Hi yall, I'm back if you don't remember I'm in a wheelchair and can't poop on my own although if my body really needs to I'll go without much warning.

First to the other girl in the chair sorry to hear about your pants but can you tell us some diaper stories like when you just really gotta go.

Ok this happened this morning i woke up right before my poop is about to get started like i said i need help going and it takes awhile before and a while to actually go. Well i had a huge lunch and a snack for dinner and i take a softener so when i do go it will come out. So anyway it's 4am and my nurse is pulling off my pjs so i can take my suppository and start my dump. I don't have it in yet but i can really feel that i really really need to poop and bad. So she's putting down my pads so if i do go it's not on my bed, i go in bed because i go the best there not sure why but those chairs don't really work. So here i am laying on my side just busting for a little help from my body but nope. I can feel my stomach cramping and gurgling but it's just hurting and nothing is happening. I do manage to fart but actually that just makes my urge worse. I'm feeling the poop right at in my hole and I'm sooo needing something to just give me a little releif but still no. Well this goes on for almost an hour because i need to let that suppository melt and work. Finally my hour is up and my nurse rolls me on my back I'm practically ready to cry as my nurse does my little exercise program to help move everything down which i do kinda hate because most the time i just need to go soo bad already it just feels awful. So i tell my nurse to hurry because I REALLY NEED TO GOO BAD!! So she does and within ten minutes I'm rolled to my left and a beutiful adult sized diaper is put under my very full butt. It's only a minute now until the huge dump building in my belly will finally be able to come out. If you don't know what is next well I'm sorry but it can be a little gross. My nurse says to me "you ook? I'm about to help you let that monster out so you feel better" i said oh god I'm sooo ready. She's pulled on a rubber glove and squirts a little jelly on her finger and i feel three things happen right in a row, a big push on my butt to roll me little farther over and the sound and feel of her finger going up into my hole. The feeling is two fold it hurts but feels amazing, i can hear myself farting around the rubber on her finger and then a little squish as my poop begins to come out. She helps by pulling out and letting what is there come out on to the diaper and she keeps putting her finger in to keep my hole open while she pulls some bigger poop out. It feel wonderfull to finally go. She does that for a couple minutes and then takes a break so more can come down. After my five minutes i feel better but know I'm still really needing to go much more. My nurse rolls up half the diaper because it has lots of poop in it and it helps keep the smell down. Another glove and back in my hole with the finger, I'm not needing as much help now pretty much pooping myself and going good. After a minute she says uhoh and i ask what and my nurse says I'm going to have to put my thumb on your hole and switch to another diaper because it's completely full i said ook and she runs to my closet and grabs another diaper as I'm still going little bit. She puts on gloves and puts one hand under my hole and with the other rolls the diaper up and throws it in my trash puts the other diaper under and drops the little turd onto it. She asks "are you feeling better?" i say yeah but I'm only little over half done. So she sticks her finger back in me and wiggles it around to start me going again. And i can hear plip snap snap snap as I'm pooping on the new diaper. I'm feeling really good because i can feel myself emptying quickly now and it really stinks but it just mkes the urge more so I'm going yet and stop. Finger in again with more pushing up highed so i can finish. Big pffffft farts and some little chunks with liquid and i feel done. i wait another five minutes but don't feel like i have more but she checks with the finger again almost clean i had a little more liquid. One more cheek and clean finger. I feel really good and go back to sleep while my nurse wipes me and rolls up the second diaper.

Hope you all enjoyed If you want to ask something or would like accidents let me know.


I was in a late Bar in Dublin city centre yesterday night (a nightclub) and headed for he toilet to take a dump. When I got to the cubicle, I found that on the floor was a pair of white Dunnes stores boxer shorts, size 30 waist. Immediately I became suspicious, and on closer inspection the seat of them was full of semi solid shit. Obviously someone did not make it, and ended up shitting themselves. Added to that, the button area and lower crotch were all clearly yellow and slightly damp, the guy clearly had wet himself a fair amount too. This was not just a dribble, he clearly let out a long stream in his boxers. The yellow stain had almost dried in, so the boxers had been wet earlier on. Wish I had seen him, clearly he had two accidents that day, and given that he was in a nightclub on student night must have been a youngish reveller. Possibly caught short on the bus and wet himself, and later on in the night could not hold his shit until he got to the toilet

Has anyone else ever found soiled underwear on the toilet floor?

i was walking through the park with my dog and i came across something white lying on the ground next to some bushes. as i got closer i could see it was a pair of white panties. and a very large mound of poo in the seat of these panties about the size of a grapefruit it looks like she had a full bowel movement in her panties. i can,t think that it had been an accident or how she managed to get her panties down in such a public place without anyone noticing. i guess she probably was wearing a skirt with out pantyhose any thoughts ???

Hi Gillian, Thanks for the feedback.

exciting thing that happened this week

There's this lovely woman at my workplace, in her mid forties, a curvaceous brunette with curly shoulder length hair. This day she was dressed in a smart black jacket/white blouse and a flared black skirt plus black pantyhose and not to mention cute faux pearl jewelery!. I saw her, chatting up with a friend of her's in front of the restroom. She ended the conversation with a lovely smile, and entered the restroom. By this time I've had my morning coffee, a bm was building up, and I was walking towards the restroom. I was thrilled to see her entering the restroom- my heart was thumping, and the stomach was knotting up because of the possiblity of hearing her poop.

I entered the restroom and took the stall next to her, laid some paper on the toilet seat, lowered my brown skirt and white panties, sat on the toilet and started peeing. Soon, I heard the trickle of my neighbor's pee. Then there was a long silence, while I was able to expell a couple of medium sized turds.

