petite pooper
It's been a really long time since I posted. I've enjoyed reading the posts. An interesting thing happened today at work. I felt that "need to go right now" feeling in my stomach, so I left my station area to go poop. I work with dangerous prescriptions and phamaceuticals so we have a strict security policy. We actually get searched whenever we leave our fenced in areas to go outside the fences. I really had to poop, and was getting worried. The guy who does the searches is very long winded and kept talking to other people. I told him to hurry up and search me(to make sure I didn't try to steal any of the pils)because I needed to use to restroom badly. He was looking at me strangely as he searched me, and I thought he could sense my urgency. I could barely hold on, and was squeezing my buttcheeks together tightly as I quickly walked to the toilet. When I got there janitor if I could enter as I was having an emergency. He explained that rules are no one is allowed in the restrooms while they are being cleaned. I was passing smelly gas and he reluctantly let me enter telling me to hurry. I told him I'd try. I took me about five minutes to push out the turd, and I felt soo relieved. The guy came back in after I left out, and I apologized about the smell. He said it was okay. I heard him spraying the restroom with this industrial air freshner when I left. I was a little embarrassed.

I had an interesting experience recently and I was wondering if anyone else had ever tried it. I live with a roommate, but we only have one bathroom, so needless to say that causes some conflicts. Well, anyway, on with the story.

A few days ago, I came home and my roommate was cooking dinner. We ate, and it was delicious, but within a few minutes I could feel my guts rumbling. I headed to the bathroom, but my roommate was already in there, having what sounded like a mushy shit. She apologized, saying she had to go so bad she didn't even have time to close the door. Well, I knew I had to go really bad myself. I think she could tell, because she turned sideways and told me to sit down.

We both are kind of on skinny side, so we could sit back to back and both fit on the toilet. It was kind of weird, both because I usually don't sit sideways on the toilet, but I've also never shared a toilet with anyone. We were both farting a lot and dropping lots of shit. Mine didn't feel solid, but it wasn't diarrhea either.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes of shitting my guts out I felt done and got up to wipe. She kept sitting for a few seconds more and then she got up to wipe too. As I was putting the paper in the bowl, I looked in and it was awful. I couldn't even see there had ever been water in that bowl before. It smelled really bad too, so I flushed, hoping it would help the smell. It did somewhat, but after we finished wiping, and flushed again, we left the door open and turned on the fan.

I suspect whatever she cooked that night was bad. She's a really good cook though, so maybe it was a spoiled ingredient. I don't think I'll ever know for sure, but we did get to have a very weird experience. And I think it made us a little closer even.

Before that day, I never really even thought about going to the bathroom. It was always just something I had to do, nothing more. But I really just wanted to know if anyone else had an experience like that. A google search brought me here, so I decided to share my story.

Weird Pooper
Anybody ever poop in a trash can? It's really fun... in fact, I just did it today. I took one of those round metal trash bins and sat on it. It was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't care. Within a few seconds, I heard and felt the familiar crackle of my poop coming out. It smelled very strong, but I liked it. Krrkkkkll... splat. The poop hit the bucket, and then Krrkrklll... splat again.

I wiped twice, looked at my two poops, and dumped them in the toilet and flushed. I rinsed the bucket out with soap and water, so it's clean for my next use.

Hiking in South America I had to go to toilet outside. There was no bushes to hide behind. I had to squat behind a stone. I do not think any of my friends noted it at all.

Every day I ride the train past local homeless who live under a freeway overpass on a small hill-like area. The area under the overpass is dirt. There is a wet area from right under the overpass to about fifteen feet down the dirt. The homeless must pee right under the freeway overpass.

The area where they live is about twenty feet from the long wet-looking stain on the dirt. The stain could be there permanently. I don't know if the rain would get under the overpass, maybe on a windy day, to wash the stain out.

I think I posted that I'd decided to read all the posts starting from 1. I've reached 101, and 100 will be memorable. There is a delightful story in it about girls playing musical instruments while doing thier motions; and a horrible story about a boy looking over the wall to spy on a girl who had diarrhoea and then spreading her story all over their school.

