Hi everyone, my name is Vanessa and I am 26. I have been reading the posts for a while and I figured I would share an experience with you all. Last weekend I discovered I could pee standing up. My boyfriend and I went to a Christmas party down town and it was a lot of fun. We decided to walk back on the River Walk where it was all lit up with Christmas lights it was so pretty, when those couple of glasses of punch and a few shots started to kick in and it was a few more block to the car. We looked for a bathroom but we could not find one. I knew I was going to have no choice but to go outside. I have peed outside before when I was a teenager but it didn't go so well. The first time I pulled my panties down and sat on the ground, and I just ended up sitting in a puddle of my own piss and mud. The other time I tried to pee outside I squatted, that didn't work either as I peed all over my feet and my shoes, it was so messy. That night I was wearing my black cocktail dress, and some killer Jimmy Choo shoes and I was not about to pee all over them. There was no where I could sit, plus it was cold and I didn't want to sit my bare ass on an ice cold bench.

Then my boyfriend suggested that I pee standing up. I thought at first he was crazy that girls pee sitting down, but when I thought about it I never really attempted standing up either. He asked me if a girl's pee stream doesn't just go straight t down? He said when he was younger when they went to the beach his mom and his sister would open the car doors take off their bottoms and pee standing up behind the car door. He said you could see the stream hit the ground between their feet, below the door. Well I figured "what the hell" I was running out of options at the moment. There was a large planter on the riverwalk with some plants in it that I stood behind, that came up to my waste so I was only visible from the waste up, if anyone walked by. I took off panties and stood there with my feet wide apart and hoped I would not be making a huge messy mistake. I told my boyfriend not to look, but he did anyway still, I was glad that he was there to help me

Then I started to pee, just like he said, the pee went straight down between my legs with no mess. As I was getting going some voices startled me, a couple came walking around the corner, I was like "oh shit" But I could not stop mid stream. I am so glad I was behind the planter, they walked by and said hello and did not even notice that I was peeing. They thought we were just talking. I finally finished my business with no mess, and put my panties back on. And when I go home I was eager to try my newly learned skill. When I was getting ready for bed I slipped on my nightshirt and walked into the bathroom, I stood over the toilet facing the wall with my feet apart and stood there in amazement as the pee went straight into the toilet, I was peeing just like a boy.

Last night, I was really bold, my boyfriend came over the house and we made some fajitas and drank a couple beers in the back yard, as it got up to about 75 yesterday. He said to me "I'll be back I am going to take a leak" and went around the side of the house and started to pee, you should have seen the look on his face when I pulled up my dress, took off my panties and peed standing right beside him. I told my girlfriends about my new skill and they either think I am crazy or am a little weird. What do you guys think?

Till Then

Friday night I went to Olive garden and had a huge plate of pasta. I usually poop in the morning, so was expecting a big poop on Saturday when I got up, but surprisingly I didn't really feel an urge, so I decided to wait. I went to a Christmas party and as I was talking to people I could feel my stomach starting to cramp up--the pasta wanted to come out. I sat on the toilet and had to push steadily for a minute or two to get things moving. I did some farting and then a medium log broke off, making a plip sound as it fell in the toilet. There was a little poop left behind which made a couple sharp plops a few seconds later. I knew there was still some more pasta inside me, but my stomach felt better for the time being so I wiped and flushed, leaving a mild but noticeable poop smell. The next morning I had breakfast and then felt a much stronger urge. I sat down and within about 15 seconds, the rest of my meal came out in one long, soft poop that made no noise or smell. I felt great after that!

hi its ashley again with another pooping story!
today me and my friend lauren went to the movies! we both ordered x large popcorn and sodas! we sat and ate our popcorn and drank our sodas throughout the movies! towards the end of the movies lauren and i had to go to the bathroom really bad.we didnt want to miss any of the movie so we decided to hold off and wait to the end of the movies! this was the hardest part for both of us! i almost thought that we were gonna have a major accident! hard to believe it didnot happen at all! finally the movie was over! lauren and i made a mad dash for the toilet! we ran so fast that we almost slipped! when lauren and i finally made it to the bathroom several stalls were taken! however lucky for us there were two stalls right next to each other that were located towards the other end! so we decided to take them! lauren and i both started peeing up a storm! this lasted for quite a while! then we began farting! this lasted quite a while! it by this point it smelled really bad ! lauren and i began giggling! we both thought that it was really funny! now lauren and i began pooping! our first small piece was coming out! it came out and made a splash into the water! lauren and i continued pooping for almost 30 mintues! finally we were done! we both got up to look up at our work! the toilet was almost completley clogged! lauren told me that her her results were the same as mine! we both left the toilets unflushed! next we exited our stalls! we went to wash our hands! i will post more next time! HAPPY PEEING AND POOPING!


