Hey guys. Been a while since I posted. I had something that happened recently that I felt was worth sharing. I'm in my early 20's, brown spiked hair, average body, etc. Monday I worked at a location I don't normally work at but this is where they scheduled me to be for that day. Anyway, at this particular location, they have a couple of public restrooms that you can use. One is near the cafeteria in the building, which seems to be constantly busy, and the other is in the office area, which appears to be vacant most of the time. I'm sure there are more throughout the complex, but where I'm at, these two are the closest. So anyway, Monday morning about 8:30, I was getting some definite messages from my gut that it was time to unload. I hadn't taken a dump in a couple of days so I'm sure that had something to do with it. I don't get a break until 10:00 so I had to hold it until then. By 9:45 I was getting desperate. I was by myself so I started letting out farts hoping it would relieve some of the pressure. Unfortunately every time I would push, a turtle head would poke out. I just sat on a chair until I could use the bathroom. It seemed to help but I felt like I was going to explode. Finally 10:00 rolled around and so I closed up and made my way to the mens room.

I'm a bit self-concious about using public bathrooms so I was hoping it would be vacant. I don't mind so much if I'm already in a stall and someone comes in, but if someone is standing at the sink or at a urinal, I get embarassed. Fortunately no one was in the bathroom so I went directly into a stall. This particular bathroom has 2 sinks and 2 urinals along the same wall, and 2 stands behind the urinals. I took the farthest stall. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and took a seat. Without even pushing, a long thick soft piece of crap slowly made it's way to the toilet. I looked between my legs and watched has it got longer and longer and longer. When it broke off, there must've been over a foot coiled up in the toilet. I moaned out loud in pleasure as more began sliding out. While in mid-poop someone walked in and entered the stall next to me. I looked under the stall and by the direction of the feet, my neighbor would be taking a dump as well. I got kind of excited by this. I've never taken a dump in a public bathroom with someone in the next stall doing the same. I was a little embarassed as well so I tried not to push much because I was afraid of letting out a huge fart or something. I also had to pee really bad so I was slowly letting that trickle out while listening too the guy in the next stall. There was complete silence but I think I did hear 1 low plop. The guy did flush his toilet but didn't move so he was obviously trying to cover up the sound. I continued to listened while letting out slimy poo along with some pee. I didn't smell anything from my neighbor but I sure could smell my own creation. Finally after about 2 minutes the guy next to me started unrolling TP and wiping and flushing. After he washed his hands and left I continued letting out the rest of my load, which took another 5 minutes or so. It felt soo good. After I knew I was done, I looked between my legs again. Wow, my crap was huge. In addition to the long coiled up turd I started out with, I let out a HUGE pile of soft crap. The water was yellow and brown. I started to wipe and my butt was a mess. After about 7 wipes, I pulled up my breifs and jeans and flushed the toilet. It struggled to swallow that huge load. I washed my hands and left that bathroom feelings like a million dollars.

I'll be there again soon and plan to take another very large dump. Hopefully I won't chicken out if someone else is already in the bathroom. I'm just afraid I'll run into someone I know.


i took the biggest dump EVER!
i was at the mall with my boyfriend, when i felt a beast lurking in my stomach, i probably shouldn't have gotten a pretzel from auntie ann's (best pretzels EVER) that feeling hit my bowels at the speed of sound. this dump felt so big, it was almost as if my ass was starting to swell with crap. I could tell this was ether gonna be really gooey and thick or really chunky and mushy. i whispered to my boyfriend that i had to take a massive shit. i grabbed his hand and went off to look for a bathroom, by now i was getting really desperate and had to stop every now and then to squeeze my cheeks together ( i can only hold my crap for about 6 minutes at the most). i thought to myself " why did you have to wear a thong today?". i saw the family restrooms and opened the door, as i did this i let out a massive bubbly-wet fart that i'm sure half the mall heard. i led him in and locked the door. i put my ass to my boyfriend and slowly pulled down my skin-tight jeans and thong, just to kinda give him a little show of my bubble butt that he loves soooo much. i nestled myself on the crapper and leaned forward. what happened next could only probably be compared with a nuclear bomb going off. THE LOUDEST wet fart blasted out followed by the biggest wave of mush i have ever done in my entire life literally exploded out. this wave lasted 5 minutes non-stop. my feet were actually lifted off the floor and my hands were latched on to the side of the toilet as another wave passed, this time lasting 5 minutes again. the sounds i was making could only be compared to 10 gallons of mud being detonated into the toilet. 5 more waves blasted out each lasting 3 minutes. by now my belly was starting to ache. i felt my butthole dome and this 1 1/2 foot soft serve coil flowed out, this trigger 4 more waves of chunky chili like poop. i felt like i was almost empty. then, this bubbly-wet fart blasted out for like 25 seconds, i was done. i adjusted my butt slightly and literally felt mush on my cheeks, the pile of mush had reached the brim of the toilet! i got up to wipe and saw that there was literally so much poop that it was starting to drip out the sides of the toilet. my mouth dropped open. my boyfriend looked in the toilet in shock and squeezed my butt and asked how an ass like that can make so much poop. well there was absolutely no point in flushing. so i wiped and it took me 20 wipes to get all of that shit off of my butt and around my hole. i just threw the paper in the trashcan and pulled up my thong (which had a brown stain on it, grrrrr) and pulled up my jeans. the question for me is how 120 pounds can make 12 pounds of shit, i just don't get it.

