Cornfield Pottier
Recently I was at a friends farm and we were wading in the river almost a kilometre from her house. I and my one friend needed to pee and my other friend had to take a dump. We climbed up the bank and ducked into the cornfield. We all went to separate areas and stripped from our skirts and panties. After I was finished peeing I started putting my panties back on, but my feet were all muddy from the wet ground. I got mud in my panties!! But I still managed to get my skirt back on without any more problems. Those of us who were peeing left and stood on the path between the riverbank and the cornfield. My other friend came out and insisted that we come in to see her dump. It was a large round pile of mushy poop.

Another time, at my same friends house, we were walking just beside the cornfield walking to a row of haybails. My friend who had dumped the last time really, really needed to take a dump again. It was cold out, so we were all carrying blankets, and suddenly she shouted 'Oh!' and yanked her skirt and panties down, covering herself with her blanket, and dumped in the middle of the path. She had a 'break' in her dump so she pulled her skirt and panties off completely and moved over to finish her dump. again, she insisted we came over and saw. The first pile was much like the mushy one in the previous story, and the second one was soft, but not quite mushy, turds. I have many other stories about those cornfields to tell, but I don't have time right now. I love hearing outdoor 'relieving' stories, so any you have I'd love to hear. Happy potty trips!!!

yesterday at work right before lunch i had a strong urge to poop but i felt like i could wait until the end of the day. when my break came along, i walked about a mile and a half to meet my boyfriend at a restaraunt we usually go to. The food i ate must have pushed everythig further down because on my way back to work the urge was getting really bad. i started walking as fast as i could to get back to work, but about a half mile from the building i lost control of myself and filled m panties up. to make things worse, i was wearing a short skirt! i was so embarrassed. i walked the rest of the way to the building with sort of an uncomfortable stagger. I held my hand over my skirt to keep it down and hide the bulge in my panties. when i made it to the office bathroom, i took my panties off and flushed them down the toilet. i wiped myself a few times and went the rest of the day with no panties.

Jason C.
When I was 6 years old my mom hired a nanny to look after me and my little sister. She was a strict English woman, about 35 years old. She was a little heavy but was still relatively attractive. I was used to getting out of everything by acting cute but she didn't fall for it so I grew to dislike her. She was pretty strict though. She always made me and my little sister take naps after lunch. This was when she would use the toilet. Although, I have other stories about that there is one that I remember distinctly that has to do with bathroom issues. We were eating dinner and I had gotten sent to my room for making a joke about something. I was sulking in my room when I decided to get a little revenge. I went to the bathroom and climbing up on the sink I stole the box of laxatives from the medicine cabinet. The next morning I woke up to the sound of our nanny preparing tea. I went down and greeted her. She said I should eat my breakfast and get ready because we were going out on the Monday walk. (It was summer break.) Every Monday we had to take a long walk up around the hills that surrounded the suburbs. I hated the walk because she wouldn't let me run ahead at all. Anyways, she went up stairs to wake my little sister. I saw her tea sitting there and remembered the laxatives. I took one out of the package and ground it up with a knife. (I was a daredevil as a kid!) Then I carefully mixed the powder in my nanny's tea. Moments later she returned with my sister and sipped her tainted tea while my sister and I ate breakfast. Then it was time to go out. Like I said she usually went to the bathroom after lunch so she was full now. It was a foggy day in California as we set out. We walked for a while pushing my sister in the stroller while I walked along side watching intently for any signs. We were on the main road in the hills when she first made a sign. She put her hand to her stomach and began walking slightly faster. I grinned as I thought of the ensuing mayhem. We were nearing the top walking along the road above the suburbd when she first said.
"Let's walk a little faster Jason." I asked why knowing the answer.
"Because nanny needs to use a toilet."
I watched her now very carefully. She was now putting her hand on her stomach every minute or so but she still remained calm although we were walking noticeably faster. Finally we reached the top where we usually took a rest. At the top there was a intersecting side road that had a gas station on it a ways down.
I stopped and sat down on the bench watching her. She looked at me and said, "J I think we should head on."
"But I need a rest I complained."
"Nanny needs a toilet. Do you know if there is one around here?"
I remembered the gas station on the road to the side but I decided to lie.
"No there isn't any around. Why didn't you go before we left?"
I said impudently.
"Jason, that's enough, lets go."
I got up and we continued walking at a brisker pace down the main road back towards the suburbs. Her eyes were glassy and beads of sweat appeared on her brow. Suddenly, she stopped put her hand on her ass.
"Jason, are you sure there aren't any toilets around here?"
I knew I would get in a lot of trouble if she found out I was lying so I said I thought there might be one on the road we had passed. Without saying anything she turned the stroller around and walked briskly back up the hill. I ran behind laughing silently. We reached the top again and she began to head down the side road when again she stopped. This time I heard her fart and she bent over suddenly. At the top of the hill the land leveled out into a mesa shaped top. There was a few trees but it was mostly just dry grasses. She picked my sister up from the stroller and stepped over the railing hurriedly leaving the stroller at the side of the rode. "Come, Jason." she said short of breath.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
She didn't answer and she led my sister and me across the top of the hill through the grass towards a small Joshua tree. For the third time, suddenly she stopped and bent over, except this time she didn't stand up again.
"Oh, No!" she exclaimed as a saw a small lump form in her black pants.
Quickly she let go of my sister hand and squatted in the grass pulling her pants and underwear down. I immediately got hard as I saw her "privates". She had a large clump of brown hair and stuff I had never seen before as well as her supple ass that began opening up. She was too busy focusing on herself to notice me. My 4-year old sister was oblivious but I was enthralled. I hadn't hoped for a revenge this good. She bent over with her ass up and pooped out a lot. I stood next to her watching everything. After about a minute of me watching her poop as I set on rock next to her she looked over and for some reason she was shocked to see me. Her face turned bright red and said,
"This is not for little boys to see! Go stay with the stroller. I trudged ecstatically back to the stroller. I looked back and noticed that I could still see her relatively easily from the side of the road. A few cars drove by and at least one person noticed. After another minute or so I was looking at something else when I heard,
"Jason bring nanny some tissue!" I looked in the stroller and found a little pack and I skipped back to where she was. "Here you go nanny." I said cheerfully. She grabbed them from me and proceeded to wipe.
"Cover your eyes Jason!" I covered my eyes but still peeked. Finally she removed her panties and dropped them beside her. "Eww!" I said provokingly. She ignored me. Then she pulled up her still soiled pants and grabbed mine and my sisters hand. (Eww!) We went back to the road and walked silently home. When we reached home she sent me to take a nap and told me to put my sister to bed also. It was unusual for her to do this. She then took a shower and did laundry while wearing my mothers bathrobe. She never talked about it or told my mother, but I still remember that story and I remember a few other stories from my childhood with the many nannies we had. I will share them next time!

