There haven't been any good poop stories since like, the 700's!

Here's one:
I felt that familiar rumble toward the end of class today, but decided I could hold it. After school my mom decided to go out to eat with me, as she decided to pick me up that day. I don't like pooping anywhere but home, and I really had to take a dump. I don't tell my mom such things and didn't have any other dire reason to get home, so I didn't say anything. I beared through stuffing more in my gut, and then we went home.

I went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants. No brown stains or anything. I haven't had any pantie stains since... I don't think ever? So I pulled up this page, and now I am sitting on the toilet, about to take a big poop. At least, it feels pretty big. Sometimes I'm wrong. I'll describe it for you.

My first peice has just come out. I didn't push, it just slid out. It was about 1.5" across, and 15" long. It made a big plop. Here comes another one, it's a little wider, and a little longer. It didn't really plop. Ow, cramp. These are coming too fast to describe... plop plop plop plop plop. Uh, okay, let's see. Wow, it's difficult to take a dump while describing it by TYPING, I don't know how you guys do it. But I'll finish what I started :) Okay in the toilet is seven peices of poop, all large, between one and two inches across, and eight to twenty inches long. I can have these mega poops sometimes. Not usually though. I really have to let another out, so I'll stop looking. Mmm there's one poop, two poops, three more large poops. The toilet's pretty much full so I'll give it a flush. The poop is up to the water line.

Plop plop PLOP plop PLIP. I never fart when I poop, really. I have a really deep toilet too, so it's hard to stink up the bathroom. I like that. PLOP PLOP PLOP. God what a massive shit. Ahhh, this one's stuck in my anus. It's coming out at like, two inches a minute. God it feels so good.

Okay, it's been like ten minutes and it finally just fell. What a HUGE poop it is. Crap, I should flush. I'm not even halfway done. Plop plop plop plop. I'm just pushing out these like... waves of these two by ten poops that plop when they fall.

While I poop, let me tell you a quick story. Story within a story? Haha. Anyways, I was babysitting, and the kid comes out of the bathroom and sighs. He says, "That was nice, took a big poop." I was shocked he said anything, so I was like, "What?" And he said, "I said I just took a big poop. I had to flush once because it filled up with my poop. But I left some poop in there, don't worry!" This kid is like, 8, so I was surprised. Later when I went into the bathroom, I saw he hadn't flushed. There was a half-full bowl of poops almost as big as mine! And that was his second bowl! He's a little bit of a chubby kid though...

Okay my poops right now are progressively getting bigger. I've flushed twice and I STILL feel barely done. I've been on the pot for like a half hour. I usually take two minutes to poop. Right now there are eleven peices that look like huge brown bananas. I love the feeling of poop coming out. This is by far the biggest dump I've ever taken. I love to poop though :)

Okay, I'm done. I'm gonna wipe. I have another story, so I'll post after I wash and wipe.

All right, after I started washing my hands I realized I still have to poop a lot more, so I'm sitting back down. I can't even believe this. I'm just shooting off poop after poop after poop. Oh, now it's turning into those little poops that are just like PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP.... plop PLOP.

I'm sick of typing! If anyone wants to hear me finish, tell me and I'll post it later.

mike of md usa
Here's my survey for guy's and ladie's
1. Do you pee with seat up guy's?
2. Ladie's have you ever used a toliet after guy peed or pooped?
3. Ladie's do you pull you (panties,Undies)all the way down when you need to pee or poop?
4. Guy's do you go with ladie's to a unisex bathroom?
5. Ladie's do you go with guy's to a unisex toliet?
6. Have you ever saw the oposite sex in you bathroom using a toilet?
7. Ladie's do you change pads when you are using toliet?

Here are my answers to my survey
1. Yes if i have to pee no if i have to poop
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. Never tried
5. N/A
6. Yes i did go into ladies's toliet because i was young
7. N/A

A caution to all you toilet stool readers: peeing in a heat vent is a bad idea!! I decided to try it yesterday & I now regret it.
I went out for Fast Food with my family and drank a Pepsi and about 30 ounces of water. Then I went and worked on a school paper but I did not get much done because I was also looking at posts here. Also I had to pee so I had rolled up the jacket I had been wearing and was sitting with the jacket between my legs.
Well I had to pee more and more so finally I stopped working and went up to my room. I had taken my jeans off so now I was just wearing underpants. I squatted over the heat vent on the floor because the air coming up felt real good on my privates :) Then I thought why not just pee on the heat vent? I did pee a little bit but then I stopped not knowing if this was such a good idea and went to finish my pee in the sink. Clear as water. I took off my pee-soaked underpants and went into my room. But peeing in the vent caused my room to smell of it! I opened the windows to get some fresh air but it's rather cold here. Now my room is freezing and smelly!

