The other day I was coming home from school and waiting for my big sister to get home and let me in when I had the incredible urge to poop! My sister finaly arrived but to my despair forget the house key!
She looked at her watch and it would be almost 2 hours before mom got off work. We went to our neighbours but they were not home so we went back home to wait for mom. My stomach started gurgling and I knew I could not wait for mom to get home. So my big sister and I went in the back yard to our picnic tables to wait for mom to get home. I told my big sister that I was about to poop my panties! She said she had to pee
and could probably do a poop to but we can't ge in the house! She said seeing as mom is not home for almost 2 hours and our neighbour is not home we could go in the back yard and just tell mom some dogs must have come in the yard. So we both took off our jeans and panties and laid them on the back porch. My sister squatted down and began a a strong hissing pee and I squatted next to her farted and then plopped out a few nuggets on the grass followed by a little pee. My sister then started pushing a log that looked like a little brown tail that broke off and dropped into the grass followed by more pee. We finaly finished up put our clothes back on and went to the front and waited for mom. Later that night mom went out to smoke and said looks like a big dog was in our yard. My sister and I just looked at each other and laughed. Hope we can do this together again soon!

Alta Cocker
Several weeks ago I was visiting my old friend in NYC and attended a very fancy Manhattan synagogue for Sabbath morning services. This was a very formal place where the Rabbi and the Sextons wore top hats during the services. After the services, they had a very nice luncheon spread, including the meat, bean and potato stew called "cholent". The cholent had an immediate effect on my gastro-colic reflex and I needed to find the toilet several floors down, taking the crowded steps and beginning to sweat and fart visciously. I finally found the Men's room, and despite there being several hundred worshipers, there was only one stall and a couple of urinals. The bathroom was empty for the moment. I slipped into the stall, locked the door, removed my sport coat and settled on the toilet. No sooner had I begun to push, a young, precocious boy, maybe 4 years old, and his father came in to pee at the urinals. I could not hold back and my movement began with a trumpet symphony and explosion of pent-up semi-solid turds softened by my daily dose of generic fiber powder. The boy, I quickly learned his name was Ben, the kind that talks a mile a minute and asks a thousand questions, asked his father what that noise was. I was really loud and the vibrating saucy sounds echoed. His father told him it was someone making a poopie. The little kid asked why I was standing up, even though I wasn't-- guess he saw my jacket hanging from the door-- he was looking through the cracks in the stall door frame. All kinds of questions and I just kept blasting away, giving prayers of thanksgiving even harder than I had all morning. Little Ben was done peeing and was pulling up his pants and someone else walked in who needed to pee. Ben told him he could use his urinal but explained he hadn't had a chance to flush it yet. The other fellow, friend of Ben's father, told Ben he would do him a favor and flush for both of them when he was done, was that OK with Ben? Ben thought that was the greatest idea he had heard in all of his young life. Before leaving, Ben warned his Dad's friend about "the man in the stall making a very noisy poopie". I think Ben was the little hyperactive kid with his dad sitting in, or rather walking all over the pews a couple of rows ahead of me. Well, if you ask me, the Big Apple could definitely use more "terlits" in synagogues, especially if they serve fart-food to the worshippers!

Today my girlfriend pooped her pants at my place. Let me tell you about it.

She called me at work and asked if I was able to pick her up at the university (she is 23 and studies). I said OK and around five o clock I drove my car up north (where the univeristy is). Unfortunatelly there was a major traffic jam ahead. So I called her I would be late. Around six I finally arived at the spot.

"Hi dear" I said. She kissed me and got in. She had her stretch jeans on and a low cut jacket. I headed back the same way, but again there was a traffic jam.

"I hope it will be over quickly" my girlfriend said in a desperate way. I looked at her and asked if she was ok.

"Yeah I'm fine, but I have to go to the toilet."


"Pretty bad I guess, a big number 2." She allways calls her need to poop a number 2.

"Why didn't you go at the university?"

"I dunno" she answered.

At that moment she put her left hand under het bottom. We only drove 1 mile.

"Please David, get the next turn off". I nodded, but had no idea where she wanted to go to. My house was another 5 miles and hers (her parents place) was another 10 miles.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"To Sandra's place" she said. I nodded.

Sandra was her sister. A few minutes later I parked the car. Melanie (that's my girlfriend's name, I didn't tell you yet) slowly walked to the door. She rang the bell twice, but no one opened the door.

She stepped back in the car, her face red as a tomato and little tears appeared.

"She isn't there!"

"To my place then?" I asked. She nodded.

When we arrived, I quickly parked the car and opened the frontdoor. Melanie got in behind me. At that moment I heared a crackling sound and some farts. I looked at her.

"Are you OK?"

She dind't react. I put my hand on her shoulder and kissed her. I slowly turned her around and looked at her bottom.

A small lump was visible. Also a small stream of pee was leaking out.

"Oh noo, oh no no no" she said.

I opened the toilet door and she went in. After the clean up she showered and put a new pair of jeans on.

"Next time go direcly when you need to go" I adviced her. She laughed. As a play I gave her a few spanks on her bottom.

I will tell you more about my girlfriend next time! After this accident she had some more and she also told me about her accidents she had earlier in het childhood and between her 18-22. She is so sexy!

