Hi, I've never posted here before as I usually don't have anything exciting to say about my bathroom habits. However, the last 2 weeks I have been on crutches, which has changed things up a bit.

Generally, I have found myself holding off on using the toilet longer than usual, just because it's painful to use the crutches with my broken ankle. Normally, I pee about 3 times per day, and dump every other day or so. With the ankle I pee only twice per day and only poop when the need becomes urgent. I haven't really had much of a problem holding back longer, i think because it's easier to hold sitting down. But it isn't terribly easy getting to the toilet on crutches with a rectum full of poop. There's no way I could put the toilet off so long if I was walking, or going about my usual routine.

I have a slightly unorthodox question on my mind. I've really been contemplating it for a long while, but it recently got pushed to the front of my mind, and now I really want to know. Basically, I want to know if it's just me, or does a girl's poop really smell worse than a guy's?

I think I have a logical reason for why this might be, but I'm very curious as to whether there is a biological reason behind it. I suppose I should share some insight on what brought this question to my mind. I've used a unisex restroom a few times, always in a place where it's the toilet and a sink, all enclosed in a room with no stalls. On a few of these times, I happened to go in after a guy. I noticed that it smelled of poop, but not very strong, almost unnoticeable. But it seems like whenever I poop, it smells very bad, even long after I flush.

And then what happened today really made me wonder even more about the question at hand. There's this really mean girl at my high school. She's really popular, and often ridicules other girls for pooping at school. She's really the main reason I've started holding my poop in until I get home. But today she got the other end of the teasing. I went in to the bathroom after lunch to pee, and I was sitting on the toilet, about to start when I heard the popular girl come in.

I sat in silence, painfully holding back my pee, almost afraid of what she might say. But I was really surprised when there wasn't her usual crowd of other girls with her, and everything was quiet. I heard somebody go into a stall, but I didn't know if it was her. Meanwhile, I couldn't hold back anymore, so I began peeing. Whoever had just gone in to the stall was farting very noisily and they really stank! It sounded like she dropped one big turd, farted loudly a few more times, wiped, then flushed.

I stayed in the stall until I was sure the mean girl was gone. I had already finished peeing, so I peeked through the tiny crack on the side of the stall door and saw the popular girl washing her hands and leaving. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands as well. The room still smelled very badly, probably worse than it did when I got finished pooping. None of the other stalls were taken, and I knew class started in about a minute. I looked in all the stalls quickly, and found the one the other girl had used. There were only two wadded up balls of paper in the toilet and then I saw a huge turd.

It made me feel glad knowing that the mean girl I hated so much pooped just like everyone else. I kind of hoped other people had been there to see or hear it... even though I'd never say anything to her, other people would be quick to jump on her just as she had teased them.

I don't really know if there's anything to my theory, but I thought that maybe girls poop smells worse than a guys poop because we tend to hold it in longer. Girls, from my experience, as far more picky about the condition of the toilet we'll use. If it's not clean enough, we'll just hold it in, or most girls seem not to like pooping anywhere but home, at least among my friends. But with guys, farting isn't taboo, but rather encouraged. Guys just rip a nasty fart in front of other guys, but girls never do that. We also tend to hold our farts in, as if society wants us to be polite, young women.

You know, if you look at history, there's actually a lot of interesting information about bathroom habits of the past, specifically those of women. I think women kind of got a raw deal for a long time, being held to society's ideals, which no women could ever live up to.

I read from someone on this site about how women back in the 19th century and even earlier wore panties with a hole where the crotch used to be. And women from that era are always depicted wearing long dresses that go all the way down to their feet. I guess this means they could just stand still for a while, pee onto the ground, and no one would ever be the wiser.

Many people think that when women would faint at a party or social gathering, they would really only do that because they needed the bathroom. They would be escorted to a bedroom to rest, and perhaps a nurse would be called. But there were no male nurses until recently, so a woman who had faked fainting could explain her situation to a nurse. The woman would be able to take out the chamber pot, use it, whether they just needed a pee or to poop. Then, after a bit, they would rejoin the group, and the nurse could maintain the cover.

Fast forward a bit in history and we arrive at the early to mid 20th century, say the 1930s or 40s. Women at that point were still held to fairly high standards. There were just some things women didn't do back then, chief among them were the bodily functions. "Proper" ladies never burped, farted, or even showed any need of the bathroom in public. And the reason why many women did not eat or drink at a party or social gathering was to prevent the situation from even arising. I guess there is something to that - however unhealthy it might be, not eating or drinking significantly cuts the chances the women will need to fart or use the restroom.

On the subject of unhealthy practices, the corset in it's entirety seems to me to be a very unhealthy piece of clothing. I suppose it does serve it's purpose in helping women maintain their ideal figure. Of course that "ideal figure" played to stereotypes of the age. There's even medical evidence suggesting that wearing a corset every day for prolonged periods of time actually squishes the intestines down towards the bottom of the body.

