Hey, it's been a while since I've last posted. Recently I had a very interesting poop/pee experience. It was just last night when I woke up with a strong stomachache. I stayed awake for a few minutes when I felt pressure around my bottom, meaning that I needed to poo really bad. I also needed to pee really badly so this was definitely a good time to go to the bathroom. I slowly got out of bed as to not have an accident. I stood up--but before I could move I started peeing on myself. I ran to the bathroom because then it felt like I was going to poo on myself. I made it in the bathroom--but I had to untie my pajama bottoms. Fiddling with the ribbon, I felt a HUGE cramp that made me double over. A loud BRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOPP noise fired out of my butt, and I began to fill my panties with a long, thick log. I finally got my pants off by then, so I dumped the poop into the toilet, and sat because I wasn't finished. Without pushing, some mushy poop splattered in the bowl, along with some wet farts. After that, I was done, so I wiped, flushed, took my things and went back to bed.

To all males in this site, do any of you get a stomachache when you need to poo( not having diarrohea) or when you are goimg to fart???

If you don't understand what I mean, I'm just saying it because yesterday, I was having lunch when I got a big stomachache. At first I thought I had eaten something that did not sit with my stomach. However, The poo that I blasted out was normal brown poo. The other time was when I was in school,Yan You, who sits beside me said he had a mild stomachache.Since we sat at the back of the class and it was almost recess, I allowed him to do his crap in his pants and would not mind the smell. He le rip a soundless but ultra smelly fart which cured his stomachache.

Can some of you other males reply me please!!!

Pee Girl
Hi, my name's Christi and i'm 16! I'm a skinny, 5 fot 6 blonde and i have a great pee story. My family was getting a new toilet, so we had to use our neighbor's toilet for a little while. Obviously this got annoying, especially when i really had to piss! When i woke up at night with the urge to pee, i kept a cup under my bed so I would wake up, pull down my panties, and fill the cup with my urine, hoping the sound of my pee hitting the glass didnt wake anyone, and would empty it out in the morning. I aslo got into the habit of peeing in the shower. It was a little gross at first to see the water by my feet turn yellow, but i got used to it. I even took a leak in the bathtub once! I peed in the sink quite a few times. I had to pull my pants down jump on the sink, and pee away. I would often fill the whole sink with pee! I started pissing outside a lot too. I never got used ti squatting and peeing before, but i got a lot of practice in. The best thing i did was pee out my window. I pulled my pants down, opened my window, stuck my butt out, and peed all over the driveway. I did this at night by the way so people couldn't look out and see my tinkling out the window! I peed in a few other places too, like the woods, a bucket, and down a drain in the garage. Since we got our new toilet, I've still been peeing in weird places. I guess its a hard habit to break!

mrs user
Okay, this is my first story here. It was a couple of weeks ago and my husband took me out to the mall to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and buy a computer at Best Buy. But at Best Buy, dinner did not agree with me. I started to have cramps. The bathroom wasn't far, so I darted out of Best Buy, down past the food court and finally into the bathroom. To let you know, I'm shameful when it comes to doing #2 in public bathrooms.

As I sat on the toliet, my cell phone rang. I knew it was my husband wondering where I am. Didn't want to answer the phone and tell him I was on the toliet while other stalls were occupied. On the other hand, I pushed, but nothing came out. My cell rang again, so I just zipped up my jeans and left the restroom to go find my husband.

On our way home, I started to have really bad cramps again. I felt like I was going to explode. He pulled over into a Wal-Mart parking lot, so I could go in their restrooms. But again, I'm what they call a Shameful Shitter. I ran into the restroom while my husband occupied himself to do a little shopping. I went in and was worried, cause there was a few people in there. There were only three stalls and took the furthest one. Once I sat down, it felt like everything got quiet (as if people stopped talking to listen to what I'm doing). I had the cramps, but couldn't go. I tried pushing and straining, but nothing would come out. I came out of the bathroom as the pain subsided. I told my husband my situation and he understood.

