Ashley M.
Hi everyone. I'm Ashley and I'm 14. I posted a few months ago about having some pretty bad and embarrassing problems. Basically I just have a phobia about going into the bathroom. Well I thought I'd post again now that I finally have something positive to report. I meant to do it a little earlier but I didn't have a computer for a few weeks. Anyway I wish I could say I was brave enough to get help but unfortunately I let things get bad enough that I couldn't hide it anymore. I let my fear grow until I ended up rarely using the toilet and it caused some accidents at very bad times. I was able to hide almost all of my accidents so nobody thought it was too serious of a problem until recently.

After the last time I wrote things kept getting a little worse all the time. I couldn't build up the courage to ask for help or to help myself so all I could really do was try and keep it a secret. Eventually I started getting tired of holding it all the time and I was afraid it might do some damage to hold it like that, so I started just giving up and going in my pants. Obviously that wasn't very fun but I just kept telling myself I'd fix it soon. Unfortunately that kept going for a little while.

Then a little over a month ago things started to get a little more out of control. It was the weekend and I was holding my pee all day. My family went out for supper that night and while I was sitting in the restaurant. I couldn't wait anymore and peed my pants under the table. I don't think anybody saw it and I sat there for probably half an hour before we left. I know a few people must've noticed then but I was too embarrassed to look at anyone else. I was trailing behind so my parents didn't notice until we got home. I tried to sneak in the door but they saw me and that's when they started get suspicious. They hadn't seen me have an accident for a while because I was getting better at hiding it, but now I knew they were getting worried again, like they were when they'd seen me have a couple accidents a few months earlier.

Only a few days later at school, our class was working in the library on a project and I had to pee and poop really bad. I had been holding my poo for a few days so my stomach really hurt. Whenever my stomach would cramp up and try to push it out, it was painful to hold it back. School was almost over so I tried to wait but suddenly it started to hurt really bad and I couldn't take it. I could barely stand straight up or walk so even if I could build up the courage to go to the bathroom I didn't think I would make it. Definitely not without being noticed. I couldn't wait anymore so I just panicked and ran to a corner of the library and tried to hide behind a bookshelf. I squatted down and right away my stomach tensed up and basically started pushing by itself. I remember realizing where I was and what I was doing but it was too late to stop. I just squatted there scared to death until I pushed all of the poop into my pants. I managed not to pee but I wasn't really thinking about that. That was the most terrified I've ever been in my life but I knew I couldn't stay there. I quickly moved to a nearby row of computers that were fairly isolated from everyone. Not having a choice I quickly lowered myself onto my mess and sat at the computer pretending to work. Every time somebody walked by I tensed up knowing they could probably smell my accident. I still had to pee really badly and I just hoped I could make it until the end of the day and somehow get out of the building without being discovered I still had a long time to go. I tried to wait but I couldn't hold it long enough and I knew I was going to pee my pants. I knew there was no way out so I thought I might as well get it over with. So I just stayed in the seat and started going. Suddenly a teacher came up beside me and asked me if I had an accident. Somebody that walked by probably told her about it, but I didn't care how she knew at that point, as soon as she asked me that I just went numb. I said no right away but I had just started peeing and when the pee started dripping off the chair there was obviously no other way to explain it other than I was peeing my pants. As usual when I'm caught having an accident I just can't handle it and I went numb. I can barely remember anything. Just sitting there for a minute, then being helped to the nurse's office or something, I'm not even sure. Then I remember being in a bathroom to clean up. I was too afraid to try and flush the poop down because I thought it might be too big so I threw it in the garbage and put a bunch of paper towels over it. Then I got out of the building as fast as I could wearing my gym sweats. I remember getting home and laying in my bed too shocked to even cry. It might make sense that that would scare me into using the bathroom but it didn't, it just made it even worse like every accident does and I ended up wetting myself again in my room later that night. I skipped the next day of school which was Friday and just wished the weekend would last forever.

Anyway I had to go back eventually and unfortunately I ended up having a few really bad accidents after that but I'll have to write another time. Once my parents found out I'd had a couple more accidents then they knew there was obviously something wrong. They weren't mad about it which was almost worse at the time because I was so humiliated that they were trying to talk to me about it. I tried to say nothing was wrong for a while but now that they were keeping a closer eye on me I think they started to realize I was doing this pretty often. Finally I admitted to it and they took me to a doctor and I'm in the process of "getting help". I'm still having accidents pretty frequently but I know this is just the beginning of trying to get better. It's actually harder now to either go to the bathroom or go in my pants because my parents have a closer eye on me now. Overall I feel much better though now that its not a secret and I can actually get help with it. It's going to take a long time to get better but I feel like I'm ready to put more trust into other people for help.

Anyway I just wanted to update this and tell somebody about everything. Thanks for reading!

Punk Rock Girl
Hey you guuuuyyyys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy, plus a healthier diet has made my bowel misadventures less and less frequent. I've been having pretty normal solid dumps for the last few months. Been pretty nice. Plus, I have the day off!

I got caught without toilet paper for the first time in a long time last week. I was at work when I felt the need to take a dump creep up on me. I went into the unisex on my floor and entered my favorite stall (the middle one), pulled my skirt up and my tights and thong down and sat on the toilet.

