yesterday i think i might have eaten something bad, because it definately wreaked havoc on my bowels.

the story starts like this. i went to get some fast food, which i hadn't had in a long time. and of course i inhaled all of the food and felt full. i was riding my back back home when my stomach started making sloshing noises, like as if you were swirling a giant slushee in a baloon. then that feeling hit my bowels like a ton of bricks, i had to take a massive dump, badly. i tried to ride home as fast as possible. ever try to ride home while holding back a huge dump? it was nearly impossible for me. i rode up to my driveway and opened my garage and just laid my bike on the ground. i was running very weirdly as i tried to keep my butt cheeks from opening. i opened the door and unbuttoned my pants to relieve some of the pressure. i decided to drop this weapon upstairs in peace. so i walked carefully upstairs, about halfway up i blew this bubbly wet fart and i knew that i had less than a minute. i got to my bathroom and started fumbling with my jeans. i cursed my tight jeans as i was trying to pull them down. i finally got them down and my panties followed, they were nestled at my ankles. i carefully sat my big butt down and grunted. a explosive 15 second bubbly wet fart blasted out, then the war began inside of my toilet. a massive and i mean MASSIVE wave of chunky wet mush blasted out for 15 seconds, a short pause, the this huge wave of creamy mud blasted out, by now my ???? was starting to ache, i still had alot more in me. another huge fart blasted out followed by chunky brown water. that wave lasted 2 minutes non-stop. i blasted another huge fart and another huge wave of the same stuff came out lasting 2 1/2 minutes non-stop. i blasted a huge wet fart and a final wave came out lasting a minute. i decided to look at what i made before wiping. i looked in the toilet and it looked like a poop nuke went off in there. brown diarrhea was sprayed all around the sides of the toilet. the pile of shit was enormous and was sticking at least 4 inches out of the water, no joke! what was left of the water was completely brown. i decided it was time to wipe. i rolled of some toilet paper and it basically felt like very dry sandpaper on my sore butthole. it took me 9 wipes to get the gunk all cleaned up. i flushed the toilet, lo and behold it clogged. so i had to go downstairs to get the plunger, once i had gotten it, i realised i left the bathroom door open. i went upstairs and i passed my brother, this is what he said "wow jessica, you took a MASSIVE dump in there" i punched him in the arm and unclogged the toilet. i had taken my jeans off while pooping so i was only wearing panties and my hoodie. i flushed the toilet again to get rid of skidmarks and put my jeans back on. they felt like a vice on my poor ass. well thats my story

happy pooping

Hey everyone I'm finally back. The weirdest thing happened when I was visiting my Opa and Oma over the Christmas holidays. Everytime I went into their basement, no matter how recently I had used the washroom, I would get an undying urge to pee. If I stayed for 5 or more minutes, I would be holding myself and I had several near-accidents. I would go upstairs, pee, come back down, and it would all happen again! Any thoughts?

Hey Futuretoilets, most of what you describe already exists. I don't know about the auto-cover, or the auto-molding seat, but the rest is already there. (Look up bidets)

leon aka dr
.....ashley, i liked you posts. you should read the posts by goldgirl, from pages 360-400. those are the best.

she talked about peeing her bed (with no bed cover), peeing her pants, sniffing her pee, ect, she even loved to smell other girl`s farts.

...her stories were actually really hot. you should try the things shes done. it is really easy to get away with peeing your bed without any cover; first, pee your bed UNDER the sheets, rather than over them. then, cover your bed with your sheets and spread immediately afterwards. there should be no lingering least, none that people can notice through the sheets.

also, it would make for more interesting stories. does anyone other females have any stories of peeing their beds or their pants?...if so, i would like to here them.