Oh and one more thing. I have noticed that I fart more when I have my period. Does this happen to any one else?

the pooper
I saw a report onn CNN abou the DMZ the devided North and South Korea, it talked about how still the seervice men have to stand while garding the truce village mhy question is what happens if they have to deficat or urinate do theyu have to hold it in go in thier pants or what ?

Bashful Bowels
I had very bad bowel problems as a kid. This went on for years, all through grammar school, well into high school. In my mid teens I got it under control with medicine and diet changes. But it led to a lot of embarrassing experiences in and out of school.

My intestinal problems led to my having to run to the boys room at least a few times a day. In grammar school and junior high the stalls in the boys rooms had no doors, so I often had to suffer through bouts of diarrhea with guys peeking in at me and chuckling. I kind of got used to that after a while, but a few incidents were especially humiliating.

Once in third grade, we were on a field trip to a museum. I started having terrible cramps. I went into the mens room, thinking at least I can shit with a door on the stall. I went in and couldn't believe that the only stall in the bathroom had no door! I was too desperate to hold it, so I entered the stall, pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. I had my usual pasty, gassy BM. I was in major pain. After a few minutes, my (female) teacher, leaned in the bathroom and yelled at me to hurry up. I said I was going as fast as I could. After another few minutes, she came walking into the bathroom and stood right in front of the stall. There I am with my pants around my ankles and poop oozing out of my butt. She yelled at me again that I was the only one not on the bus and I was holding everyone up. I told her to leave me alone. She grabbed my arm and pulled me off the toilet and told me to pull my pants up. I yelled at her that I had to wipe my butt. She told me to wipe later. I pulled my pants up and she dragged me out of the bathroom without letting me wipe my butt, flush the toilet or wash my hands. I didn't even have my pants zipped up as we walked to the bus. I had to sit on the bus with diarrhea squished in my butt the whole hour trip and finally got to wipe when we got back to school. I probably should have told my parents about it but I was too embarrassed. She probably would have gotten fired.

Another time I was in the playground during recess. I started having the tell-tale cramps. I asked the teacher watching us if I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. But while I was walking to toward the door to go inside, I let out this huge wet fart and a glob of poop blew out of my ass and splattered all over the seat of my underpants. I didn't know what to do. I went to the nurse and told her I'd had an accident. She let me go in the nurse office bathroom and get cleaned up. I took off my underpants and threw them in the garbage and spent the rest of the day without underpants.

In fifth grade we were at a park having a picnic. I started feeling sick and ran to the porta-potties. As soon as the other kids saw me going in the porta-potty, they all ran over to listen. How do I know this? Every time I farted or there was a splash I heard all this giggling from outside. I made sure to drop a bunch of toilet paper on top of the pile of poop I'd just dropped so at least they couldn't examine it.

There were more such incidents. I'll post again later.

G man
To the guy who crashed the toilet on the beautiful woman at the mall- how lucky a find that was! You should have tracked her down after you took your piss. You never know, maybe you would have shared the experience with her next time. I notice at the mall near me that they have a family restroom in the food court area. When you walk in, there is a common area with a changing table, etc. and there are two separate bathrooms with doors, one larger than the other to accomodate wheelchairs and strollers. I notice that a lot of women use these for pooping instead of using the main bathroom. Anyone else notice this also?

hi there, well i have been reading some of the posts and find them funny at times and interesting. im a married 38 year old. my husband is qiute a bit younger, fit, athletic build...well i find it hot when he shits...we both go in front of each doesnt offend either of us...he has had alot of problems with he goes thur periods of having diarrhea, sometimes a few times a month...when we were first together, he tried to hide it. but ended up very ill, and since then, when i had to litterally help him to the toilet and take care of him, weve been very open...although he doesnt really know it turns me on when he takes a shit...not sure how to tell him...anyways...will write stories when i have more time

i haven't posted in FOREVER! sorry, i've just been busy with exams and friends and drama. i started going out a lot more, around the city. it's fun, but i abandon sites like this!