I took a relatively normal crap, though it got a little mushy toward the end, leaving a lot of sticky shit stuck between my buns. I reached down for some TP and discovered there was none. Great! I'm wearing a thong, there's no TP and my ass is crammed with shit. I stood up, peeked out the stall door to make sure I was still along. I flushed the toilet and quickly rushed to the stall to the left, with my bare ass on display.

I reached down and discovered the paper dispenser was empty in that stall as well! "Shit," I yelled. Again, I made sure no one had come in and rushed to the far right stall. And again, an empty paper dispenser. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if I were wearing pants, I could have pulled them up clenched my buns and went and got some napkins or something. But with a skirt and a thong? That makes things a little trickier.

Finally, I decided to swallow my pride and ask for help. I pulled my skirt over my behind exited the bathroom with my thong and tights around my thighs and stuck my head out into the hallway, hoping someone I was friendly with would see me. One of my buddies was making copies and I got his attention.

"Can you go grab me some tissues or napkins. The bathroom's all out of toilet paper?"

He laughed and walked to his desk and handed me a box of Kleenex. I said, "Thanks, you saved my ass." I went back in the bathroom, back to my stall and wiped my ass. All the moving around had caused the chunk of shit stuck between my buns to get nice and squished, so it took quite a few wipes and a couple of flushes to do the job.

Later, I found out that the maintenance guy had forgotten to order more TP from our office supply company and didn't know we'd run out in the bathroom until earlier that morning. He had run out to get some himself just a few minutes prior to my ass touching the toilet seat!

He keeps the bathroom squeaky clean. Never any pee on the seats (even though guys use the same bathroom), never any garbage on the floor. Always shiny and clean-smelling. I've never felt the need to put TP on the seat. We don't have seat covers or I would have just wiped my ass with those. I think I can forgive him this rare oversight! It all turned out okay.



Last night me and my girlfriend did some drinking, things progressed to make this story allowable I'll cut to the chase in the morning I woke up wearing her panties... only problem was that I had pooped in them, she was not happy.

Hi all. I've mentioned before that I don't much care for poop stories, those dealing with pee are much more my thing. However, I have noticed most people on this forum prefer poop stories, and since I don't want to be that one person who posts things no one wants to read, I will tell you all something that happened to me today.
I work the early 430am to 10am shift at a healthclub. Usually my bowels and bladder aren't awake that early, so I rarely go to the bathroom while at work. However, when I get off at 10, I rush straight home and have a nice bm and piss before school.
Today I was extra tired so I drank a lot of coffee during my shift. Coffee never has an effect on my bladder, but does make me have to poop quite eargently. I kinda had to go when I got off, but was in a rush because of an earlier starting class I have, so I decided to just hold it and pick up lunch on the way home to save time.
There was a lot of traffic on the way home, and I kept farting a lot. Big, loud, smelly farts. I could feel my poop turtle heading it. I kept squeezing my butt cheeks to keep it in. I also had to pee very badly at this point. Everytime I tried to hold my poop in, I would almost lose control of my bladder.
I finally got home and raced up the stairs. I had to jump around while looking for my keys and almost had an accident right in the hallway. I found my keys, threw my stuff on the couch and raced into my bathroom. I had my pants halfway down when I remembered I was out of tp. I pulled up my pants(a little pee shot into my panties) and ran into my roomates bathroom. I was tempted to use her toilet but knew she was going to be home soon(I also noticed she hadent flushed and a couple wads of paper sat in the golden yellow water.) I wrapped a bunch of tp around my hand and raced back into my bathroom. I sat down and before I had even lowered myself all the way onto the toilet pee wizzed out of me. Luckliy it went straight into the toilet. I peed for about 20 seconds and begain pooping at the same time. My poop was soft and I didn't have to push at all to get it out.
I remember reading a random old post about a girl who ate a lot of poppy seeds and could feel them coming out as she pooped. I had the same sensation except with beans. I have been eating a lot of bean soup lately and I could feel whole black beans drop out of my anus and into the bowl. It tickeled and felt quit nice.
I finished going after about 1 minute and wiped. I had grabbed a lot of tp on purpose hoping to have some for later, but it took it all to wipe my sticky butt clean. The smell was awful, like rotting milk, and the whole bowl was filled. I washed my hands and exited the bathroom.
Well that's my story. Tell me how you liked it.

The recent references to children not wanting to poop at school or having unexplained accidents reminded me of my own childhood.
Our school toilets were terrible and I never had a shit in them. I would rather sit in class with bad stomach pains and risk browning my underpants than do it there. It was also about being seen by other boys with your clothes down because the locks on the doors didn't work very often.
Mum used to tell me off for having skidmarked undies but in Junior school I cant remember having a full blown accident.
What I do remember was being on a day camp with the Boy Scouts and being desperate to empty my bowels. It was so bad that I was turtle heading and knew that an accident was iminent. I could tell it was a firm log - thank goodness - and so I moved away from the group I was with and stood behind some bushes.
Then I gradually did a little bit into the seat of my white cotton y-fronts (underpants) and then I let it drop out of my underwear by pulling the leg seam of my underpants away from my leg. I had baggy khaki shorts on so it just fell to the ground. I did this several times until I was comfortable.
I did mess my pants up quite badly but it was better than walking round with undies full of poo. Spending the rest of the day in dirty unserwear was a real turn on but it didn't attract attention.

