to Marge.................... Yes I admit to having a shit in the shower on a few occasions. Each time was unintentional.Usually it happened when I was having a shower and having a piss. I always piss in the shower, my plumbing is built so that when I piss it comes out almost straight ahead,not between my legs therefore pissing standing up is quite easy for me. I often just piss in the sink. However back to pooping in the shower,the times I've actually dropped a turd in the shower is when I've forced out a fart instead of letting it develop naturally. Sometimes I've caught the turd with my hand and just thrown it in the toilet. I'd rather just drop a turd in my hand and throw it in the bowl than try to wash it down the shower.

I pooped in the shower last week, I was just standing under the hot water and pissing really hard against the wall when I felt this half baked fart in me. So I tried to push it out as well........ well a litle squeaker made a noise that's all. But I could feel a turd poke out instaed, all of a sudden this urge to shit came on me. I just held my hand under my hole and pooped into them,then dropped the turds into the bowl.

Hope this answers your question Marge???

Love Lena xxx

To Interested guy from NY

I have posted about accidents in knickers at school see my post in forum 1970

I had been taking pain medication for shoulder pain. I went for 6 days without pooping. Since my family is getting ready to leave for vacation, I needed to get this poop out. After day five I stopped by the drug store to get something to make me poop. The pharmacist recommended I use a dulcolax suppository which did not help. A buddy st work recommended I take an enema since I needed something fast acting. I had never taken an enema before so I asked him to explain how to do. I stopped by the drug store to purchase the enema bag. After I got home I layed on my side and inserted the tubing up my butt. I was only able to take half of the enema,however, after I expelled the poop plug, I had a massive poop. I went ahead a did a second enema just because it had been so long since I pooped. My butthole was sore afterwards. This was my first experience with an enema, and found it to be embarassing. Does anyone else have an enema story to share?

TO SUSAN: go when you need to! You will be more responsive and loving. You are doing your friend a favour so when he gets the need he will feel free to sit on the toilet.
TO RENNEE`: I note your mother use to shit her pants after ex-lax. I take regular laxatives and have never shitted my pants, although I have had urgent situations.
TO JOANNA B: My wife keeps well away, pooing is not her thing. I think company would be good on those "hard" days.
Yesterday, going to work, I got the poo urge...did not have a decent poo for a couple of days before...I took my laxative the night before...I went to my public toilets and took a toilet and was a big hard one..just as I came in somebody then came in...sounded like a male...we were both sitting grunting together....i did pass my large stool and left. That was it for the day. This morning had a sit but no results..had to have lunch with some customers and at the conclusion something was happening down below. I went to a toilet in a shopping complex...dropped my pants and this big hard lump of poo decided to greet the world! it was hard work...some grunting involved...I knew I could be heard but it does not bother me and yes...I did get a result...a good result...might take a different laxative tonight to soften things up and make it nice and easy tomorrow and allow my overworked arse muscles to relax.
Will report back.

this is my 'live' post. i'm on the toilet right now, trying to poop. i don't have much to say and me pooing isn't really interesting. i just thought i'd let you know that i got a laptop in the most interesting way. : D so yeah, i'm going to go and actually poo. and tell you about it later i guess.


Hi everyone..

A question : Has anyone tried to poop, standing ?

I was out camping in the woods with my girlfriend when we tried this. Both of us are naturists from time to time. We had dug a small pit in the ground for us to poop. When I had to go, I stood over the pit and let the turds ooze out. Did it feel good.!! The tight turds oozed and squeezed their way out,I felt the warmth of the poop as it came out and then fell with a splat in the pit. My girlfriend tried it when she had to poop and loved it.

Of course, we had to wipe more than usual, the inside of the butt cheeks being more smeared with poop than when you sit. We helped each other wipe, and we poop standing whenever we are in the woods camping. All in all, a nice and enjoyable experience.

To Whitewater : Nothing you can do about the butt hair. I have it, my girlfriend has it, and we just accept the way things are. All that hair is around for a purpose, kind of protective coverage or foliage..!!

TV personality
Wow I'm glad to find this site. I'm a TV presenter in Britain and am regularly on television here. I quite often have to poo in awkward situations, like when I'm about to go on camera, or when there are crew members around... there's often very little privacy. I'm glad to find lots of other people have difficult situations with pooing in public.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I (male) was in a long journey probably 12 hours or so where there was no proper settlements where we could stop. It was mostly night journey though. We did stop at one place, like hours before this incident took place. I had urge then and tried. We stopped biside a road where was no settlment. I always like the idea to get relieved in a sort of public or open place so i sat behind a boulder sort of (it was hilly arid area). I knew there were ppl close to me who peed and some tried 2 too but i could not do it because I was too keen on not making a loud noise and then i was shy too. So i subdued.

