hey everyone, i`m Jayne, as you can already tell. i`m also 15. after reading many of the old posts, i`ve been particularly inspired by those of goldgirl. at first, i was kind of shocked she would do such things as frequently wet her bed, or pee on her carpet, or even pee in a rag, and then use that to wash with. but, at the same time, i couldn`t stop thinking about it. after a while, i decided to give it a try.....

one day after reading one such story from goldgirl, i left my computer for a bit, as i now felt the urge to have a pee (no one was home, but me). so, i went to my bed, which was next to my computer stand, and removed the bed spread, and sheets. then i got up on my bed. before i proceed, i guess i should fill everyone in on what i was wearing.....i had on tight light blue jeans and a white tee, with flowery pink panties.

anyway, i started to let my pee out while sitting on my bed. at first, it was difficult to start, and then my pee started to come out, albeit slowly. then it begin to increase in force, and of course a wet spot very quickly appeared on the crotch of my jeans, steadily growing larger. then, it begin to leak out my my jeans and wet my bed, soaking the area around me in a yellow puddle.

my pee kept up for over a minute, and then i was done. i was wet all the way down and under my legs, as my pee had spread on the bed, under both my legs and all over my butt. the pee also went up around my thighs, the wetness going from my crotch to my knees, on my legs.

..i must say that i actually liked it. i loved the warm feeling it gave me, and i also love the way it feels on my skin and panties, rubbing against my skin. it`s hard to explain, but it felt soooo! good.

...since i was alone, i kept my pants on for a while, until i had to pee again, which was about an hour or so later.

my pants were still soaked, but i didn`t care, as i knew my parents wouldn`t be home for a few more hours (they had to work). when i felt the urge the pee again, i went to a corner of my room, and squatted down. then, i began my pee....and this time, it started much quicker than before, soaking my crotch area mostly. kneeling down, the pee spell already on my pants was strong, made all the more so with this extra amount of pee i was voiding into my jeans.

...i sighed deeply and closed my eyes. even though the smell was a little strong, and kind of stung my the same time, it turned me on. this may have been brought on by goldgirl posts....i`m not sure. but, whatever the reason, i kind of enjoyed that stingy, pissy smell from my jeans.

finally, i was done peeing (it took les than a min this time)and stood up, looking at my reflexion in the miror on my wall. i was wet all down my legs, though the wetness going down my legs was drying slightly.

i finally changed my cloths. well, that`s my story. i did this about 2 days ago, though i plan to get more adventurous with my pee later....i`ll definately post more later on.

some guy
It started on an 4-wheeler ride back on the mountain well I rode for an hour or two then my stomach stared getting up set. I ignored it for a little bit but it didn't work it just got worse. I had to stop and take a dump big time I grabbed some paper towals and went over the hill. I squat and let a big fart and then let two 8"fat logs out ater that I felt better.

I really had to take a dump badly this morning as I was on my way into work. It was one of those stomach cramping types that is ready to burst at any minute. I stopped in at the public park with the restroom near the street. There was a guy on the crapper furthest from the door, so I took the next one. Both were doorless. I quickly wiped the seat, dropped trou, and sat down. I gave a slight push and boom, it all came crackling out. It was one of those dumps where you can actually feel the crap moving through your lower intestine on it's way out of your body. I didn't want to clog the toilet so I stood up and flushed. I sat back down, gave another little push, and out came some more. It was quite exhilarating to get emptied out.

The guy next to me had been flushing a few times. I heard his clothes come up and he walked out of the restroom without washing his hands. That's pretty nasty. And there was actually soap at the sink.

I was finally cleared out and I wiped up. As usual, first from the front, between my legs, then from behind, while standing. I had just pulled up my briefs, yellow today, and a Mexican guy came in and went to the adjacent stall. I heard him wiping the seat, and then sit down. He was pissing as I went to the sink to wash up. I turned back around and got paper from my stall to wipe my hands. The Mexican guy had started to crap. He had his jeans down just around knee level, and his briefs were up a little bit higher, around his thighs. White Fruit of the Looms. He had his hand between his legs, probably holding on to himself as many of us guys do while taking a leak. He was looking down, and I dried my hands and walked out.

Hi when I was 11 I went on my holidays camping with my family for a week.The campsite toilets were dirty and very busy, which put me off using them.I didnt have a poo for the whole week I was away.
When I got back home I went and called on my friend Amanda, to give her the present I had bought her.
Whilst we were talking in her parents kitchen I got a stabbing pain in my bloated stomach, so i asked if I could use her bathroom.
As I sat on her toilet the pain was getting worse, I realised I needed to poop so I started to push.
I felt my butt hole strech really wide as the compacted dry poop mad its way out.
It moved slowly at first, then speeded up.It felt like it was coming out of me for ever, in one continuous length.
When I was done I wiped, but the paper was clean, then flushed.
My poop had come out in one long length and gone onto the toilet and made its way up to the top of the toilet bowl. I flushed 4 times again but it was going no where.
Embarassed, I told Amanda I had to go home for my dinner.
She never mentioned it, but everyone at school new about it thanks to her brother.

