Today I found a nice-looking woman, blonde with hair just above the shoulder, pretty, about 30, on her way into the toilet at work. I was able to listen outside the door while she was inside. I first heard her open her belt and unzip and push her pants down. Next I heard her lower the toilet seat and a creaking sound as she sat down and adjusted her weight. There was a faint "plink" sound which I felt was her "jobbie" going into the toilet, but I was not certain as it did not make a definitive "kerploosh" or "plop" type sound. It was the kind of sound I associate with a pretty long "jobbie" which has reached or almost reached the level of the water, so that there isn't a big sound as it drops out and goes into the toilet. Next there was silence for about 10 seconds, and then a brief trickle of pee for only about 15 seconds. The pee sound wasn't that of a really strong pee, but sort of a dribble of pee that happened to be there when the need to shit arose. I heard three pulls on the toilet paper and then a single flush. The whole process was pretty fast, probably two minutes max. She left the bathroom and I smiled at her and she smiled back, but I didn't say hello, although I wanted to. I had a deep urge to get into a conversation with her with the hope that she would describe her moment on the toilet and where I could ask her for the details of what she did. After she walked away I went into the bathroom and noted a faint smell which she had produced. In the bottom of the toilet was a dark brown skid mark, about 1 inch long and about 1/4 inch wide, with three smaller dots next to it, each about 1/4 inch in diameter. It was pretty adherent to the toilet, requiring three flushes to remove it, but only incompletely. I particularly enjoy a good skidmark in the bowl, but I haven't seen a lot of mention of them by some of the posters here. I remember Coprologist describing one left by his 24-year-old daughter in his bathroom toilet. I would think that some of the women here, particularly those describing large jobbies (like Moira or Jill) would tend to leave them, and perhaps some women like Alex who are very attentive to the details might notice if they leave them too. Regards to all, Duke.

Hi. Im new here. I saw the posts about wanting to see the Backstreet Boys and Leo take a dump. Then I remembered the dreams that girl had about seeing Nick and Brian poop. Well I dont blame her for wanting to see him(Brian). Ive seen that guy poop yesterday and it really turned me on. Okay as you all know...he is in surgery and he is better now. I have a good friend that works in the same hospital that he is in right now and she snuck me in. None of the other nurses knew I was there so I had to be careful not to get caught. I snuck down to where he is staying and I opened it slowly calling his name. I looked on his bed and the bed was empty. No Brian in sight. Then I heard a rustling noise coming from the bathroom which was slightly ajar. It was someone reading in the bathroom. I peeked in and immediately walked away into the room when I saw him. Brian...with his gown up above his waist on the toilet reading Sports Illustrated. I noticed it was the basketball section. "Sorry" I said. He grunted a "nnnnthats okayhhhh" He did look mighty sexy sitting there! My heart fluttered and I was on Cloud 9! "Come back in here if you want"he called and I did. I sat across from him and looked between his kind of spread out legs. "I feel kind of embarassed" he smiled "But everyone does it" I smiled back. He went back to reading. The sad thing was I didnt hear anything fall out of him but maybe thats because he was finishing his deed when I came in. It was stinky in there though. When he said "There I feel better now"I turned around to give him privacy to wipe himself and then I turned around enough to see what he made. Two long banana shaped poos and a few balls. What a man he was!! Ill never forget that day! After he flushed and washed his hands he climbed back into bed and we talked for an hour and it was so cool!! I hope I get the chance to see him poop again sooner or later! Silent Spice: You picked a very fine group to want to see shit!!

Another dumping story. Last nite, we were over at a friend's house playing poker and doing some drinking. The wife stayed sober but I got a little bit polluted. Something I haven't done in a long time. This morning, I went to my contract company to drop some paper work off and then to school to scan some pictures. When I got to school, I had the usual urge to crap real bad as a result of drinking last nite. I went to the library bathroom and there was someone in there taking a shit as well. I went in and sat down and it was enjoyable. I rate today's dump very smelly and with a little noise. I had a few good farts. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to talk to the other guy. I would love to go to take a shit with someone else with some loud farts from the both of us so we could share some laughs.

