Last week I was babysitting one of my mum's friend's daughter, Elizabeth. I took her to the park, I had to use the bathroom but for some reason I decided not too. So anyway we were just playing in the park, and I had this sudden urge to go. I thought I could control it, and for the next hour I did a pretty good job at that. After a while the pressure eased up a bit also. So we were just sitting and talking and i'm just like i have to go. I feel like I'm going to explode. My stomach was making weird noises, and i really really HAD to go. A minute longer and i'd shit in my pants. I quickly grabbed Lizzie's arm and walked slowly toward this guy, with my butt clenched and face red. AND GUESS WHAT THERE'S NO BATH ROMM THERE! i'm just like what the shit, and there were a few restraunts but like 5-7 minutes away. Well I could not risk shitting myself so we walked. I tried walking really fast but when it started getting worse I started taking little baby steps.Lizzie's just like what's wrong wrong with you. We'd walked for quite long but the nearest place was still 4 minutes away. I was terrified, I could feel a bit leak into my undies. It was nasty. I started walking weirdly, and then a bit more diaria leaked out, I could feel it going through my leg holes. I'm farting while walking and just when I feel i'm about to explode we got to a tiny diner kind of thing. I'm not a fan of public bathrooms but the place didn't seem to dirty, so there I am walking weirdly towards the bathroom. Well, it was just a one room so I had to take Lizzie in, incase she might wander off or something. I'm thinking of the best way to sit without exploding, after a few seconds I take of my pants and sit. And then Lizzie in her LOUDEST voice " EWWWWWWWW, Amy why do you have poop in you panties". I'd completely forgotten she was there. I'm pooping like crazy, for 15 minutes and she wouldn't stop whining LOUDLY about how stinky it's getting. I'm just like shuuuuuuutup and again she's like you pooped in your pants. Quietly,while relieving myself(it's been like 20 minutes) i'm explaining it was a mistake and she won't shutup about it. IT WAS SO EMBARASSING, no doubt every single person heard me. And to top it off, the toilet paper was almost finishing. There's a brown stream going down my legs. It was TOO gross. Finally after cleaning myself up, and due to the lack of toilet paper i didn't do a good job at that we walked out. The stench was horrible. I was not carrying any perfume, and I smeelled like crap, so did the whole place.

Needless, to say I never went there again!
and Lizzie told the whole world about it also, but ThankGod everyone thought she was lying.

The Governor
No, I'm not, but it is a name which I'll use to talk about an experience I'm going through which I have not see written about here.

I'm a male in his early 60's who has had to deal with my prostate swelling up and blocking my urethra (the tube from the bladder to the penis); in other words, I could not pee; my bladder kept filling up but I could not empty it. Fortunately this happened on a weekday when I could visit my urologist. He inserted a catheter and I have had it installed for several weeks now. I can assure you that the discomfort of a bladder filled beyond reason which can NOT be emptied is terrible, and the pleasure of feeling that pressure being released when the catheter has been inserted and reached the bladder is wonderful.

This had happened several years ago when I had to go to the emergency room of the local hospital to have the catheter (a Foley, the brand name of the universally used catheters) inserted. My experience is that my urologist's insertion of a catheter is vastly less uncomfortable than the emergency room "girls", primarily because my urologist uses a
numbing cream (lidocaine?) during the insertion so there is little pain. My perception is that the ER girls just jammed the thing into my cock; there was bleeding and it hurt like H*ll! The only good thing about the experience is that the girls were gorgeous and, all other things being equal, it is much more pleasant to have some lovely women jamming a catheter up your cock than a middle aged male urologist. But all things are not equal, and the care and experience of the urologist made it a vastly less unpleasant experience.

So I have been living with a catheter for several weeks. The tube goes up my cock into my bladder. It is "locked" in this location because once inserted, the tip of the catheter which is inside the bladder is expanded to form a bubble which prevents it from slipping out. The tube leaves the penis and is attached to a plastic bag where the urine is collected. The bag is attached to your left or right leg by elastic straps. Periodically, depending on how much urine is produced, the bag is emptied. This is accomplished by the use of an outlet controlled by a little plastic faucet at the bottom of the bag. You rotate the faucet and the bag empties out of the faucet; you rotate the faucet back and it closes.

During the day you completely forget that you have a catheter. You never "need" to pee. Urine comes into your bladder and without your knowing it flows into the bag. On occasion you reach down and notice that the bag is no longer empty so you go to the bathroom, lift the leg of your trousers to gain access to the plastic faucet, make sure it is aiming into the toilet, and empty it. This can be done in a public toilet with no difficulty or fear of observation.

