does anyone have any comments on the heights of a bathroom stall relative to the toilet seat height? One time, I looked in to a state park women's room and could clearly see all the way up the legs to the sides of the cheeks of an 18-22 yr. old girl who was plopping poop away into the toilet. Real interesting...

One of the posts about not being able to stop peeing reminded me about one time at camp this kid who was a bed wetter got tickled and started laughing and instead of just peeing a squirt and stopping, he couldn't stop and let it all go into his underwear and shorts. They were soaked and he had to go get changed. It was at dinner and everybody noticed him leaving with soaked shorts but some of us knew he wet his bed at night so it was like, oh.... yeah. I did a squirt one time or two, but always held it in. But maybe sometimes you just cant hold it in ?

I just got home from a bar in a desperate state absolutely bursting to pee! I started soaking my knickers as I got through the door and drenched the carpet! Does anyone know a good cleaner to get piss stains out of woven carpets? GOD I'M SO PISSED AND SO ARE MY PANTIES BYEEEEEEE

I sometimes walk home from work to lunch and as I did yesterday, the urge to take a dump hit me hard. I could sense it wasn't diarrhea, but the need was unusually strong. At one point, I had to stop on a street corner and just stand there, trying to keep control. At that moment, the muscles in my upper legs and pelvis filled with an unusual sensation. It was something halfway between a cramp and an ache, but strangely pleasurable. I made it to the house, went straight to the bathroom and sat down. I expected to poop with a vengeance but to my surprise, I had to push a bit to get things going. But once I did that, the most surprising thing happened. We all know how we can be aware of the poop as it leaves us. Well, that sensation was completely drowned by something else. I was filled all over for a few moments with such a strong feeling of pleasure that I couldn't help but moan seceral times. Thank goodness no one else was around. They would never have believed that I was getting so much satisfaction out of a dump. Before I flushed, I had a look at my production. It was one incredibly long jobbie of 16 inches, bent into a "U" and about 1.5 inches at the widest point, accompanied by several much shorter pieces ranging from 4 to 2 inches in length. Every now end then we all take a memorable dump. This one has to rank as my best of all time. May you have the same soon.

Saturday, May 16, 1998

Imagine this if you will. All three of the Hanson brothers sitting on toilets in stalls without doors, grunting. They are singing their next big hit song... Mmm- Plop.

To sara, yes I always have that problem when you start peeing you just cant stop. I was walking downtown on the weekend shopping at night when I really had to piss. Since there were no toilets, I decided to use an alley next to a building. I unzipped my jeans and started peeing. This woman walked by and did a doubletake. I tried to stop but it still gushed out. Also my average time for urinating is about 1 minute. my friend kate, once drinking about a fourth of a keg, peed almost 3 minutes in a club parking lot.

Interesting posts about fantasizing about Leonardo DiCaprio and the Backstreet Boys. I (a male) would love to see and hear ALYSSA MILANO straining on the toilet !!!!!!! :-)

Sara, I found out the hard way that I can't stop once I start peeing either. I was already pretty full and looking for a place to go, and suddenly my guy pinched my butt when I didn't expect it. He startled me, it started coming out, and I couldn't make it stop. Within seconds everything was wet, and I was totally helpless to stop. In fact, once it started it kept coming faster and more forcefully until I was empty. I usually pee quite a heavy and forceful stream, and this was all of that, my bladder seems to contract by reflex when I pee. Is this what happens to you?

Doug, when I have to pee I feel a pressure centered about one third of the way from my vagina to my belly button. It feels like someone is inside, pushing gently. It is not painful and I can usually hold it quite a while. I can just begin to see a visible bulge in my abdomen if I hold it for a very, very long time. If I do, the pressure is incredible when I finally go, if I do it sitting on a toilet, it sprays back up onto my bottom. If I do it standing, it is very forceful and loud, and the toilet winds up with a layer of foam in it.

Tom's right, the human body is designed in such a way that it assumes a squatting position for taking a dump, NOT a sitting position. An additional problem with chair-style toilets is if the seat is cold; the muscles contract and shitting becomes more difficult. So one of the best cures for constipation is: give up your chair-style toilet and go out and squat in the woods.

