Mr. Clogs
Question to everyone here. Can you name things or action of people while you're using the bathroom for example, people talking in the bathroom, on the cell phone, specifically for men while using the urinal and they fart while they pee next to you, or look at you while you pee? I know this irritates me a lot, just thought if anyone has experienced what I have.

I've lurked on your site for a while. I'm a 19 y/o college student who's interested in hearing about incidents where guys came close to dumping in front a girl. I cant imagine anything more humiliating. It happened to me at the beginning of the last semester. It was on a Friday - I'd been in classes and working on a project most of the day and by 5:00 I was definitely need of a bowel movement.

So I started walking towards the nearest bathroom. It was one of the unisex bathrooms, but I figured no one would be in it on a Friday. I'd used that bathroom before when I needed to pee. The urinals were located in a separate part of the bathroom, separate from the toilet stalls and the mirrors.

As I was walking towards the bathroom, this girl I knew started walking alongside me and talking about the weekend or whatever. She followed me into the bathroom and walked toward the sinks and the mirrors, and started removing things from her purse, like makeup and whatever, still talking about some party she was going to.

She probably figured I was heading for the urinals. The three toilet stalls, unfortunately, are located right behind the sinks and mirrors. Three toilet stalls, three sinks and three mirrors. I could tell that this girl was going to be a while with all the crap she pulled out of her purse, so standing around and waiting was not an option. I needed to go now.

She was at the middle mirror, still talking . What could I do? I walked behind her (and mumbled something like, "excuse me, I need to use this") and took the third stall. Now of course when a guy goes into a stall he's announcing to the world his need to take a shit. Did I mention I find this girl kinda cute?

So I close the stall door, roll off the TP, start wiping down the seat, and prepare to evacuate my bowels a few feet away from this cute girl. At this point she stopped talking, which made the bathroom completely quiet.

So I'm sure she could hear me unzip my belt, drop my jeans, and my underpants, and sit on the toilet. I started urinating at once - my bladder was full too. There was no way to minimize the sound of my stream hitting the water. I could see her reflection in the mirror while she was putting on her eyeliner. I am certain she was smiling a little.

When the stream started letting up I could feel the rest coming. It was a big firm BM, and dropped quickly in a few loud and embarrassing plops. I peed a little more, then squatted to wipe myself. I was pretty quick, so hopefully that kept the smell from getting too bad. To me by far the most humiliating part of the whole thing was flushing the toilet and emerging from the stall. Basically she stood there and heard me piss and shit from start to finish. I almost think she enjoyed my predicament.

Since we have a class together, I see her frequently. But I don't have the nerve to ask her out - would she want to go out with a guy that she heard defecating? What do you think girls? Did I destroy the magic?

Hi folks,fellow pee'ers and poopers.I peed outside twice today at work.For those of you who don't know,i work as a gardener.Very cold and frosty day here in scotland so peeing outside behind the bushes felt really good for some reason.Also it was easier to pee outside at the place i was working as it would have involved a long walk to the toilets in the nearby buildings.Both times good long streams which hissed nicely against the cold air and frozen grass.

AN incident i recalled from several years ago when i was on holiday in Dublin Ireland.I have done a lot of travelling and hope to go to India next year.Anyway,this time i was walking along the side of a canal when i saw a group of kids,girls and boys,playing on the canal bank.They were only dressed in their underwear and had been swimming which surpirised me as it must have been freezing even though it was summer.I noticed one of the girls climbed up the bank and went behind a small stone hut nearby.She pulled her knickers down and squatted and started peeing.Another girl joined her to watch.Then the peeing girl finished,took her knickers off completely and slipped on a pair of shorts.The other girl did the same and then they went back to their friends,presumably leaving their wet knickers lying on the ground.
Weekend again thank goodness! Happy peeing and pooping.ANDY.

Now that thanksgiving is over, lets post about who ate the miost and who pooped out the biggest hardest loggs. girls and boys.

The other day I was sitting in class needing to take a major shit. I had this giant turd in my butt and I sat for half the class trying to keep it there. Finally, class ended and I rushed for the crapper. I ran right in to find all three stalls filled with the captain of the football team, Derek, and two of the other top players. It reeked so bad in there, I almost passed out. The stalls had no doors, and when Derek saw the sickened look on my face he ripped the nastiest fart I have ever heard. I grabbed my buttcheeks and squeezed them together, hoping none of my shit would escape. The guys in the stalls and the two guys at the urinals started laughing at me. I asked the football guys when they were going to be done, but they just smiled and farted. Desparate, I headed toward the garbage can hoping to have my shit there. I paused to take my pants down and I felt my giant turd start to slip out. I despartly tried to get my zipper down, but it was stuck. I hopelessly tried to undo my zipper while my huge turd slipped out into my drawers. I finally got my zipper undone, but it was too late. The huge turd was all the way into my drawers. I sat down and finished my shit. I dumped the turd out of my drawers and into the garbage can, forgetting about the other 5 guys in that room who now had undeniable proof that I had just shit my pants. In my embarassment, I yanked my pants up and ran out of the room, with my ass covered in shit. I ran all the way to my next class and sat down before I realized how badly I needed to piss. I was about to go find another washroom when the bell rang and my fierce teacher ordered us to sit down and shut the f*** up. I dearly hoped I could make it through the next 80 minutes without pissin' myself. After 10 minutes I was holding my dick with my legs crossed. I asked the teacher if I could be excused to use the washroom, but she cackled and kept on with her lesson. The class was half over and I was direly urgent. I felt a spurt of piss and grabbed my dick even harder. Every few minutes I would have a spurt. The class finally ended and I was about to get up and hightail it out of there, when I realized that if I made even the slightest movement, I would piss myself. I decided to risk it anyways, so grabbing my dick as hard as possible I hightailed it out of there. I reached the closest washroom and ran right to the urinal. I tried to rip my pants off, or at least undo my zipper, but it was stuck AGAIN. I worked at the zipper helplessly as my pants got soaked with my piss. The worst part? Derek was in there again and saw my whole accident. By the next day every person in grades 10-12 at our school knew about my incident, plus most of the grade 9s.