Hello. I've been reading this forum for a while but haven't yet posted.
I just thought I would share an experience I had today.
Before lunch at school I went to the bathroom and peed. At lunch I drank a cup of milk and a cup of water. By the time I got home it was about 4:00 and I had to pee. But I still drank 2 more cups of milk (yeah I really like milk) and one of hot chocolate. Drinking the hot chocolate was very weird. Like my bladder was protesting, no don't drink more! I had to pee badly and got a water bottle that I always pee in. But now I had to poo too!
So I went into my bathroom, did several small logs. Then I peed into the water bottle. It had a very strong odor but the weird thing was that I did not even pee 1 cup! maybe I was just really dehydrated? I guess I might have to pee again later.
I've had this interest in pee ever since I was about 6 when I would pee in a plastic cup. I can share some stories from my past if anyone's interested and I hope others will share their pee stories too. I'd love to hear them!


The Black Flame
Greetings. Thanks to those who have thus far responded to my four mini-stories. They weren't actual accidents per se, though I have a few accident memories that are shared below.
As I said in my previous post, my toilet training was rather prolonged and difficult. I did not care for the toilet at all, and had no interest in the transition from diapers to underwear. It didn't matter to me either way. We were at a friend's house wwhen I was about three, and I said I had to poop. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but I ended up not being able to hold it and loading my sweats with a large, semi-solid mass the consistancy of lumpy mashed potatoes. I believe my mother was trying to convince me to use the toilet at the time, but I was for some reason refusing. Anyway, at that point my pour mother gave up and put me in one of their daughter's diapers, which I believe I used on the long drive home.
I wet the bed until I was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus when I was 8 years old. I often wished that I could wear diapers, because I thought that waking up in a wet diaper would be far more comfortable and less time consuming than waking up with soaking wet and cold sheets, pajamas and often blankets. Of course, I was never stupid enough to mention this to my parents, but they did threaten me with them a few times. (They tried every solution known, and some not known, to get me to stop, but it never worked until I was put on DDAVP.) I did get to try my diaper theory out one time, as explained below.
My cousin is severely brain damaged and is therefore incontinent. (She is about six months younger than me.) Once, when I was seven or eight, my aunt came over, and as usual her daughter was with her. Late that night, long after the two of them had left, I went downstairs for a midnight snack. Along with the snack, I found two of my cousin's youth diapers laying on one of the chairs when I sat down. Figuring that they would not be missed, I took them and decided to try my theory. That night, before bed, I put one on under my pajamas. Though a bit snug, it did fit. When I woke up the next morning, the diaper was soaked and cold, but it had done its job and saved me from one soaked night. Of course, I ended up getting caught, but that's another story for another time. Have a great day, and please keep the pee and diaper stories coming.
The black Flame

Gillian, long time no see. Any new adventures?

to jessica: i really enjoyed your story! thats so cool that u left the stall unflushed. i always do this when using the bathroom in public. i cant wait to read your next post.


Hey, I'm new here, but LOKI told me about this site...

TO KYLE: Is your sister sick? If not, it seems odd she's never had this problem until now. Maybe she's doing it on purpose for attention, or maybe she enjoys it, but doesn't enjoy others knowing about it. Or maybe its all an act to get a reaction. Could be anything. Another possibility---is there a chance she has an eating disorder? Some bulimics take lots of laxatives to make them poop more to lose weight faster, and after abusing them for so long, no longer have any control of their poop. Try to talk her into seeing a doctor or therapist.

TO FRANCESCA: I agree with you. Yes, it sucks Julie wasn't allowed to use the employee bathroom, but its not the associate's fault the owner didn't have a customer bathroom built. Also, if the manager has strict rules about customers in the employees only areas then the lady might have lost her job if she allowed it. Julie could have at least peed outside in the parkinglot, sheilded by a car door....If she had been caught peeing in the fitting room, she could have been arrested for vandalism.

And now my own story. A few months ago, I went to a concert. It was inside and there was a huge crowd. I needed to pee really bad. But the bathrooms were impossible to get to, even for guys! So....I wet my pants. I was wearing tight leather pants, boots and a trenchcoat, so it wasn't obvious at all. I felt like I'd never stop peeing. But the pee stayed in my pants, didn't soak through and ran down my leg in to my boot. When I got home, it was terrible, I'm pretty sure piss isn't good for leather. My boot was full and my foot was so gross. I had to throw out the boots b/c I couldn't get the smell out. But the pants cleaned up ok and at least I didn't miss any of the show!

Every morning I go out for a mile run and then run back to the house. When I first started this routine, I noticed the running jump started my bowels and I really had to poop after the mile. Being caught without a bathroom anywhere in sight, I did what was, at that time, unthinkable to me - I pooped outside.

I looked around for something that would at least give me some cover from anybody who happened to pass by. I found an area with tall grass and a huge tree I could go behind. What follows is the story of the first day I started this routine.

I took off my jogging shorts and panties, and squatted behind the tree, being careful not to fall. In no time at all, I was pushing out a firm turd. It touched the ground and snapped off, but I still felt more. I pushed some more and pushed out another turd that did the same. I had nothing to wipe with, but I just put my shorts and panties on and ran back home. I immediately hopped in the shower and washed off, even though I'd showered before I left the house too.

The next day, I passed it off as a coincidence and went running again. Again, I ended up with no bathrooms in sight, but this time, I took a different route, so I didn't even have the tree to go behind. I just had to squat behind a bush and hope nobody came by. Nobody did, but I still didn't have anything to wipe with.