Currently, I am stopped up to the hilt, as I haven't passed a good movement in 5 days time...I am hoping that either tomorrow or the next day that I have a movement, but hopefully not at work, as I work at a gas station that is just a little kiosk--room for two, and a very tiny bathroom...It's too cramped to really sit down on the throne for any length of time...

Sara said that she only had a single 20p piece (as an aside, I think that is an extorionate amount to charge for having a pee) so only her friend could use the "superloo". There are at least 2 ways for people to "share" the 20p, you can either go in together or the second person goes in when the first comes out. I know that they are quite small inside, but I have seen two people go in together on quite a few occasions, and a couple of time I have seen three.

Some excellent posts recently. I especially liked the post by pooper-snooper about his girlfriend kyra. What kind of conversation were you making while you were shaving and she was shitting? I would also like to know if you ever discussed being in the bathroom with her after the first time you watched her, or did this just sort of develop further without really talking about it? I had an excellent experience at work recently. I no longer work at the place I described before, where I could listen to women in the other stall through a vent. As a result, I have been a little disappointed, but last week a woman I had seen only a few times before went into a bathroom. I wailted in the next bathroom for her to come out. I heard her pulling on the roll of paper rather quickly and assumed that she had just peed, but when she flushed twice I figured she may have shit. I was very pleased when I went in the bathroom to find that she had really smelled up the bathroom, although everything had unfortunately flushed down. To Moira: I loved the story about the woman who brought only 2 pairs of underwear, and soiled one pair. To Jill: For me, the fascination with sounds of a woman using the toilet, especially defecating, is that it is part of the whole process of a woman using the toilet. In the situations I described I would love to have watched also, but being a work situation of course that would be hard to accomplish. Take care, Duke

I recently had a house guest and had an interesting ( to me) experience. I have two bedrooms each with its own bathroom. I have been really busy lately and had not taken the time to stock up the guest bathroom with everything that should have been in it. I told my guest ( male) that if he needed anything to look in my bathroom. We got home one afternoon and I went in to try to take a dump. I had been constipated for several days and even though I didn't have a great urge to go I decided to try. I sat down with my pants and jockey shorts down around my ankles and started to strain and grunt. After about 10 minutes of hard work with no results I decided to use a suppository to get the process started. I was standing at the medicine cabinet with my pants and shorts still around my ankles looking for the suppositories when my guest came around the corner asking for some soap for the shower. He jumped back when he saw me, but I told him no big deal. It didn't bother me at a! ll. I explained to him that I was constipated and looking for a suppository. I then handed him a bar of soap for the shower. He hesitated at the door so I started talking to him about how miserable I was from being constipated. He stood in the doorway while I took a suppository from the jar and inserted it. I sat on the toilet for a minute and then told him that it would take some time for it to make me go to the bathroom and I got up, pulled up my shorts and pants, flushed then washed my hands. We both walked out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and into the livingroom. I have to admit that I was enjoying what had happened and was wondering if I could take it any further. I thought it was neat that he knew that I was constipated and that I had a suppository melting in me as we talked. He didn't seem in any hurry to take a shower so we talked for about a half hour before I told him that the suppository was working and that I needed to go to the bathroom. I told h! im that he could check in for a progress report if he was interested. I went into the bathroom dropped my pants and shorts and sat down. I immediatley ejected what was left of the suppository and started straining to do more. After about a minute I started pusing out some extremely hard cannonballs. I continued to grunt and strain as my stools were extremely dry and hard. After a second wave of shitting I was resting for a minute when my friend came to the bathroom door ( which I had conveniently left open) to see how I was doing. I told that I was having a hard time but that I was going. He leaned up against the door so I figured he wanted to watch. I started to strain and grunt and eventually produced another wave of hard cannonballs. I must have worked for at least 15 minutes before I felt like I was emptied out. He kept commenting on how much it must hurt and how hard of a time I was having. He also said that he never got constipated. He stayed for several more! days and we did not have a repeat of what had happened on that one day. I did leave the door open just in case. I love the stories here. Anyone else here use suppositories? I have used them since I was about 15 years old.