Adam D.
I haven't been here in quite some time but forntunately had a bookmark to the site. I had an interesting experience this week due to a water main break and this site is likely the best place to post it. I haven't been in a situation before in public where there was minimal to no water. At the time I was at a local college doing some work in the library and was surprised to learn when I went into the student center to get something to eat that they only had bottled water since the soda fountains were out; they also had all restrooms closed with signs mentioning about the water main beak. Well, I did get some food and a bottled water but was not fond of drinking water (I'm a soda person). As I was eating I began to realize that eating/drinking means eventually going to the bathroom and with the bathrooms closed what were people going to do? At this stage the water had been out only about an hour. After lunch I headed back to the library to finish what I was doing and by this time they had signs on the library restroom doors also. Fortunately I only had about another hour or so of research to do at the library and I figured I would be ok until I got home. After about an hour though I could feel the need to go and then also remembered that I had to stop at the bank to discuss an issue with them. I finished what I was doing and headed out thinking I might find a restroom to use someplace. I stopped in at a small hotel on my way to the bank and asked at the front desk if I might be able to use their restroom because of the problems with the water at the college. She said yes and that several other people had stopped to use the facilities who work nearby and didn't have water in the restrooms. She said that the water main break was affecting different areas and fortunately the hotel was not one of them. I went in to the mens room and used the toilet; if it wasn't for having to stop at the bank I could have waited until I got home. On my way to the bank I became more aware of the effects of the water outage as many restaurants had empty parking lots as did many stores; it was almost eerie.

So I get to the bank and ask for the person who I had to meet with. I have met with her numerous times before so know her somewhat well. We go into her office and I mention about the water main break since this is the big news item apparently (although I didn't have many details at the time). She said that they had no water and that it had been that way for the past few hours. They were thinking of closing but really had an obligation to remain open. However the main problem is that no one was able to use the restroom and management was asking them to wait until the water was restored (they also had called another branch of the bank and that branch had water but it was some distance away and they said that option was only for the direst of emergencies). She said that many of the staff were not happy with the situation and she knew of at least two of the tellers who had to go. She also told me that she herself needed to go 'both ways' pretty bad and she was uncomfortable having to hold it in. I told her about my experience at the college and then at the hotel and she was elated that they had water at the hotel (which was closer than the other bank branch) and that she might ask for permission to leave the building after our meeting.

So that was the extent of my experience, although I do want to mention that I could tell that she was indeed uncomfortable by the way she was positioned while she was seated and how she talked. I couldn't help but imagine what she was going through having to convese with me and at the same time needing a toilet quite badly and needing to go 'both ways' as she put it. I also wondered how the other people at the bank (and also at the college) were dealing with their bathroom needs. Sometimes you don't fully appreciate a working bathroom until you don't have one to use. Oh, and forntunately my place was not affected. The last I heard they had re-routed the water pipes in that area and things are back to normal except for the road where the water main break occurred where crews are still working on repairs. Sorry for the long post; I just wanted to give enough details.

To Christine, please write more experiences I love your stories.

i just took an unreasonably large poo.

i didn't want to be heard so i turned on the shower, pulled down my jeans and sat down on the toilet. first i peed. then i pushed really hard and i felt it come out. it was kinda soft, but it was gigantic. i ate like a three-person meal last night so i knew it would come out about the same size. so i pushed and pushed and pushed and finally it started to come out, slowly. i pushed on my stomach with my hands and had my butt muscles working too. so eventually it came out. it looked strange, like half of it was hard poo the other half was soft serveish looking poo. it didn't smell too horrible. i just sat there in relief, then felt more coming on. so i held my breath and started pushing again. it was another big one, this time i felt it was purely a hard ball of poo. i gripped the bathtub with one hand, the side of the toilet with the other, pushed hard on the floor with my feet, and pushed it out with all my might. it thudded in the toilet. my ass hole was in pain. i wiped my front, then started on my back. i am not joking, it took two and a half rolls to finish the job and in the end i still felt dirty. i broke it all up with a toilet brush, it took two flushes to actually go down, then i showered, wiped more flushed again, cleaned the toilet seat (it had my sweat on it). flushed once more for skid marks, then i showered. i still can't believe i had that inside of me.

This is in response to Joanna:

If your son were being lazy why would he be taking so many trips to the washroom? That sounds to me like a doctor who wasn't listening and being lazy himself.

It can be stress, he just started kindergarten yes? If that is the case, school might be scary for him. I say get a second opinion and ask your son! He might actually be able to tell you what is going on.

To Joanna:
I don't see how being lazy would make him need to go more often. I think you've got the all too common problem these days of docs who dismiss complaints that don't have some obvious cause.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. I read all the responses and decided I would go to Lowe's. I made a plan for if there was a guy working the bathroom fixtures section - I made up a story about how my husband, which I don't have, keeps clogging the toilet with our kid's diapers... Even though I've told "him" not to several times, "he" continues to. As it turned out I didn't need it, because I lucked out and there was a woman working there. It was still hard for me to tell her, but definitely easier than a guy.

I have a fun story from today!

