Hi guys. I haven't posted for a few days because my little sister Zoey got pneumonia and had to be in the hospital. The good news is that gave me a story to tell.

On the first night she was in the hospital my parents left me in her hospital room to keep her company while they went to the cafeteria. After they had been gone about 10 minutes Zoey needed to pee so she pressed the nurse call button because they were monitoring when she went to the bathroom and how much. After 10 minutes passed the nurse still hadn't shown up and Zoey was becoming desperate. I peeked out into the hall but didn't see the nurse. 5 more minutes passed, still no nurse. By this time my sister was holding herself with one hand, and I was getting angry. I peeked out into the hall again, no nurse. When I got back into the room I walked back over to my sister's bed and said "Zoey, just go." She looked confused so I clarified what I meant. "Pee your pants. It's not your fault. They shouldn't make you wait if they won't let you get up and walk to the toilet." I reached down and pulled her hand away from her crotch and said "It's okay. Just relax and let it out." Almost instantly I heard a hissing sound. She peed for about 30 seconds. Just as she was finishing my parents came back so I explained what happened. About 2 minutes later the nurse finally showed up and when she scolded Zoey for peeing the bed my mom yelled at her for making Zoey wait.

to samantha really enjoyed your post! i wish that i could have an experience with you in the bathroom!


For I Need to Pee.

You sure must need to. I used to hold mine for 9 or 10 hours until after school. But I was pee shy and could only go in the privacy of my own bathroom at home. What I don't understand is why you can't go to the back of your house and pee there, or why you can't go to a friends house and tell him/her your predicament? Why didn't you go between classes to relieve yourself after your first class of the afternoon? Or why didn't you get a pan, a bowl, or a bottle or jar and pee in it and wash it down the sink or pee in the bathtub?

I recently had an opportunity to share a bathroom with two of my friends. I think the experience actually made us closer. I mean, we were friends before, but now we're so much closer than we ever were before. Like seeing the most secret part of each other broke down any barriers we had left.

In any case, the story begins on a mundane night like any other. I had no plans for that night, and out of the blue I got a call from one of the above mentioned friends... I'll call her Mary (not her real name, for anonymity's sake). She asked if I'd like to go to a party with her and another friend, at some guy's house. I said I'd go, and we talked for a bit and decided they would pick me up.

Mary showed up some time later with her friend, Jane (again, not her real name). Mary was about to introduce me to Jane, but I already knew her, although we weren't that great of friends. Well, we went to the party, and we were together some of the night, but ultimately, we all went off to hang with seperate crowds.

Nothing eventful happened at the party really, I had some drinks, and I don't know what Mary or Jane did. We met up after the party was dying down... some people were still there, others drunk and passed out, but we wanted to leave, so we did. About halfway home, I realized I really had to pee. I didn't go at all during the party, and I don't think I'd peed in over 12 hours at that point. I didn't say anything, but as we got closer, the need grew. Eventually, I casually remarked that I really had to go to the bathroom.

To my surprise, Mary and Jane said they really had to go too. I wondered if they needed to pee or poo, or maybe both, but I didn't probe further, or show any care. We got to my house, as I lived the closest, and Mary parked the car. We all got out and went to the bathroom.

Being a little drunk, and since we couldn't decide who should go first, we all said we'd go at the same time. My bathroom was fairly big, and we could all go. I pulled down my jeans and panties just enough to go, hanging my butt over the side of the tub to pee. Mary did the same, but hopped up on the sink to go. Jane pulled her pants and thong nearly all the way off and sat on the toilet.

I was already peeing by the time Jane sat down. My stream was a concentrated pee, didn't last too long, but it was intense. Mary seemed to be having a stream that trickled off and on, starting and stopping. Jane was peeing a steady tinkle that lasted a long time. I finished up, wiped twice, throwing the paper between Jane's legs into the toilet. I turned on the shower briefly to wash the pee down the drain.

Mary was still trickling on and off, and Jane still going. Finally, Mary had a decent stream going. She said she really had to go, but had trouble starting. Jane commented that she had needed to go very bad, but held it because she doesn't like using stranger's bathrooms. Mary's stream was now like mine was, short but intense. She wiped only once, throwing it in the toilet, and running the sink to wash the pee away too.

