Uhggg... I think I've been inflicted with another bout of the stomach flu, or maybe it was something I've eaten from yesterday (i.e.: the pizza i had for lunch, or the tacos I had for dinner). It did, kind of start last night--before I went to bed, I started to feel a dull pain in my stomach that stayed for about ten minutes, and then it went away when I slept, but it returned more forcefully this morning, and I was also feeling kind of queasy. I got up anyway, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I was beginning to get more nauseous and dizzy while I was going downstairs, and before I could tell my mom "good morning", I puked all over the floor. She ran out of the kitchen where she was and came to me and felt my forehead. I was burning up. She told me no school today (for which I was relieved, I wouldn't have liked to have puked in the hallway), and told me to go back to sleep. I did as I was told. I went to sleep in only my pink pajama top and my underwear.

About an hour or so later, Mom had brought me my breakfast of cereal, and told me to eat what I could. I ate about half the cereal, and about 30 minutes later, I was running to the bathroom to throw up. I began to feel stomach cramps after I was done throwing up, meaning that I was going to have diarrhea, so I ran back to the bathroom with my bowels burning. I tried to pull my underpants down, but with a loud braaaaaapppppp, chunky pudding-like poop ended up in my underwear, running down my legs, leaving creamy globs on the floor and a little on the toilet. It was warm, and it smelled very, very bad. I just sat on the pot with my panties on, pooping my brains out. After about five or six waves of this stuff, I cleaned up in the shower, I went back to bed.

So far, I haven't had to go in about 15 minutes, so I'll probably post later.


I went to bed last night a stomach ache and some bad gas, and I woke up this morning with my briefs filled with diarrhea. I had to throw the underwear and the sheets out. Not a nice way to start the day.

I've been reading over some of the old posts and noticed something interesting. A lot more people in the past have posted pee stories. The more recent ones are mostly about poop. I really enjoy a good pee story, but never really got into poop. So if anyone out there has a pee story, please post.

Hey everybody, my name's Brandy and I'm Joe's girlfriend. I saw his post and thought I should post too. Maybe some time, we'll post together. Well anyway, I'll give a brief description of myself. I'm a 25 year old female, with shoulder length blonde hair. I'd say I have average size breasts and guys tell me I have a nice butt.

I usually poop regularly and sometimes have problems with constipation. I very rarely take a dump two days in a row, but normally three or four times a week. I find that when I'm close to my period, my dumps get softer and almost liquid like. I don't go any more or any less often during my period, but it's just not long firm poops like normal, just short mushy poops.

Oh... speaking of poop, I feel the urge to go now. It makes sense, it's been almost three days since my last date with Joe. I'm on my laptop right now, so I'll take it with me to the toilet and give you a play by play.

Okay, I've just unzipped and pulled down my khaki pants and red boy-style underwear. I'm sitting on the toilet with the laptop on my lap. Hisss.... tinkle tinkle. That's my pee hitting the water. There's not a lot of pee, I just peed an hour ago, but I often pee before I take a dump.

Pffft... Braap. I farted, quiet at first, but a gassy burst at the end. Pffffttt a long fart, whew that one smelled a bit. Pfffffffftt Pffftt. Wow I'm gassy today. Braaaaaaaaaaap a long loud fart. I can feel the poop in position, but it's not ready to come out. Pffffttt Pffft Prrrrrtt. Mmmh... I'll give a little push and see if I can get things moving.

Nnn... Mmmm... Nnnngh.. I pushed some, but nothing. I know the poop is right there, but it just won't come out. I don't really know how to type the sound, but I just did a juicy, bubbly fart. It's kind of stinky in here, but I haven't even dropped a single poop. It's strange usually when I feel the urge to go, I can go easily, but not this time. Maybe I'll give another push. Mmmh... Nnnnnnnhhh... NNnngh... Pffbraarrt. A weird sounding fart, but still nothing.

I can put my finger up my butt and feel the tip of the poop sitting in my butt, but it won't move. I don't know, I guess I'll do something else. I'll keep this open, and resume the post again when I get something to happen.

Hello again, it's been only a few seconds for you, but roughly 45 minutes for me. I've got an urge to take a dump again, it's more than last time, so I should be able to go. Ziiiip, Rustle. My pants and undies are down around my ankles and I'm on the toilet again. Pfft another fart, but finally I feel it moving! Crakkkkkkkkkkkkkkl--flump! Plipplopplopplipplip. Whoa, that first poop must have been blocking the way, five more little poops rushed out.

Scraakklll--ll-ll Sploosh. Braaarrrt Crakkl plop. Craakkkllllll Flup. Pffffffffftt. Oh man, do I feel better now. I'll stand up to look in the toilet, I like to do that after taking a dump. I can see a couple big long poops and some tiny poops floating, and it looks like one went around the bend in the back of the toilet.