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd get back to you with some good stories from when I worked janitorial at a major shopping mall near my house. As I believe I've stated before, at the time I worked there, there were no female staff members-all male. So that meant that I was in the ladies john on a regular basis to clean. I have more interesting interesting toilet stories from this time than you can shake a stick at, and i'll share one with you today, more to follow later.
Well as I said, this was a major shopping mall, and it was very seldom that I'd be able to get into the ladies rooms without a "conflict of interest" with the female shoppers. Very often, I would have my "closed" sign up, and they would walk right past it, as they were very often on the verge of having an accident. My boss said that if they did that, I did not have to leave the restroom, as it was officially closed, and if they wanted to enter it anyhow, that was their baby.
Well, one day, I was cleaning away-I had my sign up, but the restroom door was closed. I opened it to get something from my cart, which was outside, and was greeted face-to-face with a short, ???? elderly lady who had a suprised look on her face. I asked her if she needed to go badly, and she said yes, she was desperate. She was holding her stomach a s she spoke. I asked her if she minded if I kept working while she went to the toilet, and she said no, absolutely not, she just couldn't wait any longer. As she was walking down to the handicapped stall on the end of the row (quite quickly, I might add), she thanked me profusely. She then entered the stall, locked the door, and I could hear the rustling of clothing as she puled her blue sweat pants down (it was winter, she was wearing those, and as well as a set of fur boots) which I could see under the stall door. As she got settled in, she continued to engage in converstation with me. She was on a casino bus, and had been holding her shit for quite a while. There was a toilet on the bus, but she was-self conscious about using it, as she was afraid people might smell the stink of her shit. I told her that I was glad to help her, as I wouldn't want to see her have an accident, to which shed replied "Oh-ho!!! That would be a DISASTER!!! I wouldn't want to think about THAT!!! She kept takling, and then the first cramp must have hit her, because her voice suddenly became very strained. I never heard any turds falling, but I could hear she was working hard in there. Her voice returned to normal for a minute, then became strained again. This happened one more time after that-3 deliveries-one BIG shit. Then there was the sound of her wiping her ass followed by a loud AHHH!!!, and then another. She then flushed and emerged from the stall, thanking me very much once again-she said I saved her from disaster. She aplogized for the smell, and said that she had forgotten to bring her deaoderant sprays along that she normally carried. I told her that I didn't smaell anythging, and that she shouldn't be so self-conscious about that, it would smell a lot worse, if she had an accident. If people couldn't accept the fact that shit smells, that's their problem. She washed her hands, thanked me again, and left, much more relieved than when she came in.

Went to a neighborhood park where hundreds of people were gathered for spring baseball and soccer games. I visited a porta-potty, and when I came out, a nice-looking young lady smiled at me and went in. On impulse, I walked around, waiting till she emerged, which must have been 5 or 6 minutes later. I went back in, and there were two excellent new turds, firm and dark brown, each 4-5" long; her movement had obviously broken as it came out. She had not bothered to cover her poop with paper, so she must be a proud pooper. Bravo!

Linda from Australia here again. After dropping that massive load on Thursday, I'm still having some trouble with poos. I went a few times on Friday but I really had to push and strain hard to get things going. Then today (which is Saturday) I went about 5 times to do poos!! I still had to push a bit to get them out but it wasn't too bad. Every time I went for a poo, I didn't feel finished and I could feel a hard log sitting in my anus. I can still feel some poo inside me so hopefully I can squeeze them out later.

This is my first post. I am 27 and sometimes I will babysit my nephew Seemus who is almost 7. I had Seemus for three days this past week since my brother was out of town at a business workshop. Friday afternoon and evening we went to the mall for the food court and a movie. After dinner, both Seemus and I needed to use the bathroom before we walked to the other end of the mall where where the theater is located. There were about 12 urinals but none low enough for a child to use. So I directed Seemus into the first of 4 stalls. It was the only one that had a door on it and I thought he should have the privacy. I showed him how to lift the toilet seat (he used both hands and was kind of unsure about himself) and I knew Seemus could handle peeing on his own. There was a middle age guy in a 3-piece business suit on the 2nd stool and as I walked by he complimented me for having Seemus lift the seat. I thanked him and took the third stall. I pulled my jeans and briefs down and quickly sat down for my crap which is almost always induced by a full meal of oriental food. Within a couple of minutes I heard Seemus flush and he slowly walked over to my toilet. I became concerned though when I saw his feet stop and turned and he was staring a the other guy who was still taking his crap. I had to call Seemus over and he slowly came into my stall. I quietly and politely told him it was not acceptable to watch another person while they went to the bathroom. He was moving around a lot in front of me and I had to come up with an idea to keep him entertained. About that time I gave a mighty shove and released a giant log. Then I came up with a brilliant idea (and I do think so myself) of having Seemus watch me over the next 2 or 3 minutes and try to guess how many peices I would drop. It kept him preoccupied and he guessed 3. When I finally got up he slipped by me on the right side and saw it was only 1. I tried to keep him quiet and focused on washing his hands instead of looking back at that guy on the toilet. When we got outside the baathroom, Seemus immediately asked me why that guy was so different when he was crapping because he had a lot of toilet paper he was sitting on and it was hanging out from under him. Also, the guy had these old-fashioned polka-dotted boxers on. All I could think of was that different people do things differently. To which Seemus said that it was "so strange."

So I'm 17 and in highschool. And so the other day was horrible. It was the last period and I had to go pee BAD. But apparently I got a bad grade on my test for that period (History) and my teacher wanted to talk to me after class. So I had to wait like 10 minutes while she talked to me. So that ended up for me missing my bus, and I had to walk home. Sometimes I walk home, and sometimes I take the bus, but today was not a day I wanted to walk home. So like I got to my neighborhood, and I was BURSTING. So I had to like run the last 1 block. Except when I got to my house I had to look through my backpack for my keys, and it was really bad cause a wet spot was forming in my jeans. I was like nearly crying and so I ended up realizing we always keep a key in a secret place, so I had to get it, but it wasn't there and I realized we took it back in. So finally I gave up and ended peeing all over the place. Talk about a giant series of unfortunate events.

Keith D
To nony: We haven't heard from you from a while. Have you managed to observe your friend in the toilet again or managed to discuss the subject with her yet?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I'm having lots of trouble pooping again, infact, I'm a bit constipated right now. On Tuesday, I could feel a big load moving down all day. When I got home from work, I quickly made my way to the toilet. I knew it would take a long time so I grabbed a magazine and took it in there. At first I did a wee and then I waited. I tried to relax to get things moving but it didn't work. I had to push really hard and I could feel a hard turd in my anus. I pushed a bit more and the turd stated coming out. After about 15 minutes, I had managed to push most of the poos out but I still didn't feel finished. I tried to get the rest out but it wouldn't move so I wiped my butt. It took 5 or 6 wipes to clean all the poo away. I had a look at my job and the poos had sunk to the bottom of the bowl. They were all medium sized and dark brown.

