Just got a quick story,

Recently, I was in France on a camping trip with my family. This particular camp site I was at had a unisex bathroom with the squat type toilets, there was about 6-12 inches of clearance between the bottom of the stall and the floor, so you could see everything going on in the other stall. There were several of these bathrooms located around the campground.
I visited one the first day we were there (total of a 14 day stay) and was surprised at what I saw. There were 3 stalls, I went into the middle one, and started my poo. Well, not 20 seconds into it, I heard footsteps approching, and a girl went into the stall to my left, squatted well down, which ment that i had a very good view, and began to pee. Her pee lasted about 30 seconds, then i figured she'd be done, but nope, no toilet paper yet, she just stayed squatting there. Suddenly she farted a loud, wet fart, and started pooping. She had loose mushy poop for about 15 min, then wipped and left like nothing happened.
I had just about finished my poop by that time, when i heard running footsteps, and this time, a girl went into the stall to my right (closest to the door,) ripped down her pants/ panties, and squatted. She then farted, and began having diarrhea. She must have had diarrhea for about 10 min, with the consistency being about that of oatmeal. Then she reached for the toilet paper, wipped about 10 times, and stood up. I was done by then, so I also wipped and stood up, and left at the same time as her. She was about 19, blonde, and very attrative. I smiled at her, and asked in English if she was ok, and she replied in perfect English that she had a bit of an upset stomach, but would be fine. We began hanging out together, and i got to witness her on the toilet a few more times, as well as a bunch of other girls.

Haylee,please post some stories of pooping in weird places in detail...I would love to hear them...

Upstate Dave
PooBear that sure was a great gift on your birthday! Your description as she did it was told very well. Hope you don't have to wait for your next birthday to happen again. Now let me continuie with my summer vacation post with Jessie.

I acually got to see Jessie again before morning. Tony and I were playing hoops in the church parkinglot that evening. Jessie came walking over while the two of us were playing. She sat down and watched us play. Tony then left saying to me he was going to visit someone.

That is when Jessie spoke up saying that Tony was going to see Betty. I laughed. Tony had found himself a girlfriend now too. I told him later and he smiled as he walked away. I then asked Jessie if she wanted to play some hoops. She told me just for a little while. I will have to go in soon Dave she told me. I do want to do something else too she said to me as we started shooting hoops.

We played for just a little while. The sun had set and it was getting dark now. There was just enough light left for the sky was glowing pink and orange as you looked to the west. Jessie and I walked over to ???? house first and I put the basketball away. Ok what now? I asked Jessie. You told me you wanted to do something else. I do she replied. Walk me home. I said ok. We started walking back towards the church next door to ???? house.

We reached the back parkinglot and started walking across it and that is when Jessie told me she was going to pee for me. She walked over to where thetrash cans were kept by the back stairway behind the church. It was a secluded spot. You couldn't be seen from either side of the church along with from the front too.

Jessie was not wearing the same dress she had worn this morning. She now had on a white blouse top and a jeans style skirt. Before stepping behind the trash cans Jessie giggled and told me she didn't have underwares on this time! As she told me she had turned around and lifted her skirt up in the back and showed me her cute small rearend!

Then she turned around squated and slid the front of her dress up to her waist and moved her feet well apart and she started to piss hard! In the dim light I could see her stream. This time it hissed loudly right form the start. The blacktop here sloped so she made a black piss trail that ran past the trash cans running well out into the back of the parkinglot.

With her stream hissing and where she was it seemed to be real loud that it seemed to echo. That was most likely my imagination at the time. Jessie wasn't worried about it. She was watching her piss trail crossing over the blacktop giggling seeing that it had traveled so far away. Soon her piss was over. Jessie stood up and asked me if I had to go. I didn't have to and I told her that I didn't have to.

Jessie stepped out from behind the trash cans and as we started walking again she told me she would see me in the morning. I told er that I would be waiting for her. Then she remembered tomorrow would be Sunday. Dave instead of meeting in the parking lot meetme at ???? camp. Ok I said back to her. We now were cmming up to her house. Jessie gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my cheek and told me goodnight seeyou in the morning. I said goodnight to her and she slipped inside closing the door. I turned around and headed back towards ???? house thinking to myself that the morning would not come quick enough!

To Renee (if you're still with us): I loved the stories of your mom, especially the one about her in church. Please tell more accident stories.

To all: I'd love to hear about accidents--either yours or others, but particularly teachers' in class.

Girdle sighting!!
I am male 51 years old and can remember around age 10 or 11 my mom's sister (my Aunt) shitting herself in our car one night. We had been at a
the hospital visiting my grandmother and on the car trip home I was asleep in the backseat but woke up hearing my Aunt crying and begging mom to pull over. Moments later mom did find a spot she could pull over but by then it was to late my Aunt had the runs and filled her white long leg pantigirdle which I didn't know until later when I discovered my Aunt's white still stained pantigirdle and a pair of yellow panties soaking in the bathtub.

I finished at the gym and as I was driving home I had that unmistakable feeling that my afternoon workout had stirred up my intestines. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to revisit my favorite men's room, so I kept going toward the beach. I parked my car, threw a couple of quarters in the meter and headed to the facility with a renewed sense of urgency. In fact, I had to stop and fart a couple of times along the way, taking care to make sure it was just a fart and nothing more.

This men's room had 4 open stalls along one wall. Urinals, sinks and a small changing area along the other. There were no doors anywhere.

When I got in, the first toilet looked the cleanest, so I got out one of my handy pocket wipes, cleaned off the seat, dropped my shorts to my ankles and plunked down just in time for another fart and 3 small logs to come out.

