this is my first post. first let me describe myself, i am 14, i have black hair, pretty face, i am about 5,6 and 110 pounds. i have moderate sized breasts and a bubble butt that tends to stick out. so, one day last week i was just chilling out and listening to music (metallica) when i felt the urge to take a huge dump. i felt like trying something new, so i grabbed a ziploc freezer bag and went outside into some woods. i found a nice place to shit, so i pulled down my tight jeans and thong and put the bag under my butt and relaxed. a huge wave of chunky-mushy (my poop is always mushy) shit came out for about 25 seconds with a loud bubbly wet fart. i groaned with pleasure as another wave came lasting 20 seconds out with another huge wet fart. i grunted for about 1 min and another wave blasted out for about 15 seconds. i felt finished so i grabbed some leaves and wiped up (7 wipes) and looked at my creation. i had pretty much filled the entire ziploc bag with a chunky mush (it looked exactly like refried beans with bits of shit in it) i locked the bag and buried it in the ground.

i have a great way to get those nasty shit stains out of your underwear. my mom taught me this and i use it every time i have a stain and it gets rid of it completely! what you do is spray the stained underwear with stain remover, put it into the washing machine, set the load size to mini (or small) set the water to HOT, and set the washing level to heavy, so it should be mini, hot, heavy. wash the underwear and dry it and the stain should be gone.

I've done three semesters of college as an education major. Because of a low grade in a Math class, I lost my scholarship and I'm starting my second semester out of school and because I'm operating day care out of my duplex, I should easily have enough money to start back up this summer. I started babysitting for a 8-year-old boy from a neighboring family when I was 12. Our parents had known each other for years. We live in a large city and Adam's dad worked in advertising. He was able to get free tickets to a double-header pro baseball game that, due to a thunderstorm, had to be made up in the afternoon. Hence, my first child-care job. He drove us to the stadium on his lunch hour and picked us up after work. About 20 minutes after we got to our seats, Adam said he had to crap. OK, I had to think real fast as to how I was going to handle it. I've seen mothers with boys that looked to be his age in the ladies room and I knew that since he was about to enter 3rd grade that he should have enough independence. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said his dad has been letting him go in on his own for a year or so. I knew this was a busy place with 20,000 some people so I told him to be careful, hurry in, not talk to anyone, take the first available stall, latch the door completely, make sure he wipes thoroughly, and to thoroughly wash his hands. I also told him what my mom had taught me at about that age and that was to stand in front of the toilet and use your left foot to flush. (She believes it's cleaner not to touch the flusher, although I no longer worry about it.) Adam went in rather fast when I got done lecturing him and I got a good feeling because there was no line stretching into the hallway. I was watching the time on the advertising crawl on the wall and noticed it had been 12 minutes. I started to get a little worried. I waited 3 more minutes then I stopped a guy who had City College shorts on (where I now go), described Adam and asked him to look for him. I about peed my pants when the guy came out very concerned because he checked all 30-some stalls and even the urinals and there was no Adam. I started to walk around the entry wall to check myself when he stopped me and said there was one other thing he wanted to check. Like two minutes later he came out with Adam--there were two entries and exits to the bathroom from two different hallways on two different sides of the stadium. After washing his hands, Adam took a right turn rather than a left and had been waiting at the east entrance. Luckily, he stayed there, thinking that I had decided to go in to pee. Pee! Within a minute of his being missing, I could feel my crap needing to come out! Luckily it didn't for a couple more minutes until I was on the seat and Adam was in there with me. I wasn't taking any more chances.

This is the survey for Merrilee--

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet?
Mom called me a "late bloomer" and had me practice at home and at a
store at the mall a few days before kindergarten began.

2. Were you alone? With a friend or parent?
I was with my Mom most of the time; sometimes, though, my grandma
would be out with us and she had more of a sense of humor. Mom was
so serious and concerned that I was going to have trouble going at

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over it? Go standing up? Sit right down?
Lock the door. Wipe off the seat. This was a way to check that there
was toilet paper in the stall before you went and then found there
wasn't. That had been a mistake I continually made the first few
times Mom and I were out.

4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Stool overflowing? Person barging in on you?
I was about 9 when we were traveling on the interstate. It was about
2 a.m. and I had to pee. Dad stopped at rest stop. Mom was asleep and
I was too lazy to put my thongs on. Because I was so sleepy, I
didn't notice that my toilet had a small drain in front of it, so
when I got done peeing and stood to pull my shorts up, the drain
cover which had rusted, collaspsed and my heel got scraped and

5. At what age and at why type of place were you allowed to go in on
your own without parent supervision?
Once I proved I wouldn't be having problems in kindergarten, my
parents gave me more freedom. My mom would take the stall next to me
but I would be independent.