By the third day, I'd figured out that unless I wanted to only run half a mile and then turn around, I'd be doing this every day. That time I took a roll of toilet paper with me and put it in my backpack, along with my regular water bottles. I took a slightly different route, but I purposely ended up in the same basic area. I went to to the tree, an did what I had to do. By then, I was actually starting to enjoy the experience. To this day, a few months later, I still have this routine, five days a week I go out and run, poop outside by the tree, and run back home.

But today, I encountered a factor I hadn't counted on when I began this. I woke up feeling a little queasy, but I didn't worry about it. I sometimes feel bad when I first get up, then I run and I feel much better. Today, I was running, and I did feel a little bit better, but I still wasn't up to par. I thought about turning back, but I kept going.

By the time I got to the tree, I really felt bad. I had to go now, and in the worst way possible. I ripped of my shorts and panties, squatted behind the tree and braced myself for the worst. First a little liquid poop, and then a few juicy farts and some chunky semi-solid crap. I alternated between liquid and semi-solid chunks for a bit. And then out of nowhere, a huge fart and then a little solid turd. A juicy fart and a little more liquid, and I felt done. I wiped up, using probably more than half the roll.

I still felt a little sick to the stomach, but better after that nasty dump. I walked back home, drinking water as I went. I crawled back into bed and just called in sick to work, figuring it wouldn't get any better. I've been to the toilet with bad diarrhea every few hours all throughout the day. And speaking of which, I need to go now, so I'll submit the post.

i've read here off and on for a while and have never gotten the courage to post anything, but after reading cynthia's post i decided to i am a 16 year old female..

Have you ever had an accident (pee or poop)?- Yes, both (at the same time).
Where were you when it happened and who, if anyone, witnessed it?- I was on a class trip to washington, DC in 8th grade, with the rest of my class. i was in a group with 6 other classmates and 2 chaperones who all saw.
How did you deal with the incident? Did you just move on or did it have any life-altering consquences?- i didn't go to school for a few days afterward and i wasn't as social when i went back but i eventually got over it.

Here's the more detailed story. we took chartered busses to DC which as like 3 hours away. i kind of had to poop but there was no way i was gonna go on the bus. i didn't want to be the one to stink up or clog the bathroom on the bus plus everybody is right there and would know i was doing that, so i just peed on the bus. then in DC we were doing a lot of things, we went to the holocaust museum first and then did a tour of the capitol and lincoln memorial, etc. anyway i never really found a good moment to use the bathroom while in the museum and my urge to poop was getting worse and worse, so i knew i'd need to find time to go soon. after the holocaust museum we went to lunch in a food court. this would be the perfect chance. i decided to have my lunch first then i would go to the ladies room for some relief. but when we got done eating, as i was on my way to find the bathroom, one of the teachers told everyone to finish up because we were leaving in 5 minutes. i got so mad! i wouldn't have enough time to poop. i debated with myself real quick of going and trying to go real fast but i knew i wouldn't be able to and i didn't want to get left behind, so i just clenched my butt and prayed i'd get another chance soon. we got to the capitol and were waiting outside to start our tour, when all hell broke loose. a major pressure was in my butt and i felt like my load was pushing to come out. i was in a panic! i decided i'd have to tell a chaperone about my embarrassing emergency and hopefully they'd let me go find a bathroom, but it was too late. before i knew it, a big, soft turd slid out of my butt and formed a big bulge in my pants. i stood frozen, then pooped some more. at that point there is just nothing left to do. i didn't even realize it was happening because i was so devastated about pooping m pants, but when i eventually looked down my pants were soaked from peeing too. i just kept telling myself it was a dream. not only was i in public and with my classmates, but i was over 3 hours from home and just crapped and peed my pants at the age of 14! it was all i could do to stay calm. i quickly tied my jacket around my waist to cover my butt so people wouldn't see the bulge in my pants but it was still really obvious that i wet myself. i then had to tell my group chaperone and she told me to start heading over to the busses and she told one of the teachers. by then a lot of students were looking at me and starting to the word was out. as i walked back toward the bus i started crying. i was so embarrassed. when the chaperone, one of my group mate's mom's, got there, she asked me what happened and i just told her i didn't get a chance to go at lunch and i couldn't hold it anymore. she seemed really shocked but she was really nice and trying to help. the only thing was she didn't realize that i pooped myself too until she smelled it and said "..did you go #2 also?". then she told me that she was gonna have to take me to a store to buy clean clothes because i couldn't go home that way. i didn't want to go anywhere obviously so she told me to go in the bus bathroom to clean up the best i can while she got my some underwear and pants in a nearby store. the only problem was i couldn't get on the bus because the bus driver wasn't there. so i wound up having to go into a burger king to clean up in their bathroom and have more strangers see me with a load in my wet pants. i got into a stall in the bathroom and peeled my jeans down to my knees. they were so wet they were clinging to my legs and butt so it was tough. but i got them down far enough to be able to empty the poop out of my panties. luckily it was solid enough that it stayed all in one big mass and fell right out of my panties into the toilet..i thoroughly wiped my butt and legs with toilet paper and tried to wipe out the inside of my panties. then i waited for the chaperone to get back. when she got in she handed me a shopping bag over the stall and inside was a pair of plain white panties and some dark blue stretchy sweat pants along with some sanitary wipes. i said thanks and took off my wet dirty clothes and cleaned up better before putting on the new stuff. she told me to put my dirty underwear and jeans in the plastic bag to bring home but i just buried them in the trashcan in the bathroom there, didn't want to carry wet poopy underwear around...she understood. i thanked her profusely for helping me get cleaned up and i felt a little better for a few minutes, before i remembered i'd have to see everyone again. the group had gotten started the tour without us, but she tracked down a teacher to make some arrangements. two of the teachers had followed the 3 chartered busses in a car, and they agreed for one of them to take me home early in the car, so that's what we did. it was really awkward because it was a teacher i didn't have so i didn't know him well, and he had to leave the trip early to take me home because i had an accident... the whole thing was really awkward and embarrassing and i felt bad for making him have to leave the trip, but he just reassured me that he'd been there plenty of times so it was ok. he was a nice teacher, i wouldn't mind having had him while i was in 8th grade but i never did. we got back to the school and my mom picked me up there, and she was sympathetic to the whole thing. she made me write thank you notes to the teacher and the chaperone for everything they did for me. i still couldn't bring myself to go to school for the next 2 days though. sure enough, the entire class knew i pooped my pants despite my best efforts to hide it. i was hoping i had gotten away with everyone just thinking i peed myself, but i guess it doesn't matter. anyway, when i eventually went back to school i was pretty humble and and wasn't quite as sociable as before, naturally. no one teased me much, thankfully. there were some jerks that blatantly laughed at me when they saw me that day but that was really the extent of it..i'm sure people talked behind me back though. in the lunch line i heard a kid say to another kid "thats the girl that shit her pants". that made me really self conscious, but like anything else, i got over it. when i started high school the next year there were a lot more kids from other schools so i got kind of a second chance with kids who didn't know about my accident.

