Bashful Boy
Hey all, been a long-time infrequent visitor to the toilet for several years now. I'm black, with a light-brown complexion, somewhat built and look a few years younger than I actually am, 20. I have a story from the recent story. My family lives by the lake and there are a looot of woods, and I like to walk around them sometimes because of the nature lover in me. This particular day, I was walking around with a girl I've known from the neighborhood since I was a middle-schoole; I'm in college now but she was still a highschooler and we'll just call her Amy, a pretty white girl with long auburn air, but she's always been pretty quiet and somewhat of a shy person.

Anyway, she spotted me heading for the woods from her front yard and decided to come along with me. I was actually going outside to finally try giving an outdoor dump a try, and I thought now would be a good a time as any, as my stomach had just been weird lately. I'd been taking these pills after each meal to improve my digestion or something to that effect.

We were walking, and I was answering her questions about how college had been and the like, when I felt a familiar urge hit my stomach. In the past, because Amy can be so easily embarrassed, I have played some tricks on her. The funniest being when she was hanging out at my house and I asked her to bring me a roll of toilet paper while I was taking a crap just for laughs. Well this time I heard my stomach making a gurgling noise and had decided earlier I would go for something a little more extreme if the urge hit me while I was walking with her.

I stopped and started rubbing my stomach, and she looked at me with a raised eye brow and asked "Is something wrong with your stomach?" I smiled at her and said "Kind of my stomach and kind of not. I have to take a crap asap!" She made a hilarious face and pointed back towards our neighborhood saying "Well hurry up and make a run for it. We haven't walked that far yet." We usually walk up to the edge of the lake. I waved her off with one hand while clutching my stomach and said "By asap I mean now!" I darted for a fairly secluded spot I picked out when I decided earlier to try an outdoors dump, and because I didn't want my butt too close to the ground, I decided I'd squat on a nearby tree stump.

I hadn't expected I would have female company when I tried this, but it was kind of a turn-on more than embarrassing. I looked to see if she followed and I saw her let out an audible sigh and walk over to me with "What are you doing?!" written all over her face. I chuckled and said "What? It's no big deal. Just make sure nobody's coming." She sort of half facepalmed with a grin spreading on her face and asked "Are you really gonna take a crap out here?" I simply nodded "mm hmm" and squatted on the stump, with my side facing her, pulled down my pants and boxers to my thighs and was ready to go.

She laughed almost immediately and said "Oh wow! I can't believe you sometimes" Before I started anything, to my surprise she walked behind me and whistled. I laughed and said "Oh? so you want to watch?" She grinned at me and said "You're the one who said it isn't a big deal right? I'm just making sure nobody can see you like you asked" I shrugged and said "Nobody but you right?" But I really was taken aback at how not taken aback she was. I expected her to run away blushing furiously like I've seen before, but I'd put on a show either way. I glanced back and saw her squat behind me so she was eye level with my butt, and in this position, she could probably see everything. "Getting a better angle?" I asked, and she finally did blush a bit and said "You're the one showing off your fat booty. I thought you had to crap so bad." and she actually smacked a buttcheek. Not the usual shy Amy at all! I laughed and said "well if you put it that way" and got started.

I didn't even really have to push, the usual with my bigger dumps. Almost in prelude to the load that was coming, several "Zppppppp! Zpppppp!" farts escaped and she said "Ewww!" holding her nose and giggling. "Sorry my farts don't smell like roses" I said as more "Zpppppp!" farts sounded off as I felt the first log start to slip out. I guess she could see it poking out, because she went into a fit of giggles before as I felt the tip emerge. It slid out on its own accord, and didn't feel too large. I pushed to speed it up some and I felt it taper and dangle by a thin piece of turd. I had to clench my cheeks to make it snap off and hit the ground with a thud. Amy simply said "Oh wow..." and started giggling again when more "Zpppppppp!" farts kicked up again. I didn't have time to really say anything clever as the next log started to push itself out without any help as well. This one slid out pretty easily and felt fairly long. I could feel Amy's eyes watching intently as it slid out and fell to the ground.

I felt more was to come, so I pushed, setting off another chain of various "Zppppp" and "Brrrrrr" farts, before I felt one small turd after another start shooting out my butt. Amy laughed and said "Oh my god!" as turd after turd quickly slid out my butt, each one rather small, accompanied by loud farting the entire time. Finally I felt another big log coming and knew I would have to fight for it. I pushed and was jolted a bit when I felt a hand grab onto my right cheek. Amy giggled and said "Wow, your butt is making some amazing art down here. This is kind of fun" I just laughed in acknowledgment and pushed again. I couldn't help but grunt a few times in the effort as "Psshhhhhh" farts started slipping out. It was fairly awkward with Amy's hand squeezing all over my cheek; apparently one wasn't enough because I felt her grab the other.