By now, it had probably been two minutes, and Jane was still going. She wasn't peeing much, but it was definitely an endurance pee. We chatted while she peed, as finally the stream trickled off. I think it was 5 minutes or more and the water was definitely yellow. Jane wiped two times, tossing them in the toilet and flushed.

Oh, and a story for the nameless poster who asked about girls using urinals. I don't remember where I was at, because this story was many years ago, just after I graduated high school. I only really remember being in a building, being with a friend. Wherever we were had a unisex bathroom, or maybe the girl's bathroom was closed for some reason.

We both had to pee, and I thought it would be fun to pee in a urinal, just because. There was nobody else in the bathroom, so I didn't think we'd get caught. My friend was going to take a stall, but when she saw me pull down my pants and panties and move towards the urinal, she came over to me, and did the same, using the urinal next to me. These urinals came down almost to the ground, but not quite. The bottom parts jutted out of the urinal, like a little trough I guess.

I put my butt against the top part of the urinal and positioned myself so my pee would go into the urinal instead of on the floor. My friend put her feet on either side of the urinal and just let her pee fall straight down into the urinal. We peed a long time, just a constant flow from both of us. It wasn't very long at all, we were both still going, when an older guy came in. I positioned my hands so he couldn't see anything, my friend just kind of smiled, a little embarrassed. He just let out a little laugh and took a stall, like he didn't even care.

My friend finished up, flushed, and went to a stall to wipe. I still had a bit more, so I stayed there. My friend wiped three times and came out of the stall. I was just finishing, so I flushed and took the same stall, wiping twice. I just closed the toilet lid and left it, didn't bother flushing just for paper. I did run into that same guy later, although we didn't talk about the urinal incident... It's a shame because he was kind of cute.

I have a large bladder capacity, and have for as long as I can remember. I'm a very active person, going trail hiking, or swimming when weather permits. So, during the day I probably drink somewhere between 200 to 250 ounces of fluid (mostly water, but sometimes other things). This leads directly to me having a large bladder capacity, and peeing for a long time. It's nothing compared to some of the so called Mega Bladders who post here, but it feels like a long time, and I know I can out-piss most of my friends.

I almost never pee twice a day, it's not like I hold it on purpose, but I just don't feel the urge to pee really. My daily pee comes in the evening, usually around 6 at night. It's weird because most people need to pee right when they wake up, but not me. That's probably when my bladder is the most empty.

One memorable experience I had was when a friend of mine wanted to go somewhere, although I forget where we were going. I told her I had to pee before we went. Now, keep in mind that before this, she didn't know about my habits. It just never came up... in fact, I don't think she had ever even been around when I had to pee. So, I excused myself to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I pulled down my skirt and boy-style panties, sitting on the toilet.

I was peeing for a while, a minute at least, and I knew I had a while to go, having not been to the toilet in the last 24 hours. My friend knocked on the door, asking if I had fallen in. It was kind of a question, but I could tell she wanted me to hurry up. I told her I'd be a while, and she responded "I thought you only had to pee!". I said, yeah I was. She didn't believe me and said she was tired of waiting for me. I apologized, saying she could come in and wait.

She decided to come in, sitting on the edge of the tub. I was still peeing away, having not stopped once. I think she was surprised I could pee that much. I told her I'd been holding it since yesterday. We talked some, mostly about how I could hold it that long, and why I peed so much. At last, by my friend's timing, after two and a half minutes of straight peeing, I was tapering off. It was kind of like, a strong hiss, then a tinkle, hiss, tinkle, for a little longer. Then it was just a long tinkle, and finally those few last drops. One wipe and I was done. I stood up, putting my skirt and panties back on, closed the toilet lid, and flushed my not-so-yellow pee.

Awful experience a few days ago.

I recently purchased 300 dollar boots with fur all over them, they're sort of high and I thought they looked good so I picked them up.

