super sophie
Hey guys and gals, thanks for all the comments and stories, I'm loving every one of them. I have a story about when I went to use one of those outdoor bathrooms where it's like a wooden hut with a door going across the middle. There are huge gaps above and below the door so it just covers your waist. I were really needing to use the toilet so I walked in and locked the "door" behind me. When I looked down into the toilet I found there were no water, instead there was a giant hopper underneath. I could see the stream of pee from the girl in the hut next to me and this made me need to go more than ever. I turned around, pulled my black thong to my knees and lifted my skirt before sitting down. The instant my bum touched the cold hard seat pee shot out of me into the bowl. It was really loud but I enjoyed it. There were a lot of people around but I didn't care. If I had waited any longer, I would have peed in my knickers. The girl next to me wiped and left but I were still going strong for 2 more minutes. My pee finally ended and I really needed to crap so I gave it a little push and relaxed. A huge crap slowly crept out of me and rolled into the hopper. A pushed again and liquid crap shot out of me, it sounded like a powerful pee. I wiped and left. I met Tania at the local shopping centre and we were shopping for a good 6 hours and had plenty to drink. I were bursting for a wee again but there were no toilets around so me and Tania went to an alley and I pulled down my thong again and squatted. Pee jetted from beneath me and started to make a puddle. Tania smiled at me then I heard a hiss coming from her direction. She raised her dress and I could see her red knickers getting dark, then the pee began to soak through and fall to the floor. Tania squatted but continued to pee with her knickers on. A minute later mine and hers pee ended at roughly the same time, I got dressed and looked at the large puddles we had made, it excited me so much. We brought some new pants for Tania and then we both went home together.

China girl
Hi guys. I write again today cause I wanted to write on another experience this morning. I woke up this morning because I felt the urge to take a dump and I couldn't hold it. I am still with my family and went to use the same toilet as my previous post. I walked to the bathroom fast, I past my brother who happened to be brushing his teeth at vanity just outside bathroom and said hi. When I got to bathroom and closed the door I immediately farted at length while walking to toilet. When I pulled my pants down the smell escaped, but I also farted again while bending down. My smell was the same bad smell as my previous post, hehe, so this toilet is having bad couple days. When I sat, a loud fart just sounded in the bowl and it was long. Then my but opened but farts were coming out and then just stopped when the turd was about to peak. My hole kept opening more and more and I was stretched. Then it happened, it was a loud crashing chunk but no just one, it was two chunks that flew out so fast that you could hear two double gulping sounds right next to each other, then there was a brief waterfall of sloppy crap. Then another fart and a small piece came out, then a few more pieces that squirt out like toothpaste. Then a long, but soft fart. The toilet was a dark brown mess inside with two sick looking patties of huge chunks, which is a familiar sight from past dumps. There was sloppy crap floating all around. After the dump and the toilets painstaking flush I just showered. My brother later said when I got out the nobody will want to go in there anymore. I joked back and said that you already know I'm a comode choker. Thanks guys.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody I got an interesting story for you. This is for the people who enjoy reading posts about people pooping, this one is for you, check it out!

I was going to move a printer in the building that I work in. I needed to use the facilities again before I went on that move ticket. I had to take a dump and to kill some time before I started. I got the the 3rd floor and used the men's room there. It's a smaller bathroom and a little quieter and less busy than the other bathrooms. I took the stall towards the end of the bathroom. As I was lining the toilet seat, I started pooping in my pants! I felt weird and good at the time, but all I kept worrying about the load and mess I would have to clean up. Ok to make matters worst, some of the poop that I had made in my underwear (briefs) I had on fell into my pants that I was wearing! I stayed cool and didn't worry, I just cleaned up the mess in the seat of my briefs and on my pants. Lucky for me I was wearing black pants and briefs as well, this is another reason I wear and buy colored underwear just in case if you know what I mean. I finished pooping the rest into the toilet. Here's part 2 of the cleanup, I used like nearly a half a roll of toilet paper just to clean up my ass, pants and underwear. I felt much better now and I had just enough time to get that printer setup.

Take care and wishing you all a Happy New Years 2009!


--Mr. Clogs

Married, With Poop
Susan and Claire N.,

I think that you are both right about at least SOME men. We like to see our significant other on the toilet. My wife is shy about this. Claire, like you, she would not want me to see her wipe or in the process of defecating (though I have on a few occasions), but sometimes she will show me her loads if they are massive. And, there have been a few that stunk up the whole house, not just the bathroom!

I don't know what it wife is really attractive in a classy, elegant kind of way (that's why I use the word defecate rather than poop or other potty words...she does not take a dump, she defecates or has bowel movements :)). She is not one to hide her bowel habits, but wants her privacy. I mean, everyone poops, but I grew up with no sisters and no encounters with girl accidents, etc., so I think that gives toward the myth that girls don't poop. Which makes it all the more erotic to think about her/them doing least for me.

It is not the only turn on, nor do I have a desire to do anything disgusting or even embarassing tp her or with her. Just seeing her on the toilet, and then the load and the smell...its great. Other than these general comments, its just between us and I feel I am, otherwise, normal.

However, its still a little weird for her. Its weird for me to admit it to her, but oh well. I mean, I don't want to humiliate her, make her uncomfortable, or think I'm weird, but I don't think that she knows what to do with this attraction. Claire N. and Susan, its good that you have an open mind to it. I guess that is why I am reading some of these posts, to at least to know I am not alone with this attraction.

But with my posting name, eventually in marriage, poop happens. We've gone in front of one another, but prefer privacy when available. She's had accidents, enemas, diarrhea, laxatives and times of desperation and urgency. I've done my share of delivering toilet paper, and plunging. I have a stronger ????, but my day will come as well. Part of love, I figure.

Thanks for listening.

Hi,it's Andy from scotland here.Hope everyone had a nice christmas and all the best for the new year to come.Tonight i am going to a street party,so since i live in Scotland it should be fun,if a little cold!!.I don't know what the toilet situation will be like, but the last time i went,there were portaloos provided,but people had to wait a while to use them.We'll see what happens but,the cold weather plus alcohol and large crowds don't always make the best mix.If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know that i have been witness to quite a few incidents of females and males peeing in unusual places.

So to the second part and the main reason for me posting here.Like most people,i overindulged at christmas time.SO on Boxing Day morning i decided to go for a long walk to try and ease my slightly aching stomach.I had done a very large poo the previous night,which took a couple of flushes to get rid of.But my stomach still felt wierd and about an hour into my walk BANG!!,it hit me!I felt a great pressure on my bowels moving downwards and i knew that if i didn't act quickly i would have a very messy and awkward walk back.Only one thing to do.I spotted some bushes by the side of the road and as it was an emergency and not much traffic around on this country road i went behind them,pulled down my jeans and underwear,squatted down and almost immediately SPPLLAATT!! a large mushy diahorea type load exploded out of my bum.It felt great,if a little wierd pooing so close to a a main road.I also peed at the same time which was good as well.I managed to wipe myself as best i could while still in a squatting position,so as not to reveal myself to any passing cars.I felt better and after a quick examination of the deed done,i pulled up my pants which had a slight stain on them followed by my jeans.I had a last look to check no one had seen me and stepped out onto the side of the road.The walk back was uneventful and on my arrival back to my parents house where i was staying for christmas,i cleaned myslf up properly(although not that bad considering)and changed my underwear.Since this event my stomach has settled down again,although there have been a couple of quick dashes to the bathroom. Well Happy New Year and take care,cheers

To Gillian and A.Bellaraine.