At night I need to sleep on my back. I don't know how others deal with this but that is what I do. During the night I'm shocked by how much urine I produce. I can't believe that anyone could hold this much urine in their bladder during the night. Two or three times a night I wake up (thankfully) and notice that the bag is completely filled (I estimate that it holds a pint or pint and a half).

I have to choose to wear pants which hide the bag from any casual observer. I choose loose fitting corduroy pants. One problem I experience now and then is "chafing". By that I mean the rubbing of my pants against the head of my penis while I walk. Never before have I so wished that I were not circumcised; that foreskin would provide a welcome protection against the rubbing of my pants against the very sensitive head of my penis, which is forced to "stick out" because of the catheter tube inserted into it. I've found that loose fitting nylon or silk boxer shorts are better than tight fitting briefs, but everyone will have to make their own decisions.

Another irritation is during the emptying of my bag. When the bag is very full and I open up the faucet, the flow of urine is quite heavy (more than I can pee myself even when filled and completely relaxed). During this emptying as the bag is collapsing, I sometimes get sharp pains inside my bladder (that is my perception; I can't be certain that is where the pain comes from). I have come to believe that this pain comes from the reduction in pressure inside the bag causing a "sucking" pressure up my urethra into my bladder. It is as if someone took the catheter and sucked on it like a straw. It would cause the bladder to collapse like a balloon. The pain comes from (in my non-medical judgment) the bladder being collapsed beyond what is normal. I'll have to ask my urologist about that.

For a period of time my prostate was bleeding, and the blood went back into my bladder and so the urine collected in the bag was clearly colored from the blood. Fortunately that only lasted a short period of time. I am hopeful that the drugs my doctor has prescribed will shrink the prostate and prevent such events in the future. I have been surprised how easy it is to live with a catheter, but I don't want to have to do it ever again. For one thing it is like wearing a chastity belt. Sex is impossible. I'm not even sure whether an erection would not cause problems. I very much look forward to removing this device which is scheduled in a bit over a week!
The Gov

I have kind of an interesting habit that I felt I should post about on this site. I try to have as many of my bowel movements as I can while I'm outdoors. When I first feel the urge I can usually hold it in as for as much as two hours. So, when the urge to have a bm comes and the weather is nice, I'll go hiking in the hills nearby my house. There are a lot of different trails, many of which pass through wooded areas.

I know from past experiences which roads are traveled the most heavily, so I purposely go to those, and walk the trail for a bit. I'll usually walk a little off the trail behind some trees. I like to have cover so anybody hiking by can't see my BM, but they know what I'm doing. I guess you could say I'm an exhibitionist.

My most memorable experience was last May. I felt the urge in my intestines telling me a BM was near, so I set out. When I found a good spot, I took off my bottoms and squatted behind some dense shrubbery. I held it in, not wanting to go yet, although I knew I could only hold it about 15 minutes more. I waited, hoping some one would come by and see me, but nobody came.

Finally I surrendered to the urge and began having my BM. The first log came slowly, curling out of my tender butthole, all the while I was spraying forth a hissing stream of pee from my lady parts. The log had emerged out about eight inches long, when a couple came walking by and saw me. I acted embarrassed, apologizing, and explaining I just couldn't hold it any longer. They said it was alright, and seeing me made them have to go as well. He asked if they could go next to me... I hesitated a bit and agreed, even though the idea absolutely thrilled me.

The lady took off her bottoms, while my first log broke off. By now I had finished peeing, so I wiped my front once, tossed the paper on the ground, and went back to my BM. The lady peed only a little bit, wiped once and tossed her paper with mine. While she was peeing, another log emerged from my butthole, working my muscles with every inch that came out. This second log was thicker than the first one, and it was coming out just as slow. The lady pulled her pants up, and her husband came over, took his man parts out and peed. My log was three or four inches out, and it broke off, lying next to my first one. The man finished peeing, put his stuff back in his pants, and remarked that I must have really had to go. I blushed a little and said that I had been holding it for a while, looking for a real toilet.

I still felt a little more in me, so I waited for a bit, letting off a few dry farts. The man started walking off, when the lady felt her stomach and told him she needed to do a #2. They went off looking for a toilet facility, and I continued my business. Making nothing but dry farts, I still felt full, so I wanted to stay. After some time, I had another log come out, same thickness as the first one, but only two inches long. I was totally emptied out now, so I began wiping. As I was reaching for the toilet paper roll, I heard the same man and lady come back, the lady saying she really needed to go #2, and she couldn't believe there were no toilets.

