube and oil change at a fast-care car store. I was one of the first three customers in line. After surrendering my car, I went into the waiting room and felt a crap coming on. You can pretty much set your watch by it--about 30 minutes after I finish my morning coffee. Well the bathroom there was a one toilet/sink unisex one. At first, I took my left hand and dropped the seat. It was so loose that it nearly fell of. I remember pulling down my jeans and underwear and using both of my hands to try and balance the seat right on the middle of the bowl. Then I sat. I peed for a minute and could feel how stopped up I was but since the door was securely latched, I just sat and pushed. I used a technique my grandma had taught me several years ago when we traveled in New York City. I slide to the front of the seat and slowly rocked my entire upper body forward and backward. It seemed like that caused my crap to drop a bit in my colon, but even with my movement I was not able to get it out.

About five minutes after getting my car I was pulling out of the parking lot and onto the frontage road. Suddenly, I could feel a huge turd that we waiting to come out and it even hurt me a bit as I drove about five miles on the interstate. Finally, I saw a "reststop 5 miles" sign. I sped up to nearly 80 and made the short trip in record time. I walked as fast as I could to the door where there were five stalls. One by an elderly woman who was drinking from a thermos while she sat and peed and another by a young girl about 5 who looked really scared in using one of the two open stalls. She had her hands folded in front of her and on her lap. She had her shorts and underwear all the way to the floor, something which I didn't think was totally necessary. I pulled my underwear and jeans down to mid-thigh level in an attempt to cover up more of myself since I was using an open stall. I sat for about 5 minutes but finally stood and gave up while my crap dropped even closer to my anus. I rocked forward about a dozen times, hoping that I would be able to push out what I was convinced would be one long, and very round piece. Again, I could feel it stick in my anus. I could also smell it, but all my pushing did was to cause me to widen the span of my open legs. One final spread and push attempt not only gave off the odar of stal shit. It was also painful because I re-activated a right knee sprain that ended my high school volleyball playing career ten years ago.

Although I continued to feel really bloated, I made the three-mile drive to my next destination ... the mall. I had some heavy dry-cleaning to pick up. It was so heavy that once I flung it over my shoulder, I felt really weighted down and I couldn't wait to get to the bathroom where I was now confident that I could hurry and find a bathroom, lay my six suits over the stall partition, and then dedicate the necessary time to dropping one very large and heavy early spring crap. There was no doubt this time that once my butt touched the seat, I would be dropping several pounds off my weight. All eight stalls were taken when I rounded the partition entering the mall bathroom. A girl about 8 quickly came out of the third stall and the flush was still in cycle when I heaved my cleaning bag over the front of the stall door. I jiggled the seat and it was basically tight so I quickly dropped my jeans and underwear and I was farting pretty hard when I let go of about 20 seconds of pee. The crap was coming out pretty steadily and because it was big, I widened the knees for my sit. Although my log cleared (about 20 inches and fully formed) and it hurt my hole a little, my mistake was moving my legs because my knee bumped the clothing which quickly feel onto my lap and the left arm of my winter parka fell onto my lap, and before I could catch it, fell between my legs and into about one-inch of the bowl water. I yanked it out as fast as I could, even giving my lap an unexpected splash. I was so mad and agitated because of my two earlier sits and the lack of productivity that happened. I looked at the front of my dress sleeve and the bright red fabric had a couple of large brown smears over the front.

I learned that carrying nice clothing into a mall was indeed something that I shouldn't have done. And I also learned the frustration of anticipation, trying to crap, and then geting your crap moving in public toilets that can be very embarrassing.

Kirsty the horn
Hi, been constipated for 9 days, took a laxative on Friday, and whilst shopping last Saturday the laxative kicked in.
I was shopping in a mall in my local town (????) when I had to dash for the ladies.
There were 2 stalls, both empty, I took the first one, quickly locking the door and hitching up my skirt, I dropped a huge monster turd into the toilet. I flushed before continuing to find my monster was just to dam big for the toilet hole.
I went into the next stall and carried on with my business, which consisted of about two minutes of continuous pooping and farting.
I flushed that toilet to find it to was unable to handle my produce, filling up with water and nearly overflowing.
I washed my hands feeling very empty and releived.
Do any other girls have this problem?

