One of my worst nights at work ever!

I work at this sports bar part time. Our outfits are white shirts with the bar's logo, and green cheerleader style skirts. Underneath the skirts we wear matching bloomer underwear. Usually I wear some full cut panties underneath those because the bloomers make my skin itch.

Anyway, the other night at work started out with the zipper on my skirt breaking, and nearly fell off while I was wlking through the restaurant. One of the girls close pinned it together so I could keep working. Then a couple of hours later while I was setting food on a table, the clasp on my bra broke (front close bra) and provided for quite the embarassing moment, but the woman at the table smile and said it happens, and to just forget about it. I quickly ran to the back where we take our breaks and managed to tape my bra back closed. The woman who saw it happen was really nice and left me a generous tip, and smiled at me the rest of the night.

Well, as my shift ended, my stomach felt a little funny, but nothing major, so I grabbed my purse and headed home. Just after I left the restaurant, my stomach got really warm, and I felt this sinnking feeling in my gut. I squeezed my cheeks for all they were worth as I drove home, my stomach starting to churn worse and worse. A couple of blocks from my apartment, a wet one slipped out, and I got this strange feeling as I knew I wouldn't make it home in time.

I kept squeezing hard, as I parked in front of my building and turned my car off, I got the worst sinking feeling ever, and suddenly my butt got very warm. Without realizing it, I picked my butt up off my car seat, and just let loose in my panties and bloomers. I felt the back/bottom of my underwear weigh down as I emptied myself in them.

I carefully got out of my car and slowly waddled my way to my apartment. In the bathroom it took me forever to get my skirt off because of the pins keeping it closed. When I turned around to look in the mirror, I saw an enormous bulge in my bloomers, with a big wet stain around it. I peeled my bloomers down, my light blue panties underneath were a disaster. I couldn't believe I had messed my panties, and stood there in a kind of numb shock, until the tape holding my bra closed gave way and snapped me back to reality.

The clean up wasn't fun, and I was grateful no one saw me have an accident like a baby, but the feeling of desperation and trying to hold on kinda turned me on, and I can't stop thinking about it. Not sure why. I remember this feeling of a kind of excitement, a guilty pleasure type of feeling.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm kinda lost trying to figure the feeling out.

OK - another child/bathroom story for those who enjoy. Poor baby!

This poor little 2nd grade gal (I was her teacher) was wearing overalls (not sure what the UK calls them) which were obviously too big. So her mother pinned up the straps. She came to me in tears one day and told me she had to go, but couldn't get the pins out. I worked like fury, but they were very stubborn. She looked at me finally and said sadly, "It's too late." Sure enough she'd peed her pants before I could get her loose. She was so distraught. I sent her quickly and unobtrusively to the nurse for clean clothes. I don't think the rest of the class really caught it or they would have made her life miserable for a while. My heart still goes out to her 25 year later. I hope she's gotten over it!

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, hope everyone has had a good week, well I'm hangin' in there. I got a post to share so here goes.

Humm....let me see I got some let me start with me needing to take a dump in a cup while taking a shower. It seems when I wash my face I feel like I have to take a dump, my poop was coming to head, I was getting desperate and fast, I had my cup from last night that I had dumped earlier that morning from my night time pee, I grabbed the cup and filled it with water. I put the cup on the tub base and got into position. I had to push to get things going, it took a while but I could feel the poop moving slowly into the cup and filling it half way turning the water into a brownish smelly mess into the cup. I dumped the messy cup into the toilet and rinsed it out and continue with my shower.

Another story was that I was on my way to work on the train. I was almost at my stop but my bowels keep brewing and ready to explode! I tried my best to hold it back until I made it to my last train stop. Finally my train arrived at it's stop and I mad a mad dash to the men's room to take a dump. I hate to use the bathrooms because it's cold, smelly, high stalls (lack of privacy, I don't like perverts looking at my pants pulled down while I'm taking a dump, and the toilet seats are wet from some asshole dude pissing on the seat! I didn't care because I couldn't take it anymore. I got it and wiped the seat down, the poop was making it's way as I was covering the seat with TP, I felt the poop about to fill my pants, luckly it didn't so I slowly I pealed down my pants and blue stretchy briefs and started pooping my brains out. I must of been pooping off and on for 20 minutes strait. I never pooped like that in public before. Even after of 20 minutes of pooping my brains out I felt a little bit better.

Take care,

--Mr. Clogs

USAF member
I'm going over to ramstein Germany for my first base, and was wondering what if anythiing anyone knows about the toilet situation over there.

