I have an embarrassing story which happened to me my junior year of college.

Some friends of mine and I were very drunk and had responsibly decided to walk home from the bar we were at since none of us were sober enough to drive. It was only a two mile walk. Well, we all had to pee about halfway home. Both my guy and girl friends just ducked behind the bushes in front of an office building we were walking past. I was too bashful to bare my butt in front of them and decided I could hold it until I got back to my apartment.

We walked for another half a mile or so, and I really couldn't hold it anymore. By that time, though, we were walking past a big parking lot of a supermarket and there wasn't really any cover. I looked around and started getting desperate. Finally, I gave up and just decided to pee on the grass with no cover at all, but just as I started to undo my belt, I lost control and peed in my pants.

I groaned and said, "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" I was so mortified. Luckily my friends were cool about it. I had to walk the rest of the way with my jeans soaked with pee. I learned my lesson, though. After that experience, if nature called, I'd bare my ass in front of anyone!

The Black Flame
Greetings. Krissy, I do remember you. I believe you were the woman who took such good care of her sister when she was sick. I must confess that I was quite impressed by your maturity. Please keep posting, as you definitely have interesting stories.
I never posted this incident, but figured now's as good a time as any. On New Year's Day 2009, as we usually do every New Year, we ate the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch meal of pork and sauerkraut. The next evening, much to my astonishment, my poop smelled exactly like pork and sauerkraut. I've heard of onion smells, but never pork and sauerkraut. Has anyone ever smelled a previous meal after it came out the other end? Have a good day, and keep up the great posts.
The Black Flame

Laura (Teacher)
Hello to everyone,

It has been quite a while since my last post, but, I thought I would re-introduce myself. My name is Laura, I'm a high school teacher for a local private high school in Connecticut. I'm 29, 5'7", petite and I'm engaged to the greatest guy in the world!

Today, as I was teaching class, I had such a stomach ache and I had been needing to use the toilet for quite a while. I had quite a bit of Wheaties cereal for breakfast (high in fibre), and my lunch wasn't helping things either. 45 minutes later, my class finally ended, and I made my way to the faculty women's toilets. While walking, I slowly let out these silent but deadly know, the ones to help relieve the pressure in the stomach.

When I arrived, I realized that I wasn't the only one who needed to move my bowels. There were 2 other stalls in use and from the sounds, they were plopping up a storm (most of us are on the same schedule, and when you have free time, you need to take advantage of it).

Luckily, there are three stalls, so I took a free stall (middle toilet). When I went in, I quickly shut the door, put one of those protective covers on the toilet seat, lifted my skirt, pulled down my, hosiery, panties and sat. Once I got comfortable on the seat I started to pee up a storm. While urinating, I couldn't help the embarrassing farting noises. I could feel my poop move into place, and this huge log crept out of me as if there were no tomorrow. I couldn't but help but hear the women in the other stalls fart and plop away. The woman to my right had to go badly as she kept dropping these little plop balls, one after the other...plop..plop...plop.

Finally my large poop landed in the toilet, but, I was no where near done. I relaxed for about a minute. I felt more pressure in my stomach and slightly pushed. Once again, I farted and many long, large poops came out of my behind (must have been the fiber from breakfast).

I sat for a few extra minutes and realized that I was now completely done. I wiped my front, then my backside. I then flushed, and washed my hands.

As I was washing my hands, you couldn't help notice that there was a heavy smell of poop in the air (I feel that I had to do with a lot of it.. lol). Oh well, like I said before, when you gotta go, you've gotta go.

Talk to you all later!!


Just a Dood
Mike, I liked your story about the girl who stunk up the bathroom. Can you describe what she looked like?

to jessica: i rewally enjoyed your story! that Good that u left the tiolet unflushed! you should do this all the time when u go out in public!


ps. i wish i could have been in the bathroom at that time u had your huge bowl movement!

Little Julie
Why do I get constipated before my period, and then suffer from gastroentitis? I produce the biggest turds I have ever seen for a teenager - why do they make toilets with such small holes in them?
I have to resort to pooping in public during my period, and I have yet to find a toilet that can handle my big loads...

