Since my family moved to our city last year, I was lucky to meet Rosalia. She's my age, we have lots of the same interests and although we go to the same high school, we didn't get to know one another until we met at the mall where I work part-time. One of the interests we share is alt bands. Last Saturday we attended an all-day alt band festival at the city auditorium. There were like 12 bands peforming sets and a radio station was giving out 1/2 price admission coupons at the mall. Me and Rosalia got there about 10 a.m. as the first band was setting up for an 11 a.m. show.

All through the bus ride (we had to transfer buses once) Rosalia talked of her need to shit and how it was becoming more alarmingly important. She comes from a family of four brothers and says it's hard to get bathroom time in the morning. I know that's true because often she has to crap as soon as we reach the door of our school. I envy her because she like drops her jeans and thong and is only seated on the stool for 5 or 10 seconds before she's grabbing for paper and wiping. We always use adjacent stalls when they are available and I can't even compete with her, even when I pee. Well Saturday she made a mistake and forgot to check for toilet paper first. She was like really bummed when she found the roll empty. I handed her some under the stall partition and made a joke about it was nice to know she was human, because I'm in that situation sometimes once a week at school because we are so hurried during passing periods.

Our seats were cold and she said she envied that I was wearing such a heavy sweater and we were talking about where she could find one at the mall. She heard me stop peeing and asked if I was done. I told her my butt was so cold that I was worried that my shit (which was coming ever so slowly) would just plop down on the ice in the bowl. She said that would be interesting and she would be curious to what shit would sound like falling onto ice. We also joked about the steam that would likely rise between my legs. I apologized to Rosalia for the time my crap was taking, but she said she would wait in her stall for me. She started to read some of the graffiti on her door and partition and without thinking I started to do something that I've been doing since getting my class ring in November, and that's taking it off and playing with it. I got a little frustrated after about five minutes, slide myself farther back on the seat, and spread my legs wider while at the same time pushing harder. It worked and within about a half minute I was able to drop several logs, small ones but nevertheless something. I could feel some relief, but I could feel additional ones in waiting.

Rosalia was playing around because she was obviously bored just sitting there and listening to me crap. She put on a deep broadcaster's voice and asked me to describe my "bowl drop". I looked down between my legs to give her a "count" and my ring slipped from my hand, fell onto the front of the bowl, and bounced into the bowl in which I had peed and crapped. I was shocked and immediately started to cry. Once she learned what happened, Rosalia quickly reminded me not to get up because that would cause the flushing sensor to go off. She quickly got her pants up and I let her into my stall. She was so reassuring about me staying seated and not moving. She dropped to her knees, placed her hands on my thighs and immediately was able to see my ring floating atop the bowl of pee and shit. She originally positioned her hand and was preparing to drop it in to grab the ring when I suggested she take a pencil out of my left jacket pocket. She did, but it was so awkward me sitting still, pants down, and her poking between my legs into pee and shit in order to snag the ring. She got it within about a minute and even though my right thigh got wet as she brought it up, I was so thankful to grab it off the soaked pencil.

As she opened the door to the stall to leave, she asked for it and said she would wash it at the sink while I wiped. I don't normally stand to wipe but I didn't mind this time. Of course, the flusher immediately went off and my logs violently disappeared before I could count them. Later, Rosalia told me there were seven. We laughed about how she had remembered to count.

Both she and I took Merrilee's survey. These are our answers:

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet?
D: 4
R: 6

2. Were you alone? With a friend? Parent?
D: Grandma
R: Classmates in all-day kindergarten

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down?
D: Wipe the seat off, especially if there's pee on it.
R: Taught not to make a mess or draw attention to myself.

4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat? Stool overflowing? Person barging in on you?
D: Once while we were at a rest stop in Idaho, the seat was so loose I was afraid of falling in. I was about 7 and mom called me her "drama queen" for the first time.
R: I had several accidents at home because my brothers would leave the seat up.

5. At what age and what type of place were you allowed to go in on your own for the first time withiout parent supervision?
D: Once I started school, although mom would stand outside the stall in really big places like airports until I was like 9.
R: Don't remember.

6. Were there problems created when you were very young, out with a person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in a large place? How did they handle it?
D: My dad at places like a mall would let me go in on my own, but he would stand at the restroom entrance to wait for me to come out. On a couple of occasions, he would stop a woman going in and ask her to check up on me.
R: When I was out with my older brothers, I think they made me use the mens bathrooms a year or two longer than they should have, but one of them would stand in the doorway of the stall to shield me from the other users.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared to a young child of the opposite gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom?
D: I've only babysat one boy and he didn't need to use a public toilet.
R: The 5-year-old I sometimes babysit goes into the ladies room with me.

8. Has an adult every been critical or your actions that are described above?
D: No.
R: No because I asked advice of my mom and his mother first.

TO CHRISTIN: For some people, myself paricularly included, it is difficult to poo on cue. I think you may have to accept the situation and go when and where the need arises. I had the same issue for years when I had to wake up early every work day and my bowels would not function so on my way to the office I would stop off at a building that had ground floor toilets and drop a load then. I would always have a sit before I left for work but only for a couple of use getting frustrated and wasting time.
It is much better to use a public toilet that have an accident or feel very uncomfortable...if you put off going to the toilet too often then constipation ensues. I am a male and a women having a B/M is not a "turn off" is normal and even should be enjoyed.....try looking around for public toilets...Know where they all are etc.

your name (optionaRandom Thoughts From A
Haven't posted much for a while. I usually have the usual sticky poops that never leave me wiped clean even with damp paper towels.

