Hello everyone!! I just remembered a good story that happened to me and one of my good friends this past summer. Well, we were at the beach swimming when she says she has got to go to the bathroom really bad. We were still in the water, and I said just do it here. She said I gotta poop though. I said well, c'mon let's go find the restrooms. So, we got out of the water and went searching for the restrooms, and a few minutes into our search, she says I really gotta go SOOOOO bad. I said well there has got to be one around here somewhere, and she grabs my hand and runs to a pier where nobody was around, and she says I have to poop like crazy, and you make sure nobody walks up on me. So she squats down under the pier, and kinda digs a little hole in the sand, and turns her back towards me, and removes the bottom part of her bathing suit. She is now squatted down with her butt facing me, and there is a strong stream of pee coming from her, as her hole is being forced open wide by a thick log. Her pee is still streaming out as the thick log is slowly sliding out forcing her hole to open wider. She is making groaning sounds as the turd is ever so slowly inching its way out. Her pee finally stops about 30 seconds later as her thick log is still hanging from her butt, and is now touching the ground, and she had to lift her self up a littler higher to give more room for the log to come out. Slowly, slowly it slid until finally it fell to the ground with a thud. She said oooooohhhh this feels amazing, as her hole was still open wide and another thick log started slowly creeping out. It moved slowly without her pushing at all, and it reached about the midway point, and stopped moving. Then I could see her muscles tensing up as I heard her take a deep breath and begin to push, and her hole opened up really wide as the turd was just reaching its thickest point, and when she stopped pushing to catch her breath, the turd slid back up a little. After pushing and making some soft grunting noises, her muscles went really tense as she was bearing down and pushing hard, and finally her hole opened up again and the turd kept moving slowly as she held the breath and pushed really hard. Finally after what I estimated to be about 2 minutes, the turd fell with a thud to the ground. Then her hole opened up wide again as a softer but still just as thick turd started forcing its way out. It was coming a lot faster than the others, and was making loud crackling noises, and it broke off and landed on the other turds, and the other half kept sliding out as another stream of pee started up. It crackled loudly for a few more seconds and then fell to the ground. I heard her sniffling and she groaned out the words oooooohhhhhh..........Gooooodddddd.....thiss...feels soooooo......good. Her hole opened up again as 4 medium sized turds shot out from her butt. Then her hole finally closed and I thought maybe she was done, but then I saw her hole dome out as she started pushing, and she kept on pushing, and finally the tip of another thick log pushed its way out. She kept tensing up and pushing and each push would force the log to slide out a little more. For 2 or 3 minutes she kept tensing up and pushing the log out just a little more, then she tensed up again and took a big deep breath and held it and pushed really hard, and her butt raised up a little from her tensing her leg muscles too, and then finally after a few more big pushes like that it fell out on top of the other pile. She then put her bathing suit back on, and looked at her huge pile of poo. I estimated that she had been pooping for a good 20 minutes or so. I said man you really did have to go didn't you, and she smiled and said yes. She said, "squatting makes the poop come out a little quicker. I'm normally on the toilet for 45 minutes to and hour pushing out my whole load. One log usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to get out, because they are so thick and firm, but I sure love the feeling of my hole slowly being stretched open so wide for a thick, firm turd to come out. I really enjoy pooping so much!" I said me too. So, we agreed that sometime we were gonna have a buddy pooping and see if any of our other friends would be interested. Well, sorry for it being so long. I do hope to see more great pooping stories, especially when watching somebody's poop come out, or being in a public bathroom and hearing another person drop their load. I'm not so much into the diarrhea stories, but I absolutely love the stories about the solid thick see ya'll later. I'm looking forward to reading more great posts.

I found a really nice public washroom in a shopping mall. The stalls have doors with no gaps in them. The only things that bother me about this washroom are the loud automsatic hand dryers and the fact that there's always music playing in it.

Is anyone else bothered by hearing music while they go to the bathroom, or is it only me?

Hey everyone! I just discovered this site today and it has instantly become one of my favorite sites. I enjoy reading about other people's experiences, especially women pooping (the more descriptive the better!) I haven't gotten that far in reading, but so far I really like Jessica's and Gillian's stories, please keep up the posts! It's really comforting to know that there are other people out there who are willing to talk about their experiences; as before finding this site I wondered if there was something wrong with me to want to read/watch women pooping. I don't really have any story of my own to write about (none I can think of right now anyway), but if anyone has any suggestions or wants to know about something in particular, feel free to ask!

Happy Pooping!

To the nameless poster: Glad you like my stories! I'll be sure and keep posting whenever anything interesting comes up.

