Super Sophie
Hey all, its me again, got another 3 stories

I was doing a performance and I had to wear a really really tight body suit, a bit like a wet suit. I wasn't wearing a bra or knickers. Anyway I did my part and was backstage waiting for the go ahead to leave and get changed but this was an hour away so I couldn't leave. Out of nowhere I felt a gurgle in the pit of my stomach and I knew I would have to get to a toilet soon. I sat down and started talking to my partner Tania to take my mind off the problem in my stomach. Suddenly I felt an urge downstairs and screamed in agony. Tania told me to bend over a metal railing and push as hard as I could. I trusted her so i followed her instructions and a bulge began to develop at my arse. Before I knew it I was pushing so hard I started weeing, I began to leave a large yellow puddle on the floor between my legs. "Are you ok Sophie?" Tania asked. I replied "no, I'm still full." The puddle continued to get bigger until my wee trickled off to an end. The bulge was getting bigger as i let more and more go. By the time i had finished it looked like I had a melon down my trousers. This was probably most relieving experience of my life.

I was waiting in queue at the public toilets when Tania walked in, she looked pretty desperate. When a cubicle was free I let Tania go in but she insisted I went first. I locked the door and sat down. Almost as soon as I started weeing there was a knock at the door, it was Tania. "Sophie can I come in? I cannot wait any longer." I opened the door and let Tania in, she pulled down her knickers and sat on my lap; peeing between my legs. She sneezed and her bum shifted a little causing her to pee on my legs but i didn't mind too much. After around five minutes she asked if she could sit on the loo because she needed to drop a few loads. Being the good friend I am I let her. She sat down and immediately the toilet was filling up with her crap. She has always dropped a lot since she was little. She passed me some tissue so I could wipe before she wiped herself. We both pulled up our knickers before leaving together, we got some right funny looks.

I was on a bus going home when we got stuck in a traffic jam. It took us two hours to travel one mile and by this time I was really desperate for the loo but didn't want to do it on the bus because it was full so I spoke to the bus driver and she let me get off and go into the woods. I went in as deep as I dared and made sure nobody was in the area. I pulled down my knickers and began doing my business. I was aiming for a rock on the floor and doing a pretty good job, I could hear a rustle and was quite concerned because my knickers were still around my ankles and I were in full flow. I turned around and I could see a quite young lass, she was from my school. She slowly walked towards me, her hands clinging onto her bum before squatting and dropping load after load. I was impressed at how much she was producing for such a young age (she was around 16). I gave her some of the tissue out of my bag and she wiped. I kneeled forward a little and began to push out my little packages. A few wet farts slipped out which made the girl laugh. I took out another sheet of tissue, wiped myself and went back to the bus. "Was it good?" The driver asked. "Fabulous" I replied before sitting down.


Hi all.

Haven't posted much lately, but I has such a good dump this morning, I thought I'd share.

I was at the computer, drinking my third cup of coffee, when I figured I'd better go take care of the growing pressure in my bowels. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet.

After a couple of farts, I began pushing out a load of crap that seemed to go on forever. Finally it tapered off and fell into the toilet. i still felt like more was up there, so I gave another push, and produced another smaller turd.

I wiped, then stood up to look in the toilet. It was a nice, long rope about an inch around that coiled up several times on top of itself. It was impossible to tell where it began and where it ended.

I flushed, and left some skid marks in the bottom of the bowl. It was one of those dumps where you feel about 10 pounds lighter afterwords.

Nothing like a good, cleansing crap.

Laura (Teacher)

Hi all,

Not too much to report lately. Things have been extremely busy lately as both Jake and I are now working two jobs each. Since we are getting married next year, we want to afford a home. We are even thinking of moving to Wisconsin as he can get a job out there in the tech. field, and I would also be able to get a job as well teaching. Besides that, the cost of living here in Connecticut is simply insane. It's tough on a math / science teacher salary to live in this state, as beautiful as it is.
Cara: To answer your question about my fiance helping me when I am not feeling well. When I am on my cycle, Jake understands that when I need to use the toilet, to simply give me as much privacy as possible and let nature run its course (diarrhea). He is very caring, and takes care of me as much as possible as I do to him as well. When I am not feeling well, he will make me a cup of tea, keep me warm. When I am not feeling well, all I want to do with him is cuddle up on the couch, have him hold me, and take a nap in his presence. When it comes to sharing the washroom, we share a very small apartment and also a very small washroom. If he is brushing his teeth, or taking a shower, and if one of us needs to use the toilet (emergency situations only), that is okay. There have been a couple of times that Jake needs to use the toilet during the morning hours. We are both early risers. If I am taking my morning shower or brushing my teeth, there have been many times that Jake has needed to use the toilet. He tends to get embarrassed as I walk out of the shower and have me seeing him pooping. I give him as much privacy as possible. He's so cute just sitting The opposite also holds true, we both need to be out the door quickly in the morning. If he is in the shower, or brushing his teeth, etc. and I need to use the toilet (either for a morning pee and poop, I use it). We make sure that we give each other as much privacy as possible.