I have read with great intrest all your poop stories- I do not feel so strange. I love to have my boyfriend watch me poop. I believe he really enjoys it too. He loves the way I fart when ever I need too, and I caught him listening to me poop one day and I invite him in, he got very erect, while I farted and pooped and finally I asked him to wipe my fanny, just to joke- but he did and then we made fantastic sex! I joke I poop on him one day-I think he like that too. If only he knew that I listen to him poop too...I tell him one day.

Silent Spice: The girl you asked about, I have'nt seen for over 20 years. We both share(d) a wild and wacked out sense of humor which was our main attraction to each other. Happy Camper: It sounds to me like you and I should be 1st cousins at least!! Everything you mentioned and talked about is me all over again. I don't have any good pictures though. My wife is still hesitant, and I don't want to push her into anything she dose'nt want to do. I have a feeling that she's waiting for me to ask her to do a BM for me. She's a real handsome woman and the idea of it, even right now, is making me crazy! To answer your question directly, she dose'nt slam the door in my face or torment me. We still have a few hurdles to go over though. That's ok, because I love her more than anything, and she's worth the wait!...
Phillipe: Please post your stories. I'm sure that they will be exciting, how could they not be? I have gone out with many ladies, most of which are a story in their own, and have enjoyed these "pooping adventures" as you say. I still have more stories that I will share later. Duke: I never really had any memorable conversations with Kyra in the bathroom, because she was so exciting, it was all I could do to keep my legs sturdy! Also, if I talked very much, I'd miss out on her great sound effects. She had a thing about going no.2, and would get highly embarrassed by the smell she'd make. I'd always have to say things like "I don't even notice it." So I could stick around. Pretty soon we got to be real comfortable with each other, and played some marvelous games. She did a real big one just for me one time, and I'll never forget it!! Whenever I was in there with her I'd get so hard I thought I was going to pop the buttons on my 501's! She'd notice it too, and liked it. So, I guess that was my "Carte Blanche" into the bathroom with her whenever she did her big ones. Bye all!

Kevin L
When I was in school I was a cook at a restaurant. After working long hard days in the summer a number of employees would stay after closeing and drink a few beers. One night a waitress had polaroid camera and we were goofing around taking pictures of each other because the end of summer was near and we would be going back to school. Bonnie one of the waitresses in her late twenties said she needed to go to the bathroom so she went in the employees bathroom. We decided to take a picture of her sitting on the toilet. I fortunatly was the picture taker. Della and I went in to the girls room and Della said to Bonnie "hurry up I have to pee really bad and I can't wait" Bonnie answered you will have to because I am taking a shit. Bonnie did not know I was in the bathroom, and at that time I herd a plop in the toilet. Della quickly opend the stall door ( there was no latch) and there was Bonnie sitting on the toilet with her skirt hiked up and her white coton panties below her knees! . I got a good picture, Bonnie seemed kind of shocked at first then got up off the toilet with her panties down and closed the stall door. I showed her the picture later and she actually laughed. Unfortunately I gave her the picture. Welcome new posters, I really like the stories of pooper-snooper and his girlfriend.

I've discovered this site and it seems just what I've been looking for since the old "WaterSports Forum" closed. To be honest that was too much about sex anyway, so this is better. Just (fast) read all old postings. Some postings have appeared more than once; and some contributors are hard to believe, I think they're using a little imagination! Perhaps a bit too much poop and too little pee for my liking, and too many messed clothes, but - hell - we're all different aren't we? Anmyway, my preference is for stories of people having to improvise to pee in inconvenient circumstances. Some element of embarrassment and/or desperation is nice too. I have similar stories to tell - as anyone who remembers Trevor of WSF will know.

I am still in shock and amazement at finding this site and these stories. I am another one of those people who thought he was the only one who had this interest and fascination with going to the bathroom, especially #2. I have spent the past few days reading all of the old posts and I feel like some of you are already friends. I will return often to this site and will make some contributions soon. Right now, quite frankly I am too blown away at the thought that you are all out there to settle down and write about any specific experiences although I have many to share. More later!

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Silent Spice
Pooper-Snooper: Is that girl from Art school still with you?? Or did she move away?? Sorry I just wanted to know.

Wouldn't it be great if all of the guys needed to dump and you ladies would only need to pee? Especially, when you are in a public restroom.