Anyway, no real interesting stories to post. Bathroom experiences have been kind of dry lately. Last week I had a kind of exciting experience. I was at a concert, and before it started I needed to use the toilet for a number two. As I got in there was a strong smell of poop and lots of girls around the sinks, but luckily, two stalls available, which were then taken by me and a girl who walked in right after me. It was fun going in such a packed bathroom, and I could tell by the smell in there that some others had to void their bowels, too. The girl next to me ripped a really loud fart, but unfortunately I didn't hear any splashes from anyone.

That's about it from me. Again, nothing too exciting lately, but my roommate will be out of town for a couple days in a week or so, so I'm planning on trying out the epsom salts, as The Geek recommended. Should be a blast!


one of my best friends i grew up with use to have pee distance contests. he could always win since the tip of his was a little bit crooked is what i told him.

as a male, i enjoyed peeing on certain things and would hold my urine as long as i could to save it for that special spot.

just as a test.....when i would be out of school for the summer when i was a kid. i would stay at my grandpas house, wake up early in the morning and go pee in the same spot of carpet grass in the back yard to see if it was toxic enough to kill the grass. well after about a week and a half, the carpet grass turned yellow and began to die. my grandpa found the yellowish dead spot of grass and smelled the rank stinch floating around and could'nt seem to figure out what happened.

another thing my friend and i did was go out in the street infront of my moms house late at night and would go pee in the street but we would pee a huge smiley face. well the texas heat would bake the urine in the street or the toxicity would penetrate the asphault and stain the asphault and last for about 6 months even through the rain. my mom never knew what we used to draw those big smiley faces until we revealed at a later age to her all the things we did when we were kids.

i've got millions of stories but dont wanna hog the board. what a site!

to Mistee:

You're not imagining things. Back three years ago when I was a freshman I remember standing up to wipe and having a few seats being pulled up an inch or two by my butt before they would unstick and drop. On one day the drop noise was as loud as if I were to want to lower the seat and instead of easing it down, just would have dropped it with a flick of my finger. I so thought the noise was embarrassing.

It seems that the sticking occurred a lot in the spring and summer and at places like the swimming pool and amusement park where I worked my first job. I remember once running my finger over both sides of the seat and not feeling any stick. I sat down immediately and less than 5 minutes later after I had completed my shit, I would stand and it would seem like I was taking the seat up with me. Luckily, it wasn't too hard to extract myself from the situation.

However, beginning last summer I started to put a liner of toilet paper on the seat before placing my butt on it. That seems to work well, but sometimes (and without my knowledge) the toilet paper will stick to my butt and be hanging from my shorts when I get back outside. But I'd rather risk a few snickers from my fellow employees than sit in some of the sticky filth that is left on the seats by my fellow students at school, guests and my fellow "team members" at the park.

I have a couple of questions for anybody willing to answer them. The first question is, do you have a food that really makes you have to crap, like really bad? For me, it's most anything at Taco Bell. I don't know why, but any time I eat there, I'm always on the toilet within 30 minutes.

Today, I went against my better judgment and ate at Taco Bell. By the time I got home, my guts were like a war zone. I barely got on the toilet in time to unleash a nasty crap. It wasn't really diarrhea, but just a mess of semi-solid mushy logs. They all just flew out of me really fast and then it was over with.

Another question I've been wanting to ask is, is it weird that I enjoy keeping a log of my craps, like they're my masterpieces? Does anyone else do this? Whenever I crap at home, I make sure to take a picture of it before I flush. I keep the pictures for like a month, and then I go through and pick a few of my favorites to keep forever. I'm beginning to feel more and more weird about it, but until now, it's been my "dirty" little secret.

I had the perfect poo yesterday! Usually it's just normal but this time was excellent. I only had to strain a bit and I did not have to wipe at all, it came out so clean :) :)

I also wanted to share a story that happened when I was about 10 and my brother was quite young, I can't remember exactly. Anyway, he had been holding his pee for the whole night and then until 11:00 the next morning. When he finally went to pee he got it all over the toilet, walls, and floor of the bathroom because he couldn't control himself. Then I went to the bathroom and was like what happened here?? haha it was pretty gross

for peeguy and the black flame:

Thanks for your responses. its not that i'm pee shy. its that i'm a boss to some ppl and i don't want them to see me in the bathroom b/c i'm suposed to be above that. its egotistical, i know. but i can't help it. seeing someone using the restroom is humbling, maybe even humiliating in some cases, and i don't want to be less powerful or intimidating. i want to be a strong leader, i want to achieve perfection. so i hide it.