I could feel more to come, so I sat there and waited. 3 guys walked in. One turned to the urinals opposite me, and the other two walked past me to wiz in the toilets. They glanced at me as they walked by but said nothing. I made no effort to hide my genitals. I've been naked around other guys since junior high school gym. In the past I would have covered my face if anything, because taking a dump is such a private matter. But I'm enjoying the freedom of not letting it bother me.

Another guy walked in, not paying attention and headed toward my stall to pee. He was shocked to see me sitting there, and just like Zip says, he goes "whoa..." and leaves the men's room.

I dropped a last, small piece of you-know-what along with another fart, and another guy walked in and went to the urinals. I started wiping up as he finished. He turned around at the urinal, meaning he was facing me, and he walked over to the sink. I was still wiping when he walked by me to leave.

i live near a private beach. today I was swimming with my two best friends, a guy and a girl. i was wearing white trunks. i needed to pee really badly, but was lazy and didn't want to get out of the water. so i peed in my trunks in the water. as soon as i was finishing my guy friend's mom called for all of us to get out of the water for dinner. as i got out of the water, the front of my trunks was still slightly yellow and the girl noticed i had peed. of course, she had to point it out to everybody and kept saying how gross i am. i just replied "Oh so you never peed in the ocean?" she said she hadn't, but seriously who grows up at the beach and never pees in the water?

Here's another short little story to share with everyone, I hope you all enjoy.

In the town that I used to live in, up the road from where I am now, there was a laundromat that I was a regular at. There was an older lady that worked there cleaning, and over the due course of time, we got to know each other quite well. Well,one night I came in near the end of the laundromat's open hours just to visit with her. She told me that she had the shits, and had been having to stop work every 20 minutes or so to rush into the laundromat's bathroom. She was thankful that no one had come in to do laundry that night, as she would have been embarrassed to have them see her rushing to the toilet. Well, after about 10 minutes or so, I had to take a piss, so I went into the john. I took a quick one, and suddenly there was a bang on the door, and my friend's voice (sounding VERY strained) telling me to hurry up, she needed to shit again-BADLY. Well I hurried up and came out, and she went rushing in right past me holding her stomach with her teeth gritted in her mouth. She slammed the door shut, there was a quick sound of her dropping her pants and sitting down on the seat, then the muffled sound of a liquidy explosion came from behind the door. She was quick, in no more than a minute's time, she was already wiping her ass and pulling up her pants-she was not one to waste any time at anything she did. Then the sound of the toilet flushing and water running in the sink. Then she came out with a huge WHEW!!! of relief. She said that was about the 4th shit since she'd gotten there about 1 1/2 hours earlier. She said her asshole felt like it was on fire. Then, she got her purse, opened it up, and gave me some money to run to the grocery store for some anti-diarrheal medicine. I went and got some Immodium, and when I came back, she said that she had shit again while I was gone, had almost shit her pants that time. By that time, she was ready to lock up the laundroamt, so she put on her coat and did that, then we went out to her car. I told her that maybe she'd better make sure she didn't have to shit again before starting home. She said no, she'd be all right until she got home, but she'd better not waste any time. I told her that if she shit her pants here at the laundromat, she could just go into the bathroom, hand her shitty pants and underwear out to me, and I could throw them into a washer. She said if that happened, she would take hold me to it. We both had a good laugh and got in our cars and left for home.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

human toilet
to plumber

i wouldn't have charged the lady for seeing something that nice.. i would have paid her to see got to be the luckiest man i know

Been constipated for the last 4 days, so this morning I had fresh rhubarb pie & a psyllium husk fruit drink for breakfast with a pint of water.Been eating licorice sticks all day.
Just got back from the sports centre from a nice gentle swim. Whilst I was there I needed to go to the bathroom.
I sat on the toilet(which was one of those old victorian type) and dropped the biggest load of my life. It just kept coming out of me for about 5 minutes non stop. I didnt realise I could fart so loud, it was echoing all around the ladies changing rooms.
The toilet bowl was quite full, I didnt realise I had so much in me.
I pulled the chain on the overhead water tank, it filled the remaining space in the toilet with water, then started to overflow.
Realisng my load was too much for the toilet, I quickly left the stall, and took a shower before heading back home.
When I got home I had to use my own toilet to let some more powerful stinky gas out.

This happened when I was 18 and was so embarrassing, although it was my fault. I'm female and have brown hair. Fairly slim although I need to eat less junk.

I'd been really backed up for a few days and decided to take a laxative or two the night before this incident after going out for a big meal. I don't usually take laxatives as they've caused pretty large toilet blocking events in my past but thought it was necessary this time. The next day whilst walking my dog nearby in local woods I started to get that tell tale feeling of an impending poop that grew by the minute. It worsened until I was pretty much waddling along trying not to appear to any passers by that I was desperate. I was farting every few seconds until I had to veer off into a patch of woods to try and regain control out of view. The thought crossed my mind of just going behind a bush but thought the embarrassment of being caught doing that would be too traumatic! But it just got worse until it was too late to change my mind about the buch option.

I uncontollably farted then a spasm you can't ignore took hold. In the space of a few seconds a large semi mushy poop filled my pants (luckily I was wearing stretch jeans and normal briefs that were big and tight enough to contain this evil monster) I was embarrassed and ashamed but I can't say it felt terrible with the relief. I felt round and it was the size of a squashed grapefruit. Unfortunately things then worsened soon after as more spasms came and I started to poop myself more in a much mushier way. I heard it squishing and bubbling which was gross. After about a minute of further explosions I'd done more than I did at first and felt it smoosh inbetween my legs and further bulge out. It took a while for the spasms to die down and i was almost out of breath. This was a serious event and I knew I'd have to be a commando to get back unnoticed. Luckily it wasn't wet enough to soak through my jeans although I don't know how. All this time my dog was being hyper and drawing attention to where I was if anyone was passinh. So I lit a cigarrtte to hopefully mask the horrendous smell and headed home with a massive bulge in my jeans. Walking was particularly gross as every now and then I could hear a muffled blarpy sort of noise. I pretending to adjust my dogs collar a few times to innocently point my butt away from luckily the few people I did walk past on my way back.

