frustrated mom
Hi. I'm not sure if this is a great place to ask this or not but i tried 2 separate parenting sites and received no substantial feedback.

I have a 10 year old daughter and recently she has had a few accidents. I can't even begin to explain why, she was very easy to potty train and has never had issues making it to the toilet before. but a few weeks ago just before the holiday break, we were running late getting out in the morning to drop her off for school and for me to go to work. Well on the way to school she was squirming in the seat, then suddenly began to cry, and as i was asking her what was the matter, i could smell something terrible. she wouldn't answer me at first but then she said "i pooped my pants." i was in complete shock. we had JUST left the house. but i figured since we were rushing out, maybe she needed to go but didn't have time, and she just couldn't hold it in long enough to make it to school. needless to say we had to turn around and go home so she could change her undies, and she was of course late for school and me late for work. so that was an ordeal. but then on the day after christmas, we flew down to florida to visit with my sister and my parents. everything went fine with getting to the airport and on the plane, which was a miracle because there were delays all over the country that day. but in florida, we were waiting at the car rental counter in the airport when again i could smell something and turned to see her covering her bottom and blushing. sure enough she had pooped in her pants again!! i couldn't believe it!! 10 years old... i quickly took her to the ladies room and took her into a stall to clean up. luckily since we were traveling we had clean underwear with us for her to change in to. i asked her what has been going on and why she had another accident, and she said she just couldn't hold it. i then explained to her that if she needs to go that badly that she needs to go to the nearest restroom and not just hold it in for no reason. she agreed and we finished cleaning up then got back online for a car. finally, on monday i went to pick her up from school. i saw her coming out of the school and she stopped. she wouldn't look at the car. she looked like something was wrong and she stepped to her side and was standing against the wall to the school. i figured maybe she didn't see me and was just waiting, so i honked the horn. she wouldn't look at the car or come over to me, so i got out of the car and started to walk closer to her and was waving for her to come. she hesitantly started to come toward me and when she got closer, she begun crying. i asked her what was wrong and she just rushed over to the car, and the seat of her pants were stained brown. that was the last straw. when we got in the car i told her very sternly to tell me why this keeps happening and that if she needs to see the doctor about this then we will make an appointment. but there is no reason for a girl her age to have had three pooping accidents in less than a month. finally, she told me all about it. she blamed me for the first accident because i rushed her in the morning and she didn't have time to go. but the other two, she blames on girls at school. i asked her what that had to do with her accident in the airport, and she said girls at school told her that girls aren't supposed to poop anywhere but at home, so she is therefore afraid to poop away from home! can you believe that? the things little girls say to one another. and to think, my daughter suffered through our plane trip to florida probably needing to go badly and thinking she wasn't allowed. and then again she struggled through the whole day of school on monday needing to go so badly that she messed her undies in the parking lot. it is completely absurd.

i have no idea how to even approach this. i've of course explained to her that is ok for girls to go the bathroom in public places, but she doesn't seem too thrilled about accepting that...she also won't tell me who told her that. i don't know if i should talk to someone at the school about it or continue to try and find out who told her this and talk to their mother/!! i just need my daughter to stop pooping her pants!