Me and my friend Mia were out sledding on Friday. Schools were called off because we had just short of a foot of snow. Mia called me from the park and I told her I would get our family's toboggan and meet her there. It was like really tough just crossing the main street to enter the park because there was a lot of traffic and it was moving slow. I cut through a service station parking lot and heard Mia call out my name from behind me. She was pissed. She had just come out of the office of the station, with a painful need to pee (she's like me--the longer I spent outside, the more I need to pee!)and the guy who managed the station had refused to give her the key to the ladies room. He said it was for "paid customers only" and even laughed at her when she started to cry a little.

We headed across the street to the park and the biggest hill that most sledders used. The ride down takes like 45 to 50 seconds and it's great. I told her that after we got down to the bottom and walked to the other side of the frozen lake, there was a small, brick building with a couple of toilets and sinks in it. She said she didn't think she was going to make it and that she would probably be peeing her red snow pants. We'll as we got closer, Mia got more desperate. Finally we got to the building and because we didn't see any footprints in the snow, I thought it might be locked up for the winter. I didn't want to tell her that because it would just upset her more. We got to the ladies room door and sure enough it was locked. Even if it hadn't had the padlock on it, I don't think the door would have opened because there was at least 6 inches of snow and some ice right up against it. We were also freaked out by the remains of a dead squirrel nearby and the tracks made by several animals in the snow.

Once this past fall I went out jogging when I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. While in the park, I needed to take my morning crap and the two stalls in the ladies room had been vandalized and they were also quite dirty, so I went around the other side to the mens room which had its door wide open. It was the first time that I had used a mens bathroom and I had a very satisfying shit. There was no door on the stall but I didn't care because there was no one else around. Well, I told Mia to go over to the door. There was a padlock on it but it wasn't latched. Mia took off her mitten, pulled off the lock, and unlatched the very noisy door that both of us had to put our weight into in order to get it open. She immediately went to the one stall, which as I had experienced earlier, was doorless. She took one look at the stall and its seat and I heard Mia shout out "F###!" Forgetting that I was trying to find the light switch, I ran over. She had her snow pants down to her knees and was about an inch off sitting on the seat when I looked in and found that a coating of snow had blown in from a quarter-sized break in a small window above the toilet and almost completely covered about 2/3 of the big black toilet seat. Also, she had to watch her footing because there was snow on the floor on both sides and in front of the toilet. I quickly took my glove and wiped the snow off and within a second of her dropping her underwear, I could hear a tremendous pouring of pee into the bowl. It was probably the excerise, but we were both sweating a bit despite the cold conditions of the room and I joked to her that I hoped her butt wouldn't stick to the seat. She mentioned seeing an article in the paper or on the TV news about a little boy who stuck his tongue to a light pole on a dare, and after prying it off, the paramedics had to take him to the hospital. Mia's was one of the longest pees I had ever heard. Once she wiped with the cold toilet paper, she said I should probably go because we were going to stay out for several hours and that gas station wasn't going to be an alternative.

I grabbed some toilet paper and like I normally do in public places, I put it over the seat before I sat down. Mia asked me why and I said that it was something my mom learned me to do like when I was really young and in public bathrooms with her. Mia rolled her eyes but admitted that my seat would be warmer than hers had been. I must have stayed on the stool for five minutes but I couldn't get my urine to start. It frustrated me but I couldn't get it going. Mia joked that the option would still be open for me to snow pee. Luckily we were out for another four hours and neither of us had to resort to that option.

Thanks to the wonderful people who have given me advice regarding my son.

Grunty Bogwell : I would love to read of your experience , but you haven't given me the letter number to go to, I would appreciate that so much. I have to say that thinking on what is happening at home with him is 'exciting' me more and more, and to be honest a lifelong of 'peeping' is not a bad thing, to my mind. Please tell me ore on this subject.

Penny: Yes I realise that I must warn him not to become obsessive with his peeping. Not with me anyway, but I see no harm in his peeping in a healthy way on other boys and girls of his own age. Isn't it something we all did as we grew up. Thanks Penny your words have meant a lot to me.

