To The Black Flame-I really liked those stories, I like those kind of fond memory kind of things where you kind of like the feeling, and everything is okay about relieving oneself.I thought it was kind of cute and I wish I had stories like those, pretty much I didn't have many accidents when I was younger. For some reason I just have to say I regret that, I guess it would just seem like it's a really comforting experience (sometimes)

So I lurk here a bit maybe posted once or something, sorry I don't have any interesting stories right now but I am looking for something to stimulate my bowels, I'm kinda constipated. I was kind of wondering about homemade, natural laxatives....Any little tips or suggestions would be appreciated! :)

I really like this place a lot. It makes me feel like I belong here. I'm alienated a lot for liking this kind of stuff so much...

Now, I do have really good bladder control, when I haven't had a whole lot of caffeine. The caffeine habit is more and more under control since I last peed my pants in public. But more often than not, I find myself having to poop really badly without a bathroom available. Although my bladder is usually okay, my bowel control is questionable at best. I've had countless close calls, just barely getting on the toilet before losing bowel control.

On my way home from visiting a friend last night, it happened again. But this time I failed to get to the bathroom in time and I pooped in my pants. This is the third soiling accident I've had in as many months, and I wonder if now's the time to start wearing diapers again.

Would you recommend me wearing diapers during the day, on a just-in-case basis? I've already stopped wearing boxers and switched to boxer briefs in case of a soiling accident, but is three accidents in three months enough to start wearing diapers during the day? I'm asking this of course from a non-DL standpoint. I'm not going for any exhibitionist nonsense, either, so that includes no diapers that crinkle or are overly bulky (I've already decided Assurance diapers would be good for this task). I'd like some input

A note to PhilJ: Yes, I've felt a woman's poop through her vaginal wall waiting patiently in her rectum to come out-I pushed on it and it gave/squished, to which my partner at the time said it made her want to go badly so I would guess it's mostly true given how close vagina's and rectums are to each other.

truck driver female
i was driving a route the other day was about a 4 day drive .wel any way to get to the story i was realkly having to make a stop to go poop. i finally came to a truck stop a nd wheeled in . i parked and pretty much ran in i really had to go #2. i walked in and went to the back found the ladies room walked in and oh my god there were 3 stalls all full. i was about to die and to make matters worse they were going #2 also all 3 . i stood there for a few minutres untill a another woman came in and sighed and got in line finally a heavy set woman came out of one of the stalls the girl behind me asked if she could go i said sorry about to shit myself. i go in rip my pants down and explode . i was about 5 minutes in when i could see through the crack the poor thing waiting went over to the trash can and sat on it and took a shit in the trash can

Chrissy S.
I had a bathroom experience the other night that I'd like to tell you about. I'm in high school and so is my cousin, but we go to different high schools. She plays on her school's basketball team and the other night I went to one of her games.

At halftime, I had to use the girls' room and I was really dreading it because I had to go #2. Now, I'm not really obsessive about not wanting to go poop at school (I do it when I really have to), but I certainly prefer to do it at home in my own private bathroom. But fast food meals seem to do this to me all the time, and by halftime I knew what I had to do. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bathroom much nicer than the ones at my school and that is really saying something because the girls' rooms at my school aren't bad at all. In particular, it was nice to have a toilet seat that you could sit all the way down on and to have a stall door that not only would close, but also could be locked - things that were lacking at my school. Even though it was halftime and as such, the bathroom was pretty crowded, I didn't mind at all doing my business in a public bathroom like this.

There was one thing that I found rather strange with that bathroom, though. Of the 8 stalls that were there, 2 of them were completely without stall doors. Stranger still, there was actually a girl in there using one of the doorless stalls and it was pretty clear that she was having a #2 as well. I mean, it wasn't that I was watching her, but the sinks were directly opposite the stalls and it was impossible not to see her wiping herself as I was washing my hands at the sink. I was completely puzzled as to why some girl would be using an open toilet, especially for going #2, when there a multitude of other very nice and quite private toilets available.

