ny girl.
I have a pee story.

I had to pee. (Great opener, huh? ;) So I went to the bathroom, and I didn't feel like peeing in the toilet... to me it seems like a waste of pee!
My attic is huge, but there's one problem- the stairs are right next to the toilet.
So I pulled my panties to the side and let 'er rip. At frist I actually only dribbled, but then I let loose.
My pee created a huge puddle on the carpet of the stair, and dripped to the next stair, etc etc.

SOoo good.
As for cleanup, I soaked the pee up with TP and cleaned it with wet TP.
No smell, even though I ate a lot of shit that day, haha.

I heard Larry King fart on his CNN television program. He didn't seem embarrased.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry Melissa, I haven't reached your pages yet, I'm on page 130 so I hope I will reach you soon. I've noticed that since around page 70 the entries are beginning to read much more like the present ones. They were a bit different at the beginning.

I also read the most recent pages of course and I posted a few times but at least 2 of the posts never appeared so I wonder if I am breaking any rules?

I really enjoy finding new vocabulary related to this topic, I am French and my English is probably correct but I have been finding some amazing phrases on this site. Thanks to all those who write so colourfully.

My own loo life is not very interesting at present, motions can be painful as I have a haemorrhoid at the entrance to my bottom. I've tried borsa, scheriproct, proctosedyl and others and they work for a few days but never permanently. Some of the old posts came from people who wonder why other people spend so long on the loo. Well, I like to stay a long time when I can as I hate to push, I prefer to wait. I usually text my friends while waiting. After a while I feel something and then a motion comes out, so it's worth the long wait, perhaps....

Thanks to all. Someone should edit a book on all these entertaining and educational stories. But Jane, try not to distort the truth too much! Love from Emmi

Hot Chick Heidi
Last night I actually had an accident in my bed for the first time since I was little. Ever since the accident at the bus station on Friday I havent been feeling too great, and having a heavy period doesnt help things. Last night I felt like I needed to poop so I sat down on the toilet for about 30 minutes and nothing came out, so I just turned in around 9 and went straight to sleep. I was a little worried about still having to use the bathroom, but I knew I could get up and go like I had hundreds of times before. That night I had a dream that I was rushing through a crowd to go to the restroom and I made it to a toilet and took care of my business. But it wasnt all a dream. I woke up around 3 am to a huge mess and terrible smell. I had filled my panties up with a lump of poop, and some of it had leaked out onto my nighty and onto my bedsheet. The poop had also moved my pad out of position, so I had dribbled some blood on the sheets and my panties as well. I was so embarrased! I couldnt believe what I had done to myself. I had rolled around a few times during the night, and I felt the poop pressed up in my butt crack, and even some in the crotch and the front of my panties. I went to the restroom and wiped the lumps out of my panties, and gave my bottom a few wipes with a wet nap and then with some regular toilet paper. Some of the poop had dried up on my cheeks and the only way I got it off was with the wet naps. I changed my poop-filled pad and panties, threw all of my dirty clothes in the washer along with my diry bedsheet. I wanted everything to be clean before anyone else in the house woke up and questioned me about what happened. I went back to sleep, but it definately wasnt a sound one. I had to wake up to take the clothes out of the washer and again to get them out of the dryer. When I woke up this morning everything was clean and there was no evidence of what I had done to myself the previous night. I was so lucky.

I have been producing a bit less lately (poos), so I did a prune juice flush this morning...yes it really worked but I think I have more to go. Prune juice has a distinctive smell when it is pooed out but I did not detect it when I went. I did pass a very big soft movement.
Next question...has anybody had their arse waxed and if so has it made wiping easier???

Keith D
Just another question, do you ever do poos in public toilets? Or have you been constipated and done a poo in one? I don't have a problem doing poos in public toilets but I've never gone in them when I'm backed up.

Hi Linda from Australia. After I've been struggling to poop for a few days, I find that my poop log gets hard and knobbly. The head that comes out first is dark brown and made up of lots of hard little balls loosely packed together. The tail is usually lighter brown and smooth (fresher poop, I guess). The whole thing is really slow to pass. It takes a lot of pushing to get started and get my hole to open so that the tip of the log pokes out. As soon as it does poke out, a little ball breaks off and splashes into the water, allowing my hole to pinch closed again and undoing all my hard work in getting the poo to poke out. I have to start pushing all over again, just to have another little ball drop and the log slip back up inside. After a few of these frustrating little nuggets and some persistant pushing, I finally get enough of the head out for the rest of the log to slide. The smooth tapering tail moves the fastest. I'm usually only a single-log guy, not counting the little droplets that fall first.

I do poop in public toilets and in the shared toilets at work. I still use public toilets even when I know that I'm going to struggle. I need to try even when I get the slightest urge or it might not return. There is less privacy in a public toilet though. I don't worry about the time that I take (up to 20 minutes just trying) but I am a bit more conscious about the sound I make (my farts and dry and squeeky when my log is old and dry and tight) and I have trouble finding a comfortable position with other people around and feel that I need to sit very upright with my feet flat on the floor. In that position, I find it much harder to push poop out and I usually only get out a few thin, hard scratchy strips of poop out. They feel all scratchy inside of me and move very slowly. I sometimes need to jiggle backwards and forwards on the seat to shake the poop loose. The movement stretches my ring around a little and helps work it out.