Francesca- great story as always. I agree that what Julie did was gross and wrong. I however have peed in a fitting room before. Here's the story~
I was about 6 years old. My friend and I were having a lemonaid stand at her house. We didn't sell much lemonaid and ended up drinking almost all of it. I had a small bladder as it was, and after pitchers and pitchers of lemonaid I had to pee very badly. Just as I was about to go in and go to the bathroom, my mom came to pick me up. I figured we were just going home so I just got into the car. We lived right down the street.
Well once we started driving my mom informed me that we were going to the mall to buy me new school clothes. I asked if we could go home first but was too embarrassed to tell my mom why I wanted to. She said no and soon we pulled up at the mall.
We walked into a well known department store and into the childrens section. Every step I took hurt. My bladder was about to explode. I had never had to pee that bad and wanted to cry. My mom picked out a few things and told me to go try them on. As we were heading back to the dressing room, a spurt of pee shot out into my panties. I figured asking to use the bathroom would be less embarrassing then peeing my pants. I told my mom that I needed to pee very badly. She told me she wanted me to try on the clothes first so we wouldn't have to leave the clothes behind in the store. I tried telling her that it was an emergency but she just told me I better hurry and try the clothes on.
I went into the fitting room and shut the door. My mom was waiting right outside. As I took of my clothes another spurt of pee shot out. I examined my panties. There was a wet spot the size of a quarter. I knew I would never be able to make it to the bathrooms. I couldn't even lift my leg to put the pants on. It felt like something was sitting on my bladder and it hurt. I couldn't stop twisting my legs and jumping around. I thought of squatting in the corner but the wall didn't come all the way to the ground and I didn't want my pee to spread everywhere and have my mom see what I was doing. There was a fabric padded bench in the room. I sat down on it and spread my legs. It hurt to get my stream started but once I started I couldn't stop. I could hear it hiss into the bench. I looked down. I was peeing faster then it could absorb and pee puddled between my legs before it was absorbed into the bench. It was almost clear because of all the liquid I had and pretty much odorless. It was the best pee I've ever had in my life. I was shivering as I went.
I mustve peed for at least 5 minutes. I started to get scared I would never stop. Pee was starting to leak through the bench and drip onto the floor. Finally my stream slowed to a stop. I got up and the whole bench was soaked. I wiped with one of the outfits my mom had wanted me to try on. My whole butt was wet. Then I got redressed and told my mom nothing had fit right. She bought some clothes for herself and we went to the bathroom. I couldn't tell her I peed in the dressing room so I went into a stall anyways and sat down. To my surprise I had to pee again and peed for a good 2 minutes. It wasn't as satisfing as the pee on the bench. I think that day my pee fetish was born.

I'm 15/m about 5'7" long blond shagy hair, and skinny body. For xmas I got that new Grand theft auto game, but I've been grounded from my xbox 360 because I got a bad grade on a final. I finally got it back last friday, and instantly became addicted to the game. I stayed home Friday night and played the game until about 330 am. I had been playing almost constantly since dinner so I really had to pee, I couldn't sit still so as soon as I turned the game off I ran up stairs and of course my little sister was in the bathroom so I had to wait for her... It took a couple minuets that felt like forever and she came out, and I ran in I dribbled a little in my pants while waiting but this is kinda normal for me, I wear boxers so nobody really notices. I peed for like 1 and a half minuets and went back down stairs and went to bed. I woke up around 1030 and I really had to poop bad. I figured I would get the game going and run up stairs and go. So I went into the family room, sat on the futon and started the game and ran up stairs only to find my sister in the shower. so I went back down to play the game, and somehow I got really involved in it. around 1220 I really had to pee and poop, and the poop was "prairy dogging" it. The problem was that I was in the middle of a mission, and didn't want to stop. around 1230 I was starting to think that I could hold it and it was just prary dogging it. I started another mission, and almost immediatly a huge semi soft load of poop pushed its way into my boxers, I sat for about a minuet and it kept comming out. It smelt horrible, and I didn't even notice but the poop triggered my bladder which was constanly dribbling, and I couldn't stop it. So here I was at 15 sitting in my boxers and pajama pantsthat are full of poop and pee. my sister found out but she didn't tell anyone because shes had her share of accidents and so have I. I probably have some sort of accident at least 2 times a year or so. and normally its because I'm doing something and don't get around to using the toilet. like homework, movies t.v. or video games. My sister is the same way. Shes had accidents because she talks on the phone too long, and refueses to go while on the phone.

Been reading the forum off and on for the last two years..posted once before too. Myself and my girlfriend Christine continue to maintain an open door policy, and have been cool about going about our business like say brushing the teeth or something while the other is on the pot.