I pushed again and felt a very wide log creep out at a snail's pace with a bit of a crackling sound and slowly make its way out my butt towards the ground below. Every time I pushed, the turd would make a crackling noise and move a bit and Amy thought it was absolutely hilarious. I felt squeeze my cheeks and spread them slightly apart, saying "Oh wow" again as the turd kept inching and inching out. I grunted loudly with one huge push and it finally hit the ground with a huge thud. Almost immediately more "Brrrrrrr" farts sounded off and a few more small turds pushed their way out. Amy's hands were still busy all over my cheeks and she spread them again, giggling and saying "How much do you have left in that butthole?" I pushed and was met with a few farts, so I said "That feels like that's it. Could you get the toilet paper in my back pocket?" I definitely didn't intend to use anything else even for an outside dump.

She giggled and finally released one of my cheeks from her death grip and grabbed the strips I'd brought with me and asked "Do you want me to wipe your behind for you too?" grinning at me. I laughed and said "If you really want to, go ahead. I don't mind having my ass wiped for me." And she didn't waste any time obliging. I almost shuddered when I felt her spread my cheek with one hand and start wiping my crack with the other. It was..stimulating to say the least as she rotated the paper around my butthole in slow little circles for what felt like ages, still squeezing my left cheek. She shouted "Hiya!" and bumped me forward, forcing me to hold myself up with my arms and facing my butt in the air.

Laughing and saying "Sorry! Sorry! I couldn't resist." She slid the paper up and down my crack with two fingers, rotated it around my anus again and again. I couldn't help but let a few small farts escape, but she just laughed them off before finally tossing the paper down saying "All done! No pun attended but holy crap you poop like a horse!" she laughed. I glanced back, saw my huge pile of assorted turds and understood why she said that. Not bad for my first dump outside. I was still holding myself up with my arms in an awkward position as she continued to grab all over my ass. I chuckled and said "I guess you're not done after all?" She blushed and responded "I only said I was done wiping" I let her have some fun for a bit before we finally left and resumed our walk.

My first outside dump was a very unexpectedly erotic event, but fun nonetheless and I plan on trying it again next time I'm home (which will be soon actually).

Michelle, I really enjoyed your story about how you caused your sister to poop her pants since I had a similar experience several years ago. I will warn you that if your sister is anything like mine, you need to be prepared as your payback could come at any time.

On more then one occasion when we were home alone I had locked my younger sister Kris out of the only bathroom in the house and caused her to wet her pants. One day when she was 16 and I was 18 I again had her locked out and she was screaming that she had to poop bad. I told her I wasn't done and she would have to wait. She pounded on the door and screamed for a few minutes then there was silence. After not hearing anything from her for several minutes I finally opened the door. She was nowhere to be seen then I walked down the hall and found her sitting on a chair in our bedroom. When I walked in the room it was obvious from the smell that she had pooped and her face was red from embarrassment and anger. As she stood up she said she would "get me back for this someday" then when she walked out of the room I saw a large stain in the seat of her yellow pants and knew she had completely filled her pants with poop. I later found out from her that she thought if she sat down she would be able to hold it. She made the mistake of trying to fart and her poop came out with it.

I kind of worried about her threat for awhile but nothing ever happened and eventually I figured she'd given up on ever paying me back. About five years later when she was a senior at college, I went to visit her for a weekend at her one bathroom apartment she shared with a friend. I took them both out for dinner on Saturday and my sister suggested we go to a Mexican restaurant. She knows that I really enjoy Mexican food and she also knows that it almost always gives me "the poops" the next day. When we got up the next morning, her roommate had already gone to church and my sister made scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. My sister finished ahead of me and excused herself to the bathroom. As I finished up and cleared the dishes from the table I started feeling my usual strong " morning after Mexican dinner" urge. I sat down to wait for my sister to get out of the bathroom and after several minutes I called into her to ask if everything was alright. She commented that the Mexican food from the night before was "really doing a number" on her and I told her it was working on me too. About five more minutes passed and I told her I wasn't trying to hurry her but I really needed to poop. She said she was finishing up and would be out in a few minutes.

Almost five more minutes passed then I heard the toilet flush and the door open. By then I was feeling desperate and headed towards the bathroom. My sister was standing in the doorway with a funny smile on her face then came out and pulled the door shut behind her. As I walked past her I said "I was going in there you know" and she said she hoped I wasn't in too much of a hurry. At that moment I tried to turn the handle and found the door locked. I said "Kris this isn't funny. I've got the poops and can't wait any longer" and she responded "it may not be funny, but it's sure going to be a fun payback". I knew right away what she was referring to and began to plead with her and apologize then told her I couldn't believe she was still going to pay me back after all this time. She agreed she'd been waiting a long time and after that long, it was going to be even more enjoyable for her. She told me she hid the tool that unlocks the door and that my car keys were in the bathroom so there was no chance I could leave to go somewhere else. I pleaded with her some more and she knew I was really desperate. I felt like my poop was about to come out and quickly walked back to the kitchen to sit down hoping to gain some control. Kris told me I may as well not fight it, she wasn't opening the bathroom door until after I had felt the same humiliation she had. Then she suggested that I don't hold it too much longer because her roommate would be back soon.

