As I've said in previous postings, I babysit for several families and do pretty well in the amount of part-time money I earn while I still attend high school. Well, Thursday I got a call on my cell phone at school to pick up Adam, who is 5 and in kindergarten, that afternoon. His mother who previously lost her job needed to travel to another city for an immediate interview. I know I should have peed at school before walking the 5 blocks to Adam's grade school, but I didn't so when I got there and went into the office, I was like ready to burst. The secretary was happy to see me because I don't think she liked being tied down to her desk because she couldn't leave Adam alone. I had to pee bad now and asked her if Adam could wait in the office while I went down to the bathroom. I remembered it was just at the end of the main hall. She said OK but not to spend too long. I got to the door of the girls room and found a "closed for cleaning" sign on it and a note for the plumber to report to the office. I was ready to start splashing, if you know what I mean, so I quickly walked about five steps to the right and dodged into the boys room. There were like 6 urinals and 4 stalls. Each of the stalls was doorless. I rejected each of the first 3 because there was a lot of urine on the seat and I knew I had no choice but to use the one fartheest back and closest to the wall. As I turned into it I noticed that there was a full bowl of shit that needed to be flushed (which I did) and because the bowl was so full, I figured several boys contributed to it. I took some toilet paper and wiped the seat off and dropped my jeans and underwear to the floor and before my butt touched the seat, my pee was already flowing at a pretty good level. I looked down between my legs on saw my shoes were in a puddle of pee and as I moved them wider I noticed they were somewhat sticking to the floor. At that point Adam came around the corner and was surpised to see my sitting there. He backed up said he had to poop, and placed himself on the stool next to mine. I could see his feet dangling from the stool because he isn't that tall yet so they don't quite reach the floor. I was amazed that within 10 or 15 seconds I was hearing droppings hit the water. I quickly wiped and flushed, and then got to his stall just as he discovered there was no toilet paper on his roll. I handed him about three sheets from my stall and watched as he stood to wipe. I could see there were like 3 balls of crap floating on top of the water in the bowl. While I didn't like him sitting directly in the urine on the seat, he said it was his favorite toilet. I wasn't about to argue with him.

Despo girl
Hey im 14 and this is my first post for toiletstool

I was at school during my last period when a urge hit me to poo and when i need to poo i need to poo right away but all the toilets were locked after school and my teachers a right bitch so she wouldn't let me go so i had to walk home needing a poo.

I met my friend (a girl) after school and we walked home together she asked if i was ok and i said yeah im fine she said want to come round mine? i said yeah ok because i knew it was closer and i can poo in any toilet so half way i farted but it wasn't enough to poo myself. I laughed it off and my friend said u dirty girl and laughed. I farted a few more times silently and it let off some steam which was good. when we got to my friends house and got through the door we went upstairs to her room which was an en suite and she said I'm just going the loo make yourself comfertable. I got worried and asked what for? she said to use the toilet. I said i know what for. she said um.... she doesn't like saying wee or poo so she just said come in with me and ull find out. I said ok we walked in she pulled her skirt up (yes we wear skirts to school sexy huh) and pulled her knickers down and started peeing shes said that feels great. By now i was bursting for a poo and i held my bum shes noticed and she said are you ok did u hit ur bum and i said not really and she said then whats wrong and i said i need the loo and she said for how long and i said since we left school and shes like why didn't u say and i said cos i was too scared and she said well how much do u need to go now and i said alot and i said how long have u needed it she said since school aswell (shes still peeing) and i said just a pee and she said um yeah im like good how much longer u gonna be and she said im done im not gonna flush and i started to pull down my underwear and pull up my skirt and she got up and i sat my fat bum on the loo (im a chubby girl around 8 stone and im 5 ft 4) and she was like what u going for and i said im pooing and then i got comfertable and farted a wet fart and dropped 6 big turds and it smelt really bad she said eww it smells bad in here u really needed that. im like oh yeah and pooed a 1 footer and i was done and farted one more time for good luck. i wiped twice and the tp was really covered and i managed to get a little bit of poo on my hand that smelled really bad. I managed to flush it all in two flushes and the toilet wasn't blocked me and my friend hugged and i said thanks alot for this and shes like oh it was fun.