6. Were there problems created when you were very young and out with a
person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in
a large place? How did they handle it?
Yes, there were several times a year when I was with Dad at the mall
or movies and I had to pee. He would often walk us to where there
would be a single-stall girls bathroom I could use. I remember
several McDonalds, Burger Kings and gas stations. The latter were the

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how to you handle their need to use a public bathroom?
I've allowed the boys when they are like 6 or 7 and confident to go
in by themselves, but I remain right outside the entrance.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?
No. However, one mother gave me a tip for breaking her daughter (she
was 7) of having an adult in the stall with her before she could crap
in a public place.

Phil J

What an awesome and amazing story! Are any of your friends the same way? What does your boyfriend do with the videos? I wish I had a girlfriend as cool as you. Your boyfriend is a lucky man and I hope he knows it. Btw I'm also 19

*nervous girl*
Hi fil, here's some answers for you:

1. I can pee just fine in public restrooms with my female friends or around strangers

2. I had a hard time peeing in public as a kid but I got used to it in high school with gradual exposure to other people in the bathroom. I used to go all the way to the other end of the school during lunch hour because that half of the building was still in class, so I generally had the place to myself so I could pee in peace. I worked my way to going in the main women's room with people around me over the course of a few months one year

3. Not really, other than if I have to go outside where there's not much cover

4. I can pee in the bathroom if he's in the house, although I do get nervous sometimes that he's gonna walk in and I won't be able to finish

5. I tried to pee in the shower with him before. I really had to go and he didn't care if I went and would have liked to see it but I couldn't go, I had performance anxiety I guess. He has asked me to pee on him in the shower before, I don't know if he was joking or not, but I would let him do it to me if he wanted, maybe it would loosen me up

6. When I pee standing sometimes I tighten up because I'm afraid I'm going to piss on my pants, which actually makes things worse and I can't get my flow started, or if it does it's too weak and then I do pee on myself, ironically. It's obviously psychological and I'm trying to get over it.

Hi luckyfart,
Thanks for your nice feedback. If diarrhea is what you are looking for, anything containing lots of sorbitol is a good idea, and so is prune juice (because it is full of sorbitol). Prune juice gives you the runs like few other natural things; though pear juice also works wonders. If you like loss of control, i.e. lots of gas, and real diarrhea, either juice would perhaps be the drink of your choice. Sarah once made me a lemonade by dissolving a package (or two, don't know) of sugarfree strawberry sweets in sparkling water, served together with a lunch consisting of onion soup and chili. Not so easy to say what did the trick, but the chili made me thirsty and so I drank most of the lemonade (though I knew what it was and would do; it tasted great and ...) and I swear that even while drinking it, I could feel how the stuff started to work on my stomach content. There was a sharp feeling, then I soon had gass, gurgling and slight cramps, and it took less than 3 hours, and my wet farts took me by surprise and turned into a load of diarrhea which just shot into my shorts. No control at all, not even an idea of it. It was just like foul and foamy water for the rest of the afternoon, and went through me in waves (cramps, then the feeling of having to fart and before I knew it, diarrhea instead of gas).
By the way, it's really amazing that you mention sport shorts. They played some major role in my story. I think that in all due modesty, I have and back than had an attractive body, and Sarah therefore liked it if I just did wear those pvc soccer shorts they produced back than in the 80's - with or without the runs. Besides being nice to wear, especially when it's warm, the advantage of these is that they are easy to clean and dry quickly in the sun when you have serious diarrhea and it gets into your shorts before you know it! But this is perhaps something for the warmer days of the year. I actually never aimed for the runs going right into my shorts, but it happened sometimes anyway when Sarah tried her talents on me - and if it did, soccer shorts were much better than my normal trousers, so I often would change into soccer shorts when I had diarrhea which was beyond or very hard to control because it came with farts, cramps, or was just so liquid that it simply shot through. So for me, too, having the runs and wearing those short adidas shorts is coupled in my mind as if they belong to each other. Amazing that you should mention this.

Anyway, should you ever succeed in getting your friends to your project, be sure to post it. Again, prune juice seems to be the best candidate, or apple cider, too. Just don't trick them. Having said this, I guess I was one the guys Sarah wanted to loose control, and though I didn't know before we started doing it, I believe it liberated me in a way which is hard to explain. I rarely take laxatives these days, and my current girlfriend perhaps wouldn't like the idea either. However, from time to time, if I get the chance to get the runs, I go for it, depending on the mood I am in and whether I have a free day or so. Still, tricking others this way might be something which is better left to fantasy.