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I have been without internet access. I have a couple stories for you.
My friend Julie(for those who remember my past posts, Julie is my friend who has trouble holding her pee) and I went clubbing with some friends last friday night. We had a few drinks and then decided it was time to go home because I had to work early the next morning. On the way to drop me off, we stopped at a gas station to get some gas and Julie ran in and bought a bottle of vodka. She asked to use the bathroom there, but we were told it was out of order.
We got the gas and contined to my house, which isnt that far from hers. Our friend Bobby who was driving asked if he could use my bathroom, but i didnt want to wake up my roomate, plus my bathroom was a mess. He said no biggie he could hold it till they got to Julies, where he was staying. Julie said she dcould hold it too.
When we got to my place, Julie got out of the car to smoke and drink the vodka. SHe had to finish the whol bottle because she couldnt take it in the car with her. She chuged the whole thing. About halfway through she started to squirm a bit and by the time she was done she keot figiting and bouncing up and down. Apparently she underestimated her need to pee and how quickly the vodka would reach her bladder. Still even as she was dying to pee, she kept talking to me. I told her to just go. when i said that though i meant just go as in go ahead and leave already so you can go pee in your bathroom. She took it to mean just go ahead and pee right there. She stopped figiting and stood very still. A hissing sound followed by the splat of pee on the parking lot was heard. It was the loudest pee ever. SHe sighed in relief as the golden pee flowed out from under her dress and formed a huge puddle in the parking lot. She didnt squat or try to lift her dress or anything. She just stood there and peed. After about 5 minutes her pee slowed down and then stopped. SHe slipped out of her panties, which were soaked and left them in the lot. THen she climbed into the car and told Bobby to take her home. I feel sorry for whosever spot she was in.
After i drink, I always get the runs. By saturday night I was feeling pretty sick. I had diarrea all day and it wasnt letting up. I was driving homr from work when my stomach cramped uup. i had never had a pee or poop accident so i hoped i could make it in time. By the time I pulled into my apartment I was in agony. I lieterally ran up the stairs and prayed my roomate wasnt home so I wouldnt look like a dork running to the bathroom. I made it onto the toilet just as warm mush poo expoded from my butt. It was very gross and smelled vile. I pooped longer than I ever had.
Sorry for the long posts. Thanks for reading. Keep the pee stories coming.

To Jane.

Yes I do have a story or two about relatives having poop accidents.
Firstly my mother. I was about 14 I think and we'd been shopping at the mall most of the day , becuase of where we lived we had to leave early. I don't think mother had the chance to use the toilet. We left the mall about 2 pm . I remember walking to the car and mother was letting a few sbd's go, I said something like "mother do u need the toilet ya farts stink?" She said we'd stop at the park on the way home and have a poop. We all piled into the car and headed home ,we were about 30 mins from the park when I noticed mother starting to squirm and hold her herself. I said "mother u okay?" She told me she wish she'd used the toilet in the mall, she was getting desperate and may not be able to make it to the park. She decided to have a smoke to keep her mind off matters,this appeared to work for awhile. I could see the park approaching and the toilet block was in plain sight. I was happy too cos I needed a piss and was holding my crotch as well.
There was a little carpark in front of the toilet block and I can still see mother getting out of the car she made about 5 steps towards the toilets when this loud crackling sound came from her butt. Her hand grabbed her butt instinctively and I could see a large bulge developing in the seat of her spandex pants followed by a wet stain in her crotch. Then I rememeber her starting to cry, I hugged her immediately and took her into the toilets where I helped clean her up. Actually this had taken my mind off my need to piss, but when I was cleaning her it came back. Luckily I had skirt on , I just spread my legs and pissed myself through my panties. When we got home we both hopped into the shower.
I have cousin who I guess one could say is the proverbial hippie,her name is Sarah. We are about the same age and body build except she is a brunette,very attractive but I don't think she jnows what a razor is LOL?Sarah was always the very down to earth type. In our house going to the toilet was no big deal and we often left the door open. But Sarah would announce it to the whole world LOL!!! For example this is a typical example. " Oh Lena I have to go have shit like now , I have a turd hanging out" As she'd walk to the toilet she'd be hiking up her dress and by the time she reached the toilet room she'd have her hands in the back of her panties, there were times when she'd be pulling em down en route and we could see her ass. Sarah was someone who u had to get used to.

However one day we were both about 19 I think and had both been out at a neighbours party. We were walking home,the party had ended early most of us had to get up for different reasons. We had about 250 yards to walk when Sarah said "Lena I really need to have shit,like now!!" My comment was something like there is nowhere to go here, we are on a very public street and we were . "Well I have no choice,it's coming out" I just remember Sarah leaning against a light pole spreading her legs and pushing and saying " Ah that feels better, I would have shit myself anyway" She was not in anyway embarassed,just seemed relieved as she waddled home .

love Lena xxxxxx

Joanna B
Thunder From Down Under - I was reading posts from a few pages back, and you had mentioned how it would be nice to have a nurse at night to help you because of the ain of getting up. Have you ever considered getting a commode and keeping it right beside your bed, that way if you get an urge you wouldnt have to go so far. You could just sit, hopefully evacuate your bowels and use some spray to cover the smell till the morning or get your wife to empty it for ya??. Just a thought..


Do you usually hold in a BM until the point of turtleheading? I must admit i do this on occassion for convenience sake, i.e. it saves time if i wait until the need is urgent because when i get to the bathroom my bowels are ready to empty asap. also, i am not very comfortable using a toilet that isnt my own, so a turtlehead is also what i use to gauge whether it is urgent enough to use the pot at work for anything other than a whiz. if i'm turtleheading at work early in the day i will usually drive home on my lunch break to go, as i know i would likely be forced to go at work later in the day if i just continued waiting. but if i have an pressing need near the end of the day i will usually hang on and wait to relieve myself at home = this is the situation where i most frequently turtlehead. i should also mention that i really only get an urgent need for a bm every 3 days. that's why i can't just hold out until the end of the day at work if i get the urge in the morning - that's quite a bit of poo pushing to come out and i'm a fairly small girl!

i've never had a ful on accident from my admittedly irresponsible bm habits, but a few partial ones. the worst/most embarrassing happened in my college dorm when i was a sophomore. i had just returned to the dorm after a long weekend visiting a friend, and hadn't moved my bowels in 4 days, needless to say, i planned on going to the toilet immediately, as i could feel the contents of full rectum trying to empty past my clenched cheeks.

