Hi Everyone, colleen here again.
Well it has been a few weeks since I last posted, and boy have I had some wonderful outdoor shits with my friend jasmin. It all started in december when I needed a good shit in the litter bin, It was the first time I had crapped outside. Anyway I now hold onto my shit for several days so that I can have a good outdoor session along with jasmin. I am 25 years old, tall and slim, and look like julia -------.
so my dad says. Anyway I found out my boyfriend of 3 years was having secret liasons with another girl that I know, so I quickly dumped him.
I felt really humiliated about it when Jasmin said when did you have your bowels last emptied, I said 2 days ago what has that got to do with it. She replied well with me it was 3 days ago and I really need to go, I got a little excited about this and I asked where should we do it. So she said I know just the place as she was grabbing her car keys. As we was driving along she asked If I still had a key to Gregs flat, he was my boyfriend. looking in my bag I found his door key, great yelled Jasmin thats the place to do more dumping. We arrived outside Gregs flat and it was in darkness, he is out said Jasmin. I said I know, he has gone to Bulgaria skiing for a week. We let ourselves into Gregs flat and I was a bit curious as to what idea Jasmin had, Clutching her bum cheeks she headed to the bathroom, I heard her undo her belt and pull her jeans down, she then called out are you coming to watch. I entered the bathroom and Jasmin was sitting on the wash basin her anus was crackling at this point, I put the toilet lid down so I could sit and watch jasmin have this huge dump. I then saw her cute little anus open and she started to log out this huge thick turd which was very smooth how that passed out of her bum I do not know, It coiled itself into the wash basin as it skidded down the sides, her arse was still crackling for another one to start sliding out, this girl has the perfect shit, big fat and smooth but no smell hardly, watching her slide these large logs out was giving me the urge to go. after 10 minutes Jasmin said she was finished but because she was sitting on the wash basin she could not let go of the sides to wipe, she said can you do the paperwork for me, Glad to I said. I started to wipe her backside and carefully cleaning her hole really gave me a thrill, by now I also wanted a shit. I threw the paper into the toilet and flushed it. Jasmin said that will be a nice surprise for when he gets back, I said are you leaving your turds their, yes why not he shit on you so now its pay back time we shit on him. Eagerly I asked where should I go, do it in a drawer said jasmin, I told her she was evil but what a good idea. I then started to pull my jeans down and Jasmin removed a drawer from his wall unit, it contained a few nick nacks and letters, I squated over this drawer and proceeded to start my log pushing, like Jasmins they were firm, my anus was fairly full so I knew their would be alot of logs. Jasmin was chuckling as my anus was crackling it was hilarious. I laid about 7 long logs and felt really pleased with my creation Jasmin tenderly wiped my bum before she stuck a finger up my hole and said she was giving it a good clean out, I pulled up my jeans replaced the drawer and left the flat, Greg has been back several days now but has said nothing at all I would loved to have seen his face. so my next boyfriend better beware.

me and my girlfriend had been to a supermarked last Sunday. After being there for around 1 hour, she whispered me, quite anxious: "Babe, I need to use the bathroom". She is participating in a creation of a movie who is being showed every day at peak times, so although she only is 17, she is pretty well known. So I quite guessed she wouldn't want to use the public WC. So I whispered her: "Can you hold it till we get home?" "No, I haven't been for 3 days". Anyway, she agreed to try and go to the shop's WC but she left 15 seconds after saying:" A girl recognised me, so I pretended to be washing my hands".
As her face was getting pale and she started sweating, we quickly went out and I decided to bring her to my place, since it was not far away and there was no one at home. She agreed, however we got stuck in a traffic jam at downtown. So it actually took us 1 hour to get home. As we did, she was covering her bottom with her hands saying: "I can't hold it anymore", so I carried her to the bathroom. Fortunately

Zoe squats
Hello! I am Zoe (obviously!). For many years I squat when having a BM, not only in public toilets but also at home. These are my answers to Anonymous's poll:
- It was my own idea to start squatting on the toilet, and a great one!
- Usually I squat for about 5 minutes, except when I am constipated (which luckily rarely happens), when I can be up to 15 minutes. At that point my legs start to hurt and if there have been no results I quit.
- I squat on the rim of the toilet seat, and then I get down and squat in front of the toilet to wipe.
- I have no children, neither the idea to have them in the close future, but if some day I become a mother I will surely teach them to squat :)
I hope there are more answers to this poll, and also from boys :))))

The Keebler Kid
HI I am a 19 year old male with an 18 year old girlfriend, I lurked on this sight on and off for the past 3 years and have posted a couple times under different names, but now I think I will finally have a constant flow of material.

I have always been inexplicably attracted to chicks using the restroom, and i have had a few encounters; but just recently I found out that my girlfriend of 4 months may also be into toilet fun.