It is really long time since my last post. After the Christmas I have been constipated resulting from large meals and minimal exercise. But now I start to be again in the normal rhythm, which is to me one BM in the day. Last Friday I was at work as urge to poop hit me soon after our morning coffee break. So I headed for ladies room in entrance hall. Two of five stalls were occupied, first stall and middle stall. Lady who in first stall was wiping and from middle stall I heard weak stream of pee. I walked pass the middle stall and picked next stall of it. I locked the door and lowered my jeans and panties. As I sat down lady in first stall flushed and went washing her hands. Lady in middle stall was finished her pee. I saw her shoes under the partition wall and she moved her legs a bit closer to toilet seat. Just when I started to pee I heard soft grunt from neighbour stall. It was followed immediately by long hissing fart which turned to faint crackling sound. Four plops was heard on quick interval one after another. Splat, splat, slput, plopů they sounded like pretty loose pieces of poop. I peed a little and then I leant forward. My ring expanded. I pushed a little and medium sized log slipped out fairly easily. It fell to water with the loud plop. Another log was already coming out with fluent speed. It was notably longer than the first one. In the meantime it glided out my neighbour plopped yet twice and started wiping. I pushed one more tiny piece of poop and started to wipe. My logs were pretty firm and I needed to wipe just twice. My neighbour seemed had harder job: As I flushed and went to wash my hands I could hear her still rolling toilet paper and wiping.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kerri Anne
Childhood Memories of pooping my pants

I have a memory of filling my pants as a child. I was wearing a diaper when this happened. I remember doing it when I was a little over 4. My mom was driving us on a trip to grandmas house which was 9 hours away. about 4 hours into the trip I had to go pretty bad. I was just finishing potty training (i was a very late bloomer, plus mom diapered me at that time on long car trips where we couldnt stop much) Eventually I let go and pushed and a massive amount of soft poop came out into my diaper. My older sister said "Mom, Kerri just messed her diaper". My brother said "Peeeuw!!! Kerri did a big stinker in her pants" and he gagged a couple of times. I sat down on the seat and felt the poo squish everywhere across my bottom.

Mom pulled into a scenic turnout along the highway and stopped about 35 minutes later and laid me down in the back of the station wagon and changed my VERY MESSY Diaper. I stunk so bad that my brother and sister got out of the car while i was being changed. I remember some of that incident. Years later, mom and my older siblings told me about other details of what happened that day.

Hi, I'm a new poster here. I'm currently 19 years of age, pretty short, hair is short, and skin is white. College sophomore as well. Anyways, I've always had a fascination with peeing and pooping, and I'm always up for going somewhere other than a toilet.

My boyfriend also has a fascination with me going, especially when I poop. If I have to go, he'll bring his digital video camera and watch me bomb away. I do the same with him as well if he insists.

Anyways, I had quite an experience yesterday. My boy and I ate some burritos the day before, mine had corn salsa, rice, beans and lots of ????, some things that will definitely lead up to a nice, healthy poop. I didn't go for 2 days, and that would certainly help things moving. My boy and I decided to drive around to cure our boredom. We were able to stop at a view and look at the view of our town for a little while. During this time, I could feel a nice, solid dump forming in my intestines, pushing its way to my rectum. I told my boyfriend that I had to take a poop, and knowing how I love to go outside, no matter the weather (there was some snow on the ground), we hit our car and drove to the woods.

I got out of the car and made haste towards the woods, my boyfriend following me. When we got a distance away from the road, I looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Then, my boyfriend whips out his camera while I undo my white studded belt, pull down my jeans and red thong, and squat bare-assed towards him. I start off with a short pee that made a spot in front of me, watching it absorb in the snow. Then, I prepare the show as I rip a ripe, relieving fart that signals the evacuation of my poop from my body. My anus opened up as a thick turd emerged, rubbing my ring and making me feel relief instantly. The turd was firm and broke off at around a foot long. The smell started to fill the winter breeze, and my ass cheeks were getting a bit cold as well. I was far from done, though.

My anus opened up again, and more poop was coming out of my cold ass. I didn't push much as another thick turd crept out of my hole. This one ended up to be a bit longer, at around 16 inches. I looked between my legs and I saw some bits of corn from that big burrito, and its texture was smoother than the last, which was a bit bumpy. I let out a few more turds, also with some corn but less firm and about 2 to 4 inches at least. I was finally done and ready to get my ass wiped before the shit on it would freeze haha. Luckily, I got some tissues out of the pocket of my white and black polkadot hoodie and let my boyfriend clean me up. While cleaning me, he dug a little into my butthole and I playfully said "Stop, you weirdo!". He tapped my cheek to make sure I was all clean, and then I pulled up my thong and jeans. I stared at my pile for a bit while my boyfriend undid his zipper and pissed on a tree nearby. We left with our footage of this experience and booked toward a coffee shop.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my story, and I hope to have more posted soon.!