Hello everyone. I used to read the posts here a long time ago (300s I think), but I stopped for some reason I don't remember. Anyway, I had an experience last week that reminded me of this place, and I just had to post about it.

My husband and I were remodeling our house, and to save money we did as much of the work ourselves as we could. Well, anyway, last week was the last little bit of the work. We had to remodel our bathroom (our house only has one), and that included getting and installing a new toilet.

Now, being in a house without a toilet doesn't work well, so we rented a porta-potty and set it up in the yard. The set-up was supposed to be only for a day or two, but that didn't quite work as planned. We ended up using the porta-potty for the entire week.

It felt weird at first, almost like I was announcing to the neighbors every time I needed to use the bathroom. Even though the porta-potty was clean when we got it, it sure wasn't by the time we were done with it. I never realized just how much poop just the two of us actually expel. But, I poo twice a day, and my husband poos two to three times, so it adds up.

One particular moment of interest came on the fourth day. I had to poo, so I headed out to the porta-potty, but the door was locked. I waited for a little bit, and our hired help came out. I went in, locked the door, and sat down. I could still smell her fresh poop, not exactly pleasant. But, I had more pressing matters. I was able to quickly push out a nice foot long turd. I wiped five times and left.

I had a different kind of experience this morning. I needed to poop and it was urgent enough that when I got my panties down and sat on the toilet, it came right out in a big long thick log that curled into the toilet bowl. Then the phone rang, before I could wipe or anything. I had to go get it and was on the phone for at least ten minutes. Then I went back to the bathroom. I had pulled my panties up just enough so I could walk and somehow they weren't stained. But I sat down and started to wipe and this hard poo was all over my ass crack. I had to wipe and find some wet paper towel thingies that my daughter is nice enough to leave in the bathroom to clean myself. I looked at the tissues as I tossed them in and they were filthy with my shit. It took me about five minutes to really get myself cleaned up down in back there and sure enough when I next used the toilet, there was a thin brown line in my panties.

to Darcy:
It sounds like your emergency in the dark gas station bathroom sure sucked. My grandma, who is like 75, once told me a story about a situation like that and how she made the best of it. She said that more than once she's been in such places with no or bad lighting and she refuses to sit on the seat unless she can clearly see it first. It's like she doesn't want to sit in someone else's pee or crap. So what she does is so what she does is straddle over the toilet and without touching the seat the crap just drops in. She demonstrated it once for me at the mall and it's pretty neat. However, I can't do it. My legs don't work as well and I don't push my crap out properly, I guess.

Ace wood
Hi. Im ace from michigan. Im a 21 year old male. Im mexican black. Right now im on the toilet. I just had a long 8 second zipper/airy fart. I just counted six plops. Now i just peed for three seconds. Whoa. It stinks in here. Im pushing and i feel something. Yess im done

Upstate Dave
Were any of you posters evered dared to pee by someone else that was a friend whether it was a single person or a group of people? Well when I was younger I had been and so were some of the others that I was with that day. It was the group that I hung around with but there were some new persons involved too.

It had started on a Saturday morning when Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S and Barbie H came up to my house. Also the new persons that came with them were three other girls that were related to Jeannie and Barbie S. I had the badmitten set up and so we all started playing badmitten together.

Between games we woould all go down in my barn and drinks of water from the handpump that was there. Then we would go back and continuie to play another game. Playing soon tired us all out so we took a break and went over in the shade and took a rest. We sat and of course we talked and goofed around some.

Durring this time with our talking and fooling around one of the girls which I remember it was either Jeannie or one of the her related new girls spoke out that they needed to pee. Then Barbie S and Barbie H said they also had to go. Then one of Jeannies and Barbie S's relation friends dared them to go right there!

Both Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S dared the others also pee right there and then. Well a double dare came right back for Jeannie and Barbie S to do it. Well I knew then it was going to happen! Becuase Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S always never backed out of a double dare! I knew them to well. For they had done it many tmes before even with me.

So Jeannie and Barbie S stood up and where we were was right by a set of old wooden bilco cellar doors. They both stepped up on to the doors together with myself,Barbie H, and the other three girls watching them. Barbie H aslo knew that Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S would do it and Barbie H started giggling and laughing. The other three girls that were there tuanted Jeannie and Barbie S dareing them on even harder!

Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S stood side by side on the old wooden doors. Without any hesitation Jeannie pulled down her red shorts while her sistor Barbie S lifted up the botom of her dress. The tuanting even got louder now from the other three girls. Barbie H was laughing harder.

Jeannie then pulled her white panties down and sqauted and so did her sistor Barbie S and she slipped her panties right down after she squated down. Now the loud tuanting thatthe other three girls stopped and those thre became silent as they now just stared at Jeannie and Barbie S. Right at that moment Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S started to pee sending pee right down the old slanted cellar doors!

As both Jeannie and Barbie S peed one of the three girls came out of her shock and started to laugh. Then the other two girls started to giggle and laugh too. Then as Jeannie pee came to its end the one girl of the three girs that had been doing the loudest tuanting said loudly to Jeannie,Barbie S and the other two girls that came with her; If they can do it I can do it!

Jeannie since she was done had puled up her panties and red shorts and jumped off the cellar doors. The other girl ran right up them and she pulled down her blue shorts and panties both together and she reall took a hard long pee. Barbie S was done as the other girl got up on the door and she stepped down from the doors. She looked right at the other two girls that had tuanted her and told them it was thier turn!

They hesitated. But Barbie H saved them for the moment. She stepped up on to the doors and she was wearing a dress and she squated down and she peed on the doors next. The other girl had just finished going and she told the other two girls that they had to do it now. They said they would right after Barbie H was done. Barbie H finished and the other two reamaining girls then stepped up on the doors and they agaiin hesitated but they both did go pee on the doors too.