And no, poop doesn't feel as good coming out when it's dry and scratchy. I also prefer it when my logs are big and well-formed.

Linda, do you ever poop at work?

1. Are you male or female? male
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ? thick
3. Age: younger than 18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ ? 15
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? cereal, pb&j and anything
5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? 5
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop? yes
7. How big are your turds normally? bigg enough to make me constipated
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? (medicine, constipation, large fiber intake, special occasion like Thanksgiving) medicine and fiber
9. Do you poop at work? i dont work
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates? sometimes
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease?
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small? yes
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user? surprize the next person
14. How many times do you fart per day on average? a lot
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone? no

1. Are you male or female? Female female
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ? Thin thin
3. Age: younger than 18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ ? 18-30 yes my name is molly and i'm 10
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? nothing usually sometimes a tastykake

5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? Around 5
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop? Yes
7. How big are your turds normally? around 12'inches
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? certain foods not certain which ones i know hot dogs defnetely.
9. Do you poop at work? Yes no i go to school and at school yes everyday
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates? no
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease no
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small? No
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user? No
14. How many times do you fart per day on average? it varies
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone? No

pee guy
I was wondering if anyone (esp girls) would share about the first time they peed in a cup like for the doctor? Did they tell you what to do and you did it you're self or did you need help? where did they have you do it? How did you do it?

Thanks and maybe I will post about the first time I had to

Hello Everyone!
Mary Ellen-Great story although the whole thing does seem a bit weird and innapropriate.

Richard- I wanted to take your survey, although the story I am recalling is about an intentional "accident." I will tell it anyway. I was probably 4 or 5 and at my grandmas house to swim. Now i was and still am extremly shy about going to the bathroom. I dont like to tell anyone,even my family when I have to go and hate when others hear me going or know that I am. So anyways i had to pee really badly but didnt want to let my grandma know. I was wearing my one piece bathing suit and standing in her living room. I knew i wouldnt be able to make it home without peeing myself so i decided to just let go right where i was standing. my logic was that since i was still wet and dripping from the pool, no one would know i was peeing. I know it was pretty dumb. I even said something like, "Look how much Im dripping," which only brought nore attention to myself. now it was obviously pee and not water because I wasnt that wet and a it was a pretty thick stream that suddenly started and stopped. Im sure my grandma and dad knew, but they didnt say anything. i still remember how good it felt to just let go like that.
Besides that instance i have never peed my pants anywhere. I have pretty good bladder control. Ive never even wet the bed.
But this does bring me to my next topic of people who pee for a long time, like 5 or so minutes. Even when i have to pee really bad, I never go for more than like 15 seconds. My stream is just thicker and more powerful and comes out faster. When i dont really need to pee that badly it slowly trickles out in one stream. But when im dying for a piss it breaks off into muliple streams and comes full force. Just thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

Cornfield Pottier
The treehouse is about 15 feet off the ground, so the window is probably about 18 feet off the ground. Nothing much interesting has happened lately, but if anything does happen you'll be the first to know!

Hi Guys. My name is Hope. Im 20 years old and live in New York. Im relativley new to this website. My friend Francesca(Hey girl) told me about it so i thought I would check it out. I have always had bladder control issues and extreme anxiety when it came to going to the bathroom. Anyways I have lots of stories, but I will tell you the one most imprinted in my brain.

When i was 5 years old I went to live with my big brother Max. He is 15 years older than I am and became my legal gaurdian because of issues with my parents. He is an amazing brother and my best friend in the world.
Max owns a cabin up in Vermont. We usually drive up there a lot to go skiing and snowboarding and such. Well once day when I was about six we decided to drive up with Max's friends Bryce and Mac. We all took Mac's truck. I was still a little uncomfortable around them. They were 21 year old guys who werent used to having a little girl around. About half way through the drive we were on this stretch of deserted highway when Macs truck broke down. He called a tow truck who said they were on their way but would be awhile due to the extreme snow. I had to pee very badly but didnt want to admit to these guys. But after about 30 minutes I was in agony. I was also very prone to bladder infections and was under strict orders from the doctor not to hold it snymore. I whispered to Max that I had to go to the bathroom and he told me that i didnt have many options. He said we were probably going to be stranded for awhile and my best bet was to go outside by the isde of the truck. I refused up and down but he dragged me out anyway. He had me stand behind the truck where Bryce and Mac couldnt see and told me to go. I really didnt want to. He said I could try and hold it but he knew me and knew that i couldnt. I started to cry. I had to pee so badly and felt so uncomfortable. he knelt down to my level and hugged me. He said he knew i was embarrassed but wouldnt it be more embarrasing to wet my pants in the truck. i agreeded. He showed me how to squate down holding onto the tire for support. The he turned he back to me and stood so he blocked my view of the main road shoudl anyone drive by. It took me awhile to start to go because i was nervous and it was bitterly cold. But once i started, I couldnt stop. The pee rushed out of me puddling at me feet melting the snow belowe and staining it yellow. when i was done I asked him what I was supposed to wipe with. He went and grabbed a napkin from the glove compartment. I heard him yelling at the guys not to give me a hard time or say a word. He handed me the napkin, i wiped and then wanted to know what i was supposed to do with the napkin. He told me to just leave it on theground but i cried again saying that it was littering and everyone would know whqat i did. I made such a big fuss he sighed, grabbed the napkin, and shoved it in his pcoket just to shut me up.
The guys were all really nice and understanding when we got back in the truck. The tow truck eventually came and the rest of the trip waas uneventful. Later MAx was doing wash and found the napkin in his pccket. He still teases me about it to this day.