These are my answers to Merrilee's survey:

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet? I was like

2. Were you alone? With a friend or parent? I was with my mother. We
were out of town and at a gas station.

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down? Mom stopped me from
sitting down and it really surprised me. I thought I was going to pee
my pants as she lectured me and carefully put toilet paper over the

4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Stool overflowing? Person barging in on you. This was like 10 years
ago and I was 16. I was with my mom at a concert (I think it was
Kenny Rogers) at our city arena. It was a mother's day treat for her
paid with money I had earned babysitting. I was on the stool crapping
and I filled the bowl with very soft crap. Then I reached for the
toilet paper and found the roll had been depleted. Mom was right out-
side the door to use the stall next and I asked her to pull me some
tissue from one of the vacant stalls. She did and when I opened the
door and she handed it to me, she was livid that I had not put paper
over the seat before sitting down. She even yelled at me right there
and said she didn't raise me to be that careless. Then she asked
about what precautions I took at school and she got even madder
when I told her that I (like most of my friends) don't worry about
sitting down on the bare seats.

5. At what age and at what type of place were you allowed to go in on
your own without parent supervision? I was 8 and we were at city
hall where she had to pay a bill. She had me so scared back then,
though, that I put toilet paper on the seat and made sure I washed
my hands thoroughly.

6. Were there problems created when you were young, with a person of the
opposite gender and they needed to use the bathroom in a large place?
How was it handled? When I was like 14 I was babysitting for my
nephew who was 6. We were at the county fair and he had to crap real
bad. I let him go into the mens room on his own and like 5 minutes
later this older man escorts him out and complains to me that he was
to young to be in the bathroom on his own. All stalls were without
doors and apparently he did what he was taught and raised the seat
before taking a major pee. Then unfortunately he had some gas and
thought he had to crap so he sits down. Unfortunately he hit the
bowl pretty hard and bruised both of his elbows.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom? I'm 26
and single and I about once a month I care for a girl 11 and boy 9
who live in my building. Until this year, I took the boy into the
public bathroom with me.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions, as described above?
The 9 year old about 18 months ago was told he shouldn't be in the
ladies room. Despite my warnings, after finishing up and then waiting
for me to finish up in an adjacent stall, he had a curiosity and was
talked to a couple of times after sneaking looks at women through
the openings between the stall door and partition.

Pee Survey
Just have a survey for people here, if you don't mind. I'm curious to see if there are any people left here who are interested in peeing, rather than pooping. On that note, these questions mainly concern peeing.

1. How many times a day do you have to pee?

I usually have to pee three to four times a day. My routine is I pee in the morning when I first wake up, sometime during my lunch break at work (to avoid a bathroom break during the day), after getting home, and then just before bed. I always be sure to go before bed, even if I don't actually pee... I wet the bed as kid a lot, so it's a good habit to get in.

2. How much or how long do you pee?

I find that I pee a lot, at least longer than most people seem to. My morning pee is usually a minute, minute and a half if I didn't pee much the night before. My lunchtime is a little shorter, maybe 30-35 seconds (I never really timed myself), and then after work I do another minute long, the afternoon portion of my day being longer than my morning portion. At night, I sometimes don't pee at all, or if I do it's a short ten second pee.

3. When you know you have to pee, how long can you hold it?

I can hold it for maybe an hour, if I absolutely have to. Usually, I hold it 10 minutes or less before I find a toilet.

4. For women: After you pee, how do you wipe?

I usually tear off a little bit of paper, while still sitting. I'll wrap it around my hand and wipe front to back. I'll tear off more, and dab myself clean.

5. Not so interested in this, but I'll include it to be fair... After you poop, how do you wipe?

I stand up and bend over slightly, tear off paper, fold it a few times and wipe back to front. Again, I repeat until clean.

6. How do you feel about peeing in public restrooms?

In general, I'm not opposed to using public restrooms, although there are times I'll hold it in instead. A lot depends on how dirty it is. If I think the toilet is sufficiently clean, like the ones at work, I'll sit down and pee. If it's a bit dirty, I usually wipe it off briefly and sit on a layer of paper. And then there are the times when it's absolutely filthy. I opt to hold it in if I can, but if I have to go NOW, I'll hover and pee.