Doctors say that this is no worse for a woman than being pregnant, but I have to imagine it's uncomfortable. And I did read somewhere that people say that wearing a corset makes you constipated. Just one more reason to think of it as a very bad idea, in my mind.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

open stall bm guy
It has been quite a few years since I have posted. I wanted to share with the readers a story of my youth. Sometime around middle school, 6th grade or so,I started to become embarrassed about having my bowel movements at school because there were no doors on the stalls. I would hold it in until I got home but I sometimes didnt make it that far and would poop my pants before I got home. When my dear mother caught on to what was happening, she would take me staright to the toilet when I got home and had me pull down my pants and underwear to make sure I hadnt messed and then would stay there with me until i produced a good bowel movement. If I had a messy bm, she would help me wipe. This continued for 2 years until I was no longer embarassed to poop in front of people. Today, I look for places to have my bowel movements where I can be seen. Kinda fun pooping and wiping with people watching. I have many public pooping stories if anyone is interested. Happy pooping.........

so i was at the library. the bathroom is unisex, but private. so it's just a toilet and a sink. so i had to poo. i went in, made sure the toilet seat was clean (clean enough), took down my pants to my knees, sat down, then leaned over and put them to my ankles. i just sat there for a while, thinking, not really pushing, when someone started knocking on the door. i said, 'out in a minute.' which was hardly accurate. so i didn't want to keep anyone waiting too long, so i pushed as hard as i could to get this poo out asap. and when it did come out, it was huge. it hit the bottom of the toilet with a thud, it did not smell at all. i enjoyed that. i wiped (had some trouble with the toilet paper dispenser) pulled my pants up, flushed, and started to wash my hands. but as i did i realized that the only thing that remained unflushed was my poo. it sat there at the bottom of the toilet, kinda not even trying to go away. i couldn't do anything about it.. so i left, and it was a guy about my age, pretty cute, who was going in after me. he smiled as i was leaving. then i went to study. about two minutes later, he walked by me again, giving me the strangest look. kinda like, i know what you did. i tried not to be embarassed. i'm getting better at this, kind of, but i did turn reddish.


Cornfield Pottier
Anabel, Marcia and I homeschool together. Every month we switch houses, and this month we're at Anabel's house. I'll have lots of stories, because whenever we finish our work we're aloud to go outside and play. Today we were in the treehouse and Marcia really, really needed to poo. Because it was only about 5 degrees out, she didn't really want too, but as a buldge grew at the back of her pants she hurriedly ripped her pants and panties down, stuck her rear out the window and let loose. We heard lots of splutteringly wet farts and the sound of violent pee trickling down the side of the treehouse. I really had to go, and I tried to wait for Marcia to finish but I felt a tiny turd squish out of my butt and into my panties. I rushed for the other window and stuck my butt out in a simialar fashion to what Marcia had done. Anabel was clutching her front. As Marcia popped out of the window, Anabel rushed for her place and I again heard the sound of violent pee against the wooden walls of the treehouse. I gently cleaned the turd out of my panties, then we all climbed down to investigate mine and Marcia's dumps. They were pretty huge, and Anabel's dog had already found mine and started chowing down. Our pee was dripping off the edge of the treehouse. It's supposed to go above zero tonight, so if we pee tomorrow we might get pee-flavoured icycles and poop-flavoured ice blocks. That's all for now. Happy outdoor peeing and pooping!

super sophie - great story about the nightclub, peeing/pooping in the sinks (at least you made it!) and that one woman peed in her jeans. What did she do after she peed her pants?

Twenty women in line and three stalls...typical!

Mr. Clogs
Penny: you've asked about pooping in strange things or places. Well how about pooping in a bucket, a large wide mouth vase, a pitcher, a chamber pot (if you can get a hold of one) check out your antique store for one. A trash bag, a bowl, and this may seem hard to do in a cup! Yes a cup, if you try it for the first time or don't poop in cups often then it gets messy, trust me. Don't poop in a cup that you drink out of or serve your family with. Go to a fast food restaurant and order a large meal, they usually give you those large plastic cups for your drinks. A tupperware container is fun. Give it a try and let us know if anything. By the way do you pee in strange places or things too?


--Mr. Clogs

To weird shit: I have had similar shits a couple of times. However, I did need to go. Once, like you, I had not even got the urge to go and felt something liquid-like in my butt. However, that you have solid shits before and after seems a little weird. Did you have trouble going or were you constipated? Maybe that is it. By the way, I 15 y/o, boy.

Hey I had the most embarrasing experience in my life on black friday. I had got up extra early to go to the walmart for the sale and was late getting up and even tho I had to go when I woke up I was in such a hurry I didnt bother going. Big mistake! I didnt even change out of the tight fitting grey sweatpants that I sleep in either, also a big mistake. I arrived at the walmart and had to park so far away that I prolly coulda just walked to the store lol. Anyways by the time I was inside the store I knew I was in for a long adventure and thats when the pressure on both by bladder and my bowels became very noticeable but I decided I could wait awhile longer and I really wanted to get to the deals before they were all gone, my third mistake. I made my way thru the store searching for the things I needed and after almost 20 minutes of bumping into prolly fifty people I had only gotten to the middle of the store. Thats when the pressure in my bowels took on that sudden urgency you get when you know you have very little time to wait, and suddenly I panicked because the restrooms were in the back of the store. I made the decision to abandon my cart and just make my way to the restrooms instead of just giving up and going back home, my final mistake leading to my humiliating accident. It took me about 10 minutes just to bump by way hurriedly thru all the people waiting for this or that just to make it close enough to the bathrooms that I could see a line of ladies. I prayed they were waiting for layaway or something but to my horror it was the line to the ladies room. I counted at least 10 women ahead of me and thought OMG please make them hurry. As I stood there clenching my buttcheeks as hard as I could I fidgeted and as the pressure grew I began to cry a bit. I was so focused on holding it that I didnt think about how obvious I was to everyone around that I was desperate. I began to cry more and the lady in front of me offered her place to me. I took the two steps closer and that was it. I cried OH NO! and reached back with my hand to try to hold it in but it was no use. My hand immediately felt an enourmous turd coming out fast pushing the light material of my panties and sweats out easily. I recoiled my hand and covered my face in embarrasment and began sobbing as I just stood there frozen in place while a massive load of very firm shit filled my panties. The bulge was the size of a softball and my pants did nothing to hide it. I suddenly realized again where I was and of all the people around, my flight instinct kicked in and I began to move as fast as I could thru the crowd. I just wanted to get outta there and go home and curl into a ball and cry. Then things got worse because I felt a squirt of piss jet into my panties and then seconds later the floodgates opened. I didnt stop moving as the piss soaked my ass and ran down my legs the light material of my sweats didnt do much to absorb it so I was leaving a trail of pee on the floor. I felt so humiliated as I made my way thru the store and heard countless comments and giggles as people saw my pants. "ewww look" and "oh my god she shit her pants too!" as I passed. I still hear and see the whole thing in my mind as clear as a some horror movie I was the star of. I made it home eventually, never buying a damn thing and ending up with a humiliating emotional scar that will never go away.