Linda- Could you please describe the time you watched your boyfriend try to poop when he was constipated? You mentioned it was several years ago. Perhaps you've already written about it here at the time it happened and know where I could locate it in the archives?

Hey guys, I'm a new poster to this site. I'm a seventeen year old girl, with shoulder length light brown hair. I guess my first story I post here will be one I remember quite well. Friday night, I had my best friend Ashley stay overnight. We ate dinner and were just hanging out in my room, when I felt my daily crap coming on, so I told Ashley I needed to take a crap. We walked into my ensuite bathroom, and she sat on the edge of the bathtub while I pulled down my panties and jeans.

I sat on the toilet and began with a dribbling pee. It grew stronger, lasted a good 20 seconds or so, then it died down. I had a little trouble with my first turd, so I grunted a little, like Nnnnnuuuhhh, and then the turd was working out on it's own. My little brown tail was growing, and some smell was starting to waft through the room. Ploosh! Splash, Splash, Sploosh! The first big turd dropped, and three smaller ones came after. Then I let out two long quiet farts.

The next turd was kind of stubborn too, so I had grunt, Unnnuuh, and a little came out. For a while, it was coming out, but it stopped. I pushed a little more, Nnnhhhh, some more came out and broke off. I thought I was empty then, so I reached over to get some paper, but I farted a quick fart and then another turd, Plop, into the toilet. I tore off some toilet paper, wiped my butt, the paper was really dirty. I tore off more paper, wiped again, less dirty, but still a lot of poop. Wiped a third time, getting cleaner. Fourth wipe, almost clean. Fifth wipe, I wiped my vagina and then my butt again, all clean.

By now, the smell was pretty bad. I stood up, looking at my turds, two sausage shaped turds, and some little turds floating. I was about to flush when Ashley told me to wait. She said that seeing me crap made her need to crap too, since she didn't go this morning. I did spray some air freshner though and sat on the edge of the bathtub.

Ashley sat down on the toilet, and farted a few times, each pretty loud. She did one more fart, but this one quieter, and then the crackling of her turd. It made a Ploosh sound hitting the water, and then there was a Splish and a Plop. Then another turd made a crackling sound as it came out. I'd say about 45 seconds passed, and then Ashley reached over to wipe. She wiped once, not very much poop. Second wipe, it was clean.

She stood up, and I saw she had done two small floater turds, a medium-sized sausage like mine, and a really long banana-shaped turd. She flushed the toilet, closed the lid, and I sprayed a little more air freshner.

Well, I hope you guys liked my story. I'll try and post again tomorrow after the easter dinner settles. I really stuffed myself, eating more than I should have. Easter is one of the three holidays when I totally pig out, Thanksgiving and Christmas being the other two.

Love those girdle stories!!! Does anyone out there have any stories from that era of somebody shitting in an open-bottomed girdle? All the stories so far have involved the long-legged panty girdles. Also, does anyone have any stories of any restroom scenes of that era, of watching their mother, another female relative, or any other female using the toilet while wearing a skirt and girdle? Maybe a memory of being in a public ladies room, perhaps as a child accompanying an adult lady. I'd like to know what the scene was like in ladies restrooms back then. if anyone has any memories, please post.

Hi! I'm Lisa, 17 year old femail with brown hair. I am about 5'2" and 95lbs.

Every time i think about going to the bathroom i get real scared that anyone know that I was pooping, it's so embarrassing.

So I usually only go poop every 6-10 days and i my record is even more then 15days on a schooltrip. I always try to hold it in until I got home. I didn't want anybody to hear me and know what I'm doing, because tat is to privat...

Punk Rock Girl

Sorry it's been a while. Busy, busy, busy. Not much to report bowel wise, but I did have a very gross experience the other day that I just had to share.

I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts on the way to my office to get a cup of coffee and a donut. Oh, and to take a shit, as I was about to shit my pants.