Then I heard a soft, barely audible "mmmhh" from my neighbor. Clearly, she was straining to get her poop out of her anus. I was so excited, and listened intently.
her soft straining paid off, there was a "crackle crackle crackle crackle- sound of a long turd being expelled. It dropped into the water with a "cracklesplock"

She uttered a hissing sigh, and I heard another "crackle-splonk"

Listening to her gave me huge rush of excitement.Imagining that she was, this lovely woman, clothes bunched up at her knees sitting on the toilet and expelling big fat turds out of her curvaceous ass was so exciting. Anyway.. she was finishing up, and so was I. My cleanup wasn't bad- took only a little paper, but I heard her pulling yards of paper and wiping herself. Then I heard she pulling up her clothes and exiting the stall. When I went to wash my hands, she was done and fixing her makeup. Our eyes met in the bathroom mirror and she gave me a polite smile
I hoped you like my story - let me know of anything new @ your workplace

Hope all the dilemmas you have about your son's peeping become resolved

I just wanted to thank the people who run this site for doing the world a huge favor. I love to talk or read about going to the bathroom and I also love going to the bathroom.

The 45 minutes to an hour I spend in the bathroom pooping every day is my favorite time of my day. I like the feeling of a poop easing out, working my muscles. And you feel so much better afterwards, it's absolutely wonderful.

But, there's another reason I like that time so much. It's my time - no one bothers me... I'm not Mom anymore, my husband doesn't need me. I'm just me, no other cares in the world. I can read a book, the paper, or sometimes I read the posts here.

So, thanks for spending your money to run this site for us. I know everybody here is grateful for having the site, but sometimes you just need to actually say the words.

Ruth's revenge
I was in a line waiting to use the ladies bathroom today in a department store. Anyhow, when I entered my cubicle I sat down and started to go poop. I tried to conceal my first poop's plop, however it was hard pushing it out as I had not been for some days - when without warning a giant fat poop ball fired out of my backside making the loudest plop noise you could ever imagine. Embarassed, I then heard laughing coming from the line of people waiting outside, followed by a sarcastic comment - this made me mad.
I am one of the few people wo can fart at will, so even though I hadn't finished pooping I decided I would start farting.After about 2 minutes of my smelly farts filling the place up with a bad smell, I could here people outside my door starting to cough & leave.
Great I thought, now I can poop in peace! The other cubicle was now empty, and realising that my intital poop was massive and not flushing away in the toilet, I went into the cubicle next door to finish off.
I then started up pooping again dropping a good 4 days worth of constipation caused by overeating and drinking too much.
After flushing the toilet and seeing my poop going nowhere, I washed my hands and left a out of action, very smelly ladies toilet!

emeline......loved your story....please tell about that other accident.

ali, loved your story as well. you should definitely post some more!......

To Marly and others...

Actually in Switzerland there is a movement to have men sit and pee. They have very graphic signs in the unisex restrooms about this. Perhaps this fellow was from that region of Europe.

TO FRANCES: I had that problem and also got some burning pain...I was OK during the day but at night I would be up and down...I felt really tired and dehydrated the next turned out I had very small kidney stones..go and get your bladder and kidneys checked!
TO DARA: Piss on the toilet seat is something I cannot stand...I also do not like piss on the floor in front of the toilet. When I come across this and there is room I sit on the toilet side on to avoid my trousers touching the urine on the floor...actually it is quite a comfortable position.
TO LINDA from Aust: Sounds like the poos I have been continuing to have...I take my laxative when I get to that point. It gives me great relief but yesterday, or the night before I took the laxative and awoke in the early hours of the morning with poo pains...sat on the toilet but could produce nothing. Next morning after breakfast I got the urge and with a hard push and grunt I produced a big turd that coiled around the bowl...I felt much better. Went out to a customer and had an average poo that morning but afterlunch my butt exploded and then I went three times again that afternoon...all runny poo.

Now my subject is public toilets. On the way to work there is a public toilet in a park..itis, or was, old, dark and only one cubicle. Several days ago I was driving to work and my laxative had kicked in and that meant I had a real lot of shit to unload....I turned of to the public toilet to do the deed as work was just a bit far away....It Had Been Demolished!!!!!...but then I had noticed another public toilet which had been recently constructed about a mile away...I had never visited that one...AS my need was urgent I headed was rather new and was unisex....there was one entrance, very open, light and airy. There were 5 cubicles and a trough for the men.I went into the cubicle and it was clean, plenty of paper and I unleashed my shit and it took quite a while but was so good. Such unisex toilets are very practical...sometimes there are all women and vice versa and maximum use can be made of facilities. Although this toilet is a bit further away it is much better and will see me again, I suppose.

Upstate Dave
Hello again to all. A special hello to China Girl. I really liked your last story. I have a "China Girl" toilet in my new place. It likes to flush slowly or clog after taking in a big poop by either me or my wife. It happened the other day in the morning after I toook one of my foot and a half ones. I flushed the toilet with my big one dissapearing from sight. Then it clogged and the water in the bowl filled right up to under the rim. Grabbed the plunger and gave three hard pumps with it and the the toiulet accepted by clearing its throat and the water in the bowl went right down. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave
Someone posted a couple of days ago about styles of girls underware from the 50's 60's time frame. Yes pany girdles wer mentioned which were worn to keep the middle buldge down. Young girls I remember wore mainly just plain white panties but some wore colored panties. Bikini styled were worn by those who would pay more for them. They became more common in the later 1960s into the 1970s. They came in solid or lacy styles.(more expensive for the lacy) The bikini style looked like a bikini too. Not the thong style either.

The little redhead girl I knew that I played with back in the late 1950's wore plain white panties most of the time or every so often would have a pink or yellow pair. I knew this since we always played together and were close friends we would pee together outside. That's how I got to see her panties and she would see my white briefs before we would pee together.

