Anybody ever spend time at a nudist beach? I try to go at least once a week to a nudist beach, when the weather's good. The closest one is about 45 minutes away, but it's so worth it. They're so much more open about everything, including going to the bathroom.

There's two bathrooms at this particular beach, and it looks like they may have had signs for men's and women's, but they've been painted over. Each bathroom has five toilets against one wall and five sinks against the other. There's no stalls, no doors, just wide open toilets.

I always make it a point to use the bathrooms there at least once, even if I really don't have to go, I'll drink until I have to pee. I love hearing and seeing people on toilets, both sexes. I'll share my story from the last time I was there. It's been several months, I think it was in August last time I went.

I went to the bathroom, feeling a fullness in both my bladder and bowels. One bathroom had all five toilets taken, so I went to the other one and there was one open still. I sat down, joining the other four. There were two men and three women, including me.

The man on the far left was already mid-poop, resting his head on the hand. I began with my pee, while the man on the left was grunting, and then he got out three splashes. He was done, and he began wiping, while I let out my turds, nice and slow, no pushing needed. The woman next to me was farting a lot, and her turd did a ploosh in tandem with my first plop. I let out a few small farts, while the guy in seat 4 finished wiping and got up. The lady on the right was having what sounded like nasty diarrhea. I was pushing out another as the other guy finished up, and it was just us girls left.

The woman next to me got off four quick plops, farted really loud, and another splash. She was sitting there for a bit after that, doing nothing. The last woman was still having nasty diarrhea. Another guy came in, did a pee standing up, flushed and left. I had let off four nice sized turds already, and I thought I might be able to do one more, so I stayed, although mostly to listen.

The lady next to me finally let out a distinct flump sound, like a big turd had landed in the water. She stood up to wipe, and I could see some smaller sandy brown turds all around a big one in the middle, a darker brown turd. She wiped while bending forward a little, and then flushed. She was washing her hands, but her big turd didn't go away. I had began letting out my last turd, a thin one though. Diarrhea lady finished up and was wiping for a long time. My turd broke off, and I wiped thoroughly, taking my time. Two ladies came in, sat down on the toilets, and both peed for a while. I was done wiping, and the other lady was done washing, so she came back and flushed again. The big turd went down that time.

I was done wiping, so I flushed away my turds. I did four medium sized, long turds, and a skinny long one. A good, relieving poop. I was washing, all the time, the two ladies still peeing. I finished washing, when diarrhea lady flushed and came to wash her hands. The two peeing ladies were still going strong when I left. I saw several other people go in and out during the rest of my time there. I observed who went in and stayed for a while. I just had to imagine what they'd done.

Gillian ! you're back!

Gillian- Do you let your kids barge in while you're taking a bm? maybe he's excited to hear you in the bathroom ( well, I'm guilty of this sometimes) Why don't you ask him not to do that and respect your privacy if that bothers you?

Hi everyone, another "interesting" incident happened in my workplace

I was walking to the toilet for a bm, and There was this fourtyish woman in a very smart red business skirt.a few paces ahead of me. She hurried up and dissapeared into the toilet. When I entered the toilet, I could see She was in the handicapped stall by her red shoes. Even though I had the urge to take a poop, I was checking myself on the mirror and I could see the reflection of the woman who was in the handicapped stall through the door jamb. She was a very pretty woman too! - shoulder length blond hair with glasses. She had her business skirt unzipped around the her legs and nude pantyhose/ white panties bunched up around her knees. All the while she was checking her blackberry.

I entered the stall next to her, unzipped my black dress pants and yellow panties. I had quite an urge to go, but just as the poop was halfway out of my butt, I heard a "prrrftcracklecrackle" followed by a noisy "prrrrft". It sounded like my neighbor was taking a healthy dump. There was another noisy expulsion, and another one! Now, the whole toilet was reeking of her ( and mine) poop. After a minute of silence I heard her pulling and tearing tp and the faint moist crackle she wiping herself. Then the toilet was flushed and I heard rustle of clothes and zipping up the skirt. She exited the stall, leaving me with the rush of "wow what an experience!"

The reasons why butts may stick to seats are many but the main ones are
1: persperation
2: the cleaner did not get fully wiped off
3: somebody peed on it (urine if there is a high sugar content will be sticky when drying or dryed.

I find that in the summer I stick to everything if I have been out side for a bit but I live in the desert.