TO PETITE POOPER: Thanks for sharing your story. Wish I was there with both you and your lover, but 3 is a crowd. Anyway, I get constipated a lot too. Why dont you try eating All Bran cereal? I eat the bran buds and enough of that will make you go like crazy. Works for me! Take care.

Hello everyone

I discovered this site some weeks ago. and it has been a revelation

For most of my life I thought that perhaps I was the only person in the world to take an interest in pooing, in particular women pooing.

I have read a few pages and will be working my way throught the rest of them, it may take months.

I know its a beleived that its mainly a mans habit to read on the toilet, so am always glad to hear of women who do this.

Over the years it has been a very rare experience to see a woman at work take reading material to the toilet with her. So rare that I actually remember all of them going back about 30 years.

Just so you know more about me I,m male 50 and am in England

Look forward to reading more of your stories, particularly like those I have described above.

I,ll try and get round eventually to relating some of my b/m experiences for you

TO MARLY: Shit whenever you need to. If I get the urge I go right away (almost). I use public toilets a fair bit. I would rather go than wait. With my condition that is important.
LENA I would have certainly done the same, as you...poo when you need to.
As for me I have been pooing well the last couple of days!
A Story about " green poo." I have often heard of people doing green coloured poo ; it is a story about constipation as well. I would have been about 5 or 7 years old. I did not get bunged up often but this time I was. Mum gave me some medicine "to make me poo." The next day we went for a picnic on the sea side...we had lunch and then Mum and I went with my father along the rocks whilst he was fishing. I was there and the urge hit...I did not tell Mum but she was quick to recognise it. The toilets were quite a walk and I was not too keen on using public toilets (times have changed). I wanted to go home and of course the answer was no. Mum told me to do a poo behind the rocks and I would not. I was getting to tantrum she said that we would not be going but then took off my swim suit. I had a t shirt on but nothing on the bottom I slumped around the rocks...there were people in the distance ..Mum said to try and poo before they came closer..I resisted...the people did come closer and I was in afony..the laxative had really kicked in. She told me to stand up behing a rock where the water was slushing around my feet and try and poo...nobody would recognise what I was I did and did I shit!!!! It just ploped and ploped...Mum came down and told me I was such a good boy and washed my bum with water. A while later we finished up and was heading back. Mum said then as there was nobody around I should squat behind a rock and poo again...she dug a hole and I obligued with out complaint. Again my poo was big, soft and green. I felt so much better and it is probably from here i developed the joy of defecation. It did take many more years to loose my shyness.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

This is the continuation to my last post about the trip to my high school nine years after I graduated to talk to a marketing class. It was like a career day speech that I had agreed to give. It was snowing that morning and I had about a 20 mile drive on a crowded and slick freeway to get to the school and, unfortunately I found, I drank more coffee that I should have. I had stopped at the largest convenience store/gas station I had ever seen (they had like 30 pumps) and because there was a line for the ladies room, I went right into the mens room, latched the door, seated myself, but was having difficulty getting my pee flow going. It took me more than five minutes and one complete re-positioning of myself to get my pee flow going, but just then there was a knock on the door and a guy said he had an emergency and was about to crap his pants. I immediately stopped my pee (something that, by the way, hurt me) and let him have the stall.

Rather than wait for him, I went back to my car and resumed my drive. I saw the neon sign for another station of the same chain and I pulled in to complete my pee. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and knew I had to get onto the toilet fast. There was one unisex toilet which you could see from the front of the store. The door was open, the light was off and I knew I was lucky because it was not in use. After carefully latching the door and pulling my pants down, I immediately placed myself on the seat which was chilly but not as cold or otherwise as uncomfortable as I've experienced in other places. My pee flow started up again immediately and if I had been any slower in lowering my underwear, it would have been waterlogged. After about 2 and a half minutes of continuous peeing, my stream started to slow and I immediately tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped. Unlike at the previous station where I had been upset, I now flushed and when I noticed some splashes on the white seat, I wiped them off. I kind of felt sorry for leaving my "calling card" behind earlier, but the guy who interrupted me was so rude.