I put the toilet paper roll back in my pack, so I'd have to open my pack to get it. When the couple came back, I was in the middle of my second wipe. The lady took off her bottoms again and squatted next to me. I wiped three more times while she was pooping. She had lots of little logs, maybe half-inchers. But she did at least ten of them on the ground next to mine. I finished my last wipe and was putting my pants back on while she was finishing. With my jeans and panties back on, I was ready to continue my hike, but the lady asked if she could use some paper.

I happily handed her the roll, looking away while she wiped. She thanked me for the paper, saying she carried some tissues in her purse, but not enough to wipe after a #2. I told her this is why I always pack toilet paper, because you never know when emergencies will strike. We all said goodbye, and I left, hiking a bit until I was out of sight, then doubling back to my car.

When it comes to public restrooms, consider this: a person's butt touches little other than the inside of their pants over the course of the day. This would likely render a public toilet seat that doesn't appear dirty far cleaner than, say, the door handle of any public building, which is handled by so many people after they've touched God knows what all day. And needless to say, it's *much* cleaner than the consequences of trying to hold it for too long... though those are certainly more interesting to read about!

...Hmm. On second thought, forget what I said. Avoid the nasty bad public restrooms at all costs! You can make it all the way home... *makes dripping noises* :D

Oops I dont know why I put 1970 in last post It should have read 1740 - sorry.
Just to say that I did a poo in my knickers last night, havnt got time to write about it now but will post soon.

Hi, my name is Haylee and I just moved out!

I have always loved pooping in "weird" places. When I was younger I couldn't go in many unusual places because my parents were always home. This left me to only things I could do in the bathroom. I often would poo standing over the toilet, squatting over the tile floor, or sometimes even into the sink while standing next to the counter. I loved, more than any other way, pooping in the tub. This was even better with hard poo.

Now that I live alone I love being able to poo where and when I want in my apartment. I have all hardwood floors so I walk around naked a lot and just poop onto the floor whenever I get the urge, then I just clean up really good. Since I don't do laundry with my family either I get to poop in my panties which is pretty fun.

I tend to only poop unusual places inside, but I do like when I'm "forced" to poop outside when hiking or camping.

Upstate Dave
I'll continiue on with what happened as far as onec Susan Brenda and I were inside at the girls house becuase of the thunderstorm that shortened our outside acrivities that day. Once inside the three of us spent some time in the family room playing games. Then after that Brenda went upastairs just leaving Susan and I down in the basement in the family room.

Durring the time we had been playing games we all had been drinking soda and snacking. I got up now and I went to the small bathroom that was down in the basement. This bathroom had a toilet,sink, and shower only. As I stood at the toilet pissing I noticed that the sink and shower were dripping water. I thought to myself minor problem I can easily fix them.

I finished pissing and went and got a toolbox that belonged to the girls former dad. I also got some rubber washers that were in a jar and brought those and the toolbox into the bathroom. I first took care of the dripping fuacet in the sink. Then I started to work on the shower. In several minutes I had the showerhead off and was looking for a rubber washer in the jar of washers that would fit on the showerhead.

That is when Susan came running into the bathroom. She stopped as soon as she was in front of the toilet. She yanked her shorts and white panties down in one quick hard yank right down to her bare feet. She kicked her shorts off from her feet and then facing the toilet tank she stepped over the toilet so that she was standing over the bowl.

Susan had seen me in the shower and she said to me; Dave watch this! I didn't need any encouragement from Susan to watch her. I was already transfixed on her as she stood there half naked over the toilet. Susan let out a long loud brapping sounding fart which made Susan giggle hard. Then she let another shorter brapping fart. Then she started to piss weakly with her piss stream hitting the water down in the bowl splashing softly.

Since I was standing of to her right side I could not see her piss stream as she went at first. But that was not what had my attention right then. I saw that she was shitting now for her shit became visible for it was now poking past the curve of her asscheek. It was a big fat one too from what I could see of it. It was creeping slowly.

Susan now must have started pushing now for her piss stream became harder for it had moved forward and came into my sight. It had moved far enough outward so it was past her thighs of her legs. It splashed much louder in the water in the toilet. Her shit also picked up a little more speed as Susan bore down pushing. It was angled outward from her asscheeks sticking out from them about six inches.

Susan then had to stop her pushing which her shit stoppd moving and her piss stream slacked right off going back to its weak stream like when she had started. Then Susan sucked in her breath,grunted, and started pushing again. Her piss stream shot right out again hard and her shit started moving also. Susan with holding her breath and this push made her shit move enough so that it had almost doubled its length.

Susan let out a fairly long gasp after she stopped her second push. Her piss stream now had lost just about all its force. She now only must have been dribbling for I saw piss starting to wet and drip from the blunt end of her shit that was hanging in the air. Susans face cheeks were dark pink from her pushing too but soon the dark pinkness of them faded away as she regained her breath.