- Shelly

ok so i just found this site after searching because of what happened to me on christmas day. the whole family was together at my grandmas house for food and presents and stuff. i have a few other cousins my age there. i'm 16 and a girl btw. anyway we had lunch and were opening presents and stuff and joking around and i didn't relize i had to pee but my cousin said something really funny and all of the sudden i felt a squirt come out and wet my panties. i didn't think my jeans showed it but got scared real fast but was still laughing and another squirt came out that was bigger and the crotch of my panties felt really wet and i was pretty sure this time it would show on my jeans. i got up fast and ran towards the bathroom around the corner in the hallway. my girl cousin who is the same age was right behind me. we got in the hall and she begged to go first because she was about to pee her pants. i told her shed have to wait because i already was. we both laughed and i peed a little bit more. she said lets go in together. so we both went inside the bathroom, closed the door, i ripped down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet and she took her pants and panties down and sat on the sink. we'd seen each other naked before so no biggie. we both peed until we were done then checked for damage. she had a small wet spot in her panties about the size of a quarter. my panties were wet in the crotch all the way across to both side and went from about an inch in front to two inches behind my pee hole my jeans had a dark wet spot in the crotch about the size of an egg. she agreed to go find me new pants and then i got teased the rest of the day by my other cousins and my brother and sister because i peed my pants and had to change. but it was still kind of funny.

anonymous poster
I've been reading peoples' poop accident accounts and hearing about it gets into the vaginal area and stuff. I guess that could feel good but would it ever actually go inside you? You'd think this would lead to some sort of infection. Has that ever happened to anybody?

I was going for a run yesterday(I run 12 miles each morning) and stopped at a bus stop bench to retie my shoes. There was a lady who looked to be in her mid 20s already sitting on the there waiting for the bus. She was squirming around a lot and kept crossing her legs and bouncing up and down. At 1st I thought maybe she was just cold but when she put her hand to her crotch I realized she had to pee. She must have noticed me looking at her because she apologized saying she was about to pee her pants. The bus stop was by a park that I knew didn't have any bathrooms and there weren't any stores around that would have one. Plus she prob didn't want to miss her bus. I got up to finish my run but she stopped me and asked if I would stay w her till the bus came to distract her from her busting bladder. She seemed harmless enough and I was in no hurry to finish my run so I told her sure. Plus I wanted to see what would happen. I am completly straight but like to see desperate women.
So I sat back down and started to talk to her. She said her name was annie. We made small talk and she kept interrupting by saying things like"im going to piss my pants" "oh gosh I've never had to pee this bad" and "gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee so bad"
There were lots of little kids in the park and not really any hidden spots so she couldn't pee outdoors. I asked her how long her bus ride was and she said it took 20 mins to get to her destination. I wondered how she was going to make the next 20 seconds let alone 20 minutes but didn't say anything. She kept squirming and bouncing up and down.
I prob sat there for about 10 mins when she stood up. She said that her bladder hurt and she didn't think she could hold it any longer. She didn't care about the kids in the park she was going to pee in the bushes and told me to tell her when the bus comes. Just as she turned to walke away(she had to uncross her legs) I heard a hissing sound and she begain to pee her pants. She was peeing faster than her jeans could absorb and her pants seemed to balloon out in the crotch. The denim became a dark shade a blue. She looked embarrased but also very relieved. She said she could not stop peeing. Pee puddled at her feet and down her legs. Ar 1st she put her hand to her crotch and tried to stop it but eventually she just gave up and stood there while the enourmous puddle formed. I have never in my life seen someone pee that much. She mustve went full force for like 5 mins and then dribbled for another 3.
The bus pulled up in the mist of all these. She started to walk towards the doors but was still going. The bus driver told her no peeing people on his bus and drove away. She said oh well she would have to catch the next one and thanked me for keeping her company. I told her no problem and continued my run. The only problem was after watching her pee, I realized I had to pee as well. Badly. It hurt my bladder too much to run so I slowly walked home. I made it up the stairs and into my bathroom. I was dying at that point. I ripped down my pants and panties and just when I went to sit down on the toilet a stream of pee hissed out. Luckily it went straight into the toilet because of the angle I was bending over. I've never had that happen before and thought it was weird.
Well that was my story let me know how you liked it!

My friend Mandy and I went ice-skating on a large pond just off the river on New Years Eve. Our city had a large family gathering downtown with hockey, fireworks, a music concert and other winter-type activities. I just got my drivers license and my parents let me drive even though it was scheduled to go past midnight. Anyway, it's cold in the midwest this time of year and it was like 15 degrees out there, with a slight north wind. I swear it was so cold being out there for like five hours that Mandy and I had to pee like once every 45 minutes or an hour. We drank coffee and hot chocolate and had some hot dogs and chili--all of which were donated by the corporate sponsors. There were two places to pee. First, and closest to the skating pond, were the regular outdoor mall restrooms. There were like 20 stalls in this very dimly lit metal building. Although there were doors on the stalls, they were like only half high. Mandy said this is because of vandalism and other illegal activities that go on down there when the homeless come through. We didn't see too many homeless people--I think the police probably ran them out so the families wouldn't be too put off. The second place to pee--and this was the most popular--was in about 100 portable toilets lined up in rows facing one another. Mandy originally wanted to use them, but I told her I wouldn't because they would likely be too cold and dirty and also there was a waiting line for each. So me and Mandy went over to the main restroom building. Most of the stalls were taken, but I noticed two doors open way down at the far end. So we took them. We were both shaking from the cold; I mean I was shaking so much that I had trouble coordinating the simple latch of the door. Mandy sat down first and immediately shouted "****! my ass is like on ice!" Then she got creative and put her scarf over one side of the seat and her stocking cap over the other. She liked how soft they were to sit on and that she wasn't going to freeze off her ass. I was so envious because she got her pee flow going almost immediately. You could easily hear the stream start into the bowl. I, on the otherhand, pulled off toilet paper from the roll and carefully laid it over the two sides and across the back of the seat. I always have done that in public places for sanitation reasons, but saving my butt from frostbite made for another good reason. Once I saw down, though, I found the cold seat went right through the tissue to attack my butt. It probably took me two minutes to get my pee flow going (during which time I had a coughing spell and also needed to blow my nose). Strange as it may seem, the coughing got my flow going and I could hear my pee hit. However, it didn't sound like it normally does in hitting the water. Rather it sounded like I was peeing onto a paper cup or some other type of paper in the bowl. It just wasn't natural. So I dropped my jeans and panties below my knees and, despite the bad lighting, spread my knees out and by lowering my head, I could see what was underneath me. (This wasn't good by the way because part of my left thigh was feeling even colder because it was now off the toilet paper). What I saw though was a first for me. The top of the water had started to freeze and my warm pee was hitting it in such a way that it made that strange noise. Also, there seemed to be a little steam coming up between my legs. The same didn't happen to Mandy, but she thinks my stall was colder because of a high-up window that was closed, but not fully latched and that my stall had not been used as frequently as some of the others. I had to pee like three other times, but there wasn't that much interesting to tell about.