Nony: I feel your pain, it seems as if we both suffer from the runs during our periods. I would say that I tend to get diarrhea 95% of the time when I am having my period. For me, it starts with the regular symptoms, fatigue, back-ache, then extreme stomach cramps. I tend to get very gassy a few hours before I have diarrhea. Then, before you know it, I need to find a toilet. It's not fun, but, like you said, you deal with it and get on with your day. :-)

Anonymous Freak / Party Guy: Sorry for not posting lately. I've been very busy and by the time I do arrive home, I just want to relax for the day. I'm usually up by 4/4:30, off to the Gym by 5 / 5:30 then I arrive to class by 7 to correct papers, prepare my lessons for the day, etc. After work, I head off to my second job from 4:45 to to 8:30PM. I arrive home, make myself a dinner, take a shower, and off to bed by 10. lol.... I promise to try to post as often as I can. I do have weekends off, but, there are times when I need to do errands, and I want to spend as much time as possible with my fiance Jake. I'll do my best though :-)

Yesterday (Friday), on my way home from the gym after work (I did not have to work my second job yesterday), I had a sudden urge to take a dump as I had been somewhat constipated for a few days. I was almost home and was deciding whether to keep going home or to pull off and use a women's washroom. I decided to bear it out and take my dump at home. As I arrived into the apartment, I approached the washroom and noticed that the door was closed. Jake was in there shaving. I knocked on the door and asked him if "It would be okay to use the toilet, as I had to go pretty badly" Jake told me "to come on in, the door is unlocked." I opened the door, kissed him and said, "you're home early." I also told him that "this isn't going to be pretty." (meaning that I really had to take my dump and my smell was going to be lethal). He told me to "take my time, do what I have to do" as he would be out to give me as much privacy as possible once he finished shaving. I took off my skirt, pulled off my white panties and immediately took a seat on the toilet. I farted, started to pee, then the ever so familiar crackling sound came from behind of a large piece of poop that plopped loudly into the toilet water below.

As I sat, waiting for the next one to exit my behind, I asked Jake why he was shaving? He replied that he had wanted to take me out to dinner as a surprise. It was sweet of him. He told me that "I work too hard, and I deserve a night out every once and a while." It sounded like a great idea, and we never go out as we are saving every penny. Once in a while, it doesn't hurt to have dinner out. As I was sitting, the smell of my poop was engulfing the washroom. I could feel more in my bowels, I hunched over, looked down at the tiled floor, farted once again and began dropping more poop. ka-plop..........ka-plop.........long pause, ka-plop.........another long pause, ka-plop. I said, "sorry for the smell dear", as Jake finished shaving. He came over to me, kissed me on my forehead and said "nothing to be sorry about. We have a reservation in an hour, so take your time, do what you need and we will go out tonight." He then left the washroom. I continued to sit as I felt more in my bowels. I hunched over once again, and felt more wanting out. ka-plop..........1 to 2 minute pause.....ka-plop......ka-plop....into the toilet water below. I had another long pee, waited an extra minute or so, and dropped the last piece of poop from my behind. The amount of poop that I had dropped was unreal. I had not had a dump in nearly three days, and I usually have to poop at least twice a day. I pulled the toilet paper, wiped my front a few times, then wiped my backside multiple times. The cleanup took a while as I had to flush twice to make sure everything went down. I then sprayed some air freshener and hopped into the shower to get ready for our evening out. After my shower, and after I had completely dried myself off, while brushing my hair, I needed to use the toilet once again. I put down my hair brush, sat down onto the toilet, farted a few times and began dropping poops from my behind. ka-plop....ka-plop....ka-plop....I was now completely relieved. I wiped myself again, flushed, washed my hands, continued to brushing my hair, got dressed up, and we went out later that evening.