Michelle - I liked your story of you and your sister. Best part was helping her so mom didn't find out. Can't wait to hear how she gets you back!

Samantha - great story about your post Thanksgiving Day dumps. I like the way you're always so detailed in talking about your dumps. It was also cool that you and your roommate were able to talk and joke so freely about your farting. I used to know 3 girls in work who would eat lunch together and they would often discuss farting. It kind of suprised me as they would do so out in the open where others could overhear. Occasionally, you would see one of them lift their butt, apparently to let out a fart. There were also some times when they would burst out laughing and one of them would apologize, saying that was a bad one but I was never sure if that meant noise or smell.

Brandi - I enjoyed your story too. Glad you were able to get rid of the load after having to hold it.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been pooping twice a day for the last 2 or 3 days and its been fantastic!! I feel so much better if I can drop a load before work. I also love coming home and relaxing on the toilet while doing a big poo. I have been trying to make my dumps last longer by not pushing or straining too much because I love the feeling of my anus being stretched - apart from when I'm constipated, then it hurts and its uncomfortable.

To Keith D: I find that if I've gone a day or two without pooping, my load is smaller but I go several times a day after being constipated. I can't get all the poo out in one sitting so I find that I have to go back a 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th time. A couple of weeks ago, I went almost 2 days without pooping and when I finally did go, I went back 5 more times during that day. I only got a small amount out each time and the turds were rock hard and skinny.

When you are having trouble pooping, do you get lots of rock hard balls of poo? This happens to me when I'm having a hard time. I also find that I often get skinnier logs when I'm backed up but they hurt more coming out than some of the big ones. Does this happen to you?

Just another question, do you ever do poos in public toilets? Or have you been constipated and done a poo in one? I don't have a problem doing poos in public toilets but I've never gone in them when I'm backed up.

I wasn't going to write again since I have realised that this board is almost exclusively about poo so my experiences might be of no interest. However, one person did ask if I would tell more so I have eventually decided to do so.

After that incident of wetting my knickers when I was 16 it was many years before I had another accident. I did have the occasional little leak when I had to hold on until I was quite desperate but I guess lots of people have that slight wetting now and again. My marriage broke up just over five years ago. I was very stressed by it all and I suppose that is why one morning I woke up to find I had wet the bed. That was something that had not happened since I was very young and it hasn't happened again.

After a few months, I started to get myself together again and began going out with friends and to the occasional party. I started to drink quite bit though never enough to get drunk. Quite often by the time I reached home I would be bursting and have to dash straight to the loo, sometimes just making it in time. I suppose it was almost inevitable but one night I was even more desperate than usual. There was nowhere to go and I wet myself some way short of the house. I remember blushing even though nobody knew. About 18 months later it happened again and I soaked my knickers as I was struggling to unlock the door.

Friday, December 12, 2008

1. Are you male or female? Female
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ? Thin
3. Age: younger than 18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ ? 18-30
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Anything meaty

5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom? Around 6-8
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop? Yes
7. How big are your turds normally? around 7"
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? (medicine, constipation, large fiber intake, special occasion like Thanksgiving) Not really
9. Do you poop at work? Yes
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates? Yes
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease? I have not switched
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small? No
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user? No
14. How many times do you fart per day on average? 18
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone? No

super sophie
Hey all again, loving all the stories. Eapecially the female pee ones. I have two stories for you today.

I was waiting for a train to get home today and I really needed the toilet, there were not any around so I decided to go into the car park and do it there. There wasn't anybody around so I stood underneath a street light and began fumbling with the buckle on my jeans. Then disaster struck, I still had my jeans on and I could feel my knickers getting wet, I had started peeing. Not knowing what to do I squatted and just stayed like that waiting for my bladder to empty. There was the familiar hiss of my pee soaking my jeans. Luckily they were black so you could not see they were wet at night. At the other end of the car park a woman was running towards me, her hands clinging on to her crotch. She asked if she could join me and I said of course. She pulled down her trousers, squatted and began peeing like she really needed it. She looked at me and noticed I still had my jeans on and of course by this time, a puddle had developed. I heard my train coming so I quickly finished off and climbed onto the train. By the time I had got off again my jeans had tried but I nearly needed to go to the toilet again, this time it was a solid. I figured my jeans were still stuck and I had already peed in them so I gave a little push to get things going. I could feel my crap curl up inside of my pants and I just stood there enjoying the feeling. When I got home I had to cut off my jeans and throw them in the bin with my knickers. I guess I was really unlucky today.

