The Black Flame
Greetings. Kerri Anne's post brought back some of my own memories of using my diapers when I was young, so I'll mention a few of them since this site is rather lacking in such tales. I was a late potty trainer, and some of my first memories involve diapers. I remember one incident just after I turned two. It was winter, and I was under my warm blankets. The fire whistle started wailing, which woke me up, and I can remember holding my stuffed Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while soiling my diaper. It was soft and mushy, and it spread out under me as I went.
Another time, during the summer, I was in a thick plastic disposable (late '80's) and shortly after I realized I had to pee it flowed into the thick diaper, turning it into warm gel. It made a soft hissing noise as it came out. .
We used to drive down to visit my grandparents on a regular basis, and the next story takes place during one of those drives. I can remember sitting in my car seat listening to the rock song on the radio and pushing a large soft load into the diaper beneath me, which smelled to me like root beer. I can also remember that my mother was not happy about changing the nasty diaper, which by that time had been dirty for a long time.
In the final incident, which also took place in the car, I remember feeling my diaper get warm and a trickling feeling going down my skin, and realizing that I was peeing. I remember mushing the gels and feeling their slight and pleasant warmth.
Does anyone else have any early memories of diaper use or potty training incidents? I have more, and will post them if anyone else is interested. Thanks for all the memories, and keep up the great posts.

Hello again.I have just been scrolling back through old pages and read some of my previous posts(how sad is that?).Anyway one thing i noticed about them was that i've always tried to give as much detail as possible.They are all true events and some go back a long way.While i was doing this,(it's a slow day),i remembered another one from a while back.So here goes.I was sitting in my garden on a sunny day.I've moved since.Two boys and their sister were playing in another garden which backed onto mine.I heard one say that he was going to pee behind the hedge which seperated the two gardens."ME TOO",said his brother."I,M GOING TO WATCH",said their sister.I could hear all this clearly from where i was sitting.They appeared a few seconds later, squeezing between their garage and the hedge.I don't think they wanted to be watched by their sister as one of them told her to "GO AWAY,THIS IS A BOYS TOILET"before finishing peeing and leaving.The other boy continued peeing while his sister stood watching.After finishing they disappeared from view as i think they were being called on by their parents.They were not aware that i had seen what they were up to,as the hedge was taller than them but was thin enough to see through.Also they had their backs to me. Well thats it for now.TAKE CARE,CHEERS

hi all if you don't remember me i can't poop on my own and need help I'm in a wheelchair and have accidents at times.

My story starts with me and my new job I've been there a little over a month. i was suppose to poop Monday morning before work and my nurse had helped and tried to get my dump to come out but she barely got any any out and i could tell when i got up to go to work. I was sitting in my office around 10:30 a.m. when i began to fart and i began getting my normal hot feeling shortly after signaling to me that I'd either poop myself shortly or i could maybe stop a disaster if i could get somewhere and let my day nurse help me and take my much needed dump. I decided to try and go at work in the bathroom because it's a handicaped one and i had just ripped a fart that sounded a little wet. I told my nurse that i was getting really close to pooping and i begged her to please try something i really didn't want try at work. She hasn't ever worked with me at night and hasn't helped me go poop before but had done it in school a couple years ago. I was really hurting and farting almost every couple minutes now and i was super glad my co-worker was sick today. I quickly drove my chair into the nice new handicaped bathroom where i pulled next to the toilet. I had my nurse snap off my right armrest and pull my butt over the edge of my seat and close to the toilet. She put the seat up and my butt was only barely on the outside edge of the toilet when i farted again she said ok your not over the bowl but your definitely ready to go and i can put the poop in the toilet as it comes out i said fine with me just hurry and pull down my pants!! She unsnapped my jeans and said ok and pulled them down to mid thigh. She said well your underpants already have a little in them but your jeans are saved. I had almost fell out of my chair when she had taken down my jeans so i said take my sissors and cut off my underwear. She did and dropped the little log in the toilet. She saw me fart and push out a little that fell on the floor right on my tire and on the edge of the toilet. She said omg you can't wait huh. I said guess not I'm feeling another cramp, said ok go ahead and she grabbed in my bag and pulled on a rubber glove and pushed her finger into my hole right as the fart came. She said ok I'm in and you really really have a ton here what do i do. I told her to push her finger around in a circle a get my body stimulated so that i could get everything out. She started to move her finger and said can i start pulling what i feel out my finger is really getting dirty. I said yes please I'm just dying to go. As she began to pull out my poop i felt a huge hot wave come over me and knew that my dump was here and huge. She had pulled her finger out with a nice bunch and put in in the bowl and heard a sploush when it hit the water she went right back in me and pulled another bunch out. I felt it each time she went inside me and heard each sploush as she dropped the poop into the toilet. After she had pulled out ten nice little bunches she asked how she was doing and how i felt. I was starting to feel better but knew i wasn't done and had only gone what felt like to me little under half of what i needed to poop out, and told her that. She said ok well what would you like me to do because it's not just sitting right by your hole any more. So i walked her through how i normally have someone push in a circle and hold their finger to the side and hold it until more came down and or out, so she did. I felt a little pressure from her finger and told her to push hard so i could go and she did. After ten second i heard a brapppp and a sploush as she put in a big chunck. Asked if she should do more and i said yes that i could tell that i still had poop. So back up in me and pushed around and felt more hot feeling and some movement inside me. Another kersplash as she put in another log. I told her to push her finger hard to the side and i could hear spuishing as it was really getting soft and almost runny. I felt really pretty good now as she was quickly plopping small mush and bits into the toilet. I farted more and squirted some in the toilet and between that gap that was between me and the bowl. I could tell when i had almost finished because the bathroom really stank and i felt empty or almost anyway i let her check once more and she did say that everything was clean and that i was closing up inside of me. She wiped me and pulled my jeans up and tried to put me back right in my seat. I saw the toilet and the edge was really really gross with little chunks all on the edge and a whole big pile that filled the bowl. She flushed but only half sank into the toilet so she tried flushing again and it only gained water so we wiped the bowl and left hour and a half later i felt much better but hoped nobody came looking for me.