So, I enter the bathroom, which was nice and clean. The seat was perfectly acceptable for contact with my bare buns, so I dropped my pants and underwear and sat down. I had a very gassy, stinky, gooey dump, almost diarrhea but not quite. That super sticky, semi-soft ooze that relentlessly sticks to your ass.

So, when the final bit sputtered out, I reached over to grab some paper, and there wasn't any. the dispenser was empty. No paper towels either, just a hand dryer. Finally, I decided I'd just flush the toilet, adjourn to the counter, grab some napkins and enter the restroom again to wipe my ass. I opened the door and a guy was waiting to go in. I said to him, "There's no TP." He responded, I'm just peeing. He went in and locked the door, and I thought, "Lucky you."

What did I do, you ask? I bought my coffee and donut, informed them that I couldn't wipe my ass because there was no paper, and thanks a lot for forcing me to walk the rest of the way to work with an ass crack full of butt mud. The guy behind the counter was a little taken aback.

By the time I got to work the seat of my underpants was streaked. how very ladylike, I know. I wiped my ass and put a piece of TP between my butt and my panties and went about my day. That's all I have to report.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Have been pooping infrequently lately. Just haven't been getting the urge. Had a really unusual one a few days ago.

I hadn't been for three days and wasn't really getting the urge. I had released a few farts that afternoon so thought I should go sit and try. Once on the bowl I leant forward and pushed hard but only got squeaky farts. I could feel a hot hard mass above my ring though. After some more pushing it finally started to breach through. I was panting and almost grunting from the effort. Finally I had it almost two inches out. Then, disaster! It just stopped. I have only had this happen a few times in my life. With all my concentrated effort, it jsut wouldn't budge further. Sat for at least three minutes like this. I had to concentrate hard to keep from involuntarily clenching my muscles and pinching it off, which would have been very messy. I wrapped some tp around my hand and reached down to feel it but there wasn't enough sticking out grab or pull without breaking the slender end off.

I regained my breath for a few minutes and gave one very loooong, hard push. It started creeping out then picked up speed. But at the same time getting bigger! It finally got to an unbearable thickness but I had to keep pushing I didn't want to get caught with the monster half in me. All of a sudden it dropped. It disappeared half down the pipe but I reckon was at least 24 inches long and up to 3 inches thick. A gut-ripping monster!

Upstate Dave
This pee post does not involve me but was told to me by my sistor Judy which involved her, my sistor Nancy, and several other girls that my two sistors hung out together with. This happened many years ago when Judy was nine and my sistor Nancy was eleven. The othr girls were in the same age bracket.

Like boys the girls were out hiking together. They had ben going through some of the local farm fields and wooded areas about a mile from home. There is a area then known as Gurns Springs which no longer is called that for it is now part of Wilton. There was a mineral spring there and that was why it was known as Gurns Spring for that was the name of this mineral spring.

Well the girls had hiked to where the spring was which is not easy to find. Some of the girls were thirsty and tried drinking the springs water. Now some of the mineral springs tate ok while others can taste quite nasty! This one was not all that bad as far as its taste. Somer of the girls said it wasn't that bad while a couple of them spit it right out after taking a drink.

Right then Sue one of the other girls told the rest of the group she would take care of the spring right then. She stepped over itr pullede her panties down and squated and pissed into the springs water! That brought some screams,giggles,and laughter from the group of girls. Even one of the girls told the others that she would never drink that water again! That brought more laughter from them all.