Alright, going to wipe now. I've rolled off some paper and folded it in half twice. Running it down my buttcrack, not too messy back there. The paper's got a long messy streak on it. I tossed it in the bowl and tore off some more. Folded it twice again and ran it again. Less messy this time, but I can still feel some residue on my butt. More paper torn off, folded three times, I'm digging in to get the rest off. Fourth wipe, folded three times again, dug in again.

I think I got the rest, but to be sure... I take a baby wipe from the container underneath the sink, close the container, and wipe. I love the nice soothing feel of a baby wipe of my freshly wiped butt, and they say they're flushable, so I just flush it all down. My poops swirl around a few times and disappear down the drain. It still kind of smells, so I'll take some air freshener from beneath the sink and spray some.

Okay, I washed my hands. The baby wipes and air freshener are back under the sink, the toilet lid is closed. I make a mental checklist to be sure I didn't forget anything. Nope, I think I'm good. I leave the bathroom, turning off the light behind me.

I hope this story wasn't too much detail, but I wanted to describe every detail of my trip to the bathroom, so you guys can feel as if you were there with me.

Hey all, it's me again. I've been very busy lately so not much time for posting, and not much to post about. I guess as cool as it is, there is only so much you can talk and tell about poop :)

I've been at the library a few times over the last few weeks, and pooped there twice. Not much action around me. I did have one girl sit in the stall next to me, pee and rip a pretty loud fart. LOL I thought she might poop, too, but she wiped and left. Otherwise, it's just the same old lately. I plan on drinking this weekend, so there may be some beer poops on Saturday or Sunday!!

Take care for now :)

This has got to be the weirdest trip to the bathroom I've ever had. Not so much the actual pooping, but what happened after was weird. I was in bed sleeping, when I was awoken by a rumbling in my stomach. I knew this to be my sign I needed to poop now. I looked at the clock - 1:00 AM. Still drowsy, I stumbled out of bed, being careful not to wake my husband. I went into the master bathroom, closed the door, turned on the light.

I sat on the toilet, pulled up my nightgown, I don't usually wear panties to bed, so I didn't have to bother with that. I began peeing, and was yawning, still really tired. I felt the tip of a log emerge, and then the next thing I remember it was 6:45 and I was woken up by my husband knocking on the door. Wow! I actually fell asleep on the toilet.

I wiped the best I could, after five hours, the poop inbetween my buttcheeks was pretty well dried on. I did get cleaned up in the shower with my husband later though. But I'm still amazed I fell asleep on the toilet. I've even woke up during the night for a pee or poop before, but never fell asleep.

ny girl.
Hey. I've been reading for a long time and until now, found time to post.

Soo, I ALWAYS pee in the shower. One day, I was drinking a LOT of cold water to practicer the standing pee (which I now got.)
I gave up and decided to just let go a lot of pee. It was freezing!
I thought maybe becuase my shower was so hot it hurt made it feel cold, but no! I turned off the water and let it all out standing there.
I thought pee was hot and stuff after it went through your intestines and stuff...


I don't mean this to be sexual at all, but I need to know if this happens to any other guys. Sometimes when I have cramps and diarrhea the act of pushing everything out causes me to get an erection. It's not that I feel any pleasure, hell far from it, yet for some reason this happens. Any one else??

I know, its been a while since I last posted. I have a story for you that took place about a year ago when I was 12 years old on the fourth of july. Anyways, I had gone to my uncle's house in Bakersfield, CA with my mom. He had made a large spread of food--ribs, burgers, chicken, you name it. Mom and I both ate a lot--I know I totally pigged out. The barbeque, combined with all the other greasy foods I had eaten that day (pancakes and sausage at IHOP for breakfast) were bound to make my bowels a ticking time bomb. Sure enough, about 30 minutes after my mom and I left and were on the freeway, the stomach cramps hit, and I felt a huge load of poop go down to my bottom, and I could tell the head of it was poking out. It hurt a lot and I could tell it was going to be messy. I told my mom I had to go to the bathroom, and she asked me how bad I had to go, and if I could hold it. I told her I had to go REALLY bad (I did, believe me), and I could hold it for about five minutes longer without going on myself. I almost stared crying cuz I was really desperate. Miraculously, there was an exit on the freeway. My mom pulled over to that lane and drove off to go to the gas station. We finally got there, and as politely as I could, I asked the man if I could use the bathroom. He pointed to where it was, and I half-power walked-half ran to the bathroom. I ran for the nearest stall, undid my jean shorts, pulled them down, and before I could get my underpants down, my bottom erupted into this hideous "braaaaaaaap" noise, and a soft turd came out fast in my underpants. Another fart, and two more soft, gooey turds came out fast, making a characteristic bulge. I was mortified, I was shitting my pants in a gas station. For a moment, though, I figured I was done--and not too much damage happened in my pants so I tried to slide down my pink panties and sit on the toilet, when a hot, creamy goosh of diarrhea made its way into my underpants with a huge "brrrrrrrrmmmmmmpppppp" noise. I just sat on the pot, letting my bowels run wild, with sick, yucky noises. I had so much diarrhea that it began to spill out the sides of my underwear and into the pot. My cramps started to go away, and I began to feel lots better. I had to take off my underwear somehow, so I kicked my jean shorts out of the way, and took my undies off which had an overload of shit in them. I dumped most of the mushy poop into the toilet, and wiped my ass, which was covered in shit. I nearly used up the roll. After getting my bottom fairly clean, I walked over to the trash can (bottomless), and threw my panties in. I pulled my shorts up, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left. I got back in the car, and my mom drove off.