Hope you liked my story.

about a week and a bit ago, i had diarrhea (which i don`t really mind). when i went to the toilet, i immediately let out a blast of thick diarrhea, which was loud. after about 3 more squirts (with 3-5 sec intervals between them) i was done.

do any girls have any stories of imbarrassing diarrhea accidents?...i would love to hear them.

1. How many times a day do you have to pee?

Generally I pee four to five times a day.

2. How much or how long do you pee?

I tend to pee a good amount when I finally have to go. I have gotten into the habit of holding it until I am about to burst, and then having to rush to the bathroom.

3. When you know you have to pee, how long can you hold it?

Not long. I usually need to get to a bathroom pretty quick.

4. For women: After you pee, how do you wipe?

I tear off a long sheet and fold it, and then wipe from back to front.

5. Not so interested in this, but I'll include it to be fair... After you poop, how do you wipe?

Same as above.

6. How do you feel about peeing in public restrooms?

I don't mind them. Sometime if it's a small one I will get a little pee shy, but at the mall and such I have no problem.

7. Follow-up to the last question: Specifically, what about porta-potties?

I am fine with them.

8a. For women again: Can you pee standing up?

I have tried in the shower but I am not very good at it.

8b. For men: Do you ever pee sitting down, even when you don't have to poop?


9. Have you ever peed outdoors or anywhere other than a toilet?

Yes, I used to squat and pee around the side of our house, and I still like to pee in sinks when I can.

Hey, just wanted to respond to something I missed that I think is important.

TO E.M.: My gosh! I used to feel the exact same way as you! For me, it was to the point that I would NEVER, EVER use public toilets for pooping. This was true for me until, like Super Sophie noted, it came to the point where I really had no choice (a case of diarrhea). I wrote this experience of mine on page 1710, and I think you might find it really helpful.

Anyway, now that I have gotten over that weird fear, I actually quite enjoy using public restrooms! It's not so much a matter of having guts as it is just doing it. Let us know if there's anything we can help with! I hope this was helpful!

Dan Boy
Note: this is a response to Phil's question about stimulating the rectum through the vaginal cavity. I'll try to keep this as clean as possible, and I'll be speaking purely medically.

Phil J: I have personally never heard of that being done, but it does seem very reasonable to me. I do know that it is possible for the reverse to happen (the vagina can be stimulated through the rectum) as the two cavities share an interior "wall" of tissue. But, it really depends on the person specifically. I have also heard of women needing to relieve themselves (#2) after intercourse, several times. So I don't think it's unreasonable that this is possible.

There were some wonderful pee stories in this chapter. They are well-written, with insight and with detail. It is interesting on this forum that having a poop and what happens goes on week by week. But good pee stories seem to come along every few months. There is a difference. Poop can remain in the body for long times. But the bladder is different than the bowels. It demands emptying in a short time, sometimes for 2 hours and in some for 24, before it begins to hurt. When a person holds and gets desperate with no where to go the issue becomes critical and sexual.

To Gillian.