Are you a girl AND a proud farter? Tell us some stories!

To Cornfeild Pottier
Hi, do you wipe after pooping outside? If not do you get panty stains or streaks? Thanks

Hey . i am in grade twelve and when i go to school i like to wait to take a dump at school. i like to take the shit with other guys. i usually wait for them to come so they can hear me too

to super sophie! i really enjoyed your story! thats so cool that you and your friend pooped on the back of the bus! please post more pooping stories! if u and your friends our out in the public and happen to use the bathroom dont flush the toilet!


hi it ashley iam back with another pooping and a peeing story.

today i went to the park again with my friend. we played there for most of the day. towards the end of the day my friend and i we indire need of using the toilet. so we both went to the bathroom! my friend took the first stall and i took the second. we had a peeing and pooping contest! we both started peeeing! i finished first. the peeing contest last 30 mintues! then it was time for the pooping contest! it began we both farted for quite a while! then we both released several waves of poo out! then we continued farting some more! this lasted for quite a while! then came more poo that continued coming out! this process continued for almost an hour! finally we released a huge log that just shot straight out and laned in the toilet. now my friend and i looked at our creation! we both decided to leave our work for others to see! so we both left our stalls with the toilets unflushed! we encourage all girls to not flush the toilet! thats all for today! HAPPY POOPING!


Wow that seemed like quite an adventure you had. It's good to know you were able to find a place to do it in peace and no one seeing you. How hard did you have to try to make it come. I know if it were me it never would have come no matter HOW bad I had to go. On the upside, least you did have to worry about clogging you toilet at home with that.

Hi everyone.
Further to my first report. I recently had to work on some logistics Sheila. We worked way past the mid-morning break before Sheila said she had to go to the toilet. I did to so went with her tingling inside at the chance, hopefully, of hearing Sheila shit again. This time we were in cubicles next to each other. Even before I had got my panties down Sheila had let out a loud, long fart, accompanied by the hiss as she pee'd. Then that wonderful sound she shit. I lovely spatt into the pan and her sigh of relief. I push hard, up on my toes, and pushed out a turd that plopped into the water, Sheila giggled then, £You to?" she muttered.

I giggled and answered with another flurry of logs into the pan recoiling as the water splashed up and wet my bum. Sheila shit again and sighed, "My ???? is like a ball of acid." We must have been almost 15 minutes shitting together it made me very excited. Washing our hands after we both seemed to be aroused by hearing each other shit.

Question: Has anybody felt this way as a friend or acquaintance has had a shit?

Does anybody get aroused when they have a shit?

Claire N
It is a long time since I have posted - again but I have not had a lot of spare time. This time it will be nothing like the last when I had that memorable, absolutely necessary and enjoyable out door poo. I had an out door wee recently during a Christmas drink up, and might have been seen, but it pails into insignificance in comparison. There is a lot to post about, and discuss, on the subject of going to the toilet and like most of my posts this won't be about any recent experiences. It will concern some general thoughts.

I have noticed that a regular theme in so many posts is reluctance to poo when in company. This is something I can certainly relate to. I am always reluctant to poo in someone's house, unless staying overnight when it is only to be expected. I took this to something of an extreme when I first met my husband and used to stay at his house during weekends. Although, from early on, I would leave the toilet door open for him to see me wee, it was a long time before I got round to having a poo in the house and when I eventually did the door was not only closed, but locked. As soon as we went out I would poo in the first public toilet we came to. It must have been so obvious that I was having a poo, but the important thing was that he could not hear me or come in after and be aware of a smell. On many occasions I would poo on the train before arrival and on departure - any toilet except for one in his house.

I think this had a lot to do with an embarrassing experience of some years earlier when I stayed in a hotel for the first time with a boy friend. I had my morning poo in the en-suite bathroom without giving it much of a thought. I would not be audible above the tv, but I had not taken account of the fact that there was no window or air freshener. To make matters a lot worse the poo really stank, far more so than was usual for me. I felt so embarrassed and just hoped that he would not need the bathroom before we went out. I has horrified when he made his way to the door soon after I had left. I said that it would not be a good idea for him to go in. His reply was that it did not matter and he would add to the smell in the bathroom. I felt awful, but was somewhat relieved when he came out after having his poo.