I once had a very artful poop in the shape of a 3 layer coil with a separate piece going right through the middle. Very impressive :)

Davy from D
Hi there everybody,

recently I have felt the strong need to post here for the first time, so here I go... :)

First of all, I'd like to say that I fully agree with Public Toilet Pooper (p. 1526) about getting a kick from lacking privacy, and with Daniel from Sweden (p. 1482, I think) about being absolutely open in a relationship. During the last years I have experienced that I like to share a restroom with other guys (btw, I'm a 25-year-old guy) which had been a horrifying imagination in my teenage years. It's not that I looked for that every minute of my life or was obsessed with it, I just find it nice and sometimes funny if the guy in the stall next to me takes a good relaxing dump just like I do.

Unfortunately, something like open stalls just doesn't exist here in Germany, so it's quite hard to find like-minded people. All the more, I enjoy reading this site, and I would like to thank you guys for sharing your stories and experiences with other people.

Constipated yet again!
Did lots of shit on Thursday after my laxative.
On Friday woke up and pushed out a large hard turd but that was it.
On Saturday, mid moring pushed out a couple of small pebbles. Awole early in the morning with poo pains but no results. This morning The is a lot in me but it will not budge Tomorrow and the next day and the next I do not have time for a "clean out." Ordinarily I would like to waite until tomorrow and see what happens between then and now and then take a laxative if still needed but have taken a good dose now and will keep you posted.
TO FRANCES, what about having a bowl or potty in your room to pee in?....saves annoying your father and maybe he might realise something.
As I said before I am familiar with your problem...if I had a real lot of money and could ensure privacy I would hire a nurse at night to help me attend to such subjects. Due to my medical condition it would be of benefit because getting out of bed sometimes is a bit slow and painful

I am back!
I have had two toilet sessions in the last couple of hours.
The laxative kicked in!
I got a desperate urge but held it a bit...I had a few farts and could wait no longer..I was close to loosing it. I went out to the a bit of toilet paper and first gave my arse a wipe...there was shit on the toilet paper so one of those farts must have been a shart. Instead of shiting normally I now sit sde on and rest myself against the wall. I had a big pee and then sat there and relaxed my hole...nothing happened for a short while and then pplip. plip etc and some faecal fluid leaked out ...I kne I had to push. Leaning against the wall and my bottom pushing into the seat I got to enourmous turd came out was huge and seemed to take up the whole was so good...I do not think I could have easily passed that one without help...the water in the bowl was thick brown soup.
I wiped and went back to work...sonn later I was back for some butt pissing sprayed everywhere..under the seat etc and took a little cleaning up.
Will report again if anything dramatic happens

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I have been troubled by the need to pee frequently since I was a small child. For some reason, I am really troubled at night when my insomnia kicks in and I can't sleep. I had insomnia when I was a kid too.

Anyhow, I would lie there in bed and have to pee. I'd go down the hall, relieve myself, go back to bed and about 15 minutes later need to pee again. This could go on for as long as two hours.

My father had a nasty temper and was verbally abusive to me. Sometimes he'd start to yell about me getting up so frequently. One night was especially bad. He hollered and frightened me so much that I lay there afraid to move. I didn't want to wet the bed, didn't want to be yelled at and I had to go. Finally I just squatted down in a corner of the room and let it out. I remember how relieved I was both physically and emotionally.

What my mother thought when she found the spot and had to clean it up I'll never know....I am still interested in "peeing outside the box" - but I don't do it. I don't want to have to clean it up!

hey im female 16 we were at a hotel the otherday and i wanted to go swimming i couldnt get into the bathroom first so i just changed and headed to the pool upon entering the pool the water made me realize i really needed to take my morning pee i knew boys went in the pool all the time so i figured why cant i? there were many people so i went to the shallow end and swam to the corner i spread my legs and squated a little i let go and a warm wave of pee surounded me it felt so good and i went for like 3 min... but it got me thinking you dont hear of gitls peeing in the pool much so my question is girls storries of peeing in the pool? times when you were just to lazy to get out? had to go to bad and couldnt make it out? got cought peeing in the pool? how do you do it tread water squat? im curious storys?

i'd like to thank china girl for enjoying my story, i have another you guys might find interesting.

I was in school, in science class. i had felt a little grumble in my stomach about 5 minutes before. it was about time to go home when my stomach grumbled again, it wasn't anything serious. it was just a sign i would have to poop within the next half hour or so. i packed up my stuff and got on the bus to go home. on the bus the grumbling came back, except it hit my bowels. i had a developing urge to take a dump. i kept talking to my friends and ignored my big dump. i let out a few little pre-poop wet farts, which luckily weren't loud at all. i got off the bus and started walking down my long, long driveway (i live in a woodsy area, and there aren't very many houses in my neighborhood) eventually i had to stop and press my butt against a tree to hold it back. i had to stop and hold my cheeks together, i could not hold it in anymore. i looked around and saw a nice open area surrounded by bushes. i walked over holding my stomach and butt. i found a nice place and took my tight jeans and panties completely off. i laid them on the ground nearby, along with all my school stuff. i stretched and breathed the outside air, which was nice. i squatted down and let out a TON of the wet bubbly farts, which were so powerful that runny poop sprayed out with them. i started my big dump with a 2 inch thick soft serve coil, which felt almost orgasmic. it grew to about a foot long when it blasted out with a big BRRRRNTTTTT fart that sprayed out some diarrhea. i felt a rumble in my ass and PLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPL BLPBLPBLPBLPLP. a big wave of sloppy chunks followed by a big 15 second fart. this process repeated 5 more times, when i heard a twig snap. i looked at my cell and realized i had been dumping for 20 minutes straight. all of a sudden a 13 year old girl appears and looked a bit distressed, she was holding her stomach. she looked at me and said "you have the same problem?" i said i guess. after that i blasted out a fart with some loose poo which was like BLPBLPBLP PLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLP. she pulled down her jeans and panties and let out this bomb of a fart followed by a torrent of super-soft poop, which splattered all over. then this ten year old boy appears and sees us taking nasty shits and starts making fun of us. he even through a stone at my poop which caused it to splatter all over my ass. i yelled at him and he ran away laughing. i kept crapping loose shit for 5 more min and stood up. the pile i made was huge, which wasn't much of a surprise. i looked at the 13 year old girl who was now crapping runny poop and farting like crazy. i swallowed my pride and got my stained panties, i put them on and my jeans followed. i picked up my school stuff and went home. i got inside and went straight to the bathroom. i pulled down my jeans and peeled off my panties, they were covered in greenish yellowish brownish poop. it was almost like i shit myself. i threw them away and took a shower, i gave myself an enema with the shower head. i quikly got out of the shower and exploded diarrhea into the toilet for 30 seconds followed by a torrent of wind. i went back to my room and came here to type this story.