China girl
Hi everyone its nice posting again. Well I came to write about a nice power dump I took recently. I was at my good friend's house and was softly farting--not noticeable farting. Then I was ready to go while we were snacking and talking. So I went to the toilet, a toilet that is very familiar with some of my worst craps (as in previous posts). I come in calmly, pull my pants down and let out a series a soft farts with my butthole in front of toilet while standing. Then I sat down quick, more soft farting in the toilet, then the soft popping noise of my hole opening, but then I stop and just relax. There is just silence, probably with toilet hoping worst now over. A pressure built, the more soft farting begins. Then I sit straight up to wiggle my butt in more comfortable position and lean forward to relax. This was the killer signal that my dump is now ready to come and that toilet must surrender to what it must endure, which is usually a lot. Now my hole is opening, with cracking and popping sounds with soft farting. You can hear the turd. I sat up again, hole is wide. The turd slides out comfortably and softly. My hole was open wide for an instant because turd slid fast but was so long that made little noise. My butt was so relaxed that turd was still attached to my hole as I looked down between my legs. It was down in toilet hole still attached to my butt. The smell came and it was a sour junky smell. I'm sure unpleasant for toilet wondering its fate. Well I smiled and giggle, squeezed my butt a little and released it. Then, I gave a push and a moderate amount of moist junk came squeezing out my hole like tooth paste. My friend said do you think I can pee here. I told her she should wait as I just took a power dump. Which it was because it came out fast even though softly. I wiped my butt standing in front of toilet with this huge turd in it and dropping in tissue full of crap. It truly was a powerful shit, and toilet new it had no choice--again. I flushed, it was sticky leaving marks on way down. Went down slowly, but so long first flush didn't work right as the water could not gulp down. Second time went down slowly half down the hole but it disappeared slowly, and flush was almost complete but not quite as it normally flushed. The whole bathroom stunk, and it was no doubt a sickening experience. I closed the toilet lid while smiling, as if to say thanks that I could relieve myself and for handling my butt stink and taste. Whatever the toilet needs to deal with it can do by itself, hehe. Thanks everyone!

Hi yall, it's been awhile since i have posted. If you don't remember I'm disabled and can't poop without help.