On reflection I think he was quite excited about entering the bathroom after I had stunk it out. This was before I was aware of this site and now I am convinced that he acted as a lot, if not most, men would. Female defecation does not appear to be off putting to a man. On the contrary, it can have exactly the opposite effect. A thought worth considering for girls is that your poo can be more of a turn on than the most expensive perfume! I think that on a first date a good tactic could be spending some time in the ladies, even if you do not poo. The thought in his head that you have is likely to create a favorable early impression!

Going back to the subject of my husband, I no longer open a window or use air freshener after having a poo. Although nothing is said, I know he likes it this way. I think men find it quite fascinating, and perhaps erotic, that the fairer sex have to poo just the same. I can recall an intimate passage from "Lady Chatterley's Lover" where the game keeper refers to two female holes, one for pissing and one for shitting, and says it is a form of attraction. All credit to D H Lawrence for mentioning this subject in his ground breaking controversial novel.
From the posts on this site it is apparent that many, if not most, couples are content to, or enjoy pooping in each others presence. Even if they find it embarrassing some will use the bathroom together during a morning rush (one pooping) and the other looking away. I am far from convinced that this is the case generally. It is my opinion that those who post on this site are a lot more likely to poo in front of a partner, or anyone, than the public in general. I would be interested to read comments on this.

For my part, no one has seen me poo since my mum when I was a small child. I would venture to say that I am in the majority. I do not lock the toilet door when I poo at home now if it is only my husband in the house, but I do close it. He has occasionally inadvertinly walked in, apologized for not realizing I'm inside, and walked out closing the door behind him.

The more and more I visit this site, the less inhibited I feel about letting him see me poo. In fact I do not think I would be embarrassed, but I might feel a bit uncomfortable about wiping. I recently asked if he would like to wipe me, for the first time, after I had a wee when he was cleaning his teeth. It was something he enjoyed. Although the subject has never been raised, I'm sure he would find it a great thrill to see me poo. However, the novelty would be likely to wear off after a while. It might be best to keep things as they are where he can hear and smell me, with the sight part left to the imagination. Our bedroom is adjacent to the bathroom and the wall is very thin. Every fart can be heard and the sound of poo dropping into the water, as well as wee, can be audible. It would be breaking the habit of a lifetime, but letting my husband see me poo is something I will consider in the New Year.

Interested in reading anyone's thoughts on the above. Happy Christmas and New Year.

Hey all, loving the stories. I've posted here before, but under different names. I've been reading a lot of the random old posts lately, and am always impressed when I hear about two or three foot coilers. Now I've certinly taken my fair share of huge toilet clogging dumps, but I don't think I've ever done one that was 3 feet long. Any suggestions on how to go about laying cable of this magnitude?

I've got a good amount of family coming for christmas so hopefully I'll have a story or two to contribute.

Happy holidays all,


I have posted not long ago,however I have always kept up with the posts. I have a job that allows me to work from home alot, therefore I'm on the pc quite a bit. Now I often leave my bm's till they're turtleheading, which as u can understand this can lead to a few near misses.
When I'm at home I often wear satin french knickers and stretchy tight track pants. I find these knickers really comfy and they fit right up the crack of my arse without leaving lines. Yesterday morn the company had computer conference booked so I knew I had to be readyat 9 am. I got up at 730 am , jumped into the shower,pissed there as I usually do got dressed ate breakfast and started getting ready for the meeting.From the time I got up till the meeting was due I had 2 cups of coffee. Up till then I had not felt an urge to shit, but had farted a few times, the last one was a real stinker.
Come 9 am the meeting started ,the third and last person was held up and didn't arrive till 9.10 am so we just talked preliminaries till she arrived. Now I could feel a definite dull urge in my bowels, I thought , omg hope I don't have to take a shit break in the middle of the meeting.I knew the meeting would drag on for awhile at least an hour or more.By 9.30 am I had a definite urge to have a shit,also the coffee had worked its way to my bladder and I needed to piss as well.
I was thankful we could only see the head and shoulders of each other cos my left hand was in my crotch. I was sitting fairly up right, I then changed my position, I slid my legs under the desk,moved my chair in, so hopefully they would not notice me grabbing my crotch.I could also clench my butt cheeks, cos I was starting to get desperate for a shit. Kelly ,the girl who was late asked me a question which caused me to reach over and get a file, as I lifted my bum out of the chair a turd started to ooze outof my hole. I quickly sat back down hoping to suppress any further shit.
I thought this meeting is going to be a disaster, firstly Kelly was a bit late now I'm gonna piss and shit myself.I slid under the desk again, so I could hold myself, I shouldn't have been surprised by the wet spot. It was the size of a dinner plate, I must have been leaking and wasn't aware of it. I needed a smoke, like now, reached for the pack ,got one out,then dropped the lighter on the floor. As I reached over and partly out of the chair I lifted my arse slightly enough to take my body pressure away. That's when I just completely shit my french knickers. These undies do not hold accidents really well,I could feel sticky shit go up the crack of my arse,into the crotch around my pussy. I must have appeared distracted cos Kelly said ,u ok Lena? What am I s'pose to say, sure Kelly just shit my panties and am about to piss them as well. No I'm ok just dropped my lighter....which was part truth.
The meeting went on for another15 mins I s'pose. At the completion I stood up and surveyed the damage. Poop had started ooze out of th wasteband of my track pants, down my inner thighsas I waddled to the bathroom I pissed myself in the kitchen.