We reach the final destination in about 5 hours may be. There were hotels where i could go but i simply did not feel like to go their only for this purpose ( i am shy too) but secretly i was looking for a place where i can do it 'openly' and I dont have to worry about the sound too. And I knew there were field around. I thought i could use this occasion to fulfill my fantasy if may. So any how i wanted something like that. I went into this field in which there was a walk way too. So someone could have spotted me had any body walked. The field was not dense at all. It was probably sugarcane field or something like that. So I secretly sat down, dropped my pants. I knew it was almost public area and someone could even spot me. But it did it quick. I just wanted to do something like that just to be naughty I guess. After this i dont have that urge any more may be I do with a girl friend. Well that was my story.

I was just wondering after reading mrs user's letter, are there any other readers out there who are self-conscious about using a public toilet to the point where they can't go in one if they tried? Also, has anyone out there ever had an accident because they couldn't or wouldn't use a public restroom. I'd love to hear any stories. I believe I've posted this story before-I used to work in janitorial at a busy shopping mall, and more than once, I'd find the shitted-up panties of some poor lady who didn't make it stuffed in the tampon boxes in the stalls. During busy periods such as Christmas, I'd say that on the average, 3-4 women a day would shit their pants at the mall. So for any of you ladies that have ever filled your pants while shopping, don't feel bad, you're in good company. Any good stories about these type of experiences?

Dear MRS User,

I really sympathize with you, you must have been in incredible pain-I can understand where having to perform noisy bodily functions can be an embarrassment. But you shouldn't be, everyone else in that restroom is there for the same reason, and if they can't understand your needs, that's their problem. I'm just gald that you didn't crap your pants in the car-I cam imagine how it felt to sit down on your mother-in-law's toilet where you felt comfortable-how far back in your head did your eyeballs roll when your bowels finally released? Must have felt GREAT.
Don't be embarrassed about the flush handle being broken, I'm sure you're mother in law was just glad that you made it and came to her house needing to use her bathroom to relieve youself rather than have to use it to clean a mess out of your pants.


So you were out on a first date and had to relieve your bowels of a nice healthy load of poop. Why be embarassed or nervous about going at your friends house, even if it was a first date.

Everyone needs to go. I'm sure Susan you have had these types of calls come up before when your away from your house. Say the rest room where you work or a public rest room while out shopping at one of the malls in your area.

Its a natural thing that everybody does. And think Susan, is the time that you had to go into the bathroom for your pooping session a regular time for you to empty your bowels in the evening when your at home and after dinner. If it is then you should have been expecting that to happen.

Also your friend wasn't bothered by your need to empty yourself. He was very sweet and kind. Showed you where the bathroom was and came back into the living room after you went in. And he didn't say anything to you about it when you came back into the living room. So as you can see he was not even concerned about your needed actions.

So Susan call him up and thank him again for last weeks nice evening together. And if you enjoyed his company and the evening tell him you would like to get together again. And Susan if the need to poop happens again with him present, don't even think twice about it. Just go and do it.

has anyone here ever pooped in the shower?? jw

Susan -
Please don't feel in the least bit bad, or even embarrassed, about needing to poop on your first date. Most of us guys aren't in the least bit shocked by the fact that girls poop too. I suspect that he was probably very glad he was not the one in that situation first. It was very much the same when I first dated Ella but then the potential embarrassment vanished without it having ever actually been mentioned.
Why, given that degree of intimacy that sleeping together implies, should we be shy about our toilet needs?

Small town girl
Hey guys! I've been lurking this website for a few months now, and I love it. Thank you for sharing your stories.

All my life I had the problem of being scared to use any other toilet besides my own, and even when using my toilet, I'd be nervous if anybody was around. I didn't want anybody to hear me pee, and forget about pooping, I could only poop if I was the only one home. Fortunately, I've been getting past my fears in recent years.

I just got an apartment with my boyfriend, and our bathroom door doesn't quite shut. I have to admit, I love hearing his bathroom habits. I love hearing him pee, and I've heard him poop only a couple of times. When I have to pee, I get an odd thrill out of knowing he's listening to me.

SOMEDAY I'm going to get the courage to ask him, or find a reason to watch him pee. I have no idea why, but the idea of it always thrilled me. I'll be sure to write about it if it ever happens.

OK, so to make sure this post isn't as lame, I'll tell you about this one pooing experience: It happened when I lived in my mother's house. There's only one bathroom and she spends her life in there, I swear. Once I had to go REALLY REALLY badly, but she was in the bathroom, and she wasn't coming out any time soon. So, I found a couple of plastic cups, locked my bedroom door, and did the deed. I stooped over the floor with a plastic cup under me. The poo slid nicely out of my ass with very little effort, it was awesome. It started getting to the top of the cup, so I pinched it off and put another cup under me. I started going again and it stopped about 3/4's of the way to the top of that cup. It was SO relieving. I noticed that I had to pee, too, so I got another cup and peed in that one. I filled it almost to the top. I didn't make a mess! Nothing got on the floor. When I was done, I threw the poo cups into some grocery bags, then threw them in the garbage outside. Then I poured out the pee-filled one in the backyard, and threw that cup away, too. It was so relieving!