Question for Blissy

Hey Blissy u seem to get the shits alot and i have done on occasion because im quite fat so if you can tell me how much you weigh and what u eat i could be able to tell u how to prevent it and keep posting they are great.

Ill post again sometime i usually have memorable poos once a week so happy pooing peace out....

Upstate Dave
Windows XP Home my wife and I have peed together using the toilet in different positions. It depended on the time and the way we dressed or not.:-) If we were both nude we would stand with my wife standing straddling the toilet and I would stand facing her. That also made it easy for her to hold me too.

When we sat on the seat together most of the time it would be me sitting and she would sit on my thighs and we would both go. (Good way of getting a warm shower!) Other times she would sit with her back to me sitting on my lap. Or we would just take turns standing or siting. Even if we were outside we would go together a lot. She would hold me more outside then inside. Didn't have to worry about aiming! I liked it best when she would sit down on my knees as I sat down and I would see her nice butt and I could look right over her shoulder and watch her stream flow! She was not only girl that I have known that would pee this way with me. What i also like is when a girls stream hisses when she goes. The louder and longer the better!

meliisa, could you please elaborate on the rest of your story...i know that i, as well as many others would want to hear the details of the rest of your night, with diarrhea. but, i hope you feel better.

peeguy, i`ve peed in a cup a countless number of times, mostly in my room, though i did have to pee for the doctors once (don`t remember why). but, the doctor asked me to pee in the cup, and, i went to the bathroom, unzipped, and peed away. i didn`t really think it was weird, because, since i already knew they occasionally ask for pee samples, it just felt more like, procedure.

Keith D
To the anonymous outdoor pooper: I also like to poop outdoors whenever I get the chance. It is such a liberating feeling going out there. I also find that my poop comes out much easier in a squatting position. But I would hate to be caught pooping. I always go a way off the trails. But I don't think you are alone in wanting people to see you

There are some woods near where I'm staying that I often walk the trails in. I have noticed that behind some trees there are little piles of tp. I've noticed that the tp is always folded in neat little squares and are always white so I figure that they are from women wiping after peeing. Have noticed a few strange things though. The piles of tp seem unusual. The pieces are all folded exactly the same way. So I take it they are all done by the same girl. But the tp all looks like it has been lying out there for different amounts of time. Some sheets are fresh, some are faded and yellowed, others a just a mash of weathered pulp on the ground. Obviously, she keeps coming back to visit these spots over and over again, quite regularly. So it's not like someone was walking through and got caught short, she makes a habit of going out there.

The other weird thing is that all of these spots are behind trees but within a few feet of the main trail, and within plain sight. Like, the tree would barely hide any of her body. It seems she is quite the exhibitionist.

haha i have been having some interesting encounters with my fiance...i don't have much time so i'll be brief. he's 17, 6'4" and about 270 pounds. a few weeks ago i was taking a shower and he came in, said he needed to use the bathroom, and took a massive smelly shit. last week, he woke up, got out of bed and farted a loud FOO and yelped OW as he waddled to the bathroom. yesterday, he was in the kitchen making food when he suddenly trotted to the bathroom...he later told me he was holding in a nasty fart and took a huge dump.

Poop Troubles
Hi all;
Earlier today I had some cramps along with some pooping. The thing is, in some of my poops I could see something resembling a corn kernel. I haven't eaten corn for months, so I'm pretty confused as to what that yellow stuff was!oes anyone know? Thanks!