Later that night when I asked my cousin about it, she explained it to me. At her school, one of the punishments you get for smoking in the girls' room is that you can't use the regular closed stalls any more and you can only use the stalls without doors on them. She said that you have to do it for one month for a first offense of smoking and you get a longer punishment for each time after that. She also said that you can get the punishment for other things you do wrong in the bathroom but most of the time girls get it for smoking in the bathroom. She mentioned that loitering, wasting toilet paper, and "flushing things that you shouldn't be flushed" are some of the other things that can get you this punishment with the seriousness of the offense and the number of previous offenses determining how long you get put on this punishment. Drinking or doing drugs in there apparently gets you banned from using the regular stalls for the entire year.

My cousin explained that they had a whole system for this and I was both fascinated and horrified at the same time. I told her that I'd rather go in my pants than use a stall where everyone could see me using the toilet and I'm not so sure that I was joking about that. "It's not so bad peeing like that - you kind of get used to it after a while," she explained to me, "But going #2 is something else - I don't see how anyone gets used to doing that without any privacy." I was intrigued by her answer as it made me think that she had experienced this punishment herself. She tried to change the subject, but I pressed her for an answer and she finally admitted that she had.

She explained that she first got it for a week as punishment for loitering in the girls' room - this was apparently her third such offense for loitering. "But on the first day that I'm on this punishment, I gotta do a #2 and there was no way I was going to be able to hold it in until I got home," she told me, "So I went and did it in one of the regular stalls and there's this teacher waiting right there when I come out." For that, they extended her punishment from 1 week to an entire month. "So I was on this punishment for an entire month," she admitted, now laughing about it, "And it totally sucked." She reiterated that peeing like that was unpleasant but something that you could get used to - "but not the other thing," she said. She further explained that from there, she just held it in when she had to go #2 and waited until she got home. She also told me that she hated this because not only was it uncomfortable but a few times she had some "close calls" with making it home in time to go. She also said that one time she snuck off school grounds during lunch and used the bathroom at the pizza place down the street from the school. And another time, she had to go so bad that she faked being sick so she'd get sent to the nurse and her mom had to come and pick her up. Even with leaving school early, she said, she barely made it home to use the toilet, so she knew there would have no way to last the whole school day holding it in. Finally, my cousin assured me that after going through this for an entire month, she's been very careful not to get this punishment again.

I asked her and she said that it was after freshman year when her school really made an effort to upgrade and renovate the bathroom facilities and part of that was putting this punishment system in place. She said that people don't vandalize the bathrooms or anything like that anymore because they don't want to get put on this punishment and lose their privacy in their bathroom. As horrible as this punishment did sound to me - and I'm eternally thankful that they don't do this at my school - I can't argue with the results. As I said, her school had the nicest school bathrooms that I'd ever seen - even the open stalls were immaculately clean!

I've never heard of anything like this before. Do other schools do this kind of punishment?

I'm 14 and a freshman in high school. I'm on the reserve cheerleading squad and I'm in a bunch of other activities that also involve music. So often I'm at school from like 6 a.m. until 8 or sometimes 9 p.m. It makes for a long day and several trips to the bathroom. Our school has almost 3,000 students and the building is sectioned off in quadrants. Gates for some are closed almost immediately after school and might not be opened until an hour before classes the next morning. The principals think it's a way of maintaining security, but for those of us in activities it can be a real hassle because, for example, we have to use our locker immediately after school or the gate is locked and we can't get to our coats and books and things.