happy pooping

this is my first post and i have alot of things to say

i have noticed alot of bathroom themes in family guy and the simpsons i will focus primarily on the females


*in one episode, lisa skips ahead to third grade, while she is on stage bart gets up and yells "SHE'S NOT SO GREAT, SHE GOT DIARRHEA WHEN WE WENT TO CARL'S BAD CAVERNS"

*in another episode, homer gets 2 teleporting machines, so homer puts one in front of the toilet and another in the living room in hopes of teleporting his pee into the toilet, but marge says no and homer swings his fist into the teleporter and you can hear lisa say "ow, somebody just punched me in the face"

*one episode, the simpsons get termites from a hockey stick and are forced to leave there house because of the exterminator. so this takes them to moe's tavern. lisa said "we have to find a place to stay, i really have to use the bathroom and i'm out of tokens"

*in one episode, homer tries to become a food critic. he submitted his review to try and get the job. but he fails, so he freaks out and tries to wash the feeling of failure off in a bath. and lisa knocks on the door and says "dad, i can help with your review if you'll just let me use the bathroom!"

Now for family guy:

*in one episode, lois' sister is pregnant and needs help to go through with it. so peter and lois go to here house. in the scene, lois and peter are comforting lois's sister when lois says "it'll be just a minute, i have to use the ladies room" and lois's sister asks " does she still take the paper in there?" (implying that she was pooping).

*in another episode, stewey starts hanging out with peter. so they decide to pull a prank on lois. so they get the hose and bring it upstairs, the camera pans to lois sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties around her ankles. right as she is about to wipe, peter and stewey bust down the door and start spraying lois with the hose.

thats it for all of the best female bathroom scenes on tv.

Hey everyone,

I had a walk in medical emergency just before christmas... A guy in our running district whom I have treated before for numerous medical problems took a cab to the station complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing. Well to make matters worse he has a colonostomy bag, which ruptured during the incident from home which he came from... So as I started an IV and gave him medications while he sat on the front bumper of our fire engine, I had to smell his poop that was smeared all over his shirt, jacket and pants... It stunk to high hell... and I know I'm used to this from EMS, but this just really stunk... worse than any dump I've ever taken or worse than my ex-wifes or any of my past girlfriends... The ambulance ride wasnt pleasant for both myself and the Other 2 EMTs riding with me...(One of which I would walk on hot coals to see and smell her dumps... But anyway...)

So since then he hasnt called us... or atleast not on my shift... I guess in EMS there is no preparing yourself to smell shit...

To frustrated Mom,

This is a tough situation you are in... Your daugter is starting to hit puberty, and we all know as an adolescent, she can be very prone to making decisions because of peer pressure... Basicly, all of the girls that your daughter is friends with are afraid of eachother and who's gonna say what to who if one of them has to poop at school and somebody finds out. Because they are finding out more about them selves sexually, They value the cleanliness.
My girlfriend tells me that she and her best friend have had some important and valuable conversations while both of them were in the ladies room dropping kids off at the pool. You can only prove the girls wrong... I have an idea you can consider trying. Take your daughter on a mother daughter outing... You know, a movie, the mall, whatever you like. Load yourself up so that you are primed to poop. Then make a stop at the ladies room, and poop with her present in the next stall over. I bet your trips to the bathroom will make her more comfortable. That might help with a bit.

As for rushing her in the morning, it may and may not be the case... Sometimes kids will do the oddest things. When I was a kid, I wouldnt use the bathroom after either of my parents pooped in it not even to brush my teeth... So I responded by using the bathroom before they did(But I didnt have to poop in the morning) She might be in a similar situation... Especially if you poop in the morning... You might be stinking her out.