Here is my story from the other morning. I was on my way to bed around 11 when i began to feel the all to common urge to poop. Although for me it's something that only occurs when i really really need to go. Anyway i watch a little tv and decided that yes i really needed to go but I'd be fine until my normal 5a.m. Help from my nurse. It was 4a.m. and i woke up, when i was rolled over and my pants taken off. So i stayed awake because my urge was now awful. So i was rolled over and my paper pad was place under me and the familiar poke and push came soon after as my nurse put my suppository in my ass. I thought about going back to sleep but my stomach was hurting alot now and the suppository was begining to work as i felt my cramps. It was now around 4:40a.m. i decided to see if i could get any relief on my own so i tried my normal hold my breath and push method. I tried for the next 20 minutes without anything other than a tiny fart. It was time for my pre-poop exercises which my nurse always does, so I'm rolled back to my back. As she began to do my leg lifts and knee bends the feeling down below was overwelming, i almost began to cry as i made loud grunts with each lift. My nurse asked me if I was ook and i said yes but I'm really dying to start pooping. I asked her to do another knee bend and hold it back, so she did. I lifted my head and pushed and watched myself push out two very small pebbles of poop. It did feel really go to have a tiny bit of relief. So i told her to finish the exercises and to hurry. As she finished the feing of the pressure in my gut was as bad as ever. she rolled me toward my window now or my left side. She then began to open and lay out my adult sized diaper so i could finally have my much needed two day dump. I began to get excited as my nurse pulled on a glove, i told her if you don't mind I'd like to tell you where i need you to push so i can really go and quickly. She said sure and pushed her finger up into my hole. As she pushed and circled her finger i could feel my poop starting to move. I asked her to push her finger in farther and hold it against my side, as she did i got very hot and felt the movement of my poop speed up. She was still holding her finger inside of me when she asked if she could please pull out because her finger was very full of poop. So i said yeah sure. Moutimes i let my nurse handle the whole process but tonight i really wanted to go and get empty. They do a good job but don't always get me completely empty. so anyway she pulled her finger out and let my body finish pushing out the load she started. She took off her glove and wiped me and was ready to sit down like she normally does but i asked her to start my next bunch. She look at me and said you really don't want to wait for more stimulation? I said no i don't i still really need to go and ask her if she waits to push when she goes. She giggled and said no now that you put it that way i guess i push until I'm totally done and i said yeah thanks that's what i really want to do today. So she grabbed a glove put it on and pushed the finger back inside my hole as she circled her finger i began to fart loudly and she said what would you like? I told her that the poop was moving and to keep circling so she did she gasped and said oh boy. I said what and she explained that i was pooping alot and it was even coming out around her finger. I asked if she minded that and she said no really it's fine just never seen that happen. I sat there feeling myself unload after each circle of her finger and she asked if she should just continue until i stopped or if she could pull and get a new glove. I ask her to please just push in and hold me until i stopped going against her finger. She held her finger inside me and against my wall for another four minutes in that time i felt so much poop come down and the muffled farting was almost constant the last minute. She finally pulled out and took off the glove and said please don't make me do that again. I said what happened was that not safe or something to my body? She laughed and said no but you had half a dump on my finger and then you had two rounds of liquid poop that squished against that first big load and i could feel and watched it push out around my finger because you had so much. The diaper was so full that she had to put another glove on to pick up some and just throw away that bunch so she could close the diaper. She asked me how i felt and i said lots better. so we waited for ten minutes like i normally do between each finger check. She put on another glove and push it in to see if i was done and if i felt like i was really empty, she pushed and said you feel clean want me to try any harder i think your done so i said yes please do some circles and then push in all the way and hold it because i still feel like i could go some more. She did two circles and start a third when she said yeah your right you do have some and a very long wet fart came zipping out from along her finger as i began to have a big round of liquid again so she held her finger firmly along the side of my wall like last time she grabbed my mirror next to my bed and said oh look. As i felt it i watched in the mirror i was ozing very dark brown very loose mush forcing it's way out my hole and around her white rubber on her finger as i looked at my hole i noticed the huge mound of poop on what use to be my fresh diaper that wasn't really closing the best. I told her i was good and she pulled out and showed me in the mirror tpuddle that went on the pad. I asked her to open the diaper back up so i could see how much i went it's the first time ied really ever seen my poop except for my accidents. I had four five innch logs and about half the diaper was just a big lump of bumpy mush. That was my story and i asked my nurse if next time she could hold the mirror as she does my poop she said she would be glad to and said that she often watches between her legs as she does her own.

Ttyl let me know what you think


I think I might be the luckiest guy ever! I posted earlier about my new girlfriend, and yesterday she called and we hung out at her house. Nothing there happened that's really worth posting here, except one comment she made. I think she was a little hesitant, but she basically told me she liked the post I made about us. I pretended to be a little confused, in case she was talking about something else. But then she continued, "You know, on ToiletStool". I think my jaw just about dropped to the floor.

We talked about it some more, and we're both in the same situation. She's been lurking here for a while too, but been too scared to post. It really makes my life easier... now I don't have to worry about telling her my secret - she knows it already and feels the same way. We can be perfectly open with each other, and she'll even let me watch her go to the bathroom, so long as I let her watch me.