Sara, fascinated to hear there is a consensus on this whole can't-stop thing. Amazing to think it wasn't mentioned here before. I've experimented a bit with it, and found that even if I don't really need a pee, even if it is hard to get it started and it is just a dribble, once it starts it still won't stop until it is all gone, finished with a strong involuntary contraction of the abdomen. Contrariwise, if I hold it until my eyes begin to float I still don't really feel the intense urgency to go that my guy talks about. I held it from just before supper the night before, to after noon the next day. All I feel is fullness, a bit bloated and uncomfortable, but not painful or anything, just aware of an increasing tension. How do others feel at that time? Are we talking pain or just a sort of inflated feeling? Maybe this ties in with the bladder capacity thing.

Monday, May 18, 1998

Mary Ann
You can add my name to those who have found a squatting position usefull in having a movement. My movements are nearly always constipated and difficult. One of the ways I use to help me go is that I keep a footstool in my bathroom. When I am seated on the toilet with my feet on the stool my position is just like I was squatting. This helps, believe me. An example..........yesterday I was at the mall shopping and I felt the urge to go. Went into the ladies room and sat there for about 15 minutes grunting and straining but I just couldn't do anything. When I got home an hour later the first thing I did was get on the toilet again, get my feet up on the footstool and gave it another try. Although I really had to work at it I was able to have my movement. I am convinced that the footstool/squat made the difference yesterday, as it has many times before that. Those of you that have a problem with constipation ought to equip your bathrooms with a footstool. You won't be sor! ry you did.

I mentioned the other day that I was stopped up...Well, tonight, I finally was able to go. I had the warning cramps like I usually do when I am constipated, telling me that my bowels are getting ready to evacuate the built up waste. I proceeded to the toilet, sat down on it, drained the pee out of my bladder because of the building pressure and waited for the next part of the job. As I sat there, I felt my anal sphincter start to dilate to its widest and then I knew it was going to be a big one. Sure enough, it was, as it started its exit, I could feel the knobbyness at the start of the turd, and yes it did hurt a little bit coming out. Once the rough part was over, after about 30 seconds, it let go with a big "Plop", and then I sat there in case I had a second one come down the chute, which there was, and it passed in less than 10 seconds with another "plop" into the bowl that got me wet on the bottom with its drop into the bowl...I then wiped and got up to take a look. I'd say the two logs were about 10 inches long each and 2 inches in diameter. I felt much better then having rid myself of the "heaviness" I had been carrying around for the past week...In this case, I don't know if I would have wanted to go out and squat somewhere to relieve myself or not, but it may have made for a more pleasant relief of being able to do it in a continuous movement...

Hi guys. When I begin peeing, I can't stop. When I only have to pee, I usually let out everything in one stream. When I'm taking a shit, I usually let out an initial stream after sitting on the toilet and then (sometimes) pee out little spurts while straining to poop. Sara, I do wait about 5-10 seconds after sitting before letting out pee and about 30-60 seconds before dumping- that is, of course, when I don't really have to go. Then it usually comes right out :) Another extreme is when I really have the urge to pee, I sit down and have to strain for a couple of minutes before starting to go- then it comes out quickly, loudly, and stingingly! You can really learn a lot on here :) Lots of love, Alex :)

We have just finished our show, and I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation, getting the garden in shape, and so on. As I predicted, I had some very large pre-performance dumps, including several that didn't flush. The theatre we were at has separate ladies and gents loos, as opposed to the other local theatre where we peform which has a number of "unisex" toilets. The ladies backstage has three cubicles, and most evenings when I paid my regular visit all three were busy and I had to wait. The sounds and smells were indescribable; I guess we all get a bit "excited" before a show! Someone asked about being regular - well I am one of those very regular people. I get the need for a poo after lunch (about 1.30-2.00 in the afternoon) and again after dinner (7.00-7.30) in the evening. I am able to hold it for a considerable time if I need to though. By a fortunate coincidence, my need for a poo coincides naturally with performance times, including the Saturday matinee, when I have a poo before both performances!

Confession time. It is possible to use one of these superloos after someone else comes out, you just have to get in before the door shuts. I know because I have done it. There is a pressure sensor in the floor which detects whether or not the loo is occupied, and the cleaning cycle is only activated if there is nobody inside. This is why the instructions state that children younger than 10 must be accompanied.