to all i wish you happy pooping ;)

This is the story of the most nerve wracking day of my teenage life. When i was 16 and in the 10th grade, i was on the bus going to school one morning when i felt a bit gassy. i was toward the back of the bus and the seat directly in front of me was empty. i opened my window and let a couple of farts go, and relieved some pressure, and that was that. when we got to the school, i felt another fart coming on, so waited until i was off the bus to let it go while i was outside. when i stepped off the bus, i farted. but it felt really weird. it was a wet one. a really wet one...and i could feel the wet stickiness in the back of my panties. a wave of fear and panic rushed over me and i got inside and made a b-line for the girls room. i got into a style and unzipped my jeans, and carefully pulled down my panties. they were stuck to my butt so i knew it wasn't gonna be pretty. i looked in the seat of my panties and sure enough, i had pooped a little when i farted. it was just a big wet skidmark in the seat of my white panties. it looked like i just completely pooped myself from one little wet fart. i didn't know what the hell to do! i wiped my butt and tried to wipe out the seat of my panties, but there wasn't really any solid poop, it was just a wet brown stain. anyway, i swallowed my pride and pulled my panties and jeans back up and just prayed for the day to be over soon. all day long i was extrememly paranoid about someone seeing the poop stain on my butt or someone smelling it. when i was sitting at my desk i could smell it in my underwear. it was so nerve wracking! i was just waiting for someone to mention the smell. thankfully, no one ever did. maybe i could just smell it because i was closest to it...i don't know. but all day long, whenever i moved i tried to make sure no one could see my butt. you can imagine how creative i had to be to do that! at one point i sat a class for almost 2 and a half minutes after it ended just to try and be the last one out of the room!

Anyway, that was a rough day. Has anything like that ever happened to anyone else? I was on another site and there was a girl who said she was laughing in a class and a spurt of pee came out, and she had a wet pee stain on her pants that was the size of a baseball, and she spent the rest of the day trying to hide that.

last weekend a buddy of mine had a party and some girl peed all over his couch. he said she was sitting on his couch for a good amount of the night talking to people and drinking a lot, and at the end of the night she got up and her ass was soaking wet and there was a huge pee stain on the couch. i would've been so pissed if that were my couch. no pun intended. i mean if you're just gonna piss your pants because you don't feel like getting up, but don't pee on someone's furniture like it's no big deal.

A thought occurred to me earlier today, concerning men and women and their bladder capacities. It seems to me that the only so-called "Mega Bladders" who post here are women, never men. This led me to ponder if women naturally have larger bladders than men...

I of course know every person is different, but on the whole, it would seem women can hold it for longer. My real life data backs this up too... The longest I've ever held my pee in for was just over 14 hours. When I finally did pee after that, it seemed like it lasted forever, but probably 30 seconds or so. One of my friends who knows about this site told me his holding record was 12 hours, and his pee lasted probably the same time as mine.

I only know one girl who will even talk about bathroom things with me, and she says she only pees twice a day. Once in the morning, usually a small one, and then the big pee at night just before bed.

China girl
Little Julie- I think it is common for many of us women to have large turds. My toilet doesn't handle mine well. If it doesn't clog, then it flush slow and not complete. The plunger can help. When I think of it there are large turds going down it regularly though, or a large quantity like my last post. Maybe there will be breaking point and it will have to give up flushing (hehe). Some of my close friends are good poopers too. My friend that I post a lot of my buddy poops with does long but thinner turds, but has much quantity. Then in my most recent post with my chinese/russian friend, she really hits hard on my toilet like me. In addition to her turds, her smell just immediately collects and the power of it travels across my apartment. Anyway, I use to have that constipation quite some time ago before period, but really not a problem now.

waiting too long for a poop
my secret new years resolution was to stop holding my poo back until the last minute!

i'm a 36 year old female, certainly not a child, although i do have a bad habit of waiting until the last moment to move my bowels, especially at work. i'm not quite as bad as i was when i was younger. Until the age of 18/19, i wouldnt even think of going for a bm unless it was starting to poke out of my butt. and it's not very comfy scuffling off to the ladies with a turtlehead!

so far, i think i've been better about going when i first feel the urge. although i cant say ive changed my ways altogether. i do still sometimes put off having a poo even when the urge is there if i'm too engrossed in what i'm doing. it's just so easy to sit on my heel, and put it off for later sometimes.

dara: i reallyed enjoyed your post!
china gurl: i really enjoyed your post~!


okay so the other day i was in class and i had these horrible stomach cramps that i had had all day and yesterday... btw i have multiple sculrosis and epilepsy.. and i live in a foster/group home wel anyways i had been cramping so i knew that i would have to go poop soon... i was sitting in my cubical doing my math work when it started coming out..but it halted as it met the resistance of the eyes started watering because the pain from the pressure was building... i didnt want to poop myself because i had been doing well at not having somany accidents a day but there was nothing i could do... i had to let it come out into my diaper... so i leaned a little bit to one side and then it all started going again...i helped alittle with some pushes here andthere... after i was done i settled myself back down on my cheacks and whent back to work... a few minuts later i realixrd i had to go peepee so i thought what the heck my diaper isnt full.. so i letted it out nice and i was peeing myself somehting semed odd.. i was feeling wet all the way down my thighs .. and i was hearing piterpater ftom a likuid sorce and then it came to me that i didny wear a diaper today beacaue i was doing good on not having accidents so the grouphome let me wear panties... i then started crying.. cause i pooped in my pants and then i peed... i was small very small so i was very cold... but i kept on cryong until one of the staff came to my cubicql.. to see whtat was wrong and they smelled it and guessed it... they had to callmy staff to come and take me home... the good thing was that they bought in my wheelchair so that i didnt have to uses my crutches and show everyone my accident...