anyway, that's my story.

Keith D
Hi Linda from Australia! Yes, that certainly was a difficult poop I had outside after Xmas. It took quite a while to push out. I think I was squatting nearly 10 minutes. My legs were starting to go numb! I was even worried that I might lose my balance. It was the hardest poop I had taken in a long time. My gut muscles were straining and it just wouldn't budge. And it felt so hot - a real liquid burning sensation right at my anus even though it was a hard log. I was starting to worry about how long I was taking because I hadn't walked far from the trail and was worried someone might come along. At one stage I could hear voices in the distance but was determined to get that log out because I did not want to give up again.

It was worth it though. And the biggest logs are always the most rewarding. When my hole finally opened enough for the tip to poke out, the stretching feeling was quite exquisite. Do you know that sudden feeling of relaxation of your sphincter muscles as they are forced to expand? It's a great release. And then the big hard knobbly log slowly massaged the muscles on its way through. After all that straining and clenching it was great to have them relax. It's an indescribable feeling with many sensations. I guess that really big poops also massage the prostate gland on their way out which adds to the feeling. I don't know if women get a similar sensation though. And the feeling of relief afterwards - the burning, deep relief as my sphincter contracted, dilated contracted over and over as it settled down.

Big poops are so rewarding!

To Jeff,
Somebody you know had an accident in her pants and asked you to not tell anybody. You said this was not the first time you saw her in t-shirt and panties but you were not uncomfortable about that. Were you uncomfortale when it happened the first time? The only thing you can do now is go back to Rob's house and pretent everything is normal until things are normal again. Do not avoid her or avoid talking to her, just pretent you never saw her that morning.

I'm 16, and as many of you know from my previous postings, I am one of the busiest babysitters in my school. Even if I get a cancelation, many times later that day I'll get another call. Although I've been babysitting for nearly 5 years, it seems in the past few months, I've been getting some new kids and some "strange" issues. For example, Friday I got a call on my cell at school from the grandmother of a girl I had not sat for before. Both grandma and her daughter had to immediately fly to the coast because of a family medical emergency that evening after school. Since neither of them had a car available, they asked me to pick up Belinda, who is 9, at her grade school, and then to drive them to the airport. When Belinda and got to her house, grandma and her mom were ready for the airport and we just barely beat the rush hour on the interstate. Luckily, their flight was starting to board, so we didn't have to wait for boarding.

Right after the goodbyes were said, I told Belinda I needed to find a restroom before we got the car out of the parking lot because I had been holding a two-day crap since 3rd hour (I was too busy to ask to use the bathroom and my three afternoon teachers are mean and sarcastic about missing class--especially on Fridays when we have a test!) Well, we found the restroom sign in the terminal were were leaving and as soon as we cleared the entryway, it looked like each of the 30-some toilets in two rows was taken and there was a line forming. I remember several years ago in such a situation when I was really in "pain", if you know what I mean, my mom would take my hand and walk me down past the entire line of toilets and back looking at each stall and gently pushing on the door, because sometimes they appear to be locked and in-use and they're not. I remember mom calls such finds "treasures" and it worked for me too. Belinda asked if she could come in with me and I said that was OK but that my craps are smelly and she might want to turn toward the door. I pulled my jeans and underwear down and seated myself and started with a steady pee stream. Belinda remarked how fast I got it started--something I guess I've never stopped to think about. Then I briefly stood up and repositioned myself with my knees spread wide for my crap. I could feel it, but knew it would be large and hard to get out since I had not gone for three days (and even that crap was interrupted because some girl threw the door open on me because the lock was broken off). What worried me, when I moved my legs I found the seat was very loose and shaky--so much so that I looked in back to make sure it was still on the hinge. While I was pushing to various degrees to get my crap out, Belinda asked what my favorite color of toilet seat was. I was like I don't give a damn, I just sit down and it keeps me from having an accident in my pants. She said they have white seats at her school, and she prefers those, or even the blue seats at her mom's office building, but that she won't sit down on black seats. I told her that such a decision was not wise, because like we were going to be hitting the rush hour traffic and when I got done, she should pee because it might be up to an hour before we got to her house. I went to wipe, but there was very little toilet paper left on the roll. I know I should have checked first. Belinda went out to get some for me from another stall and came back with only enough for like two wipes. I decided to make do with it and then stop with her closer to the main entrance and parking garage where I could finish cleaning myself and she could pee.