Now since Sue was the one that pissed in the spring she asked if any of the others would do it. So not t be teased about not doing it one by one includeing my two sistors they all took turns and pissed in the spring! Boy doen't that sound just like a bunch of giys doing something like this together instead! Have any of the girls here have done something similar like this? If you have make a post about it. Upstate Dave

hey there Im a long time lurker, i have posted before but not a lot, anyways a little about me, im male 19 in good shape. Anyways I work 8 hour days and the bathrooms at work are not great, clean but just not where i wanna poop.
I was heading home and i had been holding it in since around 12, is now 530, and i really had to go around when i fist got hit with the need to poop. I rushed home driving over the speed limit, i got all the way in my driveway, out of my truck, and up the stairs. As i unlocked the door , i lost control and filled my briefs, glad i was wearing them boxers would have been a real mess.
Well i got in the house and locked the door, waited for a moment catching my breath, i guess i was quite exited about what i had done, i decided to do some things i needed to do before i cleaned up, i had people coming over, the next morning.
Needless to say i enjoyed the experience but had to clean up eventually, i showed went to bed. Had a great sleep with some interesting dreams.

So basically when I was 10 years old or so we had a Halloween party in our class, after lunch at about 12:30 or so we were allowed to change into our costumes and had a party for the rest of the day. There was soda and candy aplenty, and I had a sweet Ninja Turtles costume (I think it was Leonardo but I cant remember). Anyways, on the bus ride back home I started to have to pee, I had drank a LOT of soda at that party. When I got home, nobody else was there, and I booked it straight for the bathroom. I go to unzip my costume, and wouldn't you know it, the zipper got stuck. Like stuck hardcore. I was pulling with all of my 4th-grade might, but it wouldn't budge. By this time, I had to pee REAL bad. I could barely stand still, I was hopping around that bathroom. I began to consider cutting a hole in the costume, but since Halloween (the real thing) was the next day, I didn't want to ruin it. I figured I'd try to hold it until someone else got home to help me out. Bad idea. I was crossing my legs, hopping around, and basically doing the potty dance for what seemed like ages, but nothing helped. I couldn't stand or sit still for the life of me without spurting into my boxers. Well, after about 45 minutes, I soaked my costume. When my mom came home about an hour or so later, she thought it was the most hilarious thing she'd ever heard. I, on the other hand, did not.

Upstate Dave
I'm continuieing with the girl named Jessie that I met up north while on summer vacation back in the 1960's. Well it was now Sunday morning. I was up and ???? wife Mary had made me breakfast which I ate rela fast. I was to meet Jessie down behind ????camp and I was afraid that I would miss her. That is why I ate so fast.

I ran right outside and ran down to ???? camp down by the creek. I went behind it and Jessie was not there. I thought to myself as I stood there that I had missed her. Oh well I thought to myself since I'm here I need to piss and shit. I hadn't pissed when I first had gotten up earlier and now I had to shit which I did after eating breakfast.

I had some toilet paper stuffed in my back pocket of my jeans so I had that to use. I unbuckled my belt and shoved my jeans down. I hadn't put on underware this morning so I had none to pull down. I did this for Jessies benifit. I had a erection too from thinking about Jessie being here with me so I just stood there with my erection pointing upward. I thought to myself I'll just piss just the way I am. So I didn't take a hold of my erect penis as I stood there.

I stood there for a short time waiting to start pissing. I watched the creek flowing by as I waited for to start my piss. Then I did start my piss. My stream shot out very hard with a very big wide head right outside the slit of my penis. It was a nice golden yellow color too. It then made a nice long twist as it arced real high upward and outward. My stream came down on one of the many rocks in the creek and boy did it splatter too.

As I stood there pissing first thing that came to mind was that it sure did feel good to piss. I had been standing there pissing for about 20 seconds and that is when Jessie came around the corner of the camp. She saw me standing there with my erect penis pointed upward with its mighty piss stream shooting out from it. She stopped dead in her tracks and started laughing hard.

In a few short seconds Jessies hard laughter stopped. Dave if I came a little later I would have missed this! No you wouldn't have I said back to her. I have plenty left to go so it is going to be a long piss. Jessie staring at my penis and piss stream smiled and then she giggled. Right then I got a reminder that I also still had to shit. I let out a loud brarrrap of a fart. Jessie giggled even harder.

I told her that I was going to shit too. I reached down and did take my erect penis in my hand. I squated down but leaned back up against the side of the wall of the camp. I was in a nice high squat and leaning on the camps wall gave me plenty of support. Jessie moved closer to me keeping to the one side of me now. I was still pissing hard so she couldn't stand in front of me to watch.