My dad, my sister and I were outside - he was doing yard work while we were playing. My mom went to the grocery store. We had been outside for at least an hour when my sister and I needed to go in the house to pee. We tried the door but it was locked! We went around the house to the front door, but that was locked, too! We went to the back yard again to ask my dad to let us in, thinking he had the house key in his pocket, but he didn't! My mom must have locked both doors when she left to go to the store thinking my dad had the key. We told him we had to tinkle and he told us we would have to wait until my mom came home from the store. We tried, we went back to playing and tried to distract ourselves and not think of how bad we had to tinkle, but my younger sister, Jamie, was the first to give in. She told me she really didn't think she could wait anymore, so we went over to my dad to ask what we should do. We went to our neighbors house and knocked on their door, but there was no answer, they must have been out, too. We told daddy that we both really had to tinkle and couldn't hold it. So he told us that this one time we could tinkle outside. Neither my sister nor I had ever done tinkle outside before, but we both had to go so badly that we really didn't care where we went at this point. We didn't even know how to do it outside, so my dad showed us. We went over to the side of the house and my dad told my sister to pull down her shorts and panties and to squat down a little and lean her back up against the wall as if she were sitting in a chair. She did, spreading her legs a little to let her pee come out. At first she wasn't doing it, I think she was nervous either from peeing outside or because we were watching her. My dad told her it was OK and that she could let it go whenever she was ready. Almost as soon as he said that, my sister closed her eyes as if she were trying to concentrate and her pee started to flow onto the ground. After a few seconds she opened her little lips to really let her pee out and my dad and I watched her. When she was done my daddy said, "that's it honey, good job, do you feel better that you peed?" And with a sigh of relief she said she did feel much better. Now it was my turn and I knew my sister and my dad were going to watch me as we watched my sister. I told my dad I didn't want to lean against the wall and squat down and asked if there was another way I could pee. He looked around the yard and there was a picnic table, so he suggested that I used that to help me pee. Instead of sitting in the picnic table as if I were going to eat, I sat in it backwards, leaning my back up against the table part and letting my bum go through the hole in between the picnic bench seat. My dad told me to do the same thing, to pull down my shorts and panties and to let my pee go whenever I was ready. When I was watching my sister before, I wondered what took her so long to pee, but now that it was my turn I could see how it was hard to relax in front of people and being outside. But I spread my legs a little and started to pee onto the ground. I could hear myself moaning out loud, that's how good it felt to finally let my pee go. I seemed to tinkle for a few minutes and was starting to wonder when it would stop. It was the best pee of my life. I think I like peeing outside more than inside and will probably do it with my sister again!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

I am new I was wondering if any one would share about the first time they peed outside? How did you do it? Did you need help or did some one tell you what to do or to pee?


super sophie
Me and Tania were in my sisters car on the way to a concert when Tania began to wiggle and squirm. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine but I knew she needed the toilet. About five minutes later she clamped her hand to her crotch, she was desperate for a wee. I gave her my bottle and she lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers and proceeded to fill the bottle. After seeing Tania relieve herself I needed to go too so I topped up the bottle. A few minutes later she cried to Josephine (my sister) "I'm about to poo myself" I told Josephine to pull out the carrier bag in the glove box and give it to Tania. Tania squatted in the foot well of the car with her back and bum towards me and placed the bag over her arse, I could hear some thuds as she began filling it. There was a moments silence before she grunted and let out a few more loads. Tania tied the bag up and slung it in the boot, even though she had been to the toilet in the car she still had to go during the concert. There were no loos so she just squatted and went where she was standing, she couldn't care less if people were watching her. I've seen her do it enough, I'm not sure if she just enjoys being watched or cannot help it.

Cornfield pottier
i was at Anabels house again yesterday with marcia. We were playing in anabels treehouse and marcia needed to pee, badly. Anabel told her to hang her butt out the treehouse window and pee down the side of the wooden structure, where nobody in her house could see her. Marcia was reluctant, but after having a spurt that left a small stain on her skirt she gave in and hung her butt out the window. She had a good long pee, almost 40 seconds, and then she hopped off the windowsill. Anabel ran straight to the window and pulled off her pants and trousers and had a short pee and took a BIG dump. when we looked later her longest turds were about 11 inches long and there were 2 or 3 of those, plus 6 or 7 littler turds and mush was smeared all down the side. Hearing Anabel and Marcia pee made me need to pee too, so I pulled off my pants and panties and peed a little bit out the window, washing some of Anabel's crap off with it. We were at her house for about 10 hours, mostly outside.