I got home - I was on holidays so my parents were at work thank god - and prceeded to the toilet to fully investigate just what I looked like if anyone saw me. The bulge was obvious, in fact you couldn't not notice if you were within 20 metres of me. I don't usually do this much even when I've been blocked up but the laxatives must have completely cleared me out. I took down my jeans and the poop had made two slight smooshes into my jeans round the legs but it could have been far worse had I chose to wear a thong. Then I peeled my briefs down and tried to empty them as much as possible. I got about two thirds off but they were caked. I just put them on the floor ready to be chucked out when I was done. The toilet took two flushes to get rid of my horrible incident then I wiped myself as much as possible using up a whole roll of paper. The shower felt great afterwards. All in all I was lucky not to be noticed (I hope). Just thought i'd share that complete indignation!

Happy pooping

Toilet Charger
I have been ill now for over a week with the stomach bug first few days it started as being sick then it turned to both end. The sick has now stopped but I'm still finding myself runnin to the toilet every few hours with liquid poop pouring out of me

Yesterday my mum came around and decided that I needed to get out the house for becuase i've just been sat around in my dressing gown most of the week. So we went for a little trip out to the shop.
First thing I did when we got there was rush to the toilet very quickly. Then too late I discover there was no toilet roll in any of the stalls.

Left with no other choice I used my boxers to wipe but there was so much but slime I couldn't get it all off. So I had to put up with butt slime between my cheeks until I got home.

When I finally arrive home I go straight to the shower whilst in there I have another case of the runs and it goes all over the shower and me. Luckully due to how watery it was it was very easy to clean up.

Hello, I never have trouble with constipation, I often poo 3,4 or 5 times a day. Not usually diarrhoea, this can be a bit of a nuisance, no great trouble. The other night, I thought I would try a enema to see if clearing the poo out would lower the number of BMs. I made up a 2 litre (Aus Litres) of a epsom salts mixture and took that. I pooed in the bath to see what came out. There was some poo, but not a lot. I felt fairly cleaned out, but put some inconience pants on and went to bed. Next morning, I felt like I was going release some gas, because I had the pants on I let it go and found guite a amount of diarrhoea like poo came out. I took a couple of imodiums and didn't have any more BMs till that night. Like I said this is no great problem, I certainly feel, for those people who have almost constant constipation. Linda from Australia, you certainly have a lot of trouble, poor girl. I imagine you to be single, as you never mention a husband, I have often thought that it is sad that you don't have a loving husband to help you with your poos.
Aussie John.

I'm used to dealing with clogged toilets in my job, but there's one job I will never forget. I got called to a house where a young lady lived alone. I assume she was fresh out of college, but I didn't ask. When I first got there, she let me in, showed me the bathroom, and ducked out of sight.

I went into the bathroom and put up the toilet lid, and I saw an absolutely massive turd in the bowl. It was just one immensely thick turd, and it looked like she had already tried to manually chop the beast up. Even with all her effort, there was still quite a bit hidden from view down the drain, plugging the toilet up.

I managed to get the rest of the turd out and break it up, so it would all go down. The whole thing took me about an hour to do, and after I was done, I left the bill with her. I could feel the awkwardness just lingering in the air, she was definitely embarrassed about me having seen her huge turd.

But I still just can't believe how an in-shape girl like her could have produced that mammoth of a turd. I mean, where was all the poop being stored in her little body?

I made the drive down to our largest regional shopping mall Saturday morning to buy some concert tickets and see a painting I had done for sophomore art which was on display as part of a bank's community art sponsorship. It's like a 30 minute drive across our city to get there and I wanted to arrive as close to 10 a.m. opening time as possible because after that the traffic gets so heavy. By the time I parked, I already had to crap so I entered the door I knew would be closest to where the mall toilets were. I got to thinking about the bad condition they were in when I was last there for Christmas shopping and how I wanted to avoid using a bathroom that dirty again (after waiting 15 minutes in pain for a stall when one opened, I literally had to use toilet with pee splashed on the seat, a bowl jammed with shit, a pop can and a condom box and with like 1/2 sheet of toilet paper left on the roll). I admit it gave me a bad attitude. This time, however, all 10 or so stalls were open, the doors were pushed all the way back as if to greet me and invite me in for a visit, and most of the seats were up, something that I take to mean that I would be the first user of the day. I selected the middle one, lowered my jeans and underwear and within 5 seconds of sitting, one semi-soft piece of crap gently slid into the bowl. Also, I needed just one sheet of toilet paper to wipe with and within a minute I was flushing and at the sink washing my hands. It was a great way to start my day.

HAY Cute Linda!! Its ben forever...How are you, I think pf ypu pften when I'm having a hard time pooping...had any enemas lately?-- JW

To Jayne,

I read your story. It was very interesting, and liked it very much lol. Hope there are more stories from you to come.

We had some people over yesterday, lots of red wine was drunk, am shitting black turds this morning apparently from the tannin in the wine. Very rotten.

Upstate Dave
Any there was a girl in our group of fr5iends back in the late 1960s that did piss herself when we had a outdoor drinking party. She left her panties on the ground. Several tme sover the summer I would be camping out in the same spot and they would see the same pair of panties on the ground. They wondered whom they belonged to. I would just keep quiet witrh a smile for I knew who they belonged to and why they were there.