Firstly Gillian in answer to your question do any of you get aroused when u have a shit. I must admit I always have, when I was kid I knew having a shit always felt really really good,but I didn't know why. I developed this habit of holding onto my shit for as long as possible. You see when I was young I always got shit on my hands an fingers when I wiped, so actually going to the toilet,having a shit then wiping was intimidating. I could not work out why holding on was not such a bad feeling, there were times when I had cramps and I was turtleheading. I was out with my mother and my cousin at a mall,they are keen shoppers, I hate malls and shopping. They were going around all the ladies shops, I was 13 yo then, my cousin, Tracy was 18yo.They were virtually ignoring me,they knew how I hated shopping, but they did not know that I was needing to shit pretty badly.Every time they'd leave the shop they were in,mother wouldsay come along Lena, we're going into whatever.So I just tagged along like a puppy. Well we went into one shop where all the clothes were suspended from these circular racks.Now I was getting pretty desperate, from time to time I would hold my bottom,then my crotch becos I needed to piss as well.I busied myself by twirling the the clothes racks around. That's when the turtlehead forced its way out, I gasped and mother said Leda ru ok?. I said yes mother but when u guys leave I shall need the toilet ok?
Now I was about a minute away from shitting my panties, but for some reason why I didn't know I was not really concerned about that , but more concerned about having to sit,shit and then of course wipe and get shit all over my hands.Tracy told me there was a bathroom not far from where we,then showed me how to get there.As I was walking the turd started to come out, now the feeling wasn't unpleasant, I hadn't been for a shit for 2 days. THe turd was very large,I could feel it stretching my hole,by the time I was in sight of a toilet I had 6" of turd sticking out of hole it felt about 2" in diameter , it did affect how I walked. I think it was obvious to other shoppers that I'd just shit myself as I was heading for the toilet and waddling.I made it to the stall without further mishap, I lifted my skirt and tucked it into the waistband and pulled down my panties. The turd did not budge,there was skidmark in the gusset of my panties.I quickly say and let go a gusher of a piss.Then I pushed out the shit, Oh boy!!! did it feel good,but in a different sort of way,not relief but something else. I did 2 x 6" logs, I wiped briefly cos I knew I'd get shit on my hands , so I just pulled my panties,dropped my skirt, washed my hands and left.
I guess it was from that moment on I realised having a shit could be an enjoyable experience.

Now onto A.Bellaraine.

Yes there are times when having an accident can be pleasant and sure there are times when I have them when I was near a toilet or in the woods where I could have gone and pooped conventially.Messing one's pants can be embarrassing in public, I have done it numerous times, I'm not sure how many ppl, realise that I ave actaully messed myself. However I generally wear satin french knickers, they do not always hold the mess in well. But if feel I want mess myself I just do not wipe after a poop. French knickers do ride up high, I do not wipe all that often, so there ya go.

Love Lenaxxxx

Thursday, January 01, 2009


The first course of action would be a suppository for quick relief,...however, if your colon is full for quite a way then a laxative is is best to now eat less and drink plenty of water. The overall ideal solution is colonic irrigation if you can get yourself to a clinic very soon and afford the cost.

P>Carpet cleaner
I got a good story for you all. Hope u enjoy it. Well first off Im a guy 6ft tall about 178lb.
I woke up for work about 530am. I felt ok got ready and went off to work. Got to the shop and had this feeling down in my gut I had to poop. A fellow employee just got done in the bathroom and just stank up the bathroom really really bad. I don't mind the smell of poop but this was BAD!!!! So I just held it and went on with my day. Ok about 7am we get our work orders hoop into the vans and go to our 1st job. Got to the first job ok even stopped for breakfast. The job was to clean 4 bedrooms the living room and family room. Customer was not going to be there and side door unlocked for use. O I work with one other guy. We got set up and started with the bedrooms and every time I did a stroke with the cleaning wand I farted. They were some noisy wet farts. My partner who is lucky for him right behind me. lol I soon gave up and said I need to use the toilet. So I go down stairs to the half bath. Dropped my pants and let the toilet have it. Started farting up a storm. About 3 min later my poop started sliding out. It was one of those endless turds that just keep going around the bowl. I finally got that whole log out and 3 more small ones followed. I leaned back and take a peek at what came out. Boy was that full. I cleaned myself off and go to flush. Good golly miss molly it wont go down!! Water is running on the floor and I need to do something. Cant leave it for the owners of the house to find. Sorry not a public toilet cant leave it for someone else to admire. lol I thought about it and came up with a good plan. I used our vacuum hose and I just sucked the whole mess out to the van. It was funny to see all the water and mess just get sucked up out of the toilet. Now I did leave some nasty looking skid marks in the bowl. O and it stank!!! For the rest of the day my van smelled just like my poop. lol Well theres my story hope u all liked it.

ps O and on another day I also peed into the vacuum hose but I will leave that story for a another time. I also have some stories about some of my customers as well.

hi this is my first time writing on this site
i just came across it because i was looking up reasons on the internet to why i could be constapated(cant spell)hehehe

iv read alot of your stories and i was wondering how you all get the guts and are not embarresed to do all of whats in your stories like doing it on the bus or in public toilets and not flush the toilet.

i would love to not be embarresed about needing to fart or taking a crap in a public toilet but people would just laugh at me.

so how do you all do it??

thanks for reading

The Geek
SAMANTHA: That was a really great post about having all those diarrhea sessions at the mall! I enjoyed that very much:) I have a request from you…
Try Epsom Salts. I've used them before for the heck of it even though I pretty much never get constipated. It will give you lots of great gas too! Enjoy and please tell me all about it and I know I don't need to ask you to poo in a crowded restroom because I know you will:)

This is defiantly going to be a short post because my computer is really messed up right now but I've been wanting to write about an incident that occurred about 2 years ago. I used to work at a distribution center for CVS pharmacy as a truck loader. We worked long hours (10 to 13 hour shifts four days a week) so we had frequent breaks that we all took at the same time. It was really something. I would go outside to some picnic tables for a cigarette. Every time I would go out there, there was a table of about 6 or 7 girls. I swear up and down, all they talked about was pooping! It was great, they would give a blow by blow, every day of who took a dump, who was the loudest, who grunted a lot, who farted the most, and who stunk it up really bad. It was simply amazing! I particularly paid attention to one girl I found particularly attractive. She was maybe in her early 20's, medium build on the chubby side, medium length dark blond hair, and a very nice bum. Just the thought of her on the pot, farting and pushing out a big load sent my head spinning! Every day I would sit by myself at the table next to these girls and it was so awkward though. They would look around kinda paranoid that others might think they were weird. I did my best to act like I was not paying any attention or didn't care.

Here's another story from CVS. The department that I worked in had maybe 15 conveyors that extend out into the trucks kinda like the one in the movie "Charley and the Chocolate Factory." All of the loaders were men and it was very fast paced (part of the reason I didn't last and very strenuous.) Most of the women worked in "split case picking" which was packing merchandise into plastic totes. I don't know what it was, but pooping was a very popular subject around the warehouse. One day, I was closing up a trailer at my bay door and a really attractive girl walked through the department. I was checking her out and I remember thinking how unusual it was to see a girl in the loading department. She was maybe 20, blond, short, slim, and had her hair pulled back. She was wearing comfortable wear like you would see in a chic wear in a college dorm. She had sweatpants that I think had writing on them over the backside. You know the ones that say "Volleyball" or "Soccer" or something like that. I am very fond of that kind of casual dress. Anyways, I was talking to a guy who I had pretty quickly became friends with at my short employment there maybe a half an hour after she walked be. I said "Dude, did you see that hot chic walk by? It's not often that we see hot chics walking through our department. What was she doing over here?" He said "Yeah I did. She must have taken a really mean dump. She was in the bathroom for like 20 minutes." I don't know what it was but for some reason I got the vibe from his open, laid back nature that he was at least not "turned off" by this. So I said, "That's awesome!" and walked away because I was embarrassed for having blurting that out and because I was beginning to circus tent thinking about the "mean dump" this chic must have taken. I was floating on clouds for days!!! Can't wait for the commentary!!!