That is one meeting I shall never forget.

I am hoping to hear and read some good poop stories for over the Christmas break.

happy pooping and happy peeing

Hi I'm looking for more people who are into this to add me I would realy like to get to know more people like me!
I was at school and all day I'd been having stomach cramps. They would go on and off, but when they came, boy were they painful! I had know idea why this was happening, untill, in the middle of the day, I started to get really bad gass. Id excuse myself just to go to the washrooms to fart! They were bubbly and wet-soudning, and it releived a lot of the pressure on my ???? and butt.

The last period was when it REALLY started to get uncomfortable. I felt I HAD to poop. I was squirming in my seat and trying to finish the lesson by answering every single question with quick answers. Not that that would make the hour go by any faster...

Just when I thought I'd have to give up and just do it, right there, the bell rang. But the washrooms at my school aren't very clean... plus, no toilet paper and I knew I was going to have a wet poop.

The drive home would take at least half an hour and I could not hold any longer.

So I went to the washroom. I straightened my back so that my poop would all come out on it's own, no pushing needed! They were all soft, long poops and it felt good as they squeezed themselves out of my butthole! Finally, I'm finished, and I decided to look at the load I made in the toilet. It was a HUGE load! I was pretty upset that I couldn't do it in my panties (I do love messing myself, heehee). But I was still proud of my poop. (: In the end, I had to take off my panties and use that to wipe myself clean, then toss those in the bin.

I work with a woman who is like 25 years older than me. She has two daughters--one is in middle school and one is in high school--and a few times a year they stop by our office in a large office tower on their way home from school nearby to meet their mom who then takes them home. On Friday evening, their plan was to go about 20 miles out to a regional mall for Christmas shopping and dinner. I was still taking customer calls and entering data in my computer when they walked over to their mom. She told both of them it would be about 15 minutes before she was done and she told them to be sure to go down the hall to the bathroom. The oldest said she had just peed an hour before at school, but her mom cut her off and told her to go again because the bathrooms at the mall would be something like atrocious. I don't remember the word she used but the way it sounded and was said kind of scared me too. A couple of minutes later the mom asked me if I had seen the youngest girl and I said I thought she was in the reception area. The mom yelled down for her to come and when the girl came, her mom asked her questions about whether she had her "BM" at school that day and the answer was 'No.' The mom then said something about giving her milk of magnesia (yuk!) or an enema that night because it had been four days. The girl tried to explain that she thought she'd be able to go on her own, but the mom seemed skeptical. I closed down my workstation and went down to the bathroom to pee. I always sit down and pee a little before my 30-minute drive home because sometimes there's traffic and it's an hour or longer before I get to my apartment. I swung open the door to the first stall and was totally repulsed by a full shit floating in the bowl. So I went to the second stall, latched the door and took my underwear down for a leisurely pee. After about two minutes on the seat, my pee flow was coming when I heard the younger girl walk into the stall next to mine and curse to her sister who was in a stall at the other end of the room. When the older sister flushed and came up to see what the surprise was, the younger girl told her sister to run and get mom. In the meantime, she sat down on the stool and claimed the bowl prize that had been left by someone else as hers. Within a minute her mother came and the girl opened the door, spread her legs and then stood up and showed her mom the evidence in the bowl. "That's great honey, exactly what needed to happen," was the mom's response. I'll be seeing my colleague every day and will probably keep my mouth shut, but she is sure being deceived by her youngest daughter.

We had gone on a summers day drive to a small tourist town in the mountians. My young wife was weaing her tight jeans, boots and a western shirt as usual. I also knew that she was wearing sexy white nylon panties with lace in the front.

After driving for a couple hours we arrived in the town about noon, parked and got out and were setting out to walk around.