Later we were in the river and I really, really needed to pee since I hadn't peed very much in the tree house. I was going tto pee in the river but the water wasn't very deep and my jeans weren't wet yet, so I didn't want to change that. we crawled up onto a mini-island and I took off my jeans and panties and peed into the 3-foot-tall grass. Marcia and Anabel must have sawn me and decided to pee too, because I soon heard Marcia's loud farts and looked up to find her taking a big dump into an abandoned groundhog hole. It was mostly mush, so I figured she'd been holding it a long time.

Later still, we were on the haybails and I really, really needed to take a dump. I was about to jump off and go into the cornfield when I felt a turd push itself almost halfway out of my butt. I urgently pulled down my jeans and my panties and pooped over the side of the haybail, then set myself so I wouldn't get my pee in the wrong places. I had 1 or 2 nice big turds, then 3 or 4 smaller ones and a large pile of mush. Anabel and Marcia took this opportunity to escape into the cornfield and pee. Happy outdoor peeing and pooping!

Keith D
To super sophie: Awesome stories. Do you and your friends often share toilet experiences? Guys don't seem to do that as much...

To Cornfield pottier: Great outdoor poop stories! I don't know why but pooping outdoors always seems to feel different.

Hi everyone. I have a peeing story from this weekend. It was my friend julies 21st birthday so we decided to go out and celebrate. Julie invited her friend natalie who in turn, invited her friend ivy. Neither julie or I had ever met ivy before and were surprised at how brassy she was.
Well we all had quit a lot to drink that night. When we were done at the bars we decided to walk back to our hotel room, which normally(when you aren't in heels and very drunk) wasn't that far away.
So we all begin walking, laughing and giggling along the way when Ivy suddenly stops. A stream of pee jetting out from under her short skirt. There were lots of people on the street and here she was just peeing herself in the open. We were all very surprised. "Oh my ivy," julie said, "you've peed yourself."
"I know," ivy exclaimed,"I love to pee in weird or inappropriate places. Plus I hate holding it."
After seeeing ivy pee, natalie and julie both confessed that they too needed to. Julie was squirming around so she obviously needed to badly. I had went at the bar before we left, so luckily I did not need to. Ivy told the girls to just pee where they were like she had just done. They both didn't want to. Ivy then asked if they've heard of the bench method. She walked over to a bus stop bench and lifted her skirt up so only her bare butt(she wasn't wearing panties) touched the bench. Then she peed again through the slats of the bench leaving a surprisingly huge puddle on the ground for the fact that she had just peed. Well julie and I were shocked at this and couldn't believe ivy acted this way. Natalie apparently was used to her friends behavior and was eager to pee on the bench. She pulled up her dress and sat down. She peed for about 2 mins, the pee making a loud hissy noise as it splated on the ground. She then laughed at how wet her panties were and asked ivy to touch them. I wondered why we hung out with these girls.
Well after wathcing ivy and natalie pee, julie was becoming very desperate. She wasn't comfortable using the bench, plus she was wearing pants, and nowhere was open.
"Lets just get back to our hotel," she said,"ill be okay." As you guys know, julie usually holds her pee till the last minute and then has all sorts of accidents, so this was normal behavior for her. We all started to walk back when a car pulled up next to us. It was ivys sister claire. She had been out visiting her friends and happened to drive by and see us. She asked us if we wanted a ride to our hotel room. We all thanked her and got in the car. Ivy sat in the front and me, natalie, and julie sat in the back with julie in the middle. Well julie is a bigger girl so it was kinda a tight fit. I was worried julie was going to pee on me. She had her hand in her crotch and was trying to wiggle around and cross her legs, but there wasn't enough room.
" Oh my gosh I've never had to pee this bad," she suddenly yelled.
"Just pee in my car" claire said. "Ivy and I do it all the time."
Julie felt bad and didn't want to just pee all over herself, the car, not to mention me and natalie so she said she said that although she was bursting she would try and wait. About 2 seconds later she cried out that she could not wait and needed to pee right then. Claire said there was a towel under the seat and if she wanted she could pee into that. I groped for the towel while julie repearted the mantra, "hurry up im gonna pee hurry up im gonna pee, oh gosh I've got to peeeee!" I finally found the towel and handed it to her. She asked if I could put it between her legs because she couldn't move her hand as it was the only thing keeping her from peeing herself. Now this isn't something I wanted to do, but being quit drunk I complied. I held the towel between her legs and a torrent of pee escaped into it. I could hear it soaking into the towel. Soon the towel became soaked and leaked onto my hand. I dropped it in surprise, but julie continued to pee. I told her to stop and wait for me to put the towel back but she said she couldn't. She peed and peed onto the seat for probably 5 or 6 minutes. Claire pulled up at the hotel and she was still going. We all got out and julie peed some more in the parking lot. Her pants were completly soaked as was claires car. I had honestly never seen that much pee in my whole life. Julie later confessed to me that it was the best feeling ever to pee that much. She felt bad about soaking the car and us, but said she would do it all again just to feel that relieved.