anywhooo... interesting dump! my poops are usually solid, and i would guess that if i didn't poo for a few days, it would come out harder and more compressed. but nooo. i got home today, and as soon as i put my coat away, i felt this.. not even pressure, just like bunch of liquid at my anus. i quickly waddled to the toilet, slammed the door, pulled my pants down to my knees and kinda sorta pushed, assuming it would be big and hard, but three soft as hell logs came out of me, and when i looked in the toilet the water was brown. this NEVER happened to me. i wiped, flushed, and washed my hands, but on my way down the hall, i had to put my hand over my butt and run back to the bathroom, sit back down on the toilet, and let out annother torrent of almost-liquid poo. wiping was a huge mess, like never before, and just to make sure there was nothing left, i sat there for another ten minutes, sort of pushing, sort of relaxing, feeling my stomach. i wiped again, washed my hands for a long time, then went to the couch to relax. it was actually while wiping after that massive mudslide that made me think, shit i haven't posted on toiletstool in forever. lol!

anyhow, thanks for not forgetting about me <33


Frances-thanks for sharing your story about the girl in 2nd grade peeing in her overalls. I'm sure many of us can relate, either as the teacher or child. Here's one of mine...

I just finished a lesson and passed out a worksheet to my 1st grade class and had just sat down at my desk when I noticed one little girl looked like she needed to pee. I was just going to get up and whisper to her if she wanted to use the bathroom when I saw the crotch of her light brown pants get much darker. Too late, the poor little girl had peed her pants. I'll never forget the look on her face when she looked up at me. Without saying a word, I quietly took her out of class and down to the nurse's office (telling the teacher next door to cover my class). Our school only had a part-time nurse, who wasn't in at the time, so I called the girl's mother to bring in some underwear and pants for her. I asked her why she didn't ask to use the bathroom and she replied she figured she could hold it and didn't want to bother me. I told her don't be afraid to ask at anytime and she said OK. Then she asked if I was mad at her because she had peed her pants. I told her no, it was an accident, nor would I get angry at her if she peed her pants again that year. (I didn't want her to think otherwise if she did have another accident.) I don't think the rest of the class didn't quite realize what happened.

A couple years ago, I was at a function and this woman in her mid-20's kept staring at me. Finally, she approached me, and said "Excuse me, are you Ms. X?" I said yes. "Did you teach 1st grade at X School?" I said yes, about 20 years ago. She said "Do you remember me? I'm X. I peed my pants in your class." She then went on to say she really appreciated how I didn't make it a big deal so no one else found out and how I talked to her to comfort her, and because of that I was one of the teachers she most admired. So you never know what effect an accident might have.

A pee story for you all....retold from what a friend of mine told me...

Seems this guy and his brother had some upstairs room with low-hanging windows. The only toilet in the house was hard to get to. So they both just squirted out the window into the bush below.

The bush eventually became yellow and died. So much for "watering" the plants!

Lena - could you tell us about some of the accidents you have had from holding your poo too long? Thanks!

Upstate Dave
When I reached school age back in the late mid 1950s I was in a small country three room school in kindergarden. A new wing with a gym and classroom was built for the first grade. The next year I was one of the kids that got to be in that new addition to the school.

Being in such a small town back then all of us kids knew each other for the most part very well. I and a girl named Luise were very close friends. We had hung out togethger even before we started school. Now in school we still hung out together.

Now the way the new section was setup we had the one big classroom,the gym,and the bathrooms for boys and girls were right next to each other off the hallway outside trhe classroom. Even through the bathrooms were seperate inside there was a big slated vent on the one wall that was on the ajoining bathroom wall.

That ment you could hear what was going on in each of the two bathrooms. It also if you were sitting on the toilet and bent down you could see over into each stall of each bathroom! Luise informed me of this for she would take sneak peeks through the vent! So since we had peed together before starting school and still did when we were not in school we made sure when we were in school that we would make a trip to the bathrooms at the same time and sneak peek at the same time when we were in the bathroom!

The addition now is used as offices for the old school had been outgrown and a new school was built. I did have a chance to go inside and the bathroom as fae as the boys was still the same and had the big vent still there between the boys bathroom and girls bathroom next door. Upstate Dave

to Mistee:
Although it's not always possible to do this, I find that in large public toilets such those that we have at my high school and at stadiums, I try and eye and open stall when I walk into the room and I immediately go in and use it. It may be 10 or 15 stalls down or on the other side of the bathroom or other row of stalls. While I'm walking to mys stall, others may open but I won't take them because I prefer a stall that has not been just used. That way there's no chance that the flush cycle is still going when I first sit down, the smell is better (especially in the morning when a lot of us are crapping at school), and the previous user isn't going to come back when she gets to the sink and finds she left her Ipod on the toilet paper container. Occasionally, I find there is some stickiness on the seat and, like you said Mistee, that usually right after someone else has used it. However, when I'm having a bad day or about to pee my pants I sit down on the nearest and fastest option. That's when I sometimes find some stickiness. And a few times some pubic hairs, which gross me out.