Basicly the only thing you can do is lead by example... Poop in public with her... and try not to rush her in the morning, give yourselves more time... see what happens.

hey. i'm 16 and i spend a lot of time at my friend rob's house. his mom is really cool and lets us do almost anything we want to do. plus she's in her early 40s and still looks great. but something pretty awkward happened recently that makes me real uncomfortable around her so i've been spending less time there. i had spent the night there and got up early on saturday morning to go to the bathroom. while i was just finishing up pissing, rob's mom burst into the bathroom, not knowing i was in there. she seemed flustered and was wearing just a white t-shirt and light blue panties. i had seen her like that in the morning's before and it wasn't that big a deal so that wasn't the awkward part...and neither was her walking in on me. when she apologized and turned around to leave, her hand was on her butt....and the back of her panties were soaked and brown-stained and had a huge lump in them. at first i thought she had an accident because i was in the bathroom, and i felt really bad. but i couldn't believe an adult woman had wet and pooped her underwear in her own home! i felt really awkward the rest of the morning and didn't know if i should mention it to rob. later that morning, i saw his mom again, this time she was cleaned up and dressed. she kind of seemed to avoid eye contact with me. but when i was leaving, she came outside behind me and said "jeff can i talk to you real quick?" i said sure...her face turned really red and she kind of looked at the ground, and said "...did you see me this morning?" and i said "yeah". then she said "i don't just mean did you see how i was dressed but....did you notice anything else weird?" i didn't know how to respond so i hesistate then said "yeah i guess.." and she put her hand on her face and said "oh god. this is so embarassing i'm sorry. but please don't tell rob..i had a lot to drink last night and i guess it made me have an accident in bed. it happens sometimes. i'm sorry you had to see, but please don't tell rob!" i just said it was cool and i wouldn't tell him.

that was such a weird and uncomfortable thing to happen..i want to get past it but i just feel so weird around her now. i feel bad about it because she probably notices that i haven't been coming over much and it might make her feel more embarassed. it sucks because she's always been really cool to me. what should i do?

Married, With Poop
Frustrated Mom,

I am sorry that your daughter has had these accidents. I am sure that she is embarassed. Too, how many times has she felt like she had to hold it, even though it did not result in an accident? I would put yourself in her shoes before getting upset. I mean, I am sure that you like your privacy and we all know that public bathrooms are anything but private, not to mention, filthy. I think that empathy and showing her that you are sympathetic and that you understand is the best place to start. I mean, I would hold it, too. I never had an accident, but I was walked in on by a class when in elementary school. The guys laughed and told everyone in the hall. That was it for BM's at school for me! If you have an experience that you can relate, if you share that it makes you embarrassed or uncomfortable, she may be drawn to listen. Let her know you understand and apologize if you let your frustration show. She is embarassed and needs your understanding, and your help.

Too, chalk this one up to the school system and peer pressure. If your daughter is in public school, then the bathrooms are dirty and anything but private. People hear and smell everything that you do. Your daughter is getting to the age where she is very self-conscious. The smell, the noises or even taking a long time to where it is obvious is not the thing she wants to do, especially if there is a social stigma attached to it - which it is obvious that it is.

One, I would ask her if there are things that she eats that seem to make her BM's more urgent and try to avoid those on school days. Usually, our bodies can adjust to a set time to go, as long as we are not sick or irritated by the food. Get her up early enough so that she is not rushed in the morning

Too, I would consider letting her teacher know about the situation privately. I remember teachers giving bathroom talks all the time, out of the blue. Maybe teachers could give time where students could go by themselves, rather than as a class.

And, I would find out whether or not the bathrooms at the school are less than ideal. It may not help your daughter in the near future, but things like low stalls, doorless stalls, filthy bathrooms and the like should not have to be part of a child's day.

But also, I would remind her that everyone has to poop, even the girls that say they don't at school. Remind her what is worse, going at school or having the accident. And, be patient. This may not work itself out immediately, but she needs you right now.

Hope this is helpful.

Carson- what a fantastic story. Thank you for responding to my post. I get discouraged when people don't. I love the detail you went into, especially since the story was from so long ago. I can feel the relief and pleasure you mustve felt from peeing into that bench. I think this site could use more childhood pee stories. Keep up the good posts.

Frustarted mom- you must be in a difficult position rigt now. If I were you I would take your daughter to the doctor. Even if the story she told you is true and girls at her school told her not to poop in public, at ten years old she should be able to hold it better. I would get her checked out to make sure there isn't a medical problem preventing her from holding her poop. I wouldn't get the school involved or the parents of the other girls. Unless they are teasing her or physically hurting her, they aren't doing anything wrong. I would just explain to my daughter that they are wrong and ladies can poop in public. If they taunt her when she does, then that would be the time to get the school involved, not now. She could simply be reaching out for attention. Has there been any changes recently? Good luck and keep us posted on her situation.

Have you ever had an accident (pee or poop)?
Where were you when it happened and who, if anyone, witnessed it?
How did you deal with the incident? Did you just move on or did it have any life-altering consquences?