That's when she told me " I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW." I noticed a restaurant across the town square and suggested that we head that way. She said "I'll never make it" I was seceretly pleased and hopefull that she poop her pants. I noticed a seedy biker bar on our side of the street and said well go in there,wishing that she wouldn't.

She didn't say anything and started walking towards it and went inside.
I gave her a few minutes and went in the bar and found the sign that pointed to the restrooms down a side hallway. I had given her a few minutes head start and figured that she would by going potty.

I rounded the corner and there was my sexy wife standing in the hallway facing the ladies room door, her back to me. With her right hand she was gingerly feeling a substatnial buldge in her panites and jeans on her nicely shaped butt. The smell had just reached me.

Her hand fell to her side and the buldge appeared to grow. She then spred her legs a little and I heard that tell tell crackling sound. I knew that she was filling the crotch of her panties by now.

Just then a nice looking girl came out of the ladies room, smelled the air and instatnly knew what was happening. She said "I'm sorry I didn't know you were there." Then she looked past my wife at me which caused my wife to turn around and look at me. The gril walked into the bar.

I chuckled, well I see you went anyway. My wife said to me " My panties are so full, I don't know if I can walk." She was feeling with her hand the back of her jeans, then the crotch area.

"What do you want to do? Try to clean up. She groaned it's too much to clean up here" and took a few steps towards me. "It feels so warm and squishy. Lets go walk around town until it shows, then go home."

We walked out to the bar. The three paytrons, the bartender, and the girl were all looking at us. They knew. My wife turned towards them, took two spraddle leged steps towards the girl and said "it's not you fault" turned and walked kinda bowleged out of the bar holding her butt. "I did that on purpose." she confessed. "I want to walk around with my full panties until it gets too bad, then go home."

This was the start us panty pooping together.

So when i was a little kid it was almost Christmas and i was playing monopoly with my big brother Boris.So we were playing and all of a sudden he landed on boardwalk and i guess he had to shit before when we were playing and he shit his pants and so we told that stury every Christmas.


Briguy - I'd have been annoyed too! Especially if you told her already and she just decided not to. I'd have left her in the hotel by herself that day and gone sightseeing on my own!

When I was in Bangkok they also warned us about the water so I kept bottled water in my bathroom so I wouldn't forget. Some of the others in my group forgot, and they didn't have such a good time...

Mr. Clogs
I took a nice dump this evening. After I had finished my frozen pizza that I had cooked up in toaster oven, it was pepperoni and cheese pizza. It's was aight, but for a couple of dollars it was a filling meal. About 9:57 PM, I felt the need to take a dump. So I got in the bathroom and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and blue jockey stretched briefs and sat down. I gave a little push and I could feel the poop moving in my stomach slowly opening the butt hole nice-n-wide, slowly pushing it's way out of my system. I felt much better though I felt more poop needed to come out, so I pushed some more making those fat turds filling the bottom of the toilet bowl! Now I really feel better now. The bathroom stunk really bad, so I wiped up, pull my pant and underwear back on, then washed my hands. I had some air freshener in the kitchen, so I sprayed some in the bathroom and washed my hands again.

OK I got another post for those who like peeing posts so stay tuned!

I woke up last night and needed to pee, so instead of walking to the bathroom to pee I grabbed my pee cups and used it to pee in. I filled the cup about 3/4 way, it's a 32oz cup, so about 24oz full I guess. I put the pee filled cup on my computer desk and went back to sleep.

your name colleen: Hey great post about you pooping in a trash can and with Jasmin around. Please post more sometime.

Samantha: Hey great post about you in Barnes and Noble bathroom with your neighbor who was just a few stalls away. Cool!

Take folks, wish you all a Happy Holidays to you and the family.

Mr. Clogs

To everyone that posted about not flushing I am very disturbed by this. Not flushing after yourself is not only rude but unsanitary as well. You guys are the reason people complain about public restrooms. if this is something you enjoy do it at your own house in your own bathroom with your own friends. I urge you not to I public restrooms. Many people don't want to see that and it is a VERY bad habit to get into

amazed chick
This post isn't directed to everyone per say, but, when people shit and leave it for others to see....hardly anyone wants to see it, especially in schools. I mean, what the hell? I walk into the girls bathroom expecting to have a nice toilet visit and there's a HUGE log and pee all over the seat!! I decided to wait until I got home!

The issue concerning the non availability of toilets interests me. In our area there are less and less public toilets and they are closing them at night. I notices Colleen`s post and Karen`s brother Dick covered such a situation. I have often wondered what would happen if I got caught short in such situations. It has never happened to me but it could. I think I would have to find a quiet corner and let my turds go rather than crap my pants.
Merry Christmas to all!!!!

