I can't believe I'm doing this. But here goes.

I'm Emeline, i'm 22, white, i have long brown hair and green eyes. i'm not fat but i've got big boobs and a big butt. i've been dating this guy terrance since i was 20. He has a pretty weird "fascination" that I like to occasionally do for him. He for whatever reason loves it when i poop in his bathroom with the door open. He likes to see me on the toilet and hear what's going on, and have my smell in the bathroom afterward...i know, its insane, but he enjoys it and i like to make him happy. I've done it about 4 or 5 times. I do think it's weird but I don't mind because i am generally very uncomfortable and nervous using another person's bathroom to have a BM. With past boyfriends, i've felt that pooping in their bathrooms would be like a cardinal sin, and when i was 18 i had an accident in my pants while walking home from an ex boyfriend's house because i was too scared to poop in has bathroom and i really needed to go. but with Terrance, his strange interest makes me feel that its okay, even preferred, if i poop in his bathroom.

Something went terribly wrong the other day though. I got home from work (i'm a short order cook in a local restaurant) and I got changed. I put on some loungy clothes as i normally do afterwork, i put on my slippers, my college hoodie and a pair of light gray tights, and was just getting ready to head to the bathroom when Terrance called and asked if i wanted to come over and have dinner then spend the night. I said yes, and we got off the phone. I had to poop pretty bad, but i decided he would probably like it if as soon as i got to his apartment i immediatley rushed to his bathroom for a much needed BM. So i held it, and I put my shoes on and got in the car and started heading over to his apartment.

I was about 3/4s of the way there when i realized i made a huge mistake. I had to poop worse than ever before, the pressure in my butt was unbearable and kept poking out, pressing against the seat of my panties. i was a in a complete state of panic. it felt just like the incident a few years early- while i was walking home i felt that same pressure and fought to keep my load form poking out before it finally won the battle and filled my panties- so i knew it was probably going to happen again. I was so close though, so i squeezed my butt together as hard as i could and put my left hand under my butt to hold myself. i got a grip on it for a second and i made it to his apartment complex. i got out of the car and started rushing up the sidewalk to the front door, and with each step i felt my load pushing to come out. terrance was at the front door to open it for me, and the second he saw me he knew something was wrong. he said "emmy are you alright?" and i just rushed past him and started heading up the stairs holding my butt and said "i need your bathroom now!!" he rushed up ahead of me to open the door. but it was no use. even though i was clenching my butt together and holding it with my hand, i felt a large, moist poop force its way out and create a giant lump in the back of my pants as i stood in front of his apartment door. i just looked at him and said "oh my god". i felt like such an idiot. i had to go pretty bad when i was still at my place, so i should've just gone then. i should've known i wasn't going to be able to make it all the way to his bathroom. i just felt really stupid and embarrassed about rushing across town just to poop in his bathroom instead, but i couldn't even make it there without going in my pants. anyway, i stepped into his place and continued pooping my panties as i waddled toward his bathroom apologizing. when i got in there i saw in the mirror that my face was bright red. i felt so dumb!! i slowly pulled my pants down. my panties were like a war zone. i carefully took them off and dumped them into the toilet. the load was pretty solid but it was a lot, and it was all mushed together into one big mass. after i flushed it i wiped my butt and wiped the insided of my panties a little and put my clothes back on. i left the bathroom and terrance seemed surprised, and was really quiet. i told him i was really sorry but that i had to go home to change my underwear and that i would come over tomorrow night instead, and he understood...he kissed me goodnight and i headed out. i was actually shaking on the ride home because i felt so embarrassed..i still can't believe i did that! i was just trying to please him and totally humiliated myself.

Later that night on the phone he told me not to be embarrassed because he knew i was holding it in so i could go at his apartment just for him, so he felt guilty. he was very sweet and reassuring about it, but i was still extremely embarrassed. even if he liked it, i certainly don't enjoy pooping my pants! from now on i'll just go at his apartment if the urge strikes while i'm there. i'll never try and hold it in when i need to go bad just to head over there and do it...

Hello there! I posted a couple of times before new year. 16 year old guy in high school.

Anyway,a couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend, Mike, who had just moved to a bigger, three floor house. I was not originally supposed to be going there, but we had a school project, so I just called my parents and told them to pick me up at Mike's house. Even though Mike and I are pretty close friends, I hadn't been at his new house yet. Shortly after arriving, we decided to begin the project. We turned on the computer in his basement and started working there.
However, about an hour later, I got a phone call from my parents, saying that they would be going to a meeting and couldn't pick me up until midnight. I asked Mike if it was ok for me to stay there until midnight, and he said there was no problem. (It was a friday).