The first time she walked in while I was showering and peed I just took it as a sign of her being comfortable with me, but tonight she was in the bathroom texting and I suddenly needed to piss like no-ones business, but when I told her I needed to go she didn't move an inch. I was really excited to see that she would have some interest in me peeing but suddenly anxiety kicked in and I lost the urge to go. She started making fun of me and slid off her pants and sat on the toilet saying," do I need to show you how?" and started undoing my pants buttons; but the frustrating thing is after this amazingly hot show and now knowing she is cool with this stuff I was to intimidated to actually piss, I don't want to have to expect her to be open with me but not be able to give her the same in return....

I just needed to vent a bit.... hopefully something awes-um happens

Lub Lub,
The Keeblrkid


Gillian, Where are you, my favorite poster? If you see this drop a line ( with more of your adventures, of course)

Anyway, another episode at my workplace

I was having my midday poop in the 3 cubicle restroom. I was in the middle stall and having a healthy dump. Mine aren't huge, but nevertheless very satisfying and I purposely stay about 15 min in the toilet ( it's my sanctuary ;-) . I was done with 3 medium sized turds and wiped my bottom clean. The restroom door opened and I saw a beige knee length skirt flashing across the door frame. I was excited because I knew I was going to hear her movements. She sounded as if she's in a hurry, closed the handicapped toilet in a violent "thud" which shook all the cubicles. I heard a zipper going down and then clothes rustling down. Not a moment later I heard the all too familiar crackling sound of poop and it sounded like it's going forever! This woman was having a really bad stomach. I was done with my session, but didn't want to leave, so I was playing with my phone. But, a few seconds later I was hit with the smell of her poop and oh my!.. it was awful. It literally made my eyes water. I really wanted to stay and wait till she wiped her bottom ( I'm excited to hear the noises of rustling, tearing and scraping sounds) but the smell was too overwhelming. So I flushed the toilet and left for the sink. While I was washing my hands I looked at the handicapped stall through the mirror and I can clearly see the woman in the stall through the gap between the frame and the door. She had her head right above her thighs, her beige skirt was rolled all the way down to her ankles and her white panties were stretched across her knees. She looked as if she was in great pain. I silently wished her good luck and left the toilet.

Miss you, Gillian !

Hello everyone... Once again it is snowing where I live... On the postive, my girlfriend is working from home, which means she will take her mid morning poop here instead of at her office. On the negative I wont get to play xbox 360 all day, instead I'll have to watch law and order all day.

So while we were sitting here, an advertisement came on. It was a Jenny Craig commercial. Valerie Bertinelli was walking with someone that Jenny Craig wants us to believe lost 30 pounds on their weight loss program... This was an attractive brunette in her mid 30's or early 40's in a pair of tight blue jeans. All I could think about was what changes possibly occured to this lady's or Valerie's bathroom habits.

When My girlfriend went on a diet, her daily BM's at first were more stinky, then became less stinky. She basicly cut junk food out of her diet so I think we both noticed the change in smell from her getting the toxins in the fast food and junk food out of her body.

So maybe it was just both the actress' but I wonder if what we both believed is completely true about weight loss diets...

This past weekend My girlfriend and I stayed at the house of one of her former coworkers after a party they threw.

The next day I was able to witness the aftermaths of 3 different women pooping... All about the same age, mid late 20's. Varying ethnicities.

First my girlfriends friend. She pooped in the morning. kinda stinky, and left a small skidmark in the toilet. Next my girlfriend, she wasnt so stinky, but she farted alot in the bathroom. And last was her friends friend... She stunk the most, but left no other signs.

And that was a sunday morning after a saturday night of drinking and eating Nachos, with 7 layer bean dip, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese, nd Pizza.

Hello, I am 15 years old and am I sophomore in high school but I wanted to start off by talking about what got me interested in pee:

I remember I was 11 years old. My cousin (same age but a girl) and I were riding our bikes through the neighborhood. While we were riding we took a rest stop at the park when she said she really had to go tot he bathroom. I asked her if she could hold it until we got back to her house but she said she wouldn't be able to. So she told me to come with her under the jungle gym. I sat across from her and she pulled her shorts and panties down, squatted and began shooting her yellow sream into the wood chips.

I couldn't help but just watch as she created a huge wet spot right under our feet. When she finished she asked if I needed to go and I told her sure and I pulled my pants and underwear down and began going too. (that was the first time I ever tried peeing while squatting and I foung it pretty cool)I actually ended up peeing more than she did and when it was all down it smelled really strong there and we finally walked away from there.

That experience really got me into peeing outside, in front of other people, and actually squatting/sitting down; I'll talk about that later.

Mr. Clogs
Hi Mariah: Thanks for your comments, I kind of figured you peed in those sports type bottles. Can you post some stories about you peeing in cups or whatever you pee in. I keep some cups in my room just for that purpose, sometimes I'm lazy and don't want to walk to the bathroom at night to pee in, I grab my "pee-cups" and pee in it it and I love it. Keep the post coming.

Hairy Annie: Nice post about your sister Terri, I don't blame for for being who she is, but I guess she has her reasons. Keep the post coming annie!

my poopy girlfriend: Not sure what to call it, well I guess your girlfriend is kinda lazy, but maybe she likes pooping in her panties while in bed. Me I might find it bizarre, but it may grow on me and find it attractive. Call me weird but oh well.