As we were driving back home, I felt the urge to go again. My husband told me that we were close to his mom's house and I could go there. I managed to hold it. Once I got to her house, I told her I needed to use her restroom and ran up the stairs to the toliet. Finally, I did go. Sweet relief. But it wasn't over yet. Her toliet handle was broken. I told her about the toliet and the mess and told me it was okay and was meaning to get the toliet fixed.

Anyways, that's all for now.

Upstate Dave:

I am glad that you have come back to the Board here.

I am from upstate also. I was born in Schenectady.

When you are taking a piss without holding your penis, it will often go either to the left or to the right. This happens a lot to circumcised guys like myself. The surgeon may favor one side or the other when he tightens the remanant of the foreskin below the glans (head).

I always like your stories, especially when you and your wife would spend a long time holding your pee and then go and go a lot.I am a holder and was known in my high school as the guy who never pissed. Actually I was pee shy and couldn't go in the boy's room with a lot of guys around.

I've just had a shit - a bit constipated

Did 2 plops

The first one took its time coming out - I Just relaxed and let it take its time
When it dropped - I got a superb splash right on my bum hole LOL

Keith D
Haven't posted for a while... My pooping habits have been very erratic lately. Some hard ones, some slow ones and some very very big ones.

To Linda from Australia: I'm very sorry to hear that you've been having some troubles again. Well, I'm sorry you're struggling but I love your stories about it. It was really cool when you had to reach down and break a log off. You're obviously very determined to get the job done.

I'm also very impressed by lena's fortitude in holding off the event. I have been like that for most of my life, putting off going for a poop until I really need to. First it was because I was a child and had better things to do, then it was because the poop got hard and really difficult to push out, then later it was because all my logs got hard to push out so I have to wait until I get a really strong urge. But now matter how long the wait, I usually only make a single log. I wait til I get major cramps but not until it turtleheads. Lena, how do you deal with this at work?

Public Toilet Pooper-I think you may be on to something. I might be in the same boat as you regarding using doorless stalls. If there is a restroom without doors, I'm there to use it. I don't usually use it if there are other unoccupied stalls that have doors because it might freak people out. However, since most people won't use the doorless stall, I can usually use it myself.

I've heard about the Washington Park toilets. I've never used a toilet that is in a group without stalls. That would be an interesting experience. The closest to that is using a single toilet in a large room with a sink and urinal. That sometimes leads to conversations with someone waiting for the can or asking directions.

The Home Depot near work recently had one of the doors removed. I really had to drop a load so I went ahead and used it. Only 2 guys saw me on it. They were the ones entering and exiting the adjacent stall.

I recently took a dump at the swap meet with the high partitions between the stalls. The stall I used just had a torn curtain instead of a door and the restroom was packed. As usual, there was a line, but no one using that stall. The line was in front of my stall, so there were about 3 guys looking in. I wiped the seat, turned towards them and let my shorts fall. When I pulled my underwear down, I saw I was wearing my white briefs with eagle prints on them. Funny how I forgot what I put on that morning.

I was a bit constipated, so I had to strain a bit to get the load moving. I am a little shy about straining in front of people, because it looks kinda funny, with clenched teeth, turning red and all that. I looked down at the floor, lifted my heels, grabbed my knees and pushed out on them as I bore down and pushed that turd out. It took a few seconds, but I got 'er moving!

The rest of it wasn't too bad. I was done with my BM and noticed that I had pushed out some seminal fluid as well. Sometimes happens when I've got a solid one in the chamber. I looked up and saw one of the guys looking at me, one was looking away, and another looked like he just turned away. I wiped the fluid off and look a leak. I then tore off some paper, moved my junk out of the way, reached between my legs and wiped. I did that a few times, then I stood up to wipe for the last couple of times. Up came the briefs, up came the shorts, and flush went the toilet. I exited, with a huge smile on my face, happy to have been able to drop that load for my buddies in line!

I was at home, when I got the feeling I needed to poop bad, for the first time in five days. I thought of this site, my friend told me, I wanted to post while I was on the toilet.

