Karen's brother Dick
Hi, this is Dick from England. A lot has happened since my twin sister Karen's last successful post on page 1674 and Karen is now pregnant again.

Like many women, Karen suffers from constipation during pregnancy. She follows good advice like eating a high fibre diet, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise but this isn't always successful so she sometimes needs a laxative. Karen asked the doctor who prescribed Lactulose. Karen finds that it works well, sometimes a bit too well but it can take 24-48 hours.

Recently, Karen and I went to a concert in London. Karen told me that she had taken a dose of laxative the previous day. She tried to poo before we left home but she couldn't. We left Karen's first child Emma in the care of our parents then we drove to a station on one of the London Underground lines and took the train. We really enjoyed the concert and after it finished, Karen whispered to me, "The laxative is working and I need a poo". There was a long queue for the ladies toilet after the concert and we only had a few minutes to catch the last train home. Karen thought that she could wait until we got off the train.

As we sat in the train, I could hear noises from Karen's stomach. "I'm really bursting for a poo", she whispered. She said that she was feeling bloated and needed to fart but she didn't dare fart in case it was a wet one. London Underground trains don't have toilets so the only way Karen could get to a toilet was to get off the train and use a toilet at a station. As we were on the last train, this would mean missing the train and getting a taxi and she didn't want to do that. It was about another 20 minutes to our station and Karen thought she could hold her poo.

Our station is at the end of the line and when we were nearly there, the train stopped between stations for a long time. Then there was an announcement that there was a signal failure. By this time, Karen's stomach was making more noises and she was looking rather uncomfortable. She was sitting with her bum cheeks clenched together and after about 15 minutes, she said. "I can't hold it, it's starting to come out". There was no need to whisper as there was no-one else in our carriage.

There were some newspapers that had been left on the train so I picked one up and opened it out on the floor. I suggested to Karen that she should poo onto the newspaper. She didn't want to do that at first but 5 minutes later, the train still hadn't moved. Karen said that her pelvic floor muscles are a bit weak after childbirth, so she finds it difficult to hold her poo when it's really soft and urgent. She said this was an emergency and she was about to have a messy poo accident in her panties. Karen lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and squatted just in time. There was some poo in her bum crack but she hadn't soiled her panties. Karen farted and let out some soft poo onto the newspaper. She said that she had a lot more inside her but that was enough to relieve the pressure until we got to the station. Karen handed some Kleenex tissues to me and I wiped her backside gently. We wrapped her poo in the newspaper with the used Kleenex.

The train soon started and then we reached our station and got off the train. I took the newspaper containing Karen's poo with us. It was late and the toilets at the station were locked. Karen said that she still needed to poo urgently but the nearby pub was also closed so she couldn't use the toilet there. We got in the car but it would take about 20 minutes to drive home so we drove for a few minutes and stopped at a parking place in the forest. Karen picked up the toilet roll and a flash light that we keep in the car and then she went into the bushes. She asked me to go with her, as it was dark. I held the flash light so that she could see what she was doing, and so could I.

Karen lifted her skirt, took her panties right off and squatted. I squatted down behind her and held her round the waist to help her to balance. She farted and did a flood of noisy and mushy poo onto the ground. Karen said that she had about 3 days worth of poo inside her and she apologised for taking such a long time to get it all out. We were there for about 5 minutes until Karen felt that she had finished. The I wiped her tenderly with the toilet roll and we went back to the car and drove home. It reminded us of the night that I wrote about on page 1638, after Karen had split up with her boyfriend, when we pooed together in the forest and we became very close.

Okay I know I said I don't like them, but I have a poop story for you all that just happened. I nanny 3 days a week for a little boy. I always get off between 230 and 330. Today I had to come back in the evening to watch him tonight, so I figured I would get off closer to 230 since she always tries to get back early when I have to come back to give me a longer break.
Anyways around 245 my stomach started to cramp up a little. I had already pooped today and when I did I had a sharp pain in my side. I didn't think much of it though and figured I would be fine unil I got off. Around 3 the pains started getting worse. I was having cold sweats and nausea. I had never felt like I was going to poop my pants more.
I didn't want her to come home while I was in the bathroom and I she was due any time now. Plus I had to watch the baby who is at the age where he is all over the place.
4 o'clock rolls around and I was in agony. I had to keep feeling in my panties to make sure I hadent pooped them. I also realized I had to pee quit badly which wasn't helping the situation. I did not know how I would make the drive home without having an accident.
At 430 she calls me and tells me that she is on her way to pick up her other son and wanted me to just stay through the evening. Then she told me to lay the baby down for his nap. I hung up the phone, threw the screaming baby into his crib, and raced to the bathroom. As soon as I sat on the toilet my poop literally exploded out of my butt. It was the loudest poo I've ever had. And the smell was awful, like rotted eggs. I sat there for a bit just feeling relived and se if I had any more. I still had the sharp pain in my side. I don't remember peeing although I mustve because I did have to badly and now I don't.
It only took a couple whipes to clean me up. When I stood up and looked the entire width of the bowl was filled with one big mushy poo. I couldn't see any water. It was by far the biggest pile of poo I've ever seen.
It is now 445 and I still feel kinda queasy. My legs wobble when I walk and I have the chills. Hopefully im not coming down with anything. I will keep you guys posted though.