I hope all is going well with everyone!



Most of the time I get an erection when I poop. I don't know why and I've been too embarrased to ask any other guys if this happens to them too.

It's getting close to the holidays, and I guess now is a good time to share a story from a few christmases ago. I was at a party with a group of close friends. There were about twenty of us there, having some drinks. And by the end of the night, we were pretty drunk.

I don't quite know who suggested it, but somebody said we should pee outside. Why did all of us agree to it? Who knows? But a few hours and some drinks later, all twenty of us gals were lined up outside ready to unleash our very fully bladders.

I can't even imagine what anyone watching this would have thought... twenty ladies in their mid-20s, exposing their bare asses to the brutal winter chill. And then, if they kept watching, twenty golden streams arcing, melting the snow below us. Some of us aimed better than others, but nobody had the aim a guy would.

embarrassed girl
hi. i'm a 22 female, i'm petite and a brunette. it's a really embarrassing secret of mine that no one but my parents or sister knows, but even to this day i occassionally poop in bed. it's not frequent, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. but i could never figure out what causes it, and i never really think about it. just every once in a while i wake up in the morning with an embarrassing mess in my underwear. sometimes i have dreams where i need to poop, or dreams where i am on the toilet pooping and i wake up pooping my pants. anyway, growing up, whenever i had sleepovers or went to a sleepover, i pretty much made myself stay awake all night out of fear of possibly pooping myself at night and my friends knowing. but this weekend something terrible boyfriend stayed at my dorm on friday night. i was really nervous about it but i just kept telling myself i'd be ok. well, i wasn't. we went to sleep at night, and i slept well. but i woke up at around 8:30 in the morning, with that all too familiar feeling underneat my butt, like i had a bad wedgie or i was laying on something. my heart practically stopped. i could smell in the air that i'd pooped my pants.i carefully pulled the covers down and slipped out of bed. i had light blue pajama pants on that were kind of tight. it felt like a large, heavy and solid load in my panties. it was sagging my pants down and the bulge was huge, and it was really smelly. i was sneaking to the bathroom when to my horror, i heard my boyfriend wake up and say "hey are you ok?" in a panicky voice i said "i'm fine!!" and put my hand over my butt and rushed into the bathroom. there was no way he couldn't have known..the whole room smelled and the bulge on my butt had to be super obvious. not just the bulge, but i noticed when i took my pajamas off that my pants had a big stain on the seat. when i got into the bathroom i hear him say something like "oh jesus" and he left while i was cleaning myself up... i talked to him last night and he didn't bring it up, and he was very quiet and didn't seem to want to talk.

i'm so humiliated about pooping myself in bed with my boyfriend over!

I've been reading about open crotch underwear from the Victorian era. How convenient! The women could pee anywhere and no one would know what they were doing.
Queen Victoria's open crotch underwear had a 50 inch waist.

I read that when women ate dinner at other people's houses during the Victorian era, and had to pee, they would pretend to faint. They then were brought to a bedroom to recover. While there, they would use a chamber pot.

Also, at formal dances in the past, when people went out on the patio to get fresh air, they really went outside to pee.

I once read a library book about outhouses. There were some outhouses in the 1800's that were attached to stores. So when people had to relieve themselves, they went to the outhouse at the back of the store.

It seems I'm getting close to my period. Last night, I was getting ready for bed... I was in my pink striped sleepshirt. After brushing my teeth, I pulled up my shirt a little and sat on the toilet. It began just like any other night, my nighttime pee just before I go to sleep. As I was sitting there peeing, I realized I had to take a dump as well.

Mmm.. Ploosh-Ploosh Splish Splish Splish Splash Pfffftttttt Unnnhh... Krkkll.. Ploosh! Plop plip plip plop plop plip Splash Kkrkkll.. Sploosh Plop Unnnnnn.. Krakl Plop Splash Plip Plip Plip Plop Splash Sploosh Splash Plop Plip Unnh... Mmm.. Krkkll-ll-ll Flump Sploosh Sploosh Plop

I don't like it when I get close to my period. My poops feel like I'm having diarrhea. I like the feel of a nice long poop easing out, instead of a barrage of runny, small poops. But, there's really nothing that can be done - My body does what it will, I'm just here for the ride.

Hey all,

Thanks to all of you who said you liked my stories!