After dinner, we decided to hang out in his bedroom for a while. It was then that I realized that he had a bathroom inside his bedroom, but the bathroom door was actually a dark blue glass door. The door to his shower was also dark blue. Pretty cool, I thought. However, it crossed my mind that I would probably need to use the bathroom because I had not gone since the day before, and I usually go after dinner. After a few minutes, Mike got up from his bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Because of past experiences, I knew Mike was like me: a "take a dump after dinner" guy. He also doesn't like going in public restrooms.

From where I was sitting, I could see his shape and the toilet's, but nothing was clear. We continued talking about some stuff when he began to pee. After he was done, he ubuckled his belt and sat down on the toilet. The conversation stopped at that moment. I could see he has his pants and boxers down at his knees. He leaned forward a little, after which I heard him sigh, and then sit up straight. He asked me something about a movie, and I began telling him before he began leaning forward again. This time, he let out a small grunt and a sigh. I didn't hear any crackling sound or any plops, but clearly he had done something, because I saw him get the toilet paper and wipe a few times.

All this had made me get the urge to go as well, but I thought that if I could see him, he could obviously see me. After he had come out, I suggested we go back down to the basement and finish the project, which we did. My urge increased in the next hour, and I let out accidentally a little fart. "Looks like you need a dump too", he said. "I do. I'll be right back", planning to go upstairs, confident that he wouldn't come with me. Instead, he suggested I could use the bathroom in the basement, which I hadn't noticed when we first went down there. I agreed, and went in there closing the door behind me.

As I said, Mike and I are pretty close, so I don't mind him being around when I take a dump, but I definitely wouldn't want him to see me the way I saw him. I pulled down my pants and boxers and sat down. I pushed out the first log very easily, which was the biggest. The last two required some effort, and I peed as I was pushing these out. I wiped a few times, flushed and washed my hands. We continued with the project when I came out.

It sticked in my mind though, why did my friend decided to put a dark crystal door instead of a normal one? Isn't he embarrased about being somewhat seen? Of course, you can't see him if you aren't sitting from where I was sitting, and I still hadn't full view of his shape, but I knew what he was doing though. Just some thoughts. What do you think?

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
I went through kind of a strange period of burning my candle at both ends, in the middle, and a few other places. I'm still not back to being myself in some ways--but, at least, my bathroom habits seem to be back-to-normal.

For awhile, I was having this urge as if I were about to leave a present for myself in my panties if I didn't get seated on the best chair in the house.

Somehow, spanking myself with both hands on both butt cheeks helped to settle me down some.

Then, I'd get in the bathroom, and it would come out--and, then, stop.

I tried to push it out but just managed to push out a little, so I would leave it for another time.

When I returned, I managed to push out some but still didn't feel as if I were clear.

Finally, I went back another time (a day or so later), and the fudge seemed more willing to budge just so long as I kept pushing it as if I were having a baby.

Finally, it slid out of me making a kind of squeaking sound.

I decided to look and see what I had produced, and it was a kind of orangish piece that was probably less than five inches long and a little over an inch wide. It wasn't smooth but was, instead, made up of a lot of little poop balls that were stuck together.

It must have been hard--or, possibly, had something hard in front of it that had gone down the pipe where I couldn't see it--because I flushed it and it went down but, then, popped right back out of the hole and into the pan again.

Next time, it went down.

It didn't take tons of wiping to get clean because it was fairly hard.

The next day, I had this urge as if I were going to leave another present for myself--and no butt-smacking could calm that sensation. This meant that I had a butterscotch pudding present in my panties by the time I got to the bathroom, and it was smeared all over my butt and getting on the seat.

This meant that I had to keep standing up (after exploding into the bowl) to wipe the seat off, spray disinfectant on it, and find all of the filthy spots on my buns.

There are times when I envy owls!

Fortunately, I wear protective panties so I don't have to hurry to find a toilet everytime I need to pee, so I put on another pair of the same.

Those panties soaked up the rest of what I was unable to get by wiping, and I had a clean butt by the time I put on the next pair.

The next day, I had gone back to the butt-plug mode again but have now had at least one or two normal BMs.

Glad to be back in-sync again.

Question: Have you ever had a log to bend in the middle so that you end up passing something really wide out of you? OUCH!!!

When it's in the toilet, it looks long, but I can also see where it has doubled over so that I'm laying two lines of conjoined cable at once!

Black Flame--I've definitely had gas, number one, and number two that take on the odor of what I've eaten.

Mostly, I'm odorless or else a kind of light, musky odor, but there have been times when saurkraut has produced a cabbage-y odor in my poop and asparagus will produce a cabbage-y odor in my pee. And there have been times when I pass gas, and it smells like something I've eaten.