The next day, I felt full of poo all day. As the day went on, I could feel a big load sitting in my bowels and I couldn't wait to get home to drop my load. I finished work late and when I got home, I went straight to the toilet. I pushed and strained for 10 minutes and I could feel a rock hard poo in my anus. No matter how hard I pushed, the poo just wouldn't come out. I wiped my butt and went to make dinner. I ate dinner and before bed, I tried again. This time, I pushed and pushed and pushed for 20 minutes and nothing happened. I felt defeated because I really needed to do a poo.

The next morning, I sat on the toilet before work and I could feel the head of a rock hard poo in my anus. I strained for 10 minutes but there was no use. I knew it would take a long time and I needed to get to work. So I spent all day feeling very uncomfortable, with a huge load inside me. Every time I went to the toilet for a wee, I had to do some farts to release some pressure because the poo was almost ready to come out. I couldn't wait to get home because I was in dire need for a poo. As soon as I got home, I ran to the toilet. Nobody else was home so it was great. I closed the door and took all my clothes off. I also grabbed a magazine to read. I did a wee first and then I knew I had to get the poos out. I pushed a bit but the poo felt so big that I relaxed so it wouldn't hurt as much. A skinny log broke off and fell into the toilet and I knew I needed to work hard to get the rest out. I pushed and pushed and pushed. The poo slowly eased its way out and I had to push with all my might to keep it moving. I even found myself grunting!! Then, amazingly, the entire load came out quite quickly and I had only been on the toilet for about 15 minutes (I thought I was in for at least a half hour session or even longer). I didn't feel finished so I spent another 10 minutes pushing and straining, trying to squeeze the last bit out. It wouldn't come out so I wiped my butt. It took about 6 wipes to clean the poo away. I felt SO much better after that, even though I still had poo stuck inside me. I had a look at my job and it was MASSIVE!! Probably the biggest load I've had in a very long time!!

This morning, I did more poos in the toilet, they were small and rock hard. I've still got more inside me so hopefully I can get them out later and feel completely finished.

Davy from D
Daniel from Sweden:

Looks like the two of us should take a trip to the USA...

I don't need to fart very often on the toilet, but if it happens, it's no big deal. If one shouldn't fart while pooping, then when?

Bashful Bladder
Studies have determined that one out of seven males and one out of ten females have pee shy, bashful bladders, stage fright problems. The psychological and physical use a medical term for this troublesome issue. It is paruresis. It is not the person's fault. It is a social phobia--fear of public toilets, fear of germs on a toilet, and fear that someone will hear or see one peeing.

But there is another similar problem caused by a swollen prostate gland or brought on by drugs used in surgery and by some over the counter and recreational drugs. It is a blockage of the urethra through which the urine flows from the bladder. It is called bladder retention.

A lot of adolescents and young adults actually bring this on themselves.
When they use a very dangerous drug like ecstasy it can tighted up the bladder sphincters and prevent emptying the bladder altogether.

A true story: I was taking a long piss in the urinal of a rest stop on one of interstate highways here in the USA. I had held my pee for about 6 hours and thankfully my pee shyness did not kick in because the men's room was empty. Then as I was finishing two young men came in. One said to the other: "I hope that this time we will be able to pee." The other asked how long it had been. He said about 12 hours since we took ecstasy. "We are locked up and can't piss at all." They were dying to relieve their bursting bladder. When I washed my hands I could see in the mirror the bank of urinals. They were just standing there and not pissing. Finally after about 5 minutes they gave up. They were almost doubled up with bladder pain. I heard one say as they left the men's room that this had happened to Phil last week. It was 24 hours before he could piss. It is bad enough to have a bashful bladder. But to have retention of urine is even worse.


I can't understand people who would rather crap themselves than use a public toilet.
I had ulcerative colitis and had to have an ileostomy because of it.
for those like me, youhad no choice to crap anywhere.

I normally leave my kiosk sales job at the mall by 8 p.m. on school nights. Last night, however, my co-worked went home sick so I had to work until the other stores closed at 9 p.m. I take a city bus from my high school to the mall (I've written about that before) and I take the public bus home. The ride home takes like closer to an hour because I have to go downtown, transfer to another bus, and if one of the buses is off schedule, I've sometimes had to wait up to 45 minutes at the central transit center. Yesterday I had my daily crap at about 3 p.m. just as school got out and I had to hurry it along because I didn't want to miss the bus to the mall because the next one would be like 30 minutes later. I only about half way wiped myself when I knew I had to vacate the stall and make a run for the bus. I sure didn't have any time to spare because it was within sight when I got to the bus stop. I got to the mall just before my shift started and because I had to walk around the construction, I was a couple minutes late in getting to thek kiosk. The mall was having an April Fools Day Dollar Days sale and we were extremely busy. I didn't get my normal pee or dinner break. There was also a special discount for the theatres too and that meant twice as many people on that wing of the building. So when I walked through there at 9 p.m. on my way to the bus stop, I got to thinking that I should probably duck in the mall toilets and pee since I hadn't peed since like during my 11 a.m. study hall. A few of the shows had just gotten out and just by opening the door I could see all 9 toilet stalls were in use and there seemed to be a partial line waiting. In order to get on my scheduled by at 9:10 and not have to wait until the next one like 45 minutes later, I decided to hold it and pretty much run to the transit center. And I was none to early because my bus was there and boarding.