I haven't had any really interesting public dumping stories lately, so I figure I'll tell one from the past. I mentioned earlier to someone named Jamie that I never really used to like pooping in public toilets (in fact I hated it) until bad diarrhea kept me on one for what seemed to be an eternity! Today I'll go more in depth with this story.

About two years ago, my friend and I had made plans to go to lunch then shopping on a particular Saturday. I was looking forward to it until the day of, when upon waking I had the worst stomach ache. I poured a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but remember barely being able to finish half of it before a heavy stomach pain let me that my butt needed a toilet. I dashed over to the bathroom, yanked my pajama bottoms down and let loose. Not only was it mushy, but it was LOUD! I pushed everything I could out, hoping this wouldn't carry on into the day. At the time, my aversion to using public bathrooms for number 2 was so great that I almost wanted to call off the plans my friend and I had made for fear of having to drop a big messy load in public. After thinking it through, I decided to just go out. I had assumed that it was just a small bout of diarrhea and that I had got it all out.

My friend picked me up and we went to Panera for lunch. All went well until halfway through the cramps once again struck! I had a bad feeling that these would turn into more diarrhea cramps, but acted like nothing was wrong and continued talking to my friend. A few more of these struck me during lunch, and I was really starting to think that I shouldn't have even gone out. Instead of having fun with my friend, I couldn't keep my mind away from my bowels. "What if I have to poop HERE?" I kept worrying, which created an anxious, hot feeling in my chest.

We finally got to the store. I hoped that if the diarrhea urge came back I could hold it in until we were done. About 15 minutes into shopping, that urge struck, and with greater vengeance than even before. I kept trying to hold it in, with sweaty palms and a nervous tinge to my voice while talking to my friend. The last thing I wanted was to have to blast smelly diarrhea into a public restroom toilet--especially because I was with my friend. The urge kept building, and eventually I knew subconsciously that I was going to have to make a trip to the ladies' room. My friend had gathered a few items that she wanted to try on, and said she was going to the dressing room. Without thinking, I said "OK, I'm just going to go to the bathroom."

"Do you want me to come with?" She responded.

"No, I'm fine."

"OK. I'll see you when you come out," she added

I didn't want to keep her waiting, so I responded with a "um, it might be a while." Half regretting it right after I said it.

"Oh, OK." She responded. She wouldn't have thought it weird at all, but I had always been kind of private about that, and to this day refrain from pooping in public when I'm not alone.

I scurried off to the ladies' room and opened the door to the aroma of soap and floor cleanser--that weird generic public bathroom smell. I had always found it a little bit of a gross, sticky smell. But it would have smelled like a rose garden compared to the condition I was about to leave it in. There were six stalls, two occupied. This gave my nerves a shock, because one was in stall two, the other in stall four. Since I didn't want to take the handicap stall, this meant I would need to sit next to one of the two ladies in there! Nowadays, I would love this arrangement and would plop my rear right between the two ladies and let loose, but at the time I was on the brink of panic. But there was no choice, and I kept feeling the warm diarrhea "knocking at the door" so I had to use one of the toilets available.

I opened the fifth stall door quietly and almost shamefully. I closed it, put my purse on the hook, and turned around and looked at the big black toilet seat that awaited my rear. Luckily, everything was clean. I wiped the seat just in case, then pulled my pants and panties down and placed my butt on the thick plastic seat. I tried to be quiet, but it was no use--almost as soon as I started to release, a big gurgle fart came out of my rear, echoing into the bowl. More anxiety and warmth in my chest ensued. The lady furthest from me started taking paper off the roll, and immediately made me question why I took THIS spot rather than the first. I was still so anxious that I was holding in the diarrhea, but this wouldn't last long.

A cramp struck me, and I slowly realized I there was no way I could be completely quiet. I moved my butt a little back on the bowl and applied slight pressure to my bum. Despite the slight pressure, a loud, wet, sharp fart blasted into the bowl followed by a slight torrent of liquid poop. I tightened my butt and tried to stop the stream because I was so anxious. Then I thought about my position--here I was sitting on a stool meant for people to pee, even poop in. I'm sitting next to another lady doing the same thing--I have nothing to be ashamed of. I got kind of comfortable, and then pressed gently on my bowels. A huge, echoing bubble fart blasted out followed by a series of loud, greasy, gassy, wet poop blasts. The poop was so mushy and forceful that it splashed into the bowl. The smell, just like before, was awful--really sulfiric, but almost sweet smelling. It was kind of embarrasing, but gave me a weird feeling at the same time.