Mr. Clogs

PS. I'm back ob my tea so I can take a massive dump in the morning. I have be able to take a dump for a past couple of days w/o it, nice firm logs.

@Mariah...I really like reading your stories a lot. Always feel free to write more :)

my stomach virus passed!
i feel sooo much better.
i have a poop story for ya guys.
i woke up today and it was snowing really hard and i realized, NO SCHOOL. i went back to sleep and woke up at around 10:00 and got up to take a shower. I took off my pajamas and turned on the water. i got in the shower and washed up. i got out of the shower and i guess the big change in temperature shifted my bowels. i squeezed my cheeks to hold it back and walked over to the toilet. i sat down and this big soft serve coil came out for a minute straight. i was done and got up, this thing was HUGE. it musta been sticking 3 inches out of the water. it looked like a giant brown noodle that was left in the water for 4 days. i flushed then wiped and flushed it again. i finally felt relieved that my diarrhea was gone.

happy pooping :)

I took Friday off from my job to travel about 8 hours by car to a wedding of one of my college sorority sisters. I got home from work about 5 p.m. Thursday evening, slept for about 7 hours and then started my drive about midnight. After driving about 2 hours, I stopped at an interstate rest stop. I make trips like this 3 or 4 times a year and I like to break the drive up by stopping, going into a stall and generally after I sit down for a minute or two I'm at least somewhat able to pee. Occasionally, while I'm seated I can also crap, although I never sit for longer than 10 minutes because it just sets my trip schedule back too long and sometimes there's a line that forms for each of the stalls.

This wasn't the case Friday morning. I had my choice of three stalls and I was the only one in the bathroom. I've read other postings where people will open each door and check out the stalls before deciding which one to take. I just select one and make the best of it. I think I started to do that in middle school because there would always be a line and those girls that were too picky would almost never get a stall during passing period and they would have to come back and try again after getting a pass from their teacher. That always seemed very foolish to me. Well, I selected the middle stall. There was almost a half bowl of crap that hadn't been flushed plus a large amount of toilet paper still neatly covering the seat. Seeing that much toilet paper basically being wasted upsets me and I took my right hand and swept it off the seat and into the bowl. With my left hand I leaned down low to flush the toilet and while it was flushing I pulled down my sweats and thong and quickly seated myself.

Although the restroom was quite warm and there was a strong amount of heat coming from the ceiling at the top of my stall, my butt got noticeably cold once it touched the seat. Within about 3 minutes, I got my pee flow going and I found my pee, which lasted about 2 1/2 minutes was especially noisy, because other than the crackling from the heater, there was no one else around. I continued to sit after I peed because I wanted a little longer break from driving and there was nothing else to really do. I stuck my hand up the toilet paper holder to my left, but there was nothing left on the roll. Of course, it was all used to cover the seat--something I've thought for more than 20 years to be wasteful and a status symbol of sorts for those who think they are so much better than others. Then I heard a car stop out front and the shuffling footsteps of someone who was like in bedroom slippers come in. The girl was very young, pushed on my door and I could see her eye on me for a few seconds before she went into the first stall. Then I saw her Teddy Bear placed on the floor near my right leg and I heard what seemed like a long and drawn out yanking on the toilet paper roll. I could see some of the toilet paper dangling from her hands to the floor and she walked to the side of the toilet to place it over the seat. Apparently a couple of the strips fell off and she spent even more time placing them back on the seat. Finally her pajama bottoms dropped and I could see that she was placing her butt over the seat.

She peed for like 30 or 45 seconds and then she got up and wiped and then I saw the toilet paper sheets fall to the floor as she opened the door and left. I got to thinking how easy it is to flush but that so few people do it. And the waste of the toilet paper remains a concern to me. When I pulled up my thong and sweats and walked the few feet to the basins, then I remembered that I had not flushed. While I was back in there flushing, a cleaning lady came in and asked about the toilet paper supply in my stall. I said it was out. She said she would replace the roll and we got to talking about the large amount of toilet paper that is wasted. She agrees with me that seat covering is a waste of both time and paper. Then she went into the other stall with all the litter from the paper used. Both of us agreed that not flushing and wasting toilet paper on the seats are two major problems in public bathrooms today. We don't, however, expect it to change. People are just too set in their ways, I guess.

To Fernando of page 1726,

I am so glad to hear someone who believes what I believe, and I think everyone should think this way, although I'll still respect other people's opinions. I think there should be a lot more unisex bathrooms for all the reasons you mentioned, it sums up what I believe perfectly.

People should get over their archaic bathroom insecurities.

Friday, January 30, 2009

MR. CLOGS: I am glad you like my stories. :) the bottle is a plastic water bottle I got just the kind you get for a sports team or such. I occasionally pee in cups. One thing I recently started doing is peeing in my trashcan. It was filled with kleenex because I had a cold, and I had to pee in the middle of the night. so I just thought why not? The kleenex soaked up all my pee.

CHOCOLATE CAT: My peeing thing started when I was really small actually and I don't remember how it got started, but I liked to see how much I peed. That was why I first peed in cups. It always felt naughty but I also thought it was really fun, just doing something crazy. It's also more convenient sometimes, if I'm in my room, to just pee in some container rather than walking down to the bathroom.