I did some nasty loud farts, letting off some pressure. I can feel big turd waiting to exit, but my hole just open and close. I just did a long quiet fart, lasted a long time, but it made no noise. My turd is peeking out of my hole now. "Ngghhh", I push to get it started.

It is working out on it's own now, moving quite slowly. Sploosh! The turd dropped into the water. A smaller turd this time, it is still slowly working its way out. Plop. Another one, this one racing out. Plop. "Nnggh", I can feel more turds, but they don't want to come out.

Another turd coming out now, this one feels like a medium sized. Not big, not small either, it just splashed into the water. No delay and another turd, like the last one, is coming out. Plop, it landed in the water. I did a fart now, real quick and loud. Two tiny turds come out, two splashes. I flushed so toilet doesn't clog with all my turds.

A long turd now, it is coming fast, but it is really long. This one made no noise when it hit water. Now I have lots of farts. Loud ones like at the beginning. This turd is big, my hole is opening big to let it out. Slowly, it comes out, not very long, and big splash into the water.

A medium turd comes out now, kind of slow, but then it plop into the water. Another turd, comes faster, and it splashes into the water. Now I have a really long turd, it keeps coming and coming. Still more of this long turd, but it ends. One last turd, it comes out and splash into the water.

I feel much better after that, five days worth of poop out of me. I go poop after 2 days on normal, but sometimes longer. I am wiping now, lots of mess. I need lots of paper to wipe with. Sorry for my bad english, I am from Germany, moved here not long ago.

can anyone help me out

one thing i hate about pooping and being a guy is haveing poop sticking to my bum hairs i want to know how to stop this and if women have this problem to

as the old joke goes

one day there was a Bear and a Rabbit in the wood having a Dump
The bear ask the rabbit if he have any problem with poo sticking to his fur
No said the rabbit
so the bear pick up the rabbit and used him to wipe his ass

pee.s we need more female pantie peeing story's

Pee pee.s i would like to heat swimsuit female pee stories come on you have all done it


Me and my friend Stac (whom I've posted about before) went up to our high school Sunday afternoon. We were told that the cast list for the spring play may have been posted after we left school on Friday. Even though it was Sunday afternoon, Stac & I walked the six blocks because both of us were curious on whether our auditions made the cut. About three blocks from school Stac started to act kind of funny and she said she hadn't crapped since homeroom on Wednesday and that the exercise of walking (and we also did some running) was activating her bowels fast.

I suggested that we walk just one block over and stop at the public library. She said on Sunday it would be pretty crowded there because there was a family story hour and there would be so many little kids around that they would make her nervous. I remember yesterday I was at the mall with three of my friends and while we were at the urinals peeing, two boys who were probably about 7 were in a stall together, each peeing into the toilet, They were bumping into one another, making a lot of noise, and definitely splashing their pee all about on the toilet and the stall partitions. Then one of them said he had to crap and actually sat down on a seat that was dripping with pee while his friend continued to hassle him. Then the friend, who still had his hand on his penis, aimed it at his seated friend and threatened to "hose him down." So I knew immediately how Stac felt.

By the time we walked another block up the hill, Stac was starting to fart more and showed more urgency about the need to crap. Because of late night and Sunday drama practices, she thought the door to the loading area of the school building would probably be unlocked so we walked the extra distance to get there. We were pretty exhaused because we hurried since she didn't want to have an accident in her pants. Well, the building door was unlocked and we walked in on the loading dock and picked up pace as we walked out into the hall that would take us to the nearest restroom. Since there are no windows on the lower level of the building, only a few security lights guided us as we moved toward the restroom. I had stopped at the drinking fountain when she pulled on my windbreaker and told me to come in with her. I think I've told you in earlier postings that she doesn't like to use public bathrooms alone. So I followed her in.