A few days ago, I don't know what flared it but I got one of the worst cases of the runs. Half the time it was all dark colored water. I dropped the kids off at school, and I was out just me and the 3 y/o boy I babysit when the runs caught up with me. I pulled into a gas station and asked for the key to the toilet around back. I got in there and the toilet was covered in dirt, like it was black. I couldn't but my bear but on it, it was just too filthy. I figured I would squat. But since I wasn't tall enough (don't laugh) to just hover over the toilet. I stood up on the seat n crouched down. The boy watched and seemed pretty interested in what I was doing. I was almost done and then luck just went bad I slipped and my foot went right into the poop filled toilet and then I fell to the ground. My crotch was covered in poopy water and my boot appeared to be ruined as it was severely stained. I put my self back together and the boy found it funny. But what isn't funny... my boots ruined. My pants=stained and on my way to the ground my butt hit the toilet paper dispenser which realllly hurt. I washed my hands and flushed.. walked out of there with a poop filled boot and pants that are covered in poop around the crotch. I got in my car and the smell was so bad I had to roll down the windows.

The next day I needed to see if I could get my booy cleaned, I figured I could bring it to the dry cleaner near my house, I am sort of friends with the woman. I brought it in and the first thing she asked me is what had happened. I didn't want to tell her.. but then I explained it to her and told her to watch out when holding it.

She said she will see what she can do so I am hopeful that it will be okay

Although I'm 16 and can and do drive, on nice days I occasionally will take out my 10-speed bike. There are some interesting trails by our house and there's a shopping center with a large parking lot that's good for riding on Sunday evenings when there's very few cars down there. It's about a 2 hour ride roundtrip and in addition to being good exercise, it gives me an opportunity to think. Well last night I took the ride down there for the first time in about 3 months. I had my windbreaker on and the breeze got a bit chilly as the sun started to go down. Often such chill will cause me to pee more and that was the case last night.

There was nobody around on the trail and I momentarily thought about stopping and doing a squat pee. Then I remembered that the last two times I had done it things got messy for me because my pee flow wasn't strong enough so it ran down my leg. That sucked. I even tried to spread my legs more and squat in position like I would if I was on a toilet, but that didn't really help. And it's gross when there's nothing to wipe your inner leg with. It was painful but I held it until I got down to the shopping center. I took the alley behind the back of a group of buildings thinking I could quickly sit on a bucket or planter or even an old car tire, but I couldn't find anything that would work. Some years ago me and my friend Becky just loved peeing in buckets and planters and once both of us peed back-to-back while sitting on an old tire that was behind a service station. It was partially dark, there was no one around, and it was great fun. It was chilly out and she swore she saw some steam come up from my pee. That surprised me because my flow is nowhere near as mean as hers.

I rode around the front of the shopping center--now in greater pain than ever. I noticed one of the newly opened businesses was one of those coin laundries and I could see a mom and little boy inside so I knew they were open. I put the kick stand down on my bike and went in. I could see the unisex decal on the bathroom door at the far end of the store. I hurried even faster knowing that if I wasn't on the stool in a few seconds, I wouldn't need the toilet but rather a few coins for the dryer because I would need to dry out my jeans. The door was ajar, although a little loose and warped, and I put my shoulder into it but was surpised to see a little boy about 5 standing on his toes and pulling down his underwear as he attempted to place himself up on the toilet seat. He seemed very surprised when I walked in on him and he was having a tougher time throwing himself up and onto the seat because of his small size. I do a lot of babysitting and sometimes I have had boys about his age out in public toilets with the same frustrations he had. I have offered and often have boosted them up, showed them how to spread their legs and to throw more of their weight to the back of the seat. I did that with him and then quietly closed the door and waited for him to drop his crap. After about 3 minutes I started to hurt more and knew I was going to have to interrupt him, have him leave, and let me quickly pee. I knocked on the door and quietly opened it, and he remained seated while I asked if he had been able to start his #2. He said no, but that his mom had told him to go in and sit and try to go because he had been "compacted" (I think he meant constipated). I told him I was about to blast pee all over if I didn't get my butt down on that seat within a minute or so. He jumped down and pulled up his underwear and in opening the door for him, I told him I would only be a couple of minutes. I latched the door and dropped my jeans and underwear just enough for my butt to clear as I placed it on the warm seat. Within like 2 seconds, I had a steady stream going and the bubbles in the bowl were proof that my bladder was being emptied. I sat for about another minute largely in relief as I reached for a sheet of toilet paper to tear off and wipe with. I reached back and flushed while I was still seated and I stood and quickly pulled up my panties and jeans. I was still buckling up when I opened the door and saw the boy, his older brother and mother standing there and staring me down. The mother cursed and said he had crapped his pants because of me and that I had bullied him into giving up the toilet. As she was calling me some names I could smell his accident, but I didn't feel I could do more than apologize and leave. I wasn't about to stay there and argue with a woman I didn't know.