I did a poo at my friends house yesterday the olny thing was it was in my pants. I'd been sick with the runs for the past two day but I decited to go to my friends house anyway. We had a sleepover it was me and to friends we did the tipical things girls do at sleepovers we stayed up late and ate junk food but then i started to feel the urge to use the bathroom and my friends must have known this because when I got up to go one of them ran and shut the door and the other started tickling me then the other one joined her I told them to stop because I was going to poop my pants but they just kept doing it and all of a sudden I stoped got this werid look on my face as I shit my pants. I was wearing white pants with a pink thong so they could both see that i shit my pants. They just set there and made fun of me and would say things like did the little girl poop her pants I wwas so mad I went home. that is not the olny time i've pooped my pants or people I know have pooped their pants I will post more of those later I will also post when I get revenge and make my two friends shit themselves

Hi everybody. G-Man here. I enjoy reading all of the posts, I have been lurking here for a while and have posted a couple of times, the most recent telling my story about my date with "Diarrhea Diana". Well, I'd like to tell you a little about me. I'm a 40 year old man from New Jersey, separated and close to being divorced. I have great interest in women pooping but no interest in other men pooping. I have no "regular" pooping routine, just whenever and wherever the need arises, my poops are small compared to some that I read about here. It seems to take forever to get my ass totally clean, I know that I could improve my diet. I am slender and in good shape but I know I should eat more fruits and ????. I rarely get diarrhea and sometimes get slightly constipated but it works its way out quickly. Once in a great while I will have one of those shits that comes on fast and furious, where there is little time to find a toilet. I have had a few accidents in the past which I will tell you about in future posts, one comes to mind in which I let go as I was pulling down my pants to get on the toilet. I am a HVAC/R technician so I am on the road with my work, being at many different facilities, so I have used many different types of bathrooms. I prefer single-occupancy mens' or unisex, but I take what I can get. It's nice when there is a sink next to the toilet where I can wet a paper towel with warm water and clean my ass real good, this rarely happens so usually I have to use a lot of toilet paper. I get the occasional bacon strips in my boxers, usually from farting a lot, but usually I manage to stay pretty clean. I hope to find a girlfriend soon, and hopefully can share peeing and pooping together. I'll post more stories later, but I just wanted sort of introduce myself. Talk to you soon. G-Man

My mother-in-law visited today, whilst at our home she used the bathroom. My wife was in the garden, I was in the front room watching T.V.
After she had been in the bathroom for a minute I heard her drop what sounded like a brick into the toilet - Spuudunk! this was followed by 3 vigorous flushes, then she came out filled a bucket up with water, chucking its contents down with the flush.
Later after she had left my house I thought I had better check the sewer manhole cover for any blockage.
There to my horror was a huge fat turd the size of your fore-arm.
I then went inside and filled the bucket up with water chucking it into the toilet as I flushed the toilet. I did this 3 times for good measure.
I went back outside to check it had gone, and it had barely moved! Faced with this dillema I had no choice other than to chop it up with a long stick. It was really heavy and clay like, I had to chop it up into 6 pieces. After repeating the bucket chasers it finally started to move into the main sewer pipe!
I have heard from my wife that her mother has had this problem all her life, and generally only shits once a week, and trys to always use public toilets to avoid embarassment at home.

Another group of guys with shy bowels at the swap meet/flea market today. I walked into the restroom and saw a line of about 10 guys waiting for one of the 6 toilet stalls. I walked past them and saw that sure enough, the stall with the shower curtain instead of a door was empty. Maybe it had something to do with the curtain being shredded, giving no privacy at all. It used to be just torn before.

I went to get some wet paper towels and came back to the stall, seeing it still unoccupied. I put the seat down, wiped it, and pulled down my pants and briefs. Striped briefs today. I unloaded pretty quickly, glancing up on occasion. There were still 2 guys in front of my stall, both looking at the other stalls to open up. I finished up and took a leak. I grabbed some paper, folded it and wiped from between my legs. I did it a few times. Seems the best way to get clean. Then I used the wet paper towels to finish up the job, once from the front, the other 2 times, from behind, while standing. There were a lot of guys walking back and forth this whole time. Probably about 20 or so.