7. Follow-up to the last question: Specifically, what about porta-potties?

Porta-potties are usually the worst offenders concerning cleanliness, so I'll avoid them if I possibly can. Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised and it's clean.

8a. For women again: Can you pee standing up?

I think I could if I really tried, but I've never wanted to.

8b. For men: Do you ever pee sitting down, even when you don't have to poop?


9. Have you ever peed outdoors or anywhere other than a toilet?

I have only once, in a dire time of emergency. I'll post the experience in detail some other time. I don't know if I'll do it again... it was kind of fun, but kind of not at the same time.

To Linda: That was an interesting story about you and your cousin. If you have anymore, feel free to write them.

Cute and Shy: I don't know if you still lurk around this site, if you do, just wanna say that I miss your stories. Come back soon and write some if you have any. Peace!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Keith D
Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good vacation. As usual, the irregular schedule of holidays played havoc with my system. While I was away, I got some of the worst constipation I have had in years.

I was staying with friends and had been going out a lot. After about 3 days I realised I hadn't sat down to try for a poop yet and hadn't had any urges but just hadn't noticed. I started to get worried and throughout the day was very conscious of any stirring in my bowels, hopeful for some sign that I would be going soon. But no urge came.

By the next night I was really worried and knew that pooping would only get harder. So before going to bed I made the conscious decision that I would have to poop that night. After everyone else was asleep I crept into the bathroom, quickly stripped off all my clothes and shoes to get comfortable and sat on the seat. I immediately started pushing but felt absolutely nothing. My ring stretched and strained but nothing moved. I could feel nothing up inside me as if I was empty even though I knew I must be full. I spread my buttcheeks and my legs and heaved and heaved, holding my breath so that I wouldn't make any grunts that might wake my friends. I leant forward and pushed but it made no difference. I leant back and pushed. I found that by wriggling about and bending up and down while seated did seem to shake something loose and I could now feel something against my back door.

I leant right back, then lifted my bare feet off the floor and put them on the front of the seat and wrapped my arms around my knees. And I pushed and strained with all my might. But nothing moved. I could feel hard poop right in the middle of my anus mut it wouldn't move. I heaved and heaved for at least five minutes. My lower stomach was getting so sore. Every time I pushed it felt like there was a rope tied around my waist that was squeezing and it felt like my body would tear in half. I was getting really light-headed. I know what Thunder from Down Under is talking about when he describes nearly blacking out during poop sessions.

At this stage I was getting really frustrated and depressed. I hate walking away from a poop session without any results. I think I even started to panic a little. It's a bit like claustrophobia - a sudden feeling of being trapped when you know that you can't get something out. A lot of people on here have described digging at their poop to get some out when they can't get it moving. I tried it a couple of times as a kid with no luck but thought I would try it again. I couldn't leave the toilet without something out.

As I squatted on the seat straining I reached one hand down to my hole and touched it gingerly. The muscles around my hole were really puckered and ridged. As I pushed the whole area domed outwards, then shrank away each time I relaxed. I touched towards the middle and found that my hole was slightly open but nothing was sticking out. I pushed at the opening with my fingertip and found that the skin was very dry. I pushed my finger in slightly and immediately felt the numb surface of a poop. It was bone dry and had a rough scratchy surface. I tapped it with my finger and it felt solid. I pushed a few more times but when I pushed I felt that it did not move. It was just my poor hole extending out and pushing against my hand. The poop tip was stuck solid, gripping against the walls of my sphincter. My poop just won't slide out when it's dry. No matter how hard I push. I've read on here about people lubing up their hole to help poop pass. I think that would probably help me sometimes. Certainly my logs come out easier after the first little bit escapes as it seems to lube the exit on its way through. But I wouldn't know what to use for lube or how to get it in.

I tried to dig at the poop tip with my finger to see what I could get out. It was a little painful and scratchy as it was so dry. To my surprise it came out. It was just a tiny ball of poop that plipped into the water below. What an anticlimax!. I pushed again with my finger but there was nothing else there and it hurt. All the poop must have been higher up in my rectum.