Before doing some shopping at the grocery store, I had to use the bathroom for a pee. I was feeling a bit gassy all day, so decided to stay a bit and release some pent up gas. I was ripping some huge ones--they were really loud, but didn't smell too bad. What happened next, though--did!

The ladies' room door swung open and I heard super fast clicking of heels. She speedily made her way to the other stall, and while opening it let out a monstrous, rippling fart that sounded a bit wet. "Uh!" She uttered as she clicked the door shut, rapidly moving to yank her pants down and sit down. As soon as she did, she let loose a massive blast of ripply diarrhea. This initial blast must have lasted at least 4 or 5 seconds. "Uhnnnnnh!" she sighed. Then even more chunky liquid sounding poop splashed into the toilet. I countered with a fart of my own, but it was nothing compared to what she was experiencing.

The room instantly filled up with a nasty odor--her ability to stink up a bathroom almost surpassed my own! "Unggggggggh!" she sighed, followed by another wave of liquid poop. "PRGHgrHgHgHHhhhslpt-slpts-splt-sprrrrrrt-Ffunk..." "prrrrrrrrrrrrrut!"Then came the biggest gurgling sound from her belly, followed by a blasting fart that echoed in the bowl.

Then she released another forceful fart and a volumous wave of torrential, nasty diarrhea. After about a minute, she started wiping. During this period, I didn't want her to think I was just sitting and listening, so I made some subtle grunting sounds and forced out a few farts. About two minutes later came an "oh no!" followed by a MASSIVE, chunky gassbomb that blasted a mess of what seemed like endless loud, greasy, runny diarrhea.

A little bit later someone else came in. I didn't want to keep the stalls occupied, so I tore some paper and wiped up. I exited the stall and saw the other lady. She was probably in her early 30's and neatly dressed; she had her hand up by her nose blocking the smell, looking pretty disgusted. It did smell pretty nasty in there, but I thought that gesture was a bit uncalled for. She entered my stall while I washed my hands. The other lady blasted out another quick spurt of diarrhea, giving the newcomer something to really complain about!

Happy deucing,

Christine -- I would definitely like to hear about your other, more recent experiences. Thanks!

Good morning fellow ploppers
I was coming out of the bathroom this morning and my wife was waiting to go in. She said " I've just got to have a poo"
I left the bathroom and stood outside a few feet away for a listen.
I heard her lifting her coat up, then pulling down her jeans and knickers.
For a minute I heard her straining,, and thought that she had done a long one that hadn't made a noise but the I heard PLOP, followed by an even louder PLOP

Its been awhile since I posted, but I have to tell you what happened last week that totally shocked me.

I had had a long day at work, lots of physical labor (I'm in retail and we had a huge shipment getting ready for xmas). I was tired and sore when I left and I stopped at Starbucks on the way home b/c I didn't feel like cooking. I got a Vanilla Frappucino and some cheesecake. I got home and decided to relax in the bath after taking a muscle relaxer. Well, apparently it worked too well. As I was relaxing in the bath, I felt like I had to fart, and let go. But it didn't feel like a bubbly was much more...liquid, not air. I had diarhea in the tub! It was so gross, I had to drain the tub and get on the toilet asap. I'm sure the coffee gave me diarhea, coffee always works as a laxative. Then the muscle relaxer on top just made me not feel it. It was quite shocking, but I cleaned up, took a shower and had diarhea in toilet a coupler more times. I was just glad no one witnessed the incident.

As for EMBARRASSED GIRL who shit in her pants when sleeping with her b/f----I know a guy who wet the bed at his girlfriend's house. Luckily, the girl was very openminded and helped him clean up. It sucks that your b/f wasn't helpful. I hope he gets whats coming to him (like shitting his own bed.)

HAIRY ANNIE--I LOVE the term "overgrown shit sausage" LOL wonderful description!

POOPY PHIL---Amazing reaction from your boss! I personally would have been freaked out if my boss touched my poopy ass, but atleast he was nice. I've never pooped myself at work, but I did throw up in the trash behind the register and I got a write up.... >:(

Hi Francesca

Love your peeing story about your friend Julie . I would very much to like to hear more

Often constipated dude
Brent C,

WOW your ordeal seems to be reminiscent of some of the constipation I've been dealing with lately. Like you, I am constipated alot of the time anyway, but lately it seems to be getting worse. Of the last twenty days I've probably been constipated one fourth of them. I've had some golf ball sized constipated dark shit that I can only get out with either a suppository, an enema, or my fingers. lately whenever I have a suppository dump or an enema dump, it always repeats on me.

Last week I had a suppository, although it wasn't a dulcolax, it was a Fleet, but anyway, I shoved it up my butt as best I could get it in with all that hard big shit up there and went to cook dinner while I waited for it to work. I was draining some pasta noodles when I started cramping something awful!! My gut was contracting a LOT and an urge was building. I went to the toilet to shit. I sat down, had to strain a little, but a lot came out. After I sat there for a few minutes without doing anymore, I stood up bent over to wipe. As I touched the center of my ass with the toilet paper I farted and out came a load of soft mushy shit. it broke through the TP, and got all over my hand, my ass, and halfway up my arm before I could stop it from coming and sit back down on the toilet. It was a MESS but I did feel better afterwards.

This week I have been constipated all week til this morning when I had to manually evacuate myself.


does your son deliberately poop himself? does he have normal BMs on the commode like everyone else? does he ever complain of "it hurting" when he has a BM or anything? Have his doctor check him for encopresis.

To the unnamed poster who wrote about seth mcfarlene~ there is also the episode of family guy where the network is being censored and peter decides to make his own network. They sing a song about "taking a tinkle when you want to take a piss" and then later they show a man at a urnial being told that 2 shakes is enough. And there is an episode where there house floods and peter asks chris if the water is suddenly warmer and then he's like "oh its pee that does that" I however don't think seth mcfarlene had a fetish or obsession with the toilet. I think he is simply using potty humor for a laugh. There is a lot of crude humor in both those shows simply for the sake of comedy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 5-year-old son has recently been pooping himself while taking baths. He has also been wetting the bed a lot and his teachers have been commenting on him taking very frequent trips to the washroom. We've spoken to his doctor and he just think's he's being lazy. Does anyone know any other reasons?