Super sophie i love your stories please put more.

As I have been waiting for a response, I have read some of the stories here. I decided that I could contribute some of my own stories too.

One, my mom always used to call turds 'plops'. If I got sick she would ask me if I'd had plops that day. I found it really akward.

I have two pooping stories to tell. When I was five, I was doing a puzzle in my basement and I didn't want to stop. I really had to poop, but I didn't want too leave my puzzle. Now back then I beleived holding my front could stop anything from exiting my lower body. I really had to go so I grabbed my front and started walking around in circles next to the stairs, for no good reason. I think I had poo sort of coming out so I walked in circles to stop it, then the pressure went away so I ran upstairs to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and pulled down my pants and undies and found a smear of mushy poop staring back at me. I got really scared so I hid the undies and finished my poop in the toilet.
The other one happened when I was four. I was in the nursery at my church with my friend and she suddenly started making these really random noises. Then the noises stopped and she looked at me and said "I just pooed my panties". She was going to hide it when her mom walked in and saw the look on her face. "Vik, did you poo yourself again?" She got a really sheepish look on her face and slowly shook her head. I don't know what happened after that.

Once I was at Vik's house and I really had to pee. We were hiding from our parents and we couldn't get any doors open. I was almost OK when my mom found me and I totally peed all over everywhere. I changed into some of Vik's clothes and went home. I was only 4 or something.

I probably have others, like the time I was at my friends house and her older sister randomly told us she'd peed herself and ran upstairs, or when I was at another friend's house and her brother ripped a huge fart and announced he had just pooped his pants, but I'll save those for later.

we are learning about Franz Kafka in my english class. Appearantly the man had an obsession with tracking his bowel movements. No wonder the stuff he writes is so messed up. Anyone else know of people (famous or not) who are like this?

HEY guz! I just had a huge bm.
I ate like 7 eggs and a lot of asparagus so it smelled pretty bad too. As a girl I have always had "Big logs" often 1 1/2 feet long. I have been saving it up for three days. Today I felt a big cramp and my stomach gurgled. I headed to a sall but the lokc did'nt work! somebody smashed it. Geez. You would think thi stuff only gets done in boy's bathrooms. Anyway I decided I had to go NOW. I slowly relaxed my swollen butt.
I ripped a huge, wet fart that stunk up my stall. I heard gasps on both sides from the other stalls that were occupied. I turned red.
SPLAT! I dumped one. Sorta solid bt not very firm. Sorta like a cow patty.
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT. 4 smelly logss fell in. I was farting like crazy! I was prepared for another cow patty when, PHHHRRRRLLLLLLLTTTTT! A stream of greenish-grey pudding-like mus blew out of my backside. It smelled so bad I had to breath through my mouth! I farted again! It smelled rank! I was really stinking up this restroom. I did 2 more logs and another wave of mush. Finally I was done. I looked at my pile in the toilet and wondered wat the heck I ate. There were 7 logs each about 6 inches long and a huge load of smelly mush. I farted one last stinker and got out. Women stared at me as I washed my hands. I didn't flush, everybody should be able to enjoy that smell. Next time I dump, I'm gonna do it at my boyfriend's house. (Chris belives in that "Girls don't fart or poop" thing!)
It was a great shit!

The top five places i have peed are
1- in the sink at the library
2-on the carpet at my aunts
3-on the bus (i was wearing a skirt and couldnt hold it any longer so i just decided to let go cuz i was in the back...nobody ever knew!)
4-in a bag
5- in the woods standing up and using the finger method i was reading about(it felt amazing girls)

I am sitting on the toilet as I am writing this, preparing for a bowel movement. I just had two slices of pizza along with some frozen yogurt, so I am confident that I am going to defacate.

I push to get the bowel movement started. Apparently my stool is runny but I manage to expel some solid waste from my anus.

Well, I am going to go wipe. I look forward to reading all of your stories on

we had an early intimate family thanksgiving last night so i ate more than usual because of the pleasant time and great feast. this morning i got on the toilet, panties at my ankles, and had to force out a fairly long (10 in.) piece, wiped myself but it had come out nice and clean. i was really surprised about 40 minutes later when i had to rush to the toilet and without any strain at all, an equally long darker log slid right out, a bit softer so i had to wipe pretty well to clean myself. i try to wipe very thoroughly without irritating the sensitive skin but usually about an hour later when i need to pee, i will see a brownish stain in my panties because what was left in my rectum on the sides as the poo emerged slowly leaks out.


I actually do have a daughter, and I use the toilet for her used diapers all the time. They're Kirkland Signature diapers. I don't wrap them up, they go in unwrapped with the "Business side" down and the baby wipes on top. I always hold down the handle until the entire tank is empty to make sure the diaper goes all the way down the drain every time with plenty of water. Maybe you should try this with your toilet, too.