I got back on my bike and I guess the continuous exercise of pedaling got to me because I could feel a shit coming on for my last 15 minutes of riding. It was Sunday evening and I had last shit over my lunch period on Wednesday at school. So I knew this was going to be a big one. And doing it at home made the experience even better.

This is a bit embarrassing, but I might as well confess - I have problems with dry skin, especially in the winter, and this can be a real problem. It can even interfere with sex! Today I got the idea to moisturize intensively - I bought a bottle of baby oil and a pack of "overnight" incontinence pullup underwear to hold it against my skin. The oily underwear feels really smooth and nice . . . except that . . . for some reason I can't help peeing in it. It feels so nice and soft that my bladder just yearns to constantly void warm pee. No control, no worries. Except that pee probably isn't as good as baby oil, for the skin, I mean.

Hi this is a great site. I have an interesting situation, where our household seems to see virtually no poop activity. Frustrating to me with my interest in female pooping.

I go every 3 days or so, the urge often comes in the quiet of late night which prompts me to hold out - the next morning at work gives me a chance to unload anonymously.

My wife seems to do work poops nearly exclusively nowadays. During holidays I have observed her to go every 1.5 days at least, maybe sooner if the previous interval was longish.

Lately, it seems she unloads properly late on Fridays at work - as Saturdays pass quietly and Sunday morning serves for the first time. After the delay between Friday and Sunday, I have no doubt she starts Monday at work with a nice one.

She is an extremely quiet pooper and I have maybe heard one plop ever over the years. Only increased wiping and maybe airfreshener show this was not just pee.

We are both fairly poop shy - she less so, as she will even leave the door open a crack. There is no question of watching and sharing though, as she has ordered me out double quick on the few occasions where I entered the bathroom 'accidentally'.

There have been a notable few exciting exceotions. Once, we were on vacation and the toilet did not flush - she found this out after the deed was done. She was extremely shy but went to find a bucket, and I got to see a massive constipation-type lumpy poop. How she managed to pass that without panting and making a massive splash, puzzles me.

There have been occasions where her female friends have visited. Once, a petite girl sat on the toilet for about 5 minutes before making a massive splash. But such occurrences are few and far between, more's the piy.

I remember the days my wife pooped every night at 7, sometimes skipping a day. Could this have been to less inviting toilet arrangements at work? Or less inhibition at home? She locked the door those days, though.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Hi,I´m Ariane,24 years old,5,6 ft 150 lbs,dark blonde,chin lenghth, light curled hair and blue eyes....

Last summer i was with a friend on a jaunt to a lake.
It was a a bright and very hot summer day and at our visit at a restaurant by the lake,i was really thirsty and drank 4 lemonades.

On our drive back home again we get into very slow traffic.To my adversity,the lemonades made their impact now...I had to pee.But there was no toilet,no tree no bushes,where i could let fall down my knee-lenghth sandy-colored cargo shorts...I had to wait until we reach the next gas station,rest area,lay by,or something....

But the traffic was very slow and stood still often for 10 or 15 minutes.After one and a half hour i was really in problems...i had to pee really bad and after 2 hours my need was almost unbearable.But there was a ray of hope...a lay bay...only 2 miles ahead...

But i knew i would need a fairly shot of luck to hold back my pee until that....My urges were so bad,i could not bear my chewing gum between my teeths anymore-it felt like it was electric....and in my stomach i felt the miserable anxiety that i could go in my pants,before we reach the lay by.....

15 minutes later,my friend turned into the lay by.At this time i squirmed at my seat,sweating and freezing at the same time,goose-skinned from my neck over my complete body to my ankles...My feets in my white sneakers drummed the wild rhythm of my pain at the car mat and i desperatly clenched my burning and shivering crotch with both hands.While the last few minutes 2 times some pee squirted out and because i did not wore panties by reason of the hot weather,my sandy cargo-bermudas already had a hand-sized damply spot ....