Gruntly Bogwell
GILLIAN: If you go way back in the pages of this forum you will see my detailed story of peeping on my mother when I was 14-15 when she was on the commode through a crack in the door jamb. She suspected I was there and would wave at me from her seated position...and sometimes try to cover her pubic vee with her hand. Sometimes I would find opportunities to walk in on her "unexpectedly" when she was on the pot in our toilet room in the cellar. I even peeped on her when she was on the the latrine we would build when the family went camping in a wild forest area. And yes, I was aroused. She never confronted me about my peeping...assuming I would "grow" out of my obsession. Once you link such activity with arousal, it is in your mind forever. So, I became a world class Peeping Tom, totally fascinated with women's activities on the toilet. That's why I enjoy this forum with all the ladies young and old detailing their adventures and problems with their bowels and giving intimate insights into pooping at the office, in a mall, in a dormitory, in the woods, with their friends. I was so glad to find others who shared my interest. So my answer to you...TALK to you son about why he is "chatting" with you and popping in while you are busy with you bowels. If he takes his interest in viewing women on the commode outside the home...and gets caught, he could be arrested...and that leads to a criminal record. There are some women and guys who have posted here who enjoy being watched and invite friends, lovers, and spouses to visit them in the bathroom, even to assist with wiping etc. I don't think you are at that point beyond sharing your poo stories with us. to your son, get it out in the

To All That Get Constipated:
I read posts on constipation and those that have read mine know that I suffer from chronic constipation due to a medical condition which is then made worse by pain medication.
I take laxatives and have done considerable research on the topic. As a specialist told me, laxatives are not ideal but the results of chronic constipation are far worse. I have read widely and spoken to a number of doctors and laxatives, so long as used as prescribed are not as bad as some make them out to be.
Firstly diet, fluids, exercise etc should be tried first and maintained.
My constipation comes in various types..Linda from Australia recent post is just like what I sometimes get. My problem is that I do not always get relief.
I have the other sort where i might not go for a couple of days then go five times in one day.
There is the other sort where I am straining and grunting out rocks and that becomes a worry because I am required to work so hard that I get dizzy and "spaced out" I really wish I had someone with me when I take a poo sometimes just in case I black out.
A common form of constipation for me is I may go every day and maybe a couple of times a day but I pass only a small amount. Unlike normal constipation cases my lower bowel may be clear and the ascending and transverse colon has a "very heavy fecal loading". How I know this is that on occassions my stomach starts to swell and look bloated and I get pains in my right side etc...I loose my appetite...I had an x ray and it concluded constipation.
Now to relief...I have tried colonic is effective but costly and takes a lot of time..I quite enjoy a colonic though!
Suppositories only work if the shit is in the lower intestine.
Fibre and diet is not that effective on occasions and other times it is.
I use a variety of laxatives with different properties in I do not get too used to any one substance.
It is all in timing too...sometimes you may be a bit backed up but the following days there is a very busy I will take something fast acting to blow everything out quickly so I am OK for the next couple of days.
Another policy I have is sitting on the toilet when ever I need..this helps a lot.

open before it becomes a lifelong obsession. Gruntly

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a couple of questions, no story right now.

With all the talk of babysitting lately, does anyone have stories of the kids you babysat having accidents, or stories of you having an accident in front of the kids? How did you handle it?

Have you ever wet the bed on purpose? Why?

Gruntly Bogwell
LINDA FROM AUSTRALIA: I felt so sorry for you and your recent pooing problems...May kindly suggest that you begin a regimen of stool softeners, perhaps this will help you avoid the butt phlegm un-relieved feeling...watery stools with constipation. My wife had that problem on our honeymoon. She was so busy with wedding plans and the marriage that she didn't take care of her bowel needs. So she spent the first part of our trip to Acapulco, straining and grunting in the bathroom or in restaurant bathroom around town, with not much relief. I attempted to help by giving her my soap on the finger up the anus. Being a bit naive with poo problems this sort she let me do the honors...all that did was cause her to groan and strain all the more as the soap made her want to shit but she cramped and pass sandy fine poo, without constipatory relief. This made her mad because of the cramping pain I inadvertently put her through. So, I had to go to a pharmacy for some "leche de magnesia." This finally got things started with much groaning and grunting behind closed doors. Consequently she has never since confided her poo problems with me. Hope you have some healthy pooing from now on.


HSH answers:
1) Yes I did shit on my wedding day.
2) Yes, my sister had a shit twice on her wedding day.

Mike's answers.
1) Not applicable.
2) Yes, always for both pee and shit.
3) Yes, often if the ladies are locked etc.
4) I always wipe from front to back.
5) Makes no diffreence to me.

My bowels are back to normal at last. Two days of agony but now just a lovely easy shit, coming away from the ladies feeling deliciously empty and raring to go. I have another problem that is causing me to ask questions. My son, Strephen, is fifteen on Feb. 13th, he has started to knock the bathroom door when I am on the toilet and to start to chat to me about the most banal subjests. He surprised me on the toilet recently and took a good long, teenage look at me. I am wondering if these bathroom 'chats' are because he is feeling some sexual arousings in his mind. Anybdy with teenage sons who can give me advice on what he may be going through and how I can manage it well please tell me. I really could do with some wisdom and advice.

Wondering gal?
I'm 44 years old and last week i didn't actually poop my panties but riding home from work i felt my stomach rumble and gurgle and i let go with a couple of silent but deadly farts or so i thought.They may have been silent but deadly no,the third or fourth one left my panties and pantihose quite messy with very runny poop.Two or three more followed before i arrived home and these also were runny and when i finally made it sticky butt and panties inside the house before my husband arrived home and managed to change and shower.I tossed both panties and pantihose into the garbage.