it isn't often that i actually NEED the extra protection. usually i can make it all day without needing to go. but on the rare occassion i can't wait, its nice to have a plan b. like today in a meeting.

we were gathered around a table and my highest boss was giving a lecture and having others express their opinions on a specific topic. everyone was served drinks throughout the conference and i was very thirsty. about an hour into the lecture, i had to go. there was no holding it, and i refuse to squirm or show signs of desperation. so, i started peeing. i peed fullforce into my pants and no one ever knew. in the middle of my pee, my boss asked me a question and i answered without missing a beat.
when i got home about 45 minutes later, i couldn't wait to shower. i went to the bathroom, undressed down to my bikini cut underwear and looked in the mirror. you could tell the incontinence pad/diaper was soaked, but not dripping. I cleaned up and got in the shower. When I got out, I put on my pjs and just lounged around the house for the rest of the night. :)


Yesterday was a great day!! My boyfriend pooped 5 times yesterday, and it wasn't diarrhea, which I'm glad, because I hate diarrhea. I was only at his house to witness 3 of them, and was talking to him on the phone on one of the other times. The first time he pooped when I was there, I heard everything pretty clearly, and the second time I didn't hear anything at all, but I peeked in on him to say he was hunched over and his eyes were kinda watery...hehe.....and the third time, I heard one plop, and didn't get to hear what else happened. The times that I couldn't really hear anything was when he had music playing in his living room. I had a great day, and we will be spending all day with eachother again next Saturday, because its valentines day. SO, I'm looking forward to great things...hehe...

Hi.. someone wanted to know if anyone wears diapers? I spent the Christmas holidays as a "kettle host" for the Salvation Army. We were
on 4 hour shifts (no breaks) and you either had to suffer.. or wait.
I drank lots of coffee to warm up. Standing outside in 0 degree weather
takes it's toll on your bladder anyways... so I wore diapers.
Problem here, is that after 10 mins or so, the pee almost freezes!
I had a rash from it for a month after the holidays too...

Linda from Australia here again. I've had lots of trouble on the toilet this week - I've really had a hard time because I ate too many bananas and they caused me to get constipated. On Monday afternoon, after work, I dropped a medium sized load in the toilet. As usual, I didn't feel finished so I wiped and went to make dinner. I ate dinner and waited about an hour. I got the urge to do more poo but by the time I sat on the toilet, I couldn't get anything out. I tried for about half an hour, hoping that I could at least get a bit of poo out. Nothing happened so I went to bed with poo stuck inside me, feeling very uncomfortable.

The next day was Tuesday and I felt a load of poo moving down all day. Everytime I went to the toilet for a wee (at work) I could feel a poo sitting in my anus. I pushed a bit to get things moving but I didn't do any poos because I don't like going at work. I did lots of farting each time I went for a wee too. After work that day, I was sure I could push some logs out so I went straight to the toilet when I got home. After trying for about 20 minutes, I gave up because I couldn't even feel any poo inside me. I knew there was a load up there but it just wasn't coming out. I ate dinner and tried a few more times without success. I went to bed feeling even more uncomfortable than the night before. My stomach was a bit bloated too. The next day was the same, I even tried before work but my bowels felt empty (I knew they had to be full of poo by now). After work, I went to a friend's place for dinner but when I got home, I tried to do a poo. Nothing happened again!! I was starting to get worried because I had gone 2 days without a poo and I wasn't even getting an urge to go.

Then on Thursday, I was feeling miserable and lethargic. My stomach was bloated and I was desparate for a poo. All day I felt a big load moving down, I needed to get the poos out soon. After work I had to go to a shopping centre and while I was there, I went to the toilet. I thought I was in for a hard time but heaps of butt phlegm poured out of me. I felt defeated so I pushed again but the butt phlegm kept coming out and bubbling around my anus. I did lots of farts aswell. When I wiped, the poo was almost clear in colour. My stomach didn't feel any better, it was bloated and I had cramps. I went to my sister's place for dinner and I had to go to the toilet 4 or 5 times just to squirt out more butt phlegm. I had that horrible feeling of having to go all the time, so I knew I was constipated. When I got home, I went at least another 5 times to do even more butt phlegm and I did some in the shower aswell. Before going to bed, I had to go another 4 times, all butt phlegm.

During the night, I went about 5 times to squirt out more butt phlegm!! Then in the morning before work, I went 4 more times. The 4th time wasn't as bad because some solid pebbles of poo came out. Then at work I went twice in the morning to do liquid poo and a 3rd time before lunch to do a few solid logs. I didn't get them all out because I hate going at work but I was desparate. After work I got home and dropped a decent load of solid poos. I felt SO much better but I still didn't feel finished. After dinner I went again and it took a bit of effort to squeeze out several skinny, rock hard logs. Then this morning, I pushed out a MASSIVE load of rock hard logs, they filled the toilet bowl. Now my stomach is better and I'm so glad I finally did some poos!!! I went all week without a decent poo and 3 days without any poos at all.