Nobody: I haven't told him not to for that very reason. It actually makes me excited. I have to say that your experience in the toilets with the business women so very exciting. Please tell me more it must have made you feel great inside.

Petite Pooper: Your stories are wonderful, I can't wait to read more of them.

Mr. Clogs
I got a post to share so here goes.

First one was from Sunday, I had to poop. Instead of using the toilet to do my doodie deeds in it, I decided to poop in the container that I got from the Chinese restaurant had lemonade in from a while ago. I had to go really bad, so I waited for my folks to leave and I had the house to myself a bit, I grabbed the container and filled it 1/2 way with water, the container holds 32 oz of liquid so enough room for me to poop in it. I placed it on the floor in my room and slammed the my curtain door (for additional privacy, or lack there of LOL.) I got into a squatting position and let loose into the container. I kept plopping away into the container with water and now some poop in it and my room smelt like fresh poop of the day. So I took the container in the bathroom to wipe up and rinse out the container for next use.

Another story was later that day, I was getting ready to hit the sack for the day, a bit buzzed from the beer I just had. I had to pee before I went to bed. I had the laptop on and figure why not make a video clip of me peeing in a cup. I hit the record button with the software I used to make the video clip with grabbed the cup, slid down the front part of my underwear so I could pee and went to work peeing in the cup! Once I was finished I stopped the video from recording and finished getting undressed and went to bed. In the middle of the night I had to pee again, so I grabbed the same pee filled cup and peed in it again filling up the cup near the brim of it.

This one is from this morning, I would have to say the longest I've ever pooped while sitting over the toilet. Ok I woke up with cramps in my stomach which I know it's time to take a dump. I got out of my bed and made my way to the toilet. I got in and yanked my pj bottoms off and spread my butt cheeks wide and plopped down on the toilet. I let the first big wave of poop out of my system and felt ok. While sitting over the toilet, I kept hearing my stomach gurgling and rumbling and could feel the second wave coming. What was really pissing me off is I had already wiped up from the first one. So I stayed seated and let nature do it's thing adding more to the pile of poop I already made in the toilet. I wiped up, washed my hands, put my pjs on and went back to bed.

Possum: Yeah that is cruel and painful way of disciplining a child like that. I thought the paddle to the butt was cruel, but that's insane and abusive.

petite pooper: Wow it's been a while, I liked your post about your experience with your girlfriend, cool that you're open with your partner about your interest in her bathroom habits. Thanks again for your post.

Take care everybody and happy peeing and pooping.


--Mr. Clogs

Hey Krissy, what an awesome big sister you are!

I've never had a very memorable bathroom-related misadventure personally, but my girlfriend did on the worst night possible! It was our senior prom night. I picked her up at her house. She looked beautiful in her gown, more like we were going to an awards show than a prom.

So, we're in the car on the way and she's telling me how nervous she is, and I'm trying to calm her down. I thought it was weird, she wasn't usually so jittery. We got to our school and parked by the baseball field and started walking up to the back where the entrance to the gym was (where the prom was). We only got part of the way up when she suddenly groaned. I asked what was wrong and she said her stomach felt funny. We stopped and I told her to breathe. I thought she was having a panic attack or something. All of a sudden her eyes bugged out and she said, "Oh ????Fuck!" She looked around and saw the porta-potties by the baseball field and rushed over to them. I followed her.

She yanked open the door to one and stepped inside. The door slammed shut. Standing outside, I heard her suffer through a horrible bout of explosive diarrhea. Just non-stop farting and splashing for a couple of minutes. I also heard her crying. I felt so bad for her. After a few minutes, I knocked and asked if she was okay. She said no. She stayed locked up in there for about twenty minutes before she felt it was safe to come out.

I asked her if she wanted to skip the prom and just go home. She thought about it, and decided she wanted to brave the prom.

We ended up having a good time. She had to make a break for the girls room a few times, but it was never as bad as that first one in the porta-potty. We did skip the party afterward, though.

I took a really big dump this morning. I hadn't gone for a couple days, don't know why, just didn't have the urge. But this morning, while drinking my coffee, the urge hit me quick.