I've just always had this interest in pee and recently I discovered that I enjoy the feeling of needing to pee. Whenever I have to pee at night I always have dreams where I need to pee. Then I wake up and have to pee - does this happen to anyone else?

I like Mountain Dew and it makes me pee like crazy. Last night I had a bottle and was peeing like 3 times every hour!!

Does anyone watch the show Rock of Love Bus? I was watching it last night and the challenge was they had to take down all the stage equipment. The team that did it fastest won a vip date. One of the girls Mindy kept complaining had badly she had to pee. The other girls told her to hold it but she said it wasn't a matter of holding it, she had to pee now. She said sdhe couldn't even walk anymore she had to go so bad. I was hoping she would have an accident, but she ended up running to the bathroom and then called it speed peeing. They said the word pee many times.

hairy annie
Hi guys. I have been posting for awhile now ,but have yet to mention my sister, Terri. She really is my half sister,but looking at us together one would swear we were full sisters. We are both dark,similar facial features, she is 2" taller but is also a little slimmer. Personality wise we are chalk and cheese. I am an artist while Terri is a successful attorney in a big practice. We have always been very close although our lifestyle is different. Because of her job she always in business suits and formal type outfits. She often refers to me as the hippie side of the family.

We were brought up in a very open household,but Terri's toilet habits were always very private. If she was in the bathroom using the toilet the door was locked where I just left it open. If we were playing outside she'd always go in the house to pee, where I'd just drop my pants go where I was.She thought that was disgusting,I hardly ever heard her fart.

But one time I remember I went up to visit her,she'd just got her law degree, so I decided to take her out for dinner. Terri lived in a small but very nice apartment. Even though she refused to admit it she was vert arty and had decorated her place very nicely. Well we went out to this restaurant, which had a bar and a dance floor. It was only a few blocks from where she lived so we decided to walk. I had a black mid calf dress on , of course Terri had a suit on. But to use a pun she suited suits. We had a few drinks before dinner, I had a steak while Terri had something Italian,can't remember what ,then I had dessert followed by black coffee.
We met a few of her friends in the dance part, I had a dance and so did Terri. About 1030 she came over to me and said Annie I'd like to go home now, why so early, she just said she had to go home .........well ok. Now the walk home would be about 30 mins, so we grabbed our coats and left. Just as we stepped onto the street I smelt that someone had let go a toxic fart, I looked at Terri ,her face was blank......ok I thought it's not you!!!!.Alittle further on another toxic fart contaminated the night air. Now we were alone almost, Isaid Terri did u just fart come on own up. She just mumbled a yes. Now I thought this sister of mine needs a shit, but I said nothing , knowing her reaction. I stopped briefly to windowshop, she put her arm in mine and said do that tomorrow. Then another fart escaped her ass, this was vile, the sort that would peel paint of a car.This was a noisy fart too,unusual for Terri.
I suppose we were mins from her building when she let go of my arm walked over to the curbside,lent against a parking meter and wrapped her right arm around the top of it.I asked what the heck she was doing. Terri looked at me a very demure embarassed look on her face. Annie I shitting my panties ok? Then I heard this crackling sound. It stunk, I said Terri what have you been eating, she grunted and said I have been constipated for 3 days. This was the I have ever heard talk about her bowel habits. Her left hand was now grabbing her crotch, oH f***k Annie I think I 'm gonna wet myself. I said stand with ya back to the street then cos passersby won't see the puddle . She stepped of the curb onto the road still holding her crotch facing the road.Then I heard this solashing sound as pissed her panties, that beer just went straight to her bladder, then out. Then she started to cry a little, I just looked at Terri here is my poor sister,successful,attractive,reserved,well dressed standing in a good part of town pooping her panties followed by more shame of pissing herself. When she'd finished I just said c'mon girl we'll get u home and cleaned up. She was always public toilet shy and looks like she is still. Fortunately she had a dark suit on with black stockings,so nobody really knew.
We got home I helped clean her up, I did give her a lecture about holding on too long, I know I've shit my pants from that habit. The next day we went shopping and we both went to the mall bathrooms together, she has now got over her phobia .

Hairy Annie xxx

to dara: i really enjoyed your story!

wow poor Jessica i hope you feel better
next time dont wait to teacher say no just go anyway you may get in trouble but hey atleast you whouldnt get laugh at by other immature students im tired hearing about teachers saying no they dont have ya body so stand up for your rights and go anyway

This is a poll for women. How many of you ladies prefer to squat as opposed to sitting on the public toilet when having bowel movements?

Is the reason you squat when having a BM the result of:

A.) Being taught to do so by your mother

B.) Your own idea

C.) Toilet tissue or seat covers were too clumsy and would not stay on the seat

How long do you squat for BM's on average?

A.) 5 minutes

B.) 10 minutes

C.) 15 minutes

D.) 20 minutes

E.) Until your legs get tired and then you start to wipe

When squatting, do you:

A.) Squat in front of the toilet

B.) Stand on top of the toilet to squat

C.) Stand to the side (if there is enough room in the stall) to squat

How many of you are familiar with the floor/seatless toilets that are popular in some foreign countries where you have to squat down very low?