This was probably one of the loudest poops I can remember having, and the warmth of my chest grew as I knew the lady right next to me heard it all, and probably smelled it, too. I must have made her more comfortable, though, because she blasted out a fart, then later a few splashes. It was interesting to have company. I kept letting loose wave after wave of bad diarrhea. The smell was horrendous and after about 7 minutes. I was sure I had stunk the place up pretty awful. I thought about just finishing up and getting back to my friend, but knew I'd just be back there within a few minutes the way the cramps were coming.

I kept releasing massive loads of mushy diarrhea. A few more people came in, but from what I could hear they were all only in for a pee. As I sat, the embarassment of the whole thing started lifting. I realized the weirdness of the situation--sitting on a toilet in a public store, listening to others use toilets right next to me. I just couldn't get over it. And I was POOPING! And they heard me. Something about this made me a little excited. I weirdly started to enjoy when other people came in and heard the loud sounds I was making...

About 15 minutes into my diarrhea session, my friend came in and asked if I was OK. I told her yes, I just had a stomach ache. She asked if I needed anything and I responded no. She said she'd just be looking at more clothes. As much as I didn't want to keep her waiting, something kept telling me to wait, to remain on the bowl. Perhaps it was a fear that I would need to dash right back again, but I now know it was something else--that day, I learned the joy of public pooping.

I'd say I finally got up after about a half hour, with a sore bum and a big mess in the bowl. I wiped well and flushed it down, almost satisfied that I finally used a public bathroom without too great a deal of shame. I washed my hands and met up with my friend. On the way home, more cramps struck. I thought about telling my friend to pull over somewhere, even though I knew I could probably make it. That's when I knew for sure--one of my greatest fears had became an interesting pleasure. We didn't end up stopping anywhere. But when I got home, I opened my bathroom door, plopped my rear on the toilet, released another load of diarrhea and imagined that I was in a fascinating public restroom, marvelling at the fact that I just actually stunk one up.

Happy (Hopefully Public) Pooping,

This is the second part of my story about what happened to me last week. I've written before about how I hate to sit on the toilets at my high school because they are so gross. I'm 16 and last fall I learned how to squat pee so that my butt actually never has to touch the seat. That works pretty well for me, but I still usually have to crap and it often happens right after lunch about 1 p.m. However, I've become somewhat OK at holding it in until I get home from school. Well on this day I had just gotten to my car in the parking lot and my Dad called me to drive like 45 minutes down to the airport to pick up a client of his. Well, that put an end to my plan to be on the stool at home in 10 minutes and crapping. And to make matters worse, while I was on the Interstate, stuck in slow-moving traffic on the way to the airport, I started to feel the punishment of the 20 ounces of Dr. Pepper I had consumed and I knew I had only limited time to find a bathroom. As I started to panic in traffic and got off the highway at a service station, I thought my problem was solved. But the station ended up having no bathrooms because it was one of those credit card only-type places. So I had to swing out of the lot and continue in the rain down this access road to this next station. All the while I was really fighting to keep from peeing my pants. And the rain and windshield wipers didn't help my situation at all. I finally got to the next station and because it had a convenience store visible from the street, I got my hopes up again. I noticed where the beverage bar sign was and that the door next to it was marked Restroom in large letters. I walked very fast in that direction, bumping into two little kids who were shoving one another over some piece of candy. I was picking up speed as I got to the bathroom door and put the force of my right arm into opening it. Unfortunately, it didn't open and I cracked my arm into it because the lock wouldn't budge. I'm nomrally pretty patient, at least I start out that way, but after waiting like 3 or 4 minutes, and putting my ear up to the door and hearing no evidence of it being used, I started to get frustrated and cry. I quickly walked over to the other side of the store where the clerk was and asked him if he had the key. I swear he got some attitude and quickly answered "yes". Then he went back to restocking the cigarette rack. I had to interrupt him again and directly ask him if he could open it and again he said "yes". When he turned his back on me the second time I really wanted to curse him, but I held myself more composed than I probably give myself credit for and I pleaded with him to open it because I was bound to have an accident. At that point he very matter-of-factly went back to tearing open cigarette cartons and that someone had stopped up the toilet so bad, that he had called a plumber. I was so mad about his attitude that I wanted to throw something at him and curse him, but I knew that wouldn't get me onto a toilet any faster. After returning to the parking lot, I noticed there was another station just about a dozen car lengths to the south. I quickly got in my car--now in greater pain than I had been in for a long time--and quickly drove over there. This time I stopped at the cashier's counter and she was much more friendly--even pointing to the far end of the store and where the unisex toilet was. I was relieved to be able to see the door open nearly 2/3 of the way, the light off and knew that I was about to get relief in seconds from my equally bulging anus and bladder. I fumbled for the light, but once I found it, I quickly closed and latched the door. I quickly dropped my thong to prety much the floor level and raised the back of my light skirt as I spread my legs and squatted about an inch above the seat. My pee stream started first. It was heavy and lasted about a minute and a half. About half way through, I could feel my crap working its way down and I spread my legs as wide as I could, even momentarily balancing myself on the sink in front of the toilet, as the painful and extremely large worked its way out. In the end, it seemed wider and definitely longer than most of my shits, actually extending out of the water and its end was resting almost an inch from the top of the front of the bowl. After looking down betwen my legs and seeing it, I still felt another lump ready to come out. I let off two quick farts and four additional hard peices plopped into the water. They were so hard that my backside got him twice with the splashes they caused and when I looked down at the seat, it too had not been spared a splash. I used a considerable amount of the toilet paper to wipe myself with, and before I pulled my thong back up, I tore off another strip to wipe off the seat for the next user. Then I got to thinking how it probably wouldn't make much difference, because I was sure my bowl load was going to be a clogger. I had the door open and was partially in the entrance when I pushed the flusher. The load flushed almost instantly, although you could hear a groan, of sorts, from the drain. I got to thinking when I got back in my car and resumed my trip to the airport, that I had just accomplished my first squat shit. And it wasn't that bad!