Susan didn't do any more pushing now. Her shit was creeping out still and started to move faster as what I could see past the edge of her asscheeks it was narrowing. Also too there was a thin steady stream of piss comming off from the end of her shit as it moved lower towards the toilet. Then a few seconds later her shit dropped down into the toilet with a thump as it hit the side of the toilet bowl above the water along with a very slight splash as it fell over into the water. Her piss stream sprang back to life doing one hard short spurt and then it stopped.

Susan turned and rolled off some toilet paper and gave her ass a wipe with it first. She looked at it after wiping and tossed it into the toilet. She rolled off some more and then wiped her asscheeks with it then went around to the front and wiped herself off there. As she wiped her front off she giggled and told me that she got pretty wet all over from her pee. She dropped that wad of ppaer into the toilet rolled of some more paper and wiped more of her crotch off. That was it after that last wad of paper. She was satisfied ad she dropped that final wad and then flushed the toilet.

She stepped back put the seat and lid down and sat down. She picked up her white panties and put them on followed by her shorts. Susan then stood up and asked me what did I think? I smiled and told her that is was something else! Susan giggled and she then ran out of the bathroom leaving me standing there smiling and thinking about what she had done. It took me several minutes to get back in mind to finish with the showerhead. I did take care of it but like I said it took me some time to get it done.

Joanna B
Ok Thunder From Down Under Im coming down under and bringing you back home with me, so I can look after you :) How old are you, and how long have you been having difficulties?? Do you have hemorrhoids too? I cant imagine all the straining you do can be good for your poor little bum

I had an early morning meeting with Clara, one of my colleges. As I've told before, she's one of the people I'd kill to see on the pot. Clara is a gorgeous, fourtyish brunette. I've noticed that she uses the ladies restroom right after her morning cup of coffee, just like me.

This morning, we were talking about some QC issues, and both of us were having the our morning coffee in her office. We got our stuff done, and parted our ways. I walked back to my office, and started to check my email. Soon, a bm hit me, and I started to walk towards the ladies room. A few paces ahead of me, was Clara, walking towards the restroom. She was dressed in a knee length navy blue jacket and a suit ( boy didn't she look sexy !)

I saw her enter the restroom. By now, I was exited and my stomach was fluttering, I knew this might be a bm, and the idea of taking a shit next to her excited me even more.
Once I entered the restroom, she had taken the middle stall, and was unzipping her skirt. I took the first stall, laid some tp on the seat, unzipped my pants and panties and sat down. I heard Clara peeing, and I started to pee too.

Even though I was excited to hear Clara go, I had a strong urge to poop as well ( Yeah Gillian, urge to poop coupled with excitement of listening to someone else makes my bowels moving super fast!.
I had no trouble expelling a couple of medium sized turds, and soon I was done. On the other hand, Clara seemed somewhat slow and hesitant. Then, the silence of the restroom was broken by a "mmh -mmh" and a heavy sigh. apparently clara was grunting and trying to get stuff moving. It was so erotic to listen to her, this lovely lady grunting and sighing on the pot!

Shortly after the grunts and sighs were followed by a long crackling sound which went for like 30 seconds. it sounded as if clara was passing a huge log. it ended with a plop, and I listened intently. There was the sound of toilet paper tearing. I knew she was done. I wiped myself, flushed the toilet and exited the stall. My heart was still beating faster because of excitement. I was washing my hand when Clara's stall opened and she joined me at the sink. I said hi and she replied.

There was a moment of silent and

clara said "you know, morning coffee makes gets me going"

I said me too, I' ll probably run into you another day in the bathroom

I'm looking forward to that, she said, with a lovely smile

I was sooo excited after this conversation, l always thought she was very prim and popper and uptight about her bathroom habits. What did she mean by looking forward for that? does she like listening to me as much i like listening to her? or was she just carrying out conversation?