Let me tell you what happened the other day . I was on the way home from shopping , I had about a 30 min drive left when I felt the urge to have a shit, now I hadn't had my daily shit as yet so I knew I had about 1 hour left before I'd be in trouble. I didn't want to pull over cos it was wet and cold so I decided to hold on. I didn't think I would shit in my pants and I didn't want to either cos as soon as I got home and put away the shopping I had go visit a friend.
I needed to have a piss as well and the urge to shit was intensifying.So here I am driving home with my right hand holding my crotch so I wouldn't piss myself in the car and clenching my butt cheeks as well. About 10 mins from home the urge to ship got pretty severe and my stomach was cramping.I felt a need to fart,but I thought if I dropped a fart now I would surely poop myself in the car, so I just held the fart in.When I turned into my road I knew then I had only 250 yards to go, so I was slightly relieved,I was busting to get rid of my load preferably into a toilet not my pants. As I pulled up in my drive I flung the door open and walked quickly up to the front porch. As I fumbled with the keys and door lock I unexpectedly let a squirt of piss into my pants, I had a wet spot on my track pants about the size of a cd. Very obvious since they are light blue,well a thought went thru my head I'm gonna have to change clothes now.
I raced down the hall to the toilet, lifted the seat cover, and ripped down my track pants and french knickers, still clenching my butt cheeks. I reckon I was about a split second from unloading. Now here where the problem happened. I just flopped my arse onto the seat,instead of centering my arse on the seat abovve the water in my haste I sat on the back of the seat. So my hole was really on the back of the seat. That's when I started to shit, Ifelt hot sticky poop ooze up the crack of my arse and pile up on the back of the seat,some of it did go into the bowl. I was so disturbed by this I didn't think what was happening when I was pissing. When I sit to piss I always have push down on my pussy in order to aim it, I tend to piss staight out ,which makes it helpful for when I stand to piss.I was actually not pissing in the toilet but between the seat and the bowl and onto the back of my pants.OMG waht a mess, there was poop on the back of the seat all over my arse. I cleaned up as best I could then hopped in the shower to do the rest. Then I got rubber gloves,bucket and hot water to do the rest. I then rang my friend, told her I'd be late, put the shopping away. She noticed my hair was damp, she said you didn't have to shower for me, I said OH yes I did.

A few months ago I went camping with a few friends. We all met at this lovely lovely lake, we all go there from time to time when the weather is good . The only drawback is the facilities, they are very very old, but clean but I guess this is why there are never many campers there. we all went up on the Friday late afternoon we set up our tents and cooked a sumptous meal for supper. One of the ladies there ,Marcy she has an appetite like a horse. She has a great body, all I can think her body must metabolise quickly. In the morning we all got up had bacon and eggs washed down with good coffee. Marcy was standing under a tree having a smoke,she appeared to be fidgeting a bit, I went over and joined her. I asked if she was okay, Marcy told me last nite's supper wanted out but she wanted to finish her smoke and coffee. I needed a shit as well, but it had not got to the stage where I had to go, but it was there for sure.She butted out her smoke and said I'm off , I said I'll join you.
The toilet block had 3 stalls all were vacant Marcy took the middle stall I took the end one near the wall.The walls of the stalls were made of boards and over time cracks had appeared between the boards. Now this scenario had me excited peeking through the cracks I got a good view of her from from her waist down.She pulled her green shorts down to ankles, I noticed she was not wearing underwear.She hovered over the toilet and pulled her cheeks apart with her hands. Marcy grunted and pushed then started to cuss a bit as well. Then said Oh Lena this is gonna be a big one,then another push and I could see her brown hole dome out followed by the head of what seemed to be a very hard turd. It was out 3" and just hanging, I could hear her take a deep breath and push again, another 4" of turd emerged. So here is Marcy bent over with a 7" turd suspended from her hole.I was sitting on the toilet sort of sideways so I could get a good view. My turds had slipped out without making a splash,they'd actaully slid down the side of the bowl.
Marcy was having a bit of trouble getting this shit out, she stood up to reposition her feet, by now another 1" had emerged .By now now she had this 8" tail between her legs as she stood up, bending over again she reached around to feel the turd, I guess to feel if it was still there. Now I was getting very excited and I could feel my face get very flushed as well. Marcy asked me how I was doing,I told her that I'd dropped my load and doing well. She said she"d wished taken a stool softner. Then she pushed once more with no success, that's when she reached around and broke the turd off with her left hand and dropped it into the bowl.She then got a jar of cream out of her shorts pocket, put some cream on her finger and inserted her finger up her hole, pulling her finger in and out.She then said here it comes ,pulling here finger out, she hovered and 3 big soft stools emerged preceded by a plug of hard shit. Oh I feel better now Lena, could you give some some tp , I said hold on till I wipe. I gave my arse just 1 wipe. Then took the tp into Marcy. Her left hand had a fair amount of shit on it, she was not bashful at all. I offered to wipe her and pull her pants. It took about 5 wipes on her hole to get it clean properly the another 2 on her pussy, she is a non shaver like me. My pussy needed wiping too, but it wasn't piss. Marcy and I became really good friends, we visit each other often.

LOve Lena xxxx

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I took an interesting dump today. I got the urge to go around three, so I went to the bathroom, taking my book with me. I sat down on my nice, padded toilet seat, and began reading. I like to just sit for as long as it takes - I don't ever push, I just let my body go at its own pace.

I started with a short pee, like I usually do, and then there was nothing for a bit. I felt a poop come out and splash loudly into the water below. Then there were some more stringy short poops that all loudly splashed. I felt the water get on my butt, it was really weird. There was more to come, so I just kept reading. Every so often, there would be a poop that would come out, either a small chunk or a stringy ropey poop, but always splash into the water.