Mr. Clogs: I only had one thing that used to get under my skin, but it not so much of a problem anymore since the clean air laws went into effect in most places. I despised the days when smoking was allowed indoors in public places, and that of course included restrooms. It was just wonderful - a cloud of stagnant smoke to greet you when you walked in, clothes smelled, eyes burned. I HATED it!

Public Poo
Welcome back Silke. I love your 23 excellent posts from page 90 to page 1359. Please publish more of your amazing stories about your toilet experiences when travelling for work or on holidays with friends or family.

Keith D
Had a tough but rewarding poop today.

I'd skipped a couple of days and was worried that I'd get constipated so I was very conscious throughout the morning of having even the slightest urge to poop so I could go to the toilet. I got a slight urge right after lunch. The poop felt quite hard and compacted and felt sharp as it poked at my sphincter. I was home and went straight into the toilet. I dropped my jeans and briefs to the floor and kicked them off. I sat towards the back of the toilet seat and spread my cheeks slightly to help stretch open my hole a bit.

I sat upright and leant back slightly and started to push. Not much happened at first. I strained but the mass inside just pushed down weakly against my sphincter but wouldn't push through. I took a few deep breaths, wriggled back and forth on the seat then pushed down again. Slowly, I felt my ring begin to stretch as the first scratchy bit of poop started to emerge. It felt like I was really starting to open up but then to my dismay I heard a plip plip as a couple of little hard balls broke away and splashed into the water, allowing my hole to close up again. A few more deep breaths and I pushed again. This time, the head of a log began to emerge. It took about a minute to squeeze the tip of the log out into the open as it was dry and very rough and my muscular ring was really gripping the sides of it as it slid through. I could feel every lump in its surface. As the head finally got through the mass began to slide and I could breathe more easily.

It dropped into the toilet with a loud floomp. My butthole closed painfully and felt very scratchy inside. Cleanup was only 2 wipes as it was all pretty dry. The turd was about 18 inches long, 1 and a half wide as tapered from its blunt broken, knobbly head to a long smooth and slightly knobbly tail.

Hot Chick Heidi
So when we were waiting for the bus i felt the urge in my bowels again. But we didnt have enough time to go back to the restroom because the bus was only a few blocks away, and I didnt want to miss it. I thought to myself maybe i can hold it until we get to the transfer station. I knew this would suck because the traffic was going to be rediculous. When we got on the bus I told Denise I felt like I needed to go to the restroom again, and she was shocked. "we just went! are you okay?" I said I was but I didnt know. I had never had to go so badly back to back like this. As we rode we hit bumper to bumper traffic as espected. My urge was getting worse as my stomach gurgled and Denise looked at me with a worried face."I'll be ok" i told her, or more like hoped. I started holding my stomach and tried to think about other things but my butt felt like it was going to explode and the slow moving traffic had me worried. The last thing I wanted to do was take a dumb in a bus right next to Denise and a bunch of people I dont even know. Not to mention the fact that my jeans were so tight and I had a thong on. Any slip up would definately show up on my jeans. It had been about 30 minutes and we were barely halfway to the transfer station. I was starting to get goosebumps. I could feel my hands getting a little sweaty. I needed to go soon. I felt the poop moving further down despite clenchng my cheeks. Luckily the traffic loosened up a little and we made it to the transfer station in 10 minutes. When the bus stopped I quickly made my way to the restroom. On the way off the bus, I clould feel the tip of the bowel movement pressing against my thong. I ran into the restroom and found an open stall, and Denise decided to wait outside for this one. I pulled my thong down, and started to let loose on the toilet. 3 more big ones eased out in a rush and made big splashes in the toilet. I wiped myself a few times and flushed. I had a stain on my thong from the accident i almost had on the bus. Not to mention I had apparently gotten my period on the bus because the was a decent sized red stain in my thong. I went outside and asked Denise for a tampon...she was already mad at me because I made us miss our second bus."no! i dont have any!" she angrily said. I went back in the restroom and rolled up a wad of toilet paper and put it the small crotch of my thong, hoping it would stay in place. It was an akward feeling. I went out and waitine with Denise for our secon bus with a wad of toilet paper in my wierd. The rest of our trip went by okay, but by the time I got home my thong was soiled from a second period leak and poop on my thong.........