For those who do squat, do you shake your posterior as a way of drip-drying or ensuring that you are fully empty of waste (including bowels)?

Also, for those that squat, would you teach your daughters to do the same thing while BM'ing?

Thank you very much for your time.

To my poopy girlfriend's not so better half,

You did real good right to the end, then you just had to blow it. "...out of sheer laziness"? She got up and went to the bathroom for almost a year. She chose to remain under the warm covers and do something society says is not acceptable. When you talk to her, calling her lazy will be a serious error. Only she can tell you why she does it but when I do it I am not to lazy to get out of bed or to tired to lose 15 or 20 minutes of sleep. I don't normally wake needing to poop, If I wake up wearing pooped panties it is because I went to bed wearing pooped panties. Of course I can only do that if I am alone or sharing the bed with someone who will not be grossed out.

I'm a freshman in high school. The campus is big, like 2,700 students, and I've found that the bathrooms are always packed and dirty. There's like 25 stalls in each, half that number of sinks, but usually two or three of the sinks are stopped up or running over or have faucets that just make a rattling noise when you turn them on--they sure won't produce a steady flow of water.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been squat peeing. I go into a stall, lift the seat (it's usually already wet and sometimes sticky) and I then pull up my skirt, drop my underwear to my knees, and hover an inch or so above the seat as I hold my body steady and pee. I've been doing this since I was 11 and in 6th grade. To save time, especially when I'm between classes, I will take any stall (including the ones with pee on the seat, lift the seat, and immediately relieve my bladder while hovering. The drawback is, however, when I exit I have classmates who immediately remark that I peed on the seat and didn't wipe it off before leaving. Why they blame me I don't know, but they do and sometimes they will make remarks about it. Like I've been called "camel" three or four times this year by the others who are behind me in line. And I always pull up my foot and flush. Always, and sometimes I think that's the only time of day the toilet gets flushed.

Today, however, my bowels were acting up a little and as a result, I had to take my first on-campus shit ever! Although I felt a little constipated and bloated at breakfast, I really didn't have to go yet. I walk to school about 6 blocks and by the time I got there about 30 minutes before our 8 a.m. start time, I knew it would probably be a struggle to hold my crap in. First hour wasn't bad, although I probably shouldn't have stopped for that cup of coffee because by the time I got to school, I had to pee. I did that in like 2 minutes during my 2nd hour class. I guess I must have mastered the squat during middle school, because it now comes so easy for me. However, just before 3rd hour class, I went in with the intention of unloading a good sized crap.

The first three stalls I opened had pee on the seats and it was the 4th that I reluctantly selected to sit on. At first I sat with my butt bone barely touching the front of the seat. After I spread my legs for comfort as well as to test the seat that I found to be somewhat sticky, by rocking forward and backwards as I prepared to drop my load, a few pieces slowly dropped into the water. The first piece was of medium size but it dropped so quickly into the bowl, that it splashed me on almost all of my backside. The largest piece, which looked kind of shriveled up and about five sided, hurt my butt as it slowly dropped. And I noticed there was a little blood on it. Then I got the feeling that my crap was going to become more productive. I momentarily stood up and spread my legs to the point where I was stretching the elastic on my underwear to its limits and I sat back down. The moment my butt retouched the seat, I could feel the slide and comfort of a monstrous piece of shit as it was exiting me and positioning itself with the length of two or three good size bananas in the bowl. It felt so good to get rid of it and I must have farted for 20 or 25 seconds directly afterward. Then I reached over, tore off some toilet paper from the roll, and moved my hand from the front to between my legs to wipe. I'm right-handed and within seconds the tips of my fingers were scraping something somewhat mushy and warm. I immediately stood up and saw that the piece was lodged against the back of the bowl in the water but that the last 9 or 10 inches was like a tail sticking out of the water at me. I wiped the crap off my hand and used about a third of the almost new roll to clean myself. I remained standing to wipe because I didn't want to get any more of the smelly crap on my hand.

I have two or three major craps like this a month at home, but if I flush before I wipe and then add the toilet paper to the bowl, there is no clogging. I thought the bigger toilet bowl would hold more and I was right. I pulled up my underwear, repositioned my skirt, unlatched the door and was ready to run for it when I finally used my right foot on the flusher. I wasn't sure the toilet could handle the whole load but it did. I was at the sink washing my hands when I got to thinking that I had just survived my first high school crap. Other than sitting down on the sticky seat, I realized I didn't have too many complaints. And I probably reduced my weight by 3 or 4 pounds.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My last post was cut off somewhat abruptly due to me typing and listening to my MP3 player at the same time.I wasn't concentrating properly.Anyway,what i was saying was that i wondered what some posters who called themselves THE LAWN DOGS KIDS,were up to now.In case no one remembers them,they were a group of kids who i think were related to each other,(someone might be able to clearthis up),who regularly watched each other on the toilet.Their posts were great and they created a real community atmosphere on this site.Guys if you are out there, or if anyone knows what happened to them it would be great to get an update.Well thats it.Hope to have some more pee stories soon. CHEERS BYE ANDY!