I get up at 4 a.m. each morning for cheer practice and arrive at school by 5:30. We practice outside the gym in a large hallway and there is a set of restrooms right there for us to use. Since our sponsor gets upset when too many of us ask permission for a bathroom break at various times throughout the 1 1/2 hour practice, I go in and pee when I first arrive. I sit down, relax and usually can pee quite a bit before I get up and go out for practice. I wonder why more of my fellow squad members don't think ahead like that. I usually go in and crap right after lunch. I sit right down and usually within 5 minutes I can contribute a log that's about a foot long. Sometimes it breaks off and I have to go back in right after school to drop the last bit of the load. The problem is then that I have to go fast because they give us about 10 minutes to clear the restrooms before they lock them up. Sometimes the teacher assigned to supervise that building quadrant will even flicker and sometimes turn off the lights while we're still on the stool. When it's cloudy out and there's very little light coming through the window, it can really suck because each stall is really dark. Like once I was dropping when the lights were turned off and I made the mistake of flushing before I had totally got up off the stool. The bowl backed up on me and got my jeans and shoes wet.

Well last Friday afternoon I had the worst experience of the year. I had been like two days constipated (well I had dropped a few small balls of crap that morning but they were so small they floated on top of the water)--something I find by the way to be very depressing--and they had served chili at lunch. By the end of my 8th hour Algebra class, I knew I would need to make a fast dash to the bathroom right at the 3:05 dismissal bell. My book bag was packed and I was ready to run ... first out of the room, but I ran into a locked door as I tried to enter the bathroom. Actually, I bruised my wrist because I hit the door walking fast and it's like never locked that early. I had like 15 minutes to go until music practice so I went down the main street hallway and the like two or three block walk to the music complex. I probably could have stopped at the main street bathrooms but since I needed to crap I wanted more privacy and when I've occasionally used them in the past right after school, there was a line for the 25 or so stalls on two sides of the long and often very crowded room.

As I reached B quadrant I already had mental images of throwing my butt onto the seat and, as one of my most gross friends would say, blasting away and pounding the bowl. This set of bathrooms has no entry doors but rather an around-the-wall type of entrance and a security gate that can be used to close it off during cleaning and when there's been vandalism (something that happens pretty frequently). I figured I was within about one minute of sittin' and shittin' when I rounded the corner and found the gate closed. I immediately recognized that I had an emergency on my hands and was a few seconds away from having a huge and messy dump in my underwear. I noticed to my right, however, that the boys room was open and as I started to sweat more and feel more urgency I decided it was the best alternative, short of having one big mess. I rounded the corner, luckily no one was at one of about a dozen urinals when I slid my book bag into the wall and made my dash for the stall. I was surprised the stall partitions were only about half as high as the girls room, there were no doors on any of the six stalls, and each was literally dripping with unflushed urine in the bowl and an equal amount sprayed over the seat. Luckily I was wearing a very loose-fitting dress which I quickly picked up as I entered the far stall, sat myself down on the wet seat and just bearly dropped my underwear to prevent it being filled by the first blast of shit. As the second large log was coming out I remember looking between my legs and in front of the stool and I even ran by hands over the elastic top of my underwear and I was amazed that there was not even a smear of crap on it. I was continually spurting gas and sometimes very loose crap as I pulled the left side of my dress up off the seat and found that indeed the bottom was moist from having rubbed across the wet seat. I tried not to think about why my butt and thighs felt so moist.

After about 10 minutes I felt confident standing and beginning the wiping process. I needed the last of the first roll and a good part of the second roll and toward the end of the wiping I started to get sore and there was a little blood from the heavily-wiped area. At that point I heard a boy come in and throw himself onto the toilet to my right. His was fast and I swear within 5 or 10 seconds he was pulling for the toilet paper and wiping. He didn't seem surprised when he saw me at the sink when I was washing my hands. He said he has used the girls bathroom a couple of times when the boys has been gated off and he likes how much cleaner it is and the fact that we have privacy doors. My response was "tell me about it"! When I got home about 9 that night I went right to the bathroom and drew myself a bath. Sitting in someone else's urine and having such a messy shit just makes me feel I deserve a special bath.

Hi everyone. I hope everyone still remembers me. I don't think it's been that long. I'm the high school junior that plays football, wrestling, and baseball and I quite frequently need to use the facilities at school since I'm a frequent (and large) pooper and I'm an active student athlete who spends so much time at the school. I posted a story on page 1706 how my best buddy Brian urgently went to the toilet with an absolutely wicked load right during a football game. I still suspect he was set up on that one although I can't prove anything and Brian is too mellow to confront or accuse anyone.