Sara asked about stopping after starting to pee. The one time I pissed my pants as an adult I did this. I was driving somewhere to set up my tripod and camera and take some pictures. I had driven about an hour and a half and was pretty full. No gas station was found in this residential neighborhood leading to the top of a hill. But I was in no way desparate so I knew I could wait. I got to the top of the hill and found a parking slot. There were many people at this well-known lookout over San Francisco (Twin Peaks). I opened the trunk, bent over to pick up the tripod and I felt pee flowing out of me. I tightened my sphincters and stopped the flow but it began again immediately. I must have let three or four squirts out before I was able to gain control. I had a nice-sized wet spot on my crotch, but I proceeded to take the pictures. Later I whizzed in a gas station toilet, and laid in the sun to let the wet spot dry out. There was no pain in cutting off the flow, just irritation that I could not hold it shut. Fluidity

To Sara: Please forgive a guy for commenting on your question about the girl in the photo at the top of the page. It's not for me to judge the ease or difficulty of changing tampons on any type of toilet. I just wanted to clarify that the user doesn't "sit" on one of these, but rather squats, with the thighs resting on the calves, just as you would if you went in the woods. It seems a bit strange to us in places where we use a chair-style toilet, but I have used the squat types in several countries and can tell you that it can be a very relaxing position. Some say that it's also a more natural posture for taking a dump and results in more complete elimination. You see these all over the Near and Far East, and in parts of South America and Europe, especially France and Italy (although they have chair types there, too). So, Sara, can a squatting position also be good for changing?

I liked Harry's post about the Church youth group leader doing a motion. He states that this man had an erection when he opened the door and thinks it was because he was thinking about the pretty girls in his youth group. That could be so, but I think the reason is closer to our common interest. Harry describes the sound effects as the youth leader did his motion and "plops!" followed by a loud "kersploosh!" would suggest that he did quite a big jobbie and some smaller lumps. That being so his erection was more likely caused by passing the big solid turd as this is often the cause of erections owning to its pressing through the rectum against the prostate gland. This is also a physically pleasurable sensation and I know that from an early age, about 5 if not earlier, I experienced this effect whenever I did a big solid fat jobbie and I trace my coprophiliac atttiudes to then. My friend George also had the same experiences from when he was a kid. As regards "buddy dumping" which Harry mentions in earlier posts. I have also done this since primary (grade) school days and did so with George when we met up and discovered that we were both into defection when we were both about 11. I also used to "buddy dump" my jobbies on top of my mother's turds when they didnt flush properly from our toilet pan, but of course she wasn't aware of this as far as I know. If I was in the house and knew she was going to do a motion I'd hold mine in, listen to her performance, and then go after her. Like Harry I often found that if I heard someone else doing a motion I would also need to go shortly afterwards even if I hadn't felt I needed a jobbie beforehand. Other readers have remarked about this effect in previous posts. I wonder if this is like the way that many people need to pee if they hear running water sounds. It would certainly be a pleasent way to relieve constipation listening to a tape of someone, (in my case an attractive woman! ) passing some really large , fat solid jobbies with resounding "kur-sploosh!" and "ker-plonk!" sounds.

To Pooper-Snooper: Waow... First, your two stories with Kyra, then the one with that girlfriend that you did not name, but with whom you were playing these photographic games..Cool. You seem to enjoy quite a career in pooping adventures. I was thinking for quite a while writing my own accounts with girls here and there (these would be pretty long posts, and I am not sure I'll ever find the time), but I don't know if I'll ever be able to match the excitement of your stories. Philippe

To Celeste, Sara and others: My ex couldn't stop peeing once she'd started which could be embarrassing if anyone came along. She used to say, it's allright for you males you can just stop. I've since learned (from a nurse) that although males can stop midstream, they shouldn't because it's a sure way to pick up infections (a result of the sucking-back effect as you stop). So, whatever the circumstances, always finish what you've started!