As I've said in my earlier postings, me and my friend Stac are both freshmen in high school and we hang out together sometimes after school. Often, we end up at her house where her mom invites me to stay for dinner and we do our homework together. Our high school is in midtown and once or twice a week we walk around the mall and stop at some of the stores before we walk over to her house. Since we go to one of the largest schools in the state, we both hate the restrooms because they are dirty, frequently vandalized, and the faculty who patrol them are rude.

Well yesterday Stac & I left campus right away at 3:05. I halfway had to pee and she was a bit constipated. She had sat down just before our World History class to crap and no sooner had she started to push, the fire alarm went off for a drill and a teacher came in and went crazy on a couple of the girls who were hoping to just wait it out in their stalls. After we got back into the school, Stac sat down again but was unable to produce. She was pissed because it had been three days since she had crapped and now the opportunity had been ruined. I felt sorry for her and we were talking about it as we walked carrying our book bags and trying to decide what were were going to do. We came across a small deli and coffee shop just about the time I was feeling my pee a little more urgently. We ordered our drinks, put them on our table and put our book bags next to them. I told Stac it was a good time for me to pee and we both set out down the back hallway like a sign and arrow indicated as we searched for the toilet. We came to the end of the hall and there was another sign--this time the unisex sign--on another door and we opened it and quickly followed three more stairs down to where we finally discovered the toilet.

I opened the door for Stac and was going to let her go in first. She was scared when she saw the toilet which was like 50 percent larger than the ones we have at school. The white of the bowl was cracked and yellow and the big black seat was shaped like a horseshoe. Actually, the seat was so faded it was almost gray and it had three or four pretty large cracks in it. Stac said it was probably the original toilet and seat that was put into the building like 125 years ago. The flusher was also strange because it was about a foot and a half higher than the toilet, so a shitter wouldn't be able to sit and flush very easily. Also there was water under it and near it on the back of the seat so we knew it had been leaking. Stac said the "leak" was probably from the last users, but that's her humor. Anyway, she started to pull her jeans down and I turned to go outside the door and wait. She said I could stay and there would be no problem since it was a unisex bathroom anyway. I told her I was starting to hurt and asked her if I could pee first and she reluctantly said yes, but that my aim needed to be good because she needed to sit and crap. At that point I could smell that she was not kidding, but I wasn't that confident of my aim so I lifted the seat. I swear it was heavier than any seat I have ever lifted and the hinge squeaked as I lifted it up.

Two seconds after I had unzipped and taken my organ out, the seat came crashing down making a horrendous noise. Stac, although she was watching me and saw it come down, jumped and seemed alarmed by the noise. She took her left hand and held it up for me as I started my stream that probably took like a minute to get rid of. I told her by having her arm out and hand on the seat that she was very trusting of me. She said she agreed, but I'm not sure she was convinced. Finally, when I was zipping up I asked her to flush and she had to put the weight of both of her hands on the flusher in order to lower it. I have never seen anything so complex. Then as I moved to the side, she pulled down her jeans and panties and quickly placed herself on the stool. There were like three blasts of gas in two seconds and she sighed as she widened her leg spread and in an instant you could easily smell her rather large crap. Stac was sitting and starting to clean herself when she suggested that I flush because she said sometimes her craps are so big that they will plug up the stool when there is also a lot of toilet paper used. And she ended up using about a quarter roll for her wipe that went about three or four minutes. When she was finished I flushed for her again, and we then decided we had better get back upstairs to the coffee shop before our drinks got cold.

We stayed and talked for about an hour but before we started our walk over to her house, Stac excused herself to go downstairs and pee. I stayed at our table this time.

Upstate Dave
Last week I talked to my duaghter on the phone. My grandson is going through potty training. Micheal is almost 3 years old. He had been doing fine as far as peeing which he has been using the tolet for quite a while. Pooping is not quite the same.
He still has a few accidents. This time was not a accident. After Micheal does poop in the potty my duaghter will take the bowl of the potty out and pour water in it from the bathroom sink. Then she will dump the potty out after fillng it with some water into the toilet. Then clean it and put the bowl of the potty back into the potty.
Well Micheal always watches mommy and this one day he was in the bathroom going poopie by himself. He was done came out and told mommy that her had pooped. He was very proud that he went all by himself. My duaghter went to take care of the potty like she normally does.
MIcheal told her that he took care of the potty already as they both walked into the bathroom. Well he had taken care of the potty except of dumping it out in the toilet Micheal had ran water into the pottybowl and had dumped it out in the sink instead of the toilet! I laughed and so did my daughter as she told me. Upstate Dave


Thanks for the reply, love!!! I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens at work. Tell me more if something happens w/susan

As far as your son's situation is concerned, well.. sounds like just keeping the door ajar is a better way, since you aren't exposing your "privates". Who knows, he'll grow out of it.

Mr. Clogs
Ted: I did remember reading stories like that about that topic. I can comprehend the peeing through the girdle type panties, but the pooping, I'm still trying to comprehend that. Oh well to each is own.