There were like 20 stalls in two rows. She quickly slammed the door of the first stall on the left open, but then cursed when she found an almost full bowl of crap that was still smelly and half disintegrated which hadn't been flushed. I immediately opened the 3rd stall door and told her it was in better shape. She was pulling her sweats and thong down with her right hand while she used her left hand to quickly grab and drop the seat. She didn't ease it down, but rather dropped it with a thud and I don't think 2 seconds went by before I could see the beginning of a 2-foot long, 2-inch wide log start out of her butt--even before her butt hit the seat. She initially sighed with relief and apologized for the smell that was beginning to rise up. We talked for about 2 minutes and then she spread her legs farther than she ever had before, and she started to push, only to get frustrated when the crap wouldn't come out. What surprised me was that she partially stood up--I suppose in a sort of squat--placed both of her hands over the very front of the toilet seat and using her arms for support like pillars, she pushed out an even wider piece of crap that was so heavy that it quickly dropped to the bowl and splashed back up onto her butt. Some of the water also got on her left wrist and that seemed to surprise her. Stac then reseated herself and I could hear her finish off a very moist and mushy crap that I would see momentarily--leaving significant skidmarks on the side of the bowl. She wiped while sitting down, pulled up her thong and sweats, and as she went out to wash her hands, she told me that maybe I could use my pee flow (I told her I needed to pee before we went upstairs to the theatre) to help get rid of the skidmarks. Well I got rid of some of them, but when she came back to the stall to check, she saw that my aim needed a little to be desired and she kidded me about how I had messed up the seat. I started grabbing for the toilet paper to wipe the seat off, but she pulled me away saying it was OK to leave the pee because it would be dry by morning.

Then we went upstairs and saw the cast list. We both made the play.

peace & love to everyone at ToiletStool! :)

a few pee stories from when I was younger:

This first one happened when I was 6. Our class was having gym time. We were all racing back and forth around the gym. Our teacher only allowed 1 person to go to the bathroom at a time. So one girl went to the bathroom. She was taking quite a while. I noticed that two girls (they were best friends), and I'll call them Lucy and Cora, looked like they really needed to pee. They were both holding themselves. Cora looked a lot more desperate than Lucy though. Now Lucy walked by me and I saw a small dribble, she must have leaked a bit. Finally Cora and Lucy were allowed to go to the bathroom, one at a time. Everyone noticed, then, the puddle on the floor. It was very small and clear, and people thought someone had spitted on the floor. I was the only one who knew.

The really funny thing is that I later became friends with Lucy and Cora. One time I went to the park with Cora, and we found a Gatorade bottle lying around. There was a lot of litter. But Cora bent down to look at the bottle, and we realized that it was about half filled with pee!

Yesterday i was washing the dog and i had to go to the bathroom really bad. But my shorts were a little wet from the dog and i couldnt stop washing the dog i just couldnt hold it anymore and i accidently started to pee. it was a good thing that my shorts were a little wet from the dog becuase the people at the house would of know i peed my pants. i went straight to the shower after that.

When I was in college, my girlfriend and I invited some of our mutual friends to go camping one weekend. The campsite had showers and "toilet facilities," or so the brochure said. Actually, in addition to a few outhouses here and there around the area, the campsite had a men's and women's latrine. Well, it wasn't long after we got there that my bowels started acting up. I rushed to the latrine to take a dump and when I entered I was shocked to see that the "toilet" was out in the open, unobstructed by anything, no stall, no wall, nothing. The room was wide open, a bucket-style toilet against one wall, a metal urine trough against another and two sinks against the other. What was worse, is that anyone entering the latrine, the first thing they saw was whoever was sitting on the toilet. I thought about finding a spot in the woods somewhere, but we had already been instructed to only use the latrines or outhouses. I swallowed my pride, put paper on the seat, dropped my pants slightly and sat. Not more than one second after I'd started shitting did two of my friends enter. "Oh, man!" one of them said and laughed. "That sucks." They peed and I tried to discreetly finish my BM and wipe my ass and get out of there. They chatted with me like this was the most normal thing in the world. I've had to brave a doorless stall here and there, but I've never had to use a toilet when there was no stall at all!

Upstate Dave
Jill nice tale of you and your sistor peeing and pooping outside in your back yard. Francesca I also enjoyed your story with Jullie taking such a good pee. I always like the stories that involve going outside.:-)

I have a short story to tell. This oone involes a friend of mine sistor. I was down at my friends house one afternoon. Mike and I had come in to get a drink of water. Mikes father was working on the kitchen sink so we had to use the sink in the bathroom.