This is my response to Merrilee's survey:

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet?
I was like 5.
2. Were you alone? With a friend or parent?
I was with my mom at Seasome Street Live at our city auditorium.
3. What were you taught to do in such a situation?
Not touch anything and let mom put toilet paper on the seat before
I sat down.
4. Did you ever have an accident such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Yes, at school, when I was in like 1st grade. Bathroom time came
during recess and I was in a hurry.
5. At what age and at what type of place were you allowed to go in on
your own without parent supervision.
When I was about 9 and we were traveling and using rest stop
6. Were their problems created when you were very young and out with a
person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in a
large place? How did they handle it.
I was like 9 and running errands with my dad. We stopped at a place
like Shoneys. Dad let me go in on my own to crap and they didn't
have lettering on the doors, only symbols. After crapping, I opened
the stall door and there was a man waiting for the stall. Then when
I went to wash my hands, I saw the urinal. I was so embarrassed,
dad just laughed it off.
7. If you do or have to babysit or care for a young child of the
opposite gender, how do you handle their need to use a public
The boy I now babysit for is 7. He's well behaved but has a bad aim
when I take him into pee in the ladies room. I insist that he lift
the seat first and that he wipe off any splashes that he makes on the
bowl or partition. I also insist that he flushes.
8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?
I asked my mom for advice when his parents hired me last year and she
gave me the idea of making him wipe up any urine that gets spilled.

Hey, Im daphne and I have always been interested in guys going in their pants, and my boyfriend told me this story.Btw my boyfriend is 19 as I am.
Last year, My boyfriend and his family went for a road trip, and that morning they had breakfast (eggs, bacon, and milk) . Well about 2 hours into the ride , my boyfriend was getting desparate to take a shit. 3 hours later he told me he had tears in his eyes and his ass cheeks clamped together, and they were on an interstate. He finally tells his parents he has to go, and they say we will be there in and hour you can wait. Well They hit rush hour traffic, and he said, all of a sudden he couldnt do it anymore, a huge thick turd slid into his boxers,and around his "member", he turned pale white, and shit like soft serve started coming out. His dad turned around and said, did you just shit your pants, and my boyfriend said nothing. and his dad thinking he just farted rolled down the windows and said boy if you keep farting like that your walking to the hotel. He said he sat there for about 2 minutes and another wave of chunky diarhha hit, and it moved its way to the front of his khaki pants, he said up intil that moment he didnt look down, when he looked down, he seen he was also peeing himself. He was 18 and had never had an accident infront of his parents before except durring potty training, he started bawling. his mom looked back, and she started yelling at him . needless to say his dad wouldnt talk to him for not being a man.

"Nervous girl" I can empathize with your problem of not being able to urinate in front of your boyfriend. I had the same problem with a cousin of mine. He could pee almost anywhere. I remember being with him for a long time one afternoon. When I left, I needed to pee something fierce. I went into his bathroom. I had a partial erection from the full bladder. I tried and tried but couldn't start my pee. Finally he came in to watch me. Then I was completely blocked. He didn't help by laughing. Finally when I got to college, I began to pee normally, first in a stall alone and then at the urinals. From time to time I still have a problem pissing if anyone stands next to me or waits behind me in a crowded rest room.

We grew up together. He and I used to pee together in the men's room in a movie theater and at school. Then when I was 13 (he was 15), I found that I could not pee in school or anywhere else when I went to a men's room with him and other friends. I had developed a very shy bladder pee shy). The psychological and medical term is paruresis which you might look up on an internet search engine.