I was reading the morning paper, so I took it into the bathroom with me. I read two sections while I pooped. After wiping, I checked out my load. I was amazed at the size of it. One solid piece, coming up out of the trap, then flopping back across on top of itself. Must have been 2 feet long, easily.

About a half hour later, just before I left for work, I went back in there and dropped a few more logs, about 6 inches long each. Somehow I pumped out about 3 and a half feet of shit this morning.

When you don't go for a couple days, a lot of crap can accumulate back there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Dave XB--Like you, I haven't posted on here for awhile, either, but have been reading here as I've found time.

Interesting take on White Castles.

Personally, I haven't noticed any changes in my bowel habits when I've eaten them, but I can tell you some doozies about Uncle Don (late uncle married to my mom's sister).

He had always been quite the White Castle fan, so he was known to eat a dozen at a time.

I don't know that White Castles affected him more than just the action of eating, but he could be very gassy.

When I was seven or eight years old, I was sitting on the floor of the hallway and keeping him company while he was painting the hallway and foyer.

I heard this suspicious ripping sound, but I didn't say anything because I was sure that it was unintentional and I didn't want to embarrass him.

"Did you hear that?" he asked me.

"Hear what?"

"The thunderbird flying over the house."

"Oh that noise. Was that the thunderbird? What's a thunderbird like?"

"He's just a big bird who flies around and lets out this sound that sounds like thunder."

Well, at that point, I thought that the sound either WAS produced by some big bird or else Uncle Don was trying to hide his passing gas, so I decided to go along with his story and asked him different questions such as what thunderbirds ate, what their nests were like, etc.

Sometime later (in the next few days or so), he confessed to being the thunderbird. So, whenever he let one rip, I would tell him that I heard the thunderbird flying over.

As I said, he could be a gassy guy at times. He didn't do it constantly, but there were amusing times when it slipped out, and I took his daughter (whom we'll simply call Monster to hide her real identity) on a road-trip to celebrate her tenth birthday back in 1972.

One night, we were up late in our hotel room, and she was telling me tales out-of-school about her dad's slip-outs.

The funniest one was about how he had taken her shopping for school clothes, and she had come out of the dressing room in an outfit, so the clerk asked him how he liked it.

He liked it just fine, but he happened to be standing up, and one of his slip-outs happened in such a way that it sounded as if he were giving the outfit the Bronx cheer!

In 1974, Monster thought that Donny Osmond was all that and a bag of potato chips, so my aunt and uncle got both of us tickets to watch The Osmond Brothers' concert at the state fair.

What Monster didn't know right off was that I had made arrangements to let all of us meet Donny later that night back at the hotel. This was being decided by his manager. When it looked as if all systems were go, she was really excited.

My aunt was staying back in the lobby of the hotel, and my uncle came to pick us up after the concert to take us back there.

We got into his car, and, immediately, Monster noticed that there was a bag that must have contained a whole bunch of White Castles at one time that were now in my uncle's stomach with a couple more on the way there.

"You've been eating White Castles! Haven't you!?! HAVEN'T you!?!" Monster looked like a firebreathing dragon at that point, and I had no idea why she was so upset until she said:

"Why did you HAVE to eat White Castles tonight of all nights!?! You KNOW they give you GAS!!!"

At that point, I started cracking up--and Monster gave me a look that could kill while snapping, "It's NOT funny!!!"

She had nothing to worry about, because Uncle Don didn't toot even once during our visit with Donny, and we all had a great time!

I have some pooping stories to share but no time now. But expect them before long.

I learned a few years back that there is a culture of parents that use toilet restrictions as a form of punishment. The exact number is unknown, but it appears to have been more common in previous years. I have read account of children being forced to hold it up to 24 hours as punishment. If they fail to hold it in they are beaten and have to repeat the punishment the following day. The punishment might be done at home, on a road trip or home and school. They might have it done on a none school day, had their pants sewed so they couldn't remove them or their teacher was advised not to let them go. They might have been made to drink large amounts of liquids. I can not imagine what it would be like bursting to pee for hours, but being prevented by another human to do so. You have to wonder if the bladder problems some older people have is a result of these punishments as a kid. I also wonder if these sadistic teachers that do this to students do it to their own kids or had it done to them as children.