The diarrhoea had hit me again today as I were doing my shopping. I were wearing black tracksuit bottoms and a tight pink top. I left the supermarket and began my walk home when I felt pressure develop in my butt, luckily I were right next to the public toilets but I knew how bad they were. I was not bothered at all and ran in. It was a large stall with two toilets inside. There was a door in the middle so I had some privacy. I pulled my trousers and knickers to my knees and sat on the cold seat. I was expecting a flood of diarrhoea to shoot out of me but nothing happened. The instant I started to pee I heard the bathroom door open and then my cubicle door opened. A young brunette wearing a tennis outfit stopped with a shocked look on her face and every shade of red possible, she wasn't expecting to find me sat on the loo.
"I am so, so sorry. I'll leave if you want."
"No its fine, ill be here a while"
She said thank you and pulled down her white thong to her ankles, lifted her short skirt and sat on the toilet seat. There was a splash as she started weeing, she had her hands in her lap and slightly sitting back. I started to pee too and it felt so good. I looked at her and she started squirming on the seat, her feet pushing hard onto the floor and her hands pushing on the seat. She let out a grunt and a turd began to slide out of her. It fell out with a large splash and another one started to emerge as she let out a sigh. She looked at me and asked me what was wrong, we had been sat there for five minutes and I had not produced anything. She asked me to turn around has her second crap hit the water so she could put some lubricant inside me. I agreed and she ran her finger across my butt hole and coated it in a lubricant. I sat down again and began to push, a wet fart came out followed by a brown river. It felt good and it put a smile on the girls face. We both wiped and I thanked her before leaving together.

I have an interesting bathroom arrangement at my house. A few years back, I heard about an outdoor shower and thought it might be fun. Well, I think I might have taken the idea too far. I've got a privacy fence set up around three sides of an area of my porch. In that little "room", I have a toilet, a sink, and a shower set up. I just wonder what the plumber thought when he/she was hooking it up...

Although other people think it's weird, I like the set up. It feels nice to enjoy a warm breeze while I'm on the toilet "doing my business" in the morning. And then I can hop right in the shower and get clean. I guess that's one of the perks of living in a warm climate area. The weather hardly ever drops below 60, so it's never cold when I go out in the morning.

I really encourage everyone who lives in an appropriate area to try it. To me, there's nothing better than a calm breeze while I'm pooping or peeing.

I just kind of caused my sister to have an accident yesterday. It was funny for me but she was so embarassed.

My sister and I like to tease each other about going to the bathroom and like if one of us has to pee the other one will tickle them as a joke. Well when we were getting home from school she looked like she needed to go, so I ran ahead of her into the only bathromm in our house and started taking my time. My sister started pounding on the door telling me to get out, but I jokingly said "It might be awhile..."
She said she wasn't joking and said she would go get mom, so I started to come out slowly blocking the door and everything. She tried to push her way past me but I wouldn't let her. All of the sudden, I heard this muffled blurp noise and then crackling. My sister was crapping her pants in front of me! Her face turned bright red and she kind of stood there in shock. I asked her if she pooped and she told me to shut up and that she was holding it all day at school and she couldn't hold it anymore. I felt bad, so I told her I'd help her clean up so Mom wouldn't find out and I would wash her pants and underwear. Well, she took them off and there was no way we were saving the underwear! Seriously, the amount of poop in there was huge. My sister took a shower to clean up and I threw away her stuff. Later on she said she knew I was just joking and thanked me for helping her get rid of it. I asked her what it was like and she siad it felt so gross and embarassing, way more so than peeing your pants. She also said that she was going to get me back sometime... so I'm going to be really careful about going to the bathroom now!

Cornfield pottier, how big is the tree house you poop out of?

Emma. Most boaters have a bucket aboard for such occasions. EveC to go "over the rail" with other boats nearby. Using a towel for cover works good. Even for guys, it's also handy for taking a dump. It's better than doing a load in your pants.

here's a lil story for ya. (i'm a guy by the way) last year i sprained my ankle really bad and was on crutches for awhile. and since my room is in the basement and the bathroom is upstairs, i didn't feel like hopping up the stairs whenever i had to piss so i used an empty detergent jug since the washer and dryer are down here as well. but then about 5 mins later, my mom came down to do a load of wash after she put her clothes in the washer she accidentally used the jug i pissed in thinking it was soap and poured it on her clothes. hahahahahahaha

Keith D
To the poster who asked does girls' poop smell worse than guys?....

I don't think that's the case. At least not so that I've noticed. Everyone's poop smells different and even for the one person it smells different at different times.

How do you know that guys' poop smells "better"? You said you've been into a few unisex bathrooms after guys have been in there but how do you know that they pooped? The lingering poop smell you describe may be from someone who left a long time ago.