Then on 1709, I had a day where I took a series of overpowering dumps that just kept coming on me culminating in me being forced to take an overwhelming and humiliating shit at my girlfriend's house with her little brothers snickering at me just on the other side of the door.

I've read a lot of stories in this forum about the mean nasty football players who give the poor average non-football player a really hard time in the bathroom. I just wanted to say I hope that is not representative of me, Brian or any of my friends. I don't feel I'm any better than anyone else or any worse. Yeah, I know there are a lot of football players out there who really feel under pressure because they think they will be perceived as less than cool if they need to have a shit at school, or, they go the other direction and make a big production over how big a dump they can produce. I myself feel like more of a target sometimes because I play football but I always try to just be myself. Needing a shit doesn't make me any more or less of a man, it only means that for a few minutes anyway, I need to put my other activities aside and attend to personal business. We all do.

Christy: I'm sure Cody felt much like I did when I needed a big dump over at my girlfriend's house. I've been reading similar stories like mine and yours on this site and one thing that strikes me is that the guy seems a lot more bothered by his need to take a shit than the girl is. In fact, in more than a few of the stories, I suspected that the guy may have possibly been set up so the girl could get a look. Your posting confirmed many of my suspicions and I genuinely appreciate you honesty. I know one thing for sure, my own girlfriend made no attempt to get herself out of earshot when I was forced to deliver my big load at her place.

Kenny, sounds like you and your friend Scott are confident crappers if you and him have conversed so often while one of you was sitting with his pants down on the toilet taking a shit. Sounds like something in the food prepared that day upset your systems. Did anyone else in your school get the shits that day? Hope you guys are feeling better.

At my school, it doesn't seem like guys are too terribly confident when they have to drop their pants and deliver a load. I've gotten over my inhibitions for the most part because I was going to go nuts if I didn't. I need to shit at school too much to be anxiety ridden with each and every dump.

One example of less-than-confident shitters came just this past weekend at a wrestling tournament. It seems like at these tournaments there's always at least one guy in the bathroom with his pants down taking a shit. There's a lot of competitors there and you're eating throughout the day. Plus wrestling is an activity that seems to give you quite a workout and stimulates the bowels. I had already paid a visit to the toilet accompanied by a major load after my morning matches and there were already 2 guys in there with thier pants around their knees and arms folded over their laps trying to cover themselves up. I heard them grunt and crackle out several turds while I went about my business. They didn't see me because they kept their heads down looking at their feet when I walked in. For my part, I kept my heada up and looking out at what was going on in the rest of the world. During my dump, my friend Kyle walked in to take a leak. Kyle is a Sophomore and wrestles at 152 pounds. I greeted Kyle with a GRIN and said I was taking a load off my mind!!

Later that day after Kyle and I had another match we were in the cafeteria getting another snack when Kyle announces he really needs to take a shit and asks if I would accompany him to the bathroom and stand guard at his stall while he crapped.

"You want me to WHAT??" Now I know that high school students often stand in front of a bathroom stall while a fellow student takes a shit.

"C'mon Dave! I really hafta go bad and you know how those doorless stalls suck!"

"Did you see anyone guarding ME when I took a shit?" I reminded Kyle.

"OK. I haven't evolved as far as you. I'll work on it, but can't you help me out this once??"

Kyle was really squirming by now and I could see that the doorless stalls really bothered him so I gave in and agreed to stand guard.

No sooner do I do that, Kyle immediately starts to dash to the restroom. "Hurry up dude! I gotta go NOW!!"

Well, we get into the boys room and once again there are two stalls already occupied by competitors in the tournament sitting with thier pants around their knees. I could hardly use these two guys as examples however since they looked absolutely humilited sitting there. They were both leaning forward with their heads bowed in shame and defeat. Hardly the example of confident crapping I was looking for. I got a better look at the backs of their necks than I did of their faces!