Anyone have any stories or thoughts?

I posted here about me and my little sister Candy a couple of years ago. You probably don't remember me but my old posts can my found on pages 1562, 1564, 1567, and 1568.
I'm 16, my sister is 11. My sister was born with Cerebral Palsy. Basically that means her brain has trouble communicating with her body. Mentally she has no noticeable effects from it, but she can't walk and has trouble doing some things with her hands, especially her right hand which is really weak. She uses a wheelchair outside of the house. At home she crawls around because our house isn't very wheelchair friendly because it is so old. Candy has full control of her bathroom needs, although her situation does lead to more accidents than you might expect from a girl her age. Sometimes she can't get to a toilet fast enough, and other times there isn't an accessible bathroom available.
As I said in my very first post, I have voluntarily taken over helping with my sister's bathroom needs because it allows for extra bonding time between us. I don't even mind cleaning up her poopy accidents.
I stopped posting a couple of years ago because life got busy and I kind of forgot about this place. Something funny happened yesterday that reminded me about posting here, so I showed my sister my old posts. I think I will stick around longer this time because Candy is old enough to post now as well, so you'll hear from both of us.
So anyway, here's what happened yesterday. I was helping Candy with her shower, while also taking a shower myself. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. My sister was sitting on her shower chair, which is a waterproof plastic chair with metal legs and holes in the seat to drain water. It makes things more comfortable for her, and easier for me because I don't have to bend down so far when I'm helping her. A few minutes after we started I needed to pee so I just let it out to go down the drain. When I peed I didn't spread my legs, I just let it run down my legs and splash my feet. When Candy saw me do that she gave me a funny look.

"Why did you do it like that? You peed all over your legs."
"I know. It actually feels kind of neat."

At this point she was looking at me like I was a total freak, so I asked her if she needed to pee and when she said yes I put my arms around her and lifted her into a standing position, and then used my feet to kind of push her legs closer together. After I had her positioned correctly I told her to go, and just like me her pee ran down her legs and splashed her feet. Almost instantly she started giggling. After she was finished I sat her back down.

"Can we do that again during my next bath?"
"Sure, but not every time. You're kind of heavy and I don't want to drop you."

Hope you enjoyed my story. I'll post again later, and I'll remind Candy to post also.



Widdle Scale
0. no hint of need
1. warning twinges
2. on and off urge, not yet uncomfortable
3. mild and not yet uncomfortable
4. moderate, occasionally uncomfortable
5. uncomfortable but able to distract mind, if needed
6. uncomfortable, difficult to take mind off, but not severe
7. severe but controllable for some time longer
8. having to make a fierce effort to sit still/walk normally
9. unable to sit still or walk normally
10. a trickle or a flood

#2 Scale
0. no hint of need
1. warning sensations/wind
2. need that comes and goes in surges
3. bad need, to be addressed immediately
4. involuntary 'crowing'/leakage
5. involuntary release/explosion