When we got there we were like three back in the line. The wait was like 5 minutes, but once the stall came available, I told Belinda to take it and pee. She opened the door, took one look at the black seat and said she didn't like the black seat. My response was like what alternative do we have? The older lady standing right behind us smiled and asked where we were headed. I said the parking garage. She suggested that we stop at the Conference Center meeting area on our way out. Sure enough, she was right. Belinda immediately sat down and peed (I was sure lucky I insisted on it because we got stuck in the weekend traffic and she most surely would have had an accident) and then when she finished I sat down and finished wiping.

Am I wrong to not caring what color of toilet seat I sit on when I'm away from home?

Here below are my responses to Merrilee's survey:

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet? I was 3.

2. Were you alone? With a friend or parent? I was with a babysitter.

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down. My babysitter would
wipe it off first before I sat down but she would insist that I not
place my hands over the front of it (a bad habit I didn't break for

4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Stool overflowing? Person barging in on you? I was scared about
locking the door, so other did come in and some were rude.

5. At what age and at what type of place were you allowed to go in on
your own without parental supervision? Age 5 at restaurants; 8 at
amusement parks, etc.

6. Were their problems created when you were very young and out with a
person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in
a large place? How did they handle it? I only remember once when I
was spending a weekend with my uncle. We were at the fireworks at a
large city-wide park and he took me into the mens room with the
doorless stalls and I had to crap. I was like 5 but he helped out by
standing in the doorway to give me privacy. I just remember there was
pee all over the seat. It was gross.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom?
I try to find a small, single-stall bathroom for them to use at like
a Burger King or convenience store.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?
No ... I guess I've been lucky.

Sunshine, I'm impressed at your candor, and openess (?) about your situation as well as how relaxed you are about it around others. That's so awesome! I do have one recommendation for you however, and that is that when you wake up during the night and either need to go, or realize that you have just gone, it's important that you get up and go use the toilet. Even if you don't need to go anymore, getting up, going into the bathroom and doing your business as if you had to go, will help train your brain to get you up early enough so that you don't wet the bed. I know it's not fun to get up during the night, especially in the winter time when you're all snuggled under the covers and nice and warm, but eventually, it will become second nature to you to the point where you will still be half asleep and will then get back into bed and fall right back to sleep.

Kyle: This is extremely humiliating for your sister (put yourself in her shoes). The best thing you can do for her is be a big brother. Yes, the whole idea of pooping either in your bed, or in a diaper is quite unappealing as I'm sure it is to her as well. Depending on what your relationship is with your parents, you may or may not want to suggest to them that she needs to see a doctor as it's not normal for a normal healthy teenager to be moving their bowels in their sleep. I'm sure that she understands that it's not exactly appealing to anyone else either. Support her and be there for her if she want's to talk (maybe even encourage/invite her to do so), but don't pity, or baby her as that's the last thing she wants. You're fairly close to her in age, so think about what you would want her to do if the tables were turned.

This is to Kyle: You yourself have said that she is terribly upset about this, and cannot help it - you yourself call these things "obvious." Seems pretty clear, then, that getting angry with her and "flipping out" about it can serve no purpose but to make her - someone who has a terribly embarrassing problem and whose own family, who *should* be the ones who most care for and understand her, treating her like she's doing it on purpose just to piss them off. How horrible this must be, to have this problem, to be treated this way, to be alone in it with literally *no one around her* doing anything but hurting her more for having this problem that she already feels bad about... I can't imagine how horrible that must be, but I'd wager *she* can think of nothing else.

*She* isn't gross. She is a person with a *problem* that's gross, that she's helpless to do anything about, whose family has become a source of pain likely greater than her problem itself, who feels everything you'd feel if you were in her situation, and who could really, *really* use someone to be there for her.

Anything you might have ever said that sounds like blaming, like 'how gross,' 'how could you do this again,' etc? Apologize for it, tell her you understand that this is involuntary and really sucks for her (understatement of the century, I'm pretty sure.) If you're just too, *too* grossed out when faced with it (like, dirty clothes, etc.) you have the option of saying *nothing.* Take that option. I know it's gross to you - but she didn't ask for this, and you know better than I do that she's in hell right now. So no "flipping out," ever again. No ridiculing or 'how gross' or anything like that ever again.