I've got a quick post to share, so here goes. Last night I had to pee, I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom to the pee. I grabbed my cup and peed into it. The t.v. was still on and it kind of muffled the sound. I was done peeing into the cup and placed it on the shelf in my t.v. wall unit and went to bed.

Take care,

--Mr. Clogs

Davy from D
Hi there everybody,

recently I have felt the strong need to post here for the first time, so here I go... :)

First of all, I'd like to say that I fully agree with Public Toilet Pooper (p. 1526) about getting a kick from lacking privacy, and with Daniel from Sweden (p. 1482, I think) about being absolutely open in a relationship. During the last years I have experienced that I like to share a restroom with other guys (btw, I'm a 25-year-old guy) which had been a horrifying imagination in my teenage years. It's not that I looked for that every minute of my life or was obsessed with it, I just find it nice and sometimes funny if the guy in the stall next to me takes a good relaxing dump just like I do.

Unfortunately, something like open stalls just doesn't exist here in Germany, so it's quite hard to find like-minded people. All the more, I enjoy reading this site, and I would like to thank you guys for sharing your stories and experiences with other people.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I used to be on here years ago. Can I make a suggestion to the Mods on here? If you know a posters NAME on here, can you put an extra box on the site so you can type in their name, ie "Gruntly Bogwell" and all their posts come up instead of having to guess page numbers.

My favourite posters are not here now, CUTE LINDA, JOANNE, FAT WOMAN, SYLVIA - I wonder if her Mom ever did let her openly watcher her again, like on page 752 and 815 - There was an English teenager on here who let her mates brother watch her all the time and she had loads of good stories, one about going after a Paintball trip, she lived in Heartfordshire but I cannot remeber her name....please help?

I will be back soon

Urinal Boy
I had a very interesting experience at the urinals today. I was at the Y, and I had to pee BAD. I'd dranken two Big Gulp sized iced waters and had been holding it for awhile. I entered the Y, went downstairs, and entered the swimming pool locker room, where there are two urinals, no barriers or anything. Anyway, a rather handsome gentleman who has been checking me out in the locker room for awhile now happened to be there. I went to the urinal and he immediately followed after me. Of course I got nervous and could no longer piss. I wanted nothing more than for hot warm piss to come shooting out of my uncircumcised penis and let the sweet relief wash over me, but I just couldn't. I was frozen, because I KNEW this guy was checking me out, he was being really obvious. A whole minute or so goes by, and not a drop is coming out. He's not peeing either. Finally he steps away and says "I guess I'll try later." I tell him I can't pee either and he says "Certain things are distracting me." I ask him what he means and he smiles and says "It's a compliment."

I felt so sexy. Anyway, he went to the pool and I immediately returned to the urinal and pissed a real gusher, it was so violent and it must have lasted a whole minute! I moved my hips back and forth and played with the stream, turned to the side so that the stream went flying all the way into the other urinal (got some piss on the floor). It was like a big giant long orgasm. NOTHING like letting out a lot of held in piss!!!!

I have decided (after much consideration of possible outcomes) that wearing protective underwear to work instead of going to the bathroom is probably not a good idea, since I don't medically NEED to wear them. Just the thought of one of my coworkers or subordinates seeing me using the bathroom sounds horrible, but as others have mentioned, having someone notice I wet myself is far worse. Starting yesterday, I'm using the work bathrooms.

They are very clean, everything is a glistening flourescent white from the floors to the walls to the toilets. Luckily, I work with very clean people, so its not that horrible. I'll just have to time my trips during low-traffic times. I work in the office with 12 other people, so it shouldn't be that hard.

My first trip was yesterday.

I watched the door before going in to be sure no one was there. I looked around to be sure no one was coming. I went in the bathroom and felt totally uncomfortable but by that time I needed to go so bad I was about to burst. There are stalls for the 2 toilets and dividers between the 3 urinals, but not stalls. The urninal dividers are fairly small, so if someone wanted to look over, it would be fairly easy. I was pretty nervous, but I really needed to go (and get in and out as fast as possible) so I chose the middle urinal, unzipped and peed the fastest strongest stream I've ever peed. When I was done I zipped back up and flushed and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, one of my coworkers came in.. I was so glad I was already at the sink, as I could pretend I was just washing my hands and hadn't just been peeing. He entered a stall nd I stucvk around for just a couple more minutes, thinking maybe seeing/hearing others in the bathroom would help me realize its normal and I'll stop being so nervous about it. I could hear the guy unzip his pants and pull them down around his ankles. I heard him shift on the toilet and he began peeing (a lot). Then he stood up, zipped and flushed. At this point, I left, not wanting him to question why I was still there fixing my hair......

Which lead me to question---if this guy was just peeing, why was he in the stall, sitting down? Was he nervous about using the urinal with me in there? Or is there another reason he might prefer to pee sitting? I thought it was a little odd, as I always pee standing (unless I'm pooping too). Any thoughts on this?


I had a buddy pooping experience today. My friend and I were shopping, and we had stopped mid-day for lunch. I felt my bowels churning after the meal, signalling I needed to poop. I told my friend and she said she needed to go #2 as well. We headed to the bathrooms, and I let off a few tiny silent farts. I didn't smell anything, so hopefully I wasn't too obvious.

When we got to the ladies' room, there were 4 stalls, but all were taken. The only one left was the handicapped stall. I like to save those for actual handicapped people, f at all possible, so I waited. The pressure was building, and being so close to a toilet didn't help the matter. After we waited for about 3 minutes and no one had come out, my friend said everyone else must be pooping and we should take the handicapped stall. I was on the verge of crapping my pants, so I said okay.

I asked her if I could go first, so I didn't poo in my pants. She said I could, although she had to go too, so she wanted me to hurry up. I swiftly pulled my black pants and white panties to just below my knees and sat down. I peed for maybe 10 seconds, all the while the pressure building. I knew this was going to be a big one. And I was right.. I released my butt muscles and let it come out.