I ask this because i have had 2 accidents in my life and both of them forced me to make a life-changing decision because of the humiliation i felt. When I was in 9th grade, i was on the girl's basketball team. we were at a road game and i had needed to poop for like 3 hours. the bus driver got lost on the way there so we were late, so we only had a few minutes to change before tip-off. i was really upset because i had to poop so bad. to make a long story short, in the middle of the game, the urge got too intense, and i couldn't hold it anymore. it was starting to come out and there was nothing i could do about it. i'll never forget that helpless feeling. i knew i was going to poop so i fouled a girl on the other team to briely stop play and i rushed to the bench and pooped my shorts. my coach quickly pulled me aside and asked what was wrong and i just started sobbing, and she quickly realized that i had soiled myself. the other girls on the bench just stared at me in disbelief. a few people in the stands noticed as well but i didn't care because i didn't know any of them. i just cried and cried, and the assistant coach walked with me to the locker room. i had to pull on the legs of my shorts to hold them tight against my legs so the poop didn't fall out onto the floor. i had never felt so defeated. i got into the locker room and threw away my dirty underwear and showered, and the assistant coach let me sit on the bus for the rest of the game, and i just cried more. the other girls didn't talk too me much when they got back on and seemed really weirded out. i noticed a lot of them looking at me throughout the ride and a lot of whispering going on. sure enough, the very next day tons of people at school had heard about it and i was getting weird looks left and right. i was so upset that i went to the guidance counselor and got her to let me go home. after that, i talked it over with my parents and they enrolled me in the catholic school so i wouldn't have to go there anymore. i didn't exactly want to go to catholic school but i just didn't want to face my peers anymore that knew about my accident. i needed a fresh start.

that was the first life-altering accident i had...the other one happened at the end of 2008, and i am now 27. I was living in an apartment in philadelphia and i was working in graphic design for an ad company. i walk to work because its only 4 blocks from my apartment, so since i don't drive a car i occasionally forget to bring me keys to get back into my apartment. it's always an ordeal where i need to call the landlord and wait for him to come down to the complex to come and open my door. well, one day it was a much worse ordeal than usual. walking home from work, i had a full bladder and a pressure building in my bowels. i was really looking forward to getting home and using the toilet! by the time i reached my apartment building my need to poop was almost as urgent as my need to pee, and i was really looking forward to the sweet relief i would soon experience when i got inside. that's when it hit me. i didn't have my keys. i actually felt a wave of heat flash over my body from the panic i was feeling. i quickly buzzed one of my neighbors to tell her i forgot my keys and asked if she could open the front door for me, which she did. but i still didn't have the key to my own door. i immediately called the landlord and was praying to myself that he was at the building for another reason. but of course, he wasn't. he told me to sit tight and he'd be down as soon as possible... my bladder started throbbing as i leaned against my apartment door shifting my weight from foot to foot. i just kept telling myself i could hold it, that he'd be here soon to open my door...the pressure building in my butt from my urge to poop was making me feel like i had to pee even worse. i was ready to cry. i quickly realized that i wasn't going to be able to hold it in much longer so if he didn't show up in the next 5 minutes i was going to ruin my pants. i knocked on the door across the hall 3 times to ask my neighbor if i could use her bathroom...but she didn't answer. i then tried the door next to hers, the one of the woman who let me into the building, but she too did not answer! she was there when she opened the front door for me but i guess she went out...i felt a similar feeling of helplessness to the one so many years ago when i realized on the basketball court that i was about to poop in my shorts. there were other apartments close by but i didn't know anybody who lived in them so i didn't feel comfortable asking to use their bathroom...then, simultaneously, poop started to poke out into my underwear and a squirt of pee escaped. i clenched my butt and pressed my hands into my lap and regained control before any major damage. i turned and rushed down the stairs so i could go to the pizza parlor down the block to use their bathroom. but when i got into lobby, it was no use. mushy poop gushed out of my butt and filled my panties as i could feel pee soaking my inner thighs and running down my legs. i stepped back into the stairwell so i wouldn't be right in the middle of the lobby, and finished going in my pants...there was an enormous puddle on the floor near my feet that was starting to run over to the steps going down to the basement. i had a gray pantsuit on so the wetness was very visible. my butt was wet , the front of my lap was wet and the legs of my pants were soaked down to my ankles on the back and sides. not to mention the big bulge in my pants from the poop. my eyes were so welled up with tears that i stumbled going back up the stairs. i wound up waiting outside my apartment door with my pants soaked and messy while the landlord was on his way...2 neighbors returned to their apartments while i was there and saw me in that conditon, but i just avoided eye contact. i'm sure the whole hallway smelled. they most likely saw the puddle at the bottom of the stairs and seeing me like that was an explanation. finally, my landlord showed up and took one look at me and shook his head. he unlocked my door and just mumbled "gotta remember your keys" and he rushed off. i got inside and sobbed as i cleaned myself up.

sure enough, i moved to a new apartment shortly thereafter. i couldn't face any of my neighbors who saw me or the landlord again...luckily it didn't happen at work because i would've had a hard time getting a new job. anyway, that was the 2nd life-altering accident of mine...anyone else as crazy as me?