Once we started the ride to downtown and my transfer stop, my bladder started to hurt and feel warm, if you know what I mean. I knew I needed to pee, but I just didn't see any alternatives. I continued to hold it in during the stop and go trip which I saw caused the bus to stop at like every intersection to let on or get rid of a passenger. Just sitting and watching people board scared me when I knew how close I was to peeing my pants. I had a loose skirt on and was already planning my pee in the main downtown park as soon as I got off and walked the block in the opposite direction to catch my transfer bus. Actually after the initial few steps, I start to slowly run to the end of the block because I knew I would have to pee quickly in order to still catch my transfer bus. I swear the bus runs like once every 90 minutes after 9 p.m. I had not used the park bathroom for like 10 years (I'm 16) and vaguely remember my mother giving me trouble back then when I would sit down to pee for frquently in public places even though in the end I wouldn't be able to produce. I rounded the corner and saw this very small block building that was labeled women. There were two open toilets side-by-side and one sink on the other wall. There was a lady about 40 sitting on the first toilet. I though it was surprising but she had her jeans all the way down to the floor and she was very open and casual and reading a paperback while she waited for her shit to come. I pretty much threw myself onto the toilet and quickly grabbed my underwear and instantly pulled it down to knee level. At that point my torrential pee started and it didn't end for more than two minutes. I looked down between my legs and could see lots of bubbles on top the water and as I slid forward on the seat to do my quick wipe, I swear my butt squeaked. Others were coming into the bathroom and yes I'm bashful, but I knew my skirt was doing a good job of covering me. I reached back and gave the flusher a mighty shove and I quickly stood and pulled up my panties. I didn't want to take the time to wipe and sure enough, my bus was at the stop just as I left the restroom. I had some urine stains on my underwear when I got home, but it didn't matter to me. I was home at a decent hour and had enough time to get my homework done.


I went back further in the posts and saw that my qusetion about what type of girdle your mom wore was answered-she had one of those long-legged ones-I assume with garters for her nylons and a split panel in the back for ease of shitting and pissing. I remember the early 70's well, and the styles then-dresses and heels were very much in vogue for ladies back then. Did she wear a pill-box hat and gloves, as well? And did you ever see her sit down on the toilet and take a shit while she was dressed up like that-did you ever see her shit through the split panel? MAN, it sounds like she had the runs in the church parking lot-she should have gone back in and used the ladies room. Of course, maybe she wouldn't have made it there either, and would have wound up shitting her girdle right there inside the church in front of people-sounds like there wasn't much time from when she first felt the cramps until she actually pooped herself.
By the way, along the lines of your story, there's a cartoon I saw in MAD Magazine in "The Lighter Side Of" comics. The scene involves a family in a car with the mother driving at a VERY high rate of speed. The characters are all dressed from that early 70's look, mom's wearing a dress, hat, and gloves, much like your mother must have. Anyhow, as I speeding along, and her husband yells at her-"Honey, I know you're in a hurry to get home, but you're driving like a MAD WOMAN!!! WHAT"S YOUR HURRY?! That's when their little daughter in the back seat (about age 5) pipes up-"Mommy had to use the bathroom, but it smells like we're TOO LATE!!! To which the mother has an absolutely cringed look on her face, and her hands have taht cringed look to them as well-you know-fingers hooked, arms raised. And her husband just stares dumbly down at her ass, his mouth just HANGING open in shock that his wife just shit her drawers. Your story reminded of that cartoon, and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks a lot, Renee.

To answer questions regarding my last post:

Pat, my mom never wore open bottom girdles, always long leg panty girdles. None had a split crotch. I don't know if they made split crotch girdles at that time. My dad and little brother were in the front room watching television while my mom was in the kitchen. After she made the sandwiches for them she left them on a plate on the dining table which was not in the kitchen either. Neither one was around her to ever smell the mess she made in her pants. As far as I know, I was the only one in the house aware of it that time.

Ted, my mom's "accident" was just a few months before mine which was why I really had to bite my lip. I almost said something back to her but I knew that would make matters worse. I wasn't punished but was quite upset for being accused of "doing it on purpose" especially considering all the "accidents" she had. I have had other accidents but none that she was aware of. Also, none of us ever justified an accident with hers. I don't think her girdle ever had anything to do with her accidents. It wasn't like she was in the bathroom and couldn't get it off in time. Besides, she had plenty of accidents in just her panties also. I love my mom very much but I've always had suspicions that her "accidents" weren't always just "accidents".

it's been a while since i've visited. im glad that the site is still goin strong. i have this friend who is a girl and we hang out from time to time. she was roommates with an ex girlfriend of mine, and we became friendly over the course of a year or so. the sad sad part is that she is gay, so her beautiful self will probably never be tempted by me. i throw some good flirting or compliments her way and she just plays it off. anyways, it was actually my ex's birthday a couple weeks ago and she invited me and "nardos" and a bunch of others to come celebrate at the bars downtown. it was a st patty's day theme, so that actually turned out well. the way the carpooling worked, nardos and i and another person had to leave the bar a little early (it was like 1 am so i don't know if that exactly qualifies as leaving the party early) so that the person could drive me and her back to where i parked. during the 15 min drive nardos vents to me and the driver about her rocky girl troubles and that she feels like goin to a strip bar to get her mind off. we just laughed the idea off. we get dropped off where i parked my car, which was in front of nardos' apartment. since this was the first time we had seen each other in a long time she invites me to come in for a bit. it didn't take much persuading but i agreed to go with her to the strip bar. before we can go though she has to clean up her purse, which got some melted ice cream in it. so she cleans it in the bathroom sink, while talking to her gay guy roommate, his bf, and me. we three are standing just outside of the bathroom. so all this time while they are talking nonsense, i am just wishing to myself that maybe nardos will have to pee and maybe ill get a chance to at least hear it through the door. all those times i had been up at my ex's apartment, i had never been able to catch a listen in on nardos (one reason was there was a fan sound that made it hard to here unless your ears were pressed right up to the door), but my luck had FINALLY changed. Nardos finally cleans her bag and just announces that all she knows right about now is that she's about to pee, but that we could still talk. The gay couple want no part in continuing the conversation so they just say that they are about to leave. Me, as of five mins prior had actually been sitting on the ground directly outside of the doorway to the bathroom, partly because i was tired of standing. I held my ground, because i had the perfect viewing and reasoning to be where i was. she hung her purse on the outside part of the doorknob which unfortunately blocked my view of her!; however she tried to push the door at a certain level, but it wouldn't close because the purse got in the way. so it was interesting situation; she had probably meant to close to door as close to shut as possible but she didn't really care once the purse slightly blocked the door's was still closed enough to maintain a little politeness (if only she knew that i'd rather she kept the door open, haha). basically from my view i hear her unbuckle her pants and sit. then i hear her melodious peeing; it was a slightly steady pee, not fast, but not too slow. about 15-20 seconds. if i stood up i would of been able to see her sitting there while peeing. i was in heaven nonetheless, glad to be able to cross her off my list of people that ive at least heard pee. i didn't muster the courage to stand up until just after her stream stopped. i made up some question to ask her, so id have an excuse to stand up. she didn't seem sheepish or anything as she just sat there on the toilet. this was a side view, so i saw the side of her butt and some thigh and her face of course. i love seeing the full figure of a girl on the toilet as she pees.
we discussed which club we wanted to go to and we settled on that and she was like okay just give me a minute to finish up, and we both laughed and i said ok and walked into her room while she wiped. that whole memory has been burned into the back of my brain since then, haha.
sorry for the long winded ness of the story, especially since the juicy part wasn't that graphic. it's been a while for me, story-telling wise, on this site, so hopefully i'll get back in the swing of things.