Totally Tania
Hello everybody. It's Tania. Sorry about not posting much recently, I've been really busy. Anyway, I was at college and sat in my biology lesson. There was around 12 of us in the class and I were sat next to a beautiful young brunette called Olivia. Olivia was wearing really tight blue jeans and a white blouse. I were wearing a short checked skirt and pink tank top. About half way through the lesson she asked the teacher if she could quickly go to the bathroom (its only down the hall ) the teacher told her no. Olivia sighed and continued to write. About 15 minutes later she whispered to me " a small bit just came out " I told her to just go, meaning get up and walk out of the class. I think she misunderstood me because she froze and looked down. I heard a loud hiss as she began to wet herself. As I watched her, I noticed a small wet patch on her crotch and rapidly growing. A few people started to laugh and pass comments. I, feeling bad for her and needing to pee also, released my bladder into my blue knickers. The hiss was even louder now since we were both peeing. Because i were only wearing a skirt my pee soon began to trickle down the red stool, and onto the floor. The teacher, Mrs Wilson shouted at us both for peeing in the classroom. Sarah wasn't happy about this at all and she got up, completely removed her jeans and knickers, sat over the sink and began to pee too! The sink was blocked at the time so it sounded like she was sat on the toilet, and peeing onto water. I thanked Sarah for what she was doing but she told me it wasn't over yet. Sarah began to push and a wet fart and a crackle could be heard throughout the room. Followed by a huge splash. She pushed again and another crap fell out. She washed her ass using the taps, got dressed and then left the room, followed by me and Olivia. I were walking behind her and saw that the back of her legs were soaked. Her ass looked so hot in those jeans. I turned around and saw two puddles on our stools. Olivia said thank you to me and Sarah for what we had done. I will see what punishment is waiting for me on Monday.

Upstate Dave
Bob I have taken a shit while standing many times. Outside and inside standing over the toilet. I knew one girl that would stand and shit in the toilet also. She would also stand and do it also outside. When I have done it standing most of the time my shit has been not that soft so the mess was not all that bad. I still remember to this day doing my first outdoor standing shit with two girls watching me do it.

It happened on a nice warm summer day as I was out with Susan and Brenda. They were sistors. Brenda and Susan both had seen me piss before the first time they had caught me pissing while working in thier backyard. Both of them after seeing me go also peed letting me watch them. Susan would do it more then Brenda would. Brenda also liked my butt! Susan was more interested in watching me pee and my penis!

Well we were out taking a walk on a nieghbors property this nice summer day. More or less killing some time together. There was many dirt roads on this nieghbors property and we were walking together on the one dirt road that followed a creek that ran along it for most of the way. As we walked I could feel the urge that I had to shit and piss. The urge to shit was comming on strong and fast. There was no way I was going to be able to hold it in untill we got back to the house and use one of the bathrooms in the girls house.

We had just came up to where the road curved before the bridge where the creek went under the road. There was a little wooded spot here on the curve and the remains of a older dirt road ran through the wooded spot. I told Susan and Brenda that I had to piss and shit as I started to step off from the dirt road to go over behind the little wooded area to the old dirt road. Both of them together yelled out; We want to watch! Susan even told me she had to pee too!

So the three of us stepped off from the dirt road and over behind the trees to the old dirt road. I had on a pair of long cutoff jean shorts. Susan had on a pair of black shorts. Brenda was wearing a summer dress. Susan must have had to pee real bad for as soon as she had gotten behind the trees and was on the old dirt road she yanked her black shgorts right down along with her white panties.

I had only unbuckled my belt and was ready to pop the snap on my shorts but since Susan already had her shorts and panties pulled down I watched her squat down to piss. Brenda who wasw eager to watch me told me to hurry up. I want to see you go Dave! Susan started to piss right then and I told Brenda to hold your hoarses! I was right Susan did have to pee real bad.

She had a stream that came right out and moved well out in front of her that wetted the dirt real fast and formed a piss puddle in seconds. In that short time I was fully erect watching Susan piss. Without taking my eyes off from Susan I did pop my snap on my cutoffs. I then pulled the zipper down on them and slid them along with my white briefs down with my shorts.

Susan along with Brenda watched me now. Both Brenda and Susan giggled hard seeing that I had a erection. Brenda even commented about me having a big boner! Susan giggled even harder. Susan pissed for a hort time longer and I let my cutoffs and briefs go which they slid right down around my ankles and sneakers. This is when Brenda got the idea that I should go standing.

I told her I would but I also have to shit too! Susan now had finished her piss and had stood up and was pulling up her white panties. Yeah Dave go standing. I go standing when I go poop! Susan giggled hard as she told me that she did this. Brenda spoke up now dareing me to do it. Susan doubled dared me. It didn't matter now what both of them had said to me now. I had to go so I bent over and quickly pulled my cutoffs off from my sneakers and then I tossed them aside.

Brenda went right behind me laughing saying nice butt! Susan still giggling pulled up her black shorts and she stayed in front of me but stepped off to the side of me a litle. I reached down and took my erect penis in my hand and pulled it down so I could piss. I also spreaded my feet apart and I could feel my shit pressing against my asshole making it open now. Brenda seeing this hollered out that I was starting to shit! Susan you should see this!