Any other women ever have the runny poops,not the solid kind put the runny style that spread all over your butt and legs? I have done this before by accident but usually just one or two messy spurt's into my underwear.
Spurty wife.

to thomas:
thanks for the heads up....i havent had a leak yet, but as i said, its rare that i even use the diapers. but your right, i don't want anyone to see me leak.

Story for you guys.
another meeting today.
again, we were seated at a long rectangular table and my main boss was at the end preaching/lecturing about something in a power point presentation. A coworker was sitting across the table from me (he's 18, and not my favorite person by far (in fact no one seems to like him much)....our personalities clash big time, but we don't work on the same projects often anyway). About 15 minutes into the meeting, i notice he's looking around very uncomfortably. I glance at him, but he looks away and stares out the window. so i keep listening to my boss, but notice the guy starts to shift in his seat. So i look at him, without saying anything, but give him the look that says "what?" he shakes his head and ignores me. 5 minutes later, he starts too get a panicked look. So I mouth "WHAT?" without actually saying it. He sighs and mouthes back, very clearly yet silently, "I have to pee NOW!" I couldn't help smirking, as i said i don't like this guy. And again, he sighs loudly and gives me a mean look. This catches the attention of our boss, who yells our names and asks if there is a problem. I say no, the other guy says "May I be excused?" The boss says no, this is an important meeting, and so on. So, he kind of slumps in his seat and now everyone's attention is on him, which infuriates the boss. At this point, my coworker begins acting like a small child, nearly crying, redfaced and very uncomfortable. Since I REALLY can't stand this guy, I grab my glass of water and begin making a very elaborate show of drinking it and enjoying every drop. My coworker stares at me like he wants me to die. Silently, he mouthes "I HATE YOU!" And I just smile innocently and give him the "who? me?" look. He can't take it any longer. He gets up and runs out of the room. The boss is furious. And I relax in my chair and smile. I don't know what happened after this, I saw him talking to my boss, but I was on the way home by then, so I didn't hear anything...but it didn't appear to be going well.

Was it cruel? yes. Was it immature and uncalled for? yes. Did it make me less professional? I'm sure. But was it worth it? Totally. :)

so this is realy wierd but i found this site after me and my friends played truth or dare this weekend. i'm 16 and a girl, btw. neway i was over at my bffs house with two other girls and we had a sleepover in her guest house for her birthday. we started friday after school and had pizza and cokes and watched movies and stuff and stayed up really late and by midnite were all goofy from the sugar and stuff and had started playing truth or dare and after a while things went farther and farther with the dares until one of the girls got dared to pee her panties (we were all just wearing panties and long tshirts or bras. we aren't shy around each other. neway. she didn't want to do it but we egged her on so finally she agreed and we all went into the bathroom and she stood in the tub and tried but couldnt. we turned on the sink and tickled her and stuff and finally she let out a big squirt and left a big wet spot in her panties. then she dared the girl that dared her to do the same thing, so my other friend got in the tub and completely peed her panties down her legs and we were all laughing soooo hard that my bff actually peed a little in her panties. i was the only dry one left. i told them i needed to use the bathroom because by then i needed to pee and poop but they wouldn't leave and wanted me to pee my panties too. but i told them i had to do more than pee. they laughed and said that then i had to do both in my panties but i didn't want to poop in my panties but they wouldnt let me go and i really had to go bad. i begged them but they blocked me from getting to the toilet and finaly i had to go so bad i said ok and got in the tub. they made me turn around so my butt was facing them and i tried to relax but i couldn't make myself go for a while but finally i relaxed enough and said here it comes and started peeing down my legs and then a big poop slid out into my panties and made a big lump and my friends laughed at me. it was disgusting and sticky and hot. i made them leave so i could take a shower and pulled my panties down and the poop was huge and i dumped it into the toilet but they were pretty stained so i threw them in the garbage, showered, then walked out to where we were sleeping naked because i had no other panties to put on and my bff had to give me a pair of hers.

im 12 years old, i have a dark green mohawk, im 5'1 & 91 lbs (maybe less). i luv 2 hold my piss until i get really really desperate. i always make it on time, cuz i dont want my parents 2 catch me wetting, but i would if i knew they wouldnt catch me. my bladder is tiny & i h8 cartrips b/c i h8 telling my dad 2 hurry up cuz i gotta pee. one day i was in the front seat & my dad wuz driving home from a dr appointment. id been drinking diet soda 4 the last hour & i needed 2 piss really bad even tho i went b4 we left. it wuz a 20 min drive & i wuz sure i wouldnt be able 2 hold it. i kept squirming, & i told him i needed 2 go bad. he said wed be home soon & kept moving. when we go close 2 a bakery near my neighbor hood, i told him to stop there so i could piss. he told me no, & i felt my muscles getting tired. i told him i wuz worried i might piss my pants & he got mad at me saying "well, piss ur pants then!" i told him to pull over so i could go in the bushes but he wouldnt cuz "its not safe". he drove home just in time. i ran in the house & down the hall. i pushed my mom out of the way b/c she wuz just coming out of the bathroom. i sat down on the toilet just as i lost control of my bladder. i wuz pissing 4 a WHOLE MINUTE, & my panties were soaked 2. i felt horney but it worried me that this might have happened in the car w/ my dad if he moved a tiny bit slower