When I felt empty, I stood up and looked at the toilet. There was a lot of poop floating around, lots of chunks and some stringy ropes. I had to wipe probably ten times, it was very messy. It was kind of a strange dump, I typically poop out one or two long logs.


kelly i really enjoyed your story! keep up the posts!


raw food
exercising moves the lymphatics which causes a bowel movement. the reason most people don't have regular bowel movements is a lot of meat, dairy, grains, and cooked food. i eat all raw food and each time i have a meal i have a good bowel movement. cooked food is very hard to digest and most people don't even know they have bowel problems. i eat mostly fresh fruit and leafy greens.

just wanted to help out those with diarrhea or constipation. ;)

I've been reading a lot of posts lately haven't posted anything myself. I figured I better contribute to the site. I am a 15 yr. old guy. I enjoy reading about the stories from women. I'm not sure what to write about but I took a shit about 15 minutes ago so I'll write about that. Well, I have very regular BMs. I rarely get constipated or have diarrhea, so this was a pretty normal dump. I sat down on the toilet and let out a couple silent farts(very usual). Other than that, though, I don't have much gas while on the toilet. Is this true for others? Anyway, everything started to come out very easily. The poop was about 2 inches wide and about 7 inches long when I paused. I have always liked the feeling of pooping and feel very relaxed. I started pushing again but that piece broke off. Another poop about 5 inches long dropped into the toilet with a "plop". I dropped two more, 3 inches each. Most of my shits are like this. Short and easy.

The Tourist
Hi everyone. It's me again. I haven't posted in a while, and this will be a short one, but I hope to be able to post a decent story soon. For a while, I had nothing of interest, and then once I did, my computer started acting up. Anyway, I'll get on to it, and see if I can submit this before my internet cuts out again.

A few weeks ago, I went out to a campgrounds about two hours from where I live. It's a youth camp during the summer, but it's available for anybody to stay in during the off seasons. So, instead of staying outdoors, I got to use a log cabin.

The log cabin had a modern flush toilet in it, and I decided to just use it, being cold enough I didn't want to go outdoors. On the third day I was there, I felt the urge to poop, so I headed to the bathroom. I disrobed and sat down, releasing a few soft farts.

Then I had a loud booming fart and the crackle of a turd emerging. This one was coming out slowly, and it felt thick as it eased out. I let it just work it's way out, until finally it broke off and landed in the bowl. After that, I guess all my gas had been blocked by that turd, because I farted silently for several seconds non-stop.

I decided to look in the bowl before wiping, because I wasn't sure if it would flush. I mean, this turd was massive, stretching all the way from around the bend at the bottom of the toilet and curling around the outside of the bowl and then the other end pointed up, almost exiting the water.

This toilet had no handle, but instead there was a button on the top you pressed to activate the flush. I pressed the button and watched as the toilet flushed, budging my monster turd, but it wouldn't go down. I flushed once more just to try, and it acted like it might go down, but nothing.

I had no choice but to get a plastic bag and break up this monster myself. I put the bag over my right hand and reached in to break it up. I had to really apply pressure to break it, this turd was firm. After I had broken it into three smaller pieces, I flushed again. One of them went down, and it looked like the other two followed, but the water refilled, and pushed them back. I broke them up into two even smaller pieces, flushing one more time. At last it all went away.

Mysterious Man
Samantha: Excellent story! I'm sure I would have enjoyed seeing the monster you made. Hope to hear about more big monsters like that in the future! ^__^

I'm Christy and I'm 19 years old. I've been dating my boyfriend Cody, also 19 for about 9 months and from the time I started going out with him, really even before, I have really wanted to see him on the toilet taking a shit, but until now I have been frustrated in my attempts.

Cody is very cute, about 6' tall, "dirty blonde" hair that he wears short on the sides and a bit spiky on the top, an adorable sexy smile that stops you dead in your tracks, a nice fit athletic build and a cute round butt that up until now I have been just dying to see mounted to the toilet laying down some serious poop!

The problem is of course that Cody hasn't known I've felt this way. When you're a young lady, how do you even breach a subject like that with a guy. Cody for his part up until now has really gone out of the way to avoid taking a shit at my apartment even though I know that he poops at that time of day. A couple of times he's made up some lame excuse that he needed to run to the grocery store or somewhere else. One time he forgot to even bring anything back to cover his real activity! During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, Cody plays softball several nights a week and several times I have seen him sneak away under the pretense of geting food then head into the bathroom. Since he spent 10 to 15 minutes in there, it really wasn't too hard to figure out what he was up to. A couple times while waiting for him outside, I would get a sneak peek into the restroom when someone went in or came out and a few times I've seen Cody's feet under the stall with his pants down around his ankles. I knew that he would look very cute sitting on the toilet like that grunting out his load and experiencing the sensation of relief, but I could never get close enough for a look.

