Hi everyone, it's the person who posted the pee survey earlier. I said I would share my experiences of my one outdoor pee, so here goes. This happened many years ago, I was about 19, maybe 20... I don't remember for sure.

I wasn't particularly into the idea of camping, but a few of my friends talked me into a weekend camp out. This particular campsite had an outhouse-style porta potty. It wasn't really an outhouse, but it kind of looked like one on the outside. Inside, there was a traditional toilet seat over a hole, much like the porta potties you'd see anywhere else.

Anyway, as it turned out we weren't the only group here who would have to use the set of two "outhouses", which led to my situation. Myself and my three friends had just come back from swimming in the lake, and we were changing in our tent, when I really had to pee bad. I of course rushed to the outhouses, but both were occupied, probably by people from the adjoining area. I couldn't here anything from either of them, but I assumed they were pooping, when I waited for about five minutes and nobody came out.

By that point, I really really needed to pee, so much that I knew I'd pee in my pants if I held on much longer. I waited for maybe 30 seconds longer, when one of my friends came over. She knew I really had to pee, I was doing a pee dance and holding my crotch. She said I should just go in the bushes. I told her I'd never done it before, and I didn't know how.

She led me over to a secluded spot where nobody could see, and told me to take off my pants and panties. I was hesistant, but I had no other options. There was a large log nearby, and she told me to sit down, hang my butt over the other edge and pee. I was afraid I'd fall, but I figured it's better than peeing myself. So, I took off my jeans and panties, and did as she said.

It surprised me, but the log was rather sturdy. I think it may have been stuck on some roots. It wasn't going to roll anywhere, so I could just pee. I got into a good enough position and began peeing. I peed really hard, some of it getting on the side of the log I wasn't resting my legs on. As I peed, I adjusted so my stream hit the dirt. It felt SO much better to finally get relief, I didn't really even care. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on a toilet, peeing up a storm.

After I'd been peeing for about a minute and was still going strong, my friend said something like "Damn, you really had to go, didn't you?". I kind of blushed and said Yeah. Two minutes in and I was still going, this was a long time, even for me. At last, my pee stream died down a bit, slowing to a trickle, then a few spurts as I got empty. I had nothing to wipe with, but I put my panties and jeans back on and went back to the outhouse. When I got back there, whoever was in there was gone and I got to wipe myself.

I talked a bit to my friend about how she knew about that log, and she said she's had to use it a few times in emergencies, having been to this camp grounds many many times. Nobody else in the group, except for me now, knew about it, so it was kind of like our little secret.

Phil J

I bet he uses those videos for his own viewing pleasure :-) Sounds like you have some friends who are open also which is nice. I know a few girls who are pretty open about their bodily functions, and to be honest it seems like they are more honest and friendly about anything and everything in general!

Now I have a question for all of the females... on another website I read about some guy's girlfriend putting her fingers in her vagina to help move poop out by stimulating the rectum internally. Is this even possible? Never heard this before but I doubt many girls would ever talk about doing this.

Now a story of my own...

One time when I was camping with my parents and I had to poop bad. They both were gone taking a walk so I decided that I would try something new. I got out a plastic bag we use for the dogs, pulled my pants down, sat down on a chair with my butt off the edge, and held the bag with both hands on the sides of my butt. It took about a minute to get things going because I wasn't on the toilet, but after I relaxed completely a huge turd started coming out. It was soft and of medium consistency. It sounded funny as it touched the bottom of the plastic bag and after about a foot and a half, it fell with such great force and weight that it jerked my hands and I almost dropped the bag! I released a few more soft turds and then wiped my butt with a baby wipe, tied the bag shut, and put it in the trash. When I came back to our trailer, the inside smelled exactly like someone took a dump on the floor so I turned the fans on MAX and opened the windows. I haven't pooped in a bag since but it was pretty fun.

I love taking a dump and I think it feels orgasmic when turds come out. Happy crapping everyone :-)

I'm 15 and I babysit for about six families. These are my answers to Merrilee's survey about toilets and babysitting.

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet? I was 4.

2. Were you alone? With a friend or parent? I was in pre-kindergarten
and being watched by a volunteer from a high school class or club.

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down? When we were on a
outing in a public place like the park, library or a playground,
there was about one supervisor assigned to every five or six of us.
They would take us to the doorway of the bathroom and assist us if
we needed it. I was confident and would independently get up on the
toilet and go.

4. Did you have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat? Stool
overflowing? Person barging in on you? Yes, because I was a little
smaller than many of the others of my age, I had to like jump up on
the toilet backwards. Sometimes that would set off the sensors and
a fast, furious flush would scare me and splash me as I moved off the
front of the toilet. Once I moved off the toilet so fast to avoid
getting sprayed that I wasn't able to stop my crap and it fell into
my shorts which were just below the front of the toilet. Also, I
smeared the front of the bowl and my rectum. One of the supervisors
helped clean me up. However, when she told my mom about the accident
the supervisor recommended that I might be more comfortable sitting
over the side of the seat, facing the partition and holding on to the
toilet paper roll. It was actually more comfortable for me, but
after some time, my mom wanted to break me of the habit because the
position of my legs in the stall was drawing questions and remarks
from some of the other students.