I was about five miles from the high school in the slow-moving traffic (like 15 MPH)when I started to feel my bowels activate. I normally crap at my office about that time but this time it was hastened by the extra coffee I had consumed. I remember my mom telling me several times that coffee would "physic" her and I am no different. The fact that I had drank double my usual amount due to the boredom of the drive only added an extra immediacy to my situation. I could feel the head ugently waiting to come out and I seemed to have more gas building up than normal. As I turned onto the street where the school is located, I ran over in my mind where the bathrooms were closest to the parking lot and I knew I only had a couple of minutes left to get my butt onto a toilet seat or I would be having an accident. Luckily, there was a visitors spot available and I wheeled it in. The main entrance was farther away and I noticed some students coming out of a small side entrance that I thought would make my best entrance and save me time in getting to the bathroom. A boy and girl were leaving together, saw me hurry toward them, and they held the door open for me. Immediately to my left I saw the same set of old wooden doors I had known in the late 90s like almost every day when I had to pee immediately after homeroom.

Upon clearing the door, my first reaction was ####! because each of the 15 or 16 stalls was in use. Almost instantaneously, I heard a door jar and saw a girl come out one of the farthest stalls. She was still pulling her jeans up and buttoning them as she walked toward the main door. I literally ran to the stall, slammed the door and whipped down my pants and underwear in record time. I don't remember if I felt the moisture under me first or the relief in about 10 seconds as I dropped two logs of about 20 inches each. When I looked down on the front of the seat between my legs, I noticed some of the urine I was sitting in. I didn't really care because I knew how close I had been to having an accident and oh, the relief my anus felt after the dump. After my 50-minute talk to the students, I was back in the same bathroom but in a different stall to part with a small, 6-inch log and some more gas. I finished, grabbed for the toilet paper, and found there was none on the roll. I got to thinking that not a lot has changed since the class of 2000 graduated.

TO PETITE POOPER: In your case whilst you need fibre etc it will not solve your problem. Try starting the laxatives sooner. Your friend sounds really lovely..I wish I had someone who would help me with my bodily functions. Try a variety of laxatives to see what suits you...also suppositories is no use being uncomfortable and there are serious consequences of prolonged constipation.
TO SANDY: I often wonder what I would do in your situation...i guess I would be scared of being arrested or somebody I know seeing me. I have never been caught short to that extent.

The Crank
Hello all,

I've just realized I've been reading this board for ten years! Was reading through old posts. What happened to some interesting people like Ring Stretcher and Gruntly and Jumpz? If you're still around, do give a shout out!

My girlfriend has been constipated recently and I can hear her sexy grunts in the toilet. I know she's suffering but I cant help being turned on by this.

I have read many post here but so far have only ansewred 1 survey so thought I would post something now that I know there are others who do similar to me.
I am Angi,11 yrs old and yes female live with Mum,Dad and younger sister Lauren who is 7. Both of us still poo in our knickers and Lauren still wears nappies at night. My dad said I couldnt wear a nappy when I was 9. Before that I used to ask my mum and she was ok with it.
I still wet my bed a few times a week, mostly its when I dont want to get up so I do it in my bed and tell my mum I had an accident I also still poo in my knickers a couple of times a week, I dont like using the toilet so I withhold my poo. My mum is sort of ok about it as she wants me to do a poo and not hold it as I get real bad blocked up, she only gets stresy when I come home from school without any knickers on or with poo marks inside my skirt.
Some times when Ive held for a long time my mum tells me to keep my knickers on in bed in case any poo come out during the night,she checks in the morning and cleans me up before my dad finds out.

To Waiting too long for a poo.

You and I are so alike, I'm guilty of holding on too long to poo.When I was younger say from my early teens I would always wait till I was either desperate or had a turtle head poking out of my butt. There were a few times that I actually did poo my panties because I just held on too long. As I got older I did get better at going to the toilet when I felt the urge, but I still needed a strong urge to make me actually made me go and sit.When I married my husband, we're now divorced, he always knew I needed to have a shit. He told me one day I know because you always cross ya legs and walk with very short steps and I tend to shiver a little. He was right even down to the shivering. He missed the bit about my toxic farts and the fact like you I tend to sit on my heel to keep it in . That knowledge made me be more conscious that other people might know as well.
Now I'm in my mid 30's I still tend to hold my poo in , I have had the occasional accident , but I tend to make it too the toilet as my poo is emrging from butt. This sometimes makes for a messy butt.
I have got to the stage where I really ignore the initial urge, I still wait till the urge is strong. I have been caught a few times , like last week. I have just bought a house on some acres, I needed repairs done to the plumbing, so had my ex brother in law do the job. I had to meet him early about 8 am, on the way out the door I felt the urge to shit, but I let it pass. Jack had to turn off the water and remove the toilet to fix a leak. It was about a 3 hour job, I was just packing away some of my clothes as he was working. Sure enough the urge to poo came back . This was great ha ha, here I am in my own house dying for a poo, but I didn't have a functional toilet.
I was in the bedroom when Jack came in and told me he had to go and get a valve, he was explaining why to me. I was consciuos of my posture, my legs were crossed and I was squeezing my butt cheeks. As he walked out the front door I had decided to poo outdoors otherwise I was going to poo my panties for sure. The old shed had alot of rubbish including some old buckets. I walked quickly to the shed doing babysteps, I couls feel the turtlehead poking out of my butt, it was touching the seat of my panties. I found an old green bucket pulled my track pants and panties in one movement,squattted and let go. I did 3 big logs into the bucket and pissed on the floor. What a relief I did not shit myself,but I had forgotten to bring tp. I pulled up my pants and walked back to the house get tp. Jack was driving up the drive, he said he found a valve in the box in the front seat of his truck.
So for the next 2 hours I had to walk around with poo between my cheeks and in the gusset of my panties and the front of my panties were wet from piss. Moral of the story is if you need a poo, do it when u get the urge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lena xxx