To Kayla,

Yes I know how u feel, I too have been in the same sort of situation where I've had an accident and found it quite a turn on. But for somewhat different reasons. In my previous post I told that I was always guilty of holding on far too long. When I was about 17 yo I went with parents to visit my aunt Mary who was my mother's sister. In reality I thought they were from different parents. My mother was a kind laid person Aunt Mary was/is extremely up tight and a an extreme clean freak, she was anal about the house being clean . Visiting her was just a real pain and we never felt really welcome, the visits were sort of obligatory. She always thought our house was dirty.

Back to the story, we were there about early afternoon, I'd been holding a poo in I dare not use her toilet in case I left skids in the bowl. So I just held on, at on stage I had to sit on my heel to stop pooping my panties, I was lucky I could push the turd in. I was out on the back porch looking at my aunts collestion of bottles . Mum came up to me and asked if I was okay. Itold her I was desperate for a poo,but was afraid to use her toilet. Mum said the same , she wanted to have a piss but decided to hold on . To use a pun aunty was anal about ppl using her toilet.
Finally it was time to go, we were standing in the gravel drive saying our good byes. Mother was standing there with her legs crossed and I was standing with my butt cheeks clenched trying to fight off the inevtiable.JUst as aunty hugged mother I felt my anus open and this monster turd force its way into the the seat of my panties.Then aunty came and hugged me,little did she know I had just shit in my panties. That's when she said she could smell the neighbours dog poop. Little did she know it was me , as she kissed me I could feel more poo exiting my hole and was now going in to my crotch area.
I sat in the back seat of the car like nothing had happened, it was quite a turn on to shit my pants in front of my aunt,she would have been mortified had she known. On the way home my mother asked my father to hurry as she was about to piss herself,which she did as she got out of the car at home anyway.
I waddled to the toilet and I must admit it did feel pleasant peeling off my panties.......... although the next time I went auntys I made sure I shit b4 .

Love Lena xxxxxxxx

Davy from D: Itīs a pity we donīt have any doorless stalls here (none in Sweden as far as I know). But I also enjoy taking a dump and listening to other guys doing the same. Unfortunately it doesnīt happen too often.
Btw do you get embarrassed if you fart loudly when taking a dump in public?

/Daniel (26 year old male from Sweden).

Hey Kayla, I recently had a similar experience coming home from the bar (only not in bloomers :-D). I thought i was the only one! I got the feeling of excitement and felt "naughty," but in a good way. I've been debating wether to try it again on purpose or not.

to THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: I have a green poo story as well. Not so much a story, as a recipe for green poo. Any time I eat something very blue, I shit green. Blue slushy, blue berry, blue candy...but especially blue frosting on cakes. I ate a couple of cupcakes last week that had very blue frosting on them. When I pooped, it was VERY green. like grass green! bright green! So...if you want green poo, go to Walmart or Kroger and buy the bluest cupcakes you can find.

Today at work, I really had to pee. I'd had 2 cups of coffee in the morning and a glass of tea at lunch. I had been holding it for a awhile and I REALLY needed to pee. I felt like I was going to burst. So I made way to the restroom and chose the urinal farthest from the door. As soon as I started what I knew was going to be a long pee, my boss came in! I wanted to stop and run, but I couldn't stop my stream, which was pretty strong by now and showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. My boss chose the urinal farthest from me, nearest to the door, unzipped and started peeing. He acted like I wasn't there and I did the same. He peed for a few seconds, shook and zipped up. He washed his hands and left. I was still peeing full force. About a minute later, my stream tapered off, I shook and zipped. I don't know how, but I managed to get through being seen by my boss with no problem. It was sort of embarrassing, but not as bad as I imagined. I think the partitions between the urinals helped relax me. At least he couldn't see me peeing, even if he knew what I was doing...


Fake name, but close to my real one.

Has anyone ever had an injury to their anus or rectum? I did when I was thirteen and it sucks.

My family and I were hiking and we were climbing down a hill. I had stupidly chosen to wear a skirt instead of jeans or shorts. I slipped and slid down the side of the hill. My skirt flew up over my hips and I thought I would just have a seriously scraped and bruised butt as a result. Well, that did happen. But when I hit the ground at the bottom of the hill, I landed directly on a jagged tree stump which tore through my underpants and went up my butt.