In Rsponse to those of you asking about remembering Diaper Incidents as an Early Child....Well...I do remember Soiling my Diaper on an occasion... In My Childhood,As I was A Little late In Pottie Traning Myself,as I was in Diapers...Until later than others My Immediate age... I was pushing three(yrs old) and was In Those big bulky white disposable diapers,In the Car...with some Disco song playing on the radio(late 70's)and doing a Massive Poop into the i continued to Load it with a massive amount of poop( as I remember It Did smell of Well...SHIT,)...I remember being taken into a "Ladies Room" of some dep't store..or something...Then having My Little pants being pulled down...exposing my shit laden white diaper..and having it pulled off me in a careful fashion..exposing my poopy butt for all the women to see...and If that was not enough...Mom did not have another Diaper to put me into,as she forgot the "diaper Bag"and As I recall...Im did make it home without Pooping Or Peeing Myself...diaperless or pantieless...Kewl. And after that I think I Pottie trained real well.

Later In life....Well there Is more SHIT to talk about (pooping)....If you are interested in me posting.

To Frustrated Mom,

I notice you said your daughter "pooped her pants" not "had an accident in her pants." You rationalize that restrooms were available therefore it is preventable not accidental. I don't know if this will help but let me give you a different perspective. It may put you in a better frame of mind when talking to her. Here is my story.

When I was elementary school age I would do almost anything to avoid pooping at school. I had an aunt who lived just a block from the school. When holding my poop reached the stage of abdominal cramps, the teacher would see my discomfort and ask if I was ill. Not wanting to admit what I really needed, I would say I do not feel well and they would send me to the nurse. The nurse would check me over and call Mom, Mom would instruct the school to release me and allow me to walk to my Aunt's house. On many occasions, five or ten minutes after arriving at my Aunt's, I would use her bathroom, and my "illness" was literally flushed from my system. I only pooped my pants at school one time and that was in college. I was very lucky.

So what was the cause? For some pooping is a very private matter. As we all know, softer poop is more difficult to hold. It defies logic but as long as your underpants remain clean, the embarrassment of being seen on the toilet (even by total strangers) was much greater than the embarrassment of pooped pants.

Your daughter may have caught on the toilet by a not so friendly class member and been teased about exposing herself or the smell or sounds. If it has not happened, most likely she fears it might.

Approach the issue from the perspective that she does not know why this is happening and you are trying to help her prevent it from happening again.

The sad part is, many children like your daughter, are smart enough to agree that pooped pants is more humiliating than using a toilet, but the next time she needs to make that decision, she will convince herself she can wait, and she will poop her pants again.

Older frustrated mother..
Frustrated Mother

I once had the same problem with my daughter when she was 11 almost 12
years old and like you i was troubled and confused so i took her to two Doctors who found nothing wrong.
She eventually ended her panty pooping after her fourth or fifth time when i took her home and used a belt on her,first over her jeans and then over her stained undies and then after she showered and cleaned up i talked with her and told her if it happened again which it did "one more time" she would get another belt whipping.After her second belt spanking she suddenly stopped on her own and it still left me confused.
That was well over 10 years ago.

I'm not saying a spanking will stop her panty pooping but it worked with my daughter. I'm just happy my husband never knew i accidently filled my pantihose and panties when i waited to long last year on the way home from work.


Hello everyone!! It's been awhile since I've posted. I have enjoyed reading everyone's poop stories. Keep the good poop stories coming!! Well nothing to interesting happening my way, but my bathroom habits have changed recently. I am usually a quick pooper. I sit on the toilet and only have to push maybe once or twice before it quickly exits my hole, but for the past few days, its been different. I'm usually in and out of the bathroom in 2 minutes, including pooping, wiping, washing hands. However, here lately I am in the bathroom maybe 5 minutes. I will describe one of my normal poops and also one of my poops that I have had recently so you can get all the details. Normal poop (a few days ago)- I walked into the restroom, and the poop feeling was pretty strong. I pull my pants down to the floor, and sit down. As soon as I sit, a stream of pee trickles out for about 15 seconds. Then I get into my poop postition, legs spread wide, toes pressed down on the floor lifting my foot at an angle, and then a push, I feel it moving, and then another push, and immediately the large turd starts crackling out and I'm doing no more pushing. It continues its quick exit by itself. After sitting there a minute, I have pooped out one large turd, and a couple of medium sized turds, and I wipe 5 times, flush, pull my pants up, and wash my hands, and I am out. I was in there for only 2 minutes, like normal. Ok, so now I will describe my poop today, which was completely different. I walked into the bathroom today, and the poop feeling was very very strong, like the gas was coming out almost non- stop. I plop down on the toilet, and do my 15 second pee, and get into my pooping position, mentioned above. I give a push, and I definitely feel it there. I give another push, and my hole is spread wide for a large turd, but its not moving very well. The tip is sticking out, but the rest is still stuck inside me, and I bare down, and give a really big push, and it moves half way out, and gets stuck again. It is kinda painful, cause the turd is very large, but it also feels good at the same time, and I push really hard, and a squirt of pee comes out, and I do this several more times, and after 2 minutes, it finally makes a loud kerfloomp. I push again, and another few smaller turds take about a minute to come out, then I feel done for now, and after I did all my other stuff, it had probably been about 4 or 5 minutes. My eyes were very watery through this whole process too. Then a few hours later, I did the same thing, except the turd wasn't quite as big. It was another 4 or 5 minute dump, and its been like that the past few days. So, yeah, anyways, hope ya'll enjoyed it. I'll be back some other time to tell ya some good poop stories. See ya!