I HATE people who laugh at people who are doing motions. There's nothing wrong with enjoying it I'm sure but why should we make anyone ashamed of something we all do? Those of you who are prone to laugh and split, please don't. I never spied on anyone when I was young, but if I had come across someone pooing by accident, I would never have laughed, nor would I had told the whole school about it. Now of course I can see my partner pooing and I never laugh, I just ask her if she's OK, she sometimes does over 20 turds at a time because she doesn't go very often. But that never makes me laugh.

Super sophie
I was at work and I needed the loo really bad so I left my office and headed to the toilets. When I got there I was greeted by an out of order sign posted on the ladies so I looked across the hall and found the lads were still open so I went in there. I was not bothered by this at all because I have been in there loads before and they all know I like to use their cubicles in a situation like this. To my horror all six cubicles were taken so I tried to hold it in but had no luck. I felt a large gurgle and would have to go soon or crap myself. So I bent over a urinal, lifted my short skirt and pulled my pink thong around my knees. This was not a good position to be in because if any lads walked out id be caught. Anyway before I knew it a huge turd began to appear and I let out a wet fart. I let out a large grunt followed by a little scream, the log that was trying to escape was too big for my hole so I was in agony but eventually it came out. I had never felt so relieved in my life. I continued pushing until I was empty which left seven turds in total. I was feeling really daring at this point so I went for a wee. Suddenly a yellow river came shooting out of me all over my brown packages. This was risky because it lasted five minutes. I pulled some tissues out of my bag and wiped before throwing it into my creation. I pulled up my knickers and left the bathroom before I got caught. I'm surprised none of the lads had come out and spotted me because I was in there for a good ten minutes. They must have known there was a girl in there and wanted to give me some respect. Id love to see the boy's expression when they saw that in the urinal

hey its poop
Hello everyone!! Got another story for you, and maybe even two stories. Anyhow, this story takes place on Christmas Day when I was maybe 9 or 10. I remember this day was not a great day for me. My stomach was very bloated and I hadn't pooped in like 3 or 4 days. We had just arrived at my aunt's house and were the first people there. I really needed to poop badly, and told my mom I had to pee, and made my way to their upstairs bathroom where nobody was around at the moment. I sat down on the toilet seat and peed only a little, cause I really didn't have to pee all that bad, but I really needed to poop. I took my skirt and panties off completely and spread my legs wide, and I began to push really hard. I was so desperate to poop, but nothing was coming out. There was a mirror across from the toilet and I could see my face turning really red as I strained really hard. My stomach was so uncomfortable, and I felt so miserable sitting there on the toilet really needing to poop and having no success. I was letting out a lot of gas, but no poop at all. I pushed and strained as hard as I possibly could for 10 minutes straight, and the sweat was just dripping down my face. I gave up and wiped and flushed and washed my hands. The pain in my stomach was getting worse, and I began to cry. I walked downstairs, and my mom saw me crying. She said, "Honey, what's wrong?" "Mom, I don't feel good. I have to poop so bad, but I can't. MY stomach hurts so bad. I really really gotta go, but I sit there and sit there and nothing comes out." She hugged me and said ,"Oh honey, I'm sorry. How long has it been since you last pooped?" "4 days ago." She took me into the kitchen and asked my aunt for some water. She said,"Drink some water, honey. Do you want to go try again and see if anything comes out?" I said,"No, not just yet. I am a little tired from straining so hard. I will try again later." SO a few hours later, Christmas Lunch was ready. I couldn't eat a thing. I just laid my head down on my mom's lap, and she rubbed my ???? for awhile. A couple of hours later, I told her I wanted to go try to poop again. She walked me up the stairs, and into the bathroom. I took all my clothes off, so I could be more comfortable, and plopped myself down on the toilet. I peed a lot, because of all the water I had drank. Then I began pushing again. I grunted loudly, and my face got beat red as I pushed with all my might to get some poop out, but nothing was happening. I began to cry again, and my mom said, "Let me see if there is anything up there." I bent over and she inserted her finger into my hole, and said,"I can feel a hard turd up there, so it should make its way out soon." She held my hand as I pushed and strained for 15 minutes straight, and finally I felt some movement. I said, "Mom, I feel something coming out." I leaned over and she looked behind me and said, "The tip is sticking out now, honey. Keep pushing." I grunted loudly everytime I pushed. The turd moved only a little every once in awhile, and my hole was stretched to the max as the rock hard turd was sticking half way out of my bum. I began to cry as each time I pushed, it forced my hole open wider. The thick turd was opening me up wider than any turd had ever done before, and it was very painful. The tears were flowing as I continued to push as hard as ever, and finally after 2 hours in the bathroom, the rock hard turd made a loud plop into the toilet. I felt so tired after that and just wanted to sleep. My butt was sore, so my mom took a wet rag, and gently wiped my butt. I finally got the huge log out. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen, and I couldn't believe I had pooped it out of my body. My stomach still didn't feel very well for the rest of the day, but the next morning, I pooped a massive load that completely emptied me out. I will post some more stories later. I am letting off some gas now, and need to poop pretty badly. I might post about it if its interesting enough.