5. At what age and what type of place were you allowed to go in on your
own without parent supervision? At age 6 I was allowed to use small
bathrooms like those at Burger King and the laundrymat on my own.
Once the stool at the laundry overflowed on me, it was messy and mom
blamed me for the clog even though it wasn't my crap. All I did was
pee and unfortunately flush.

6. Were there problems created for you when you were very young and out
with a person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the
bathroom in a large place? How did they handle it? I was out with
my dad several times and he would insist that even though I was a
little scared, that I use the ladies bathroom on my own. My mom
questioned that decision once when they were fighting about me not
wiping thoroughly after crapping, and that I needed adult supervision
when in public bathrooms. Dad said something about it was good for me
to go into the appropriate bathroom because something about I needed
to know what gender I was.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom? One
of the boys I babysit and take out pretty frequently just turned 7.
I let him go into the guys' bathroom, but until recently the stools
were a little too tall for him. Also, when I would take him into the
girls bathrooms, he sometimes would pee right over the seat if it was
down. He just wouldn't wait. Once he splashed my arm a little as I
lifted the seat, although I wasn't fast enough.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?
Yes, last month we were at the mall for a movie. The guys' stalls
didn't have doors so he could be seen standing there and splashing
his pee over the seat. The guy behind him waiting for the stall (I
guess he was waiting to take a crap) was sarcastic with Jonathan and
cussed at him so bad he cried. I just told him to remember to lift
the seat first each time.

I've been reading a lot of posts lately haven't posted anything myself. I figured I better contribute to the site. I am a 15 yr. old guy. I enjoy reading about the stories from women. I'm not sure what to write about but I took a shit about 15 minutes ago so I'll write about that. Well, I have very regular BMs. I rarely get constipated or have diarrhea, so this was a pretty normal dump. I sat down on the toilet and let out a couple silent farts(very usual). Other than that, though, I don't have much gas while on the toilet. Is this true for others? Anyway, everything started to come out very easily. The poop was about 2 inches wide and about 7 inches long when I paused. I have always liked the feeling of pooping and feel very relaxed. I started pushing again but that piece broke off. Another poop about 5 inches long dropped into the toilet with a "plop". I dropped two more, 3 inches each. Most of my shits are like this. Short and easy.

Mysterious Man
Samantha: Excellent story! I'm sure I would have enjoyed seeing the monster you made. Hope to hear about more big monsters like that in the future! ^__^

Traveling Guy
Juiceman and Future Toilets - This is a great topic, not discussed here much over the years, I think. (I used to visit here a lot.) The nanotechnology, self-cleaning clothing idea is intriguing. Who knows? Maybe some day. But in terms of toilet fixtures, I hope we'll all move toward the kind you often find in Asia and some other parts of the world. I'm talking about the squat type. I know, lots of people from other places don't like them, think they're primitive, etc., compared to chair type toilets. Fact is, though, squatting is a lot healthier for you than sitting because it promotes better elimination. I also hope that for cleaning ourselves we'll switch from paper to water, which is the norm in many places, including the Middle East. In some places, mainly Europe and Latin America, people use bidets for that purpose. Water is a precious resource, true, but so are trees and paper. Again, though, water has it over paper in terms of sanitation. Future Toilets mentioned those amazing Japanese techno toilets, chair style, with all the buttons, bells and whistles. They spray your bum, blow it dry and do all sorts of stuff at the touch of a button. Now, if only we could have all those features combined in a squat toilet, that would get my vote and a trip to my local plumbing dealer.

Exercising Girl - And 1, and 2... And then Number 2. hehe. Dan Boy explained the body chemistry part. Besides that, exercising makes you poop because it promotes persistalsis. That's the ryhthmic contraction in the intestines that moves the fecal matter along until it builds up in your colon and tells you, "Hey, it's time to go!" It's not just your imagination that exercise is good for your bowels. It aids lots of things, including that. Staying well hydrated, especially in the winter, helps with regularity, too. Good health to you!

On the personal front, I've been having some really good movements of late. Great big, long, easy ones that clogged the toilet a few times and sent me reaching for the plunger. But they've been pretty fast. I guess you'd call that a blessing if you suffer from constipation, but once in a while I like one of those easy, slow-speed dumps that feel oh, so good as they exit. Know what I mean? Well, I suppose it's because those are the exception, not the rule, that makes them special when they do happen.

In math class today i really had to poop. i asked the teacher to let me go and she did. i walked in and two other men were going poop. the smell made it obvious. i walked in to the third and last stall in the bathroom locked it pulled down my pants and underware and sat my butt on the toilet. i farted. it made a loud clicking sound. i pushed and farted again louder and my soft serve poop slide out my butt. the bathroom air quickly began to smell like cow manure. i farted two other times. and wiped my butt about 5 times and flushed. i than pulled up my pants and left the bathroom proud that i stunk it up . This is also my first time posting. I dont know how long it will be before i post again.