Love, Geek.

I've written a few times before, but I wanted to detail my post-Christmas experiences. Normally, I don't eat very much, so I poop a medium amount, 2-3 times a week. As many do, I have eaten much more than I am accustomed to over the holidays. This has led to an uncomfortable predicament: I've been having a lot of painful bloating/gas and have to poop several times a day. I know it's time when my stomach begins to hurt and I feel definite pressure in my rectum. Then, I have to push a lot to get each piece out, about 2 or 3 thinnish, light brown pieces. I'm never able to get it all out at one sitting, and many times I go into the bathroom thinking I have to go, but am unable to push anything out. Does this count as constipation since I'm going more frequently than normally? I know I have a lot of extra food to rid my body off, but it's very difficult performing that task successfully at the moment. Right now, I can feel a lot of pressure in my back passage, but I know if I would go and sit, nothing would come out. In this situation, what's the best course of action? Thank you for any suggestions.

Matthew, Farting while pissing is a sign, for me at least, that it is a total emptying pee happening. the fart is a signal that every bit of pee is coming out. it is like the last squirt of pee when you are dumping. I know that I have totally emptied my self when that last pee comes out.

To Dominic: When I was a boy I usually pooed twice a day and thought nothing of it. My sessions were quite quick and the loo was about half full.

Later however I got into the habit of sitting on the loo 10 minutes or more. As a result I pooed only once a day and the loo was full every time. Now I eat more than I did in boyhood so the loo is overfull, but I usually go once a day. Sometimes however I do go twice, pooing a fairly small amount the second time.

I think you don't need to worry, and your girlfriend shouldn't be calling you names. If she only goes once a day, her bottom is probably expelling twice the quantity in a single sitting, so you can call her "huge-motion-Mary" if you like.

Short story from work yesterday. I was working with this guy Axel. He's 17, average height, thin but toned, shaggy red hair...a lot of the girls think he's hot . Axel asked me if I could run the register for a few minutes because he was "about to pee his pants". I told him, sure go on. He came back a few minutes later and said he felt much better. lol

Last night I had a really weird dream. I don't remember all details, but I was trapped in this weird place and I couldn't go home until I had visited all these different "countries" and interacted with ppl there. The "countries" were different rooms set up in this huge building. At one point I was in a bathroom in India and I had to pee SO bad, but I decided to wait b/c the next country was China and since I'm half Chinese I wanted to see what a Chinese bathroom looked like. In the dream, the Indian bathroom looked pretty much like a standard American public bathroom, but there was a huge white curtain seperating it from the Chinese bathroom. The Chinese bathroom was huge with some stalls, some open urinals and a huge sign above the sinks that said "no vomitting". In the stalls were squat toilets and the urinals were like bowls sitting on the floor. I'm pretty sure this dream was completely inaccurate, but I thought I'd post just b/c it was so weird. I didn't get to finish the dream b/c my mom came in and woke me up, but when I woke up I had to pee terribly bad....

So...question for anyone not in America or who has travelled---what are non-american bathrooms like? Pretty much the same? People always talk about how things are the same or different in other countries, but no one ever talks about bathrooms or toilets.

China girl
Hi all. I have good dump story couple days after the holiday. Our family had couple get togethers, so of course there is much eating and snacking. My younger brother and I got into board game playing and we were being silly. So, of course I had to take a dump which hit suddenly in middle of game and he said "you have to wait till I pee first." So I say yah right and we walked fast to the bathroom and we were both fighting to get into door first. I pushed him aside with my ass and barged in. So he laughed and credit me for winning. So he had door closed half way still talking to me, I was facing toilet and ignoring the situation, so I just pull my pants down fast and let out a fart that made quick pop sound. So he says, woooo and that he'll never be same after seeing my ass do that. So I joke back and tell him he should be lucky he is out there. We have been in situation like this before in younger years, and he knows what I can do from whitnessing my power dump a couple times. I was ready to go, so I sat down and when I did he closed door while still talking, and a series of soft sounding farts came and when my but open he could hear the crackle sound to which he said ewwww. I had to go so bad and I pushed to get that turd through my hole. This thing made a pounding gulping crash in the toilet but while it shot out I farted at same time from pressure so it sounded like a roaring sound. It smelled so rotten. Then I topped it off with a tiny peice that just pinch out of my but. My brother laugh and say "are you normal." I said don't underestimate what a big sister can do. He said it stunk as he was talking by the door. When I got up, this turd had a fat end, extended up out of toilet water, then had to double over and loop back because of its length. I can see why that big fart came with it because it must have block a long way. It was very satisfying. Then, the little piece I pinch out landed on top of the big turd. So I'm wiping my but and the smell just get stronger. My brother went back to living room after the smell went through door. I wiped and faced my ass to toilet, I spread each cheek to clean well. Then I pull my pants up, I didn't flush turd till very last, which prolonged the experience. There was a dark brown cloud in water from turd that was gradually spreading out in toilet water. Well when I finally flush it did not go down easily, but it eventually did, and my smell dominated the entire bathroom. I'm sure smell did not compare to actually getting that turd down. Thanks everyone, and nice to see all your posts.

I babysit for about four families. Some of my customers are pretty regular and others might only request me two or three times a year. Such is the case with AJ, who is 10, and who lives with her mother who is involved in some organization that sometimes causes her to travel out of town for a few days. In such situations, AJ stays at my house while her mother is gone. That's what makes what happened this past Saturday night so strange. It was like 9:30 p.m. and I was watching TV when AJ and her mom show up at the door. They didn't need babysitting, but rather AJ needed to use our bathroom. Here she is at the door holding her butt cheeks together and she has this really scary, pained look on her face. Luckily my parents weren't using the bathroom or we might have had a mess on the staircase. AJ's mom, who is really nice but also kind of strange, explained the situation while she waited at the bottom of our staircase. Just as AJ cleared the bathroom door I heard the toilet seat drop and an explosion of gas that you could hear throughout the upstairs. Then there was another loud fart and a sigh of relief. AJ's mom explained it to me. They had free tickets to a home show followed by a professional basketball game at our Civic Sports Center, which is about two blocks from our house. Since about 4 p.m., AJ, who had been constipated, had to take a crap but mom doesn't let her use a public bathroom in a large place like that because it's too dirty, and unless she can go by standing over the toilet (she's able to pee that way!), she needs to hold her crap until they get back home. Since their Metro train ride would be 45 minutes or an hour, her mom suggested they stop by since it's on the way to the Metro terminal anyway. AJ was very thankful when she came out after about 10 minutes and since she said she had used up most of the toilet paper, she suggested that I replace the roll. I've used the toilets at the Civic three times this year, including most recently for the Jonas Brothers concert, and I didn't find them to be any dirtier than what I use daily at our high school. I just make sure I get a stall that doesn't have a seat dripping with pee, and then I take my seat. I don't consider it a big thing, unlike AJ's mom who is very strict about using such bathrooms. I do, however, feel sorry for AJ and the way her mother controls her. She's 6 years younger than me and she's probably the only 4th grader who has a mom who's so demanding. I just don't get it.

enlightened dude
ok, so tonight...i was taking my girlfriend home..and asked her politely if she wanted to go parking for a bit. and she responded "no, i think the mexican food is catching up w/ me. just take me on home." so i take her to her house and wah lah. her parents aren't home and she doesn't have a key. so she's like "to the park it is(where we park at)" well, obvioulsy she had to go kinda bad or otherwise she wouldn't of been so eager to go home. But anyways we went parking for a bit, did the usual stuff. and then we were snuggled up for a bit and i started tickling her(playfully, i had forgotten all about her having to poop) and she was squirming and laughihng and all whatnot. When i finally stopped and we started making our way back to her house, she was sitting very rigid and uncomfortable looking. I asked her if she was alright and she said "yeah, but remember i had to go? well, tickling me didn't help one bit. I've got to go pretty bad." well, short story she made it home alright. I just thought it was cool, that i almost made my girlfriend poop her skirt(she doesn't wear pants)'d would of been mean. but i totally forgot she had to go. anyways...later!