But my time finally came last week. We had just painted in my apartment and Cody was coming over to snuggle and watch a movie. The door was off the bathroom because of the fresh paint and had to be stood up in front of the bathroom if you needed to go or had to shower. I only had a bit of toilet paper on the roll in the event that if Cody ever give in and take a shit at my place, I would be able to deliver a new roll of paper to him! Is that being too sneaky or what?? This time, I also had all the snacks in place too so Cody couldn't leave saying he needed to run to the store for Doritos!

After Cody had been over for about an hour or so and we had been snuggled on the sofa, I heard a bit of rumbling in his intestines and I could see him wince from a bit of a cramp. I asked him if he was alright and he said he was ok. About 15 minutes later I could see Cody get another cramp only this time nature was calling his number and he really needed a crap. Cody looked quite a bit embarassed as he said he needed to get up and go to the bathroom. As he did, he let a fart slip out for which he apologized very sweetly. I knew that for Cody to go to the toilet at my apartment, he must have needed a shit very, very badly because he was so self-conscious of avoiding just that very fate whenever he was over. I really wanted to get up and go watch him go at it right then and there, but I restrained myself.

As Cody went into the bathroom, I watched him struggle to put the door back into place before he moved into position in front of the toilet. I then listened intently so I could hear him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants and drop them. A few moments later I was not disappointed as Cody first ripped off several rapid-fire farts then some very sharp sustained crackling left no doubt that he had started to shit. This crackling went on for quite a bit as Cody ground out several sizable logs. This was obviously a very large load explaining why Cody had needed to shit so badly. I almost lost it when I heard Cody start to moan and grunt as the stools left his body. I just knew he was looking adorable as he sat there with that sensation of relief washing over him. I then heard a series of medium-sized chunks of poop falling into the toilet before Cody started grunting out several smaller pieces that fell into the water with cute little plops. Finally after 10 minutes Cody pushed out the last of the small pieces. I then heard him tearing the last of the paper off the roll before muttering "Oh No." I could then hear Cody checking out the vanity next to the toilet in the hopes of finding a new toilet paper roll, but I had them stored in the linen closet in the hallway.

"Hey hon... I really hate to do this but can you bring me some more tp? This roll is empty."

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed feigning surprise. "I am so sorry babe! I'll be right there." My heart must have been beating 100 miles an hour anticipating finally being able to see my adorable boyfriend sitting on the toilet. I did the best I could to calm myself down as I moved the door to hand him the roll.

I almost died as I saw Cody sitting there. He had pulled his pants halfway back up around his knees and was leaning a bit forward with his arms folded across his lap to cover himself up as best he could and keep his boy package out of sight! He was obviously a bit nervous and embarassed himself and the only reason he was sitting there in the first place was because he had no other option. I knew I probably should have just handed him the roll and walked out but I was just spellbound. Cody was looking even more adorable and vulnerable than I had even imagined and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Cody kind of shifting around nervously for a bit like waiting for me to leave without having to ask. I finally said "Don't worry babe, you look very cute going potty!" I couldn't believe I had just said what I said, but there it was!

Cody relaxed then for a moment and flashed me that adorable sexy smile that stops you in your tracks. "Thanks, but I did quite a bit more than just go potty! I had to go pretty bad. Sorry for stinking up the place."

I still hadn't turned around and I just blurted out and asked "You wouldn't mind if I stood here and talked while you finish up, would you?" I instantly regretted what I had just said and I could see this look of shock come over Cody's face as he hesitated to answer.

"I'm really sorry! That was just really wierd!" I started to cry as I turned to walk out. I figured Cody was probably going to take off after this and I wasn't going to ever see him again. You could have broken my legs with a baseball bat and I couldn't hurt any more than I did just then.

"Wait! Hold on!" Cody said calling me back. "I was just really surprised, that's all. You can stay and talk if you want. I just want you to be happy!" That was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Looking down at Cody's cute round bum mounted to the crapper, I began wondering just HOW much shit was in the toilet. But I wasn't ready to go THERE just yet. I figured the load had to have been plenty large enough to overcome Cody's reluctance to take a shit at my place. Actually I'm sure it was absolutely huge!

Cody then began to wipe up with the roll of tp I had brought him. He unrolled it then folded it over several times into a square before reaching into his crack and wiping away. As expected, the first few wipes produced a lot of crap on the paper before he was clean enough to get up. We even cracked a couple jokes about how dirty the first couple of wipes were.

After Cody cleaned up, he got up to pull up his pants and I got a brief glimpse into the toilet but most of Cody's shit was covered up by all the toilet paper.

After that, we went back to watching the movie but we ended up talking about his great big dump all night, mostly because of my own curiosity. After breaking the ice like we finally have, I'm sure I will get many more performances like this first one and I'm going to take a dump for him too.

What do you guys think?? Cody is sweet, cute, considerate, loving and takes amazing dumps. Do I have a keeper or what?