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Happy Camper
To Pooper-Snooper: You didn't finish your story. What happened with you and your wife after you came out of the water closet? Did she change and start to accommodate your needs? Or does she continue to torment you by slamming the bathroom door shut in your face? I have the same problem with my wife. It took her over 10 years before she felt comfortable peeing in front of me. Now she never closes the door to pee unless our son is around. It's been a real challenge with her with the pooping. She knows I'm into it, but not to the extent I am. She doesn't know that I spend time on the pooping web sites, and that I have pictures hidden in my files of women on the throne. She is very hesitant about pooping in front of me, although she occasionally does. It's a real turn on. One of these days I am going to tell her everything and share this web (and others) site with her with the pictures and all, and tell her that bathroom doors torment me. I know the day of reckoning is coming soon, because we are starting to look at new homes, and all the new homes today stick the master bathroom toilet in its own claustrophobic room. In the privacy of my own house, I would never use a toilet that is hidden away in a cramped little room of its own. I think that the toilet should have equal status with the shower and tub, and be right out in the open. I really do enjoy my wife company when taking a good dump. I never close the door, but she doesn't come in much when I am dumping. A couple of weeks ago, she had something important to tell me when I came home from work, so I asked her to keep me company while I take a dump. She sat on the bed which gives a great view of the bathroom and kept her eyes on me during the whole process, including the three wipes. I really enjoyed this. I will never give up until the day that my wife enjoys taking a poop in front of me as much as I enjoy taking one in front of her.

Does anybody here take a dump like "clockwork"? In other words, every day at almost the exact same time each day...I knew a couple of guys that did. They did so three times daily, seven days a week for years. One other that I knew, was a church youth group leader would have to take a dump before the meeting started. He would get everyone together to start the meeting, have one person lead everyone in some songs, and while that was going on, he would slip out to the men's room at the church and proceed to take a dump. I only know it for the fact that I had left my Bible on top of the toilet tank one time, while blowing my nose in the bathroom and left it there. When I realized where it was at, I went to go get it, but couldn't, because the youth group leader was taking his dump at the time. When I walked into the restroom, he was letting go with a movement that went "Plop, plop, plop, Kersploosh! Fart! Plop, plop", and then a big sigh of relief. At that point I knocked on the stall door and asked for my Bible. He opened the door and handed it to me. The quick glance that I got when he opened the door was that he had his jeans down to his ankles and had one of the largest erections I had ever seen while he was sitting there, so I know he had something else on his mind when I interrupted him...I have my suspicions that he was fantasizing about some of the older teenage girls, as there were some very attractive ones in the group...

A quick story. About 5 years ago I was going out with a girl who was not shy about her bathroom habits. We were at the beac hand she said she had to go so we went to a public toilet and she sat down. Up until now I though she had to pee only but she pushed for a second then dropped a huge log followed by a fart and 7 or 8 smaller logs. Each of them made a nice "plop" sound until the last few which landed on the first ones. She seemed to like me watching and tried to do some more but it was not to be so she wiped and we went back to the beach. More stories to come! Keep posting, especially Pooping Girl and Moira.

I remember a time when I was at art school, and there was this girl in one of my classes who I had a huge crush on. We had gone out a couple of times, and we liked each other alot. Anyway, we were house-sitting for a friend out in the country and were there for a weekend. As soon as we arrived, we headed straight for the guest room and made love. Afterward, we were sitting around listening to music and drinking beer that they had left for us. She drank about 4 or 5 bottles. (I remember because she was lining them up). I excused myself, and said that I had to go to the bathroom. She was sitting on the couch, starting to get the giggles, and said "I'm gonna time you!" and I said "ok." I had to go pretty bad, and as soon as I sat down on the toilet, there was success. I squeezed out a couple of fat ones. One hit the bowl so hard and loud that it splashed water up on my butt. She was outside the door, and I heard her giggling as she said "Oooh, I heard that one!" A few minutes passed, when all of a sudden, she came bursting in through the door with a polaroid camera in her hand and yelled "SURPRISE!!" and blinded me with a flash bulb. Yes, I was very surprised. She was laughing so hard that I thought she was going to drop her camera! She then hopped up onto the sink counter, and waited for the picture to develop. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there with my long legs stradling the toilet, feeling a little embarrassed, and surrounded by smell, with a giggling girl watching me. She held up the picture for me to see, and said "I'm gonna call this one "My guy taking a killer shit!" So, I plopped out another one, and she started in with her giggling again, and held her no! se with her thumb and forefinger and said "Uh-Oh, El-Stinko!" and said "I'm getting out of here!" As she turned to run, I reached out and grabbed ahold of one the belt loops in her jeans, and she was yelling things like "help, help! I can't breathe! Air! Air!" I let go, and she went running out into the next room. I continued on with my job, and was reaching for the toilet paper, when I caught a glimpse of her peeking in through the crack in the door. I looked up and said "Now what?" and she said, "I'm gonna get a picture of you wiping your butt." She finally settled down after that and said "I'm just kidding, I'll leave you alone now." and she did. It must've been one of those days. I did enjoy that toilet game though, as I returned the favor by busting in on her the next day when she had to poop. She must have enjoyed the game too, because to this day, I still don't know where that picture is. Who knows, maybe it'll turn up here! Bye all.