Samantha, great story! Milk of Magnesia works wonders. I once was tricked into drinking a lot of MoM and didn't know much about laxatives then. I thought they'd just make you go decently to the toilet, not that you can get liquid diarrhea from it. My initiation to the stuff came when I was a late teenager (17 or 18) and we were in a summer camp. A number of the girls, Sarah and a few of her friends, thought they were extra-funny and made us boys drink one glass for each kiss we could earn this way (we were in our teens, so ...). This was in the late 1980's (perhaps 1989 or so) and we didn't think much about it, we just went along. Until the stuff started working, which was about 1 or 2 hours later (not much longer). I think it was MoM we drank, but it made us very, very gassy. By then we (girls and boys) had been going to the swimming pool and changed into our swimming shorts. I remember that Volker, one of my friends, was the first who was struck by the evil efficiency of MoM - he started to be restless, farted more and more (and louder and wetter), and then ran to the small toilet house next to the pool. And the torrent began: first, we heard some loud farts, than farts mixed with diarrhea, then some grunts and sighs, a pause, and then again farts and diarrhea. When finally he came out of the toilet, he didn't say much, only that maybe he doesn't feel so well. Of course he knew that we knew that he knew that we knew what was the matter after the acoustic drama we'd just heard. Anyway, by then I was fairly distracted myself, for my stomach had started rumbling and gurgling, too, and I had to let out some farts, which themselves became wetter and wetter. My stomach was like a stormy and foamy ocean. Funnily enough, I didn't really make a connection between the laxative we just had and the state Volker, I, and the others were in, or were getting at until one of the girls laughed and asked whether we wanted some of the left over MoM since it worked so well. And now something strange happened, or rather, two strange things: (a) I got an erection (which I tried to hide under my towel), and (b) I said: Well, let's go for it, it seems to be too late anyway. To this day, I don't know why, but there was something fairly kinky about wearing nothing but short and rather tight swimming shorts, and knowing that you cannot help for no matter what you'll do, you are going to have diarrhea anyway (and without being ill at that). The other boys, all of them in serious stomach trouble now, looked at me as if I was mad (which I probably was) when Sarah gave me the bottle and I drank it out in one large gulp. The diarrhea I had this day was tremendous, and all five (or so) of us boys had diarrhea until the next morning. When Sarah and the others offered to play the same game the next day, not so surprisingly, only 2 of the 5 of the „original group" remained, yours truly among them. The rest is history (to be continued if wanted). Sarah soon became my girl friend, and was a true expert in anything which gives you the runs (onion soup, prune juice, sugarfree gums), and I was a willing test subject.
But besides the story - has anyone any idea why some of us like self- (or friends-) induced diarrhea?

Wow it's been a while since I had a story..but I finally got one and its an emberressing one.

Last week I was running around trying to get some last minute Christmas shopping done. I wish I could have gone alone but I had to bring the little girl I babysit with me because I had her late all week. I wasn't feeling well and my stomach had been acting up for 3 or 4 days now.

We went off to a shopping mall first. I had maybe 4 or 5 full bags with me and I was holding her hand at the same time .. aswell as battling a stomach ache. I dropped a bag and bent over to pick it up when SNAP I had to poop really badly all of a sudden. I went to the washroom and thankfully it wasn't packed for some reason. I had to stuggle with a 3 year old to get her in the stall with me because she didn't want to come... and I was fed up and I needed to poop. I walked in pulled down my tight track pants/ thong and began pooping a racehorse out of my ass. I was in there for 15 minutes. when I was done wiped and ready to go I flushed and then we got out of the stall. by this point there were 10 women in the washroom looking for a toilet.

I couldn't find everything I needed so I headed off to another mall looking for 3 things. I found 2 of them and had given up with this mall for the final thing. But while I was there I needed to poop all of a sudden again. I walked into the nearest washroom. I see a very large line so at this point im already holding on for dear life and dealing with an annoying three year old. I waited for 15 minutes and was maybe 3rd or 4th in line. A women saw me standing with the girl and asked if it was her who had to use the toilet. I hesitated for a moment and then said yes.. she does. and the woman asked me to go ahead of her. Not clearly thinking at the time I walked into the stall and put my bag down and I sat took off my pants/thong and sat down on the toilet and started letting out loud farts/ messy watery poop, I was having a massive bm which was actually starting to hurt. I finished up and came out of the stall. The woman who let me bud her was standing right there. She wasn't happy with me. .. she said "So .. you bud the line, pretend your little girl needs to releave herself.. when in reality you walk in and use the toilet that correct?" not knowing how excatly to reply ..I simply said yes. The woman then started REEMING me out trying not to sware. .I had never been so emberressed in my life!!
As loud as this ladys voice could go she SCREAMED

I had to reply.. so I just told her how badly I had to go.. trying to be calm and have this end..
the women then replied
an emotional rage came over me, and I told her that I was sorry
I then didn't reply.
then she yelled "IS THAT RIGHT??"
I then grabbed the Casey(BTW that's the 3 yr olds name)
and walked quickly out of the washroom, to the parking lot and jumped in the car.

I was FURIOUS and almost in tears as I was driving to pick the kids up at their school.
Casey asked me
"Why did the woman yell at you"
"I said because I did something she didn't like"
Casey then smiled.

Hello, my name is gabby I have been a long time reader and have never posted anything. I just want to say that I love the stories of people rubbing others stomaches when they are constipated. That's all I really have to say right now. I will begin to post stories. I absolutely love this site. I literally come read posts everday. I just wanted to introduce myself

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello. Long time lurker here.. I love this site but never come up with good material worth posting until today. I love to take massive solid dumps but it usually doesn't happen.

I went to my step cousins' place for Christmas dinner, after already having my own family dinner. This means 2 huge turkey dinners and lots of other food being munched on between mealtimes. Today, all that food made its way to the bottom passage. I used the downstairs toilet because it has a much stronger flush, and this load felt like a big one.

I sat down and pinched a great big loaf. It was easy to pass I felt like I gave birth to a child. I flushed it down first and then wiped.. don't want to clog that toilet. That's all there is to it. A good christmas dinner dump.

happy log dropping.

Mr. Clogs
Question to all, as anyone peed/pood or both at the same time into a vase before? If so post your response. As for me, never had, would like to if I can get a nice wide mouth vase to try because I like to go to the bathroom other than the toilet which is cool with me.