Hi Super Sophie

Loved your story about you and Tania peeing and pooping together please tell more

hairy annie
this morning I was sitting on the back porch having my morning coffee.I started to let a few good farts go, normally I am a good farter, they're usually quite loud and I do enjoy it. If they are smelly it is usually a sign of an impending shit and believe me my farts really stink. I eat alot of garlic and foods that generally make farting quite stinky. Back to this morning ,the chair I was sitting in really cups my ass, so I just lean forward a little and slightly sideways and drop a fart.

I was wearing a pair of granny panties, a long sleeved top and a robe. Well I'd let about 3 farts go, just relaxing back into the chair after each successive fart. Now these farts were definetly dry. Now the 4th fart was a bit different in fact very different. I could feel it build up, usually I wait till it it is about ready to exit my hairy hole. But I was about half way thru my coffee and had just put the mug back on the table, so I lent forward and pushed. Big Mistake!!!!!!!! I pushed too hard. Sure I did fart, just a little squeaker mainly cos I pushed out a huge sticky turd into my granny panties. This gave me the sudden urge to shit,which really left me no choice but to shit myself where I was. So I did . I just let the remaining shit in me fill my granny panties.Unfortunately I did so much it wound going up my bum crack and into my hirsute crotch area.

I finished my coffee and went in to clean up, I didn't realise how much I'd pooped until I removed my panties. It had oozed up to the top of my triangle through my cheeks to the top of my ass. Next I shall not squeeze out an underdeveloped fart.

Love HA xx

Amanda M: Excellent story! That's funny how you mention that you like having diarrhea--I do too, and am also a fan of prune juice! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who likes it! I'd love to hear if you have any stories about having bad diarrhea in a public restroom.

Someone commented on what my normal bowel movements are like. They're typically easy to pass but still firm, and I probably go twice a day on average. If I'm lucky I have diarrhea about once a month. If I feel like I want to have a real good clear out, I'll drink a lot of prune juice or take a few gentle laxatives to ensure a good explosion (and usually make sure I have no choice but to use a public toilet when I do.)

And yes, I will ALWAYS poop in public if I feel an urge in my bowel. I'd much rather sit and enjoy the experience than hold something in that needs to come out! I always enjoy pooping in public, but get a greater thrill when I have diarrhea. I feel weird saying this, but sometimes if I need to take a dump before leaving home I won't go before I leave, but will wait until I get my destination (depending on where I'm headed).

Since you wanted to know what my ordinary dumps were like, I'll tell you about one I had today at Wal-Mart.

I was at Wal-Mart just looking for a few household items when my bowel felt a little strong. As I said earlier, I don't ignore this urge too often, and was pretty sure I needed to eliminate, so I walked towards the restrooms.

Upon entering I noticed that 2 of the 6 stalls were occupied (stalls 1 and 3), and there was one lady entering a stall coming from the mirror. She chose stall 5, so I entered number 4. By the time I finished wiping the seat and sitting on it, the girl in stall 1 had finished up and had left her stall.

I started peeing forcefully into the bowl, and the lady next to me did as well. I then took a deep breath and concentrated on my bowels. A full-bodied, silent fart came out of my butt with a "Shhhhhhhhhht" sound. Then I felt the warm poop hit my back door.

The lady to my left let a little fart go, too. But then began wiping. I applied more pressure to my butt and felt a greater volume of the poop start to emerge. Once this happens, I usually relax and let the body take care of the rest of the action. A few crackling sounds came out as the poop softly and somewhat rapidly slid out of my butt and made a "floomp" noise as it hit the water. I then remained on the toilet to see if there was anything left to squeeze out. I managed to plop a few more extra chunks out while sitting.

The girl to my right hadn't made any sounds since I entered; so I listened while wiping figuring she was having a bowel movement. About 30 seconds later I heard a sharp fart and then a little sigh. She then began wiping, too. She flushed and left her stall. Another lady then entered the restroom and took stall number 1. I was pretty well finished, so I got up to look at what I had made. From what I could see under the paper, it was a specimen probably about 2 inches thick and 6 inches long. The other little chunks were probably about an inch thick and an inch or two long each. The smell was pretty normal for me, a lot like pungent farts. I didn't stink the bathroom up but probably left the stall in a condition where the next person know someone had just dropped a warm deuce.

I flushed and left my stall, washed my hands and got back to my shopping. Didn't do so much listening today, but certainly enjoyed the experience!

I'll let you know how my after Thanksgiving experiences go. Maybe I'll make a point to hit up the mall!

Take Care,

the Juiceman
Lots of great stories lately. I feel for Sara, Vicky, Christine - it must be rough trying to hold a load of poop in your panties. At least you guys were wearing skirts, right? I'd think it'd be better to be wearing a skirt than to be wearing pants for cleanup. And Phil - I bet it was hell trying to clean those pants up! Mushing it couldn't have helped, could it?