Yesterday at my school I had a very different experience. I had put off writing my paper for sophomore social studies so I had to stay up to about 3 a.m. finishing it. I only got like 3 hours of sleep, and I had a full day of school ahead of me and then 5 hours at my mall job. I don't function well without sleep. So at like 7 a.m. I stopped at a c-store and got a coffee to wake me up and I had dranken part of it during the one block walk to my school. We have to walk up about 24 stairs to get into the building and as I got to the top, I could feel my crap coming on. It was like 7:10 a.m. and classes don't start until 8. Once I got into the school I took a couple more sips of my coffee which was still plenty hot and I pushed the door open to the bathroom. The lights hadn't been turned on yet, so I guessed I was the first user. I selected the first of the four stalls, pushed open a stubborn door (it had been bent on its hinges), put my cup down on the floor, latched the door and the fact that the seat was up told me I was the first user. I dropped the seat, dropped my underwear and jeans and placed my butt over what turned out to be a cold seat. I reached down and took another swig of my coffee as I sat for about 5 minutes as I could feel my crap work its way down. Finally, I made a small push and a piece about 2 inches in length ever so slowly came out. Next there was some gas and then about six much smaller pieces hit, a couple of them heavy enough to splash water on me. I got to thinking that this was the first time I had been splashed like that in quite some time. Then the 7:30 warning bell rang, reminding me that I had only 30 minutes left before school started. I stood up and immediately sat down again, trying to spread my legs so that I could get more out. I knew I had to get to the computer lab and print out my paper. That and the fact that my crap had not been that fulfilling frustrated me. About that time I heard several others come into the room and the stall doors were immediately swung open. Then within seconds the seats dropped, and within a few more seconds you could hear pee streams starting, and in one case, a real loud gas blast before some swearing and then a sigh of relief as an apparent large crap dropped. I buttoned my jeans, leaned over to flush and then remembered that I hadn't wiped. I reached down, took another drink from my coffee, then ripped off about three sheets of toilet paper. I needed to do only minimal wiping. Then I rebuttoned my jeans, and took my coffee over to the sinks to wash my hands. Midway through the process I started to get the urge to pee. I glanced back and my stall had just been taken, but a girl, who looked like she might have been a senior, was just coming out of the second stall, so I quickly moved in on the opportunity. There was one giant log that was the length of the whole bowl and it was protruding out of the water and almost up to the front rim. My first thought was "how gross" but as I reached down to flush it, I also was envious. Within a minute I was seated and while I peed, I gingerly leaned down and grabbed my coffee that was now half warm. I got to thinking of the irony of it--something going in one end and something coming out of the other. I remembered that I hadn't peed when I got up that morning and that might account for why I had so much in me. I was on the stool--although this seat was warm--for about 3 minutes and my flow was continuous. I heard more students enter the room as I wiped and stood to pull up my underwear and jeans. I flushed, picked my coffee up with my right hand while I unlatched the door with my left. Another girl who looked very young like a freshman bumped me in moving for the stall even before the door had stopped swinging. I had to wait for a sink and when I was doing so I got a very strong urge to crap and I mean almost immediately. I looked down the row and luckily a girl had just run out of the 4th stall and was running fast with her book bag over her back to the bathroom entrance. I would have lost the stall if I had been any slower in getting over there. She had flushed but there was a strong smell of shit in the stall and skidmarks over much of the bowl. I quickly dropped my jeans and ripped down my underwear just in time. As my butt reached the seat I let go of about a 2-foot soft snake that curled around the sides of the bowl. Instantly, I felt emptied and relieved and within 15 seconds I reached for the toilet paper. I swore to myself when I found there was none on the roll. I looked behind the metal and could find no backup roll. "####", I thought to myself. I looked under the partition into the 3rd stall and could see no legs so there was no opportunity for that occupant to pass me some paper. I partially pulled up my jeans and underwear and quickly left the stall and slipped in next door. I completely dropped my jeans and underwear to the floor and seated myself for what I knew would be a messy and lengthy wipe. It must have taken 5 minutes and the stool was 3/4 full of toilet paper when I got done wiping, reached back and flushed, and then quickly pulled up my underwear and jeans in case it clogged. It flushed slowly, although it really gurgled and a good amount of water splashed up on the seat. I'm kind of shy, so I didn't tell the girl who was waiting on the other side of the door that it wasn't my pee. I just needed to get to the tech lab and then class and I was already running late, but I felt relieved, if you know what I mean.

Hallo! Here is a story I would like to share.
In our neighborhood there is a lake where we like to swim naked.
The lake is really wonderful, with water there so warm.
One day me and my friend Alice ate very much. Just so.
Because it was very hot, we went to that lake, got undressed and began enjoying. My enjoyment, however, was very short-term, because I felt a pain in my stomach und an urge to poop.
I went out of the water, sat down behind a bush and at once I felt a very big turd pushing a way out of my ass. Then one more and one more. What I focused on was only how to relieve myself. Plop, plop - it took around 15 minutes. The pile I shitted out was so gross!
I should admit that it is a pleasure to shit naked, especially when surrounded by a wounderful scenery:)
Happy pooping to all!