sorry i had one question for the ladies on the site. it's a weird question, maybe hard to answer.
for straight girls that are open to peeing, etc, if they want to find out if a guy has the same interests, are there signals or certain things you will do or say to test them out? i've always pictured that a girl will use the bathroom at his place or her own place and then call out to the guy to get some tp for her since she's already on the toilet (if it's her place she tells him where to find it) and when he comes in to bring it to her, she says thanks and then starts peeing right then and there, trying to see how he reacts to it. but i don't know if that would realistically happen. As a guy I don't know if there are ways to figure out if a girl is into that or not. I think it would be too bold that if a girl says she is goin to pee, for a guy to be like "can i come too?" haha it's an honest and innocent question, but leaves one completely open to any type of reply. any thoughts on this, haha?

on the john
Hey all,
I just had a wonderful toilet experience. I had been at work all day. I made several trips to the john. I am in my mid twenties 5 ft 8 in 125 lbs. I have long dark brown hair. My friends think I am very attractive, but I have a smaller chest size. I am athletic so my behind is toned. I usually wear bikini panties (for those interested,) Anyway, I came home and began to develop a strong urge to get to the john. I do not eat much meat and usually eat high fiber cereal, breads, ???? and lots of fruit. As a result my movements are often large. I often poo twice or three times a day. If it is only once it is usually an event.
This was the case today. I felt full for most of the day and each visit to the potty was to urinate and relieve quite a bit of gas. When I got home I was ready, I waited until the urge was great and then went to the bathroom. I pulled undies down and sat, The relief was unspeakable. I had a couple of farts and then it came. I spent five minutes unloading,,, poop then gas then poop etc. It came in waves and each time I would exhale and then begin again. I must have pushed out four or five loads before I felt completely relieved. Whew, how do you spell relief. My poo was at least 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter. The poo did not smell that bad to me but I am biased-ha. I wiped with wet wipes until I felt completely clean. I then used dry tissue. I then had one more small load unexpectedly that came out quickly. I wiped again twice and flushed, It went down-thank goodness! I pulled up undies and left the john. The relief was wonderful. Take care all.

bunny boo
Hi here is my post.I was walking along the highway when i felt a rush of urgency to pee.I held myself and must have looked real stupid.Still holding i tried to run home.Thats real hard when you need a pee.Luckily i ran into my boyfriend who wanted to talk.i said no and confessed i needed a pee real bad.He said go to his house but i shook my head.It was way too far to run with a full bladder.He said keep it cool and go in the bushes.KEEP IT COOL?KEEP IT COOL?but i had to go.Anyway i had antibacterial stuff and he had kleenex.I unexpectedly grabbed my privates to stop the pee but a bit still spuurted out.He asked if he could watch me.I said no but he threatend he'd dump me.I had no choice but to say yes.So i ran pulling down my shorts and peed by a tree showing my boyfriend my bum.He passed me the kleenex and i wiped.and put antibacterial on.I said thanks and walked on as if it was a normal saturday.Uh oh.I WAS SEEING HIM THAT SUNDAY.BOY WOULD WE HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT!

Cute Linda
Hi everyone. First off.... I know it's been a while, but it seems someone else has been posting in my place. It's not me, I haven't been on in ages. Oh well, no harm done I guess. But anyway, we can catch up later right now I have to tell you what happened today. My cousin got me and Elena good for April Fool's. I came into the bathroom dying to pull my pampies down and sit by big old butt on the seat and have a nice puu. But my cousin was in there messing with his HD video camera. He said it was stuck and I just stood boucing up and down with my hand on my tushie holding on for dear life. I would have just sat down but he said sorry then left the camera on the sink and left me to myself. Oh man did it feel good. Anyway, later Elena told me he did the same thing when she went to go. My cousin chucked and showed us what he did, the camera that was "stuck" was actually left on after he left and recorded us going puu. First we were both in shock, then we laughed as we watched ourselves going. It's crazy seeing yourself go. (and REALLY embarassing as you get to see the faces you make and just how loud you moan. Worse for Elena really, her 4 days of constipation came to an end on camera) Anyway my cousin deleted the films and told us he'd never do it again. (I guess he started feeling bad as we watched in total embarassment. Either way me and Elena have plans to get him next year hehehehe) Anyway gotta go. (No not like that) I'l post again later.

Cute Linda

To Her Who replied to my post : Nice to have read your experience about the time you pooped standing.Thanks. Feels great as a variation doesnt it ? Currently I am in Germany, and there are several walking trails and wooded areas in the countryside(convenient for occasional naturists) where I and my girlfriend could poop together. If you are talking about Japan, well I have lived in Tokyo and Nagoya and been around Kamakura etc., and as you say its difficult to do an outdoor poop much less with your boyfriend.

To Upstate Dave : Interesting to have read your standing and pooping incident.Thanks.

Hi all, I have a story.