Mike and I went into the small bathroom filled our glasses with cold water and drank them right down. We refilled them right back up and drank the second glasses of water down. Mikes father called for him to help hm in the kitchen.

Mike told me he would be right back as I filled my glass u again at the sik. Mike left and went to the kitchen to help his father. As I stood drinking the glass of water Mikes youngest sistor Marcie came running into the bathroom.

She told me as she started to pull down her pants that she had to pee and poop real bad! Now the toilet had a broken seat so there was no seat to sit down on. Marcie had to hover high over the toilet which she did.

As soon as she had her butt down high over the bowl she started to pee real hard with a hissing pee and from her butt she started to also poop. A tan colored very chunky poop quickly started to come out. It was a long one too. It dropped into the toilet with a big splash. Then a second big poop came out quickly and that also dropped into the toilet with another good splash.

Then a third poop started to come out. Her hissing pee stream now started to slow when the thrird poop started to come out but didn't stop. The tird poop came out much slower then the other two. It also was the longest one too. It fell into the toilet without a big splash. Her pee stream sprang back to life going much harder for several seconds and then stopped.

Marcie rolled off some toilet paper and wiped herself standing in front of the toilet. She then turned and looked at her poop in the toilet for a quick couple of seconds. Boy I reall did do a lot! She said to me. She giggled and then flushed the toilet. She pulled her pants back up and said later Dave to me and ran out of the bathroom.

Hi, this is my first time here. This site is so cool!I started reading this sit when I was 11. At first I thought this was a site of digusting things but I managed to learn more it when I read the posts of Jordan and his fratenity brother Doug and Edie and her boyfriend.
Anyway, my poop story today starts when I WAS IN kindergarden.

The toilet in my kindergarden are like so filthy that sometimes you could roaches crawling oon the floor.I totally avoided the bathroom and waited to get home then poo/pee. Then one day, I had a major big stomachache in school but still tried to wait until I got home then poo.Later I was walking home with my friend Yan You(boy) when I totally needed to crap.Yan You knew about this earlier so he asked whether I could still wait.I said no.Suddenly,I let out a big fart and started crapping.I tried to hold the rest in but Yan You told me to keep on going.I actually cried in front of him. When my stomach was non painful anymore,my undies were felling heavy because of all the poo inside. Yan You and I went behind a large tree. He watch me take off my pants and undies and throw the undies into the nearby drain. Then I used some leaves to wipe my butt and continued our journey home.

to Kellie..........

Yes Kellie I would say 9 times out of 10 I hold till my poo is turtleheading as a matter of fact I do need the toilet now , but I shall finish this email and have 2 more to do after this b4 I think about going to have a poo.

Would u like to share why u hold on like I do? I guess I have several reasons. Firstly when I was a kid I used to get shit on my hands when I wiped therefore I always hated going for a poo. So I used to hold till I was about to have an accident. But the stupid part of that was by the time I sat down I had done some and the clean up was quite bad. I know as a kid I always had skid marks in my panties. As I got older I did improve but still held on a little too long. Like u I as an adult would have alot of partial accidents.
I've said in a previous post that my job allows me to work from home alot, in fact about 4 days out of 5. I usually start work about 8 am and finish about 2-3 pm. Around the house I just wear spandex tights and top,sitting at the pc all day sure dictates I wear comfy clothes. Most of my frinds know not to call during my work hours,although they do sometimes. If I'm in the middle of something and need a bm I do try to hold it till I've finished my project. This may result in me having a partial accident. I had a full blown accident awhile back(see previous post)while on a video conference,thankfully none of the other parties actually knew.Since that accident I have set up a little potty in my office in case I get caught again. It is just a small trash can with a plastic liner, I haven't had to use it yet.
Also the majority of my close friends,who coincidently happen to be female are very open about their toilet habits. My family is mostly made up of females except for the husbands are similar too, very open about toilet habits. I mentioned in my last post about my cousin,Sarah who is the family hippie well she is very very forward almost embarressing at times. She stayed with me last week to help me move my stuff into my new place . I'm not living there yet,should be in the next few days I'm just waiting on power. I've bought a few the privacy !!! She mostly wears long skirts. I was taking her on a tour around the place, we were up the back near a large clump of oak trees when she announced . "Lena I need to shit , do u mind if I use the tree? I been holding awhile" Of course I said go right ahead.She just lifted her dress up over bum, she wasn't wearing underwear which is usual for her. I noticed she has a new tattoo tho on her upper thigh.She just spread her her cheeks with her right hand ,she had a smoke in the other. I said " Sarah how long u been holding on that is quite a turtle head u got there gal?" She said since I got here" Isaid"It's a wonder u didn't have an accident?"She replied" I was not far from it,but it is going to be a biggie,this is a 2 day shit" Then she grunted and pushed,she was not squatting ,just bent over slightly with her legs spread.Slowly but surely this very dark brown turd emerged from her hole ,it must have been nearly 2" thick and 10" long b4 it broke off and landed on the ground with a thump. She then started to have a lllllloooong piss which went all over the insides of her hairy legs. She grunted and pushed once more she was rewarded by another 4 " turd.