Some questions:

1.When you are with any women friends, do you go to the ladies room with them. Are you able to pee normally? Or with relatives?

2. Beside your boyfriend, are there any circumstances where you cannot not pee when you need to? What about when you were growing up?

3. Would you say you are also pee shy besides when you are with your boyfriend?

4. Can you start peeing when you are in the bathroom alone and he is in the house with you? Then do you freeze up if he comes in?

5. You seem to be comfortable with him. Have you stood in a warm shower with him relaxed? Would you let him pee on you? It is a warm thing to do.

6. For some reason you tighten up. Maybe you are anxious that you can't go and so you are not able to. Try a warm bath alone, and pee there. After you have peed in the warm bath several times ask him to join you and relax, and let your pee come out into the warm water. Ask him to do the same. (Be sure that both of you have a really full bladder before bathing.) Don't try to force out your pee. It will flow only if you are relaxed.

I can tell you more if you will answer my questions.

Merrilee's Survey
1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet?

A: I remembering being a young girl having to poop at a hockey arena with my mom that's likely my youngest memory

2. Were you alone? With a friend? With a parent?

A:I was with my mom.

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over the seat? Go standing up over the seat? Sit right down
on the seat?

A: For some odd reason I was taught to just sit on the toilet and poop. I don't know why but now I rarely squat or cover the seat.. It could how ever be because before when I went into a public bathroom to poop, I was very close to having an accident.. now I use them much more frequently (Since I became a stay-at-home mom and a lot of the time I am out and about) and yet I still usually just sit on the toilet.

4.Did you ever have an "accident" such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Stool bowl overflowing? Person barging in on you? Other?

A: Yes, One time I was at the library and they had one individual washroom for both sexes but only one toilet inside and no stalls. I had to poop so I went in and when I was finished I tried flushing but the toilet wouldn't flush. So I pushed harder and harder on the handle and finally I got it to push down (At this point I am still sitting on the toilet) I thought it was flushing but a HUGE wave of water pee and poo came up and soaked me (ruining my pants which were around my legs) I had to call my husband to come and bring me a chance of clothes.

5. At what age and at what type of place were you first allowed to go in
on your own without parent supervision? Were you afraid? Did you need
to ask them to come and assist you?

A: I think at around age 6 or 7 I was allowed to go alone. No I didn't need assistance .. I think using a toilet is pretty easy.

6. Were their problems created when you were very young and out with a
person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in a
large place? How did they handle it?

I don't ever remember being with my dad and having to use the bathroom for some reason.

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom?

A: When my son was young if he or even I had to use the bathroom we would go into the ladies room. On countless occasions did I bring him into the stall with me to releave myself.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?

I've gotten the odd look but nobody has ever said anything to me.

oh gawd. i had the most awful experience of food poisoning 3 weeks ago. i was out the night before with my colleagues and we ate at a chinese restaurant. later that night, i was up puking my guts out. i had the most severe cramps and could not even move an inch. i was lying on the toilet floor and a severe bout of diarrhea. everything i ate just came up from both ends. one after another. it lasted for a week and hurt like a bitch. my stomach was so sore from dry heaving. Now. i've got the stomach flu. help!! feel like shit. diarrhea. thats it. sayonara folks and konichiwa the toilet bowl.

So for the last week I lived on a sail boat. It was a lot of fun. But the bathroom or head as they call it is weird but fun to use. There is a pump that you have to use that has a wet and dry knob. So to get water in seawater you have to pump five times and then you can go. After you go you have to pump 20 times on the wet pump and five more on the dry. Then you have to pump again for each wipe. I tell you my arm got a good workout. I did not for the first few days. They said its normal. That the motion of the boat will do that to you. But when I did it was fun to use. Also trying to poop or pee while the boat is rocking is hard. You always have to sit. Its a trip I won't forget but am happy to sit on the pot that has a handle and can flush. If your ever on a boat check it out. Oh and to let you know the whole ocean is your bathroom cause the pump flushes it out under the boat.

hey bobb! I really loved your story about milk of magnesia and its effects and i really like to hear more of your stories.

I personally also do'nt know why some of us like diarrhea and even like to induce it ourselves, but I am one of that group. I really like to take laxatives from time to time, put on a pair of much too tight sportspants (you can get for a few dollars) and wait for natures to do its jobs, getting more and more desperate, farting more and more dangerously. Depending on my feelings that day, I decide to use the toilet when necessary or not and must admit, that the few seconds before disaster strikes are the most funny ones.

I am planning to meet with some friends the following months. I already love the imagination of some guys in really tight pants, farting and shitting their brains out (and their pants full) with no way to prevent it. I am not quite sure about the laxative to use. Right now, I am thinking about sorbitol as I like the flatulence it normally causes, but maybe I'll order some Milk of Magnesia which unfortunatelly is not sold here in Germany.