One question for everybody what is the best part of a bm for you?

super sophie
Hello everybody, got a post about when i was on the beach in my bikini.

I was laying on the beach in my bikini, not many people around but i were not alone either. I had a big dinner that day and had been on the beach for a few hours. I felt a gurgle in my stomach and needed to crao but i held it in because the nearest toilet was a 30 minute walk. I felt another gurgle and knew i would have to go straight away or fill my knickers. I looked around and there was no where really private i could go so I dug a hole in the sand and placed my bum over it. I layed down again so it looked like i was sun bathing and pulled my bikini down at the back. I got comfortable and relaxed, there was a loud hiss as my pee hit the sand below. After about 2 minutes my wee began to die down and my turds started emerging. There was a thud as my log hit the bottom of the hole and another poo began to exit me, this came out alot easier than the first. As my third crap crept out I began to get cramps and pushed really hard, i was still laying over the hole when a couple walked past. I don't think they realised because they carried on walking without batting an eyelid. I finished my loads and pulled up my bikini. I stood up and looked at my masterpiece, I could see 4 logs and a big puddle. Feeling proud, i filled in the hole and went home. Hopefully ill have more experiences like this in the future.

i pooed in a garbage can today. may i explain without seeming weird?

i was coming home from work. on the way, i pass this really big plaza with a bunch of restaruants and a couple linnen shops, really random. anyways, i had to poo (surprised?) and i didn't figure i'd want to go all the way home and do it in our toilet, with its weak flush and amazing ability of amplifying sound and smell. anyways, i went into the first place, and walked into the bathroom. it was a single sink, single toilet sort of deal, with a sketchy looking lock and a godawful stench. and the toilet was horrible! it was covered in paper, that had clearly been peed on (no help there) recently, i might add. i thought guys must have been in here! there was grafitti on the walls, adn the only thing in tact was the toilet paper dispencer.

so i ran angrilly got my jacket and ran to the next store that i knew had a bathroom. i jogged in, put down my stuff, and ran to the bathroom praying the toilet seat would be just fine. well it wasn't. it had red stuff all over it! hold your puke it wasn't blood. it was like, tomato sauce. dried on, but I still didn't feel liek sitting my clean but on that nasty seat. but the lock was sterdy and it was a similar single-toilet, single-sink bathroom. so without hestitation i undid my jeans, lowered them to my ankles, removed the top of the garbage can, and sat on it. it must have made an imprint on my ass, i swear it hurt so bad. but anyways, i started pushing immediately. it came out so slowly, but it felt sooo good. when the first poo was out i looked in the can. it was a big ball of smaller balls. i pushed more, and another, similar smaller piece of poo came out. it hardly smelled. i wiped, threw that in after it, and left the bathroom muttering about how people are disgusting! can you say double standard! lol


Once, I was at my boyfriends house and I really needed to take a dump. The problem was, my boyfriend was in the can and I was about to have my dump right there in my panties. I didn't know what to do so I pulled my pants and panties down and had my dump on his carpet. I was about to pick it up when my bf came out of the can. I threw a pillow over my little packages. He knew something was up, so he lifted the pillow off the ground. 'What is this?' he asked. I explained how his dog had come in and dumped on the floor and I didn't want his dog to be embarassed so I covered it up. 'I don't have a dog' he said. 'I think you're lying.' Oh really.

The teacher who asked for advice
Hi All. You may remember me form a few weeks ago. I posted asking for advice about sending students to the bathroom with monitors. Thanks to all who responded. I have a story/ situation to tell you all about. In the town where I teach, apparently there was a water main break on Tuesday night, and so on Wednesday the water in the city was contaminated and there was a "boil water advisory". Unfortunately, nobosy bothered to tell the teachers. We had a bagel and coffee breakfast that morning in honor of American Education Week and to honor our classroom aides. That means we used the water to make coffee and prepare, as well as clean, other things. I must have drank 4 cups of coffee as I love coffee and caffeine. Well, at about 6:00 this morning (Thursday) I woke up with sharp excrutiating cramps and gas/ pre poop pains stabbing me very low in my stomach. The pain was a few inches below my waist and it had me doubled over in bed clutching my stomach in severe pain. Within a few minutes I realized I had to poop immediately and RAN to the bathroom. I barely made it and I had gassy, very painful, explosive, watery diarrhea for nearly 30 minutes. It was absolutely awful and my stomach was killing me. The diarrhea was so bad and totally uncontrollable. About an hour ago, I got struck with another cramp and headed to the bathroom but I accidentally let out some diarrhea in my pants before I could make it to the toilet. Now my stomach is starting to cramp up again. I will sign off now and get to the bathroom right away. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to get some relief, please post a response. Thanks in advance!

Mr. Clogs, I thought of you because I clogged my toilet this morning after taking a suppository laxative. I am constipated frequently and it has been getting worse lately. By this morning, I had not pooped in four days. And, before that, it had also been four days. I was really full of crap that I couldn't get to move out. I needed a laxative, but did not want to take an oral one because I had to work today and could not be sure when it would work, or if it would work at all. So, I set my alarm for an hour early so I could take a dulcolax suppository and get everything out before my roomate woke up.

As soon as the alarm went off, I unwrapped the suppository and inserted in as far up my butt as I could push it. It usually takes about 30 minutes to work, so I went into the kitchen and had a cup of coffee. Then I went to check my e-mail. At about 25 minutes, I started to get an urge to shit, but held back to help the laxative medication in the suppository work. I did not have to go badly until it had been in me for almost 40 minutes. By that point, I was getting hard cramps and a strong urge to purge. I think I probably held it in too long, because I came very close to shitting my boxer shorts on the way to the crapper. I locked myself in, yanked my underwear down and blasted three or four hard cannonballs into the water. They were about the size of golf balls. I felt like I needed to strain, but the dulcolax was causing me to strain involuntarily. My colon kept contracting hard and I kept pushing out hard balls every few minutes, along with nasty gas. This went on for about 10 minutes.