On two successive nights I was at events this past weekend at our city's big arena. I was with my boyfriend both for the concert and the college basketball game. My boyfriend is 18 and in his freshman year in college. I'm 16 and still in high school. Well Saturday night at the concert I knew I was going to have to crap because it had been 3 days, including Thanksgiving--which for me is the equivalent of probably two days worth of food. After we parked that evening at the ridiculous rate of $10, I decided to stop in the restroom, sit down and try to go because it wasn't crowded and I thought I would have more privacy. I hate the large crowds outside the stalls, those that sneak a peek through the door-partition opening, and the fact that later in the evening in addition to waiting, I have to wipe pee off the seat and that often there's not even any toilet paper to do that with. Uuurrrggghh! Well, Chad announced that he was going to go into the mens room because he too had to crap. We agreed to meet on the bench in the hallway outside. Well, I went in and was impressed that like 20 ot 25 stalls were open. I just always take the first one I lay my eyes on, and once I close the door, I pull down my jeans and thong, sit and prepare myself for what is usually a productive shit. I try not to be offended by drawings of the male anatonmy on the partitions or any of the other gross scribbles. I considered myself lucky that within a minute of my butt taking its position on the big black seat, a large 3-foot log emerged--and with pretty good ease. I first looked between my legs and found the end of it was protruding above the water level and so close to me that in wiping, I may get part of it on my hands. I slide all the way up to the front of the toilet and looked backwards at what filled the bowl. Mistake! The sensor went off and greatly splashed me. The water was so fierce that there were several droppings running off the back of the seat. I was pushing to get more out when I noticed the water level was rising, my shit had air bubbles around it as it floated in the toilet, and while I looked back a second time, the water level started running over the top of the bowl, got into my jeans which I had pulled down at floor level, and drenched my shoes as I quickly bolted up from the stool and fumbled without much success to get the stall door open so I could flee. I finally got it open while almost having to bend the latch, and with my jeans still down, moved through it and outside. I waddled a couple of stalls down to where I selected another toilet, sat down and cleaned myself, and then washed my hands thoroughly because of what they had been in. When I went outside, Chad said it had been about 15 minutes and he thought I had fallen in. I said "No, not quite" but I told him how much I've always hated those sensor-activated toilets. They're lethal.

Bryan: I loved your story man. I am interested in stories involving unisex bathrooms with multiple stalls. I which state do you live? I would be happy to hear more of these stories. Happy pooping to all.

Hey, me again. All right, so I kind of lied last time. I don't really do poops that big. That's like... I guess the exact story I wanted to hear.

I really do just regular poops. Sometimes have to during school and I don't like it. I try to wait until I get home. I don't like wasting time on the toilet, or staying in there long enough for anyone to know that I'm pooping, so I usually end up going in a few times. I'll go in and dump out a few poops, wipe, flush and get out. I'll go one to three more times and push out a couple smaller poops. Not marbles or anything, decent sized. I guess if I took the time to stay and shit it all out in one trip it would be a pretty big dump. Not as big as some of yours, but still kinda big.

Has anyone heard of the master cleanse? You drink this lemonade stuff and then take a saline laxative every evening (or morning, your choice) and it clears out your system. I'm doing it for 14 days and I've never done it before so I'm a little bit nervous. I've never taken a laxative at all before. I mean, does it hurt? Is it like having diarrhea? I HATE diarrhea. My stomach feeling like a fire and trying not to dry-heave from already feeling sick mixed with the smell. Then on top of it the horrible sounds and being really obvious about taking a crap. I hate doing that. I live with my mother and her boyfriend (he's like my dad), and even though we have two bathrooms, I don't know how to keep them away from my bathroom for the hour or so that I'm uh, cleansing. Suggestions? The only thing I can think of is put on loud music in there and say I'm doing a nightly beauty treatment the next 14 days.

1. What famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? penn bagley or chace crawford-mostly for seeing their butts
2. What non-famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? this b*tchy girl in my class that is 'all too perfect'
3. Have you ever been spied on while pooping? yes
4. Have you ever "killed two birds with one stone" by doing another thing while pooping to save time? playing PSP
5. How far do you pull your pants down when you poop? my knees, then after i sit down I pull them back up as far as they will go without interuppiting my poop
6. How would you describe your smell? occasionally bad
7. Have you ever seriously kissed anybody while pooping? no
8. Who is your favorite type of person to see pooping, or would like to see pooping? people who take really big dumps
9. Can you describe your average turd? lumpy, brown

Hey, been a lurker here for quite some time and I reckon the time is right to contribute.

Had quite a strange experience the other day while in town. Me and a mate were just hanging about after work and I went for a slash in the shopping centre toilets.

The area I live in is kinda rough so the toilets are regularly checked but still regularly vandalised. Today, a stall door had been kicked in and was hanging by a hinge. Only hope nobody was on the throne at the time, would speed up the bowels any way.

As I came in the security fella (or "toilet guardian person") was surveying the damage and talking to someone ("super toilet guardian person) on his phone thingy. With me only needing a slash I went to the urinals and began my business. No sooner had I started when "Super Toilet Guardian" appeared. The thing was, it was a she.

So there was I pissing away while this woman comes in without checking, saying excuse me or anything!

Me being me I couldn't actually care less, unisex toilets for the win I say. But I still felt that plenty of blokes (when sober anyway) would be put off or offended by this kind of intrusion. In fact, surely there is some law against it? She even made eye contact so it's not as if she didn't know I was there.

I finished, put me jewels away and trotted out trying to catch her eye again but she never looked, she was completely un-fazed by it.

Like I said, it didn't actually bother me in the slightest but is there any men on here who wouldn't like this? I'm sure there are plenty of women who would object to a man coming into an open stall bathroom or even a closed one and it is the same thing really.