can some females tell some stories about when they are bursting for a poo in a inconvenient place please.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I had a first today. I had to poop at work. It was mortifying. As I mentioned in my last post, I've never used the bathroom at work before and I just started using it last week. Nothing really eventful happened until today.

I had been working and I really needed to poop SO bad after lunch. I considered trying to hold it until I got off work at 6. That worked for about an hour. By then it was not even 3pm yet. I knew I couldn't possibly hold it until 6pm. I tried to ignore it, I tried thinking of other things, shifting in my chair, holding my stomach---nothing worked. Finally at 3, I decided I had no choice. I HAD to use the bathroom.

I went in and luckily it was empty. I chose the stall farthest away. It was perfectly clean, so I pulled down my black pants and bikini cut underwear and sat down. At first, I was too nervous to go. I just sat there. I heard the door open and I could see through the cracks by the door that it was Mr. V, who I mentioned in another post. He walked up to the urinal and unzipped, but seemed to have trouble starting. I didn't move. I froze. I don't know if he knew I was there, but he completely ignored me. I started counting slowly to see how long he would take. When I got to 24, he began peeing (finally). It sounded like a very weak stream, but it lasted for a minute or so. When he was done, he flushed, washed his hands and left.

Finally, I relaxed a little and started to poop. I tried not to fart, in case anyone could hear and I (mostly) succeeded. Luckily, the poop didn't smell too bad. Mid-poop, I heard someone coming in. Again, I froze. It was the guy I mentioned in one of my first posts that I can't stand. I'll call him Alex. He entered the stall beside me and didn't even close the door. Silence. Then I heard him throw up. Really fast, in one motion. He flushed, I heard him rinse his mouth and calmly leave like this was somehow normal. It really made me wonder. I know when I'm sick, I'm hanging on the toilet coughing and gagging and crying. He made no sound other than the vomit hitting the water...

After he left, I finished my poop and flushed. I was about to wipe and flush again when the door opened and someone else came in. It was the guy who sits to pee. He came in, looked around and was about to cry. He took off his jacket and was looking in the mirror. There was a small wet spot on his pants. I really was curious about his story, but I really didn't want to stick around for it either. It was a little too weird. But I also didn't want him to see that it was me leaving the stall. So I waited a couple more minutes until he went in the other stall where Alex had thrown up, and I wiped, flushed, washed and left. I didn't see this guy for the rest of the day.

I never realized how much goes on it a public restroom until now....


What do you do if the ladies' room is shut down for some reason? I hoped I'd never have to answer that myself, but one day last week, I did. I went out for a run at the track. While I was there, I felt the urge to poop. I normally poop once a day, but I was constipated then, and it had been three days since I last pooped.

I headed over to the bathrooms and found a sign on the ladies' room door. It said the ladies' room was closed for renovations. I really had to go, so I tried the door anyway. It opened, but there was no toilet there. I guess that was the "renovation" they meant. Now I was in a bad place... pressure building in my guts, have to poop very badly, but there's no toilet. I knew I had only one option, I'd never make it anywhere else with a toilet - I had to use the mens room.

I went in, locked the door and sat on the toilet. All the time I was fumbling with my pants, the urge to go was building. Just in time, I plopped down on the toilet, and the head of a big turd poked out. It was a big one, a ring stretcher so to speak. I was peeing a lot the entire time I pushed the turd out. After some time, I stopped peeing, but the turd was barely out.