On one recent occasion, Christine while we were about the house on a weekend let out a huge fart as we were discussing something and said she had to go. We just continued talking as she walked over to the pot, pulled down her panties to let out an extremely fetid smell that was locked in perhaps. She sat and let out two smaller farts as the the first turd pushed out. She let out another turd as we talked, when all of a sudden I felt the urge to poop too. I kind of hung around a while but seeing my discomfort she asked me what the matter was and I said I felt like going too. Well, I have some time still she said and we waited some more and talked. Now it was getting a little too much for me and Christine suddenly asked me to join her on the pot. Incidentally our pot is a broad squarish thing imported from the Middle East ( and is a deepish square bowl with no floating water if you can imagine..I mean you can poop in the bowl and there isnt any water for it to plop in or anything...and after you finish and flush the poop flushes down the chute with water jets from around the bowl..). There was just about enough space for me to actually sit in front of Christine with my back to her and sighed in relief as my turds were released. We continued to talk, as she lightly held on to my shoulder. When I finished she wiped me first and then tore more TP to wipe herself..she used a lot of TP and I could see the large yellow stain after she wiped each time. Before I flushed I looked down to see my turds had joined hers and the pile was huge with the tight,yellow kind of entwined turds we both had released. The bowl was almost full.

It was an amazing experience, kind of felt a sense of sharing.

1.May I ask fellow posters if they have gone together indoors or outdoors ?

2.Which are the various types of toilet bowls you may have seen (in fact I am looking for a larger one to install now )

Really appreciate all the posts.

to abby: i really enjoyed your post! please continue to post more whenever u have the time!

to super sophie: i loved your story keep up the Great work!


I was showering as I felt the urge to take a crap.
My stomach began to hurt so that I began to fart uncontrollably and my butt started to push the turds out.
It was so cool!
It has happened right now

Not a morning person
Hi. My name is Christin, i'm a 19 year old college student. I'm a white female, i have dark brown hair down to my shoulders, i'm short, thin, and i wear glasses. I HATE the morning. it just does not agree with me. If i wake up too early, and to me, too early can mean 9 am, i feel really off. the worst thing is, it does not do well for my bowels. i normally wake up anywhere between 11-12, and one of the first things I do is go into my bathroom and take a relaxing morning poop. My body is used to this.

Unfortunately, there is a particular class I have to take and I want to get it out of the way, so i signed up for it for this semester, which began monday. The problem is I can only take it at 9 AM. When I found that out I told my advisor that I'd rather wait a semester and take it at a later time, but he told me that it's almost always in the morning. So i decided to suck it up and sign up for the class.

One of the reasons I hate getting up so early relates to my customary morning poop. When i get up at around 8 am, not only do I feel like death, but i don't have to poop yet. I want to, but I can't. Which frustrates me because then I have to go out for the day without having had my morning poop, and i'm the kind of girl who does her best to avoid doing that in public bathrooms. Anyway, my first day didn't go well for that 9 am class. The teacher was fine. The class seems easy enough. But i'm dropping it. Here Is why.

I woke up monday at 7:45 and felt physically ill trying to slither out of bed. but i managed. i went into the bathroom and tried to make myself poop, but to no avail. just pee. i got dressed. i just put on a tank top with a hooded sweatshirt over it, a pair of white cotton panties with small light purple and blue flowers on them, and a pair of gray stretch pants. hey, when it's that early, i don't care if i look good i just want to be comfortable. i had a cup of coffee and got my things together, got in my car and left. on the drive there, i familiar feeling arose in the pit of my stomach. I felt it groan and gurgle, as a strong pressure and urge to poop started to build. I was SO mad. Why couldn't that have happened 15 minutes ago? The worst part was it didn't feel good. Not like a normal poop. It was a slightly painful poop-pressure and would more than likely result in a loose/wet BM. I finished my drive in misery. I got to campus at 8:38, and felt a little better because this would leave me enough time to poop before class. wrong. i could NOT find a parking spot for the life of me. it wound up taking 10 minutes to find a place to park, and i was so far from the building i needed to walk to that i had to rush to class, and i got there at pretty much exactly 9, feeling like complete hell with it being so early, having to haul ass across campus and badly needing to go poopies! This was gonna be AWESOME.

I quickly found a seat and sat down. As my butt nestled into the chair it actually made me have to poop a little worse. the pressure in my stomach was unbearable. I seriously wanted to cry. It was only a 50 minute session, and on the first day they generally let you out a bit early, so i was trying to get through it. but i just couldn't hold it in that long. 15 minutes into class, a sharp and painful pressure shot through the pit of my stomach and into my butt, and i had to poop IMMEDIATELY. there was no more holding it in. it was going to come out whether i was on the toilet or not. i quickly excused myself and got up and rushed from the room. the pressure in my butt was so intense it made it difficult to walk. i was rushing down the hall, clenching my teeth and my butt cheeks, the ladies room in sight, when all of a sudden...