Last night I was sudenly cramping bad at my computer and in maybe an half an hour I was on teh pot twice with close to diarhea attacks and I think that cleared me out for now. Usually after taht I never have the sticky smeary poop having gotten it all out.

BTW I'm a fairly large person>250-260 average and never have any real constipation. I occasionally eat nuts and that keeps me greased up inside so to speak.

Did anybody see the news where a woman accidentally flushed a 7 carat diamond engagement ring down the toilet? FOrtunately it was found okay.

Hi all i wanted to tell a accident story hope you like it. If you don't remember I'm in a wheelchair and can't really poop without help except when i have a accident.

This happened about three weeks ago, I went out to dinner and ate alot and was very stuffed. I decided that starbucks sounded like a nice desert and bought a cinamon dolce latte my fav. I got home and was drinking my coffee and catching up on the post here. I started to feel kinda bad but wasn't really thinking anything, i finished my coffee as i was reading and within two minutes i had a huge urge to poop. I do take laxitives so when i do get help to go i can go completely. Just as i was thinking damn i really wish i could poop right now because i think i need one, i hear a slight fart followed by a very wet squishing sound and i knew that i had just had a accident. I began to get very ht like i usually have when pooping so i figured i wasn't done and continued to read the posts. I read about some lady that was really unloading and i pictured it and felt my stomach knot. I thought about telling my nurse that i had already had gone and still needed to but i really wasn't ready to get out of my chair and clean up and i couldn't smell any yet. I finished reading another long post about a near miss and someone peing themselves but not losing their poop until the toilet, but it was enough time that my stomach wanted to push again. I sat here and closed my eyes and held my breath and I felt and heard myself unload another huge load. I was feeling much better but still wasn't finished but i could no longer hide that i was totally taking a dump sitting here reading. I told my nurse that i had a accident and needed to change. I was on my way back to my room when the cramps started once again. And i was being lifted by my lift and the smell, was horrid. I now was in bed taking off my jeans that were wet and had a small stain. My tighty whities were a total mess as she pulled them off they had little chunks falling out because they were so full. I still felt like i wasn't finished and as she was wiping me up i told her that i thought i needed to go more. She pulled on a glove and rolled me to my left and put her finger up into my hole. She did a small circle and i began to push very hard again and had a another pile of mush. I finally felt done and she began to change my cushion and i was waiting for her i felt a quick hot wave and felt another very sharp cramp. My stomach push again and i was squirting liquid now. I had finished a six second squirt when i had two more short ones. My nurse looked at me and said I'm going to check you again and i was able to realease another puddle. I finally felt good and she said i was empty and i put on new pants and got back up. I did still have a small chunkny dump at my normal 5a.m. That morning. I guess i just really had to go!!


Went to the shopping mall(????) with Ruth this morning, (We bunked off school) Anyhow, all we did was ate and ate, A big breakfast, followed by Burgers at lunch(Ruth ate 2 Big macs with a large shake).Then later on we bought chocolate bars (Ruth ate 2 kingsize snicker bars) washing them down with a large latte drink.
Before we caught the bus we went into the ladies, Ruth said I think I need a poo.
I said to her I hope this isn't going to be like last Saturday nights is it?
She ignored me (with a cheeky look on her face) and locked her self in the stall.
I went in the stall opposite for a wee, and sat and talked to her.
Here we go she said,grunting followed by a very loud duuunk, plop,plop, plop, Splat, splat. After about a minute of continuous logging she said, that felt real good.
The place smelt awful, then someone entered and started gagging and then left.We both started laughing.
She flushed the toilet and said "Ruth the clogger strikes again!"
Having seen Ruth's work last Saturday, I did not want to see her produce again.
She told me that she has suffered from infrequent large bowel movements since she was 11 yrs old.
Her dad insists that she does not poop at home,as he is sick of unclogging.
We then both washed our hands and left for our bus.

I'm so happy =) I've been pooping every day, FINALLY! I am on a regular diet with no constipation issues anymore, and if I do get constipation it's usually only for a day or so.

I've been drinking lots of water, both warm and cold. I've taken a liking to spicy food and garlic which really helps make things "slippery". I eat as much fruits and ???? as I can and I eat Fibre 1 cereal every day. I also try to have a cup of black coffee each day.

The result? Having soft logs 1 to 2 times a day, every day. Spicy food doesn't cause me to have diarrhea. My stomach is not really bloated anymore and not bothered. The only time I get cramps is when I'm on my period or need to poop. No more straining for once!!

Turns out I am not celiac intolerant, just have IBS-C but at the moment it seems to be under control. I've never had a regular pooping schedule before, in my entire life!

Before, and even as a kid I'd go anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks without a poo and I would end up straining until I felt like I would pass out. Tried laxatives, herbal remedies, diet changes, etc.

Now it's nice to be able to manage this without any medication and with some simple changes =)

to brittany: i really enjoyed your story! here;s a future suggestion next time your out at school or in public somewhere and have to use the bathroom dont flush the tiolet and leave it for other people to see! i cant wait to read your next post!

shelly: i really enjoyed your post! keep up the Good work!


Just a short not so excititng post for today. I was at work yesterday and had to poop and pee quite badly. I went into the bathroom and begain to do my thing. A women came rushing in and took the stall next to me. Just a side note, I hate when somone takes the stall right next to you when there are others open. Anyways, I stopped pooping and waited for her to leave. Usually im not shy in the bathroom, but because this was my work I didn't want the customer to hear me poop.
I heard her sit down and she begain to pee. Here's the weird part. Her pee slowly trickled out, making a tinkling sound in the bowl. She must have peed for about 2 minutes, but at the slow pace. It sounded like the very end of a pee. I thought it was strange because I never heard anyone pee like that. She flushed and left without washing her hands. I then finished my poo.