I was standing already, so I turned towards the toilet and flushed. I pulled up my briefs and adjusted them, then up came the pants. A pretty quick dump, maybe 5 minutes.I lifted the seat before I left the stall because some guys will piss all over it. I washed up, and walked past the stall again on my way out. Someone was taking a leak in it.

To Ted, I'm glad you enjoyed the stories and here's the answers to your questions. I don't know if my brothers ever had any accidents but I know my sister had a few although as far as I know my mom never knew about them. I will admit to a few also with one of them happening in my mom's presence. What was ironic about it was that she partly was to blame for me having the accident then got mad at me and essentially accused me of doing it on purpose. My stomach was feeling very bad at dinner one night and I could tell I had diarrhea and needed to poop. My mom viewed dinner time as "family time" and we weren't allowed to leave the table until everyone was finished eating. I was done then sat there fidgeting waiting for the others to finish. I finally realized I couldn't wait any longer and excused myself as I hurriedly left the table. My mom followed me out of the dining room then stopped me and asked why I "left the table in that manner". I probably shouldn't have stopped but I did and told her I needed to go to the bathroom. By then it was too late and before my mom said another word a couple farts came out followed by a large amount of diarrhea. My mom heard it and said "did you just poop your pants?" I was really embarrassed and told her I'd only farted. She replied "that didn't sound like a fart and it certainly doesn't smell like a fart". I'm not sure if she was mad because I lied to her or because I'd pooped my pants or both? No matter which, she scolded me then accused me of doing it on purpose because "seventeen year olds don't have accidents in their pants". I really had to bite my lip to not say anything.

Although my siblings and I would occasionally make some funny comments about my mom behind her back, we made sure she never heard us say anything. And you are correct, I don't think my dad was too fond of my moms accidents. I doubt that he knew about all of them, probably only the ones that happened when he was around. A lot of them would be during the day when he was at work and even though my mom confided them in me, I don't think she would tell him.

Since you said you would be interested in hearing more stories, here is one of the incidents that really makes me wonder if she may have liked having poop accidents in her pants. We lived in a small town and the downtown area was within walking distance from our house. One Saturday morning my mom and I went shopping together. Most of the stores were small and had no public restrooms. We had been shopping for a few hours and as we started walking towards home my mom made her usual comment about the Ex-lax working and we needed to hurry. We began walking at a faster pace and after about two blocks my mom said she couldn't hold it much longer. We were still about three blocks from our house and as my mom started walking even faster, I told her I would see her at home then slowed down to a normal pace. I watched my mom walking rapidly and getting farther ahead of me for the next few minutes then she stopped. I didn't know for certain at that instant but I was pretty sure that she stopped because she was pooping her pants. After a few seconds she started walking again but at a much slower pace and in a very short time I caught up to her. My mom very seldom wore pants in public and on that morning she was wearing a skirt so as I approached her I couldn't tell from looking if she had pooped but when I got close to her the smell made it obvious that she had. She had a funny look on her face and I asked if she was okay. She shook her head "no" then said "I couldn't hold my BM and once I started going I couldn't stop. I think I made a big mess in my girdle". I didn't know what to say except "well, it was just an accident". She agreed and neither of us said another word for the rest of the walk home. When we got to the house my little brother asked about lunch and my dad commented he was hungry also. My mom said she would make them sandwiches which I assumed she meant after cleaning up the mess in her pants. Instead she went into the kitchen and fixed them lunch which seemed a little odd to me. I went upstairs to my room and it was almost fifteen minutes before my mom finally came upstairs and went into the bathroom. She was in there for about ten minutes during which no water was ran and no toilet flushed. I have no idea what she was doing in there? When she came back out she was still fully dressed, went to their bedroom where I heard her open a drawer (I assume to get clean underwear) then went back into the bathroom. Shortly after that I finally heard the toilet flushing and water running and I knew she was cleaning up. From the time she had pooped until the time she finally cleaned up was about forty minutes. I can't imagine pooping my pants then wearing my messy underwear for forty minutes especially if I could have cleaned up after fifteen minutes? I may have read too much into the incident but after that I really did start to wonder if she actually enjoyed having BM's in her pants and maybe even had "accidents" on purpose sometimes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pee guy
Hi all
I was wondering if any one would share about peeing in a cup. Particlary at the doctors. I would wonder if the first time you did it did someone help you? What did they and you do? Did you think it was wried to pee for the doctor? Also did you always do it in the bathroom? What if you didn't have to pee did they tell you to try to go?