Instantly, I felt my ring open as a fairly thick turd poked out. I felt it go back in, and I gave a few pushes, opening and closing my ring, trying to get this thing to budge. Finally, it came out, a little at first, then it sped up. The turd broke in two, and the bottom half splashed into the toilet, but I still had a good sized poop tail hanging out. I pushed a little again, and the rest of my poop came out, and I broke it off. I tore off some paper, wiped my front once, and my back three times, while still sitting.

I guess my body had sealed the smell in, because as soon as I stood up, the odor of my poop wafted out and filled the stall. It wasn't a terrible smell, but it wasn't pleasant either. As my friend was pulling down her jeans and thong, I saw I had produced about a 4-incher, 1-inch around turd, and another 3-inch long, 1-inch around turd. I certainly felt better after carrying that around.

My friend sat down, holding her nose in a joking sort of way, and said "Pheww... you stink girl" as she flushed away my mess. After sitting down, she didn't even pee at all, but I heard a few booming farts. And then there was a splash, some silence, she gave a soft grunt, and then a gush of crap just flooded out of her. Like Crrckk... ploosh, splash, splsplsplash. Lots of rapid splashes, then she gave a long windy fart. Pffffffffft. Then another grunt, a little louder than the first, and then a flump sound.

She let out a little pee at the end, wiped her front briefly, and stood up to wipe her butt. I saw what she'd made, and believe me it didn't smell too pretty either. I ribbed her about how hers didn't smell like roses either. She made a bunch of small, but firm turds, and there were two that were much bigger. There was one that was a long turd, like maybe 10 to 12 inches long, and it was big, maybe 2 inches around.

Hi everyone. I don't post here too often (because I have a pretty uneventful bathroom related life), but am an avid reader. I was recently wondering if anybody has any stories or experiences that they would like to share about peeing or pooping from a long time ago (as in 1960's and earlier). I know underwear was very different for women of that time, as were social norms. I always wondered how women would respond differently to accidents and relieving oneself outside.

I remember one story on perhaps the very first page (maybe second) from a woman recalling the habits of her mother and aunt during the 1950's. I was amazed that she recalled them peeing through their girdles. She even mentioned that her aunt would sit and poop into her underwear and then dump it out, because it was more convenient than removing her underwear. Obviously, this was probably not common, but I would love to know if anybody had any similar memories.

Has anyone had experience with MiraLAX... polyethylene Glycol 3350? I have tried fiber supplements which cause excess gas. I would like to be IBS free and enjoy movements which are not urgent but natural. I would appreciate any helpful feedback. I just want to be normal down there.-Hmmm

China girl
Dave XB and anonymous- Thanks, glad you like the posts.

Jessica and Ashley- Keep up the great posts, looking forward to the next one.

I got home last night after meeting some friends. I was alone and just about to have a quiet night. While checking my email there was a buldge of pressure and it was that time. Now the past couple days I travel with my friends and 2 days ago I had ton of Chinese (of course), and multiple large portions of Mexican and spicy Cajun food, not to mention snacking during the day. Yesterday it was fast food at lunch with Tabasco sauce, then junk food snacking in middle of day, and then a large plate of Chinese vegetable dish at dinner. Both days I had breakfast too. After all that there's was no crapping till now. I actually pee about 40 min. earlier when I came home but went over to sit on toilet again, so it was clear that I had a turd coming. Everything was so quiet. I took control immediately by sitting abruply on the toilet to get my needs met. After a couple of good previous craps earlier in the week, and of course my friend's visit that I posted previously, it's been a tough week or so of power dumps for my toilet, and it didn't stop yet as I happen to be home for this one. I just get comfortable by leaning with my elbows on my thighs and grasping my hands together while my butt completely takes over the seat and seals the seat tight. While the buldge started and was getting bigger and bigger to release, I was caught off guard because my butt just suddenly open with a moist wet sound and I got sensation to release and within instant a soft turd slid right out pushing my hole open. It was so fast, it just make a sliding wet sound and landed with soft thud, I didn't even feel how long it is coming out, but I took peak and spread my legs a little to see. It's hard to see because my toilet is small, round seat and not long oval one, but I notice a firm but moist, sticky turd that over shot the hole and hit back wall of inside of toilet, and laid over top of water level. It laid off to the side, so it was stuck to porcelan wall of toilet and stuck in place on top of water. It smelled immediately. This all happened in seconds, and while I peaked, the real pressure didn't resolved, it kept coming. So this turd, which was still big, was just pushed out of the way. So I resume my relaxed position, the buldge now makes it to my butt, and now my butt more predictably opens again wide with crackling sound. Then, the relief came as a chunk shot out like a rock from pressure gun or something, immediately followed by water fall of crap while at the same time my butt is farting. It was like a bomb from the chunk then sound like one big roar in the toilet with the crap and the fart. This was a straight 5-6 seconds. It was like the crap of more than one person. The smell was so foul and even though I was alone I closed the bathroom door while on the toilet since it's so close to the door so that I can contain the smell before I leave and can get away from it later. Anyway a couple seconds after that by butt was tooting a series of more farts. It was tooting for almost 10 seconds, soft then louder and soft again, my hole was constantly opening and closing. Anything was possible so I kept my relaxed position and just kept my butt tooting in the toilet. Then, there were suddenly some short, louder farts. Then another fart release but with another flow of crap, and yes, it roared again like before, but only 2-3 seconds this time. Then quickly, a watery fart came out with a few small lingering pieces. And then, another thunder fart with one small piece. I peed a small amount again, did 2 more farts. Then I just waited after that. There were some hefty thunder fart, then another tiny piece. I then reached for paper to wipe, and I just couldn't stop tooting again. I couldn't feel anymore turd though so I just wait to see if tooting stop. I'm holding toilet paper, and for some time again I'm just sitting there tooting. The toilet is a mess inside and I'm still tooting over it. Then, this long moderate sounding fart just came out then everything came to a stop. Wiping was a mess. The toilet had this sticky turd that I did first that was almost completely covered by the thick mess. You could just barely see the top of floating chunk in the mess. The sides of inside toilet wall had nothing but crap splashed on it. I had to flush a few times because of the amount of wiping. When the water got clearer, I saw the chunk and it barely make it down hole. The sticky turd went down last after a few flushes. I think my toilet could only handle everything in stages. My toilet in the end had a residu and marks in it. I was going to take bath, but left for a while for the smell to go out the small window first that I did open. It took a while, and when I returned for a bath there was still a hint of smell just only around the toilet. I wasn't happy about it so I just dropped the lid down and sat on the lid to get ready for my bath. It was like I had the attitude that even though it was a bad crap, I shouldn't be smelling butt stink by now. I put some candles by me in the bath, but only by me, and just left the toilet there with the lid closed. So there is my quiet evening (hehe). Thanks guys.