*bllllrrrrpppllllltt*. That was it. Just one big movement. It took just 1 second. just like that. I completely pooped my pants. it was hot and it was wet and it was mushy, and there was A LOT, and it literally erupted out of my butt in an instant. it made the loudest, most disgusting sound, and felt so weird, and the stench was strong and filled the air as quickly as the poop filled my panties. the best way i can describe the consistency of it is tapioca pudding. maybe a little thicker. it was like fresh, home-made tapico pudding was just poured down my pants while it was still warm. it felt really good to not have to poop anymore, but it did NOT feel good that i was standing in the middle of the hallway in a college building with this stinking load in my pants. i regained my composure and waddled into the girls room. thankfully no one was in there. i took one look in the mirror at my butt, and seeing that turned on the waterworks. i just started sobbing. you would have to be blind to not be able to tell i pooped my pants if you saw my butt. the bulge was about the size of an apple and was very well pronounced, and there was some wetness. that was the downside of wearing stretchy pants...major bulging from my load. but the good news was that they contained the mess in my panties rather then letting it get all over the place...yeah, small victory. i stood in the bathroom in complete horror for 5 minutes, not doing a thing as i tried to stop crying. i didn't know what the hell to do. all my stuff was still in the classroom. i wanted to go home. i had no clue how i was gonna get all my stuff out of the room and leave without anyone knowing. so i made the decision right then to drop the class immediatley and pray that i wasn't there long enough for anyone in it to recognize me if they saw me in the future. so i swallowed my pride, waddled back to the class room, rushed in, apologized to the professor, got my things and got the hell out of there. people were pretty shocked. they just stared in disbelief, and some people covered their mouths and noses from the smell. it made the waterworks come back on. the long walk back to my car was agonizing. *squish* *squash* *squish* *squash* with each step. i felt so gross.

Not to mention the load squishing and spreading across my butt as i slowly and gently lowered my butt onto the car seat. That in itself was just as horrifying an experience as when I actually pooped. I had to drive home with the windows down because of the smell, and it was so cold. when i got home, the cleanup was horrendous. only a little bit of actually poop got into my pants, but they were still stained on the inside from the wetness of the load. my panties? forget it. that morning they were white, not they were about 95% brown. the only unstained part of the entire pair of underwear was the very front. they went immediatley into a trashbag. i believe i spent more than an hour showering and cleaning myself.

That was the first time I ever pooped my pants, well, since i was like 4 and had a typical accident that a little girl would have at that age.

Me and my friend Stac, who study together, enjoy reading the postings. She is in particular surprised at Abbe's story where she just avoided crapping her pants by racing into the boys bathroom at school after she found the girls room was closed. Abbe's chief complaint seems to be that she had to sit on a wet seat because each of the seats (oh, yes, she also hates the doorless stalls) was wet. My response is that I've always found that to be the case and you just have to accept it. Stac was very much surprised when I explained to her that after second hour most of the seats are wet for most of the rest of the day. Yes, some guys are lazy and just refuse to lift them. and some just want to be gross. For example, yesterday I was standing behind a guy who I think was a senior. There was like half a strip of toilet paper over one side of the seat and he deliberately aimed his pee stream onto it to blast it off and force it into the bowl. He had little trouble accomplishing that. Guys were seated on and shitting in each of the other six toilets and I reluctantly got out of line because there was no way I was going to sit in all that gross pee to take my shit. There was another guy who got into line behind me and he probably did. I walked to the other end of the wing where again there were seven toilets and seven guys were seated. The first one up just pulled up his shorts and walked off without flushing. Yes, there had been some urine on the seat and he had sat in it but it was a lot better than in the south-end restroom. It only took me about two minutes on the stool to drop my load and I wiped and pulled up my boxers and jeans as fast as I could before I reached over a flushed, and then went to the sinks. While I was washing my hands, a kid who looked like a freshman and I could see him standing there splashing the seat I had used because he had very little aim. He was so fast in exiting that he barely had his zipper back up when he opened to door to exit. Stac just seems to think that guys are hopeless when using public bathrooms. I told Stac that the girls don't know how good they have it with their bathrooms. They may not be as clean as what we have at home, but they sure beat what us guys have to use.