Cya x

super sophie
1. What famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? Emma Watson
2. What non-famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? Anyone who is willing to be watched.
3. Have you ever been spied on while pooping? Yes
4. Have you ever "killed two birds with one stone" by doing another thing while pooping to save time? Physics Coursework
5. How far do you pull your pants down when you poop? Ankles
6. How would you describe your smell? Not bad at all.
7. Have you ever seriously kissed anybody while pooping? no.
8. Who is your favorite type of person to see pooping, or would like to see pooping? People who grunt
9. Can you describe your average turd? Very long and thin.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

super sophie
It was late at night and I needed to pee extremely bad so I stopped at a nightclub on the walk home to use the toilets there. I had never been in this club before so I did not know what to expect. As I entered the bathroom I were horrified. There were around 3 stalls and 20 girls all waiting to go. I entered the line and were stood behind a young girl around 25 years old. She was wearing a black miniskirt and pink top and had blonde hair. After a few people had used the toilet she began to fidget. I heard her mutter something under her breath and she walked over to a sink. She pulled down her skirt and sat over the sink. There was a loud hiss as she started peeing. Her hands were in her lap and it looked like she was enjoying herself. I waited five minutes when I felt a wet patch form on my knickers. I ran to the sink, pulled my white pants around my ankles and lifted my blue dress. I sat on the sink next to the girl and began to pee. It felt so good that I wasn't bothered if people looked. I didn't look at her until I heard a grunt. I looked to my left and could see her bent forward and really pushing. I was amazed when I saw a brown log slide out of her into the sink. She let out a huge sigh and told me her name was Helen. She bent forward even further so I could see her fine bum and she started crying. I gave her my hand to squeeze and she started pushing again. I saw her ass swell as she forced out another turd about 8" in length. I stopped peeing but carried on to sit in the sink just in case any more developed. Helen moaned as she began pushing again, this one had alot of length but was like string. I felt a tingle between my legs and a jet of pee shot out of me and lasted for around 10 seconds. I asked one of the girls to get us some tissue and she did, I still sat there waiting for things to get a bit quieter when I saw a short woman in jeans shout 'oh no'. I got excited when I saw her bend over and her jeans get soaked. She didn't make it in time and had peed in her trousers. After around 30 minutes things had died down so me and Helen wiped. We both got dressed and left the club. I don't dare go in again after what happened.

Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old and about 5 foot 6 tall and 120lbs.I have a very messy and dirty experience with the toilet.I was driving to chigago, I was driving for about 2 hours and I had to take a dump really bad. I knew its was going to be diarhea because I ate mexican food earlier to day. I had no choice but to stop at this gas station. The bathrooms were outside, so that was good. I asked the restroom key from the clerk. When I went inside the bathroom, it had to be the most disgusting place I had ever seen. There was pee on the floor, pee on the toilet and it looked like someone pooped 20 times in the toilet and there was hardley any toilet paper. There was no way I was sitting down on that toilet. There was 2 choices I had make a mess on the floor or in the sink. I chose the sink, because there was no way I was going to have diarhea on the floor. So I stood on the toilet and got myself on the sink. I didn't even have to push. Its was so bad, right when I sat on the sink messy liquid poop shot out of me " flflflooflflphhhhhfoflfoflpppflop". After 10 min of one of the messist shit I have done I got off the sink full of liquid shit, and wiped with the few pieces of paper and threw it in the toilet. I didn't even want to look at what I produced in that sink, I couldn't help myself its was so disgusting there was a pile of mushy shit in the drain area, the sink was lined in a layer of liquid poo. Even the nozzle thing was covered in shit. I left that death trap and gave the key back to the clerk. Kim

My Mom works as a nurse. She doesn't have much seniority at the medical center and this year had to work most holidays, including a double shift for Thanksgiving. So she arranged for me to drive up to my grandmas after school on Wednesday afternoon. It's like just under 2 hours away, but it's easy to find because its right on the interstate. Mom gave me the motor club card and some extra cash in case I needed it. I saw the trip as a good opportunity for me to show my independence since I've been driving for just over 6 months and I have gotten my grades up. After about an hour into the trip, I stopped off at a gas station to get something to drink and I also had to pee. The toilet in the station/store was strange. It was for both sexes and it was the first time I have used one of these. The toilet was like 1/2 step up from the floor in the rest of the room. There was also a wash basin and mirror. I carefully latched the door and then started pulling my jeans and thong down to use the toilet. It was somewhat unusual for me to have to put the seat down in a public place, but then I got to thinking that the last user might have been a guy. As I started to pee, I glanced over next to the mirror and saw a sign and plastic holder for San-something, a seat cover. I have never used one, but remember that Mom put one down for me on a few occasions when I was really young and we were at something like a fair or circus. Anyway, I pulled one off and after seeing what it was like, I placed it over the door knob for the next user. I flushed, washed my hands and exited. It might have been all the pop I had drank, but after about 20 minutes of driving, I started to feel a crap coming on. I had crapped at school that morning but it hadn't been as satisfying as on most days. I reasoned that I needed to stop off at the next rest area. After about 9 miles and more turbulance in my gut, I pulled into a rest area. The mens sign was right in front of me so I was hopeful the womens entrance was in back of the building. I left my half consumed 20-ounce bottle in the car and picked up my pace. It was starting to get dark and I could see the light from the distant bathroom from just around the corner. There were three stalls, two of the doors were just closing and being latched as I entered and the corner stall had no door. Knowing that I had to crap badly and there weren't many people around, I decided to take the doorless stall. I walked down to the wall, and turned into the stall only to find about a 10-year-old girl, somewhat startled as she got up off the seat, pulled up her sweats, and then brushed by me. As I started to unbuckle my jeans and slide down my thong, I noticed there was something strange about the bowl. Of course the girl had not flushed, but more than anything else what stood out was that her pee was all a bunch of bubbles in the bowl. I have seen such a bubble over when I'm cleaning the bowl at home and I've poured in some high-energy bowl clean. But now, it was like I could not only see, but I could also hear a few of the bubbles. What there was in that girl's pee that caused the bowl to bubble up? I don't know. However, once I had seated myself, I could feel one very large crap coming on. I slide to the front of the seat as I normally do, spread my legs as wide as my thong would go and then I decided to slide my thong down to the floor since I could spread my legs even more. The crap was obviously there and with an extra push or two I got it to start coming out. I partially stood for a couple of seconds and again took another position in hopes of getting it to clear. By reseating myself, I let off two successive loud farts and my load immediately followed. It was a lot heavier than natural and I could feel a pretty significant splash on my bottom. At that point, I remembered how dumb I had been in not flushing the previous user's pee. I reasoned that getting it splashed on me wasn't has bad as having to hold onto the crap demon any longer. Grandma and I had a nice Thanksgiving meal and I headed back the day after Thanksgiving. Because I didn't drink during the drive other than a small cup of coffee, I didn't have to use the bathroom until I got back to my house. I'm much more comfortable using the bathroom there.