I went on pissing as hard as I had been for several more seconds. Then my stream eased up as I could feel that my asshole was stretching open for I was just starting to shit. I told Jessie that I was starting to shit. Jessie got right down on her knees and she was low enough now so she would have a good look. In a second or two Jessie almost yelled out saying that she could see it!

My piss stream weakened a little more and I could feel my shit comming right out moving fairly fast. Jessie confirmed this laughing and saying to me that I shit pretty fast. I wish I could when I shit! It is already over a half foot long! Several more seconds went by Jessie told me it was now a foot long jobbie! Severla seconds later she told me a foot and a half! then it just fell to the ground and that was it for me shiting.

My piss stream shot back to full force again. Jessie seeing that I was not going to shit anymore got up off the ground. She again wathed me piss which she got another ten seconds or so worth. Then my stream died right out and stopped. I di give a push making one good hard spurt of piss shoot out and that was it I was done. I took some of the toilet paper and I gave my ass a wipe. I had only just a litle tan colored smear on the paper. One wipe was all I needed. I was done.

I stood up and pulled my pants back up. I zipped my zipper and did the snap. As I buckled my belt I did turn around and looked down at my shit laying in the grass. It was a long one like Jessie had said to me. It was a tan colored one also. I stepped away and waited for Jessie to say anything. She didn't. She just went and stepped over to the camps wall and she pulled up her dress and she like I had done squated down leaning back up against the wall.

I smiled for she like I had no underware on! She was pantyless! I then got in front of her about three feet away and I sat down on the grass to watch. It was a very short wait. As I looked at Jessie in a few seconds she started to piss very hard with a loud hissing very yellow piss stream comming from her vagina. It angled outward wetting the grass between her outstretched feet.

I told her she looked like she was pissing as hard as I had been. Jessie giggled just a little and stopped. She pissed hard for a good 15 seconds or more then her piss stream died down to just a trickle which made it dribble all over her lower crotch and dribble off both of her little asscheeks.

Then I saw a thin brown tip of a shit poke out. Jessie was starting to shit now! The tip slowly got longer and fatter as it slowly moved. The tip of her shit did curl as it got longer then the curl stopped and now her brown shit was comming out straight. I would have guessed by this time she had been shiting about ten seconds and she had her shit reach about eight inches in length.

Jessie let out a loud gasp. Her shit stopped its movement. She also had stopped pissing for there was no more dribbling of piss comming off from her now. Jessie gasping told me she needed to catch her breath. I told her take your time. I'm in no hurry! She giggled and told me niether am I! Jessie went on resting for what I thought was a good minute or two.

Then she took a deep breath and went into pushing. Her shit started moving along with some piss again dribbling out from her vagina. Her shit moved slowly gainig a few more inches in length. It was quite fat and then it started to move faster all of a sudden. It was slimming down so that was the reason why it was moving faster. It gained several more inches and then fell to the ground in the grass. A second shorter shit shot right out of her asshole and landed on the longer piece. Then a little nugget came out and that was it. Jessie was done with her shgit. She only had to wait for her dribbbling piss to stop which it did several seconds later.

I handed her the wad of toilet paper that was left. She tore some off wiped her asshole and it was more messy with shit then I had come off on the piece that I had used. Jessie tore off a second piece wiped herself a second time. There was a lot less shit on the paper this time. Then she took the last of the paper and gave herself a lat wipe. It came out clean.

Jessie stood up and stepped forward. She turned around and checked out her shit laying there on the ground. I di more then I thought I had done she said to me. I told her that she did prety good for a girl. Jessie giggled. Almost as good as you Dave! she relied back to me. Just then the churches bell started ringing. Jessie told me she had to go. It was time for church. I'll see you after church? she asked me. I told her that I would. Jessie took off running.

I looked down at her shit and mine and smiled. I had to clean this up. Thinking to myself this was to much to be animal shit. So I walked over and got a shovel that was leaning by the camps door. I went and picked up both Jessies and mine shit and tossed it all into some bushes and high weeds. I then took the shovel rinsed it off in the creek and put it back. I walked back up to the house and went inside to wait for Jessie to get out of church.