to Robynette:
What you said about your butt sticking to the toilet seat in public places is very interesting to me. I have also found that my thumb and fingers seem to for a second or two stick to the seat when the seat is up (this is the way it is much of the time in the mens room) and I walk into the stall and grab it to drop it when I need to take a shit. My dad even complained of this last month when we were at the AC/DC concert. He had been holding his crap most of the afternoon because he was running from meeting to meeting, but when he came home, he should have turned off the ignition and come in and crapped. He didn't. He honked and I came out and by the time we got to the arena, he was regretting his decision. Luckily we were early enough and the bathrooms were not that crowded. He walked into the first stall that was open, took his hand and dropped the seat (it must have been heavier than usual because I could hear a pretty loud thud) and I heard him curse that he had probably gotten his hand in someone's "ass cement". At first I didn't quite know what he meant and even though that he was joking. Then I heard him work the toilet paper roll over as he was putting sheets of liner or the seat before sitting down. He finally dropped his boxers and sat down on the paper ever so carefully. I had not seen him put the paper down before. Just as I was finishing my pee at the urinal, he called to me to bring him some more toilet paper and I went into the next stall and rolled off about 30 seconds worth. At first, he was most concerned about wiping the stickiness off his hand and he told me he wondered if there had been someone tampering with the seat with something like glue. Then he made a long push, so long in fact that I thought he could have gotten out of breath, and then I could almost feel the relief as he said "Connor, I think I've just lost 10 pounds!" His wiping was lengthy and it took him three flushes to dispose of it all. He came out and worked on cleaning his right hand by using his left hand to rub in the soap. I don't know what he had gotten on his hand, but he sure wanted to make sure he cleaned it off. Then we went into the arena.

celia -

Your story about your husband and wiping reminded me of something that happened in my life a little over ten years ago.

I post on this web site a few times a year as MikeyPee and some of you might recall that I have cerebral palsy. To a large extent my disability hasn't affected my ability to use the toilet as I was toilet trained fairly easily and I do not require the assistance of others for toileting. Nevertheless,I've had a lifelong fascination with "bathroom stuff" and, of course, this is one of my favorite web sites. On to my story...

As a child I had very dry, firm stools and wiping myself was never much of a problem. I posted about this in detail a number of years ago. However, whenever I had a "messier" bowel movement, I dreaded wiping myself and up until the time I went away to college, I was often
able to ask my mother to help me at home. When I had a messy BM elsewhere (at school, summer camp, etc), I was pretty much on my own.

Over time, and especially now as an older adult (actually close to being a senior citizen), my BMs have changed and they're no longer the dry, firm and sometimes hard to pass stools of childhood. They've become very soft and moist, and wiping afterwards is now more of a project.

For reasons I'd rather not discuss here, about ten or fifteen years ago (in my forties) I became very careless about wiping myself. While I wasn't avoiding it altogether, I wasn't taking the time or making the effort to get thoroughly clean after a bowel movement. I'll just say that part of the reason was that my BMs had become messier and I probably had an aversion to dealing with it. But there might have been other factors at work, too.

At the time I was living with my parents and my mother did my laundry. My mother was obviously aware of my "problem" and she wasn't very happy about it. From time to time she would admonish me to take the time to do a more thorough job and not get off the toilet
until I was completely clean. These warnings went on for sometime, and while my mother wasn't angry with me, she was serious, but my "problem" continued.

By late 1997 by mother had become widowed, she was at the beginning of a serious illness which was still undiagnosed, and I had become engaged to a girl I had been dating who also had cerebral palsy. My mother wasn't feeling well and wasn't happy about my impending arriage,
and simply wasn't in a good frame of mind. One Saturday morning I was seated on the toilet for a bowel movement. I've never really gotten into a consistent habit of closing the bathroom door while using the toilet (another throw-back to my childhood). My mother was in my bedroom which was adjacent to the bathroom collecting the week's laundry. There were a number of pairs of "dirty" underpants (white boxer shorts) and my mother was livid.

My mother came into the bathroom and began scolding me for my carelessness. She reminded me that after my fiancÚ and I were married, she wouldn't be doing our laundry and that she hoped my fiancÚ enjoyed washing dirty underwear because she was sick of it. To be sure, my mother had every right to be angry with me. She was a very conscientious homemaker and she worked very hard to get my underwear clean including scrubbing and using bleach to remove the stains. As I sat on the toilet being scolded for my poor wiping habits, my mother also threatened to re-toilet train me, if necessary. Although one part of me was very intrigued by this idea, this wasn't the time to reveal this aspect of my life to my mother.