I was going to write this before Christmas because there was a request if anyone had any stories about mega-bladders. There is some info on the internet over at a polling website and a little at a medical website about a guy named Mr. G.G. who got his five liter plus bladder surgically reduced. But there really aren't that many stories and those that possess these gigantic organs probably go through life taking their endless pees in the privacy of their homes. The subject probably never comes up unless they cause someone to go into shock with the length and volume of their pee. It's my belief that true mega-bladders must be somewhat of an inherited fluke of nature in the same way people have different colored eyes, different sized breasts and penises, etc. I also say this because my single example is my friend Kelly who used to work with me at a former job.

We both started working around the same time for a man who owned an insurance business. She is about an inch taller than my 5' 9", a couple of years older (23) and is built similar to myself with a good figure, blue eyes and chestnut brown hair and a faint Texas drawl. Where we worked the man was perpetually understaffed since his wife left to take another job leaving the three of us with little break time. Even so, I could usually steal enough time to go down the hall to a private restroom once in the morning and again in the afternoon on the days we worked through lunch. Subjectively I would catagorize myself as a much above average pee'er. When I pee I am not one of those little 15 second tinklers nor do I let it out with a fast loud whosh. In other words when my bladder is full I am quite capable of taking a pee that takes some time; I've been known to stay on the toilet a good 2 or even 3 minutes relieving myself. And the reason I'm saying this is that it takes a lot to impress me as I do have a large bladder. That brings us to my friend Kelly.

Kelly would never take breaks and sip all day from a supply of water bottles she kept at her desk. Just after we were hired I noticed her taking a drink and offered to cover for her if she had to use the restroom. She shrugged no and said with her bladder capacity she wouldn't need to take a break; that was my first inkling. A couple weeks later our boss had to drive to a client leaving us to close the office. Late in the day I asked Kelly is she wanted to go to a TGI-Fridays after we closed and she said it was a great idea- but first she had to use the restroom. I did as well having skipped a visit to answer some calls. I grabbed the restroom key, we both took our purses and quickly walked down the hallway. Walking into the restroom Kelly looked at me and said in that Texas accent of hers, "I hope you're not fix'in to go over to TGIs real quick 'cause I'm going to be in here for some time." I think I kind of laughed thinking she was joking; the same as saying I really need to go.

The place had two regular stalls and a handicapped one. For some reason we both went into adjacent regular stalls as if we would be ticketed if we used the large one which left us peeing with a little metal stall divider between us. Fortunately we were not pee-shy; we both started up strongly, in my case because my bladder was fairly full if not maxed out. And those damn toilets in that office building were constructed with steep sides and deep water so there is no way a woman's pee wasn't going to produce a 90 decibel thunder. Kelly and I peed in unison and I remember initially feeling grateful that she was no little spurter because I had some peeing to do. We both peed some more and some more, and in some strange restroom etiquette nothing was being said. I started to feel weird because the pees were obviously starting to drone on, and I wondered if she was listening to me (because I was sure listening to her.)I could feel me bladder begin to taper off but because the sound to my right kept pounding away I pushed some more out. Finally Kelly chose that moment to break the silence.

"Think TGIs is going to be crowded?" I told her I didn't know but if it was were could always go to another place for happy hour. Kelly's pee abruptly cut-off and just as quickly started up again a few seconds later. She then started telling me a list of her favorite clubs which I patiently listened to in my stall even as my bladder pushed out little 5 second tinkles with longer pauses in-between. Meanwhile Kelly kept right on peeing some more and some more. My butt was sitting on a hard office toilet almost pretending to pee alongside her again in some restroom etiquette ritual where we would both exit the two stalls simultaneously. Next to me, Miss Texas' pee stream cut-off again, followed a few seconds later with a dribble which built right back up to full song. By that time I was getting to the point of being pretty shocked. We had to have been in those stalls well over my maximum all-time pee record (whatever that was) and Kelly was still peeing merrily away like it was nothing at all. My bladder was completely dry and yet I sat there feigning a pee for some reason for another two minutes or more while having to endure this endless faucet running one stall over. She may have sensed my uneasiness with the unusual situation because she gently asked, "Brianna, are you finished?" I waited a moment then told her I was but just was staying out of courtesy. "Oh Lordie no, you don't have to do that. Why don't you close up the office and come back and then we'll go out." I quickly cleaned up, went over to washed my hands and give myself the once-over in the mirror. In the background were two black pumps and the source of the sound which enveloped the room. As I left I said off-hand, "I'll be right back. I'm turning the lights off and locking the door." What she replied nearly gave me a heart attack. "Take your time Brianna. I've got a ways to go still.

That wasn't the end of the story. I went down the long hall and took my time securing the file drawers, shutting the lights and locking both the inner office and outer door. I stalled for a bit before slowing walking back to the restroom surely reasoning that I had let Kelly complete her ages-long-pee in private. However, when I went back into the restroom Kelly was still in the stall, alternately starting and stopping her stream in staccato fashion. Now what is a person to do in that situation? I went over to her stall an announced I was back (as if she didn't hear my footsteps.) I stood in the restroom like an idiot with my arms folded listening to the incessant tinkle-tinkle-stop and pause for ten seconds-tinkle-tinkle-tinkle. Her pee had evidently entered into a phase where she was pushing more and more of her last supply out. Finally I heard Kelly speak up from behind the door, "Aw alright Brianna, oh gee whiz." (tinkle-tinkle) "Aw heck I'm cumming right out. I know this isn't home where I can just sit on the pot and pee forever 'till my bladder is completely emptied." Never before in my life have I encountered an individual who had been defeated by the immensity of their bladder. When she came out of the stall my face was crimson red.