Dear Frustrated Mom,

I am sorry to find out about the situation your daughter is going through. Being someone who never had the motivation to defacate on my own until age 11, I can symphatize with what your daughter is going through.

My advice to you is that the next time you and your daughter are out in public and you feel the urge to defacate, take your daughter to the restroom with you and either choose the handicap stall, if it is available, a restroom with one toilet, or a unisex/family restroom. Ask (politely) your daughter to watch as you go potty. Have a bowel movement and then wipe like your normally would. Alternatively, you may also want to ask your daughter to give you some toilet paper or wipe your rear end after defacating. Before flushing, however, make sure your daughter looks at your feces in the toilet. That way, you can show to your daughter that you were not acting / faking it when having a bowel movement.

(Speaking of which, I am actually having a bowel movement as I am writing this, and I am certainly not acting / faking it).

One thing you probably want to prior to defacation is to put a toilet seat cover over the toilet. Use one if one is avaliable, or your purchase them from drug stores (They are inexpensive, by the way. There are even toilet seat covers that have licensed themes on them). If the toilet has an automatic seat cover, that is even better. Based upon what I have read, I am under the impression your daughter may not want to use a public restroom if she has been told that there are germs in there. Using and teaching your child to properly use a toilet seat cover will protect the both of you from germs while sitting on the toilet.

It may also be ideal if your daughter also has the urge to defacate. If so, have her poop after you, without flushing the toilet. Ask her if she would like any toilet paper and/or wipe her rear end also. Think of it has a potty training exercise.

Bottom line, your daughter may be more motivated to poop on her own in public if she witnesses someone actually doing it in public. Thus, it is best if she actually watches you having a bowel movement. If there are places or situations where the both of you could poop simultaneously. that would be great. Just make sure she is watching you as you are pooping, though.

In addition, make pooping in public something that is fun and exciting. Do not feel that it is like or has to be a chore.

Well, I am going to go. Good luck to both you are your daughter.

Best Wishes,

HI Francesca,Lisa and Hope.Yes i prefer the pee stories too especially the ones about females peeing outside in unusual places.Hope:your right, this site has changed since the early days ,but it's still unique in that people can openly talk about things that others may find gross.Long may it continue and who knows maybe some old posters may return.I wonder what those Lawn Dogs Kids are up to no

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amanda M
Last night I was sitting here checking a few things when I started to get gassy. I kept letting out loud farts that stunk to high heaven. Finally I realized it was time for me to hit the bathroom. The urge came on real strong and I had to go really bad. I quickly logged out of everything and walked quickly up the steps holding my butt cheeks together.I got in the bathroom and turned on the shower. Mom was in her room and it was quiet so incase it was loud I didn't want her to hear it cause I get embarrassed when people hear me plus I had to get in anyway. I pulled down my pants and slammed my butt on the toilet and a bunch of soft poop came rushing out of me. It felt good to get it out. I pushed and even grunted slightly and another small wave of soft poop came out. Finally I felt done I looked in the toilet and the whole bottom was filled and it was starting to come out of the water a little. It stunk really bad too. I wiped and flushed and got in the shower.

I'm not sure if I ever described myself, I always assumed I would never post about me but about my wife. However this time its all about me, so if you don't like male stories look away now. Real quick, I am 22 years old, about 6'3", 165 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes. Now that the description is over let's get to the story.

Earlier today, I was on my way to the radio station to meet with some friends to discuss a new business plan. I had to make a few stops on the way but nothing major. Now from my house the drive is usually about and hour or so and even with th stops I was still looking at only another hour. None of this should have been a problem for me but as we all no nothing ever goes as planned. About half way to the station I started farting some pretty nasty ones into my seat, they were the warm smelly kind that says messy poop. Well everything seemed ok until about 3 miles from my exit, at that point I really started to have to go urgently. I thought all along I would just go when I first got to the station but now it seemed like going at a rest stop was a better plan. As I exited the interstate I turned into the first gas station I saw and pulled up next to the bathrooms. Unfortunately on the outside of the door there was a sign that said "See attendant for Key." Now this concerned me as I was starting to get a turtlehead back there, but nevertheless I went in and waited in line for my chance to get the key. When I finally reached the counter I could feel that my poop was just barely being contained so I quickly asked for the key thinking salvation was near, but once again I was dissappointed when the attendant told me the toilets were out of service. I thanked her and hurried back to the car now extremely worried, as soon as my ass touched the seat I thought I would do it right there but managed to regain my control for the time. I tried to put together a plan for finding a bathroom, could I make it to the radio station, definately not, so I headed a block down the road to the McDonald's. I quickly parked and began walking in my poo just seconds for coming out. When I got to the bathroom I strolled in thinking I had made it, but yet again the fates decided to hurt me, as I grabbed the handle on the lone stall door it wouldn't budge. I heard another man inside pushing out a large dump but sounded like he was pulling of some paper to wipe so I simply leaned on the counter to hold it all in for a few more seconds. My poop was nearly forcing its way out and my hole was exhausted from waiting so long but I knew it couldn't take much longer. Then I heard the man flush and was nearly jumping up and down with excitement, unfortunately after he stood up he turned and began peeing into the toilet, it was then that I just pushed the whole load into my pants and waited for him to leave. Once he was gone I went into the stall and began the clean up process, needless to say I lost a pair of undies today.