I remember when my cousin's little girl was three or four years old. She and her family are Seventh Day Adventists, and everybody except her dad are vegetarians. She had been eating these vegetarian bacon strips, and she was sitting down on the floor coloring, and I was keeping her company.

Before long, she began to pass gas, and I couldn't believe how delicious her gas smelled! It was the odor of vegetarian (soy meat) bacon, and it seemed to have passed through her without becoming tainted.

Vincene--that jerk at the gas station probably got majorly off on the fantasy of your friend being so desperate. I think those park restrooms need to be razed to the ground and rebuilt--not to mention find somebody who isn't too lazy to maintain them.

Matt--you have one plucky girlfriend. Hopefully, she was able to get some enjoyment out of the prom in spite of having the trots. I don't blame her for skipping the post prom. Are the two of you still together.

I'm going to sign off and go change my panties, as I let out a pee or two while here in my computer room. I guess I'm like the person who might do well with a toilet to sit on while computing--except I'm also the type whose skin gets stuck to the seat, and it would REALLY be stuck if a toilet were my computer chair!

It was great to see another post from Laura (Teacher). I had been missing those.

Poop smelling of onions is a current thread: I agree with the posts and it seems to be most noticeable when a large amount (this not surprising) is eaten but particularly if they are lightly cooked, as in a load of fried ones with a hot dog or onion bhajis in an Indian meal. Eating a lot of garlic can do much the same thing, not to mention the garlic breath, but it is a plant very closely related to onion and I guess it will thus apply to them all to some degree.

Such a phenomenon can appear in pee too. A salad containing much raw beetroot can have the alarming effect of producing clear red pee - and I know of folks who have visited their doctor as a result. The same vegetable cooked does not seem to have this effect however.
One vegetable that makes pee smell very odd indeed, and it everyone that I have mentioned this to has either confirmed that this happens or that they haven't eaten it and can't comment, is asparagus. The smell is pronounced, very distinctive and far more prominent than that released when boiling the vegetable. Some spices can do much the same, cumin is one, but this is most notable in poop.

I don't want to go in to detailed science here but the short of it is that all these flavors are [mixtures of] chemicals naturally occurring in the ingredients. The human body deals with some, indeed most, and these we don't notice. Those we do are the few ones it either passes largely unchanged due to a limited capacity to process them, or are modified in such a way that still has a distinctive smell.
Or both and worse! Eating a meal containing fearsome hot chillies can be a show of strength when out with friends but next morning, when it heads south and it burns as badly on the way out as it did on the way in, you have time alone (hopefully, because it also has laxative properties in many people) to consider whether it was really worth it. It is just another example of the same thing!

Hello. I haven't posted here for a long time. Not since the 500 or 600's I think. Still read from time to time. My bowel function has changed since then. Like this morning. Going for a poo used to be the first thing I did when I woke up, but I got up and had no feeling that I needed the toilet, had a bath, went downstairs to make breakfast. I made some coffee and just when the toast was half done I had the sudden desparate urge to poo. I was standing on one leg then the other hoping that the toast would cook but I had to turn off the grill and go. I went upstairs and my bottom had hardly touched the seat and the poo started to come out. It was all over in a about 5 seconds, just one long turd. I stood up and looked at my turd in the toilet and one end had gone round the bend under the water and the other was laying against the front of the pan just below where the flush water comes out. It must have been about a foot and a half long!
This is not too much of a problem if you are at home but a little while ago, I had gone to London to do some shopping. When I got up that morning I had felt absolutely no desire to poo. I even sat on the toilet for a few minutes before I left, but nothing. I had parked at one of the suburban Underground stations. When I had finished shopping and got back the the station where I had parked, as I was walking to my car I thought that the first thing I do when I get home is have a poo. As I sat down in the car I had a very powerful urge to poo. I knew I had to get home quick. I drove out and headed to the motorway but as I drove down the slip road I could see the back of a traffic jam. I was in agony by now, trying to keep my arse closed but there felt like a lot of pressure behind. I thought about pulling onto the hard shoulder but considered it was not an option. After about 15 minutes of terrible discomfort, the traffic started to move, but I knew I would not make it home. I pulled off at the next juntion and went cross country which took me through a large woodland which had some car parks. Luckily the first car park I came to was empty so I parked, grabbed some tissues from my last take-away an headed to the trees doubled up pain. I got to the trees and in one movement I was squatting down and pulling my jeans and pants down. I thought that I would just explode but nothing happened straight away. I then heard a rustling in the leaves behind me. It was a small dog sniffing around. I thought that there was no way I was moving now. I couldn't see any sign of an owner and then it ran off into the woods. I could now relax and could feel the tip of my poo pushing against my arse. It was so good to be able to relax after about an hour of pain. I stayed like this for a minute and then had to give a little push. I then felt it open my arse and move slowly out at first and then quicker. I heard the end touch the dry leaves and then it flopped into the leaves. The relief was incredible, it must have relieved the pressure on my bladder because I had to pee badly as well now. I pushed my penis back between my legs so I didn't get my jeans wet and had a good long piss. I then heard the dog again behind me. I turned around and it was fairly close and this time the owner, an oldish lady, was on the path a fair way off so I don't know whether she saw me. She called the dog and they went on their way. Anyway, any embarrassment I felt was completley outweighed by the sheer relief of being able to empty my bowels. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and jeans and then stood up. No wonder I had been in such a desparate situation, the poo I had done was about a foot long but so thick, maybe two or two and half inches. I had that lovely empty feeling after a good poo for the rest of my journey home.