Thanks. I really like to hear about peeing

petite pooper
to MarkEMark: I took your advice, but it hasn't provided enough relief, I eat all bran cereal, drink the all bran drink mix, and I eat the bars they make, nothing helps..I'm soo constipated. I poop several small pebbles throughout the week, but that's it. It's seriously been over 2 months since I've had a full solid bowel movement.
To Troy: (back when I dated men, btw,If you don't know I'm a lesbian, I had an ex named troy lol)
Anyways, enemas only work when you are not soo far constipated. I have had several experiences with enemas. My most recent was this past sunday. I was preparing for the week, midterms and work and such. I have frequent constipation on a daily regular basis. I always feel the need to poop but never can. So I tried to poop for a while on my own, but it gets too painful straining, plus I don't want to get hemorriods. I took a fleet enema, a saline laxative solution. Instantly, I "peed" out of my butt a brown liquid, from the saline watery solution. It comes out like a stream of pee. Then a huge hard black odorless poop slid ever soo slowly out of my butt. I was sore after that. The next day, I went work, and all day I keep having to poop. My stomach kept gurgling and rumbling, and I kept having really loud messy poops, almost like diarrhea. It stopped by that evening, and I took my midterms. That was almost 6 days ago. I have an appointment tos ee a doctor next week about my constipation. It's soo bad now, my stomach is swollen. I can barely wait, I need the relief.

Gruntly Bogwell
MRS USER - If you ever find yourself on a toilet with a broken handle and a need to flush away your leavings...simply take the top off the tank behind you and pull the chain attached to the stopper. You may have to reach into the water to retrieve it but the tank water will flood the bowl carrying away your "embarrassment." Replace the top to the tank, wash your hands and go on your way...your choice to report the broken handle or let the next "victim."

GILLIAN - found a few of my former posts for you. Pages 845, 834, 829 are OK, but 637 and 621 are substantial. Ohhh...for the good old days with Carmalita and the gang...remember Up State Dave?

To Bob: Yes, I once tried to poop standing. I had been discussing my friend's love problems late at night and I was staying in a hotel as her parents didn't like me very much but were very strict with her, so she couldn't come to my hotel even though she's female and so am I.

Late at night (her curfew was midnight, even though she was in her 20s!) we parted and I went to my hotel in Hiroshima. I had gradually been feeling the urge in my bottom.... My bathroom had a very large mirror behind the toilet, covering a whole wall. Suddenly I wondered what it would be like to poo standing, observing my butt in the mirror. So I took off all my clothes and positioned myself. I weed first,

Sorry, better start again, I pressed the wrong button. Here is my answer to you Bob. I don't know if my unfinished post will be there so I'm starting all over again.

I was in Hiroshima and had a friend there who is Korean. We discussed her love problems until late at night. Then she had to go home as her parents are very strict and imposed a curfew on her even though she was adult (she's in her 20s) while I went to my hotel (I don't live in Hiroshima). Her parents don't like me and wouldn't let me stay in her home, though I'm female too.

Towards the end of our talk I had been feeling a sensation in my bottom and when I entered my hotel room my first thought was, wee and poop. My bathroom had a huge mirror behind the toilet. It covered a whole wall, taking in not only toilet but also washbasin. I suddenly though I would try to pee and poo standing. I took off all my clothes and positiooned myself.