I've been wondering what it was like to pee your pants for a little while, and have two or three times done some tiny amount. Well, I was at my desk today, and did a small squirt, then i did a bit more, and it is actually kinda noticeable!! Which is kinda interesting. It's not really very big, about the size of a tennis ball around my fly area, and i'm wearing sand coloured short type things so it just looks like a bit of shadow!!

hope you found that interesting.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Where I live they installed a low flush toilet. it worked fine lately however it now does not empty the bowl, 3 flushes it runs all over the floor then it drains with a glug glug glug. in other words something is stuck in side. they don't care it has been dumping water on to the floor 3 to 4 times a day for the last month. What makes it worse is it does not have to be a bm, it can be your basic every day pee. some times it takes 15 flushes to get the crap to go down the toilet. So much for new toilets (1.5 gal) this makes a bigger mess then my old toilet ever did. Did I mention you have to start flushing as soon as you do your pee or poo and wait for the tank and keep flushing until you done, then plunger what ever is still in the toilet. at the same time your bottom and undercarriage gets all wet with every visit to this toilet. The toilet has been roto cleaned 2 two tree times a day. this is the only toilet in my building that does this and I am not in a basement. unhappy toileting here.

Upstate Dave
This time my post deals with Susan. It is about her sitting on my knees but what is different then when Jeannie had done it this way with me it was a act of desperation so the need was much greater for Susan then it was for Jeannie.

It all started when I was down at Susans hoouse and it was raining outside durring the morning. So I did inside work all morning. Susan and Brenda were not awake when I had started working inside. They both slept in late this Saturday morning. As it turned out it was better that Susan had slept in late. For by the time she had woken up the rain had stopped and the skies cleared and the sun was out.

It would be awhile for everything outside to dry out so I had to wait to do any yard work outside. I was just fifnishing puting away the tools that I had been using when Susan came downstairs in the cellar. She said good morning and I said good morning back to her. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was just finishing up and puting stuff away. I still have more work to do but it is all outside work. It is still wet outside though so I'll have to wait awhile before I can do it.

Susan and I talked for a few minutes and durring this conversation she had asked me what was new. Oh I told her I got my new ten speed bike. Oh really! she said back to me. Can I see it? Can you take me for a ride? Well get dressed and I will I told her. Susan was still in her pajammas and she then ran upstairs and I could hear her banging around upstairs as I finished puting my tools away.

It only took Susan a couple of minutes to get changed for she was back in a jiffy. She had on a white short sleeve top and blue shorts. I kidded her about being so quick. We went outside and walked back to the shed where my new bike was. I got it out and Susan liked it and she was eager to ride on it. I got on first and then she got on and sat on the bar and we took off.

I went down to the nieghbors property where there were plenty of roads to ride on. I worked my way up through the gears and we moved along pretty fast. Susan was amazed how fast I was going. We went up the front road and then made the turn and now started down the back road. It was on this back road that Susan told me that she had to pee and poop.

Can you hang on Susan? I asked her. It will be only a few minutes and I can have you back at the house. No Dave I can't she said back to me. I have to go now! I can feel my poop already poking out! I came to where a side road cut back into the small pond before the big one. I skidded to a stop and Susan jumped off from my bike. I got right off too.

Susan was just about to yank her shorts down to go and I remebered how well I liked having Jeannie sit on my knees and go so I asked Susan if she wanted to sit instead of squat. Susan looked at me for just a quick couple of seconds and she then said yes with urgency in her voice. So I sat down on the grass with my legs extenede with my knees waiting for her to sit on them.

Susan then yanked down her blue shorts to her knees and as looked at her ass I saw that she had a turtle head already sticking out between her cheeks! Susan plopped her ass down on my knees. As soon as she did she also started to piss! It was a weak stream that went sraight down to the ground. At te same time her turtle head started to move and get longer and fatter.

Her tan colored turtle head gor bigger and it was very knobby looking as it grew. THis made her piss stream turn into a dribble. Her piss started to wet her crotch,ass cheeks and even run off her turtle head! I should say her shit now for it was to big to be a turtle head now.It was already more then a half foot long now. It got a couple inches longer in a few seconds and then it broke off fell to the ground with a thud.

Now with her momentarilly not having her shit not moving her piss stream came to life. I saw it start flowing hard as I looked under her ass. It was very yellow in color and it was angled outward and it was hissing loudly. It went like this for several seconds and then it eased off quickly. There was a reason why her stream slacked off. I saw the stub of her shit poke out between her asscheeks again.

This time her tan colored shit moved quicker. Since her shit had broken the head was almost straight across. It was still quite knobby looking too. It reached longer in length then the first piece that had broke off after several seconds had passed. Now also her piss stream again dribbled off her asscheeks and the end of her shit. It was harder this time for there was three streams off piss that fell to the ground.

This time her tan colored shit reached about eight inches or a little longer didn't break off. It just narrowed and fell to the ground with a softer thud. PIss still ran off her asscheeks and down off the front of her too. Then I saw another piece of shit come out and it moved very quickly. This one was thinner and it took only a few seconds for it all to come out. It too fell to the ground on top of the other two pieces that lay in the grass.

Then her piss stream became hard so she had a hard stream going again with piss still dripping from her asscheeks. Susan now let out a sigh of relief. She also said that she felt better now too. Susan went and pissed for a short time and then she came to a dripping stop. Susan then still sitting on my knees bent way over placing her hands on her asscheeks and pulled them open.

How am I back there Dave? she asked me. I told her she was quite clean. Susan said good back to me. Then she stood up and reached down to pull her blue shorts back up. As she did she told me she was quite wet from her pee. I got up myself and I had a wet ass from siting on the wte grass. I told Susan she wasn't the only one! I turned around and she started to giggle verty hard as she saw that my jeans were wet in the back. It looks like you peed your pants Dave! she said to me. I laughed.

Susan pulled up her blue shorts and she looked down at her shit laying there in the grass. Boy it didn't feel that I had pooped that much. I told her she had done that much. It is all yours! Susan giggled again. We walked over to my bike. I got on and Susan did too. As we left I told Susan that you must have dressed in a hurry. Whys that Dave? How could you tell. Simple I said back to her. You had no panties on! Susan laughed and we raeched the one road again and I turned and we headed back to the house.