To frustrated Mom

Be sensitive and don't make her feel like it's her fault. Any kind of punishment is meant to stop a behavior, but it won't lead to a new one. If you're trying to convince her to go in public you have to be encouraging and nice about it. not to mention uninstall all those nasty things the children at school said. That might be a challenge.

I'm 13 years old. I'm a girl. I'm a little small for my age, I have blond hair and brown eyes, and I wear glasses with rainbow frames. I'm kind of geeky, and I have been told that I can be annoyingly upbeat. I live with my parents and my little sister Zoey who is 9, and yes my name really is Sunshine. I found this site a few weeks ago but haven't been brave enough to post. I have lots of accidents because when I need to pee I can't hold it for very long. I wear Goodnites at night because I wet the bed pretty much every night. Even when I do wake up needing to pee I usually just go in the Goodnite because that's what it's there for and I don't like getting up in the middle of the night.
My parents are really cool about my accidents as long as I clean up after them, including washing my own clothes.
Most of my friends don't tease me, at least not in a mean way. They've known me long enough that it's not a big deal. They're really great about letting me be the first one to use the bathroom if there is a line, and reminding me to go if I'm distracted and I start acting like I need to go. During sleepovers at my house they all wear (and use) Goodnites to make me feel better about my bed wetting. I've told them they don't have to, but they do it anyway.
I'm not shy about my accidents, and I'm not embarrassed by them. I'll even admit to peeing my pants on purpose occasionally when there is little hope of finding a bathroom, or when using the available bathroom is especially unappealing or inconvenient.
As for pooping my pants, which seems to be the more popular topic on this site, I try my best not to but it's happened a few times. I wear Goodnites on long car trips too, and one time we got stuck in traffic for like an hour and a half on our way to visit relatives. I was asleep when we left the house, my dad just carried me out to the car straight from my bed because it was early in the morning and my parents thought if I slept for part of the trip I'd be less bratty when I got bored with riding in the car, or at least I'd get bored further into the trip. Unfortunately this meant that I didn't have my morning poop, and about an hour into the traffic jam I couldn't hold it anymore. It was such a mess and I couldn't get cleaned up until we stopped at a rest stop. Pooping in your pants is bad enough, but sitting in it for 45 minutes sucks infinitely worse, especially in a small space like a car.

frustrated mom - This is getting long and I need to go to bed but I wanted to respond to you first. Give you the kid point of view so to speak. Your daughter's explanation isn't hard to believe. Girls can be mean like that. The best way to handle it, I think, is to make her help with her laundry whenever she poops her pants. If pooping her pants puts extra work on her, she will probably decide that the perceived social consequences of pooping in public are better than cleaning up poopy clothes. Whatever you do, don't get down on her about it. It won't help and she probably hates her accidents worse than you do.

To frustrated mom - the best way to handle this is to have her see what the girls at school said is not true. Have her see that you poop away from home, and it would also help if she saw a sister, cousin, etc. do it too. Children will notice your actions. Which reminds me of this episode...

I was in line at a store, and a mother and her son (about 10 I'd say)were in line behind me. I noticed the mother was noticably fidgety, standing there. Then they had this discussion:

"Mom, what's wrong?"
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"You have to pee?"
"Yes, I do."
"Really bad?"
"Why don't you go to the bathroom?"
"I don't know where it is."

They spoke in normal conversation, so it was easy to overhear standing right next to them. Knowing the bathrooms in this store weren't in a very obvious place, I turned toward the mother and told her where they were. She still wasn't sure, so I told her I'd show her where they were after we all checked out (we both only had a couple items). And so I did.

The moral for this story for your daughter is - use the bathroom when you need to, don't try to hold it until you get home.

the Juiceman
Frustrated mom -

The poor child is probably just adjusting to her growing digestive system. In the meantime, why not get her some disposable panties and have her carry a change or two? Maybe some drugstore brand "overnight pants"? They aren't diapers and won't make crinkling noises: she can't use them instead of the bathroom, but they'll hold the mess long enough that she can get to the bathroom without staining the seat of her trousers or letting it all run down her legs under her skirt. And she can just throw them away instead of worrying about getting them home to wash. They come folded up so she can keep a couple in her purse.