I had just gotten to the school parking lot and was opening my car door when my dad called me from the office and because of some scheduling mistake he had made, asked me to take the 45 minute drive to the airport to pick up one of his clients and deliver her to her hotel. She was going to be a witness for him in a trial he was handling the next day. I don't mind helping him out and he does pay for my car, but I had been carrying my crap around for two hours, and I figured I was 10 minutes away from home and my nice, private--and most importantly--clean toilet. I learned to squat pee that fall and I've become pretty good at it because I just don't like sitting on the toilets at school. They are gross, but my mom continues to answer my complaints by vaguely mentioning how bad things are out in the "real world" and how comparatively clean our toilets are at school. Like it doesn't help me and I largely rebel by refusing to sit on them and I save my crap for home. Well, that wasn't going to happen and I felt more of my crap as I drove to the Interstate and then the airport at the opposite end of the city. As I was putting my book bag in the back seat, I got to thinking about going back into school and crapping, but I remembered once last week when I forgot to pack my history book, and I went back to find all the doors on the east side of the building locked behind us and you would literally have to walk two or three blocks around the school to the main entrance, be questioned as to why you are coming back in, go through a metal detector, and I just could imagine the security matron literally walking me into the bathroom, and then probably being grossed out as I blasted away. I decided to continue to hold it. I was carrying 20 ounces of Dr. Pepper and quickly reminded myself that I shouldn't finish it off because that would just agitate my situation. After I got onto the Interstate, I found that the traffic was slow because it was starting to rain--and wouldn't you know it--I started to get the feeling that I was going to need to pee. Not immediately, but the crawling traffic wasn't helping me. The rain got heavier and the Interstate traffic had slowed to about 25 mph and I knew the rush hour was getting nearer. As it darkened more I could see all types of gas station signs lit up off the highway and I started thinking about whether I should get off at the next exit and try and use one. I knew that would set my airport arrival back considerably and at first I put off the decision, but after another 10 minutes in the creeping traffic and more pain, I decided to stop. Since I only started driving a few months ago and wasn't familar with this part of the city, I was a little scared of getting lot. A median and a couple of one-way streets didn't help. Why is it that your needs become more urgent when your like in a line for the toilets or, like me, in slow-moving traffic? I had a thong and light skirt on and I started to think about the damage an accident would do to the seat of my year-old car. Since I was close to downtown, there was like a traffic light at every corner or two. That didn't help my situation. I started to panic more when I saw the lights of a multi-pump station about a half block in front of me and on my side of the median. As I wheeled in and parked by the office, I noticed the office wasn't in use and that it was a credit card only type of station. I scanned around the side of the building and you could see where the two restroom areas had been bricked up probably recently, but not painted over like the rest of the building. I'll discuss what happened next with my next posting.

I have a question for the high school and older women that
wear short flip skirts without panties.
Have you ever sat at the top of bleachers,chairs,etc and, if the
the mood hit you pee or poop in front of other people?
Like at a football game or somewhere outside?
Please tell in detail if tou have ever done this.

super sophie
Ok boys and girls, i got 2 stories for you to enjoy today. Both involve tania my girlfriend and the 2nd is my fave

I was in my office wearing my usual short skirt and thong. I had a lot to drink that day and really needed a wee. I had been holding it in for three hours already and only had to wait another ten minutes. Tania came over and told me a joke which made me laugh and lose control of my bladder - I started wetting myself. I thought to myself I am going to be using this chair a lot so I don't want it to get wet. So to Tania's amazement I stood up and spread my legs. The pee began to soak through and trickle on the floor. A puddle began to develop and I just stood there letting it grow. I couldn't believe my eyes when Tania pulled down her trousers and began making a puddle of her own. What really surprised me more than anything is when she started crapping in the puddle she was making. She was crapping and peeing at the same time. She just giggled to herself and told me she couldn't wait. After about a minute her wee came to an end and she had dropped eight logs I gave her some tissue out of my bag and she wiped. My river had finished flowing and I went home to get changed. I and Tania still laugh about this moment today.

I was out shopping with Tania. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and she was wearing a really short skirt and red tank top. We were in a supermarket just browsing when she crouched to tie her shoelace, without warning a yellow stream came trickling from underneath her - she was wetting herself and not doing anything about it. "Are you ok Tania?" I asked her. "Yes, I'm fine." "Why didn't you tell me you needed to go? We have time. Come on, lets get you cleared up" "No Sophie, not yet. Give me a minute" As I watched her 'tie her shoelace' I spotted a brown bulge appearing in her white knickers and rapidly getting bigger. I couldn't believe what she had just done. We left the supermarket and crossed the road to get her cleaned up. We arrived at some toilets; they were like two cubicles with no wall between them. I pulled down my trousers and began to have a wee whilst Tania took off her dirty knickers and threw them in the bin. She sat on the toilet next to me and I could see her face straining, a few moments later there was a few splashes as Tania emptied herself. She gave me a worried look before bending over, she moaned, let out a wet fart followed by a lot of liquid crap squirting into the toilet, I figured she had diarrhoea. She wiped and I finished my wee and pulled up my trousers. She mouthed sorry to me before we left and carried on shopping.

Quick Survey:

What is your biggest pet peeve about public restrooms (choose one):

1) No toilet paper
2) No doors on stalls
3) No soap
4) Garbage/water on the floor
5) Odor

For me, I'll have to go with #3. I think I'd rather take shit in a doorless stall, not wipe my ass, walk across the wet, garbage covered floor and deal with the stench than not be able to wash my hands after all of that.

A few weeks ago my mate Bill had an accident as we walked home from watching a football match. I'd noticed him looking uncomfortable for sometime towards the end and a few times the air had been rancid with his farts. It was a long time since I'd been with anyone who crapped their pants and it made me quite excited to watch Bill in his discomfort - so excited in fact it made walking difficult. Anyhow his accident was a turn on. I had never messed my own pants. I'd pissed myself a few times but never had a dump.