But, either consciously or unconsciously, I took this scolding to heart and although this is nothing to brag about, my wiping habits are very much improved. Although I probably still have an aversion to wiping myself when I'm especially messy after a BM, I've learned to take the time and make the effort to get myself thoroughly clean, or at least as clean as possible.

I don't understand how my wife can make the otherwise disgusting act of taking a shit sexy. But somehow, she has that magical effect... Before I met her, I never even wanted to see a girl on the toilet, but now I find myself even attracted to other women on the toilet too.

I remember the very first time I saw my wife on the toilet. It was a few months ago, when we were getting ready to go to a dinner party. I was in the middle of shaving, when my wife came in saying she had to use the bathroom really bad, and couldn't wait.

She walked in, pulled down her skirt, panties, and leggings, and sat on the padded toilet seat. I continued shaving, but I couldn't help but notice her great body was appealing to me, even knowing what she was doing. She peed for a while, and I was strangely enough getting more turned on. Then she scooted forward on the toilet seat and farted softly. I could smell it, but it didn't matter.

I tried desperately to keep shaving, despite the distraction, but I was failing miserably. My wife farted a little louder this time, letting out a little grunt. I was horribly turned on by this, but trying to not show it. She farted twice more, kind of little poot-type farts, and I looked over to see her cute round bottom move as a turd squeezed out.

Not too long after, I heard the turd sploosh in the toilet, followed right after by two quick plops. Then she farted loudly and drawn out, kind of like braaaap. Then I heard a distinct crackling sound, I guess she was letting out another turd. It broke off and rested in the toilet with very little sound. A small break, and she let out another crackler turd, almost no sound.

By now, I was almost done shaving, but I was oddly drawn towards staying here. Meanwhile, I heard a nice Pfftt gassy fart, then another sploosh, followed by a splish, then a plop. As I finished, my wife asked me if I could rub her stomach, as she was still feeling a little uncomfortable. I said sure, I was done now.

I went over and rubbed her stomach a little, and she said she felt a little better. She said she hadn't pooped in several days, and really needed to go. As I rubbed her stomach, she was very gassy. Pffffft, braaap, prrrrttt, pfffttt, pffffft. Then a loud bruuummmp fart as she let out some sloppy mush, splip plip plop plop plip splip splip plip plop. Then, the sound of a crackling turd again, and a plop as it fell into the toilet.

She wanted to flush now, to avoid clogging the toilet. I could see between her legs a little and there was a lot of poop there already. And she had more to go, it seemed. She said she saw I was getting turned on by all this, and moved forward a little more. Her butt was still over the toilet water, but I could clearly see what she was producing.

I saw a medium sized turd peek out of her anus, go back in, and peek out again, finally growing to about two inches and then splashing in the water. She said the next one was going to be big, so she grunted a little, and I could see a big one coming out. I saw her anus open up and it stayed open, but I couldn't see anything. Slowly, a wide turd came out. She was clearly pushing hard. I helped her by massaging her stomach. The turd was sliding out, crackling with every inch. It was at least 2 inches wide or more. It was a beast. It made a splash as it hit the water.

She farted quietly, a little pfft, then I saw a normal width turd emerge. It was probably a foot long, and still growing, but then it broke off. Then she let out some more tiny turds, splish, plop, plip, plop. Splop plip plop plip. Then another crackler, a little wider than the foot long one, but not much. It was long, but not that long, it rested in the bowl below. I could see the bowl getting full again, so I suggested flushing again. She did, and it all went down okay, but she said she still had a little more. A little crackle as another turd came out, but it wasn't very long at all. It just splashed into the bowl. Another similar turd, longer, but still ploosh! it went into the water.

She let out one more skinny turd. It was really really long. I saw it touch the bottom of the toilet, go around the bend, and just keep growing and growing. I can't even imagine how long it must have been, but it was really long. Finally, it broke off and what I could see settled. She said, I think this is the last one. Crackkkl as the turd came out a good length, and then splooshed into the bowl.

I was in sheer amazement, both that my hot wife actually pooped, but not only that, the sheer amount she produced. In her defense though, it was several days worth, but still. I also couldn't believe I was turned on by it all. When she asked if I wanted to wipe her, I said I would. Before that day, I would have been totally disgusted about wiping a woman, but I did it anyway, happy to.

I tore off some toilet paper, I wiped from the front towards the back. I tore off more paper, wiped front to back again. The third time, I wiped starting at the front again, but I pulled away her left butt cheek and wiped that side. Then I did the right, just like I do mine. One more wipe down the middle for cleanliness, and I was done.

Since that day, my wife and I like to poop in front of each other. She admitted to having fantasized about guys pooping after our first incident, so I let her watch me and I can watch her.