Toilet cultures truly differ between countries. Did you knew that people in the countryside of India peed and pooped outdoors almost all the time. No one cares about privacy what so ever. The women pee while standing without showing anything private by pulling their wrapped dresses away and spreading their legs ,underwear are not worn. This habit is cuite common in the asian countryside and donīt be surprised if you see two women standing side by side peeing. In some restrooms in the cities their are are unisex bathrooms where women and men stand side by side peeing into a urinaltrough.This is sadly a quite uncommon sight today but donīt give up trying to find one I think there are a few of them in Calcutta. The art of peeing while standing used to be common among the women in southern Europe but today when the the skirts are becoming more and more uncommon the younger girls commonly doesnīt know how todo it standing as their Grandmothers did. Itīs quite sad that they arenīt tought to do it while jeans or trousers. If you are woman and know how to pee standing while wearing jeans! Mail me!

I congratulate Tom on passing such a big long jobbie and can exactly confirm the same feeling of pleasure and turn on as him,(and also Harry), having felt this from an early age (about 5)when passing a large solid stool. Having a bowel movement is a natural function just like its precursor, eating, although both are essential to health. I personally think that we are supposed to enjoy the function of passing a healthy, solid motion, and many people do only the prudish attitudes of Judeo Christian western society conditioning them that such feelings are "dirty" or "not natural" or even "childish" and forcing them into the channel of "straight sex for making babies" being the only acceptable turn on. Enough philosophy! Like Tom I agree that from time to time we all have a memorable dump, the writers to this website surely bear this out with their highly detailed and very intimate stories. Some lucky people, Jill, Moira, Harry, Young's female friend, Donna and others seem to do real whoppers every time they open their bowels, others such as myself do fairly average sized turds (8 inches long and about 2 inches thick) most of the time but every few weeks or so will pass a real whopper where it all comes out in one great long fat log. I can well recall even after 30 years or so, the first time I did one which was so big that it wouldn't flush away in a full sized adult toilet. I was about 12 at the time and on holiday in Blackpool with my parents. As often happens the change in routine, meal times etc had made both myself and my mother a bit constipated, but this didn't bother either of us as she put it "things will come right in a day or so". Indeed, she passed a real beaut of a log after two days which stuck in one of the toilets in the small hotel we were living in and I saw it to my great delight, a fat 12 inch long nobbily carrot shaped jobbie. I wanted to be able to buddy dump mine on top of hers but didn't need anything at the time even sitting on the pan over it but nothing came down, I only farted. Next day after breakfast I felt a feeling somewhat similar to Tom a slight pain in the ???? and the urge to go so excused myself and went for the same toilet my mother had used the previous day. By now it had been cleared of its contents by the cleaner. I sat down with my white Y-fronts at my knees and after peeing started to strain going "OO! OO! . "PLUNK! PLANK! PLOP!" It started to come out as a number of hard balls a typically constipated motion and I resigned myself to sitting there for ages laying a load of "eggs" . I did a couple more hard lumps like this, about 3 inches long what we Scots call "micks" and a lot of farting. For a short time nothing else happened and I was going to wipe my backside then I felt again a slight pain in my ???? and a large mass slide down into my back passage. I pushed and felt it dilate my sphincter and slowly but surely slide out at first hard and nobbily like the balls and micks I had passed beforehand then easier and smoother but still good and solid. It seemed to keep coming out for ages before it slid into the pan with a quiet "Floomp!" . I looked down between my legs at the great fat curved sausage the end of which was sticking up out of the water. It was larger than the one my mother had done, I estaimated about 14 inches long and nearly 2 thick curved into a "C" shape rather than a "U" like Tom's. I had the same intense feelings as him and an erection and must say I sat there and masturbated. Obviously it wouldnt flush away. Later my mother saw it and although she didnt usually discuss bowel movements either her own or mine did say "I see you have a had a good motion too. I did a big one like that yesterday. I bet you feel better!" I wonder what the hotel cleaner must have thought having these Scots clog up the same toilet both mother and son? Finally, I certainly agree with Coprologist that any music in a public toilet spoils the enjoyment for the likes of him and me of hearing the sound effects of someone else doing a good solid jobbie. Silence is golden! Like Tom I wish all who want to do one a whopper log!

Nikki, Use a soloution of vinegar, tide and water, on the urine stains, and it should get those out. Yes, after a night of drinking, i usually have to poop in the morning or around midday. Drinking usually makes it runny, its not too fun! I feel it down in my lower stomach. I do agree that females have bigger bladders, but chronic drinking also destroys the bladder as i would know. I am able to drink a twelve pack of beer, but the feeling of that much alcohol in your bladder at once is undescribable!!!!!!!