I'm wondering if anyone in here knows what exactly causes the beer shits? I don't know if I have a virus or whether i should blame all the beer I've been drinking at holiday parties but I've had the shits for a few days ranging from loose/chunky to totally liquid. I actually shit my pants a couple days ago, was stuck in holiday traffic with my guts churning. I made it home but when I was running up the steps to my apartment a little bit sprayed out in my boxers and on my way to the toilet a bunch more ran out, I had like absolutely no control over it! I had to throw my boxers and jeans away, my boxers were a total mess and it had dripped in my jeans; I spent seriously the next hour on the crapper pissing out my ass. from then till now I've been running to the bathroom with varying frequency shitting usually a surprisingly explosive but small amount of loose to watery shit, barely making it sometimes even from the couch to the toilet. My bowels are starting to cramp and gurgle while I write this so within 15 minutes I'll be headed for the bathroom hopefully w/out a mess in my sweats! Pepto bismal and other shit like that plugs me up for a little bit but I'll take a hard black crap a few hours later and have the runs again. I don't know what's up, for now I'm blaming the (cheap) beer and huge amounts of rich holiday food but I thought I'd ask y'all about it. Btw, I'm a 22 year old guy in otherwise great shape and health. peace out, I'm gonna go get this next trip over with lol - my ass is really starting to get sore!

Gillian (Toilet Voyeuress)
Answers to Samantha : Yes I do have a favourite girl at work that I love to listen to. Sheila is 10 and has grogeous, soft, light brown hair, pale blue eyes. The sort of girl to die for, to be in the next cubicle listening to her having a poop is heaven.

Early morning is the best time to listen in the girls toilets. I have noticed that the first couple of hours are the most prolific times to hear pooping (my favourite music to listen to).

Yes, at least where I work, most women/girls seem very shyt and reserved about pooping, they will do anything to poop quietly. Filling the bowl with toilet tissue is a favourite, some move theur bums well back so that the turds slide down the back of the pan with barely a plop. Hope this will help Samantha.

I would be very interested in any other comments anybody has to make on these points.

Went to the toilet the same time as Sheila christmas eve. We had both had plenty to eat and drink at the office party. I can't speak for Sheila but I sat and shit with a terrible stomach ache for what seemed an eternity. My stomach was rollign and moving horrible, Sheila was farting and shitting too so I guess she wasn't feeling very well. She finished and wiped her bum before me. It was not the most pleasant experience and I think next year I will be very careful what I drink at the office party.

Question for you peeps. I'm an 18 y/o male, weigh about 65kg I think

I have to take two shits a day, one about 7.30am after I've eaten my breakfast, then another around 7pm after I've eaten my evening meal. My g/f thinks it's funny as she says most people only shit once a day (she normally goes at lunchtime). She's not moaning, as she always wants me to feel comfortable, but she sometimes calls me "twice a day Dom") and it makes me a bit self-conscious about it.

I shit out loads every time I go, probably more on the evening visit on average.

I guess both dumps are at pretty convenient times of day as I can do the necessary at home rather than at work, but it can be a nuisance at weekends when we like to stay in bed and 'enjoy ourselves'. I normally have to get up and take my morning shit before I can get on with what we really want to do. I guess if an 18 y/o male has no option but to empty his bowels before being able to satisfy other physical desires then it proves beyond all doubt that he really "needs to go"!!!

So is it ok to regularly shit twice a day? I really don't think my body could cope with all the waste it produces if I only went once.

Jordan S.
Ever since I was young using the bathroom had always made me feel different inside. I remember being really young and my cousin and I took a bucket under the dining room table in this big room in my grandmas house. We would take turns peeing in the bucket. Also, one time, around halloween I had a pop-up ten in my room. I took my trick or treat bucket into the tent and would always pee into it when I played in the tent. When I was about ten or eleven I started peeing in different places around the house. I tried the sink. Then I would sit on top of the washing machine and pee into there. A few times I sat on my bed and peed, or would squat over the carpet in my room and let loose. When I got a little bit older my family moved into a bigger house and I had my own private bathroom. I started keeping a plastic container under the sink that some sidewalk chalk had come in. At night when I would wake up and have to pee I would just kneel over the container and listen to the sound of my forceful stream hit the plastic.

Mathew: I think that farting between men is kind of breaking the ice. Although it is embarrasing and surely the most appropriate place to do it is in a stall, a restroom is a perfectly acceptable place to do it, and the guy farting should only apologize if he does it too close to the other men (and the smell comes to close). If that's not the case, what happens in the men's restroom, stays in the men's restroom and there should be no big deal.


hi it ashley iam here with another one of my pooping stories!
yesterday me and a couple of my friend went to Mcdonalds for breakfest! we all got eggs and susages and hashbrowns along with a large soda to drink. we sat around and ate for quite a while! we got 3 refills on soda! then we continued sitting around and talking for a while. 45 mintues later i felt a big urge to go to the bathroom. we all headed for the bathroom. when we arrived in the bathroom there were three stalls! i took the first one! my two other friends took the last two. i began pulling down my shorts. then we all started peeing! this continued for the next 45 mintues! after a while we all starting farting! i felt my first turd make it way out! it was small and not that long! the next piece became forming! when it came out it was a little bit longer! then i started farting again! it smelled and my friends in the stalls next to heard it and started giggling! my third piece of poo came out and it was huge! then i began peeing again! it continued this process for the next 15 mintues! then i need to poop again! i started farting once more! then i felt a turd making its way out! when it came out it was huge! then another turd was forming! this time i felt i was gonna have to strain and push a little harder to get it out! it actually felt stuck ! i began pushing a little bit! it still felt stuck! so i pushed a little harder! finally it came out! it was really big! i continued farting some more! my friends said that they were enjoying this experience ! i told them that i was enjoying it too! i felt my next poo make it way out! this time i had to strain some more! it made its way out! it was small! i started peeing some more! this time it only lasted five mintues! at this point my two other friends made the comment that it smells really bad and that they loved it! i continued pooing some more! the next turd made it ways out! it was a little bit bigger! then i farted one last time! my last big turd was trying to make its way out! i really had to push for it to come! it finally made it ways out! it was really big! at last i was done! my two other friends were done as well! the bathroom smelled so bad at this point! we all got up and looked at our art work in the toilet! all of our toilets were full to the top! we decided to not flush and leave it for everyone to see! we left the toilets unflushed and exited the stalls! we encourage all girls to not flush the toilet and leave it for others! i will post more next time! HAPPY POOPING!


hi is ashley again with another pooping story! the other day kelly ,becca and me went to Taco Bell. we each decided to order several bean burritos! we all wanted to eat food that would give us the runs! after a while we decided to go to the the grocery store to look around! we walked for about 30 minutes to a grocey store! when we arrived we began looking around! after 15 mintues erin and kelly told me that they really need to go to the bathroom. i began feeling like i needed to go to! so we all went to the bathroom! kelly took the first stall. i took the second stall . erin decided to go in the trash can! we all began to pee! we peed for 45 mintues straight! then i started farting! this made kelly laugh! kelly still was peeing up a storm! then she started farting as well! erin began farting as well! then i could feel a wave of poo coming out of my butt! kelly said a huge turd was making it way out of her ass! she dropped a big turd in the toilet! erin was starting to poop as well! her first turd came out as well! next i felt another small turd make it out! kelly started let out an other huge turd as well! erin started farting agian! she let a big turd out of her ass! i started farting again! i relased another wave of poo! then kelly pooped again! this turd was made a big splashing sound ! then erin pooped once more realsing a wave of poo int the trash can! we all continued this process for alomost two hours! finally we all were done! we all stood up and looked at our art work! the toilets were completley full and about to over flow! erin told me that the trah can was about ready to burst! we all left the toilets unflushed and exited the stalls! we made our way back to home! we encourage all girls of all ages to leave the toilets unflushed! its a good habit to get into! HAPPY POOPING!