Interesting theory that girls poop may smell worse because they tend to hold it in longer. Farts do seem to smell worse if someone has been holding back their poop for a long time, kinda stale. But I haven't noticed that poop smells worse. Generally though, I think that "fresh" regular shit smells the worse, whereas a log that someone has held back a few days due to constipation is usually pretty hard and dry and has little smell.

Anyway, I'm sure your poop smells normal!

This is my first time posting. 2day i went to the mall and needed a pee so i went in the 2nd stall from the wall, i sat down and peed. now i love the sound of pee or poo making a noise or ppl farting the noise turns me on. So i sat in a way that my pee could make a loud noise, i peed for about 30 seconds, and just as i was about wipe i got cramps and started farting like mad, and then 2 small balls of poo fell with little plops. I was done but decided 2 wait and listen to ppl pee and poo when they come in. I stayed for a half hour and only 2 ppl came. I realy hope u guys here wil pls i beg post lots of stories about listening to ppl do their bussiness. cheerz

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Sorry to hear that you've been having troubles again but good that you've overcome them. When you did finally manage to get things moving properly did a big amount come out? I find that when I'm constipated that when I finally do manage to force the log out, it is often slightly smaller than normal. I think it must lose volume with compaction over time. What size are your logs usually?

It's always interesting to hear about how non-western countries have their own views on toilets on pooping. Frequently, they aren't nearly as uptight about the subject. Here's a nice toilet related story I found on the BBC about the Japanese fascination with toilets and toilet technology. I just hope the Webmaster will allow it to be posted:


Duncan Bartlett discovers how, when it comes to lavatories, Japan is a step ahead of the rest of the world.

No country takes toilets quite so seriously as Japan.

Machines with heated seats, built-in bidets and a dynamic range of flushing options are almost ubiquitous in homes and public buildings.

A poem recently published by a stressed-out salary man captured their comforting appeal with haiku-like brevity. "The only warmth in my life is the toilet seat," he mourned.

But lavatories here can do much more than keep you warm. One even sends a tiny electrical charge through the user's buttocks to check their body-fat ratio.

The master of the modern convenience is the Panasonic Corporation.


At its Tokyo showroom, located in a skyscraper near the BBC's office, a group of smart young women, dressed in uniforms resembling flight attendants, showed me the company's latest wares.

The lids lifted up when I approached. If I stood in front of one, it took a guess at my gender and lifted up the seat as well.

There was a loo that glowed in the dark and another that had built-in loudspeakers.

With manicured fingernails, the demonstrator pushed the control panel beside the seat and gentle light classical music began to play.

Pleasant enough, I thought, although I preferred a pastoral sound effect that provided the impression one was seated upon a white plastic throne surrounded by songbirds in a springtime meadow.

Kyoko Ishii, who heads up the public relations department for Panasonic, explained to me that most of the people who choose luxury loos are older women, so this is a booming market in rapidly ageing Japan.

Kyoko says that for this core customer group, the emphasis now is less on the gadgetry and more on convenience and cleanliness.

A new flush has been invented which does away with the need for a tank and saves dramatically on water.

The device costs about £1,950 ($3,000) including installation. But it is not easy to sell outside Japan as bathrooms in other countries are rarely fitted with the right mixture of sophisticated plumbing and electronics.


A visitor to Tokyo recently told me that he was surprised to find Japanese women rather than foreigners cleaning the toilets in his hotel.

It is of course often immigrants who take on such jobs in rich countries. But foreign-born workers are rare here as only about 1.5% of the population are made up of non-native Japanese.

However, the low immigration level is only part of the explanation. Japanese people do not see cleaning as a demeaning or shameful job.

School children are trained from a young age to sweep their classrooms and scour the playground for litter.

Lorry drivers wash their trucks at the end of every day. No restaurant ever serves a meal without first offering the customer a cleansing towel.

Recently, I visited a small technology company in Osaka. The president, Mr Sugimoto, is trying to inspire his staff to work harder as recession takes hold.

He is noted for his drive and enthusiasm and that came across in a punchy presentation which he showed me on his laptop.

It included photographs of his staff on their knees scrubbing the urinals.

His point was that in preparation for a new project, the whole team had mucked in to clean up the workplace and this was clearly a source of pride to be included in the company's publicity.


But toilets can raise a smile, too. Television comedies sometimes include scenes of pranksters luring people into loos whose walls then collapse, and the embarrassment this causes the victim is a source of great hilarity.

The Japanese - like the British - do not seem to mind too much when comedians sink into vulgarity and joke about scatological matters.

But there is also a dark underground trade in DVDs filmed in ladies' toilets by hidden cameras, and only last week a man was arrested for placing "spycams" in the lavatories of a girls' school.

Most of the time, though, the Japanese are happy to think of a toilet as their comfort and their friend.

The other day, while catching a commuter train to work, I found myself transfixed by an advertisement which was being screened on a TV inside the carriage.

A young girl slowly walked towards a loo, which automatically raised its lid to greet her.