She said "Ah that's better been dying to get rid of that for awhile, is my ass very shitty, doesn't matter I'll wipe when I get back to the house?" Because Sarah is quite a hairy girl she had quite a bit of poo around her hole. I guess it took us 20 mins to get back to the house , when we walked in through the back door she dropped her skirt went to the bathroom . She ripped off some paper and stood to wipe her bum,it took her 5 good wipes to get herself clean.

Kellie I have work to do, I do have more stories remind me and I'll tell you. On second thoughts I'd better go have my bm, this is getting urgent.

Love Lena xxxxxx


This is for Jane who requested stories about friends or relatives pooping their pants. When I was young my mom had poop accidents in her pants so often that I almost wonder if she didn't like doing it. This was back in the early 1970's. My mom seemed to always be constipated and took Ex-lax for relief. I guess laxatives were supposedly less predictable then but it still seems odd to me that she would have as many accidents as she did. She also seemed to enjoy confiding in me when she had accidents and even if I wasn't there when it happened she'd still tell me. I can't remember how many times I heard "that darn Ex-lax. I didn't make it to the toilet again". So much for her history. Although I could tell you quite a few stories there were two incidents that I've always had very vivid memories of which I will tell you about.

The first happened when we were at a lake beach near to where we lived. We had been there for a few hours when my mom told my brothers, sister, and I to get things together to leave. Normally we stayed longer and we began to whine about having to leave so soon. My mom got perturbed, said she wasn't going to argue with us and to hurry up. She then made a reference to the Ex-lax working on her and that she needed to use the restrooms before we left. The restrooms were located near the parking lot so after gathering our things together we began the walk towards them. My mom was trying to walk quickly and I noticed a few times she would put her hand on her butt like she was trying to hold in her poop. We were poking along behind and she had to keep stopping to tell us to hurry up. When we got to the parking lot my mom headed directly towards the car instead of the restrooms. I said to her that I thought she needed to go to the restroom and she replied "well I didn't make it in time. We're just going home". My mom was wearing a cover-up but when she leaned over to put things in the trunk of the car I could see she had pooped as there was a rather large wet looking brown bulge in the seat of her turquoise colored bathing suit. She put her towel on the car seat before sitting down and with the windows down the smell wasn't too noticeable as we drove home. I sat in the front seat with my mom and when we got home, my mom got out of the car and I saw her messy poop all over the towel. Then as she quickly walked into the house I could see the brown gooey mess down the back of her legs. Later on she made one of her usual comments about how bad it was cleaning out her bathing suit.