Kyle quickly dashed into the first open stall and quickly dropped his pants and mounted the shitter while I positioned myself in the door so that the Grinch couldn't come along and steal the toilet paper. After five rapid-fire gassy farts, Kyle started evacuating a massive soft pile of shit from his bowels that crackled endlessly and they fell rapidly into the toilet. Gasping and moaning at the same time, Kyle followed up his massive pile of soft shit with a huge pile of soft shit. I allowed my self to look back at Kyle who was really moaning and saw that his eyes were rolling around. One thing for sure was Kyle HAD needed to shit extremely badly, just as he said.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Thanks David. I really needed this."

"You're welcome, I guess. But I still think you hardly need a bodyguard to shit!!"

"I know, but I really appreciate it anyway!" Meanwhile, the two unguarded and rather timid shitters sitting in the other two stalls had grunted and crackled out the rest of their loads and had started to wipe up.

At this point, I really thought Kyle had to be somewhere close to empty before he groaned out another medium pile of shit followed by a couple of smaller piles.

As Kyle finally delivered the last of his gigantic load, one of our assistant coaches came in to take a wizz.

"Hey David! Great job in your opening matches! Kepp it up and I think you should have a great chance in the finals tonight. (I eventually got beat to finish second but it was a very close match to a great wrestler.)

"Thanks coach." I said a bit sheepishly still making an "X" shape in front of the stall while Kyle wiped his butt numerous times.

"Oh, by the way," said the coach with a sly wink "IF you happen to see KYLE, tell him HE'S doing a great job too!! I can't seem to be able to find him ANYWHERE!!"

"I'll be sure to let him know!!" I said with a big grin on my face.

Lena, I am just like you when I hear or see other woman shit!!!

to: lena

i really enjoyed your post! keep up the great work.
to:samantha i cant wait to read your next post.


Hi everyone. I have a pee story for all of you who have been asking. This happened when I was about 15 which was 2 years ago. Im a girl by the way.
Anyways one saturday I was at my house when I really had to pee. I usually use the bathroom in my bedroom, but I didn't want to walk all the way up the stairs. I went to use the bathroom downstairs, but the maid was in there cleaning the toilet. I was too embarrased to ask her to leave for a minute, so I decided just to make the long walk upstairs. Just then the phone rang. It was my friend and neighbor Lisa. She asked if I wanted to walk down to the skate park and watch the boys skateboard. I told her yes and that I would meet her at her house. Lisa always takes forever to get ready so I figured I would just use her bathroom.
I walked down the street to Lisas house and to my surprise, Lisa was out front. She asked me if I was ready. Well this was probably the first time in her whole life Lisa was ready on time. I was too embarrassed to ask to use her bathroom so I figured I would just hold it till we got to the park. Besides I didn't have to go that bad.
Well we started to walk to the park and I realized I underestimated the amount I had to pee. Every step made the pressure in my bladder worse.
After what felt like an enternity(it was about 2 minutes) we reached the skate park. Lisa headed over to our usual spot which is a low concrete wall we sit on right by the skate pit. I was about to tell her I was going to the bathroom when I noticed this boy Declan was skating. I've had a crush on Declan since 7th grade. Unfortunatley so has Lisa and she's a major flirt. I didn't want her to make a move while I wasn't there so I decide to wait to pee and go sit with Lisa. I carefully hopped up on the wall. My tight jeans pressed into my bladder but I just crossed my legs.
About 15 minutes later I was in agony. Even with my legs crossed I felt like I was about to pee my pants. I whispered to Lisa that I was going to the bathroom and I would be back. Well just then Declan walked over. He smiled and flashed his perfect white teeth. I instantly forgot about my need to pee. But Lisa did not.
"Hey car weren't you on your way to the bathroom?" she asked me. She obviously wanted to be alone with Declan. He snickered. Well now I couldn't go. "No" I responded."im good."
Declan talked to us for about another 20 minutes. I honestly couldn't focus on anything he said because I had to pee so bad. I felt like an elepahant was sitting on my stomach. I kept getting chills and almost losing control. Finally Declan said he had to head home. I told Lisa we should probably too. "Whatever" she said. "You just want to take a piss." I didn't deny it and hopped off the wall. Well if I had to pee sitting, the need tripled standing. I felt a couple drops drip into my panties. I quickly regained control and started to walk as fast as I could without peeing everywhere. I figured I would just pee at home instead of the bathrooms at the park which probably were equidistant. Lisa already knew I had to pee so I made no secret of it. I grabbed my crotch and crossed my legs every couple of steps. We reached the edge of the park and I couldn't walk another step. A spurt of pee shot out. I pressed my hand into my crotch and crossed my legs. Just then I saw Declan walking up. He must have forgotton something. I quickly moved my hand away and tried to stand normally. Big mistake. The sudden movement made me start peeing. It gushed out. I tried to stop the stream but couldn't. I stood there powerless as warm golden pee flowed out of me. I could hear a hissing sound as my pants became soaked. A puddel formed below me. As embarrassed as I was I was also that relieved. I've never had a better feeling pee.
Gallons poured out of me. I probably peed for 5 minutes. I just could not stop. Lisa started to laugh at me as the puddle benath me got bigger and my jeans got wetter. I thought Declan was going to laugh too or be totally grossed out. Surprisingly he told Lisa to shut up. He told me its okay, everyone pees and that he wet his bed up until last year. He then said that accidents could happen to anyone. Lisa was still laughing. He turned to her and said, "well if you are going to laugh at carson, I guess you'll have to laugh at me too." I stared in surprise as a wet spot started to form at his crotch. Pretty soon his pants were soaked and his puddle of pee mixed with mine. He then grabbed my hand and walked me home. I got my first kiss on the front steps that day. I ran in the house to shower elated. Declan asked me out the next day and we have been dating ever since. I recently found out that Declans mom was very mad at him for peeing his pants and he got in a lot of trouble. He says it was worth it.