Gruntly Bogwell
GILLIAN - I am in the process of searching out my previous posts for you to view, but that may take a while. In the meantime, you have changed the parameters of your question about your son barging in on you when you are ensconced on the commode by admitting you have actually found it "exciting." This changes things quite a bit. So how exposed does he see you? In your nightgown, with it up to your waist or around your bum and knees, just lower legs showing? Or perhaps with slacks and panties pulled down to your knees and a blouse on exposing your pubic area to full view. Then again in a dress covering much of your middle and thighs, or tucked up with panties at the knees or floor? The point is how much he sees could be exciting him as well. Now for the intimate part, are you just peeing or having a full bowel movement. This is critical because it is easier sit and poo in front of someone if you are having an easy time of it. But, if you have to grunt and strain and turn red due to constipation to get some relief, he observes you struggling and its much more embarrassing. My wife will occasionally do a poo with me in the bathroom, but only if it's a smooth easy one. When its hard or she has a big healthy poo to do, the door is definitely shut. I snuck out to the room off the garage which shares a heating vent with the half bath off the kitchen and listened one time. She was wearing her babydoll nightie when she went in to have her movement. Listening to her grunting and groaning through the vent was exciting for me, but at the same time I was empathetic to her struggles. It took a few trips to the commode for her to get relief, each time she came out of the toilet her face was red and puffy from the strain. So, do you wipe in front of your son? Do you lift up on one side or reach around to the back, or reach under from front to back? How much of your underside is exposed in this maneuver and can he view your leavings in the toilet while you are wiping or after you stand up…before flushing? I am not being judgemental here, but all these activities impact how much excitement he gets from being with you in the commode and of course your level of comfort with him being there. If he goes off and arouses himself after seeing you on the pot it will become infused with his sexuality. You mentioned that you didn't mind him "peeping" on you so to speak or with people his own age…but, you should realize that men are visual animals, we like to see things, and if his peeping goes beyond the home or with friends, it could be problematic if he is caught, because he is breaking the law and violating the privacy of others. This is what I did after seeing my peeping on my mom. It started with me peeping under the toilet door and watching her feet as she sat and listening to her bathroom sounds. Then I devised the door jamb crack method. I peeped on al sorts of ladies coming to our house, aunts, grandmothers, cousins. I then graduated to ladies in the neighborhood, pulling trash cans under their bathroom windows and standing on them to watch. One lady used to smoke a cigarette when she was on the toilet lifting up her right leg to flick the ashes in the commode. My best view was of a long curving inch and a half wide dark brown turd she had deposited while she leaned on her side to wipe. She began suspecting something after a while, and closed the lower curtains…so I got two trash cans and crawled up to the upper half of the bathroom window (you see how desperate to view women on the pot I had become). The first night I did this I eased up to the window on top of the two cans. She was sitting there with slacks down to her knees …and her small children in the bathroom talking to her. When they left, she leaned around to close the door, leaning way over on her right haunch to do…so I leaned up very close to the window for a good view…when she whipped around and saw my full face in the window. I pulled back quickly, hoping I had not been caught, then leaned back to make sure…and she was gone from the commode! I jumped down and ran into the yard and saw her on the phone through the kitchen window…didn't know if she was calling the police or her husband or my parents. I had to grab the trash cans and return them to the house next door, then I tried wiping my finger prints off the window sill…but it would have been no use…if…I had been apprehended. I would have had a criminal record at 15 years old. Fortunately nothing came of it, but for ever after her downstairs toilet window curtains were drawn tight, I had violated her privacy. But, that didn't stop me from a life of interest in seeing women on the toilet…its called obsessive- compulsive behavior. So, in spite of your kindling excitement over your son's intentions, you should talk to him…or walk in on him when he is on the commode unexpectedly, or tap on the door and talk to him while he is using the toilet…see his reaction. It should give you a clue how to proceed in this delicate matter during his formative years. Sincerely, Gruntly

Little Julie:
I have the same problem. Most of the time I have to take a crap at work because my toilet at home can't handle my turds.