At work yesterday I had one of those horrible days. I woke in the morning with a dose of the squits (diarrhoea). I decided to go to owrk after taking a does of Immodium but by the time I reached the office it was just in time to make a hurried visit to the rest room. There are four cubicles and one was occupied as I dashed in. My ???? churning, a heavy dragging ache in my lower ????. I shit as soon as I slipped my panties down, gasping a little and holding my ????. The girl in the next cubicle seemed to be constipated and at least it concentrated my mind. What was best to be constipated or to have the shits? I guess the real answer is to have neither, but to have nice, easy, soft bowel movements. I try so hard to make sure I have the right food but of late I seem to be at one end of the scale or the other. I am either sitting straining until I am red in the face, heart pounding with the effort, or I am like I was yesterday, running to the lavatory every hour or so. I have a few questions for other readers.

a] Do yu have chronic constipation?
b] Are you a sufferer with gut wrenching diarrhoea?
c] Are there any diets you can recommend to alleviate any of the above?

Regards, Gillian.

China girl
Hi everyone. Keep up the good work on all the posts.

I have 2 stories. The first is that I made another trip to my friends office, and I had to use toilet there again for a large dump. Some posts back I wrote about the restroom there with the toilet located in an indenting part of the wall behind the door as you go in, and then there's another toilet straight ahead out in the open, and remember I went into the corner toilet and did a huge chunk that clogged. Well, I revisited that toilet, cause I was waiting for my friend. I locked the restroom door this time even though the toilet was in the corner, but it was after hours so most people went home. I peaked into the corner to see that toilet was clean and ready with a small smile on my face. Perhaps I had to introduce that I was coming for a good dump, and to get that small toilet wondering if I come back or go to other one. I turned back away to walk to mirror so I can put hair up into pony tail. While I do that, I just have small farts leaking like pffft, many times. They are soft but you can hear them through restroom. I'm sure after that chunk I shoot into that toilet a while back, it must be saying (don't come back, don't come back, leave me alone-hehe). So I put my hair up, and what do I do? I come back after walking slowly to that toilet. Well, I dropped my pants, but I stood for moment to let out another soft fart with my ass facing right in front of toilet. It was more intense with more pfffft, one long one lasting few seconds. I sat down, my ass smothering the small round seat. So my but just keep going pffft, pfft. I sat relaxed, I waited the farting out, as it started to smell around toilet. There was a lot of gas, but a turd was in the way. So my but started making that wet, turd approach sound. When my hole opens, the pffft farting gets faster and shorter. I just relaxed, turd was moving itself out. My hole stretched and I could feel it. I leaned forward with elbows on my thighs. There was no room for fart escape, it was all turd now. Once the ugly head of that turd got through, it just smoothly oozed out. It didn't shoot, but it just kept oozing as one long piece making a quiet sliding sound on its way out. At one point, in the middle of oozing out, the pffft farts started again at the same
time. Then, after a soft release, I sat for a few seconds. It was silent. I just stayed sitting, knowing that toilet had some sort of monster in it. And the smell? Ouch! Then there was just this huge gas bubble, and I just suddenly blew and thunder fart blast out of my ass that lasted about 3-4 seconds. When that was finish, a small soft piece fell into the bowl. That must have been a terrifying experience to see that fart blasting from my ass. Everything went away after that and I took a nice pee. When I stood up. There was this long, fat turd curled up like an ice cream cone sitting on the porclain inside toilet just outside of the water level, so it stayed standing. It was such a big pile, it looks out of proportion for the inside of the toilet. As I wiped all the sticky crap from my but, the pile slid down very slightly and touched water, the top of it started to lean over, but the bottom of the pile, where the thickest part of turd was, helped support the pile and it didn't tip over. I pull my pants up, and let my hair down again, then here we go, I flush. Funny thing is the pile stayed a little bit, as if toilet didn't want to flush it. When water level got high, it turned dark brown immediately. Turd slid to the hole, left a big brown streak, but it was so sticky that only half got down into toilet hole. It was probably too nasty to take at once. It needed another flush. The second time I flush I just close the lid, cause I didn't care at that point. I think I left a humiliating mark on the toilet by leaving it to do whatever with what I did-hehe. I just walked away while it was still in middle of flushing.