I had to be a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding. The night before I was feeling really fat and bloated and I hadn't pooped for several days. I was wondering if I could actually get into my bridesmaid dress. So I took some milk of magnesia, figuring it would be taken care by morning.
But all I could squeeze out was a few rabbit turds when I got up late as usual. I tried to put on the dress but I couldn't zip it up. Also I realized that I had miscalculated by period by a week and I needed a pad. I was staying at my parents house where no one there any longer needs the menstrual variety, only the big fat incontinence kind because my mother sometimes squirts pee when she laughs or sneezes. So I put one of those in my underwear and gave myself an enema to try to relieve my constipation. That gave me a long and drawn out shit that took several flushes. I got my panties, pantyhose and bra on and the dress still won't zip up. My mother is like we have leave NOW!, and I'm like I must have put on a lot of weight I can't get this dress to look right on me, and she is like quick put this(oldtime) all in one girdle on. We're the exact same size. So I quickly as possible pull it on, my slip, and the dress and it all fits fine and we run out of the house and are on the road. We're halfway there and I realize that I need to pass gas and also I drank a lot of coffee and I might have to pee real soon. In my haste, I put the all in one girdle, you know the kind with the split crotch to relieve oneself without getting completely undressed, over the pad, panties and pantyhose. The gas cramps are getting worse and I'm trying to fart without being noticed without much success. So we get there almost late and not only do I have the pee real bad but I need to relieve some gas cramps that are starting to hurt especially since the girdle is a little small for me. I get out of the car real slow so my parents would walk far enough ahead not to hear the sound and I pushed real to get it all out at once. Expectedly I felt myself jet a wet fart out my butt. The milk of magnesia must have finally kicked in as diarhia. Just then my best friend drives up and gets out. I stepped behind her car where no one could see, lifted my dress and said "Check my butt and panties, I just did a wet fart." "Looks clean to me" she said, and I guess your shit doesn't stink because I can't smell anything either.
Between my period and the wet fart, I'm feeling damp down there and was lucky to be wearing such a large pad covering all my holes.
There ceremony is about to begin and is in an old church with only one small toilet and a line of about twenty people waiting already, my parents are already blaming me for being late, and I'm not about to hold things while I get undressed and dressed again in order to pee.
To make matters worse, my guts are starting give me that prepoop feeling like I going to need to go soon. Well, at least, I thought, I'm wearing a big pad but that only somewhat mitigated my anxiety about need to relieve myself. I mean if I squirted or dribbled a little the pad would catch it and no one would know. By the time I'm standing in front of the altar with the wedding party and the ceremony is going on and on, it was starting to get unbearable. I longed to squeeze my legs together tightly but couldn't, how I wanted to jam my hand into my crotch for just a few seconds, and how I wanted to bend over or move around. Not only did I need a pee, but my bowels were pushing and working and all I could do was stand there. Then my peehole let out a little squirt, and it was all I could do not to twitch or move. By the time I starting walking back down the aisle, I had squirted my pad several times and I was feeling damp down there and wondering about the ultimate capacity of incontinence pads before they leaked into a puddle on the floor. Reaching the end of the aisle, I raced down the stairs to the toilet. Someone was in there, and I had to wait but at least I could double over, squeeze my legs together. Suddenly, I felt a painful stabbing in my gut and my butthole started leaking like in slow motion and my peehole squited also as I gradually lost control and gained control like in slow motion. I looked down and nothing had leaked on the floor. The person came out and I quickly went in and undressed. The pad was a mess, the underwear and pantyhose was stained badly but the all-in-one, the slip and the dress was untouched. I threw the pad and panties away, cut the panties out out of the pantyhose and connected the stocking part to the garters in the all in one girdle, took a long relieving pee and poop, cleaned myself up using up all the paper that was left, got dressed and stuffed a wad of kneenix between my legs for my period and went to the reception. No one had suspected a thing as far as I know. I had to pee and poop more that day but it was easier with the split crotch than to have to get completely undressed.

Warning: This is a very long post. You can read the last paragraph to get the essence.

Public Toilets are social equalizers. They erase distinctions between the genders. Men and women are stripped of their differences. So that social class, wealth, race, age, culture, nationality, and even religion, are set aside. Two men at the urinal are equal inside a Public Toilet. Two feet under a stall have the same hierarchy. Both produce farts and both stink. It doesn't matter if a guy pooping in a stall is a blue collar worker and the guy shitting next to him is a Harvard alumnus. Both have an urgent need to shit and both are men. I assume a similar story should unfold in the ladies room.