Anyhow - what I had now was an accident. I left work believing I would get home alright and have a nice long dump before tea but belief can be a real bummer and soon enough I knew I was about to have an accident. I was five minutes away from home when it took place. It had not been for want of trying to stop it but finally gravity took over and a long firm but tacky turd slithered into the fresh air and coiled in my trunks between the top of my legs. I had to stand still and now I gave in and the rest followed. I pulled my undies waistband as high as I could so the poop was held firm and squished my way home. Just for the hell of it I pissed myself as I walked up the stairs to my flat. I have to confess it felt better than I ever believed it could and I reckon the next time I need to go that badly I won't try so hard to hang onto it.


Reply to question.
1)How many times a day/week do you take a dump? - 2 times per day.

2)How many minutes does it your average dump take? - Approximately 20 min.

3)Do you have a particular time(s) of the day that you go? - No, i get the urge to poop anytime, sometimes even while i am sleeping. I wear diaper at night to avoid accident. Sometimes when i get the urge to poop at night and i am too tired to get up i will poop in my diaper.

4)Describe your average type of bm (logs, snakes, chunks, nuggets, mush, diarrhea, etc)--if logs or snakes, describe size. - I always have mushy poop and stomachache when i want to poop.

5)In an average dump, how many poops do you drop? - A lot. I can't tell how many logs i drop as i have mostly mushy poop.

6)On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you describe the smell (1 being barely noticeable, 5 being very, very smelly) - 3, my poop smells but mostly couldn't be noticed by the next door.

7)Referring to the previous question, what percent of your dumps would you say fall into category 4/5? - 80%

8)Are you gassy during a dump? - Yes, mushy poop are normally gassy.

9)What is your favorite kind of dump to take? - The poop which i get normally and big in amount would be my favorite. If i poop a lot i will feel very relieved.

10)Do you ever hold back a dump so as not to go in public? If so, has this ever led to any embarrassing incidents with passing gas in public? - Yes. I hold back because i am watching a movie and i do not want to poop in the cinema in my diaper as my farts are quite noticeable. But after 10 minutes i could not hold it anymore and i poop straight in my diaper with a loud fart. I am going alone so no friend knew it. But the person sitting nearby me would have notice it. I quickly go to the bathroom knowing that there's a lot more to go as my stomachache gets really very strong and painful. I squat in the toilet, pressing my stomach and let it go. I poop a lot and that is very relieving, although it takes long for me to clean up myself as i poop in my diaper. I squatted for 20 min to poop finish and then clean up myself with a lot of tissue and change a new diaper for myself. It is embarrassing for people to notice me to fart loudly and they close their nose up. But i do really enjoy the pooping experience in the cinema toilet.

I am 17 years old girl with 160cm on height and 45kg on weight. I wear diaper when outings and going to bed because i have frequent accident.

To Richard, the R Man.

Yes it is not always good to hold a full bladder for a long time. But if a person does it once or twice a week, there is usually nothing wrong. The bladder is very elastic. Holding a full bladder, whether accidently or on purpose (liking the feeling) does not lead to overactive bladder, not necessarily to an infection, and certainly not to cancer of bladder. (It comes on by cells out of whack and especially for smoking too much with the tars constantly coating the inside of the bladder.) If you are going to hold, empty your bladder in the morning with all its impurities (yellow color), drink a lot of water, pee again and then hold if you want to or have to(colorless urine). It is not a good idea to skip your morning pee and hold all day at school or work. Eight hours sleeping and eight hours in school = a hold of 16 hours. Unless you have a megabladder, few can do that. The impurities in the overnight urine stay with you for 16 hours. Not a good idea. When I was in college I had a job driving a truck in a large city many weekends. I had no where to pee sometimes for 10 hours. But then I had a very strong bladder and most of the time held it. It stretched my bladder so I could wait longer. Nothing has been abnormal. I am in my thirties now. I pee only morning, midafternoon, and evening, with 8 hour intervals.

Linda from Australia here again.

To Keith D: I LOVED your story!! It sounds like you had a really hard time on the toilet. That turd of yours was HUGE!! Did you have to grunt and groan? How long did it take to get the log out?? Was it dry and rock hard?? How long was that load building up inside you? Did you have any more trouble while you were on your trip? Sorry about all the questions!

I decided I needed a shit at work today, so I went into the left of the 2 cubicles, and switched the fan off so I could be heard clearly

I sat down, and felt it slowly begin to slide out.

i was hoping someone wouldjoin me, bu no-one came.

It went PLOP, sigh, PLOP, sigh, then finally FLOOMP, sigh and the 3rd one landed on top of the other 2.

It just took one wipe.