As in ever. Period. No matter what. Because it's not her fault. You can only make her pain - already extreme - worse. Don't you think this is on her mind 24/7? Don't you know she's got to be worrying if this is ever going to end, if any of her friends will remain with her, if the way she's being treated by others because of this will ever stop? Don't you know she's alone in the worst situation she's ever been in, and will likely ever be in? (And your intial post seems to have answered that one well enough.)

You have the power to help her with this - or to make it even more miserable. And if you wanted *that,* if you didn't care for her, you wouldn't be here.

And if you dare, stand between her and your parents' wrath, as well. It may not be easy, may make them angry with you, but hearing someone stand up for her would go a long way toward helping her. Tell her what you already know - that it's not her fault, and as miserable as this is making her, she'd have stopped long ago if she could just try harder. Suggest seeking medical attention, if that hasn't been done yet. If they never, ever listen, that's unfortunate, but it's about showing your sister that someone's on her side. I don't know how you are with your parents, but if you're like I was with mine when I was in high school, you've talked back, yelled at them, more than once. Well, if you can talk back over things like school, priveleges, or just being rubbed the wrong way by something they said or did... if you've ever gone up against them for anything that's *not* all-important in the grand scheme of things... do no less to be there for someone you love.

And show her this board, where she can talk to people who won't be grossed out by it, and get advice and sympathy. (Just allow enough time for the post with you calling her gross and talking about how weird and disgusting it is - something she does *not* need to hear, I'm sure - to get submerged a few pages back.)

great story Jeff

anyone else have any other stories involving their friend's mothers ?

would love to hear them all

Hi, I'm new to this site and I enjoy reading everyone's posts. Cynthia, we're practically neighbors, I live in NJ. Brian- when you mentioned about bathroom scenes in Family Guy, it jogged my memory of one I thought was funny. It was a mock of The Flintstones and Peter was at Barney Rubble's house, Barney was in the bathroom and Peter was outside the door and said "Barney, you almost done?" then the scene changes to inside the bathroom, Barney was still on the toilet- the toilet was a bird, not sure of the breed but the one with a deep mouth like a toilet bowl, the bird's mouth open simulating the toilet lid up. Barney then hops up, and after he leaves the room, the bird mutters "and you think you got a crap job". I just thought I would bring that one up. You can really appreciate it if you've seen the Flintstones. I will post about some of my bathroom accidents in future posts.

not enough porta-potties at inauguration...

If you do a search with keywords, "porta-potties inauguration Depends," you will get a list of articles about people who will wear Depends... There won't be enough porta-potties for everyone.

Jeff- I wouldn't let this incident prevent you from going over to Robs house. Everyone has accidents and his moms no different. I think the awkward, innapropriate part of the story is what she was wearing and how she walked in on you in the bathroom. And the fact you've seen her in only a tshirt and panties before. Anyways if Rob is your friend, it isn't fair to him that you don't want to hang out with him anymore due to the actions of his mother, something he knows nothing about. She obviously felt comfortable confiding in you, and I would just get over it and return to your life.
Kyle- you sound like a sweet, sesitive guy for caring about your sister like that. I think the way your parents handled it is wrong. She shouldn't be made to wear diapers. They won't fix the problem. She isn't doing in on purpose and maybe has an actual medical problem, especially if this isn't typical for her. Don't laugh at her, she sounds like she's having a hard time with this. Have you asked her what's wrong? I would just sit down with her and have a heart to heart. Good luck and keep us posted.
Sunshine- Welcome! You sound like an intelligent girl with amazing friends and its good to have you here. Im glad you don't let your accidents get the best of you. It sounds like you have an underdeveloped bladder that you'll grow out of. Please keep posting more stories.

I'm back for more. This story takes place last week at school(I'm in college). Ok, so when I got to class I really felt the need to poo, and had to hold it in the whole 2 hours of class. When class was done, I quickly made my way to the restrooms, and the bathroom was actually empty, which was surprising. It's usually full. Anyway, so I entered the first stall, and plopped down on the toilet. I peed for about 30 seconds, and then got into my pooping postition (legs spread, and toes pressed against the floor, holding my foot at an angle, and slightly hunched forward). I began pushing, and my hole immediately opened up wide, as I felt a thick turd start slowly sliding out, it was a very noisy turd, crackling very loudly as it slid out. I was watching in between my legs as this turd kept growing. It was coming out slowly, and my eyes were very watery. After a minute, it finally broke off and made a very loud kerfloomp. I let out a sigh, and rolled off some toilet paper to blow my nose, and as I was blowing my nose, my hole opened wide again, and another large turd started slowly crackling out. This one was quite a bit wider, and had my hole painfully stretched to the max, and I had to do a great deal of hard pushing, and finally after a minute and a half, it made a loud kerfloomp. I wasn't quite sure if I was done or not so continued to sit there pushing every little bit, and then I heard two girls come into the bathroom, and they were carrying on a conversation. One of the girls entered the stall next to me, and was continuing talking to the other girl who was standing at the sinks. She pulled her pants and panties down to the floor, and plopped down, and peed for like a minute straight, and then she stayed put on the toilet, but was still talking as well, but then a few seconds later, she paused in the middle of what she was saying, and was quiet for about 15 seconds, and then she let out a sigh, and she said,"I'm gonna have to finish what I was saying when I'm done. I just realized that I have to poop." Then she moved her legs farther apart, and I heard her take a deep breath, and then hold it, and 20 seconds later, I heard a crackling noise, and then 20 seconds later, a loud kerfloomp, then she took another breath and held it, and 40 seconds later, I heard another loud crackling noise, and followed by a loud kerfloomp 30 seconds later. I could hear her heavy breathing and her pushing and straining noises, but I could tell she was trying to be quiet about it. A minute later, I heard another loud crackling noise, and 2o seconds later a loud kerfloomp followed by plop, plop, plop, plop, plop.......then more pushing and straining, and another light stream of pee, along with a loud crackling and 30 seconds later a loud kerfloomp. Then there was a minute of pushing and straining, and then a plop, plop, plop, plop, a slight pause, then a loud crackling, then a kerfloomp, immediately followed by another crackling and another really loud kerfloomp, then plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, and then there was a pause in between all the noises. I could hear her still pushing but she was really trying to be quiet about it all, but wasn't doing a very good job. 2 minutes passed by with her still pushing and then a loud kerfloomp, plop, plop, plop, plop....a loud crackling, and 45 seconds later a loud kerfloomp. Finally she let out a big sigh of relief, and said, "Wow. I haven't pooped in 4 days, and didn't expect it all to come out at the same time, but wow, that was refreshing." I forgot to add a detail into the story. Every few turds, she would flush the toilet. Now, onto the wiping. The turds must have been pretty firm, because she only wiped 3 times with all that poop. Then she flushed, and left the stall and washed her hands, and then she began the conversation right off where she had stopped. I had been finished up for quiet awhile, but was enjoying the show, so decided to stay. I wiped up a couple of times, and mine wouldn't flush down, because one of the turds I had pooped out was very wide and was clogging the hole. I then left the stall, washed my hands, and left the bathroom feeling quite satisfied. Hope you all enjoyed!! keep the pooping stories coming, I love the detailed ones!!