Punk Rock Girl

Just had to share my perfect dump with everyone. I got to work, did a few things, then headed to the unisex. I entered my favorite stall (one of the others was occupied, luckily not mine), pulled my pants and thong down and sat. After peeing, I relaxed my ass and slowly out came a long, solid, fairy thick log which slipped out unbroken and into the water without a sound. No straining, no farting, barely any odor. It was a nice, relaxing dump. I wiped my ass and the TP was clean. Didn't even leave behind a trace. I have one happy bottom right now!

And now for Sheela's Survey:

1. age? the big 3-0
2. do you wipe after pee? yes
3. have you ever pee your panties on purpose? nope
4. have you ever pee your bed on purpose or because you are so tired to go to the bathroom? nope
5. have you ever pee in sink? once at a party when the toilet was clogged
6. have you ever enjoy in a pee contest? nope
7. have you ever pee directly on floor on purpose? nope
8. have you ever pee in a pad? nope



Sunday, February 08, 2009

female survey:

1. age? 11
2. do you wipe after pee?sometimes if no, How often do you typically change your panties? --every day
3. have you ever pee your panties on purpose?yea explain cos i wanted to.
4. have you ever pee your bed on purpose - yea or because you are so tired to go to the bathroom? yea explain wake up and dont want to get up so I go in the bed and tell mom Ive had an accident
5. have you ever pee in sink? no
6. have you ever enjoy in a pee contest? no
7. have you ever pee directly on floor on purpose? yes explain
8. have you ever pee in a pad? I suppose so as I used to wear padded knickers

totally tania
1. age? 17
2. do you wipe after pee? if no, How often do you typically change your panties? yes
3. have you ever pee your panties on purpose? explain. Yes, I love the feeling
4. have you ever pee your bed on purpose or because you are so tired to go to the bathroom? explain. Yes, couldn't be bothered to get out of bed
5. have you ever pee in sink? Yes
6. have you ever enjoy in a pee contest? Yes
7. have you ever pee directly on floor on purpose?explain. I wanted to try something new
8. have you ever pee in a pad? Yes

Nobody, Erin, Gillian - I enjoy your stories about taking a dump at work or hearing someone else go.

Samantha - I miss your stories. I hope to hear another story from you soon.

sheela's survey:
1. age? 13
2. do you wipe after pee? yep if no, How often do you typically change your panties?
3. have you ever pee your panties on purpose? explain yes I did. I just wanted to try it but it made a mess and I decided it wasn't worth it haha
4. have you ever pee your bed on purpose or because you are so tired to go to the bathroom? explain no
5. have you ever pee in sink? I do it at least several times a week
6. have you ever enjoy in a pee contest? Never been in one
7. have you ever pee directly on floor on purpose?explain Yep. I decided to pee in my closet which had carpet so I just squatted down and did it. Made a little puddle but then the carpet soaked it up. I cleaned up with an old tshirt.
8. have you ever pee in a pad? Yes. It was a bad idea.

my husband has the grossest stains in his underwear. worse than our seven year old son! i can understand a few telltale stains from poo every now and then, or a drop of pee here and there but it's nothing like that.

the underwear he dropped in the hamper after mowing the lawn friday had a yellow stain in the front the size of a baseball. when i first saw them i was slightly relieved as i could see the back of them first and there were no signs of poo.

if it's not one thing, it's another. i am no longer going to deal with washing the stains out though. it's an exercise in futility.

a few days ago when we were all getting ready in the morning, brushing teeth and etc, our son flipped open the hamper lid. unfortunately for my husband, he got an eyeful of a pair of his dirty briefs laying right on top.

he immediately looked right to my husband and said "daddy, you pooped your pants!" LOL... and yes, the stains really were that bad! also, my darling has partially wet his pants during a hiking tour in venezula.

i hope all that embarrassed him into wiping a little better ...and to go pee BEFORE other activities!

to amanda M : i really enjoyed your story!


Sheila...loved your survey. Quite interesting lol.

Mariah...another great pee story. Keep them coming!

hey, cameron, the reason some turds float, and some don`t is the amount of fat in them. the more fat a turd has, the more it floats. but, it also means your body is not absorbing the right amount of fat, from the foods you eat.

and, does any girls out their have any panty pooping stories?.......