I got into the shower, defeated.

The next day I was feeling heavy and miserable. I went for a walk in a nearby park mid-morning. It was a big unkept park with lots of woods. Soon, the exercise gave me a weak urge. I was determined to take advantage of it and rid myself of this huge turd that must have been inside me so I could enjoy my holidays. No one was around so I went behind a big tree with some bushes. I pulled my trousers and briefs down just past my buttocks and squatted low. I strained with all my might. Same as the night before, nothing moved and I could feel my backside doming out then back in. I could feel a heavy weight sitting on my sphincter this time. I kept pushing relentlessly. It had to come out.

Holding my breath and bearing down for about 15 seconds at a time I was really starting to overheat and just wanted to yell. I could feel a burning sensation inside me and it seemed to be getting closer to my anus. I think it was squidgy wet fresh poop from up inside my intestines trying to force its way past the big dry bung sitting above my hole. I pushed more then relaxed to breathe for a while. Then I noticed a sharp pain in my hand and was that it was brushing against some stinging nettles. I didn't care I had to push some more! I figured I was probably sitting in a whole patch of nettles. I kept pushing. Looking back, I could see a nettle sticking into my butt. I lowered my head and pushed harder and harder. I felt like I would burst.

Finally I had a breakthrough. My ring suddenly expanded and the head of a massive, flat-headed turd started to poke through. I slowed my pushing and started to relax slightly as the shaft of a massive log started to totally deform my ring. It went to maximum extension but didn't hurt. I think the low squatting position helped to let it open. It was dry and scratchy but kept coming. I had to stand to let it come out completely and move one foot at the last second to keep the dropping log from hitting my shoe.

It all came out in the one mass. The first part was 2 inches wide, knobbly and dark and shaped like a cylinder. It was about 10 inches long. It was loosely joined to another bit that was long, soft smooth and ropey and a pale greenish brown and lay in a U-shape. It was about 14 inches long.

As I was standing I realised I might be exposed if anyone walked by along the path so I quickly pulled up my trousers and began the walk back to my friend's house to wipe up. My hole gaped and burned for much of the way and I had to walk slowly. For the next few days more logs came easily but were very big.

Hi again "nervous girl."

Thanks for answering my questions so promptly. I appreciate that very much.

I think that you are a very private person, especially in a one to one relationship. In high school, you were suffering from "avoidant paruresis." Hence you sought out a bathroom where you could pee in private and avoided the rest. Many people who have a shy bladder finally give up and "avoid trying to go in places when they know they can't empty their bladder in privacy." That was what I did in high school. Going in a stall with other girls nearby seems to work for you all right.

I think that you have a mild form of paruresis that has come back to you with your current boyfriend.

1. How old are you now? How old is he?

2. Is he an intrusive person? For example, does he barge in on you when you are peeing, especially when he knows that you really need to empty your bladder after holding your morning pee or when coming home from shopping or a movie after holding your bladder for a long time. I think that he MAY have a pee fetish. That is, it may turn him on sexually when a you as a woman holds her pee and can't go even when you have to go badly. If any of this makes sense to you, then you need to find out what is going on in his brain when he asks you to pee in front of him. Pee fetishes are common and like the inability to pee may go back to childhood or adolescence.

3. Ask your boy friend if he has had any pee shy episodes. Many boys and men have but are too ashamed to tell anyone else. I never told anyone.

4.Ask about his parents and yours. Were they casual about taking a leak or uptight about it? Did they accept your privacy? Did they demand complete privacy? Ask him. Ask yourself. See what you recall.

5. If it is a matter of relaxation for you, then forget the shower and try a warm bath. Ask him to stay away from the bathroom. When a person has paruresis, loosening up takes place as follows.

a. At first, try to pee in the bath when he is far away from the bathroom in another part of the home.

b. Then, if that works for you after a few days, ask him to stand away from the bathroom door a few feet down the hall. Again relax and try to pee in in the toilet.

c. Then after successfully doing that for a few days, ask him to stand at the closed bathroom door while you pee in the toilet. If you can't do it, then go back to the previous excercise and see if you can continue to piss that way.

d. If you are successful with c., then ask him into the bathroom with you on the toilet about to pee. If you can't, then go back to c. for a few days. Then try d. again.