My pee all went into the bowl! I was a bit surprised. The I craned my neck round so that I could see my bottom (everyone says it's a delectable bottom, so I like it too). The urge was strong now and I knew the poo would be soft.

My bottom opened and a large soft light brown poo came out. I held it back a bit as I didn't want it to come out too fast. If I don't hold back, my poo comes out in a stream, OK when I'm sitting on the toilet but a bit boring if I'm standing watching myself in the mirror. Well, it splashed into the toilet and a second one appeared. That one splashed into the loo also.

And another, and another. I continued to hold back. Poo after poo dropped out of my bottom. I began to wish I'd counted! At one point I flushed, holding back furiously as I didn't want poo to drop into swirling waters; then I started again and counted 9. They looked very large in the mirror. But in the loo, they looked smaller....

After those 9, I sat down as I knew I only had small pieces left and they tend to come out erratically, I wasn't taking any chances in a hotel. I spent the next 10 minutes reliving the experience while removing the last little pieces (of which several) and small amounts of wee.

Well this is how I remember it, Bob. It happened several years ago and I haven't tried it since. Doing it with a boyfriend in the woods is impossible in this country. I'm older now but my bottom is still quite nicely shaped. I feel tempted.... In which country do you live, Bob?

hey i'm 19/m some ppl describe me as "emo", but i think i'm more the originl emo sort of goth, not like all the poser kids (b/c i did it before it was cool). anyway....

thought i'd post about what happened to me one day.

i was at an outdoor fleamarket type thing. I was wearing black leather pants, goth boots, black shirt and long black trench coat. i needed to pee really bad. i like to go where ppl are around but don't know what i'm doing. besides, i couldn't find the bathroom, not really sure if there was one. so i zipped up my coat and put my hands in my pockets. through my pockets i unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out. i squatted down like i was looking at something and spread my feet apart. i stretched my coat out with my hands still in my pockets so i wouldn't pee on it. i started peeing. it went on and on, but no one really paid attention. it felt so good to final;ly get some releif. when i was done, i shook my legs since i couldn't really shake my penis without exposing it or being obvious. as i stood up i kind of did a hip thrust to get my penis to fall back into my pants as i walked away, i looked back at the huge puddle i left on the dirt

Hi Everyone-
I'd like to share a story with everyone on the boards about a recent accident I had while staying at a hotel. I go on business trips often and of course it requires being in a hotel for days at a time. It also means that I have to eat out a lot. One night for dinner some of my collegues and myself went to an Italian restaurant that was recommended by the desk clerk. So we go enjoy dinner, and go back to hotel so everyone can get ready for the next morning of meetings. About 2 hours or so after being back in the hotel room (I had a room to myself), I started having stomach pains. I popped some Tums, and laid down on the bed hoping it would pass. I'm not sure how much time went by, but I decided to get up because I thought it was gas and I needed to move around. A few farts did come out, but I realized that I had to poop. I went into the bathroom, closed the door, and sat on the bowl. A few more farts came out but nothing else. I go lay back down on the bed, and figure my stomach ache will pass. I fell asleep for a little while, but I woke up farting. Usually I would find this hysterical, but wet poop was coming out each time I farted into my panties. I got up and made my way into the bathrom. As soon as I sat down on the bowl I let out a huge fart, and it was followed with the wettest and messiest poop I've ever taken. The inside of the bowl was competely covered in wet poop, it was under the toilet seat and it splattered against my butt. When I was done I cleaned up, but another round of stomach pains hit. While I was drying off in the room I let another fart which results in more wet poop. This time it was down my leg and on the floor. It was so gross and I didn't have anything in the room to clean up the floor. To make my story a bit shorter, the wet poop lasted for most of the night. I ended up with poop splattered in the bathroom, on the bed, and bits on the floor. I was so embarrassed when the maid in the next day to straighten up the room!