Just when I thought that my bm was done, my ???? started hurting really bad. I had hard cramps and started pushing again. This time, I started laying long softer turds that coiled around inside the toilet bowl. These were about a foot to a foot and a half long. They kept coming every couple of minutes for another twenty minutes. I was thinking that this was probably the best poop that I have ever had from a suppository. I was also thinking that I was so impacted that I probably should have had someone give me a deep enema with an enema bag. However, there was no one around to help and I was already stuck with the rectally administered dulcolax.

After about 30 minutes total on the pot, my gut calmed down. I figured that I was done. I got up and looked in the bowl and was amazed at how much crap was in there. The coiled logs were well above the water line. I had never imagined that there would be that much shit in there or I would have flushed several times during the ordeal. I knew that my roomate was going to be getting up in a few minutes and would need to get in the bathroom. I was a little worried about the plumbing but decided to flush anyway. That was a big mistake. It would not all go down and the toilet was about ready to overflow. Fortunately I had a plunger and was able to eventually get everything down. But, what a mess.

I wiped my butt and started to shave. My ???? did feel a lot better after the mega shit. After shaving, I stepped into the shower to clean up. No sooner than I got lathered up, my ???? started to cramp badly again. I knew that I was going to shit again, but there was really no getting out of the shower at that point. I just squatted over the shower drain and strained out another soft log about a foot long. I had to break it up with the shower stream to get it down the drain. About the time I got that done, another wave hit and I strained out another turd in the shower. By this point, I was exhausted and my knees were shaking. I cleaned everything up and got out of the shower just as my roomate was trying to get into the bathroom. I got dressed and made it to work without incident, although I did have to crap a little later in the morning at work. It was mostly gas with slimy wet farts. I think that I am finally empty. What an ordeal.

Please describe the length and thickness of your turds. How many do you drop at a time? Any foods you eat tend to make big turds?

Hey its me Lexi again and my special guest my best friend Jen she often has accidents like yesterday,she came to my house for a sleepover and I let her sleep in my bed and i woke up the next morning and she she totally pooped her pants and it spilled out and then was all over the bed.She told me that she has this happen every night and she had another poop.

Poopy Phil
Well, I don't know if my story will top some here.... But yesterday I had to give a PowerPoint presentation to three dozen business executives. Wouldn't you know right in the middle of the slide presentation, I start feeling my stomach churn and my bowels getting ready to explode, and I have to act like everything is normal. We're about 10 slides from the finish and one of the speakers starts acting up and as I squat down to dangle the wire to get the connection going again - I unload a warm, massive pile in my pants and it was a gusher (this was a 3 day load!!) Although it felt great to relieve myself and I unexpectedly found the warm sensation in my pants to be pleasant (this brought back memories when I was a toddler filling my diaper) - I'm acting like everything is normal. I stand back up and face the screen knowing these guys can see the huge lump in the seat of my pants, and continue the presentation (my suit pants were dark brown and loose fitting thankfully - but a huge lump was still protruding. This was the one day I wore loose fitting briefs, so this helped hold my load). My boss motions for me to meet him in the back of the room, as the PowerPoint presentation is finishing on its own. Quietly in the corner of the conference room, my boss stood in back of me and discretely felt the huge warm lump in my pants and started mashing it flat whispering that he knew what I had just done and not to be embarrassed (my boss has a four-year-old son still in diapers, so he knows all the signs of fresh poopy pants - as he put it). He said he mashed the lump flat so it wouldn't be seen by anyone - but he couldn't mask the smell which was beginning to fill the air. I told him I needed to change my pants ASAP and he excused me from the meeting. He said I could use his executive rest room that has a shower to clean up and he offered to help if I wanted. My boss was real nice about this unexpected and embarrassing situation. He's been more like a father to me than a boss, which is nice. After the meeting was over and I got myself cleaned up from a hot shower, I wondered how many of those guys knew I had pooped my pants during the slide presentation. My boss said there were no remarks made after the meeting - but several men had a "surprised look" on their faces with a smirk as they left. Jokingly we assume several guys knew I had pooped my pants since I left before the presentation had ended. Oh, well! Accidents DO happen and they can happen to ANYONE!!

ny girl.
Hey guys!
(This better get through because I typed it up then it got backspaced. xD )

I remember this from when I was in 6th grade, and this was my only pooping accident ever! (So far... )

It was the end of the day and my stomach hurt real bad. I already passed a few SBDs and just let out another fart. I stood up to do something when I felt liquid shit pour from my panties to my upper thighs and up my vag.
(I had already pooped myself and didnt realize it.)
I went to the bathroom and investigated.
By then, my shit soaked into my panties and thick stockings (thank god for uniforms!) and was oderless.

When I went home I disposed of them and went on with my life.

What I think caused it was brownies. Every time I eat them my stomach hurts a little bit.

Brownies are cooking now. :P I might update later!

-ny girl.