Hi Everyone. David here again. A little while back I told you about my best friend Brian who needed to take a really huge explosive dump right during the midle of a game.

My turn to take an urgent explosive dump came a couple weeks ago and it wasn't just once or even twice but three times all in one day. And the worst part was that I couldn't get alone for even one of them.

To start off, I will remind everyone that I am 6'1, 170 and pretty active. I'm a high school junior and start at linebacker for a pretty good football team. I'm reasonably "popular" although I hope tha's because of the person I am, and not from being something someone else wants me to be. I'm 17 and very active with a big appetite. Naturally, eating like that means it all has to go somewhere and it's pretty common for me to dipatch at least two trains from the station daily and sometimes more. Because of my frequent large dumps and all the time I spend at school, I had to get over my inhibitions about doorless stalls a long time ago. I'm usually not embarassed about if I need to have a good poop in front of someone, but this time, my dumps were so big, urgent, and explosive, they really brought undue attention to myself.

My first episode was in the middle of the school day right after lunch which isn't surprising since I most often have to go to the toilet right after lunch. I hadn't dispatched one of my sizable loads in a couple days and it turns out my body was about to make up for lost time! I'm sitting there at the lunch table with Brian and a couple other buddies from the team when I start to get that familiar feeling of a great big train moving into the station getting rady for departure. We had another 35 minutes before class and I figured I could hold on for a bit before hitting the boys room. However, the shit REALLY began filling my butt and in two minutes it was all over and I desperately had to occupy the toilet. I excused myself from the table and Brian gave me a knowing glance. He knew I usually shit that time of day. In fact, it's a bit unusual to NOT find me in the bathroom on the toilet with my pants down after lunch! I guess I'm one of the "regulars" in there! LOL

Normally, it's usually a minute walk to the bathroom, but this day it felt MUCH longer even though I walked MUCH faster with MUCH more urgency than usual! The train was not only in the station, but the locomotives were revved up and the breaks were come loose! I couldn't believe just how bad I needed to shit. Finally, I reached the boys room and pushed the door open where I anticipated finding the open horseshoe seat of the toilet reaching out to me like a pair of welcoming arms. I held on by assuring myself that in a few moments it would all be over and that I would be on the toilet with all the shit causing me so much distress either finally out of my butt or at least on the way out.

What I found instead were three stall all occupied. I couldn't believe it. Most of the time when I go in there to take a shit, usually all three stalls are available. I've only run into a situation where two were taken a couple time. And now, when I DESPERATELY had to take one of the WORST dumps of my entire life, it had to come at the one time when all the stalls were taken. I really thought I was going to shit myself right then and then. Very nervously, I paced outside the doorless stalls looking for some sign that one of the guys might be finishing up. Finally, I just came out and told them I desperately needed to shit and that I would greatly appreaciate it if one of them could hurry things up. One of the guys, Steve, another junior in my 4th hour math class and a player on the soccer team said he was about done and would be right out. He and the other guys in the bathroom (there were three at the urinals seemd to find a lot of amusement with a football player in desperate need of the toilet. I nervously paced as he wiped up not knowing how much longer I could hold my shit.

As soon as he stood up, I was in the stall pushing him out of the way and desperately pulling my pants down. On my way down, I farted quite loudly and my shit began busting loose even before I was seated. Then the train really got moving as it roared through the tunnel and crackling into the toilet. I knew at that point I was really moaning as the astronomical load just kept coming and coming and I figured all the guys could hear my moans but I just couldn't help it. I don't think I've ever had my exit hole opened so large or for so long in my entire life. The whole experience left me feling quite dizzy and unbalanced. After that, I crackled outa whole bunch of smaller pieces of crap and sputtering farts before grunting out a whole bunch of mushy soft-serve shit and wet sputtering farts. Before I wiped up, I looked down in the bowl to see what I had done and couldn't believe just how much shit was in the toilet, and more remarkably, how much shit had been in my butt. Floating around in the bowl was a gigantic log at least 21 inches in length along with 6 other smaller pieces along with the big pile of mush. I decided it was probably best if I did an interim flush before wiping up. It was a good thing I did because I was barely able to flush all my shit down the hole. Of course, after a serious dump like that, my butt was a shitty mess and required multiple pulls to get cleaned up. After wiping up, I went to 4th hour math class and apologized to Steve for pushing him out of the way to get on the toilet.