Ashley E.
I just took a laxative and I'm going to hold everything in and see how long it takes until I poop my pants. I'll post an update later tonight on my accident.

something pretty funny happened this past week with me and my friend kelly. Kelly has been a great friend, on again off again girlfriend since our first year of high school, and now we go to college together. we even got apartments in the same building a few blocks from campus. anyway, just after i got up for school last wednesday, she called me. she was in the library on campus and she sounded very troubled. she wouldn't tell me what was wrong but said "could you go into my apartment, and in the top left drawer of my dresser in the bedroom get me a pair of panties? any pair is fine. just get it and bring it to school and meet me in the library." i asked why but she just told me to hurry up. i figured she had her period or something and i just did what she asked. i went to her apartment which is 2 floors below mine, and went in (we have keys to each other's places). i went to her room and opened the drawer. she had to have like, 40 pairs of underwear. mostly bikini cut panties but some thongs and those ones that look like shorts. i took a brief look through. i couldn't help but notice there was a collection of plain white cotton ones all together toward the bottom and many of them had some interesting stains in them, but i just grabbed a pair of light blue cotton panties from the top and put them in my pocket and headed out. when i got to the library i walked all around trying to find her. finally, i found her sitting in one of these little private studying booths that are there that just have a desk and a computer in them and they're virtually sound proof (they have big windows though so you can see in so don't think people can just do whatever they want in there, haha). anyway i found her in one and knocked. as soon as she opened the door i was punched in the face with a nasty odor. her face was bright red. i said "i come bearing panties" and handed her the underwear. she quietly said "thanks" and i said "everything ok?" and she said "i was in line waiting for coffee and i shit my pants." it took everything in me to not start laughing my ass off, but we were in a library. she quickly snatched the balled up underwear from me and snuck over to the ladies room. i just chilled out in one of the study booths for like 20 minutes until she came out and said "ok lets go." as we were walking i said "you must be pretty dedicated to coffee if you would poop in your pants before leaving the line to use the toilet" she laughed sarcastically and said that she didn't hav} x&w4c߇ÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GLkeÝlR~ s'M)}? bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GLKkeÝlR%~ s'M)}? bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Uitl퉛H/~JT7sFV&$TQTKU=$F 8j]Uib8YO9}5Y^,dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GL]Uiz8YO9u5Y^,dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Uitl퉛H/~JT7sFV&$TQTKU=$F 8jr#Տēhl4} x&w4c߇ÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Uit8YO9o5Y^,dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@Fɚk ~Fk4*_GL ZdͿ\&Nh_kͼUS&twdb<ԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@A82{7Gɰb16}?. bK fSCBZ܋ *]Ui.R"YaDqg05dzԕu$z`&6lvDr#ՏēhlgNmq3 YƇÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GLUb;zC|@FZɚk~Fk4*_GLr#Տēhlܭ} xy%w4c߇ÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GLr#Տēhlԭ} xa%w4c߇ÀbąC|@gUb;zC|@gUb;zC|@TsbX]gFk4*_GL *]Uithe feel. Tell us what it feels like for you.

Claire--great story! That sounded like a really good clean out and I'm glad the problems you were having with your stomach went away.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last month i was with my boss at an important business meeting.

I am his secretary.A few words about me...Im 35,5,8 ft,143 lbs,pretty good looking with a slim,well-builded body,long-legged with long darkbrown hair.