We walked in silence to the parking garage where my car was parked. I think we awkwardly mumbled something about passing up TGIs in favor of another new place that had just opened up. As I turned onto the boulevard the atmosphere in the car was so thick you could cut it with a knife. About a mile later I gathered enough courage to ask her if I said something that was biological and slightly off-color and then just blurted out that I had never seen anyone in my life who could pee for such a staggering duration; the time and quantity that could put a bar-full of drunken sailors to shame! Kelly blushed a little and said, "yeah it's pathetic I know. I've got a bladder that would put a Russian racehorse to shame."

But she told me that her gigantic bladder was probably an inherited characteristic from both her parents. She said she was an only child and her parents were divorced but she can recall her father, a very tall muscular oil platform worker, would take very infrequent but extremely prolonged urinations. Her mother was also a huge pee'er but (no surprise) Kelly said she could pee longer and more than both her mother and father by the time she was twelve. They treated it for the most part with a mixture of humor and indifference. About the only time her bladder capacity got in the way were long car trips where at the end "I'd be peeing for minutes on end without running dry. I learned to cut-off the flow in public places before I drove everyone nuts." I told her why did she allow her huge bladder void so long that afternoon. She said, "well I figured you would understand. You were kind of keeping up for awhile there, like 5-6 minutes." I look over and said about half of that time I was drained and sitting on the pot faking a pee! We both laughed and that broke the ice for the start of an evening of clubbing.

That's the story of my mega-bladdered friend Kelly.

When I was with my ex I would sometimes feel self-conscious and pee-shy because he was uncomfortable with me being a loud peer. Now, I am seeing a new guy and he (unknowingly) shares my interest in this topic. I found this out last night by accident, when we were talking and I told him that I was glad he couldn't hear me because he had bad cell phone service and I was peeing. He told me that he actually could still imagine what it sounded like and that the sound of girls peeing turns him on. This made me shy though because I am not used to anyone actually being ok with how loud I am and he didn't know but I had to sit and wait a good ten minutes before I could finish peeing because he said that. I am not uptight or a prude or anything, I just think that maybe it is because I was not expecting his reaction or mutual interest. I have previously told him that he should expect me to be a bit pee-shy in front of him at least while we are in the early stages of the relationship. Also, the other night, he mentioned that he wanted to pee between my legs while I am on the toilet as well. Not sure how I feel about this idea.....has anyone ever tried it? What's it like? Would really like to try aiming him one day too. Have always wondered what it's like to pee standing up. Anyway, I'd appreciate any feedback you guys can give.Thanks. ~Pig~

A lot of great stories recently. Jale, good to hear from you again. I will often read a random old post and just came across one recently where you shared a story about your niece taking what sounded like a good dump in a shopping center ladies room. I always enjoyed your stories and hope you have more to share.

*nervous girl*
I really appreciate your advice, fil, thanks for the responses.

I'm 23 and he's 24. He's not intrusive, but he is kind of clingy and emotionally dependent at times, which bothers me and may have something to do with the psychological side of my problem. He comes from a huge Catholic family and is the oldest of 11 siblings, so he's used to being around other people all the time in an intimate space, whereas I am the polar opposite and spent much of my childhood in a small family and spent a lot of time alone. Thinking about it last night, I remember my mom refusing to use public restrooms most of the time and always holding it until she got home from someplace. My dad has had panic disorder for 15 years and for a few years in the beginning he was so agoraphobic he couldn't be out in public at all, and inevitably likely had problems with using bathrooms, too. I had panic attacks for several months a few years ago and still have some general anxiety sometimes, but I don't remember it interfering with my ability to pee in public at all.

I'm thinking he probably does have a pee fetish, which doesn't bother me in any moral sense, but it does put more pressure on me when I have to to piss near him and adds to my performance anxiety. I don't think he's into desperation and the like but he probably likes to watch girls pee. I'm going to try to bring it up sometime and let him talk to me openly about it, I won't judge him because I can see the sexual nature of urination myself and think it's ok. I also want to ask him if he's ever had problems peeing in front of people, I think everyone has at some point or another and maybe it will help me feel less awkward around him if he understands how it feels.

I may try to sit on the toilet and pee in front of him next time he's over. I can pee sitting down with the door closed when he's in the next room, so that's a start. Oh and I'm not on any meds and don't have any physical conditions that would cause difficulty urinating, as far as I know. I can still void like normal the rest of the time.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mr. Clogs
Pee Survey: Here are my answers to your survey, and yes I'm interested in more peeing stories especially other places than the bathroom. Pooping stories are ok, but I do agree with you pee stories are needed.