Nikki, I heard you can get sweat stains (which is the same as urine stains) out of clothing by soaking then in white vinager. Also Borax can be used for getting urine stains out of clothing. I don't know if you can get borax in Brittan without being charged an arm and a leg.

I met a really nice woman at a dance club once who was 10 years older than me, ????, and very attractive. We went out about 3 times before we finally made love wildly for the first time at her house. The next morning, I went into the bathroom for a good "Sit down". I'm a rather large guy, 6'3" and 250 lbs, and when I sit on the toilet I take up alot of room. I have to sit spread legged in order to relax myself enough to go. Anyway, the door was slightly ajar, and just as I was getting ready to launch my first missile, she came in through the door. She looked down at me in surprise and said "Oh god, I'm so sorry!! I did'nt know you were in here!!" I just smiled up at her and said it was ok. She backed out immediately, not looking at me, and said "That'll teach me to knock next time!" Before she left, I said "Is there any coffee by any chance?" She said "Yeah, do you want a cup while you're in here?" I said "Yes please." and she disappeared. A few minutes later I heard her footsteps coming back and I started to feel something large pushing its way out. A large turd fell and splashed as she was opening the door. She just smiled and said, "That sounded big." and set the coffee cup down next to the sink. Then she said "Do you want me to bring you the newspaper?" and I said "Sure. That would be nice." She came back in with the saturday paper for me, and just smiled as she handed it to me saying "My ex-husband used to always want the paper whenever he was taking a crap." I got crazily turned on by her being in there with me, I guess because it was so impromptu, plus I also got real excited over her usage of the words "taking a crap." I opened the paper up to the movie section, and she just stood there silently as I was glancing over it. I grunted slightly, and passed another one. "plopp!" "Anything good that you wanna go see?" she asked, and I just sort of grunted out "nhhI dont knowhhhh." (plop-plop). Those last two turds were noticeably loud and she said, "I'm sorry, I'm gonna get out of here and let you have some privacy. " and she walked out. I was pretty well constipated, so my dump was a long battle. After about 10 minutes she came back to the door and tapped on it "Are you ok in there?" and I replied, "Yeah,...just a little plugged up I guess." She came back in, sat down on the edge of the tub next to me, and started rubbing my thigh real gently and softly, back and forth. She was talking in the sweetest, softest tones "It's ok honey, just relax, and it'll all come out fine." She also reached over and started rubbing my stomach very gently, and it worked too! I started pooping like a champion! I must have dropped about 8 more turds of varying sizes, and she said "That sounds successful." I was very amazed at how she was able to sit in there with me, because I can be a very stinky guy in the bathroom, and this morning was no exception. I remember that I got really embarrassed over the smell I was making. While she was! rubbing me, I noticed all of the little things that really turned me on: She had on nice perfume. When she leaned over to rub my stomach, I could see her breasts gently separate, and the beige lace of her bra through her blouse. She had really nice thick brown hair in big wavy curls that would brush up against my face when she leaned over me. Her breath was nice and warm, and as I mentioned earlier, she was pretty heavy which turns me on too. She had a nice face with a real pretty smile. I could've sat there forever. All in all, it was a great morning for me.

I had to take my friends dog for a walk today and we went into the park. I had to keep him on a lead so that he would not run off. I started to get the feeling that I wanted to have a wee and a poo but thought it would be alright till I got home. The dog stopped at the first tree lifted his leg and dig a big pee and then we went on I neededthe toilet a bit more now and the poo was really building up. I could not wait till I got home so looked for some bushes. In the distance I found some that were away from anybody else and when no one was looking went in them with the dog on the lead. I was real desperate now and the poo was starting to poke out. I managed to get my shorts down just in time and squatted on the ground. I started to go and the poo was coming out and I had started to pee. The dog came up to me and looked at what I was doing. when I had finished he started licking my willy with his tongue and I went real hard. It tickled so much I wanted it to go on ,but I saw someone coming in the distance and had to pull up my pants and sneak back out into the open. The dog always comes up toyou and puts his nose into you privates so he can smell the pee if you have wet your pants and I usually have when Ive been playing

Sunday, May 17, 1998

Wel, I was in Class on Wednesday taking my final and right in the middle, I had the urge to crap real bad. I held it in until I can finish it up and leave. Couple times during the exam, you can hear it the gas go from the inside the colon/rectum up the intestine. I went and finally turned in the exam when I was finished and headed off to the library where 40% of the time, there is someone in the bathroom taking a shit. I went in and dropped the drawers. I let out some good farts and it gushed out. I felt great but unfortunately, there was no one around to witness my great act :).