The toilet then appeared to give a welcoming robotic smile and its seat began to glow an inviting orange colour as it heated up, ready for action.

Fortunately, the advertisement ended there. But not before a broad and appreciative smile broke out across the face of the girl."


On one hand, I admit that I do find the thought of an anthropomorphic toilet happily ready and waiting for action... as well... rather weird. But then again, why should a smiling toilet be any more strange than the thousands of singing and dancing boxes of baby wipes, dish washers, and food products (with unexplained suicidal urges to be eaten) that we see advertised daily?

Does anyone here have any interesting stories about the differing attitudes towards toilets about pooping in countries outside of your own?

In an unrelated note, I don't know what has happened, but all this week I've been noticeably constipated. All my stools are a lot more firm and solid than they have been for ages. It's been very enjoyable to see and hear all the firm, big 7" or 8" logs that have come out with a bit "SPLOOOOSH!!!" and 'marbles' that come out 'plop!' 'plop!' 'plop!' when I'm just about done with my BM. However, I can also feel things slowing down to a point where the pleasurable feeling you get after a large emptying poop just doesn't arrive...

Take Care!


Got Lucky!!
I'm now 41 and my wife is 39,6 years ago upon rising on a summer saturday morning after a night of partying i discovered my wife lying on her side facing away from me. The whole back of her pink pantys were totally messed as she had apparently shit and pissed herself while sleeping as her side of the bed was wet and stained.I climbed from bed and much later my wife got up and when she entered the kitchen asked if i had seen she had shit herself and i answered 'yes'.
It took me almost 6 weeks to approach her about repeating her panty messing and at first she flatly refused,i even explained how i felt seeing her in her messed underwear.Then a month or so after i asked her
and as we were coming home from a birthday party at her parents home she looked rather uncomfortable and fidgety in the car beside me. She suddenly turned and said..'i'm sorry but i can't hold it any longer',she then lifted up off the car seat a few inches farted grunted and filled her black slacks,seconds later she also let loose with a stream of piss.
When we got home she asked if i would help her clean up and i agreed to. When she waddled into the house she still had a small bulge yet in tight her slacks and as i helped her undress her yellow panties were still filled and stained.We got her into the shower and cleaned up and when she returned to the living room dressed in clean clothes she asked..'was that ok'?

YES it for the last 6 years about every couple months my wife will 'surprise' me and accidently either at home or in the car shit herself.The best time had to have been that very first time.

Lucky Guy!!

The Geek
Hello to all. I'm back, but I know most of you probably don't know me because I don't often post. I sure do lurk a lot though! So I'll once again describe myself. I'm a 26 year old guy from Ontario Canada, 6'1", fairly long blond hair that is wavy near my ears and neck, a bit of a mustache and goatee, glasses, 160 lbs and somewhat built for a skinny dude. Most women are attracted to me if they don't like the big, hairy type guys.

SAMANTHA: I very much enjoy your posts. It can be difficult to find diarrhea stories, but you have lots of great ones! I especially enjoyed your double poop story at your flat and at the café. It was almost like I could hear and smell your brew! I'm sure the smell was quite foul and enjoyable! I know exactly what you mean about the smells you get when you use stool softeners and all that good stuff. What do you look like if you don't mind me asking?

ASLEY D: I enjoy your posts a lot too. Please post more soon!

As I've mentioned before, I have Asperger's Syndrom (a type of high functioning autism.) I believe this is a blessing and a curse because I get a huge thrill out of even hearing women talk about farting and pooping, but my condition causes a complete lack of boldness and I think I get embarrassed more easily than any other person in the entire world. Most of the time you would never know anything is wrong with me, but when something excites me, my heart starts pounding, my blood sugar plummets, my hands start shaking, and my trachea tightens up causing my throat to make croaking noises. The most common experience I enjoy is finding a unisex restroom (with just a toilet and sink) somewhere when I have to poop and there happens to be a lady coming out after doing a #2 and the toilet is full of skid marks, the seat is warm, and the air stinks! Mmm, it's great, but can't be planned out. If I tried to plan it out, I would look so awkward standing around outside the restroom waiting for a woman to spend a long time in there, and get in there only to be interrupted by someone knocking or trying to open the door while I'm enjoying myself. And when I get awkward, I get awkward, unable to look at anyone drawing more attention to myself and destroying the whole experience of getting a look at a hot chic coming out of the restroom after taking a big dump. What can I do? Anyone have any ideas? My anxiety only seems to be getting worse over the years! My shrink recommended breathing exercises but they don't do any good when my breathing begins to get shaky and shallow. I don't have any trouble using public restrooms as long as no one sees me going into a stall or coming out because they will know I am pooping, but I'm not interested in hearing or being heard by other men.