After the successful deal we took an opulent meal before we got back to our office 1 hour later.
About 45 minutes of our 2hour-drive i felt a pressure in my guts.Normally i can hold back my poop fairly a long time an i was not concerned.I would wait until our office and go to the toilet there and not use a greasy rest stop-toilet....

But while the next half hour,the pressure increased more than i thought and i had to face the fact that the rest of the drive would be pretty hard for me and i cursed my good appetite at the lunch.My penalty was that i had to sweat now until our office.And i sweated immense.I had that huge turd in my intestines.I tried to dissemble my need,but it was really not easy to make small talk with your boss and to be the nice and cic secretary while some pounds of shit raging in yor backside.But a few minutes later a loud fart escaped my hardly clenched buttocks and now i lost my countenance because something sat horrible and mushy in my lace panties.I had sharted...

I yelled to my boss:"Please stop at the next rest stop... im about to shit my pants !!!"
Totally confused he drove faster,while i sqirmed whining on the passenger seat,sweating trying desperatly holding back the impending doom.My butt was already opening and closing and i was really a few times on the edge to shit my pants,but i made it somehow to fought it back although the turd already touched my underwear.Goosebumps rushed over my complete body and i felt my poor panties crumpled and covered with shit between my cheeks.
But somehow i made it until the reststop without another load of shit in my pants.I rushed over the parking area, clenching my butt with both hands.As I reached the restroom-door the poop attacked again and this time it poked out too far to push it back .Panicking I felt the shit between my buttocks,but luckily this part of poop was fairly solid and slid out really slow.
Benefited with this godsend i reached the womens restroom while the log was still hanging out my backside,entered the next stall.I pulled up my skirt,yanked down my tights and peeled my shitted lace panties from my cheeks.While this the log broke off and fell down.But it seemed to be acted as an bung,because now I lost comletely control and a landslide of mushy and lumpy shit crackled in the toilet bowl yet before my trembling buttocks hit the seat.
I had to sit about 10 minutes,incomprehensible by means of this massive log laying 1 ft before my boots...surely 8 inches long with a diameter more than 2 inches....
I threw my panties in the trashcan,wiped out the large shit stains in the seat of my tights as good as possible and get back to the car.
My boss is a gentleman and said nothing but i was nevertheless really humiliated...
Hope that never happens to me again...

This just happened last week at a short ceremony (about 30 minutes) I was at. I was sitting on the end of the row about three rows from the back. Danielle (an acquaintance - and a very pretty woman) came in about five minutes before it was about to start, saw me there, and sat next to me. About 15 minutes or so into the ceremony, she whispers to me, "I have to go to the bathroom" and leaves. She returns a few minutes later, which by that time the ceremony is nearly over. I whispered jokingly, "Couldn't you have held it for ten more minutes?" and she smiles. Afterwards, Danielle tells me that she had peed her pants a little, and that's why she left. Fortunately, she was wearing black pants, so nothing was noticable. She then admitted she had to pee when she got there, but didn't want to be late for the ceremony.

Keith D
I had a work conference last month that meant I had to travel to the next city. I spent most of the first day travelling via train and cab so it meant a lot of sitting down and by the time I checked in to my hotel I just went straight to bed without my usual evening poop.

The next day was hectic with a tour of the city. By mid-afternoon I was visiting colleagues in their hotel room when I got the faint urge to poop. I figured that I might as well get it out before it got too compacted and dry or I might get backed up. So I excused myself and slipped into their bathroom.

The toilet had its own little room off the bathroom and I quickly shut the door and dropped my jeans and briefs. The room was very small and I almost felt claustrophobic sitting on the toilet seat. The room was uncomfortably narrow and I didn't feel like I could spread out properly to get comfortable. I was sitting with my knees very close together and I find it difficult to get my poop started that way. I didn't have time to waste or I'd look suspiciously like I was pooping so I immediately began pushing really hard. Very little happened and I could only feel a thin piece of hard prickly poop against my sphincter. I pushed with all my might and it felt as though my insides were about to collapse. I squeezed my thighs together as I pushed and started grunting slightly as the skinny little log started to push through. Within a few seconds I felt my hole pinch shut and there was a slight plip as the little log hit the water. I took a deep breath and gave another hard shove but felt nothing. It was a very unsatisfying dump. It only took two wipes and I flushed and was out of there, hopefully with nobody the wiser that I had pooped. My face felt very hot from the exertion though.