My name is Simon and I am 10 years old and often have accidents. We went shopping in town today and wewent into lots of shops and got lots of things. My brother who is 9 came with us. For lunch we had a sandwich and ome coke and we got in the can to come back. It was hot and the traffic made the trip slow. The movement of the car and the hot sunshine made me go to sleep as I was tiered of walking round. The next thing I remember was my brother shaking me and saying "Simon, simon wake up." As I woke up at first I did not know where I was but I felt a strange sensation. I felt all wet. Jamie was saying "Dad Simon's wet his pants" I looked down and saw that there was a big wet patch on my shorts and it was getting bigger. I pushed my knees together and put my hand on to my pants to try and stop myself peeing, but it was really coming now and I could not stop. It felt all warm and wet as the pee spread down the legs of my shorts and ran down the back of them. My bottom ! was very warm and wet and so was the car seat. At last I stopped urinating in my pants and went all hot and red. Dad said that as a punishment I would have to wear my wet shorts for the rest of the day. When we got home I was getting out of the car my best friend came up and asked if I wanted to play and I said yes so we went off to his tree house. When I was climbing up he noticed that my pants were all wet and he asked what had happened. I could have died of shame but he said he would not tell and he had a secret too. When we got in the tree house he stood in front of me and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He was wearing a cute little diaper and told me he often wet himself so his parents put disposable diapers on him, and I never knew! He pulled his shorts up again and had a toy fight. I was tickling him and he was laughing said that if I did that any more he would wet himself, so I tickled him a bit more before letting go. He took my hand and slid it down the ! front of his pants and I felt all the hot wet pee inside his diaper then it was time to go in.

Previously A. Pseudonym (which was *way* too tacky) Previously New Poster I've just got time for one post for the next week or four... here it is. I've split it up for easy reading... To Thom: The more someone uses suppositories, the harder it becomes for them to become 'regular' without them, until the gut is so adapted to the things that it can't function normally without them and the person has chronic constipation. Just thought I'd say... Bladder size debate: Apparently, boys can hold it less than girls, as they tend to have smaller bladders (the male pelvis is smaller than the female, as the latter has to accomodate pregnancy). This means they wet the bed more than girls. However, boys probably tend to feel the need to go sooner and actually get to the toilet quicker when awake, perhaps because it's easier for us to go. This probably leads to increased daytime accidents in girls relative to boys. 'Buddy-dumping' thread: I don't think this is something that happens much in the UK, except for young kids... I know one or two people who did it when they were about 9 or 10, but it's not common as far as I know. I have a story to tell some other time about a kid who messed his pants whilst watching a friend on the toilet, but I haven't got time for that now. Sitting vs squatting: I agree with Trevor... we're designed to squat. However, straining very hard whilst squatting could cause a rectal prolapse, as so much force is directed down into the anal canal. Doing wilderness hikes, yu don't have any choice but to go somewhere and squat, and it is a lot quicker - still, give me a comfortable toilet in a warm bathroom any day :) Stopping midstream: Men /can/ do it, but it tends to hurt - our urethrae are surrounded by erectile tissue, which in turn is surrounded by muscles that can squeeze it, and this gives us more control. However, the detrusor muscle of the bladder is controlled unconsciously, and keeps contracting to try and void the urine, whilst the internal sphincter is held open. This makes stopping hard and uncomfortable. Women only have the external sphincter to control the flow voluntarily, and this surrounds the entire vagina as well as the urethra itself, allowing less precise control. Combined with the fact that childbirth often damages the muscle to some extent, this means that women have far more difficulty stopping before they're finished. Stars on their thrones: I wouldn't want to see someone famous on the toilet. I wouldn't know what to say to them :)

OK, that's it from me for the time being. If anyone has any stories about messing their pants as kids, do post them - I'll be reading the site every couple of days 'til I have enough time to write everything I can think of. If anyone wants detailed info like that above, mention it and I'll try and answer... Or, if people think it's incredibly boring, just say.