Hello. I've been reading this forum for a while but haven't yet posted.
I just thought I would share an experience I had today.
Before lunch at school I went to the bathroom and peed. At lunch I drank a cup of milk and a cup of water. By the time I got home it was about 4:00 and I had to pee. But I still drank 2 more cups of milk (yeah I really like milk) and one of hot chocolate. Drinking the hot chocolate was very weird. Like my bladder was protesting, no don't drink more! I had to pee badly and got a water bottle that I always pee in. But now I had to poo too!
So I went into my bathroom, did several small logs. Then I peed into the water bottle. It had a very strong odor but the weird thing was that I did not even pee 1 cup! maybe I was just really dehydrated? I guess I might have to pee again later.
I've had this interest in pee ever since I was about 6 when I would pee in a plastic cup. I can share some stories from my past if anyone's interested and I hope others will share their pee stories too. I'd love to hear them!


I can't believe I found this site. Its kinda weird but whatever. I found it to see if anyone else my age ever had an accident and I guess they have. So here's my story.

I was 14 and just starting high school and in the marching band. It was summer before freshman year so we were having band camp to lear our marching show and stuff. It was the second day and the first time we were actually out on the field and I didn't know a lot of people or where everything was. Our practice field was a long way from the nearest bathroom at the band room, like a quarter mile or something like that. Anyway we had been out practicing for like three hours that morning and I realy had to pee and poop bad but was scared to ask to go and nervous of being around all these older people I didn't know. Finally it was to the point were I couldn't stand still and my leg was shaking and I was scared I couldn't hold it. The girl behind me was a senior and our section leader and she saw me squirming and asked if I needed to go to the bathroom. I admitted I did and she said just go then, you don't have to wait and hold it, like I was an idiot, so I put my instrument down on the sideline and began walking as fast as I could back to the band room. About halfway there a squirt of pee came out and wet my panties. I was wearing black nylon shorts and wearing normal girl bikini briefs if anyone cares. I tried walking a little faster, almost half jogging, but it only made me feel like I needed to go worse and another squirt of pee came out and this time some dribbled down my leg and my poop was starting to turtle head. I had to slow down and I grabbed my crotch with one hand. Getting closer to the room, but still not too close. Another few steps and more pee dampened my panties and more ran down my thigh and I also had to put my other hand on my butt to keep the poop from coming out and was now worried that there would be a poop mark on my panties. I was panicking - almost to the building, one hand on my crotch, the other on my butt, trying to shuffle as fast as I could and praying nobody on the field was watching but they were pretty far away and probably couldn't see me well anyway. I got almost to the door when my body tensed up and gave a big push that I couldn't hold back and made me stop walking. I felt the turn push my butthole open and push against my panties against my fingers and my body just wouldn't let me stop it. I pulled my hands away and stood there looking down at my feet in the grass as the firm turd quickly exited my anus and piled up in a giant mushy ball in my panties but thankfully was not runny and stayed together in the seat of my panties. Then the pee came and began splashing down my legs, into my shoes, splattering on the grass between my feet. The fabric of the shorts didn't absord any so it just ran down though it did soak my panties. It probably only took 30 seconds but it seemed like forever. I heard a whistle blow on the field behind me and turned to see that the band was done and starting back towards the band room so I hurriend and penguin walked with my full panties inside the building to the bathroom. After I got into a stall and locked it I slid off my running shorts and set hooked them on the hook on the door. My pink panties were dark from the wetness up a few inches of my crotch. I slowly lowered them, feeling the poop fall into them after unsticking from my butt. It was about the size of an apple or orange or something. I dumped the poop into the toilet and surveyed the damage. Wetness was up a few inches in the back and the brown stain was pretty evident but not too bad. I tore off some toilet paper and wiped them out as best I could, wiped off my butt and legs, then I lined the crotch and butt of the panties with toilet paper and pulled them back on because the shorts were too short to go commando so I had to risk it. Since the shorts didn't show any wetness I figured it would be ok. I was just really careful when sitting and tried to stay away from being too close to people in case I smelled, but since everybody was sweaty I think it covered up any smell I had. It was humiliating but thankfully nobody ever found out. Until now, haha.

Christin- the best way to retrain yourself for a new toilet time is as follows- pick the best time for you, you said 8:00, but try just a little earlier for safety's sake. Sit on the toilet, read or text, whatever you do while on the toilet, I know a popular thing for girls is to text on the toilet, but anyway, try pushing lightly, not straining. Don't give up as you won't see immediate results, it may take a while but eventually your body will start to adjust to this, it is amazing what the brain is capable of! Each time try to sit for 10 to 15 minutes, as this is required for retraining your body and brain, but as I said, don't give up. Please try it and let us all know if everything comes out ok (pun intended!)

Heyitspoop, that was a great story about hearing your neighbor taking a dump in the college restroom. It sounded like it was a lenghty show you got to listen to. Was there any smell? I know you mentioned she flushed frequently--was that to cover the noise or the smell?

Francesca, I enjoyed your poop story. Personally, I enjoy these stories more because you almost never hear people talk about taking a dump. However, I'm sure there are a lot of people who enjoy pee stories too.

Shelly, good story about you and your friend, Ann.