I kept pushing it out, the knobbly turd was touching the water now. It seemed to speed up a little, coming out faster. It didn't feel hard coming out anymore. I think it got softer towards the end. When it finally broke off and rested in the toilet, another turd shot out. A thin one, didn't feel very long at all.

I wiped my front once while sitting, tossed the paper in the bowl. I stood up to look at my creation. My big turd was laying one end in the little hole, the rough end. As it curved off to the side of the toilet, it got smoother. It almost looked like an off-color banana at the end. My smaller turd was partly on top of the big one, curling around forming about half a circle.

I wiped my bottom five or six times and then flushed the toilet. When I finished washing my hands, I saw the toilet hadn't flushed all the way. I pressed the handle again, and finally the turds went down. The bathroom sure didn't smell very good after that though. I felt sorry for the next person to use it.

As I was leaving the bathroom, there was a guy waiting to use it. I hurried away, hoping he wouldn't remember me as the girl who stunk up the bathroom.

Substitute Teachers Desperation True pee stories

During the week I sub at the elementary school to help the teachers out and students. It is a paid job where I make money and I am also a on on one with the students. This is stories of me at my job when I get desperation to pee and just hold until I can go. When I get there I eat my breakfast drink my bottle of water and hot green tea makes me need to pee. Sometimes I drink Gatorade with my breakfast that make me need to pee bad too So after I am done my breakfast I go to the mens room to pee. During class I can feel like the need to pee but I don't have time sine I am helping a student or a teacher that when I just hold it in me. Normal I get a lunch brake around 12 and go to the mens room to pee on the way to lunch. Then go up to the urinal and wait there a couple of seconds I held in my pee for so long then let go a loud long pee. It suck a relief when the pee starts to come out of me I can feel it 3 or 4 minute pee for me. With my lunch I always have a bottle of water with me to drink this makes me need to pee. About half way though my lunch I feel the need to pee again but I hold it in. Sometimes when I am eating my lunch I really have to pee because not all the pee comes out of me from the last time using the mens room. When done my lunch I walk over to the mens run again and go pee, normal it a good long pee since I drank the bottle of water for lunch. Then I get back to class I am fine for about a hour then I have to go to the mens room again then I go because of the bottle of water I had earlier still didn't all come out of me. I love to hold in the pee as long as I can before I let it all come out of me. Also I like to hear women pee too long and loud when they have to go pee really badly.

today in school i was in drama class and we were just finishing some work, the bell was going to ring in like 5 minutes. Anyways there was the girl sitting next to me, she was popular, and she told her friends she had to pee and jammed her hand into her crotch. I was surprised she didn't ask our teacher to go to the bathroom. She just sat there then the bell rang and her and her friends left to the bathroom. I wonder if she made it.
More pee stories pleaseeeeee!

China girl
Upstate Dave- Great post about your slow toilet. Does your wife plunge too? Or does she leave it alone? Sounds like from your message she must be big pooper too.

Thunder from Down Under- Great toilet sessions. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, Thunder, I appreciate your concern and responses to my post. Happily I am quite grown up now and far, far away from my father! I am free to move about the house and pee as much as I want in the toilet! My husband understands and there is no problem!

Gaberdeen Mac, I don't know about other women, but I read on the toilet - I have a magazine rack by the toilet and put my magazines there. I am sure my parents did this too, although I don't remember. I do know that they had magazines by the toilet and my father still keeps them on the back of the tank!

Here's a kid/potty/privacy story for you. My mother was in the bathroom and had the door shut while she was taking a dump. My sister was about three and potty-trained. She decided to open the door and my mother asked her to close it and give her privacy. My sister had a stubborn streak in her from get-go and she asked my mom why, and mom said, "Because people don't like to smell each other's bowel movements!" My sister said, "Well, **I** do!" And when my mom got up my sister ran to the bowl, leaned over and took a huge sniff! Mom said she looked a bit queasy and never bothered her again!

Gillian and Nobody, hi also had a great experience a week or so ago. I was at a show and as I wandered into the ladies two other ladies rushed in and took stalls on either side of me. I quietly sat and started to pee and crap. The one on the left of me peed fast and then a few spluttering farts as she let go big time. she wiped and left. The other one must have thought she was alone and let go with a booming fart and liquid shit hitting the water and the bowl. As she quietened down I slipped a quick fart and a small log, she then realised she was not alone and as she started her next spraying session flushed the toilet. She must have made a huge mess as I heard her rolling off papaer and wiping twelve times. Needless to say the smell was forrific.

jill: i reallyed enjoyed your story!