I got to see them all go and before any of the girls could dare me to go I just spoke up and said my turn. That made Jeannie,Barbie S,Barbie H smile. The other three girls laughed hard and they cheered. So I peed all over the cellar doors to loud laughter and cheering from all the girls!

Once, several years ago, I took a dump at my sister-in-laws house, and then found out, too late, that she had a water pressure problem. No matter how many times I flushed, I couldn't get that turd to go down.

So my question for everybody out there is, what do you do when you take a crap at somebody else's house and you can't get their toilet to flush?

China girl
Bethany and Jessica- Great posts!

Upstate Dave
The last accident that I had was back in my junior year of high school. It started on the bus ride from the vocational school to the middle school where we transfered to a different bus which the second bus would drop me off close to my home.

When riding on the first bus I could feel gas pains inside of me building up along with the need to poop building up real fast. I knew that it was going to be a good case of a runny poop too. I kept my butt muscles clinched right up. I was sweating pretty good too as I sat stiffly in my seat.

I fought it hard all the way for the half hour ride to the middle school. By this time the urge of needing to go had slackened off so I didn't go in the school to use the bathroom there. I got on the second bus. Now I had about a ten minute ride left where I would be dropped off at the end of my road. Then a walk of about a hundred yards to my house.

As I rode on the second bus the urge came back real strong. I started sweating again. I fidgeted around in my seat squeezing hard on my butt keeping from pooping myself. Those ten minutes that the bus took to drop me off at the end of my road seemed to take forever! But I made it for the bus did reach my stop and I stood up almost ran off from the bus as I got off.

I then had the short walk to get to my house next. It was a uphill walk and as I started walking I could only go several feet and then I had to stop. The rumbling,gurggling,and the need to go was so intense. I had to stand there and fight the urge to go so badly. I had to do this like I said evey so many feet and stop.

I made it halfway home. I had stopped again to fight the urge. I was right at my next door nieghbors house now where there was a row of pine trees. I thought about ducking into those trees but I couldn't. The nieghbors were home and they were right outside. They would have seen me if I did go into the pine trees.

From this point I could see my hose. It was less then hundred feet from where I was. I stood there in the road fought for control and then I felt gain the urge to go ease off just a litle. I started walking real fast now. I got as far as the one side yard and I cut in my yard and the urge to go came back real hard.

I said the hell with it! I headed for the bushes but I never made it to them. I started to go. I froze. It exploded out of me. It was almost like someone had given me a ennima! My runny poop filled up my briefs,overflowed from them running down both of my pants legs. I could feel its warmth as my runny poop did this. I also could feel its wetness soaking me at the same time. But I will say this. It felt so good that I had gone!

After I had stopped I took off my pants and briefs. I was a real mess. There was poop all over me. My pants were ruined along with my briefs. I was so messy that I dared not go in the house the way I was. I hurried over half naked to where the garden hose was. I turned it on and hosed myself down with it. Boy that water was cold too. But I did get cleaned off enough so I could go inside.

I ran through the backyard tossing my soiled briefs and pants down over the back embankment in the end of our backyard. I ran inside right upstairs into the bathroom and right into the shower. Afterwards I got dressed went back outside walked over where I had tossed my pants and briefs and buried deep into the leaves that were piled there. I bet if someone dug there today they would fine those pants and my briefs!

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Curious...I can give you a movie where there isn't a male dump but I think that the family thinks that there is.

I saw it 40 years ago this coming Memorial Day Weekend when I was 16.

The title of the movie is If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, and it's about a whirlwind tour through Europe. One of the men on the tour ends up at this one house in Italy. If my memory serves me correctly, it's because the residents are supposed to be shirt-tail cousins of his.

Turns out that they want to marry him off to one of their daughters whether or not he's interested--and he definitely isn't.

The family can't speak English, and he can't speak Italian, but he wants to get out of there, so he somehow gets them to understand that he needs to use the bathroom.

Everybody in the household follows him up to the bathroom and stands around listening after he closes the door.

Soon, they hear these little plops coming from inside.

Then, the camera goes to the inside of the bathroom, and it shows the man sitting on the side of the tub thinking things over. The plopping sound is actually a drippy bathtub tap.

He finally decides that he can escape out the window even though he's upstairs, and so he does.

I feel rough today--and I thought I was going to poop my panties earlier.

It's no easy task for me to get in and out of bed, so I felt as if something were down there waiting to come out, but I wanted to watch this horror movie that I hadn't seen in ages, so I remained in bed.

After the movie, I didn't really feel any urge, so I went on into my office and got online.

All at once, I felt my poop trying to turtlehead, so I decided to get on into the bathroom. I made it, and it slithered quickly out of me.

Biggest problem was that it was one of those days when I was stiff and was having a difficult time guiding the paper to my starfish, so it took me awhile to get wiped, and I still didn't get the entire starfish done.

I think I'm going back to bed...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What are some movies with male dumps in them?

Frances' post of the second grade girl peeing her pants brought back this memory...

Our fifth grade class had a field day at the end of the school year. I was in a queue with other classmates, waiting for our event. I couldn't help but notice one of the girls was very fidgety and kept pulling at her blue & purple shorts, obvious that she really needed to pee. However, there were no bathrooms on the field and you couldn't go back into the school. She tried her best to hold it, but she eventually peed her pants...and she still competed in the event.

Hi! I am a new poster and would like to introduce myself. I am 32, I am slender and have straight brown hair, I have a husband and one girl 8 years of age.