It wasn't until the next night after dinner in my hotel room that I next felt the urge to poop. It was very strong and after a couple of days without much success I thought it might be a reasonable size. The bathrooms in this hotel were shared between several rooms so I went out into the hall and down to the nearest bathroom, which was vacant. Inside, it was a large tiled room with a single shower, sink and toilet. I locked the door, lifted the lid, dropped my jeans and briefs to the floor and kicked them off, and sat.

The toilet seat was plastic and a little small. My back was resting against the lid (which was slightly damp) and at the front my "gear" was resting on the toilet seat, rather than hanging behind it. I bent forward slightly and prepared to push.

I immediately felt a log move into position so gave a slight push. My anus relaxed and allowed it to emerge slightly and straight away I could smell a faint scent of fresh poop. I pushed again and felt my butthole start to stretch wide. It was coming easily and felt smooth and moist as it parted my hole. Leaning forward slightly more I pushed again and suddenly my hole expanded rapidly to its absolute extreme limit. I froze and my breath caught in my throat. I didn't think my hole could stretch that wide and had never felt anything like it before. I was seriously worried that it might do some permanent damage so I gave another slight push to move the long on past its maximum width. To my horror, although I felt the log slide, my anus did not receive any relief - the log was just as fat further along. It was a real monster. I paused for a few seconds in total shock. I felt sure that something would tear. It seemed like an eternity. Finally, I pulled up the courage to give another push, hoping desperately that the log didn't get any fatter. It eased along slowly, the sensation of such a thick mass sliding through me was indescribable. Finally, it tapered and started moving rapidly, making a slight plip in the water as it pinched off and dove down into the depths. I sat shaking for a couple of minutes, catching my breath. I gently dabbed at my quivering hole with a wad of toilet paper but it felt numb anyway. I dropped the paper into the hole and stood to pull up my jeans. I felt dizzy and nearly lost my balance. Swaying, I looked into the toilet and could see a dark, knobbly mass snaking down into the bend. Who knows how big it really was!

The rest of the session is just a blur. I somehow made it back to my room without falling down and lay on the bed for an hour to relax.

To nony: I hope that your boyfriend got over his stomach bug. An attack of the runs is never fun. How about one of those stories about yourself?

When I was 12 me and my friend were having a sleepover and she dared me to pee in 5 different places and she video taped them all. So anyways she got to pick the places I went pee in the tub the sink the toilet but like a boy and in a popcorn bowl then out the window!!

Hey its poop...great story! I'm glad your mom could help you overcome your shyness about pooping in public. I recall from an earlier post that you said you have many stories to tell--will be looking forward to hearing more. Also, don't worry about length--I enjoy a lot of detail in the stories.

To the shy 18 year old pooper:

I was very poopshy until my first year of college, so i would frequently hold in my poop like you. Just wanted to let you know i also had an experience very similar to yours when I was at the beach with family once. I was 16 or 17 years old and we were on a weeklong beach trip over spring break. After putting off pooping for the first 5 days there, day 6 at the beach must have been punishment for it. I had been fighting off a turtlehead for about 3 hours when i finally decided to use the public restroom. Unfortunately, this restroom did actually have a line. I had never had a real poop accident before, but this time was pretty close... or it might qualify depending on the definition of accident. Well, in the line the turtlehead begin moving out beyond my control until there were about 3 inches sandwiched between my clenched buttcheeks. However, i did get to the bathroom and miraculously, even though i did technically start dumping in my bathing suit it was unscathed. Actually there was really no mess... I had been holding it back so long that it was an incredibly hard and dry load. and MASSIVE.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos lately and I haven't had any trouble at all for the last few weeks. I've been going twice a day and dropping some very nice loads. On Sunday, I pooped 5 or 6 separate times! I'm not sure why I had to poop so many times because I felt finished after pushing out each load. It felt great each time too because the poos really stretched my anus but they were relatively easy to squeeze out.

To Keith D: I loved reading your story about trying to do a poo while out walking. It sounded like you had a big, rock hard load up there. Did you finally manage to drop a decent load that day? Or did you remain constipated for a few more days? I hate the dumps that only consist of tiny pebbles of poo. Especially when you know there is a huge load stuck inside you.