This is my response to Merrilee's survey--

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet? Age 4.

2. Were you alone or with a friend or parent? With my dad at a baseball game.

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down? He wiped the seat off first then let me sit down and crap.

4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat? Stool overflowing? Person barging in on you? Sometimes I would be seated and working to get my crap to come out and because dad was in another stall or at the urinals, I would get a dirty look from guys who were having a difficult time holding their crap. It scared me because I knew I was doing the best I could and almost always there were no doors to the stalls.

5. At what age and at what type of place ere you allowed to go in on your own without parent supervision? When I started kindergarten at my grade school.

6. Were there problems created when you were very young and out with a person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in a large place? How did they handle it. When I was out with my mom she would put paper on the seat and have me sit on it every so carefully. I hated crapping under such circumstances.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite gender, how do you handle the need to use a public bathroom? I had a couple of babysitters (they were high school age) who took me into the ladies room with them and I hated that. They let me go into the stall and do my own thing, though.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your action as described above? I had a teacher in middle school walk thru the bathroom and tell me to hurry up because the school wasn't going to give me the 100 credits necessary to advance to high school by wasting time on the shitter.

Hi all still not sorted pc out female trucker great story! I had a really desperate situation the other day massive urge to shit in a place i did not know too well. Finally found small toilet block one cubicle taken and lady having bad squirts! Gents closed so i stood squirming and holding for ages ! At least twenty minutes. Lady finally came out apologising and i dashed in and unloaded into a full non flushable bowl. Ohhh what relief. Luckily had san pad on which had big skid mark

Hi guys I'm back,

My story is from this morning. It was 4: 30a.m. and i wake up because my nurse is rolling me over like usual and i thought ook I'll go back to sleep and as i was getting comfortable again i feel her tugging at my pants and a second later the very familiar feeling of my suppository being shoved into my hole. It's not terrible but it's definitely not something you like to feel when falling asleep. Anyway I'm trying to settle down and go back to sleep because i work in the morning and if I'm sleeping hard enough she can do my poop without bothering me. Well this morning was not to be i began to bramp almost immediately after she had my suppsitory in me and i wasn't about to sleep i could feel my guts churning and i quickly became quite dessperate to have my normal dump and it had been two day now because I'm on that crazy every other morning schedule. So i keep laying on my right side and my pressure is getting worse by the minute and now I'm very awake and very ready to shit and go back to sleep, when i begin to fart loudly. I fart every minute or two just like sort braaaps, and i can feel my stomach twisting and cramping telling me to go and of course i can't because I'm not able to push when i want to. Another five minutes go by and I'm getting more impatient and i hear myself braapppp followed by a wetp pfffffft, oh thank god my body must have really been feeling the cramps because i had began to push out some of the huge load that was really ready to be out. I layed there and waited and hoped for more relief but none came. I layed there as my pressure built and built but no more pushing came from my body and i began to get very hot and began to sweat. My nurse came over and put me on my back and was about to start my exercise program that i always use before getting my finger help to push more of my poop in to my rectum and it's easier to get out. She saw that i had gone a little and pulled the paper pad that had the poop down lower so that i had room to go again if my body decided to be nice and push again. But no half hour went on as i began to hurt and fart but no more poop would come while she was bending my legs and so on. She was about done when i couldn't take the cramps, and i said good enough I'm dying to poop! she said ook and did finish her last five i didn't really realize that she was that close to being finished and rolled me to my left. I got super excited because i knew i was only seconds away now of finally getting to go. She pulled out the dirty pad and wiped my butt, I'm not really sure why when I'm about to unload as soon as she lets me but she did. I was soo super ready that i got a little uptight because she was taking forever to get a new pad and my diaper down so i could go. I finally feel and hear her pushing the pad and diaper under my butt. I heard the lovely sound of pulling on a glove and a squirt of gel on her finger i sat there waiting and wanting that wonderfull yet akward feeling of her finger entering my body. Three seconds later it came and so did the quick rush of hot that always comes with the finger hitting the inside of me, i could feel feel her finger make a small circle and then two, three, four and after the fourth i began to feel the wonderfull shifting inside as the poop began to move and push out and down onto her finger another circle and then another and more heat came and the pain and pressure was really getting to me. Then she pulled her finger out with some of the poop that was forcing itself out now and i heard plop, pffft plop, plip, plip. It felt so good to feel the pressure ease and the stink of very fresh poop hit my nose. It really smelled but yet was great because it made me want to go more. I waited as my nurse changed gloves and wipe what was pushing out of me off. She pushed the finger back inside me and felt the hot, more circles and her finger wasn't qleasent inside because the load was trying to exit but couldn't without the muscles pushing it. I felt her finger bend and wrap around something, i knew that she was pulling out a large log because as she plled out it hurt quite a bit because she was streching me to pull her finger and the poop out at the same time. When the both was out i could feel the huge vois inside that quickly filled with more poop as my body was pushing now and hard. I felt a wave push out and another start to as i farted. I was feeling exstatic as i was pooping myself now which lasted a little over a minute. I could feel that i had half or more of my dump and felt much better now and the smell was really getting bad. I felt my nurse remove the very full and still filling diaper. She left the two pads and waited near my bed as a would fart ever now and then. I could feel my body pushing the rest of the poop down inside so it could come out soon as well. The pressure started coming again but my body was stimulated from her finger yet and it began to push it out more. I could tell it was looser as it sounded much more wet. I felt more empting as it push out with a platt, pfffft plaart. I felt really good and was falling asleep when i felt her finger again. she was pushing and holding her finger against my rectum wall and could feel very loose liquidy poop push out around her finger as she pushed. I was finished but she checked once more to make sure that i was empty. She pulled out the pads and put my pants back up and covered me and i slept until i had to get ready for work.