My second story was quite coincidence a couple days ago. In my previous post I shared a good crap that my friend did in my toilet. It was my good friend who's the Chinese/Russian mix. Well, we were walking home after some shopping, and she had to stop at my house to go. She's a little more serious mannered than me and wouldn't give the details, but she either had to pee bad or take a dump. Well, we go to the toilet together all the time like we have for years so she'll just go while we're talking. Anyway, she's pretty stocky and tall. So we get to my place, she's so calm no matter what the situation. She goes and sits on my toilet, straight seated position of course with her long hair. I'm very close as the bathroom door is open. There's a stillness about her position where her but is just glued to the seat completely covering it tightly and she doesn't move until what needs to be done gets done. So my toilet is totally taken over until she decides to move. Well, when she sat perfectly straight and still, it was a good 10 seconds or so of still quiet, then just really quick, there was a quick crackle sound of her but opening, and just like last time a forceful turd just shot out from nowhere. It pounded directly into the hole of the toilet and made a loud gulping sound and in an instant you could hear the quick, powerful slide of the long turd shooting out. When that finished, just a second later, there was a hefty fart that was long, and at the end of the fart you heard 2 small pieces drop. Then right after that she peed, and one more small turd shot in the bowl at the same time a loud pop fart came out of her but at the same time she peed. Then all was done, very efficient, one event right after the other. She didn't budge yet, she wipes sitting down. At that time I went in to wash my hands and we talked. Everything good? I asked. She says yep and moves on to the next topic. After wiping, then she finally budged releasing my toilet. Well, the turd of course was enormous, very firm, fat, long. The fat end that came out first shot right into the hole, taking up the diameter of space around hole just making it inside the hole, it extended all the way straight up toward front of inside of toilet, but like last time, the end of it had to curve for lack of space. The turd only slightly thinned in diameter toward the end. She closed the lid and flushed and had to head home, as I walk her to door the toilet flushed but not normally. When I head back after she leaves, only half of turd went down, so it's just wedged into the hole. Even when half of it is sticking out it's still long. It didn't break at all, just wedged slowly down the hole. Well the next flush wedged it a little more, it just barely disappeared into hole after that flush so it probably still lingered. Just before I peed later on, there was a small amount of brown tainted water by the hole, so it was still there. It flushed after I peed, but a slow, almost clogging flush. It flushed slow even the next day, so I finally gave a couple plunges which seemed to help, but my toilet needed to recooperate from that. I don't know how much more of her it can take-hehe. Thanks for listening guys. Keep up the good posts.

After returning home from our local diner and having my usual 2 cups of coffee when I'm at our local diner, I felt a slight urge to poop when I got home.
I headed to the bathroom but tried to have a small poop unsuccessfully.
I thought I might go later and tried again but was still unsuccessful.
Guess I must be all pooped out, LOL :)

hi im Japanese girl its been so long i posted something
but to answer your question HSH on my wedding night for years ago
i had to poop on my wedding day because i had butterflies
i was wed to my Hawiann prince now we share a beatuiful son together

To Mariah...I read your survey to Sheela. You have some good pee stories, I love them very much. Write more! lol

Merrilee...I enjoyed reading your story as well. If you have anymore, please write them :) Thanks!

Cute and Shy...are you still lurking on here? lol I miss your stories!

April Bride
to HSH: I don't remember pooping on my wedding day, but I'm sure I went at home. I wasn't nervous at all! It was just another fun-filled day for me. I knew I was marrying the right guy and I LOVE being the center of attention, so no stress. I did have to pee after I was dressed, though, so I used the handicapped stall and had my 2 bridesmaids help with my 13 layers of fluffy dress....LOL

I have a few pet peeves about bathrooms, just things that generally annoy me. I guess you could say, this is kind of a survey, but not really. I just want to know if anyone else is bothered by these things too...

Starting with 5, the least annoying thing on the list. A messy toilet seat. I generally avoid public bathrooms if I can, so when I go in, I need a toilet fast. I don't want to find a free cubicle, but with a peed on seat, or worse, on the floor. I ranked this at 5, because I can do the wiping off the seat myself, but why should I have to? You made the mess!

Number 4. An unflushed toilet. Again, just a general courtesy to the next user. It's one thing if you really clogged it, or think you did, but every so often, I'll go to the ladies' room, find a cubicle, and find one solitary turd floating in the bowl, sometimes even without paper. Ladies, do the rest of us a favor and flush when you're done.

Number 3. Talking in public toilets. This may just be me, but I like peace when I'm trying to use the toilet, and having someone talk on their cellphone in the background, or strike up a conversation with me just ruins it for me.

Number 2. People purposely barging in on you when you're using the toilet. It goes back to me liking my peace when I'm on the toilet, and having my friends barge in on me and bother me... not my idea of fun.

And my biggest toilet-related pet peeve. Men not putting the seat down after they're done. This almost never comes up in public toilets, but every once in a blue moon, I'll use a unisex toilet. And I think every man I've dated fails to put the seat down when he's done. I didn't think it was too much to ask for him to put the seat down after peeing. After all, three of the four uses of the toilet require the seat down.

I was constipated yesterday because I forgot to have my fibre cereal but this morning I had a huge bowl of Mini Wheats and within half an hour of finishing it I needed to take a crap.

I sat on the toilet and pushed slightly and I felt my hole stretching, but I managed to go under a minute. I wiped and I saw a HUGE log in the toilet, probably about a foot long. I feel better now.

I've been lurking for a long time but this is my first post. I'm a 19-year-old male student.

I've had a lot of loose/runny bowel movements lately, so I was pleasantly surprised when I had a great poo at the gym today.