It was pretty normal for me to pee outside when I live in my mother's house. I remember this one time I had a UTI, and my mother kept being in the bathroom, so I repeatedly peed in the backyard. I already had the UTI, I wasn't about to torture myself by holding it in. I got a kick out of doing it.

Hope you enjoyed my little stories, thanks again for always sharing yours. Men, don't be shy when it comes to writing your experiences, I love reading them.

to Connor:
I am interested in what you wrote about Stac crapping and not being able to get her shit to come out while she sat on the stool in the school bathroom. I've been in that position several times--almost always when I'm in a public bathroom. Some of the toilets because of their height, the strange size of their seat, or sometimes their much lower size (sometimes my tailbone is like touching the seat but the front of my thighs is well above the seat because of the low-level of the seat). I just don't find public toilets all the comfortable, really. I remember a friend of mine and me sharing a service station bathroom on spring break one year. She could pee with a steady, heavy stream while seated but on a couple of times I remember seeing her standing, squatting and then getting the harder shit to drop. Once (and I had never seen this before) she stood, and you could see the shit slowly slide 2 or 3 inches outside of her rectum but eventually it just stopped moving. Then she would spread her legs and give it a hard push, but without success. Once I saw her spread her legs while she squatted to about knee level and that didn't seem to work. Then she entered a second squat, placed both of her hands over the front of the toilet seat while she balanced herself and gave it one more push. It was successful and within seconds she placed her butt on the seat and within a couple of more seconds the splashes into the water and her sighs of relief did the trick.

Anon Female
Today I have a cautionary tale to share with the users here. The story starts on a normal Saturday. This given Saturday, I had many stores I needed to stop at to buy various things. The details of that are not important... What is important is what happened "behind the scenes"

At the first store I felt the ever familiar urge to poop. I looked around for a bathroom, and couldn't find one. An employee told me they didn't have a bathroom for customers. Well, I didn't have to go too bad, so I decided to just hold it. By the next store, my urge to poop had subsided, so I just waited. A few stores later, I ate some lunch, then went to a few more stores. By then, the urge was coming back, so I again looked for a bathroom.

This store had a bathroom for customers at least, so I went in. The bathroom was absolutely filthy. There was pee all over the seat, and the toilet hadn't been flushed and was full of someone else's poop. I felt I could hold it a bit longer, so I did. Finally, my errands were all done, and I was on the way home. The urge to poop hit me then worse than ever before. I'd been holding my poop in for about 11 hours at that point, so I looked for the nearest place with a bathroom.

I found a gas station, pulled in to the closest parking spot, and went into the bathroom. I didn't even care about the state of the bathroom, although it was cleaner than the last bathroom. I yanked down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I struggled a little bit with the first turd, but it poked out. After it got out, the rest flew out and fell into the water. I let out another turd, big like the first one, and slowly inched out, making a fairly good splash. Two more decent sized turds squeezed out, splash, splash. I could feel the mess on my butt was going to require a lot of wiping, so I reached over for paper.... Cardboard... Damn.

Remembering back, I think the filthy bathroom had two full rolls of toilet paper, I should have just gone there. Well, now I had a major dilemma... lots of poop on my butt, and I knew if I tried to get out of there without wiping, my panties would be ruined. I looked around for any paper towels or kleenex... nothing. They had a mechanical drier, so I was just out of luck. I dug into my purse to see if I had anything to wipe with, at all. I found a little notebook which had some unused sheets. It wouldn't be pleasant, but it would spare my panties.

I tore off a sheet, crumpled it up into a ball, and then uncrumpled it. I figured this would be the most comfortable wiping material I could get. I ran the sheet up and down my buttcrack, thoroughly soiling it. Tossing it in the toilet, I tore off another sheet. Same thing, but a little less mess this time. Third sheet, not a lot of mess. I folded it in half, wiped once more and tossed it in the toilet. Fourth sheet, I lifted up my left buttcheek and wiped the mess there. I folded the sheet, and wiped the same way on my right buttcheek. I ran one more sheet down my buttcrack, for good measure. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands a lot. I wanted to be sure I got all the poop residue off my hands.

So, there's my story. Just to caution to always care extra toilet paper, or at least some tissues in your purse. You never know when you'll need it.

Recently, I had two of my best friends (both girls) stay overnight. My parents only agreed to this if we stayed in the basement all night, so they wouldn't hear us upstairs. Of course, during the course of the night, everyone had to use the bathroom.