I continued to plead with Kris to unlock the bathroom as I fidgeted around on the chair then I called her a few not very nice names and said "I really dislike you right now". My stomach was cramping and I was feeling very gassy. I rocked back and forth in the chair a few times then leaned forward and let out a long muffled sounding fart. It felt really good to release some pressure so I tried to relieve a little more pressure by farting again. As I tried to let out another fart I felt a small amount of very soft poop come out instead and immediately stopped pushing but by then it was too late. I felt a little more poop come out and then it ALL came out. There was a distinct crackling and bubbling sound as soft poop filled my panties and covered my butt. It was the strangest and grossest feeling I've ever had. I've had some minor accidents as an adult but this was the only time I ever did my entire poop in my pants. Kris heard the sounds too and the smell made it even more obvious that I had pooped. In an almost delightful tone Kris sarcastically said "oh my Lisa, that didn't sound like a fart and it sure is stinky. Did you just poop your pants?" I've never felt so embarrassed in my life and at the moment was very angry with my sister but I remained calm then asked her if she would please unlock the bathroom door. She said she would but not until I answered her question and showed her what I'd done. I then realized that making me poop my pants wasn't enough, she wanted to make sure I felt totally embarrassed by having me admit to it and letting her see the mess I'd made. I sat there for a moment staring at her with anger then as I stood up and turned around I responded "yes Kris, I pooped in my pants. Are you happy?" She told me that nothing could make her happier then finally seeing her big sister with her panties full of shit. She then said she would let me in the bathroom because I really smelled bad.

I was still really angry as I cleaned up but realized that I probably deserved it. Cleaning my mess up was disgusting and I couldn't believe how much poop there was. The seat of my pink bikini panties were completely filled with soft gooey poop and a large amount had pushed out of them into the pyjama bottoms I was wearing. I cleaned the poop out of the pyjama's but threw out the panties. There was also a lot of poop stuck to my butt and I had a difficult time getting most of it wiped off before getting in the shower. My sister was really nice to me the rest of the day before I left and I got over my anger with her.

It's been ten years since this took place and we sometimes still tease each other about both incidents. Kris did tell me something several months later that had I known at the time, I would have been even more embarrassed. When her roommate returned while I was in the bathroom cleaning up, she immediately noticed the smell in the apartment and asked about it. The air freshener was in the bathroom with me and although Kris had lit a candle, the odor was still very strong and had the distinct smell of poop. My dear sweet sister neglected to tell her roommate how it happened, the only thing she told her was that I "had a major poop accident" in my pants and I was in the bathroom cleaning up. After she first told me this I was about ready to "pay her back" but decided to leave things as they were.

Linda from Austra

Hello Everyone...

As per usual I have some questions for the ladies on the site.

I'll call the first part weekends:

1) Is pooping on a weekend different for you than during the work week?(ie more often, or less often or different times, places)

2) Do you find that you have to poop more on the weekend or less?

3) Does it stink more or less?

Part II: Parenting and having to poop (Women who are responsible for children only)

1) Do you find yourself with a lack of privacy when you have to poop?

2) Do you have to leave the bathroom door open to keep them under your direct supervision while you are pooping?

3) Do the children comment about what you are doing or have done when:
a) They hear you fart while sitting on the toilet
b) They hear your poop land in the toilet
c) When they smell your creation in the toilet
d) If they see skidmarks from flushed away poop in the toilet bowl
e) All of the above

4) Do you find it funny when they complain about your poop stink and they cant escape the smell?

Part III: Outings, Traveling and Pooping

1) If you are going out on a date, do you try to take a precautionary shit while getting ready for the date?

2) Have you ever secretly pooped at a dates place on the first visit?

3) Do you try poop before a Flight? Where do you poop? home (or hotel) or the restrooms at the airport?

4) Have you ever pooped on an airplane? ( as a bonus has anyone ever seen one of the flight attendants poop on the plane?)

Part IV: Small scenario: The "Business" Trip... what would you do?

1) You are on a business trip with another female coworker... you share a hotel room (but obviously not the bed... the room has 2 of those) after dinner at a quality restaurant, you have gas...and have to poop... your coworker seems a bit uneasy too Would you break the ice and fart or poop first or wait for your coworker to do it?

Hope to see some responses... Other than that I havent got much to say... I moved into a new apartment a couple of months ago... it has 2 full baths... My girlfriend prefers pooping in the master bathroom where I seem to like the hallway bathroom better. We havent had a party yet... I'm hoping that maybe one of her cute coworkers will poop here at the part... one can only hope...

lia here again. I've been having a bit of trouble pooping this week, probably because I've been eating quite a bit of junk. I've only been going once a day all week and I had to push hard to get my load out. I'm not really constipated yet but I'm having a bit of a hard time.