I just took a big dump after eating basically nothing but spicy food, bran cereal, almonds, fruit, coconut and drinking water, coffee and prune juice (not mixed together though).

After one small bout of diarrhea last night before dinner, I went about 10 minutes ago.

It was pretty easy to come out and I could feel it was huge. And it was about 12 inches long and about 2 inches thick. My stomach still hurts so I figure I'll be going again later =)

super sophie
1. How many times a day do you have to pee?
Around 6

2. How much or how long do you pee?
It depends on how much I have had to drink. My longest was just over 3 minutes.

3. When you know you have to pee, how long can you hold it?
An hour max, but I like to push the limits, often ending in accidents.

4. For women: After you pee, how do you wipe?
Get long sheet, fold, wipe back to front.

5. Not so interested in this, but I'll include it to be fair... After you poop, how do you wipe?
Same applies.

6. How do you feel about peeing in public restrooms?
I am not bothered at all, I quite enjoy them.

7. Follow-up to the last question: Specifically, what about porta-potties?
I love them, because they are so small they echo my noises, and there is often somebody waiting outside.

8a. For women again: Can you pee standing up?
I can yes, I learnt how to about 4 years ago.

8b. For men: Do you ever pee sitting down, even when you don't have to poop?


9. Have you ever peed outdoors or anywhere other than a toilet?
If I can't hold it I will pee outdoors, I have peed in sinks, on busses, in trees etc.