To LISSA, you are wrong in no way. Your son is young and was just a little embarrassed, but he will learn that everyone poops, and everyone's poop is watery and loud sometimes. I actually joined this site because of you, I have a similar story. Here goes:

A couple of months ago my daughter and her class went on a field trip, and I decided to go. We went out in the country where we were able to hike all day. It seemed relaxing and fun so I decided to drive. The drive was a bit long, so on the way there I snacked. I had some dried fruit, a granola bar and a cappuccino. We started walking at around 9 in the morning, and at around ten or so my stomach began to rumble. My stomach didn't hurt so I thought I was hungry, and took out my trail mix and ate. At around twelve we stopped for lunch. I had a turkey sandwich, more dried fruit and some apple juice. We then were told for the next hour or so there wouldn't be a bathroom on our path so we should go now. I had more rumbling in my stomach but I thought since I was an adult I would no problem holding it.

At around one o clock my stomach began to growl. And now I knew I wasn't hungry, I had to poop. There were four chaperones, including the teacher and probably twenty students. I didn't want to stop and poop because I didn't want to hold up the hike. My stomach churned for the next half hour or so, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I asked the teacher if we could stop and told her my stomach hadn't agreed with my lunch. She said no problem, and stopped the children. "Children, we are going to stop for a break, one of the chaperones needs to go potty." The kids laughed and I did feel a bit embarrassed. Then the teacher handed me a toilet paper roll and all the kids laughed at me, and I could see the embarrassment in my daughter's face. But mommy had to go so I hiked down a small path and found a secluded spot to poop. I slid my jeans and underwear down to my knees and squatted. I passed some audible gas, and a sharp pain hit my stomach. Then the poop came. I pushed a tiny bit and I could hear the sloppy, mushy poop hit the ground. It felt so relieving. Each blast of soft poop was accompanied by a fart. Then a couple of the students peeked at me, and I couldn't do anything. The teacher grabbed them, apologized, and then I heard her say to everyone that "everyone poos." Meanwhile I continued to have diarrhea and pass gas. I looked at the pile I produced and it looked like a mud puddle. I farted one more, which resulted in one last blast of soft poop. Then I wiped my frontside, and wiped my butt probably a good five or six times.

When I returned to the group the kids giggled and I could tell my daughter was ashamed. She didn't talk to me on the car ride home but we dide talk as soon as we got home. She never mentioned it and hasn't to this date. But she didn't know about the second poop I made that day. When we were about to leave we made one last bathroom stop. I went in with one other chaperone. I shyly sat down, farted, then had a little diarrhea. The other chaperone, a pretty middle aged woman, was silent. But then I heard her fart, and she pushed and I heard two quick plops. She wiped just once and quickly left, without flushing. I continued to poop, and wiped about six times. Then I left, sneaking a peek at the two logs my neighbor left. Then we went home, and my bout with diarrhea was done.

Maeve =)

Urinal Boy
Today I went for a long walk with a cigar and a 7-Eleven Double Gulp. Needless to say, shortly into the walk, I had to pee pretty ferociously. I snuck underneath a bridge to take care of it and imagine my surprise when I saw no less than SIX other young men relieving themselves into a stream, all standing side by side and letting it fly, crossing streams and wagging their hips back and forth and having a hellevu time. I approuched and asked if they'd mind if I joined them and they said no. So, I snuck inbetween two of the gentlemen, unbuttoned, pulled it out, and pissed a gusher into the stream. Our seven penises shot pee into that stream for what must have been two minutes, it was incredible. What's even more incredible is that two of the guys who were pissing when I got there continued pissing throughout my entire leak and were STILL going when I left. Once I was done, I buttoned up, thank the gentlemen for including me, and was on my way. It was a very cool experience.

Upstate Dasve
I have a couple of questions for the guys here. When you pee and you are not holding your penis does your stream angle off to one side? I notice that when I pee and not holding my penis my penis will move slightly to the left making my stream angle to the left as my stream gets harder. If tis happens to you which way does your stream angle go right ort left?

Hey, just wanted to say there's been some great posts. One thing I wanted to comment on though, I've noticed that as of late there are more and more stories coming in about women who are "excited" by men shitting. I think it's great and would like to see more of them. If any women would be so inclined as to post about some romantic or fun dumping experiences with your significant others that would be awesome. If not, that's ok too, as that is a very personal matter. If men think it's hard telling women that they would like to accompany them to the toylet, let's think about the ladies in that position. That is awesome that there are those of you that have been able to establish such open relationships. It's really an inspiration.

Does anybody have stories about their mom, friend, sister, or theirselves shitting their pants?

to becca: i really enjoyed your post! dont flush the tiolet next time!
to bethany: i really enjoyed your post! cant wait to read the next one!

Visited the Queen Street toilets again today. They are solicitors offices and it appears there are a lot of women having to use the one toilet. Today there was a woman in the first stall and I heard her pushing as I went in the next stall to her. I could see her feet, black patent shoes, 2" heels, and by leaning back a little I could see into her stall just where the partition met the rear wall, I could see her navy skirt bunched up and then heard her plop plopping into the pan. I felt my bowels stirring and then I joined her plop plop plop plopping into the bowl. I have no idea why I can go easier when I am listening to another woman, even my son, but it is a lot easier, almost like a laxative. We must have been sat at least five minutes, she longer because she was already going when I got there. I heard her ripping tissue and wiping so I started to wipe also. I wanted to see her and joined her at the wash basins, a woman in her fifties, very elegant in a smart dark blue costume, very sexy actually.

Nobody: I love reading of your experiences. Please keep them coming.

Becca: I used to have a hubby that liked to share the toilet to, loved your story.

Upstate Dave: Your stories are so erotic, please , please tell us more.

Lissa: I can emphasise with your experience with your son. You must try and explain more fully that all oms have to go and that nobody should hold themselves when they have to poop. It could lead to serious problems, just try and be open with him, let him see you on the toilet at home more often, perhaps chat a little to him when you are going to the toilet, stay with him when he is, make it a natural part of life. Please try Lissa, it is important for both you and him.