My friend Madalyn was the first to need the bathroom. At first, she was reluctant to let us be in the bathroom with her, but we pressured her into it, on the condition that we do the same when we needed the bathroom. Madalyn pulled down her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. She didn't sit all the way back against the tank, and covered her privates with her hand. Her pee was really weak at first, I think she was really embarrassed about it. When she finally started peeing, it lasted maybe ten seconds. She tore off some paper, wiped once, and flushed.

Later on in the night, it was my turn to use the bathroom. I pulled down my jeans and panties, sitting all the way back on the toilet. I let out a deep booming fart, which made Madalyn and Beth giggle. After that, I started peeing... my stream was much fiercer than Madalyn's but lasted about as long. I also wiped once, but standing up.

Madalyn had to pee again before Beth did, but her second pee lasted only five or six seconds, I think she didn't fully empty before. Again, one wipe and done. Beth went sometime later, and she was wearing a skirt. She hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. For a while, nothing happened, but then from nowhere, her pee just came bursting out of her. It was forceful, and lasted a while too. As it was trickling off, she tore off some paper. She wiped once, sitting down, and flushed.

After we woke up in the morning, it was a mad dash to the bathroom. I got there first, pulling down my pajama bottoms and plopping on the toilet. I peed a good twenty seconds or more. Just a constant non-stop flow. I wiped twice, but didn't flush. Beth sat down immediately after me, and started peeing right off. She peed for maybe ten seconds, but her stream was strong, just like the night before. She wiped once, and got up, letting Madalyn sit down. Madalyn peed a weak stream, but it went on for probably thirty seconds. She wiped once, but didn't get up right away. I thought she might be trying to poop, but nothing happened. She got up and flushed for all of us.

Wow its been forever since I last posted!

Today we had another meeting. Before the meeting, we had all eaten lunch, catered to us from a local restaurant. About 20 minutes into the meeting, my boss started to lose concentration on what he was talking about and seemed really scatterbrained. This is odd for him, he's always very organized. A few minutes later, he said, "Okay, we're going to take a short break, be back in 15 minutes." And he left. A couple of other people left with him and they all headed to the bathroom. 15 minutes later, the boss returned, but 2 people weren't back. My boss was looking slightly green, which is odd considering he has really dark skin. We continued the meeting, when someone else jumped up and left the room. I was really confused because I felt just fine. The meeting ended early and several people went home with food poisoning. After te meeting, I needed to pee and I went in to the bathroom and both stalls were taken by guys with diarhea and another guy was throwing up in the sink. It smelled so bad in there that I really didn't want to stay at all, but I had to pee so bad, so I went as quickly as possible and left.

Apparently, Alex and I were the only ones who didn't get sick. He didn't eat anything for lunch and I had only had side items, no meat.

?It was pretty weird for Alex to not be sick. It seems like every day after lunch, he runs in the bathroom and throws up, and is fine after that. but today he was the only person (besides me) who wasn't sick.

Nicki S.
hi,i was reading this site a while and now i will tell you from one of my worst experiences that happened to me last summer.

a few words about me...iīm a german girl,23,5.8 ft,138 lbs,long,straight dark blond,lightblonde coloured hair,slim,long legged and lightskinned.

at this day back in last summer,i was on a retraining.shortly before my leve off work i felt a pressure in my guts,but i deided to wait until home by the reason,that the womens toilets were already locked an i didnīt would ask the instructor to open the toilet again, i would do my poop at home...

while i sat in the bus,the pressure increased,but i was not to be concerned about this because my turds are mostly solid and i could normally hold back my shit a pretty long time.
but as i stood up to change the bus-line i had to clench my cheeks really insistent.

the pressure between my buttocks was suddenly really urgently,but in just 5 minutes stopover i would had not find a toilet and the next bus would drive 2 hours,i would hold it in until my parents home,which i would visit...

but the next 25 minutes in the bus were pure hellfire.within the next few minutes my urges became really alarming.i pressed my butt against the seat but my anus started to open and close already and witin the next 5 minutes i was turtleheading two times,but fortunataly i managed it both times to push it back.but i wore a thong and my undies were pretty stained after that and i planned to borrow a pair of panties from my mom as soon i used her toilet.

but first and foremost i had to cope with it not to shit my pants until that....
it was a fortunate circumstance that i was alone in the rear of the bus,because i was groaning and sweating while i tried desperatly not to shit in my working bib and braces.but my guts were jam-packed and 2 minutes before the arriving the tip of the turd slid out betweeen my buttocks.
this time the log was poked out far too much to push it back anymore.but at this moment the shit was protruding out of my rectum very slow i hoped praying,sweating and shivering i could possibly make it to pull down my pants behind the brickwall a few ft away from the bus-stop.
desperatly i tried to encorage myself.."come on nicole,come on,you are will not poop your will make it,just one minute...hold it....hold it,in jiffy you had make.....oooaaaaaahhhh-too late !!!!!
I had completely pooped my pants ....
5 minutes later,i stood behind the foresaid brickwall,pants and thong around my knees,trying to lift this massive turd out of the seat of my bibs and braces with a few cocklebur leaves. then i pulled up my pants and hasted away to my parentes house,leaving my ruined shit-crumpled underwear behind the brickwall,beneath a huge turd of fat brown lumps....