To Lena:

To answer your question, the main reason i hold my poop until the last minute is anxiety about using any toilet that is not my own private home bathroom. I know it's silly, but it's just how I am. I really can't move my bowels anywhere else until it's practically starting to come out. Luckily, i have pretty good control so I haven't had too many issues. The main thing i worry about is how i look walking sometimes when the need is starting to get urgent... *lol* Once i have to go bad i feel like i look like i'm walking with a stick up my butt... or i guess a lot of poop!

i'm posting because i want to share an event that happened to my ex-husband that i will probably never be able to share with anyone in real life.

let me start off by saying that my ex was very private/secretive about his bathroom habits, especially regarding his bowels. He never pooped around me - never at my house, when we went on vacation, etc. I'm pretty sure he always waited until he got home.

Looking back, the only indication i ever got that he needed to have a BM was at night while he was sleeping... and this is the weird part. Often after we would go to sleep after a late dinner I would be woken up about a half hour later to his strange movements. And these movements included some serious butt clenching/wriggling. Which i found quite fascinating! But I also felt bad for him - I can't imagine holding back all the time. He must've been pretty uncomfortable!

do any other people here in relationships hold back poop around their significant other?

yesterday i was out with my friends. we stopped at sonic and i got a huge slush. it was great and i drank it really fast. then i started to need to pee, but figured i could hold it for awhile. then we got on the road with nowhere to stop. i was squirming a little, grabbing my penis occassionally, but still had control. we stopped at a music store that i was sure had a restroom b/c i was getting really desperate. but they didn't have a restroom. and my g/f insisted on picking up EVERY CD and reading the back. i tried pulling her away, but she kept finding more stuff to look at. i told finally told her i REALLY had to pee and wasn't sure how much longer i could hold on. she said "okay"....but still needed to look for some other stuff. obviously she had no idea how bad it was. at this point, i kept holding my penis, squeezing it so hard it hurt, but i was scared to let go. i could barely walk. we finally started to head out the door when an employee asked if we needed help with anything. I said no, but my other friend starting this conversation about some action figure he wanted, and the guy thought they might have it, but not sure, blah blah blah. I was DYING. I started to dribble a little in my boxers, so i pinched harder, which really hurt. Finally, we left. i could barely drive or concentrate. I drove to a chinese resturant and hobbled inside. luckily, we were waited on very fast and i made a run for the restroom. it wasn't the cleanest place by far, but at that point I would have peed anywhere! it felt so good pissing, i felt like i'd never stop. i looked at my boxers, which had a wet spot fairly large on them, but it didn't soak through my black jeans.


Sounds like your mom's had several incidents of shitting her underwear in public. What type of girdle does she wear, open-bottom with panties underneath, or the kind with legs and a split bottom? I've always wondered what the mess would be like in and open-bottomed girdle, as the panties would be taking most of the damage, rather than the girdle. Maybe she didn't want your dad and little brother to know she'd shit her pants, and if she went upstairs to clean herself up, they'd know. Still, I don't think I'd want to eat any food prepared by someone with a load of shit in their pants-it's not good sanitation. I'm suprised your dad and brother didn't smell her mess. Maybe she spent those 10 minutes in the bathroom crying or something? From what you said about her reaction, she didn't seem too thrilled about what she'd done. If you have any more stories concerning her "incidents", I'd love to hear them.

On a similar note, one time I was standing in line at a McDonalds, and I got talking to 2 ladies-an older one and a younger one. In the course of our conversation, I brought up the subject of going to the toilet in one's pants, and the younger lady then told me how the older one had once gone out walking and had gotten a sudden urge and shit her pants trying to get home. The older one told me a few more details, she had gotten a stomach ache, had tried hurrying home, the cramps had gotten too strong, and she filthied her underwear. She din't seem embarrassed about it, just a wry smile on her face, I told her it can happen to the best of us, that I had shit my pants before also. Then the younger lady told me how her husband had shit his pants once, and she had even had to clean shit off his wallet.

Blue Rizla Girl
Hi there Zex!

I enjoyed your "stealth piddling" story immensely! I have sometimes done the same thing myself, sitting over a drain grid or patch of dirt while wearing a long skirt and pretending to roll a cigarette, change the music on my MP3 player or whatever. I guess it must be a lot harder for guys, having to wear trousers all the time.

Is anyone else into stealth piddling?

In my first post a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had an embarrassing incident my freshman year of college when I crapped my pants in a public place for the first time. It's important to realize that in the mid-1990s I attended a small, rural high school. There were 12 of us in my graduating class. I had worked for my parents on the farm each summer so I hadn't traveled much and my choice of colleges--some 600 miles away and in one of the largest cities in the U.S.--was indeed eye-opening for me. I arrived at college (a campus of 30,000 undergraduates plus a large number of graduate and professional students) on Saturday and I started classes the following Monday. Our dorm had about 24 toilet stalls and showers for all the students on our floor (8th floor). Occasionally, girls would allow guys to come in with them--something that was unheard of in our small, conservative town. For example, one morning I was on the toilet trying to get my pee flow going. I remember I was tired, I hadn't slept well, and a girl came into the stall next to mine with her boyfriend. She sat down to crap and she blasted away with gas, a situation he thought was funny and they were joking and telling crude stories for about five minutes until he said he had to pee. He told her to move back on the seat and spread her legs wider. He then peed between them and apparently had a pretty good aim. They joked about it some more until finally she laid out her biggest log, which again they joked about. That frustrated me so much that I just gave up and pulled up my panties and jeans and walked over to the student union where they had a smaller bathroom--like 12 stalls--that wasn't so busy and I was able to finally pee.