hi everyone....
i've been fascinated by these posts for over a year now, and attempted to read everything from page 1, but failed. I love the stories, and detail, and questions about the topics here, although im generally interested in pee, there have been some stories leaving me gobsmacked :)

ive been building up the courage to post on here for a while, and it was in my english lesson today, when we were studying love. A five year old had said that "love is when mummy sees daddy on the toilet and does not think it's gross" that made me think of all the guys here lol

hope to read some cool stories soon,


Gruntly Bogwell
GILLIAN: I am not so sure that leaving the bathroom door ajar while you are "en-commode" is a good thing for your son, because you are getting a kick out of it and it make you feel "excited" to be seen by him. You could be messing with his head too much. You are trusting too much in the mother thought I would "grow out of it," but I didn't. WEven,now when my wife leaves the door open because she is having a poo at the other end of the hall...I sometimes hide behind the bedroom door that opens on the hall and peep at her through the crack left at the hinge side of the door. She is a bit ???? and sits there regally on the throne, trying to move her bowels. She like to sit up so she can look out the second story window to her right at the trees and sky. When she is having a harder time getting relief she leans forward to start the turd, then sits up straight as it plops in the toilet. Hard for me to hear from so far away. If, she is a bit constipated, she leans forward again and again as her ???? fat rolls up and down with each succeeding strain. Needless to say this really turns me on. She stares at the floor sometimes holding the toilet paper in her hands. One time when it was warm in the summer her pink nightgown was up around her waist (no panties on), she was grunting and straining, but had to stop to take toilet paper and wipe her forehead and upper lip due to sweating. She leaned way forward and turned red, her bum came off the seat and I saw a large dark brown log hanging down for an instant before she settled back and dropped the beast. She sat back for several minutes emptying her bowels, before wiping her front, then turning around to wipe from the back over her right haunch. I love to see women wipe this way with their back arched to get at their nether hole. Each time she looked at the toilet paper to assess the amount on the paper and how much more she needed to do. Three wipes did it, she stood up and looked at her leavings before flushing. So you see dear Gillian, if my mother had only confronted me or talked to me about my peeping...I might not have had this monkey on my back all these years. Gruntly

Linda from Australia here again. I'm STILL on a losing streak with my poos!! I went away for the weekend and I didn't eat much healthy food. I dropped a load on Saturday morning before I went away, which didn't take too much effort to get out. Then on Sunday, I ate lots of blue M&Ms. On Monday morning, my poos were green!! I had to push a bit to get my load out and I didn't feel finished, as usual. Then when I got back home on Monday afternoon, I dropped another small load, again my poos were green. This morning (Tuesday), I felt a big load sitting in my rectum. Every time I went for a wee, I had to do a few big farts. The urge to poop got stronger as the day went on. As soon as I got home, I went straight to the toilet. I did a wee first and then I waited. After a few minutes, the head of a big turd started coming out. I had to push and strain hard to get the first bit out. Then I had to strain even harder to get the rest of my poos out. The last bit of poo got stuck in my anus and it felt GREAT!!! It really stretched my hole and I tried to relax so the sensation would last longer. Then I pushed, strained and grunted as hard as I could because it wouldn't budge. It took about 5 minutes but it felt SO good to get it out!!!

Linda from Australia here again.

To Thunder from Downunder: It sounds like you have been really constipated lately!! I'm still having trouble pooping, although not as bad as before.

To Petite Pooper: It sounds like you are constipated most of the time, I bet you have some great stories. I loved your post, please share some more constipations stories with us!! I get constipated from time to time. I have a post on page 1735 about the last time I had a really hard time on the toilet - it was an extremely difficult poo and I had to stick soap up my bum.

I've had a lot of very satisfying bowel movements lately. I usually get up about 9am (I'm a student) and have breakfast, including a mug of black coffee. The coffee gets my bowels moving, and generally by about halfway through the morning I'm farting into my chair - smelly ones - and am ready to go to the loo. I usually put it off until I really need to go.

My poo usually comes pretty quickly, and it's often a bit loose. It's always very smelly; I generally courtesy-flush straight after I've dumped my load (before I start wiping) but I still stink the place out every morning. I'm a bit embarrassed, since there are a couple of girls who live on my corridor and I worry that they might hear/smell my poo. For this reason, I much prefer to use public toilets when I can; I'm much less embarrassed by other men smelling my odours (and public toilets always stink anyway), so I can take my time on the loo and read a paper as I finish my dump, rather than having to flush straight away.

I've always kind of wanted to use a public toilet with doorless stalls - it would be massively embarrassing, but kind of fun in a weird way - but I've never come across one in this country.