SUSAN: Great work! Not only did you call him back but you told him why you took so long. Next time pooing will be easier for both of you.
BLACK FLAME: Public toilets are important to me. I cannot hold my pee that fact not very long at all. As for shitting I suffer with constipation so it is important to go when the urge arises. Also with laxatives you never know when they will work and how often they will work. All this aside, my bowels at the best of time do not open on command or often not first thing in the am.

Now back from the story a couple of days ago...I took my laxative early in the morning. I had a sit on the throne before leaving for work but it was too big and too hard. By the time I was getting closer to work the urge hit big time. It hit with the need to fart...I lifted my bum off the car seat to expel gas but quickly tightened my hole because i felt watery crap about to exit. I deviated to my public toilets and took the first unisex cubicle...dropped my pants and undies...relaxed down under and gave a bit of a push......I sure needed that laxative....I pushed out (easy) some turds...four or five of big sizes and they went plop, plop etc..and then a gush of soft serve and I had a quite sit for several minutes. I had another gush of runny poo...wiped and left. That day at work I went another 4 times but did not take long on each occasion. I like the public toilet on the way to work because I can have a good sit if needs be..a really good grunt etc and I can really stink things up. Also when I do get to work or a customer I do not have to go running for the toilet.
The public toilets i use are unisex, there are four cubicles...they are on a nice park by the water, they are quiet, light and airy and clean with plenty of toilet paper. I find I can have a really relaxing shit there...mind you I can shit just about anywhere!

Mr. Clogs
Small town girl: Hey there like your post, I wish you the best with you and asking your boyfriend to watch him go to the bathroom. I guess your mom and I have something in common, I practically live in the bathroom as well. I liked how you had to use the cups as a convenient toilet. I poop in cups as well and just wondering of you do or just that one time when your mother is in the bathroom. Happy pooping and peeing to you.

Marge: Yes I have on a few occasions, I actually feel empty when I do take a dump in the shower. When I take a dump in the shower, I like to have the water running to muffle the sound and so I can stomp down the poop so it can wash down the drain.

Anon Female: Hey there, nice post we all feel your pain.

Renee': Thanks for your post.

Take care.

Mr. Clogs.

it's been a while since my last post, i've been taking the same dumps as before, soft serve and mush. but i had a massive accident in my panties while on a car ride to my grandparents.

my family and i were driving down to virginia to see my grandparents that live by the beach. we left at around 2am so we could get there in the morning. it was around 6am and we were driving through the mountains (which was beautiful, especially because there was fog at the base of the mountains). there were no rest stops for at least 30 miles, there was nothing but road and other cars. i had packed a leftover chipotle burrito to eat on the way, i had eaten it about 2 hours before and it was sloshing around in my stomach, i could actually hear my stomach sloshing because my brother and mom were asleep, and my dad was listening to his ipod. so i sat in silence looking at the view with my now cramping stomach that was gurgling as if you filled a blender with mud and turned it on low. i could feel this gurgly feeling move through my body. i dropped into my bowels pretty quickly and my ass started feeling like it was swelling up with poo.

i tapped on my dad's shoulder and asked him if he could stop soon so i could use the bathroom. he said there wasn't a rest stop for about 25 more miles and asked me if i would make it. i told him i'd try. now picture me sitting there. a fourteen year old girl in a cramped car with both her hands on her stomach with the facil expression someone would get if someone kick them in the ass and punched them in the stomach at the same time. my dad went back to listening to his ipod. as soon as he did this wet drippy fart came out, luckily it didn't smell for some odd reason, but i could definatly feel greasy poo betwenn my buttcheeks. this was not a good sign. i didn't want to ruin my boy short panties and tight brown pants.