To Anon, and Samus: I think you misunderstood the story. The mother isn't upset with her daughter, she's upset with the school for suspending her daughter under the circumstances

To Fil: Whoa! None of us know the whole story, and it's possible that the girl is overreacting to a situation. Her mom does need to get together with the teacher and some level of administration of the school to find out what's going on. If in fact there is an issue of bullying, then the school should definitely address the situation with both the students involved, and their parents. You are correct that every student has the legal right to attend school and be in a safe learning environment. I also think that in this case, it would have been better for the child to go to an adult and ask for help.

Been constipated for about a week,my friends thought I was pregnant!
My stomach was bloated,it felt rock hard.
At 5pm today I got a surging pain to finally open my bowels.
As I was out running on the seafront, I made a dash for the ladies toilets. The toilet bowls are metal and have a very powerful flush.
AS I sat on the toilet and started to push, I felt my butt hole over streching from my hard poo.
The turd was about 10 inches long & the thickest i have ever seen, it fell into the toilet with a loud splash.
I flushed but it did not go away.
I then went into another stall and used that toilet, I dropped a huge load, I think it was caused by the laxative I had taken.
I cleaned up, flushed, watch the toilet fill with water,I quickly left and then continued with my run.

Yesterday morning I was at the sinks in one of the bathrooms at my high school. It was right after homeroom and I had just sat down and had my daily crap. I had probably been in the stall for only like two minutes because I had been holding my crap for about an hour because I have this first hour teacher who doesn't want students to leave the room for anything. Well, I was the first into the stall before the crowds came in, I dropped one piece that was about 18 inches long and very formed, and I was able to clean myself with one wipe. I wipe while seated and I usually reach back and flush with my right hand just as I stand up to pull up my underwear and jeans. What was strange, however, was that there was this unsticking noise as my skin was released from the seat. At the end of 4th hour and before lunch I went in an peed in the same restroom and used a different stall and it didn't happen. Then right after school, I went back in to the restroom, used the stall that I had crapped in earlier, and when I moved myself a little on the seat, because I needed to lean forward and better latch the door because the slider thing hadn't catched, I was again sitting on something like adhesive tape. While I was washing my hands I slowed down and noticed that another girl had gone into the stall and I slowed down because I wanted to talk to her when she came out. Her pee was fast and deliberate and she too was out within less than two minutes. I asked her if she had noticed that the seat was a bit sticky and she said "no!" and seemed to think my question was somewhat strange. Is it just me or do some of the rest of you guys sometimes get this same feeling?

My IBS-C seems to be definetly under control. I'm going to be 23 in June and ever since I was a baby I had constipation problems. It didn't matter how healthy I ate, I just could not go more than a couple times a week. Every 3 days to a week would be normal for me. It didn't matter what laxatives, enema, tea or natural remedy I tried, not much worked.

My mom suggested a few months ago that I try a gluten-free diet and it did work though I had not been tested so I lost nutrients in my body and continued to lose weight.

Now my body's functioning properly all by itself. I've been eating lots of fibre, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, enough iron and protein and making sure to get enough calcium as my body lacks both iron and calcium. I don't use any herbal remedies anymore or laxatives.

I've been going every day, twice a day now because I'm eating properly. I eat fibre cereal like Shredded Wheat in the morning, yogurt with almonds for a morning snack, some form of protein with salad with lunch, fruits and vegetables, etc and some kind of a balanced dinner. I also drink lots of green tea and water, so finally I am feeling much better. I don't feel sick anymore and my pants fit a lot better, even loose on me. And I wasn't fat to begin with :)

To Upset Parent:

Your daughter is not at fault here. You should be supporting her, not punishing her! The school shouldn't have suspended her, either.

The problem is the school is doing what schools so often do of taking the easy course and not dealing with the bullies.

Hello everyone!! I don't know if I told you about this or not, but I'm going to tell it anyway....haha....well, one morning, I was getting ready for work, when I got a call from my boyfriend. He usually doesn't call me this early, because he is at work too, so I was kinda worried because I thought something might be wrong. Well, I answer the phone, and he tells me that he sat down to poop, and realized while he was pooping, that his pants were soaked. He said that he must have not taken his penis out of his pants all the way, and peed in them when he was pooping, so he wanted me to stop by his house and get an extra pair of pants for him. So, I did as he asked and when I arrived at his work, he showed me that the back of his pants were soaked. I loved this so much, just imagining him sitting on the toilet pushing his poo out and realizing that he peed in his pants. I hugged him and kissed him, and told him I loved him so much. I have heard him poop a couple of times this past week, and oh gosh I love it. Everytime he finishes, I hug him and tell him I love him so much and that he is so adorable, and he always says, "why, because I pooped?" I always reply yes. I don't know what it is, but hearing him poop makes me love him so much more. I've been lucky, cause a couple of times, I'll be sitting in my room, and my bathroom is connected to my room, and he will go in there to poop, and leave the door open. I don't stare at him or anything, but I do listen intently...he knows I love it. I love hearing his heavy breathing when he is pushing his load out. Well, anyway, its amazing how something like pooping could make you love someone so much. Happy pooping everyone!