I SCREAMED. My Dad ran over to me and asked me what happened. I couldn't even talk, I was in so much pain. I tried to get up but when I moved it hurt even more. I put my hand down to my butt which is when I realized that my buttocks weren't even touching the ground, and that something had gone up my butt. I quickly realized it was a tree stump.

I yelled "Something got stuck in me!" My Dad thought something had pierced my buttock. He said, "Let me see." I said, "No! It's up my butt! I think it's a branch or a stump!!!"

It hurt too much to even move an inch. My brother and sister ran to the ranger's office and my Mom and Dad stayed with me. I was crying like a baby. I kept putting my hand down to my butt and was surprised that I wasn't bleeding very much. All the blood on my hand was from cuts and scrapes on my buns from the fall.

Finally, paramedics showed up. One of them used a hacksaw to cut the stump. They lifted me off the ground with the stump sticking out of my ass and put me on a stretcher face down. They got me to the ambulance and rove me to the hospital. It felt like a baseball bat was up my ass. My anus felt like it was stretched beyond capacity and I had this deep, sharp pain in my abdomen.

They put me under, and next thing I remember was waking up in intensive care with my Mom sitting with me. My ass was so sore, every time I moved I got a rush of pain. Lucky for me, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The stump didn't rupture my rectum nor had it seriously injured my anus, though it had torn both of them up a bit. I also had really bad scraped between my buttocks. They had considered giving me a temporary colostomy bag. At first I was glad they hadn't, but after my first bowel movement, I wished they had!

I was prescribed antibiotics and stool softeners. But even though my BMs were mushy because of that, it still felt like I was shitting out a mixture of battery acid, broken glass and thumbtacks. And a fart felt like someone sticking a file up my ass and yanking it out. That's how it was for about a week. My parents kept me home from school during that time. Slowly it started to get better, but my anus was sore for over a month. I also wore a diaper in case I lost control or bled. I did bleed a little, but I never lost control. Every time my butt felt wet I was positive I'd crapped myself, but it was always just blood.

School sucked because I had to sit on a pillow with a hole in the middle which made it clear to everyone that I had injured my ass. It was embarrassing, but luckily most people were pretty cool about it.

The lesson? Wear pants to go hiking! Believe me, I never made that mistake again!

i went camping with my friend this weekend. we found a clearing in the forrest and set up our tent. he has always been shy about peeing and even more about pooping, but i'm very open and i don't care. it was getting near bed time and we were both tired. he seemed eager for me to go to sleep and he hadn't peed or pooped since we left the house that morning. i didn't know how he would handle going in the wilderness. i had been marking my territory all day, but now i had to shit. so i told him i had to and that i would go in the bushes several feet away from the campsite. he was shocked. i said, 'well what am i supposed to do? hold it all weekend?' he said he had never pooped outside before. so i told him to come with me and i'd show him how. we found some bushes and i pulled my pants and boxers all the way down. first, I faced the bushes and peed into them for about a minute. then i turned around, squatted and started to push. i really needed to shit so it didn't take much pushing and a huge log fell out onto the ground with a thud. then two more. when i was done, i wiped with some leaves, but it wasn't messy and i really didn't even need to wipe. my friend was in shock and said he just couldn;t do the same even though he was bursting to pee and poop. he held his stomach. i told him its no big deal, but he was afraid he might poop on his pants if he squatted. he wanted something to sit on. and he was embarrassed to leave his poop visible. so i said, dig a hole. he agreed, but had to keep holding his stomach and his butt. so i helped him dig a hole and put a log we found in front of it to help him keep his balance. he said he couldn't go with me watching. so I headed back to the campsite. as I walked away, I heard him peeing into the same bushes I peed in. I guess he pooped after i left b/c he seemed to feel much better after he came back to camp. after that, he was more open about peeing. he still looked for some privacy, but wasn't as shy if i did see him as long as his back was facing me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Richard ( a.k.a The R Man)
About four months ago, my bladder started acting up, I had to push to help my self pee, and sometimes, even when I did push, only some of it would come out, sometimes only most of it would come out, most of the time all of it would come out. So I whent to the doctor which in turn sent me to a Urologist ( doctor of the intire pelvic regin, penis and testicals included). The Urologist told me to drink some herbal tea w/ camomeal. Ever scence then I have been drinking that tea and let me tell you, that camomeal works wonders!!! When that camo takes effect, it takes affect, I gotta go gotta go gotta go right now!!!!! Altough I am still having the problem, it is happing less and less, and less intencessly, so I know for a fact, that it is working, slowly but surly.