Hope you liked my story if you did please say so and does anyone want my accident stories, let me know!


Hi everyone. I've posted on this site before and had an accident last night I want to tell you about. Just to jog your memories im Francescas friend, 19 years old, and the girl who lives with her older brother.
Anyways, last night I was getting ready for a date with this boy I really liked who finally asked me out. I was really excited. I was wearing a tight dress and while I was doing my makeup had the thought that maybe I should've peed before I put it on. I didn't really have to go that bad though and figured id be able to hold it. The dress zipped in the back and was too hard to take off or tight to pull up.
I went downstairs to say goodby to my brother. I was meeting my date at a nice resturant down the street. I leaned in to give my brother a hug. I don't know if it was the pressure of his arms around me or the pressure from the dress, or maybe just the sudden movement but I begain to pee. At first I didn't realize I was going until he pulled away and I saw the wet spot on his jeans from me and the spot on my dress. I tried to stop but I just stood there flooding the floor. I was so embarrassed. I haven't had an accident since I was little and now I just had one on my brother. I ran upstairs in tears. My brother followed me up and comforted me. He said it was ok and at least I peed on him and not my date. I admitted that would've been wy worse. He told me that if he had a dollar for every time I've gotten some sort of bodily fluids on him, he wouldn't have to work. Then he kissed me and told me to clean up and get going because my date was waiting. I changed and went on my date, making sure I peed again before I put my new dress on.
I went on my date and had a great time. However I am still very embarrassed when I think about what I did. And I still don't know exactly what happened and what caused me to pee my pants.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yesterday my friend julie and I went to a local thrift store by my house. Julie was looking for some old vintage clothes to use as costumes for a play she was putting on (julie is a theater major at the community college.) We had been looking around for about half an hour, trying things on and being silly, when I noticed Julie start to squirm. Pretty soon she was doing the full on pee pee dance. We went to the counter to ask where the bathrooms were, but were informed that they didn't have any public bathrooms in the store. Julie was getting really desperate at this point. Her hand was in her crotch and she was bouncing up and down. The clerk told us to go use the bathrooms at the store across the street. Julie begged to use the employee bathroom telling the clerk in was an emergency and she was going to pee her pants. The clerk said no.
I was about to walk out when I notcied Julie wasn't following me. She said she really had to go and didn't think she could hold it long enough to cross the very busy street. We were standing by the shoe isle and suddenly she grabbed a size 11 hot pink pair of hideous pumps. She told me to follow her and headed towards the fitting rooms. On the way she grabbed a pair of spandex workout pants.
Well I wasn't quite sure what she was doing. One second she had to pee like a racehorse and now she wanted to try on the ugliest outfit ever. I reluctantly followed her into the fitting room where she was already removing her pants. She told me she was mad that there wasn't a public bathroom in the store and that they wouldn't let her use the employee one. She told me she was making her own bathroom. I urged her to stop but she already had the shoe up to her puss. I heard a loud hissing sound as she peed into the shoe. Halfway through she stopped and picked up the other shoe and filled that one as well with pee. When she was done both shoes were filled to the brim with hot yellow piss. She then wiped with the pants, got redressed, and left the fitting room leaving her "toilet" behind.
Anyways I got very mad at her and told her that I don't think what she did was okay. If she had to pee that badly, she should've just went in her pants instead of very rudley and grossly ruining store property and making someone have to clean that up. She still doesn't think she did anything wrong. Has anyone else ever peed in a fitting room before or done anything like this? Im very interested