about 5 minutes after the fart the rest stop was in sight, which was good because the poo was literally pushing on my butthole. i now had both of my hands pressing my buttcheeks together. my dad pulled over into the small parking lot. my brother and mom woke up and got out along with my dad. they all went over to get a better view of the mountains. so while they were busy i made this awkward process of getting out of the car. i hopped over to the bathrooms with both hands pressed on my butthole. i had to stop and press my butt against a rail as i opened the soon as i walked into the empty bathroom i lost it. a gianormous wet bubbly fart ripped out then a big soft log flowed out which was so big i actually felt my panties burst under all the pressure. this all sounded like BLPBLPBLP FLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP. after that log literally blasted out a big wave of runny poo covered the big soft pile in my pants there was a pause which gave me time to waddle over to the toilet and pull down my pants which a bunch of poo fell out and splattered on the floor, i took my pants completely off and laid them by the toilet (it was a single toilet bathroom).

now here's when things got crazy. i took my destroyed panties and threw them away. i got a loud gurgle in my ass and runny poo exploded all over the place. on the walls, floor, toilet, everywhere. but luckily the tp was safe. i ran over to the toilet and slammed my ass down which sounded like a bunch of silicon rubber smacking the toilet seat. followed by the biggest crap explosion EVER.

FLPFLPFLFPLffffPRRRttttPLLPPPLPLPPPplplpffftttLPLOPLOPLOP. the mushy diarrhea was so explosive that both diarrhea and water covered my ass. i had just one wave of chunky mush after the explosion, but it lasted for 8 minutes non-stop, im not kidding, i actually timed myself. i got off the crap covered toilet and looked at my ass in the mirror, there was a big brown stain the color of #901 on the ToCWM, on my ass. except it was the shape and size of the hole in the toilet seat. i just pulled off some paper towels and began cleaning the big poo stain on my butt cheeks and thighs. it took about 12 paper towels to get it clea, including ones i wet with water and soap to fully clean all of it off.

i walked over to the tp and began wiping my hole and buttcrack. it took 15 wipes to get clean. i just left the toilet how it was. i washed out the crap from my pants. i walked out of the now poo covered bathroom without any panties. luckily my parents and brother went to go get some snacks inside the tourist center. so i could run to the car and spray my ass with some perfume so my pants wouldn't smell like crap.

i was fine the rest of the journey. but, as soonas we got to our grandparents house i just went to the bathroom and had diarrhea for an hour.

happy pooping ;)

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Upstate Dave - Hi, You said "Even before I was married my future wife and we peed together in the bathroom. I have now been married for almost 33 years and we still pee together."
Just curious and hopefully I'm not being nosy, but I just got married in 2008 and in Feb it marked our 1st Year Anniversary. Now I LOVE to see my wife sitting on the toilet and even better I love to see her "waterfall" when I don't have to go. Also we pee together as well and was curious of how you and your wife pee together. The way me and my wife do it is she opens her legs and I slip myself down in the space between her and the front of the toilet seat and we pee together. (Don't worry - She's far back enough that I can't hit her bull's eye if you know what I mean). Is this the way you and your wife pee together? If not could you tell me how if that's OK with you?

Also I have found she doesn't like hearing me pee if I'm on the phone with her but I love hearing her especially the toilet flushing after wards. But surprisingly enough she doesn't like to hold me when I have to pee and she doesn't have to pee. I don't know why (thought all girls loved to hold their b/f or their fiancee or their husband's).

Also she gets tired of things Very easily and I hope she doesn't stop us from peeing together - I really LOVE it b/c its only something two people really close can do together. Maybe b/c she's Traditional Chinese and raised in the traditional way of thinking - I have no idea. She's not open minded like the United States and a great deal of the world. (not to hurt anyone here or anywhere else by that last statement - If I did offend I Sincerely Apologize to Everyone who I Offended in advance). So what do I do? Am I just going to have to forget having my wife aim me? How would I bring it up so she doesn't get upset? Any and ALL help is Greatly Appreciated! Thanks Upstate Dave and Everyone Here!

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