I tried something really interesting today. I love pooping in odd places, but I live with my husband and 2 year old girl, so I don't get to go places other than the toilet much. But today I had the house to myself for a few hours, so I got to try something.

Sometime in the afternoon, I felt the urge to poop. I usually go once a day, but the time varies. Our daughter is potty training now, so we have a potty ready in her play room. I went into the room, put some paper towels around the potty, took off my thong and pants. I carefully positioned myself on the potty so my butt was over the hole. It was hard because I'm really too big, but I figured the paper towels would catch if I missed.

I peed a little, most of it going on the towels, and then I gave a small push and a turd squeezed out. Another one followed, this one longer and firmer. I could feel it hit the bottom of the potty, just a few inches below my butt and curl. The potty was full and the "poo poo" just couldn't come out anymore, so I stood up a little and snapped the turd off. I had a little bit more, so I went and sat on the real toilet and squeezed out the last turd.

After I was done, I wiped, threw the paper in the bowl, and went back to the get the potty. I moved it to the bathroom and dumped out my big turd into the toilet. The turd wasn't very big, just my normal size, but it looked huge in the potty, filling the whole thing and then some. I cleaned out the potty very good, so it would be clean again for my daughter to use and no one would ever know what I had done.

It could be a while before I'm alone in the house again, but does anyone have any ideas of fun places to poop? I've been trying to find fun places to poop for a few months now. So far I've only managed to go: In the potty, in the trash can, and outside behind the bushes.

RE Katie:
Wow that's how you learned to go outside? Thanks for sharing how about anyone else? When did you first pee outside and did you know what to do?

Mr. Clogs
I got a quick pee story to share, so here goes.....

I was getting ready to hit the sack for the night and I needed to pee. I urgency was great and I needed to pee fast. I had an empty beer can about 12oz and decide to pee in that. I was sitting off the edge of my bed holding the can and holding my erect penis and proceed to aim for the hole and pee in it. Ahhh, it felt so good peeing into the can. Once I was finished, I placed the piss filled can under my computer desk and went to bed. I hope you like my post, let me know what you think.

Mr. Clogs

Well, a happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone here. I hope your dinner was as good as mine was. I thoroughly enjoyed it both going in and coming out. On that note, I would feel sorry for my toilet if it were a living thing. Of course, I imagine most people's toilets would not be very happy day after thanksgiving.

My situation actually started a few days before Thursday. Thankfully, I'm off of my period right now, so I could have a nice firm poop. But, Tuesday night before bed, I talked to Joe on the phone while I pooped. It was a very enjoyable poop, but I began to worry about how the big feast would affect my next visit to the toilet. I really don't like to use public toilets for pooping, since I'm so likely to clog it, and I was worried if I'd be able to go shopping at all.

Wednesday came and went, nothing special there. I awoke on Thanksgiving morning and had a few crackers and cheese, wanting to save my appetite for the dinner. My mom always makes lots of food, so I knew I'd chow down a lot. I probably ate way too much, but it was all so good. Turkey, potatoes, cranberries, green beans, the whole works. And of course pie, can't forget homemade pumpkin pie.

I left my Mom's place after dinner, feeling very full, almost not sure I should be driving on such a full stomach, but I did get home safe. I talked to Joe about an hour later, and then went to bed. Friday morning, I woke up, had my morning coffee and breakfast at around 5 AM, so I could be there for the opening deals. Before I left the house, I went and tried to poop, but to no avail. I wasn't as full as the night before, but I knew I had a lot of food just waiting to be processed into poop, and it would come out soon.

I just hoped for the best and left. I went to a few stores, only ending up getting two or three things, but it was worth it anyway. As I was driving away from the store, I was letting out a few silent farts. I still had a bit before I'd need to poop, but it was definitely coming. It seemed like the closer to home I got, the worse my gas got. Finally, when I was about 10 minutes home, my gas stopped, but that was actually a bad sign, because I had something else trying to push out.

I drove a little faster, but without speeding, and I got closer, sweating a lot, trying to keep my poop in. I pulled up onto the street where I live, and I could feel the poop easing out. I desperately tried to hold on. Pulling up in the driveway, I felt some smush out into my panties. Damn it, I thought. I really didn't want to poop myself. I got out of the car, and was really desperately holding it back now. I ran into the house, leaving my stuff in the car, but closed the doors. I slammed the back door shut, ran to the bathroom. I fiddled with my zipper for about half a second and then yanked my jeans and panties down.

Phew! Just in time, I plopped down on the toilet and unleashed. Oooohh man.. it felt so good. A huge poop forced it's way out and Flump'd into the toilet below. Then some more poops, still big around, but less long. Splash Splash Splash. Flump. Splash, splish. Splop plop plop plop plop plop splish. A bit of mushy poops there. Ennnh... still more. Splash! I felt empty enough to take a break. Looking in the toilet, I saw almost the entire toilet full of my poops. And I still had probably that much or maybe more left in me. I flushed my mess away and sat back down to resume.