Two musts on these exercises:

1. You must get him to play his part without any remarks or jokes.

2. In each case you need to have a completely full bladder before trying to pee by drinking water or juice but not caffeine drinks or soda or alchohol.(I assume that you are not using any drugs such as ecstasy or some over the counter drugs that can cause retention of urine.) Then just relax to have your bursting bladder begin to empty. Do not try to force your pee to come out. Relax, relax, relax. Think about something else, for example, a faucet running fast flowing water, or washing dishes in warm water. Or recall in your mind a water falls. Count backwards by twos, from 100 to 98 to 96, etc. Or do a math problem. Or sing a familiar song.

I need more feedback on any of the above points. What has happened in the past can help you to understand yourself or your boy friend better. What you do in the present may help you to improve your attempts at peeing in front of another person. Then in your future you will feel better about yourself. Just remember that nearly 10% of all persons have a problem with paruresis. It is a common problem but until recently has never been spoken about.

Exercising Girl
Just a curiosity I have for the good folks here. Why is it that exercising makes you have to poop? I can't really think of any good reason why exercising would lead to having to poop, but it always seems to for me. I guess a bit of a back story is in order first.

For the first years of my life, I don't remember too much about my bathroom habits. I seem to recall I went fairly regularly during high school, but I think my problems really started a few years after. Throughout my mid twenties, I put on a little weight... I didn't really get fat, but I was a bit heavier than normal.

I also remember suffering from constipation really bad during those years, sometimes not pooping for a week or more. I can't really recall how I discovered it, but I got into an exercise routine, and I discovered I was pooping far more regularly, every day shortly after my exercising was done.

I think it might have been my sit-ups as part of my exercise. Maybe the pressure on my stomach helped relieve my constipation, I don't know. Can anyone here shed some light as to my curiosity?

Future Toilets
I'm not really sure if this is the place for it, but I'd like to share my thoughts of how enjoyable a pooping experience in the future could be. Imagine if you will, it's the not so distant future, and you're in need of a bathroom. So, you go in to the bathroom at your house and the lights automatically come on. As you approach the toilet, it somehow magically senses your need for a poop and opens the lid for you.

You pull down your pants and undies and have a seat. The toilet seat is warmed, not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect. The seat molds itself to your body, providing the perfect combination of snug fit and comfiness. As you drop your first turd and the water splashes back, you notice the water is a perfectly warm temperature, and then a jet of air comes and dries off your bottom.

When you're done, you spy buttons off to the left on a convenient control panel. These buttons utilize a separate supply of water to rinse off your butt and dry it when you're done, virtually eliminating the need for wiping. After all is said and done, getting up is easy, despite the seat having molded to your body shape. You just stand up as you normally would and the seat releases to its default shape. The toilet lid closes after you stand and it flushes itself, applying air freshener to the room, as if it can sense the smell.

As I said, I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for it, but I thought it would be neat to explore the future of toilets. This would honestly be my ideal experience.

I almost just shit my pants.
I was on my home from the bar and had to walk like 5 or 6 blocks to get to my house and there was a slight urge as i waited for the bus but nothing to stong.
So i start walking and the urge gets stronger ans stronger as I get closer to my house and as i walk in to my house, I call my friend whom I've helped dump over the phone, cause i wanted some help. As Im talking to him I just about loose it..
Im squeezing a so hard to keep it in.. Damn i went and sat down.. Damn, it felt sooo good...I was on the toilet for about 10 or so minutes...
My friend kinda talked me thru it and asked me if I was ok and if everything was ok and coming outok.. He also told me to take as much time as i needed and just relax and do my thing... That was nice of him.
I hope you all enjoyed my story...

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