Hi everyone im new to the site. I love poop and pee stories. I peed my pants twice today. Let me introduce myself first. Im a 16 yr old girl. Im 5 ft 6 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Im very fit and cheer at my high school. I like this site because cheerleaders are supposed to be perfect and bodily functions just aren't talked about.
MARIAH_ I've tried the maxi pad thing. And it ended with extra laundry and a stained matress.
FRANCESCA and HOPE_ you are two of my favorite posters. I prefer pee stories and always love to read yours.
Anyways, the first time I peed myself was this morning. I was laying in bed and really had to pee. But I didn't want to get up yet. My alarm was set to go off in 2 hours. So I rolled on my side and bunched my down comforter between my legs to take the pressure off and feel back asleep.
When my alarm woke me up later, I was in agony. I had to pee so badly I didn't think I could move. My whole stomach hurt. I tried to get up, but as soon as I moved the dam broke. I simply couldn't hold it any longer.The blanket was still between my legs and it begain to get warm and wet with pee. I felt it gush out of me faster then I've ever felt it before. I tried to stop but I couldn't. Finally I had it under control a little.I managed to jump out of bed with the blanket still underneath me. There was no way I was making it to the bathroom so I squatted by my bed and finished peeing into the comforter. I peed for probably 5 minutes. The whole room smelled strongly of urine. When I was done I jumped in the shower and threw the blanket in the wash. Luckily it was thick enough it absorbed everything. There was just a tiny spot on my floor and nothing on my sheets. My bladder hurt for a while after.
The second time I peed myself was after school. I have a regular babysitting job for a one year old little boy. He was napping and I was sitting on the couch watching tv. I had went to the bathroom about 2 minutes ago. I have this thing where sometimes when I pee, I don't get it all out and a couple minutes later I feel the urge desperetly to go again. So I race to the bathroom and trickle pee for about 1 second and im done. So I decided to just go in my panties where I was sitting. I had more pee left than I thought and bc I was sitting down, the back of my panties got soaked. There was about a dime sized wet spot on the back of my jeans where my crack is, but they were dark so it wasn't noticable. I felt itchy and cold all day. Not a good plan.
Hope you guys enjoyed my story. If anyone has any good ideas for places/things to pee into let me know.

Andy_ you are right. And that's why I keep coming back! Its interesting you should mention Lawn Dogs Kid. He was one of my fave posters from the random old posts section. His posts caught my eye because he was helping raise his sister like my brother raised me. If you're out there Andrew, id love to hear how you, Ellen, and Kendal are.

Chocolate Cat
@Mariah: What brings you to pee in cups/bottles? Not trying to ridicule, just wondering as it certainly sounds interesting. I'd definitely like to hear more.

my poopy girlfriend
hey, i'm brian, i'm 28 and i live with my girlfriend kelly and have for about a year. i told her a long time ago (while kind of drunk) that i was interested in girls peeing and pooping and she didn't have too much to say about it but didn't seem offended or anything. then, a few days later, she told me something kind of surprising for a girl her age to do. she told me that every once in a while, she wakes up in the middle of the night or really early in the morning needing to poop, and if she's too tired to get up, she just goes in bed. after she told me she blushed and said she thought she'd never tell anyone, and that it was her biggest secret. after that, we never really talked about anything like that again. i think it was still kind of awkward.

well, we've been sharing a bed for year now, and i've always secretly wondered if she'd ever do that with me in the bed. there have been a few occassions where i've heard her awake, kind of shuffling around in bed, and she would start farting. i was always thinking she was crapping her undies like she said she occassionally does, but eventually she would get out of bed and go into the bathroom for 10-15 minutes then come back to bed. then, one day i heard her tossing and turning at about 6:30 in the morning on a sunday. she ripped a loud bubbly fart, then moaned, and got out of bed and sluggishly walked over to the bathroom and pooped. then when she came back to bed, i casually said "don't you just wish you didn't have to get out of bed?" and she kind of blushed again and gave me a shy smile, and went back to sleep.