To the guy who saw his wife poop her pants: wow were you lucky! Did you see what she did after that? Did she continue to nap or soon go clean up? It sounds like this has happened before.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

1. Are you male or female? Female
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ? Average
3. Age: younger than 18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ ? I am between 18-30 years old. I'm 19
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? I don't eat breakfast and lunch is usually a microwave dinner. Dinner is usually something homemade but sometimes I'll go to McDonalds
5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? 3
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop? Sometimes
7. How big are your turds normally? Small round pieces
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? Only if I'm constiapted
9. Do you poop at work? Yes
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates? With some ofmy friends, yes
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease? No
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small? No
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user? No
14. How many times do you fart per day on average? It depends
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone? No

To Super Sophie,

Thanks for answering my questions. Please share some of your adventures in parenting or babysitting while pooping.

To colleen,

Good story about the trash can. I bet you are not going to ignore that urge to poop next time.

To Samantha,

I liked your story. I can only imagine how that ladies bathroom smelled with the 2 of you pooping.

Ok so here is another round of questions for the ladies.

1) What is more common with one of your poops?
a)Strong smell or b) Skidmarks in the toilet

2) Ever fart so bad that the smell gets trapped in your jeans?

3) When you wear a pair of jeans how far down do you pull them when you sit on the toilet?

4) Ever find yourself going in the bathroom just to pee, but end up pooping? (My girlfriend does that alot)

hope to see more responses...

My girlfriend came in the door from work and had to pee so bad she ran in the bathroom and hit the wrong switch she turned the fan on instead. happy bathroom trips to all.


hey collen i thought that your story was very creative and enjoyable!


Samantha thanks for taking my advice! dont forget to tell your friends or younger girls that u might know! i loved your pooping story from Barnes & Nobles! i want hear more stories from girls who leave the toilet unflushed while out in public! i also would like to hear stories from girls who go in a really big group to the bathroom and deciced to destroy the bathroom and not flush the toilets! i would also like to hear creative stories of girls using the bathroom! HAPPY POOOPING!


super sophie
never seen - just read your post. For us gilrs its a little different, we squat (like on the banner at the top of the page). We have to pull our knickers down quite far, like to our knees so we dont pee on them. After that we just let it all go.

Another way you can do it if your wearing a skirt is to pull your knickers to one side whilst standing

Hello boys and girls, sadly I don't have a story for you today but I will reply to your comments.

francesca - I were bladder shy to start with, but as I grew up I got myself into a lot of awkward situations so I natrually grew out of it. It did take alot of guts to do that on the bus but luckily It was only me and Tania so the driver had no idea. I'm sure if you don't worry about whats happening you will soon conquer your shyness. If you want to do something like this start small, pee in a corner or alley in a shopping centre, a few people will notice but not many.

D.Anderson - I have had a couple of poop stories yes. I haven't had a fart contest...yet. I am in a relationship with Tania so we often sleep in the same room. She says my farts stink but in my opinion hers are awful, especially if shes done something active like cheerleading or dancing. There the type of fart that you don't hear but smell for ages. She tries to hide them because they are silent but it is so obvious its her because she goes really red then starts giggling.

Aww bless her. Enjoying all the stories people!!! Keep up the good work and have fun


Married, With Poop
Newlywed Girl,

Good that you found out that your hubby is sensitive to your needs. Sounds like he showed true love at a time when you were most vulnerable.


I would show a little sensitivity to a woman who embarrassed herself in front of you and a whole lot of people. You do have a right to be upset, but there are times when you let go of that right. When your loved one has just pooped herself on several occasions, there's your opportunity to score points.

Poop is just one of those things that is part of life. Newlywed girl, glad that you found out about your man.

I love reading your posts as Ive stated before, but.... Im pretty concerned about you. All that pushing is no good for you, I know your probably thinking I have no idea what your going through, and you are right, but pushing to the point of almost passing out, is not good. Does your wife come in and help you poop?? What if you put some lube up your bum as you get an urge and that might help slide the logs down??
As for the fibre thing, fibre does bulk up your stools and by the sounds of it, you dont need any help with that, so maybe cutting down a bit?? and drinking lots of water!! Have you looked into alternates for the pain meds, such as accupuncture?? What kind of medical problem do you have, if you dont mind me asking??
Come over to Canada and Ill look after you, if you need it :)
I hope your poops get softer, and easier for you!!
Good luck!!

Samantha, that was a great story about your dump in Barnes and Noble!