Massive Post-Thanksgiving Poop Part 2... Mmmm... Crrackkll... The poop broke off but no noise was heard. Then came an onslaught of thin but long poops. Flump Floomp Floomp Splop Flooomp Flump Splash. Splush! Floomp Floomp Flump. Another really big one... Mmmh... it hurt a little coming out... Splash! Splash Splash Floooomp Splish Splash. And then I had what felt like liquid pouring out for a bit, but then splop plop plop plop plop plop splop splop plop splop.

I looked in the toilet again. I had almost filled the toilet again just with my poop, no paper or anything. Flush! I think the toilet choked a little trying to deal with it all, but it went away. Then I tried to wipe. I probably used a good 3/4ths of a brand new roll and I still felt dirty. After two baby wipes and a few more passes of dry paper I felt better. One more baby wipe to be sure and I was okay. Flush! The paper went down almost instantly.

I felt so much better after that, I can't even begin to describe it. My panties had a massive brown stain on them, but I took them off and washed them immediately. When I had clean panties on, and had applied a fair amount of air freshener, I closed the toilet lid, turned on the fan and went to get the stuff I bought from the car.

As I said earlier, if toilets were living beings, I'd imagine they'd learn to dread this day. Especially mine, considering how bad I pig out on Thanksgiving. I don't think I'll be shopping next year the day after Thanksgiving. Anyway, I'll probably have another five, maybe six poops, which means five or six stories for you inbetween now and Christmas. I tend to eat a lot on Christmas, although not nearly as much as Thanksgiving.

Bryan-i think its cute you care so much what this girl thinks. No, I don't think you destroyed the magic. If anything I think im crushing a bit on you right now just for saying that. You seem like a sweet guy. She should be flattered that you felt comfortable enough to go with her in the room. She was obviously interested in you and I think you should ask her out. Just think-your first date can't be awkard after that. She's already heard it all. Keep us posted on your situation and good luck.
Katie-loved your story. If you do pee outside again, please post about it. One question though-how old are you?


I think if that situation ever comes up again, you should ask the girl to wait outside the bathroom. I think there are certain things that should be done as privately as possible.

There are some posters who invite their boyfriend/girlfriend into the bathroom with them... I really don't understand why anyone would want to do that.

Of course, you can still ask the girl out...


You asked what girls think of your dilemma.
On that I can't comment directly but, as a guy with a gf very comfortable with such things, it is quite possible you did the opposite of spoiling your chances with the girl you think cute! Look at it this way: she didn't have to engage you in conversation, she didn't have to go in to the restroom with you and, even when she did she could have quickly stuffed all those things back in her purse and left when you entered a stall, if she wanted out of the situation, but she didn't.
While we might well not see it in the same way as girls do, surely the application of makeup and the like is hardly an emergency like needing a shit right now! It can however be made to take as long as necessary... You say that you she was silent and (possibly) smiling - have you thought that maybe this is exactly where she wanted to be?

Brandy--another great story. It sounds like you had an excellent post Thanksgiving day dump and you're right when you say most people's toilets would not be happy the day after Thanksgiving.

Hi all. I am 16 y/o, boy, in high school. I am kinda tall, slender, with dark blonde hair and dark eyes, with my brother going to junior high. I would consider myself kind of bashful about taking a shit in public. In fact, I actually don't like shitting anywhere away from home, except maybe at a friend's house. Even at home, I try to go when there's nobody at home or awake.

Now, I do not really have a "standard" of what my wastes look like. Sometimes I shit a couple of big logs, or many small ones. Other times, I seem to shit a somewhat big, knobbly turd. This one is actually weird, because it seems like it is made of many little round turds pressed together.

Anyway, here's a story:

I wake up at 5:30 in the morning on school days, and on weekends at 10am. About a month ago, I woke up needing to take a shit, which is unusual for me as I normally go in the mid-afternoon, around 4:00. I turned on the shower and sat down on the toilet trying to go, but after a few seconds it became obvious I wasn't going to be able to shit then, so I just showered and got ready to leave. Just before leaving, I drank some orange juice and ate a small donut. After I got dropped off at school, I began to feel as if I had to shit again, but thought nothing of it, as it was not very urgent and I am very good at holding it for long periods of time (I can hold it, without becoming constipated, for up to five days). In first period, during math, I realized I had underestimated my need to go as I was beginning to have a big "fullness" feeling and my stomach hurt. I couldn't concentrate on what my teacher was saying. I just looked at her, trying to explain something, but I didn't listen to anything she said because I was trying to hold my load. It suddenly became painful to hold it, and knew because of the feeling it wasn't going to be a solid load. I felt I had a lot of soft shit inside me waiting to come out. Holding it until I got home was no longer an option. I knew I would end up using the bathroom at school, which wasn't the most pleasant idea.

As someone asked what time it was, I was almost relieved to hear that only 10 minutes were left before going to second period, and I knew I would have to use the bathroom in between classes. However, as the pressure in my stomach and butt increased, I ended up having to go on my toes to hold it. A friend of mine turned to me to ask me something and noticed my distressed look. He asked "Hey man, are you ok?". I just nodded, not wanting him to know I had to take a shit. Finally, the bell rang. I was the second one to leave the classroom. Now, there was one problem: the bathroom. There are more than a few bathrooms at school, say, 2 for each sex per building, and with four buildings, that means 8 bathrooms for the boys. I considered going to the bathroom in the 4th floor of building 4 (the cleanest and largest one), which is basically a small, three-sided tower. However, another cramp hit me, and I knew that, although I might be able to hold it until I got there, I didn't know how long I would take and it was a long way there. Upon some thinking, I decided to use the bathroom on the fourth floor of the building I was in (Thinking that less people go up and down to and from the fourth floor).