The past few days I have been "weird" in the bowel department. Monday morning when I went before going to work, things were coming out great, then all of a sudden, I couldn't go. I still had a lot in me. But, no matter what I did, I couldn't go! So, I wiped and flushed what had come out and hopped in the shower. I was thinking that it would help like it has before, but nothing. So, after taking a shower and trying again, I got dressed and left for work a while later. Monday evening, I tried again and NOTHING! Yesterday (Tuesday) morning yielded the same exact results. But, when I got home, I stared feeling like I really had to go. Finally I managed to go once I got home and then right before my shower. This morning, I had a hard time getting things moving. I was upset until I looked in the toilet and saw how big they were! There were about 6 turds that were about 6 inches long by 6 or so inches wide! And, I could tell that there was a lot of clear mucus that came out by the looks of things. I sat back on the toilet and tried to push a little more... nothing but a ton of pee came out (more than when I had my morning pee). So, I wiped, flushed and pulled up my boxerbriefs and shorts, washed my hands (I'm sort of a germophobe) and left. Right now, I think I could go again!

To Fil: I read the story about your cousin. That is actually kind of normal for teens to be able to hold in their pee long. Some teens are ebmarrassed to go at school, or just hate the bathrooms, so they train their bladder. Teachers can be strict with not allowing them to go to the bathroom too, which could be one reason for so many teens having a large bladder or even like your cousin--he gets it from his father. One of my classmates had a large bladder--the only downfall is once you have to go, you cannot wait too long. One day, he was hanging out with me and a friend when he had to pee... he decided to hold it in longer but lost the battle... before he could get his penis out, he flooded his boxers and running shorts (those shorts similar to swim shorts that dry easily).

To Upset Parent: As a teacher, I can understand why your daughter is in trouble, but I also understand why she peed outside. No matter what the real situation is, you need to talk to the principal about the bathroom problems. From what you described, the bathrooms need proper attention by the teachers. We have to go to the bathrooms and check in their periodically to make sure that the trouble makers aren't in there causing problems. Yesterday, I had to go in the boys bathroom several times because I could hear boys playing around in the room I was in several times (the teachers really like it when I am in their building for the day because I can go in the boys room without a problem).

Now here is something I never thought of until the other day... what happens if you are in the bathroom when the fire alarm rings? What do you do, especially if you are in the middle of taking a dump? We had a fire alarm (not a fire drill, a pulled alarm) and since I was a non-homeroom teacher that day, I had to check the restrooms in the building. I went in the boys room to get them out and they pretended like they had no idea what the sound was (there was a horn/strobe signal right outside of the door to teh restroom). The girls had been coming out of the bathroom, so no one else had to check that. I am curious on that one!

Phil J
I just got home from the university. I'm on the toilet with my laptop listening to Peter Gabriel with a hot cup of coffee and a lot of poop ready to come out. This is what I live for!

Well I just got home from school a little while ago. After my English class I really had to take a piss. So, I ran into the bathroom and was looking for a stall to use. They were all occupied and no urinals were open either(and by the way our stalls don't have doors) So I saw my friend Travis in one of the stalls already going pee and I was like :

"hey is it alright if I go with you? I have to go bad"

'Sure I don't care'

"Alright thanks man"

So I unzipped my fly, pulled myself out and started to pee into the toilet. It was cool having us both shoot our yellow streams into the toilet together. This wasnt the first time I peed with him but it was the first time we did at school.

Viral video watcher
Has everyone seen the newsreport about the Hungarian Prime Mininster who had to carry one of his young press aids out of a press conference because she had the flu and fainted? The viral video is all over the place. Apparently she had the flu but went ahead with the press conference. She felt bad and tried to leave but fainted and the PM had to carry her out gallantly. People are saying the Prime Minster did a good job to help her.

The reason I post this was because I heard a bit of the press report before I saw it. All I knew is that she had the flu and had to leave and I thought that maybe she was going to vomit or poo. Wouldn't that be awful for her if she had been standing up there desperately holding her cheeks together waiting for the press conference to end before she pooed herself.