It seems like the week before my period I can never go at all.

to ashley: i wish we could take a buddy dump in the same toilet and not flush. i love the people's faces when they see a toilet full of unflushed poo.

i had another one of my huge mushy dumps, this time in a public toilet at a park. i was out jogging at a park near my neighborhood, i was in this peaceful area. i felt my stomach sloshing a bit, i kept on jogging. the sloshy feeling shot to my bowels and caused a big bubbly fart to come out which kinda sounded like BLLLLLPPPPPP. i pressed my butt cheeks together and looked for a toilet. i saw one about a quarter mile away. i groaned and leaned against a tree to push my crap back in. i started awkwardly walking over, with both hands on my now trembling ass. i made it over and saw one stall was occupied and there was a girl at the sink, the other was open so i walked in. i was doing a poop dance as i covered the horrible seat with paper. i pulled down my spandex running pants(no panties) and sat with my back against the tank. BLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP, a massive bubbly wet fart exploded out, followed by PLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPLPPLPPLPLP, a BIG wave of chunky, refried beans type crap. the same thing kept happening about 5 times more. i was almost empty when a big 2 inch thick, soft serve coil flowed out and got to about 2 feet long when it blasted out with and extremely wet fart and runny poo. the runny poop poured out for a minute and i was done. i looked for tp, but there wasn't any. so i pulled up my pants and walked out of my stall. i felt better, but not satisfied. i got home and pulled down my pants in my room. as i had expected, i had a big diarrhea skidmark on the ass of my spandex pants. i went into my kitchen and took a laxative. i wanted to have diarrhea tonight. i watched some t.v when a wet pre-poop fart came out. i ran to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and sat. a big wave of runny poo came out for 5 minutes straight, then brown water for a minute. i finally felt satisfied, i wiped 15 times and flushed.i felt the bathroom happy.

happy pooping ;)

To The Black Flame or anyone else interested,

I have never heard of poop smelling like the meal that created it but I on occasion I have noticed my pee smelling extreemely sweet after a very sweet item like a high sugar breakfast cereal or syrup on waffles.

As for my poop, I am the only person in my house that likes spinach so I eat a large serving. It does not matter if I poop in the toilet or poop my panties, my poop is stringy and dark green the day after eating spinach. As far as I can tell it only happens with spinach.

Richard (a.k.a The R Man)
To Possum:

I read your story about the culture of parents that force their children to hold it as a punishment, and I also read the question at the end, so here is my answer...I belive that these are EXTEREAMLY ABUSIVE TACTICS/BEHAVYOR, IF THESE PARENTS/TEACHERS REALLY LOVE THEIR KIDS THEY WILL STOP PUTTING THEIR CHILDRENS HEALTH AT RISK/ON THE LINE, THESE ABUSIVE TACTICS/BEHAVYORS NEED NOT EXSIST. What are your thoughts on this?

Right now i am sittng at the library with only one thing on my mind, MY BLADDER! Bolth of the bathrrom are broken down and I need to go bad! I am going to try to hold it in about one or two more hours untill I can go back home, but I don't think i can make it!

Had an interresting day today. Seems a stomch flu is going around at one of my bosses (but not my main boss) got it. He was at work anyway, I'm not going to use his real name, so I'll call him Mr. V. He is blonde, very skinny, pale and in his early 40s. He has big eyes and a very angled face. Some ppl think h's attractive, personally, I've never seen it...but anyway, here's the story.

We didn't have any meetings today, but he was supposed to be helping me with a project. through out the morning, he kept acting like he didn't feel well, but I assumed it was nothing other than him just complaining. After lunch, it got worse. He began holding his stomach and I could actually HEAR his stomach churning. He got even paler than he already is, and his skin seemed to turn the same pale green shade of his eyes.He stopped dead in his tracks and bent over and held his stomach and groaned. I thought he was going to throw up in the floor, but he didn't. After a couple of deep breaths, he ran to the bathroom. It sounded like he was peeing about a gallon, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't pee, since he came out about 10 minutes later, still holding his stomach. For the next hour, he was running back to the bathroom to pee out his butt. He tried drinking some sprite, said it usually helps his stomach, but it didn't today. He immediately ran back to the bathroom and I could hear him throw up. This contimued for a few minutes. The next time he went back into the bathroom, he took a trashcan from the office with him, I'm assuming b/c he was going to have diarhea and throw up at the same time. Our main boss came by to check on how our project was going and when I explained the situation, he told Mr. V to take the rest of the day off.

At the rate Mr. V was squirting out both ends, it really makes me wonder how he managed to drive home.......I wonder if he made it.....

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. I have not posted in a very long time. I have been reading some of the more recent posts though. I'll give a little background on my self. I'm married live in upstate New York near Albany. Most of my younger life I always lived in small country towns.