Lena I enjoyed your post about Sarah stealth shitting. Wearing a dress and going commando makes in a lot of instances much easier to either shit or piss when you really need to go! I myself always like seeing girls wearing dresses or a skirt. Many girls that I knew did and it sure made some good times which I have posted stories about them when they peed or shit! :-) In fact that is what my post is about today about making friends with a girl while vacatoning in a small town up north one summer. She always wore a dress when I saw her.

My best friend Tony and I spent our vacation one summer for the whole month of August one year in a litle town up north. Tonys dad had the whole month of and had a good friend that lived up north in this town. Tony invited me this time to come along and I did. It turned out to be a great time for him and me.

I didn't meet Jessie right away when we were on vacation. Tony and I were busy doing other things while we were there. After being there for a week that is when I met Jessie. Her mane was Jessicia but she liked to be called Jessie instead. She was a slim brunette which her hair she wore it real long.

I had gotten up early and had my breakfast. I went over nextdoor where there was a old church which had a paved parkinglot behind the church with a basketball hoop. I had brought a basketball with me and I was shooting some hoops for awhile. I needed to piss after being there for some time. So I set the basketball down and walked over to where there was some bushes down by the creek that ran down through the area.

I hurridsly zipped down thge zipper on my jeans and fished out my penis and started to piss. Boy did I piss hard with a long stream arcing though the air. What a great relief tooit was to piss! I even let out a good sigh of relief as I stood there pissing. I had drank a couple of big glasses of oj,milk in my cereal, and a cup of tea too when I had my breakfast. That was why I had to piss.

I had most likely stood there for a good minute or more pissing and finially my stream started to wane with it dropping from its high arc and started comming back towards me. That is when I heard a girls sounding giggle come from behind me! I squeezed my stream off real fast. shoved my penis back inside my jeans and yanked my zipper up real fast.

I spun around and there was Jessie standing there! I went and asked her; Who are you first. Then I asked her how long she had been standing there. Jessie told me her name first. She had seen me playing hoops and she came over to see who I was but I had walked over to the bushes to piss when she had came over. So she just walked over into the bushes and had seen me standing there and pissing! So she had seen me!

Jessie went on to say that she knew my name was Dave too. How do you know that? I asked her. Jessie smiled and told me she knew Stewart and Marie (The names of the people I was staying with) They had told her when she was over visiting one day when Tony and I were not there. I hope that your not mad at me for walking in on you Dave. I wasn't but a little embarrassed about her seeing me pissing.

Jessie then said nothing more to me but stood there twirling back and forth with her hands on the bottom edge of her dress swishing it back and forth. I stood there watching her now. After a minute or two Jessie then asked me if she could shoot hoops with me. I told her sure come on. We both walked back to the church parking lot and started shooting hoops.

As we took turns we talked. I told Jessie where I lived. She told me about herself. We talked about school and things we did such as hobbies, going to the movies,recreation etc. We had played shooting hoops for almost a hour. I had to piss again. My bladder had refilled prety quick from all that I had drank at breakfast plus not completely emptying it when I had pissed earlier.

I set the basketball down and I told Jessie that I had to pee again. Jessie laughed and said to me Again?! Yes again I said back to her. Can I come with you Dave? Jessie asked me. I shrugged my shoulders for I didn't care now. After all Jessie had seen me piss already so it no longer mattered to me if shje watched me again. Jessie followed me as we both walked towards the bushes down by the creek.

As we walked Jessie told me if it was alright she would piss too! I did see you go once already Dave. I like watching boys piss she said to me next. She went and added she had seen her brothers piss and had even seen Stewart pee too! Boy are you opne sneaky little girl! I said back to her. Jessie laughed hard. Yes I am! she said to me as she laughed. Wereached the spot where I had taken my first piss now.

Jessie quickly ran over in front of me. She gathered up the bottom of her dress slipping her hands under it. She tugged down real fast a white pair of cotten panties all the way down to her knees. Looking right at me before she pulled her dress up out of the way. Jessie told me that she didn't always wear underwares!(this turned out a saying of hers that she would always say) Do you do the same Dave? I told her sometimes I don't. That made Jessie giggle a little.

Jessie now squated down and got ready to piss. I stared at her but since I needed to go that bad again I yanked my zipper down and fished out my now erect penis through my underware and open zipper. I turned slightly sideways so I would not hit Jessie hwen I started to piss. I checked how I had my penis aimed and then started back at Jessie.

I saw a hard spurt of piss shoot out from her vagina then there was a brief pause. Then she started again in a second or two. A hard wide headed stream shot straight down to the ground now as I watched. Jessie had one hand on her dress keeping it up in the front so I could see and she then took her other hand and pulled her white panties down even further. She also readjusted her body opening her thighs even further apart giving me even a better view!

Right at this point I started to piss. I didn't see my stream. I felt it start instead. Feeling that I was pissing I took a vey quick look at my piss stream. This time since I was erect my stream was arcing higher through the air and going a much longer distance too. My stream was thinner also. My stream went far enough it came down into the water of thge creek and splashed loudly in the creeks water. Jessie who was watching my piss stream giggled as it splashed in the water of the creek.

Where Jessie was squating and pissing the ground was a mix of some grass and dirt. She now had pissed long enough that a muddy small piss puddle had formed. Her piss too made a splashing sound as it hit into the piss puddle. It grew in size quickly and several piss trails had now started creeping along though the dirt and blades of grass. Jessie took a quick look away from watching my piss stream to check on herself to see how she was doing. Then she looked right back at my stream again.

We both went on pissing for awhile. Then Jessie had her piss stream narrow down some. When it narrowed down it hissed loudly for several seconds and then it stopped its hising. She pissed for several seconds more and came to a dripping stop. Shhe bounced up and down a few times and then stood up holding her white cote panties at her knees with her elbows keeeping the front of her dress up. She watched my piss stream as she stood there like she was.