1. How many times a day do you have to pee?
It all depends how much liquids I have been consumed in a day. I would say about 6 times a day. In the morning when I wake up, it's rich and yellow, for a couple of seconds to about 30 seconds. After I have my coffee, oh boy! Usually another 2 times sometimes I have to poop during my pee trips. Before I leave for work, before I go to bed and a couple times during the night, sometimes I pee in a cup to keep from going to the bathroom to pee in the toilet.

2. How much or how long do you pee?

from about 12oz to 40 or 42oz when I do pee.

3. When you know you have to pee, how long can you hold it?

As soon as the urge hits me, If I'm really busy at work I can hold off for 2 to 3 hours until I start squirting my underwear! I can somehow put it off until I reach the men's room, but here lately I've been squirting.

4. For women: After you pee, how do you wipe?

5. Not so interested in this, but I'll include it to be fair... After you poop, how do you wipe?
Of course! I wipe until I'm clean, I usually wet some paper towels to help wipe up on those messy pooping rounds I do in the men's room. I wipe from back to front while sitting down on the toilet.

6. How do you feel about peeing in public restrooms?
As long as it's clean and quiet and not too busy I have no problem, not sure what the big fuss is all about.

7. Follow-up to the last question: Specifically, what about porta-potties?
Ummm....I guess if it's clean and smells clean(Yeah right!!) I have no problem using it.

8a. For women again: Can you pee standing up?

8b. For men: Do you ever pee sitting down, even when you don't have to poop?

9. Have you ever peed outdoors or anywhere other than a toilet?

Yes, I peed behind some bushes at my old job waiting for the bus. I pee in cups, bottles, jars, containers.

jessica: Hey there, great post about you pooping in the bathroom, thanks for the details.


--Mr. Clogs

to china girl! i really enjoyed your story! you should post again soon!

Samantha / luckyfart: thanks - now that holidays are over, I am fairly busy, but will try to find the time to post some more soon. So yes, Sarah and me had some experiences together, though she enjoyed the role of inducer and observer more often. But there were some good laxative-days/weekends we mastered/enjoyed together. More on this later.

But for now, a quick word on Magnesia Citrate: one up for you, Samantha, for pointing to this one. It works reeaalllyy well, and fast (within hours), and produces perhaps exactly the effects luckyfart is looking for.
Anyway, perhaps someone should point out that it's fairly good that one drinks enough water in order not to dehydrate; after all, being fatigued and suffering from headaches isn't what one is looking for when "enjoying" a good case of the runs. Also, drinking sparkling water or milk, at least for me, works very well in making the stuff even stronger in its impact (I mean any stuff - from prune juice to MoM to MagCitrate). And again, besides making your case of diarrhea stronger and less controllable, it is also a matter of feeling and being well during you day off. More soon, have to go - greetings to all who enjoy this somewhat strange discussion ...

Keith D
There have been some great pooping stories on here lately. And in some pretty cool scenarios.

To Colleen: Your story about pooping in the outdoor trash can with Jasmin was great - it's amazing you managed to get done and out of there so quickly!

To Gabrielle: Do you have any stories of your own of someone rubbing your stomach while you were constipated? I've helped a partner through it a few times before and although it felt a little strange I think it was certainly a comfort for her.

It was good to see a post from Tia again too, I thought she had disappeared.

To Gillian: I think that a lot of people on this site get some arousal from pooping or hearing other people go. I guess it's a combination of things - people getting half naked and exposing parts of their bodies while they release, the secrecy and taboo of the whole thing, and the physical exertion and stretching.

China girl
Ashley: Thank you for your posts as well. Your public restroom story was great read. I thought of one particular friend story you and others may like below:

A couple months ago one of my great friends, she is Chinese and Russian mix but looks very Chinese, stayed over for a weekend. We always have fun and we both eat like horses, especially she does. She's tall and stocky and athletic. After a day of talking, we were going to watch movie DVD but she said to wait cause she felt good crap coming and didn't want to interrupt movie after starting, so we keep talking. About 10 min. later she had to go, we were having serious conversation so she got up and said that it's time and she calmly walked to my toilet. I entered to wash my hands and followed her still talking. She pull down her worn down jeans and sat on my toilet. She sat very confident then we paused talking. She sat so still and she took complete control of toilet. Her height and stocky butt just smothered everything. Hehe, it was like you knew toilet was under there somewhere. I have many encounter like these with friends and I knew something serious would happen. You almost felt sorry because you knew toilet would not be getting out of this without something big happening. Anyway, I make this sound like it was long time, but only seconds after she sat, there was just a quick crackle sound from her butt, and yes, suddenly this turd lunged into toilet with a bulk of force and you could just hear the rest of turd sliding out of her but very clearly. It was one turd (as I find out later), and she did a BIG turd. When the sliding sound stopped, just a couple seconds later there was a growling fart sound and another small turd piece sounded like a splat. You could smell this already while first turd was sliding out, that's how potent smell is. Anyway, she got up calmly after a steady strong pee, and this was a BIG long turd with powerful thickness and curving inside my toilet because my toilet was too small to accomadate. She just comment saying, "that's better," after we both could see while she was wiping. She had a smile then we just start talking again. The smell was this sickening concentrated smell that moved outside bathroom and we later smell it in living room. I almost hope my toilet might get break tonight after going through that ordeal (hehe), it was a tough powerful dump. I've got many friend stories, but this is one of good ones.