I'm interested in other people pooping (women especially, but I like men as well), particularly if they fart a lot on the toilet (which I don't). I've only twice in my life actually heard/smelled a girl pooping; I find it very exciting, and I love reading about girls' bowel habits in detail on this forum. Keep it up!


Who in your workplace would you most like to see in the pot and do you think they could be convinced by you?

Who has dropped the biggest load with you listening and how long did it take them?

It has been known for workmates on this site to bring up the subject and not have a problem with it, keep trying.


I can tell you, all boys go through this "stage" but he might not grow out of it. My advice would be to talk to him and only if you are confortable, tell him when you are going and he can watch if he wishes but only from a safe distance.

You are the one in control, if you are confortable with the door ajar do that, if you are confortable with the door fully open, do that. I don't know but you may even find that having him near you helps you take your mind off a difficult poo?

I would love it if a female in my family was so open with me. It is just the thought of that family member "really putting on a show" that he wants to see, it is the thought of you being so open and sometimes struggling to drop big ones that is exciting him, it may even bring you closer together as long as you have that understanding.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I was waiting for a train in a small community station that is pretty deserted even in the rush hour.Only one other person there - an older women probable in her 70's (i being only 17 at the time).While i was waiting i felt an urge to poop but it didn't matter much cause i knew that the train should be there in only about 5 min.and that then i could
do my poo on the train.Just then there was an announcement saying that the train would be an hour late.I needed to poo and couldn't wait.I asked the women where's the restroom and she said that there is none.I was about to fill my panties with a large poo.The women then saw my
predicament and told me to go in the corner and she'd keep a lookout for
me.I told her that i had to poop not pee and that i had nothing to wipe up with afterwords.She said that's O K and handed me some kleenex from her purse to wipe with.So then i lifted up my skirt and pulled down my
panties as i squatted immediately letting out a long hard stream of pee
that ran accrossed the floor.Then my poo started falling onto the floor.
There must have been 10-12 large logs of poo on the floor.I then wiped myself up and tossed the kleenex on the floor.As i was pulling back up my panties the women looked down and said MY GOODNESS YOU REALLY DID NEED TO GO BADLY !!!.

After school mom picked us up in the car.Tom and i (both 8 yr. old)got into the back seat with Sue (7 yr. old)between us.On the way home there was a huge traffic jam.Sue was holding her skirt and said that she had to pee.The traffic was stop & go for quite a long time.After a while Sue said I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW !!!.Mom said you'll have to hold it in and then she said i can't any longer.Mom then said that you'll have to pee on the seat.Tom and i watched her very closely as she lifted her skirt and showing the top of her legs.She was not wearing any panties for they where messed up after lunch when she had taken a poo and she had put them
in her bag.She opened her legs wide and sat back in the seat.Then Tom and
i saw her pee stream out onto the car seat and forming a large puddle.
Then she lowered her skirt back over her legs carefully so not to touch the seat.

Gaberdeen Mac
Do women read on the toilet as much as men do

I,d like to head from women who do this

Hello again,Andy from Scotland here again.Wow,what a night last night!As i've said many times here i love seeing women peeing outside,especially on a weekend when everyones out enjoying themselves.Last night was no exception.First one happened down a side street where i saw two women in their early 20's.One was standing watching while her friend was peeing in a doorway.She was bent over with her skirt up and knickers half way down"DOING THE DEED" As i walked past them,she finished and i saw her pulling up her black lacy knickers and adjusting her dress.The other incident occurred later on when i saw another two women of similiar age.Again one was watching while her friend had her dress half way up,knickers down to her knees,half standing,squatting and she peed for what semed like five minutes,she must have had a lot to drink.I'd love to hear more stories from other people about similiar sightings when out on a saturday night. Well i am desperate for a pee myself asi'm writing this so i had better go and resolve things.Please post more peeing stories.
cheers bye ANDY!

bunny boo
I was on the motorway in the car.I suddenly felt the urge to pee.The next stop was ages away so I asked my mum to stop the car.She said no so I painfully waited.After an hour of agonizing pain I asked her to stop again.She stopped the car I told her I needed to pee.She said you eiter stop the car in the middle of the bloody motorway or we speed to the service station.I was bursting but I TOLD HER TO CARRRY ON.BIG mistake.After another ten minute of pain I told her to stop the car.Yes on the middle of the motorway.With red roasting cheeks I stepped out onto the hard shoulder and peed.A big long pee.Tinkle Tinkle plop plop.My mum passed me some tissue to wipe my butt.When I got home I was desperate again so I ran into the house,stripped,turned the shower on,Jumped in and carried on peeing in the shower.WHAT?I could'nt make the toilet.I went to the doctors days after and found I had a urinary infection..ohhh!