Haven't posted in a while... thought this survey was cool.
I'm missing the stories from hairy annie. Where are you?
1. How many times a day do you have to pee?
I usually have to pee at least 7 or 8 times a day. Twice in the morning with a long steady stream that thunders against the bowl's water. 3 times at work, usually at lunch and durring special area (I'm a sub teacher) and after school before going home. I will usually go once or twice at home before bed and then I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to pee.
2. How much or how long do you pee?

Depends on how long it has been since I've gone. Anywhere from a couple of seconds to 2 or 3 minutes.

3. When you know you have to pee, how long can you hold it?

I can hold it for a while if I ignore the urge and go back to what I'm doing although once it hits again I must go now or risk peeing my pants. If I am on a trip and I have to go I try to sleep (if I'm not driving of course) so I can ignore the urge untill we stop. Once in while on a youth trip I had to go so bad my eye balls were swimming. Of course our leader was a guy and had no desire to stop anytime soon even though there were several girls and guys who needed to pee.

4. For women: After you pee, how do you wipe?
Front to back as it is most hygenic that way.

5. Not so interested in this, but I'll include it to be fair... After you poop, how do you wipe?
Front to back just like peeing. I wipe until I get reasonably clean.

6. How do you feel about peeing in public restrooms?
Usually when I have to pee I have to pee now or have an accident. I love peeing with others in a public restroom and will often linger longer just to listen unless there is a major line. Of course this only applies to clean non smelling restrooms. There are some stores that have what I call bathrooms of last resort since they are usually not the cleanest or sweetest smelling. If something smells bad I will barf in a nanosecond.

7. Follow-up to the last question: Specifically, what about porta-potties?
Only when I can't hold it any longer. I go as quickly as possible in order to avoid throwing up due to the smell.

8a. For women again: Can you pee standing up?
Yes! I love peeing standing up and have recently been wondering how the position of the bladder changes when standing vs. sitting as when I stand I feel like I have more completely emptied my bladder. I usually can stand straight over the toilet facing the door and my pee falls straight down. Or, as I recently tried I can lean over the toilet facing the back wall and my pee will hit the bowl although this way I have to lift the lid as it is harder to aim. I also have a travle mate that I can place around my urethra (it is shaped like a medicine spoon) and pee into to help direct the stream into the john, but I don't use it much as I pee so forcefully it usually overflows. I want one of the whiz's sold in Australia as it seems less likely to overflow and easier to use as you just hold it over your entire vagina area and pee into it.

8b. For men: Do you ever pee sitting down, even when you don't have to poop?
not male

9. Have you ever peed outdoors or anywhere other than a toilet?
If outside and I have to go I find a secluded spot and stand with my legs slightly appart and pee straight down sans undies and shorts as long as I'm wearing a long shirt. I tried holding the shorts and undies to the side, but sitll peed on them a little. I also like hanging my but over the side of a bench and peeing or pooping sitting. I have not tried to poop outside standing but want to try it sometime. There is a rest area off of I-10 in FL that has a secluded U shaped camping area. It's basicly a bunch of covered cement picnic tables around some woods. It is a great place to pee or poop outside unnoticed. I also like sitting on my deck and hanging my but over the side of it. I wonder what people nudist resorts and beaches do when the have to go potty? at the beach do they just dig a hole in the sand and go or do they walk into the woods to pee or do they have a bath house to use?

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