Hey guys love all the pee and poop stories. Here's a story from this week. On Monday I had to get a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy done. As such I had to completely empty my bowels out. What the Dr. gives you is a prescrition for 2 bisacodyl tablets to take and a half gallon of halflytley solution. The pills were not to bad, but the stuff I had to drink was nasty (even with the lemon lime flavoring). I started drinking it at 5:00. It wasn't even 20 minutes later that I felt my stomach lurch and tell me go poop now! Luckily I made it to the bowl in time to rip down my pants as a mushy load of poo thundered out my anus. It took several whipes to clean up. By that time it was time to drink another 8 ounce glass of the solution. (You drank 8oz every 10 minutes). I did not even get finished with the next glass when a wave of sticky poo exited my bum and filled my white panties. I was quite mortified and started to cry as I ran to the bathroom. The poop in my panties was so mushy I had to scrape it off with tp and then I threw the undies to the side and put on a new pair. I finished my load and went back to the kitchen to finish the cup of laxitive and made it back to the bathroom. It was there I sat for the next 4 hours or so peeing liquid poo out my but. My mom had to put the laxitive drink in a cooler and bring it to me in the bathroom to drink. Man the next morning I felt so cleaned out I musta lost 3-5 pounds.

Any girls have any accident stories envolving there periods? How about outside bathroom mishaps or more pee desperation stories?

Hi went to a house party last saturday night with my friend Ruth.
We went into the bathroom together, Ruth said she needed a poop real bad. I said go ahead whilst I fix my make up.
She leaned forward grunted and went red in the face, there was no sound for about 20 secsonds, then there was this almighty splash followed by a series of machine gun farts.
She said in a relieved and embarassed voice, sorry, but that was really giving me alot of pain.
She wiped and said "wow look the paper is clean", got up off the toilet and said "look at that!"
I swear on my life I have no idea how such a fat turd came out of her butt, it was huge, too wide for the toilet pipe.
She flushed the toilet which just filled with water, so we made a quick exit and left the party before it was discovered.
We later heard that someone had photographed it and put it on the internet.


I prefer pee stories too! I would appreciate hearing your pee stories, and other poster's pee stories.

To Trekkie: Thank you for your posting. I hope you, Kyle, get to be more mature and sympathetic after this. Believe me, you will be all the happier for it, and your sister will love you more too.

To Ashley (the Ashley who is "getting help"): I'm glad you're getting help and I hope it works. Maybe one day you will actually enjoy relaxing in the loo....who knows? I used to hate it too when I was very very young, I think I told you. And I feel I am in paradise now when I am on the loo unloading my body, tho' not if I have accidents (which virtually never happens).

Actually I don't always enjoy reading about the accidents, and I hate the stories about people who humiliated an accident victim. Please all of you, don't humiliate anyone. I loved the story about someone swimming naked and then going behind a bush to relieve herself on a grand scale. I'd like to do that, but at my age I feel a bit nervous about it. Actually I do it when I get a chance; but either not totally naked, or in private, or with my partner. Sadly, when she poos in my company, only her bottom is naked.

But keep the stories coming everyone. Different people like to read different things! And thank you all. I'll be back too!


I have been reading some old posts and found that there were much more pee stories and that posters were more tight knit. Everyone seemed like one big family who responded and gave shout outs to each other. Is there anyone that posts now that posted back when this site first went up? Can you please talk about some of the differences between then and now? I really enjoyed Beccas and Cute Lindas posts. Are either of you still out there? Cute Linda I really liked to read about the relationship you have with your cousin. It reminds me of the one I have with my brother. If you still read this site, I would love to swap stories.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit constipated this week, although I've been eating lots of healthy food. I had a really hard time on the toilet today. I only managed to drop a small load on Monday night and then on Tuesday (yesterday) I didn't go at all. When I got up this morning, I could feel a big load inside me but I wasn't even going to attempt to push it out before work. I felt uncomfortable at work, having a big, hard load inside me and I could feel it moving down all day. I got home at about 4.30 and I went straight to the toilet. I sat down and did a wee. Then I really had to push and strain hard to get the first log out. It stretched my anus and it felt huge!! Then I strained even harder and another big log slowly eased its way out. It was as big as the first log. Then I spent about 10 minutes pushing out several smaller logs. Even though they were small, I still had to push and strain. It took about 20 minutes to get the whole load out. I felt finished and it was so satisfying! My anus had been stretched and it felt good. I can feel more poo developing so hopefully, I can drop another load before bed.

To Keith D: How many days were you constipated for, before doing that big poo outside at Xmas time?? Did you get any butt phlegm or liquid poo after pushing out that huge load?

I know the feeling you are describing, it feels so great after pushing out a big poo!! For me, it feels even better when I can get the entire load out in 1 sitting. I love the feeling of my anus getting stretched to its maximum by a huge poo. I also love the relief I get after straining for a long time and finally getting the poo out. This often happens when I'm pushing the last of my poo out - there is often 1 log that gets stuck in my anus and it takes lots of effort to get it out.

Just wanted to say that Christy and Jessica L had some great stories! I would love to hear more from you!

Interesting time last night. I was on my period and wearing this giant maxi pad when I went to bed. I had to pee but not that bad. So I thought I would just pee and the pad would absorb it. Well bad idea! I peed a lot more than I thought I would and it soaked through the pad, my underwear, and made a spot on the sheet. I had to wash everything the next day.