I hadn't had a satisfying poo in the last couple of days, so I was farting a little during the day as I sat at my computer. At half-three I decided to go to the gym. The walk up there took me about twenty minutes. When I got there, I went straight to the changing room, put my stuff in the locker and went to the toilet. There were three cubicles. All of them were occupied, so I waited a minute until I heard a flush, and a guy with glasses came out of the one at the end. I went in. There was no smell in the cubicle, so I don't think he pooed. :-(

Anyway, I lowered my joggers and boxers to my ankle and sat on the loo. I farted a bit, and then looked between my legs as I dropped a few satisfying, solid turds, making a skidmark down the back of the toilet bowl. I took my time on the loo, letting the smell spread a bit. It was quite strong smelling, but wasn't rancid and disgusting like diarrhoea.

Then I stood up to wipe (I usually stand up to wipe, I find it easier to get clean that way). Unfortunately I had to wipe quite a lot, which I hate, so it wasn't quite a perfect poo. :-( I then flushed, went out to wash my hands, and started my workout.

Well, that's my story. (Apologies to the moderator that I accidentally pressed Enter and submitted an unfinished version of this. Please don't publish both posts.) Hope someone liked it. I'd like to read more poo stories, especially from girls. :-)

Celia, I enjoyed your post about the state of your husbands underpants. I can sympathise with him, and I suppose, with you. I have never been too much bothered about stains, be they brown or yellow and I've always been somewhat careless about wiping my but and stopping or starting pissing before I'm properly out of my pants - hence my often very soiled pants. My mum never used to bother very much about stains - she did sometimes ask me if I'd pooped myself but it was usually that I had not wiped very well, if at all. I am no different now and celia, I think there are a lot of guy's like me around as any trip to a gym or pool cahnging room will confirm. It's not too unusual to see a pair of white pants hanging on a peg with a yellow patch over the front, and sometimes the back of them.

Anyway, that's not really why I have started leaving this post. Yesterday, for the first time in a couple of years I did a shit in my pants. I was desperate - for a pee - fortunately heading for home but I didn't want to pee myself as I was going out almost as soon as I got back. To cut a long story short, I pulled into a lay by as I began to leak and let go. I pissed like a fountain over the grass verge and here comes the rub - as I pissed so I pooped. I could not stop my piss and I could not stop my poop which filled out my underpants - I put my hands on my arse and felt them bulging. It was amazing - I have heard of it but it's never hapenned to me before. I'm glad to report it was verging on the stiff and the mess in my pants was not too great. I sat on a huge pile of poop for the next half hour. Once home I was able to take the pile out of my pants with TP and yes Celia, I kept wearing them!

Keep us updated on your husbands undies - I'll enjoy hearing about them.


Hello, I'm new here. I've been reading for about a week only, and I thought I should post a story of my own. I've been very regular with my pooping schedule for many years. I think I can trace back the origin of my routine to when I was in grade school. I believe I was in the 3rd grade, and I absolutely hated the teacher.

The teacher was a mean lady who wouldn't let anyone go to the bathroom at all, except during our three breaks. I never had an accident luckily, and I don't remember anyone else having one, but I do remember for the first month or so, I'd always get home absolutely bursting to pee and sometimes I'd have a major urge to poop as well. I eventually figured out that if I was going to make it without accidents, I'd have to train my body to work around the breaks.

I drank a lot of water that weekend, and purposely forced myself to only pee during the times when the breaks would be. And if I had to poop, I'd also hold it in as best I could. After a few weekends of this routine, I had it down. Every break, we'd go outside for play time, and then come in and the teacher would allot the next 15 minutes or so for anyone who needed to use the restroom. I would always go in, grab a stall, and at least pee. More often that not, I'd have to do a little poop, so I let it out while I was there rather than hold it.

This routine stuck with me even after I passed that grade and got a new teacher. The next teacher doesn't really stick in my mind, other than he was a guy, so I assume he let us go whenever we needed. But, I always still went just after break, like my last teacher had trained me to. After that, I don't remember ever running in to any problems, no teacher ever refused me the bathroom, except on very rare occasions, and there was always a reason for it.

After grade school, in junior high, we only had one outdoor break, following lunch, but I still had my body trained to go three times a day. I junior high, I also got into sports more, and with the increased physical activity came more eating. My three daily poops grew in size a lot, simply because I ate more, and had more waste to expel.

By high school, I was on the Volleyball team, and Cross Country as well. Growing older, my appetite increased even more, so my poops were bigger than ever. I recall pooping around friends, and they were in disbelief that I could produce that much poo three times a day. Most of them said that they could maybe do that much once a day. It didn't seem that big to me, just my normal size, but I guess you get used to it after a while.

After I graduated and met my husband, he got me into football. I never pictured myself doing it, but it's actually quite fun. There are more men than women, but there's 4 others besides me on the "teams". The guys go somewhat easy on the girls, but it's still an intense workout.

I found out that my husband was turned on by the thought of me on the toilet. That's a story for another day, but I will say that he accompanies me to the toilet whenever he can.

Friday, February 13, 2009

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