To Keith D: There is nothing worse than only being able to squeeze out tiny amounts of dry poo. I sometimes have the same trouble as you, when I'm backed up and trying to do a poo, only small amounts come out and then my anus closes shut. Most of the time, I continue pushing and straining until the rest of the load comes out but sometimes, I have to give up. The longest time I spent doing a poo was 1 hour, I wanted to give up but after lots of straining and grunting, I finally had success. There is nothing better than pushing out a nice, big log of poo that isn't dry and rock hard!!

When I do a poo, I sit on the toilet and lean back against the back of the seat. I find it more comfortable pushing a load out this way than leaning forward. Sometimes, I put my feet up on the seat and squat over the bowl, if I'm having trouble.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

toilet voyeuress
This is my first letter. My name is Gillian I am 38 and love to listen to other women on the toilet. I had am interesting experience the other day at work. Its a large insurance company and the ladies rest room has four stalls. On this occasion I noticed one of the stalls, the one farthest from the door occupied. I thought I recognised the person from the shoes I could see under the partition as one of our senior assistants, Sheila Parry. Sheila was a very beautiful woman, soft blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'4". She was so quiet I knew she was having a shit. The thought that she was made me shiver as I slid my panties down and started to pee. I think she was trying to be as quiet as possible. I heard her breathing very low and quiet and then a kinnda ssshhhffllooooommmmppppppp and a sigh. She shifted her feet a little, probably making herself more comfortable. By this time I was very excited and I wanted to shit also. I sighed as I shit with a splash which mingled with me stream of pee. Sheila was silent now as we both sat very quiet. Then the outer door opened and I heard another girl from the office call out, "Sheila you in here."

"Yeah," Sheila answered in a low voice.

"Mr Watkins (one of our clients) is on the phone."

"Tell him I'll call back, listen Karen I have a bad stomach, just put him off I will phone him back."

This short conversation made me even more excited. Listening to Sheila was good, listening to her with a bad stomach was even better. Well she was on the toilet about another ten minutes or so and I timed my finish to be wiping my bum at the same time as her. Leaving my stall just before her. As I wiped my hands she came out, we gave each other a brief smila as we washed our hands. All day I kept looking over at her remember that shit and wondering if she had to go again. Alas no. But now I have found this wonderful site I will be reporting more on my toilet visits. (Gillian Harper).

Christine-i enjoyed your stories. I agree this website is geared more toward poop stories. I've posted before that I thought in the past there were more pee stories. I am not really into poop but love to hear pee stories so keep on posting.
Super sophie- as always another good story. I love the details ypou give. How do you keep getting yourself In these situations with all these people?
Pee Guy- the first time I had to pee in a cup at the doctors was when I was about 13. I was really nervous and uncomfortable. I went into the bathroom sat on the toilet and just held the cup under my stream. I forgot to lock the door and halfway through, a mother and her daughter walked in on me. I jumped up in surprise, exposing everything, and pee got everywhere. It was really embarrasing. Afterwards I had to walk out with the cup and hand it to the nurse. They were standing outside the bathroom and I wanted to melt into the floor and dissapear.
The only other time I've had to pee into a cup(except the times I've done it for fun) is when I was 19 right before getting surgery. Because of this, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink 12 hours before. I had to go into a tiny bathroom. Well I couldn't pee. I was very nervous plus I didn't have any liquid in me. Finally I manged to pee out a small amount. This time I got to leave the cup in the bathroom and it was much less tramatic

i was told that constipation can induce bad breath. any thoughts?

hi its ashley iam back again. today i was at school and eating lunch with my friend erica. we both had bean burritos. shortlty after eating them we had to go to the bathroom really bad. so erica and i went into the bathroom. we both went into stalls that were next to each other. we both started peeing. we both peed for like 30 seconds. then it was time for us to shit. we both started farting. it smelled and we both started giggling. erica said that felt so good. then we both started pooping. we both kept dropping several logs. we continued like this for 45 mintues. by the time we were done the bathroom smelled really bad. erica said to me i think we should not flush. so we both left our stalls unflushed. we want to tell encourage all women to not flush the toilet after they are done using it. i will post more stories later. HAPPY POOPING to everyone.


Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody!

Mr. Clogs here, I just took a monsterous dump today, boy did it felt so good! I could feel every turd leaving my body and making a nice pile in the toilet. I knew it was a big one because I kept plop, plopping away for about a a good 2 minutes not to mention smell bad, I stunk up the joint literally! I wiped twice and washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling much better.

Hope you liked my little short post. Take care!

super sophie
I love peeing on towels ny girl. I think it is because of the feeling it produces because I get equal pleasure out of weeing in my knickers.

I have an intresting way of peeing onto/into towels.

If the towel is long I will open it out and sit in the middle. Then I would pull a bit between my legs and tie it so it's like a diaper. After that the rest is simple. Get comfortable, relax and let it all flow.

If the towel is short I will fold it up and sit on it, leaving plenty underneath the target zone. When the time comes I would simply relax and pee onto the towel. For some reason I always look down whilst peeing on short towels so I can see my stream shooting out onto the towel.