The second incident was on a Sunday morning after church. As we sat in the car waiting for the parking lot to clear out so we could move I heard my mom tell my dad "we need to get home fast. The Ex-lax is working and I'm about to have a BM". I could tell my dad was a little perturbed and he asked my mom why she didn't use the restroom in the church. She told him she had thought she could make it home and when he asked if she wanted to go back inside but she said she could hold it. We lived about a mile from church so once we got out of the parking lot it never took long to get to our house. By the time we got out of the parking lot my mom was fidgeting around in her seat and she told my dad he really needed to hurry or she was going to poop her pants. He told her he'd get us home as quick as he could but he wasn't going to break any laws to do it. My mom fidgeted around a little more then she put her hand on her stomach and I heard her say "oh god I can't hold it". I was in the backseat directly behind my mom and at that moment I could actually hear pooping her pants as there was this very noticeable farting bubbly sound similar to when a baby fills its' diaper with diarrhea. I knew right away that she had made a big messy poop and the smell was terrible. My dad just gave her a look as he rolled the window down a few inches (it was winter) and said "guess you should have went at church". My mom sat there very quietly for the rest of the way home and when she got out of the car I saw a large stain on the back of her tan skirt. My mom almost always wore long leg panty girdles under her skirts and dresses and she was wearing one that day. Later that day she told me how embarrassed she'd been then said "I can't believe how big of a mess I had in my girdle".

Thought I would post as I have done a poo in my knickers 2 times this week, 1 time at home whilst in bed and 1 at school. On Monday eve I had real bad ???? ache as I hadnt been for 3 or 4 days. I had sat on toilet before bed but didnt do it cos my bum really hurt alot so my mum said to me to keep my knickers on in bed. I woke in the early hours with a real bad ???? cramps and needed to poo and pee.real bad.I didnt want to get up so I did my pee in my bed and pushed down real hard and started to poo in my knickers. I fell back to sleep. I woke again and it was light, I did some more poo and peed in the bed again I called to my mom and when she came in I said I had had an accident. She cleaned me up. I wet the bed again Thursday night and as I woke in the morning in an already wet bed I did my morning pee in my bed.. I didnt try to poo again till this morning when I had real bad ???? ache again, I asked my mum if I could stay at home she said no. I dirtied my pants a little on the way to school as I couldnt hold it. During the Morning Break I did a bit mor in my Knickers and changed them. At lunch I did a bit more in my knickers as I had real bad ???? ache. I knew I would get caught out if I did any more so I went and sat on the toilet, When I pulled my knickers down I had done quite a lot in them so I sat on the toilet with heavilly soiled knickers round my knees trying hard to push the rest of this poo out.It hurt so much when I pushed hard it made my eyes water A lot of girls came in whilst I was sat on the toilet and it put me off doing it. I pulled up my dirty knickers and went to my next class. Some other girl said I smelld so I said I some one must have farted. It was in the last lesson I got the urge to poo real bad and kept doing little bits in my knickers. It was last lesson so when i finished I did the lot in my knickers. I stopped in the toilets and from my bag put my pe shorts on.
I got home and said Ihad had an accident. My mom helped me clean up again.

Hi!!!! This is my second time here and of course, I got a poop-story to tell.

My friend Ricky and I were walking in the park when suddenly he likes:"Oh man, I needa crap!"As he clutches his stomach, I look around and I saw a Public toilet about a few M away from us.We rushed to the toilet and went in to it. while I was waiting for Ricky outside the cubical,he asked me to watch him.So the door opened and went in.Ricky was already sitting on the toilet and his ???? was sticking out. The toilet floor was clean so I kneeled down while watching Ricky shit. That's when I noticed that he was not sitting on the toilet seat, he was standing about 30cm from the seat so we could see his poop fall down.Ricky grunted and then pushed out a banana-sized poo. Then he clutches his butt and then a shower of liquid poop comes out (It sounded like a waterfall!)which is followed by another few turds. He wiped his butt a few times then pushed the lever. Then the toilet lever totally broke off and the seat cracked without flushing Ricky's poop down.Then I like:"Rick?! Does your poop weigh a ton?" Ricky just laughed and then put on his boxers and pants before leaving the public toilet.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having lots of trouble pooping this week. I ate something that made me constipated and all week, I had liquid poo and butt phlegm. I had to go several times at work, just to squirt out liquid poo and I NEVER do poos at work, unless I'm desparate. I felt like I had to 'go all the time' and it was awful. I even had to squirt liquid poo out during the night, every time I got up to do a wee, poo would just shoot out of my butt. My stomach was bloated and I had cramps. I also felt miserably and lethargic.