never seen
I was wondering about peeing outside. I remember when I was young my mon or dad or sometimes suster would tell me to pee out side if I really had to go. Then, they would tell me that it was ok and pull my pants and undies down and tell me to pee when I could. Then they would kind of "aim" me with my hips ( I'm a boy) so I wouldn't pee all over the place I guess. I was wondering if anyone else did this. Girls, I guees you have to sit to pee? What happened when you had to do it out side like on a car trip or something? Did you sit or did someone like hold you up or pick you up to pee? Was it easy to go?

Sorry if my question is dumb,,,,

--never seen a girl go...

Mr. Clogs
super sophie: Hey there great post of you and Tania peeing on the back of the bus, that was cool. I like and look forward to all of your posts and keep em' coming.

I found another way to wipe up when using the toilet at work. I've been noticing men that use the stall grabs some paper towels from the dispenser and wet them with water from the sink, then go into the stalls to take a dump. So me being a curious person wanted to try it out. So yesterday I got to work and needed to take a dump. I decided to give it a try. I got in the bathroom and grab some paper towels and wet them wih the water from the sink. I could of taken a wad full and just pee on them, but I didn't have a enough pee in my bladder and didn't want to make it obvious. Anyway, I took the wet towels into the stall and proceeded to take my morning dump at work. I unzipped my pants and lowered my grey bikini briefs after lining the toilet seat with toilet seat liner and toilet paper. As soon as I plopped down on the seat, I just let the poop rip out of me, ka plop, ka plop, ka plop, ka plop! While I was on the pot, there was a guy in another stall down from me pooping too, sounded like he had the runs. Keeping this post short and to the point, I wiped with the wet paper towels, it was cold and wet and felt awkward at first. My butt checks felt clean and not stinky and my underwear didn't smell like stinky butt neither that day.

I might give it a try in the near future especially when I wear my thong undies during the summer months.

Hope you like my post and catch ya'll later.

--Mr. Clogs

Cornfeild Pottier
I'm 12 for those of you who are curious.

Today we were having a bit of a party in Marcia's backyard before our Christmas break. The ground was covered in snow, and we were building forts down by the river. The water was so completely frozen that we were aloud to skate on it. I was out there in my boots (I'm afraid to cut myself in ice skates) and I really had to poo. I had planned to unload on the edge of the ice, right on the riverbank, but it was so cold out I was afraid my butt would freeze. I told Marcia and Anabel about my - situation, and they said they would pee too so we all had to freeze our butts off. I dropped my pants and panties just far enough to let my poo out, and those turds started dropping right away. Two real soft ones and a little bit of mush. I let a small stream of pee fly, and so did Anabel and Marcia. After pulling our pants back up, we went to find some leaves and snow that would cover my mess. When we got back, three yellow-tinted puddles were in the middle of our skating area, and my poo was very hard. During Christmas break, our three families are all going down south and staying in a very large house with a huge back lot, so I should get lots of stories! Sorry that this month was so blah, but we just couldn't focus on our work for all the excitement. Now, either wait for holidays, weekends, or the month of March. Happy outdoor messing and blessing!

I'm 15 and new to the site. A girl in my history class brought it up to me when we were studying at her house a couple of nights ago. We spent so much time talking about some of the postings that we almost didn't get our World History questions answered before her mom made me leave at 9 p.m. For example, both she and I agree that its a real hassle to use the bathrooms at school. She feels so bad for Dara because the principal "waited her out" while she was trying to take a crap and Dara finally gave up and went across the street to a gas station. She says our school's principals have hassled her and friends when they've been on the toilets. She said things are shouted like "If it hasn't happened yet, it's not going to happen now so up and out" are often said. That is so unencouraging! I told her that at least the girls bathrooms are cleaner than the guys'. Like yesterday, I went in to crap 2nd hour. Each of the 7 toilets had pee on the seat and in a couple it situations it was like dripping, because some guy didn't even try to aim. I thought urinals were for peeing, but I agree with Stac that some of the guys are probably too much in a hurry to wait for the urinals. I know those lines do get long. So I had to use two pieces of toilet paper to wipe my seat dry before sitting down. Stac said most of her friends do that any way because it's just one of those hygiene things. I told her I also don't like crapping without doors and she does admit that would be gross. I told her try doing it for like 10 years! Both she and I would prefer that school bathrooms have those seat protectors that you can put down and sit on. We both think that most everyone would use them. Anyway, after I took my crap, I went for the toilet paper and there was very little left on the roll. After I wiped and found I needed more, I noticed a half sheet of some guy's Chemistry notes on the floor under the stall partition and I grabbed for it and used it. It wasn't the best but it helped get the job done.