I went and pissed for about ten seconds more. Then my stream fell real fast and came back towards me. It stopped and I gave a good hard push to make sure my bladder would be empty. I sent one hard spurt outward which went further then when I had pissed before. It went halfway across the creek and made a brief big splash in the creek. That was it I was done with my piss.

I put bmy erect penis back through my open zipper and slid it inside my underware. Jessie now pulled up her white coten panties letting her dress fall as she pulled them up. I heard a snap as she let them go and she smiled at me. I now zipped up my zipper and we started to walk back to the churches parkinglot.

As we walked back Jessie thanked me for leting her watch me piss. I in turn thanked her. Then she told me that wasn't the only thing that she did outside. She then laughed and told me she even would shit outside too if she had to! Ony if I'm to far to get to a bathroom she added. Really! I said back to her. Really! she said back to me.

We had almost had walked back to the parkinglot now. Jessie then aske me I will tell you if I'mnot wearing underwares and when I have to piss or shit. That ok with you Dave? I smiled and told her that was ok with me. Will you tell me the same? She asked me.I said yes back to her that I would. When we got back to the parkinglot Jessie told me she had to leave. Will you be here tomorrow morning? I told her I would be. Good! Jessie said back to me. She ran off leaving me. I picked up the basketball and started to walk back to the house. I thought to myself; This is going to be a great vacation! I had a big smile too as I walked away.

I had a gross experience on the way to work this morning.

I had stopped to get gas and really, really had to take a shit. So why my car was filling up I went to the restroom. It was a unisex, but the door did not close all the way. It was bent, so it stayed open a good inch or so.

The bathroom had a sink, urinal and toilet. There was a stall between the urinal and toilet, but no door. Obviously, the bathroom was intended to be used by more than one person at a time. Anyway, I unzip my pants when I notice that the seat is encrusted with dried piss and all sorts of other crud. I go to put toilet paper down on the seat only to find there's no toilet paper. Great!

At this point, I figured I just hold it, but my bowels had other plans and I had to clench my butt cheeks to keep the shit inside. Finally I said screw it. I pulled my jeans and underwear to my thighs, keeping my crotch covered, and hovered my ass over the toilet. As soon as I relaxed my butt cheeks the flood gates opened and diarrhea came gushing out. When that was over, I could feel a huge glob of it between my butt cheeks. With no paper, I was kind of screwed, so I just pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet with my foot.

I got in my car, trying to ignore the wet, itchy sensation between my butt cheeks and drove the rest of the way to work. Immediately upon arrival, I headed straight to the bathroom. Amazingly, my underwear had been somehow spared any skid marks. I wiped my ass (it took about ten wipes and two flushes) and washed my hands a little obsessively.

Pretty nasty bathroom further complicated by the fact that any one (male or female) could have walked right in at any time.

My girlfriend let me watch her take a shit on my birthday. We had just come home from dinner when she announced that she had one last gift for me, taking me by the hand and leading me to the bathroom. She had known for a while about my interest in female bathroom functions, especially in the aspect of shitting, after she had discovered this website on my computer. When she had initially found out, she showed no visible reaction in terms of being offended, although she hadn't particularly elaborated or encouraged the subject either, and for a while, it was never mentioned again, until my birthday that is.

Noting my look of confusion as we entered the bathroom, she told me that we had been together long enough for her to be comfortable to perform something I had until now only seen on the Internet.

"I usually shit in the morning, but I've been holding it in especially for you. And since it's your birthday, it would be more appropriate if I was in my birthday suit, don't you think?"

At this point I could only nod because I was still surprised and speechless. She began getting undressed, setting each item of clothing on the counter as they were removed. Since we had been in a long term relationship, I had naturally seen her completely naked many times, but under these circumstances, knowing what was about to happen, her state of nudity was that much more exciting.

I snapped out of my daze just in time to reach over and lift the plastic lid of the toilet seat for her, thinking it would be a gentlemanly thing to do. Standing in front of the toilet, her back to me before she sat down, I had an unobstructed view of her firm ass which was adorned by a small tattoo of a rose, its long thorny stem seeming to dip down between her crack, and I imagined the bounty of beautiful turds which would soon be emerging from it.

After she was seated on the toilet, I settled on the edge of the bathtub. She looked so sexy sitting there!

"Happy birthday, honey. This is for you," she said and gave me a kiss before starting to pee. The stream hissed out strongly and then receded to a trickle. After her bladder was emptied she said,

"Now for the hard part, literally," she said, as she shifted around on the seat, presumably settling into her "shitting position". She sat, slightly hunched forward, her arms crossed over her stomach, her legs huddled closer to the base of the toilet, her feet raised on tip toes.

She fixed her attention on a part of the floor, looking straight ahead before taking a long inhalation and then holding her breath, her body seeming to go stiff and tense. Her face scrunched up and went slightly red.

She pushed for a good ten seconds before taking a break and saying,

"This feels weird, I never took a shit in front of anyone before."

"Just pretend I'm not here," I said jokingly.

"Easier said than done," she replied before launching into another push, biting her bottom lip and squeezing her eyes shut. Her efforts resulted in the release of a few farts, some long and squeaky, others silent and airy like a deflating balloon.

She continued her evacuation attempt for a while as I held her hand which she squeezed tightly with every push, and I felt like an expectant husband assisting his wife in labor.

"Any luck yet?" I asked.

"Ngghhthere's definitely something up there, it's just a matter of getting it out," she grunted.

"Push hard, do a nice big shit for me," I encouraged. noticing my state of arousal and I had to wonder if I would be able to last much longer, and she hadn't even shit out her first turd yet!

"Looks like you're enjoying the show," she teased, obviously having noticed too.

After another few minutes, she had finally reached a breakthrough as she announced it was about to come out.