As I've said in previous postings, I'm kind of shy and just moved to our city within the past year because my dad needed a job. Well, this past weekend at the mall I work at I was on my break from the kiosk and I walked down to the other side because I needed to pee and I also wanted to stop and get some food at the food court that I could bring back with me. Well, because of construction going on and a lack of popular stores in this wing, I was hoping for some privacy. There's a customer service area with smaller bathrooms than elsewhere in the mall (actually 2 stalls and a sink) and I like it because there's usually no one waiting, it's cleaner and I have more time to stop by the food court before my co-worker/manager gets on my case for staying too long.

Sure enough, I opened the door and it was as usual. I didn't look in the second stall, but just went into the first one. The seat was up so I took my right hand and put it down (I hate it when people just flick them down because of the noise and also I think it can cause the seat to become loose and I don't like sitting half-way because it's so loose and I'm afraid I might slide off or in). I pulled my skirt up, dropped my underwear and seated myself, noting that the seat and restroom was warm compared to on the one I had used two hours earlier when I crapped before my shift began. I was just starting to pee when a mom and little boy came racing in. He was crying because he had to crap, but the mom apparently cut him off from using the toilet next to mine because she saw there wasn't any toilet paper on the roll and someone had peed on the seat. She pushed him back from going in and asked me to hurry up because he (I think she called him Travis) was going to have an accident. I had just started my pee trickle so I stopped, pulled up my underwear and opened the door for him. While I was opening the door, I grabbed some toilet paper with my left hand.

He was about 5 and his mom quickly shoved him into my stall and cussed at him when he was too slow in pulling his jeans and underwear down. He barely got onto the seat in time before I could hear the gas and his crap hit the bowl. I took the toilet paper, quickly wiped the seat down in the other stall and seated myself a second time. It wasn't very pleasant when I looked down on the floor out of boredom and saw that my shoes were also standing in urine. For some reason, and it may be that was it, I had a hard time getting my flow going and I was also put off by the smell from what the boy did in the other (MY) stall. I could after sitting about 5 minutes do only about half of the pee I normally do. I didn't wipe because I had used all the paper I had brought in, but flushed and knew that I had to get back to my kiosk before I got lectured to again. An amusing thought I had as I walked back (without any food by the way because I was out of time)was that I should get Employee of the Month for helping the little boy out. Then I remembered that his mom didn't even thank me.

China girl
Dave XB- Thanks Dave!

Jessica- Great story, looking forward to your next post

Urinal Boy
Kirk, your stories are amazing! That one about peeing with your friend into the same toilet at school....HOT! More stories, please!

Nobody: What an absolutely wonderful experience you had. I am so excited as I read it and re-read it, enjoying so much the way yu must have felt at the time. Please, please shre some more of such wonderful experiences with me. For myself I work in a store with around thiry more women and have my favorites to listen to. One is a dark haired lady from the accounts office, Susan, is one of those women who seem to have no embarrassment at all when they are on the toilet. She just opens out with a series of oh, oh, ohhh's followed my a wonderful explosion a she shits with a splattering, farting sound that echoes and simply makes me so excited that I fine it acts like a laxative on me, opening me at the same time. I had a ???? ache just a couple of days ago and noticed that Susan had left her station and had taken her shoulder-bag walking towards the rest room. I simply caught her up and we chatted as we entered the toilet area. Whether she likes to listen to I have no idea, but true to form she opened up immediately she had her panties down and that made me go to.

Penny: Thanks for youor experience with your son. I appreciate it. I will try the 'door' ajar you suggest and will report back.

Love to all Gillian xxx

To Gruntly Bogwell: Thank you so much for your in depth reply to my questions. I will try and answer your questions one by one. First he has only seen me on the toilet once. I had come home from work, caught in a traffic-jam, and found I needed to go desperately by the time I got home. I was in my works uniform, navy blue skirt and jacket, and had pulled my skirt right up, my panties down at my ankles. I certainly wasn't 'struggling' to go, just the opposite. I was having a very easy shit, the sort I like a lot, nice and easy, no strain. I guess on this occasion he could see part of my bum from the side because the toilet is on the opposite of the bathroom door so that his view is side on. I know I was sitting in my favorite position, elbows on my knees, hans upturned, my facing resting in then as I looked down between my thighs. How long he watched me I have no idea I only noticed his shadow on the floor. What I do know is that it 'excited' me. As I mentioned before, I love to have a shit at work when other women are on the toilet too, I find it easier to go with somebody else to keep me company. I needed advice regarding my son because of that it has made me feel like. I find myself actively telling him when I need to go to the toilet, actually hoping he pees again. I need advice whether to let these feeling go further at my bidding, what advice to you have for me Gruntly. I have read lots of your wise letters to this site over a period of time and would be very grateful for your observations and advice.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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