I entered the bathroom, and it was clear. No one was there. I opened the door of the first stall only to notice that the seat was wet with a blue liquid. I then went to the second stall and closed the door. This bathroom is the second smallest one, with only two stalls and a urinal and two sinks. I proceeded to drop my pants and boxers to my knees and sat down. I then gave a slight push before the first log crackled out of me. It was very soft, but still well formed and thick enough to plop into the water. I felt so relieved to let that one out that I let out a big sigh, but I wasn't done. When the second log was starting to come out, I heard the door open. "Perfect", I thought. Just as this other person entered the bathroom, my second log dropped with an other plop. I'm not sure if the other person heard it or not. I resisted the urge to let more shit out while this person was in the bathroom at the urinal. It was then that I saw his schoolbag and realized who he was. He was this guy called George, a soccer player and good-looking guy, popular and very intelligent, who hangs out with the same group where the girl I have sort of a crush-on is. "Damn", I thought. What if he realized it was me there taking a crap and told this girl? (He is a nice guy from what I've seen, and looking back, why would he tell her anyway?). After he finished and washed his hands and left, I let the rest of my shit out. Thank goodness he left, because the rest wasn't soft logs anymore, it was barely formed soft shit which plopped in the water. Soon after, I was done. Looking at my watch, I realized I still had 3 minutes left until the next class started, so I wiped myself quickly and flushed. I washed my hands and left for next class.

I think not even George knew it was me in the bathroom then. I was so relieved to have let that much out that I did not even care if he knew it was me or not in Computer class. However, I am still not going to shit in public unless the situation is really urgent, like today.


These posts are amazing. It's such a relief (pun fully intended) to find people who enjoy shit as much as I do.

My experiences are a bit unusual, as I am disabled, with no bowel or bladder control. I wear diapers regularly when my bowels don't cooperate, and when I'm not wearing diapers, I have to go in with two or 3 fingers and literally dig my shit out, or have someone dig it out for me...glove optional. Usually when I do this, my turds end up being hard little constipated balls like acorns or pebbles, up to the size of a golf ball, usually about 3-5 turds every 3 days.

My most memorable poop came when I was about 15. I had been sick with diarrhea for a week or so, and when my stomach finally did regulate, the turd I had was about 2in wide, and maybe 8-10in long, tapered at one end and wide as a butt plug on the other end. It was soft, but firm, much firmer than my poops had been most of that week, so I was incredibly relieved.

And the next day I went back to digging the shit out, and oh what a relief it was to have good solid rat turds!

Weird shit
The other day i was sitting in bed reading a book when suddenly i felt something warm and very runny squish between my butt cheeks. I didnt even push and i didnt even need to shit but it just came out. I quickly moved to the toilet and sat down. I wiped my ass and looked at the toilet paper and there was this very light brown water on it. I proceeded to shit but all that came out was this light brown water. It seemed as though i just had an enema. I am quite confused because i have never had diarrea that is that watery before. It was as if my butt was leaking juice rather than shit. Another weird thing was that when i shat before this incident and when i shat again a little bit later my shit was perfectly solid. Can anyone tell me why this happened. Btw i am i 16 year old boy.

Katie - I loved your story about your first outdoor wee! Wasn't it embarrassing to go in front of your dad?

Post more of your stories!

an old quiz..

1. What famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? don't know
2. What non-famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? anyone who likes to pretend they never poo.
3. Have you ever been spied on while pooping? spied? i wouldn't know!
4. Have you ever "killed two birds with one stone" by doing another thing while pooping to save time? geo studying.
5. How far do you pull your pants down when you poop? ankles
6. How would you describe your smell? not too bad. for poo, that is.
7. Have you ever seriously kissed anybody while pooping? no.
8. Who is your favorite type of person to see pooping, or would like to see pooping? shy poopers.
9. Can you describe your average turd? brown. descriptive enoughh?

to farley - this the only time u have ever had an accident, would love to hear other stories

TO Mr CLOGS: When at the urinal (or trough) as we sometimes call it in Aust, one thing you never do is look at a man pissing or at his penis. Everything else is OK.
TO BRYAN: A toilet is for a purpose and we all use a toilet. Anybody entering a toilet has to do so with that in mind. You needed to crap!
Congratulations for letting it go, I would have done the same. If that girl was turned off then that is her problem and not the right girl for you. There is just a chance that it had no effect on her or maybe she admires your confidence, or maybe you have shown you are human, or maybe she might be just a little turned on. Try asking her out...she can only say no.
TO KATIE: Peeing outside is no big deal....I do not think your father should have been watching. I really drawer the line there.
TO SAMANTHA: I am infavour of the "prune juice flush"/ It is effective for me if I am only slightly sluggish but if really bunged up then it is of no use. I drink two full glasses. About a year ago I was constipated and had my prune juice but to no avail. A few days later I had a colonic irrigation and halfway through the process I expelled the prune juice...I could tell by the smell.

As for me I have not got much in the way of current constipation stories as I am not on pain meds and eating a real lot of fruit etc and I am pooing so well and easily.

I actually posted the other day, but for some reason it didn't make it.

Samantha--thank you for your response. It was another great story. I like the way you provide detail and talk about what you hear going on in neighboring stalls. I definitely would like to hear about your post Thanksgiving day dumps.

Annie--great story. 7 eggs & a lot of asparagus (p-ew!) Actually, I believe the smell is sometimes a big part of the dumping experience & I liked the way you kept commenting on the smell in your story.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

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