To Thunder from Downunder: Have you been constipated lately? I love reading your stories, especially when you have to push and strain to get your poos out.

I am 18 yrs old, and a senior in high school. today was definately a crazy day. i have never had any problems controlling my body, but i had a terrible accident today. Yesterday I started my period, and that's bad enough. But this morning after breakfast, i got on the bus for my 45 minute bus ride to school. While I was waiting for the bus, my stomach started churning and the cramps were terrible. At first I thought it was just my period cramps, but by the time the bus came I knew something was wrong in my stomach. When I sat down in the bus I felt the urge to fart and my stomach was growling. After a few minutes on the bus I tried to let out a small fart and get a little releif, but it only made things worse. The fart was very wet and i felt like something was going to slip out. I could tell I probrably stained my panties. The rest of the ride was extremely uncomfortable. I couldnt help but let out a few more slips of gas during the trip, and i could tell i was leaking on my panties and getting marks in them. I was so scared!!!! I was trying to laugh and talk with friends but deep inside i was extremely scared that i would explode on myself or that they could smell my gas or hear my stomach growling. I started sweating and I even had goosebumps from trying to hold in what i now knew was diarrhea. My ass cheeks were clinched together with all my might by the time the bus pulled up at school. When the bus stopped, all i could think abut was runnig into the restroom and taking care of myself. But the moment i stood up out of my seat i felt like my stomach fell out of me and i breifly lost control of myself. A small spurt came out of my ass and into my panties. I quickly clenched my cheeks up before the flow got overwhelming. This is when i started to panic. I clutched the back of my short skirt, hoping nothing would leak out. As i exited the bus i let out a little more of the gushy stuff and tried to pick up pace. i walked as fast as i could to the closest restroom, which was on the second floor. As i walked up the stairs. i made sure to clutch my skirt to my ass, completely scared that someone would see the accident in my panties. When i reached the restroom it was locked!!!!!!!! Usually the restrooms were locked until 5 mins before class. I tried to calm myself down and wait. My heart was throbbing. I didnt know if i should stand there with my soiled panties or risk having an even worse accidnent trying to find a janitor. So i waited 5 minutes that seemed like eternity!!!! when the woman opened the door, i sprinted in. as i ran in, i exploded on myself. it filled my panties up as i locked myself in a stall. By the time i sat down on the toilet, my panties were runied. I had shit all over my panties, in my pad, my inner thighs, and a small stain on the inside of my skirt. it took me 10 minutes to get cleaned up and gain my confidence back. i tried to clean my panties the best i could and i knew i would have to wear them for the rest of the day. i changed my pad and went to class. the rest of the day was terrible. my panies were very uncomfortable, and i was self concious about my smell, even though i dont think anyone noticed. I had a few more close calls during the day, not to mention my pad leaked during lunch. i had never been so uncomfortable in my life. but i made it home and got cleaned up. thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've got a nice story to share with all of you.
It happened last week. I was hanging out with a female friend of mine (I'm male) over at her place. She's about 5'7 tall, average body and long dark hair, what most guys would call attractive.
We've known each other for quite som time, but we're just friends, simple as that! Anyhow, we were sitting in her living room, watching TV, doing some small talking.

All of a sudden, she (accidently) lets out a loud and booming fart. Her face turned blood red, and she says, in a horrified tone: "Oh my god, I am so sorry!"
Since we're close friends, I can't help but tease her about it. She throws a cushion at me, telling me to stop it, in a half upset, half laughing way. I'm laughing myself, and throw the cushion back at her. When it hits her, she lets go another loud (and smelly!) fart. "Gosh, I might have to use the bathroom", she says and gets up of her chair. "Yeah, you better", I say, still laughing about the situation.

Then, she said something rather unexpected: "Well, since you obviously can't stop teasing me, you might as well come with me."
I hesitate for half a second, thinking that she had to be joking. But she wasn't, so I followed her into her bathroom. I shut the door behind us, as she walks over to the toilet, drops her pants and underwear down to just below her knees, and sits down, leaning forward, hands clutched together, and elbows resting on her lap.