Hey I just found this place and have to get this off my chest. I'm 15 1/2 so i cant drive yet and my boyfried plays baseball at our high shcool and they had a game a few saturdays ago in the morning and my parents had dropped me off to watch but it was at a different school not our school. anwyay i hadnt been to the bathroom yet that morning because i woke up late and had to hurry to do my hair and makeup and get dressed and stuff. anyway i was sitting in the bleachers at this school watching the game and started to have to go to the bathroom really bad. i was shaking my legs and squeezing my thighs and butt cheeks together and was almost prarie dogging it. realy bad. so i got up to go to the bathrooms but the normal field bathrooms were closed for work or something and they only had a couple of portapotties and there was a line and i hate portapotties a lot cause their always so nasty so i wasnt going to use one of those. anyway so i decide to go look around the school to see if anything is open. i headed off by myself and walked around their school but all of the doors were locked everywhere i went and i kind of got lost and had to go really really bad now and felt a squirt of pee come out and stopped it but my panties felt damp. i was wearing a knee skirt btw. anyway i decided the portapotties would be better than nothing so i started to head back towards the field but was kind of lost and starting to panic and couldn't figure out how to get around this fence but i could see the field. so agrivating! i kept trying to find my way back but had to go sooooo bad that it was almost coming out in my panties and i didn't know what to do and i was about to find something to hide behind and just sqat and go on the ground when I got this major cramp and almost pooped myself right there and even though i squeezed everything together i still leaked more pee into my panties and a little dribbled down my left leg. i could barely walk and was holding myself under my skirt and i started to head back to the school building to hide and go on the ground but halfway there I had another huge feeling and my stomach pushed and i couldnt stop it this time and totally dumped this huge turd into my panties in like two seconds and filled them like i had a grapefruit in them and then completely peed myself down my legs and left a puddle in the sand. omg the poop was so big and warm and a little squishy but not runny so it stayed in my panties. i just stood there for a second until i finished going and then waddled to the nearest hiding place, made sure nobody could see me, then slowly pulled down my soaked panties with the giant poop ball inside them. the poop was firm so it didn't really stick to my butt and didn't mark up my panties a lot but they were soaked in pee and i wasn't going to wear them so i left them sitting there behind the bush by the building, wiped my butt and legs with some tissues from my purse and sprayed some perfume around my butt and stuff and finally found my way back to the game without any panties on the rest of the game. i had to keep my legs closed so people wouldn't see up my skirt. i wonder who found my poop filled pee panties at school on monday? lol oh, my boyfriends team won the game and he said it was because i was there, lol

I am 12 years old and have recently had some very close calls in bathroom trips. I never use the school bathroom, and when I am walking home I never feel I need to go. As soon as I walk in the door, I suddenly have to go very badly and I usually have to hold myself in order to not pee on the floor. I go straight to the bathroom and pee in the toilet, but am left with a small wet spot on my pants that nobody looking at me can see, but I can feel. My poo is also very constipating and I have to hold the lever down for 1-2 min to get it to flush. Does anyone know what the problem might be because I'm afraid something might happen around somebody else. I'm usually very good at holding in pee and poo, and now I'm worried I may have overused that muscle or something making me nearly wet and soil myself. I haven't started my menstrual cycle, that is the only other contributing factor I can think of. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Andy- thanks for the story. Feel free to tell more. I haven't really peed in that many unsual places, although id like to. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I do enjoy peeing in the shower, tub, cups, etc. And I have tried peeing outside but never really have the opportunity.

I have a pee story about my friend julie. We were standing outside her apt building by my car. It was late at night and we were talking before I went home. She kept figiting and jumping around, crossing and recrossing her legs. I asked her if she was ok and she told me she was just cold. We continted our conversation when all of a sudden she blurted out, "oh my god I got to pee."
"So go inside and pee I told her" well her apt was pretty far from the parking lot and she told me she didn't think she could make it inside in time. She had her hand in her crotch and was slightly bent over. "I think im going to pee my pants" she yelled. It was dark so I couldn't tell if there was a wet spot or not. She started to walk back to her place, stopped and squated right where she was in the middle of the lot. A flood errupted from beneath her and soaked all the way through her jeans. A huge puddle formed underneath her and she peed for serveral minutes. When she was done she stood up slowly walked to her apt because she was so wet. That is not the 1st time julie has peed herself in front of me. I have many more stories of me and her if anyone in interested.


It might be the toilet, or it might be the water pressure. Some toilets are made to use less water to flush. Otherwise it might be that the toilet demands more water but the water supply isnt great.

My girlfriend and I have water saving toilets. We find that it handles a load well but it causes lots of skidmarks at the bottom of the toilet.

I bet you must stink the bathroom up something fierce if you take big shits...

The only other advice I could give you is go somewhere like Lowes or Home depot and hope that a woman is working the toilet department that day... Maybe then it wont be so embarrasing... Its always a shock to find out who can relate to your problems.

To Cassandra,
You don't mention your age or other members in your house so I assume you live alone. If I'm right, tell the store employee you get to buy the new potty because your better-half is to embarrased.

Because my family just moved to our city this past summer, the largeness of everything still is a bit overwhelming to me. As I've written about before, I'm 15 and I work after school at the mall as one of two persons in a kiosk. Our mall is one of the largest in the region and it draws a lot of traffic, especially right after school and on weekends. My co-worker is older, very critical and sometimes mean. But I like my job and the spending money I make comes in handy. I've found, however, when using the large bathrooms at the mall that I'm becoming more insecure about myself. And this is causing me problems. Like yesterday, I had to wait about five minutes for a stall to open, and when it finally did, I seated myself like I always do to crap. I waited for a couple of minutes and as the pieces came and started to hit the water, they made some noise so I quickly slide myself forward on the seat to a point where my knees were pretty close to the door and my butt was now over only the front of the bowl. My crap then didn't make any noise because it was hitting in front of the water in the bowl. Then when I slid back a ways to wipe, the seat was loose and my butt squeaked a bit as I reached back for the toilet paper, wiped and then flushed. That squeak scared me some as did the loose seat that I was uncomfortable sitting on. I just don't like making noise or drawing attention to myself in public toilets. Am I that strange?

Laura (Teacher) - another great post - I always look forward to reading your stories

Desperate to Poop - glad to hear from you. I hope you can get your PC issue resolved, because I do enjoy your stories (as well as Red Head Michelle's).

Jane - great name to choose. She to use to post a lot and had a lot of great stories--she was maybe my all-time favorite poster. Hope you're not too shy to post more.

Samantha - great story about how you got interested in pooping in public.

To Mistee

Glad to hear that you didn't have a total accident.

But it's not good to hold in pee for too long though. Because a cousin of mines did that throughout a long time that she ended up with a bladder infection.