Toilet voyeuress, would like to hear more about your experiences listening to others. Do you have any favorite co-workers that you like to listen to (& why)? Have you become familiar with any of your co-worker's dumping habits (i.e. any particular time of the day, are they quiet or gassy, smelly or not, etc)? Finally, do you find that most women are more shy/reserved about taking a dump in the office than elsewhere?

Lisa, enjoyed your story about you & your sister.

your name colleen
Hi everyone, This is the first time I have posted on this site, but have read many of the stories. I had a really terrible experiance last friday night, I was out clubbing with my friend jasmin, we had a nice meal before we hit the clubs and boy was that a mistake, I had not had a shit for 3 days although I had the urge a few times but ignored it as the time was not right for a bowel movement. Anyway it got to about 2am and I felt my anus having spasms I knew that it was coming and had to leave the club fast to get home. So myself and jasmin left the club to get a taxi, but shock and horror no taxis in sight, we decided to walk but my anus being ready to unleash 3 days worth of turds was not up to waiting much longer, We rapidly looked for somewhere for me to have this almighty shit and all we could find was a open topped litter bin, so I climbed on top of the bin slid my mini skirt up slightly and removed my g string and sat on the bin, Jasmin stood next to me at the time, My bum made this crackling sound as the fattest turd I have ever had started sliding its way out, Jasmin asked are you really having a shit, I said yes can you not hear it, laughing she said yes. Anyway this huge shit is sliding out of my arse it seemed a very long one, It hit the bottom of the bin just as the next one started its slide out of my now sore anus, that to was long and fat followed by a lot of peeble dashing which I assume was the indian we had that evening, I felt really relieved at this point so I Quickly wiped with tissues from my bag and got off the bin. Jasmin was somewhat aroused by this and decided she to wanted to shit, so she did exactly the same. We intend doing this again.

The Geek: Hey, glad you liked my stories! I have loads of public pooping stories, but love to tell the diarrhea ones, especially when the diarrhea was self-induced. Glad you enjoy them.

You asked about my appearance; I thought I had written all of that out in a previous post, but guess I didn't. I'm 24 years old, and have reddish-brownish hair. I'm about 5'6. My body type is neither skinny, fat, nor athletic, but somewhere in between.

Ashley: Love your idea of leaving the mess for others to see! I know I'm not the only one who does this (I always see unflushed crap), but it's good to see someone else on this board who does it, and advocates it no less! You'll enjoy my story today :).

I had a good, short dumping experience at Barnes & Noble today. From the morning I woke up today, I had been having really bad gas. The farts were loud and foul smelling. All during work (Walgreens) I had to hold them in, and a couple of times I had to walk to the bathroom and let a few loose because the pressure was so bad. Embarrassingly, I tried to let one go in an empty aisle, hoping it would be silent--unfortunately it wasn't: a little ripple squeeked through my pants! I don't think anyone heard, but it was still quite embarrassing.

Anyway, after work I headed to Barnes & Noble to look for possible Christmas gifts. I'm not sure why, but whenever I look through books at bookstores or libraries I always get a slight urge to poop. I wasn't sure if it was anything substantial, but I still had a lot of pent up gas so figured I'd go blow a little in the bathroom. I made my way to the bathrooms and opened the door. This location has three stalls, and I took the middle one. Stalls one and three were occupied, though the lady in stall three was just about finishing up and left just as soon as I entered stall two.

Even before I sat my rump on the toilet, I could hear the girl in stall one peeing away. Near the end of her stream, she let out a great sigh. I could tell immediately she was one of the quite vocal toilet users. I ripped a huge gas bomb that I had pent up since about the time I entered the store, and applied force to see if there was actually any poop ready to come out. As I was doing this, I heard a fart from my neighbor and then an "ah!" sigh. Then another fart and simultaneous"hmmmm!" This continued for about four more farts, the last one being quite loud and wet sounding.

I kept blasting out my huge farts, too--I had nearly a whole day of gas in me and it was happy to come out. I love the way farts echo into the toilet bowl. I continued pushing and felt that indeed I had some poop in me. I squeezed a bit and felt the pressure of the front of the poop. I wanted to join my neighbor in sound, so started pushing harder. I put my hands on my knees and applied a great pressure, and a hissing fart came as the poop started to emerge. Then I pushed even harder and a huge fart came out, pushing the poop into the water with a "flooomp!" Then I started blasting out even more farts as my neighbor made sounds of her own.