As I grew up in the late 1960s there was the socail changes that went on big time,womans lib durring the 1970s, a lot more openess in the 1980s,evalution of computers and the internet of the 1990s, and of course now the 21st century which I've been enjoying so far. Over all this time I've had many bathroom instences happen. A lot of them I've told here in the old posts.

I have three grown sons and a duaghter. My duaghter is the oldest of the four of my children. She has a daughter and son so her children are my grandchildren. Elizebeth and Micheal are thier names. They are now 4 and 3 years old. The story I'm going to tell is when Elizebeth was 2 1/2 and Micheal was 1 1/2 years old.

My duaghter was visiting durring the holidays. She had stopped at our place and both of the kids needed a bath. So My wife and I voluntered to do it for my daughter. I took care of Elizebeth while my wife took care of Micheal. I had Elizebeth all washed up and she got out of the tub. She wnted her mom to dry her off so I gave her a big towel and she ran out to the livingroom.

My daughter was sitting down talking on her cellphone as Elizebeth climbed up and stood on her lap with the towel. I also had come out and sat down on the couch. My daughter Marcy started to dry Elizebeth off with the owel as she talked on the phone. She was drying Elizebeths hair first.

Then a she dried her hair Elizibeth went and peed all over my daughter! Her pee soaked my daughters sweatshirt and jeans. Elizebeth after she had stopped peeing turned and looked right at me with a big smile and laughed saying; Pop I peed on mommy! My daughter told her that was not very nice. But she wasn't mad. In fact she too laughed about it.

My daughter went into the bathroom after getting some dry clothes and she changed in the bathroom,finished drying Elizebeth, and got her dressed too. She even told y wife what happened while she was changing in the bathroom. My wife laughed hard along with my duaghter which I could plainly hear from the livigroom. Upstate Dave

From grade school through my junior year of high school, the stalls in the boys rooms NEVER had doors. This particularly sucked for me, because I've always had IBS issues. I used to force myself to hold it and then grab the hall pass in the middle of class in the hopes that I'd have the boys room to myself for a few minutes.

My worst experience was in junior high school. My guts cramped up a few minutes before the end of first period and I did not have time to get to the bathroom and back before the bell rang. As soon as class let out, I ran to the boys room, which by the time I got there was packed. I went to the only unoccupied stall, wiped off the seat with TP then out more TP on the seat. I yanked my jeans and underwear down just past my ass and sat down and my bowels emptied in one loud rush. A bunch of the guys stood in front of the stall and laughed at me for having diarrhea at school. I just kept my eyes lowered and waited for them to leave so I could wipe my ass. They kept teasing me and wouldn't leave me alone. I really didn't want to wipe with them standing there. I sat there until they all finally left, knowing I'd be late for class. I wiped my ass and flushed and washed my hands.

I got to class late and the teacher asked why I was late. One of the guys who had been in the bathroom making fun of me yelled to the whole class, "He was taking a shit!" Everyone laughed at me. I was humiliated.

That was the worst "doorless stall" experience I had during my school years, but it wasn't the only one.

Today I would like to continue with my issues on constipation and in paticular related experiences.
Over a year ago I had a series of colonic irrigations. I had already had a few but still had some constipation etc, due to the condition I had and pain meds. I was not taking laxatives in between treatments. It had been over a week since my last colonic and I had not been to the toilet for four days. The morning of the colonic I had the urge to was very early morning < I sat on the throne but the poo was too big and hard and hurt...I did not persevere because I would hand over the problem to the colonic.
I arrived there and got up on the table. To explain you lie on a table and where your bum is there is a big basin to catch the shit ( and wee) and it drains out the end. A tube is inserted into the anus and feet are elevated and spread wide open. It all looks very undignified! The nurse Doris came in and inserted the tube up my bum and said "when did you last do a poo?" She told me there was a big piece of shit in my rectum and then she said that the water would flush it out but would probably push the tube out too and if so call her and she would put it back in. Doris then poked my stomach and it hurt..she said I was really constipated...the treatment started and very soon I had the great urge to when that happens the idea is to relax and let nature take over...suddenly I felt relief and something really big came out of my bum and hit the bowl with a thud. I pressed the buzzer for the nurse and her assistant came in and as she opened the door said "have you got that poo out?" I answered in the affirmative...she turned off the water and and had a look at what I produced...then came Doris who also said it was big hard and chunky...Doris before inserting the tube had a look down below and said that she could see I had piles but not too bad at this stage...
Therapy continued and I expelled quite a bit.
My comments on the several colonics I have had are that they were beneficial...gave me a break from laxatives. If you like a good b.m you will enjoy a colonic. Once I was very crampy after a colonic and it took some hours of discomfort to settle down....another time I went three times to the toilet on the way home.
I hear lots of reports about how wonderful colonics are and how great and sparkling you are after a treatment....I never got such "highs".
One good point is that others see your poo etc and talk about it and that reduces ones "hang ups " about it.
A negative is that a colonic for me involves quite a bit of travel so therefore a lot of time and is expensive, especially if a number are involved.
I am wondering if a jolly good dose of epsom salts would be just as good!