Keith D
To Jane: Wow! That was really impressive! It does seem like you spend a lot of your day on the toilet. Don't worry too much about it, I doubt that anything is wrong with you. I'm often an infrequent pooper. When I'm struggling to go I need to take a lot of time on the toilet, so I'd much rather have the opposite problem.

To embarrassed girl: Don't be worried about your boyfriend. I'm sure he'd be fine with it. Accidents happen and it would take a bit more than that to frighten him. He was probably more embarrassed than you were and just doesn't know how to talk about it.

I found this site a few days ago. At first I thought it weird but then started to get interested and read quite a few old posts. I have to say that I would guess that I am one of the older readers here since I am 36.

The posts about weeing interested me more than the poo ones. My last poo accident was when I was about 13, though I have had two or three near misses since. On that occasion, my stomach felt more and more uneasy during afternoon school. It may have been something I had at school dinner. Going home it got worse. When I was not far from home, I had a terrific stomach cramp and suddenly a big load of mushy poo exploded in my knickers. I was mortified and very upset. I struggled home, walking very funnily, I'm sure. As I reached home, I burst into tears. My mother wondered what had happened for a moment.I sobbed that I had messed my knickers very badly. She was very good about it, wasn't cross and helped me clean up.

When I was 16, I went to a party on the other side of town. When it was time to leave, another friend's mother came to collect her. They would have to pass near my house on their way home and offered me a ride. Since it would save two buses, I accepted. They were ready to leave and so, silly me, I left with them without going to the loo first. It was rather a slow journey and I was soon desperate to wee. Too shy to say anything, I just kept holding on. Towards the end of the journey, I thought I was going to wee myself in the car. I'm sure I would have died if I had.However, I made it to where they dropped me off, about 300 yards from home. It was very cold outside and no doubt that made my need even more desperate. I remember I felt a little spurt and really started to panic. Suddenly I couldn't wait another second. I just lost control and weed in my knickers, down my legs, even into my shoes and onto the pavement. I hurried the last of the way home and was in tears. Only my mother was home. She said "Whatever is the matter?" I remember babbling something like "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I wanted to go so badly, I'm sorry". Still not understanding, she asked what had happened. I blurted out that I had totally wet my knickers. I thought she would be cross but instead she just laughed and said "It's not the end of the world. Just go and have a bath and change." When I came down I was still very subdued and a bit upset. Mum told me to cheer up but I said I felt stupid wetting myself at the age of 16. She said that I certainly wouldn't be the only 16 year old who had wet my knickers, and older too, she said with a grin.

It was many years before I had another accident in my knickers but I have already written more than I expected. If anyone is interested, I could write about one or two more recent experiences.

To Cassandra
If you want a high powered flush toilet that doesn't clog go to craigslist and look them up. There is many on there that people are getting rid of. I have no idea why there getting rid of those type of toilets. I got a high powered toilet off there and I like it. I hope this helps Cassandra.


To Embarrased Girl
I really liked your story about pooping your pants while you sleeped with him. If you have any more pants pooping stories I would like to hear them. I have one question for you after you poop your pants how do you clean them? Please explain in detail thanks.


Has anyone ever considered that Seth McFarlane has a hidden (or maybe not so well hidden) obsession with the toilet, and more specifically women on the toilet?

I mean, I've seen many episodes of Family Guy and American Dad, and I can name several instances involving a toilet, most of them with women. I remember one episode in which Quagmire is spying on Lois while she's using the toilet. She keeps trying to cover the seat with toilet paper before sitting down, and finally Quagmire loses it and exposes his cover, yelling at her to sit down already. There's another one I can think of where Peter mentions something about having pictures of Lois on the can on his cellphone, and Quagmire keeps saying You should send those to me. And in the most recent episode, Peter sneaks into the executive bathroom and finds out it's really a helicopter that takes him to a private island with a toilet out in the open.

And then in American Dad, there's a few episodes where you get a clear shot of Francine on the toilet, and at one point, I don't really know the circumstances surrounding it, Steve has a picture of Haley on the toilet.

Texas Hillbilly
Hey Jane, i loved ur first post. Its like ur a reincarnation of that other Jane who used to post here i miss her massive poops lol. Well i just wanted to tell u that and im ur first biggest fan

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are not alone in being un-impressed by the performance of some toilets.
Without knowing where in the world you are, I will tell you that I am in the UK.

The standard flushers over here are the siphonic type, where pushing the handle throws some water over the top of the siphon and it sucks the rest of the water with it.
Now in the large bell part of the siphon is a plastic sheet, which rests on a plastic frame.
When you push the handle, the plastic frame lifts and the plastic sheet cannot go anywhere so it lifts the water with it.
As you let go of the handle, the plastic frame falls, but the force of the water pushes the plastic sheet up out of the way.

What can reduce the performance:
Plastic sheet is slightly too big, so scrapes on the outside of the "bell". Less initial "oomph" and harder for the water to push past.
Plastic sheet is damaged, harder to initiate the siphon action.
Siphon is cracked, allowing air in, reducing the lift on the remaining water in the tank.
Now our toilets always used to have a 2 ipmerial gallon (9-litre) flush. But new regulations mean that 6-litre flush type are now installed.
However, what you might find is that your tank is a 9-litre type but has been made to flush at 6 litres.
Look for the water level mark on the back. it will say "WL:9L" or WL:6L"
The siphon bell may also have flush volume selection.
There are 2 or 3 holes on new ones, which may or may not have bungs in them. (bungs are usually blue plastic and may be in a strip).
The 3-hole type will flush at 6L with no bungs, 7L with 1 bung, 8L with 2 bungs and 9L with 3 bungs, assuming a 9 Litre tank.

But what I recommend, is to swap the siphon for the American style flapper valve.
You can get a Fluidmaster kit (20) from the DIY store with the orange logo, which also contains a replacement filler valve instead of the classic "ballcock".
I've fitted these for quite a few people now, I don't think anyone has "defeated" one yet.

The water comes out of the flapper at a faster rate than the siphon, so there's less chance of anything being left behind.