P.S. Out of all the stories I have publised in the past, I feel that this one is espicaly grate, so please, I would love to hear all of your comments:):):)

The epic of the day!
A bit constipated yesterday and the day before....very hard turds!
Took my laxative last night...slept in a bit and was in a rush to get to work...did not sit on the pot as I had absolutely no urge.
I was only a couple of miles down the road driving when it hit! I knew I may not be able to make it to work and if I did I would have a customer waiting. I pulled the car over and called work and said I would be at least 15 minutes late. I then drove on to my favourite public toilets. Several minutes later I was there. Went into the unisex cubicle ( there are 4 ). dropped my trousers and sat on the stainless steel toilet. There was a big turd in me that was ready to greet the to speak. The trouble was it was a bit big and hard to pass through my bum hole with desired comfort. Remember the biblical quote..." a camel will pass through the eye of a needle before a rich man will enter the kingdom of God?" Maybe it should be " a camel will pass through the eye of a needle before this turd will pass through the bum of Thunder!"
Anyway with some loud grunting I got relief and passed a few big thick poos. It was a spectacular result and took a lot of work!
I knew the soft stuff was near and would sit for a while. But No! foot steps came and then some banging and was the dunny cleaner so I thought this was the end of this...I wipped and left saying hello was I went. Got to work. the customer had arrived and the meeting began. The expected happened...the soft stuff had arrived with wild vengance! I squirmed and shuffled and could not concentrate so I excused myself and went to the toilet and let loose a torrent of soft serve. I wipped, flushed twice, washed my hands and resumed with my customer as though nothing happened. As we were almost at the end of our meeting it hit again! Fortunately I was able to comfortabley conclude the meeting and went out to the toilet for round 3.

To Noel,

We had a guy at school who was a bully - one day one of the lads wet his pants on the way back to school from na swimming trip and the bully and his mate really gave him a hard time and would not let it drop - the guy continued to get a hard time - then one morning I got to school and there was an amazing scene of lots of girls chucking a pair of shitty briefs round the play area and screaming with laughter - they had found them at the back of the toilet block where quite a lot used to go for a smoke - the wonderful thing was that the bully had his name written in indelible pencil on the waistband. It was brilliant - the were coated with shit that had dried along with yellow of piss. He never forgot that and ceased to be a bully.

I have to confess I once left a pair of soiled boxer shorts in a toilet. I almost made it but not quite - the poop was too messy to scrape out so I had to dump them.


Around a week or two ago I was volunteering (for once) at my daughter and sons school. I had 3 cups of this coffee they had given us. Eventually the coffee did it's thing and I needed to pee and poop at the same time. I told Maggy (one of the other moms) I'll be right back and I went to use the staff bathroom but it was locked. I went two doors down and used the student bathroom and took a nice big poop. While I was on the toilet, a few younger students came into the stall(s) next to me. Since I was already on the toilet half way through a poop I was letting out loud farts and watery poop. They seemed to find it humorous. I was in there for a while and as I got out so did the students. They where class mates of my son, and they recognized me. at that point in time I said Hi, washed my hands and left.
I was sitting on the couch when the bus dropped the kids off.
My 9 year old son walked in
Came downstairs and yelled at me, even though I didn't quite understand why. Finally I calmed him down and asked him what the problem was.
He told me that those girls made jokes about how I took such a huge poop! I then realized that I did take a very large poop, and it was probably pretty loud and watery.
He ignored me, and went to his room.

Later on, I walked into his room and sat on the corner of his bed where he was lying playing gameboy.

I said you know, everybody poops even mommy... it's natural.
He said, I got made fun of because of you.
I then got a little defensive and asked him what he would expect me to do... I told him I just had to go.
He said that's fine, but not at my school.
I said fine, I'll hold it next time
and then he made me PROMISE not to ever poop at his school again..

Am I wrong in any way?

Nobody: It's wonderful to hear from you. I gain confidence and strength from your advice. It has reached the stage now where my son and I are 'comfortable' with each other in the bathroom now, even joking to eachother sometimes. Getting ready the other day I had to go quickly and he was in the shower and joked to me, God, mom, you're not going to do a stinky are you? These last few weekes have been wonderful and it has brought us closer together now.