super Sophie you talk about pee with your stories but i think that you had a couple of poop stories as well i was just wondering have you or Tania been in a fart contest. I know that you all ways talk about Tania in all your posts i was just wondering that you two are roommates if you are who's poop and farts stink the most yours or hers.

happy pooping and happy peeing

your name (op
Does anyone(esp girls) have any stories about peeing with, in front of, with help from, etc their older brothers?

toilet voyeuress

That's a really awesome story! keep up the good work, girl- tell us more about what you've heard!

Well, it is butt piss or rocks!
I am getting constipated all the time at present. I find the laxative works really well and served me for a few days. The day after taking the very efective laxative i woke up and had to dash straight to the pot farting and sharting as I went. Later that day i got the urge again and had to sit on the toilet. I farted a real lot and passed heaps of turds of assorted sizes. I was really getting rid of some real old shit....but after a few days my poos start to turn into rocks again and are difficult to pass. The trouble is I have to push so hard that I nearly black out and feel weird and unwell for some time. When I am in that mode I would really like to have someone with me just to keep and eye on me ...just in case. The next problem is that it aggrevates my haemorroids, which are usually dormant, but get sore and very itchy. I use a good cream but have to push against the swelling in my anus and push it into my rectum and this settles it down a fair bit. I have been eating a lot of fibre and fruit ( right now the fruit in Aust is spectacular). I am taking supplements etc but still problems.
I am wondering if I should do the opposite and go to a low fibre diet because i feel all the fibre does is load up my bowels and makes me even more uncomfortable. I wonder if it is all related to being on long term pain meds or whether it is related to my medical condition of which is quite rare...etc?
I did ask the question a while ago whether anybody has had a butt (crack) wax and is wiping easier after that....could someone please answer???

super sophie
1) Is pooping on a weekend different for you than during the work week?(ie more often, or less often or different times, places)
Its in different places for me

2) Do you find that you have to poop more on the weekend or less?
Not much difference

3) Does it stink more or less?
No difference

Part II: Parenting and having to poop (Women who are responsible for children only)

1) Do you find yourself with a lack of privacy when you have to poop?

2) Do you have to leave the bathroom door open to keep them under your direct supervision while you are pooping?

3) Do the children comment about what you are doing or have done when:
a) They hear you fart while sitting on the toilet
b) They hear your poop land in the toilet
c) When they smell your creation in the toilet
d) If they see skidmarks from flushed away poop in the toilet bowl
e) All of the above
E) they used to.

4) Do you find it funny when they complain about your poop stink and they cant escape the smell?
Yes, but i feel guilty later
Part III: Outings, Traveling and Pooping

1) If you are going out on a date, do you try to take a precautionary shit while getting ready for the date?

2) Have you ever secretly pooped at a dates place on the first visit?
Usually I do.
3) Do you try poop before a Flight? Where do you poop? home (or hotel) or the restrooms at the airport?
Always at the hotel

4) Have you ever pooped on an airplane? ( as a bonus has anyone ever seen one of the flight attendants poop on the plane?)
Yes I have, I also caught one of the flight attendants. The lock wasn't working so when I opened it i got a full view of her pushing.

Part IV: Small scenario: The "Business" Trip... what would you do?

1) You are on a business trip with another female coworker... you share a hotel room (but obviously not the bed... the room has 2 of those) after dinner at a quality restaurant, you have gas...and have to poop... your coworker seems a bit uneasy too Would you break the ice and fart or poop first or wait for your coworker to do it?
I would go first, i'm not embarrased by it at all.