I'll finish with a really quick story: I remember once when I was 11, I went round to a friend's house to play on his computer. He was always really embarrassed about going to the toilet. We'd been playing games for a while, and he was looking less and less comfortable - shifting round on his seat and sounding very distracted. He did a couple of loud farts, and kept playing. A couple of minutes later, it sounded like he did a quick, wet fart, but then he just sat there looking totally shocked saying 'I'm poohing my pants' - he just stayed there for about 30 seconds, whilst the smell started to rise around him. He sounded close to tears. After it'd finished coming out, he stood up and carefully walked to the toilet, asking me to come with him. He took his trousers down, and his pants were soaked with brown, semi-liquid pooh - it was starting to drip down his legs on both sides, and went right up to the small of his back where he'd farted. He asked me to try and find his pants, but there weren't any where he said, so he then asked me to go find his Mum who was downstairs. He was starting to cry a bit at this point. His Mum seemed very annoyed with him for what he'd done (seeing as he'd been next door to the bathroom at the time), and she went off to get some clean pants out of the tumble drier. She then helped him clean himself up, which took a while as I think he did some more whilst he was waiting for her - he didn't want to get the seat of the toilet messy by sitting on it. Afterwards, he tried to keep going as if nothing happened, but for as long as I knew him he was even more neurotic about using the toilet. Hope people either enjoy this story one way or the other... I'd like to think this sort of thing helps people who've been in similar situations to talk it through or feel better about it, but for those of you who get off on it, whatever floats your boat :)

TO CELESTE: Do you have to shit the next morning after drinking much beer. At what time of the day do you usually poop, and where do you feel the urge to dump?

Hi everyone. I wanted to treat myself to a pizza about 10 days ago. I decided to do an experiment. I took 3 Immodium (anti-diahrreal) tablets about 90 minutes before eating the pizza- I was trying to see if this would prevent me from having a very gassy crap (I'm Lactose Intolerant). To make a long story short, the pizza was great, but I didn't feel so great afterwards. I started having stomach cramps about 2 hours after eating- I went to the toilet anyway- I was able to pass gas, but obviously wasn't able to BM after taking the Immodium. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning, still not feeling great. I was finally able to *go* at around 1:00 that afternoon- I let out a couple of small jobbies plus a bunch of "worms," most of which were reddish, not brown. In retrospect, I would have been better off not taking the Immodium and just letting out whatever was upsetting my intestines... Blake, great to hear from you again. I hope you do well on your finals and look forward to exchanging more stories as (I hope!) we have more time on our hands during the Summer. Will you be working at the camp again this Summer? Thanks. Your friend, Jodi

I have been reading this page for sometime now. I know there is at least one lady out there that fantasizes about Leonardo DiCaprio from "Titanic", and wishes she could see him do a "jobbie". I guess my fantasy guys would have to be seeing the two guys, "Bo and Luke" from tv's yesteryear series "Dukes of Hazzard" taking a dump together in a two-seater outhouse with me watching them do so.

AC seems worried about the length of time it takes him to pee, and he mentions a minute. I take a similar length of time, always have done, and I am MUCH older than he is. So don't worry about it! I think it is due to one's bladder muscles. So guys squirt it out at high pressure and are done in 20 seconds. My pee comes out at a much lower pressure, so it takes longer. That's all it is.

To Graham
I think you can only share a superloo when two or more persons go in together. When you open the door to come out, I think you intitiate the cleaning mechanism, in which case your friend could not nip in before the door closed. The cleaning mechanism involves the whole floor of the appliance tipping upside down and being sprayed with high pressure water!
On an unrelated mater, has anyone noticed the tendency for the toilets in shopping malls to have loud canned music? I find this objectionable for two reasons (a) it does not create the right kind of soothing atmosphere that I need when I take a dump and (b) it prevents me hearing the noises made by the occupants of adjacent stalls. Deadly silent toilets are the best!

Something strange has happened to the forum today - quite a few old postings have mysteriously re-appeared, including one of mine. Anyway, I wanted to comment on what Graham said about sharing super-loos. That's one of my fantasies: having to share with a (female) stranger because we only have one 20p between us. But I did read about one occasion when so many women shared a superloo that the door jammed shut and they had to be rescued by a fireman! Apparently they were so relieved about being rescued that they then all needed to go again ...