Happy Easter everyone!
I Noticed ANNA`s comment about blocking toilets after a laxative. I find Australian toilets rarely block, except if someone uses too much toilet paper etc. I wonder why toilets could not have piping of a wider diameter?
My story today...for the last few days I have had the constipation which is normal for me. I have beeen passing some very hard stubborn turds but not enough of them so the day before yesterday I got a very sore stomach. I took a laxative the night before last and went to work reasonabley early and got the urge to poo on the way so went to my favourite public toilet and into my favourite cubicle. it is really a joy to shit there! I had to well and truly grunt but passed quite a bit..later that day I had a couple of small runny poos. I took the laxative again last night and early this morning had a good result on the toilet. I then left for my walk in the bush. It is about 20 minutes from home and I got the urge to go upon arriving. I waddled from the car and knew I would have to poo in the bush. I walked along a track, wandered off into the is a very quiet atea and sat on a fallen tree stump..I would be unlikely to be seen from the track..too many trees etc..I then slid my shorts and undies down...the back of my bum was on the tree and my holewas just away from the branch....I poued out a whole lot of runny poo but it seemed to come out of its own pushing. I just sat back...drunk water from my bottle and kepts getting these abdo pains and then shortly a flow of runny poo...I sat there so comfortabley for quite some was so peaceful...I saw a runner go by in the distance but he did not see me.. i stood up to wipe...there was shit down the fallen branch with a poo puddle below. I continued with my walk and tnen headed off to work...I took time out at my public toilets for several minutes and did a big wee and another poo.
So, In one morning a poo at home, in the bush and in a public toilet.
The laxatives a re giving my poor bum hole a break! I sympathise with LINDA From AUSTRALIA....start on the laxatives,Girl, before it is too late!!! And also poo at work. It is your legal entitlement and what your fore fathers fought for.
TO DAN: That is what going to the toilet should be about! It should be normal and enjoyable and not so private, of course not a public exhibition either.
TO JOANNA B. Thanks for your offer I will be staying in Aust. I have a great partner and family, however, they fail on the toilet subjects but one cannot have everything. I do have haemorroids but quite small and I think I have a bit of a tear in my rectum due to pain after a hard poo.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos all week and I haven't had any trouble at all!! I've been trying to eat healthy food, lots of fibre, fruit, ???? and salad. I've also been eating a fair amount of dried fruit and drinking more water. On Thursday morning I dropped a massive load in the toilet, it consisted of about 8 big 'banana' shaped turds and they were all quite thick too. I even felt 'empty' after pushing that load out, which is unusual for me.

To Aussie John: Yes I do have lots of trouble with poos. It was worse when I was a kid and constipation seems to run in my family. I find that about once a month I get a bit constipated but its been happening more often these days. I seem to be having a hard time pooping lately, even when I'm not backed up. I am single and I often think how great it would be to put on a show for someone of the opposite sex. Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes or longer to do a poo. My last boyfriend put on a show for me that I will never forget. He was constipated and he had to really concentrate on pushing his load out. It took him at least 20 minutes to get it all out and it was FANTASTIC!!! That was a few years ago now but I still remember it well. You are lucky that you never get constipated. I think the worse part about constipation is having to break off a poo because it won't come out any further. Fortunately, this doesn't happen to me very often but when it does, its terrible!! And another bad thing about being backed up is being in a desperate state to get a load out that just won't move and not having much time to squeeze it out (because you have to go to work or be somewhere in a hurry). Or doing a poo and not feeling finished and having to go back a 2nd and 3rd time to get the rest out (and each time it takes 20 minutes to get the turds out).

To Keith D: How have you been going with your poos? Any constipation?? Got any good stories? I love reading your stories, especially when you get backed up. As you can see, I've been on a winning streak this week but I've been getting backed up more and more these days.

Thunder from Downunder: Have you got any good constipation stories? I love reading your stories about doing poos in public toilets.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

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