I was doing volleyball and about half way through the game I had the biggest urge to pee ever. I could not go during the middle of a game so I held it in. When the game had finally finished I walked to the bathrooms, my hands on my crotch desperately trying to prevent me from peeing. I walked into the bathrooms and could not think of anything worse. There were 5 toilets and none of them had stalls around them. 4 of the 5 toilets were taken so I was going to take the final one when I hesitated. I thought to myself ' I don't want to drop my knickers in front of these girls. I know. I'll pee through them' I walked to the toilet, lifted my skirt and sat down. I were sat there for a moment when I felt my wee slowly dribble out, a second later I had opened the taps and my pee was gushing out. There was a loud hiss as it hit my knickers. I really enjoy this sound. I then heard a trickle as it began to soak through and hit the water below. My blue knickers had quickly turned dark. After about a minute the pee stream has trickled to a halt. One of the girls asked me If i were finished and I said no before pushing. I were trying pee some more but it had backfired. I let out a huge wet fart and then I felt a long crap slide into my knickers. I were horrified. I could feel a second one coming out so I quickly pulled my knickers down at the back just enough to reveal my arse. My second crap hit the water with a satisfying splash. I were empty so I quickly wiped and tipped the turd out of my knickers into the water before flushing. I got dressed and climbed onto the team bus to go home. After an hours ride the pee I tried to push out earlier hit me. There was no way on earth I could hold it in. I was sat on the back seat on my own so I just relaxed and let my bladder go. My knickers quickly got dark again followed with the hissing that I like so much. This only lasted for 30 seconds and was quickly over. My bus ride finally came to an end and I don't think any of the girls knew what happened on the bus because I were on the back on my own. I really want to pee on a bus without going in my pants so I'm going to try it next time. This may be what my next post is about.

Richard (a.k.a. The R Man)
Before I get started I just want to say that I am going to a doctor even if you are 100% on what I have, nothing against you, but it just makes me feel complte, in other words, the most comftorable seeing a profesional and asking through this site, if you feel in anyway offended, I appolagize ahead of time:)

There is something wrong with my Bladder. I have to push to make my pee come out. And not all of my pee comes out in one bathroom visit, thus I have to keep going back to the potty. And the only time all of my pee comes out is if I have to go bad. And every once in a while my pee dosen't comes out at all, thus I have to wait till an other bathroom visit for any of it to come out at all. And it is always a weak steream.

P.S. this just started today, but already it is starting to negitivly affect my work life, I go to the potty to much at work and spend to much time on the potty at work.

Newlywed Girl
Hi, I just found this site. I'll just say my name is Newlywed Girl and I am 25 years old. I just had the most embarassing moment of my life during the best week of my life. I got married two weeks ago and we spent our honeymoon at Disney World. Our third night there we in the Magic Kingdom all night until really late and between watching the fireworks and parade and stuff I hadn't gone to the bathroom since lunch and had been holding it in since then. I had a few major urges but it was crowded and I didn't want to lose our place to see the parade and fireworks so I just squeezed my legs together and didn't say anything to my new husband. I'm a little bathroom shy anyway. So I hold it and hold it. Finally we leave the park at like 11 pm and head out to catch the bus back to the hotel, but there are really long lines and it is taking forever and I'm starting to really worry that I can't hold it. I was fidgeting and crossing my legs so my husband asked if I was ok. I told him I really had to go to the bathroom and I had been holding it most of the night because of the parade and stuff. He just laughed a little and said it was ok, we'd be back at the room soon. We finally got on a bus and sat down. By this point I was almost turtleheading it, lol. I crossed my legs, squeezed my butt tight, and had one hand on my crotch pressing my pee hole. I didn't care who saw but it was mostly dark. The ride was a little bumpy and halfway back to the hotel we went over a big bump and a little pee squirted out and I felt a small wet spot on my jeans. I must have gasped or something because my husband asked if I was ok. I whispered in his ear, "No, a little pee just came out. I can't hold it much longer." It was embarrassing but he was great about it, comforting me and encouraging me, etc. My poo was trying to push out again and I was pretty sure I had a nice sized skidmark on my panties by now but I managed to keep it from getting out any farther than touching cotton, lol.

We finally got back to the hotel at the bus stop and still had a good ways to walk to the hotel building and then an elevator to take up to our room on the 3rd floor. At this point I don't know if I can make it but was determined to try. My husband grabbed my hand and we jogged towards the elevators, leaving other people behind who were just walking, me with one hand still pressing against my crotch. Another squirt of pee came out while we ran, this time leaving a little trickle running down the inside of my left thigh. I was just whispering under my breath, "No, no, no, no, no..." over and over again. My husband just kept encouraging me. "It's ok honey, you can make it. You'll be fine." Stuff like that. I wasn't so sure.