super sophie
I walked into the public toilets and saw there were 3 cubicles. I walked into the middle one and locked the door. I pulled my white knickers to me knees and lifted my tennis skirt before sitting down. I were sat there, with my knickers around my knees when I heard somebody walk in and take the stall next to me. I heard her lift her dress and slide down her knickers. There was a pause before she started peeing, it sounded really powerful and I were slightly impressed. She stopped after a minute and there was silence again. I pushed and my pee started shooting out, sort of a spray. After ten seconds it sorted itself out and I were peeing like normal. I was timing it on my watch and I discovered I peed for 2 minutes and 48 seconds. She giggled and said you must have drank the river or something to pee for that time. We got chatting, asking how we both were and things when she said "I may be quiet now, I really got to push." I heard her grunting and then she let out a sigh. She stood up and I saw her knickers hit the floor, they were a lovely pink. She sat down again and I saw her feet pushing really hard against the floor, she let out another sigh and asked me to come into her stall, she was having issues. I wiped, pulled up my knickers and walked to her stall. She let me in and I locked the door behind me. When I turned around, I saw a cute blonde, same age as me sat on the pot with her pink knickers on the floor. Her face was really red and I could tell she had been straining. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she simply asked me to hold her hands and let her squeeze them. I agreed and she started pushing her feet to the floor again. She leant forward then slowly hovered above the seat. I could see it coming out (I'm taller than her so I could see her ass when she bent over) and she started groaning/screaming. She paused, caught her breath, and then started pushing again. It fell with a splash and she pushed one last time, liquid shit shot out of her spraying the seat and lid of the toilet, she apologised for making me experience all the mess she had made. I were running late so I told her it was ok and left her to clear up.

totally tania
Hello everybody, My name is Tania and my girlfriend Sophie (super sophie) introduced me to this site. I am a tall blonde, rather slim with a large chest. I would like to tell you a story that happened a few days ago at the city centre. It was a normal day and me and sophie were shopping again. I told her that I needed the toilet but could hold it, so we continued to shop. After about an hour or so my need to relieve myself had become urgent. I spotted a bench a little up the road and I told Sophie I were going to sit on it and pee off the end. I sat down, lowered my knickers at the back and began to go. Sophie sat down against a building opposite the bench and I could see up her skirt, she must've known. 30 seconds passed by and I were still weeing when I noticed Sophie's pink knickers getting wet (she wears pink as much as possible.) I continued to watch and I could see them going a very dark colour. She acted like nothing was happening and a puddle began to form around where she was sitting. I finished my pee but hers was going like a good 'un. A golden river trickled from underneath her and down the slope to where the bench is. Sophie got up again and sat next to me, her ass hanging off the edge. She must have stopped her pee because she started the instant she sat down. A short time passed and she stopped weeing, I looked at her to see if she was ready to go but she wasn't, she turned red and started to strain. I loud crackling sound could be heard coming from her direction and I saw a bulge develop at her ass, she paused, giggled and then pushed again, another crackling sound was heard and she let out a sigh. I looked and could see a huge pile of crap in the seat of her pants. She got up again and began walking home, I followed her and kept asking her why she did it. Her only reply was I really needed to go, and it hurts for me to hold it.

Karen's brother Dick
As my twin sister Karen explained on page 1674, we share a house and Karen has a baby daughter Emma by her ex-boyfriend Mike. Last year our parents bought a holiday cottage in the picturesque Dordogne region of France. They suggested that for our 26th birthday last year, Karen and I could go to the cottage for a week's holiday together while they would look after baby Emma.

We took a budget flight to France, picked up a hire car and drove to the cottage. The next evening I took Karen out for a birthday treat at a nice restaurant in a 17th-century fortified town nearby. It was a beautiful hill top location high above the river where we had a romantic candle-lit meal with local delicacies like truffles and a bottle of fine French wine. I was driving so I only drank one small glass of wine. Karen thought that it was a pity to waste the fine wine so she drank the rest of the bottle.

When we got back to the cottage, Karen was rather drunk so she went to bed and soon fell asleep. It reminded me of the time when we were 18 that I wrote about on page 1622 when I cared for Karen after she had too much to drink. I lay awake for an hour or two but Karen was sleeping very soundly after all that wine. I heard her stomach churning and she burped. Then I heard her fart quietly and a smell of diarrhea came wafting up under the duvet. I woke her and asked her if she needed to go to the toilet. She said that she needed to poo urgently and she was feeling sick. Karen was very sleepy and a bit unsteady on her feet so I helped her to get to the bathroom. She wasn't wearing any panties and on the way she dropped some soft poo onto the bedroom floor. I sat her on the toilet just in time as more soft poo poured out of her bum. While she was sitting on the toilet, she was sick all over the bathroom floor. I gave her a glass of water to drink, wiped her bum and then helped her back to bed. Before going back to bed, I cleared up her sick from the bathroom floor and her poo from the bedroom floor. Fortunately, both were hard floors, not carpet.

The next morning, I left Karen to sleep late and then Mum phoned. I told her that Karen was still asleep as she had too much to drink last night and she had an upset stomach and had been sick in the night. Mum asked me to look after Karen and said that there was a pack of Andrews Salts in the bathroom cabinet at the cottage. She advised me to give Karen a dose to settle her stomach. When Karen woke up, I offered her an antacid dose. She said that it made her stomach feel better and after breakfast, she took another dose. I told her that two antacid doses equal one laxative dose and after the runny poo that she had done in the night, she didn't need a laxative. Karen felt that clearing everything out of her system would make her feel better and she also wanted to get out for some fresh air. She didn't want to visit a town or a château in case she needed to run to the toilet urgently so she preferred to be outdoors where she could go behind a bush.

We went hiking along a scenic trail high above the river. Karen's stomach was making a lot of gurgling noises and she was burping. She said that she didn't feel sick any more but she was really bursting for a poo and she couldn't wait. The path was on a steep hillside and it was too steep to climb up or down to go behind a bush, Karen just dropped her jeans and panties and did her diarrhea onto the ground right by the trail. Then I got the toilet roll out of my backpack and wiped her bum for her. At this point, a French couple walked past on the path and smiled.