Need to go
I was at the gym yesterday and needed to take a dump after my workout. I headed to the locker room stripped and headed for the stalls before showering and taking a steam. I entered a stall and sat down and proceed to do the deed. As I was seated there I noticed some smudges on the floor in front of the toilet. At first I thought that it was sand/mud from the parking lot. I soon realized that it was not mud but poop that had an attempt to be wipe it up. Apparently somebody did not quite make it to the bowl be for the release occurred! I have been a member of this gym for a long time and I intrigued as to it could have been.

Phil - My boyfriend keeps the videos VERY well hidden. :P And I have a few friends that are open to go in front of me, but only one pooped in front of me. It was a girl named Ann, who's the same age as me, but with slightly longer hair than me (mine is towards my neck, hers about shoulder length and blonde). We both had to pee while we were being bored at her house, but she had to poop too while I just peed. I sat at the edge of the bathtub while she scooted forward a bit so I could see each turd plop into the bowl. She pooped out 4 5-inchers and some pellets that demanded Lysol to be sprayed in the bathroom.

She has yet to watch me, though, but we might plan something out in the future since I owe her one. :P

the Juiceman
Future Toilets -

I've thought about this too, I mean, who hasn't :) In the future, how will people go? As far as fancy toilets though - don't they have some pretty amazing ones in Japan that are something like what you describe?

Further speculations - from someone who has always been fascinated by the idea of peeing/pooping pants and getting away with it!

When I was a kid in grade school, I dreamed of a diaper-like device shaped like an inner tube, which smoothly connected with penis/vagina and anus and allowed one to urinate and defecate whenever the mood struck, with no skin irritation to annoy the, and no shameful stain to betray them. Regrettably this was never developed - although it's amazing just how many stores carry adult pee pads, pull ups, and even full plastic backed diapers these days.

Nanotechnology! There have been quite a lot of speculative science articles written about nanotech clothing which keeps itself clean, shedding any dirt or staining material, never needing washing. Imagine wearing such pants, standing over a sewer grate letting loose with a full stream right into them, who would know? - well you'd need nanotech undershorts, shoes and socks too, I think! This idea brings back envious memories of watching my female gradeschool classmates on the playground, in their frilly pleated skirts, letting loose with a stream through their panties or tights that never showed on their outer clothing - perhaps someday the boys could do this safely too! A world of equal opportunity awaits!

I once read a science fiction story about a nanotech virus, released by a radical religious leader, which caused men and women to grow modest attire. The nanotech bots consumed dust and skin flakes, as well as any nearby dirt, in order to produce fibers which were spun into the ever-clean clothing. The protagonist of the story was a woman who hated the granny panties, petticoats, and neck-to-elbow-to-ankle length dress she had no choice but to wear, which grew back whenever removed (even in the middle of sex!), forcing her to hurry on the toilet (growing back while she sat on it), being a complete nuisance! I wondered why she didn't just poop and pee in the stupid dress, and let the nanotechbots handle it! Perhaps in the future, desperate folks will simply relieve themselves in their clothes and hopefully make it to some spot where the finely powdered dusty remnants of their waste will fall onto the ground unnoticed.

Well, it's a possibility. If you had to go badly, and were wearing clothes that would consume the waste and nobody would ever know, would you just do it? I think a lot of people would.

hi I was hopeing more people would post pee stories thanks. I rememer one time on a car trip I had to pee really bad. My sister had me pull my shorts and undies down and as we couldn't really stop and didn't have a cup or anything she told me to like knell down next to the car seat and she held u a big bath towle and told me I could pee as she held it cause it would soak up the pee. I finely went but it was kinda hard because she was pushing on my penis to he the towle. Anyway has someone else ever been told to pee in a towle or a cup I'd something? What happened and how did you do it? Oh and I'm a guy by the way

Thank hope to read more pee stories!


Nobody: Thanks for your comments, it is very refreshing to hear from girls and boys who have experienced the same feeling when using the toilet, especially when having a shit. I would love to hear more of your toilet 'adventures,' soon.