In yesterday I take a big very satisfy shit. Big turd came easily out of my ass and gave me a very good feeling. No need to push, no need to sweat just drop your pants and sit on the pan. Oh man I just love take those big sausages.

When you eat a lot you poop a lot.

Upstate Dave
I mentioned briefly in my last post about having someof the girls in our group of friends as quests in my little back bedroom back in the mid late 1960s. Mainly it was at time three girls that would be involved. Two sistors and a friend of the two sistors that lived next door to them.
Jeannie Barbie S were the two sistors. Barbie H was the friend that lived next door to the other two girls. Barbie S was the first of the three girls that I had seen pee followed by Barbie H and then Jeannie. In fact both Barbie S and Barbie H was on the same day only minutes apart. (that is a different tale to tell)
The first time that one of them was a guest in the bedroom was both Jeannie and Barbie her sistor. We had been out partying down at the lake. The refreshements at this party had ran out so the party had broke up early. I walked with Barbie and Jeannie heading home. On the way I told them that we could still have our own party. Both of them told me ok and I and the two of them went straight to my house.
We all went into the house through the bacdoor in the summer kitchen at the far end of the house. Then into the den and I opened the door that was the back stairs up to the litle bedroom. I turned on the light for the girls and they quietly went up the stairs. I saw the light go on in the litle bedroom so I knew they wer all set.
I went into the old pantry off the den where we had a old fridge that was kept for beer and soda only. My oldest sistor had recently been married so there was plenty of leftover bottles of beer in the fridge and the pantry. So I took out three cold bottles from the fridge and took them with me and I went up and joined the girls in my litle bedroom.
I had the old family tv which worked well and back in this time you had Johnny Carson or movies as far as late night tv. We all had opened our botles of beer and we watched Carson on the Tonight Show. I had to make refill runs durring commercials and we all had drank three bottles of beer while watching Carson.
I was the first one of us that needed to pee. The window was open and I took the screen out of it. I quickly pulled my zipper down on my jeans and pulled my penis right out and I started my pee. I heard Jeannie let out a giggle from behind me. Barbie was siting right at the end of the bed and she was watching me me pee with a smile on her face.
My pee stream arced out over the roof below the window and dissapeared into the darkness below. I could here it splashing in the yard down below me. I hadn't peed since early in the evening well before the party so this pee was a real long one. With both Jeannie and Barbie there watching me pee my penis did get erect as I peed.
Having my penis erect also made this pee take longer and Barbie being the closest to me she reached right over and took my erect penis in hand and I took mine off. Barbie did like holding a guy when he peed. So did Jeannie but Jeannie let her older sistor take it this time. She held right on to it when I stopped,shook it and she even slipped it back inside my jeans but let me do the zipping up.
Jeannie told Barbie and I she was the next to go. Jeannie went right over to the window shoved her red shorts down and shoved her butt right out through the open window. In a couple of seconds she was peeing very hard with a loud hissing stream that splattered off the side of the house under the window. Her pee ran hard down over the roof and it went over th edge of the roof below and was out of sight.
Jeannie took a pretty good pee which almost lasted a half minute. Her stream eased off with its hissing stopping. She pulled her butt back inside stood and pulled up her red shorts and then sat down in the chair and finished up her beer. Barbie would be the last one to go but that would be for awhile yet before she did.
Jeannie soon was tired enough she was falling asleep. It was time to take her home which Barbie and I did. Barbie and I came right back to my house and back up to my little bedroom. We both had grabbed cold ones before we went back up to my little bedroom and we opned them and took a couple of good long sips from them.
Barbie then told me she needed to pee now. She said it with a smile and she stepped right over to the window lifting up her dress as she stepped over to the window. She had her dress pulled up around her waist and she was not wearing panties she slid her butt out the window and she started to pee right after she got her but out the window.
She like her sistor peed very hard but her stream didn't hiss as loud as Jeannies had done. I would say that Barbie was peeing harder then Jeannie did. That could have been why. As I stood beside Barbie her pee wasn't hitting the side of the house under the window. Her stream was going right down to the roof under her and ran down it and off the edge of it. Boy there was a lot of pee foam too in her stream as it ran down over the roof.
Barbie didn't pee long and when she did stop she just slid forward stood up letting her dress fall down back into place. We both then sat back down and drank and watched tv together well into the night. We both peed together a few times out the window again. When I took Barbie home we even went together outside on my road. So it was a long but fun night.

to peegurl: i really enjoyed your story! keep up the Great post!

to blissy: sorry to hear about your experience with your first date!