The worst thing is, the people I would like to loose control most, don't like the idea. You can't imagine how often I did the good old "exlax-prank" to all of them in my dreams, but I really cannot do it. I relly hope I'll be a whitness of a natural event once ;-)

to super sophie!

i loved your last post it was awesome! try to get into the habit of not flushing the toilet!

ashleyto marliee: i really enjoyed your post! you should get into the habit of not flushing the toilet! i cant wait to read your next post.


Last night I was laying in bed reading when I felt the sudden urge to pee. I was feeling kinda lazy and was wearing a pad so decided why not just pee my pants. The pad was supposed to be extra absorbent so I wanted to try it out. I slowly let my pee go, stopping every few squirts to make sure I wasn't leaking. It felt so good and naughty to pee my pants. I loved the warm feeling. Halfway through I got scared I would leak onto my matress so I stopped and stood up. Because I was laying down on my back my pee had went through the back of my pants and left a small wet spot on my bed. I stood in the bathroom and continued my pee which only soaked the sides of my panties. I then took of the wet pad and put on a new one. It was the best feeling. Has anyone else ever peed into a maxi pad before?

The first course of action would be a suppository for quick relief,...however, if your colon is full for quite a way then a laxative is is best to now eat less and drink plenty of water. The overall ideal solution is colonic irrigation if you can get yourself to a clinic very soon and afford the cost.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Gillian ( Toilet voyeuress) - I absolutely love your adventures and look forward to hear your escapades as often as possible. It's so exciting to eavesdrop someone at her private moments! I've had a couple like this at my workplace, but unlike you I don't have any favorite person, I just like to sit on the toilet and listen to sounds emerging from the next stall. I love to hear the sounds of other person's clothes rustling, tugging off the elastic of underwear, tearing off tp and noises of wiping her rear end.(Not to mention the grunts, groans and plops in between!)

Keep up the good work, girl- Try to go to toilet more often with your favorite person. Who knows, she might notice a coincidence and be more cooperative with you! And tell more stories about your adventures with a tons of details !

*nervous girl*
I need some advice from the loyal readers here:

I have a new boyfriend I've been seeing for a while, and I really like him, but I have kind of an embarassing problem. I can't pee in front of him--I just get too tense and self-conscious, which is weird because I'm not queasy about doing anything else with him (sans pooping, but I'm okay with that). I have no problem peeing or crapping in public bathrooms with lots of strangers around, but I just can't bring myself to urinate in front of him. I've even tried to while showering with him a few times, because he wanted to see how I piss standing up, and I couldn't do it. He has peed in front of me before, so we're not mutually pee-shy. I want to be able to in case we both need to go while we're outside or someplace, or just because urinating with him would be a nice bonding thing for us. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do?

Brandy, I've missed your stories recently. Have you taken any good dumps?

Samantha, great story as usual.

Gillian, thanks for the responses. Keep posting.

to: mistee! keep up the great post. i really love your christmas story ! i cant wait to hear your next post!

to: smanatha: I love your posts keep them coming thanks for following my advice!

to china gurl: i love your story !


I'm 16, and like I've said in some of my earlier posts, I keep pretty busy as a babysitter. What Mistee wrote about in her post (the 10-year-old girl coming to her house to use bathroom because the mother who was with her wouldn't let her sit and crap in the bathroom at the civic center where they had been all day) seems so extreme to me. I remember like 10 years ago when I was staying for two weeks in the summer with my grandma and we would be at places like the zoo or at the amusement park, she would like sometimes ask me if I wanted her to put toilet paper over the seat. At first I didn't know what she was talking about because my mom has never done it, but once grandma showed me at an interstate rest stop how she does it, but it just seemed to be stupid to me. And if I were to do it at school, others would complain because it just takes away good paper that the next users could use for wiping. However, I've made the following survey and hope there are a lot of responses about how people have been taught to use public bathrooms. Thank you.

1. At what age do you first remember using a public toilet?
I was about 5, on a trip with my real dad, and I had to crap in
a doorless stall at an interstate rest stop.
2. Were you alone? With a friend? With a parent?
While I was crapping into the biggest toilet I had ever sat on, he
was across the room peeing into the first urinal I had seen. It was

3. What were you taught to do in such a situation? Wipe the seat? Put
paper over the seat? Go standing up over the seat? Sit right down
on the seat? Hold it until you got back home or to a cleaner place?
Parent didn't give you any instructions/demonstrations.
Even with my mom (my parents are divorced) the idea was to get my
butt on the toilet before I had an accident. My mom, however, always
wanted to see me wash my hands and when I was on the toilet, keep my
hands off the seat. She said when I was very young I had a habit of
putting them over the front of the seat because I was unsure of my

Did you ever have an "accident" such as forgetting to drop the seat?
Stool bowl overflowing? Person barging in on you? Other?
Once when I was in 5th grade, I went in after school to crap
because the bus was running late, and while I was spreading my legs
to get the hard crap out, one of the bolts holding the seat on had
rusted out and broke off. I almost fell in.