I got up to stand behind her as her anus pulsated and dilated. My gaze quickly moved from the rosy bloom of her tattoo to the pink flesh of her anus as it domed out to accommodate the girth a thick turd. It retreated and emerged several times as she began and ceased her pushing.

"Nnnnggod, this thing is stubbornnnngh!!!!" she groaned, her teeth clenched. By this time she was slightly raised off the toilet, her hands cupping her knees.

At last, she had managed to push long enough to get it out a few more inches, the turd's dark protruding tip a cluster of many compacted balls. It continued to slither out, making loud popping, crackling sounds. It became smoother with gradient tones, from a beautiful rich brown to that of milk chocolate, creases etching its surface. It was about ten inches when it tapered off and hung suspended for a few seconds, its tip already touching the water before silently settling into the toilet. I had hoped to hear a splash, but what it lacked in sound, it more than made up for in size!

Breathless, my girlfriend sat back to recuperate from the monster turd she had just expelled.

"That was a tough one. I don't think I ever shit out a turd that big before," she exclaimed.

"Well, lucky for me, you waited until today to do so," I said, inhaling the smell of her fresh shit. The odor was strong but not unpleasant.

"I think I have to shit some more," she announced, settling into her shitting position again.

I was more than glad to hear that. I could easily spend the rest of the day watching her shit.

She started pushing again and eventually produced a second turd which was lengthy and slightly curved, both tips perfectly rounded. Then another long one which was actually made up of three segments, as one piece dislodged and fell while the rest of it was still coming out of her ass, their tips jagged where it had broken off. Not to mention the few small leftover nuggets.

At last, she sat back once again, signaling that she was spent. Then she got up from the toilet to allow me to examine her impressive pile.

"I hope you like it," she said

"Like it? I love it!! It's the most perfect gift you could have given me. And they say the best things in life are free. This proves it," I said before kissing her.

She sat back down on the toilet, taking some tissue to clean herself up. She tilted sideways, lifting up one ass cheek, reaching back and swiping thoroughly, soiling the paper with brown streaks. When she was done, she flushed the toilet and I was sad to see this beautiful creation disappear. And then, she surprised me with yet another gift too provocative to mention on this site.

Just wld like to share an awkward bathroom moment. I live in asia and i always walk home with my neighbour, Mike who lives just across the road from me. It was quite a long walk from the bus stop and we were nearing his home. It was midday close to 1.30PM so the neighbourhood was practically quiet as the people were either at work or hiding in their homes. Me and mike will usually be alone in our homes and many times, we'd hang out at each other's homes.

We were walking up this slight incline heading to his home (approx 300M?) when he stopped and told me that he had to go badly. Apparently, he had been holding in his poo since this morning but refused to go as the school toilets are usually not just dirty, they have no doors (for some reason, vandals have destroyed the locks). I could smell some pungent gasses and he told me that he just let out some gas. As we continued walking, the smell lingered on. When i asked about the smell, he then told me he accidently slipped out a lil and now his butt is feeling damp. It was then he that he asked me whether i'm ok if he just let it all out right on the spot since nobody will be at home anyway, he'll have all the time to clean up. I agreed.... so he stood there under this tree, and released his bowels right into his school uniform pants. There was a loud fart then a small damp patch formed at the seat of his underwear and uniform pants and I just stood there watching as he let out another wave followed by a stream of pee. We were laughing about this and told me its fun. I admitted that i also had some urge (though not as bad) to go and he asked me to join him. It felt abit awkward but since i was all young and curious back then, i stood there in front of him farted hard and let out a stream of piss, followed by a large poo right into my school uniform!! It added warmth to the already warm and humid weather and we were sweating so much. After that, we went to his house to clean up. He took off his pants and his underwear was full of poo that it actually leaked out into his pants. We cleaned up oursleves as much as we can with TP and then proceeded to hose ourselves down with loads of water and soap. Within minutes, our uniforms and underwear were rid of the poop stains. After which, i walked home in my wet school uniform which i subsequently dumped into the wash. It was a totally wierd but funny experience back in year 2000.

Mr. Clogs
Just going to comment here

LENA: Like your response to Blue Rizla Girl. I like how you and your friend went to the bathroom in front of people in plane sight while kneeling down to sit or something like it.

Upstate Dave: Wow, interesting upbringing with those chamber pots. It sucks to have neighbors that snitch on you and your brother for peeing out of your bedroom windows. Thanks for for your post.

Renée: I liked your response to Renee'. Yeah I do have to agree with with your observation of people who get the whole sexual gratification from taking a dump in your pantie/girdles/underwear. Don't what to speculate too much without being out of topic. I look at whatever makes you feel happy, and if pooping and peeing in your underwear on purpose or by accident is what makes you feel happy, knock yourself out. To each is own.


--Mr. Clogs

In some of the National Parks in this country at some of the lookout and rest spots you will find shit laden panties abandoned there, people who did not make it to the next loo stop.

Hey guys I need a little help.

Ever since I can remember when I wipe after having a poo I always get alot of poo on my hands and fingers. The amount varies from a few streaks on my finger to some poop on the palm of my hand. I have tried folding the paper so it will cover my wiping hand(right hand). I have tried the scrunch method which seems to be worse. I have tried standing to wipe this just spreads the poop up the crack of my ass.
And when I think I'm clean I pull up my pants,I usually wear tight spandex pants with /out panties or jeans ,but I sometimes wear skirts in summer with french knickers. But more often than not I end up with a sticky bum as well consequently skid marks in my clothes.