For the anonymous person who talked about watering the plants: If you do it too much on a plant it will kill the plant. Too much nitrogen. The same problem will happen with female dogs that have a preferred spot in the yard. (Male dogs tend to spread it more.)

I want to share an experience with you all and also get advice on how I should handle a situation like this. Here goes. A little more than 10 years ago I met a woman at a small Italian restaurant in my area for a blind date. We met through a personal ad and had talked on the phone but never met in person before this night. We met in the parking lot- we actually pulled in together and recognized one another right away. We went inside after exchanging greetings and got seated at our table. We had good conversation but I could tell that we weren't hitting it off with a bang. She ordered pasta with mussels, and I ordered pasta with meat sauce. We continued talking as we ate our meals, then after we were done eating we talked a little more and suddenly she said "I'll be back, I'm going to the bathroom", I thought nothing of this expecting her to return in a couple of minutes, she didn't, and time kept going by. I could see the women's room door from the table, I noticed several women going in and coming back out after the "normal" amount of time, but Diana didn't come out yet. At this point I knew something was wrong. She eventually came out and sat back down, as she walked past me I could smell the potent scent of diarrhea on her clothes, not like she had an accident but like "poop particles" from the air clinging to her clothes. When she sat back down I continued talking like nothing was wrong- I didn't want to say anything out of fear of embarrassing her or making her uncomfortable. We left shortly after, I told her that I would call her. I did, and left her a message, and she never returned my call, so I just figured she didn't want to go out again. I am actually turned on by women pooping, so it wouldn't bother me at all, I would love to have a girlfriend poop in front of me. I would rub her back and stomach to make her feel good and even offer to wipe her butt for her. I look back on that date and think about what I would do differently, I definitely would ask her if she was OK and if she needed anything, and offer to get her an Immodium or something. I'm not sure if she would appreciate it if I went to the women's room door and knocked then cracked the door and asked her if she was ok, I would do this for her if she was my mate, but on a first date I think this might be crossing the line. I appreciate any feedback from anyone- please tell me how you think I should handle this and I would love to hear about your experiences similar to this. In case anyone's interested, I'm still available!! Talk to you all later. G-Man

Hi, I'm Matt. amost 18 (in June) 125lbs. I pretty much always have to do my daily poo about an hour after lunch. This isn't the best deal for me as our office toilets are right by our Human Resources section. There's a girl in there who drives me crazy (and I'm told fancies me too). Never feels like the best time to try chat up a really fit girl when she's seen me go into the toilet and not emerge for almost 10 minutes. I know we all have to poop but I wish I could wait til I got home after work. I just can't though - it's not that I'd cr*p myself, but I'd be so totally uncomfortable that I wouldn't ger any work done at all.

I took a BIG dump in public this past week, i feel i have to tell you guys about it.

I was shopping at the mall and had just had a cinnabon (which was quitcramped, there was no sloshy feeling. there was no tightness in my stomach, it felt like it was swelling up. I knew i should go to the bathrooms, so i walked for about 5 min before i reached them, by then the cramps hit my bowels. this huge shit had to come out so badly it was hurting my butthole to hold it in. i got the girl's bathroom, 4 of the 9 stalls were taken and i think 2 were pooping. judging by the smell. i walked over to a stall and shut the door, i had to press my hand against my butthole while the other i used to cover the seat. i turned around and pulled my tight pants down, followed by my thong and slammed my butt down so hard all of my lower body did a light jiggle. a BIG BLPBLPBLPBLPBLBPBLBPBLBPBLBPBLBPBLBPBLBP fart and 1 second later an EXPLOSION of chunky, slimy, mushy diarrhea came which sounded like PLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLPPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPOLP
this wave lasted for about a minute straight of non-stop shit. im sure that this dump was so loud that it scared my neighbors. after that diarrhea explosion things calmed down. a 2 inch thick soft serve coil flowed out until it was about 1 1/2 feet long when it blasted out with some liquid poo. after this 3 waves of chunky mush came out each lasting 2 minutes. i stood up and turned around. my first poo explosion was so violent that it came out of the sides of the toilet. the soft serve coil looked like peanut butter ice cream, and the rest was just a big mushy pile. when i pulled off some toilet paper and wiped, the first wipe was actually a mop. it took 12 more wipes to clean my butt cheeks. i left the stall without flushing (hope you like that ashley ;)) and washed my hands. i went back to shopping feeling 10 pounds lighter.

happy pooping ;)

Upstate Dave
Hello again to all. This happened back in the mid 1960s when I knew a girl that lived across the road from me. Her name was Dianne. She was a girl that I knew which I did some biycle repair work for her. She was a couple of years younger then I was. She was a cute blonde and we hung around together a lot.

I had gone over to fix her bike again which it had a flat tire that needed repairing. So iwent over to her house and her bike was in the backyard. I fixed the flat tire on her bike. I knocked on the backdoor and there was no answer. So I was going to leave but I heard Diannes voice call out from a open window there in the back of the house. Dave is that you? I'm over here.

So I walked over to the open window where I had heard her voice come from. I looked in the window and there was Dianne sitting on the toilet! She had her jeans that she had on pulled right down to her ankles. I told her I was sorry that I saw her sitting like she was. I can come back later. Dianne looked at me and told me it was alright. Stay I'll be done in a moment.

She did ask me if her bike was fixed. Befoe I could tell her that it was Dianne started to pee! For I heard splashing of water as she sat there on the toilet. Also I heard the hiss sound of her stream as she peed! So I knew she was going. She even said to me as she now was peeing that she hoped that I didn't mind that she was going! Of course I didn't!

Dianne only peed for a very short time. Then after she had stopped she told me to go over to the door and she would be there in a minute. So I walked over to the backdoor and she did come to the door a couple of minutes later. She gave me a couple of dollars for fixing her flat tire and She asked me if I would be around later to go for a bike ride. I told her that I would be. I left and we did go riding together later.