I'm 12 and in 6th grade in middle school. Yesterday, I crapped my pants for the first time at school. I've had some close calls before because all we have is a 4 minute passing period between classes. I know it gets better in high school because my older sister has 8 minutes. This is my 2nd year at the school and I've found that there's time for up to 2 or 3 students to use a stall during breaks. That means they have to be alert and rush right in when the other person comes out. And I know it's gross and at first I was somewhat scared, but sometimes I'm so fast that I'm on the stool already and dropping my pee or crap well before the flush cycle ends. When I drop my jeans and underwear, I practically rip them down, and I'm grabbing for toilet paper just as I'm starting to go. That way I can get one good wipe in before I have to vacate and run to class.

Well, yesterday we had a guest speaker in family and consumer science and I had already started feeling my crap (it has been 3 days) coming on before school, but each of the 11 stalls was taken and there were students waiting. Three tardies to class equal a detention of like 45 minutes. So I had to wait until after class and I was across the hall and into the bathroom in like 10 seconds. Unfortunately, the room was packed. I picked the end stall because I saw legs move and thought I heard a flush. I was wrong. As a I peaked in between the door and partition, I was surprised to see this girl (who is in several activities and on student council and very popular)standing there and for like a minute or more she's tearing off toilet paper and carefully placing it over the seat. One piece would start sliding off and she'd move it. I was like "**** *** ... I've gotta go!". She hadn't even pulled her underwear down and attempted to sit when I farted and filled my underwear.

All I could think of when I stopped crying was to wait my turn, take a tardy and sit down and clean myself up the best I could. It took about 5 minutes once I got a stall for me to do that. An assistant principal came through (she was pretty nice) and wrote me a pass to go to the nurse's office to finish up and the nurse excused me so I wouldn't get a tardy. My mom was understanding when the nurse called and asked her to bring me clean underwear. Mom says that people who are "unrealistic" about using public bathrooms are going to have a "tough life." She also calls those who won't sit on a toilet without paper under them "nesters" because they spend as much time as the birds do building their nests.

To Laura (Teacher) I enjoyed your story. I had a couple of questions--Did you ever have to leave during the class to take a dump? Also, did you ever have to fart in class and did any of your students ever catch on? If so for either, could you share the story?

To HSH - you raised a question about a bride having to poo on her wedding day. I remember reading 2 good stories involving this on this site & found the one on page 1074, The Bride says I poo. Don't know if you read this story, but I think you'll like it.

To China Girl - Your last post with the 2 stories was great.

To the new poster who's very regular and takes 3 dumps that her friends categorized as big, if you have more stories to share, please do so.

poopy house

There was a segment on TV about the inside of a house that was covered in poop.

Somebody called a service that clears clogged drains. What was in the drains exploded back into the house. The toilet seats were covered in poop. There was poop on the kitchen counters... The city offered to buy the house. But the owner said he wanted his house cleaned and wanted to keep on living there.


This is one of the best experiences I've had listening to someone- happened quite recently too. Tell me what you think of it

I was done with a meeting in a different building and was walking towards my desk. I was walking along a corridor where I overheard a pair of stilettos clacking along. It was a medium built-curly haired brunette, clad in a tight, blue knee-length skirt and a matching jacket. She stopped at a newsletter stand for a moment, picked up a newsletter and started walking along the hallway. I was heading towards the elevator, which was at the other end of the hallway, so I followed this woman whom I thought was going the same direction
But I saw her darting into a small alcove, which was the women's restroom in that building. I was walking towards the elevator and then it suddenly occurred to me - maybe she wanted to have a bm!.Now my ???? was fluttering. I wanted to listen to her poop. I didn't have any urgent work to do, so the desire to eavesdrop won over. I retraced my steps and walked into the toilet and I saw the telltale stilettos. I took the only other stall. My heart was racing mile a minute. I unzipped my pants and sat on the toilet.
The silence in the bathroom was broken by my neighbor's heels scraping on the floor. This was followed by a small "pffrt"
And her floodgates opened; There was the continuous of "Crackleffcrackle-cracklecrackle-cracklelackle- PLOP sound for about 30 seconds. This woman was having a major dump. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid she'd hear it. There was silence again. I heard she flipping the newspaper and letting a soft sigh. Now the was being filled with her warm smell of poop. My ???? was fluttering and I felt like doing a bm because of the excitement. I farted quietly and eeked out a nugget. But the reverie was shatterd by another fart from her, not so quiet this time. It was followed by a series of .Krslochslosh- PLOP Krshocch-PLOP noises and a loud sigh.
There was silence about a minute, where i head her flipping the pages of the newspaper. It occurred to me that she was done, and sure she was. Not a moment later I heard tp being ripped and the scrunchy sound of she wiping herself. I flushed the toilet and went to the sink. Soon I was joined by my neighbor, who was a fourtyish, quite good looking woman. She gave me a polite smile, washed her hands and left. I looked through the mirror at her butt as she exited the toilet- Oh it was so surreal and exciting to think of such lovely prim and popper but would expel all the gross, noxious poop.