I had a bad experience today :(

I were doing the talent show and i were wearing tracksuit bottoms, but they were grey, a bit like pajamas. Anyways I was doing dancing and had been doing so for 4 hours straight with no breaks in front of all the parents. It was all going well untill I got to a part where all five of us where stood in a line, with our backs to the audience. I felt a cramp at my arse and I clenched my cheeks together but it was no use. A huge turd filled my white knickers and judging by the gasps behind me it left a bulge. I felt a second one making its way out and I tried to fight it but this also came out. At this point I had just given up and began crying. Because i was so upset i didnt bother fighting the urges resulting in me peeing myself. As tears were running down my face pee was jetting through my trousers onto the stage. I remained stood there with my back to everyone untill i had finished which took about 2 minutes. I think in the end four more lumps of crap came out and i had a huge yellow puddle between my legs. When it was over a girl put her arm around me and took me backstage. She explained that everybody has accidents and that things like this happen. I told her that nobody else does it and to my amazement she parted her legs. I were confused at first but when I saw her grey trousers getting wet I knew exactly what she was doing. A stream began to flow between her legs. I looked at her face and she was smiling but also looked relieved at the same time. I'm not sure if she did this because she couldn't hold on any longer or because she wanted to make me feel better. Either way I really enjoyed watching her. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving and getting cleaned up. I went to the bathrooms and threw all the clothes in the bin. I got cleaned up then sprayed my ass with some perfume. I put on my dress and walked home. I'm still embarrassed by this now but telling you guys makes me feel a lot better.

super sophie.............i like your stories. post more. also, you should check out goldgirl`s posts from page 360 - 400.......her stories were the gretest in dealing with pee stories. they were hot too.

a few days ago, i did the biggest shit. it was about 13 inches long, and a inch and a half wide.

it would seem that lately i`ve been getting the sudden urge to pee.....and, it is often desperate. i guess it`s because i have a small bladder. there were a few times it became hard to hold, and, if i was outside, i would often hurry to an alley or bush to releive my bladder, often losing a few drops of pee on the way. does anyone else have this problem?

also, i have a survey for the girls;

do you enjoy farting?

do you enjoy diarrhea?

what would you rather have, diarrhea, or be constipated?

have you ever peed or pooped your pants in your adult life?...if so, explain.

do you ever rub your stomach when you go to poop?

have you ever went a long time without wiping?

have you ever seen a frient have an accident?.....if yes, explain.

Hey, it's been a while since I posted last, but have a few good stories. Last week I got sick and had a bought of the runs. Unlucky for me I had 4 Christmas musical preformances to do. Much to my shagrin I had to take immodum 3 days straight. I hate to take the stuff as a half dose will usulally cork me up for a week, but as I didn't want to chance it I took one a day about 3 hours before each prefomance. I was able to get through the weekend with out trouble, but now I am semi constipated. it's kinda nice only going once a day instead of my usual 4 or 5.
I have been subing in the same class for 2 weeks and one by has to go to the bathroom every day between 9:00- 9:30 each day... and the time spent tells me it's his daily poo.
In target this afternoon as I was having a wonderful pee I heard a mom walk into the bathroom and tell her daughter don't forget to cover the seat with toilet paper. When I finished and walked out I peeked at the other stalls (the cracks are wide enough to catch a glimpse) and saw the girl sitting on tp making waht sounded like a long pee and poop. The mom was in the next stall hovering over her seat.
Love the idea of leaving your work for someone else to see. I will try it, but only if I know there is not someone who will come right in the stall after me. I want to try peeing into a towl too. I have some that need washing soon and will try it. I'll let you know how it goes. Happy pooping and peeing everyone! Merry Christmas

super sophie
Hi francesca, I am not sure how I manage to get myself into all these situations, I guess i'm just a lucky poster.

As I said in my earlier post, I were going to pee on a bus. Well today I did it. Me and Tania (my girlfriend for those who didn't know) were on the late night bus going home. We had alot to drink that day so our bladders were pretty full. During the ride we hit a few speed bumps and I saw Tania clamp her hand onto her crotch underneath her skirt.

"Sophie, I really need to go." She hissed at me.
I looked around and noticed that nobody else was on the bus.
"Shall we just go here? Nobody will see us"

We both went to the back of the bus and Tania pulled down her black thong to her knees before squatting. I took off my red knickers then I gathered my dress around my waist and squatted too.

"Here we go" Tania giggled before looking down. A torrent of pee came shooting out of her, soaking the floor of the bus. I relaxed my bladder and began to go too, a wave of relief travelled across my body as I left a puddle underneath me. Tanias wee came to an end so she got dressed and sat next to me on the seat. I were going strong for another five minutes before mine stopped. I put my knickers in my bag and left the bus at the next possible stop.

Me and Tania began walking home when she suddenly stopped, bent over. Without saying anything she ran to a bush and squatted again. I were stood next to her when I saw her face strain. I knew what she were doing and the crackling noise confirmed it. A long, fat log slowly crept out of her and hit the floor. She hesitated for a second before pushing again. This time alot of mushy crap came out of her. She ripped off some leaves and wiped, pulled up her thong, and we continued to walk home. She told me that she had to go all day but thought she could hold it in untill she got home.

I guess she really had to go, and really enjoyed herself.

Thankyou for taking the time reading my story, I am loving the ones everybody has posted. Especially the female pee stories. Keep up the good work, good luck, and happy posting

have anyone ever take a dump so big your pants fit better i am just wondering.

Cornfield Pottier how old are you?

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