I am fully aware that more than not I hold my poop till desperaton/turtlehead stage and this means I probably have more residue than if I went poop when I felt a strong urge instead of waiting. So I guess I can only blame myself. What has brought this to a head is the other day I had to go to a function . I felt just a slight urge to poop before I left but gave it no thought. The function began at 12.00 . We had small buffet lunch then a meeting. Towards the end of the meeting I felt a strong urge to poop. I waited till the end of the meeting we had a drink after, as I was standing talking to some of members I thought I'd better make dash for the toilet.
I excused myself and headed for the ladies, I tried to walk as normally as possible, I didn't want to advertise to all that I was desperate to poop. As I entered to bathroom I felt the turtle head emerge , that's when I clenched my cheeks. Last thing I wanted to do was to shit myself there. There were 3 stalls, first 2 were occupied, the end one was vacant. I quickly closed the door and pulled down my jeans followed by my fr. knickers. Soons as my ass hit the seat the turtle head fell into the water, this was followed by a thick 7" turd. I was so relieved especially when I had the pee of a lifetime. My knickers had a streak in the gusset,they were cream so it was really obvious. I wiped as well as I could using lots of tp, but I still got alot of poop on my hands. I cleaned the gusset of my knickers as best I could. I thought that my ass was clean , so I pulled up my jeans . Iwent out and thoroughly washed my hands. My ass still felt sticky , I'd left my wet wipes in my other bag!!!!!!!!!!!.

So is ther anyone out there who has the same problem???.

I was conscious that ppl may smell me when I went back to the gathering.

Love Lena xxxx

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just read yur post,i like pooing outside occasionally but mainly peeing.Hope you get the chance to catch your mystery outdoor peeing woman"in the act"
A general question for anyone.Has anyone ever been out walking somewhere and come across diacarded underwear,male or female,which is either wet or poo stained?If so,did it make you wonder how long it had been there for?
A question for women only,when you were a child did you ever wet yourself accdently when out playing and than just take off your wet Knickers and leave them lying on the ground.I saw this happen when i was younger and a girl younger than me who lived two doors up used to pee herself and then leave her pants in a wet heap on the path.Hope someone answers my questions.
cheers bye.Andy.

Hey Blue Rizla Girl,
. I'm not really a stealth pisser but my cousin Sarah is a stealth shitter. This the story. We were both at an open air concert a few years ago. It was located in a natural amphitheatre which was part of a park, it was and still is I presume a lovely spot for a concert. Towards the end of the concert Sarah told me that she needed the toilet. I said why don't u jest spread ya legs and pee on the ground, ya wearing a long dress , nobody will know. She said that'd be fine if she needed to piss but she was developing a strong urge to shit.
I think the concert finished about half an hour later and we all began to leave the area. The area on top of the amphitheatre was ringed by trees and a little beyond that was a toilet block. I sked how she was doing. She said she'd have to find a the toilets really soon otherwise she was going to have an accident. I suggested well do it in ya panties and and throw them away in the waste bin in the ladies. That's when she said , be great if I had some on. It was really hot night so she'd gone commando. In the distance I could see the toilets and could also see the line up outside. Sarah said she'd never make it to the toilet block, she quickly ducked behind this big tree and asked me to stand close . She knelt down and pulled her dress over her heels and started to rummage through her bag. For all intents and purposes passers by thought Sarah was kneeling down looking through her bag for something.She asked me if her dress was pulled out away from her heels,it was. Well she said here goes I could here this muffled crackling as Sarah was kneeling down squatting on her heels having a shit as ppl were passing by. You could see the relief in here face as the second log started to crackle it way out.

I was squatting on my haunches sort of towards her left side.She said that was so close I nearly shit myself on the way over. I lit us both a smoke , while we were smoking Sarah had a piss as well and commented that she'd wipe when we got home, cos the line was till very long and she couldn't be bothered waitng. So I told her to waittill I had a piss, her going had made want to go. I just pissed thrrough my panties I guess anybody would have seen what I was doing so I'm not really a stealth pisser and judging from other ppl squatting I guess we weren't the only ones who had find alternative toilets.

Love Lena xxxx

Upstate Dave
Bunny boo liked your desperation post. Your boyfriend was wrong in forcing himself on watching you. You did say no to him after all. Ok let me continuie n with my post. My brother and I shared a bedroom up untill he graduated from highschool and left home. He is six years older then I am. Even with our big age differences there was at times it was great having a older brother.

Our house that we lived in at this time one bathroom which was shared by six of us. My parents, us two,and my two older sistors. So mornings the bathroom sure would be busy. To help aleaviate this us kids my brother and I along with my two sistors we had chamber pots which we could use if needed.

My brother and I hardly evered used our chamber pot. My brother I remembered had used it only a few times to shit in that was it. When we had to piss we came up with a much better idea. We had a single window in our bedroom down at the end of the room near my brothers bed. It was a small window but large enough we both could stand by it if we both had to piss and piss out the window if we opened it!

Now also with theese windows when it was cold in the winter time or real rainy outside. there was under the window itself a board that had a hinge on it that you could pull up and behind this board was a second sash that had three large holes in it. This was for ventilation like I said for when it was cold or raining. Many times either I or my brother would lift the cover board up and piss out through one of the holes! I magine seeing one or two piss stream shooting out one of those holes f you happen to be passing outsideand saw them!

Well as it happened someone did as my brother and I found out. One was by the oldest girl that lived next door. She had told my sistors that we were pissing out our window. She thought it was funny. Our one sistor told us that we had been seen by this girl. Both of us did stop for a short time but did go back to using the window again untill another neighbor had seen our streams comming from out of the window. This time the neighbor that had seen us was a parent! Boy did we both get in trouble for that nieghbor told on us and that put a end to our pissing out our window.

...renee, could you perhaps elaborate on those accidents you havs had, in the past?...thanks.

also, does anyone not wipe after a poo, or once couldn`t wipe while pooing?.....thanks.