Hey... I've been lurking for a long time and finally posting. Didn't think I ever would, but I've had interesting poop lately. My name's not actually Jane, but I'm extremely poop shy and just in case anyone I know happens to be on here (doubt it), I thought I should change my name anyway. I've chosen my name because I loved reading Jane's stories (from pages 600-850 ish) and 2 because I'm more interested in #2 than #1. :)

I'm a teen girl, dark hair, not short not tall, relatively attractive, not real skinny but certainly not fat.

So lately I've been taking massive poops every time I go to the bathroom, even just for a pee. I'll go through one day with you:

In the morning, I wake up and go to the bathroom and pull down my pants. I pee for about fifteen seconds, then feel a poop moving down. I push a little.. uugghhrrr and a second later... PLOP... PLOP... PLOP. Three huge poops. I start to pull off some toilet paper and then crumple it up and wipe. I go to wipe again but realize I still have to poop more. I push and PLOP PLOP, two more big ones. I've been going poop maybe twenty-five minutes. PLOP. That one was gigantic. UUGGHHRNNNRR... PPPLOP. I wipe up and get ready for my day.

Two to three hours later I'll have to pee again. I go into the school restrooms and pee. Next to my stall there is another girl who is pooping. I am too poop shy to take my dump then, but I can feel one building. I stay and listen to her. PLOP PLOP PLOP. Crackleeee. PLOP. PLOP. *heavy breathing* *loud fart followed by shy giggle* PPPPPLLLLOP. Uuhh *that sounds almost sexual, though it's not* PLOP. The two-minute bell rings and I know I have to leave. As I'm cleaning up and leaving I hear her drop four more big poopies.

In another hour I NEED to take that dump. I go in the shitter, luckily no one's in there. I sit, and I think of the scene in Not Another Teen Movie where they watch that girl poop through the vent and look up nervously. I pull off some toilet paper and rustle it around in my hands to drown out the sound. Oh, but a thundering plop still echoes through the room. PLOP PLOP PLOP. Ten more minutes (I'm on lunch), tons more poops, and the toilet's almost completely full. I flush and then wipe.

I can usually wait until the end of the day, unless I have to work out. Then I always have to poop, either right before or during my workout. Usually I just push out enough poop (two or three big poopies) to make it comfortable to run.

Later at home comes the BIG poop. I spend about forty-five minutes plopping and dumping and grunting away. This is usually when I do my homework. After forty-five minutes I flush. I don't have a great toilet (the rest of my house is really nice so I don't know why the toilet's so crappy... pun intended :P) so it clogs. The water rises up then goes down, but doesn't go over. Though I always worry. I go and get a coat hanger (the house is mine until 10 when my parents get off work) and cut up my poop until it goes down. After that mess is cleaned up, I immediately sit back down to poop again. I let out one, two, three, four, five. Soon enough the bowl's full again. Usually the second time I remember to flush before it's COMPLETELY topped off. I flush again, then poop some more. This goes on for maybe two hours. Lots of good study time!