Had a wonderful experience last week. In town and walking down Queen Street and I needed to go to the toielt. No ladies open these days so I darted into one of the chambers that dot the street and went upstairs finding the toilets on the first floor, one with just two cubicles and as I dashed in I almost bumped into a lady entering one of the cubicles. I apologised and we went in together. I could hear her getting her slacks and panties down and as we did she asked me where I worked, saying she had not seen me before. I apologised and said I was a stranger and needed to go. She laughed and said someting I didn't catch as i was busy pushing and clutching the side of the pan as I shit with a loud, splattering into the pan. She muttered to me I really needed to go ad then went silent. She was obviously straining hard then and I could see her feet, on tip toe grunting hard. I pictured her slender, lovely red head pushing that way and frankly it made me shiver to be so close to her. The toilets were one of those very short on space and although we were separated by a partition it was almost as though we were sitting on top of each other. It was a most erotic feeling. At last she sighed and shit a log it sounded huge as it plopped into the pan. We must have been going then, both of us, for about five minutes before she started to wipe her bum. She didn't wipe much, three times I think, must have been pretty clean I remembering surmising. As she washed her hands after she asked if I was alright before going. I finished and before leaving myself I couldn't resist checking her cubicle. There was a dark brown yellowy streak on the porcelain and the water was darkish to I could see that her logs hadn't cleared properly. It was a great experience and I hope to listen to her again one day, I will certainly be using those office toilets again hoping to.

I had a cool experience not so long ago. I was visiting the local mall, when I was struck by the urge to pee. So, I went to look for a bathroom. After not so long, I found a rather secluded one. Unisex. It's the kind of bathroom where you have one room with a sink, and from that room, a door leads to the room with the toilet.

I was dying for a pee right now. So I rushed in, and opened the bathroom door... In there, a gorgeous woman (in her mid 30's, perhaps) was sitting on the toilet. She had long, brown hair and a really good looking body. She was sitting there, leaning forward, reading a magazine. Jeans and panties around her ankles. The very same moment I accidently walked in on her, I heard the sound of a loud fart, followed by a "ker-splonk".

We both looked at each other. I must have been more embarassed than her. I said "I am so sorry!"
She told me it was fine, and that it was her own fault, for forgetting to lock the door. Would have been great to stay and keep her company, but I excused myself again, closed the door and went outside to wait for my turn. After about ten minutes she came out, smiling at me. I hurried inside to take a piss. There were a lot of skidmarks in the toilet, and the smell was horrible!

Oh well, I did my buisness, then left. It was a great experience!

Shane's Future Bride
to Kalee:
I loved your story about the pee and poop stops all in the same short trip. My boyfriend playfully critiques me as being an all too frequent user of bathrooms when we're out together and believe me, that slow-moving freeway traffic causes me to panic too when I know I have to pee and I'm still several minutes away from a reststop. Unlike you, however, I will never sit directly on the toilet seat. I guess I'm just not as adventurous as you.

Claire N
It is so long since I have posted, over two months, that I should really introduce myself again. Instead I will be lazy and refer to my first post on page 1632 which gave an introduction. I posted under the name Claire initially, but later added the N to avoid confusion with another Claire. My subsequent posts are on pages 1634, 1640, 1645, 1658, 1665, 1679, 1695 (2), 1707 and 1718. The posts are varied, some relating to personal experiences and some general thoughts.

My most recent one was in the latter category, on the subject of having a poo in front of a partner. This was something I was considering at the time (post on this site gave me the idea), but have decided against it. It is not so much through embarrassment, as wanting to leave it to the imagination. I think the novelty would eventually wear off on my husband.

I have noticed that one topic, though rather mundane, does not seem to come up on this site. This concerns toilet seats. I am raising it because we seem to be going through a lot in the bathroom. After very little time the metal fittings corrode and eventually break. I think it is due to moisture from the bath as we do not have the same problem in the downstairs loo. It has been very annoying to splash out on rather nice and expensive seats, only to see them fall off in a matter of months. Instead we have now bought the cheapest we could find, plastic and very light weight. It is not the most comfortable, and I do not poo on it often, but the hinges are also plastic and I'm sure it will be a lot more durable.

Wooden toilet seats seem to have really come back into fashion. Some time ago I think they were considered old fashioned. We have one in the downstairs loo which is very comfortable.

Seats are either contoured or flat. Both in our house are flat, but I have no real preference. The ones where I work are contoured and heavy plastic. They are very comfortable and ideal for a relaxing poo. I rarely poo at home on week days, preferring to use the facilities in work. I am in the habit of going as soon as I arrive, often reading a copy of the Metro which I pick up on the way. Sometimes I will put on my make up, using a hand mirror, while relieving myself. The work loos are great, the only problem being that the lights will go off if no one else enters the toilet within a given time. If there is something very interesting in the paper I have had to wipe in the dark! I often poo twice a day and on most occasions the second one is also in work, before leaving.