Last night I was watching a movie and it brought up the subject of diapers. My friend remarked that she didn't see the big deal of wearing diapers, from a female perspective. She felt that a woman has a few good years between her last pampers and her first pad, followed by diapers again as likely as not. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that - every corner store carries adult diapers of all kinds, ranging from discreet pullups to soak up little tinkle spots all the way to plastic backed briefs that can handle a complete mud blowout - I'd bet that Kimberly-Clark sells more Depends than Fruit of the Loom sells normal underpants!

last month,i had a dinner with a dear friend.After this,we took a walk around the little town where he live.
Already while this walk i felt that the good meal had an side-effect:
I felt a little pressure deep in my intestines and thought that had to take a a fairly long time.time enough to continue our walk, to dawdle over the flea market and to drive the few miles at home i thought...
but while we strolled over the fleamarket, the pressure in my backside increased,but i ignored it,rummaged on the sales stalls and bought some nice things.
I was not in the mood to drive home,not yet...come on,im 37 and could hold it in for more considerable time-this little bit of pressure would not concerned me...
but while i digged in a batch of handbags,a loud fart escaped my butt,luckily hushed by my jeans and my coat,but it seemed,this fart turned my situation into worse.I felt an uneasy feeling in my body and just a few seconds later a mighty shiver hits me.It putted my teeth on edge,a wave of heat hit my neck and then the urge to poop hit me like guts tried to push out my load and i had to fight really hard to hold it in.
Anxiously i told my friend that we had to go to his home directly because i was on the edge to shit my pants...
but as we reached the outskirt of the market,my poop was already turtleheading...
we hasted as fast my butt allowed me,i was sweating and moaning,143 lbs and 5,5 ft pure desperation,praying desperatly that i would manage it somehow to get the toiletseat under my ass before my guts would squeezed out their heavy load...
As we reached my friends home,my undershirt was soaked with cold sweat and my panties were bicoloured,the front was white but the backside was rally stained from turtleheading...
But as i dashed into his bathroom,the turd began to squeezed out.hectically i yanked down my pants and then i sat on the toilet and my turd crackled out on full blast.After the first relief i checked my pants and was humiliated...i had pooped my pants already considerably...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The top five places i have peed are
1- in the sink at the library
2-on the carpet at my aunts
3-on the bus (i was wearing a skirt and couldnt hold it any longer so i just decided to let go cuz i was in the back...nobody ever knew!)
4-in a bag
5- in the woods standing up and using the finger method i was reading about(it felt amazing girls)

Cornfield pottier
i was at Anabels house again yesterday with marcia. We were playing in anabels treehouse and marcia needed to pee, badly. Anabel told her to hang her butt out the treehouse window and pee down the side of the wooden structure, where nobody in her house could see her. Marcia was reluctant, but after having a spurt that left a small stain on her skirt she gave in and hung her butt out the window. She had a good long pee, almost 40 seconds, and then she hopped off the windowsill. Anabel ran straight to the window and pulled off her pants and trousers and had a short pee and took a BIG dump. when we looked later her longest turds were about 11 inches long and there were 2 or 3 of those, plus 6 or 7 littler turds and mush was smeared all down the side. Hearing Anabel and Marcia pee made me need to pee too, so I pulled off my pants and panties and peed a little bit out the window, washing some of Anabel's crap off with it. We were at her house for about 10 hours, mostly outside.

Later we were in the river and I really, really needed to pee since I hadn't peed very much in the tree house. I was going tto pee in the river but the water wasn't very deep and my jeans weren't wet yet, so I didn't want to change that. we crawled up onto a mini-island and I took off my jeans and panties and peed into the 3-foot-tall grass. Marcia and Anabel must have sawn me and decided to pee too, because I soon heard Marcia's loud farts and looked up to find her taking a big dump into an abandoned groundhog hole. It was mostly mush, so I figured she'd been holding it a long time.

Later still, we were on the haybails and I really, really needed to take a dump. I was about to jump off and go into the cornfield when I felt a turd push itself almost halfway out of my butt. I urgently pulled down my jeans and my panties and pooped over the side of the haybail, then set myself so I wouldn't get my pee in the wrong places. I had 1 or 2 nice big turds, then 3 or 4 smaller ones and a large pile of mush. Anabel and Marcia took this opportunity to escape into the cornfield and pee. Happy outdoor peeing and pooping!

Embarrassed girl, this may take a bit of time and alot of patience. When you do have an accident, keep a journal and record what you ate and drank the night before, any medications, or drugs that you took what your level of sleep had been over the previous few days. By writing it down, you avoid the need to try and remember what happened last time. Look for a pattern. So far as your boyfriend goes, if he really cares about you he will be there to support you no matter how gross it may be. It's a good indicator of the health of that relationship. Just remember to give him time to get used to the idea.