Toilets at school are locked. They shouldnt be locked for health and safety reasons. I was talking to some friends i made and they agree.

I haven't posted in a long time. Too busy with work. I love working in a school.

My bowels have been acting weird lately. The other day (Sunday I think) I had 5 bowel movements. The first and 3rd were kind of small, but the rest were big. I was sore from wiping after that.

With this being Christmas Holidays, I am off from work and I have noticed that I have been peeing a lot more too, which is from me drinking more Diet Coke than ever. Christmas Day, I had only one 12 ounce can before we went to my aunts house. No one really wants to use her restroom because it is disgusting. Well, needless to say, I had to pee while at her house and tried to wait as long as possible. About 30 minutes before leaving, I gave in. I had been sitting on the floor and when I got up, I could feel pain in my penis and scrotum from trying really hard not to pee on myself. I went to the bathroom and peed for almost 2 minutes straight... a first for me.

I was thinking earlier about the first few times I had a bowel movement in middle school. Doing that in elementary school is no big deal, so I would go when I needed to. In my 5th grade year, I was mortified to go in middle school, so I would wait until I got home. There were many days where I almost filled my briefs.

One day in 6th grade, I began having to go in 2nd block art really bad. But the urge passed a few minutes later. In 3rd block reading, I had to go again. By the beginning of 4th block, I really had to go and did not think I could wait for 3 more blocks to get home and go. One of my classmates noticed that I was getting uncomfortable and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I really had to go and was going to shit my boxers if I was not allowed... which made me realize that I needed to ask permission, so I did and my teacher was nice enough to let me go. I did make it and boy did I ever have to go! 20 minutes later, I was back in class feeling fine.

Several weeks later in 1st block PE, my PE teacher asked my friend to help me bring stuff to the office and library. He told us that once we finished, we could hang in the gym and play basketball, but we would have to change in our uniforms. Once we finshed the errands, we went back to the gym where we had free reign of the place (everyone else was outside running laps) and were changing in the locker room when I felt the urge to go. So, I told my friend that I really had to take a crap. So, he follwed me to the bathroom. I went into the stall (didn't close the door, why did I need to?)dropped my PE shorts and boxers and sat down. I immediatly began peeing and let out a long fart. My friend burst out laughing at it. I began to push. Nothing but more gas. With the pushing, I managed to get an erection. My friend thought it was funny that I got hard instead of releasing my load. The tables turned on him when he got hard for no reason. I finally pushed out 2 tiny logs, about 1 inch long each. THen, the feeling was gone. I was disappointed and so was my friend. We both expected a huge load. I cleaned up, flushed the disappointment down and went with my friend to play basketball.

In March of that year, we ha to have our class schedules altered due to state tests. We had extended recess time. The teachers were getting ready to swap duty shifts when I went to the bathroom with some of my friends. We just got past the duty teacher when they switched. The teacher now on duty was one that did not let anyone go to the restroom. We were in there with no one in there and no one allowed in there. We all peed and were just goofing off when I decided to take a dump, so I went into the stall. My friends looked at me in shock. I just pulled my pants and boxer briefs down and went, with them watching since the stall door wouldnt close. Once I finished, one of my friends decided that if I could go with no problems, he could too. He didnt want to shit his boxers.

Once I made it past my first dump in 6th grade, I was no longer fearful go going in middle or high school. My only problem with going in high school was the worthlesss stalls. The doors were not proper doors, they did not lock and half of them were not hung properly, so they would swing back open. My freshman year, I caught hell one day for going in school. I think I told the story before, but 2 seniors teased me for going in school and having foreskin. THat was the first time I was embarrassed that I was not circumcised.

One last thing before I go... I have overheard teen boys talking plenty of times before about what it feels like to pee with a foreskin. I hated it. You are supposed to retract the foreskin so that the glans is sticking out to pee. I hated that. I did that a lot in middle school. Once I would pee, I wuold leave the foreskin retracted, so I would look circumcised. But, it never worked. If I would pee with the foreskin in place, there were times that I would get pee everywhere. Now that I am circumcised, my pee goes directly in the toilet. The only advantage I had of being uncircumcised was that when I would have a bowel movement, I would never aim my penis. The pee would just leak out of the foreskin (so to say) and go straight into the toilet. Now, I have to aim when I am taking a dump. I pee a lot when doing that. SO, if there is anyone wondering what it feels like to have foreskin and peeing, there you go. But, there may be other viewpoints.

hi everyone

it's nice to talk about my pee/poo experiences.
but now i want to talk about what happened last week in my collage. i have to say that i can't use public bathrooms unless its empty for peeing, i don't like anyone to hear my pee. but i may do it. what i won't do it is pooping in anywhere but my house. anyway for that week i was taking care about my health and diet. the result was a great need to poop every afternoon where am still in collage. i went to the bathroom & enter the stool. and then i've heard some girls followed me in. so i hold myself and try to wait till they leave. just before they did another girl came in and use the stall next to me. by now i couldn't wait anymore & i start peeing and pooping loudly. when i was don't. i couldn't come out till they leave first. when i heard the door close after them, i tried to flash the toilet but it wasn't working. i don't want anyone to see my poop. but i can do nothing about it & just then another girl enter quickly the same stall then came out fast, facing me & saying: what have u eat this morning, ur poop is huge & smelly! i said sorry i tried to flash but...then she smiled & said: it's ok if u feel better now... my face was red but i said yes & try to smile too.
i met this girl few times later & she always say hi poopy girl!

and because this was the library bathroom & it seems that she us used to this bathroom like me, she found me there once this week too ( i use the bathroom more often with this diet every afternoon) but i was not inside the stool yet. she told me what's up? as i was crossing my legs, why don't u go in?
i couldn't answer. but i went inside & start my business & she kept talking to me ( i wasn't used to this toilet talking) she was saying things like: r u ok? r u about to finish? is it hard or mushy? oh the smell is owful. how many poo poo u did yet? & she asked me not to flush cuz she want to see ! then she said, wait for me let see if i can beat u ! she didn't close the door, she lowered her panties & start pooping infront of me, she fart alot.. but at the end i was the one who pooped more. i've told her then that i usually feel so embarresed about my bathroom business. she gave me this site. and she told me that next time she will take me to the bathroom.... she did but i would tell u this story another day

Hi there! Merry Christmas. I am the boy who posted some weeks ago about taking a shit at school.

Anyway, this story is about my "after-christmas" shit. Even though I didn't eat much on the night of the 24th, I knew I would need to go to the bathroom on the 25th, as I had not crapped since the night of the 22nd. For me, holidays are a torture, as I do not like going when others are around in the house.

I woke up around noon on the 25th, and as I was showering, I felt that "fullness" sensation. I didn't know if I was alone or not, but I didn't want to go without making sure nobody was around. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone. My cousins Matthew and Erica were downstairs. Matthew is 16, as me, and Erica is 18. I ended up having to hold it all day long. We came back at night, and by then I had a stomach ache, so I went to bed, as if trying to "encourage" everyone to do the same. As time passed, everyone went to bed, and by midnight, it seemed like they were all asleep, so I tip-toed out of my room and went to the downstairs bathroom. The pressure in my rectum increased with every step I took, as if it somehow knew that relief was going to come soon. I entered the bathroom, closing the door behind me, but I didn't turn on the lights, trying not to let anyone upstairs know I was in the bathroom.