Lena: Loved your experiences as you grew up, would love to hear more from you. I think it helps a lot to hear from people who have had difficulties growing up. I know that up until I was in my early teens, fifteen/sixteen I was very shy. I dreaded having to have a shit when I was away from the privacy of my own home. I would hold myself even to the point of shitting my panties, even to the point of having the most awful stomach cramps. It was only from an experience I had when out blackberry picking during an August bank holiday and from the counsel of a neighbour, a lady in her late forties that day, that I was able to realise that everybody has to go to the toilet, even the most glamouress film stars, they all are the same panties down squatting and squirming to have a shit. I was with this lady as we picked blackberries and she told me she had to go to the toilet. To this day I have no idea why I followed her as she moved awy from our group (we were a Sunday school group that had gone as a group to harvest blackberries). I followed her until she stopped in a secluded glade of trees and after glancing around undid the buckle on her jeans and unzipping them pushed them and her panties down in one movement, I was sitting on the grass not a couple of feet away from her watching amazed. I had never seen anybody do this and I found her pale bum cheeks to be so arousing to me. She started to pee, a lovely hissing and a stream of steamy greenish pee dropping to the grass between her thighs. Then as her pee dribbled to a close I got to my feet ready to go back to the group but she squatted lower and then, ohhh this is so erotic, she grunted and I could see a turd starting to squeeze from her anus, she relaxed and it went back in, then grunting harding it emerged until it broke off and dropped to the floor. More grunts and the broken turd and another three or four pushed out. I was entranced by this sight it was so beautiful, this lady showing no embarrassment at doing something out in the open that I was afraid to do in a closed toilet cubicle. She turned her head and I suppose I must have had an embarrassed, awkward look on my face, because she smiled and said, "I hope I am not grossing you out Gillian." All I know was that I couldn't say anything, I tried but somehow the words wouldn't come. Somehow in the vagueness of my mind I heard her asking me to look for some paper for her. I was looking and not seeing until the only thing I could find was some dock leaves. I remember taking her the leaves and watching as she just bent her hand under her thighs and wiped her bum, just so natural, no squeamishness whatsoever. I left that glade of trees that day absolutely convinced that me fear of going to the toilet was so stupid and could even be harmful to my body. Since that day whenever I have to go to the toilet I just look for the nearest 'ladies,' and if I can't find one I will simply find the nearest secluded place to go. I always carry toilet tissue in my bag and have had a shit in a number of places without any embarrassment, such as a phone box, the rear of a building, I have even suatted in my car and had a shit, rolling it up in newspaper and dumping it in the nearets trash can. I hope this will help anybody who suffers the same fear that I did.

I am afraid I have suffered since the New Year party. At work the day after I had to go three times during the day. Whatever I had eaten and drunk it just whooshed out of me. I noticed that every visit I made to the toilet there were other women with the same problems as myslef there. I recall being next to Sheila once and listening to her as she had a very diarrhoettic like shit. I could see that, like myself, her feet were flat to the floor, no need to strain at all. She told me at lunch how bad her stomach was. I remembered being next to her and how aroused I was by listening to her. Maybe one day I will tell her this. I have one women here that gets the same enjoyment from hearing another women having a shit and that had given me the desire to want to know of others. So please, please, if anybody gets enjoyment, arousement, from the sounds of others on the toilet, write and tell me and all the other writers here. Lots of love and a Happy New Year to everybody. Gillian xxx

Okay. So i was just reading some of these stories because i found this while searching for poop lubrication on my cell phone. I was just going to pass it by, but it seems i have just had a notable experience. First of all i have some wierd pooping habits. I can't drop it in public places, i can't do it with any object in the bathroom out of place. I can't with any lights on, and there has to be constant sound, like a heater or fan. So anyway, i just took a huge shit and i held my breath my nose bled

Dan Boy
How many people out here have to poop shortly after drinking strong coffee, or any kind of coffee for that matter?

To Exercise Girl (an all who are interested):

Exercising is actually known to increase or help regulate bowel movements. The reason for this is pretty simple. When you exercise, you are actually changing the chemistry of your body. In most cases, increased physical activity will raise the rate of your metabolism since your body needs to process fuel (aka food) faster in order to get more energy. One of the byproducts of processing food faster is, of course, getting rid of the waste faster.

Exercise is a way to kind of jumps start all of your body's systems. If you eat healthy and you exercise regularly, you will be producing a lot more bowel movements than you would if you did the opposite. You have to make sure you're eating plenty of food, and that it has everything you need as well.

Thank you very much for everyone's advice. I think I'm somewhat okay now. In the past few days I've done two fairly big poops, including one that semi-clogged the toilet. Right now, I feel like I'm about to do another big one. Maybe my bowel habits are just changing again?

I just don't want to poop like my mother because it sounds really awful. It always sounds like she has diarrhea because it comes out very gassy and loud, but I'm thinking it's just gas because she very frequently clogs up the toilet, so I guess it's not diarrhea after all, but it sounds very strange to me coming out. Plus, she poops almost every time she goes to the bathroom it seems like.

Another question too, in the past I mentioned that some of my family members only poop once a week, well I found out recently that one of them was having bad food poisoning and diarrhea. Wouldn't that mean that they were having tons and tons of diarrhea since they have a week worth of poop stuck in there?

Thanks for reading.

Hey all,

Thanks to all who said they liked my story! I'll try to keep the stories coming, but exciting toilet events only occur every so often for me. Still, I'll keep you filled in (and of course, with all self-induced squirts stories)! I actually did have a massive metamucil dump since my last story, so I'll tell that, but first I want to respond to a few things.

Gillian: Thanks! Love your voyeur stories! I love listening, too!

bobb: I loved your story about the campground! Did you and her ever decide to make a night out of it and split a big jug of prune juice or bottle of magnesia together?