Hot Chick Heidi
Friday afternoon after school I didn't have anything to do, so I let my friend Denise, who like me is a few months away from getting her driver's license, talk me into going with her downtown to the bus depot because he grandmother from Chicago was coming in for a visit. The lady is like 80 years old and never learned to drive! (I'd kill myself if I had to take the bus every day of my life). Well, anyway right after school both Denise and I stoppped in the main floor bathroom of our school because we knew the wait for the bus, a transfer stop and that wait, and heavy traffic would probably take us an hour and a half or so. We took stalls right next to one another. After latching the door, and as I stood in front of the toilet, I had trouble unbluckling my jeans and while I was struggling with that, I could hear Denise quickly drop her toilet' seat and throw her butt onto it. Her steady stream of pee started immediately and like last 10 seconds, stopped pretty much, and then started up again. Then it went for like another minute. As Denise was peeing, she asked me what was taking me so long, and as I explained to her about my tight belt and how lucky she was to just have to pull up her skirt, she agreed with me. It's unusual because sometimes we argue over little things like that. She asked me how I was doing and I said I didn't know. I had been holding a 2-day crap in since about 7:30 a.m. I've written about this before, but our school's bathrooms are not unlocked until like 5 minutes before lst hour and I'm usually in the math help lab then. I went in after lst hour but the place was packed and the l-minute tardy bell warning had just rung so I didn't want to take my 3rd tardy for 2nd hour because that would mean another detention and that would suck. After lunch I went in, waited for a toilet, and sat for like 5 minutes and I couldn't get my crap to move, so I gave up and left. I feel so bad when I pull my underwear up and there's nothing in the bowl. Denise interrupted me and I could see her foot move, and she said she thought she was going to be able to "get some shit out". I could hear her pushing hard and she sighed as I heard 3 or 4 plops of water. Then I heard the toilet paper roll going around and she swore when she noticed there was nothing on it. That caused me to glance to my left and I saw that my roll was completely gone. All there was were the two ends of the holder. Did the toilet paper get fully used and the actual roll flushed, or did somebody steal it? I was telling Denise about my situation when a group of two or three came running in. The doors of the 4 or 5 other stalls quickly banged open and it seemed like one of the girls was really pissed when she found there was not toilet paper anywhere in the bathroom. She told her friends "Let's go, I'm gonna hold my pee until we get to my house I'm not about to sit down on an uncovered toilet seat." Another cursed and they quickly left, banging more doors. Denise remarked that she hated such "attitude" and she hoped the girl would pee her pants. I told her I thought holding your pee too long can cause urinary or bladder infections. Denise said she agreed. I got up and as I was funbling again with my buckle I saw one square of toilet paper on the back of the bowl between the seat and the wall to which my toilet was connected. I carefully grabbed it, only after determining it hadn't been used. I passed it under the partition to Denise who was thankful to get it and, like she said, "put it to good use". She wiped with it for like 15 seconds while I was at the basin washing my hands. Then we went outside in the 40 degree cold to wait for our downtown bus. Wouldn't you know it, I started to feel bowel activity develop as soon as I sat down on the cold, wooden bus bench. I'll post about the rest of our trip next time.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, how's everybody doing today? I feel a little under the weather but I'm hanging in there.

BrentC: Thanks for the shout out man, hope the laxatives help out. Take care man.

Hairy Annie: Like your posts, I enjoy your descriptive to the details. Keep the posts coming and hopefully something will work out with the hair situation down there if you know what I'm saying.

sara: Nice post but I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma, nice post though.

Cassandra: I'm glad that your going to get another toilet to help with your clogging issue. The guy at Lowes was really up in your business though.

Well I got two stories for you to share, both peeing and pooping. Well let me start of with the peeing one first. Last night (Saturday) I was getting ready to hit the sack, I had to pee and didn't want to walk to the bathroom to pee, I didn't want to go in the cups that I have lying around my dresser, but had a pile of dirty clothes that need to be washed. They were in the bag and ready to be washed I though well let me wet the clothes in the bag so I'll wash them in the morning. So I opened the bag and squatted down over bag and aimed my penis on some clothes and let loose! I let out all the pee that I've been storing for a several hours. It felt nice and warm and smelt nice and pissy! I looked in the bag and seen all the clothes soaked up nicely with pee. I closed the bag and got ready to go to sleep. The next morning when it was time to wash my clothes, nice aroma of ammonia scent on my clothes, not to mention clean!

OK here's the poop one. I woke up about 8:30AM with cramps from the laxative I took last night in my lower abdomen which I know it's pooping time. I got up staggered to the bathroom and removed my PJ bottoms and sat on the toilet. It didn't take long, I exploded with some thick mushy turds klup, plop, klup, plop, klup, plop,
klup, plop, klup, plop in the toilet bowl! I couldn't believe the amount I made! I filled the bottom of the bowl with some turds past the water line. I felt better now, I wiped up and washed my hands and brushed my teeth.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family. Hope to hear some Thanksgiving peeing and pooping stories.


Mr. Clogs

Hi everybody. With it being Thanksgiving this week, I hope to hear some stories about big dumps after the big Thanksgiving day dinner. Two years ago, 2 ladies told excellent stories about dumping in the mall restroom on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

Samantha-another great story! From your stories, I know you enjoy having diarrhea in a public restroom and like to hear others going as well. I was just curious what are your ordinary dumps like and do you enjoy taking these in a public restroom?