Before I go to bed (at 9:30, I like to poop before my parents get home), I poop once more. Usually it's not a big dump, but all right sized. I poop maybe five to ten big poops, then go to sleep.

I'm thinking of going to the doctor because it's really inconvenient to have to poop so much when I'm so shy. This has only been the last couple of weeks. Maybe I have some weird condition? Is there really such thing as megacolon?

Anyways, I hope my first post was good and kept you interested... keep those good poop stories coming!

Brandy--welcome to the board. The detail in your post was great. I hope you and Joe will have more to share.

China girl--yes it is nice having you post again. I always found it interesting how you talk about making your toilet suffer.

Mary Kate--would like to hear if you have any good poops from the drinking this weekend

Hey its poop--your last story was about an unsuccessful poop. How did everything come out--were you able to go the next morning?

To Joanna B: Glad you like to read the stories. I love to read other people's stories and eventually decided that I should post some of my own too, seeing as others put in so much time. But I often used to struggle to poop so my experiences are usually very different to other people's. I don't have an SO at the moment but used to date a nurse (I think I've posted about her on here before) and we used to share some experiences together. It's great to have someone there for you, even if it does take a while to get used to. It's such an intimate experience to share with someone and so soothing if you're feeling bad.

To Joe and Brandy: Thanks so much for sharing with us all. It's great that you've both met someone you share an interest in. And the detailed accounts are great!

Hey its poop has also had some great stories lately too.

To Linda from Australia: The huge log I did at my hotel actually (and uncharacteristically for me) came out without a lot of effort. I had to push the whole way to get it out because it was so wide that it stretched my hole to the maximum and the elasticity of my anus was gripping it for dear life! I don't think I made a sound because it was such a shock that it was so huge. I barely dared to breath because I just wanted to yell. It felt so good afterwards though. It must have taken nearly a minute to slide through because it did move so slowly but nearly constantly. I think it was reasonably firm but not so dry that it was hard or scratchy. I've never had a turd feel so big and smooth before. I'd done a small hard poop the day before so it can't have been buiding for too long. However, I hadn't pooped for several days prior to that so the first, hrad poop was probably just a precursor and the real volume was yet to come.

I had been eating a lot of asian food on that trip and I think the rice may have helped bulk the turd up a bit. I had super-sized logs for the next few days after I got back. The first one took me by surprise. I had just left my apartment and was walking to a local store and went down a winding road alongside a wood. It wasn't a long way but I noticed that this stretch of road must catch a few people short as I could see some scraps of tissues and things behind trees here and there. I was wondering if the people had peed or pooped, and why they would do it while still partly in sight of the road when I was hit by a really strong urge. I kept walking but had really strong cramps and was taking short steps. I thought it would take forever for me to get to the store walking this way so I decided to head off into the trees as well. I went well away from the road and down a bank so there was no chance of anyone seeing.

I slipped down my shorts and briefs in one motion and squatted down low, facing the way I had just come from. The grass tickled my butt and my sack as it dangled below. A slight push and a log began to immediately emerged. But straight away, its blunt head forced my butthole to maximum extension. I didn't hurt this time though, perhaps because when I'm squatting my butthole seems a bit more elastic and can move to accommodate the turd more easily. I was starting to feel dizzy so pushed hard to get it over with. The log shot a long way out and touched the ground and stopped. A dull, aching cramp went up through my intestines, as if I had just been hit with a bat. The poop could budge no more. I lifted my butt a little and the log flexed and went sideways. It came out swiftly. The whole ordeal only lasted a few seconds but the result was amazing.

The log was about sixteen inches long and close to 3 inches wide. It was cylindrical with a blunt head and very short tapering tail. It was pale brown and smooth, and seemed to be built up of chunks. With nothing to wipe, I pulled up my pants and started walking. But I felt so dizzy and so tired and my poor stretched butt felt so weird. It literally felt like a part of my lower body had been torn away. I suddenly felt so tired. I just wanted to lie down for a nap. So I head straight home, walking very slowly, and never got to the store.