tell some wetting experiences newbie

Some Guy
Sara- Most people can stop peeing after they start, but as Jim Carrey said in "Dumb and Dumber" IT STINGS! (That was the part where they were making a getaway in the van and Jim Carrey had to pee in empty beer bottles because Jeff Daniels didn't want to stop the car)

Just last week I had was hurting. I started feeling a pain in my lower back. Unknown to me, it was actually a kidney stone, and I was at work when it hit. Ended up leaving work early to drive (very difficult at this point) to the hospital. After about 3 hours of intense pain, it ended with them telling me that I had (or just recently passed) a kidney stone. That evening I had the worst case of diahrrea in my life - it felt more like piss coming out of my ass.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

To answer Doug's question, when I have the urge to pee, I feel a kind of pressure just above my vagina like something heavy is pressing down on me. I do not feel pain like Sara does but it is a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling. This pressure seems to intesify for as long as I wait before peeing. I have often waited until I had to dance around or cross my legs. The flow really comes out loud and fast if the need has been really urgent while it comes out slow and silent in the instances when I don't have to go so bad. Silent Spice, don't be embarassed by the fact that you are 18 years old and still fantasize about the Backstreet Boys going to the bathroom, I am 24 and I still think about Leo doing that.

Redneck's posting about the boy scout camp brought back memories for me. I was also in the cub scouts and boy scouts from 8 until I was about 14 or so. Every year in Summer I went to camp for a week at a site they used outside Glasgow. In my time the early 1960s the toilet facilities were as primitive as he describes a couple of flush toilets and a long smelly urinal, so the toilets were as dirty and smelly as "Pottyboy" describes. As a result many of the lads didn't use them . Some of the Scout Troops dug latrines but these were just as bad becoming ridden with blowflys. Many of us prefered to go in the bushes and while this was officially against the rules it was condoned with some of the adults, Scoutmasters and Cubmistresses doing likewise.

I soon found a kindred spirit in a lad called Steve who was in another troop from the next area in Glasgow. I needed a motion one day after lunch when we had an hour or so free time so went off into the woods to do my jobbie. I saw this lad who was about 11 at the time like myself heading the same way and it soon transpired that our intentions were similar. Steve was wearing a kilt, quite common in Scots Scouts then and now and interestingly when he lifted it I saw he wore GIRLS' navy blue cotton brief underpants ubderneath (knickers as we call them in the UK) not the usual boys y-front briefs which were more common in those days. I wore these (girls' knickers) myself so this was another thing we had in common and its not unusual in Scotland for men and boys to wear these under a kilt for greater warmth and modesty then and now.

Steve squatted, holding his kilt up round his waist. Although he was quite a skinny kid he sure passed a whopper! Not wanting to use the very smelly toilets on the campsite he had been holding it in for about 3 days and did it all in one long fat jobbie of about 12 inches long which I heard make the cracking sound as it slowly came out. I also noticed he had an erection after he did it. I passed my own motion when he had finished next to his, mine being of a similar size but curved where his was carrot shaped. Thereafter we "buddy dumped" together.