At lunchtime, we were passing through a village and Karen needed to do another urgent poo so we went to the mixed public toilets together and took two squatting stalls next to each other. We chatted while we squatted and Karen did a noisy and loose poo. She heard me grunting and trying to poo without success. "It sounds like you've got the opposite problem to me", she said. Then she asked me when I last did a poo. I admitted that it was before we left England. Then we washed our hands before going to the boulangerie/patisserie to buy some delicious fresh baguettes and coffee éclairs for lunch. About an hour later, Karen said that her lunch was going straight through her system. We sat on a fallen tree trunk in the woods and she pulled her jeans and panties down a little way and sat on the log with her bum overhanging. Then she squirted diarrhea onto the ground and I wiped her bum tenderly.

That evening, Mum phoned Karen and they talked about bowels - Karen's, baby Emma's and mine! Karen told Mum that her bowels had been very loose all day but her brother hadn't opened his bowels since we left home! Mum told Karen to look after me and give me a good laxative dose of Andrews salts. I told Karen that I didn't want to take it early in the evening in case it made me poo in the night. Then I prepared a nice romantic candle-lit dinner with wine for Karen and myself. Afterwards, we cuddled up together but Karen's stomach was still making noises and she said that her dinner would all come out of the other end soon. She's such a romantic girl at times! Soon, she went and sat on the toilet and I went with her. Karen did some runny poo and she sat on the toilet for the rest of the evening to make sure that all her poo was out before going to bed. We chatted and from time to time, Karen grunted and a little more runny poo trickled out. Before going to bed, Karen mixed a maximum laxative dose of Andrews salts for me and told me that I must drink it and she would report the result to Mum!

The next morning, I was sitting on the toilet while Karen was in the shower. Before I flushed, she came to inspect and she saw that I hadn't done a poo. "Maybe later", I said. That morning it was raining and Karen suggested that we visit some 'gouffres' or underground caves. The guided tour lasted an hour and there was no way to leave the tour and nowhere to go to the toilet. While we were in the caves, an urgent need to poo suddenly hit me. I whispered to Karen that the laxative was working and I couldn't hold my poo. She laughed and said I should have taken the laxative earlier yesterday evening. It was a good thing I put a several layers of paper kitchen towel inside my boxer shorts before we left the cottage as I needed to poo into it. As soon as we got out of the caves, I dashed to the toilet and Karen waited for me.

These were my favourite type of French toilettes, with 'hole in the floor' squat toilets shared by men and women. There were two rows of stalls facing each other with gaps under the stall doors. Then a French woman in her 30s came in and took the stall opposite me. By crouching down and looking out under the door of my stall, I could see her squatting down. Then she farted loudly and I saw a load of loose poo coming out of her bum. I spent too long enjoying the views and eventually Karen came to see if I was OK. She looked under the door of my stall and caught me looking out under the door. This brought back memories of the time that Karen wrote about on page 1657 when we were 15 and she caught me doing the same thing at a camp site in France.

It was still raining so we drove back to the cottage and I asked Karen to drive. On the way, I asked Karen to stop the car, as I needed a poo. We were on a narrow winding road through a gorge and there was nowhere to stop safely. About 5 minutes later, just as my poo was starting to come out, Karen stopped the car at a parking place by the side of the road where I jumped out and ran behind a bush. I didn't have time to find the toilet roll in the car so when I had finished, I called out to Karen for help. She brought the toilet roll and she also wiped my bum for me.

When we got back to the cottage, Mum phoned Karen again and asked her if her brother had opened his bowels today. Karen laughed and said that Richard had followed Mum's advice, it made him open his bowels while we were in the caves but he couldn't get to the toilet in time so he did it in his pants! That's one downside of mixed public toilets in France; they allowed my sister to find out that I was constipated and then she told my mother!

About 10 years ago my dad worked for the government, but his hours got cut and he had to support both me (I was 9 at the time) and my sister who was 7. Our mom had taken off and we didn't see her for years. So Dad took evening and weekend work as a mystery shopper. He would take us to mall shops and restaurants and all types of businesses where we would get merchandise and food for free and dad would fill out a form about the sales people, displays, how hot the food was, condition of bathrooms, and about 20 other things. It was a great way to spend time and we got some really nice things. Well, one night we had just eaten at the mall food court and dad was filling out the form on his clipboard when my sister said he had eaten a couple tacos too many and had to crap immediately. He had eaten some sort of Greek dish and said he too had to crap. So the three of us walked to the main entrance to the mall and off to the side there was a long hallway leading to the restrooms. I had been using them for years and enjoyed going in with dad because they had these small urinals that were like a foot or so off the floor and it made me feel good to be able to stand there and pee
like a bigger guy and without standing next to dad and having to stand on my toes to get my penis onto the urinal bowl. Even then, it was hard for me to aim high enough to get my urine flow over and in the bowl. Dad thought my efforts were amusing, although he didn't like seeing my penis resting on the bowl. I guess I didn't understand it then, but I do now.

Well, we got to the bathrooms and dad told Trisha to go in and do her thing and that we would meet her in the hallway right by the ladies room door when we were done. Then he walked in front of me, opened the door to the mens room, quickly took the first of about a dozen stalls and he slammed and latched the door as fast as I've ever seen done. Within 5 seconds I saw his jeans and boxers drop and he was on the seat and exploding some of the largest farts I've ever heard. Within 5 seconds I could hear some loud splashes in the water and then he stood up, sat back down and I could hear a sigh of relief as he dropped his largest log. I heard the toilet paper roll move and then there was curse. "Lance," he said, "bring me a roll a paper ... I need a whole ****** roll. I had only infrequently heard him cuss like that, but it took me about 2 or 3 minutes in I think it was about 4 stalls before I figured how to snap the roll off the dispenser. When he opened the door to take it, I noticed the really uncool polka dotted boxers that were at his shoe level and the fact that he was sitting on the toilet like a person sits in an easy chair. His butt was all the way back and his back seemed like it might have been brushing up against the flusher. I had never seen a person sitting back that far and I knew I certainly wouldn't be comfortable that far back. Anyway, he used the whole roll and asked me to hand him a couple more sheets. I asked him how long it had been since he had shit, and he said about a week. That figures, I guess.