On Wednesday, I had to go to the supermarket. I really needed a poo (still liquid shit) so I used the public toilet in the shopping centre. Its a small complex so there was nobody else in the toilets. There were 3 cubicles and I went into the first one. As soon as I sat down, poo poured out of my arse but it wasn't smelly and it was almost clear in colour. Then I went shopping and almost straight away, I needed to go again. I got home and squirted out more liquid poo. It was the same on Thursday, I had to go to the same supermarket and again, I used the public toilets there. Even more liquid poo came out!! On Friday morning before work, I dropped a firm load into the toilet (finally the liquid shit and butt phlegm had gone) but all day, I felt a big load inside me. After work, I went back to the same shopping complex and quickly made my way to the public toilets. I knew that if I waited until I got home, I would have an accident. I could feel the poo 'knocking on the door' as I walked to the toilets. As soon as I sat down, I pushed a bit and a HUGE amount of logs came out. They were firm and big. Then I pushed again and more logs came out, plus I did a wee at the same time. Then I had to push a bit harder and more turds came out. I still had more in me but I decided to wait until I got home to get the rest out. As I was leaving the toilets, another woman was coming in. I know my poos smelt bad and I left skid marks in the toilet bowl. I didn't hang around to see her reaction.

When I got home, I pushed the rest of my load out. Then after dinner, I dropped another medium sized load. This morning, I pushed out another HUGE load and I felt so much better. I've been twice more this afternoon and I feel like I will need to go again soon. I went 4 days without a decent poo!!

love Laura the teacher . Laura please post more. my female boss was having severe stomach issues yesterday I was in the toilet in the next cubicle when I heard her pass a lot of wind and then a small amount of stool. later on I saw her holding her belly and I heard her say she was painfully bloated and needed to go home as she felt really uncomfortable . has anyone had a similar experience hearing hearidog

Since my last post, about 4 hours ago I have had 4 big mushy dumps....very stinky! that totlas 5 dumps this morning!!!!
My record ( except for the runs) is 9 dumps in 24 hours of good size. I am referring to a substantial or average BM (not small) and no diarrhoae. That is a subject for another post.

TO JOANNA B: Thanks for the post. I am able to get out of bed and sit on the toilet, however, It is a slow and painful process. If I was super rich it would be good to have a nurse bring a pan because it takes quite some time and effort to evacuate my bowels on occasions and if I could lie there and do it. it would be so much easier. I think I got onto that one having a colonic whereby you lie down with your bottom over the bowl and just "let it happen."

Last week I had a few good days on the toilet but the last couple of days I have been constipated again. Yesterday afternoon I drank a whole lot of water and waited till I was totlayy desperate to pee and I then ran and sat on the toilet and with great effort I pushed out small hard turds one by was really difficult and I almost passed out...that is why I need someone with me in such situations. I took a much needed laxative last night and one my way to work I pulled over to my public toilet and had a reasonable least it was easy to evacuate. There is still quite a bit inside me so I will see what happens today and have more tablets tonight. Tonight is a good time for more tablets because I have to do a few things at a local shopping centre tomorrow...there are plenty of good toilets there and I can poo in peace and and not be rushed for time. I poo regularly at work but sometimes when the laxatives "kick in" I can go two times in an hour and it does take a while.
More ( hopefully shit in big quantities) next time.

I'm on a family vacation in Hawaii with my friend. The day after my friend arrived I began having serious diarrhea all the time. that was almost seven days ago, and it's still happening. At first I kind of liked it, and it wasn't too bad. I even went on a hike through a lava field. I have really strong bowels. Today we went to get ice cream, which I thought would constipate me, but as soon as we got back to the house I shit water and I almost cried. I've never been more hurt. Don't get me wrong, I love pooping, but I just thought I would share.



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