I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down and took a seat. I immediately started pushing, hard enough to start moving my first log out but not so much that it would make any noise while coming out. I don't know how big my first log was, but it was big and solid. I pushed again and then I felt some very soft crap trying to come out. As it came out, it made a lot of crackling noises. It actually felt like a ball of soft shit. The rest came out easily, with little pushing, and very fast. Then it was time to wipe. Lights off, soft crap in my butthole, I couldn't see where the toilet paper was. I stood up, slightly to turn the lights on, and began to wipe. Unfortunately, it was one of those shits where no matter how much you wipe, it still gets dirty a little bit at the end. I flushed and washed my hands.

I do not think anyone knew, but fortunately noone was around to hear the noises.

I will keep posting whenever something interesting happens.

Taxi Driver Cheyanne
Five years after starting in a management training track for a bank, three months ago I was laid off. Because I have college loans and other expenses, I work for a temp agency during the day and drive a taxi 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. three nights a week. I meet interesting people (including my current boyfriend) and the tips are from good to great because I give service to airport customers. This past weekend I had a 3 a.m. pickup at a high-rise apartment tower. It was a professional woman about my age (28), who after we picked up her boyfriend at his house, needed to go to the airport where they had a 5:30 a.m. flight across country where her parents were going to meet him the first time and they were going to celebrate Christmas together. She had a large coffee cup from a 24-hour diner with her and was drinking it pretty aggressively as she rattled off the directions to her boyfriend's place, which was about 35 minutes on the other side of the city. I had no trouble in finding his house and we had about a 45 minute drive across the city to get to the airport. About 10 minutes later, while we were on a highway leading to the interstate, she announced loudly that she had to "pee." He laughed, reached over with his right hand and started tickling her. He made some kind of joke that tickling would get it over fast and they would still make their flight. She wasn't amused. She looked directly at him and said. "F*** You, I have to pee!" At that point, he realized she was serious, and he hugged her and gently kissed her on the cheek. He then asked me what my "best thinking" was? Mentally, I had lots of really ready retorts: "Don't leave home without peeing," "Don't drink a large coffee at 3 a.m. when you're on the road and there's no bathroom available" and the most logical one (which I can personally attest to) "Hold it until we get to the airport". I explained that we were a good 30 to 45 minutes from the airport or any other places with public bathrooms. She just sighed and made a remark about peeing her pants. About a half mile down the road I saw a large number of flashing lights. There was a state trooper's cruiser parked in each of the six lanes and what traffic there was was parked on the shoulder next to the guard rail. I noticed I had one last exit available to me. It led to hundreds of acres of very dark industrial buildings, and almost guaranteed, no open public restrooms. Seeing the predicament we were in, he asked her if she could squat. She quickly said "F*** No--I'd fall over and pee on myself." As we were driving on one dimly lit road I noticed about a dozen poltical signs, all the same size, all for the same county commission candidate that were in the ground. I suggested that she might want to consider sitting on the wooden sign frame for balance and then just peeing onto the ground. I noticed in the mirror that she had a loose short skirt on and that would make it not only easier, but also more private. Out of pain and a fear of having an accident, she decided that we would stop. God she was fast. She took about 10 steps up the slight grassy hill to the sign, lifted her skirt, dropped her underwear, and within two minutes she had emptied her bladder. When she got back into the cab, her boyfriend joked about having taken a picture with his cell phone, but I assured her that wasn't the case. He is apparently a law school student and he joked about public urination being a Class III misdemeanor (whatever that is) but she just gave him the finger and thanked me graciously. The best thanks I got, however, was a $50 bill for a tip.

Not sure why this didn't get posted... Anyway, this story occured before Christmas:
I figured I was about due for some major diarrhea. And major diarrhea I got! I decided to give Milk of Magnesia a whirl, and let me just say: the stuff is great!

It wasn't a completely controlled experiment (I also had A LOT of prune juice), but man-oh-man! Here's the story:

I had been feeling the need for some good diarrhea, and had been wanting to try Milk of Magnesia for a while, so I stopped at an out of the way supermarket after work, and picked up a bottle Milk of Magnesia and a half gallon of prune juice (got a weird look from the store clerk). I also picked up some water and a gatorade for electrolyte replacement.

As soon as I got back into my car, I hastily popped open the MOM and filled the provided medicine cup 3 quarters of the way (full cup is adult dose) and proceeded to drink. It actually tasted milky. It left a somewhat unpleasant chalk aftertaste, though. I then filled it up another 3 quarters and downed it. I downed another then three, amounting to more than twice the adult dose (not to mention, I wasn't even constipated).

The aftertaste got pretty intense, so I decided to wash it down with some water. Then, onto the prune juice--all the grocery store had was a gallon. I probably downed about 8 ounces in my first swig. I let it move down to my stomach, then drank another big swig. I downed probably about a quarter of the bottle, then started to feel full, and almost naseaus.

I decided to embark on a day of shopping at the mall. With half a quart of prune juice in me and over a double dose of MOM, I headed into the mall to look for gifts, first the bookstore.

After about 15 minutes of casual looking around, I finally started to feel some moving around in my belly. A little while later, the first urge to fart struck. I pushed it out a little to see how it felt. It seemed solid, but it was very forceful, almost as if it were demanding I push it out. I decided to wait a while longer while browsing.

More gas and rumbling for about ten more minutes, then it became urgent! (the kind that makes your butt quickly clench after relaxing it). I waited a few more minutes to build up the urge to near controllable, then scurried off to the ladies'.

There was one lady in stall number one, so I took the one right next to her. There were three stalls, the third a handicapped, which I didn't want to occupy in case someone truly needed it. Now tightly clenching my bum, I hooked my purse on the hook and my coat, too. I wiped off the seat, grabbed a seat protector, and slapped it on the toilet. Then I pulled my pants down and sat on the cold seat. The lady next to me was finishing up wiping as I began to get comfortable.

"Here goes!" I thought, as I got my butt in the perfect position for blast off. I gave it a push and a mammoth turd popped out of me with a BOOM!, probably scaring the lady next to me. It was like a cork that released a light splattering of slight but loud and long diarrhea. I pushed a bit more, but that was it.

I looked in the toilet at a thick 5 inch turd, brown water, and little chunks of poop. I wiped up--it actually only took about 5 wipes before the paper was dry and clean. I flushed this one, knowing I'd be back. I ran out to my car, excitedly, and probably unnecessarily downed some more prune juice. I probably drank another quarter of it before re-entering the store.

I walked around again and found a potential gift. In the middle of checking it out, though, I had no choice but to scurry back into the restroom and plunk my ass right back on the toilet seat again. I got comfy, and then let it rip. A torrent of pure, powerful, liquid diarrhea shot out of me for about 6 seconds, ending with a booming fart. I squirted out a bit more liquid, but that was about that. The toilet was pure brown with white foam on top. I wiped up and left.

I was back in 5 minutes. Again, I let loose a torrent of liquid diarrhea--"btttslooooooooooooop!" This one was without farts--it sounded like I was taking a rather heavy and forceful pee. It lasted for a good 4-5 seconds. I sat for a while, just relaxing, until another wave blasted out of me without my permission. Again, no farts, just pure liquid.

After I bought the gift I decided to hit rest of the mall up, but not before drinking some more prune juice! I really wanted to see how far I could take it. I drank a bit more and left about one fifth of the container. I then scurried into the mall, only to feel, of course, the strong need again to use a bathroom. I searched around for a toilet, clenching my cheeks.