When dad and I got back into the hallway Trisha was not done yet. She came out about 5 minutes later and was still adjusting her shorts when she told us about her shit. It, too, was large by a 7 year old's imagination, I guess, and she said there were 3 rolls of toilet paper in her stall plus a machine that dropped down those tissue seat covers which she thinks are dumb. Dad made note of her finds in his report and then we all went back to the food court for an ice cream cone. Again, it was free and we got to put together another report. Later, I had to go in and pee. That was largely uneventful but dad noticed that 6 or about 10 urinals had not been flushed and that two were clogged and running over. More information for his report.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am sitting on the toilet as I am writing this, preparing to have a bowel movement. I just had dinner consisting of pepperoni pizza and some Freshen's frozen yogurt with Thrive. With that in mind, I am confident that my defacation will be successful. Furthermore, I am sitting on a toilet of higher height, which I like as I feel more comfortable as I move my bowels.

I push to get my bowel movement started. It takes a few pushes for me to expel the stool from my anus. Apparently, the stool was runny and soft.

Well, I am going to go wipe. I hope you ave a great day.

hi, i posted previously as "not a morning person".

Francesca: thanks for your concern, however my sleep pattern aside, i don't think you understood the reason for why i dropped the's not because it was 9 am and that caused me to poop my pants, its because i don't want to face any of those people again! as i said, that class is only offered in the morning so i will have to take it again anyway, i just don't want to be around those people anymore who saw my accident. if you read my post, you'll see that i did "suck it up" and decide to take the AM class, in fact i believe i even used those words. and i didn't mean that my accident was caused directly by getting up early, but because my BM's are pretty regular and the school schedule just totally didn't coincide with my bathroom schedule an i got caught in a bad spot. sorry if i sound defensive it just seemed like you really missed the point of my story and i just feel kinda bad that i went through that and shared it here to try and cope and you critcized me about it. and just for the record i worked on night crew in a supermarket for the past year and i just left that job less than 2 months ago which is why i have such an unusual sleep pattern so i don't exactly find it "ridiculous" anyway, sorry.

but moving on, i just wanted to follow up about the aftermath of my incident. so i did drop that class because i don't want to be around any of those people again..that is just way too embarassing. luckily its a large campus so i don't see the same people a whole lot and they probably won't recognize me.. i think one guy that saw it is in another class of mine though, but it's just one guy so i'm just gonna try not to think about it and not worry. i'm just hoping he's not going to tell other people about it lol. but i was thinking that if i'm gonna be taking that class in the morning in the future i'll need to be able to go poop earlier in the day so that i can go before that class! i'm not really sure how to go about doing that so i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on how to like, adjust my schedule because i'm very regular and i tend to go later in the morning than around 8 o clock, which is when i'd have to. the few times i've tried to make myself go at that time i haven't had any luck. any advice?

I did another major poop today, this time at the mall with my friend Ann. I went with her while our boyfriends stayed at home and played with the XBox 360 all day.

I was trying to find some new music to check out when I felt my lunch descend and my rectum filling up. I told Ann that I had to poop, and to her luck, she had to poop too, so we made our way towards the ladies room.

As I told her that I owed her, I decided to get in the same stall as her. She didn't have to go as much as I did, so I proceeded to take off my white belt, pull off my pants and thong, and sit on the toilet with my ass facing her. I asked her "Are you ready?". She said "yes ma'am, now let's get this show going!". I started off with a small pee, and then my anus opened up to let out a turd. It was about 4 inches long. Then a second turd crept out of me. Ann said "damn, you really had to go", and I grunted "mhm!". God, that turd felt good to squeeze out of my little butt. It was about 10 inches and its odor was evident but not too strong. I ripped a fart and then a 5 incher came out to close the show. I wiped my butt, but before I attempted to flush, Ann fiddled with her pants, pulled them and her thong to her ankles, and sat on the toilet, although she faced me. While I was putting my thong, I heard a flump sound when her first log hit mine. It was darker in color than my load and about 9 inches. Then a second one came, this one about 5 inches. She wiped, threw the paper on our mess, and we exited the noxious stall after we got dressed again. This was a fun experience and we opt to do this again whenever we get the chance. :)

Nothing exciting has happened since I last posted so here are some of the strange places I've peed.

In a cat litter box when my sister was in the bathroom and I couldn't hold it long enough to wait for her.
On a puppy training pad, which is like a flat square thing made out of material similar to a diaper. It's normally used for puppies who aren't quite housebroken to pee on.
In my pants in an ambulance after my school bus got in an accident when I was 7. I wasn't hurt but they insisted on taking me in to be checked out anyway. Before we reached the hospital I needed to go but they didn't have a bedpan or anything for me to use so the paramedic, who was a woman, told me to just pee my pants.
In a bucket, through my swimsuit while on a boat.
In my little sister's training potty when I was 7, because my mom was on the regular toilet and I couldn't wait. I took my pants and underwear off and stood over it, because I was too big to sit on it. A little bit got on the floor but most of it made it into the potty.

Not so strange but I also pee in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool when I need to go.

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