Society has accepted Public Toilets as places where differences are set aside and equality is the norm. But a major difference still exists. That between men and women. Public Toilets have failed to erase this difference. It is acceptable for a Wall Street broker to take a leak next to a construction worker, or a politician taking a dump next to a cop at an airport restroom. However, it would be unthinkable to take a dump in a restaurant while your date applies makeup, or worse still to take a leak while she takes a dump.

Unisex Toilets would erase the difference in gender and in consequence would be people equalizers. They would demystify the Victorian taboo of shame between men and women when going to the bathroom. Urinating and defecating are physiological functions, just like breathing, sleeping, and eating. There's nothing wrong with them. Poop is natural and there's nothing disgusting with it if handled properly. It is society which has attached to it the taboo of uncleanliness, guilt, and shame. This can be partly understood because in the 19Th century, sewage systems were not always existent and the toilet as we know it today was not yet perfected. There were many outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. So poop was considered extremely dangerous, and it was understandable that people had an aversion to it. On the other hand, Victorian morale made it fashionable to pretend you didn't poop. The higher you were in the social scale, the less "earthly" you were. So for the higher classes, it was essential to pretend they didn't poop and thus, hide all the aspects related to pooping. That's how the water closet (W.C.) became invented. And that's how privacy became the norm. If pooping was considered taboo for society as a whole, for women it was unthinkable. Girls don't poop and the only thing emanating from a women's body should be the scent of roses. That was the prevailing ideology and that's the primary reason why men and women are segregated when going to the bathroom. At least in Western society.

Opponents of Unisex Toilets might argue that they're not soundproof. True, but what's wrong with hearing farts, plops, or crackling sounds after all. They're not worse than hearing someone blowing their nose. Or sneezing, or coughing. They may argue that they're not smell proof. True, you can smell someone's gas but what else would you expect in a public restroom. And would you really care if the poop smell comes from a man or a woman. Poop always stinks. They may argue they're not visual proof. So, what's the big deal with seeing someone's shoes, or high heels under a stall. You're not seeing nudity or anything else you wouldn't see outside the restroom. Finally, the test of fire. Women might get offended by seeing a man's penis. Regarding this delicate issue. There's no reason why a woman should see a penis inside a Unisex Toilet more than a man seeing a vagina. However, since men in a hurry sometimes unzip before getting to the urinal accidentally, my solution would be placing the urinals in a separate area were women would be visually protected. That way, this issue would be solved once and for all.

Furthermore, since most people (men and women) entering a Public Toilet go for a # 1, pooping issues would be minimized. Most women would use the stalls to pee, and if they pooped, it would not be such an issue for them since they always use stalls. On the other hand, most men would use the urinals, and given their location it would not pose any problem. If a man do needed to pass a b.m., he would use a stall, and this would not pose any problems for him. It has always been more acceptable for a man to show his human side than for a woman. And he would be surrounded mostly by women using the stalls who would not care. Women only care about piss in the seat and this would not be the case.

A Unisex Toilet does bring some changes. Women can no longer go to the bathroom without the presence of men, and thus, cannot discuss women only issues but would be compensated by shorter queues. And if space affords it, a separate women's lounge with a few women only stalls could be considered (if the restroom is large enough of course). Regarding the main stalls, they should all be labeled for men and women and most if not all, should have tampon dispensers for women. The few without them should have a men sign on them although women could use them as well. Changes for men would be minimal, since men don't go in groups to the bathroom and don't linger in it like women. Men would tend to wash their hands since it would be embarrassing not doing so in front of women. The biggest issue for a guy would be realizing that a girl poops and this is something which could be very weird for us. However, a Unisex Toilet would prepare people to accept the fact that everyone poops, and it's no big deal, just as gender specific bathrooms do between the genders.

However Unisex Toilets can work better in some places than others. They can be more easily accepted in places were chances of meeting someone you know are very small, places with very open minded people, places were everyone is just too drunk to care, or simply places were people are desperate to go or no other option is available. When you gotta go you gotta go. From the builder's perspective, the main reasons to install a Unisex Toilet are space at a premium, better utilization and less queues, which lead to efficiency and better allocated resources, and economies of scale. Some place may even install Unisex Toilets deliberately, since it may be fashionable, like some trendy bars and restaurants. Others may install them to generate a certain dynamic between people, like some companies (Ally Mc'Beal series). Once a coworker has heard you poop, the relation goes to a deeper level (nothing sexual involved). There should be at least one of these elements involved so that the probability of success is reasonable particularly the ones involving the users.

In conclusion, Unisex Toilets can be installed in most places where at least one reason exists to justify them. Men and women can get used to them and accept them without major problems. Pooping is natural and the taboo around it is largely unfounded and obsolete. In the 21st century we should get rid of Victorian ideas of denying bodily functions. Men and women are equally capable, and can be civilized enough to share a common restroom. This doesn't mean the end of the magic between the genders. On the contrary, it celebrates our differences and highlights the fact that we are all humans and humanity should be united.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

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