We made it to the elevator, pressed the button and waited for one to come while I kept dancing, hand on crotch, half bent over, legs crossed, begging not to have a complete accident. The elevator doors opened, I hobbled inside, husband pushed the 3rd floor button, we waited for the door to close, and finally it started moving up. But before we got to the top I got a huge urge to push in my abdomen from my bowels and this time I couldn't stop it. I gasped and stood still as my butt opened and a giant firm turd quickly rushed out of me and into my panties, tenting them outward and spreading into a giant, hot, sticky lump under my butt. As it came out I had uncrossed my legs and half stood up but was still half squatting as I filled my panties, only then realizing that in the process of losing control of my bowels I had forgotten about the other urge and was now completely soaking my jeans with pee. I just watched the wet stain spread out across my crotch and down both legs and begin to puddle on the floor. My whole body felt hot, my heart was pounding, my skin was tingling and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion even though it maybe only took 30 seconds. The elevator stopped and the door opened before I had even finished peeing. I just stood there and finished and let it all out - no sense in stopping it now. I then realized my husband was trying to take my hand and get me out of the elevator. Luckily there was nobody else out waiting for it. I was kind of in a haze as I waddled out of the elevator and down the hallway with my husband leading me, my panties full of a giant poo and my pee soaked jeans sticking to my legs and kind of chaffing my thighs. I don't even remember getting into the room. We went into the bathroom, he unzipped my jeans and slowly peeled them down and off. I could see myself in the mirror and glanced at the giant ball of poop in my panties. I was a mess. I managed to snap out of the haze and slowly pulled down my panties, careful to keep the lump of poop from falling out, then dumped it into the toilet. Hubby took the panties and jeans and threw them into the garbage and tied off the bag, then turned on the shower, took off his clothes, and we both took a shower and he helped get me clean. He was so amazing about the whole thing. He takes such good care of me. He helped me get over the embarasment and was so caring about the whole thing I jumped him when we got out of the shower, lol.

1. Are you male or female? male
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ? thin, but "soft" (not toned or boney)
3. Age: 20
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? no average. my work schedule is so random, it changes daily. I normally don't eat breakfast, then depending on if I'm opening or closing, I get lunch or dinner and that is usually either a microwave lunch or food court greasy junk
5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? varies, probably 4 or 5 average
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop? yes
7. How big are your turds normally? again, varies, but usually maybe 6-8 inches long, big around as a banana
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? rarely, I don't know what caused it
9. Do you poop at work? if I need to go
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates? sure, I'm pretty open
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease? nope
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small? yes if I feel like I need to so more
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user? toilet wouldn't flush (not clogged, handle was broke)
14. How many times do you fart per day on average? i don't count
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone? no

I'm 23 and a graduate student. For the past 13 years or since I started middle school, I've been embarrassed about my body and what I show off when I'm using the toilet. For example, when I'm in a public place like a mall or sports center or even in one of the buildings on my campus, I will always take one of the two end stalls. The less lighting--natural or illuminated--the better. When I have a dress on, I sit down with my dress in place just like on a chair and I basically do the same when I have jeans or shorts on. After I'm seated and it maight take a few minutes to get my pee or shit ready to come out and only at that point do I pull my jeans or shorts and thong down. And I only lower it enough for my pee or shit to clear. I especailly like a dress because all I do is pull the sides of the dress up with one hand while I drop my thong with the other. I rarely break the seated position in order to do this. I also wipe from a seated position that doesn't expose any more of me than absolutely necessary. This all became an issue this past weekend when a friend and I stopped at a gas station while traveling. She didn't want to stay in the car even though it could be locked. Rather, she insisted coming into the bathroom with me. I was so distressed by this even though she and I have been good friends since high school. You see I was in a high ability learner group and was promoted to middle school at age 10, one full year ahead of everyone else. Intellectually, it was what I needed but socially it was nightmare. I made several terrible mistakes my first month or so in the bathrooms at my school. Initially, I pulled my jeans and underwear all the way down to the floor and I was made fun of by the peepers because of my underdevelopment, if you know what I mean. Several times I would be looking for ways to cut my bathroom time down so once I got to the front of the line, I woould quickly shit and drop my stool only to find there was no toilet paper left in the stall. On two occasions when I partially pulled up my shorts and exited, only to go into another line, or in one case, a doorless stall, to get toilet paper and wipe, I was harassed. On two occasions, I was blocked from other stalls and forced to go to class and finish the day soiling my underwear. Not to mention the smell because my shits are on the soft side. Once, like the third week of school, I sat in the doorless stall and one girl made like a broadcaster with her hand cupped over her mouth as she did a play-by-play of my wiping attempts on her LAME call-letter radio station. So I can hope you understand where I'm coming from and how inhibited I remain about using public bathrooms.



So,your in a situation where you are almost home and need to pee really bad and the only close bathroom is the one at home. You get to the house but lose control before you can get to the bathroom:

Rate your level of embarrassment from 1 no big deal - 10 the worst thing that could happen to you for both endings.

1 You're by yourself and no one but you knows what happened_______

2 Someone else is at the house and sees what's happening/happened. This can be a friend, neighbor, or family member________________

I used to live in Pittsburgh, about 15 years ago. There was a bar on the South Side, I don't remember the name, something like Lunar Lounge or Lava Lounge.