5. At what age and at what type of place were you first allowed to go in
on your own without parent supervision? Were you afraid? Did you need
to ask them to come and assist you?
When I turned like 11 my mom allowed me to go off on my own at the
mall and meet up with her later at the food court. Until that time,
she would go into the restroom with me--for security reasons, I'm

6. Were their problems created when you were very young and out with a
person of the opposite gender and you needed to use the bathroom in a
large place? How did they handle it?
On weekends when I was with my dad, until I turned like 7 I had to go
into the mens room. Often he would make sure I got a stall, then he'd
go off and find a urinal or wait for me at the entrance. Once, when
we were at the circus, he went into the stall next to mine and
crapped. It was loud and smelly. And he didn't flush. Like awful!

7. If you do or have babysat or cared for a young child of the opposite
gender, how do you handle their need to use a public bathroom?
They go into the ladies room with me. I take them directly into the
nearest open stall and listen for them to latch their door. Then I go
into the closest stall.

8. Has an adult ever been critical of your actions as described above?
When we were at the theatre one Saturday afternoon, I had a boy (he
was 5) crap his pants because he didn't want to go with me into the
ladies room a second time after he had earlier gone in once, sat
down and was unable to go. Mom thought that since he was already
going in on his own at all-day kindergarten, I should have not made
him use the ladies room.

Rachel, Have some one or give yourself a good soapy enema.


It's been awhile since I have posted. I'am 5'7", brown shoulder length hair and weigh 123 lbs.This is what happened to me last Monday. I woke up at about 7 a.m. My husband was already awake and making breakfast. for myself and our two daughters 14 and 8 that were getting dressed. I had just got out of the shower and was drying off when all of a sudden I began to feel sick. I began to get shakey and felt like I could throw up. I sat on the edge of the tub for a few minutes and started to fell some what better.I dryed off and started to get dressed in white panties,slacks and top. I joined the rest of my family in the dining room where my husband had prepared eggs, ham, hashbrowns, toast and coffee.He asked me what I would like and I told him that I wasen't feeling to well and would settle for some orange juice and toast.He told me that there was a nasty stomach virus going around and that he hoped that I was not coming down with it. I told him that I felt somewhat better. Maybe eating a little something would help. He said that he was leaving shortly and had given the girls somethings to do at home during the Christmas break.I finished and started the twenty minute drive to the bank that I work for. About an hour after arriving at work I was at my desk answering emails when I started to feel feverish and sick to my stomach again. I leaned back into my chair and closed my eyes, with my stomach churning.I started breathing heavy and getting an awfull taste in my mouth and knew what was about to happen.Suddenly vomit rushed up my throat and I dashed for the ladies room, I quickly kneeled in front of the toilet and vomited my breakfast into it.I vomited two more times. Then I turned around quickly removing my slacks and panties and had terrible diarrhea. My stomach was cramping so bad.I had three more waves of diarrhea. I wiped by anus five times and flushed the toilet and pulled my panties and slacks up. I then went to the sink and wet a paper towel and placed it on my forhead as I felt a little faint. Suddenly vomit was rushing up from my stomach and I ran for the toilet barely making it. I vomited three times into the toilet and then dry heaved three times.As I dry heaved I squirted diarrhea into my panties. I lowered my slacks and panties and continued with three waves of diarrhea into the toilet. I took off my panties and threw them into the trash can as they were ruined. Thank god I had not worn a thong!Some how my slacks were not soiled. After about thirty minutes in the restroom I redressed and told my boss that I was sick and was going home. She told me that one of the other girls had called in sick also and to get some rest and don't worry about work. On the way home I stopped along the freeway and vomited another two times, and stopped at a convenience store with another case of the runs. At home I was vomiting about every 45 minutes.Later that night I would vomit into a trash bucket and have diarrhea into the toilet at the same time. I have ruined at least three pairs of panties after having the diarrhea in them.My husband has been a real champ at holding my hair back for me as I vomit. I tried to drink some water, but it would come right back up. This continued thru Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I went back to work Thursday but still my stomach was unsettled and have had two bouts of diarrhea so far.


super sophie
E.M - I used to be embarrased about going in public but if you face your fears it will become alot easier, it's mind over matter. If you really need to go and would rather not have an accident you will use the public bathrooms. I find it alot easier if you think to yourself, it's going to be over really soon and I probably won't see these people again.

I'm sure you will be able to do it eventually, don't give up hope.

All the best - Sophie

Gillian ( Toilet voyeuress) - I absolutely love your adventures and look forward to hear your escapades as often as possible. It's so exciting to eavesdrop someone at her private moments! I've had a couple like this at my workplace, but unlike you I don't have any favorite person, I just like to sit on the toilet and listen to sounds emerging from the next stall. I love to hear the sounds of other person's clothes rustling, tugging off the elastic of underwear, tearing off tp and noises of wiping her rear end.(Not to mention the grunts, groans and plops in between!)

Keep up the good work, girl- Try to go to toilet more often with your favorite person. Who knows, she might notice a coincidence and be more cooperative with you! And tell more stories about your adventures with a tons of details !

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