There are two sets of restrooms that I know of at the university that I graduated from which I like very much. They are in the student center and what is so special about them is that you can actually sit on the pot in the men's room and hear the ladies room. Even though there is a janitor's closet between them, the ventilation system is metallic and conducts sounds perfectly from one restroom to the other. The student center is 3 floors and the top floor restroom is really good for hearing and the bottom floor is ok for hearing. Recent renovations have ruined it somewhat though. There is a heater in all the restrooms that kicks on and off every ½ hour or so, making it virtually impossible to hear at times. Not only that but the upstairs restroom has lost a lot of visitors since the renovations because of many student activities being moved elsewhere. If that's not enough, the restrooms are often cleaned which makes them pleasant, but my experience is often cut short and unsuccessful when I hear the janitor closet open and I have to bolt out quickly so I won't be noticed. If this happens I move to the downstairs restroom which is always more crowded, but you can't hear nearly as well because of fans running constantly.

Two weeks ago I was pooping in the restroom on the top floor and I heard some girls peeing on the other side. I let out my poop and farts while they were peeing, hoping they would do the same and hoping they could hear me. I got forced downstairs after about 30 minutes because I heard the janitor coming. I had pretty much gotten rid of everything I had in me, but did not get to hear any girls go, so I headed downstairs to settle for the other restroom. As I was heading over towards the door to the men's room, I noticed an attractive girl (my type, maybe 20 years old, kinda nerdy looking, glasses, medium build, brown hair) coming out of the student convenience store towards the ladies room. My anxiety did not have enough time to build up too much as she smiled at me. I actually looked at her and smiled which is big for me. She totally checked me out and for some reason I just knew she was going to poop. I have no idea how, but sometimes I get these "feelings" about things which makes up for my lack of being able to read "normal social cues." So anyways, I of course entered the men's room at the same time. I heard her close her stall door, slide down her jeans, and sit her beautiful bum on her toilet. I purposely slammed my stall door to make my intentions known to her, being more bold because I didn't intend on her seeing me again and getting embarrassed. I put my ear up close to the vent to try and see if I could hear anything. She was so quite. I must have listened for about 5 minutes. I don't think she peed because I would have heard that. Figuring she was quietly sliding out easy turds out, I finally, I decided I'd entertain her, but knew I'd have to be loud in this restroom in order for her to hear me. I was extremely disappointed when I pushed and felt totally empty. Finally after about 2 minutes I brewed up a pretty good fart with a tiny bit of soft poo. I hoped she heard that! Then I took care of myself (can't give any details on that here!) and stood to wipe about 5 times and heard her wipe about 3 or 4 times. I then quickly washed my hands thinking that I would be able to leave before she would come out and not feeling bold enough for an awkward situation. Wrong!!! She came out the same time I did. Damn, she looked about as embarrassed as I did as I practically had to cross paths with her as she headed for the book store! She didn't pick her eyes up off the floor! Somehow I wonder if she felt like I did about the whole thing, but I doubt it. Either way, she knew a hot guy was shitting at the same time she was and that is an arousing thought!

I have some more stories, but I'll save them for another day because this post is getting really lengthy! I am on working 2nd shift at my job this week, so I'll have the house to myself. Plus I hope to make it back down to the university for some more experiences!

BTW, I know this is a little off topic, but does anyone know of any natural remedies for severe anxiety? Please help because I'm desperate to able to be more "socially normal" about pooping.

Love, The Asperger Geek

To Emma
Hi Emma please tell us some sailing pooping stories. Do you get to wipe afterward? Are you embarrassed to have others watch you poop? Thanks

i remember when my friend and i needed to drop a load, and so we went to the restroom in the gym. all the stalls were taken in the mens room, and both of us were desperate. not to be wrong or anything, but out of the desperateness, we went into one stall, and both went at the same time. another time, i was with the same friend, and we were at camp on a camping trip, and we were outdoors in the woods. we needed to go take a dump, so we went, and found trashcans that were out where the younger kids had their campout the day before, and we sat and took dumps on trashcans.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you please take my survey?

1. Are you male or female?
2. Body type: thin, average, thick, obese ?
3. Age: younger than 18, 18-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ ?
4. What do you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner?
5. How many times a day do you go to the bathroom?
6. Do you fart when you feel the urge to poop?
7. How big are your turds normally?
8. Do you ever have really big turds? What caused them to big? (medicine, constipation, large fiber intake, special occasion like Thanksgiving)
9. Do you poop at work?
10. Do you talk about pooping with friends or associates?
11. If you switched to being a vegetarian/vegan, did your stool size increase or decrease?
12. Do you get upset if you have a bowel movement and the stool is small?
13. Did you ever leave a big turd unflushed in a public restroom either because it was too big to flush, the toilet was broke, you forgot to flush, or you did it to surprise the next user?
14. How many times do you fart per day on average?
15. Does farting embarrass you enough that you always hold it in unless you're completely alone?

Thank you for participating!