Like a wonderful promise,i saw the bushes around the lay by...just one minute and then...sweet relief....only just one single minute...

I got off the car...jittering,i did not dared to let loose my crotch for only one single moment.As fast as possible i rushed to the bushes,80 ft away...Ominous thoughts ran through my head...At the last time as i had to pee so desperatly,i had been 10 years old-and i had peed my pants then-just 5 ft before the toilet!

But now i was 23...but at least that doesn´t helped me in any way...Just an few steps away from the car i could not hold it anymore.Panicking i tried to yank down my shorts but just one second long,then my hands hasted back between my legs in the last despaired attemped to tame my revolting i stood a few moments long,dont daring not a single move-and then my pants got hot and wet....
To my misfortune i got managed it to stripped down my cargo-bermudas only at my backside....
What a whimsical and embarrassing Picture...i stood there and exhibited my friend(not my lover !!!!)my naked buttcheeks while i was not to able to let loose my peeing and twitching crotch and strip down my pants from the hot spring of my pee.....

I was completely humilated,especially at the reason that i had to made the rest of the way home wearing the shirt of my friend,that was longer than my shirt,that was much to short to cover me.
But his shirt was risky short too and surely my dark-blonde fleece flashed up as i sat down....

But he liked,what he saw,because at home he comforted me very impressive....and now he is my lover....

heroic trucker guy
too i need pee

the best thing is too used an container or a plastic hospital pan and pee in it and clean it out and dont try holding ur crap in either it will do sum damage in ur system i know ive been thru it

these are advise from ur freind here i trust u suggest it too ur family too

Hey whats up everyone?

Once again I was just sitting around today with my girlfriend enjoying our weekend. Today she wanted to watch a TV show called bridezilla's. As we were watching one of the brides who is a wedding planner/coordinator herself was planning her own wedding and things werent going her way... On her wedding day, she went into the bathroom and cried and wouldnt get dressed for the wedding. When her bridesmaids came to comfort her, and get her ready, she wouldnt come out of the bathroom right away... she said she was on the toilet, and both her bridesmaids asked her if she was using it or not... she didnt answer... when she came out, still in a very depressing mood, she closed the bathroom door behind her... I wonder if while she was in there crying, she had to poop... well only she knows if she did...

So This brings me to another set of survey questions for the appropriate ladies here.

Wedding day bathroom Questions:

1) Did you go poop on your wedding day?

2) As a brides maid, have you ever witnessed the bride having to poop on her wedding day?

I wonder if because things are so stressful leading up to that day if the brides get constipated and fall off their regular bowel moving schedule...

I hope to see some interesting responses.


to Fluidity,

Many of the local bus drivers are around 60 years old. None of them seems to have any prostate problems. The older bus drivers don't stop during routes to use a bathroom at a reataurant. Do all, or most, men end up with prostate problems... or if they have surgery, does everything end up the way it was when they were younger?

Also, when I ended up with jury duty, one of the lawyers was maybe in his late forties. (The other lawyer was a woman). There was a break about once an hour, every hour. The lawyer went into the men's room during every break.

Yes Ashley, porridge always gives me the shits. I don't know whether its the sugar or what, but it always gives me a pain in the ???? and the need to find a tilet urgently.

In answer to your other question, yes I have always made a note of my bowel movements, the consistency etc. I try to make sure I never get constipated and keeping a record aids this because I then chart what I have eaten or drank before the bowel movement.

Hope this helps you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was going to shower when i felt that i had to poop
Here's my survey for all:
1. Do you put up the seat when you guys?
2. Do you flush after peeing and pooping?
3. Have you used a different sex or restroom?
4. Do you females wipe from the front of back after peeing?
5. What color open fron seats do you like?
Here are my answers to my survry
1. Yes when i have pee and down when i have to poop
2. Yes after pooping and sometimes after peeing
3. Yes i ahve when i was 9 years old we came back from Germany
4. N/A
5. Mainly white but i use black one on ocassion especially work

To Marly:

I do have to wear diapers to work because of medical condition. Let me tell you a secret - they do leak occasionally, even the best one do. Your subordinates will not think you are less of a boss for using the toilet, but if you obviously pee yourself it might be different. And they smell also, unless you change yourself soon. Is that how you want them to see you?