Susan giggled and told Brenda she would see it very soon. Susan was right. I always did have my shit come out very fast when I did go. This time like always it did. I also started to piss now. From my erect penis a shot a high arcing long stream of piss that came down on the far side of the creek and splashed very loudly. That brought more giggling from Susan. From Brenda she said; Oh my god! Dave your shit is hudge!

I could feel that it was a big one for my asshole was stretched right out. Then from Susan she looked and now she could see my shit had moved far enough so that it was hanging down far enough so she could now see it. She just stared without saying anything. I could feel it moving but this time it was not all that fast. Several seconds more passed and Brenda said it was a foot long! I still was pissing so I couldn't bend down to take a look yet.

I felt that I was going to ending my piss a few seconds later and I did. I bent over and took a look down and I could see my shit moving slowly and hanging down. I then stood back up. A short few seconds later my shit broke for I heard it do a soft thud in the dirt. Then I felt it move faster which it did for several more seocnds. There was a second thud nad that was it. I was done. I stepped forward and turned around. I looked down.

There in the dirt was my shit. The one piece was over a foot long. The second piece was almost the same lenghth but not as thick. I also could feel that I could piss some more so I yanked my erect cock down and I started to piss again. I pissed for several seconds all over my shit. I stopped did a couple of finishing spurts and now I was done. As I picked up my briefs out of my cutoffs Brenda asked me if I always took such a big shit. I laughed and told her most of the time. Susan giggled.

I slipped my briefs back on and then put back on my cutoffs. Susan asked Brenda if she needed to pee or poop. Brenda told her sistor no. We then all walked back out to the other road and went on with our walk. It was going to be shortened for now it had suddenly clouded over and there was the sound of thunder way off in the distance. We turned around and quickly went back to the girls house. It was a good thing we did too. For a couple of reasons too. It started to rain as we ran up through the girls backyard and Susan who was running with me while Brenda was ahead od us told me she had to shit! For now I will end it here. Upstate Dave

This is the first time I am posting....have been reading it for quite some time...I am 25 yr old girl..Here are some of the expiriences i have had with pooping and peeing.
When i was in primary school i once got constipated and could not have a bm for more than a week... we tried laxatives and enemas but they were of no use and the physician said that they had to manually remove my poop and this made me terified and i refused to see dad got really worried and he made me lie ???? down and while i was asleep he undressed me and my mom tighly held on to me. my dad put his fore finger into my hole and tried to remove the shit i woke up but my mom held me so tightly that i could not move and after repeatedly pushing his finger in side my hole and two hours of trying my dad was able to get out the entire poop.Even now sometimes to embarass me he keeps pulling up this incident.
Once my friends and i went camping for six days and the camp site had indian style laterines where one had to squat and the wash rooms were filthy and were open..from day one i wanted to pee and well as have a bm but i did not. for 5 days i did not use the wash room and on the last day i peed a little in my underwear which made me feel better. On the sixthday when my family came to pick me up i was glad that i had made it and soon would be home however on the way we stopped at a store and my dad met his friend they began to chat and i was really shy and did not want to tell them that i wanted to pee and poop. I wo\aited but ultimately nature won over me and i peed as well as pooped on myself in the car just outside the store.It smelled bad but no one seemed to notice...probab;y they did not want to embarass me...i guess...
Thats all for now see you soon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Esteban-Nice posting. It sounds like you and I had a similar beach restroom experience. It is funny how some guys get kinda mad if there isn't a door on the stall. I've said "When you gotta go, you gotta go" many times to upset / disgusted restroom users. There was one young guy who said I was pretty brave to be using the stall that didn't have a door (he was waiting for the one with a door). I laughed and said something to the effect that everyone's gotta crap sometime and when you gotta go etc..

One of the more intimidating doorless stall situations are the ones in which the toilet is the first thing you see when you walk in the entrance. It often surprises the guys walking in and you might get a "whoa" or "hey" when they first see you, especially if you are wiping when they come in. More so if you are a standing wiper! It really takes them aback if you were just wearing trunks when you went in to use the toilet, because now they are basically looking at a completely naked guy when they come 'round that corner into the restroom. It doesn't bother me, probably because I don't mind being seen naked. I'm not a naturist/nudist, though, I'm just comfortable. I'm a bit on the skinny side, though.

Been lurking here a lot, thought I'd share an experience I had in Spain.

I went to the monastry at Montserrat near Barcelona and ate several peaches, bread and cheese for lunch, and then reduced the space in my small rucksack by throwing away the newspaper I had read. This was a Bad Decision.

Anyway I took the funicular railway higher up the hill and there were several suggestions for walks. I decided to do the one hour walk to the top peak, where there was a chapel.