Gillian, hope you liked my experience. Tell me one of yours!!

Gillian, you will probably find very shortly that he will not want to see you on the pot or naked for that. My son did exactly the same was interested then decided not for him. If I think I am on my own at home and decide to have a nice long satisfying dump and leave the door slightly ajar and he happens to come in and walk past I get a mouthful about how I must shut the door no-one wants to see me on the loo.

I was one of the kids who was humiliated when I had to take a dump in high school in one of the doorless stalls. In my school there were no guys who used them casually. No one used them at all. And the day I had to go I was laughed at and ridiculed.

As an adult I've had occasion to use open stalls now and then, but reading this forum I've come to like the idea. So I was thrilled to discover that when I just moved to a beach community there are 4 or 5 men's rooms, all with open stalls.

Today I went and used the first one. Reaction was mixed - some people looked, others avoided any eye contact, but for me it was very liberating, especially because it was a messy poop and I had to wipe a lot.

I hope to move on to the next one tomorrow.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having lots of trouble with poos this week. I haven't been eating much healthy food lately and I got a bit constipated. On Thursday, I had an extremely difficult time on the toilet.

I got home from work and I could feel a big load sitting in my anus. It felt like it would come out easily so I went straight to the toilet. I was wrong!! I pushed and strained for 10 minutes before anything started coming out. The log got stuck in my anus and I had to push and strain like there was no tomorrow. Every time I strained, the log would come out a bit more but then it would go back in. I felt my anus with my fingers and about 2 inches of sticky poo was hanging out of me. I pushed on my anus and strained at the same time. A small amount of poo broke off but the rest was well and truly stuck. There was poo all over my hand!! I had already been on the toilet for nearly 30 minutes so I broke the rest of the poo off with my hand. I still had a heap of poo inside me but it wasn't coming out. I didn't even bother wiping my butt and got into the shower (I have an ensuite bathroom). While I was in the shower, I pushed a skinny piece of soap into my anus. I felt very uncomfortable, with poo stuck in me and my anus stung with the soap in it (I remember my mum doing this with me when I got constipated as a kid). I finished my shower and got back on the toilet. This time, I still had to push and strain and the poo came out in small pebbles, 1 at a time. They hurt my anus and after nearly 20 minutes, I got most of them out. I still had more in me but they weren't coming out so I wiped my butt.

The next day after work, I dropped a HUGE load in the toilet but I still had to push and strain. I felt so much better after that. I haven't had such a difficult time on the toilet for a long time!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

TO KATE: It is better to be a bit embarrassed than the alternative.
Now for my constipation story that happened a couple of years ago. By way of background I get more constipated than I realise...I might poo daily but in small fact I might go a couple of times a day but with a small result. The consequence is my colon slowly fills because mathematically the is X shit to expel but I am expelling X-Y = C. C stands for constipation. Back to the story...I was swimming laps at the local pool then stopped. I then had stomach pains..I think the exercise stirred something up. I got out of the pool...I was in quite a bit of discomfort..grabbed my stuff and went into the toilet....pulled down my speedos around my ankles and sat on the seat and slouched right forward and pushes and pushed but nothing would come out...I did manage a few farts then that was it. My stomach was really bloated so I finished up and went to the chemist...I told the chemist i was constipated and had a bit of pain...she sold me two micro enemas which she said would be guaranteed to work...if not see a doctor. I doubted her a bit because I thought my shit was high in the colon and I needed something up higher. Anyway I went home...inserted the an overwhelming urge to defecate but very little came out.
That night I took NuLax and went to the early hours of the morning I was up and had to sit on the toilet....the urge subsided and no shit was to be seen. back to bed and soon later up again..back on the pot and Ooooh a big turd began to move slowly at first and then it fell out and snaked its way around the bowl. Then plop, plop,plop etc and I passed so much ...the toilet was totally brown and then the grand bum turned into a fire hose spraying soupy brown liquid around the bowl and then absolute relief!!! WOW!
Back to be for a lovely sleep.

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