Dianne and I did pee in front of each other after this time only if we were together by ourselves. If there were other friends around she wouldn't but would go with the girls in our group of friends. It was a secrete that we would keep till she had moved away a few years later.

Although I've been visiting this site for more than a year because my boyfriend got me started on it, this is my first post. By the way, I like to sneak up behind him when I'm at his apartment because that way I can see about more of his "interests." Well, that's how I found out about

I'm 33 and sell media advertising. I get a generous car allowence from my publisher since I'm all over the city each day calling on potential customers. Well, two days ago I was three-days constipated (something that's unusual for me!)and it was mid-morning when I was on the expressway when "drop-off time" came (that's what my boyfriend calls it) and I looked for the nearest exit and gas station. I last crapped my pants like 15 years ago when I was in college, but I recognized the urgency of getting onto a stool ASAP. I quickly exited and found this really old fashioned gas station with three service bays and an easily-recognizeable sign on the access road advertising "clean restrooms and cheap cigs" (two things that were not compatible for the Class of '94 at my high school--but that's another story!).

I pulled up to the curb and eyed the few feet I was from the door. With a disaster in my pants so close, I knew the door had to be unlocked for my plan to work. The two or three minutes it would take to get the key would be too long. I lunged into the door and luckily it opened. Initially I detected a smell common to public restrooms, but I didn't care and after a few seconds of fumbling with the door latch (I've been "surpised" before in such situations and I try to learn from my misakes!)my arm brushed over the light switch. I quickly flicked it on, but to no avail! I angrily jiggled it three or four times. No light! Next plan..... I ripped at the zipper on my pant suit and quickly pulled it and my thong to below knee level.

Since it was pitch black, I rapped my elbow twice against what I guess was the sink and the bruise on my hip was apparent for two days, also from the sink. My anus was ready to explode but I felt around to find the seat, until it was apparent that my right hand was raking the rim of the bowl (under a similar emergency in 6th grade I had forgotten to check the seat which was up and I fell in--my sister called me Droppin' Darcy!)when I located the seat with my left hand and dropped it, without making any attempt to cushion it's noisy fall. Within two or three seconds I was seated and "dropping." Although I couldn't see the results I felt enough relief after about three minutes to know that I had likely filled much of the bowl. My elbow was hurting me some when I slid forward on the seat in an attempt to find the toilet paper roll. I was releasing more gas and quickly I could feel more soft, mushy crap pouring onto what was already in the bowl. Suddenly, the outside of my left hand painfully connected with some hard metal and I slide myself back on the seat so I could use my right hand to toilet paper off what I had surmised to be the paper roll dispenser. Wrong. All I could identify was the cardboard core left hanging on the dispenser.

By this time, because there was almost no air flow in the room, I started to feel warm and slightly nauseous. Letting go of a couple of sizeable farts helped me feel better and I stood almost straight up to plan my next move. Mistake! I have long brown hair that goes about two inches below my shoulders and I scraped my head against some metal object on the wall directly behind the toilet. As I pulled foward suddenly, I could feel my hairs were being yanked. Then I turned around and the catch was hurting even more. By ever so slowly moving myself to the back and kneeling on the toilet seat, I was able to use my hands to free my hair from the contraption after about 30 seconds. After doing so and feeling around back there, my knuckles ran across some tissues stuffed into the metal holder. I pulled a clump of them out and I by feeling their shape and how flimsy they were, I realized they were the paper seat protectors I sometimes see in hotels. I re-seated myself on the toilet and by tearing about three of the papers apart, I was able to get enough toilet paper with which to clean myself. I wipe standing up but I could feel the last of the tissues protruding well above seat level, so I was not about to flush.

I pulled my thong and pants back up, zipped and again had to play with the doorknob in order to get it to work. Finally, I was greeted with the blast of daylight that my boyfriend and I often get when we leave an afternoon movie at the theater. A high school-age girl was leaning against my car, waiting for the bathroom. She said something under her breath that I didn't catch. I just turned the ignition on and started backing up, knowing that at about that time she was going to realize what she had actually waited for.