I know roughly where you are coming from and, while I seem to remember that Taco Bell has been mentioned quite often in this respect in this forum, but (perhaps our good fortune) it is not a fast food chain here in the UK!
On the other hand that doesn't mean that other things don't have the same effect: freshly brewed coffee with hot milk, especially in the morning, certainly has the effect that you mention on me and usually within an hour at most!
I'm not intolerant of milk (lactose) or coffee but the combination works its wonders more often than not and if I were to be constipated, which I almost never am, it would be my first attempt at a simple remedy. The result is much as you describe - an sudden and urgent need that results in soft logs and mush. It does not feel unpleasant and the good thing is that is a one-off result - it does not seem to result in repeated bathroom visits.
You say that you keep a toilet diary and, while it is certainly not something everyone does, I can't believe that you are by any means the only one to do so. It's a natural activity and so I can't see much problem with that other than to say that not everyone will share your particular enthusiasm but please don't be embarrassed either, as this is certainly not the point of this forum and you are certainly not the first person to raise such matters here.
I believe that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with it. My gf and I often share bathroom experiences. It actually started quite accidentally but neither of us, and surprisingly as we both soon admitted, found it in the least bit embarrassing so it has become a quite natural part of our relationship. Recent posts, such as those by Super Sophie and very many others, have tackled far more contentious territory but that does not make your thoughts any less important or relevant than anyone else's.
The only thing you have done, and that most others would not have been brave enough to do,is to share you experience here and ask others about theirs.

Dear Toiletstool,

My was coming back home from work, and needed a 'widdle' because I had consumed excessive cola. I was alright for the bus journey back but there is a brief walk from the stop to the flat, and as I walked back I could feel the urge building fast. To make matters worse I had to stop for batteries before I could go back to the flat. Luckily the full force of urgency only hit me after I had picked them up! I began to walk more quickly, but not so quickly that it made the urge worse. I was very pleased and relieved when I arrived back at the flat - the urge got much worse as I neared the bathroom, but I managed to go without leaking - sorry to disappoint! That's all, thanks for listening!

I need to pee
I'm lying on my stomach on our couch this instant and I have to pee really bad. We have one toilet in our house and it's broken at the moment, so my family has a system. In the morning, we have to hold it until we get to work/school. We all make sure we use the bathroom right before we come home from work/school, then about an hour before bedtime, we all take a road trip to the drugstore a mile and a half away and go there. My problem is that today, I had to talk to my teacher about something after school, and couldn't go or I would miss the bus. I still have four hours to go before i can pee, and i've already been holding for nine hours. that will be a total of 13 hours without peeing (if I make it!) Oh, God, I have seriously got to pee! this post has taken about 20 minutes to write because i have to keep stopping to hold myself. I just shifted position and am now sitting on my heel. That's a bit better. My parents are home now, maybe we can leave to the drugstore early.

This happened just yesterday and it hasn't happened in a while. I was driving to a resteraunt to eat. Halfway there I felt the urge to pee. I ignored it because I was already half way there. When I finally was about 1 block away from the resteraunt I was nearly desperate. I began to hold my crotch as I got closer. When I finally pulled into the parking lot I could swear I couldn't make it, but I kept holding it. Unfortunately the parking lot was nearly loaded and I had to drive for about 1 minute before I finally found a spot. And by now I knew it was about to come out any time soon. And it did. Right when I pulled in the car gave a bump, and a small wet spot formed. I was really about to pee in my pants. I stopped the car, and opened the door, but I couldn't make it. I quickly held my crotch as I ran all the way across the lot but I stopped half way there and let my pee come out. I had to drive home, and just picked up a mcdonalds. I hope this never happens to me again.

Olivia I.
I had a weird dream last night.

I was in my kitchen, washing dishes. I could tell I had to pee because I kept crossing my legs. I enjoy this feeling, so I was enjoying my dream. My "dream body" couldn't take it anymore and started peeing. The jeans I was wearing became darker in the crotch and down my legs faster and faster until a puddle developed under my barefeet. I wiggled my toes, splashing the pee puddle under my toes. The puddle was huge. It was still getting bigger and then I dropped a spoon on the floor.