Yesterday I heard a very eccentric emo guy taking a poop.

I was in a huge mall, and since it was saturday morning, not many people could be seen there. Well, I needed to pee, so I went towards the bathroom.

On the way, I saw a very eccentric emo guy. He had brown eyes, actually, I could only see the left one, the right one was completely covered with black/white striped hair. His skin was between pale and tanned. Actually, if I would be a girl, I would say he was cute. He also had stylin' jeans playfully hanging near his ankles.

I actually noticed he was also moving towards the toilets. Again, it was saturday morning, and we were at the far side of the mall, so when we entered, we were alone there. He threw a strange look at me, and went in a stall. I actually thought he was gonna poop, and thought : Ey... great story! I peed, flushed and went out.

I returned 10 seconds ago, and took a stall next to his. The stalls hard very low downsides, so he couldn't see my feet. I leaned so I would see his. Actually, I think his shoes are worth 200 dollars, or more.

Well, at first, he seemed to be sitting and waiting for poop to come out. No luck. Then he started straining and grunting. He was changing positions for like 10 minutes. As not to look like a stranger, I imitated a fart with my hands. I perfected it - looks like a real one. We were sitting for totally 20 minutes when he let out a huge fart. Then a wave of mushy poop rushed out and was falling into the toilet for like 1-2 minutes non-stop.

Unbelievable, but I felt no stench. He sighed with relief, wiped, flushed, went to the sink, washed his hands and left. I took the other exit and watched him for a moment. He went to a girl staying nearby and hugged her.

I couldn't hear exactly what they said, but it was something like:

Girl: Tough one, D?
Guy: Yeah... I guess Corrie's meal didn't agree with me at all.

Well, at the moment, I am going to my girlfriend's place, and I feel a bulk building up in my arse. Might be a story tomorrow anyway.

Actually, this experience taught me that emos aren't that strange at all :D

Have a good relief,
Jack of NY.

Upstsate Dave
Pee girl I like your post. I'm glad to hear that there is still girls that will pee in different places. Your post brought back some memories of girls that I knew that would pee in places that you have gone pee in.:-) Fil glad you like my posts. Good to hear from another local upstater!

Back in the mid 1960s we lived in a large colonial farm house. We did have three bathrooms in the house but only one was in use at this time. The upstairs one was being done over by my dad and one of the wo downstairs ones onlly could be used durring the warm months of the year for it was not heated.

My older brother had gone to colledge so I now had my own bedroom. It was just for a short time though as far as being in a large bedroom. One night part of the old ceiling came down so I had to move out of the large bedroom and I moved into one of the small bedrooms in the back of the house.

This turned out to be better then my large bedroom that I was in. The reason was that there was a back stairway that I could use and I could sneak in and out very easilly when I wanted to. Also having two older teenage sistors that would tie up the bathroom all the time I could just open the window in this little bedroom and pee right out the window without being seen by anyone which I did a lot!

I wasn't the only one that did this out my bedroom window for I would have guest friends up visiting which would be sometimes the girls in our group of friends that would be my guest in this back bedroom. Even they would use the window and pee out from it whe we had our little parties. It sure was a fun time when that happened. Upstate Dave

Hey everybody, I'm new to posting here but a long time reader of posts, I find it very interesting and enthralling reading some of the experiences here, and I thank many like Nicola, Vector, Canada_Man and others who put down their great experiences on here.

I find that I can relate well to chickens with my restroom habits, I lay an egg a day, sometimes if I'm feeling more productive I can lay twice a day, or sometimes even a double-yolker, hahaha. I'm fairly regular, two to three long jobs a session, usually long and smooth but occasionally bowed out and hard in the middle. Those are the ones that aren't so fun for me, I have to work to plop them out with lots of grunting and strained expressions. But, I'm learning from this site that others can appreciate that, haha.

I'll tell one unisex bathroom experience I had at a rest area not long ago. I had stopped on my way, driving along, went into the area. The mens restrooms were the only ones functioning apparently, as the other side was roped off. I didn't care too much, I was the only car there at the time, so I proceed into the mens room which I find has no doors and no stalls.....military style. I've been feeling the urge to go for a while, so I pull my pants down and squat on one of these things. I tend a bit on the constipated side, not too bad, but harder than softer if you follow. I place my feet flat on the floor, tense my buttocks and thighs and do my usual thing, silent at first, then a bit of an uggggnnnnnnnn and exhale. Just about then, another came into the room, a woman in her twenties with a college hoodie on. She smiled at me, apparently didn't think much of the situation and sat down a toilet over from me, not making much sound or movement. I had to grunt again, and it turned into a very embarrassing groan in the middle as I widened a LOT for this particular job (told you I had a lot in common with a chicken, hehe). She laughed a little, looked over at me, and said "Giving birth, big guy?" I laughed too, and said back very strained "Yeah....trying to". I grunted hard, figuring by now there's no sense in holding back, and dropped it successfully, a big splash letting both of us know. I wiped and got up, smiling to her again, washed my hands. She started grunting as I was washing, I could see her in the mirror. She made a face, didn't make much sound, raised up a little then seemed to relax, wiped, and stood up to wash. She didn't flush, wanted me to look I guess. I usually don't, but I glanced at a little lady like her had filled that thing with such large movements I'll never know. I felt sorely beaten, haha. I was practically curling my toes pushing my wide one out, but she filled the whole bowl with just little sighs. Oh well, this woman was much better than I, hahaha.