Hello everyone!! I got a story for ya'll!!! We have had some warm days here recently, and me and my friend, (I'll call her Katie) decided to take a walk in the woods that were behind her house. We are outdoor girls, and take advantage of every nice day. So, anyway, we had been walking in the woods for about an hour when she says, "I gotta go to the bathroom really bad!!" Katie has always been very shy about her bathroom habits, and I've only heard her pee. She never poops around me or any of our friends. She has never even mentioned it before. Sometimes, when she is over at my house, or I'm at hers, she will say she is going to go wash her hands, and I can hear the sink water running for about 5 minutes, and I know that it doesn't take that long to wash her hands, and it is always followed by the flush of the toilet. SO, anyway, back to the story, I figured she just had to pee, or she wouldn't be telling me about it. SO, I said, "We are alone, just go by a tree, and pee." "Oh, I couldn't do that, I don't have anything to clean myself with." To which I replied, "I have some kleenexes in my pocket, you can use one of them." She says,"That's ok. I can hold it. Let's just go back to my house." So, we started back to her house, and about 15 minutes later, she stops walking, and clenches her butt cheeks, and says, "I really really gotta go bad!!" Then I knew that she was bursting to poop not pee. There was a stump next to her, and she immediately sat down on it, and said, "I can't go any further, or I'm gonna crap my pants!! It started to come out." I couldn't believe it. SHe actually said I comforted her, and told her that it was ok, and that she doesn't have to be scared to poop in front of me, and that everyone poops. After a few minutes of talking to her, I said, "I will walk away and let you poop alone." SHe smiled at me, and said, "NO, you are such a great friend, you can stay with me." So, she slowly stood up, and then quickly took her pants and panties off, and threw them at and she rushed over to the tree that was next to us, and she held on to the tree and squatted down with her butt facing me. Immediately, her hole started stretching as a thick firm turd started sliding quickly without any effort from her, making loud crackling noises as it was sliding out. About 20 seconds later, when this thing had grown to about 10 inches, it fell with a thud to the ground. It was about 2 inches thick, I estimated. Then her eyes got really watery, and a strong stream of pee came out along with another thick log that made a loud crackling noise. This one took about 30 seconds to come out all the way and fall with a thud to the ground. It was about 13 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide. Her pee died down and stopped after her log hit the ground. Then I saw her body kinda tense up and her hole dome out, as she began to push and strain making soft grunting noises. Then after a minute of pushing and straining, her hole stayed domed out and I saw the tip of a turd start slowly emerging from her hole. Then she stopped pushing to catch her breath, and the turd stopped moving. Then she tensed up again and pushed with her eyes shut tight and her face going red, the turd inched out a little more. It was coming very slowly, and after 2 minutes, it looked to be about at the midway point, because after it got to about 3 inches wide, it started getting a little thinner, and she stopped pushing, and looked in between her legs, and said with a strained voice, "GOD......this...nnnggghhh... thing is a monster." She had her legs spread apart wide, and she was hunched over looking in between her legs, and she started pushing again, and it moved out a little more, getting a little thinner, but still not much easier to push out. Finally after, 2 more minutes, it finally ended with one last big push and grunt.....nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhh....and then a loud thud as it landed on her other two turds. She said, "Wow, I feel so good now. I'm glad I pooped out here. It was fun." I handed her the kleenexes, and she only needed one wipe for each, cause the turds were very firm, and didn't leave her butt dirty at all. She is not afraid of pooping in front or around me anymore, cause today, she actually told me when she had to, happy pooping everyone

To the anonymous writer who wanted know about some of the accidents I've had from waiting too long,mmmmmmmmmmmmm must admit I have had some. I guess if I was a more disciplined person I would go poop soon as I got the urge.

But 2 accidents that come to mind, I was living elsewhere at the time and we had an outhouse. It was not ya usual smelly little building but for an outhouse quite elaborate and clean. I was doing my usual thing hanging on till I felt the turtlehead,then I made a dash for the toilet. I was wearing a pair of track pants with a cord,as I reached the door I pulled the cord instead of undoing it I knotted it. As I was trying desperately to undo the knot I lost control of my bowels and completely shit myself standing in front of the bowl, to make matters even worse I wet myself as well............ I was glad I was home alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another time I was on the verge of going to the toilet and had began to walk outside cos I was pretty desperate.Then I heard the rubbish truck picking up the trash and I remembered I hadn't put my bin out yet. So I walked quickly around to the side of the house,trying to clench my butt cheeks. I was not long out of bed and had just put on an old pair of shorts, no underwear. I took the bin down to the curbside and left it there then tried to walk back . But the turtle head was already making headway, I had just got level with the house and I knew then I wasn't going to make it . The turtlehead broke off and fell into the gusset of my shorts then rolled down my left leg, this was followed by a an eight inch turd. This was one of those sticky poos that mark everything they touch. My butt hole was caked,so was were my pubes. THen I stopped for a minute or two, that's when I felt another poo pushing its way out through the residue left by the previous and only to roll down my right leg. What a mess I poo down both legs in my pubes in the gusset of my shorts and of course on the ground. I went around to the back of the house, got a hose then washed myself and had piss while I was doing it. Then I had a wellearned shower.

There are more incidents but I cannot recall right now.

LOve Lena xxxxx

To the pooper,

The Guard towers along The DMZ are mainly guard towers with concrete buildings with running water and electricity to run alot of the high tech US military equipment. Not too far from those towers are US and South Korean Military camps that are heavily fortified and built out of concrete, they too have running water, and electricity, along with comfortable beds, cable internet and fast food restaurants... The DMZ was established over 50 years ago.


Thanks- It's lovely to hear that the dilemmas you have regarding your son are gone. It's wonderful to hear that it's brought you closer together. It should give you peace of mind

On your story in the town-

WOW! That was such an awesomely erotic experience!!! I literally read it like 10 times , imagining you pooping next to a woman at a crammed stall. that turned me on quite a bit! Wonder how it'd been in real life.

There were some shuffling in my work,( I'm in quality control), and now I work and collaborate with different people - some in sales. This has turned out to be awesome.

One of the people I work with is, Clara. It's the lady i've described in previous page(1736)- the lady i'd kill to see on the pot. Apparently, she has very regular morning bm's just like me ( fueled after the morning coffee). I've seen her having her coffee, right after when she's done she heads straight to the restroom. For the most part, our morning poop sessions coincide.

I'd love to strike up a conversation with her in the toilet.

I'll tell you if anything good happens

TO LISSA: My theory is that Bm,s etc are normal bodily functions and further more are pleasureable and enjoyable....with my condition a big poo is something to be celebrated. The other side of the debate is that society does not view it in the same way as I do, however, society is more liberal on the subject than it was. Parents very easily embarrass their children, just by the mere fact that you exist is an embarrassment!
Whilst your view is exactly the same as mine, I would avoid pooing in such circumstances for your son`s benefit. Those girls that made fun of the subject....what happens when they want to go to the toilet?

The subject I have is that I had to see a customer is one of the city`s less desirable areas. I was early and parked my car near a park. I had a bit of a walk then decided to have a wee. The toilets were on the other side of the park and I walked towards them. It would have taken me a couple of minutes. In that time i saw nobody enter. When I walked in there was a man standing at the urinal (probably early 20`s) and he started to lower his pants as I walked in. I went straight into the cubicle, peed and hurriedly left. I had a very bad feeling about this person. I then watched the toilets for about 10 minutes and nobody he did not emerge.
Why would somebody be standing at the urinal for so long?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

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