The flush action requires much less effort and the fill valve is also much faster and quieter in operation too.

Now there's another little cheat.
The flapper supplied in the UK is the pink "water saver" one.
You can "dial in" a flush volume to suit.
But you can keep your finger on the flush lever to empty the WHOLE tank, not just a part of it, as would happen if you pressed and let go.

hairy annie
The. other weekend I went to an outdoor /indoor art show with my friend Jas.We had planned on going out for dinner after the show so I dressed up a bit . I decided on light blue underwear followed by a long dress and a blue silk top. I have always liked french knickers, mainly from the comfort point of view. However being so hirsute my pubic hair always hangs out the bottom of them.Also the hair gives me quite a bulge at the front. To give you an idea how much bush I have I can put my fingers in my bush and they are almost hidden.
I met Jas at the art show around 1 pm and we immediately started checking out the exhibits. I usually have the urge to shit in the morning, often I will hold on till I'm desperate, sometimes this causes me to shit my pants or end up with serious skid marks in my underwear. So far I had not even had an urge that day.
Jas and I walked for quite a bit before we decided to to stop for a coffee and a snack. I was then starting to a feeling that a shit was on the way and my stomach was rumbling. Jas said she could hear my rumbles and said Annie I think you have dump on the way.
We finished our break then continued to walk on ,the walking brought on a definite urge to shit. Now we were out in public, I had the sought of underwear on that would not hold my shit if I decided to shit myself. Also we had dinner planned so I'd better find a toilet pretty soon.
In the middle of the park was a porta potty, I told Jas I'm heading for that , I was at the stage then of sqeezing my butt cheeks to hold it in. I walked over doing the "shit shuffle" you know, walking with your cheeks clenched and little steps. The toilet was in use and I was the first in line . A young woman in her 20's came up behind me and asked if I was gonna be long , I said if it wasn't vacant soon I would have to go home. I think she got the hint that I was getting desperate.
Just as the door of the porta potty opened, my friend said please hurry, I'm about to do it in my panties, I said I'll be quick as I can.Well I raced into the potty,lifted up my dress pulled my knickers to my knees then flopped onto the seat.
This overgrown shit sausage just emerged from hole without even grunting or pushing,I felt so relieved then I has this gusher of a piss. Now because I'm so hairy I usually hold my lips open with the fingers of my left hand. I just let it flow this time, consequently my pubes got a good soaking . Then I felt another turd starting to come out, now this did need a little push, I guess it was 4" long ,but that was the last of it. Next job was to wipe my hairy hole and pussy. Oh Oh no paper, I could feel my arse was pretty sticky and my pubes were dripping piss, looking through my bag I found an empty box of wet wipes. No hankercheif nothing to wipe myself with. I can rememeber at times when I have used my finger to wipe my arse,then gone out and washed my hands. I have done that quite often before I started carrying wetwipes.But there was no basin here, so I just decided I'd spend the rest of the day with a dirty bum and wet pussy.
I pulled up m.y knickers which given my luck ride up the crack of my arse, followed by letting my skirt drop.I suppose I was in there about 4 mins max.My friend who was waiting for me was still there, but now she was holding her butt with her left hand and she said Oh thankyou. I guess she was about 10' from the toilet, as she walked towards it I told her there was no paper.Well it was too late now she said. Removing her hand from the back of her jeans I could showed a big bulge, she said she shit herself as soon as I closed the door.But luckily it was a hard one . Just have to tip it out, I said I'd wait and make sure she was okay, she thanked me and was back out in about 5 mins. So there I was standing outside a porta potty, with a sticky shitty hole , my knickers had ridden up the crack of my arse and my wet pubes were leaving a wet patch at the front while I was having a smoke. On top of that I was waiting for someone who I did not know who'd just just shit their panties. What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When she came out she said she was fine,her name was Terri I introduced her to Jas and told her how we met , I think Jas nearly pissed herself laughing. We ended up having dinner together ,all 3 of us. What a way to meet friends.

Question is there anyone else here that has had to spend the day with shitty arse and underwear because there was no paper???

I'm a little embarrassed to post here, but I have a rather important question. Does anyone know where to get a high-powered toilet? When I moved into this new house, I noticed I was clogging the toilet nearly every time.

I know I lay huge turds, but the toilet at my old house flushed fine. Sometimes I'd have to flush two times, but I rarely got out the plunger. Now, every other day I go in to take a shit, and after I'm unclogging the toilet.

I don't really like having to unclog the toilet every single time I use it. Can anyone recommend a good high-powered flush toilet? One that will take a huge turd. I thought about asking someone who works at a store where they'd sell toilets, but that would mean admitting I clog the toilet all the time. I'm too embarrassed to do that.

Mr. Clogs
Weird Pooper: You ask if anyone has pooped in a trash can, I say I had only one time. I pooped in it but with a garbage bag lining the can so all I have to do is tie the bag up and throw it way.

Brandy: Thanks for sharing your story about you pooping, thank you for being descriptive of every moment. Joe is indeed a lucky man to have a woman like you who enjoys going to the bathroom and don't mind sharing it.

Diana: Wow that was some trip if you know what I'm saying. Damn you had to be really tired to have slept on the toilet seat all night, I bet you were aching and embarrassed by the whole thing. Hey great story and thanks for sharing.

super sophie: Thanks for sharing your story of you and tania, and thanks for the details.

You wanted a pee story.Your right though there does seem to be more pooping stories now.I prefer peeing stories too.So heres mine:
I was walking in the woods yesterday and really needed to pee.I had been holding it back for a while but reckoned the time had come to relieve myself.Occasionally,i like to do things differently so i slowly pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees.The woods were very quiet so i wouldn't be seen amongst the trees.I held my penis and pointed towards a large puddle of water and released a lovely long gushing stream of pee downwards.It felt good standing there with my pants half way down and the sound of my pee splashing in the water.I peed for about half a minute or so.What a relief!
Hope you liked this story,i have more if you wan't to hear them.Just let me know.Do you ever pee outside or in unusual places?

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