TO BRANDI: When i am in a public toilet I stay as long as I need and grunt as does not bother me. My mind is soley on getting shit out!!!
Yesterday, I nneded to do both, I was on the road and pulled into MacDonalds...the toilets were unisex. I went in, sat down, peed and passed a few average but very hard turds. I wipped but am having trouble with that because of stiffness and lack of mobility in my joints. I have a hairy arse hole area and poo tends to stick which makes the clean up harder......has anybody got suggestions as to making my bottom wiping easier??? Back to the story, I was exiting when a girl, maybe late 20`s or 30`s came in. She smiled and walked into my cubicle....she would have gotten a warm seat but I do not think it would be that smelly though.
Later that afternoon I had another try and my turds are just too hard and hurt my bum a bit. Early this morning I took my laxative and have butt pisses four times so just squirts out but I am feeling better and I expect to have a better time on the loo for the next few days. I find this type of laxative (osmotic) by draining water through the bowel wall and causes the bowels to fill with fluid thus making it easier to expel that which is there.... works well for thing, it really stinks!

Mary Ellen
My grandmother has come to live with us. Me and my sister Steph are in high school, but Mom works about 60 hours a week so much of Gram's care falls on me and Steph. Grams turns 80 next month and was diagnosed last year with what Mom calls shakey palsy. Her hands and arms shake and if she tries to walk too fast, she stumbles. We've had rails put in our hallway at home, along side the toilet stool and in the shower and bathtub. Last week we even had a rails put in the kitchen. Mom said it might be a year or more before we find an assisted living place that can take her and we're not sure that she would want to go to one of those places anyway. The worst problem that Steph and I have is when Grams is out in public and needs to use the bathroom. First, because of the special attention that she needs, those behind us in line get upset and some say some pretty awful things. And she's also very demanding of us. This past weekend we waited in a huge bathroom at the mega-theater that must have had a couple hundred of users or those like uswaiting for other users. Finally we got to the door and I went in with Grams and started to help her pull her sweats down. She looked at me as if I were stupid and said she never sits on a public toilet seat. Like what? She pointed out a plastic holder on the back wall with these seat sheets and I figured out how to tear the middle out and put it down for her. She sat for like 5 minutes and produced nothing until there was a series of farts and then a rapid-fire drop of hard poop that brought a smile to her face. My bladder was like ready to burst because I had drank more than 20-ounces of soda, but she insisted on sitting longer. After another 3 or 4 minutes (it may have been longer because Steph yelled to us that she couldn't hold her pee either and was moving to another line), Gram's pee flow started with a trickle and you could hear it pick up something fierce. I remember telling Steph later that I would never stay on a public toilet that long, but Gram's didn't seem to mind. It's like she doesn't really care about how long others wait for her to finish. I asked her if she needed help in wiping from her seat. She did strain her right arm a bit as she tried to reach sideways and pull of the toilet paper from the roll while she remainded seated. Then I helped her stand up and I took the seat paper that was stuck to her butt and placed it in the toilet and the sensor immediately activated the flush and in a split second it was splashing clean water as high as seat level. I steadied Grams and had her stand leaning again the stall door for support. I dropped my jeans and underwear and remarked to Grams how nicely she had kept the seat warm for me. Then I got to thinking that this was even more an accomplishment because she, unlike me, insisted on using the tissue seat sheet cover. When I told Steph later she agreed with me that Grams must have a really warm butt.

Last night, for the first time in many years I crapped in my pants. The last time I had an accident I was 15 and now I'm 25. It was just one of those things that happen. I left work quite happy I would get back home before settling down to a good comfortable carp on my own toilet but nature was having none of it. After about 10 minutes on the bus out of a half hour ride I had to give up and let a good squirt of pee go in my pants. It was long enough to soak around my bottom and felt it wet a bit up the back of my trousers it it took the crapping pressure of for a while. Ten minutes to go and I knew I was either going to shit my pants on a full bus or get off and walk the last mile or so. I got off and looked in a shop window whilst letting my load go and fill my briefs. It came out in one big load - was medium consistency and spread over the back of my pants. I was happy they were good and secure and would contain it so I just set off home. I wondered what all the other people would think if they knew that I had shitty pants on. I live in a flat on the 15th floor and could hardly use the lift so walked up the stairs to my flat. On the 5th floor I stopped and pissed myself leaving a pool on the floor. Hell- I felt better. I showered and had a lomg relaxing bath before tackling washing my shit laden pants.


Where were you the first time you had a poo/pee accident. I mean accident.

What were the circumstances.

What type of pants were you wearing

Did anyone else realise what you had done.


hi any one ever take a really perfect poo you know one where you hardly have any effort and it plops out easy and your bum is really clean hardly a mark on the paper?

Linda from Australia here again. After being a bit constipated last week, I'm on a winning streak with my poos this week. I went twice yesterday and twice today. I've been dropping decent sized loads each time too and they haven't taken much effort to get out either.

To Keith D: I loved your story! It sounds like you had a really hard time on the toilet. That poo you did was huge!! Did you do any more poos that day? Are you still having trouble?

Linda from Australia here again. After being a bit constipated last week, I'm on a winning streak with my poos this week. I went twice yesterday and twice today. I've been dropping decent sized loads each time too and they haven't taken much effort to get out either.

To Keith D: I loved your story! It sounds like you had a really hard time on the toilet. That poo you did was huge!! Did you do any more poos that day? Are you still having trouble?

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