Anyway, my friends and I had gone there to check it out. It was busy and very crowded. I was drinking quite a bit because I knew I would be taking the bus home. After a bit, my bowels started to churn, probably a mixture of my dinner and lots of beer. I felt a bout of diarrhea coming on, so I stumbled my way to the men's room.

Despite being pretty drunk, I was taken aback by the set up of the men's room. The door opens giving anyone sitting right outside an unobstructed view of the whole bathroom. The first thing you pass is the sink. The second thing, about two feet away from the sink is the toilet--with NO STALL. Then about two feet from the toilet are two urinals. No lock on the door and more than one urinal implies that this restroom is meant to be used by more than one person at a time. If you have to shit, like I did, you have to do so with an audience. I didn't think I'd make it to another bathroom somewhere, so I swallowed my pride and entered.

There were two guys at the urinals. I said, "Sorry guys, I have to take a shit." I pulled my jeans and underwear just past my ass and sat. Chunky liquid shit started pouring out. One of the guys quickly zipped up and high-tailed it out of there. When he opened the door, everyone in view of the bathroom door got a nice look at me on the crapper. I saw at least one girl cover her eyes and turn her head.

That was pretty frigging embarrassing, but I guess it was better than shitting my pants. By the way, did I mention that there was no toilet paper?

My wife and I once took some out-of-town friends to the Roxy Deli in Times Square for dessert. We were eating our dessert and drinking coffee when I realized I had to taake a dump. I excused myself and went to the back of the restaurant where the bathroom is. It's a unisex bathroom for use by one person at a time. I knocked and found that no one was occupying it and went in. I closed and locked the door (or so I thought), went to the toilet, pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles and sat.

I moved my bowels and was about to reach for the TP when THE DOOR OPENED!!! A pretty young woman stepped into the bathroom. She did not see me at first because she was talking to someone outside. Though I'm sure it was only a few seconds, it felt like an eternity. I didn't know what to do. Do I say, "Excuse me" to her or do I just wait for her to see me? She still hadn't looked toward me, so I just said, "Uh, someone's in here." She jerked her head toward me and saw me sitting on the toilet. Here eyes bugged out and she said, "Oh my God!" She backed out and slammed the door shut.

I actually was more embarrassed for her than myself. I was more surprised than embarrassed. As I wiped my ass, pulled my pants up and washed my hands I found it amusing. I opened the door and peered outside. The girl was standing in the little hall leading to the bathroom. I exited and she looked at me and said, "I am so sorry." I said, "It's okay, I think the lock's broken." She said, "That will teach me not to knock first." I just laughed and said, "No problem." Her face was beet red. I felt bad for her, she was far more embarrassed than me.

I went back to the table and told my wife and friends about it and they all laughed. I suppose most people would have been mortified, but I just thought it was kind of funny.

Last night I got home from work and had to pee pretty badly. Walking through my room on the way to the bathroom, I heard my smoke alarm beeping, signaling it needs new batteries. I hate that sound more than anything so decided to pull the batteries out before going to the bathroom. I stood on my footstool and climbed onto my dresser. Im a bit scared of heights but I manged to get the batteries out. As I was climbing down, my foot slipped and missed the footstool. I fell backward off my dresser. I didn't get hurt but the sudden movement caused me to lose control of my bladder. It took me a minute to realize that I was peeing my pants. I tried to stop but couldn't. I could hear the pee hiss out and hit the carpet below me making a huge puddle. I cupped my hand to my crotch and ran into the bathroom. the damage was already done so I just stood there until my pee was done. It was really embarassing but felt amazing to have the warm pee flood my pants and panties. Plus talk about relief.
I stripped of my clothes and hopped into the shower to clean up. My shower head is removable so I took it down and squatted. Then I aimed it down there to clean all the pee off. I've been kind of constipated lately and the warm water aimed down there made me have the urge to poo. I figured why not since I've already peed my pants today. The poo slid easliy out of my butt. I didn't even have t push. It came out it short pieces and was the best feeling poo I've ever had.
Anyways I love the feeling of peeing my pants and peeing in the shower, but probably won't poo in it again. It felt great but was kinda gross. If anyone has any good pee in the shower stories I would love to hear.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pee guy, my first time peeing in a cup for a urine test was earlier this week. I went to the hospital, and it was unexpected because I thought I was just going to have ablood test, but they made me have a urine test as well.

They made me go into the bathroom, pee in a cup, and then pour my pee into a little test tube thingy. It was kind of difficult to get my pee going, because I didn't really have to go, but I managed it.