Interested guy from NY
I just have 2 quick questions
#1 I remember reading a story back in the old posts about somone eating a bag of york paties and pooping his/her brains out. I've been trying to find it for a while now and can't does anyone knoe ehat page its on or have you had an experience of your own before?

#2 I am very interested in girls that have had poop acidents at school or work so if you have them please write about them!!!!

Love you all

Joe Stool
Susan: I realize that your first date would be embarrassing for most people, even if the other person didn't care. However, you must see something in this guy, and if you think about it in the grand scheme of what you both may miss out on...isn't that a silly reason not to call him. Not only is it unfair to you - it's extremely unfair to him to deprive him of a chance with you, just because you're embarrassed. I don't want to get carried away with a first date, but who knows...this guy could be the love of your life and the father of your kids. For Pete's sake call him, before it's too late.

Zip, love your posts. You are so casual about open stalls. Now that I have discovered the beach men's rooms, I hope to get that way too.

Sunday afternoon, I took a long walk on the beach, just because it was a nice sunny afternoon. Taking a dump was the farthest thing from my mind because I usually poop in the morning and this was about 3pm. But my intestines had other plans.

I felt a painful twinge that I tried to ignore. But it got worse and then really urgent. I saw a men's room up ahead and I walked as fast as I dared to, trying to get there in time without losing control along the way.

Inside it was a very wide room. Urinals and stalls on the right, open toilets on the left, set back far enough so anyone on the pot could be seen from pretty much anywhere in the room.

I selected the middle toilet, pulled out a disinfectant wipe that I carry with me and wiped the seat before I dropped my pants and sat down.
I was afraid things would come rushing out, but I guess my efforts to hold back my dump slowed things down.

As I waited for my bowels to get to work, I heard voices and footsteps outside. I had that same feeling I had in high school that I was about to face humiliation, and - perhaps because my stomach was hurting - I didn't feel quite so liberated.

3 young guys walked in. Two went straight to the urinals without noticing me. The third went to the toilet next to me, and although I couldn't see him it was obvious he was just standing to piss. Then my bowels opened up with a long, noisy fart. I felt a combination of relief and embarrassment. One of the guys at the urinal called to his friend and said something like you could have given us fair warning. He laughed and said, "it wasn't me."

The guys at the urinal turned around and saw me. At this point the shit was making its way out. It felt soft, not runny, but soft and a lot of it, and these guys were looking right at me. But it turns out they were embarrassed and the one who had shouted said, "sorry, mate."

The guy who had been pissing in the toilet then came out of his stall, stood in front of me and apologized for his crude friends, looking right at me while I sat there shitting.

Well, Zip, it's like you said. It was very casual. No big deal. Not at all like the time I was in high school. I felt a double set of relief as my gut calmed down and I realized I wasn't about to get laughed at - or worse.

I had a couple of more small pushes and farts after the guys left. A man came in while I was wiping up, looked at me, and turned around and left the men's room with a disgusted look on his face. Another guy came in right behind him looked at me, shook his head and then I could hear him drop the toilet seat in the stall next to me. When I finished wiping and got up to wash my hands I saw him sitting there. "No, f'in privacy," he said. But I answered, "when you gotta go, you gotta go."

Sentinel Chicken

You wrote:

"i've never had a ful on accident from my admittedly irresponsible bm habits, but a few partial ones. the worst/most embarrassing happened in my college dorm when i was a sophomore. i had just returned to the dorm after a long weekend visiting a friend, and hadn't moved my bowels in 4 days, needless to say, i planned on going to the toilet immediately, as i could feel the contents of full rectum trying to empty past my clenched cheeks."

Looks like the story got cut off - how does it end? :)

Joanna B
Thunder from down under -
Im so sorry to hear the about difficulities you have. I am a nurse here and I do home care, I wish I could help you.I believe you did say you had a wife.... does she help you, or sit with you??

I had some bran cereal for a snack last night then I had more bran cereal for breakfast this morning. Oh boy. That much bran is definitely going to have an effect. I had to stop in at Home Depot this morning and made a beeline for the restroom. The doorless stall (of course) was the only one unoccupied so I went in and quickly wiped down the seat. I pulled down my shorts and briefs and sat down just in time to unload a whole bunch of crap. I checked my underwear and they were still white! Whew!