The young woman's name is Bernadett Budai and she is supposed to be feeling better now.

I wonder how often it happens that people are in press conferences or at debates or on stage or playing sports and suddenly need to get out before the flu makes them shit their pants. Any celebrities ever owed up to having the urge at the wrong time?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Have any of you over-indulged at a Super Bowl party and as a result had your own pooper bowl party the next day? Please tell us your stories.

i had recently posted a story about a young college professor of mine revealing her urgent need to pee and quickly leaving the classroom. well, today, when i went to that class, she wasn't there. we waited a good 10 minutes and she never showed up. there was no message on the door about her having canceled class, so one girl got on her laptop to check her mail to see if she had e-mailed everyone that class was canceled. nothing. everyone was getting ready to leave when another one of the students came in looking rather amused or intrigued. she stood in the doorway and said "guys i don't think professor ****** is coming to class. my friend had this class a little while ago and said she thinks she wet herself because she urgently left to go to the bathroom and then never came back and there is a BIG puddle on the floor by the girl's bathroom, and she's just gone."

so that was pretty interesting. too bad i didn't get to see it happen. but i think that really sucks for her. i've heard that women need to pee more often when pregnant but i didn't realize it was that bad. are there any women here who have been pregnant and had an accident or a close call?

The Black Flame
Greetings. Marly, wearing diapers will not make you incontinent by itself unless you specifically train your body for a lengthy period of time. As long as you make a point to hold it long enough to be sure you still can, you are fine. What you DO need to worry about is proper skin care, since that is far bigger of a problem. You can look that up if you want, since it's all over the net. Maybe search for "diaper skin care," "diaper rash" or "How to change an adult diaper." I don't want to seem overbaring, but you might want to see a psychologist or counselor about your phobic difficulties. It may or may not help, but it can't hurt and if you have decent insurance it should probably cover it. Please post some stories of your experiences wearing diapers in the office, as both I and many others in the forum are greatly interested to know. Have a good day, and best of luck.
The Black Flame

in my quest to find out why some terds float and others don't. i came accross this site.............mine rarely will float, they will most always sink to the bottom.

anyway, i guess i need to tell a toilet story and boy us texans have tons of those. i just had three weeks of about 9 dumps a day (avg.)diareah. glad thats over, it took me days of eating bread and pizza to stop myself up.

so heres the story, i like to take my dumps in know locations that i feel comfortable in. like my home, shop, etc...places i'm frequently at. so, im out with the guys and i gotta go, so we eat lunch and i knew i'd have to go after that for sure so we head to the shop and i race for the bathroom. it was about a minute of plessure so i open my legs to see what the damage was to find about a 15" terd if not longer. longest one ever. it went down in the hole, snaked strait up and stuck out of the water about an inch and a half and had a slightly pointed head facing the front of the toilet, kinda like a snake looking out of the water.

man was i pround and i dare not flush that so the next guy could get a look at what a man i i wipe and leave the paper on the porcelien up under the seat so it doesn't disterb the snake.

after a few hours go by, a buddy of mine has to go do his business. he opens the bathroom door, turns the light on, lifts the lid and there she was, i was acting like i wasn't watching while i was in the shop and he came out and said, "theres a lock ness monster in the toilet, gee's, im gonna have to use a machete to hack that thing up so i can flush it............oh man it made my day.

i'll have to save my special dump for another was my favorite all time dump and still laugh about it with my friend.

to: erin i reallyed enjoyed your story!


For Marly:

You sound like a competent and respectful young man. But you are shy about using the toilet when anyone is around at work or at home. What is the problem about peeing in either place? Are you very pee shy and can't go when anyone is around? It is nothing to be ashamed about?
When I was in Middle School, High School, and in college I was pee shy otherwise known as bashful bladder, shy bladder, stage fright, etc. The medical and psychological term is paruresis. Look paruresis up in any search engine to find that there is help for this. Meanwhile if it helps to relieve yourself using an adult diaper then that is better than holding a painfully full bladder.

For Anberlin:

It is true that bladders come in all sizes. Some people need to pee every hour. Others can wait for 8 or even 12 hours, going only 2 or 3 times a day. You boyfriend can hold for a long time but is shy about peeing a large amount with a lot of power and noise. Don't kid him about that. If you are both comfortable with one another, why not suggest that sometime you both hold your pee and take a shower together and pee there? Or why not say you would like to keep the bathroom door open when you both pee? Or when one is in the bathroom brushing your teeth or combing your hair and the other one needs to pee, invite him or her in.