I was out on my front yard taking photography of the wilderness when I felt the sudden need to pee. A bird had just landed on a nearby tree so I decided that I could hold it for atleast a few minutes until I got the bird's pictures. but that was my mistake. After I took 3 photos I was nearly about to wet my pants. I squeezed my legs together as I took my last pictures. The bird was about to fly away so I knew I didn't have to wait that long. But now a little bit was trickling down my pants! I knelt to the floor holding my butt trying to prevent it from coming out anymore. But by now I couldn't even make it inside I just sat there crying while holding my butt. After about 5 minutes my husband came out to see if I was still out there and saw my mess. ME and my husband laugh about it now but I'm still quite embaressed

Jade, i think your ideas AHHH-MMAAAZZZING.

i live in canada, so maybe the climate won't work too well but in the summer and spring, that would just feel amazing! if i could i would so come over. (:


Our mall has been really busy with Christmas shoppers. With all the remodeling going on (which I've written about before) I think we've lost a couple of bathrooms, at least until our wing's work is done sometime next spring. It's like there's always a line in the bathrooms until like 8:30 or 9 at night. We now operate on extended hours until 10 p.m. I'm putting in like 6 hours an evening after school each day and I get at least 8 more on Saturday or Sunday. I don't mind the extra work because in January my hours will be cut back by more than a half. So right after school, before I catch the bus to the mall, I go into the bathroom and pee and try to crap, unless I've already crapped earlier that day. This is the easiest time to get a stall at school and while I'm often the only person in the bathroom, because of vandalism and smoking, the administration is coming in, telling us to finish up fast, and then locking the door when we leave. If I'm so stressed with the bathroom line between classes and at lunch, and I want to go before I get to the crowded and hectic bathrooms at the mall, I don't see anything wrong with me taking a leisurely crap or pee. Also, you might remember from my earlier postings, that since I work at a kiosk at the mall and my manager is really strict, I'm put down when she has to cover for me and she like times me when I'm gone. Well last night at school, I had been holding my crap for a couple of hours and I went in right away at 3:15, got into the first stall, and seated myself. I was about a minute away from dropping a two-dayer and because I had my I-pod on, I didn't hear the vice-principal come in and yell about clearing out. I was startled when I saw feet standing in front of my door and her pounding on the wooden door. Then I could see her eye looking in between the partition and the wall. I quickly took my music off and by then she was yelling for me to get done and leave so she could lock up. She said something about last time she heard every American home had a bathroom with running water and that's what I should use! Such sarcasm! I probably should have told her about the mall, but I started to cry because of her yelling and sarcasm. I pulled my underwear up, adjusted my jeans, and flushed, even though there was nothing in the bowl. She was standing directly in front of my stall leaning against the sinks when I opened the door and left. I didn't even stop to wash my hands because she would see me cry. I left the building by the nearest door and walked directly across the street to the gas station. The bathroom door was outside on the side of the station. The seat was cold compared to what we have at school and while the place seemed a lot dirtier, my crap came within my first minute on the stool and I wiped, flushed and got to the bus stop all within about 3 minutes. And there was one less thing I was going to have to worry about at the mall that evening.

ny girl.
So, I was listening to some music from Rent, which is one of my top Broadway shows I wish I've seen.
So this really has NOTHING to do with toilet matters... but in La Vie Boheme, this guy goes (well, sings) "Or do you really want a neighborhood\ Where people piss on your stoop every night?"

1)What do you guys do when you pee into a towel, whether it be for fun or at night when you can't make it?

I usually take a towlel, fold it, then sit and pee or aim or anything- but th point is I pee on it.
Depending on what I eat & drink, it'll smell so I hang it on a hook on the outside of my closet door, and when it starts 2 smell I spray it with ferbreeze or perfume. The next morning I'll wash it, and other clothes I've peed in.

your name ashley
i absoultley love it when i walk into the ladies room and i find a stall that is not flushed. i went to the mall today and me and my friend had to use the bathroom. i took a long shit. i didnt flush it. i thought that people should see my art work left in the toilet. i enourage all girls no matter what age to leave the toilets unflushed. its a goodd habit to get into.

Hi all, I'm a guy and I have a survey question for everyone. Lets say its morning and you know you'll need a poop in an hour or so. You sit on the toilet to try and get it out before leaving for work/school/whatever, what's your technique for getting it started when its "a little stubborn"?

I'll answer for myself. I usually take a deep breath and bear down, but not really hard. Then I take several breaths and pretend I'm blowing out a candle across the room. I repeat this several times and usually on the third or forth I get started.-- JW

super sophie
I'll share my first time I peed in a cup. Just in case you dont know I'm tall, slim, brunette with a good figure and large chest and I'm 19 years old.

Ny first time was actually pretty recent. I was 16 at the time and had a water infection. I knew I had to pee in a cup so I was wearing a dress. I walked into the doctors office and she told me to fill the cup. I did not have a screen but I were not too bothered. I took off my knickers and placed them on the chair, raised my skirt slightly and placed the cup betweem my legs. There was a slight delay and then my bladder just empited. The cup began to fill with my pee which was slightly red. Things were going well untill the cup got full and began to overflow. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there, letting the happen. The doctor saw everything but she didn't say anything, she just chuckled to herself. When my flow had finally ended there was a large wet spot on the floor and the cup was full to the brim. She gave me some tissue so I could wipe and then I threw it in the bin. I put on my knickers, said thankyou to the doctor and left her office.

So there you go, my first time peeing in a cup. It didn't quite go as planned but I really enjoyed the experience.

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