Later that morning I was heading to my PE class in the fieldhouse when I felt a crap coming on. This was late in the first week of classes and I didn't know the campus or the bathrooms that well. Upon arriving at the fieldhouse I saw a restrooms sign and a long hallway down probably ending up behind the bleachers. The fieldhouse was used for multiple sports and probably had seats for more than 15,000 fans. Wouldn't you know it, the bathroom was even bigger than I feared. For a person who was experienced at using a high school bathroom with two or three stalls, now there were two rooms and two rows of stalls in each plus one whole row of sinks on each wall. There must have been about 40 stalls. Some of the doors were missing and some of the seats looked really grungy. There were an ample number of stalls open, but I reasoned that an end stall would be less intimidating to me. The first one--right up against the brick wall--looked inviting to me until I opened the creaky door and both smelled and observed the largest assemblage of shit to date. So high and above water level that I would think several people might have contributed to it. I wasn't about to take the chance on leaning over and flushing it because I feared the drain might not be able to take it. I went to the other end of the row and found the stall was occupied. With more urgency, I now walked fast around the wall to the other side of the room and again found the first stall was occupied. With more frustration, I walked to the other end of line, found the door open, and only yellow pee in the bowl. However, there was quite a bit of splash (I figured it was pee) on the seat, so I unbottoned my jeans, pulled down my jeans and underwear and was completing the unpleasant task of pulling off some toilet paper to wipe the seat dry when I inadvertently farted and like a gallon of diarrhea blasted out, equally running down the back of my thighs as well as splashing over the front of the toilet and already soiled seat. I knew more was coming so I tried to straddle the seat and then instictively, I guess, leaned down and lifted it, getting both pee and my warm poop on my right hand. Then I turned with my left hand and grabbed enough toilet paper to clean my right hand. I learned really fast that I'd never make it as a hover pisser or shitter because the warm diarrhea started coming out again and ran down my leg and into my panties and jeans.

It took me a good 20 minutes and nearly two rolls of toilet paper from two different stalls to clean myself up before I went to my class. Of course, I was late and that was even more embarrassing. Luckily it was just a lecture and we didn't have to suit up for an activity that day. When I got back to my dorm I took both a shower and a bath. And I went several days when I would fart only with the greatest of caution. To this day I remember how hard it was for me to get adjusted to such huge public restrooms. Even now, the smaller two or three stall facility is my kind of bathroom.

hi this is my fist post

i sufer from ibs which has made my liofe hell. i have to poop every time after i eat something and it is not a thing that can wait i literally have minutes to sit on a toilet or shit myself.which means i have to poop in public toilets usually every day. the other day i was driving home from work a 2 hr commute and a cramp hit. i saw a friendly express store that i have stoped at before i ran in went to the back of the store opened the bathroom door already undoing my pants and i almost shit myself there was a lady a little chubby sittin on the toilet i said sorry and waited out side well after a couple of minutes i knocked on the door asking her to please hurry, she said she was having stomach trouble she would be a little bit i almost cried already clinching my cheecks togther. a couple of more minutes i opened the door and said sorry i cant hol;d it any longer i ran to the trash can ripped off my clothes sat on it it was a little green round one and exploded, she laughed and said u wernt liing she gave me some paper and i wiped my ass and left.

does anyone ave normal pooping stories to share? Like just a regular poop in a toilet. Also are there any stories of women pooping bythemselves in their homes?

To Renee': Thanks! That is a really interesting story. And I don't blame you for "reading into" her accident. Was the accident described before or after the one you had at 17? I can understand you having to "bite your lip." Did you ever have another accident or did anyone ever justify an accident with hers? I can understand if you didn't, but, coming from a pretty liberal household, I know I would have shot back with that justification. Especially, "17 year olds don't have accidents." I hope you weren't penalized, because that would just bug me too much! But I don't mean to judge your family.
Also, I was wondering if the girdle could have anything to do with it. I remember, on one of the first pages of this site, a woman recalls her mother and aunt sitting on the toilet and peeing, even pooping into their girdles because it was too inconvenient to remove. But I'm a guy and really have no idea about girdles anyway. But yes, I do have to agree with you that it seems she (your mom) at least doesn't mind having "accidents." Especially making your family lunch before cleaning up -- I can't believe they didn't notice the smell! Well, I do suppose that could be seen as "exciting." So, if you ever have any other stories you'd like to share, I'll be all ears. Thanks!

Dan Boy
I've got a new movie scene involving a woman on the toilet. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert. Yeah, that's the full title, kinda long. The scene involves a woman, I believe in her late 20's or early 30's. One of the guys needs to use the "privy" late at night, walks in and she's sitting on the hole already. The scene lasts a good couple minutes, no noises are heard and she says she has "stage freight." It's unclear if she was there too pee or poop, but I'm guessing it was to poop since she had already been in there for a bit and her legs were shown to be spread open (nothing vulgar is shown however). Just thought I'd let y'all know.

bunny boo
Hi I'm a 16 yr old girl and I seriously like need to tell you something.I was in class and needed to pee.I asked miss wilson if i could go but she said no.I waited till the end of the lesson hoping to go but she said go straight home-due to homework.So i held on BIG MISTAKE!.I had to go.I quickly ran into a shop and asked if i could use their loo.They kindly said yes.I went in only to find them occupied.I sat on a chair and did a pee dance.I was holding on 4 dear life.I lost the will to live and asked the woman how long she'd be.She said a long time.UH OH my phone rang.I knew it would be my mom.Isaid i was coming and put the phone down.I told the woman to hurry up.I was peeing my pants.A little spurt came out.Then a massive gush.I stopped myself and the woman came out.I ran in bursting , already pulling my pants down.I did'nt have time to lock the door.I sat and there was a tremendous whoosh.I wiped,cleaned off my tights and dabbed my soaking pants and rushed home to do my work.Phew!

Hi could someone please please tell me if they have ever overheard a work colleague having a severe upset stomach with wind and stomach ache x

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

to petite pooper: if you really cant go, when ur pushing, you should try to push in short but fast spurts, ittl help loosen things up some, then walk around a bit and it should help, i had the same problem

TO MELISSA: Just curious, are you the same Melissa of Melissa and Joe from older posts? What line of work are you in where you travel a lot? Tell us some more stories about peeing and pooping while traveling. Do you notice some hotels that have nicer bathrooms than others? Are there any particular types of food that upset your stomach? Enough questions for now. Hope to hear back from you.

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