And to think that many years ago I had this phobia about pooping in toilets outside the house! This is the subject of one of my early posts.

Church Accident!!

I'm 33 been married for 7 years and childless.This morning while at church with my husband i accidently pooped my slacks,pantihose and panties.It wasn't a big load mostly just runny and certainly it stained both my pantihose and panties.Luckily the tight pantihose kept what little lump did come out in place.
My husband and i were sitting towards the back of our church very much alone when i had my accident and my husband at the time thought I had just farted but when we reached the car i had to confess what had happened.
This is the first time since 4 years ago that i have pooped my panties and that time it was in the morning when i pooped my panties and pajama's waiting for my husband to get his ass out of our bathroom.That time it was much more messy.

Any other woman poop themselves at church?

Church Lady

Sunday, March 08, 2009

You might remember in my posting last month, I complained about the number of times when I'm peeing or crapping at school and my butt sticks to the seat. It is so strange to finish a satisfying pee, wipe and then have the seat rise up with you as you go to pull up your underwear.

Well I think I may have at least part of the answer as to why. These past three days I've sat down on toilets at our city auditorium (it sucked but I had to go with my parents to a home decorating show!), a bowling alley where I peed on two separate occasions and at the mall where me and my friend hung out after school. Each time I didn't even come close to sticking but my friend has this theory: at each of those bathrooms I didn't immediately replace someone on the toilet. In other words, the toilet was out of use for a few minutes at least before I came into the stall. At school the crowd and lines are such that you're like always replacing someone on the stool and, if anything, the seat is often still warm when I sit down on it. Four times and four sticks at school so far this week and sometimes there's only like 30 or 45 seconds between when the previous user gets off the stool and I get on it. That's all I can make of my analysis of the situation. Anyone else out there have experiences with sticking to public toilet seats? I would love to hear your stories.

to kalee: i reallyed enjoyed your story! next time leave the tiolet unflushed!

to girlly: i reallyed enjoyed your story!

to penny: i really enjoyed your post!


It was a full house today. The handicapped stall and the middle stall were occupied, and I had to take the first stall.

While I was there, I heard a resonding fart, brrrrrrbrrr and a crcr shplosh- splosh sounds from the first stall. it sounded like someone was passing gas and having a healthy dump. The woman at the handicapped stall was silent, and she wiped and left shortly.

I heard couple of craclkes and plopls from my neighbor and I could clearly smell the stench of her poop - oh my the raw smell !!. She was done, and i heard she wiping and pulling up the clothes. I was done too, I wiped, flushed and pulled up white panties/black pants and left the stalll

The woman who was in the next stall was the same woman i wrote about in my last post ! talk about a coincidence. When I saw her at the sink, my stomach was knotting up becuase I loved to hear this gorgeous creature take a stinky shit. She was done and was wiping her hands. Oh, just to think that her lovely butt encased in tight dress pants expelled all that stinky shit!

I'd love to see this woman on the pot. Any ideas to convince or strike a conversation?

I don't really time the session and lots of people take pretty messy dumps

Upstate Dave
China Girl my wife doesn't choke our toilet as much as I do. Sometimes when she doe choke it she does plunge it but not always with success. So I wind up plunging it. Sandy I too have been in many small train stations without public bathrooms. In many areas the train stations are combined with Greyhound bus stations too. On Sundays some of them will only be pickup spots only for the station has no Sunday hours as far as being open. There is one of this type of stations near where my duaghter liuves in Virginia.

A couple of years ago both my wife and I went down and visited my duaghter. This station was the one that we were picked up by her and would be dropped off at when we would leave which was a Sunday morning. We had a fun several days and that Sunday my duaghter dropped us off at the station.

THis is when we both found out that it was closed as far as the ticket office and snackbar. The trains that were going to stop could activate the pa system from the train as they approached but not the busses. As it turned out our bus was late getting there. One came at the right time but was overbooked so we had to wait for a second one that we were told that would be here soon.

Well my wife and I sat on a bench outside for awhile. We both had coffee at my duaghters and we also had one out of a vending machine that was outside on the train platform. Now both of us needed to pee quite badly. With the station closed no bathroom. There was no other nearby place such as a covienent store or gas station. The next closest structure was a big parking garage well down the road from the station.

So since we were the only two persons at the station there were some pine shrubs along the front of the station which my wife and I ducked behind. We both peed a long time which those pine shrubs sure got watered by us! Upstate Dave

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