The paths there are very open with few creeks or gulleys, and not so many trees, just thorn bushes. It's also very popular. After about half hour in my walk I could feel myself needing to do a No. 2. I tried to ignore it and immerse myself in the glorious scenery. But by the halfway stage I was feeling quite desperate. I sat down with my heel up my bum, which has worked well in the past. After five minutes of this, I started walking again, felt OK, but after 10 mins the feeling came on again and I realised that I would have to have a crap.

People were walking everywhere, the paths were convex (opening outwards) and I was getting desperate again, when suddenly there was a concave gulley with a few bushes off the path. Nobody seemed to be around.

So I had a quick piss first stood up, as in the past if I squat I know I pee down my legs, then dropped my shorts and boxers and squatted near a small tree. I couldn't lean against it as it was spiky. A very runny light brown stream ran out. Not diarrhoea, but certainly not solid, and very light brown -the peaches! After about three of these I felt I was done then realised I had nothing to wipe with - and believe me this was very necessary - so I had to take my trainers and socks off and use my socks to wipe.

I was feeling sort of exhausted and relieved and just wanted to chill but then I heard a lot of voices. I pulled my boxers and shorts up, sprang five yards forwards and started to put my trainers back on when a large party of girl guides walked past. I said 'Hola' to them and they didn't seem to find it strange that an Englishman was putting his trainers back on. Naturally, I abandoned my expedition to the chapel, and got massive blisters by walking back without socks.

I'm going back on holiday to Barca in July, and I want to complete this walk, but this time I won't eat peaches for breakfast and make sure I take a paper with me.

Hello, first time poster from England

I have explosive craps about three times a day. Not the runs but not exactly solid either. I don't feel ill or have abnormal craps before. It hits everywhere in the toilet, including the bit above the flush but below the lid so I have to make use of bleach or the toilet brush.

My lodger laughs at this and considers it to be a physical impossibility to spray so high, yet it can't be, as I do it!

Any comments or ideas?

Upstate Dave
Small Town Girl talk to your boyfriend and tell him you would like to see him pee. Tell him just hearing him go turns you on. You might also want to offer that if he lets you watch him he can watch you. Even before I was married my future wife and we peed together in the bathroom. I have now been married for almost 33 years and we still pee together.

Now let me go on with both Barbies peeing which was all on the same morning. I had stayed overnight sleeping n the backyard with Barbie H's two brothers. Barbie S lived right next door. We did stay up very late that night and fell asleep sometime in the early morning. John Butches brother had gone in sometime after we all had fallen asleep for he was not in the tent when Butch and I woke up.

Butch and I got out of the tent and we both heard Barbie S call out to us both from her house. Butch and I looked over and she was leaning out a open window in the back of her house. So we both walked over to see what she wanted. Barbie S just wanted to know how we were feeling since we had stayed up for so long last night. We both told her we were tired but ok.

We made some more small talk back and forth for several minutes. Meanwhile Butches sistor Barbie H had come outside and she walked over to where Butch and I were standing at the open window with Barbie S. Butch mentioned that he was going to leave for he told Barbie S that he needed to piss. That brought giggles from his sistor Barbie H.

Barbie S told Butch to stay for a minute or two longer.I have to piss too. Now as Barbie S backed away from the window she was in the bathroom all this time. Barbie S walked right over to the toilet lifting her nightgown up as she walked over to it! Both Butch and I got to see her rearend first. Barebie S lifted up the lid and seat and then turned around and stepped back over the toilet. She was going to pee standinmg up!

Barbie S only stood there over the toilet for only several seconds. She then sent ouyt a thn stream of pee straight down into the toilet. She looked right over at Butch and I untill her stream got harder. Then she looked down taking her gaze away from us two. Butches siustor Barbie H also watched Barbie S pee with a lot of giggles as she watched with us.

Barbie S peed a good long one for us and when shge stopped she wiped and she then flushed the toilet. She then dropped her nightgown down and smiled at us and told us show is over! She then stepped out of the bathroom and out of sight from the window. Butch laughed as we all walked away from the window. I just shook my head but I was smiled as I did it.

Butch again told me he had to piss real bad. I told him get inside and go. I have to get home myself so I told him I was leaving. He said later and I started heading towards the barn to get my bike. Barbie H Butches sistor followed me up to the barn. We went insde together.

I grabbed my bike and I was just about to get on it when Barbie asked me about seeing Barbie S pee. I laughed and told Barbie H that I did bielive what I saw but then I went on to say that I liked it. Then Barbie came right out and asked me would I like to see her pee? You too? I said back to her. Barbie giggled back at me and shook her head yes.