Trevor...I agree with what you are saying about squatting to take a dump. I would probably prefer that way myself, but since I don't live in the country, it is slightly on the impossible side to just drive out of town to be able to squat down and dump a load. True, in the past, namely when I was in my teens, on several occasions, when I was constipated, I was able to get several chances to relieve myself by squatting in areas where there were no persons at the time and getting rid of some extremely large sized turds (20 inches long and about 2 inches diameter) in just one continuous movement. The feeling of relief afterwards was an experience almost akin to orgasm, in that I felt so much lighter afterwards...

jillian, I have had someting similar happen to me once. I have never told anyone about it, I guess I am too embarassed. just like you, I was in urgent need of a pee, and I started to sneze. As I gave a loud sneze I felt my bladder muscles relax, and I could feel my pee escaping. I tried to stop it, but it just kept flowing out. This wasn`t a trickle, this was a mighty flood. It just wouldn`t stop untill I was empty. I was soaked. I would say that the feeling I felt was much the same as you describe. Like you, once I start to pee, it just comes out in one long, fast forcefull stream untill I am empty. Graham, I know that it is possible for two people to use a "superloo" at once, but I felt I did not know Jayne well enough to sugest that! Also, my need was so great that I decided not to wait for Jayne to finish, but to find somewhere to pee straight away. I dont think Jayne would have had a pee where I did anyway. I feel that if I`ve got to go, I`ve got to go, as long as it is fairly private. Thanks to Celeste, fluidity & others who have answered my question about being able to stop while having a pee. It looks like, unlike men, once a girl has started to pee, she cant stop untill she has finished. To quote Magnus Magnusson, "I`ve started, so I`ll finish" could be a phrase that girls use once sitting on the toilet!

To Thom. I have been constipated like this from time to time (usually before my monthly period) and whilst I have tried glycerine suppositories I prefer either KY jelly or Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as I have said in previous postings, as a lubricant. Another solution which does not drastically effect the solidity of the stool is what we Brits call Liquid Paraffin, (I think it's called Mineral Oil in the USA). This lubricates the bowel and helps the turds slide out but does not produce loose or watery motions, the jobbies that come out are still solid but slightly softened on the outside and easier to pass. It can however leak through the sphincter causing slight brown stains in the seat of one's panties so be careful breaking wind if taking this medication as it can result in a slight "wet fart" a problem if wearing tight light coloured clothing. When I was a teenager if I got really bunged up sometimes my mother would get a small bullet shaped piece of soap, dipped in warm water to soften it slightly then insert this into my back passage with some vaseline. After I'd held this in for say 10 minutes I'd feel the need to do a motion and produce the great fat cannonballs Thom mentions then usually a really long fat log or two. The "kerplonk! ker-sploosh!" sound effects were quite something and used to greatly amuse and arouse my young brother. Nowadays of course I have my husband George to hold my hand and rub my ???? although I still use KY jelly and sometimes Liquid Paraffin . I have also had a guest walk in on me while I was doing a motion. I had invited June, a fellow solicitor, to stay over for the weekend. As we are both about the same size I was showing her some of my dresses in the bedroom for her to try on. (George was away on business this weekend). I said I was just going to the toilet and went into our adjoining bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. I started to strain, "OO! UH!" when June walked in wearing one of the dresses to ask my opinion, right at the psychological moment when my jobbie dropped in to the pan with a loud "kur-sploonk!" June giggled and said "Oops sorry I thought you were just doing a wee wee" but I think she came in on purpose. I replied that this didn't bother me at all. She stayed there asking my views on the outfit she had chosen as I passed another fat log with a resounding "Ku-plonk!" then when I got up off of the pan having wiped myself and was pulling up my panties (black Sloggi Briefs for those interested) she walked over to the toilet pan and had a good look at my jobbies, two big fat firm logs, one about 12 inches long, one 8 inches, both over 2 inches thick and said, "Wow, Moira , I bet you feel a lot lighter shedding that load!" I just laughed but felt a certain pride and gratification. I didn't ask her to avoid embarrasing her but I feel she enjoyed the experience. If she had asked to come in with me beforehand I would have been happy to agree as I have never had problems doing a motion in front of friends. Has anyone else had similar experiences either a friend or colleague, sibling, parent etc walking in on them when doing a motion or their doing so on someone else either by accident or on purpose?

I occasionally say, when nobody is around, "Lynn did you have a BM today__ hummmmm?", when Lynn Rustle is announcing the news on CNN. (This is the 30 minute news cast.) Lynn Rustle is probably in her 40's or maybe early 50's. Back 20 years ago she was, I'm sure quite attractive. Another CNN announcer is Kitty Pilgrim, I would like to watch her poop in a giant sized kitty litter box. I love your posts. Sara, Jillian and Bridget, I enjoyed hearing about your urges to pee.

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