As I unloaded, I had a few guys walk by to check the adjacent stall. I wiped up pretty good, and left the stall.

A few days earlier I was using the handicapped stall, which had a door. Someone came in and ended up using the adjacent stall, the one without a door. I could see he also drops his pants all the way down, and while I couldn't see his underwear, I could hear him sliding them down his legs, too.

This guy would lift the heel of one foot while expelling each log. He was pretty quick, and I noticed that when he wiped, he stood and faced the paper dispenser. It's a bit unusual to do that, especially when there's no door. One guy passed by his door to check to see if my stall was occupied.

I was finishing up at the same time, so I did my last wipe, flushed and pulled up my clothes. As I exited my stall, my neighbor was also just finishing up. I saw just as he pulled up his underwear. He was wearing what looked to be briefs, maybe bikini-briefs, with a blue and white pattern. A lot of guys at Home Depot are Hispanic/Latino and many of them wear colored underwear.

I walked to the sink and washed up. My stall neighbor came out and used the sink on the other wall. He looked Hispanic, probably in his mid-late 30's, with a mustache and on the slim side.

I must confess that this is not my name, which for reasons later you will understand. I work for a high profile corporation in their gym as a fitness instructor. Its not a big facility, but its helps keep the company staff fit - which in turn keeps me in a job. Anyway, I was working Friday night, alone, and about to go home thinking everyone had left. So I am going through the facilty making sure no one was around so I dont lock anyone in over the weekend. I go into the gents, walk through, check the showers and toilets, no one around (I can tick off that area). Go into the ladies, look around, check the toilets and showers, no one around, when I noticed the shower gel in the one of the showers was empty. I start to open the plasic case it was in when I suddenly heard the door open. Realizing that if I was caught, even thought I had a reason to be in there I would probably get fired, so I just froze (I was in an enclosed shower, so couldnt be seen). I then heard this lady go into the toilet, I could hear her sliding down her clothes, probably pants/underwear and then sit on the toilet. Still frozen and not moving at all I heard her take a piss and push out a little fart. Wipe, pull up her clothes, stand up, flush, walk over to the mirror, wash her hands and spray some perfume and then walk out. I left it about 30 seconds before I left hopeing she would not be outside the door, but she was gone. I never found out who it was, I can only assume it was a regular gym member and most of them are pretty attractive. I have never been so excited and scared at the same time in all my life.

To Renee': Thank you so much for those stories! I really appreciate how well written they were. I was wondering, did you or any or your siblings ever have accidents? Obviously, she couldn't get mad at you, but did you or your siblings ever make fun of her? I can tell your dad wasn't too fond of the accidents. Did he know about most of them?

I'd be really interested in hearing more stories, if you don't mind of course.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am so embarrassed about an experience I had last week. I went out on a first date with a guy. The date went well, we went to a nice restaurant. After the restaurant, we went to his house and watched a movie. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the urge to poop hit. I thought "Oh no, not now, not now." But, I had no choice - I excused myself to the bathroom.

I so did not want this to happen... I hate pooping anywhere but my house, and it is especially bad pooping at his house on the first date! He showed me where the bathroom was, I went in and locked the door. I looked around for some air freshener, knowing what I was about to do, was not going to smell pretty. I found some, got my pants and panties down just in time.

I plopped myself on the toilet, and immediately began squeezing out a poop. Two more poops came after that, and I was done. I looked at my poop, like I usually do. A long poop, maybe six inches, and two smaller ones, probably each two inches. One of the poops had a lot of corn kernels in it, from dinner last night

I wiped four times, flushed the toilet, and closed the lid. There was still a noticeable odor of poop in the air, so I sprayed some air freshener to get rid of the smell. My date did not say anything to me about it, so I do not think he cared... but it was still embarrassing for me. I have not gotten the courage to call him since.

Esteban-I also find that the older beach bathrooms tend to be the ones with doorless stalls. It can be liberating, as you say, but it's also funny to watch guy's reactions when they need to use one and the find no door. So many, especially the younger ones, get a bit freaked out and leave to look for their prized door in another restroom. Unless they are really desperate, then they drop trou just enough to drop their load, and wipe quickly ad get the heck out of there.

Some guys could care less if there is a door, and I've even had some joke around and talk to me as they are dumping. I don't mind if someone talks to me while I'm on the can in a doorless stall. I've had discussions about the neighborhood, given directions, talked about the weather, etc.. even as I'm wiping. I was talking to one guy from Arizona who was visiting, and he was there as I wiped between my legs, then standing, and as I pulled up my briefs and shorts and washed up. We walked out of the restroom together and said "see ya later" outside.

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