Hello again. Following on from my post of yesterday, today started in a similar way. It is Sunday, so I stayed in bed a bit longer. Got up but had no need to go the toilet. I sat on the toilet while the bath was running just to make sure. After a bath, went downstairs to make some coffee. As soon as I put the kettle on, I had the sudden desparate urge to go. I was holding my bottom, hoping the kettle would hurry up and boil. I couldn't wait any longer so turned it off and went back upstairs. As soon as I sat down, my poo just slid out quickly and easily, just one piece, not all that long but quite thick. I waited a few minutes to see if any more would come out but nothing.
After breakfast I went to the supermarket for shopping. While walking round I started to get a pain in my lower abdomen. It was slowly getting worse and I didn't know if I was going to have a major diahorrea incident so I just grabbed some essentials and headed for the checkout. I was perspiring while waiting in the queue which made me think more it was going to be diahorrea and I had to get home quick. I drove the two miles home in some discomfort. I had this terrible pain just above the pubic area. As soon as I got in I just left the shopping inside the front door and went upstairs undoing my jeans as I went. I sat down on the toilet, totally unsure of what was going to happen. Luckily it wasn't diahorrea but nothing happened immediately. I leant back so my back was straight to ease to discomfort and then pushed a bit. My anus started to open and the turd began to come out. It just felt so good as it was leaving my body. It felt like one long piece followed by a couple of small bits. The pain subsided instantly. I had to have a look to see what had caused so much pain. For me anyway, this turd was enormous, one end was just out of the water at the front of the pan, the other end had disappeared round the bend. It was so wide though, nice and smooth and quite dark. I was just left with that lovely empty feeling so I went and layed down on the bed for half an hour.
I spent the rest of the day watching TV and reading. Had a meal at about six. An hour after this I got abdominal pain again and quickly had to get to the toilet. I was holding my bum cheeks together as I went upstairs but with every step, I was letting out gas. I sat on the toilet again. This time it was a short, thick turd immediately followed by some creamy slop. I have never shitted so much in two days and I just hope I have cleared myself out and my bowels soon return to normality for while.

Dave XB
Hey everyone. I haven't posted on here in a while, but I've been reading posts whenever I can. Has anyone ever eaten the hamburgers at White Castle? You certainly get an interesting outcome the next day! Well I had the munchies the other day and decided to drive over to white caslte since I haven't been there in a while. They pack a lot of onions into these sliders so I always ask for no onions, but they're always a couple of stray onions that get in there. Anyways, I picked up about 10 sliders, at some in the car, and finished the rest at home. The next day, I had A LOT of gas lol I was farting up a storm, all of them smelling of onions. Luckily no one was around to deal with them besides me, but I can tolerate my own stink. After a while of passing gas, I finally needed to go! So I headed to the downstairs toilet (my favorite one), turned on the fan, pulled down my jeans n briefs, and planted my butt on the seat. I really didn't need to push much as the poop was just sliding out of my ass one after another (I guess that's why they call them "sliders" lol). It was really getting smelly too like reeking of poop and onions. After about two minutes I was done. I got up and saw in the toilet were a bunch of little, thin poops all clumped together. Thankfully, it was soft enough that it was able to all go down in one flush. About an hour later I had to pee and went into the same bathroom only to find that it still smelled of "the castle." lol

to China Girl: Like reading your two stories. I love how you conquer the toilets with your powerful butt! You show them who's boss! lol

petite pooper
hi...I've posted here a few times under this name in the past several years...anyways, I have two stories to share. These both are about my girlfriend (as in lover, I'm a lesbian)
Lately we've been hanging out a lot together ^_^ and I noticed her eating habits...well she eats a lot of fast food and such. She eats a lot of food period! She's not overly big, but a little overweight. Anyways, I noticed she never craps around me. I thought it was a little can someone eat soo much and never poop? So one day I was visiting and she seemed aggitated. She kept saying she felt full, I thought it was because of all the food she'd eaten. Finally she admitted to me that she had to poop and she usually waits until I leave(but I stayed the night)She said she wanted me to think she was perfect and that she never poops. lol I thought that was cute. I guess she really had to go, so I watched her run into her bedroom clenching her bottom tightly, grab a magazine and run to the bathroom, but not before yelling "don't listen me to". She turned the water up as soon as she closed the bathroom door so I wouldn't hear her. I was sitting on her couch watching college basketball and pretended I wasn't interested. Like ten minutes later she came out looking a little relieved and was about to join me on the couch then immediately turned and ran back into the bathroom saying she couldn't concentrate and still needed to poop some more. The same thing, turn the water on, read a magazine. Finally she was done and we enjoyed the night together^_^ Sometimes when I come to visit I see a random magazine strewn on the floor or on the back of the toilet and I know she must've had a poop prior to my visit.

Another story, my gf was driving home from a night out at the local casino. She said she had had a bit to drink and really needed to pee. So we pull into a fastfood place, but it was closed, and she couldn't wait. So we drove around to a back alleyway , she jumped outta the car, shielded herself with the driver's side door and pulled down her pants and panties, and squated. She had me stand behind her while she peed for like 45 secs. Then she wiped herself with her mitten then threw the mitten away. It was amusing to

I'll have more stories to post later...