I thought the worst was over but later toward the end of football practice, I get hit with these nasty cramps as yet another masive train moved into the station ready for departure. I decided to stay and fight through the torment. For fifteen arduous minutes, the shit in my butt throbbed and throbbed relentlessly but I was bound and determined to somehow hold on. After the embarassing incident at lunch, I didn't want to be known as someone who couldn't hold his shit and was always having a toilet emergency. At the end of practice, coach droned on and on about something I was in no condition to pay attention to because I was giving my full concentration and effort to not filling my pants with shit. When coach finally dismissed us, I broke for the locker room like I've never run before. This time, I thankfully found the toilet stall available (the same one where Brian took his enormous shit on page 1706) and immediately ripped my pants down while sitting on the crapper in one simultaneous motion. Instantly, my exit hole was wide open and all the shit in my butt was rushing out in large chunks mixed with wet splattery farts hitting the water in numerous rapid-fire plops. I then followed this up with a couple more waves of soft-serve mush before finishing up. If my shit at lunch was a big freight, this dump was more like a high-speeed express. Meanwhile, my teammates had all come into the locker room and had no problem hearing me filling the toilet with shit and all my loud wet splattery farting. I know I had made it stink really bad in there so I understood why they made me the butt of their jokes. (Pun intended.). Once again I looked down into the bowl, and once more I was quite proud of my creation which easily merited an interim flush before throwing any toilet paper in. My butt was even messier than at lunch because this shit was wetter, looser, and mushier than before and it took me a lot of pulls before I could flush and pull my pants back up. After that I showered up and headed over to my girlfriend's house thinking I was finally empty for the day. I get all embarassed if I ever have to take a shit over at her house so I could at least take some solace in the fact that THAT was not going happen, right??


After working on some chemistry homework, we got cozy on the couch to watch a movie. I was sort of helping babysit since she had to watch her 2 little brothers. Well, we're no more than 5 minutes into the movie when sure enough I feel this cramp and hear this grumbling in my gut that let's me know I'm in more trouble. Minutes later, I could feel my butt filling with shit, and I mean a whole bunch of shit. For a few moments I tried to wait out the situtation and see how bad it would get but the pressure only got worse and worse as the crap in my butt continued to build up. Finally realizing my situation was hopeless, I had to give up and admit I needed to use the toilet again. Excusing myself, I realized I had let a really rancid fart accidentally slip out which I apologized for while her brothers snickered and made comments about the smell.

Heading into the bathroom, I just couldn't believe how bad I needed to shit yet again. Oh well. At least I wasn't going to have to wait for a stall to open up or for my coach to finish a post-practice speech. What was lacking in desperation however was more than made up for in embarassment realizing my shit was very loose and going to very very noisy coming out of my butt and having my girlfriend and her two brothers in plain earshot to hear the whole thing. Heading into the bathroom and locking the door, I turned on the light but found the fan wasn't working... Just Great.. I then went about my now all-too-familiar ritual of unbuckling my belt and lowering my pants around my knees before dropping my butt on the crapper. Well, all I need to do is relax my butt just a little bit for a whole bunch of wet mushy loose soft-serve shit to come erupting out like a shit volcano. Oh, in the meantime, I'm also passing a half-dozen wet splattery farts intermingled with all the loose mushy shit. This goes on and on for several rounds with me getting dizzy and faint from the sudden internal drop in pressure. Still, I could hear my girlfriend's brothers snickering and heard one saying "David's taking a big SHIT!" Well, after 10 minutes, I finally grunted out several wet mushy loose chunks and splattered out a few more wet farts before finally being done. This was my worst shit of all three that day because it was all so loose, wet, mushy, noisy, and smelly. I considered myself lucky that at least this time I didn't need to wait to use the toilet because I would have had zero chance of holding on. I knew that my butt was going to be one nasty shitty mess as I reached for the paper to begin my cleanup.

One little problem. No paper on the roll. I had sat down and taken a big loose mushy dump without checking to make sure there was paper for the cleanup effort. I wanted to kill my GF's little brothers because I know darn well they had used the last of the paper without replacing it. Sheepishly, I leaned over and opened the door a crack and called out to Josh to bring me some toilet paper. Once again, my massive dump merited a pre-wipe flush and once again, my huge mass of mushy soft-serve shit just barely gurgled and swirled down the drain. When Josh came in with the paper and saw me siting on the toilet with my pants down, he started snickering.

"Dude, you STINK!!" he giggled.

"That's because I took a CRAP! What's YOUR excuse!"

It took me forever just to clean up after this huge dump and when I came out of the bathroom, the area still stunk like a cesspool. We sprayed some air freshener and lit some matches but the odor still lingered for quite a while. In fact, when my girlfriend's parents came home an hour later the odor still hung in the air and it was obvious they noticed but they didn't want to say anything because they didn't want to embarass anyone, namely me. At least THAT was cool, because I had already been embarassed enough for one day!

Joanna B
To Keith D & Thunder From Down Under,
I LOVE your posts!! I was just wondering if your significant others ever help you out when you are constipated or having a difficult poop?? I really hope they do. Keep the stories coming, you guys are the best :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

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