But before you do any of the above. Consider that your boyfriend may be pee shy and not be able to pee when anyone is in the bathroom with him. Or maybe his family was very secretive about peeing or pooping and so he is also. If you are curious, then take it one step at a time. Tell him about your family's bathroom habits.Get him to talk about his.

Gent (for Upset parent)
I was appalled to read about your poor daughter. This is, unequivocally, administatively sanctioned Bullying. Your daughter was being bullied and had the wit to do the best she could in the circumstances for which she has been punished by a school administration that's not doing it's job in protecting her in the first place (!!?) Why on earth would you think that the poor kid needs any more punishment? Go into the school, tell them of their failing and demand to know how they will DISCREETLY resolve the situation.
All good luck to you and your daughter, Gent

Upset Parent- I think you should call the mothers of those girls and tell them what their daughters are doing. You should also go to the teacher and the principal and tell them what is going on.

Upset Parent:

The issue is not the suspension of your daughter. The issue is bullying in the bathroom and preventing children from peeing. You should demand a conference with the teacher and the principal of the school together. The ones who are doing the bullying need not only to be suspended but expelled from school altogether. So collect names from your daughter and other children. Every child needs to be able to go to the toilet when they need to. What the bullys are doing is against the law. If you also have a husband, he needs to go with you to the school to meet the teacher and the principal. If you don't get any satisfaction from them go to the superintendent of the school system. Threaten to reveal what is going on in the newspaper. If that doesn't work, get a lawyer to sue the school system for not protecting your daughter and other children.

female survey:

1. age?
2. do you wipe after pee? if no, How often do you typically change your panties?
3. have you ever pee your panties on purpose? explain
4. have you ever pee your bed on purpose or because you are so tired to go to the bathroom? explain
5. have you ever pee in sink?
6. have you ever enjoy in a pee contest?
7. have you ever pee directly on floor on purpose?explain
8. have you ever pee in a pad?

my answer

1. 24
2. no...2 days
3. yes...when i was 18 while i was watched tv, instead to went to bathroom, i peed my panties on my chair.
4. no
5. yes...many times
6. no
7. yes...sometimes, when the bathroom is dirty
8. yes....when i was 17, during my period i tried to pee in my pad....disaster!!!!

thanks bye and please answer

Upset Parent, it sounds as if you need to get the school to investigate the allegations from your daughter. I would also talk to your daughter to make sure that what she is telling you is the truth, and that she's not peeing outside as a dare, or because she is afraid of using the school bathrooms. If what she is telling you is the truth, then you must push the school to take action as every student has the right to feel safe in their education environment. While I can understand you're frustration seeing as you say you used to live on a farm and would just "pop a squat" discreetly when you needed to go, the times have changed drastically. It's one thing to do that somewhere on the farm, but not on the school playground. Discreetly or not, some people would consider her actions as indecent exposure.

To Upset Parent: You just admitted that you grew up on a farm, and when you needed to go would just go discreetly, so I think it would be hypocritical indeed to punish your daughter. Rather, I think that the school is at fault, because I'm seeing that they do little to nothing to prevent bullying, and you should appeal to the school board about having more stalls added, doors put on the stalls, and stricter anti-bullying policies.

After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

~ The White ~
Long time lurker now poster im a 21 year old guy from canada

I've been having a long distance relationship with a 31 year old woman from Washington U.S.A and shes a knockout!!! I've told her all about my desires with women going to the bathroom and shes been very nice about it, she says she would let me see all that if she was comfortable eough with me and as no surprise she takes me into the wsahroom with her when shes on the phone. The other day she was going shopping for groceies and took me with her, she stopped into her work on the way (a local thrift) and went to the bathroom. She peed a little and told me she had to call me back because she need to double check what she needed to get, I figured it was because she needed to poop and was not comfortable letting me hear her little plops and grunts just yet. She phoned back 15mins later and after abit of conversation announced she had to much beer and need the toliet fast!!! turns out my baby had diarreah and wow was i in for a treat. She talked to me inbetween lil soft grunts and I could hear the poop pouring out of her tight juicy ass...god i would have loved to be there.


Hi,glad to read that you enjoy peeing outside.You should do it more.I do it ocasionally and have also pooped outside.Hope you get the chance to try that.Please look on this as encouragement.Here's to outdoor peeing and pooping!Liked your account of peeing in your grandparents garden.Naughty you!Please post again if you have any more outdoor experiences.

dear upset parent to give my personal opion i dont think that you should punish your daughter. i completley understand the situation your daughter was in. i suffered through bulling through most of my school years and eventually u will do anything to avoid being harassed so i dont think u should punish her but have a talk with her about finding alternet methods of dealing with bullies.

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