I walked into the public toilets and saw there were 3 cubicles. I walked into the middle one and locked the door. I pulled my white knickers to me knees and lifted my tennis skirt before sitting down. I were sat there, with my knickers around my knees when I heard somebody walk in and take the stall next to me. I heard her lift her dress and slide down her knickers. There was a pause before she started peeing, it sounded really powerful and I were slightly impressed. She stopped after a minute and there was silence again. I pushed and my pee started shooting out, sort of a spray. After ten seconds it sorted itself out and I were peeing like normal. I was timing it on my watch and I discovered I peed for 2 minutes and 48 seconds. She giggled and said you must have drank the river or something to pee for that time. We got chatting, asking how we both were and things when she said "I may be quiet now, I really got to push." I heard her grunting and then she let out a sigh. She stood up and I saw her knickers hit the floor, they were a lovely pink. She sat down again and I saw her feet pushing really hard against the floor, she let out another sigh and asked me to come into her stall, she was having issues. I wiped, pulled up my knickers and walked to her stall. She let me in and I locked the door behind me. When I turned around, I saw a cute blonde, same age as me sat on the pot with her pink knickers on the floor. Her face was really red and I could tell she had been straining. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she simply asked me to hold her hands and let her squeeze them. I agreed and she started pushing her feet to the floor again. She leant forward then slowly hovered above the seat. I could see it coming out (I'm taller than her so I could see her ass when she bent over) and she started groaning/screaming. She paused, caught her breath, and then started pushing again. It fell with a splash and she pushed one last time, liquid shit shot out of her spraying the seat and lid of the toilet, she apologised for making me experience all the mess she had made. I were running late so I told her it was ok and left her to clear up.

Hi all. No new stories to report but I did want to take the time to respond to some of your stories.
The Black Flame- I agree that this site is lacking childhood stories, especially those about peeing. I really enjoyed reading about your memories. Please post more as I am very interested.
Andy- I read old posts too. That's not sad. This site is very addicting and there aren't enough new posts each day to satisfy me. Nice pee story.
Fil- I agree 100% completley with what you have to say. I am very interested in pee stories but not in poop. I usually skip over the poop stories. I feel poop is easier to hold just like you said, but when you gotta pee, you gotta pee. I also think that when a person is in critical need to pee and can't find anywhere to go that there is a sexual element to it.
Raw food- I am also a vegan who eats only raw foods. I find that I am never constipated or have the runs. I poop almost the same time each day and its a nice consitancy. When I go off my diet by bowels become out of whack. I agree most people don't know they have a problem or how hard it is for your body to digest processed foods. Raw foods the way to go.
Christy- wow cody sounds like a great guy. You are very lucky to have him. I however feel that it was wrong of you to trick him like that. He was obvioulsy embarrassed. Just because you have a poop fetish doesn't mean he does. He sounds like a classy guy that doesn't like to fart and talk about bathroom habits(that's hard to come by) and it was very sweet of him to let you watch him wipe to make you happy.