"GMMMMMmmm" she grunted, then exhaled heavily. She let out a few more of these grunts, then finally a big turd splashed into the water as she delivered a "MMMMMmmhhhhh!" She then sat, just breathing quite heavily. I let out another big fart, then was felt more poop inside of me. I plopped out a few more turds, then wiped up--the lady in the stall next to me ripped a few small farts, but I didn't hear much more than that. I checked out what I had done--it was a smaller poop, probably about the length of a toilet paper roll and a little thinner, with a few other small candy bar sized pieces. Keeping to Ashley's advice, I made sure not to flush.

I exited the stall and went to wash my hands. During the process, the door opened as another girl (probably about my age) entered the restroom. I watched her through the mirror as she made her way to the second stall, opened it up, and then saw my work. She didn't say anything, but she left my stall and went to the third one. This gave me quite the thrill. I smiled as I left the restroom, but was able to blast out another fart before I did.

Happy pooping,

Last week I saw my wife do it in her pants. I couldn't beleive it!
She was taking a nap in the afternoon on the bed in our bedroom, lying on top of the covers on her back with her Legs slightly apart.

She was wearing her tight jeans and a T shirt. She was really asleep.
I stood there looking at her thinking how sexy she looked in those jeans.

All of a sudden I heard a wet fart, then that crackling sound comming from her butt. I actually saw her jeans starting to fill in the crotch. It was enough to tell that poo was filling her panties.

Then the smell. Yes she really did it, and did not even wake up!

I left the room to leave her alone because I knew she would wake up.
I listened. She did not wake up. I spied on her for about 15 minutes.

She moved one of her legs slightly. That's when she must have something warm and wet in her panties. She didn't see me watching.

Without opening her eyes, she un buttoned her jeans, pulled the zipper down, opened the jeans exposing her light blue sexy nylon panties.

She touched the front of her panties, then slid her hand down between her crotch feeling the outside of her panties. She pulled her hand out, smelled the tips of her fingers, opened her eyes and looked at her fingers and saw the semi wet poo. She closed her eyes, then wiped her fingers on the front of her panties, zipped up her jeans, buttoned them at the top and laid there. She said to herself "I shit my pants. I shit my pants!"

She laid there for about five more minutes. Next she arched her back slightly, opened her legs a little more and grunted. Another wet fart and a lot of crackeling sound in her panties. She said to herself "they're really full now!"

I left my hidden place and went to the living room wondering How and when she was going to clean up.

hi its ashley

today i went to the park with one of my friends. we were there for a while. all of a sudden i had to poop. i told my friend and we headed for the bathroom. the bathroon had two stalls. the first one someone had pooped and left it for me to see. i just laughed. so i went to the second stall. i pulled down my shorts and began pooping. i farted first and released several waves of poo. this lasted for quite a while. when i was finished my friend told me not to flush and leave it for other women to admire. i left the toilet unflushed. my friend had to go so she just went in the trash can. she completley filled the trash can with pee and poop. it smelled really bad. we were proud of the damaage that was done to the bathroom. we encourage all girls to not flush the toilet and leave it for others to admire. it a good habit to get into. Happy pooping to every one.


summer 2008 i went to puerto vallarta, mexico with my girlfriend. we were both well aware of the whole "montezuma's revenge" legend, where if you drink the water in mexico your body won't be used to what's in it and it will cause diarrhea. well, despite our awareness of it, she for whatever reason brushed her teeth the first night we were there with the water in the sink, even though i told her to use bottled water to brush her teeth. needless to say, she jumped out of bed twice during the night and ran to the bathroom holding her butt and had noisy diarrhea. in the morning, she had another urgent poop for which i had to get out of the bathroom for her to get in there to do. despite those 3 urgent poops she took at night and in the morning, we were on a shuttle going to the beach around 11 AM and she had a major poop accident in her bikini. she was so upset and embarrassed. we got off and got a shuttle back to the hotel and a lot of other tourists were staring at her in disgust, and others knew exactly what happened and were sympathetic. i know i should be more sensitive to her incident, but come on. she knew the water was no good and i even warned her RIGHT before she brushed her teeth. she made us spend the entire day in the hotel and she had another messy accident in her panties while laying in the bed that evening, so i had to have housekeeping come and change our sheets at 7:30 in the evening. i felt bad for her, don't get me wrong, but it really bothered me because the trip was pretty expensive and we wasted a whole day in the hotel because she kept pooping her pants. am i wrong to be angry at her?

Super sophie_ wow another great story. It must takes a lot of guts to pee on the bus like that. Didn't the bus driver notice? It would be one thing to pee descreetly in your pants where you are sitting, but you guys moved and pulled down your panties. I would love to do something like that but im too bladder shy. I would just freeze up. Anyways keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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