The Geek: Thanks for the recommendation on the Epsom Salts. Sounds like something to try for the next time I feel like having some big-time gassy, torrential diarrhea (or get constipated, whichever comes first). And of course I'll do my best to scare some restroom users with the sound!

Ashley: Hey! Yeah, there is something about leaving your mess for others to see. I know, It may not be a "good" habit to get into but it's certainly an entertaining one (I must say, I enjoy both leaving and seeing). Keep up your stories!

luckyfart: I know exactly what you're talking about when you say you wait for it to get "dangerously" close! You're so right: those are always the most exciting and relieving. I don't think I've ever had an accident as a result, but I've come quite close on occasion! I highly recommend prune juice and/or milk of magnesia. If you're really in for an experience, I've heard magnesium citrate (which might be available where you are) can produce some of the most powerful diarrhea imaginable. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to sometime--perhaps after I give epsom salts a try.

Future Toilets: I loved that description. Sounds ideal to me, too. Actually, You may have heard about this, but there are very similar seats to your description (I guess they're real popular in Japan) and they can be purchased online, too. Try searching "toto" and "toilet seat" and see what comes up.

Cool you mention that, though. I love the joy of a comfortable toilet seat as well. My favorite by far are those thick black ones that you can sometimes find in public restrooms. I'm not sure why, but public toilet seats always seem better contoured than residential ones. Maybe it's just me or my personal experience, but I can recall someone else saying that too.

Exercising Girl: I've always noticed this, too. In fact, sometimes in the middle of exercising I'll feel the need to go. I just did a little web browsing--your observations are exactly correct:

"Sit-ups are just as great as a natural colon detox. Sit-ups can encourage bowel movement and help constipation. They can also encourage the blood to flow into the abdominal areas and aid in healing and overall blood circulation."

It seems that the increased abdmonial pressure as well as blood flow plays a part in the bowel stimulation that can result from exercise.

OK, so, the night of the "Milk of Magnesiarrhea" I decided to use something to give it more solidity before the holidays. So, that night I took two glasses with a tablespoon of metamucil each (which I now have realized, after checking the container, is a TRIPLE dose rather than a regular dose). Metamucil is known for its laxative properties, but it also works to regulate diarrhea--just a helfpul tip in case any of you want to bring diarrhea to a halt.

The next morning I woke up and delivered a smelly, mushy poop into the toilet. I thought maybe the metamucil had started working, until a small blast of liquid shot out into my toilet. After that nasty-smelling session, I grabbed my metamucil and mixed it up (another unknowing triple dose). I had a little left over that didn't mix up in the glass, so I added a bit more metamucil and some more water and stirred it, then drank up. I continued drinking water throughout the day, but had no more BM's. On the day after Christmas, I was curious that I hadn't had a bowel movement since the MOM (a few days before Christmas), though I continued drinking the metamucil. It was then I noticed that I had actually been drinking three times the dose recommended for constipation relief. I ceased the metamucil (for the most part, though I actually did have a regular dose glass once or twice to push things along) and drank plenty of water.

It was on the 28th when I was over at my friend's apartment that I finally felt a tremendous urge to poop. For the past day or so, I had been farting madly and feeling quite bloated, but no urge to poo anything soft. Sitting on my friend's couch, I put pressure on my butt and could feel the massive, warm mass ripe for release. I hate using the bathroom at friends' houses (in case anyone else enters and smells it or it ends up taking a while and everyone knows you pooped), but I knew if I held this one in it might spell sure constipation, and I would hate to be all bloated during New Years Eve party. I got up and excused myself to the bathroom, where I was greeted by her comfortable little bathroom with a cure little toilet. Her's has one of those padded seats, and the cover has a floral design on it. "Cute, but too cute to have to deal with the mess I'm going to make beneath you," I thought.

I hastily zipped my pants down and pressed my cheeks against the soft, gushy seat. Luckily, the fan goes on with the light in her bathroom--this covered the sound and would help with the smell; I realized this and I sat ready to release. I gave a slight push and felt the warmth on my rear, and then was forced to give a bigger push as the poo moved slowly. All of the sudden, I unconsciously decided to give a great push and in probably less than one second a huge turd blasted out of me with a "pllltunktunktunkfltthunk." I quickly squeezed out a few smaller logs, too, but that was mainly it. The pressure was relieved. I only needed to wipe once--the paper was basically clean.

My butt stuck to the seat a little as I lifted it up, and a sticky suction noise resulted when I finally lifted it off the seat. It didn't feel like much when it was coming out, but when I saw the mess I was absolutely amazed and quite proud. There were probably about two feet of of poop in there, all about two to three inches thick. It looked really weird, as if it was a mold of my intestines or something. I didn't want to take too long looking at it, but I honestly just stood there with my hand to my mouth for a good half minute in amazement. I zipped up and washed my hands, thinking almost of grabbing my friends and showing them the massive creation I just made. I decided against this, and gave the toilet a flush, hoping it would all go down smoothly (her toilet has had problems before). Luckily, it did, and without a skidmark. I rejoined the rest of my friends, and later that night took another dose of metamucil. I have since stopped taking it for a while, but wow--I forgot how massively huge poops that stuff can produce!

Happy Dumps,

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