Jessica L.
Hello everybody, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm a travelling saleswoman, and I sell audio/video equipment. I often am in conventions and trade shows for hours on end, with no chance to use the restroom, so I often end up with some really embarrassing moments. Just a few weeks ago, I had to visit a large theater in Kansas City, because they wanted to purchase a new sound system, and I needed to look over their setup, and decide what equipment would be best for them. When I arrived at the theater, I met the manager, who showed me the stage and the seating arrangement. We started talking about various speaker setups, and various mixer board setups, and before I knew it, it was right around 3PM. I had gotten so involved with talking that I didn't realize I hadn't been to the toilet in around five hours, and my urge to pee was getting pretty desperate. Then the manager asked if I had a catalog that he could look through. I said it was in my car, so we walked out into the parking lot and I found the catalog in my car, and I handed it to him. "I'm really sorry, but do you have a restroom I could use?" I asked. "Well, as a matter of fact, I think I need to use it to, so just follow me," he said. I followed the manager into the theater, and he led me down some stairs, which led behind the stage. "The regular restrooms are generally pretty dirty, because of the high traffic they receive, so I thought you might like to use the staff restroom." I thanked him, as I hate dirty bathrooms, and I really had to pee, and on top of everything else, I was feeling the urge to take a dump too. He opened a door, and showed me a unisex bathroom. "Here we are," he said. "I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to be awhile," I said to him. "That's OK, I think I will be too," he said, taking the first stall away from the door. There were three stalls, so I took the middle one next to his. I lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down and sat down quickly. I started peeing almost immediately, and it was pretty embarrassing because I peed for at least two minutes, as I was quite full. Then, the manager made a surprising commennt. "I've heard some long pees, but that tops them all Miss" he said. I was surprised at hearing this. "Sorry" I called. "Don't be" was his reply. Then I started taking care of my second need, and started pushing. I heard my poop crackling as it exited my butt, and it took a good deal of pushing to really get it moving. Finally, it broke off with a huge splash, landing in the toilet. Then came the most embarrassing moment. Out of nowhere came this HUGE booming fart. I mean, this fart rattled the walls. I almost died from embarrassment. "I am SO sorry" I said. Meanwhile, the manager seemed to almost be enjoying this display. "It's OK, I've farted too." He let out a pretty good one. "See?" he asked. Now I was actually getting a little turned on, as I was thinking that the manager had a fetish about bathroom habits as well. "How about this?" I asked, and let go of another huge one. "You sure can fart, ma'am," he replied. I laughed at this. "I think I'm done," I said. Then I realized I was in a predicament. There was no toilet paper to wipe with. "Uh, I'm sorry about this, but I have no toilet paper." I said. "Here, I'll bring you some" he said. I unlocked the stall door, and I thought he'd just pass it through, but instead he kind of peeked around the door to get a look at me. I wasn't all that embarrassed about this, as I have had lots of people see me on the toilet before. I wiped, flushed and walked over to the sink. After I washed up, I asked him if he had an interest in bathroom habits too. He admitted he did, and had taken all the toilet paper out of the stalls, because he hoped he would get to see the salesperson poop or pee. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you," he said. I of course told him that he hadn't embarrassed me at all, and that I was also interested in bathroom habits. He also ended up placing a rather large order for some new equipment, and asked if I could come back to install it. Normally I would have said no, but then I asked "Do I get to use the staff restroom?" He smiled and said "Of course, but only if I get to come with you again." I said it was a deal, so I get to back in a few days to do the install. I'm sure I'll have another good story for that.

And now for my second story:

I was sitting at home last week, not doing much of anything, just lounging around the house, and listening to some classical music on my stereo. I decided I'd go for a walk, and pulled on some athletic sweat pants, a sweater and a coat. I headed out the door. It was a cool morning, but not excessively cold, I think it was probably above freezing. After walking for about an hour, I felt the familiar urge that I needed to pee. I was still about a half hour from home, but since I have to hold my pee a lot for my job, I figured I could wait until then. But the bouncing from me walking was not helping me at all, and I soon began to reach down inside my coat to hold myself. Finally, I could wait no longer, and walked down some stairs into a little park. There was no one there that I could see. I looked around for a bathroom, and didn't see one. Now I was really worried, as I had to pee extremely badly. I then remembered that in my coat pocket I had one of those little devices that a woman can use to pee standing up. I had never used it because a friend had given it to me kind of as a gag because she's always playfully making fun of my fear of gross bathrooms. But now, I thought I might be able to actually use it! I pulled it out of my coat pocket, and looked at the directions, which were tied to it with a rubber band. It seemed simple enough, so I pulled my pants down very slightly, fitted the little device in place, and started peeing. I was shocked. The pee went right down the little funnel and out onto the ground. I almost wished there was someone around to see this, because I found it so incredible. My pants didn't even get wet in this slightest! Anyway, I peed for a very long time, at least two minutes or so. When I was finally done, I simply put the little device in a wastecan and walked home. I almost wished I was selling these little devices, as I'm sure I could talk a lot of women into wanting one, perhaps even get to demonstrate it! Now, I won't go anywhere without carrying one of these things, because it is much easier than squatting, at least for me.

That's all my stories for now, but I'm sure I will have more later!!!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos for the last week. Hopefully, it continues because I've been eating lots of good food.

To Keith D: I absolutely LOVED your story!! It sounded like you were well and truly constipated. Trying to push out a big, dry log at a friend's place is the worst thing, I find that I can't relax completely and I have to be very quiet. How long did it take to complete your dump in the woods? It must have been huge!

Can everyone please post the absolute worst time you had to pee but couldn't. What happened? Also I would love to hear childhood pee stories.

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