I bent down to pick it up and stayed in that position as a bulge emerged against my jeans. It grew bigger and was spreading out like a circle. I think I had been holding it for a couple days. On my butt, my jeans were changing dark brown and the bulge seemed to slide down my leg and onto the floor into my imaginary pee puddle.

So my imaginary "dream body" peeled off my soiled jeans and exposed my destroyed panties. They were completely soaked and were sagging with the weight of my load. There was poo on both of my legs and it was mushy and soft. And then I woke up.

This is where it got weirder. I had been constipated for a couple days but I didn't have any laxatives.

I got a wicked cramp, like a labor pain or something. And then my poop just shot out of me in a quick poof, my butt was suddenly warm and I felt mush everywhere. I had gone so much that it hard already leaked out of my panties and onto my sheets. I have huge loads. But before I could take a second breath, I started wetting my bed. It was like my dream except I knew I was awake.

When I got out of bed, I surveyed the damage. An outline of my body in pee was on the sheets along with a dark brown stain where my butt would be. It took me forever to clean up but I was just really relieved that I had gone poop, I was beginning to worry. I'm pretty sure my odd accident was caused by dinner or something.

Thanks for reading.
Olivia I.

Give your husband some slack. As men age (you didn't mention how old he is) their urinary system does not work as efficiently as it did in their youth. Drops of urine begin to escape after using the bathroom and before getting to the bathroom.
I noticed this in my underwear (I'm single and take my laundry to a nearby wash and fold place) and began to get sensitive to the yellow stains in my briefs. My solution: switch to black briefs!
Your job is to find a loving and sensitive way to help your husband, whom I assume you still love, leap over this problem without his even knowing that it is a problem.
Good luck!

I saw something weird today - a portapotty with a flush handle. It looked like any other portapotty on the outside, and even the inside was familiar, but the area underneath the seat had a tiny bit of water and there was a handle with a sign saying Pull to Flush.

I thought it was weird, but I just pulled down my jeans and panties, and let out a fat long poo. It was probably 20 inches long, maybe more. I wiped a few times, and flushed. The flush worked like an airplane toilet I think, with a little water and huge suction pulling my poo down the drain.

Oh, and do any girls here have a story about using a urinal? I've seen a friend use one when we were drunk. She just nearly sat in the urinal, her butt just barely hovering, and peed. It was weird, and I think I'd like to try, and I want to know if there's other ways to do it, or what.

The spy
I was at the mall, when I spotted a group of extremely pretty young ladies. One was wearing shorts that only came about three inches past her crotch, and bright pink tights. She didn't stand still for more than five seconds at a time. She would occasionally cross her legs and press her hand to her crotch. I wandered into the store and continued to watch her. She turned to another girl in the group.

"Lisa, I need to find a bathroom right now or I'm going wet myself!" she was whispering, but loud enough so I could hear the panic.

The one called Lisa baisically ignored her. "Oh, you'll be fine. I'm just going to buy these and then we'll find a bathroom."

The first girl groaned loudly, crossing her legs again, placing her hands over that all important area.

"Lisa, you can come back. Let's gooooo."

"Can you not go by yourself? You're not five anymore, Sarah."

Sarah gasped. "Oh! Oh, God, I need to go number 2! Ooooh, I can't hold it!" She doubled over, one hand in front, one in the back. I noticed a dark steel making its way down her tights. From my perspective, Lisa was being extremely rude.

"oh, for god sakes, Sarah! Get off the floor, you're embarrassing me!"

Sarah was crying now, but I still held back, doubting that anyone woud notice me.

"I can't! I'll crap myself! Oh my god, never mind, it's too late." sure enough, there was a considerable dark patch on the carpet under her, her shorts and tights were thoroughly soaked, and a bulge was forming in her shorts. Lisa pulled Sarah to her feet, and dragged her out of the store. I followed, watching as the lump made its way down her leg, leaving a brown trail. They dissappeared into the bathroom, and never came out. I didn't feel like hanging around, so I left. I never forgot this though.

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