"See what happens when you tease me?", she says, smiling charmingly. Then I hear a stream of pee hitting the water inside the bowl. She pees for about 20 seconds, then stops. Another loud fart echoes in the bowl. "What on earth did you eat?!", I ask her, shocked by the smell. "Dunno", she says, "but it surely didn't agree with my stomach".

By now, a crackling sound could be heard, and she got a straining face, grunting a bit. "Here it comes...", she says, as her turd hits the water with a ker-splonk! She leaned back, sighing with relief. We kept on talking about pretty much everything, me sitting at the edge of her bath tub, and her in the same position as before.

From time to time she would grunt, strain and drop turds in all different sizez, judging from the "floomps" and "plops" I could hear. Sometimes it even sounded a little mushy. We sit in there for a good 40 minutes probably, before she looks at her watch and says "Oh my, we've been in here for quite a while. I better get finished."

She takes some toilet paper, and starts wiping her behind. This is repeated three more times. Each time she looks at the paper, commenting "Eww!" and "Gross!"
"You must feel so much lighter now", I say jokingly. She happily nods, gets her pants back on and stands up. "Whoa, look at that mess!", she says, showing me what's in the toilet. It sure looked like she'd eaten something really bad. She flushes the toilet, washes her hands and we get out of the bathroom.

I think it was a nice experience, though it hasn't changed our relationship the slightest. If I'm lucky, I might see more of this in the future.

Unexpected Accident
First of all hello to everyone. I have not posted in a very long time. But I am back. Now this happened about a year ago right in my house when I had family visiting. My duaghter was up with her two kids My grandson and grand duaghter.
They all arrived after they had been out and had a very busy day. Both grandchildren needed a bath so both were put in the tub abd given a bath. My grandduaghetr is the oldest of the two and she was almost three at this time. My wife was in giving them thier bath while my duaghter and I were out in the livingroom sitting and talking.
My grandduaghter came out and smiled at me as she ran over to get dried off by my duaghter. She climbed up on my dughters lap and stood there waitinfg to get dried off. My duaghter started drying her off with a big towel doing her hair first.
As my duaghter dried her hair my grandughter started peeing hard! Her pee stream wetted my duaghter all over her sweat shirt and sweat pants. My duaghter couldn't react so she just sat there while she got wet with pee. Since my granduaghtr peed so hard it was over in several seconds.
My granduaghter then spoke right up saying and looking right at me said to me with a big smile and a giggle; I peed on mommy pop! I couldn't help but laugh for it was funny. Even my duaghter came out of her shock and she laughed. She didn't get mad but did tell my grand duaghter that it wasn't very nice for her to do that. My grandduaghter told her mother she was sorry but she couldn't help it. My duaghter understood and dried her off,got her dressed and then went in the bathroom and changed into dry clothes.

Claire--great story! That sounded like a really good clean out and I'm glad the problems you were having with your stomach went away.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Some questions for the ladies: 1)How many times a day/week do you take a dump? 2)How many minutes does it your average dump take? 3)Do you have a particular time(s) of the day that you go? 4)Describe your average type of bm (logs, snakes, chunks, nuggets, mush, diarrhea, etc)--if logs or snakes, describe size 5)In an average dump, how many poops do you drop? 6)On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you describe the smell (1 being barely noticeable, 5 being very, very smelly) 7)Referring to the previous question, what percent of your dumps would you say fall into category 4/5? 8)Are you gassy during a dump? 9)What is your favorite kind of dump to take? 10)Do you ever hold back a dump so as not to go in public? If so, has this ever led to any embarrassing incidents with passing gas in public? (I ask this because I rarely get gas, but when I do hold in a dump, I could get quite gassy) Finally, if you could please provide a brief description of yourself.

i've never had a pee or poop accident, but when i was younger i did have some minor 'dribbling' problems. i would usually hold off on using the bathroom in public (for both pee and poop) so of course i occassionally dribbled in my panties - usually just a few drops or a sprinkle at most. but enough to get me to stop buying white panties! i was always paranoid my mom, or friends in gym class might notice the yellow stains on some of them.

i eventually outgrew this near the middle of high school after almost peeing my pants at a party. i made it to the bathroom, but not before a jet of whiz escaped and wet the crotch and butt of my undies.

i continued to hold back my bm's if in public, to the point of turtleheading until i was practically done with college. i overcame this by a near accident as well.

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