Chris(aka toast)
Hey guys its been a while sence I've posted, do mainly to a lack of anything intesting to tell you but I just wanted to tell you that I went to watch 3 games of a quadroople header of football games at Texas Statium for the Texas Highschool football plays offs for class 5A. that said, when i got home, i had the most intesce need to poop ive felt in years so i run up stairs drop my pants and drop to the toilet and at once my stomach start clenching and OMG it felt sooooo good it felt like i was droping not so much a log but a intire tree trunk of the seqoia varity and when it finaly fell in the bowl with a big KASPOOSH i looked in and the thing was more than an inch in circumphrance, i never compair but its got to be the biggest i have ever produced. I will keep you posted for more news. Take it eazy.

super sophie
I was walking home from a long night at the office when i needed to pee. I knew immediatly that i would not be able to hold it in so i went to a dark coner about 300 yards away and parted my legs. I were very lucky because i was wearing a short skirt and no knickers. A river began to flow underneath me and it felt so good. I looked to my right and could see a woman walking down the road so i squatted hoping to hide behind the bush. But i was not so fortunate, she had saw me. I didnt mind because it was my girlfriend and dance partner Tania. She was just standing there and giggling as i carried on flooding the ground. When i had finished i got up and began to walk home with Tania. about 5 minutes later she told me she had to pee too so we crossed the road and went into the public toilets. There were no doors on the stalls but Tania wasnt bothered. She lifted her skirt and sat down without taking off her knickers. I could see a wet patch form on her lovely pink thong and couldnt believe what she was doing.

I asked her why she hadnt taken them off and she told me she likes the way it feels when they get wet. I felt something developing downstairs so i sat on the toilet next to her and let everything go. I started to hear Tanias wee hit the water so i guessed it had really began to soak through. I finished my logs and wiped before going back to watch tania. She pressed her feet down and began to strain, She was crapping herself whislt sat on the toilet.I heard a splash as tanias crap fell out of her thong (no suprise) and hit the water.She sighed in relief as she peeled off her knickers and dropped them in the bowl.Tania cleared up using plenty of roll and flushed. She gave me a quick kiss before smiling and leaving the bathroom. I followed her and we walked home.

Please tell me if you liked this story because i have plenty like this.

MP from FLA

Long time lurker, very rare poster. I just thought I'd share my incident that I had tonight for your enjoyment...

After many years of having intentional "accidents" in both my underwear and diapers, tonight I almost had a legitimate accident. Earlier in the evening, I made seafood for my girlfriend and myself. We had Crab Legs, Oysters, Tilapia, and some VERY spicy shrimp. We retired to my room to watch a movie and cuddle for a while, then I had to take her back to her place. The drive to her house is about 40 minutes, and as soon as we left my place, I knew my bowels were not happy. We got to her place about 2:00 am, and I quickly excused myself. The rumbling, pressure, and discomfort were all too familiar and I knew that if I didn't get to a commode soon, I was going to have some very soiled pants. I wouldn't have minded the soiled pants, but I could tell this excrement was going to be very liquidy and difficult to control. As I pulled out of her driveway, I felt a major cramp hit, and this one refused to let go. I figured I would be able to make it to a gas station and take care of business. However, after about 5 minutes of driving, I had no choice but to pull over. I whipped my SUV into a rather secluded church parking lot. As I did so, I felt the first warning squirt slip out. Now, if that's not bad enough, my SUV is also a manual transmission, so I had all sorts of pressures being applied, making it very difficult to control my bowels. I came to a screeching halt and simultaneously unlocked the doors, set the parking brake, threw the truck into neutral, undid my seat belt, and hopped out. In less than a second I had my jeans and underwear down and out of the way. I was quickly reminded that the temperature was under 40 degrees, but I didn't care. As soon as my pants hit my ankles, a torrent of liquid feces shot out of me as though my anus was a pressure washer nozzle. Here I am, 24 years old, taking a shit in a church parking lot with nothing but the cover of night to conceal my activities. I had a shirt in the back that was covered in mud, so I used that to clean up myself. After folding the shirt up and stowing it in the back, I left the parking lot, being careful to maneuver my vehicle to avoid driving through the sizable puddle of processed shrimp.

I couldn't believe that after all these years of only "losing control" of my bowels when I wanted to, I finally ran into a situation where I had little choice in the matter. Strangely, the danger was very exciting and arousing.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Amanda M
Wednesday after a little while after I ate dinner I decided to take a shower.As I was in the shower my stomach started to hurt really bad. I ignored it. As time went by the cramps got worse and my stomach was gugrly.I knew it wasnt going to be long before I had to sit on the toilet,and I was right. A few minutes later I got the urge to go. I was almost done my shower and i'm good at holding it in so I waited and finished up. After I was done I dried off and got dressed real quick. Then I sat on the toilet and bunch of mushy poop started to come out. It wasn't diarrhea but it wasn't solid. After a few minutes I was done but I still felt more so I sat a little longer but nothing else would come out. I wiped flushed and came back downstairs. Now call me weird but I like having diarrhea so I decided to drink some of prune juice. I went to the kitchen and poured a glass. I made sure no one saw me cause I wouldn't want them to think I was constipated or anything. I'm real shy about my bathroom habits. Anyway I drank the juice and came on the computer and did random stuff. A few hours later I got gassy and was farting a lot. Finally I felt like I had to go poop. I went up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and a tiny squirt of diarrhea came out. I gave a push and another small squirt came out. I let out a few more small squirts and I was done.
Prune juice really doesn't upset my stomach and give me really bad diarrhea. It just makes me gassy and makes my stomach gurgle a lot.
It does help get things moving when im constipated. I have to drink a lot of it and it takes forever to work but it works. well thats all for now

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