Finally, I made my way down a long hallway to the toilets. My butt was nearly ready to explode at this point: I shoved open the ladies' room door to find it empty (it was pretty late, about an hour until mall closing). I checked each prospective stall, all had one of those great black toilet seats which I love, but these were much more curvy then any I have seen. I couldn't wait to blow my horrendous diarrhea into one of them. But not a single stall had any toilet paper. Granted, it was late, but this was ridiculous--did they just give up on changing them?

I was quite furious, but was about to burst in my panties so decided I'd deal with that problem later. I sat down (the seat was amazingly comfy!) and unleashed the longest liquid shit of the day--the first wave, though liquid and creamy, was so volumous that it felt almost like a big turd squeezing out with great speed. This lasted about 12 seconds. Then another one came that lasted nearly 5. I squirted out more and more liquid shit. None of the toilet sessions were too long (this was probably the longest--I sat on the toilet for about ten minutes).

After the dam bursted, I scrounged through my purse trying to find something to wipe with. Unfortunately, I had used up all of my kleenex. Then I remembered the receipt I had from the store. I grabbed into the coat pocket and pulled it out. It was a little rough wiping the front (ladies, you could imagine), but was just enough to wipe the majority of the wetness of my backside until my next toilet visit (which hopefully would have paper). My bum actually wasn't too wet, and to my surprise later there was no stain in my panties. The toilet water was pure, dark brown. It was as if someone dumped five full pots of coffee into the toilet. As my little way of getting revenge for the lack of TP, I layed the dirtied receipt onto the toilet seat, half submerged. I delicately placed it so it clearly read:
"Prune juice--3.25
Milk Mag--4.99"
I laughed. I wondered if the cleaning person would even see the receipt items and make the connection to the liquid diarrhea bomb in the toilet, but I got quite the smile out of it either way: it was like a message saying "this gross mess and smell brought to you by Phillips' and Sunsweet!"

I did some more shopping then on the way out had more runny poop knocking. I grabbed a bottled water at the food court to replenish my fluids, then hit up the ladies' for what I thought would be my final toilet session of the night before getting home. I walked into the food court restroom and wow did it stink! There was a girl in stall three (of four) releasing some tremendous plops and farts, mushy and diarrhea-like. I decided to join her in sound by entering the second stall. I released another massive liquidy shitbomb and applied more force than I had before. It splashed heavily into the water. I'm not sure if the girl next to me could tell if it was diarrhea or if I was just peeing forcefully. After I sat for about a minute then released another wave, though (complete with a big fart at the end) I'm pretty sure she knew. Again, this visit was short once I finished. Probably about 3 or 4 minutes. I wiped up and left the lady in stall three to finish her smelly dump. I made sure to let this "pot" of coffee-like liquid sit as well, thanks to Ashley's encouragement of not flushing.

I got back into the car and saw the prune juice sitting there, and decided "what the heck" and slammed the rest of it. I then switched to gatorade for electrolyte replenishment. Slamming the juice may have been a bad idea, because on the way home I nearly let loose in my drawers! Luckily, there was an open pharmacy on the way home. I scurried inside and immediately asked where the bathroom was. After being pointed the way, I dashed inside the two staller and plunked my rear end down before I even had time to wipe the seat. "Puh-LooooohT--BrlloooOoooolrlooooooooolrlooooooooom!" blasted the wave of liquid diarrhea, my hands grasping the thick seat for support. I followed it up with a massive sigh, and just enjoyed the moment of relief. Then came another smaller wave, and a few more squirts. I stayed about three more minutes to make sure everything was out (there were some small squirts, but nothing big came). I wiped up and flushed.

Woo though! What an exciting day! Since I've gotten back to the flat, I've released 4 more waves of massive liquid shit (in the midst of writing this, I've had to get up three times, and I have a feeling I'm nowhere near done). It doesn't smell too bad, though.

So, to anyone interested, I absolutely recommend Milk of Magnesia either for the plain thrill of it or for genuine constipation. I can't really say whether my experiences today were caused more by the prune juice or by the MOM, but either way, it led to some incredible satisfying dumps like I've never had on prune juice alone! I would have liked more substance to the poop, though. My recommendation, if interested, would be to add some Metamucil to help bulk up the experience and add some good mushy shit and farts with the otherwise purely liquidy poops--I'll probably try that for next month's master blaster.

Happy Plopping!

Message to Clair N.
I believe that most men are like my husband. They just enjoy watching a pretty girl sitting on the toilet with her panties spread between her knees, My husband loves to see me on the toilet and will often rub my ???? while I,m pooping.

Thanks for your post, I really appreciate it.
I have some sort of neurological condition which the doctors cannot exactly determine. It is the subject of quite a bit of debate. The consequence of the problem is muscle pain and stiffness etc. Pain medication relieves the symptoms but causes constipation and that constipation lingers long after I have stopped taking them. It is also thought that my condition is contributing to the problem.
I have tried alternatives to pain meds, i.e. acupuncture etc but to no avail. My only solution is to not take meds (or rarely) and put up with the problem.
I do drink quite a bit of water but sometimes have very hard stools. My only solution at the moment is a magnesium based laxative which draws water from the bowels thus making my evacuation so easy.
Unfortunately Canada is too far away but assistance on the toilet would be very helpful.

A friend of mine has a favorite term I always like. He call the toilet the "thundermug" How appriopriate.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was at work last Friday and I was standing at the urinal when Adam, a new guy in IT, walked in and approached the urinal two down from where I was. As he relaxed to release his stream of urine, this caused him to relax his sphincter and a long hissing fart ensued. You could tell he was trying to stop it, or perhaps quiet it, which only elongated the fart. It lasted about four or five seconds. I didn't know how to react. He said nothing, and I, trying to suppress a giggle, said nothing either. I then started to ponder the correct etiquette when you're in the restroom at a urinal and a fart slips out. Do you excuse yourself? Do you ignore it? If you're in a stall, it's perfectly acceptable--even appropriate--to fart. But if you're at a urinal, you're sort of in "no man's land." You're not exactly in a social situation where "excuse me" would do, but being in a restroom, you're not exactly in a spot where farting is totally unheard of. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this profound dilemma.

As I've said, I'm not much of a peeing person, but for those of you who like it I can tell a few stories. Being a teenager, I end up sneaking out a lot. I'm a girl and I basically always meet up with boys. One guy friend of mine... let's call him Joey... doesn't have a car yet but he lives close (half hour walk) so we do end up walking or biking to meet each other sometimes. Since our parents are both asleep, no matter whose house we go to we have to use the great outdoors as our potty. Many a time he's peed in my bushes, or once I remember he peed off his roof. Me being a girl it gets a little harder, especially since it's winter and I don't like having a chilly bum. I'm getting a lot better at it. Usually I pull down my pants and spread my legs as wide as I can and squat down, and hold on to a tree or a pole or something (or lean against something) so I can get closer to the ground. Next I take my piss and just pull 'em up. I would never not wipe in a restroom, but there's just nothing else to do. And to be honest, it's not that bad. Once Joey and I were walking to his house and totally randomly, he was like, "You know, I hate having to shit at someone else's house. That happened to me once and I held it, and then when I got dropped off I just couldn't hold it so I took a dump on my front lawn." We ended up getting in a pretty long conversation about pooping and girls vs. boys pooping and why no one ever talks about it and it was really cool. I never thought I would have the guts to get in a conversation with someone about that.

Anyways, I just thought that was really cool. Happy holidays everyone!

Question for everyone with or around do you feel about changing diapers?

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