that lead up to what happened the other night. we went to bed late, around 1:30-2 am. she had on an old pair of cotton white panties that were really thin and soft because they were so old. she wore panties like that to bed a lot. other than her panties she just had a t shirt on. at about 7 in the morning i woke up. she was shuffling around like she usually does when she has to poop, and she rolled over onto her left side so her back was facing me. then she started farting these quiet little popping farts in rapid succession. she must've done about 10 of those little farts before i heard a slow, low pitched "bllrrrrmmmp" and a crackling sound. she kept breathing loud and sighing and i heard a few more little muffled farts and some crackling. i was just listening intently and laying perfectly still pretending to be asleep. finally all the noise stopped and she sighed, and then stopped shuffling around. i laid there waiting, then a foul smell started to fill the air. i waited more, and it wasn't going away. i knew she definitely pooped her underwear at that point. i waited to see if she was gonna get up, but then i realized that she had fallen back asleep! i was really fascinated. i slowly slid the blanket down, eventually revealing her butt. she had a massive bulge in her undies with a great big brown mark on it, and there she was just sleeping peacefully. i felt like my brain was numb, i didn't even know what to think. so, i just put the covers back over her and tried to go back to sleep. after a little bit the smell kind of dissipated and wasn't bothersome. about 2 hours later i woke up again and she was still asleep. i gently slid the cover down again to take another look, and this time the brown mark on her butt had gotten a lot bigger, i guess it soaked through the thin white fabric or something. then she started to wake up. without turning to look at me she carefully slid her body forward and slid her bottom half off the bed making sure not to roll and let the bulge get smooshed on the bed. she stood up and the bulge in her undies dropped a little big and her panties sort of slid down a little bit, but she grabbed them and pulled them up gently. she casually walked over to her dresser, grabbed a clean pair of panties and went into the bathroom. never even looked at me! i eventually got up and went downstairs and to have breakfast and get ready to go to work. she came down about 40 minutes later and said hi, and put her dirty underwear and a towel in the wash, and just went on with her day without ever mentioning it...

i couldn't believe that a 28 year old girl would so casually crap her panties in bed with me sleeping right next to her, then go to sleep for 2 more hours with a load in her underwear, then just get up as if nothing happened. it was truly astonishing.

anyway, that's my story. i still haven't said anything to her about it. maybe she thinks i didn't notice or something because i pretended i was still asleep when she did it, then she never even looked at me when she woke up to check if i was awake too. i'll probably say something to her eventually and see how she reacts.

is this something very unique to her or does anyone else her just crap or pee in bed out of sheer laziness?

i sometimes read this site, but i wanted to make a post today.

one time, me and two other friends were at six flags. i dont enjoy roller coasters that much, and neither did one of the other girls, and the other girl wasnt a huge fan either. we were gonna go on this small thing, but it was really scary, and the girl who was really scared starting freaking out. all the sudden, she was like, i need to go to the bathroom now. (we had gone to six flags with the other girls mom). the other girls mom took her to the bathroom, and when we got off the ride, they were waiting, and the girl said, i was in the bathroom for a LONG time. apparently, she had taken a huge crap.

heres another story:
one time, me and my friend were walking around my neighborhood, when all the sudden she really had to go pee. we kept walking towards the clubhouse, but walking made her have to go even more, so we just sit down. i quickly realized that if we just sat down, we were just wasting time, so we got up and started slowly walking. all the sudden, i saw this huge wet spot on her pants, and realized she had started peeing. i stopped her, cause i didnt want her to make a mess, and then she said, wait i see a plastic bag up ahead!! so she sat down while i ran to get the bag, and she peed in it, and then we stuck it in a mailbox!

hairy annie
to nsunflower.

I haven't posted in awhile becos I have not had anything of note to write about. But I have one now. The other day I had a friend and neighbour come over to help me paint the kitchen. We decided to get an early start so Julie came over for breakfast at about 7.30. I was up when she arrived and had the toast and coffee made. I had not had a shit for 3 days which is very unusual for me, usually I go every day.So I was alittle blocked up. We sat in the kitchen having our coffee and a smoke when I felt the usual rumbling in my bowels,precursor to having a shit. Julie heard it as well and said sounds like u need a shit, I said I hope so, haven't been for 3 days. As I walked to the toilet I let go this very loud windy,smelly fart. I sat on the toilet and strained but the the best I could do was a few pebbles. Julie said how did u go I told her of my disappointment.

Then she gave me some advice her mother had given her. Julie said go put on some really loose panties and pants or skirt. Then when u feel the urge to shit don't rush to the toilet and sit down just let nature takes its course. Sometimes when u stand it comes out easier. Okay I said I'll try that one, so I went to the bedroom and put on a pair of faded blue granny panties and an old pair of harem pants that I used to work in.

We started to do some painting,starting on some of the cutting in around the windows and doors. About 10.00 I started to get the urge again, I told Julie I think I need to shit.She said just let the urge increase and tell me when u feel ur getting to the almost desperate stage. By 10.30 I had a very strong urge,not quite accident urge but close. I told her of my progress, she said give it 5 mins, by then we should have finished the window then we'll go for a walk up the road.

We finished the window,put our brushes in water, by this stage I was busting like I had been yesterday, but I had no success yesterday. Julie said grab a smoke and let's go.

We turned right out of my drive, I felt I was getting desperate, I told Julie, she said well that is good let's keep walking.We'd gone about 70 yards Itold Julie I think I'm going to have an accident, I could feel a turtle head emerge from my hole. She asked me if I felt I could move it now, I wasn't really sure. So we walked on for another 30 yards,when I said Julie I think it's coming.She told me to go over to the fence post and try to give it a little push and see if it'll move.