petite pooper
Well I have a story that happened last week that I'd like to share...
Lately, I've been constipated A Lot. I have thyroid problems (underactive thyroid) and its' symptoms include frequent constipation. It sucks. So, I'm eating lots of fiber rich foods, taking fiber herbal supplements, exercizing more...none of it really helps. Mostly, I use a laxative when I really get backed up. I was at my lady friends' house enjoying a quiet evening together, only I wasn't enjoying it too much because I was silently suffering from about a weeks worth of being constipated. It was bad. She noticed I wasn't being my usual touchy- feely self (lol)and thought maybe I was feeling indifferent towards her. I wasn't, I love her dearly..but we had a bit of an arguement earlier that week and she must've thought I was still fuming over it. I didn't want to tell her I was constipated badly, but she knows I get stomachaches a lot.(sometimes I'm soo constipated and bloated that I can't eat, I actually feel full without eating at all)This night though I didn't care, I was miserable. I told her I needed to crap but couldn't. She asked if there was anything she could do. I was out of ideas, I had already took a laxative earlier and it had been over 12 hours with no results. She rubbed my ???? for me (sweet)and held me. It felt nice, then she suggested we get an enema. I only knew about enemas from this site(see do you learn things here. We went to the local drugstore bring a saline based enema and took it back to her place. I was nervous about using it, but she took me into her bathroom and sat on the tub and read to me how to use it. she helped me insert it and we waited for it to kick in. It went to work on my bowels within minuted. I moaned in pain because I felt a lot of pressure suddenly arise in my bottom and it felt sloshy and really full in my belly. I was lying on my side and I felt things moving so I quickly ran to the toilet and without pushing a lot of brown liqiud came out of me. Then came the painful part...plies and plies of soft poop was filling the bowl. I was tearing up...and my girlfriend sat by my side and told me to relax. When I did, more poop came out. It was firmer and smelly. I pooped for at least 5 steady minutes; I kept having to came out like water running from a fountain. I finished and we left the bathroom. I layed down in her bed while she
drew a warm bath. Then we went to bed. Later, I woke up in the middle of the night to poop again. WhenI finished, I felt empty for the first time in months! I felt soo good that I gently woke my girlfriend up and then we really enjoyed the rest of the night. She's a sweet girl and I love her. Thanks for reading, and good riddance!

I'm 26 and four years into my business career. As I've said in previous postings, I work at the corporate offices of a large company and because of an award I won, there was a posting about me in our local business paper. Well, my old high school marketing teacher saw it, e-mailed me and asked me to come up to school to talk to her current marketing class. The class was at mid-morning and because I had drank a jug of coffee while on the freeway (it was snowing and the traffic was really creeping along!), I felt the urge to pee. I got off at an exit, stopped for gas at one of the biggest places I've ever used (I swear it had like 30 pumps)and then I went in to use the bathroom. There was both a mens and womens toilet in the back which was fairly easy to find. There were two women (one with a daughter I guess about 5) waiting in line so I just brushed by them and went into the mens. I latched the door (I always double check that it caught when I'm in a public place), dropped the pants to my suit along with my underwear, and seated myself. I started getting frustrated after about five minutes because although I hurt, I couldn't get my pee flow going. I don't know what it is but it just wouldn't come. I tried a couple of the tricks my older sister had taught me years ago, but to no avail. I stood up, reseated myself and a little different position, and the flow started. It was as torrential as ever and while I was feeling my relief, a guy knocked on the door, swore and said he was shitting his pants, I was taking too long, and something about "letting the other shift" come in. Well, I stopped my pee, pulled up my clothing and was still zipping when I opened the door. He didn't seem surprised that I was a woman, although I'm sure he didn't like having to flush, but I deliberately left my "calling card" (that's what my gross younger brother calls it)for him. I'll tell you more with my next post.

I took a big poop and it currled around the toilet. It had to be 2.5 ft long. My Girlfriend lets me watch her poop. She takes the biggest dumps. I love it.

Mr. Clogs
Ted: You were wondering who posted about their mother and aunt going to the bathroom in their panty girdles, her name is Janie just in case you're wondering.

Do you remember those caught on tape series that use to catch people in the act of doing something. There use to be people getting caught on tape urinating the coffee pot, in a their bosses chair, landlord pees in tenant's food and so on.

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