Joe and Brandy
Hi everybody, it's Joe and Brandy again. We think these stories will be good ones. So, with nothing else that needs to be said, on to the stories.

Brandy: Hey. We decided I would post the first story in my writing. Anyway, Joe and I were hanging out at my place yesterday when I felt the urge to pee. Joe said he needed to go as well, so I suggested something a little unusual. We went out in the backyard and I took off my black skirt and thong and let Joe help me aim my stream. It was a really weird experience, but enjoyable. I don't know how much pee actually hit the plants where we were aiming, but it was fun. After I finished up, I put my skirt and thong back on, and Joe let me aim him. It was quite a bit easier, but I'm still not used to it. All in all, we turned the boring act of peeing into something fun and exciting.

Joe: For my story, I'm going to talk about what happened that night. After we had finished eating dinner, I got that familiar feeling of needing to poop. Brandy and I went into the bathroom, and I pulled down my jeans and briefs and sat on the toilet. I had a few long, loud farts, and then a turd came out and splashed into the toilet. Then two more smaller turds and I was done. I wiped and stood up, so we could see what I'd produced. It had nothing on what Brandy says she produces, but she likes just seeing me on the toilet :)

Brandy: Me again. One last story... this one happened a while back in summer. Me and two of my girlfriends went to the beach. The closest beach to where I live is a few hours drive, but we like to go at least once a year. Well, after we got there and had been swimming for a few hours, I was out sunbathing in my dark green bikini, when I received my signal to go to the toilet.

I've used this beach's toilets before many times, but only for peeing. I was a little concerned about if the toilet would flush after I finished, but I had to go. I went off towards the toilets with one of my girlfriends following, because she too had to pee. We got to the ladies' side of the toilets and both stalls were open. I took the left and she the right.

We both sat down and began forceful pees. Mine lasted for probably 30 seconds and was tapering off, but hers just kept going and going. I had already begun pooping. I squeezed out a few poops and I knew I had more. Meanwhile, her pee finally died down and she wiped and told me she'd meet me back at the beach. I said "Mmm.. Ok" and went back to my poop. Nnh.. I had a big poop ready to come out, but it was moving slowly. Nnnh... I felt it slowly ease out more and more. Finally it broke off with a flump sound and I felt empty. It took three wipes and I was clean. I stood up and turned to look at the toilet. I was right, there was no way this thing would flush. My big poop stretched from around the bend all the way to the front of the toilet, and it was wide too, not just long.

I pressed the flush, not anticipating much. The toilet gurgled as it tried to flush away my poops, but it couldn't. After the toilet had refilled, I pressed once more just to say I tried to flush. Again, it gurgled, but this time the monster poop was slithering away. It didn't go all the way, and the toilet began refilling again. I really hate to leave a clogged toilet, and I knew I could get this thing to go down. The toilet had flushed away my paper and the smaller poops, but the big one was stubborn. FLUSH! Gurgle, Gurgle.. More of the poop disappeared down the bend, but it was still there. FLUSH! Finally, my poop was gone, although the bowl had plenty of skidmarks to show for it.

Well, those are our stories. Hope you liked them...

Until next time,
Joe and Brandy

Desperate to poop
Hi all

I know at least one person what had happened to me and Red Headed Michelle. Unofrtunately I can't seem to post on my machine it keeps hanging at post.cgi screen when I press submit. (any ideas moderator?)

Anyway I've managed to grab five minutes on my parent's PC. So I can post a quick story and then hopefully get my machine working

I travelled across to see my Parent's on the x cross country train. When I get on I felt a nice dump brewing. After about 45 mins of the long journey I decided it was time to move my load. I walked up towards the toilets and as I did a lady came out and girl in her late twenties slightly ???? took her place. I waited patiently outside. I was not desperate but definately felt a need to unload.

After a six-seven minute wait the girl came out, I hadn't heard a flush and sure enough the flusher didn't appear to be working as when I looked in the pan there was three nice size logs. I nestled my but on the fairly warm seat and prepared to do a nice dump on top. My first poop rolled out very easily and felt very nice. The pan was now pretty fulll but I spent another five-six mintues having a good clearout and dropped two more decent size poo's. Having finished I wiped up and dropped the paper in the bowl. I looked in the bowl and there were now siz nice size logs ranging from 5" up to 10". We both had a good clearout.

I washed up and left but couldn't flush

Happy Pooping

Monday, November 17, 2008

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