Hi everyone. I'm Kenny and I'm a 17-year-old Senior at a suburban Catholic school. I've been lurking here for a bit for the stories about girls peeing but I also had some sympathy for a few of the guys who tell of their doorless stall experiences.

For four years now, I've gone to the same school as a guy on the football team named Scott. Scott is 6'5 and pretty well built now although I remember him being somewhat of a beanpole when we were both freshmen. Scott and I aren't bosom buddies or anything like that although we are certainly on friendly terms. I see him at church all the time and at the local grocery store where he works in produce and we always stop and chat for a few moments. Like I said, Scott's on the football team and he's pretty good too. I think he'll certainly be able to play Division 2 college ball and maybe even Division 1 if he's lucky and works hard.

At school, we typically use one of the side bathrooms to do our business. It's a "two-seater" job without doors on the stalls. Over the past few years, I've probably seem Scott in there on the toilet taking a big shit maybe about 15 or 16 times and he's usually pretty cool. We've even ended up buddy dumping next to each other a couple times. So, it's not like we're totally unfamilar with each other.

Well, early this week at school, we're just geting back from the holidays and I really needed to take a big major shit after lunch. I think something in the food wasn't quite right that day because this shit felt like is was going to be a bit on the soft and loose side as the pressure built up in my nether region. So I didn't waste any time getting myself to the boys room and was very happy (and lucky) to find it unoccupied. I felt my impending bowel movement was going to be quite stinky, long, and loud and I wasn't in much of a mood for company. Instinctively, I made my way for the second (farthest) stall and discovered it had no toilet paper so I went back to the first stall, quickly dropped my pants and settled in for what I figured was going to be an extremely satisfying and relieving dump.

Sure enough, as soon as I sit down, I let out a juicy wet fart before I start feeling this extremly large but rather soft log force my hole open with little effort on my part and start to crackle out of my rather fit teenage body.

Well, just as I'm about to let this huge log fall into the crapper to start working on a second log, the door suddenly opens and in runs Scott like a batt out of hell. Well, it was pretty obvious to see that this dude had to shit really REALLY bad the way he held himself and clenched his ass cheeks together. And I'm talking about one helluva mean NASTY shiiiit! Looking extremely wooried, Scott made a desperate dash into the second toilet stall next to me..... THe one I already told you guys had no toilet paper....

"Oh F^^k!" Scott yelped as he came running out of the stall. "Kenny, this stall doesn't have any TOILET PAPER! Please hurry up! Oh God!"

Well, at this point, I had been in the mood for a nice satsifying dump and wasn't feeling like hurrying up for anything. Besides, even if I DID hurry, I was STILL at least a good five minutes away from getting the rest of my shit driven out of my body. But I could see the way Scott was holding himself with that worried look rocking back and forth that he was in real trouble. I figured Scott had a much better chance of winning the super lotto than he did of holding his shit in his ass another five minutes. He looked like he was about to cry. (I would have just gone and used the toilet myself and worried about the paper LATER and I'm sure Scott would have eventually gone that route too). At that point, I began to wonder what it would be like to see a big strong guy like this fill his pants with shit at school. Trust me, there are a few cocky guys at school who I would have NO second thoughts about LETTING them shit themselves and then making them SLEEP in it for all I cared. But Scott was (and is) one of the truly GOOD guys at this school and I realized I really needed to help him.

"Tell you what, if you need to get started, I'll hand you the roll under the partition when I get done."

"Oh my God! You are a frickin' LIFESAVER!" Scott replied as he dashed back into the stall. I've never seen a person so desperate for a shit in my life.

I could then see and hear Scott quickly unbuckling his belt and unzipping before dropping his pants faster than a cheap hooker. I should not have been there for what happened next. In fact, no human being or any other living creature should have been within 100 feet of what happened next. In fact, what happens next might be frightening for small children.

That's because the split second Scott got his butt on the toilet, he blasted this wall-shaking fart that was just ear-splitting. As if the deafness wasn't bad enough, Scott then unleashed this monstrous AVALANCHE of shit that exploded out of his butt and pounded the water like nothing I've heard before in an impressive display of out-of-control shitting. This torrent goes on and on and on for quite a bit with Scott moaning "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Thank God..... Thank God....."

Meanwhile, my OWN big dump didn't seem all that satisfying anymore. I was planning on a nice big healthy bowel-clearing dump, but the stench from Scott's stall was just overpowering. A nice buddy dump would have been one thing, but Scott was shitting his GUTS out in the dump of the century.

For several minutes, it seemed like Scott just shit, snd shit, and shit (along with quite a bit of wet farting too) in a wild concoction of loose mush and soft chunks. I would have felt really bad for him if I wasn't absolutely sick from the stench and feeling like throwing up. Because I was so nauseous and dizzy, I thought I could barely find the strength to push my OWN load out, but eventually I did simply because I had to and no other reason.

Finally, I was able to wipe up and was able to hand Scott the roll of paper as I had promised. I decided I could forgive him for interrupting my pleasurable dump. However bad I felt at the moment, it was obvious that Scott had had it WAY worse than I did.