Holding onto the post,which was on the corner of an empty cow paddock I spread my legs slightly and just gave a little push. OMG I could feel this huge turtle head emerge from my hole, I could it actually spread my cheeks,almost like I was giving birth. Julie I think I'm doing a shit,but it feels like a rock. It was out about 3",then it stopped cos I stopped pushing to gather my breath. I pushed again, this time a few more inches slowly squeezed out, it felt like I had this rock hard tail protruding straight out, I could feel it tenting my granny panties and my harem pants.I bent slightly and pushed some more. It was still coming, still rock hard, when Julie said,looks like you have erection sticking out from your ass. I felt the bulge, she was right, just hoped nobody would walk by. Then I put my hand inside the waistband of my panties and felt the turd, it was hard alright, I imagined at this stage to be about 8" long and 2" in She then removed my harem pants throughing them on the grass,then slowly slid my panties off , I don't think I'd ever shit so much in my life, almost the size of a small football.She wiped the excess shit off my ass then I jumped in the shower, I tipped the shit into the toilet and tossed the panties in the trash. Harem pants we able to be salvaged.
We did manage to finish the painting,next day we finished the more shitting with help.

Love Hairy Annie xxxxxx

To Kyle,
There could be many reasons why your sister is having accidents. Most are difficult to explain but there is a reason they call them accidents. I did not have accidents at school but I have had them as an adult. Some examples:

One day I needed to pee in the worst way. I was driving to school to teach the class and held it as best I could. When I finally got to the restroom, there was a big wet spot on front of my dress pants. I took two handfulls of tissue and my pressed them against the wet spot (one inside, one otside) to soak out the excess wetness. After several more "minor wettings", I assumed I had a bladder infection, bought myself adult diapers and went to the doctor to confirm. The test came back negative for bladder infection but positive for e-coli.

In another instance a schedule change upset my eating pattern. I also had a lot of free time to and started exercising. The two events together caused me to lost weight to fast. I lost a lot of muscle as well as fat. One of the first signs of weak muscle tone is peeing and pooping your pants because you just can not hold it in.

My last story is strange if you think about it. I grew up with an older brother and two younger sisters. I have no idea why but all three siblings wet their beds every night until they were teenagers, I never wet the bed until I was an adult. On those few occasions, I was usually dreaming and I needed to pee in the dream. When I relaxed to pee in the dream I relaxed and started peeing for real in my bed. I simply did not wake up until my brain registered the warm feeling on my leg. My brother and sisters just said they simply did not wake up until morning.

If this is something new that only started in the last month or two and is happening frequently, I would suggest your sister be taken to the doctor.

Mr. Clogs
Mariah: Hey great stories, I like the maxi pad one and you taking a dump in the toilet and peeing into the bottle. Is it one of those Gatorade type sports bottles, which one do you use. Do you still pee in cups as well? Do pee in other things like buckets and vases or anything to pee in? Can you post some stories of you peeing and pooping stories.

Amanda M: Hey great post, please post some more.

Punk Rock Girl: It's good to see your posts again, I miss them. Happy New Year to you and the family.

Nothing really interesting in Mr. Clogs land, maybe I come across something interesting, I'll keep you posted. Until then, take care and happy peeing and pooping to all of you and keep peeing those cups and containers too.

--Mr. Clogs

Lisa-thanks! You know what, you're right. Poop isn't talked about. You will hear most people announce when they need to pee, but poop is an off limits topic.
Totally Tania-good to have you join. I always love sophies stories about you, so its nice to hear your point of view.
No new stories to report today. But I will work on that. Going out with my friend julie later, so I might get some good stuff.

I'd love to hear about people having to pee in a cup. ESP the first time you did.

i got a stomach virus

my story starts like this. i was in school, it was the period right after lunch when my stomach started sloshing and cramping. i brushed it off and went on with my work. this feeling hit my bowels at the speed of light. in fact, it hit me so hard. a juicy wet fart came out. leaving a skidmark in my jeans. the people around me started laughing and staring at me. i clenched my buttcheeks together and asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom. she said no, so i went back to my seat. i sat on the edge and let out these pre-poop farts, they were just little puffs of air. by now, i had this cork pressing against my panties. i got back up and asked my teacher and she said yes. when i got out into the hallway, i leaned against the wall and pushed my hand on my butt to push the cork back in. i was walking down the hallway holding my cheeks together. i got to the bathroom and saw it was being cleaned. so i turned around and started walking to the other bathrooms. walking down stairs with your cheeks clenched holding back a cork is really hard. my stomach was killing me and my butt was gurgling by the time i got to the other bathrooms. i walked in and it was empty. i had to stop and press my butt against the sink, causing my butt and the poop to squish. i finally opened up a stall and started fumbling with my zipper. i got it down but, my butt seemed as if it needed the jaws of life to get it out. i got my jeans down just far enough and my stained panties followed. i sat on the bowl and rested sat straight up. the cork blew out of me followed by a wave of chunky soft serve lasting a minute. then i had a wave of mush that lasted a minute. the entire time a was blowing these ear shattering wet bubbly farts. after the mush came brown water. i was peeing from my butt for 3 minutes. i felt dizzy and sick. i was done so i wiped 10 times and washed my hands. i got back to class and i was gone for 10 minutes! i had more diarrhea explosions and lose calls throughout the rest of the day. the last one i had an accident and had to throw away my panties.

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