We also watched one of the Cubmistresses doing a motion. She was a rather fat woman about 55 or so. We had seen her slip away into the woods carrying a toilet paper roll so we ran ahead and waited for her. As we watched she hitched up her knee length pleated green skirt revealing her big pair of pale blue cotton briefs and squatted. We heard her grunting "OO! OO! OO!" the saw two fat turds drop out of her fat buttocks they were about 7 inches long each, fat and nobbily, the typical slightly constipated motion that many women produce, we went over and had a good look at her jobbies when she had gone. Any other readers got stories of such experiences at Boy Scout Camp, Girl Scout or Guide Camp or Summer Camp?

To that person wondering about the photo at the start of this site of the lady squatting over something...Yes, that is a Japanese style toilet...If you have ever seen the movie, "Mr. Baseball", starring Tom Selleck, there is a scene where Selleck asks in the team locker room where the toilet is as he said that he needed to take a shit...One of his teammates points to the fixture built into the floor, and he makes a reply about having to take a shit in that, while pointing to it...

PARALYZED PEOPLE KNOW WHEN THEY NEED TO USE TOE BATHROOM A while back I talked to a paralyzed woman. She said she had no feeling in her legs and lower area due to a spinal injury. She said her legs felt as if they were asleep, pins and needles> I then asked her if she could tell if and when she needed to use the bathroom. She said that knew when she had the urge to go, the sensation was internal. The pins and needles must have be external. I bet if she has to dump real bad she wound be less able to hold it because she could not squeeze her but cheeks together.

Glenn, if you read my posts and those of others (Keith being the most recent example) you will realize that many straight guys do take an interest in other guys on the toilet. I think it's because we enjoy a good dump ourselves that we are fascinated by what other guys are doing on the toilet.

Alex: I read with interest your last post. I guess I am the same as you, as when I go for a pee I usually have to wait about 5 to 10 seconds after sitting down before starting to pee. The only exception to this is when I am desperate, in which case I can start to pee as soon as I sit down. When I say desperate I mean DESPERATE (nearly peeing myself!) otherwise it still takes a few seconds. Untill you mentioned this I had never given it a second thought. I went out to a sunday market at the weekend, and as it was warm (best day of the year so far?) I bought a bottle of lemonade. Without thinking about it I must have drunk most of this. The bottle was about 1 litre. Well, after putting all this liquid into my body, it decided it needed to come out. I looked for a toilet, but there were none about. This market is held in a field outside our town. I soon needed to pee quite badly, so I told my 2 freinds I was with. We decided to leave the market & make our way home. As we drove back into town we stoped at the bus station, where we knew there were toilets. The toilet block was closed, but there was an automatic toilet (one of those French things) there. As we only had one 20p peice between us, & both Jayne & myself needed to go, I decided to let Jayne use the toilet. I walked up an alleyway & squated to pee there.As I was peeing I noticed that my pee was splashing onto my jeans & knickers, I tried to stop but was unable to. I have found that once I start to pee, I am unable to stop untill I have finished. Does any one else have this problem?

Monday, May 11, 1998

Today, I was thinking about my boy scout days when I was in Jr. High. Every Summer, we went to camp around lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana which is camp Ransburg. it was a pretty neat place. You had many camp sites spread around and then there was an area that had the mess hall, store, administration offices, and a pond. Also there was the troop showers which had 2 separate large commumal shower rooms and in between was a trough to pee in and a Flushable Toilet. The camp sites had hole in the grounds for latrines. ----- After meals, the toilet in the troop showers had many users since it was the only decent toilet to take a dump in the whole camp. There were many times I go there to take a shit and 65% of the time, there is someone there. I would usually stick around until the other guy is finished and then it is my turn. One time, I had to go real bad and as soon as another guy was done and off the toilet and zipping his pants, my drawers were down and my ass on the toilet. It was one good dump with a lot of plops and farting. The other guy hung around and shot the bull with me as I have done when I went in there other times. ----- I kind of miss my days being a kid which included the joking around and bathroom "games". Life sometimes is too serious these days.

Craig,what are you talking about? I can see a straight guy being curious and into watching women on the john, but other males, I DON'T think so. Any comments?

It seems every time I have to pee, it lasts for at least a minute or so. I feel like a freak!! I started noticing when I was 14. I'm 19 now and the problem still exists. Does anyone else suffer from any similar expierences.

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