"Here you go Scott. Hope you're feeling better buddy."

Scott then reached down and took the roll of paper under the stall partition. "Thanks dude. I am SOOO sorry about the smell. I'm lactose intolerant and I think I ate something with MILK in it that made me shit like this!"

"Holy Cripes! Lactose Intolerant???" I thought to myself. Good thing he didn't drink a strawberry shake!

Scott began wiping his butt as I pulled my pants up and flushed my toilet. I then washed my hands and combed my hair before walking out while Scott was still wiping his butt.

I've been constipated for the past few days and right now I'm doing anything possible to take a massive dump.

I've been eating bran cereal, spicy chili, prune juice, coconut, dried apricots, almonds and drinking lots of water. It feels like things are moving down there so hopefully later I will be all cleaned out =)

Traveling Guy
To *nervous girl* and others who hope to share your toilet activities with your significant other, or vice versa: be patient. Keep in mind that for many people, using the toilet is the last frontier of privacy and intimacy. When you think about it, it's something that doesn't usually come up in conversation, even between people who know each another well. Even here on this board, where we talk freely about it, I'm guessing there are many who wouldn't want to be seen actually using the can. Of course, others could care less. lol, check out old posts from people like "Punk Rock Girl."

It takes a certain amount of exhibitionism to want to be seen on the bog. That doesn't necessarily mean you're weird, just more open than most. I've talked here before about a girl I once dated who told me how a former male friend used to walk in on her while she was in mid-dump. She said it was embarrassing, but from the way she told the story I could tell she enjoyed it. But that was something I could never do to her. One nice day while we were walking she told me she really had to take a crap. I did, too, but I didn't say so. We found a gas station, the older kind with restrooms on the outside. As soon as she went into the 'women's,' I slipped into the 'men's.' She finished first. When I came out, she was standing there waiting for me, all smiles, and teasing, "And just what were *you* doing in there?" I said, "I think I was doing the same thing you were doing." She kept teasing me about it for a while. If I ever had any doubts, I knew then for sure that she was open to toilet matters, at least to talking about it.

Then one day at her place, out of the blue, she called to me from the bathroom. "Hey, do you want to come sit on my lap?" I was shocked, but I thought, why not? But you know what? I just couldn't bring myself to do it! It might have led to a whole new aspect of intimacy between us, but I just couldn't. Now I regret that. That's the last time I've ever known a woman who was so open about toilet matters. My advice: if a chance comes along for you to be open, or if you sense your friend wants to be open, go ahead gently and sensitively, but don't miss your chance!

I may never find that level of openness again in someone else, but at least I've loosened up on my sense of humor about all things toilet. Maybe that will help some of you, too. My wife sometimes makes jokes about taking a dump, but she'd never let me watch her, so I don't try. I have to respect that. Once, though, when we were visiting relatives, I ran out of t.p. after doing a real stinker. I shouted and asked her to please bring me more. When she did, I could see her eying my butt and I knew she was getting a little buzz out of the situation. It's only natural, don't you think?

Last night our downstairs neighbor came up to ask about the heating system. It was her first visit since moving in last fall. She's a student, about 20 or 21. She mentioned that she liked the place, so we offered to give her a quick tour. When we got to the bathroom, she noticed that it had been remodeled and was wider than hers, which is just below ours. Then, much to my surprise, she sat down on the toilet. Just so you know, the seat lid was down and her pants stayed up. She said, "Downstairs, our bathroom is so cramped that when I sit down my knees almost hit the tub. My poor roommate has longer legs than me, so she has to sit like this," she said, scrunching up her legs uncomfortably. With that kind of openness on her part, it was time for my sense of humor to kick in. I said, "Hey, you guys are welcome come up here anytime you want and take a spacious, uncramped dump!" Our neighbor, my wife and I all had a good laugh. Our neighbor winked and said, "Maybe I will!" (I don't think *that* will ever happen, though.) I probably wouldn't have said what I did had our neighbor's boyfriend been there, too. Double standard? It's just that wisdom, like patience, respect and timing, is very important. Happy pottying, all!

Gillian, you might like this:

So, last week I went to the toilet to move my bowels. The toilet consisted of two stalls and I took one. I removed my pants ( Grey) and panties ( light green) just below my knees and started to poop. Unlike other people in this board, I rarely have those "prolific" dumps. Mine are below average and consist of 3-4 small pieces.
Anyway, halfway through my poop session, I heard someone coming into the other stall. She entered the stall, I heard a zipper going down and the rustle of clothes. Now I was interested in hearing what's going on the other side. After a brief silence, there was the too familiar crackling sound of a good healthy poop exiting her rectum. I knew this woman was having a good dump, and it gave me that tingly sensation in my ???? of knowing her intimate bowel movements.There was couple of crackling poops like that and it sounded as if she's all done. I heard her tearing off tp, and then the sound of tp rubbing against her dirty bottom. She tore off a lot of tp, wiped her bottom, flushed, pulled up her clothes and left.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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