Recently, I've been reading some posts here, and I'm reminded of something that happened many years ago, 1994 I believe it was. That was when the law changed, making all toilets have to use a 1.6 gallon flush, instead of the old five-or-more gallon flush. The time came for my husband and I to get a new toilet, so we went out and bought a new low-flow toilet.

After installing this toilet and hooking it up, we discovered a few key differences between this new toilet and our old toilet. The new low-flow had about half the water of our old one, and flushed much quieter. Everything appeared fine, until the first weekend after we installed it. I typically poop at work in the morning, and Saturday was the first time I'd had to use the new toilet for pooping.

I woke up, ate breakfast, had my morning coffee, and felt my bowels churning at the normal time, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Grabbing a magazine to read, I began pushing slightly to get my poop going. I farted softly many times, each time feeling the turd closer to departure. Continuing my reading, I felt the firm, but knobbly, end of my turd emerge.

The turd slowly slid out, making a slight flump sound as it hit the water, and I noticed the smell was much worse than I ever remembered it being before. But, it was nothing the bathroom fan couldn't handle. I got up, walked over to the switch, turned on the fan, and sat back down. I felt a turd wanting to come out the whole time, so I had to clench and hold it back. Sitting down on the toilet again, I was free to let it go, so I released my hold, and let out a loud fart and the turd shot out.

It wasn't very long at all and made a big splash as it hit the water. I kept reading some more, letting go three silent farts, airy and long. It felt good letting the warm gas pass my buttcheeks. There was a turd I could feel still waiting, but it wasn't ready to come out yet, so I just went on reading, giving little pushes every once in a while. After some time, I felt the turd get into position, so I pushed again, and the head poked out, then went back in. I had to push a little more to get it to come out again, and this time it stayed, growing longer.

The turd grew to a good length, but not as long as the first turd. The third turd still made a splash in the water. I farted a short, silent fart again and I felt empty. I looked at my turds in the bowl, a knobbly long turd hiding around the bend at the back of the bowl, a tiny one floating in the middle, and a third one off to the side. I flushed before wiping, knowing the low-flow toilet might not handle it all at once.

The water whooshed away, but the turds didn't go. My tiny turd was sucked away, and part of the first big turd left, but there were still turds in the bowl, and bad skidmarks. I flushed again, more of the turds got sucked down the drain, but still some remained. One more flush, and the rest went away, but the bowl still had really really bad skidmarks.

I wiped my butt thoroughly, using six passes of toilet paper. I flushed once more to flush away the paper, it all went down the first try. I used a calculator later and found out that I used 6.4 gallons of water to flush away my turds and paper, versus just the 5 gallons our old "eco-unfriendly" toilet used.

After that day, my husband and I began looking for an old high-flow toilet at garage sales and the like. We found one that somebody was getting rid of in favor of a low-flow. We bought it in a heartbeat, feeling kind of sorry for the unknowing family who would have to deal with those new toilets.


thanks for yor stories about your Mom. I was wondering what era you're talking about (50s, 60s, 70s?). I think because I had a Nanny who gave me a laxative at an early age I've always been fascinated by loose movements and women who have 'induced' accidents. I remember aunts and cousins in my youth (50/60s) using all kinds of laxatives and one cousin in particular who took so much that 'accidents' were inevitable (and vey exciting!). Later, my ailing Grandmother had a nurse/companion who I noticed frquently had to rush to the toilet. Very naughtily ( I was only 11) I peeked through her things and found that she used a lot of that chocolate exlax. I use to eavesdrop her toilst sessions and it used to pour out of her, like thick soup. I really think that she got some kind of (probably sexual) buzz from this - I say this because she was a very straight church going lady who went on so much about sexual mores and antics that my Mum and Dad thought this wsa an inverse desire and that the poor lady was probably desperate for what she preached against. One time she obviously OD on tha exlax and the family doctor had to be called in.I wasn't there but apparently she had several accidnts including her night clothes and the carpet to the bathroom. After that the exlax diappeared but she had these tubs of suppositories and I still heard her doing gushers. (In puberty I used to have these terible fantasies of pushing suppositories into her and watching liquid poo shoot out of her bottom). This has often made me wonder if some ladies of that generation got some relase/thrill from making themselves have an accident. DO you have any thoughts on this? There also seems to be some weird moral thing about 'Inner Cleanliness'. Did your Mom ever mention this? Did she ever make you take laxatives and if so, were they the appropriate dose? Thanks for your stories - I think that a lot of people here would be interested to hear more. Lad

Mr. Clogs
I've got some posts to share so here goes.

I keep a cup(s) (containers) in my room for night time pees. I guess you can call me lazy or a weirdo, but hey this what keeps this sight interesting and me coming back to read all your posts. Anyways I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee, so I grabbed it and pull out my penis and peed into the cup up to the brim! In the morning I took the pee filled cup into the bathroom into the dumped some of the pee because I needed to take a dump. I haven't taken a dump in a cup in a while so I decided to poop in it in the tub so I can come out faster. I put the cup in the tub and got in it. I squatted over the mouth of the cup and pushed a bit to get things started. Nothing wasn't coming out, so I was getting frustrated and pressed for time. So after pushing it finally came out of me and plop, plopped into the cup. I felt a little better and dumped out the cup and rinsed it out and took my shower to go to work.

Renee' Thanks for sharing your posts about your mother and her accidents in her girdles. I must agree to your suspicions of her pooping in her girdles and panties on purpose or whatever reason. Hey it it makes your mom happy, hey let be. Not to be nosy or a pervert, what style of panties your mom wears when she poops in them? Thanks for sharing your posts and I look forward to them.

on the john: hey cool name and thanks for sharing your post. Thanks for the detailed description of your time pooping.

Cute Linda: Hey and welcome back, nice post and hope to see more of your posts.

Thanks everybody and have a great weekend.

Mr. Clogs

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