A group of us are brunch at a bistro in NYC today. They have 2 single restrooms both marked M/F and you go in and lock the door. I was waiting about 10 minutes and one bathroom opens up, and a young lady , about 25 years old come out, the stench was unbelievable !! I would have thought a long distance trucker had laid cable in there. One of the waiters was passing bye, and yelped "Holy Moly" . She acted like she did not make the stink, but we all knew it was her.

Wondering gal?
I'm 44 years old and last week i didn't actually poop my panties but riding home from work i felt my stomach rumble and gurgle and i let go with a couple of silent but deadly farts or so i thought.They may have been silent but deadly no,the third or fourth one left my panties and pantihose quite messy with very runny poop.Two or three more followed before i arrived home and these also were runny and when i finally made it sticky butt and panties inside the house before my husband arrived home and managed to change and shower.I tossed both panties and pantihose into the garbage.

Any other women ever have the runny poops,not the solid kind put the runny style that spread all over your butt and legs? I have done this before by accident but usually just one or two messy spurt's into my underwear.
Spurty wife.

Ok im sitting here in a mall bathroon with bad diarreah, and im very bathroom shy in public restrooms and these girls won't leave there just in here talking,well the good side is that im in a stall and its all coming out on its own I can't control it I almost lost it walking here with my bf since the other bathroom was closed. But yeah it smells its gassy, and its going to be super mess and the heel click tribe just won't go away! Whew this chick pees loud. Anyway, I feels trapped and messy. And someone other then me farted so I feel better. I was constipated eairlier now I have chunk water think im done leaked out now.

to vicky! i enjoyed your story! please post again soon! dont flush the tiolet next time u use the bathroom in public.


I was at school, sitting in algebra, when i felt a slight tightness in my stomach. it wasn't that bad just a little cramp. I was wanting to take a dump all week in public with other girls in the bathroom, so i waited. after about 20 minutes, i had serious stomach pains, so i got up and asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom. i wish i had worn a skirt, so if anything did happen. nothing would show because this wasn't diarrhea. but i wore these tight butt hugging brown pants. i would be in trouble if i had an accident. as soon as i got out into the hallway, i had to press by butthole against the corner of a wall to push the poop back in. so i held one hand over my butthole, pushing the poop back in. and i had my other hand on my cramping stomach. i got to the bathroom and saw i was alone. this was a let down because i get a rush out of people hearing me poop. i walked toa stall, pulled down my pants and thong and sat. a big wet fart blew out followed by this soft serve log that just kept coming. it must have been 1 1/2 feet long when it blew out followed by a chain of wet bubbly farts. more soft serve came out and piled beneath my butt. the it stopped. silence. i then got a rumble in my ass and a flow of chocolate syrup like runny poo came out for a while, coating my soft serve. i was finished, i stood up and looked at my creation. it was massive as usual. i wiped at least 15 times, the first 5 times were like mopping a mess of wet poo. i pulled my thong then pants up and left the stall unflushed. i washed my hands and left feeling 2 pounds lighter :).

happy pooping ;)

Gillian, your son obviously is easy with you in the bathroom, but just warn him that it is ok to watch but he must not be attracted to you/sisters etc. Tell him early!!!!

Just returned back from my local shopping mall.Whilst I was there I had to use the bathroom.I carefully selected a nice clean toilet, there was no one else around, I undid my jeans and sat on the toilet which had no seat. I am very tall & slim, my bottom went into the toilet bowl.I felt a shooting pain in my stomach,I then started to poop continuously.The next thing I felt was the pile of poop touching my bottom I slid my bottom upwards and continued to finish off my pooping.
After I ws done and finished wiping, I was surprised by the amount of poop that had came out of me. I flushed the toilet (which had a poweful flush) but the toilet just filled up with water and it spilled out onto the floor.I quickly was my hands and left the problem for someone else. This problem happens to me all the time, which is why I only ever poo in public.

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