hi I am just wondering if any of you women out there have peed while wearing a maxi-pad. It would be great if you could tell the story about what happened. I really enjoy reading about those kind of experiences.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not a morning person- im sorry about your accident. That mustve been very uncomfortable. However I think you need to just suck it up and take the morning class. 9AM isn't that early at all and waking up at noon each day is just ridiculous. Your body will get used to waking up "early" and you will get on track. You obviously can poop in the morning and I don't think your one case of the runs were due to getting up. I would stick it out a couple days if I were you. Good luck

to gamer - interesting story, if u have others please share them

To Frustrated Mom -

I too have a daughter having what seem to me to be intentional accidents. I do have some theories: the most obvious to me seems that she is doing them for attention. I am a working mom, and often she has accidents immediately after we get home from the babysitters. I'm wondering if she does that so I devote extra time from her after not being around all day, because on the weekends she never has accidents. I'm wondering if your daughter could be doing that too, as a cry for attention? A trip to the doctor would probably be a good idea too, just in case there is a medical explanation.

I was searching the web looking for a place to talk about this thing with my sister who is so gross. Her name is Olivia she is 15 and a sophmore in high shcool i am a senior at high shcool. So about 2 weeks ago I went into her room one morning before school, I had to get up early to go to extra help with one of my teachers so i go to tell her im going early if she wants a ride to school or she would have to take the bus. So I walk in and there is this awful smell. I look over at her and the blankets are kind of kicked off to the side and shes sleeping with these light blue pajamas on and there is this big brown stain on them. She wakes up and starts freaking out yelling at me to get out while she is crying. So i get out and now my moms up after hearing her and asked whats wrong so i told her Oliva pooped herself in bed. So she goes and gets my dad who is all upset now because he thinks its wrong for a 15 year old child to have an accident. Nothing more is mentioned than 3 days later i get home from school earlier than her because i have off last period so im sitting on the couch watching tv and she walks by with this bag, and again there is this horrible smell. So she goes outside with it to the side of the house and puts it in the trash i was curious so i went after she left to check it out and sure enough there was her purple pajama pants with this big brown stain again and im like gross are you kidding me how do you do this again. So later that night i hear my mom talking to her telling her she needs to stop and if it happens again shes going to have to wear diapers to sleep. So about 5 days pass and nothing is going on so i get home and nobody is there and in the kitchen are a couple of cvs bags so i go to look to see what my mom got. So i look in the bag and there is a package of adult diapers and girls goodnites. I couldnt believe it. I go and check her room and sure enough all the sheets are off the bed and there is a big brown stain on her matress which wasnt there after the previous ones. So later that night im in the kitchen getting a snack and my sister walks by with her pajamas on and she goes to the fridge and bends down and her butt just looks really big and puffy and sure enough sticking out of the top of her pants was like a part of the plastic she kind of sees me noticing and quickly jumps covers up her butt and runs away crying. The next morning i wake up and there in the bathroom garbage is the diaper all dirty and i start flipping out telling her to hide that better and of course she starts crying. So that day im home for lunch like 5th period and my door opens which never happens because my moms at work i hear her talking so i go see what happens there is my sister in tears and she totally messed herself in school. I just couldnt help but laugh a little i felt so bad for her though. There she is a sophmore in high school and she has pooped herself atleast 5 times the past 2 weeks. This has never happened to her before. What should i do i dont know how to react or if i should try to help. Its just so disgusting and weird if you ask me its ovbiously not on purpose because of how upsets she gets. Shes been wearing the diapers every night so i dont really know if shes done it more. It would be great to hear others opinions thanks Kyle.

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