I got off from my bike. Barbie H pointed to the stairs and she told me upstairs. She ran over to the stairs and ran up them. I leaned my bike up on the wall and went over and went right up the stairs. As I topped the stairs Barbie was in the middle of the floor waiting. She was wearing a dress and she already had her hands underneath it as I came up to the top of the stairs.

I quickly stepped over to her and she now slid down a white pair of panties to her knees. She reached around the back of the dress pulled the back up and the front up too. She squated down and started to pee as soon as she had squated. She made a wet pee trail on the floor out infront of her and then a wet spot on the floor formed as she peed.

Barbie was lookinhg down but she did tell me that she almost did pee herself. Watching Barbie S go was real hard to watch! she also told me. By this time there was a big pee puddle on the floor. Her stream started to thin down now and several seconds later she was just dripping and she pulled her panties back up and stood up. Barbie H smiled and I smiled back.

I thanked her as we started back down the stairs. Barbie told me I was welcome and she might do it again if I wanted her too. I told her that was fine with me. I walked over to my bike and Barbie H yelled see you later as she ran from the barn. I hopped on my bike and took off. It had been quite a morning!I thought to myself as I rode off.

The Black Flame
Greetings. In response to Pat, yes I do avoid public toilets, even when I absolutely HAVE to go. My holding capacity is prodigious, and I can suffice with two trips to the bathroom per day if necessary, though it's usually three to five under normal circumstances. I attend university on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving between 6 and 7 AM and getting home between 4:30 and 6:30 PM. I hold my urine all that time on all occasions, and have only ever used a rest room there twice in my two semesters of attendance. Those two times both involved extremely urgent bowel movements, and were performed in an unoccupied bathroom that is seldom visited. The second time, someone came in and used the urinal, but I remained utterly still and made absolutely no noise, so I think he didn't notice me.
I have only had a few accidents as a result of holding my bladder and bowels. Once I lost enough to dampen my jeans after holding for over 18 hours at a day long conference. I was in a friend's car, but it was dark and I do not believe she noticed, or cared if she did. I didn't lose too much, and emptied for about two minutes in the toilet after I got back. I have also worn diapers on occasion, long story, and these have provided relief at some times when I know I will need a bathroom but don't want to use a public one due to my almost phobic disdain of them. It's funny that I'd rather wet a diaper than use a public rest room, but at least I know it's only my own and not someone else's, and I can deal with it on my own time and terms. I also researched which brands are actually worth the money, since most store brands are largely worthless. Anyway, there's been some great stories lately, so please keep them coming. Any diaper related material would be most gratefully accepted, as would any holding or accident stories. I am very interested in such things. Good day, and thanks for twelve years and 1740 pages of pure delightful entertainment!

Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. I know going to the bathroom, even pooping, is part of being human and every one does it... still doesn't mean it's not embarrassing for me. I read all of the posts, thought a lot about what to do, and decided this petty situation was not worth fretting over. I worked up my courage and called him yesterday (Wednesday).

The conversation was a bit awkward at first, and one of the topics we talked about was why I waited so long to call him. I admitted I was a little embarrassed about having to go to the bathroom. He assured me he knows girls used the bathroom too, he didn't expect me to be any different. Deep down inside, I know it too, but I kind of play to the typical stereotype of "girls don't poop".

I arranged another date for tomorrow (Friday), so we'll see how that goes. He's coming over to my place for a home-cooked meal and probably another movie. I watched his movie of choice last weekend, so now he gets to watch a "chick flick".

Just to add a little more on-topic material to this post, I'll talk a little bit about my pooping schedule. But, the funny thing is, talking about schedule implies that I have one. I just go whenever the urge hits, it's varying times of the day. Sometimes I find that a good filling meal causes the need to poop, but not always. Other times, rigorous exercise triggers the urge. Although Yoga always brings on a need to fart, every time. I try to hold it back and let little bits go at a time, to not let everyone know it's me.

Speaking of Yoga, I went to my weekly class on Sunday, two days after my date experience. I fought the need to fart throughout the class, but as the end of the session came closer, I realized there was something more building than a fart. I held it back for the next ten minutes, and took my mat into the locker room. I disrobed from my loose-fitting yoga clothes, put them and the mat in my locker, and went to one of the two stalls in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let my fart loose. It felt so good to let a long continuous fart come out.

After that fart I squeezed out a continuous poop, kind of like soft serve ice cream. It just kept easing out, touched the bottom of the bowl and I could feel it curling around, until finally it broke off. The poop was a light brown, almost like sand, it was a kind of thin poop, but there was a lot of it. One end rested sideways in the bend of the bowl, and it went around the outside, back into the bend and still some beyond what I could see.

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